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Comprising a Directory of the General Conference,

Union and -Local Conferences, Mission Fields,
Educational Institutions, Publishing Houses, Peri-
odicals, and Medical Institutions.

CLAUDE CONARD, Statistical Secretary
of the General Conference


Fundamental Beliefs 4
General Conference and Departments 7

Divisions :

North America 21
Australasian 65
Central European 73
China 85
Far Eastern 102
Inter-American 116
Northern European 131
South American 140
Southern African 155
Southern Asia 178
Southern European 190
- General Conference Missions Division 204
Union of Socialist Soviet Republics 212

Institutions :

Educational 213
Publishing Houses 258
Periodicals Issued 270
Medical 285
Dispensaries and Treatment Rooms 298
Food Companies 301

Statistical Tables 303

Constitution and By-Laws 314
Workers Directory 320
Necrology 406
Institutional Workers Index 408

A directory of the conferences, mission fields and institutions connected with
the Seventh-day Adventist denomination is given in the following pages. Adminis-
trative and workers' lists have been furnished by the organizations concerned.
In cases where current reports were not received, previous official and personnel
rolls have been retained or adjusted to the best information available. Below ap-
pears data summarized largely from the 1943 Statistical Report, the one last
issued at this date.
The number of churches and the church membership in each of the confer-
ences in North America are those reported at the close of the third quarter, 1944.
In fields outside of North America the church and membership statistics at the
close of 1943 have been used except in a few instances where the organizations
themselves have reported later figures. Populations of conferences in North Amer-
ica are based on the 1940 census reports; and population figures for other fields
have been furnished largely from the different Division or Union offices.
The names and addresses of workers in official positions who hold missionary
credentials have been included in the Workers Directory in addition to ordained
and licensed ministers. Also a separate index of principal workers employed in
educational, publishing and medical institutions is given for the first time this
The Seventh-day Adventist denomination was organized May 21, 1863, with a
constituency of 125 churches and 3,500 members. The work was largely confined
to North America until the year 1874, when the first missionary, Elder J. N.
Andrews, was sent to Switzerland. Gradually other countries were entered. In
1886 a minister went to Russia, the first non-Protestant country in which this work
was started. The schooner "Pitcairn" was launched in San Francisco Bay on
July 28, 1890, and was soon prepared to carry groups of missionaries to various
Pacific islands. In 1894 Seventh-day Adventist workers first entered a heathen
land, opening a mission in Matabeleland, South Africa. South America was entered
the same year, and Japan in 1896.
'Since 1901 to the close of 1943, 4,918 missionaries have been sent out for mis-
sion service in various lands, occupying all of the larger countries of the world
and many of the islands of the sea. Twenty-nine thousand seven hundred seventy-
three evangelistic and institutional workers were using in their work 810 languages
and modes of speech.
The membership of the 9,282 Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout the
world in 1943 was 544,710. There were 67 union conferences and missions, 136
local conferences, 185 regularly organized mission fields, and 540 institutions. Of
the 29,773 laborers, 10,985 were in North America, and 18,788 in other countries.
The funds in tithes and offerings contributed in 1943 by Seventh-day Advent-
ists were the largest ever raised by the denomination during any one year. The
amount of $25,679,249.11 was a per capita contribution of $47.14 for every mem-
ber in the world field. In North America alone the per capita giving in tithes
and offerings was $101.04.
The Statistical Report showed that there were 61 Seventh-day Adventist pub-
lishing houses and branches, whose book and periodical retail sales in 1943 were
$7,682,683.94. These publishing houses employed 1,223 workers in producing this
literature, and 3,480 more were engaged in its distribution. Seventh-day Adventist
literature has been printed in about 200 languages, and there were 313 periodicals
The enrollment in the 14,574 Sabbath schools was 654,370, and the annual Sab-
bath school contributions were $3,005,825.14. Sanitariums, hospitals, and treat-
ment rooms, to the number of 173, engaged in the care of the sick, with 5,758 physi-
cians, nurses, and other attendants, who treated 807,250 patients during 1943.
There were 3,027 elementary schools, and 277 secondary and advanced schools
with 6,563 teachers employed, and an enrollment of 128,529 pupils. At the close
of the 1942-43 school year 1,190 students entered some line of denominational work.
The property value of all organizations and institutions connected with the
Seventh-day Adventist denomination, including churches, at the close of 1943, was
The total amount of funds in tithes and offerings contributed since the organi-
zation of the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference in 1863 to the close of
1943 was $355,815,539.81. Literature sales for the same period were registered at


Seventh-day Adventists hold certain fundamental beliefs, the principal features
of which, together with a portion of the scriptural references upon which they are
based, may be summarized as follows:
1. That the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by
inspiration of God, contain an all-sufficient revelation of His will to men, and are
the only unerring rule of faith and practice. 2 Tim. 3:15-17.
2. That the Godhead, or Trinity, consists of the Eternal Father, a personal,
spiritual Being, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, infinite in wisdom and love;
the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, through whom all things were
created and through whom the salvation of the redeemed hosts will be accomplished ;
the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead, the great regenerating power in
the work of redemption. Matt. 28:19.
3. That Jesus Christ is very God, being of the same nature and essence as the
Eternal Father. While retaining His divine nature He took upon Himself the
nature of the human family, lived on the earth as a man, exemplified in His life
as our Example the principles of righteousness, attested His relationship to God by
many mighty miracles, died for our sins on the cross, was raised from the dead, and
ascended to the Father, where He ever lives to make intercession for us. John
1:1, 14; Heb. 2:9-18; 8:1, 2; 4:14-16 ; 7:25.
4. That every person in order to obtain salvation must experience the new birth ;
that this comprises an entire transformation of life and character by the recreative
power of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. John 3:16 ; Matt. 18:3 ;
Acts 2:37-39.
6. That baptism is an ordinance of the Christian church and should follow
repentance and forgiveness of sins. By its observance faith is shown in the death,
burial, and resurrection of Christ. That the proper form of baptism is by immer-
sion. Rom. 6:1-6 ; Acts 16:30-33.
6. That thb will of God as it relates to moral conduct is comprehended in His
law of ten commandments ; that these are great moral, unchangeable precepts,
binding upon all men, in every age. Ex. 20:1-17.
7. That the fourth commandment of this unchangeable law requires the observ-
ance of the seventh day Sabbath. This holy institution is at the same time a
memorial of creation and a sign of sanctification, a sign of the believer's rest from
his own works of sin, and his entrance into the rest of soul which Jesus promises
to those who come to Him. Gen. 2:1-3 ; Ex. 20:8-11 ; 31:12-17 ; Heb. 4:1-10.
8. That the law of ten commandments points out sin, the penalty of which is
death. The law cannot save the transgressor from his sin, nor impart power to
keep him from sinning. In infinite love and mercy, God provides a way whereby
this may be done. He furnishes a substitute, even Christ the Righteous One, to die
in man's stead, making "Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin ; that we might be
made the righteousness of God in Him." 2 Cor. 5:21. That one is justified, not by
obedience to the law, but by the grace that is in Christ Jesus. By accepting Christ,
man is reconciled to God, justified by His blood for the sins of the past, and saved
from the power of sin by his indwelling life. Thus the gospel becomes "the power
of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth." Rom. 1:16. This experience is
wrought by the divine agency of the Holy Spirit, who convinces of sin and leads to
the Sin-Bearer, inducting the believer into the new covenant relationship, where the
law of God is written on his heart, and through the enabling power of the in-
dwelling Christ, his life is brought into conformity to the divine precepts. The
honor and merit of this wonderful transformation belong wholly to Christ. 1 John
2 :1,2 : sl :4 : Rom. 3:20 ; 5 :8-10 ; 7 :7 ; Eph. 2:8-10 ; 3 :17 Gal. 2 :20 ; Heb. 8 :8-12.

9. That God "only hath immortality." 1 Tim. 6:15. Mortal man possesses a
nature inherently sinful and dying. Eternal life is the gift of God through faith in
Christ. Rom. 6:23. "He that hath the Son hath life." 1 John 5:12. Immortality
is bestowed upon the righteous at the second coming of Christ, when the righteous
dead are raised from the grave and the living righteous translated to meet the Lord.
Then it is that those accounted faithful "put on immortality." 1 Cor. 15:51-55.
10. That the condition of man in death is one of unconsciousness. That all men,
good and evil alike, remain in the grave from death to the resurrection. Eccl.
9:5, 6 ; Ps. 146:3, 4 ; John 6:28, 29.
11. That there shall be a resurrection both of the just and of the unjust. The
resurrection of the just will take place at the second coming of Christ; the resur-
rection of the unjust will take place a thousand years later, at the close of the
millennium. John 5:28, 29 ; 1 Thess. 4:13-18; Rev. 20 :6-10.
12. That the finally impenitent, including Satan, the author of sin, will, by the
fires of the last day, be reduced to a state of non-existence, becoming as though they
had not been, thus purging God's universe of sin and sinners. Rom. 6:23 ;
4:1-8; Rev. 20:9, 10 ; Obadiah 16.
13. That no prophetic period is given in the Bible to reach to the second advent,
but that the longest one, the 2300 days of Dan. 8:14, terminated in 1844, and
brought us to an event called the cleansing of the sanctuary.
14. That the true sanctuary, of which the tabernacle on earth was a type, is the
temple of God in Heaven, of which Paul speaks in Hebrews 8 and onward, and of
which the Lord Jesus, as our great high priest, is minister ; and that the priestly
work of our Lord is the antitype of the work of the Jewish priests of the former
dispensation; that this heavenly sanctuary is the one to be cleansed at the end of
the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14; its cleansing being, as in the type, a work of judg-
ment, beginning with the entrance of Christ as the high priest upon the judgment
phase of His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary foreshadowed in the earthly service
of cleansing the sanctuary on the day of atonement. This work of judgment in the
heavenly sanctuary began in 1844. Its completion will close human probation.
15. That God, in the time of the judgment and in accordance with His uniform
dealing with the human family in warning them of coming events vitally affecting
their destiny (Amos 3:6, 7.), sends forth a proclamation of the approach of the
second advent of Christ ; that this work is symbolized by the three angels of
Revelation 14 ; and that their threefold message brings to view a work of reform
to prepare a people to meet Him at His coming.
16. That the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary, synchronizing with the
period of the proclamation of the message of Revelation 14, is a time of investi-
gative judgment, first with reference to the dead, and secondly, with reference to
the living. This investigative judgment determines who of the myriads sleeping in
the dust of the earth are worthy of a part in the first resurrection, and who of its
living multitudes are worthy of translation. 1 Peter 4 :17, 18; Dan. 7 :9, 10 ; Rev.
14:6, 7; Luke 20:35.
17. That the followers of Christ should be a godly people, not adopting the
unholy maxims nor conforming to the unrighteous ways of the world, not loving
its sinful pleasures nor countenancing its follies. That the believer should recog-
nize his body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that therefore he should clothe
that body in neat, modest, dignified apparel. Further, that in eating and drinking
and in his entire course of conduct he should shape his life as becomes a follower
of the meek and lowly Master. Thus the believer will be led to abstain from all
intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and other narcotics, and the avoidance of every body
and soul defiling habit and practice. 1 Cor. 3:16, 17 ; 9:25 ; 10:31 ; 1 Tim. 2:9, 10;
1 John 2:6.
18. That the divine principle of tithes and offerings for the support of the gospel
is an acknowledgment of God's ownership in our lives, and that we are stewards
who must render account to Him of all that He has committed to our possession.
Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3 :8-12 ; Matt. 23 :23 ; 1 Cor. 9 :9-14 ; 2 Cor. 9 :6-15.
19. That God has placed in His church the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as enu-
merated in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. That these gifts operate in harmony
with the divine principles of the Bible, and are given for the perfecting of the
saints, the work of the ministry, the edifying of the body of Christ. Rev. 12:17;
19:10; 1 Cor. 1:6-7.

20. That the second coming of Christ is the great hope of the church, the grand
climax of the gospel and plan of salvation. His coming will be literal, personal,
and visible. Many important events will be associated with His return, such as the
resurrection of the dead, the destruction of the wicked, the purification of the earth,
the reward of the righteous, the establishment of His everlasting kingdom. The
almost complete fulfillment of various lines of prophecy, particularly those found
in the books of Daniel and the Revelation, with existing conditions in the physical,
social, industrial, political, and religious worlds, indicates that Christ's coming
"is near, even at the doors." Matt. 24:33. The exact time of that event has not
been foretold. Believers are exhorted to be ready, for "in such an hour as ye think
not the Son of man" (Matt. 24:44) will be revealed. Luke 21:25-27 ; 17:26-30
John 14:1-3 . Acts 1:9-11 Rev. 1:7 ; Heb. 9:28 ; James 5:1-8 ; Joel 3:9-16 ; 2 Tim.
3 :1-5 ; Dan. 7 :27 ; Matt. 24 :86, 44.
21. That the millennial reign of Christ covers the period between the first and
the second resurrections, during which time the saints of all ages will live with
their blessed Redeemer in Heaven. At the end of the millennium, the Holy City
with all the saints will descend to the earth. The wicked, raised in the second
resurrection, will go up on the breadth of the earth with Satan at their head to
compass the camp of the saints, when fire will come down from God out of Heaven
and devour them. In the conflagration which destroys Satan and his host, the
earth itself will be regenerated and cleansed from the effects of the curse. Thus
the universe of God will be purified from the foul blot of sin. Revelation 20 ;
Zech. 14:1-4; 2 Peter 3:7-10.
22. That God will make all things new. The earth, restored to its pristine
beauty, will become forever the abode of the saints of the Lord. The promise to
Abraham, that through Christ he and his seed should possess the earth throughout
the endless ages of eternity, will be fulfilled. "The kingdom and dominion, and the
greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven will be given to the people of
the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all
dominions shall serve and obey Him." Dan. 7:27. Christ, the Lord, will reign
supreme, and every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the
earth, and such as are in the sea, will ascribe "blessing, and honor, and glory, and
power," unto "Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and
ever." Gen. 13:14-17; Rom. 4:13 ; Heb. 11:8-16 ; Matt. 5:5 ; Isaiah 85 ; Rev. 21:1-7 ;
5:13: Dan. 7:27.
Directory of the Seventh-day
Adventist Denomination

Organized May 21, 1863

Territory: The following-named Divi- Assistant Treasurers: H. H. Cobban, J.

sions of the General Conference: F. Cummins.
North American, Australasian, Cen-
tral European, China, Far Eastern, General Field Secretaries: M. L. An-
Inter-American, Northern European, dreasen, N. F. Brewer, F. C. Gilbert,
South American, Southern African, Frederick Griggs, M. E. Kern, Meade
Southern Asia, Southern European, MacGuire, R. Ruhling.
General Conference Missions, Union
of Socialist Soviet Republics. Statistical Secretary: Claude Conard.
Auditor: W. E. Phillips ; Associates,
Cable Address: Adventist, Washington. H. W. Barrows, Claude Conard.
(A B C Code, fifth edition.) Where
the above cable address cannot be Secretaries of Departments
used, please address as follows, "Gen- Bureau of Home Missions: L. Halswick ;
eral Conference, Washington, D. C.," Associates : German, R. . Ruhling ;
or "Adventist Headquarters, Washing- Swedish, Danish-Norwegian, Russian,
ton, D. C." and Ukrainian, G. E. Nord ; Miscel-
Telegraphic Address: General Confer- laneous Languages, L. Halswick ;
ence, Washington, D. C. (NOT Takoma Jewish Department, S. Kaplan (Act-
ing) ; Spanish, Portuguese, and In-
Park.) dian Departments, H. D. Casebeer.
Express and Freight Address: General Educational: H. A. Morrison ; Associ-
Conference, Takoma Park, D. C. (Not ates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E. Weaver.
Washington.) Consign freight via
Baltimore & Ohio Railway. Home Missionary: R. G. Strickland;
Associates, Wm. Butler, W. A. Scharf-
Postal Address: Takoma Park, Wash- fenberg.
ington 12, District of Columbia,
U. S. A. Medical: H. M. Walton; Associates.
G. A. Roberts, D. Lois Burnett, M.
Telephone: GEorgia 0800. Winifred McCormack.
Ministerial Association: Chairman, T. L.
Executive Officers McElhany ; Secretary, L. E. Froom ;
President: J. L. McElhany. Associate, R. A. Anderson.
Vice-Presidents: W. H. Branson, L. H. North American Colored: G. E. Peters.
Christian, W. G. Turner, E. B. Rudge, Publishing: H. M. Blunden ; Associates,
A. Minck, Glenn Calkins, R. R. Fi- J. J. Strahle, E. E. Franklin.
guhr, A. L. Ham, C. W. Bozarth,
A. V. Olson. Religious Liberty: H. H. Votaw Asso-
ciates, C. S. Longacre, Paul Wick-
Secretary: E. D. Dick. man.
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cormack, Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens; Asso-
H. T. Elliott, T. J. Michael. ciates, S. A. Wellman, W. K. 'sing,
Office Secretary: Roger Altman. L. L. Moffitt.
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Young People's Missionary Volunteer:
A. W. Peterson ; Associates, C. L.
Undertreasurer: W. H Williams. Bond, E. W. Dunbar.
General Conference Committee Members
President: J. L. McElhany. Canadian: H. L. Rudy.
General Vice-Presidents: W. H. Bran- Central: N. C. Wilson.
son, L. H. Christian. Columbia: F. H. Robbins.
Lake: Jay J. Nethery.
Secretary: E. D. Dick. Northern: M. V. Campbell.
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cormack, North Pacific: V. G. Anderson.
H. T. Elliott, T. J. Michael. Pacific: L. K. Dickson.
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Southern: E. F. Hackman.
Southwestern: J. W. Turner.
Undertreasurer: W. H. Williams.
Assistant Treasurers: H. H. Cobban, J. Australasian
F. Cummins. President: E. B. Rudge.
Ex-Presidents of General Conference: Union President: E. B. Rudge.
W. A. Spicer, C. H. Watson. Central European
General Field Secretaries: M. L. An- President: A. Minck.
dreasen, N. F. Brewer, F. C. Gilbert, Secretary: 0. Schildhauer.
Frederick Griggs, M. E. Kern, Meade Treasurer: M. Voigt.
MacGuire, R. Ruhling. Field Secretary: E. Gugel.
Auditors: W. E. Phillips, H. W. Bar- Departmental Secretaries:
rows. Educational.
Statistical Secretary and Associate Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Auditor: Claude Conard. Young People's Missionary Volunteer:
Secretaries of General Departments M. Busch.
Bureau of Home Missions: L. Halswick, Medical: L. E. Conradi.
Secretary and Miscellaneous Lan- Publishing:
guages; Associates: German, R. Union Presidents:
Ruhling; Swedish, Danish-Norwe- East German: M. Budnick.
gian, Russian, and Ukrainian, G. E. Netherlands: J. Wintzen.
Nord; Jewish Department, S. Kaplan South German: G. Seng.
(Acting) ; Spanish, Portuguese, and West German: C. A. Motzer.
Indian Departments, H. D. Casebeer.
Educational: H. A. Morrison; Associ-
ates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E. Weaver. Acting President: E. L. Longway.
Home Missionary: R. G. Strickland; Acting Secretary-Treasurer: G. J.
Associates, Wm. Butler, W. A. Scharf- Appel.
fenberg. Acting Departmental Secretaries:
Medical: H. M. Walton; Associates, Educational and Missionary Volunteer:
G. A. Roberts, D. Lois Burnett, M.
Winifred McCormack. H. C. Shen.
Publishing and Home Missionary: E.
Ministerial Association: Secretary, L. L. Longway.
E. Froom; Associate, R. A. Ander- Medical: Herbert Liu.
son. Sabbath School: G. J. Appel.
North American Colored: G. E. Peters. Union Presidents:
Publishing: H. M. Blunden ; Associates, Central China: G. J. Appel.
J. J. Strahle, E. E. Franklin. East China: Koh Chiao Eo (Acting).
Religious Liberty: H. H. Votaw; Asso- Manchuria: F. Y. Wang.
ciates, C. S. Longacre, Paul Wick- North China: Koh Chiao Liang (Act-
man. ing).
Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens; Associ- Northwest China: M. C. Warren.
ates, S. A. Wellman, W. K. Thing, South China: C. IL Davis.
L. L. Moffitt. West China: C. B. Miller (on furlough).
Young People's Missionary Volunteer: Far Eastern
A. W. Peterson ; Associates, C. L.
Bond, E. W. Dunbar. President: V. T. Armstrong.
Secretary: W. P. Bradley.
North America Chosen: M. Hirayama.
Japan: S. Ogura.
Vice-President: W. G. Turner. Malayan: K. 0. Tan.
Union Conference Presidents: Netherlands East Indies: K. Tilstra.
Atlantic: M. L. Rice. Philippine: L. C. Wilcox.

Inter-American Southeast Africa: S. G. Maxwell.

President and Religious Liberty Dept.: Zambesi: G. R. Nash.
Glenn Calkins. Southern Asia
Secretary-Treasurer: C. L. Torrey. President: A. L. Ham.
Departmental Secretaries: Secretary-Treasurer: A. F. Tarr.
Educational and Young People's Mis- Departmental Secretaries:
sionary Volunteer: A. H. Roth. Educational and Young People's Mis-
Home Missionary and Sabbath School: sionary Volunteer: E. W. Pohlman.
Wesley Amundsen. Home Missionary and Sabbath School:
Medical: Clifford Anderson. E. D. Thomas.
Publishing: D. A. McAdams. Medical: T. R. Flaiz.
Union Presidents: Publishing, L. C. Shepard (Acting).
Religious Liberty: A. F. Tarr.
British West Indies: R. H. Pierson. Union Presidents:
Caribbean: W. E. Read. Burma:
Central American: N. H. Kinzer. Northeast India: H. G. Woodward.
Colombia-Venezuela: W. A. Bergherm. Northwest India: 0. 0. Mattison.
Mexican: W. E. Murray. South India: E. M. Meleen (on fur-
Northern European Western India: F. E. Spiess.
Work temporarily being administered Southern European
from the General Conference office at
Washington, D. C., except as otherwise President: A. V. Olson.
indicated. Secretary and Educational Dept.: W.
R. Beach.
Union Presidents: Treasurer and Auditor: F. Brennwald.
Baltic: R. Vinglas.
British: H. W. Lowe. Departmental Secretaries:
East Nordic: G. A. Lindsay. Home Missionary: H. Struve.
West Nordic: P. G. Nelson. Medical and Religious Liberty: J. Nuss-
South American Publishing: F. Charpiot.
President: R. R. Figuhr. Sabbath School and Young People's
Secretary: H. 0. Olson. Missionary Volunteer: Robert Gerber.
Treasurer: F. L. Harrison.
Union Presidents:
Departmental Secretaries: Franco-Belgian: 0. Meyer.
Educational and Young People's Mis- Hungdrian: L. Michnay.
sionary Volunteer: N. W. Dunn. Indian Ocean Union: E. Benezech.
Home Missionary: Santiago Schmidt. Italian: L. Beer.
Publishing: J. C. Culpepper. Jugoslavian: A. Lorenein.
Sabbath School: Santiago Schmidt. North African: J. de Caenel.
Union Presidents: Portuguese: A. D. Gomes.
Rumanian: D. Florea.
Austral: E. N. Lugenbeal. Swiss: A. Meyer
East Brazil: C. E. Lambeth.
Inca: L. D. Minner. Union of Socialist Soviet Republics
North Brazil: L. B. Halliwell. No reports have been received regard-
South Brazil: Rodolpho Belz. ing officers.
Southern African General Conference Missions Division
President: C. W. Bozarth. President: W. H. Branson.
Secretary: Milton Robison. Vice-President: E. D. Dick.
Treasurer and Auditor: E. A. Moon. Secretary: T. J. Michael.
Departmental Secretaries: Treasurer: J. F. Cummins.
Educational and Religious Liberty: Mil- Africa West Coast: William McClem-
ton Robison (Acting). ents.
Home Misisonary and Young People's Ethiopian: M. J. Sorenson.
Missionary Volunteer: J. M. Hnaty- Middle East: E. L. Branson (on fur-
shyn. lough).
Medical: Donald H. Abbott. Elective Members
Publishing: L. A. Vixie. E. E. Andross, W. P. Bradley, F. C.
Sabbath School: A. W. Staples. Carrier, H. G. Childs, W. P. Elliott,
I. H. Evans, C. B. Haynes, J. J.
Union Presidents:
Ireland, H. C. Kephart, M. E. Kern,
Angola: P. Stevenson. H. J. Klooster, W. E. Macpherson,
Congo: J. R. Campbell. P. T. Magan, W. A. Ruble, M. C.
East Africa: H. M. Sparrow. Taft, H. W. Vollmer, G. W. Wells,
South Africa: F. G. Clifford. F. M. Wilcox, B. G. Wilkinson.
The Departments of the General Conference named below, while doing
work, some of them prior to the time the General Conference was organ-
ized, and some at a much later date, were organized under the terms of
the General Conference Constitution at the dates mentioned in each case.
Organized 1933 Union Secretaries
Office: General Conference, Takoma Atlantic: R. L. Hubbs, South Lancas-
Park, Washington 12, D. C. ter, Mass.
General Secretary: L. Halswick. Canadian: E. A. Crane, Box 396,
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Associate Secretaries: Central: G. R. Fattic, 4547 Calvert St.,
R. Ruhling for German Department. Lincoln 6, Nebr.
Address: Takoma Park, Washing- Columbia: J. P. Neff, 900 Carroll Ave.,
ton 12, D. C. Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C.
L. Halswick for Miscellaneous Lan- Lake: V. P. Lovell, Box C, Berrien
guages in North America. Address: Springs, Mich.
Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C. Northern: K. L. Gant, 501 Forest St.,
S. Kaplan (Acting), for Jewish De- Minneapolis 4, Minn.
partment. Address: 1783 Marmion North Pacific: H. C. Klement, 1544
Ave., New York 60, N. Y. S. E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland 14,
H. D. Casebeer for Spanish, Portu- Oreg.
guese and North American Indian. Pacific: A. C. Nelson, Box 146, Glen-
Address: 223 Sinclair Ave., Glen- dale, Calif.
dale, Calif. Southern: H. B. Lundquist, Box 449,
G. E. Nord, Scandinavian Department Decatur, Ga.
and Russian-Ukrainian Languages. Southwestern: R. J. Roy, Keene, Tex.
Address: 3327 Sunnyside Ave.,
Brookfield, Ill. College PresidentsNorth America
Bureau Committee: L. Halswick, Chair- G. W. Bowers, College Place, Wash.
man H. D. Casebeer, L. H. Christian, E. E. Cossentine, College View Station,
H. T. Elliott, S. Kaplan, G. E. Nord, Lincoln, Nebr.
R. Ruhling, W. G. Turner, W. H. A. W. Johnson, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Williams. G. E. Jones, South Lancaster, Mass.
H. J. Klooster, Angwin, Calif.
M. E. Olsen, Takoma Park, Washington
W. E. Macpherson, 304 North Boyle
Organized 1902 Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Washing- J. L. Moran, Huntsville, Ala.
ton 12, D. C. L. R. Rasmussen, Arlington, Calif.
Officers D. E. Rebok, Takoma Park, Washing-
ton 12, D. C.
Secretary: H. A. Morrison. B. G. Wilkinson, Takoma Park, Wash-
Associate Secretaries: W. H. Teesdale, ington 12, D. C.
J. E. Weaver. K. A. Wright, Collegedale, Tenn.
Office Secretary for Parent and Home
Education: Mrs. Florence K. Rebok. Junior College Presidents--
Division Secretaries North America
Australasian: B. H. McMahon, Wah- W. H. Shephard, Keene Tex.
roonga, New South Wales, Australia. H. M. Johnson, College Heights, Al-
Central European: berta, Canada.
China: H. C. Shen. C. W. Shankel, Oshawa, Ontario, Can-
Far Eastern: ada.
Inter-American:, A. H. Roth, Apartado Foreign School Directors
50, General Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
Northern European: (Colleges and Junior Colleges)
South American: N. W. Dunn, Virrey F. Charpiot, Collonges sous Saleve,
del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen- Haute Savoie, France.
tina, South America. T. C. Lawson, Cooranbong, N. S. W.,
South African: Milton Robison (Act- Australia.
ing), Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape W. E. McClure, P. 0. Box 22, Somer-
Province, South Africa. set West, C. P., South Africa.
Southern Asia: E. W. Pohlman, Box 15, W. G. C. Murdoch, Newbold Missionary
Poona, India. College, Packwood Hough, Packwood
Southern European: W. R. Beach, near Hockley Heath, Warwickshire,
Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. England.

Domingos Peixoto, Colegio Adventista, Advisory Council

Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, (All Home Missionary Secretaries of
South America. organized Union Conferences and Un-
M. 0. Manley, Spicer College, Aundh ion Missions are members ex-officio.)
Road, Kirkee, Poona, India.
C. A. Schutt, Mussoorie, U. P., India. Other Members
, Mandeville, Jamaica, British (All of whom may be addressed at
West Indies. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.)
Fernando Chaij, Puiggari, F. C. E., En- Roger Altman, H. M. Blunden, L. H.
tre Rios, Argentina, South America. Christian, F. D. Nichol, G. E. Peters,
L. M. Stump, Box 1772, Manila, Philip- A. W. Peterson, J. L. Shuler, J. D.
pine Islands. Snider, J. A. Stevens, W. G. Turner,
H. Yamamoto, Showa-machi, Kimitsu- W. H. Williams.
gun, Chiba-ken, Japan.
The following to be addressed at
Takoma Park, D. C.: Organized 1902
D. Lois Burnett, Claude Conard, E. D. Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
Dick, L. E. Froom, C. S. Longacre, ington 12, D. C.
A. W. Peterson, A. W. Werline. Officers
Academy Principals: Secretary: H. M. Walton.
E. E. Bietz, Cicero, Ind. Associate Secretary 'for Nursing Educa-
A. J. Olsen, Auburn, Wash. tion: D. Lois Burnett.
L. G. Sevrens, South Lancaster, Mass. Associate Secretary for Health Educa-
C. D. Striplin, 700 Kimlin Drive, tion: M. Winifred McCormack.
Associate Secretary for Medical Exten-
Glendale, Calif. sion: G. A. Roberts, 812 North Boyle
Board of Regents Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Secretary and Associate Secretaries Division Secretaries
of the Department of Education,
G.' W. Bowers, D. Lois Burnett, K. L. Australasian: T. A. Sherwin, War-
Gant, A. C. Nelson, W. E. Macpher- burton, Victoria, Australia.
son, C. N. Rees, L. G. Sevrens, Ken- Central European: L. E. Conradi, San-
neth A. Wright. itarium "Waldfriede," Alsenstrasse
99-109, Berlin-Zehlendorf-West, Ger-
Organized 1918 Northern European: A. Andersen, Sani-
tarium, Skodsborg, Denmark.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Southern African: Donald Abbott.
ington 12, D. C. Southern Asia: T. R. Flaiz.
Officers Southern European: J. Nussbaum, 49
Secretary: R. G. Strickland. Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris
Associate Secretaries: W. A. Butler, 16e, France.
W. A. Scharffenberg. Advisory Council
Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Grace D. Sectional Counselors
Mace. Medical Education: W. E. Macpherson,
Division Secretaries 812 N. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Australia: T. A. Mitchell, "Mizpah," Institutions in Western United States:
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia. H. W. Vollmer, Box 146, Glendale,
Central European. Calif.
China: E. L. Longway, Chungking, Institutions in Eastern United States:
Szechwan, China. R. A. Hare, Washington Sanitarium,
Far Eastern: Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C.
Inter-American: Wesley Amundsen, (All union conference medical secreta-
Apartado 50, General Peraza, Ha- ries are members ex-officio, and should
vana, Cuba. be addressed at the union offices.)
Northern European:
South American: Santiago Schmidt, Other Members
.Virrey del Pino 8801, Buenos Aires, H. M. Blunden, Claude Conard, H. T.
Argentina, South America. Elliott, L. E. Froom, J. L. McElhany,
Southern Africa: J. M. Hnatyshyn, H. A. Morrison, A. W. Peterson, It.
Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape, South G. Strickland, W. G. Turner, F. M.
Africa. Wilcox, all of whom may be ad-
Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box 16, dressed at Takoma Park, Washington
Poona, India. 12, D. C.
Southern European: H. Struve, Hobe- D. H. Kress, 405 Niblick Ave., Orlando,
weg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Fla.

The President and Deans of the College Departmental Members: R. A. Ander-

of Medical Evangelists. son, H. M. Blunden, W. P. Bradley,
The Medical director, business man- F. C. Carrier, Mrs. Mable Hinkhouse
ager, and director of nurses in de- Towery, Louise C. Kleuser, C. S.
nominationally recognized medical in- - Longacre, G. E. Peters, A. W. Peter-
stitution. son, J. A. Stevens, W. H. Teesdale,
Editors of denominational health jour- W. A. Scarffenberg, H. M. Walton.
nals. North American Members at Large:
Union Presidents: M. V. Campbell,
E. F. Hackman, H. L. Rudy, M. L.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Local Presidents: H. J. Detwiler, 0.
ington 12, D. C. T. Garner, J. L. McConaughey, W.
A. Nelson, W. B. Ochs, J. J. Reis-
Official Organ: The Ministry (48-page wig.
Evangelists and Pastors: Glenn Coon,
Officers F. W. Detamore, George Freeman,
Secretary: L. E. Froom. J. G. Mitchell, R. H. Nightingale, F.
Associate Secretary: R. A. Anderson. L. Peterson, E. L. Pingenot, C. A.
Reeves, D. R. Schierman, F. F.
Assistant Secretary: Louise C. Kleuser. Schwindt, L. A. Semmens, J. L.
Division Association Secretaries Tucker, D. E. Venden, A. E. Webb.
Educators and Teachers: E. H. Em-
Australian: R. A. Thrift, "Mizpah," merson, F. B. Jensen, V. J. Johns,
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia. H. J. Klooster, D. E. Rebok, A. H.
Central European: Rulkoetter, E. R. Thiele, B. G. Wil-
China: C. Meng, Chungking, Szechwan, kinson, L. H. Wood, F. H. Yost.
China. Gospel Musicians: P. 0. Campbell,
Far Eastern: --
Inter-American: R. M. Whitsett, Apar- Harold Graham, L. R. Mansell, L. C.
tado 50, General Peraza, Havana, Metcalfe, H. A. Miller.
Cuba. Denominational Editors: Frederick
Northern European: Lee, A. S. Maxwell.
South American: H. 0. Olson, Virrey
del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen- Bible Instructors: Mrs. Irene Ander-
tina, South America. son, Rose E. Boose, Mrs. Dorothy
Southern African: W. H. Anderson, Conklin, Mrs. Howard A. Curran,
Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape, Mrs. Jessie M. Heslip, Addie Mae
South Africa. Kalar, Ernestine Volkers, Sadie Wall-
Southern Asia: A. L. Ham, Box 15, eker.
Poona, India. Overseas Division Members
Southern European: A. V. Olson, Hohe-
weg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Presidents of Divisions (ex-officio), and
Division Association Secretaries, as
Detached Fields: H. W. Lowe, Great listed above.
Britain G. A. Lindsay, Scandinavia;
E. L. Branson, Middle East; W. Mc-
Clements, West Africa.
Advisory Council DEPARTMENT
Chairman: J. L. McElhany. Organized 1909
Secretary: L. E. Froom. Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
ington 12, D. C.
General Advisory Group
General Conference Officers: W. H.
Branson, L. H. Christian, A. W. Cor- Secretary, G. E. Peters.
mack, E. D. Dick, H. T. Elliott, T. J. Assistant Secretary for Health Educa-
Michael, W. E. Nelson, W. G. Turner. tion: Geneva Bryan.
General Members: G. K. Abbott, M. L. Advisory Council
Andreasen, R. L. Boothby, T. G. General Conference Staff Members: W.
Bunch, C. J. Coon, L. K. Dickson, W. G. Turner, G. E. Peters, Geneva
P. Elliott, I. H. Evans, C. B. Haynes, Bryan.
M. E. Kern, George Keough, Meade
MacGuire, F. D. Nichol, H. M. S. Union Conference Presidents:
Richards, E. B. Rudge, J. L. Shuler, M. L. Rice, Atlantic.
Mary E. Walsh, A. L. White, F. M. N. C. Wilson, Central.
Wilcox. F. H. Robbins, Columbia.

