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Supnet, Leah May P.

Grade 11 HK BLOCK D August 23, 2017
Types Definition Example
Heritage Tourism - is traveling to St. Augustine Church - Paoay, Ilocos Norte
experience the places,
artifacts and activities
that authentically
represent the stories
and people of the past
and present. It
includes cultural,
historic, and natural
Ecotourism -a form of tourism Scuba Diving
involving visiting
fragile, pristine, and
relatively undisturbed
natural areas, intended
as a low-impact and
often small scale
alternative to standard
commercial mass
Adventure Tourism -is a type of niche Canopy Ride
tourism involving
exploration or travel
to remote areas, where
the traveler should
expect the

Cultural Tourism -is the subset of Cordilleran Culture

tourism concerned
with a traveler's
engagement with a
country or region's
culture, specifically
the lifestyle of the
people in those
geographical areas,
the history of those
people, their art,
religion(s), and other
elements that helped
shape their way of
Supnet, Leah May P. Score:
Grade 11 HK BLOCK D August 23, 2017
Pilgrimage Tourism -also commonly Manaoag Pilgrimage
referred to as faith
tourism, is a type of
tourism, where people
travel individually or
in groups for
missionary, or leisure
(fellowship) purposes.
Dark Tourism -(black tourism or Laperal White House, Baguio City
grief tourism) has
been defined as
tourism involving
travel to places
historically associated
with death and
Sex Tourism -is travel to engage in Prostitution
sexual activity,
particularly with

Sports Tourism -refers to travel which Rio Olympic Games

involves either
observing or
participating in a
sporting event staying
apart from their usual

Medical Tourism -refers to people

traveling to a country
other than their own to
obtain medical
treatment. In the past
this usually referred to
those who traveled
from less-developed
countries to major
medical centers in
highly developed
Supnet, Leah May P. Score:
Grade 11 HK BLOCK D August 23, 2017
countries for treatment
unavailable at homes.
Slum Tourism -or ghetto tourism is a Irisan Dumpsite
type of tourism that
involves visiting
impoverished areas.

Business Tourism - is a more limited and Seminars

focused subset of
regular tourism.
During business
tourism (traveling),
individuals are still
working and being
paid, but are doing so
away from both their
workplace and home
Social Tourism -refers to Family Bonding
programmes, events,
and activities that
enable all population
groups and
particularly youth,
families, retirees,
individuals with
modest incomes, and
individuals with
restricted physical