Jay J. Nethery, Lake. Publishing House Managers (see list

L. K. Dickson, Pacific. in directories of Publishing Houses
E. F. Hackman, Southern. in later pages).
J. W. Turner, Southwestern. Managers of Book and Periodical De-
partments and Branches.
Local Conference Presidents: Superintendents and Treasurers of pub-
L. H. Bland, Northeastern. lishing houses.
J. G. Dasent, Lake Regional.
J. H. Wagner, Allegheny. Other Members
Union Conference Secretaries for the Glenn Calkins, Apartado 60, General
Colored Department: Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
R. R. Figuhr, Virrey del Pino 3801,
A. E. Webb, Central. Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
F. L. Peterson, Pacific. America.
H. D. Singleton, Southern. A. L. Ham, Box 16, Poona, India.
T. H. Coopwood, Southwestern. J. L. McElhany, Takoma Park, Wash-
ington 12, D. C.
Message Magazine: T. J. Michael, Takoma Park, Washing-
Editor, L. B. Reynolds. ton 12, D. C.
A. Minsk, Regensburger Str. 22, V.,
Oakwood College: Berlin W. 50, Germany.
J. L. Moran, President and Business A. V. Olson, Hoheweg 17, Berne,
Manager. Switzerland.
L. E. Ford, Assistant Business Man- R. G. Strickland, Takoma Park Wash-
ager. ington 12, D. C.
Riverside Sanitarium: W. G. Turner, Takoma Park, Washing-
ton 12, D. C.
J. Mark Cox, Medical Director. E. B. Rudge, "Mizpah," 148 Fox Valley
H. D. Dobbins, Business Manager. Road, Wahroonga, New South Wales,
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Organized 1902
ington 12, D. C.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
Officers ington 12, D. C.
Secretary: H. M. Blunden. Officers
Associate Secretaries: J. J. Strahle, E.
E. Franklin. Secretary: H. H. Votaw.
Office Secretary: Mrs. Nell H. Hunter. Associate Secretaries: C. S. Longacre,
Paul Wickman.
Division Secretaries
Division Secretaries
Australasian: J. J. Potter, H. White,
"Mizpah," Wahroonga, New South Australasian: R. E. Hare, "Mizpah,"
Wales, Australia. Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Central European: China: E. L. Longway, S. D. A. Mis-
China: E. L. Longway, S. D. A. Mission, sion, Chungking, Szechwan, China.
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong, General
Far Eastern: Conference, Takoma Park, Washing-
Inter-American: D. A. McAdams, ton 12, D. C.
Apartado 60, General Peraza, Ha- Inter-American: Glenn Calkins, Apar-
vana, Cuba. tado 50, General Peraza, Havana,
Northern European: Cuba.
South American: J. C. Culpepper, Vir- North American: W. G. Turner, Takoma
rey del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, M- Park, Washington 12, D. C.
gentina, South America. Northern European: H. W. Lowe, Stan-
Southern African: L. A. Vixie, Grove borough Park, Watford, Herts, Eng-
Ave., Claremont, Cape Province, land.
South Africa. South American: R. R. Figuhr, Virrey
Southern Asia: L. C. Shepard, Box del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
15, Poona, India. tina, South America.
Southern European: F. Charpiot, HShe- South African: C. E. Moon, Grove Ave.,
weg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Claremont, Cape, South Africa.
Advisory Council Southern Asia: A. F. Tarr, Box 15,
Poona, India.
Ex-officio Members Southern European: J. Nussbaum, 49
Union Publishing Department Secre- avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris
taries. 16e, France.

Advisory Council Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box 16,

The Religious Liberty secretaries of the Poona, India.
Union Conferences and Union Mis- Southern European: Robert Gerber,
sions are members ex-officio. Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
Other Members Advisory Council
H. M. Blunden, W. A. Butler, F. C. H. M. Blunden, H. H. Cobban, H. T.
Carrier, L. H. Christian, E. D. Dick, Elliott, Louise Kleuser, A. W. Peter-
W. P. Elliott, L. E. Froom, W. H. son, R. G. Strickland, J. E. Weaver.
Hackett, C. B. Haynes, M. E. Kern,
Frederick Lee, J. L. McElhany, H. A. Sabbath School Lesson Committee
Morrison, W. E. Nelson, F. D. Nichol, Resident Members: Roger Altman, M.
J. E. Shultz, W. A. Spicer, J. A. L. Andreasen, T. E. Bowen, L. H.
Stevens, R. G. Strickland, M. C. Taft, Christian, H. T. Elliott, Rosamond
B. G. Wilkinson, all of whom may be D. Ginther, B. P. Hoffman, W. K.
addressed at Takoma Park, Washing- Ising, Frederick Lee, L. L. Moffitt,
ton 12, D. C. D. E. Robinson, A. H. Rulkoetter, J.
R. L. Benton, 4547 Calvert St., Lincoln A. Stevens, W. H. Teesdale, W. G.
6, Nebr. Turner, Margaret Wier, S. A. Well-
A. R. Bell, 2209 Young St., Belling- man, F. H. Yost.
ham, Washington.
V. J. Johns, Loma Linda, Calif. Non-Resident Members: W. T. Bartlett,
Samuel Kaplan, 1783 Marmion Ave., I. F. Blue, F. M. Burg, M. Busch,
New York, N. Y. L. L. Caviness, R. Gerber, F. B. Jen-
L. H. King, 431 E. Gorgas Lane, Phila- sen, G. M. Masters, Andrew Nelson,
delphia 19, Pa. W. H. Wakeham.
A. S. Maxwell, Mountain View, Calif.
Hon. George A. Williams, Fairmont,
W. G. Wirth, 5447 El Verano Ave., RATION
Eagle Rock 14, Calif
Incorporated 1942
SABBATH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Legal Title: "The Voice of Prophecy"
Organized 1902 Constituency: Executive Committee of
the General Conference of Seventh-
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- day Adventists.
ington 12, D. C.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Ave.,
Officers N. W., Takoma Park, Washington 12,
Secretary: J. A. Stevens. D. C.
Associate Secretaries: S. A. Wellman, Officers:
W. K. !sing, L. L. Moffitt. President, W. G. Turner.
Assistant Secretary: Rosamond D. Vice-President, W. H. Branson.
Ginther. Secretary, W. P. Bradley.
Office Secretary: Margaret Weir. Treasurer, W. H. Williams.
Division Secretaries Board of Trustees: R. A. Anderson, V-
G. Anderson, H. M. Blunden, W. P.
Australasian: G. M. Masters, "Mizpah," Bradley, W. H. Branson, M. V. Camp-
Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus- bell, A. W. Cormack, D. A. Delafield,
tralia. E. D. Dick, L. K. Dickson, H. T. El-
Central European: M. Busch, Regens- liott, E. F. Hackman, Louis Hals-
burger Str. 22, V., Berlin W. 60, wick, H. H, Hicks, A. E. Lickey, J. L.
Germany. ,,McElhany, W. E. Nelson, Jay J.
China: G. J. Appel, Chungking, Szech- Nethery, H. M. S. Richards, M. L.
wan, China. Rice, F. H. Robbins, H. L. Rudy, R.
G. Strickland, J. W. Turner, W. G.
Far Eastern. Turner, Owen Troy, H. H. Votaw,
Inter-American: Wesley Amundsen, W. H. Williams, N. C. Wilson.
Apartado 60, General Peraza, Ha-
vana, Cuba. North American Radio Commission
Northern European: Headquarters: Takoma Park, Washing-
South American: S. Schmidt, Virrey ton 12, D. C.
del Pino, 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen- Officers:
tina, South America. Chairman, W. G. Turner.
Southern African, A. W. Staples, Grove Vice-Chairman, W. H. Branson.
Ave., Claremont, Cape Province, Secretary, W. P. Bradley
South Africa. Treasurer, W. H. Williams.

Members: It. A. Anderson, V. G. An- Division Secretaries

derson, H. M. Blunden, W. P. Brad- Australasian: E. L. Minchin, "Mizpah,"
ley, W. H. Branson, M. V. Campbell, Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus-
A. W. Cormack, D. A. Delafield, E. tralia.
D. Dick, L. K. Dickson, H. T. Elliott, Central European: M. Busch, Regens-
E. F. Hackman, Louis Halswick, H. burger Strasse 22, V., Berlin W. 50,
H. Hicks, A. E. Lickey, J. L. McEl- Germany.
hany, W. E. Nelson, Jay J. Nethery, China: H. C. Shen, Dabao, Pechi,
H. M. S. Richards, M. L. Rice, F. H. Chungking, Szechwan, China.
Robbins, H. L. Rudy, R. G. Strick- Far Eastern:
land, J. W. Turner, W. G. Turner, Inter-American: A. H. Roth, Apartado
Owen Troy, H. H. Votaw, W. H. Wil- 50, General Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
liams, N. C. Wilson. Northern European.
Local Operating Board for Voice of South American: N. W. Dunn, Virrey
Prophecy, 805-811 E. Broadway, Glen- del Pino 3801, Buenot Aires, Argen-
dale, California: L. K. Dickson, tina, South America.
Chairman; H. M. S. Richards, Vice- Southern African: J. M. Hnatyshyn,
Chairman; I. E. Gillis, Secretary; C. Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape Prov-
ince, South Africa.
L. Bauer, W. P. Bradley, D. A. Dela- Southern Asia: E. W. Pohlman, Box 15,
field, H. H. Hicks. Poona, India.
Latin-American Radio Commission Southern European: Robert Gerber,
Headquarters: Takoma Park, Washing- H8heweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
ton 12, D. C. Advisory Council
Officers: All union conference and union mission
Missionary Volunteer secretaries. (To
Chairman, A. W. Cormack. be addressed at their respective of-
Vice-Chairman, W. H. Branson. fices.)
Secretary, W. P. Bradley.
Treasurer, W. H. Williams. Other Members
.General Manager, Voice of Prophecy (All of whom may be addressed at
Office, H. H. Hicks. Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C.,
unless another address is given.)
Members: C. L. Bauer, Rodolpho Belz, The General Conference officers, H.
W. A. Bergherm, W. P. Bradley, W. M. Blunden, W. P. Bradley, D. Lois
H. Branson, Glenn Calkins, A. W. Burnett, F. C. Carrier, Lora E. Cle-
Cormack, E. D. Dick, R. R. Figuhr, ment, E. W. Everest (Mountain View,
L. B. Halliwell, F. L. Harrison, H. H. Calif.), L. E. Froom, C. B. Haynes.
Hicks, H. F. House, N. H. Kinzer, L. M. E. Kern, Meade MacGuire
H. Lindbeck, E. N. LUgeribeal, T. J. (Sonora, Calif.), J. L. Moran (Oak-
Michael, L. D. Minner, W. E. Mur- wood College, Huntsville, Ala.), H. A.
ray, W. E. Nelson, W. E. Read, H. Morrison, G. E. Peters, J. D. Snider,
M. S. Richards, C. L. Torrey, W. G. A. W. Spalding (Madison College,
Turner, H. G. Stoehr, R. M. Whitsett, Tenn.), J. A. Stevens, R. G. Strick-
W. H. Williams. land, W. H. Teesdale, H. H. Votaw,
H. M. Walton, C. E. Weaks (2119-
Local Operating Board, 805-811 E. 24th Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn.), J. E.
Broadway, Glendale, California: C. Weaver.
L. Bauer, Chairman ; H. G. Stoehr,
Secretary; D. A. Delafield, L. K.
Dickson, I. E. Gillis, H. M. S. Rich-
Headquarters: Takoma Park, Washing-
ton 12, D. C.
Organized 1907 ; made a Department by Vice-Chairman and Secretary, F. C.
General Conference Constitution 1909 Carrier.
Treasurer, W. E. Nelson.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Committee: F. G. Ashbaugh, R. L.
ington 12, D. C. Benton, H. M. Blunden, C. L. Bond,
Officers W. H. Branson, Lora E. Clement, E.
D. Dick, N. G. Evans, H. T. Elliott,
Secretary: Alfred W. Peterson. L. E. Froom, W. H. Hackett, L. A.
Associate Secretaries: C. Lester Bond, Hansen, R. A. Hare, C. B. Haynes,
Eldine W. Dunbar. W. B. Holden, M. E. Kern, D. H.
Office Secretary: Mrs. Marjorie W. Kress, Ernest Lloyd, C. S. Longacre,
Marsh. H. A. Morrison, Merlin Neff, Jay J.

Nethery, F. D. Nichol, J. F. Piper, Officers:

A. W. Peterson, D. E. Reiner, M. L. President, J. L. McElhany.
Rice, J. D. Snider, J. A. Stevens, R. Secretary, H. H. Cobban.
G. Strickland, W. G. Turner, H. H. Treasurer, W. E. Nelson.
Votaw, H. M. Walton, J. E. Weaver, Undertreasurer, W. H. Williams.
F. M. Wilcox, B. G. Wilkinson.
Board of Trustees: H. H. Cobban,
Claude Conard, E. D. Dick, H. T.
BUREAU OF PUBLICITY Elliott, J. L. McElhany, W. E. Nel-
Secretary: J. R. Ferren, Takoma Park, son, W. G. Turner, W. H. Williams.
Washington 12, D. C.
An organization formed in harmony Incorporated 1913
with the trust created in the will of Legal Title: "North American Confer-
the late Ellen G. White, to act as her
agent in the custody of her writings, ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
and in the promotion of their continued ventists.
publication in all lands. Constituency: The General Conference
delegates from the United States and
Office Address: General Conference, Canada.
Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
Officers: President, M. E. Kern; Sec- ington 12, D. C.
retary, A. L. White.
Board of Trustees: The five trustees ap- Officers:
pointed by Ellen G. White, or their President, W. E. Nelson.
successors: M. E. Kern, F. M. Wilcox, Secretary, Claude Conard.
J. L. McElhany, W. P. Elliott, A. L. Treasurer, W. E. Nelson.
White. Board of Trustees: Claude Conard, H.
T. Elliott, W. P. Elliott, M. E. Kern,
W. E. Nelson, M. C. Taft.
Incorporated 1916 ENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS IN-
Legal Title: "General Conference As-
sociation of the Seventh-day Advent- and
Constituency: The General Conference PANY OF TAKOMA PARK, MD..
delegates. 6840 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park,
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Washington 12, D. C.
ington 12, D. C. Organized 1986
Officers: Board of Directors:
President, J. L. McElhany. President, J. L. McElhany.
Secretary, H. H. Cobban. Vice-President and Treasurer, W. E.
Treasurer, W. E. Nelson. Nelson.
Undertreasurer, W. H. Williams. Secretary, W. A. Benjamin.
Board of Trustees: H. H. Cobban, Undertreasurer, W. H. Williams.
Claude Conard, E. D. Dick, H. T. Other Members: H. H. Cobban, J. F.
Elliott, J. L. McElhany, W. E. Nel- Cummins, E. D. Dick, H. T. Elliott,
son, W. G. Turner, W. H. Williams. W. P. Elliott, C. H. Kelley, J. H. Nies.


TION OF SEVENTH-DAY Superintendent of Transportation: W.
ADVENTISTS E. Nelson, Takoma Park, Washing-
Incorporated 1904 ton, D. C. (Also general agent for
trans-Atlantic steamship lines.) As-
Legal Title: "General Conference Cor- sistant, W. H. Williams.
poration of Seventh-day Adventists."
General Transportation Agent: Chicago,
Constituency: The General Conference ; Telephone, Randolph 2899. Ad-
delegates. dress all mail to: S. D. A. Trans-
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- portation Department, Room 1824,
ington 12, D. C. 105 West Adams St., Chicago 3, Ill.

Eastern Transportation Agent: J. W. South Lancaster, Mass. Telephone,

Cole, Room 811, Pennsylvania Build- Clinton 682.
ing, 226 West 34th St.,New York Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Dela-
City 1, N. Y. (TelephonesOffice: ware, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia,
LOngacre 5-4867 ; Residence: MAns- Maryland, and District of Columbia:
field 6-2036.) Cable Address: "Ad- C. P. Sorensen, 900 Carroll Ave.,
ventists New York." (Consign all Takoma Park, D. C. Telephone,
freight shipments to Atlas Transpor- Sligo 3163.
tation Co., No. 447 West 36th St., North and South Carolina, Georgia,
New York, N. Y., for Mission Board Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tenn-
of S. D. A., sending all bills of lading essee, and Kentucky: M. E. Chap-
direct to the office address.) man, Box 449, Decatur, Ga., Tele-
Miami, Florida, Transportation Agent: phone, Dearborn 7748.
E. M. Bell, 862 S. W. 4th St., Miami, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wis-
Fla. Telephone: 9-1648. Residence: consin: T. E. Lucas, Box C, Berrien
2260 S. W. 19th Terrace, Miami, Fla. Springs, Mich. Telephone 4321.
Telephone: 4-7634. Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Ne-
braska, and Wyoming: G. R. Fettle,
Western Transportation Agent and Gen- 4547 Calvert St., Lincoln, Nebr.
eral Agent for Transpacific Steamship Telephone 4-2182.
Lines: H. G. Childs, Pacific Press Pub- Iowa, Minnesota, North and South
lishing Assn., Mountain View, Calif. Dakota: K. L. Gant, 501 Forest Ave.,
Telephone 527 (Residence telephone Minneapolis, Minn. Telephone, Ken-
701). Cable Address, "Pacific Press," wood 2992.
Mountain View, Calif. (Consign Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico.
freight and express care Union Trans- Oklahoma, and Texas: R. J. Roy,
fer Company, 821 Howard St., San Keene, Texas. Telephone, 7.
Francisco, Calif.) Assistant, I. J. Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washing-
Woodman. ton, and Alaska: L. A. Skinner, 1544
London Transportation Agent: C. H. S. E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland 14,
Anscombe, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edg- Oreg. Telephone: Ve. 4121.
ware, Middlesex, England. Cable ad- Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah,
dress: "Adventist, London." Tele- and Hawaii: F. G. Ashbaugh, Box
grams, "Adventist, Phone, London." 146, Glendale, Calif. Telephone,
(Telephone, Edgware 7758.) Chapman 5-1047.
The treasurers of division fields out- Camp Pastors located outside the United
side of North America and of union States:
conferences in North America are
transportation agents for their respec- Alaska, E. E. Jensen, 101 E. Sec-
tive territories. ond St., Box 2841, Juneau, Alaska.
Australia, E. H. Guilliard, Austra-
lasian Union Conference, "Mizpah,"
SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST WAR Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus-
SERVICE COMMISSION tralia. Telephone, JW 1061.
Canada, H. L. Rudy, Canadian
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Union Conference, Box 396, Oshawa,
ington 12, D. C. Ontario, Canada. Telephone, 3293-W.
Officers Canal Zone, A. R. Ogden, Gavilian
and Balboa Roads, P. 0. Box 2006,
Chairman, W. H. Branson. Balboa, Canal Zone. Telephone, Bal-
General Secretary, Carlyle B. Haynes. boa 2-1349; Residence and Chapel--
Members: F. G. Ashbaugh, C. L. Bond, House 0845.
W. H. Branson, E. N Dick, H. T. Honolulu, T. H., A. Munson, 1112
Elliott, Carlyle B. Haynes, C. S. Keeaumoku St., Honolulu, T. H.
Longacre, T. J. Michael, H. A. Mor- Telephone, 91979.
rison, A. W. Peterson, C. P. Soren- England and Ireland, J. M. Howard,
sen, R. G. Strickland, W. H. Tees- Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts,
dale, H. H. Votaw, H. M. Walton. England. Telephone, Garston (Wat-
Executive Council: W. H. Branson, ford) 2251, 2252.
Chairman ; H. H. Votaw, Vice-chair-
man ; C. B. Haynes, Secretary ; C. S.
rison or W. H. Teesdale, A. W. Pe- FROM THE GENERAL CON-
terson or C. L. Bond. FERENCE
Regional Secretaries for Army Camps Ordained Ministers
located in the United States: Aitken, J. J., Theological Seminary,
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connect- Altman, Roger, Takoma Park, Wash-
- icut, and New York: R. L. Hubbs, ington, D. C.

Anderson, R. A., Takoma Park, Wash- Griggs, Frederick, 312 N. Boyle Ave.,
ington, D. C. Los Angeles, Calif.
W. H. Anderson, Takoma Park, Wash- Halswick, L., Takoma Park, Washing-
ington, D. C. ton, D. C.
Andreasen, M. L., Takoma Park Wash- Ham, A. L., Box 15, Poona, India.
ington 12, D. C. Hansen, L. A., Takoma Park, Washing-
Andross, E. E., Takoma Park, Wash- ton, D. C.
ington, D. C. Haynes, C. B., Takoma Park, Washing-
Armstrong, V. T., Takoma Park, Wash- ton, D. C.
ington, D. C. Hicks, H. H., Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
Bartlett, W. T., 41 Hazel Gardens, Hoffman, B. P., 201 Garland Ave.,
Edgware, Middlesex, England. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Benson, H. F., 128 N. Park Dr., Ar- Hollister, M. A. Route 1, Box 167,
lington, Va. Santa Cruz, Calif.
Bergherm, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash- Ising, W. K., Takoma Park, Washing-
ington, D. C. ton, D. C.
Blunden, H.. M., Takoma Park, Wash- Keough, George, Theological Seminary,
ington, D. C. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Bond; C. L., Takoma Park, Washington, Kephart, H. C., 2119 24th Ave., N.,
D. C. Nashville, Tenn.
Bradley, W. P., Takoma Park, Wash- Kern, M. E., Takoma" Park, Washing-
ington, D. C. ton, D. C.
Branson, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash- Klooster, H. J., Pacific Union College,
ington, D. C Angwin, Calif.
Brewer. N. F.. Takoma Park, Wash- Knauft, Emil H., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington. D. C. ington, D. C.
Butler W. A., Takoma Park, Washing- Kress, D. H., 405 Niblick Ave., Orlando.
ton, D. C. Fla.
Calkins, Glenn, Apartado 50, General Lindt, S. H., College Place, Wash.
Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
Campbell, M. N., Route 1, Paw Paw, Loasby, R. E. 913 Hadden Drive,
Mich. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Carrier, F. C., Takoma Park, Washing- Longacre, C. S., Takoma Park, Wash-
ton, D. C. ington, D. C.
Casebeer, H. D., 223 Sinclair Ave., MacGuire, Meade, Box 581, Sonora,
Glendale, Calif. Calif.
Christian, L. H., Takoma Park, Wash- Magan, P. T., 304 North Boyle Ave.,
ington, D. C. Los Angeles, Calif.
Cormack, A. W., Takoma Park, Wash- McElhany, J. L., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. ington, D. C.
Cossentine, R. M., 34 Sycamore Ave., Michael, T. J., Takoma Park, Washing-
Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C. ton, D. C.
Cottrell, Roy F., 140 Harvey Drive, Millard, F. R., 3611 3rd St., N., Ar-
Glendale, Calif. lington, Va.
Counsell, I. V., Takoma Park, Wash- Minck, A., Regensburgerstrasse 22, V.,
ington, D. C. Berlin W. 50, Germany.
Delafield, Arthur, Box 1511 Glendale, Moffitt, L. L., Takoma Park, Washing-
Calif. ton 12, D. C.
Dick, E. D., Takoma Park, Washington, Morrison, H. A., Takoma Park, Wash-
D. C. ington, D. C.
Dunbar, Eldine W., Takoma Park, Nelson, W. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
Washington 12, D. C. ington, D. C.
Eastman, W. W., 246 E. Crescent Ave., Ney, Edward, Takoma Park, Washing-
Redlands, Calif. ton, D. C.
Elliott, H. T., Takoma Park, Washing- Nord, G. E., 3227 Sunnyside Ave.,
ton, D. C. Brookfield, Ill.
Elliott, W. P., Takoma Park, Washing- Okohira, A. T., Box 267, Delta, Colo.
ton, D. C. Olsen, M. E., Takoma Park, Washing-
Evans, I. H., 700 Butternut St., N. W., ton, D. C.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Olson, A. V., Hoheweg 17, Berne,
Figuhr, R. It., Virrey del Pino 3801, Switzerland.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, S. America. Olson, B. E. Theological Seminary,
Franklin, E. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
ington, D. C. Peters, G. E., 1839 California St., N.W.,
Froom, L. E., Takoma Park, Washing- Washington, D. C.
ton, D. C. Peterson, A. W., Takoma Park, Wash-
Gilbert, F. C., Takoma Park, Washing- ington, D. C.
ton. D. C. Rebok, D. E., Takoma Park, Washing-
Gillis, W. E., Box 1511, Glendale, Calif. ton, D. C.

Richards, H. M. J., Box 1511, Glendale, Yost, F. H., Theological Seininary,

Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Richards, H. M. S., Box 1511, Glendale, Ziprick, 0. J., 1240 30th Ave., Oakland,
Calif. Calif.
Roberts, G. A., White Memorial Hospital,
Boyle and Michigan Aves., Los An- Licensed Ministers
geles, Calif. Aso, George, Box 1161, Glendale, Calif.
Robinson, A. T., 2164 Dry Creek Road, Atwood, W. P., Theological Seminary,
Napa, Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Robinson, D. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Bieber, F. W., Box 308, Oshawa, On-
ington, D. C. tario, Canada.
Roth, Andre G., Theological Seminary, Brendel, H. J., Theological Seminary,
Takoma Park, D. C. Takoma Park, D. C.
Ruble, W. A., 1929 E. Glenoaks Blvd., Boynton, P. C., Theological Seminary,
Glendale, Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Ruhling, R., Takoma Park, Washing- Buckman, W. M., Theological Seminary,
ton, D. C. Takoma Park, D. C,
Scharffenberg, W. A., Takoma Park, Cobban, H. H., Takoma Park, Wash-
Washington, D. C. ington 12, D. C.
Schmidt, I. C. College Place, Wash. Cole, J. W., Room 811, Pennsylvania
Schuberth, H. F., Hunibach-Thun, Bldg., 225 West 34th St., New York,
Switzerland. N. Y.
Schuberth, Otto, Takoma Park, Wash- Combes, Ralph, Theological Seminary,
ington, D. C. Takoma Park, D. C.
Schiilter, Friedrich, P. 0. W. Camp, Cummins, J. F., Takoma Park, Wash-
North Camp Hood, Gainesville, Texas. ington, D. C.
Shaw, J. L., Loma Linda, Calif. Dale, Charles L., White Memorial Hos-
Shuler, J. L., Theological Seminary, pital, Los Angeles, Calif.
Takoma Park, D. C. Dennis, W. K., Theological Seminary,
Spalding, A. W., Madison College, Tenn. Takoma Park, D. C.
Spicer, W. A., Takoma Park, Washing- Ellistrom, G. M., Theological Seminary,
ton, D. C. Takoma Park, D. C.
Stevens, J. A., Takoma Park, Washing- Ferren, J. R., Takoma Park, Washing-
ton, D. C. ton, D. C.
Stoehr, H. G., Box 1511, Glendale, 'Figuhr, R. A., Theological Seminary,
Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Strahle, J. J., Takoma Park, Washing- Gillis, I. E., Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
ton, D. C. Glanzer, B., Box 1611, Glendale, Calif.
Strickland, R. G., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. Greer, George, Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
Teesdale, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash- Harder, F. E. J., Theological Seminary,
ington, D. C. Takoma Park, D. C.
Turner, W. G., Takoma Park, Wash- Hooper, Wayne, Box 1511, Glendale,
ington, D. C. Calif.
Vollmer, H. W., 2215 E. Glenoaks, Jacobson, M. V., Theological Seminary,
Glendale, Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Votaw, H. H., Takoma Park, Washing- Jesperson, James, Theological Seminary,
ton, D. C. Takoma Park, D. C.
Walton, H. M., Takoma Park, Wash- Knipschild, J. F., Jr., Theological Sem-
ington, D. C. inary, Takoma Park, D. C.
Watson, C. H., 148 Fox Valley Road, Kohler, Clarence, Theological Seminary,
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia. Takoma Park, D. C.
Weaver, J. E., Takoma Park, Washing- Kubrock, Daniel V., Theological Semi-
ton, D. C. nary, Takoma Park, D. C.
Wellman, S.. A., Takoma Park, Wash- Lin, David, Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
ington, D. C. Loeppke, I. A., Theological Seminary,
Wells, G. W., Loma Linda, Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Westphal, J. W., Weslaco, Tex.
White, A. L., Takoma Park, Washing- Miklos, John, Theological Seminary, Ta-
ton, D. C. koma Park, D. C.
Wickman, Paul, Takoma Park, Wash- Phillips, W. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. ington, D. C.
Wilcox, F. M.. 1241 E. Wilson Ave., Rentfro, C. A., Takoma Park, Wash-
Glendale 6, Calif. ington, D. C.
Wilkinson, B. G., Washington Missionary Rose, David, Theological Seminary, Ta-
College, Takoma Park, Washington, koma Park, D. C.
D. C. Seamont, Robert E., Box 1511, Glendale,
Wilson, J. 0., South Lancaster, Mass. Calif.
Wood, L. H., Theological Seminary, Seitz, M. F., Theological Seminary, Ta-
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. koma Park, D. C.

Storz, L. G., Theological Seminary, Wangerin, Mrs. Theodora, Box 1511,

Takoma Park, D. C. Glendale, Calif.
Turner, Raymond, Box 1511, Glendale, Weir, Margaret, Takoma Park, Wash-
Calif. ington, D. C.
Wallace, E. H., Theological Seminary, Zeidler, Elizabeth, Takoma Park, Wash-
Takoma Park, D. C. ington, D. C.
West, Donald, Theological Seminary,
Takoma Park, D. C. Licensed Missionaries:
Williams, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash- General Conference Office Staff
ington, D. C.
Winslow, Grover C., 'Theological Semi- Grace Amadon, Elsie Argent, Mrs.
nary, Takoma Park, D. C. Ingrid Beaulieu, Esther Benton, Erna
Wiley, P. K., Theological Seminary, Borm, Esther Carterette, Mrs. Ralph
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Case, Mrs. Myrtle Christman, Grace
Coyl, T. Rose Curtis, Mrs. Alice Fa-
gerstrom, Katie Farney, J. P. Finch,
Credentialed Missionaries Dorothy Ford, Mrs. Ellen Franklin,
Arason, S., Takoina Park, Washington, Jean Freeman, Edith Geymet, Gladys
D. C. V. Griffin, Dorothy Greeley, Mrs. Louis
Barrows, H. W., Takoma Park, Wash- Halswick, Jewel Hatcher, Emma
ington, D. C. Howell.
Benjamin, W. A., Takoma Park, Wash- Mrs. Ralph E. Johnson, Mrs. Eliza-
ington, D. C. beth Lemon, Althea Lightner, Eva
Bryan, Geneva, Takoma Park, Wash- M. Linscott, Marian MacNeil, Myrtle
ington, D. C. McGee, Genevieve Melendy, Louise
Burnett, D. Lois, Takoma Park, Wash- Meyer, Helen Miller, Mrs. Elsie Mine-
ington, D. C. singer, Juanita Moffitt, Marie Mooney,
Dorothy Ninaj, Frances Nowlin,
Childs, H. G., Mountain View, Calif.
Conard, Claude, Takoma Park, Wash- Marion Nyman, Mrs. Marilyn Oates,
Mrs. Mary Patterson, Mary Paul,
ington, D. C.
Dixon, H. R., Takoma Park, Washing- Mrs. Arturo Perez, Mrs. Julius Peter.
ton, D. C. Mrs. Lottie Quinn, Christine Rut-
Evans, M. Eugene, Takoma Park, Wash- ledge, Mrs. Mary Scott, Hazel Shade!,
ington, D. C. Elaine Shull, Verna Slate, Mary K.
Fleisher, Stella, Takoma Park, Wash- Staalman, Louise Surface, Mrs. Shir-
ington, D. C. ley Swinyer, Mrs. Mabel Hinkhouse
Ginther, Rosamond, Takoma Park, Towery, Minnie Truitt, Mintie Truitt,
Washington, D. C. Mrs. Irene Walters, Thelma Wellman,
Hunter, Mrs. Nell, Takoma Park, Wash- Evelyn Wells, Mrs. Lena S. Wetmore,
Ora Williams, Ruth Williams, Mrs.
ington, D. C.
Ireland, J. J., Takoma Park, Washing- Fern Woodruff.
ton, D. C. Language Students
Kleuser, Louise C., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Mrs. J. J. Aitken, Mrs. W. P.At-
Mace, Mrs. J. W., Takoma Park, Wash- wood, Mrs. F. W. Beiber, Mrs. P. C.
ington, D. C. Boynton, Mrs. H. J. Brendel, Mrs.
Macpherson, W. E., White Memorial W. M. Buckman, Mrs. Ralph Combs,
Hospital, Boyle and Michigan Ave., Mrs. W. K. Dennis; Mrs. G. M. El-
Los Angeles, Calif. listrom, Mrs. F. E. J. Harder, Lucille
Marsh, Mrs. Marjorie W., Takoma Park, Henderson, Joyce Henderson, Mrs.
Washington, D. C. M. V. Jacobson, Mrs. James Jesper-
McCormack, M. Winifred, Takoma son, Mrs. E. H. C. Knauft, Mrs. J. F.
Park, Washington 12, D. C. Knipschild, Jr., rs. Clarence Kohler,
McNeill, S. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Mrs. Daniel V. Kubrock, Mrs. I. A.
ington, D. C. Loeppke, Mrs. John Miklos, Mrs. B.
Peck, Sarah, Angwin, Calif. E. Olson, Mrs. David Rose, Mrs. M. F.
Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, Takoma Park, Seitz, Mrs. L. G. Storz, Mrs. E. H.
Washington, D. C. Wallace, Mrs. Donald West, Mrs.
Rebok, Mrs. D. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Grover C. Winslow, Mrs. P. K. Wiley.
ington, D. C.
Rogers, C. L., Takoma Park, Washing- Other Workers

ton, D. C. Mrs. Iva Brando, Thelma Collins,
Roth, Mrs. A. G., Takoma Park, Wash- Mrs. Bessie Detamore, Mary Jane
ington, D. C. Dybdahl, Dorothy Ferren, Mrs. Flor-
Schmidt, Anna, 41 Hazel Gardens, ence M. Foreman, Mrs. Winnifred
Edgeware, Middlesex, England. George, Mrs. Helen W. Johnson, Fran-
Taft, M. C., Takoma Park, Washington, ces Juanita Jones, Mrs. Helen Ki-
D. C. yabu, Signe Nelson, Mrs. Alta Nesbit,
Thompson, Mrs. G. B., Takoma Park, Mabel Porter, Mrs. R. M. Spencer,
Washington, D. C. Theodora Wirak, Mrs. F. H. Yost.
Territory: United States, Canada, Population: 143,685,645; churches,
Alaska, Bermuda Islands and Ha- 2,722; members, 205,691.
waiian Islands, all of which com-
prise the Atlantic, Canadian, Central,
Columbia, Lake, Northern, North Vice-President for North America: W.
Pacific, Pacific, Southern, and South-
western Union Conferences. G. Turner.


Organized 1901

Territory: The States of Connecticut, Severns, Alfred Walters. H. U. Wen-

Maine, New Hampshire, New York, dell, A. W. Werline.
Rhode Island, and Vermont, the Com- Honorary : F. D. Myers.
monwealth of Massachusetts, and the
Bermuda Islands, comprising the Credentialed Missionaries:
Conferences of Greater New York, A. M. Bond, P. S. Chen, R. L. Cone,
New York, Northeastern, Northern George Cornforth, R. M. Edmister,
New England, Southern New England Mrs. Mattie Edgerton, C. H. Gerald,
and the Bermuda Mission. L. T. Johnson, R. L. Linthwaite, Al-
Population: 21,947,246 ; churches, -204 ; bert Manley, R. G. Manuel, L. W.
members, 15,058. Melendy, E. E. Olsen, Guenther Paul-
Office Address: South Lancaster, Mass. ine, Frank Robinson, S. H. Strand,
(Telephone, Clinton 682.) Jr., L. T. Thurber, R. H. White.
Officers: Honorary: Eva Daggett, Sophia Gooss,
Elizabeth Kehrein, W. M. Vehorn,
President, M. L. Rice. Emma Wells.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, W.
C. Raley. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: M. L. Rice, Malcolm Angell, Mrs. Marie Angell,
D. A. Bailey, L: H. Bland, C. M. Leila Annesley, Mrs. Freda Atwood,
Bunker, Theodore Carcich, R. J. Chris- Gertrude Baldwin, Dorothy Bartlett,
tian, 0. T. Garner, R. L. Hubbs, G. E. Lucy Beale, Glenna Blakeney, Anita
Jones, J. F. Kent, J. F. Knipschild, Britton, Walter E. Brooks, Hazel
D. A. Ochs, C. E. Parrish, W. C. Broome, Mrs. Vera Bruneau, Frank
Raley, H. E. Rice. Burgess, Eusebia Byers.
Peter Churchward, Carl W. Clark,
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. Vivian Clark, Mrs. Louise
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Re- Cleaves, Clifton Cluff, George Coffin,
gional Secretary for Army Camps, James Coffin, Edward Corey, Hazel
R. L. Hubbs. Cummings, Mattie J. Darrell, Doris
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Davis, Harold Decker, J. E. Deinin-
R. J. Christian. ger, Mrs. J. E. Deininger, William
Medical, C. E. Parrish. Diehl, Mrs. Edna Douglas, Geneva
Publishing, J. F. Kent. Durham.
Religious Liberty and Radio, M. L. Elaine Edwards, Florence Foster,
Rice. Paul Furman, Mrs. Iva S. Furnival,
Transportation Agent, W. C. Raley. Stephen Gaskey, Mrs. Ruth Gerald,
Amos Giberson, James Girard, Mrs.
Ordained Ministers: James Girard, Mrs. Martha Gloor,
R. J. Christian, A. G. Emmer, L. H. Ruth Gloor, Inez Gram, Mrs. Avis
Hartin, R. L. Hubbs, G. E. Jones, J. Grant, Charlotte Greiner, Robert Grif-
F. Kent, H. X. Martin, W. C. Raley, fin, M. Helen Guthrie.
M. L. Rice, J. 0. Wilson. Thelma Hale, Mrs. Elinor Hallifax,
Honorary: D. H. Hanson, A. J. Hays- Irving Hamilton, Mrs. Muriel Hamil-
mer, H. F. Kirk, E. E. Osborne, W. ton, Naomi Hansen, Mabel Hart,
W. Rice, A. E. Sanderson, E. W. Elizabeth Hartwell, Addle Hawkins,
Thurber, D. G. Turk, W. R. Ucht- Mrs. C. A. Haysmer, D. G. Hilts, Iva-
mann. mae S. Hilts, Alice Hoist, Harold
Holyoke, Bessie S. Hoskins, Clayton
Licensed Ministers: Hoskins, Frank Howe, Wyn Howe,
G. T. Anderson, George L. Caviness, Myrtle Huntington, Mrs. Clara Hurd.
R. M. Craig, J. 0. Gibson, C. A. Hays- Pauline Jenkins, Alfred Johnson,
mer, George W. Muller, C. E. Parrish, Anna Johnson, Mildred Judkins,
R. L. Reynolds, H. E. Rice, L. G. Katherine Kennedy, Estelle Kiehnhoff,

Mrs. C. L. Kilgore, Florence Kinnear, . GREATER NEW YORK CON-

Helen B. Kennear, Amelia Kinner, FERENCE
Pauline Kinner, Sadie Kivi, Ellen
Klose, Louis Krampe, Emalene Kuy- Organized 1902
kendall. Territory: The city of New York; and
Gerald Ladeau, Elizabeth Laudensla- the following counties in the State of
ger, Evlyn Lindberg, Mrs. Elizabeth New York: Westchester, Rockland,
Lindquist, J. A. Lofgren, Mrs. Vera Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster,
Stewart Lutes, Myra Lynes, Kather- Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, Columbia,
ine MacAskill, Mrs. Lillian MacBeth, Nassau, and Suffolk.
Edna MacDougall.
Georgina B. Manley, Florence Man- Population: 8,851,583 ; churches, 27,
uel, Veda S. Marsh, Mrs. Gladys C. members, 2,659.
Martin, Ruth McElheny, Barbara P. Office: 108-11 69th Road, Forest Hills,
Meister, Grace Meister, Ruby Meister, New York. (Telephone, BOulevard
Mrs. Anna Melendy, Mrs. Cora Mitch- 8-8110.)
ell, Lillian Mooshian, Richard Myers, Officers:
Amos Nelson, Mrs. Agnes Newton,
Warren Newton. President, C. M. Bunker.
Beulah Oliver, Milton Packard, Secretary-Treasurer, J. E. Osterblom.
Henry Pearl, Mrs. Florence Pearl, Executive Committee: C. M. Bunker,
Alfred H. Pearson, Bessie Peck, R. W. Engstrom, W. A. Fagal, E.
Ethel Peck, Rowena Purdon, Marion Guenther, J. E. Osterblom, H. B. Tay-
Rennard, Mrs. Charlotta Rhicard, lor.
James Roberts, Mrs. James Roberts, Departmental Secretaries:
Allen Robinson, Mrs. Marcia Robin-
son, Charles Rogers, Harold V. Rug- Book and Bible House, H. R. Rolfe.
gles, Manchester Ryder. Educational, Sabbath School, and Y.
F. E. Sanderson, Jesse A. Schlemon, P. M. V., E. A. Robertson.
Maybelle Sharp, Mrs. Doris T. Simp- Home Missionary and Religious Lib-
son, Amanda Sloane, Fannie Smith, erty, C. M. Bunker.
Theodora Stearns, David Stone, Eve- Publishing, I. H. Ihrig.
lyn Stout, Mrs. S. H. Strand, Mrs. Ordained Ministers:
Lillie Sutherland, Rose Swanson, C. M. Bunker, R. W. Engstrom, W. A.
Esther L. Tassell, M. J. Thompson, Fagal, D. F. Haynes, A. E. Hoist,
Lucille Thorney, Mrs. Mildred Turpel. Branes Kanachky, S. A. Kaplan, D.
Mrs. Anna Vassar, W. W. Webster, A. Mozar, V. R. Pike, E. A. Robert-
Mrs. Irene Wendth, Kingdon W. son, H. R. Rolfe, D. F. Roth, H. B.
Whitney, L. J. Whitney, Sidney Wil- Taylor, F. W. Thorp, R. Valerio, J.
liams, Mrs. Sidney Williams, Nora A. Wasenmiller, D. P. Wood.
Wolfe, Mrs. Pauline Woodard, Rus-
sell Woodard, Mrs. Russell Woodard, Licensed Ministers:
Mary Woodell, Harry A. Woodward, J. Paul Grove, Jr., I. H. Ihrig, Reese
Mrs. Annie Yelland, Edna York, Jenkins, George Melashenko, F. D.
Anita Young. Myers, J. E. Osterblom, L. E. Smart,
Legal Association: "The Atlantic Un- 'W. A. Sowers.
ion Conference Association of Sev- Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries:
enth-day Adventists." Charlene Baker, Mabel Bartlett, Lillian
Broome, Ethel Cole, Esther Freed, G.
BERMUDA MISSION W. Harris, Lucile Raskin, Phyllis Kel-
Organized 1900 as The Seventh-day logg, Elaine Landgrebe, Bertha Mani-
Adventist Church of Bermuda rack, Mrs. Harriet McDade, Muriel
Outhouse, Miriam Sauer, Ruth Stefko,
Territory: Bermuda Islands. Margaret Van Buskirk, Mary Weiss.
Address: Box 370, Hamilton, Bermuda. Honorary: Ernst Nopper.
Population: 30,814 ; churches, 3 ; mem- Bible Instructors:
bers, 211.
Vesta Cash, Mrs. M. H. Hollingsworth,
Officers: Mrs. Henrietta Immergut, Louise
Superintendent, J. F. Knipschild. Johnson, Augusta Meyer, Mrs. F. D.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Edni L. Myers, Mrs. D. Mozar, Louise Norris.
Knipschild. Church School Teachers:
Departmental Secretaries: Ida Jane Gosse, Mrs. Marie Jochim-
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and sen, Helen Mead, Mary Anna Mead,
Y. P. M. V., J. F. Knipschild. Elizabeth Nelson, Mrs. Grace Oakley.
Ordained Ministers: J. F. Knipschild, Legal Association: "Greater New York
J. A. Poop. Corporation of Seventh-day Advent-
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. Edna L. ists ;" President, C. M. Bunker ; Sec-
Knipschild. retary-Treasurer, J. E. Osterblom.

NEW YORK CONFERENCE Alice Peterson, Dorothea Raymond,

Mrs. Flora Smith, Margaret Smith.
Organized 1922
Legal Assn.: "The New York Confer-
Territory: That portion of the State of ence Association of Seventh-day Ad-
New York north and west of the line ventists."
formed by the northern boundaries
of Delaware, Greene, and Columbia NORTHEASTERN CONFERENCE
Counties. (Colored)
Population: 4,056,338 ; churches, 53 : Organized January 1, 1945
members, 3,336.
Office: 25 Park St., Union Springs, Territory: The colored constituency of
N. Y. (Telephone, Union Springs the States of Connecticut, Maine, New
2361.) Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island
and Vermont, and the Commonwealth
Postal Address: Box 644, Union of Massachusetts.
Springs., N. Y.
Population: 672,730 ; churches, 15 ; mem-
Officers: bers, 2,192.
President, 0. T. Garner. (Telephone, Office Address: 269 Lenox Ave., New
Union Springs 2951.) York 27, N. Y.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. B. Frank
(Telephone, Union Springs 4351.) Officers:
Executive Committee: 0. T. Garner, President, L. H. Bland.
A. S. Anderson, G. A. Coon. J. B. Secretary-Treasurer, L. 0. Irons.
Frank, G. E. Personius, Adam Rudy, Executive Committee: L. H. Bland,
O. D. Wright. L. 0. Irons, T. M. Rowe, A. W.
Departmental Secretaries: Clarke, Thaddeus Wilson, S. B. Hud-
dleston, S. J. Hooper.
Book and Bible House, P. I. Nos-
worthy. Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., H. W. Book and Bible House, L. 0. Irons. .
Bass. Educational and Y. P. M. V., Phillip
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Giddings.
C. A. Nelson. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Publishing, L. L. Grand Pre'.
Radio and Religious Liberty, 0. T. Publishing, L. R. Preston ; Assistant,
Garner. Mary Morrison.
Ordained Ministers: Religious Liberty, L. H. Bland.
A. S. Anderson, J. F. Bohner, G. A. Ordained Ministers:
Coon, 0. T. Garner, B. M. Heald, Alex- L. H. Bland, A.W. Clarke, S.B. Hud-
ander Houghton, David Johnson, R. T. dleston, E. A. Lockett, N. S. McLeod,
Minesinger, C. A. Nelson, Adam Rudy, T. M. Rowe, Thaddeus Wilson.
Joseph Schnetzler, 0. D. Wright, A. G.
Youngberg. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: Phillip Giddings, L. R. Preston, J. J.
H. W. Bass, J. B. Frank, L. L. Grand
Pre', Gerald. Greene, D. E. Klam, G. H. Licensed Missionaries:
Nelson, P. I. Nosworthy, R. W. Pratt, L. 0. Irons, Mary Morrison, N. 0.
A. N. Shafer, Walton W. Smith, W. T. Phipps.
Will, J. W. Wood.
Bible Instructors:
Licensed Missionaries: Margaret Coleman, Zilda C. Forde,
Mabel Gallinger, Mrs. B. M. Heald, Helen I. Horton.
Helen Morris, Ethel Randall, Elizabeth
Saunders, Oscar Schmidt, Mrs. A. N. Church School Teachers:
Shafer, Maurice Wright, Mrs. Maurice Viola Brinson, Theresa Howard, Daisy
Wright. Knox, Elizabeth Montfort.
Bible Instructors:
Mrs. Anna Brandon, Mrs. Doris Batch- CONFERENCE
elder, Mrs. Alice Duly, Mrs. Ena Fer-
guson, Mabel Vreeland. Reorganized 1926, combining the Maine
Church School Teachers: Conference, which was organized in
1867, and the Northern New Eng-
Martha Anderson, Mrs. Dorcas Baker, land Conference, organized in 1909.
Ethel Boyd. Mrs. Fern Edmister, Mrs. Territory: States of Maine, New Hamp-
Breta V. Frank, Ruth Gove, Gerald
Greene, Eleanor Hansen, Doris Mun- shire, and Vermont.
son, Lawrence Myers, Mrs. Ruth Nos- Population: 1,696,879; churches, 61;
worthy, Dorothy Pendergast, Mrs. members, 2,182.

Office: 65 S. Main St., Rochester, N. H. Office Address: South Lancaster, Mass.

(Telephone 540.) (Telephone, Clinton 265.)
Officers: Officers:
President, D. A. Ochs. President, T. Carcich. (Telephone,
Secretary-Treasurer, F. R. Aldridge. Clinton 608.)
(Telephone 1132.) Secretary-Treasurer, L. E. Aldrich.
Executive Committee: D. A. Ochs, (Telephone, Clinton 516.)
F. R. Aldridge, V. A. Anderson, D. Executive Committee: L. E. Aldrich,
K. Bettie, J. B. Chrispens, M. E. Rey- T. Carcich, H. C. Cotton, J. A.
nolds. O'Brien, A.. W. Ortner, N. F. Pease,
Departmental Secretaries: C. M. Pike, L. A. Senseman, A. L.
Book and Bible House, F. R. Aldridge.
Educational, Home Missionary, and Departmental Secretaries:
Sabbath School, A. F. Ruf. Book and Bible House, 0. A. Braman.
Publishing, Nathan Russell. Educational and Y. P. M. V., G. P.
Religious Liberty and Y. P. M. V., Stone.
D. A. Ochs. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Ordained Ministers: C. E. Guenther.
V. A. Anderson, J. Branson Chris- Publishing, R. A. Van Arsdell-; As-
pens, C. B. Green, B. F. Hartman, sistants, L. D. Dryer, Mrs. Marie
W. L. Massengill, D. A. Ochs, C. A. Martyn.
Reeves, A. F. Ruf. Religious Liberty: Connecticut, C. M.
Pike: Massachusetts, T. Carcich ;
Licensed Ministers: Rhode Island, A. W. Ortner.
F. R. Aldridge, G. E. Appleyard, Rob- Ordained Ministers:
ert Kerr, Malcolm Fisher, Floyd Hil-
liard, Carrel E. Perry, Nathan Rus- W. M. Andress, T. Carcich, H. P.
sell. Gram, C. E. Guenther, P. G. Her-
wick, I. M. Martin, 0. J. Nerlund,
Licensed Missionaries: J. A. Nordstrom, S. B. Olney, A. W.
K. I. Foss, Mrs. K. I. Foss, Virgene Ortner, N. F. Pease, C. M. Pike, A.
Sauer. B. Pohlman, S. N. Rittenhouse, N. H.
Bible Instructors: Saunders, B. T. Senecal, C. L. Taylor,
Viola Carpenter, Lois Foster, Ruth H. R. Thurber, A. L. Westphal, C. L.
Head, Hazel Malick. Wickwire.
Church School Teachers: Licensed Ministers:
Verna Boynton, Euphemia Bryne, L. E. Aldrich, A. E. Brendel, J. Mel-
Christine Dyer, Mrs. Violet Hall, Mrs. vyn Clemons, W. D. dePartee, L. D.
Dorothy Hatt, Esther Lane, Madge Dryer, H. E. Fagal, H. E. Greene,
Myers, Mrs. Myrtle Weeks. R. J. Hammond, M. G. Johnson, S.
Lombard, Philip Parker, Wilbur
Legal Assn.: Maine Conference Asso- Quittmeyer, David Shaw, G. P. Stone,
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists; R. A. Van Arsdell.
President, D. A. Ochs; Treasurer,
F. R. Aldridge; Clerk, J. B. Chris- Credentialed Missionaries:
pens; D. K. Bettle, V. A. Anderson, 0. A. Braman, Mrs. Marie Martyn.
M. E. Reynolds, A. F. Ruf. Licensed Missionaries:
Northern New England Conference
of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc. ; J. R. Adams, Mrs. J. R. Adams, Bar-
President, D. A. Ochs ; Treasurer bara Butler, Laura M. Drown, May
and Clerk, F. R. Aldridge; V. A. An- E. Hurlbutt, Florence M. Kidder, Mrs.
derson, D. K. Bettie, J. B. Chrispens, Darren Michael, Roberta Moore, J. K.
M. E. Reynolds, A. F. Ruf. Pendleton, M. E. Powers, Mrs. Ru-
dolph Smith, Florence M. Strickland.
CONFERENCE Frances Bishop, Dorothy W. Conklin,
Olivia Cooke, Ruth A. Gruber, Eliza-
Reorganized 1926, combining the Mas- beth Kehrein, Gladys P. Lingill,
sachusetts Conference, organized in Marion A. Offer, Bernice S. Redmond.
1870, and the Southern New England
Conference, organized in 1903. Church School Teachers:
W. F. Barnes, Zuimira Borges, Emma
Territory: Commonwealth of Massachu- Brown, Helen Campbell, Earl Cowan,
setts, and States of Connecticut and Mrs. Earl Cowan, Margaret Drown,
Rhode Island. Josephine Folsom, Effie French, Annie
Population: 6,639,902 ; churches, 55; Bell Hall, Linnea Johnson, Helen
members, 4,478. Knutson, Harriet Liese, Mrs. Albert

Manley, Beulah Oliver, Mrs. Frank Brookside Academy, East Taunton,

Parkhurst, Mrs. M. E. Powers, Hazel Mass.
Ray, Mrs. James Roberts, Marguerite Greater New York Academy, Corner
Ross, Anna Sawyer, David Shaw. Washington Ave. and Gates Ave.,
Herbert A. Walls, Beatrice Ware, Brooklyn, N. Y,
Marjorie White.
Greater Boston Academy, 325 Har-
_Legal Assn.: "The Southern New Eng- vard St., Cambridge, Mass.
land Conference Association of Sev-
enth-day Adventists." South Lancaster Academy, South
Lancaster, Mass.
Educational: Sanitarium:
Atlantic Union College, South Lan- New England Sanitarium and Hos-
caster, Mass. pital, Melrose, Mass.


Organized 1932
Territory: The Dominion of Canada, Johnson, C. G. Maracle, H. L. Rudy,
the Dominion of Newfoundland C. W. Shankel, R. B. Thurber.
which includes Labrador, and all is- Honorary: J. J. Gillatt, Neil McGill.
lands surrounding the main island ;
also the French possessions of Mique- Licensed Ministers:
lon and St. Pierre, comprising the John Anderson, F. W. Bieber, T. S.
Conferences of Alberta, British Co- Bowett, T. J. Gibson, H. A. Shepard,
lumbia, Manitoba-Saskatchewan, Mar- Gus Streifling, H. W. Taylor.
itime, Ontario-Quebec, Mission Ad-
ventiste du St. Laurent, and the New- Credentialed Missionaries:
foundland Mission. Hazel Avery, Margaret Beach, J. W.
Population: 11,489,700; churches, 144; Blacker, C. H. Casey, Louise De-
members, 9,635. deker, Verda Deer, Charlotte Erd-
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 396, Osh- man, Hope Frisby, Roy Hampton,
awa, Ontario, Canada. (Telephone, Mrs. C. W. Marsden, Evelyn McLu-
han, Florence Moline, H. A. Munson,
3293W.) W. H. Roberts, Agnes Severson, B.
Officers: H. Stickle, Ruth Stickle, Stanley
President, H. L. Rudy. Stickle, N. C. Taylor, Wm. Tetz, N.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, H. J. Wagar, Mrs. C. C. Weis.
A. Shepard. Honorary: Mabel McDougall, R. E.
Executive Committee: H. L. Rudy, Robinson.
Stanley Bane, R. G. Campbell, W. A. Licensed Missionaries:
Clemenson, E. A. Crane, C. W. Deg-
ering, H. D. Henriksen, H. M. John- Edward Edstrom, A. K. Elvedahl,
son, Andre Lecoultre, J. M. A. Le- Martha Grovet, Mary Gulgan, Kath-
Marquand, C. G. Maraele, A. E. Mill- leen Jeffery, Ernest Larson, H. W.
ner, H. A. Munson, R. W. Numbers, Lofthouse, Philip Miller, Pauline Na-
W. H. Roberts, C. W. Shankel, H. A. gle, Elbert Neilson, Irene Rick, E. C.
Shepard, R. B. Thurber, C. C. Wais, Scott, Mrs. Gus Streifling, Jessie Tka-
S. G. White. chuk, Mrs. A. Vickers.
Departmental Secretaries: Legal Associations: "Eastern Canadian
Union Conference Corporation of
Educational and Y. P. M. V., E. A. Seventh-day Adventists," and "The
Crane. Western Canadian Union Corporation
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, of Seventh-day Adventists."
H. D. Henriksen.
Medical, W. H. Roberts.,
Press Bureau, R. B. Thurber. ALBERTA CONFERENCE
Public Relations, H.. L. Rudy ; Asso-
ciate, C. G. Maracle. Organized 1906
Publishing, R. G. Campbell. Territory: The Province of Alberta, a
Transportation Agent, H. L. Rudy. portion of British Columbia known as
Ordained Ministers: the Peace River Block.
G. S. Balharrie, R. G. Campbell, E. Population: 783,000 ; churches, 29 ;
A. Crane, H. D. Henriksen, H. M. members, 2,505.

Office: 9848-106th St., Edmonton, Al- Educational, Home Missionary, and

berta, Canada. Y. P. M. V., George 0. Adams.
Officers: Publishing, Gaylord F. Wimer.
Sabbath School, W. A. Clemenson.
President, C. W. Degering. Religious Liberty, W. A. Clemenson.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. C. McFeters.
Executive Committee: C. W. Deger- Ordained Ministers:
ing, R. Carlill, R. A. Hubley, W. V. George 0. Adams, F. T. Balmer,
Mabley, D. C. McFeters, L. 0. Toft- W. A. Clemenson, George Freeman,
ner, C. C. Voth. Leland Hesseltine, W. J. Hurdon,
Departmental Secretaries: George Soloniuk, R. D. Steinke, J. J.
Book and Bible House, D. C. McFeters,
Educational, Mrs. C. W. Degering. Licensed Ministers:
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., H. J. Perkins, N. R. Johnson, A. G.
Hugh J. Campbell. Streifling.
Publishing, R. Carlill. Credentialed Missionary: Gaylord F.
Religious Liberty, C. W. Degering. Wimer.
Sabbath School, C. W. Degering.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Ministers:
Rose Bodrug, Alice Campbell, Mary
Hugh J. Campbell, C. W. Degering, Neufeld.
R. A. Hubley, M. L. Long, Donald
Mackintosh, P. A. Rick, R. C. Shar- Bible Instructors:
man, W. B. Streifling, L. W. Taylor, Lenna McCarty, Rose Reiswig, D. E.
C. C. Voth, P. G. Yakovenko. Tinkler, Mrs. D. E. Tinkler.
Licensed Ministers: Church School Teachers:
R. Carlill, Fred E. Johnson, V. R. Mrs. L. Astleford, Mrs. M. Betts,
Lebedoff. Melvin Erickson, Harriett M. Gustav-
Credentialed Missionary: D. C. McFe- son, Evelyn Hill, Sibyl Hosking, Clara
ters. L. Lehman, Mrs. Jesse Locke, John
Licensed Missionaries: McCartney, Mary McCartney, Violet
L. Ross, Mrs. J. D. Stickle, Edythe
Mrs. C. W. Degering, Violet Luchak, Vetcher, Mrs. B. E. Warner.
Lillian Reichenbach, Martha West-
phal. Legal Assn.: "British Columbia Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Bible Instructor: Leonie Herman. President, W. A. Clemenson-; Secre-
Church School Teachers: tary-Treasurer, H. J. Perkins.
Eva Melnechuk, Catherine Sankey,
Legal Assn.: "Alberta Conference Asso- CONFERENCE
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists"
Trustees: C. W. Degering, R. Carlill, Organized 1932
R. A. Hubley, W. V. Mabley, D. C. Territory: The Provinces of Saskatche-
McFeters, L. 0. Toftner, C. C. Voth. wan and Manitoba and that portion
of Ontario lying west of the 89th
BRITISH COLUMBIA CONFERENCE Population: 1,765,423 ; churches, 38;
Organized 1902 members, 2,139.
Territory: British Columbia, Canada. Office: 401 MacMillan Building, Saska-
toon, Saskatchewan, Canada. (Tele-
Population: 761,000; churches, 24; phone, 2561.)
members, 1,927.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Vancouver,
B. C. President, S. G. White.
Secretary-Treasurer, U. Wissner.
Office: 234 W. 13th Ave., Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada. Executive Committee: S. G. White,
Officers: T. T. Babienco, L. It. Reiswig, L. M.
Seltzer, George Serada, L. Smith, U.
President, W. A. Clemenson. Wissner.
Secretary-Treasurer, H. J. Perkins.
Executive Committee: W. A. Clemen- Departmental Secretaries:
son, George Freeman, H. D. Henrick- Book and Bible House, U. Wissner.
sen, J. M. A. LeMarquand, H. J. Per- Educational, Home Missionary, Sab-
kins, George Reiswig, J. J. Williams. bath School, and Y. P. M. V.,
L. R. Reiswig.
Departmental Secretaries: Publishing, F. W. Connors.
Book and Bible House, H. J. Perkins. Religious Liberty, S. G. White.

Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

L. Astleford, T. T. Babienco, C. M. Vivian E. Horne, Verlie W. Miller.
Monks, D. D. Neufeld, D. F. Neufeld,
J. D. Neufeld, L. R. Reiswig, L. M. Bible Instructor: Emma Lehmann.
Seltzer, S. G. White.
Licensed Ministers:
Nicholas Ilchuk, C. G. Samograd, U.
Wissner. Organized 1895
Credentialed Missionary: F. W. Con- Territory: The Dominion of Newfound-
nors. land which includes Labrador, and all
Licensed Missionaries: islands surrounding the main island ;
also the French possessions of Mique-
Edith I. Johnstone, Mary Widen, lon and St. Pierre.
Evelyn Ross.
Population: 294,700 ; churches, 5; mem-
Bible Instructors: bers, 260.
Pearl Hodgson, Sigridur Johnson, Office Address: 106 Freshwater Road,
Mary Lebedoff, Emily McKendry. St. John's, Newfoundland. (Phone
Church School Teachers: 3160.)
Ted Weis, Ruth Hodgson. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 574, St.
Legal Associations: "Saskatchewan Con- John's, Newfoundland.
ference Assn. of Seventh-day Advent- Officers:
ists," 401 MacMillan Bldg., Saska- Superintendent, C. C. Weis.
toon, Saskatchewan.; President, S. G. Secretary-Treasurer, J. W. Bothe.
White; Secretary-Treasurer, U. Wiss- Mission Committee: C. C. Weis, J. W.
ner, "The Manitoba Conference of Bothe, Mac Morgan, J. Rice, J.
Seventh-day Adventists," 355 Young Simms.
St., Winnipeg, Manitoba; President,
S. G. White; Secretary-Treasurer, Departmental Secretaries:
U. Wisener. Educational, Home Missionary, Reli-
gious Liberty, Sabbath School, Pub-
lishing, and Y. P. M. V., C. C.
Organized 1902 Educational: School Board which has
Territory: The Provinces of New charge of all educational work
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince throughout our territory is appointed
Edward Island, with the Gaspe Penin- by the Governor in Council, and the
sula. personnel is as follows: C. C. Weis,
Population: 904,062 ; churches, 12 ; J. W. Bothe, R. Butler, J. T. Adams,
members, 747. W. R. Duffett, Mac Morgan, C.
Trenchard, J. Simms, S. Webber.
Office: Rooms 15-16, Subway Block,
Moncton, N. B. (Telephone 8622.) Ordained Minister: C. C. Weis.
Postal Address: Box 126, Moncton, Licensed Minister: J. W. Bothe.
New Brunswick, Canada. Church School Teachers:
Officers: Hazel Avery, Myrtle Boone, Alma
President, R. W. Numbers. Butler, Ivy Mills, Mrs. C. C. Weis,
Secretary-Treasurer, L. H. Davies. Jessie Woodland.
Executive Committee: R. W. Num-
bers, A. Blair, F. Coolen, L. H.
Departmental Secretaries: Organized 1932
Book and Bible House and Sabbath (Ontario 1899Quebec 1880)
School, L. H. Davies.
Educational, Home Missionary, and Territory: The Province of Ontario
Y. P. M. V., R. W. Numbers. lying east of the 89th meridian, and
Publishing, the Province of Quebec, with the ex-
Religious Liberty, Ainsley Blair. ception of the Gaspe Peninsula, ex-
cluding the French speaking popula-
Ordained Ministers: tion.
Ainsley Blair, L. H. Davies, R. W.
Numbers. Population: 3,981,515; churches, 34 ;
Licensed Ministers: members, 2,037.
Richard Alden, H. W. Bedwell, G. M. Postal Address: Box 337, Oshawa,
MacLean, Glendon Whitely. Ontario, Canada. (Phone 223-W,)

Officers: and "Quebec Association of Seventh-

day Adventists."
President, A. E. Millner.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. C. Neithercut.
Executive Committee: A. E. Millner, ST. LAURENT MISSION
H. R. Brennan, 0. B. Gerhart, F. W. (Mission Adventiste du St. Laurent)
Hooking, J. C. Neithercut, W. J. Organized 1944
Territory: French populations in On-
Departmental Secretriries: tario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and
Book and Bible House and Sabbath Nova Scotia.
School, J. C. Neithercut. Population: 3,000,000; churches, 2;
Educational, Home Missionary, and members, 20.
Y. P. M. V., A. W. Kaytor.
Publishing, C. A. Edwards. Postal Address: 3506 Laval Ave., Mon-
Religious Liberty, A. E. Millner. treal 18, Quebec, Canada.
Ordained Ministers:
Superintendent, Andre Lecoultre.
H. R. Brennan, C. A. Edwards, W. R. Secretary-Treasurer, H. A. Shepard.
Foulston, 0. B. Gerhart, Clarence Mission Committee: H. L. Rudy, R.
Long, A. E. Millner, Philip Moores, Gaulin, Andre Lecoultre, A. L. Ro-
M. H. Philbrick, W. C. Rick, C. 0. chat, H. A. Shepard.
Smith, A. W. Wennerberg.
Ordained Minister: Andre Lecoultre.
Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Minister: A. L. Rochat.
G. T. Hewlett, A. W. Kaytor, J. C.
Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries: UNION CONFERENCE
Ruth Brock, Mable, Davies, Moira Educational:
Lawson, E. Victoria Shannon. Canadian Junior College, College
Heights, Alberta.
Bible Instructors:
Oshawa Missionary College, Box 308,
Edna Ackerman, Esther Parrish. Oshawa. Ontario.
Church School Teachers: Medical:
Madelyne Bresett, Violet Curtis, Mrs. Rest Haven Hospital and Sanitarium,
R. Foster, Esther Neufeld, Lulu Van- Sidney, British Columbia.
Buskirk. Publishing:
Legal Associations: "The Ontario Con- Canadian Watchman Press, Box 398,
ference of Seventh-day Adventists," Oshawa, Ontario.


Organized 1902
Territory: The States of Colorado, Cross, E. E. Cossentine, G. F. Eich-
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and man, G. R. Fattic, S. J. Lashier, W.
Wyoming, and San Juan County in B. Mohr, F. A. Mote, P. W. Ochs,
New Mexico, comprising the Confer- E. H. Oswald, D. E. Reiner, J. H.
ences of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Roth, J. C. Shull, D. E. Vendon, A. E.
and Nebraska, and the Wyoming Mis- Webb, G. A. Williams.
Population: 8,292,679; churches, 259; Departmental Secretaries:
members, 16,163. Educational, G. R. Fattic.
Telegraphic Address: Telephone 4-2182, Medical, R. F. Waddell.
Lincoln, Nebr. Publishing, C. G. Cross ; Assistant,
Office Address: 4647 Calvert St., Lin- Esther Lindsio.
coln 6, Nebr. Religious Liberty, N. C. Wilson.
Officers: Sabbath School, Home Missionary,
President, N. C. Wilson. and Radio, D. E. Reiner.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, W. Y. P. M. V. and Regional Secretary
B. Mohr. for Army Camps, G. R. Fattic ; As-
Executive Committee: N. C. Wilson, sociate, R. L. Benton.
L. F. Bohner, R. E. Bowles, C. G. Colored, A. E. Webb.

Ordained Ministers: Smith, Vernon L Smith, Esther Son-

R. L. Benton, I. F. Blue, F. E. nenberg.
Bresee, E. M. Cadwallader, E. E. Carl Specht, Mrs. Carl Specht,
Cossentine, C. G. Cross, G. R. Fattic, Frank Stevens, Frances Stoddard, J.
H. C. Hartman, F. R. Isaac, S. J. E. Stout, G. H. Straight, Mrs. Ann
Lashier, D. D. Rees, D. E. Reiner, Swanson, W.- F. Tarr, Mrs. C. A.
J. W. Rowland, A. E. Webb, N. C. Thompson, A. L. Tomlinson, Elsie
Wilson. Mae Warden, Irma Watt, Charles L.
Wendell, Harriett Whiting, R. W.
Honorary: J. N. Anderson, C. G. Woods, Hilda Yardley, Ival Yardley,
Bellah, A. S. Bringle, J. G. Hanhardt, Mrs. Ruth Yardley, Arthur Zehm.
.1. D. Johnson, A. W. Kuehl, E. R. Honorary: Evelyn Davis, Mary L.
Lauda, R. W. Leach, Chas. Lightner, Doan, Asa Smith, Esther Smith.
A. C. Long, C. W. Miller, D. P. Mil-
ler, W. F. H. Schroeder, W. K. Smith, Legal Association: "Central Union
J. H. Wheeler. Conference Association of the Sev-
enth-day Adventists."
Licensed Ministers:
W. H. Heaven, L. F. Bohner, R. E.
Bowles, A. R. Boynton, H. G. Burden, COLORADO CONFERENCE
E. N. Dick, M. G. Durichek, R. W.
Fowler, P. C. Jaynes, A. L. Moon, Organized 1908
Harold Roll, J. C. Shull, R. F. Wad- Territory: State of Colorado and San
Juan County in New Mexico.
Honorary: H. A. Green, F. A. Page.
Population: 1,140,411; churches, 63;
Credentialed Missionaries: members, 4,837.
E. G. Hoxie, W. B. Mohr, G. A. Nel- Office: 1081 Marion St., Denver 3, Colo.
son, Fred Weber. (Telephone, Tabor 2231-2232.)
Licensed Missionaries: Postal Address: Box 1109, Denver 3,
E. C. Aaby, W. C. Atchison, Lester
Blower, Margaret Blue, Mrs. Ann Officers:
Bowers, John Brackett, Mrs. J. H. President, G. F. Eichman.
Clemens, Mrs. E. E. Cossentine, Eliz- Secretary-Treasurer, B. L. Schlott-
abeth, Cowdrick, Lessie Lee Culpep-
per, Margaret Davis, J. T. DeViee, hauer.
Mrs. Ann Dunn, Vernon S. Dunn, Executive Committee: G. F. Eich-
Harold Eichman, C. C. Engel, Mrs. man, J. L. Ballard, V. W. Becker,
Opal Farnsworth. Raymond Cales, M. H. Schuster, E. A.
Muriel Fleming, A. L. Foster, Mrs. von Pohle, Don R. Rees, B. L. Schlot-
Della Foster, Irvan Friesen, Everett thauer, J. C. Shull.
Gaines, Mrs. Mary Gibson, Mrs. Eu- Departmental Secretaries:
lalia Grayson, Pearl Hall, Genevieve Book and Bible House, C. J. Sumner.
Hansen, J. Elton Hansen, Mrs. Velma
Hansen, Ernest Harper, Mrs. H. C. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Tem-
Hartman, Ada Hause, E. M. Hause, perance, G. D. Hagstotz.
A. D. Holmes, Martha H. Huffines, Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Helen Hyatt, Mrs. F. R. Isaac, A. I. and Radio, Don R. Rees.
Ivanoff. Medical, A. L. Moon.
Publishing, Eric Ristau.
Mrs. P. C. Jaynes, Alfred John- Religious Liberty, G. F. Eichman.
son, Beth Johnson, Mrs. Verna John-
son, Mrs. Winifred Johnson, G. C. Ordained Ministers:
Jorgensen, H. L. Keene, Mrs. Olivia V. W. Becker, Raymond Cales, J. B.
Klee, Mrs. Elsie King, Floyd Kleiman, Carter, G. F. Eichman, G. D. Hag-
Earl F. Koke, Mrs. Elizabeth Koke, stotz, C. R. Harrison, L. G. Jorgen-
Violet Larsen, Cecil Leach, Esther sen, C. H. Miller, W. S. North, J. L.
Lindsio, Mabel Livingood, Angie I. Pettis, Don R. Rees, Tomas Reque-
Mahurin, F. L. Marsh, Adaline Miner, nez, M. H. Schuster, J. A. Smith, Carl
L. L. Nelson. Swenson, E. A. von Pohle, F. G.
Mrs. Mary Nitz, E. B. Ogden, Mrs. Young.
Carl C. Parke, Ida Patzer, Maurine
Peterson, Pearl L. Rees, H. G. Rein- Licensed Ministers:
muth, F. S. Robinson, Mrs. E. W. H. L. Hampton, W. S. Jesske, W. 0.
Salisbury, Eda Schultz, Vesta Scott, Lenz, Ted A. Mohr, Eric Ristau, Ben
Mrs. M. W. Shidler, Mrs. J. C. Shull, Savage, B. L. Schlotthauer, George
C. A. Skinner, Mrs. C. A. Skinner, Sherbondy, C. J. Sumner, C. L. Tur-
E. H Smith, Edythe Smith, Floda ner.

Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Ministers:

Anna Draper, Florence Eichman, Ramon Cronk, L. J. Ehrhardt, Oscar
Mrs. M. Fitch, Hilda Hagstotz, Na- L. Heinrich, Gayland K. Lashier, P.
dine Harris, Einar Haugen, Ruth W. Ochs, William Penick, J. V.
Lamb, Mrs. C. H. Miller, Mrs. W. W. Schull, Clarence H. Wallace, C. B.
Wheeler. Watts.
Credentialed Missionary: Earl J. Gregg.
Church School Teachers:
Licensed Missionaries:
Verona Chambers, Oliver Coombs,
Mrs. Oliver Coombs, Delbert Curry, Grace Ashton, Ansel Carrick, Jane
Mrs. Delbert Curry, Dolores Dodd. Douglass, Mrs. Norman L. Krogstad,
Grace Duffield, Donalee Gladden, Mrs. R. R. Newman, Mrs. Sylvia
Marjorie Hill, Perry G. Hills, Mrs. Nielsen Yeatts, Mrs. P. W. Ochs, Mrs.
Prances Jones, Mrs. Gerite Jones, J. H. Roth, Jean Schwab, B. R.
Maxine Lawson, Lola Malone. Spears.
Theodore McIntyre, Mrs. Emerald Bible Instructors:
Northrup, Natalie Olson, Mrs. Ray
Oster, Mrs. Leah Robinson, Mary E. Genevieve Dickenson, Nita Robbins,
Ross, Esther Schneider, Ross Smith, Bernice Park.
Wildeana Smith, Mrs. C. J. Sumner, Church School Teachers:
Helen Swensen, Delphine Watson, C. D. Adams, Mrs. C. D. Adams,
Irene Whitcomb, Betty Lou Williams, Mrs. F. A. Bivins, Mrs. L. P. Fergu-
Mrs. Leonard Wood. son, Mrs. Grace Halsey, Mrs. Edward
Legal Association: "The Seventh-day Jensen, Thelma McBroom, Geneva
Adventist Association of Colorado ;" McPherson, Jessie Pride, Viola Reeve,
President, G. F. Eichman; Secretary- Mary Wakefield.
Treasurer, B. L. Schlotthauer. Legal Assn.: "The Kansas Seventh-day
Adventist Conference Association."
Organized 1875 ; reorganized 1914 MISSOURI CONFERENCE
Territory: The State of Kansas. Organized 1876; reorganized 1914
Territory: The State of Missouri.
Population: 1,801,028 ; churches, 67 ;
members, 3,241. Population: 3,784,664 ; churches, 56 ;
members, 3,742.
Office Address: 1109 Topeka Blvd., To- Office: 2928 Campbell St., Kansas City
peka, Kans. (Phone, 2,4141.) 3, Mo. (Telephone, Logan 6077.)
Postal Address: Box 267, Topeka, Kans. Officers:
Officers: President, F. A. Mote.
President, J. H. Roth. Secretary-Treasurer, P. L. Williams.
Secretary-Treasurer, P. W. Ochs. Executive Committee: F. A. Mote,
Executive Committee: J. H. Roth, C. M. Babcock, D. C. Butherus, S. H.
J. M. Ackerman, E. F. Coy, W. B. McLennan, Leon Robbins, H. H.
Johnson, S. S. Mohr, R. R. Newman, Sheddy, H. G. Turner, P. L. Williams.
P. W. Ochs, S. A. Reile, B. R. Departmental Secretaries:
Spears. Book and Bible House, H. W. Chris-
Departmental Secretaries: tian.
Book and Bible House, Earl J. Gregg. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Temper-
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun- ance, D. C. Butherus.
sellor on War Service Problems, Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
J. M. Ackerman. Radio, J. H. McEachern.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Publishing, P. M. Lewis ; Assistant,
Radio, and Temperance, B. A. Kenneth Wenberg.
Scherr. Religious Liberty, F. A. Mote.
Publishing, C. B. Watts. Ordained Ministers:
Religious Liberty, J. H. Roth. C. M. Babcock, D. C. Butherus, A. V.
Ordained Ministers: Dick, John Hickman, C. F. Kearbey,
J. M. Ackerman, E. F. Coy, W. B. P. M. Lewis, J. H. McEachern, S. H.
Johnson, J. R. McWilliam, R. M. McLennan, C. A. Mock, F. A. Mote,
Mote, R. R. Newman, E. R. Osmun- L. J. Pryor, W. R. Riston, Leon Rob-
son, S. A. Reile, Louis B. Reynolds, bins, James Ward, P. L. Williams.
- J. H. Roth, F. W. Ruddle, B. A. Licensed Ministers:
Scherr. 0. H. Bentzinger, H. W. Christian,
Honorary: G. P. Gaede. Earl M. Cleek, A. E. Gibb, Roy L.

Howard, Haakon James, Wayne Mar- Licensed Ministers:

tin, J. R. McMullen, Robert Nord- L. R. Alexander, R. C. Barger, Wayne
ling, James Stevens, Robert Wood- Baysinger, J. E. Chase, Lester.
fork. Cooper, R. R. Henneberg, Herbert
Licensed Missionaries: Kunsman, Ray Osborne, Ed. Wines.
Elizabeth Anderson, Belva Boggs, Ar- Licensed Missionary: V. E. Bascom.
leen Egger, Mrs. Ethel Jones, Mrs. Bible Instructor: Phyllis Ray.
Louise Rudisaile, Mildred Winter. Church School Teachers:
Bible Instructors: Leora Brown, Mrs. E. Burley, Doro-
Evelyn Davis, Mrs. Margaret Riley, thy Clark, Iris Donaly, Charles Ha-
Ida Robinson. genberg, Helen Hyatt, Cora Lee, Shir-
ley Mason, Mrs. P. W. McDaniels,
Church School Teachers: Rhoda Pedersen, Maurine Peterson,
Mrs. B. A. Brown, Mrs. Laurabelle M. D. Plumb, Frances Stoddard, Mrs.
Cook, Mrs. Minnie Davis, Mrs. Gail Ed. Wines.
Dennis, Robert Groome, Roy L. How- Legal Assn.: "Nebraska Conference As-
ard, Inez Jackson, Mrs. Janice Lar- sociation of the Seventh-day Advent-
son, J. R. McMullen, Anna Nord- ists."
Quist, Betty Pauly, Mrs.' Loneta
Pauly, Mrs. Gladys Rabuka, Pearl WYOMING MISSION
Pride, Dorothy Shaul], Mrs. Ardell Organized 1925
Stephens, Gertrude Seward, Mrs. D.
D. Turner, Mrs. Allen Vandeman, Territory: State of Wyoming.
Mrs. James Ward. Janice Wilson. Population: 250,742; churches, 17;
Legal Assn.: "Missouri Conference As- members, 883.
sociation of Seventh-day Adventists ;" Office: 425 W. 12th St., Casper, Wyo.
F. A. Mote, President; P. L. Wil- (Telephone,. 1053.)
liams, Secretary-Treasurer. Officers:
Superintendent, E. H. Oswald.
NEBRASKA CONFERENCE Secretary Treasurer, H. D. Johnson.
Executive Committee: E. H. Oswald,
Organized 1878 J. A. Estey, H. D. Johnson, T. M.
Territory: The State of Nebraska.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 1,315,834; churches, 66; Book and Bible House, H. D. John-
members, 3,460. son.
Office Address: 4745 Prescott Ave., Lin- Educational, E. H. Oswald.
coln 6, Nebr. Home Missionary and Publishing, B.
Y. Baughman.
Postal Address: Box 26, College View Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs.
Station, Lincoln 6, Nebr. E. H. Oswald.
Officers: Ordained Ministers:
President, D. E. Venden. L. A. Baughman, J. A. Estey, J. E.
Secretary-Treasurer, L. R. Alexander. Frick, E. H. Oswald.
Executive Committee: D. E. Venden, Licensed Ministers:
L. R. Alexander, I. F. Blue, B. G. B. Y. Baughman, G. A. Haas, H. D.
Butherus, A. A. Dirksen, Henry John- Johnson, F. C. Neisner, R. E. Wil-
son, G. A. Williams. liams.
Departmental Secretaries: ' Honorary: L. G. Beans.
Book and Bible House, R. M. Milne. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. E. H. Os-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., T. S. wald.
Copeland. Bible Instructor: Laura Jensen.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Church School Teachers:
Elmer E. Hagen. Vera Beall, Mrs. L. G. Beans, Lorelei
Publishing, L. E. Loomer. Pierce, Nellie Wetzel.
Religious Liberty, G. A. Williams.
J. A. Buckwalter, B. G. Butherus, UNION CONFERENCE
T. S. Copeland, A. A. Dirksen, A. E.
Hagen, Elmer E. Hagen, A. A. Leiske, Educational:
L. E. Loomer, P. W. McDaniels, R. Campion Academy, Loveland, bolo.
M. Milne, H. R. Turner, D. E. Ven- Enterprise Academy, Enterprise,
den, M. A. Wyman. Kans.

Shelton Academy, Shelton, Nebr. Pacific Press Pub. Assn. Branch, 2508
Union College, College View Station, Farnam St., Omaha 2, Nebr.
Lincoln 6, Nebr. Sanitariums:
Union College Academy, College View
Station, Lincoln 6, Nebr. Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium, Boul-
Publishing: der, Colo.
Christian Record Benevolent Assn., Porter Sanitarium and Hospital, 2525
3705 S. 48th St., Lincoln 6, Nebr. S. Downing St., Denver 10, Colo.


Organized 1907

Territory: The States of Delaware, J. P. Gaede, H. G. Gauker, Peter

Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Penn- Hafenmayr, J. G. Hanna, George W.
sylvania, Virginia, and West Vir- Holman, G. W. Lawrence, J. B. Mal-
ginia, and the District of Columbia, lory, B. E. Manuel, J. W. MacNeil,
comprising the Conferences of Alle- B. E. Miller, C. E. Overstreet, U. D.
gheny, Chesapeake, East Pennsyl- Pickard, A. B. Russell, J. H. Schill-
vania, New Jersey, Ohio, Potomac, ing, W. H. Sebastian, W. J. Shafer,
West Pennsylvania, and West Vir- M. J. Shanko, J. E. Shultz, J. W.
ginia. Shultz, R. M. Spencer, William Steele,
J. S. Washburn, C. C. Webster, G. L.
Population: 28,298,544 ; churches, 349; West, C. L. White, J. H. Wierts, B.
members, 25,073. A. Wolcott.
Office: 900 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park Licensed Ministers:
12, D. C. (Telephone, Sligo 3162.)
Warren F. Adams, Ernest U. Ayala,
Officers: D. A. Bailey, Henry S. Brown, S.
President, F. H. Robbins. L. Clark, P. T. Gibbs, L. W. Gra-
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, C. H. ham, C. H. Kelly, Harold Lawhead,
Kelly. J. P. Neff, C. E. Palmer, C. C. Pul-
ver, C. N. Rees, F. 0. Rittenhouse,
Executive Committee: F. H. Robbins, J. D. Snider, Paul V. Starr, M. R.
R. L. Boothby, S. L. Clark, J. C. Thurber, S. W. Tymeson, Mary
Holland. R. A. Hare, C. H. Kelly, Walsh.
J. P. Neff, J. D. Snider, C. P. Soren-
sen, B. G. Wilkinson, and the presi- Honorary: C. E. Reichenbaugh, F. W.
dents of conferences in the Union. Schmehl, 0. C. Weller.
Departmental Secretaries: Credentialed Missionaries:
Educational, J. P. Neff. Mrs. L. Holbert, W. J. McComb,
Publishing, S. L. Clark ; Magazine Emma Hughes, J. H. Nies, Lora E.
Sales Director, Mrs. L. Holbert. Clement.
Radio and Temperance, J. C. Holland.
Religious Liberty, F. H. Robbins ; As- Licensed Missionaries:
sociate, W. H. Hackett.
Sabbath School and Home Mission-. D. M. Brown, Myrta Corner, Eliza-
ary, J. C. Holland. beth Fickes, Mrs. Waive Green, Mrs.
Y. P. M. V., C. P. Sorensen. Leah M. Griffee, P. deF. Henderson,
Regional Secretary for Army Camps, Metta Hudson, C. T. Jones, Mrs. C.
C. P. Sorensen and J. D. Haynes. C. Lewis, Mrs. A. Berenice Loasby,
Edna Matz, Mrs. Mabel Meinhardt,
Ordained Ministers: R. K. Nelson, Grace Parker, Freeman
R. L. Boothby, R. A. Hare, J. C. Holz Quimby, Elisabeth Redelstein, Mrs. A.
land, J. M. Jackson, Frederick Lee, J. Robbins, Roxette L. Runk, Mrs.
J. D. Haynes, F. D. Nichol, A. J. W. A. Scharffenberg, Helen Shull,
Robbins, F. H. Robbins, A. H. Rul- L. G. Small, C. B. Smith, Mrs. Ava
koetter, J. H. Shultz, C. P. Sorensen. C. Wall, T. G. Weis, W. L. Whitson,
W. H. Wood.
Honorary: T. E. Bowen, E. W. Carey,
F. IA Chaney, R. B. Clapp, A. N. Dur- Legal Association: "Columbia Union
rant, C. C. Ellis, C. T. Everson, T. M. Conference Association of Seventh-
French, R. S. Fries, Carl F. Hansen, day Adventists."

ALLEGHENY CONFERENCE Smith, L. Naomi Shelton, Marian

Stafford, Violet Wiles, Ethel Wil-
(Colored) liams, Mrs. Florence Williamson,
Organized January 1, 1945 Ruth Wrenn.
Territory: The colored constituency of
The States of Delaware, Maryland,
New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and CHESAPEAKE CONFERENCE
West Virginia, and the District of Organized 1899
Population: 2,340,882; churches, 41; Territory: The States of Delaware and
members, 3,859. Maryland, except the Counties of Al-
legheny, Garrett, and Montgomery, in
Office Address: Box 6648, Washington Maryland; and including the Counties
9, D. C. of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan,
in West Virginia, and Accomac and
Officers: Northampton, in Virginia.
President, J. H. Wagner.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. L. Moran. Populaton: 1,601,760; churches, 30;
members, 1,811.
Executive Committee: J. H. Wagner,
M. S. Banfield, F. L. Bland, E. S. Office: 24 Fusting Ave., Baltimore 28,
Dillett, J. L. Moran, C. A. Morgan, Md. (Telephone, Gilmor 3840.)
Addison Tinckney, U. S. Willis.
Departmental Secretaries: President, C. V. Leach.
Book and Bible House, J. L. Moran. Secretary-Treasurer, N. C. Van Horn.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Monroe Executive Committee: C. V. Leach,
A. Burgess. S. A. Kotz, C. B. Newmyer ; C.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Quackenbush, W. E. Strother, N. C.
W. R. Robinson. Van Horn.
Publishing, H. D. Warner.
Religious Liberty, J. H. Wagner. Departmental Secretaries:
Temperance and Radio, W. R. Robin- Book and Bible House, H. W. Bricker.
son. Educational and Y. P. M. V.. H. E.
Ordained Ministers: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
M. S. Banfield, F. L. Bland, R. L. H. E. Voorhees.
Bradford, Monroe A. Burgess, W. L. Publishing, J. E. Curry.
Cheatham, E. S. Dillett, T. M. Foun- Religious Liberty, C. V. Leach.
tain, J. H. Laurence, J. L. Moran, F.
C. Phipps, W. R. Robinson, W. A. Ordained Ministers:
Thompson, J. H. Wagner, U. S. Wil- Albert B. Butler, E. L. Hanson, C. V.
lis, I. A. Christian. Leach, C. B. Newmyer, William F.
Schmidt, H. E. Voorhees.
Licensed Ministers:
Alan A. Anderson, Louis Brantley, J. Licensed Ministers:
R. Britt, Columbus McChristian, D. J. R. C. Brown, H. W. Bricker, James
Dixon, J. H. Lester, R. Ruffin, H. D. Curry, David G. Fleagle, Daniel S.
Warner, E. I. Watson, Paul Winley. Harris, H. E. Metcalfe, Harold Met-
calf, Paul Pflaumer, Curtis Quacken-
Credentialed Missionary: Mrs. Juanita bush, Oliver L. Stimpson, Horace
Jones. Walsh.
Bible Instructors: Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries:
Louise Cherry, Julia Cooper, Elvira L. F. Cunningham, H. Ray Doyle,
Mason, Mrs. Geneva McDonald, Mrs. N. C. Van Horn.
Ethel Nell.
Church School Teachers: Bible Instructors:
Mrs. Alan Anderson, Mrs. Martha Mary Bierly, Mrs. Jessie M. Heslip,
Bell, Marjorie Bland, Mrs. Mildred Ruth Toms, Mrs. Edna Wright.
Britton, I. A. Christian, Nannie
Davis, Emeth Giddings, Mrs. Elaine Church School Teachers:
Greenwood, Alexandra Hamilton, Sal- E. Feltus, Edwin Harkins, Vivian
lie Harris, M. J. Harvey, Edith Jones, Hill, Mrs. Lillian A. Hill, Ruby Ingle,
Mrs. Mildred Jones, Fern LeVelles, Lois Lank, 0. J. Lawrence, Bernice
H. W. Laurence, Thomasine Long- Loftier, Mrs. M. Mensing, Lillian
ware, Mrs. Myrtle Murphy, Mrs. Hur- Snook, Irma Storey, Anna Tucker,
ley Phillips, Mrs. Lillian Pinkney, Violette White, Leslie. A. Wildes, Mrs.
Bessie Preston, Jonathan Roach, Ethel Ethel Wildes.

Legal Assn.: "Chesapeake Conference Honorary: Sadie Baker, Mrs. Lydia

Association of Seventh-day Advent- Kester.
Board of Trustees: C. V. Leech, L. Bible Instructors:
H. Bland, S. A. Kotz, C. B. New- Pearl Gillis, Mrs. Sara F. Lenny,
meyer, C. Quackenbush, W. E. Mrs. J. G. Mitchell, Lilla Morati,
Strother, N. C. Van Horn. Elma Petrovic, Mrs. Gertrude Res-

EAST PENNSYLVANIA CON- Church School Teachers:

FERENCE Mrs. Stella Chisholm, Mrs. Mabel
Dennis, Frances Dingee, Mrs. Mabel
Organized in 1903, out of territory com- Dominski, Mrs. W. C. Jensen, Anna
prising the Pennsylvania Conference, Kwapinski, Kristina Kwapinski, Ber-
which was organized in 1879. tha Laughlin, Audrey Lee, Mrs. Amos
Miller, Viola Mohn, Mrs. Helen
Territory: That portion of Pennsylvania Owens, Mrs. J. P. Priest, Carolyn
lying east of the eastern line of Shobe, Alberta Stitzel, Dorothy Stock,
Potter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin, Hunt- Mrs. Donald Wharton.
ingdon, and Fulton Counties.
Legal Assn.: "The East Pennsylvania
Population: 5,525,377 ; churches, 55 ; Conference Association of Seventh-
members, 3,132. day Adventists, Inc."
Office: 1300 W. Hunting Park Ave.,
Philadelphia 40, Pa. (Telephones,
Michigan 4600-4660.) NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE
Organized 1902
President, L. H. King.
Secretary-Treasurer, W. F. Miller. Territory: The State of New Jersey.
Executive Committee: L. H. King, Population: 3,933,192; churches, 39;
C. L. Blandford, Harry Detwiler, C. members, 2,270.
R. Gibbs, W. F. Miller, J. G. Mitchell,
John Shirley, E. H. Swanson, H. W. Office: 1574 Brunswick Ave. Trenton 8,
Walker. N. J. (Telephone, 2-3919)
Departmental Secretaiies: Officers:
Book and Bible House, C. H. Boyts. President, M. G. Conger.
Educational and Home Missionary, Secretary-Treasurer, C. M. Paden.
0. S. Hershberger. Executive Committee: M. G. Conger,
Publishing, L. A. Ward; Assistants, H. J. Adams, W. G. Gibson, C. M.
Paul S. Lindsay, L. A. Pomeroy.
Religious Liberty, L. H. King. Paden, G. B. Suhrie.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Departmental Secretaries:
Mrs. Sybil M. King. Book and Bible House, W. M. Nos-
Ordained Ministers: worthy.
C. L. Blandford, J. A. Dominski, C. R. Educational, Eloise F. Williams.
Gibbs, A. D. Hynal, W. C. Jensen, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
L. H. King, J. G. Mitchell, W. C. C. R. French.
Moffett, H. V. Reed, E. H. Swanson, Medical,
G. F. Theiss, H. R. Veach, A. E. Publishing, Edwin Glenz.
Wade, H. W. Walker. Religious Liberty, M. G. Conger.
Y. P. M. V., Temperance, War Serv-
Honorary: C. S. Baum, J. Z. Hottel. ice Counsellor, and Publicity, W.
Licensed Ministers: S. Johnson.
C. H. Boyts, Donald R. Christman, Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. Jessie Curtis, Colin Fisher, 0. S. H. J. Alcock, M. G. Conger, Joseph
Hershberger, John E. Hoffman, Oli- Dobias, Andrew C. Fearing, W. G.
ver L. Jacques, Paul S. Lindsay, W. F. Gibson, W. S. Johnson, V. A. Lidner,
Miller, L. A. Pomeroy, L. E. Rafferty, A. D. Nagy, J. L. Neil, J. C. Oswald,
S. C. Ronning, Joseph B. Stevens, H. J. E. Patzkowski, Stephen Paully.
A. Toms, L. A. Ward, C. A. Duffield.
Licensed Ministers:
Credentialed Missionary: Mrs. Sybil M.
King. S. W. Burrows, C. A. Dornburg, C.
R. French, M. L. Hale, J. 0. McLeod,
Licensed Missionaries: B. K. Mills, C. M. Paden, V. D. Rees,
Mrs. Grace Cunningham, Margaret A. F. Reynolds, D. S. Robbins, Ralph
Kadel, Mrs. Frances Kirkby, Muriel Simpson, J. A. Terzo, W. L. Well-
Outhouse, Mrs. S. C. Ronning. man, H. W. Wolcott.

Credentialed Missionaries: Licensed Ministers:

W. M. Nosworthy, Eloise F. Williams. Delmar Anderson, Orvel Canada,
Charles Dornburg, Harry Freese,
Licensed Missionaries: Charles Gardner, Harold Gray, E. F.
Laura Krater, Norma J. Lombard, Herzel, L. R. Hoist, J. P. Laurence,
Mrs. W. L. Wellman. Siegfried K. Lehnhoff, Lincoln Levi-
Bible Instructors: son, H. R. Nelson, Ludwig Ninaj,
Cecil Paden, D. H. Schmehl, E. H.
Margaret Cosby, Mathilda Meierhofer, Schneider, Chester Spangler, D. V.
Bess Ninaj, Mrs. R. 0. Terry. Steinman, D. S. Teters, F. E. Thum-
wood, C. E. Welch, E. F. Willett,
Church School Teachers: Samuel Yakush.
Mrs. Mildred Bissell, Florence Elder,
Mrs. William Ewing, Hattie K. Hand, Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries:
Agnes Hill, Elizabeth Hudak, Sarita Clifton Baker, Mrs. Clifton Baker,
Lochstamphfor Lena Massaracchia, Mabel Colby, Mrs. E. R. Corder, Ruth
Kathryn Moss, Mrs. V. D. Rees, Lil- Corder, Anna Farley, Hazel Griggs,
lian Whitfield. Louise Grimes, J. L. Johnson, Mrs.
Legal Assn.: "New Jersey Conference J. L. Johnson, Raymond Kraft, H. C.
Association of Seventh-day Advent. Lilley, Eva March, F. A. Meier, Mrs.
ists." F. A. Meier, Thelma Pangborn, Eve-
lyn Platt, Vera Skiver, L. J. Smith,
Mrs. L. J. Smith, J. H. Tegler, Mrs.
Maude Wolfe, Arthur Workman.
OHIO CONFERENCE Bible Instructors:
Organized 1863 Mrs. Verna Bretz, Mrs. E. L. Bruder,
Pauline Flint, Troymae Hogue, Law-
Territory: The State of Ohio. rence Jones, Lillie Kraft, Alfrida
Larson, Rose Lindsay, Nellie McDow-
Population: 6,568,151; churches, 80 ; ell, Helen Oldham, Nancy Thirlwell.
members, 5,588.
Church School Teachers:
Office Address: 111 S. Mulberry St., Mrs. Mildred Baker, Mrs. Minnie
Mt. Vernon, Ohio. (Telephone 1175.) Beitzel, Mrs. Lillian Butler, Helen
Crawford, Julia Edson, Lorraine
Postal Address: Box 831, Mt. Vernon, Fankhouser, L. J. Fritz, Mrs. L. J.
Ohio. Fritz, Mrs. Eldon Hawkins, Mildred
Hilderbrandt, Mrs. Eloise Howes.
Officers: Nina Hunt, Capitols Hutchinson,
President, W. M. Robbins. Wanda Lewis, Fern Losie, Lucille
Secretary-Treasurer, E. F. Willett. Lovell, Flora Mann, Ruth Jane Mc-
Clead, Pearl Meese, Mrs. S. G. North-
Executive Committee: W. M. Robbins, cott, Bernice Pittman, Mrs. Alice
0. L. Denslow, J. Paul Laurence, T. Robinson, Catherine Shepard, Mae
A. McCoy, M. L. Mills, D. S. Teters, Stebbins, Mrs. Isabella Taylor, Mrs.
T. W. Thirlwell, E. F. Willett. Naomi Trubey, Genevieve Vitrano,
Departmental Secretaries:" Marie Walton, Helen Yingling.
Book and Bible House, Charles Gard- Legal Association: "The Ohio Confer-
ner. ence Association of the Seventh-day
Educational and Y. P. M. V., H. R. Adventist Church." President, W.
Nelson. M. Robbins; Secretary, E. F. Willett.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Radio, Anol Grundset.
Publishing, F. E. Thumbwood ; Assist- POTOMAC CONFERENCE
ants, Harry Freese, Thelma Pang- Organized 1924
born, George Sisson.
Religious Liberty, W. M. Robbins. Territory: The State of Virginia, except
Accomac and Northampton Counties ;
Ordained Ministers: the District of Columbia ; and that
Carl Bruck, 0. L. Denslow, R. F. portion of Prince Georges County,
Farley, B. P. Gernet, Anol Grundset, Maryland, within five miles of the
E. H. Lehnhoff, George Liscombe, District line; and Montgomery County,
T. A. McCoy, M. L. Mills, Calvin Os- Maryland.
born, W. M. Robbins, Floyd Smith. Population: 2,585,898 ; churches, 45 ;
Joseph Spicer, T. W. Thirlwell, F. C. members, 5,578.
Webster, Jr.
Office: 411 Cedar St., Takoma Park,
Honorary : J. F. Olmsted, L. A. Washington 12, D. C. (Telephone
Spring. Georgia 6791 and 5792.)

Officers: Mrs. Sara Frederick, Mrs. Dorothy

President, H. J. Detwiler. Gentry, Mrs. Frances Groves, Minon
Secretary-Treasurer, W. H. Jones. Hiebert, Mrs. Doris Hill, Mrs. Mildred
Kirkman, Janice Klady.
Executive Committee: H. J. Detwiler, Mrs. Bette Marcussen, Mildred
N. S. Ashton, L. W. Graham, W. C. Martin, Irma Martin, Mrs. Grace
Hannah, W. H. Jones, H. A. Morri- Meade, Velma Midghall, Harold Mon-
son, J. L. Price, C. J. Coon, G. S. dies, Mrs. Harold Mondics.
Rapp. Mrs. Frances Mosley, Mae Painter,
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. Faye Penrod, Mrs. Margaret
Book and Bible House, E. S. Knecht. Saunders, Mrs. Elsie Pohle, Mrs.
Educational and Sabbath School, Velma Shafer, Louise Stuart, Sue
A. 0. Dart. Summerour, Mrs. Miriam Tymeson,
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., Mrs. Elsie Tyson, Irene Walker, Mrs.
J. E. Edwards. W. T. Weaver, Vester Webster.
Publishing, W. H. Atherly. Legal Associations: "Potomac Confer-
Religious Liberty, H. J. Detwiler. ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Temperance, J. E. Edwards. ventists." Also, "District of Colum-
bia Conference Corporation of Sev-
Ordained Ministers: enth-day Adventists," and "Virginia
N. S. Ashton, C. A. Carter, C. J. Conference Agency of Seventh-day
Coon, K. S. Crofoot, A. 0. Dart, H. J. Adventists."
Detwiler, J. E. Edwards, E. H. Em-
merson, G. R. Finley, Vernon Flory, WEST PENNSYLVANIA CON-
R. E. Griffin, C. M. Gruesbeck, E. F. FERENCE
Koch, P. W. Manuel, Russell Quack-
enbush, G. S. Rapp, J. H. Smith, Organized 1903
H. P. Waldo, W. T. Weaver, R. F. Territory: All of Pennsylvania lying
Woods, Dallas Youngs. west of the easterly line of Potter,
Licensed Ministers: Clinton, Center, Mifflin, Huntingdon,
and Fulton Counties.
W. H. Atherly, W. H. Barringham,
J. W. Calvert, E. H. Capman, C. F. Population: 3,904,631 ; churches, 41 ;
Circle, W. H. Coffman, R. F. Correia, members, 1,815.
P. G. Crestakos, H. R. Cullen, H. M. Office: 744 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh
Dukes, H. T. French, W. C. Hannah, 6, Pa.
R. E. Harris, W. H. Jones, E. F. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 5092, East
Hodde, F. D. Horton, M. E. Kem- Liberty Station, Pittsburgh 6, Pa.
merer, C. 0. Kinder, A. D. Liven-
good, L. R. Mansell, D. B. Myers, Officers:
W. E. Peeke, Giles N. Roberts, H. E. President, M. E. Loewen.
Ruckle, C. H. Spurgeon, R. A. Tyson, Secretary-Treasurer, C. C. Morris.
R. L. Vaughn, George Wargo, C. F. Executive Committee: M. E. Loewen,
Wilson, W. M. Wilson, C. E. Winter. E. A. Beavon, E. E. Carmen, C. E.
Cook, R. B. Hill, C. C. Morris.
,Credentialed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries:
Hazel Brent, E. S. Knecht,
Book and -Bible House, M. A. Paden.
Licensed Missionaries: Educational and Sabbath School, Er-
Mrs. Vesta Adams, Mrs. Pearl Deiter, nestine R. Hochschorner.
H. A. Habenicht, Mercedes Habenicht, Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Jean Hannah, Mrs. W. C. Hannah, L. G. Cornelius.
Garfield, Jorgenson, Katherine Kava- Publishing, Arva Nickless.
naugh, Evelyn Konowal, Ena Manuel, Religious Liberty, M. E. Loewen.
LaVeta Payne, Carl Shafer, Ellen Ordained Ministers:
Shanko, Frances Shanko, W. V. E. A. Beavon, E. E. Carmen, 0. G.
Smith, Margaret Steeves, Freda Teis. Carnes, R. B. Hill, J. R. Johnson,
Bible Instructors: M. E. Loewen, C. C. Morris, Arva
Maud Crump, Martha Ferree, Vinnie Nickless, L. L. Philpott, Andrew Ya-
L. Goodner, Mrs. Giles N. Roberts, kush.
Mary Saxton. Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers: L. G. Cornelius, Stuart Jayne, A. Ray
Norcliffe, M. A. Paden, F. J. Strunk,
T. E. Banks, Mrs. T. E. Banks, Mrs. H. L. Yates.
Mary Bateman, Mrs. Gertrude Bon-
dranko, Mrs. Mae Bradley, Mrs. Doris Licensed Missionaries:
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, Ade- Martha Everett, Mrs. Alice Fenner,
laide Christian, Walter A. Connell, Helen Wheeler, Ernestine Hochschor-
Mrs. Dorothy Doss, Isabel Douglas, ner.

Bible Instructors: Licensed Ministers:

Myrtle Bateman, Eurith Smith. Carl P. Anderson, J. H. Creighton,
J. W. Franklin, H. E. Garrarde, Ar-
Church School Teachers: thur J. Hirsch, Ralph Logan, A. C.
Marple, Kenneth W. Tilghman.
Mrs. Roscoe Bartlett, Mrs. Bertha L. Church School Teachers:
Coppock, Helen Craig, Mrs. Stuart
Jayne, Irad Levering, Mrs. Irad Lev- S. A. Minesinger, Jacquelyn Taylor,
ering, Robert Toms, Violet Wiles. Alpha Varney.
Legal Association: "Seventh-day Ad-
Legal Association: "West Pennsy.vania ventist Book Society."
Conference Association of Seventh-
day Adventists."
Home Study Institute, Takoma Park,
Organized 1887 Washington 12, D. C.
Territory: The State of West Virginia, Mt. Vernon Academy, Mt. Vernon,
except the Counties of Morgan, Ber- Ohio.
keley, and Jefferson, and including Philadelphia Academy, 3256 German-
the Counties of Garrett and Alle- town Ave., Philadelphia 40, Pa.
gheny in Maryland. Plainfield Academy, 622 W. 8th St.,
Plainfield. N. J.
Population: 1,838,653; churches, 18; Richmond Academy, 3913 Patterson
members, 1,020. Ave., Richmond, Va.
Seventh-day Adventist Theological
Office: 1455 Seventh St., Parkersburg, Seminary, Takoma Park, Washing-
W. Va. (Telephone, 394.) ton 12, D. C.
Shenandoah Valley Academy, New
Officers: Market, Va.
President, W. B. Hill. Takoma Academy, Takoma Park,
Secretary-Treasurer, H. E. Garrarde. Washington 12, D. C.
Executive Committee: W. B. Hill, Washington Missionary College, Ta-
Ralph Bee, L. V. Finster, H. E. Gar- koma Park, Washington 12, D. C.
rarde, W. A. Thompson, Fred Varney, Washington Union Academy, 624
K. H. Wood, Jr. Eighth St., N. E., Washington,
D. C.
Departmental Secretaries: Publishing:
Book and Bible House, Kenneth W. Review and Herald Publishing Assn.,
Tilghman. Takoma Park, Washington 12, D. C.
Educational, W. B. Hill. Sanitarium:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., Carl P. Anderson. Washington Sanitarium, Takoma Park,
Publishing, J. H. Creighton. Washington 12, D. C.
Ordained Ministers: Dispensary:
Washington Sanitarium Mission Hos-
L. V. Finster, W. B. Hill, E. E. Rus- pital, 1252 6th St., S. W., Wash-
sell, K. H. Wood, Jr. ington, D. C.


Organized 1901

Territory: The States of Illinois, In- Officers:

diana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, President, Jay J. Nethery.
comprising the Conferences of Illi- Secretary-Treasurer, R. M. Harrison.
nois, Indiana, Lake Regional, Michi-
gan, and Wisconsin. Auditor, H. P. Bloum.
Population: 19,718,730 ; churches, 387 ; Executive Committee: Jay J. Nethery,
members, 26,710. H. P. Bloum, H. F. Brown, T. G.
Bunch, J. G. Dasent, R. M. Harrison,
Office Address: Box C, Berrien Springs, W. A. Higgins, L. N. Holm, A. W.
Mich. (Telephone, 4321.) Johnson, L. E. Lenheim, V. P. Lovell,

T. E. Lucas, T. R. Lukens, B. C. Hazel Partain, Paul Penn, E. Peter-

Marshall, T. E. Unruh, S. E. Wight. son, L. E. Peterson, Stella Peterson,
Departmental Secretaries: Ernest W. Quittmeyer, Dolores Gra-
ham Quittmeyer, Mrs. Arnie Robin-
Educational, V. P. Lovell. son, Wesley Rollins, Edna Shelburg,
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, June Shelburg, 0. R. Shreve, Jessie
H. F. Brown. S. Tupper, Evelyn Wiik, Edna L.
Publishing, W. A. Higgins. Wilbur, Eva Maude Wilson, Gyneth
Religious Liberty, Jay J. Nethery. Wood.
Y. Y. M. V., Temperance, and Re-
gional Secretary for Army Camp, Legal Associations: "Lake Union Con-
T. E. Lucas. ference Association of Seventh-day
Counselor on War Service Problems, Adventists." "Indiana Medical Mis-
F. E. Thompson. sionary and Benevolent Association."
Jay J. Nethery, President ; S. E.
Ordained Ministers: Wight, Vice-President; R. M. Har-
rison, Secretary-Treasurer.
Francis Avery, H. F. Brown, Henry
R. Grundset, W. A. Higgins, V. P. The James White Memorial Home,
Lovell, T. E. Lucas, G. M. Mathews, Plainwell, Mich., established 1898 ;
Jay J. Nethery, A. N. Nelson, J. B. Jay J. Nethery, President; T. G.
Penner, W. I. Smith, W. E. Straw, Bunch, Vice-President; R. M. Harri-
E. R. Thiele. son, Secretary-Treasurer.
Honorary: H. P. Anderson, Ilija
Belich, J. B. Blosser, H. E. Edwards, ILLINOIS CONFERENCE
F. E. Ferris, F. W. Halladay, W. H.
Hanhardt, F. H. Henderson, Thomas Organized 1931
F. Hubbard, J. J. Irwin, K. A. Offer-
man, S. T. Shade], P. E. Sheppler, Territory{ The State of Illinois.
Fred Stebbeds, J. C. Statz, W. E.
Videto, W. B. White. Population: 7,509,795; churches, 67;
members, 4,791.
Licensed Ministers: Office: Pacific Press Bldg., Brookfield,
Daniel Augsberger, E. A. Brooks, 0. Ill.
C. Granlund, B. L. Grundset, H. F. Postal Address: Box 29, Brookfield, Ill.
Halenz, Alvin W. Johnson, H. 0. Mc- (Telephone, Brookfield 6100.)
Cumber, H. M. Tippett, G. E. Vande-
man. Officers:
Credentialed Missionaries: President, L. E. Lenheim.
V. E. Adams, Louise Ambs, Earl Secretary-Treasurer, E. L. Green.
Beaty, H. P. Bloum, C. F. Calkins, Executive Committee: L. E. Lenheim,
V. H. Campbell, Mabel Cassel, Rachel F. F. Bush, E. L. Green, J. R. Purdy,
Christman, Abbie Culbert, Ella Ed- H. H. Schmidt, R. J. Winders.
wards, J. J. Hafner, R. M. Harrison,
Beatrice Holquist, Verne Kelsey, Wil- Departmental Secretaries:
lis L. King, T. R. Larimore, Mrs. Book and Bible House, C. B. Burgess.
Edda Rees Larimore, Clarence Lawry. Educational and Y. P. M. V., R. A.
T. R. Lukens, Grace Maas, B. C. Nesmith.
Marshall, R. B. MacMorland, Mrs. Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Wanda MaeMorland, Arabella Moore, Temperance, and Radio, Sherman
R. E. Oxley, B. H. Phipps, J. E. McCormick.
Riffel, E. D. Ryden, George Schultz, Publishing, C. H. Smith.
Leslie Smith, J. L. Thompson, Verne Religious Liberty, L. E. Lenheim.
Waldo Thompson, Bernice Webber,
C. L. Woods. Ordained Ministers:
E. C. Banks, F. F. Bush, Anthony
Licensed Missionaries: Catalano, J. C. Christenson, 0. J.
James Barclay, E. Bruckner, D. Ca- Dahl, L. N. Holm, T. J. Kroeger,
pen, Louise Chatfield, Mrs. Ethel Ear- Kurt Kurz, L. E. Lenheim, 0. A.
wood, Geneva Erickson, J. 0. Ferris, Lund, Sherman McCormick, Glenn
J. W. Finley, Clarence I. Flyte, Myr- Millard, E. H. Moldrik, R. A. Nes-
tle Foreman, C. Gooch, Edwin Graff, mith, W. P. Ortner, Alexander Pie-
Fred Griesman, Mrs. Edith L. Haas, trasz, Jose Rivera, H. H. Schmidt, L.
Marjorie Hamp, Lela Harper, Mrs. R. Scott, C. J. Smith, Gabriel Verga,
Helen Herwehe, Stanley Hill, Pearl R. W. Wentland, R. J. Winders.
Howington, L. H. Jensen, Ingrid
Johnson. Licensed Ministers:
E. S. Kyle, T. A. Lorren, Arlene Orren W. Bacheller, William E.
Marks, Melville Mead, Ray Olmstead, Burns, Harold L. Calkins,, E. L.

Green, Leonard J. Marsa, Edward Publishing, E. H. Craig; Assistant,

Nachreiner, C. H. Smith. Forrest Skaggs.
Credentialed Missionaries: Religious Liberty, S. E. Wight.
C. B. Burgess, H. F. Crays, N. R. Ordained Ministers:
Hallock, A. N. Johnson, W. A. M. E. Anderson, E. E. Bietz, 0. K.
Schram, C. Roy Smith, P. M. Vixie, Butler, W. R. Elliott, M. D. Howard,
W. C. Whitten. W. L. Latham, L. L. Murphy, W. A.
Licensed Missionaries: Nelson, D. S. Osgood, F. F. Oster,
Esther David, Elizabeth Eitel, Mrs. C. W. Pruitt, T. M. Summerville, El-
bert Tyson, Jr., S. E. Wight, Harold
J. 0. Ferris, Muriel Franklin, Alex
N. Williams, C. E. Wood.
Griesman, Florence Hall, Mrs. N. R.
Hallock, H. A. Iles, Mrs. Ruth Honorary: O. B. Hall.
Jamieson, Marjory Jones, Adeline Licensed Ministers:
Kleist, Beulah Krivoshein, Ruth Nel-
son, Mrs. Rose Oblander, R. C. Rich- Ben Bickley, Wayne Byers, C. B.
ardson, J. B. Silveria, Ellenor Sum- Caldwell, D. E. Caslow, Roland K.
merton, Lee Taylor, Ruth Weist. Cemer, C. C. Hansen, P. T. Jackson,
K. M. Kennedy, Richard A. Mitchell,
Bible Instructors: Kenneth Oster, J. G. Penner, W. A.
Marion Blasius, Emma Blomquist, Petersen, Forrest Skaggs, E. 0. Tor-
Jody Ketterman, Louise Mattausch, kelson.
Inis Morey, Mrs. Effie Stebbeds, Mrs. Credentialed Missionary: Clark Willi-
Lulu Young. son.
Church School Teachers: Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. Blanche Adamson, A. M. Amund- Frieda Clark, E. H. Craig, Mrs. Mary
son, Orren W. Bacheller, Mrs. Orren Keller, Esther Pierce, Lela Pierce.
W. Bacheller, Fern Baird, Mrs. Wil-
liam E. Burns, Esther Fuller, Helen Bible Instructors:
Fuller, Doris Lawrence, Mrs. May Violet Burris, Mrs. Edith Cross, Phyl-
Lemmon, Agnes Ludwig, Mrs. Roxie lis Williams.
Marshall, Virginia Mott, Anna Peter- Church School Teachers:
son, Esther Pitman, Mrs. Lois Shan-
dor, Marjorie Walker, Frank W. Wanda Abbott, Doris Allen, Irene
Wallstrom, Mrs. Frank W. Wall- Amen, Inez Bird, Viola Boat, Mrs.
storm. Emma Burns, Lucille Carlin, Edna
Goldberg, Lillian Keller, Florence
Legal Associations: "Illinois Conference Kirtley, Rosemary Larkey, Rosemary
Association of Seventh-day Advent- Marvin, Ferrell McMahen, Nova Pad-
ists" and "Chicago Conference Asso- gett, Carolyn Polk, Mrs. Rolland
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists." Price, Ruth Schroeder, Louise Schultz,
Mrs. C. A. VanFossen, Ethel Wood,
Legal Association: "The Indiana Asso-
Organized 1872
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Territory: The State of Indiana.
Population: 3,305,880 ; churches, '71 ; LAKE REGIONAL CONFERENCE
members, 3,919.
Office: 8266 North Meridian St., In-
dianapolis 7, Ind. (Telephone, Wa- Organized January 1, 1945
bash 4571.) Territory: The colored constituency of
Officers: the States of Illinois, Indiana, Michi-
President, S. E. Wight. gan, and Wisconsin.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. B. Caldwell. Population: 729,865; churches 20; mem-
Executive Committee: S. E. Wight, bers, 2,320.
C. B. Caldwell, W. R. Elliott, Harry Office Address: 2160 N. Capitol Avenue,
Hardt, M. D. Howard, W. A. Nelson, Indianapolis 2, Ind. (Telephone, Tal-
D. S. Osgood, T. M. Summerville, bot 4137.)
A. H. Welklin. Officers:
Departmental Secretaries: President, J. G. Dasent.
Book and Bible House, W. A. Peter- Secretary-Treasurer, Charles E. Gal-
sen. ley.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. A. Executive Committee: J. G. Dasent,
,Nelson. Virgil Gibbons, J. E. Johnson, H. W.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Kibble, A. T. Maycock, 11, F. War.
P. T. Jackson, nick,

Departmental Secretaries: Religious Liberty and Radio, T. G.

Book and Bible House Manager, Bunch.
Charles E. Galley. Sabbath School, Edith Shepard.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. J. Y. P. M. V. and Counsellor on War
Kisack. Service Problems, D. W. Hunter.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
J. E. Johnson. Ordained Ministers:
Publishing, Virgil Gibbons. U. Bender, H. E. Bisel, T. G. Bunch,
0. H. Christensen, H. H. Crandall, A.
Ordained Ministers: A. Douglas, N. R. Dower, W. W. El-
J. G. Dasent, W. D. Forde, J. E. lis, H. P. Evens, Jeremia Florea, T.
Johnson, H. W. Kibble, R. F. War- S. Hill, W. H. Holden, C. A. Holt,
nick. D. W. Hunter, S. W. Hyde, M. J.
Jackson, Obed Klein, R. K. Krick,
Licensed Ministers: R. H. Libby, L. W. Light, Paul Ma-
J. W. Allison, Jr., L. B. Baker, Vir- tula, W. H. McGhee, C. M. Mellor,
gil Gibbons, C. D. Henri, Jacob Jus- C. B. Messer, M. E. Munger, E. L.
tiss, W. J. Kisack, J. P. Laurence, Pingenot, W. B. Pontynen, B. L.
Russel Nelson, C. T. Richards. Post, E. R. Potter, L. E. Reed, E. R.
Reynolds, T. L. Rush, 0. F. Schwed-
Credentialed Missionaries: rat, H. L. Shoup, M. L. Venden, R.
Charles E. Galley, C. M. Willis. FL Wentland, W. A. Westerhout,
Hugh Williams.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. Charles E. Galley, Philip Gid- Licensed Ministers:
dings, Mrs. Philip Giddings, Julia L. E. Abelson, Edwin Buck, Jr., Ralph
Goss, Dorothy Smith. T. Carter, D. V. Cowin, Z. R. Currie,
M. S. Culver, Elton Dessain, George
Bible Instructor: Frances Blake. Elstrom, C. S. Field, Hugh Forquer,
Church School Teachers: V. E. Garber, Cecil Gemmell, Judson
Habenicht, Stephen Hornyak, A. E.
Mrs. Maxine Brantley, Mrs. Lorraine Mobley, Earl Robbins. George Schram,
Henri, Sylvia Kee, Lizzie Longwear, J. R. Shull, Clark Smith, F. Brock
Ruth Mayfield, Verla McDuffy, Wells.
Gaines Partridge, Goldie Petress, Ef-
fie Rogan, Mrs. C. E. Thompson, Mrs. Credentialed Missionaries:
Myra L. White. H. E. Moon, Edith Shepard, E. P.
MICHIGAN CONFERENCE Licensed Missionaries:
Organized Oct. 5, 1861; reorganized Vivian Alcorn, P. P. Anderson, Doris
1931 Antor, Wilma Benson, Ione Black-
burn, Howard Burbank, Irene Butler,
Territory: State of Michigan. Grayce Crawford, Louise Drumm, Jo-
seph G. Galusha, Virginia Glidden,
Population: 5,047,761 ; churches, 142 ; David N. Hartman, Mrs. David N.
members, 11,409. Hartman, Paul J. Hoar, Mrs. Paul J.
Office: 620 Townsend St., Lansing 4, Hoar, Joan Kewley, Harold Knight,
Mich. (Telephone, Dial 4-1317.) June Marsh, C. W. Mayor, Carl Mo-
sher, Frank Pitchen, Mrs. Frank Pit-
Postal Address: Box 900, Lansing 4, chen.
Mich. Mrs. Marjorie Rey, Bethel Rice,
Merle Ruskjer, Mrs. G. C. Scott, F.
Officers: B. Steen, G. A. Spaulding, Ethel
President, T. G. Bunch. Stamper, Alyse Swedberg, L. W. Taft,
Secretary-Treasurer, A. E. Mobley. Paul Turner, H. Leeman Sickles,
Executive Committee: T. G. Bunch, Opal Van de Warker, Mrs. Betty
U. Bender, 0. T. Burt, N. R. Dower, Warner, H. A. Weaver, Ethel West,
T. S. Hill, D. W. Hunter, M. J. Jack- Ruth Whitfield, H. A. Wohlers, Leon-
son, A. E. Mobley, E. L. Pingenot, ard I. Woods, Mrs. Leonard I. Woods.
M. W. Prince. Bible Instructors:
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. D. Brander, Mrs. Eva Crosier,
Book and Bible House, H. P. Evens. Mrs. B. Davison, Jennie DeYoung,
Alma DuBois, Ethel Hull, Mrs. Fran-
Educational, D. V. Cowin. ces McCormick, Pearl Olson, Marzel-
Home Missionary and Temperance, las Sell, Mrs. Clara Venden.
R. H. Wentland.
Publishing, Leonard E. Abelson ; As- Church School Teachers:
sistants, Howard Burbank, Leon- Esther Alkire, Gladys Bacheller,
ard Clements, William Crofton. Gladys Bakeman, R. Chester Barger,

Mrs. R. Chester Barger, Mrs. Flor- chalenko, G. F. Ruf, T. E. Unruh,

ence Barrett, Louise Bartlett, Mar- Justus Vitrano.
garet Benedict, Mrs. J. C. Blaker. Licensed Ministers:
Mrs. Marie Brainard, Mrs. Nila
Breakie, Leslie Burgess, Mrs. Fern D. W. Anderson, R. G. Burchfield, E.
Burgess, Marjorie Butler, Mrs. Nona L. Clark, Kenneth Davis, Gordon M.
E. Carleton, Mrs. Dorothy Clark, Mrs. Heide, Vern Hoffman, W. H. Ludwig,
Thelma Crain, Mrs. Frances Craw. M. H. Odegaard, M. J. Perepelitza,
Mrs. Marie Day, Pearl Drumb. Mrs. G. Clayton Sowler, L. G. Wartzok.
Dora Dudgeon, Elvera Eckerman, Mrs. Credentialed Missionaries:
Leona B. Glidden, Verna A Goodsite, Roland Cole, Eliza Parfitt.
Mrs. Helen Graham, Harold Greanya,
Mrs. Dorothy Greanya, Mrs. Blanche Licensed Missionaries:
Dean Gross, Leonard Hill, Mrs. Agnes Brewer, Ranghild Burling,
Wayne Hyde. Erma Campbell, F. L. Gilliland, Lou-
Madge Kamerer, Helen Kannen- ise Larmon, Roberta Patton, Leroy
berg, Mrs. Irma Kelsey, Damaris Ramsey, Mildred Summerton, Rachel
Lawton, Grace Maas, Mrs. Edith M. Zuehlke.
Marriott, Shelley Marshall, Pansy Bible Instructors:
Middaugh, Florence Orth, J. Byron
Patrick, Mrs. Oline Peck, Mrs. Do- Viola Keiser, Mrs. G. Mitterhausen.
lores Quittmeyer, Herbert Reed. Church School Teachers:
Donna Siems, Katherine Slayton, Mrs. C. M. Bee, Mrs. Marian Belsh,
Mildred Steigenberg, Muriel Steven- Mrs. Arthur Bisseger, May Broder-
son, Elizabeth A. Van Arsdale, Jean son, Alfreda Costerisan, Rosa DeBen-
Van Arsdale, O. N. Venden, Mrs. editto, Ruby Deede, Valera DeHaven,
Howard Wilcox, W. J. Wilkinson, Ramona Ellis, Edgar Grundset, Mrs.
Cordelia Williams. H. T. Hansen, Mrs. Rose Hatcher,
Legal Association: "Michigan Confer. Myrtle Herwick, Mrs. Eric Johnson,
ence Assn. of Seventh-day Advent- Myrtle Johnson.
ists," Incorporated. T. G. Bunch, B. A. Jones, Mrs. B. A. Jones, Ruth
Chairman ; H. P. Blown, Secretary. Kaiser, Ruth Kingman, Glennys Mar-
shall, Lucille Parfitt, Mrs. Hilda E.
Schultz, Esther Senger, Aileen Shep-
WISCONSIN CONFERENCE pler, Virginia Stern, Dairy Sterns,
Organized 1871 ; divided as North and Ruth Stotz, Mrs. Lucille Voss, Na-
South Wisconsin Conferences 1916; omi Zalabak.
reunited 1927. Legal Associations: "South Wisconsin
Territory: The State of Wisconsin. Conference Association of the Sev-
enth-day Adventists," and "North
Population: 3,125,429; churches, 87; Wisconsin Conference Association of
members, 4,271. Seventh-day Adventists." (Continu-
Office Address: 802 Gorham St., Madi- ing as long as there is business to be
son, Wis. (Telephone, Badger 2210.) done under that name.)
Postal Address: Box 512, Madison, Wis.
President, T. E. Unruh.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. G. Burchfield. Educational:
Executive Committee: T. E. Unruh, Adelphian Academy, Holly, Mich.
C. M. Bee, R. G. Burchfield, L. L. Battle Creek Academy, Battle Creek,
Dunn, Carl W. Guenther, W. T. Lind- Mich.
say, G. F. Ruf, J. A. Scott. Bethel Academy, Arpin, Wis.
Broadview Academy, R. F. D. 1,
Departmental Secretaries: Box 58, La Grange, Ill.
Book and Bible House, L. G. Wartzok. Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar Lake,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., M. J. Mich.
Perepelitza. Emmanuel Missionary College, College
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Station, Berrien Springs, Mich.
G. F. Ruf. Emmanuel Missionary College Acad-
Publishing, Fred Kinsey ; Assistant, emy, College Station, Berrien
Carl Wessman. Springs, Mich.
Religious Liberty, T. E. Unruh. Indiana Academy, Cicero, Ind.
Ordained Ministers: Shiloh Academy, 606 E. 46th St..
Chicago, Ill.
C. M. Bee, Erling Calkins, Everett
Calkins, L. L. Dunn, Fred Gihlein, Publishing:
Carl W. Guenther, H. K. Halladay, Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Interna-
C. V. Keiser, J. H. Meier, J. C. Mi- tional Branch, Brookfield,
Organized 1902; Reorganized 1937

Territory: The States of Iowa, Minne- Office: 540-42d St., Des Moines 6,
sota, North Dakota, and South Da- Iowa. (Telephone 7-4633.)
kota, comprising the Conferences of
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Postal Address: Box 1475, Des Moines
South Dakota. 6, Iowa.
Population: 6,615,464 ; churches, 240; Officers:
members, 12,568.
Preeident, Jere D. Smith.
Office Address: 501 Forest Ave., Minne- Secretary-Treasurer, W. C. Day.
apolis 4, Minn. (Telephone, Kenwood
2992.) Executive Committee: Jere D. Smith,
W. R. Holley, J. L. Neal, I. W. Reck,
Officers: W. S. Sanders, C. L. Smith.
President, M. V. Campbell. (Tele-
phone, Pleasant 1811.) Departmental Secretaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, A. R. Smouse. Book and Bible House, W. C. Day ;
(Telephone, Midway 9482.) Assistant, B. L. Andersen.
Auditor and Transportation Agent, Educational and Y. P. M. V., Cree
A. R. Smouse. Sandefur.
Executive Committee: M. V. Campbell, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
C. V. Anderson, R. E. Bowles, E. E. W. S. Sanders.
Cossentine, W. A. Dessain, K. L. Medical,
Gant, P. D. Gerrard, G. E. Hutches, Publishing, C. J. Oliver.
G. H. Rustad, J. D. Smith, A. R. Religious Liberty, D. N. Wall.
Ordained Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V.. K. L. M. F. Grau, L. R. Holley, W. R. Hol-
Gant. ley, J. C. Kiose, C. A. Larsen, W.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, S. Lawrence, A. V. McClure, A. L.
Tenperance, and Radio, G. H. Rus- Miller, J. D. Nichols, Cree Sandefur,
tad. W. S. Sanders, C. L. Smith, Jere D.
Publishing, P. D. Gerrard. Smith, D. N. Wall, Paul Whitlow.
Religious Liberty, M. V. Campbell.
Regional Secretary for Army Camps, Licensed Ministers:
K. L. Gant. B. L. Andersen, Alvin Bartlett, W.
Ordained Ministers: R. Caviness, Roy Echerman, L. A.
Edwards, R. E. Fuller, A. R. Hagen,
M. V. Campbell, K. L. Gant, P. D. C. J. Oliver, H. E. Preston, 0. V.
Gerrard, D. E. Reiner. Schneider M. E. Smith, Hampton H.
Honorary: August Anderson, F. E. White.
Bates, H. M. Hiatt, J. W. Kasa, J. A.
Litwinenco, E. L. Sheldon, J. R. Sta- Credentialed Missionary: R. E. Lynn.
ton, M. F. Wiedemann.
Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Minister: A. It. Smouse.
Bee Ayers, W. C. Day, Betty Flem-
Licensed Missionaries: ing, Victoria Larsen, P. W. Peters,
Joyce Love, Lena Myers, Iva Row- Mrs. M. E. Smith, Helen Wilmot.
Legal Association: "The Northern Un- Bible Instructor: Mrs. Stemple White.
ion Conference Association of Sev-
enth-day Adventists, Incorporated." Church School Teachers:
President, M. V. Campbell; Secretary- Alvin Bartlett, Mrs. Alvin Bartlett,
Treasurer, A. R. Smouse. Geraldine Christensen, Mrs. Bertha
Lang, Genevieve Davis, Mabel Mad-
sen, Amy Messenger, P. W. Peters,
IOWA CONFERENCE 0. V. Schneider, Barbara Wilmot.
Organized 1863
Legal Association: "The Iowa Seventh-
Territory: The State of Iowa. day Adventist Association." Jere D.
Population: 2,588,268; churches, 72: Smith, President; Clyde 0. Franz,
members, 3,579. Secretary-Treasurer.

MINNESOTA CONFERENCE Church School Teachers:

Organized 1862 Lilly Beeson, Emily Berggren, Mil-
dred Berggren, Eleanor Berlin, Mrs.
Territory: The State of Minnesota. Jack Cramer, Frances Cunningham,
Mrs. Elsie Danielson, Mrs. H. B.
Population: 2,792,300 ; churches, 73 ; Douglas, Annabelle Eshenko, Mrs.
members, 4,663. Jesse Graves, Maryalice Hansen, I. 0.
Office: 1854 Roblyn Ave., St. Paul 4, Johnson, Mrs. Jack McKellip, K. M.
Minn. (Telephone. Midway 2077.) . Nelson, Ileane Smith, Beth Town-
send, Mrs. Ernest Wold.
Officers: Legal Association: "The Minnesota Con-
President, C. V. Anderson. (Tele- ference Associatiofi of Seventh-day
phone, Nestor 1495.) Adventists."
Secretary-Treasurer, E. R. Colson.
(Telephone, Midway 2077.) NORTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE
Executive Committee: C. V. Ander-
son, W. L. Barclay, C. E. Christen- Organized 1902
sen, E. R. Colson, W. A. Howe, C. P. Territory: The State of North Dakota.
Merickel, W. R. Nelson, F. J. Nenno,
Carl Sundin. Population: 641,935 ; churches, 61 ;
members, 2,576.
Departmental Secretaries: Office Address: 218 Second St., S. E.,
Book and Bible House, C. Frederick Jamestown, N. Dak. (Telephone 676.;
Lee. Postal Address: Box 1491, Jamestown,
Educational and Y. P. M. y., W. A. N. Dak.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Officers:
W. L. Barclay. President, G. E. Hutches.
Medical, 0. J. Grundset. Secretary-Treasurer, I. E. Anunsen.
Publishing, R. 0. Baker, Executive Committee: G. E. Hutches,
Religious Liberty, C. S. Wiest. I. E. Anunsen, A. W. Bauer, J. S.
Temperance, W. L. Barclay. Johnson, M. S. Krietzky, H. H.
Ordained Ministers: Kuehne, Gilbert Remboldt.
C. V. Anderson, W. R. Archbold, A. Departmental Secretaries:
E. Axelson, W. L. Barclay, J. W. Book and Bible House, I. E. Anunsen.
Christian, David Gulbrandson, J. C. Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. 0.
Harder, R. H. Hartwell, Wilbur Hol- Iversen.
brook, W. A. Howe, A. J. Lockert, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
N. R. Nelson, D. K. Olson, E. A. Pi- H. R. Kuehne.
per, Carl Sundin, C. W. Teel, C. S. Publishing, A. H. Liebelt.
Wiest. Religious Liberty, G. E. Hutches.
Licensed . Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
D. J. Bieber, E. R. Colson, W. R. A. W. Bauer, Raymond H. Broder-
Dennis, Standish Hoskins, C. Fred- sen, Joseph Brown, G. E. Hutches, J.
erick Lee, C. R. Lickey, G. M. Lien, 0. Iversen, M. S. Krietzky, H. R.
K. M. Nelson, H. E. Richards, E. L. Kuehne, Reinhold Patzer.
Sorensen, R. A. Strickland, H. L.
Wernick. Licensed Ministers:
Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries: I. E. Anunsen, Neal W. Becker, V. K.
Burgeson, Dyre Dyresen, Otto Kings-
R. 0. Baker, Betty Buckley, L. W. field, Edwin E. Kungel, A. H. Liebelt,
Burgeson, Mrs. Rita Carl, G. W. C. A. Lindquist, James L. Pogue,
Curry, Mrs. G. W. Curry, Donald Leon Russell, R. 0. Stone, A. V. Wal-
Davis, Mrs. Bessie Dickinson, Mrs. lenkampf, F. W. Werniek.
Anna Edwardson, Paul Ford, Leota
Gibson, Mrs. Jean Hill, M. C. Horn, Credentialed Missionary: D. Robert Ed-
Mrs. Standish Hoskins, Ruth M. In- wards*.
gram, E. D. Kirk, Alice Mattson, Mrs.
Madeline Mendenhall, Barbara Miles, Licensed Missionaries:
Sue Russell, Mrs. R. A. Strickland, Mrs. Harry Roedel, Agnes Reed,
Esther Stoehr, Leland Torkelson, Lois Goldie Scahnder.
J. Walker.
Church School Teachers:
Bible Instructors: Donna Binder, Arlene Boyko, Doro-
Ethel Beeson, Mrs. Nora P. Jenkins, thy Gray, Mrs. Herbert Knopp, Mrs.
Evelyn Jepson, Therms. McDowell, Gertrude Kriedemann, Mrs. Edwin E.
Mrs. Thelma Smith. Kungel, Ruth Remboldt, Carol Sco-

field, Mrs. Irvin Wiebe, Lorraine Licensed Ministers:

G. E. Hochstetter, V. R. Johnson,
Legal Association: "The North Dakota Paul Kemper, L. D. Klopfenstein,
Conference Association of Seventh- Warren Lawrence, L. W. Minium, T.
day Adventists." N. Neergaard, J. V. Peters, G. L.
Sather, R. R. Widmer.
SOUTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE Credentialed Missionaries:
Organized 1879 G. E. Brand, W. J. Christensen, 0. F.
Lenz, F. E. Metzger, Mrs. Grace
Territory: The State of South Dakota. Stewart, Melvin Ward.
Population: 642,961; churches, 34; Licensed Missionaries:
members, 1,750. Essie Barber, Velma Campbell, Mrs.
Office Address: 302 North Broadway, F. E. Metzger, Lorena Piper, Delva
Watertown, S. Dak. (Telephone, Rivinius, Helen Thompson.
3614.) Church School Teachers:
Officers: Violet Archambeau, Hildur Bengt-
President, W. A. Dessain. son, Mrs. Nellie Holtz, Mrs. 0. F.
Secretary-Treasurer, G. L. Sather. Lenz, Mrs. C. A. Lindquist.
Executive Committee: W. A. Dessain, Legal Association: "South Dakota Con-
Carl Beck, Floyd Gilbert, G. L. Sa- ference Association of Seventh-day
ther, E. A. Schlisner. Adventists." President, W. A. Des-
Departmental Secretaries: sain; Secretary-Treasurer, G. L.
Book and Bible House, G. L. Sather.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., E. T.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, UNION CONFERENCE
E. T. Gackenheimer. Educational:
Publishing, V. R. Johnson.
Religious Liberty, W. A. Dessain. Maplewood Academy, Hutchinson,
Ordained Ministers: Oak Park Academy, Nevada, Iowa.
C. A. Braun, W. 0. Berry, H. B. Plainview Academy, Redfield, S. Dak:
Davis, W. A. Dessain, E. T. Gacken- Sheyenne River Academy, Harvey.
heimer, R. J. Kegley, C. A. Renschler. N. Dak.


Organized 1906

Territory: The States of Idaho, Mon- Departmental Secretaries:

tana, Oregon, and Washington, and Educational, H. C. Klement.
the Territory of Alaska, comprising Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
the Conferences of Idaho, Montana, and Temperance, C. S. Joyce.
Oregon, Upper Columbia, Washing- Publishing, M. V. Tucker.
ton, and the Alaska Mission. Religious Liberty, V. G. Anderson.
Population: 3,982,728 ; churches, 280 ; Y. P. M. V. and Regional Secretary
members, 26,682. , for Army Camps, L. A. Skinner.
Counsellor on War Service Problems,
Office Address: 1544 S. E. Hawthorne T. M. Cole.
Blvd., Portland 14, Oreg. Telephone, Transportation Agent, W. E. Aber-
VE 4121.) nathy.
Officers: Ordained Ministers:
President, V. G. Anderson. - V. G. Anderson, G. W. Bowers, W. S.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, W. Boynton, F. M. Burg, T. M. Cole, V.
E. Abernathy. E. Hendershot, C. S. Joyce, H. C. Kle-
ment, S. H. Lindt, L. B. Losey, D. A.
Executive Committee: V. G. Ander- Lower, J. I. Robinson, I. C. Schmidt,
son, W. E. Abernathy, G. S. Belleau, G. E. Shankel, L. A. Skinner, M. V.
G. W. Bowers, L. E. Esteb, E. E. Jen- Tucker, L. W. Welch, H. E. Wester-
sen, H. C. Klement, D. A. Lower, F. meyer.
W. Peterson, J. J. Reiswig, C. A. Honorary: H. A. Aufderhar, M. A.
Scriven, L. A. Skinner, D. H. Spill- Belding, A. R. Bell, A. C. Bird, G. L.
man, M. V. Tucker. Budd, J. J. Clark, I. C. Colcord, C. J.'

Cole, J. M. Corner, F. H. Conway. E. Licensed Missionaries:

H. Curtis, W. D. Emery, W. G. For- P. P. Bartholomew, Mrs. S. H.
shaw, J. C. Foster, C. A. Hansen. Emery, Mrs. E. E. Jensen, Mrs. M. L.
0. W. Herwick W. T. Hilgert, J. A. Miles, Mrs. M. W. Smith, Mrs. Fred
Holbrook, Fred Johnson, Albert Kru- Wagner, Mrs. Myrtle Wood.
ger, H. M. Lee, E. L. Neff, H. W.
Oliver, John Peterson, A. V. Rhoads, Bible Instructor: Madge Muchmore.
J. A. Rippy, W. R. Smith, A. G.
Steinert, F. E. Stratton, C. Sulzle,
G. F. Watson, Harry Wentland, M. IDAHO CONFERENCE
H. Wentland.
Organized 1907
Licensed Ministers:
W. E. Abernathy, K. A. Aplington, Territory: That portion of Idaho south
E. S. Cubley, R. M. Davidson, Wilmer of the 45th parallel, including all
Eisman, John T. Hamilton, Erwin J. of Lemhi County, together with six
Henning, R. B. Lewis, T. A. Little, counties in Oregon, as .follows: Wal-
Holger Lindsjo, E. W. Peterson, lowa, Union, Baker, Malheur, Har-
Stanley Peterson, C. E. Thurston, ney, Grant.
Stanley Walker. Population: 463,370 ; churches, 31;
Honorary: S. J. Abegg, W. F. Hahn, members, 2,209.
R. E. Keller, J. W. Kilgore. Office: 623 Main St., Boise, Idaho.
Licensed Missionaries: Postal Address: Box 2238, Boise, Idaho.
(Telephone 1651.)
Mrs. K. A. Aplington, G. L. Beane,
E. 0. Becker, Mrs. Irene Black, Er- Officers:
nest Booth, 0. L. Brinker, R. L. Col- President, G. S. Belleau.
lins, Pearl Cook, H. R. Emmerson, Secretary-Treasurer, M. E. Hagen.
Dorothy Foreman, S. K. Gernet, Frank Executive Committee: G. S. Belleau,
Gibbon, Mrs. Ida Johnson, G. G. H. C. Beach, M. E. Hagen, A. W.
Kretschmar, William Merkel, Mrs.. G. Johnson, J. R. Sloop.
W. Miller, Mrs. Ione Morgan, Kath-
ryn Raley, Daisy Schluntz, Violet Departmental Secretaries:
Scott, Bernice E. Searle, Virginia Book and Bible House, M. E. Hagen.
Shull, Mrs. H. R. Sittner, Henry Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Sonnenberg, Agnes L. Sorenson, Myr- Ward Scriven.
tle M. Walker, Pauline Young, Mrs. Publishing, C. H. Lowe.
Melvin Zolber. Religious Liberty, G. S. Belleau.
Honorary: W. L. Manful, Nellie J. Y. P. M. V. and Educational, H. W.
Orr, Anna Pierce, R. A. Prickett, Jewkes.
Mrs. Eliza C. Thorp. Ordained Ministers:
Legal Association: "The North Pacific J. H. Apigian, G. S. Belleau, M. E.
Union Conference Association of Sev- Hagen, H. W. Jewkes, S. W. Palmer,
enth-day Adventists." A. P. Ritz, R. J. Thomas, W. I. Un-
ALASKA MISSION Licensed Ministers:
Territory: Territory of Alaska. Leslie Christensen, Kenneth Fleck,
K. E. Groves, E. B. Hallsted, Arnold
Population: 72,524 ; churches, 7; mem- Kurtz, C. H. Lowe, Leslie Norris,
bers, 218. Ward Scriven, J. D. Trude, G. J.
Lang, J. R. Sloop, Robert Mahling.
Office Address: 101 E. Second St.,
Juneau, Alaska. (Phone 241.) Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: Box 2841, Juneau, Mrs. R. R. Canaday, Doris Franklin,
Alaska. Laurette Fickess, Mrs. M. E. Hagen,
Pauline Sundberg, Mrs. H. C. Wilson.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Superintendent, E. E. Jensen. Lois Aufderhar, C. E. Bottimer, Mrs.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. E. E. Jen- C. E. Bottimer, E. E. Butterfield,
sen. Myrtle Egelhoff, F. A. Hartley, Alice
Ordained Ministers: Heinzelmann, Mildred Lovejoy, Ida
P. P. Bartholomew, E. E. Jensen, M. Mittleider, Clara Pease, Bessie Tow-
L. Miles, M. W. Smith, Fred Wagner. ler, Laurabelle Werner, Margaret
Licensed Ministers: Legal Association: "The Southern Idaho
S. H. Emery, David Hoehn, R. L. Conference Association of Seventh-
Knoll. day Adventists."

MONTANA CONFERENCE Office: 414 S. E. 39th Ave., Portland 15,

Organized 1898 Oreg. (Telephone LAncaster 2187.)
Territory: The State of Montana.
President, C. A. Scriven. (Telephone,
Population: 559,456; churches, 28; LAncaster 9944.)
members, 1,520. Secretary-Treasurer, R. T. Emery.
Office: 417 S. Black St., Bozeman, Mont. (Telephone, LAncaster 6387.)
Postal Address: Box 743, Bozeman, Executive Committee: C. A. Scriven,
Mont. (Telephone 435.) St. Clair Diamond, G. T. Dickinson,
Officers: R. T. Emery, H. S. Hanson, William
Lay, R. W. Nelson, H. C. Sprague.
President, J. J. Reiswig.
Secretary-Treasurer, Andrew Roedel. Departmental Secretaries:
Executive Committee: J. J. Reiswig, Book and Bible House, H. R. Gay.
F. E. Barkley, R. E. Browning, H. A. Educational, H. S. Hanson ; Assistant,
Green, V. A. LaGrone, Andrew Roe- Ethel Johnson.
del, F. W. Steunenberg. Home Missionary, D. N. Reiner.
Publishing, G. E. Lindquist; Assist-
Departmental Secretaries: ant, Charles Allaway.
Book and Bible House, Andrew Roedel. Religious Liberty, C. A. Scriven.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., T. 0. Sabbath School, William Lay.
Willey. Temperance, D. N. Reiner.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., G. W. Chambers.
V. A. LaGrone. Conference Nurse: Vada L. Carter.
Publishing, A. L. Zumwalt. Ordained Ministers:
Religious Liberty, J. J. Reiswig.
P. C. Alderson, A. L. Beazley, R. F.
Ordained Ministers: Bresee, Van 0. Blair, G. W. Cham-
R. E. Browning, V. A. LaGrone, L. bers, C. L. Chastain, G. T. Dickinson,
B. Mershon, J. J. Reiswig, M. N. J. J. Dollinger, R. D. Drayson, N. C.
Skadsheim, F. W. Steunenberg, H. J. Erntson, J. K. Fish, H. R. Gay, H. S.
Thomsen, T. 0. Willey. Hanson, B. L. Hassenpflug, H. W.
Hempel, G. E. Johnson, William Lay,
Licensed Ministers: G. E. Lindquist, R. H. Nightingale,
Edwin G. Brown, W. R. Emmerson, C. M. Norman, H. A. Oberg, G. E.
Ernest Fresk, Joseph Leeper, Morris Patterson, H. W. Peterson, G. W.
Lewis, G. S. Livingston, W. L. Perry, Pettit, D. N. Reiner, R. G. Schaffner,
Andrew Roedel, L. E. Tucker, A. L. C. A. Scriven, H. D. Strever, C. D.
Zumwalt. Striplin, G. A. Thompson, T. W.
Licensed Missionaries: Walters, E. J. Westman, H. E. Will-
Iva Herdricksen, Lauretta E. John-
son. Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers: Charles Allaway, P. G. Baden, H. T.
Bergh, Alten A. Bringle, R. T. Em-
Mrs. Addie Collingsworth, Ethel ery, Fred Hardin, W. B. Holden,
Countryman, Lillian Emmerson, Mrs. H. A. Jenks, Wallace Johnson, J. S.
Anna Ferguson, Florence Gill, G. S. Koehler, B. M. Kurtz, W. G. Mc-
Livingston, William Pflugrad, Evelyn Cready, W. W. Ring, J. J. Robertson,
Poole, Oma Sherman, Mrs. A. L. Estel W. Rogers, Wayne A. Scriven,
Zumwalt. Clarence Shepherd, Robert M. Sturde-
Legal Association: "The Montana Con- vant, James Vetter, Robert Young-
ference Association of Seventh-day berg.
Adventists." Licensed Missionaries:
OREGON CONFERENCE 0. A. Anderson, Mrs. F. E. Bresee,
Mrs. Ruth Brownlee, Pearl Canwell,
Organized 1877; reorganized 1902; Vada Carter, Mrs. H. S. Chilson, Vir-
reorganized 1932 gil A. Chilson, Revere Fouts, Asta
Territory: That portion of the State of Flora Gehman, Mrs. L. D. Hagle,
Oregon lying west of Gilliam, Grant, Olivia Harder, Mrs. Alma Hein, Milo
Wheeler, and Harney Counties ; also W. Hill, Mrs. Milo W. Hill, L. R.
the Counties of Clarke, Skamania, Hixson, J. H. Irvine,.
Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Klickitat west Ethel Johnson, Nels Johnson, R. A.
of Klickitat River, and southern por- Johnson, Mrs. R. A. Johnson, Mrs.
tion of Pacific, in the State of Wash- Pauline Kallenbach, Mrs. Thorns
ington. Koorenny, Alice LaBonte, Mrs. Carrie
M. Larson, Anna Litwin, Helen Lit-
Population: 1,087,758 ; churches, 95 ; vin, Stella Martin, Marjory Mereen,
members, 10,777. Esther Miller, Archie R. Morley,

Verna Moser, Mrs. Jessie Nelson, that portion of the State of Idaho
Reva Palmer, Mrs. , George Reis, lying north of the 46th parallel, ex-
Clara Roper, Fred Schlehuber, Mrs. cepting Lemhi County.
Fred Schlehuber, Miranda Schmidt, Population: 686,970; churches, 66;
Eva Spechko, Orvil Springer, P. M. members, 6,752.
Stuart, Inez Wallin, Mrs. A. A.
Walter, Rachel Weinheimer, R. A. Office: 817 W. Nora Ave., Spokane,
White, Kenneth W. Wilson, Eugene Wash. (Telephone, Broadway 0697.)
S. Winter, Mrs. Eugene S. Winter, Officers:
M. L. Wisbey. President, L. E. Esteb. (Telephone,
Bible Instructors: Broadway 2443.)
Florence Backstrom, Rose E. Herr, Secretary-Treasurer, A. P. McDow.
Pearl Stafford. (Telephone, Glenwood 6980.)
Executive Committee: L. E. Esteb,
Church School Teachers: W. A. Gosmer, G. F. Hilton, C. D.
Charles Anderson, Audrey Ashby, Hobbs, J. H. Link, A. P. McDow,
Mrs. E. J. Atkins, Luella Aufderhar, F. W. Peterson, F. G. Roper, E. H.
E. L. Barclay, Mrs. F. H. Bechtel, Wilcox.
Mrs. H. J. Booth, Mrs. Gertrude Bor- Departmental Secretaries:
ing, Mrs. Myra Brown, Mrs. Gertrude
Budd, Mrs. Starr Bumby, Mrs. H. S. Book and Bible House, A. P. McDow.
Burnett, A. D. Butherus, Margaret Educational and Y. P. M. V., Melvin
Chase, Mrs. A. D. Chilson, Mrs. Fred Oss.
G. Cochran, Mrs. L. B. Christensen, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Ed Drury, Mabel Dougherty, Zelda L. A. Reynolds.
Darnell, Ethel Eddy, Mrs. L. D. Gra- Medical, J. E. Potts.
ham, Lelia Gibson, Dorotha Hanna, Publishing, C. E. Wimer.
Wallace Haraden, G. B. Harbison, Religious Liberty, L. E. Esteb.
Mrs. G. B. Harbison Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. Henry Hardt, R. C. Harsh,
Mrs. Lillian M. Hathaway, Mrs. L. C. Cecil C. Baize, V. C. Becraft, D. E.
Heisler, Viola Herndon, Mrs. Gerald. Collins, L.' E. Esteb, R. E. Finney,
Hibbard, Mrs. Inez Hitchman, Mary Jr., W. A. Gosmer, K. C. Holman,
Hight, Mrs. Charles Hooker, Bonnie F. M. Oliver, Melvin Oss, B. Petersen,
Johnson, Mrs. Evert Johnson, Mary L. A. Reynolds, Jacob Riffel, F. G.
Keehnel, Mrs. Ray Kennedy, Clayton Roper, 0. E. Schnepper, H. A.
Konzack, Mrs. Clayton Konzack, Mrs. Schultz, C. L. Vories, H. E. Weaver,
N. H. Lacy, Mrs. Ray Lane, Mrs. E. H. Wilcox, C. E. Wimer.
Edna Lee, Mrs. Viola McKenzie, Licensed Ministers:
A. H. Marx, Mrs. Grace D. Maxson, G. W. Asher, George Chalker, Jr.,
Mrs. Luella Miller, Mrs. C. E. Noyes, R. S. Dexter, Gilbert Dinwiddie, How-
C. D. Overton,- Mrs. C. D. Overton, ard Dinwiddie, V. W. Emmerson,
Lois Pefley, Dewey Payne, Mrs. Paul Featherston, L. W. Freemyer,
Dewey Payne. Gilbert Gibson, S. J. Hegstad, G. F.
Joyce Peterson, Grace Prentice, Hilton, A. R. Holt, L. E. Houser,
Mrs. F. A. Quackenbush, Margaret E. S. Humann, Rudolph Knauft, Solo-
Richards, Edith Richmond, B. R. Ritz, mon Kruger, Ivar K. Loe, A. P. Mc-
Mrs. A. L. Ruggles, Francetta Rustin, Dow, Gerald Mosier, Henry Miller,
E. L. Terrill, Mrs. Edward Terrill, M. H. Peterson, J. E. Potts, Clyde W.
Rachel Terrill, Mrs. Esther Wagner, Smith, John Stuivenga, E. H. Tucker,
Mae Wells, Fred Wilbur, Mrs. Goldie A. A. Wagner, A. H. Warner.
Winter, Mrs. 0. S. Wolcott, Mrs.
E. A. Wright. Licensed Missionaries:
Legal Association: "Western Oregon Mrs. Leona Atkins, Cleo Boyer, Dale
Conference Association of Seventh- Green, Otto Hanson, Mrs. Edna In-
day Adventists." President, C. A. dergard, Mrs. Joyce Novak, R. J.
Striven; Secretary-Treasurer, R. T. Pond, Elmer Rasmussen, Mrs. G. R.
Emery. Soper, Mrs. Mildred Torland.
Bible Instructor: Addie Mae Kalar.
Church School Teachers:
Organized 1880
Mrs. C. R. Aimes, Alice Baker, Max-
Territory: That portion of the State of ine Beddoe, Mrs. Louise Beers, Mrs.
Washington lying east of the Cascade W. C. Bergh, Elsa Bergstrom, Wanda
Mountains, excepting that portion of Bork, Mrs. Estelle M. Christensen,
Klickitat County lying west of the Barbara DeFord, Vera Devereaux,
Klickitat River, and the counties Mrs. Howard Dinwiddie, Mrs. Mary
of Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam, and Ehrendreich, Mrs. Pearl Frye, Mrs.
Wheeler, in the State of Oregon; and Hugh Gray.

Neta Hanna, Mrs. Otto Hanson, Licensed Missionaries:

Mrs. S. J. Hegstad, Mrs. Leonard Beth Atkinson, Mrs. Mavis Bliss, Mrs.
LaFountaine, Bernice Lowrie, Mrs. Margaret Hamp, E. R. Miller, Esther
R. C. Lyman, Mrs. T. S. Makovsky, Nerlund, Mrs. A. J. Olson, Ella Pad-
Mrs. A. P. McDow, Elinor Prusia, dock, Nanna Thorodds.
Eleanor Rue, Mrs. Ora Smith, Mrs.
Harry Thorpe, Mrs. Bertha Towler, Bible Instructors:
Louise Kae Unruh, Rosemary Wink- Mrs. Sine C. Hansen, Mrs. C. H. Jep-
ler. son, Mrs. L. Johnson, Clara Silver.
Legal Association: "Upper Columbia Church School Teachers:
Mission Society of Seventh-day Ad-
ventists." Mrs. Eunice Bartholomew, Mrs. Her-
bert Braun, Mrs. M. G. Dealy, Carroll
Denning, Mrs. L. Q. Dickerson, Mrs.
WASHINGTON CONFERENCE Marie Dopp, Mrs. T. R. Haley, Ar-
Organized 1902 delle Hilde, Mrs. A. I. Lagreide, Wil-
liam Lowe, Mrs. William Lowe, Mrs.
Territory: All of the State of Washing- Elmer Lewis, Bernon Meier, Mrs.
ton west of the Cascade Mountains, Demon Meier, Williard Meier, Ella
except the Counties of Clarke, Ska- Middleton, Mrs. E. R. Miller, Mrs.
mania, Cowlitz, and Wahkiakum, and Mary Miller.
the south tip of Pacific County. Mrs. Virginia Mitchell, M. M. Mohr,
Population: 1,113,650; churches, 63; Harvey Neil, Mrs. Vivian Nixon,
members, 5,206. Donna Parrish, Mrs. Stephanie Ren-
Office: 3144 Eastlake Ave., Seattle 2, nings, Dan Schwartz, Mrs. Geneva
Wash. (Telephone, Capitol 7800.) Smith, Glenn Stewart, Dorothy Ti-
ninenko, Mrs. E. K. VandeVere, Mrs.
Officers: Emma Waybright, Ellen Wenger,
President, Don H. Spillman. (Tel., Viola Wenger, Mrs. Lillian White,
Hemlock 0226.) Mrs. Roy 0. Yeatts.
Secretary-Treasurer, M. G. Dealy. Legal Association: "Western Washing-
(Tel., Alder 2776.) ton Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Executive Committee: Don H. Spill- ventists."
man, M. G. Dealy, A. E. Green, L.
W. Hallsted, C. C. Kott, Philip Nel-
Departmental Secretaries: CIFIC UNION CONFERENCE
Book and Bible House, C. S. Johnson. Educational :
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. L. Auburn Academy, Route 1, Auburn,
Schoepiiin. Wash.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Columbia Academy, Route 2, Battle
C. C. Kott. Ground, Wash.
Medical, Philip Nelson. Gem State Academy, Box 691, Cald-
Publishing, J. F. Hamel ; Assistant, well, Idaho.
C. L. Thompson. Laurelwood Academy, Route 2, Gas-
Religious Liberty, Don H. Spillman. ton, Oreg.
Ordained Ministers: Mount Ellis Academy, Route 4, Boze-
man, Mont.
S. A. Broberg, E. E. Duncan, A. J. Portland Union Academy, 4837 N. E.
Gordon, L. W. Hallsted, H. A. Fish, Couch St., Portland, Oreg.
K. Inoue, C. S. Johnson, Robert Kitto, Rogue River Academy, Route 1, Box
C. C. Kott, L. E. Lyman, R. S. 182, Medford, Oreg.
Michel, M. M. Mohr, J. M. Nerness,
E. M. Oberg, D. L. Olsen, A. J. Olson, Walla Walla College, College Place,
F. H. Parrish, C. A. Purdom, A. J. Wash.
Reisig, E. N. Sargent, W. L. Schoep- Walla Walla College Academy, Col-
flin, Don H. Spillman. lege Place, Wash.
Yakima Valley Academy, Granger,
Licensed Ministers: Wash.
R. E. Adams, G. W. Casebeer, M. G. Publishing:
Dealy, J. F. Hamel, J. C. Hansen,
V. R. Jewett, G. R. Knudsen, William Northwest Branch of the Pacific Press
Lowe, J. G. Mehling, Donovan Oswald, Pub. Assn., 2101 N. E. Flanders St.,
Arthur Patzer, F. B. Phillips, C. L. Portland 15, Oreg.
Thompson, E. K. VandeVere, C. L. Sanitariums:
Witzel, G. J. Ziegler.
Portland Sanitarium, S. E. 60th and
Credentialed Missionaries: Belmont Sts., Portland 15, Oreg.
H. E. Mitzelfelt, H. W. Schwartz, Walla Walla Sanitarium, 933 Bon-
Vernon Winn. sella, Walla Walla, Wash.
Organized 1901

Territory: The States of Arizona, Cali- Bauer, Arthur L. Bietz, R. R. Breiti-

fornia, Nevada, and Utah, and the gam, C. C. Cantwell, L. L. Caviness,
Hawaiian Islands, comprising the H. K. Christman, B. C. Clark, Ray-
Conferences of Arizona, Central Cal- mond F. Cottrell, Louis K. Dickson,
ifornia, Nevada-Utah, Northern Cali- Emanuel Ehlers, E. M. Fishell, J. E.
fornia, Southeastern California, and Fulton, B. F. Gregory, H. A. Hansen,
Southern California, and the Ha- Eric B. Hare, M. M. Hare, F. B. Jen-
waiian Mission. sen, H. J. Klooster, Ernest Lloyd.
H. G. Lucas, A. S. Maxwell, Frank
Population: 8,490,537 ; churches, 314 ; Moran, Merlin L. Neff, A. C. Nelson,
members, 39,864. I. C. Pound, E. Torsi Seat, 0. R.
Cable Address: Adventist, Glendale, Staines, George B. Taylor, A. W. Tru-
Calif. man, H. W. Vollmer, William G.
Wirth, G. F. Wolfkill, K. H. Wood,
Office: 1531 E. Wilson Ave., Glendale 6, I. J. Woodman, F. A. Wyman.
Calif. (Telephones, Chapman 5-1047 Honorary: P. P. Adams, W. L. Ad-
and Citrus 1-5174.) ams, R. W. Airy, J. W. Allison, E. E.
Postal Address: Box 146, Glendale 5, Backus, W. C. Baldwin, J. W. Beams,
0. 0. Bernstein, W. L. Bird, P. B.
Calif. Bontemps, W. H. Bradley, E. Burt
Officers: Bray, E. A. Bristol, B. W. Brown,
President, Louis K. Dickson. Eugene A. Brown, R. J. Bryant, W.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. L. Bauer. D. Burden, L. J. Burgess, J. M.
Auditor, James Howarth ; Associate, Campbell, C. H. Castle, J. A. Chaney,
A. R. Smith. A. G. Christiansen, Alexis Clement,
Transportation Agents, H. G. Childs R. B. Coberly, Arthur Currow, E. C.
and C. L. Bauer. Cushman.
Executive Committee: L. K. Dickson, H. H. Dexter, I. P. Dillon, 0. 0.
W. M. Adams, C. E. Andross, F. G. Farnsworth, D. P. Gaede, P. J. Gaede,
Ashbaugh, Alonzo. L. Baker, C. L. E. E. Gardner, W. A. George, L. A.
Bauer, Lloyd E. Biggs, R. R. Breit- Gibson, A. C. Gilbert, B. M. Grandy,
igam, George T. Chapman, E. M. J. A. P. Green, W. R. Hansen, J. F.
Fishell, J. E. Fulton, Erie B. Hare, Harder, E. G. Hayes, E. P. Howard,
William J. Harris, James Howarth, B. L. Howe, Daniel Isaac, John
H. J. Klooster, H. G. Lucas, W. E. Isaac, C. C. Jensen, Adolph Johnson,
Macpherson, A. C. Nelson, W. A. E. R. Johnson, C. C. Kellar, Otis M.
Nelson, W. B. Ochs, N. C. Petersen, Kittle, C. E. Knight, 0. B. Kuhn, C.
F. L. Peterson, E. L. Place, L. R. J. Kunkel, T. M. Langberg, N. W.
Rasmussen, A. R. Stadin, A. W. Tru- Lawrence, J. A. Leland, J. D. Lo-
man, H. W. Vollmer, David Voth, renz, W. P. McLennan.
I. J. Woodman. C. A. Meleen, A. A. Meyers, H. J.
Departmental Secretaries: Meyer, W. W. Miller, Arthur Moun-
Educational, A. C. Nelson ; Associate, tain, A. G. Nelson, Andrew Nelson,
H. G. Lucas. R. J. Nethery, H. C. Olmstead, A. J.
Home Missionary, Radio, and Sabbath Osborne, M. Ostoich, F. M. Owen,
School, _R. R. Breitigam. F. W. Paap, H. Pannkoke, H. B.
Medical, H. W. Vollmer. Parker, R. W. Parmele, D. A. Par-
Publishing, E. M. Fishell; Associate, sons, L. F. Passebois, J. R. Patter-
A. G. Sutton. son, V. E. Peugh, N. W. Phillips, G.
Religious Liberty and Temperance, McCready Price, G. W. Reaser.
Alonzo L. Baker; Associate, W. M. C. E. Rentfro, C. H. Rittenhouse,
Adams. P. G. Rodgers, C. N. Sanders, J. W.
Y. P. M. V., Eric Hare ; Associate Shafer, Melzar Shepard, C. H. Skin-
Y. P. M. V. and Regional Secre- ner, E. K. Slade, George A. Stevens,
tary for Army Camps, F. G. As- J. B. Stuyvesant, W. A. Sweany, H.
baugh. F. Taylor, H. G. Thurston, W. J.
Bureau of Visual . Education, E. Toral Venen, W. H. Wakeham, N. J. Wal-
Seat; Associate, Byron E. DeBolt. dorf, H. A. Washburn, G. A. Wheeler,
Public Relations, Harry G. Willis. L. A. Wilcox, C. D. M. Williams.
Colored, F. L. Peterson.
Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: A. D. Butterfield, George T. Chap-
R. P. Abel, W. M. Adams, F. G. man, Percy W. Christian, H. W.
Ashbaugh, Alonzo .L. Baker, C. L. Clark, W. B. Clark, D. A. Cone, R. H.

Duncan, N. G. Evans, E. W. Everest, Departmental Secretaries:

R. E. Hoen, James Howarth, Oscar Book and Bible House, J. 0. Hanson
H. Lee, B. 0. Maxson, A. Graham Educational and Y. P. M. V., A. J.
Maxwell, H. R. Miller, George B. Nel- Werner.
son, J. M. Peterson, R. B. Prout, C. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
A. Pyle, J. Wesley Rhodes, J. M. A. H. Field.
Rowse, A. R. Smith, J. Paul Stauffer, Publishing, C. L. Wilber.
A. G. Sutton, H. B. Thomas, C. E. Religious Liberty, C. E. Andross.
Ordained Ministers:
Honorary: L. J. Black, 0. J. Graf,
E. L. Lutz, C. C. Mattison, I. T. Rey- C. E. Andross, M. B. Butterfield, A.
nolds. H. Field, Orno Follett, W. R. French,
J. F. Games, W. C. Hankins, Stewart
Credentialed Missionaries: Kime, W. F. Miller, E. W. Storing,
J. A. Audiss, Lloyd E. Bauer, G. H. J. F. Street, L. D. Weber.
Curtis, Otis A. Hudson, G. S. Luther, Honorary: E. von Pohle.
W. E. Macpherson, 0. B. Pratt, L. V. Licensed Ministers:
Roberson, R. P. Rowe, A. A. Spren-
gel. S. E. Andress, 0. D. Hancock, J. 0.
Hanson, Laurence W. Payne, A. J.
Licensed Missionaries: Purdey, Robert Rieger, Marvin L.
Alma Ambs, D. A. Courville, Otis G. Sanford, Varvin Walter, A. J. Wer-
Erich, Warren P. Henderson, Jr., ner, C. L. Wilber.
Myrna C. Lee, Mary McReynolds,
Reginald Meikle, Ralph Michaelson, Licensed Missionaries:
Marjorie R. Miller, A. A. Monteith, Delight Clapp, Ella Mae Dyer, Ottalie
Alvin G. Munson, Mrs. Eura Porter, Frank, B. E. Schaffner, Robert
Mrs. Thelma Reed, Mrs. T. S. White- Young.
lock, Mrs. Margaret Williamson, Mu-
rial Wichman, H. A. Young. Bible Instructor: Mrs. Dorothy Evans.
Honorary: Rose E. Boose, S. P. S. Church School Teachers:
Edwards, Ellen B. Fattebert, Mrs. M. Mrs. Mary Benton, G. B. Boswell,
E. Hoyt, Mrs. Ella E. Hughes, Mrs. Mrs. Emmalyn Collins, Mrs. Wini-
J. L. Kay, Stella B. Lowry, Alma E. fred Early, Mary Gregorson, Jewel
McKibben, Mrs. Jessie F. Moser, Her- Meador, Mrs. Margaret Putnam, Mrs.
bert L. Rawson, Bert Rhoads, Mrs. Bessie Ratzlaff, Mrs. B. E. Schaffner,
Alice H. Robinson, D. K. Royer, Lou- George Smith.
ise C. Scholz, Margaret Warnock,
Mrs. Luther Warren. Legal Association: "Arizona Confer-
ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Legal Association: "Pacific Union Asso- ventists."
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Board of Directors: C. L. Bauer,
G. T. Chapman, H. G. Childs, L. K.
Dickson, James Howarth, A. C. Nel- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA CON-
son, David Voth. FERENCE
Organized 1932
Territory: The following-named coun-
ARIZONA CONFERENCE ties in the State of California: San
Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz,
Reorganized March 1, 1936 Santa Clara, Stanislaus, Alpine, Tuol-
Territory: State of Arizona. umne, Merced, Mariposa, Madera, San
Benito, Monterey, Fresno, Kings, Tu-
Population: 499,261; churches, 19; lare, San Luis Obispo, Kern (north of
members, 1,428. Tehachapi Mountains), Santa Barbara
west of 120th meridian.
Office: 1230 N. First St., Phoenix, Ariz.
(Telephone, 3-8112.) Population: 1,712,413 ; churches, 82 ;
members, 8,228.
Postal Address: Box 1871, Phoenix,
Ariz. Office: 436 N. Third St., San Jose,
President, C. E. Andross. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 580, San
Secretary-Treasurer, J. 0. Hanson Jose 4, Calif. (Telephones, Columbia
5166, 5167.)
Executive Committee: C. E. Andross,
A. H. Field, W. R. French, W. C. Officers:
Hankins, J. 0. Hanson,- L. O. Oden, President, W. A. Nelson.
A. J. Werner. Secretary-Treasurer, Scott Donaldson.

Executive Committee: W. A. Nelson, son, Mrs. Helen M. Jarvais, Mrs. Bes-

W. L. Avery, R. C. Baker, Scott Don- sie MaeMillian, Mrs. Anna Schick.
aldson, R. J. Larson, R. A. Smith-
wick, G. R. West, I. J. Woodman. Church School Teachers:
Roselyn Berg, Mrs. Mary Bishop,
Departmental Secretaries: Delmer Bond, Mrs. Bernice Bufano,
Book and Bible House, W. F. Van Rhea Bradley, Geneva Brookshire,
Atta. Mrs. Olive Christopher, Irene Crocker,
Educational, W. L. Avery. Marilyn Dennis, Arlie Dillon, Paul
Home Missionary, Walter Lind. Felker, Theophil Fischer, Zelda For-
Publishing, C. L. Finney ; Assistants, rester, Mrs. Vesta L. Friend, Mrs.
A. F. Layman, C. C. Stoner. Elizabeth Gehring, Dorothy Gray, Jay
Religious Liberty, W. A. Nelson. Hamilton, Gerald A. Hahn, Grace
Sabbath School and Medical, Agnes Harvey, Mrs. Ethel Hesseltine.
Kezer. Oren W. Hewitt, Stanley Hiten,
Y. P. M. V., Glenn Fillman. Mrs. Elmer Johnson, Gerald Johnson,
Mrs. Roberta Knight, Mrs. Eulalie
Ordained Ministers: Koehler, Elbertine Laird, Mrs. Ethel
Lobsien, Bessie M. Loper, Mrs. Eliza-
E, H. Adams, E. G. Annofsky, W. L. beth Lust, Gladys Martin, Velma
Avery, R. C. Baker, C. Bufano, Philip Marxmiller, J. J. Paulson, Mrs. J. J.
Chiodo, Z. H. Coberly C. F. Cole, Paulson, Edith Peterson, Mrs. Ber-
Charles S. Cooper, J. E. Cox, Donald nice Prout Raley, Glenn Rogers, Mrs.
Darst, Scott Donaldson, S. J. Dem- Glenn Rogers, Gladys Rosser.
chuk, Glenn Fillman, C. F. Lickey, Florence Sackett, Helen Sanders,
A. C. Lien, Walter Lind. Soletha Smith, Jean Stevens, Hazel
C. L. Lingenfelter, V. J. Maloney, Striplin, Mrs. Lelah Taylor, Mrs.
S. 0. Martin, L. S. Melendy, N. P. Myrtle E. Ulrey, Grace Van Hook,
Neilson, W. A. Nelson, H. F. Neu- Walter Werth, Mrs. Walter Werth,
mann, C. S. Nicolas, K. Nozaki, V. E. Iola Wella, Inez Williams, C. K. Wil-
Peugh, C. S. Prout, William M. Ru- son, Mrs. C. K. Wilson.
minson, R. A. Smithwick, C. M. Sor-
renson, A. F. Wellman, G. R. West, Legal Association: "Central California
H. B. Westcott. Conference Association of the Sev-
enth-day Adventists, a Corporation."
Honorary : C. H. Baker, L. I. Bowers,
G. A. Martin, W. B. Miramontes,
Isaac Schneider, Archie Tong. HAWAIIAN MISSION
Licensed Ministers: Entered 1895
Richard E. Berry, 'Stephen -Chang, Territory: The Hawaiian Islands.
Ceeli Chrisman, C. L. Finney, Elman
Folkenberg, Ira D. Follett, Warren Population: 423,332; churches, 12 ;
Gordon, Stanley Hiten, R. J. Larson, members, 1,082.
Benny Mathews, A. W. Millard, Ken- Cable Address: "Adventist," Honolulu.
neth Moore, Leslie Morrill, Ernest E. Office Address: 1112 Keeaumoku St.,
Perry, W. F. Storz, Ordell R. Rees, Honolulu 46, T. H. (Telephone,
W. J. Siegenthaler, Francis Soper, 91979.)
W. F. Van Atte.
Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries:
Superintendent, W. J. Harris.
Mrs. Alta Baker, Vernon Bliss, Rob- Secretary-Treasurer, J. 0. Emmerson.
ert E. Cortner, Millicent Hale, Agnes
D. Kezer, Mrs. Walter Lind, Adam F. Advisory Committee: W. J. Harris,
Lyman, Mrs. Eva B. Nelson, L. H. J. 0. Emmerson, Geo. Ching, S. Mi-
Netteburg, Mrs. K. Nozaki, Mrs. Ha- yake, G. H. Miranda, A. Munson, F.
zel Roth, Clifford Rouse, Mrs. Cath- E. Rice, E. R. Walde.
eryn Smithwick, C. C. Stoner, Mrs. Departmental Secretaries:
Lulu P. Wilcox. Book and Bible House and Sabbath
Bible Instructors: School, J. 0. Emmerson.
Mrs. Julia Benavides, Helen Clark, Educational, F. E. Rice.
Mrs. Mary E. Clark, Mrs. Estal Dres- Home Missionary and Religious Lib-
sel, Celia Green, Katherine B. Hale, erty,
Harriet B. Holloway, Maxine Ko- Publishing and Y. P. M. V., H. L.
chenderfer, Esther Logan, Mrs. Tuttle.
Thryza Nelson, Mrs. Della Richard- Ordained Ministers:
son, Lorraine Stevens, Marian War- L. T. Heaton, J. D. Marshall, R. J.
rington, Mrs. G. R. West. McKeague, Shohei Miyake, Albert
Honorary: Mrs. Jane Baldwin, Mrs. Munson, F._E. Rice, G. E. Taylor, E.
Florence Collier, Mrs. L. L. Hutchin- R. Walde.

Licensed Ministers: Officers:

V. Aladen, E. M. Chambers, J. 0. President, N. C. Petersen.
Emmerson, C. W. P. Hansen, S. Mor- Secretary-Treasurer, E. A. Schmidt.
ikone, G. M. MacLafferty, George W. Executive Committee: N. C. Petersen,
Munson, Robert Nomi, Hideo Oshita, Amos Hansen, S. M. Jefferson, E. A.
H. L. Tuttle. Schmidt, H. W. Tamka, C. M. Smith,
Licensed Missionaries: B. J. White.
Geneva Ackerman, Mrs. John Alapa, Departmental Secretaries:
Mrs. E. M. Chalmers, Helen Eji, Mrs. Book and Bible' House, Temperance,
J. 0. Emmerson, Richard Gima, Mrs. and Radio, E. A. Schmidt.
R. S. Gima, Mrs. C. W. P. Hansen, Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab-
Mrs. L. T. Heaton, Donald Hemphill, bath School, D. E. Jacobs.
Mrs. Donald Hemphill, J. H. Horn- Home Missionary and Religious Lib-
ing, Mrs. J. H. Horning, W. W. Ken- erty, N. C. Petersen.
nedy, Mrs. W. W. Kennedy, Mrs. L. Publishing, W. P. Henderson.
Y. Lau, Herbert Liu, Mrs. G. M. Mac-
Lafferty. Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. J. D. Marshall, Mrs. S. Mi- W. M. Adams, Jr., W. P. Barto, S. M.
yake, Mrs. S. Morikone, Mrs. A. Mun- Jefferson, N. C. Petersen, F. H.
son, Mrs. George W. Munson, Mrs. H. Rahm, B. J. White.
Oshita, Mrs. F. E. Rice, Nellie Roser,
Hatsumi, Sakai, Mrs. G. E. Taylor, Licensed Ministers:
Thyra Thompson, Mrs. H. L. Tuttle, Robert Calkins, R. M. Gardner, W. P.
Irene Wakeham, J. H. Whitney, Mrs. Henderson, Andrew E. Higgins, D. E.
J. H. Whitney, Audra Wood, Marce- Jacobs, Don R. Loutzenhiser, Jack
dene Wood. W. Provonsha, Richard A. Rentfro,
E. A. Schmidt, David F. Smith.
Bible Instructors:
John Alapa, Regino Cachola, Anne Licensed Missionaries:
Caton. Marylouise Lorenz, Doretta Meyer,
Church School Teachers: Lovena Taylor.
Alice Boyd, Bong Hee Choy, Mary Bible Instructors:
Ellquist, Harold Huey, Mrs. Harold
Huey, Evelyn Isaac, Anna Jensen, Mrs. Mabel E. Monks, Mrs. F. H.
Sumiko Kono, Amy Nakamoto, Nellie Rahm.
Odell, Emma Ramstead, Betty Riley, Church School Teachers:
Mildred Shannon, Mable Taylor, Bev-
erley Teghtmeyer, Jean Tuttle. Robert Calkins, R. M. Gardner, Mrs.
R. 34. Gardner, Mrs. Alice Goodrich,
Legal Association: "Hawaiian Associa- Andrew E. Higgins, Mrs. Winnie
tion of Seventh-day Adventists." Peek.
Legal Association: "Nevada-Utah Asso-
NEVADA-UTAH CONFERENCE ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Organized 1931
Territory: The States of Nevada and NORTHERN -CALIFORNIA
Utah, and that part of the State of CONFERENCE
California which lies along and east
of Highway 89, beginning at the Organized 1911
junction of that highway with High- Territory: The following-named coun-
way 60 south of Lake Tahoe and ties in the State of California: Modoc,
continuing northward along Highway Siskiyou, Del Norte, Humboldt, Trin-
89 to the junction of that highway ity, Mendocino, Shasta, Lassen, Te-
with Highway 36 west of Lake Alma- hams, Glenn, Plumes, Butte, Sierra,
nor, and along and south of Highway Lake, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Nevada,
36 eastward to the junction of that Eldorado, Placer, Sonoma, Marin,
highway with Highway 895, continu- Napa, Yolo, Amador, Calaveras, Sac-
ing eastward along Highway 395 and ramento, San Joaquin, Contra Costa,
an unnumbered roadway to the Cali- Alameda, Solano, with the exception
fornia-Nevada line. of that small portion of these coun-
Population: 675,970 ; churches, 17 ; ties along and east of Highway 89,
members, 791. beginning at the junction of that
highway with Highway 50, south of
Office Address: 1852 S. Eighth East, Lake Tahoe and continuing north-
Salt Lake City 5, Utah. (Telephone, ward along Highway 89 to the junc-
6-2747.) tion of that highway with Highway
Postal Address: Box 139, Sugarhouse 36 west of Lake Almanor and along
Station, Salt Lake City 5, Utah. and south of Highway 36 eastward

- to the junction of that highway with Credentialed Missionaries:

Highway 395, continuing eastward Eva Beeler, George H. Carter, Wes-
along Highway 395 and an unnum- ley Crane, Giles L. Cooper, Ernest
bered roadway to the California- Forbes, Dale Hamilton, Robert L.
Nevada line. Johnson, L. C. Metcalfe, P. E. Night-
Population: 1,507,701; churches, 75 ; ingale, F. T. Oakes, E. L. Place, J.
members, 9,174. C. Turner, W. W. West.
Office: 1811 Eleventh Ave., Oakland, Licensed Missionaries:
Calif. (Phone, KEllog 4-1710.) Betty Andrews, Marie Clark, Rose
Postal Address: Box 149, Oakland 4, Nell Garvin, Amelia Hand, Belva
Calif. Johnson, Ella McBroom, Norma Nil-
Officers: sen, Evelyn Osborn, Dorothy Reichard,
Doris Rodgers, Lydia Schander, Doris
President, W. B. Ochs. Lee Smith, Louise Thomson, Eva
Secretary-Treasurer, F. T. Oakes. Workman.
Executive Committee: W. B. Ochs, Bible Instructors:
M.- R. Bailey, F. 0. Fowler, D. A.
Neufeld, F. T. Oakes, E. L. Place, Soverine Anderson, Mary Ellen Cass,
J. C. Rasmussen, B. A. Reile, W. W. Mary Hartwell, Florence Kimmel,
Ruble. Veva Knox, Mrs. Nan MacKenzie,
Mrs. Lula M. Maycock, Mrs. Theresa
Departmental Secretaries: Panella, Stella Petersen, Mrs. Mae
Book and Bible House, W. W. West. Van Horne.
Educational and Temperance, H. M. Church School Teachers:
Home Missionary, H. M. Burwell. Evelyn Anderson, Charles Ary, Mrs.
Medical, Eva L Beeler. Charles Ary, James Attarian, Mrs. C.
Radio, J. W. Rich. L. Avery, R. P. Axtell, Florence
Publishing, George H. Carter. Birge, Faye Brown, Lena Butler,
Religious Liberty, W. B. Ochs. Mrs. R. W. Carter, Roy Clint, Mrs.
Sabbath School, J. A. Neilsen. Roy Clint, Joyce Cott, Winnifred
Y. P. M. V. and Counsellor on War Craig, Mrs. Lydia Davey, Antonia
Service Problems, B. W. Mattison. Dezkovsky, Lola Dickson, Jessie Dil-
lon, June Ehrler.
Ordained Ministers: Lettie Fiman, R. F. Fisher, A. 0.
G. K. Abbott, W. B. Ammundsen, C. Forbes, Mrs. A. 0. Forbes, Marguer-
E. AcMoody, M. R. Bailey, E. E. Bed- ite Fox, Faith Fullerton, Myrtle Gal-
doe, A. V. Bentz, S. T. Borg, H. M. ilon, William Gibson, Edna Harness,
Burwell, Paul 0. Campbell, F. 0. Myrtle Hartwick, Muriel Harlow, Ber-
Fowler, Claude Hall, 0. A. Hall, J. nice Hanson, Leeta Hemme, Mrs.- El-
D. Hardt, C. W. Hartwick, E. F. mer Howland, Martha Harlin, Eva
Heim, Waldo Hesseltine, W. L. Hyatt, Mae Hughes, Mildred Jones, Kathleen
Seikichi Imai, T. H. Jemison, F. H. Kachuck, Evelyn Karr, Cornelia Land-
Jenkins, George H. Loewen, M. A. strom Veda Layton.
Maloney, B. W. Mattison, H. E. Mc- Velma Lotz, Lila Marshall, Norman
Whinney. Neilsen, Mrs. E. A. Nixon, Evelyn
J. A. Neilsen, A. E. Nelson, W. B. Oherti, Vera Palmer, Erma Potter-
Ochs, F. L. Perry, E. F. Peterson, ton, Janie Price, Merrill C. Reese,
Joseph Phillips, B. A. Reile, H. A. Dorothy Roach, Mrs. Empress Sam-
Rentfro, J. W. Rich, W. W. Ruble, son, H. W. Sauer, Mrs. H. W. Sauer,
A. 0. Sage, Paul Scoggins, 0. H. Ethel Short, I. F. Stahl, Ruth Terrill,
Shrewsbury, F. A. Stahl, A. F. Storz, Dorothy Thompson, Grace Tolton, D.
T. L. Thuemler, J. L. Tucker, L. E. L. Van Lanen, Mrs. LeVaughn Wal-
Tupper, J. E. Young, T. D. Zaharis. ters, Ann Wertz, Mrs. Howard Wood-
Honorary: B. L. Diffenbacher, C. C. all, Mae Woodcock.
Landis, V. B. Watts. Legal Association: "Northern California
Licensed Ministers: Conference Association of the Sev-
enth-day Adventists," a corporation.
Carl Anderson, S. Arrabito, Reuben
Biloff, W. B. Bristow, Vernon Braa-
ten, Marvin L. Falconer,. Herbert SOUTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA
Greer, Shelby Harris, Robert Hallock, CONFERENCE
G. Merle Hoffman, DeVer Laursen, Reorganized 1932
Gilbert McConnell, Robert C.McPher-
son, Winston, McHenry, D. A. Neufehi, Territory: The following-named coun-
Robert Olson, Carol F. Phillips, 0. S. ties in the State of California: San
Plue, Willfred Rathbun, Fernon Ret- Diego, Orange, Imperial, Riverside,
zer, Helmuth Retzer; Clyde Sage, San Bernardino.
Donald Sather, Robert Thompson, T. Population: 746,480 ; churches, 48 ; mem-
R. Waterhouse, W. Wilkinson. bers, 7,346,

Office: 9707 Magnolia Ave., Arlington, Edna Farnsworth, Frank Ford, Oma
Calif. (Telephone, 9012.) Gentry, Betty Greable, R. H. Hervig,
Postal Address: Box 584, Arlington, Mabel Jensen, W. G. Lawson, Ruth
Calif. Lehman, M. C. Lysinger, C. L. Mar-
tin, Mrs. Delpha Miller, Mrs. Hazel
Officers: E. Morey.
President, Lloyd E. Biggs. (Telephone, Henry Norton, Mrs. Olive Palmer,
Riverside 6672.) Otto Racker, Dorothy Roberson, F. E.
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles J. Na- Romant, Mrs. Mabel Curtis Romant,
gele. (Telephone, Riverside 6698.) Fred Samson, Mrs. Grace Samson,
Executive Committee: L. E. Biggs, Twila Schooley, Doris Smith, A. L.
T. E. Bartholomew, M. B. Graybill, Toews, Pauline Underwood, Elwood
Otis Hudson, V. J. Johns, M. C. Ly- Van Noty, Velma Wallace, Edwin C.
singer, G. R. E. McNay, Charles J. Walter, Mrs. Kathryn Colhower
Nagele, J. C. Nixon, L. R. Rasmus- Wood.
sen, S. A. Smith. Bible Instructors:
Departmental Secretaries: Vivian Crosslan, Mary Della Johnson,
Book and Bible House, Henry Norton. Marjorie Miller, Mrs. Edith Sawyer,
Educational, W. 0. Baldwin. Mrs. E. B. Stoddard, Justine Reed,
Home Missionary, Medical, and Ra- Carrie B. Tichenor, Ernestine Vol-
dio, Warren Wittenberg. kers, Mrs. Madge Williams.
Publishing, A. E. Van Noty. Honorary: M. Bertha Davis.
Religious Liberty, Lloyd E. Biggs.
Sabbath School and Counsellor on Church School Teachers:
War Service Problems, J. C. Nixon. Genevieve Andres, Clarence Appleton,
Y. P. M. V. and Temperance, J. R. Mrs. Mabel Behrens, Mrs. Glen Byers,
Nelson. Mrs. W. D. Carlin, W. B. Clawson,
Ordained Ministers: Mrs. Margaret Crane, Mrs. Muriel
Cutting, Jean Dalgleish, Mrs. Mabel
F. L. Abbott, L. R. Anderson, Na- Emley, John Ewing, Lawrence Fer-
thaniel Banks, Lloyd E. Biggs, W. 0. guson, Mrs. Margaret Fye.
Baldwin, A. D. Bohn, Dennis T. Robert Gale, Mrs. Robert Gale, Mrs.
Black, I. M. Burke, T. L. Copeland, Mary Groome, Lloyd Gibson, Mrs.
D. E. Dirksen, Glenn L. Goffar, J. C. Ethel Haley, Williamae Hawkins,
Haussler, Claude Heitman, Edward Winifred Howard, Alyda Jarrett,
Heppenstall, P. C. Heubach, A. B. Anna Johnston, Mrs. Doris Kannen-
Huenergardt, Varner J. Johns, C. T. berg, Myra Kite, Walter Knittle, Al-
Johnson, F. W. Johnson, R. H. Ke- lene Lancaster, Elizabeth Larson,
zer, E. J. Lorentz. Maria Lucas, Mrs. Rilla Manning.
G. R. E. McNay, J. R. Nelson, L. E. Mrs. Marguerite Maxam, Myrtle
Niermeyer, J. C. Nixon, H. A. Peck- Maxwell, Ruby Dell McGee, Earl
ham, J. F. Piper, L. R. Rasmussen, Meyer, Alma Nephew, Mildred Ostich,
F. F. Schwindt, J. T. Thompson, A. Mrs. Kenneth Perry, Malinda Roden-
E. Van Noty, W. W. White, Warren berg, Frances Ross, Mrs. Allen Sack-
Wittenberg. ett, Edward Scott, Mrs. Hazel Shafer,
Honorary: L. J. Borrowdale, D. R. Ruth Shafer, Robert Shepherd, Mrs.
White. Robert Shepherd, Bernice Squier, Mrs.
Licensed Ministers: Lucile Thrasher, Mrs. Lola Willard.
Harlyn Abel, Milton Adams, Wilfred Legal Associations: "Southeastern Cali-
J. Airy, William V. Albee, K. F. fornia Association of Seventh-day Ad-
Ambs, W. E. Anderson, Gabriel Arre- ventists ;" "Seventh-day Adventists
gui, Charles Betz, Glenn Bowen, J. Association of Southeastern Califor-
Norvell Brown, L. C. Caviness, J. N. nia, a Corporation Sole."
Clapp, Walter Crandall, L. E. Downs,
John Hancock, P. E. Lemrick, Vern
Mallernee, J. G. McIntyre, Floyd L. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CON-
Charles J. Nagele, C. E. Nelson, Organized 1901
Louis C. Palmer, N. L. Parker, K. J.
Reynolds, William C. Risley, Allen Territory: The following counties in the
Sackett, A. V. Serra, A. R. Stadin, State of California: Los Angeles,
J. E. Van Divier, Leonard Venden, Ventura, Inyo, Mono, that part of
E. A. Wagner. Kern County lying south and east of
the Tehachapi Mountains, and all
Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries: that part of Santa Barbara County
Margarete Ambs, Mabel Andre, Max- lying to the east and south of a line
ine Atterberry, R. W. Bickett, Doris beginning at the intersection of the
Carleen, Willeta Carlesen, L. H. Cush- 120th meridian with the north bound-
man, Elmer Digneo, John Ewing, ary line of said Santa Barbara County,

thence south on the said 120th merid- Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries:
ian to the summit of the No Joqui
Grade ; thence following the No Gertie Lee Alexander, Mrs. Helen
Joqui Grade in a southwesterly direc- Austin, Vivian L. Birden, Viola Bor-
tion to the Pacific Ocean. chart, D. G. Bower, Alberta Butler,
Myrtle A. Camp, Helen Cooper, J. W.
Population: 2,925,380; churches, 61 ; Craig, Charles Dickerson, Raymond
members, 11,815. A. Fischer, Jennie L. Ireland, Opal
Johnson, Mrs. Myrtie C. Lewis, Vi-
Office: 3131 Pasadena Ave., Los Angeles vian Luce.
31, Calif. (Telephone, Capitol 6136.) Flaval McEachern, Pauline Messer-
Postal Address: Station A, Box 148, smith, John Nahorney, Gerald G.
Los Angeles 31, Calif. Neff, J. J. Paulson, Carl Petterson,
J. Truman Reed, W. C. Saunders,
Officers: Mrs. Margaret Shaw, Else Inger Sor-
President, David Voth. enson, Selma Uhrig, Enola Varney,
Secretary-Treasurer, R. G. Lewis. Ophelia Voth, Ruth West, Paul G.
Executive Committee: David Voth, Whipperman.
A. L. Bietz, R. G. Lewis, L. E. Folk- Bible Instructors:
enberg, W. L. Loveless, F. L. Peter-
son, R. Rodriquez, John Rogers, L. B. Mrs. Irene Anderson, Myrtis Beaman,
Schick, A. H. Johns, H. B. Thomas, Angeline Belyanski, Oleta. Butcher,
W. G. Wirth. Mrs. T. Fullerton, Una Greene, Vi-
enna Hamilton, Mary D. Hopkins,
Departmental Secretaries: Reathel Jenkins, Mrs. Myrtle ' King,
Book and Bible House, Herbert Grif- Mrs. Evelyn Knight, Mrs. Peace B.
fith. Pond, Lillian Santee, Mrs. E. V.
Educational, J. T. Porter. Smith, Mrs. Ella Townsend, Hester
Home Missionary, Temperance, and B. Walsh, Mrs. Esta A. Wyrick.
Radio, A. A. Esteb.
Medical, J. W. McFarland. Church School Teachers:
Publishing, W. L. Miller. Mrs. Helen Albright, Mrs. Rachel Al-
Religious Liberty, L. E. Folkenberg. derson, Olga Almskog, Mrs. Henry
Sabbath School, G. E. Taylor. Baerg, Z. R. Berntson, Gladys Beu-
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Loveless. cler, Mrs. Vivian Bradford, Mrs. Eu-
Ordained Ministers: nice Bridwell, Dovie Brix, Katherine
R. F. Alderson, J. W. Allison, A. D. Mrs. Carrie Brown, Mrs. Edward
Armstrong, H. E. Baasch, A. E. Bruce, Mrs. Barbara Campbell, Mrs.
Barnes, W. E. Barr, Miller Brockett, Effie Carroll, Mrs. Mildred Christen-
R. C. Calderone, Roy F. Cottrell, H. sen, Mrs. Helen Collins, Mrs. R. F.
A. Curran, E. M. Davis. Cook, C. R. Cyphers, J. F. Dent, Mrs.
Wilbur A. Dunn, A. A. Esteb, L. E. J. F. Dent, Elaine Ennis, James Gil-
Folkenberg, Harold L. Graham, C. E. lespie, Ethel Griese, Mrs. Edith Guild,
Grant, G. B. Haining, W. J. Harris, Vione Hendrix, Mrs. Ward Hill.
J. F. Huenergardt, W. R. Jefferson, Mrs. Mattie Hughes, Vada Huling,
A. H. Johns, P. L. Knox. Mrs. Virgil Jackson, Mrs. J. G.
H. Camden Lacey, F. G. Lane, W. Jacques, Rhoda Jefferson, Vera Jones,
C. Loveless, J. W. McComas, W. S. Mrs. Lucille Kimmal, Mrs. J. A.
McCully, F. W. Miller, William L. Land, Mrs. Dorothea Larsen, Mrs. T.
Miller, R. D. Moon, C. C. Morlan, A. McFarland, Mrs. Lucile McKinzie,
Lawrence M. Nelson, Dudley C. New- Mrs. Lillian McNeil, Mrs. Hazel Mer-
bold, F. L. Peterson. kel.
J. T. Porter, W. H. Schacht, L. B. Garland Millet, Mrs. K. H. Minifie,
Schick, D. R. Schierman, H. J. Shel- Alfrieda Mortensen, Emma Neufeld,
don, J. A. Simonson, B. R. Spear, Elizabeth Nickel, Mrs. Gertrude
J. H. N. Tindall, Owen A. Troy, Nunn, Mrs. DeGrove Padgett, Mar-
David Voth, H. L. Wallace, C. R. garet Peters, Mrs. F. L. Peterson,
Webster, B. F. Williams. Mrs. Violet Pierce, Paul Rice, Ralph
Honorary: V. M. Hansen. Robinson, Earl Rollins, Mrs. Flora
Licensed Ministers: Sagaberd.
M. Belle Shryock, Mavis Smith,
Henry Baerg, Walter E. Barber, J. Bernice Soliday, Mrs. Thelma Swayze,
Burnell Currier, W. B. Dart, Henry Doris Tennent, Irene Timothy, Mrs.
de Fluiter, J. F. Dent, B. M. Emer- 0. A. Troy, Mrs. Clara Wessels, Crys-
son, Arthur J. Escobar, Robert tal Wheeling, Mrs. Herbert White.
Greiner, Herbert Griffith.
R. G. Lewis,' Harold Lindsey, Mel- Legal Association: "Southern Califor-
vin Lukens, Ernest E. Lutz, Jr., Les- nia Association of Seventh-day Ad-
ter D. Patterson, John D. Rhodes, ventists ;" Secretary-Treasurer, B. M.
Orval R. Scully, H. Eugene Walker. Emerson.

INSTITUTIONS IN THE PACIFIC Loma Linda Academy, Loma Linda,

Educational: Lynwood Academy, 11081 Locust St.,
Colleges Lynwood, Calif.
Modesto Union Academy, 210 Figaro
College of Medical Evangelists, Loma St., Modesto, Calif.
Linda and Los Angeles, Calif. Mountain View Union Academy,
La Sierra College, La Sierra Station, Mountain View, Calif.
Arlington, Calif. San Diego Union Academy, 8057 G.
Pacific Union College, Angwin, Napa St., San Diego, Calif.
Co., Calif.
Boarding Academies Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Mountain
Arizona Academy, 1325 N. 14th St., View, Calif.
Phoenix, Ariz.
Lodi Academy, Box 640, Lodi, Calif. Sanitariums:
Pacific Union Academy, Angwin, Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital,
Napa Co., Calif. 1509 E. Wilson Ave., Glendale 6,
Calif. (Mail address, Box 871,
Non-Boarding Academies Glendale, Calif.)
Armona Union Academy, Box 216, Loma Linda Sanitarium, Loma Linda,
Armona, Calif. Calif.
Fresno Academy, 841 W. Belmont Paradise Valley Sanitarium, National
Ave., Fresno 1, Calif. City, Calif.
Glendale Union Academy, 700 Kimlin St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanitarium,
Drive, Glendale 6, Calif. Napa Co., Calif.
Golden Gate Academy, 1709 Alcatraz White Memorial Hospital, 812 N.
Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles 33, Calif.
Hawaiian Mission Academy and Ad-
vanced Training School, 1415 Ma- Food Company:
kiki St., Honolulu 4, Hawaii. Loma Linda Food Co., Arlington,
Kern Academy, Shafter, Calif. Calif.


Organized 1932

Territory: The States of Alabama, Departmental Secretaries:

Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missis- Educational, H. B. Lundquist.
sippi, North Carolina, South Caro- Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
lina, and Tennessee, comprising the and Radio, B. M. Preston.
Conferences of Alabama-Mississippi:- Publishing, B. E. Wagner.
Carolina, Florida, Georgia-Cumber- Religious Liberty, Temperance, and
land, and Kentucky-Tennessee. Regional Secretary for Army
Population: 21,270,789 ; churches, 816 ; Camp, M. E. Chapman.
members, 21,036. Y. P. M. V., C. H. Lauda.
Office: 487 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Ordained Ministers:
Decatur, Ga. (Telephone, Dearborn J. F. Ashlock, M. E. Chapman, R. E.
7748.) Crawford, E. F. Hackman, J. M. Hoff-
man, LeRoy Hunter, J. S. James,
Postal Address: Box 449, Decatur, Ga. C. F. Larsen, C. H. Lauda, T. K. Lud-
Officers: gate H. B. Lundquist, R. L. Odom,
B. M. Preston, A. M. Ragsdale, C. A.
President, E. F. Hackman. Russell, G. Lester Stauffer, E. A.
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles 0. Franz. Sutherland, B. E. Wagner, C. E.
Auditor and Transportation Agent, Weaks, J. E. Whelpley, K. A. Wright.
Charles 0. Franz.
Honorary: W. L. Adkins, W. E. Bid-
Executive Committee: E. F. Hack- well, C. E. Boynton, J. F. Brownlee,
man, Ii. J. Capman, M. E. Chapman, C. J. Buhalts, A. J. Clark, G. H.
L M. Evans, L. C. Evans, Charles Clark, V. 0. Cole, .0. B. Crary, H. J.
Franz, C. J. Larsen, 11. B. Lundquist, Doolittle, M. C. Guild, H. C. Hartwell,
C. H. Lauda, T. L. Oswald, B. M. S. G. Haughey, A. E. Hughes.
Preston, F. 0. Sanders, E. A. Suther- J. H. Krum, J. B. Locken, C. F.
land, B. E. Wagner, K. A. Wright. McVagh, J. D. Reavis, W. F. H.

Schroader, C. B. Stephenson, R. E. Credentialed Missionaries:

Stewart, Charles Thompson, Allen N. E. Ashby, L. E. Ford, Ruth Fra-
Walker, H. C. J. Walleker, L. E. zier, Anna Knight, G. J. Millet.
Wellman, W. H. Westermeyer.
Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Ministers:
Mrs. C. Bailey, Mrs. E. I. Cunning-
S. D. Brown, C. C. Cleveland, F. A. ham, Marian Gresham, Mrs. L. E.
Coffin, Charles 0. Franz, C. J. Lar- Johnson, Mrs. T. Johnson, M. Inez
sen, H. F. Lease, D. C. Ludington, Lang, Edna A. Lett, B. T. Turner.
E. C. Waller, Daniel Walther.
Honorary: Mrs. Minnie Sype Atte-
berry, R. M. Carter, C. G. Ortner, ALABAMA-MISSISSIPPI CON-
T. E. Pavey, L. D. Randall, C. L. FERENCE
Stone. Organized 1932
Credentialed Missionaries:
Territory: The States of Alabama and
R. G. Bowen, Mrs. Oliva Dean, Mrs. Mississippi, and the following counties.
Mary Dietel, C. W. Dortch, J. W. in Florida: Escambia, Santa Rosa,
Gepford, W. A. Harvey, G. J. Nelson, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Jack-
J. B. Pierson, W. R. White. son, Okaloosa, Gulf, Bay, and Calhoun.
Licensed Missionaries: Population: 5,232,687 ; churches, 56 ;
Mrs. Olive R. Batson, Theresa Brick- members, 3,330.
man, R. A. Curtis, L. F. Durocher, Office Address: 1703 - 24th Ave., Me-
S. C. Eldridge, Nellie Ferree, W. C. ridian, Miss. (Phone 431.)
Gracey, Dora Greve, Maude Jones, F.
E. Robert, C. A. Williams, Mrs. C. A. Postal Address: Box 1311, Meridian,
Williams. Mississippi.
Honorary: Mrs. G. Henriksen. Officers:
Bible Instructors: President, H. J. Capman.
Honorary: Mrs. M. Balsbaugh, Mary Secretary-Treasurer, R. S. Blackburn.
E. Baxter, Elizabeth McHugh, Ethel Executive Committee: H. J. Capman,
M. Meek, Ruth Orchill, Mrs. Margaret C. J. Ashlock, R. S. Blackburn, J. A.
Smith. Dewald, F. H. Dortch, W. J. Keith,
H. 0. Rogers.
Legal Association:. "Southern Union
Conference Association of Seventh- Departmental Secretaries:
day Adventists." Book and Bible House, C. L. Jacobs.
Colored Department Educational and Y. P. M. V., L. W.
Officers: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
President, E. F. Hackman. V. W. Esquilla.
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles 0. Franz. Publishing, J. T. Welch ; Assistant,
Secretary Colored Dept., H. D. Sin- W. E. Adams, F. L. McKee.
Religious Liberty: Alabama, C. F.
gleton. Graves: Mississippi, J. A. Dewald.
Assistant Educational, Home Mission- Colored Department, H. R. Murphy.
ary, Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V.,
Anna Knight. Ordained Ministers:
Committee: E. F. Hackman, H. J. C. J. Ashlock, H. J. Capman, V. W.
Capman, I. M. Evans, L. C. Evans, Collins, J. A. Dewald, V. W. Esquilla,
W. W. Fordham, Charles 0. Franz, W. D. Fleming, C. F. Graves, F. W.
T. L. Oswald, F. S. Keitts, F. 0. San- Harvey, W. J. Keith, W. L. Mazart,
ders, Anna Knight, H. R. Murphy, J. R. Perkins, L. W. Pettis, W. W.
H. D. Singleton, J. G. Thomas, R. F. Scott..
Warnick. Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: Dallas Barr, C. W. Beach, R. S.
0. B. Edwards, J. L. Moran, C. E. Blackburn, George Carter, H. E.
Moseley, H. D. Singleton, H. D. Dob- Davis, Hoyt Hendershot, C. L. Ja-
bins. cobs, E. L. Marley, F. L. McKee, C.
Honorary: J. A. Bookhart, J. F. Melendy, David Miller, Wesley Moore,
Crichlow, N. J. Grant, N. B. King, C. Petty, L. H. Pitton, Carl Smith,
C. M. Kinney, M. C. Strachen. Robert J. Weaver, J. T. Welch.
Bible Instructors:
Licensed Ministers:
Mrs. M. Buford, Mrs. Rena May
Charles Gray, Samuel Darby. Clark, Margaret Fuller, Jean Meyer,
Honorary: C. B. Holloway. Mrs. J. T. Welch.

Church School Teachers: Departmental Secretaries:

Mildred Baldwin, Dallas Barr, Mrs. Book and Bible House, M. J. Harvey.
Dallas Barr, George Carter, Mrs. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun-
Olive Clark, Minnie Duncan, Ella sellor on War Service Problems, M.
Esau, Mrs. Vesta Harr, Mrs. Paul E. Moore.
Hendershot, Lucille Hoskins, Annie Home Missionary, Radio, Sabbath
Lowe, Wesley Moore, Mrs. Mamie G. School and Temperance, J. 0.
Norrell, Pansy Parker, F. C. Petty, Marsh.
Flora Savelle, Mrs. Alice Mae Shef- Medical, J. A. Oliver.
field, Lillie Belle Slaton, Mrs. Carl Publishing, Sam J. Martz: Assistant,
Smith, Ruth Smith. R. L. Chamberlain.
Religious Liberty, F. 0. Sanders.
Legal Association: "Alabama-Missis-
sippi Conference Association of Sev- Ordained Ministers:
enth-day Adventists." H. R. Beckner, A. L. Dickerson, L.
Colored Department P. Knecht, B. F. Kneeland, J. 0.
Marsh, F. 0. Sanders, W..T. Smith,
Committee: R. S. Blackburn. II. J. R. L. Winders.
Capman, V. Lindsay, H. R. Murphy,
C. S. Myles. Licensed Ministers:
H. T. Anderson, R. L. Chamberlain,
Ordained Ministers: W. Arden Clarke, M. B. El liston,
B. W. Abney, Sr., W. E. Adams, M. J. Harvey, Wallace J. Lighthall,
V. Lindsay, H. R. Murphy. Sam J. Martz, Edmund Peterson, H.
E. Schneider, E. M. Spivey, Stanley
Licensed Ministers: Will.
A. P. McNichols, C. S. Myles, Edgar Credentialed Missionaries:
Mimms, J. N. Richardson, D. B. Si-
mons. A. A. Jasperson, J. A. Oliver.
Bible Instructor: Lucy McDonald. Licensed Missionaries:
Ethel Bates, Maurine Hall, Sallie
Church School Teachers: Walsh, Mildred M. Woods.
B. W. Abney, Jr., Natelkka Burrell,
Seneca Cosgrove, Mrs. Louise E. Bible Instructors:
Davis, Alyce Follette, Alyce Lewis, Mrs. George Brownell, Ruby Caven-
A. P. McNichols, Bernice Pearson, der.
Hortense Price, Alice Thompson, Au- Church School Teachers:
drey Reese Watts.
Mrs. Fred Acuff, Mrs. R. I. Denton,
Lillian Eastman, Mrs. Charlisie Fox,
CAROLINA CONFERENCE Mrs. J. C. Goodner, Jessie Hawman,
Marie Holloway, Mrs. C. B. Howe,
Organized in 1901 and 1907 as the North Mrs. Frank Kohler, Mrs. W. Long-
Carolina and South Carolina Confer- street.
ences; reorganized as Carolina Con- Mrs. Fenton V. Mizzelle, Ruth Pad-
ference in 1918. gett, Mrs. C. A. Sarr, Grace Marie
Schneider, Margarette Smith, Irma
Territory: The States of North Carolina Shaw, Mrs. H. H. Strickland, Mrs.
and South Carolina, excepting Chero- H. A. Wilcox, Eloise Wynn.
kee County, in North Carolina, which
is included in the Georgia-Cumber- Legal Association: "Carolina Confer-
land Conference. ence Association of Seventh-day Ad-
ventists, Incorporated."
Population: 5,452,614; churches, 63 ;
members, 3,385. Colored Department
Office Address: 1936 East Seventh St., Committee: F. 0. Sanders, Matthew
Charlotte, N. C. (Telephone 6951.) Green, F. S. Keitts, H. E. Schneider,
N. B. Smith.
Postal Address: Box 930, Charlotte,
N. C. Ordained Ministers:
Officers: F. S. Keitts, N. B. Smith.
President, F. 0. Sanders. Licensed Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer, H. E. Schneider. Earl Cleveland, W. M. Fordham,
Executive Committee: F. 0. Sanders, Matthew Green, Isaac Johnson, Ernest
H. R. Beckner, 0. U. Giddings, A. A. Rogers.
Jasperson, J. A. Oliver, M. C. Patten,
H. E. Schneider, W. T. Smith, R, L. Bible Instructors:
Winders. Marjorie Brown, Vivian Perry.

Church School Teachers: stein, William Kirstein, L. J. Knight,

Rosetta Baldwin, Mrs. Alberta Dan- R. E. Maxson, Mrs. Edith Quarles,
iels, Mrs. Ceola Hagan Jones, Lillian Maria Saunders; Mrs. Alma Smith,
Nealey, Omar Pettway, Mrs. Lucille J. E. Tompkins, 0. D. Tompkins.
Roger. Honorary: Mrs. Grace Henriksen.
Bible Instructors:
FLORIDA CONFERENCE Mrs. Maude Anderson, Helen Lan-
ham, Doris M. Mathews, Fannie
Organized 1893 Mosby, Mrs. George Retzlaff, Lucille
Territory: The State of Florida, except-
ing the counties of Escambia, Santa, Church School Teachers:
Rosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Mabel N. Andrews, Mrs. R. E. Bo-
Gulf, Jackson, Okaloosa, Bay, and zarth, Grace Bush, Mrs. Gladys Car-
Calhoun, which are. included in the penter, Mrs. Naomi C. Coon, Mrs.
Alabama-Mississippi Conference. Gloria Courtney, Mrs. A. L. Crutcher,
Population: 1,681,484; churches, 66 ; Lillian Gardner, Jacqueline Hancock.
members, 5,712. Laura Ruth Hancock, Mrs. Lilah
Lawson, Vesta Lester, Mrs. Clinton
Office: 311 N. Rosalind Ave., Orlando, Losey, Mrs. William M. Lyman, Mrs.
Fla. (Telephone, 8131.) Eva Maxson, Miriam Moore, Julia
Moore, Marilyn G. Ross, Mrs. J. E.
Postal Address: Box 1313, Orlando, Fla. Seeley, Ruby Shreve, Mrs. Mabel
Officers: Smith, Jean Smith, Mrs. Esther
Stout, Patricia Sullivan, Mrs. A. L.
President, L. C. Evans. (Telephone Tadlock, Melvo Lee Walker, E. G.
2-3257.) Wrigley, Ethel Young.
Legal Association: "Florida Conference
Executive Committee: L. C. Evans, Association of Seventh-day Advent-
R. S. Akers, A. A. Cone, M. K. Eck- ists, Inc."
enroth, J. G. Gjording, J. W. Osborn,
Ray Thompson, C. A. Wilhelm. Colored Department
Departmental Secretaries: Committee: L. C. Evans, W. -W.
Fordham, W. S. Lee, A. J. Bailey,
Book and Bible House, C. M. Craw- L. S. Follette.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Lee Ordained Ministers:
Carter. L. S. Follette, W. W. Fordham, L. R.
Home Missionary. C. A. Wilhelm. Hastings, W. S. Lee, W. G. Mills.
Publishing, J. A. Jarry ; Assistant,
C. H. Walters. Licensed Ministers:
Sabbath School, R. H. Fickling. J. E. Cox, Jr., H. J. Fordham, Jr.,
Religious Liberty, L. C. Evans. A. L. Kirk, V. Roberts.
Ordained Ministers: Church School Teachers:
A. N. Allen, Lee Carter, A. A. Cone, Charles Cunningham, Pearl Esther
L. 0. Coon, J. M. Cox, A. E. Deyo, Currye, Henrietta L. Emanuel, Ruby
M. K. Eckenroth, L. C. Evans, R. H. D. Harris, Mrs. M. B. Kirk, M. Cath-
Fickling, J. G. Gjording, S. R. erine Murray, Katrina V. Nesbitt,
Haynes, J. M. Howell, W. P. Lock- Musette Reeves, Mrs. Mary Rivers,
wood, G. Medairy, B. A. Meeker, R. Lucile Roberts, Mabel L. Rollins,
W. Moore, J. W. Osborn, H. S. Pre- Connie Strong, Trula Wade.
mier, W. W. Walker, R. S. Watts,
Robert Wieland, C. A. Wilhelm.
Edward J. Barnes, L. M. Cowin, FERENCE
Don M. Crandall, C. M. Crawford, Organized Georgia, 1901, Cumberland,
Fenton E. Froom, N. M. Harlan, Wil- 1900; Consolidated 1932
liam C. Hatch, J. A. Jerry, Charles
I. Keymer, Lewis Langworthy, A. R. Territory: The State of Georgia, Chero-
Lawson, Robert Spangler, C. H. Wal- kee County in North Carolina, and
ters, J. R. Young. Eastern Tennessee, the western
boundary being the eastern line of
Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries: the counties of Macon, Trousdale,
E. W. Bradley, Mrs. Georgie Carter, Wilson, Cannon, Coffee, and Frank-
J. L. Creighton, Mrs. Mildred Creigh- lin.
ton, Laurence Downing, George Gott, Population: 4,428,706; churches, 77,
Mrs. Celeste Kirstein, Vernon Kir- members, 4,329.

Office Address: 547 Cherokee Ave., S. Harter, Mrs. H. W. Ingham, Mrs.

E., Atlanta, Ga. (Telephone, Jackson B. J. Jameson, Mrs. Eva Lysell, Mrs.
5538.) Howard McPherson, Mrs. Mabel Ma-
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 4929, At- guire, Dorothy Mathews, Mrs. Bertha
lanta 2, Ga. Peake, Mrs. Marjorie Silverstein,
Nellie Jane Smith, Martha Soule, W.
Officers: Thurber; Mrs. W. Thurber, Mrs. R. L.
President, I. M. Evans. (Telephone, Underwood, Edna Wells, Mrs. Lela
Dearborn 2020.) Whorton, Mae Wilson, Mary Winkler.
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Fleming, Legal Associations: "The Cumberland
Jr. (Telephone, Dearborn 4702.) Conference Association of Seventh-
Executive Committee: I. M. Evans, day Adventists, Incorporated." "The
L. E. Coolidge, Charles Fleming, Jr., Georgia Conference Association of
S. C. Harris, A. E. Lickey, L. A. Seventh-day Adventists, Incorporated."
Semmens, B. F. Summerour, K. A.
Wright. Colored Department
Departmental Secretaries: Committee: I. M. Evans, Charles
Book and Bible House, C. L. Paddock. Fleming Jr., J. W. Jones, C. A.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Marion Lynes, J. G. Thomas.
Sietz. Ordained Ministers:
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, J. W. Jones, C. A. Lynes, J. G.
George Butler. Thomas.
Medical, J. F. Schneider.
Publishing, A. C. McKee; Associates, Licensed Ministers:
W. S. Hancock, James Hartman, Carl M. Bailey, P. H. Morgan, Rich-
Richard Robinson. ard Robinson, Walter M. Starks, Os-
Religious Liberty, I. M. Evans. ceola White, John S. Wise.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionary: F. A. Osterman.
George Butler, 0. D. Cardey, J. G.
Conmack, I. M. Evans, W. D. Frazee, Church School Teachers:
M. R. Garrett, S. C. Harris, E. A. Mrs. Athea Bailey, L. Amelia Batson,
Lemon, A. E. Lickey, A. D. McKee, Mrs. Esma David, Marguerite Gard-
F. D. Meintzer, C. L. Paddock, Lind- ner, Bernice Hall, Mrs. Lillian Jones,
say A. Semmons, F. C. Webster, Les- Mrs. Marie Pitts, Ruth Rollins, John
ter Pratt. Wise.
Licensed Ministers:
Roger Clausen, James L. Evans, KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE CON-
Charles Fleming, Jr., W. S. Hancock, FERENCE
James Hartman, W. A. Hilliard, D. E.
Kenyon, Edgar Keslake, Byron Light- Organized: Kentucky, 1908; Tennes-
hall, Harry M. Lodge, A. C. McKee, see, 1888 ; Consolidated 1932
Walker Oliphant, Milton Reiber. Territory: The State of Kentucky and
Honorary: J. R. Mitchell, J. F. Western Tennessee, the eastern bound-
Schneider. ary being the eastern line of the coun-
ties of Macon, Trousdale, Wilson,
Credentialed Missionary: Marion G. Cannon, Coffee, Franklin.
Population: 4,475,298 ; churches, 54 ;
Licensed Missionaries: members, 4,280.
Helen Ellis, Mrs. Harry M. Lodge,
Dorothy McCullough, Lois McKee, Office: 2001 - 24th Ave, N., Nashville 8,
George Waters, Mrs. Carrie Watt, Tenn. (Telephone, 6-0573.)
June Wright. Officers:
Bible Instructors: President, T. L. Oswald.
Mrs. J. G. Conmack, Dorothy Det- Secretary-Treasurer, C. W. Higgins.
wiler, Marie Guinn, Nell Ketterrnan, Executive Committee: T. L. Oswald,
Anita Martin, Mrs. June B. Perry- Jeff Hickman, C. W. Higgins, S. M.
man, Mrs. H. W. Smith, Mrs. Sadie Schleifer, W. E. Strickland, J. T.
Walleker. Wheeler.
Church School Teachers: Departmental Secretaries:
Mrs. Lurena Ake, Mrs. Bessie Baker, Book and Bible House, J. M. Jansen.
Mrs. Vera Bosshardt, Lorraine Davis, Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. C.
Mrs. 0. B. Dean, Mrs. Claudia Dil- Gaitens.
lard, Nellie Ferree, Mae Gerber, Min- Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
nie Goble, Dora Greve, Mrs. Betty K.

Publishing, P. E. Shakespeare. Colored Department,

Religious Liberty: Kentucky, W. E. Committee, T. L. Oswald, C. W. Hig-
Strickland; Tennessee, T. L. Os- gins, I. H. Hudson, H. J. Miller.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: H. J. Miller, W. H. Winston.
G. H. Boehrig, J. H. Capman, J. D.
Dobbs, J. C. Gaitens, J. S. Jameson, Licensed Ministers:
R. I. Keate, J. H. Nylander, T. L. W. E. Arties, E. D. Brantley, W. J.
Oswald, A. Frank Purcell, W. 0. Cleveland, Freeman Davis, John W.
Reynolds, P. E. Shakespeare, B. H. Elmore, Norman G. Simons, W. C.
Shaw, S. M. Schleifer, W. E. Strick- Webb.
land, H. A. Vandeman, Frank Weeks, Church School Teachers:
H. J. Welch.
Dolly Bevers, Mrs. D. M. S. Custard,
Licensed Ministers: L. Yolando Doram, Evelyn Lee, Mrs.
W. G. Ambler, A. N. Atteberry, Ken- Myrtle Miles.
neth Berry, Jack Lee Bowers, How-
ard Crawford, Ray Davidson, John
George, L. M. Heifner, C. W. Higgins, INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTHERN
J. M. Jansen, A. W. Perrine, George UNION CONFERENCE
Valentine, Luther Watson.
Licensed Missionaries:
Roberta Beck, Mrs. Talietha Foust, Atlanta Union Academy, 734 Mercer
Mrs. Julia Grow, Mrs. K. R. Haughey, Ave., S. E., Atlanta 2, Ga.
H. H. Kuhlman, Mrs. W. H. Wester- Collegedale Academy, Collegedale,
meyer, Tenn.
Forest Lake Academy, Route 2, Mait-
Bible Instructors: land, Fla.
Marye Burdick, Mrs. Lucia Lee, Mrs. Oakwood College, Huntsville, Ala.
A. W. Perrine, Mrs. J. W. Wilhelm. Oakwood College Aeademy, Hunts-
ville, Ala.
Church School Teachers: Southern Missionary College, College-
Mrs. H. H. Ard, Minnie Brown, Mrs. dale, Tenn.
L. A. Butterfield, Mrs. W. S. Byram, Publishing:
Mrs. Hazel Callender, E. H. Davis, Southern Publishing Assn., 2119-2126
Mfs, John George, Mrs. G. A. Kathka, 24th Ave., N., Nashville 8, Tenn,
Mrs. W. K. Keele, Flora Lester, Mrs.
H. M. Matthews, Mrs. John Malone, Sanitariums:
Yuvonne Rumley, Alice Tabler, Lois Florida Sanitarium and Hospital,
Teel, .Elsie Weeks. Drawer 3673, Orlando, Fla.
Legal Association: "Kentucky-Tennes- Riverside Sanitarium and Hospital,
see Conference Association of Sev- 800 Youngs Lane, Nashville 7,
enth-day Adventists, Inc." Tenn.


Organized 1901; Reorganized 1902

Territory: The States of Arkansas, Transportation Agent, J. C. Kozel.

Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Executive Committee: J. W. Turner
and Texas, excepting San Juan J. C. Kozel, R. R. Beitz, H. C. Kep-
County in New Mexico, comprising hart, E. A. Manry, J . L. Mc-
the Conferences of Arkansas-Louisi- Conaughey, L. L. McKinley, D. W.
ana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texico. Palmer, Emanuel Remsen, R. J. Roy,
Population: 13,579,228 ; churches, 219, W. H. Shephard, F. D. Wells.
members, 12,902. Departmental Secretaries:
Office Address: Keene, Tex. (Tele- Educational and Y. P. M. V., R. J.
phone and Telegraph, Cleburne, Tex., Roy.
9061-F21.) Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
E. A. Manry.
Officers: Publishing, Emanuel Remsen.
President, J. W. Turner. Religious Liberty, J. W. Turner.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, J. Regional Secretary for Army Camps,
C. Kozel. R. J. Roy.

Ordained. Ministers: Office: 1215 Marshall St., Little Rock,

Herbert Christensen, H. H. Hamilton, Ark. (Telephone, 4-4501.)
J. C. Kozel, E. A. Manry, Emanuel Postal Address: Box. 1821, Little Rock,
Remsen, J. B. Ross, R. J. Roy, W. H. Arkansas.
Shephard, J. W. Turner, George T.
Vore, A. J. Wearner. Officers:
Honorary: W. H. Clark, N. H. Con- President, F. D. Wells.
way, I. A. Crane, C. J. Dart, B. M. Secretary-Treasurer, T. R. Gardner.
Garton, D. U. Hale, A. G. Haughey,
J. G. Oblander, H. L. Peden, J. I. Executive Committee: F. D. Wells,
Taylor. G. R. Carter, T. R. Gardner, W. J.
Hackett, L. C. Lee, R. F. Marshall,
Licensed Ministers: H. H. Mattison, M. L. Wilson.
C. G. Bushnell, A. E. Hall, D. W. Departmental Secretaries:
Palmer, H. L. Shull, James M. Whit-
lock. Book and Bible House, Kenneth Beem.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun-
Honorary: D. E. McNeil. sellor on War Service Problems,
Credentialed Missionaries: W. J. Hackett.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
J. H. Metzer, Wilbert Schneider, R. - R. E. Delafield.
A. Underhill. Publishing, C. L. Grandon ; Assist-
Licensed Missionaries: ant, Bruce Wickwire.
Religious Liberty, F. D. Wells.
Marjorie Bothwell, R. L. Carr, S. W.
Dake, Dorothy Dorland, Sallie Es- Ordained Ministers:
pinosa, Dorothy Harrison, Truman Joseph Calderone, G. R. Carter, R. E.
Hendryx, Paul James, Mary McCon- Delafield, W. J. Hackett, C. E. Kel-
aughey, Mrs. Flora Moyers, Nellie logg, L. C. Lee, R. F. Marshall, H. H.
Phillips, B. S. Putnam, Maude Reid, Mattison, H. S. Miller, A. R. Sousa,
Donald Rugg, 0. E. Simon, Letha F. D. Wells, M. L. Wilson.
Taylor, Lorena Wilcox, Mabel Wood,
Mary Woodward. Licensed Ministers:
Legal Association; "The Southwestern Frank Ashley, K. C. Beem, M. A.
Union Conference Corporation of Sev- Dunn, Louis Fick, T. R. Gardner, C.
enth-day Adventists." Board of Trus- L. Grandon, F. H. Hewitt, Toshi Hi-
tees : J. W. Turner, President ; J. C. rabayashi, LeRoy J. Leiske, Morris
Kozel, Secretary-Treasurer; E. A. Lowry, D. H. Miller, Gordon C. Os-
Manry, J. L. McConaughey, W. H. good, Melvin L. Rich, Leon Strick-
Shephard, F. D. Wells. land, Bruce Wickwire, Guy C. William-
Colored Department
Officers: Credentialed and Licensed Missionaries:
President, J. W. Turner. Grace Bell, Barbara Benton, Byrd
Secretary-Treasurer, J. C. Kozel. Bullard, Edward Coffman, Roy Cole,
Colored Department Secretary, T. H. Mrs. Crystal Duce, Evea Ewing, Doro-
Coopwood. thea Fitzgerald, Jesse Jones, J. J.
Knittel, Opal Miller, Mrs. Eileen
Committee: J. W. Turner, R. R. Moddrell, Edith Schisler, Mrs. G. C.
Beitz, T. H. Coopwood, J. C. Kozel, Williamson.
R. T. Hudson, J. L. McConaughey,
L. L. McKinley, R. W. Nelson, F. B. Bible Instructors:
Slater, F. D. Wells, J. H. Williams. Mrs. H. T. Barnhart, Julia Inabinet,
Ordained Ministers: Lucille Whisnant.
T. H. Coopwood. Church School Teachers:
Honorary: 0. J. Trotter. Mrs. Clyde Armour, Miriam DeLaune,
Esther Duce, Mrs. J. E. Elliott, Mrs.
Louis Fick, Annie Laurie Gifford,
ARKANSAS - LOUISIANA Mrs. Mabel Haag, Rachel Holloway,
CONFERENCE Mrs. C. E. Kellogg, Francis Knittel,
Annie Laurie Perkins, L. B. Pine,
Arkansas organized 1888 ; Louisiana Joyce Redfield, Mrs. Floyd Sell, Mrs.
Organized 1900 ; Consolidated 1932' Martin Shain, .Mrs. Ruth Weeks, Mrs.
Territory: States of Arkansas and Roscoe Wentz, Mrs. B. A. Wood.
Louisiana. Legal Association: "Arkansas Confer-
Population: 4,330,286; churches, 46; ence Association of Seventh-day Ad-
members, 3,169. ventists."

Colored Department Draper, Theda Ebret, Betty Hiede-

Ordained Ministers: man, Pauline Parker.
F. J. Bryant, S. A. Douglas, J. H. Bible Instructors:
Williams. Frances Vaughan, Mrs. Helen Max-
Licensed Minister: Douglas C. Batson. well.
Bible Instructor: Mrs. Birdie McCluster. Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: Myrta Austin, Vera Baker, Lucille
Mrs'. Ardella Bramwell, Mrs. Z. L. Chrispens, Glenn G. Davenport, Pau-
Burns, Mrs. G. W. Mackson, Mrs. M. line Day, Lila Fehrer, Freda Helmer,
Montgomery, Mrs. A. E. Russell. A. T. King, Rena Seat, Katherine
Washington, Bessie Wells.
Legal Association: "Oklahoma Confer-
OKLAHOMA CONFERENCE ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Organized 1894
Territory: The State of Oklahoma and
Lipscomb County, Texas. Reorganized 1932

Population: 2,336,434 ; churches, 62 ; Territory: That part of the State of

members, 3,385. Texas lying east and south of the
following counties, except the city of
Office: 525 N. W. 13th St., Oklahoma Texarkana: Hardeman, Foard, Knox,
City 1, Okla. (Telephone, 3-1678.) Haskell, Jones, Taylor, Runnels,
Concho, Tom Green, Irion, Reagan,
Postal Address: Box 528, Oklahoma
Upton, Crane, Ward, Reeves, Culber-
City 1, Okla. son, Hudspeth, and El Paso.
Officers: Population: 5,485,470 ; churches, 77 ;
President, J. L. McConaughey. members, 4,587.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. E. Spangle.
Office Address: 2838 Hemphill St., Fort
Executive Committee : J. L. McCon- Worth 3, Texas. (Telephone, 4-6548.)
aughey, M. W. Deming, C. N. Eck-
man, C. Ray Kinney, C. C. Schneider, Officers:
R. E. Spangle, W. F. Specht. President, L. L. McKinley.
Departmental Secretaries: Secretary-Treasurer, G. T. Burgess.
Book and Bible House, Reuben Sch- Executive Committee : L. L. McKin-
neider. ley, G. T. Burgess, J. L. DeWitt, A. C.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun- Griffin, W. G. Hassenpflug, M. H.
sellor on War Service Problems, Jensen, Arthur Kiesz, R. P. Mont-
W. N. Andrews. gomery.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Departmental Secretaries:
and Temperance, C. N. Eckman.
Publishing, A. E. Eubanks. Book and Bible House, C. L. Pad-
Radio, John Hegeman. dock, Jr.
Religious Liberty, J. L. McConaughey. Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. H.
Colored Representative, F. B. Slater. Rhoads.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Ordained Ministers: E. F. Finck.
J. F. Anderson, W. N: Andrews, Isaac Publishing, J. D. Leslie.
Baker, M. W. Deming, C. N. Eckman, Religious Liberty and Isolated, L. L.
John Hegeman, C. R. Kinney, J. L. McKinley.
McConaughey, F. B. Slater, W. B. Ordained Ministers:
Specht, Bernard Voth.
H. N. Bresee, G. T. Burgess, H. N.
Licensed Ministers: Brodersen, George A. Campbell, A. R.
Carethers, G. W. Casebeer, D. E.
Leon G. Cox, Glenn G. Davenport, Davis, F. W. Detamore, E. F. Finck,
A. E. Eubanks, Weiland A. Henry, A. C. Griffin.
C. E. Howell, A. T. King, Arthur S. R. T. Hudson, A. B. Humphrey, M.
Lutz, Henry Meissner, G. D. O'Brien, H. Jensen, K. D. Johnson, Arthur
Reuben Schneider, R. E. Spangle, M. Kiesz, D. S. Kime, J. D. Leslie, 0. F.
K. Wahl. Locke, W. A. Lusk, Robert E. Met-
Licensed Missionaries: calfe, L. L. McKinley, R. P. Mont-
gomery, A. K. Phillips, J. H. Rhoads,
Robert Chunestudy, Annabelle Con- N. W. Waters.
way, Mrs. Glenn Davenport, Naoma Honorary: J. B. Hampton.

Licensed Ministers: Postal Address: Box 1040, Clovis, N.

John W. Boyd, E. E. Burkett, Gordon Mex.
Carle, Antonia Correa, T. L. Davis, Officers:
J. R. Hoffman, R. A. Jenkins, Max
Martinez, W. E. Moore, E. D. Nelson, President, R. R. Bietz.
C. L. Paddock, Jr., Ira Pound, J. C. Secretary-Treasurer, 0. J. Bell.
Powers, H. E. Sample, J. B. Seal, Executive Committee: R. R. Bietz,
Clifford Shepard, Ray Stephens, Rich- Ray Archuleta, 0. J. Bell, F. W.
ard Tottress, R. G. Wearner. Fortner, W. E. Priebe, Roy Wharton.
Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:
Thelma Flanagan, Marjorie Hight, Book and Bible House, Virgil Bart-
John L. Holder, Katheryn Parker, lett.
Kathryn Walling. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun-
Bible Instructors: sellor on War Service Problems,
L. G. Barker.
Emilie Finck, Louise Leeper, Rachel Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
May Lemon, Gladys Ross, Mrs. Opal D. W. O'ffill.
Wright. Medical,
Church School Teachers: Publishing, Clinton Woodland.
Religious Liberty,
Elinor Brackett, Mrs. A. R. Careth-
ers, Mrs. W. T. Collins, Norma Jean Ordained Ministers:
Davis, Mrs. H. B. French, Mrs. Janie Ray Archuleta, L. G. Barker, P.
Fuller, H. A. Gober, Mrs. P. M. Mireles, R. R. Bietz, W. E. Priebe,
Greene, Mrs. T. R. Hackett, Claude L. E. Rogers, G. A. Schwerin.
E. Hughes, Mrs. C. D. Hughes, Mrs.
Mamie Hughes, Palma Hughes, R. A. Honorary: G. A. LaGrone, C. F. Sta-
Jenkins, Mrs. R. A. Jenkins, Mrs. ben, C. A. Walgren.
Hazel Lee, Ruby Magee, Gustava Licensed Ministers:
Manning, Eva Ruth Marley, Mrs. C.
R. May, Mrs. Charles McNiel, Eunice Dale C. Aalborg, Virgil L. Bartlett,
Moore, Mrs. E. C. Moore, Mrs. Alma 0. J. Bell, J. L. Dittberner, Wm. H.
Padgett, Ross Rice, Mrs. W. F. Rif- Grotheer, Harold H. Hare, Douglas C.
f el, Esther Ruf, H. E. Sample, Clif- Marchus, Altus L. May, R. W. Nel-
ford Shepard, Mrs. Clifford Shepard, son, D. W. O'ffill, Kenneth Phillips,
Bertha Sievers, Velma Smith, June Nicholas Rodriquez, L. F. Webb, H.
Snide, Mrs. W. A. Stark, Wilma Tur- M. Williams, Clinton Woodland.
ner, Mrs. Mary VanSlyke, Mrs. J. D.
Wilburn, Mrs. Orpha Zimmerman. Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. Frances Bartlett, Ellen Bowsher.
Legal Associations: "Texas Conference Bible Instructors:
Association of Seventh-day Advent- Mrs. Lucile Tibbits, Maria Trevino.
ists"; "South Texas Conference Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists." Church School Teachers:
Marieda Blehm, George Draper, Mar-
cella Duerksen, Ivagene Elliston, J.
TEXICO CONFERENCE L. Evans, Jewella Jones, Inez Myers,
Jennie Newkirk, Mrs. Mabel Pierce,
Organized 1916 Ellen Priest, Mrs. Nicolas Rodriquez,
Territory: The State of New Mexico Marcella Schmidt, C. F. Staben, Mrs.
Pete Trujillo, Cordelia Williamson.
(excepting San Juan County, in-
cluded in the Colorado Conference), Legal Association: "The Texico Con-
and that part of the State of Texas ference Association of Seventh-day
lying west and north of the following Adventists."
counties (excepting Lipscomb County
included in the Oklahoma Confer-
ence) : west of the eastern line of INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
Hardeman, Foard, Knox, Haskell, WESTERN UNION CONFERENCE
Jones, Taylor, Runnels, Concho, and
north of the south line of Concho, Educational:
Green, Ilion, Reagan, Upton, Crane, Ozark Academy, Gentry, Ark.
Ward, Reeves, Culberson, Hudspeth, Southwestern Junior College, Keene,
and El Paso. Tex.
Population: 1,296,866; churches, 44; Spanish-American Seminary, Sando-
members, 1,761. val, New Mexico.
Created a Division Conference by action of the General Conference
in session at San Francisco, Calif., May 24, 1922
Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, 451 ; Vice-President for Australia: E. B.
members, 21,848. Rudge.


Organized 1894

Territory:The following Conferences: Stratford, R. A. R. Thrift, E. A. Tur-

North New South Wales, South New ner, C. F. L. Ulrich, W. J. Wester-
South Wales, North New Zealand, man, H. White, H. B. P. Wicks; L. V.
South New Zealand, Queensland, South Wilkinson.
Australia, West Australia, and Tas-
mania, Victoria, and the following Departmental Secretaries:
Missions: Cook Islands, Fiji, Lord Educational, T. C. Lawson.
Howe Island, Monamona, New Hebri- Home Missionary, T. A. Mitchell.
des, Niue Island, Norfolk Island, North Medical, T. A. Sherwin.
Queensland, Papua, Pitcairn, Samoa, Ministerial Assn., R. A. R. Thrift.
Society Islands, Solomon Islands, Ter- National Emergency and Welfare
ritory of New Guinea, Tonga. Service, R. E. Hare.
Publishing, H. White ; Assistants, H.
Churches: 451 ; members, 21,848. A. L. Freeman, E. A. Turner.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Sydney. Radio, L. C. Naden.
Religious Liberty, R. E. Hare.
Office: "Mizpah," 148 Fox Valley Road, Sabbath School, G. M. Masters.
Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus- Temperance, A. G. Stewart.
tralia. (Telephone, JW1061.) Y. P. M. V., E. L. Minchin ; Assistant,
Officers: Helena K. Lewin.
President, E. B. Rudge. Ordained Ministers:
Vice-Presidents, H. E. Piper, R. A. R. A. W. Anderson, 0. K. Anderson,
Thrift. H. A. L. Freeman, E. H. Guilliard,
Secretary, S. V. Stratford. R. E. Hare, E. J. Johnson, A. G.
Office Secretary, A. M. Fraser. Judge, A. W. Knight, A. F. J. Kranz,
Treasurer, W. L. Pascoe. T. C. Lawson, W. N. Lock, G. M.
Assistant Treasurers, R. W. Lang, R. Master's, B. H. McMahon, E. L. Min-
R. Frame. chin, T. A. Mitchell, L. C. Naden,
Accountant, A. H. Forbes. C. S. Palmer, H. E. Piper, J. J. Pot-
Field Secretaries, A. W. Anderson, ter, E. E. Roenfelt, G. W. Rollo, E. B.
E. H. Guilliard, R. E. Hare, A. G. Ruge, A. G. Stewart, G. G. Stewart,
Stewart. S. V. Stratford, R. A. R. Thrift, C. H.
Auditor, A. G. Minchin. Watson, H. White.
AssistaptAuditor, L. J. Stace.
Executive Committee: E. B. Rudge, Licensed Ministers:
C. H. Watson, E. M. Abbott, G. E. R. H. Adair, G. F. Bohringer, Wm.
Adair, R. H. Adair, F. A. Allum, Chapman, R. R. Frame, A. M. Fraser,
A. W. Anderson, W. E. Battye, G. C. W. Harrison, R. W. Lang, A. H. E.
Branster,- A. W. Dawson, T. J. Dow- Miller, W. L. Pascoe, G. A. Rosenhain,
ling, G. S. Fisher, R. R. Frame, H. T. A. Sherwin, J. C. H. Shirley, E. A.
A. L. Freeman, E. H. Guilliard, R. E. Turner, C. F. L. Ulrich.
Hare, W. T. Hooper, C. J. Howell, Licensed Ministers (in college and school
J. T. Howse, B. 0. Johanson, E. J. work) :
Johanson, J. W. Kent, W. L. Kilroy, N. P. Clapham, G. A. Currow, L. R.
A. F. J. Kranz, R. W. Lang, T. C. Law- Harvey, D. I. Lane, L. A. Large, G.
son, Helena K. Lewin, W. N. Lock, Maywald, H. Millist, G. W. Richard-
G. M. Masters, J. C. McDonald, B. H. son, M. Robb, C. H. Schowe, P. N.
McMahon, E. L. Minchin, C. E. Mitch- Sheppard, N. H. Speck, L. H. Turner,
ell, T. A. Mitchell, H. G. Moulds, L. C. H. Vetter, R. B. Watts, W. A. Wes-
Naden, C. S. Palmer, W. L. Pascoe, terman.
J. C. H. Perry, H. E. Piper, J. J. Pot- Licensed Missionaries:
ter, W. J. Richards, E. E. Roenfelt,
W. M. R. Seragg, T. A. Sherwin, G. E. Adair, A. H. Battye, A. H.
A. G. Stewart, G. G. Stewart, S. V. Carton, A. W. Dawson, T. J. Dow-

3 65

Ling, C. H. Eiszele, H. E. Eiszele, Ordained Ministers:

L. Engelbrecht, S. Faull, G. S. Fisher, S. H. Gander, W. Gillis, T. W. Ham-
S. C. Grieve, Marian Hay, G. R. mond, H. A. Hill, J. R. James, E. P.
Hopkins, C. J. Howell, B. 0. Johanson, Jewson, J. B. Keith, L. J. Kent, H. W.
W. L. Kilroy, C. G. Lane, Helena K. Kingston, E. H. Parsons, W. H. Pas-
Lewin, A. G. Minchin, V. Nilsson, coe, C. J. Reynolds, W. E. Rudge, W.
L. A. Piper, W. S. Renn, L. J. Stace, D. Smith, V. Warden, W. J. Wester-
H. C. Tempest, C. W. Tinworth, W. man, D. A. Whittaker.
A. Townend, L. G. Unwin, R. W.
Westerman, G. Wheeler, R. I. Wright. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Medical Missionaries: C. V. Bell, W. G. Drain, A. H. Ferris,
D. H. Gray, J. F. Hankinson, H. B.
0. M. Anderson, Millicant Bathgate, Jones, J. R. Kent, F. Masters, L. 0.
D. F. Black, Mary Burnside, H. M. Pascoe, R. L. Parkinson, E. E. Thorpe,
Carter, Dorothy Chapman, Isabelle J. T. Young.
Colley, F. R. Dawson, Neta Dray, D.
Dunlop, Marjorie Grieve, Doris Flech, Licensed Minister ,(in college and school
0. V. Hellestrand, Richmond Hill, work) : R. H. Parr.
Jane McCullough, G. H. A. McLaren, Ministerial Probationers:
Edna Mitchell, J. Newman, Alma B. Babin, A. Tilley, S. G. Wood.
Phemister, Lena Phillips, Eulalia
Richards, Mrs. R. Rowe, Valerie Licensed Missionaries:
Rudge, Mrs. E. M. Shannon, J. L. Mrs. S. H. Gander, Madge E. Rogers,
Simpson, R. A. Thompson, Alan Tul- Ada Warhurst.
loch, Elsa Zeurnert.
Licensed Teacher: Lyla Robb.
Licensed Teachers:
Vina Beacham, Grace Clark, Cecily
Kent, Mrs. A. G. Judge, Wanda Nie- NORTH NEW ZEALAND
buhr, Vera Parker, Edith Stewart, CONFERENCE
Grace Stewart, Elva Thorpe, Nola
Timmins, Catherine Walker. Organized 1889
Legal Assn.: "Australasian Conference Territory: That portion of the Domin-
Association, Ltd." General Manager, ion of New Zealand north of Cook's
R. H. Adair; Secretary-Treasurer, Straits.
W. L. Pascoe ; Assistant Secretary-
Treasurer, R. W. Lang. Churches: 35 ; members, 2,412.
Cable Address: "Mastery," or "Advent-
ist," Auckland, New Zealand.
CONFERENCE Office: 27 Esplanade Road, Mt. Eden,
Auckland, New Zealand.
Organized 1920
Territory: That part of the State of New
South Wales north of the Hawkesbury President, H. G. Moulds.
and Capertee Rivers as far west as Secretary-Treasurer, R. E. G. Blair.
the 150th meridian of east longitude, Departmental Secretaries:
thence east of the line running north
to Cassilis. Thence northeast of a Educational and Religious Liberty,
line running northwesterly from Cas- H. G. Moulds.
sills to where the 147th meridian of Home Missionary, W. H. Stevens.
Publishing, R. N. Price.
east longitude meets the 29th parallel Sabbath School, A. W. Martin.
of south latitude. Y. P. M. V., J. D. Anderson ; Assist-
Churches: 34 ; members, 2,334. ant, A. W. Martin.
Office: 21 Gordan Ave.,W amilton P. O. Ordained Ministers:
Box 27), New South ales, Australia. J. D. Anderson, R. E. G. Blair, T. S.
Officers: Brash, R. P. Brown, R. J. Burns, G.
President, W. J. Westerman. Burnside, W. P. Claus, P. Glockler,
Secretary-Treasurer, R. L. Parkinson. 0. W. Knight, S. T. Leeder, A. W.
Martin, A. R. Mitchell, H. G. Moulds,
Departmental Secretaries: A. Parker, R. N. Price, G. Robinson,
Educational and Religious Liberty, F. L. Sharp, W. H. Stevens, H. L.
W. J. Westerman. Tolhurst, S. M. Uttley, G. Westlake.
Home Missionary, S. H. Gander. Licensed Ministers:
Publishing, J. T. Young.
Sabbath School, Ada Warhurst. S. A. Bartlett, M. C. Bland, F. Mc-
Y. P. M. V., L. J. Kent ; Assistant, Cutcheon, J. A. Mitchell, R. B. Mitch-
Ada Warhurst. ell, C. R. Murchison, N. W. Palmer,

C. R. Raphael, A. G. Ratcliffe, H. J. Licensed Missionary: Dorothy Adrian.

Licensed Teachers:
Licensed Ministers (in college and school Judith Lan, Lorraine Norton.
work) :
K. R. Dickens, S. K. Gillis, H. Hock-
ley, H. M. Lansdown. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CON-
Ministerial Probationers: FERENCE
A. E. Cook, F. Maberly, A. V. Piper, Organized 1899
R. K. Timms.
Territory: The State of South Aus-
Licensed Missionaries: tralia.
Ruby G. Dray, Veronica Flanigan, Churches: 21; members, 1,174.
Jessie F. Johnstone, Evelyn Stewart. Office: 82 Angas St., Adelaide, South
Licensed Teachers: Australia, Australia.
Joyce Giblett, Marjorie Gilmore, Syl- Office Address: Box J. 1011, Adelaide,
via Hall, Florence Jones, Elsie Wood. South Australia, Australia.
Legal Assn.: "New Zealand Conference, Officers:
Inc." President, W. M. R. Scragg.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. Hill.
QUEENSLAND CONFERENCE Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1899 Educational and Religious Liberty,
Territory: All that portion of the State W. M. R. Scragg.
of Queensland lying south of a line Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
drawn from Yeppoon west to Kum- Y. P. M. V., R. Brandstater; As-
viarara on the Marlborough line, and sistant Y. P. M. V., Maizie Hardy.
thence due south to the top of the Publishing, F. T. Webb.
range just west of Deeford, and from Ordained Ministers:
thence in a direct line to the South R. Brandstater, S. C. Butler, J. W.
Australian border. Harvey, W. M. R. Scragg, G. I. Wil-
Churches: 18 ; members, 1,400. son, C. A. Wrigley.
Office: 37 O'Connell Terrace, Bowen Licensed Ministers:
Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. A. P. Cooke, C. Hill, G. V. Palmateer,
F. T. Webb.
President, W. T. Hooper. Licensed Minister (in college and school
Secretary-Treasurer, W. W. Petrie. work) : L. V. Shields.
Ministerial Probationers:
Departmental Secretaries:
A. Dwight, W. R. Ferguson, J. W.
Educational and Religious Liberty, French, B. C. Grosser, V. Novelly,
W. T. Hooper. S. A. Stocken.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Ivan White. Bible Instructor: Ruby V. Stratford.
Publishing, K. D. L. Brook, A. J.
Y. P. M. V., W. D. Lauder; Assistant, SOUTH NEW SOUTH WALES
Ddrothy Adrian. CONFERENCE
Ordained Ministers:
Organized 1895
S. W. Carr. A. J. Dyason, R. A.
Greive, W. T. Hooper, W. D. Lauder, Territory: That part of the State of New
W. W. Petrie, R. C. Piper, E. A. Reye, South Wales south of the Hawkesbury
R. Tudor. and Capertee Rivers, as far west as
Licensed Ministers: the 150th meridian of east longtitude,
thence west of the line running north
F. J. Allen, K. D. L. Brook, E. F. to Cassilis, thence southwest of a line
Giblett, A. J. Haskins, F. M. Slade, running northwesterly from Cassilis
B. H. Swartzkopf, I. W. White. to where the 147th meridian of east
Licensed Ministers (in college and school longitude meets the 29th parallel of
work) : south latitude.
E. A. Butler, F. J. Brown, I. R. Har-
vey, R. W. Richter. Churches: 48 ; members, 3,448.
Ministerial Probationers: Office: 84 The Boulevarde, Strathfield,
G. C. Best, L. H. Blair, C. T. Potter. N. S. W., Australia.

Officers: Cable Address: "Adventist," Christ.

President, G. Branster. church.
Secretary-Treasurer, P. A. Donaldson. Officers:
Departmental Secretaries: President, W. J. Richards.
Educational and Religious Liberty, Secretary-Treasurer, A. S. Herbert.
G. Branster. Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, E. R. Whitehead. Educational and Religious Liberty,
Publishing, H. Bone, S. Dymock, E. W. J. Richards.
Pahl, C. Whitehead. Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Sabbath School, E. R. Whitehead; A. White.
Assistant, Jean Ford. Publishing, L. G. Crosbie.
Y. P. M. V., L. G. Maxwell; Assist- Sabbath School and Assistant Y. P.
ant, L. Tonkin. M. V., Nellie Knowles.
Ordained Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
F. A. Allum, G. Branster, L. A. But- A. C. Ball, C. J. Griffin, L. H. Hay,
ler, Ray Bullas, J. B. Conley, M. Grol- A. W. Macaulay, W. J. Richards, G.
imund, E. R. Gane, H. C. Harker, L. Sterling, W. A. Stewart, C. E.
T. R. Kent, J. A. Lawson, L. G. Max- Summerfield, J. W. Wade, A. White,
well, H. Mitchell, W. Morris, A. H. S. H. Wood.
Piper, F. G. Rampton, R. Salton, H.
Stacey, A. E. Watts, A. H. White, Licensed Ministers:
E. R. Whitehead, M. H. Whittaker, H. B. Christian, L. G. Crosbie, A. S.
K. J. Wooller, D. H. Wyborn. Herbert.
Licensed Ministers: Licensed Ministers (in college and school
work) :
R. H. Abbott, H. G. Bone, F. Basham,
H. R. Christian, J. C. Dever, W. Do- R. L. Blair, V. B. Herbert, W. R.
herty, P. A. Donaldson, S. Dymock, Whisker.
A. R. Fraser, E. W. Hon, E. S. House, Ministerial Probationer: D. Hokin.
E. Pahl, M. H. Pascoe, C. H. Prety-
man, J. S. Wallace, C. A. Whitehead. Licensed Missionaries:
Pearl Harvey, Nellie Knowles.
Licensed Ministers (in college and school
work) : Licensed Teachers:
D. Halliday, A. L. Hefren, A. W. Eunice Macintosh, Maud M. Smart.
Ivey, E. G. McDowell, D. Stewart, L.
Thrift, E. Tonkin.
Ministerial Probationers:
E. H. Clark, A. Cooke, C. D. Judd, (Formerly included in Victoria-Tas-
L. Tonkin. mania Conference; organized as
separate conference 1926.)
Bible Instructors:
Territory: Island of Tasmania and its
Belle Campbell, Mrs. G. Chapman, adjacent islets.
Alice M. Foster, Florence Grolimund,
Iva Hoy, Elsie Moran, Sybil Read, Churches: 13 ; members, 762.
Mrs. M. E. Tank.
Address: 361 Argyle St., North Hobart,
Licensed Teachers: Tasmania.
Ineen Cornell, V. Gladys Camp, Va- Officers:
lerie Mobbs, Jean Nash, Iris Scragg,
Mamie Streeter, Freda Whisker. President, W. E. Battye.
Secretary-Treasurer, 0. H. Twist.
Licensed Missionary: Jean Ford. Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Religious Liberty,
W. E. Battye.
SOUTH NEW ZEALAND CON- Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
FERENCE R. Millison.
Publishing, F. Bevan.
Organized 1915 Sabbath School, 0. H. Twist.
Territory: That portion of the Domin- Ordained Ministers:
ion of New Zealand south of Cook's W. E. Battye, E. Behrens, N. C.
Straits. Burns, L. A. Dyason, L. R. Harvey,
Churches: 13 ; members 994. A. E. Magnusson, A. H. Rogers.
Office: 40 Bealey Ave., Christchurch, Licensed Ministers:
New Zealand. 0. H. Twist, F. Bevan.

Licensed Ministers (in college and school Bible Instructors:

work) : Mrs. M. Babcock, Mabel C. Barlow,
W. D. Dyson, 0. Ferris. Joyce Barritt, Edith Bourne, Francis
Carver, Jean Cormack, Mrs. J. cox.-
nell, Ruby Creelman, Elsie Hopgood,
Ministerial Probationers: Daisy Moore.
R. Millison, C. Winter.
Licensed Missionary: Viola Rogers. Licensed Teachers:
Elva Austin, Olive Blayden, Mary
Burgoyne Evaline Clery, Alive Hardy,
Shirley Kent, Hazel Paterson, Betty
Rudd, Liela Thrift.
Organized 1888

Territory: The State of Victoria. WEST AUSTRALIAN CONFERENCE

Churches: 36 ; members, 2,709. Organized 1902
Office: 8 Yarra St., Hawthorn E. 2, Vic- Territory: The State of West Australia.
toria, Australia. -
Churches: 28 ; members, 1,442.
Office: 62 Clotilde Street, Mt. Lawley,
President, H. E. Piper. West Australia, Australia.
Secretary-Treasurer, H. J. Halliday.
Departmental Secretaries: President, J. W. Kent.
Educational and Religious Liberty, Secretary-Treasurer, C. M. Smith.
H. E. Piper.
Home Missionary, C. Head. Departmental Secretaries:
Publishing, H. Dodd, A. H. Gadenne,
A. Jackson. Educational and Religious Liberty,
Sabbath School, C. Head; Assistant, J. W. Kent.
Daisy Moore. Home Missionary, F. L. Taylor.
Y. P. M. V., H. W. Hollingsworth ; Publishing, A. M. Cott, E. V. Han-
Assistant, Joyce Barritt. bury.
Sabbath School and Assistant Y. P.
Ordained Ministers: M. V. Florence Cherrett.
Y. P. M. V., R. H. Powrie.
T. A. Anderson, C. J. Boulting, E. S.
Butz, P. G. Foster, A. J. Gathercole, Ordained Ministers:
W. J. Hawken, C. Head, C. F. Hol-
lingsworth, H. W. Hollingsworth, E. L. S. Barnes, T. J. Bradley, H. G.
B. Ibbott, L. J. Imrie, J. S. Jackson, Bryant, J. A. Charltin, A. M. Cott,
L. L. Jones, G. E. Marriott, A. I. J. W. Kent, F. E. Lyndon, G. J. Par-
Mitchell, A. L. Pascoe, G. Peacock, ker, R. H. Pawrie, D. A. Speck, F. L.
E. Rosendahl, David Sibley, H. S. Taylor.
Streeter, J. Thompson, E. G. Whit-
taker. Licensed Ministers:
S. L. Dunstan, R. W. Howes, A. L.
Licensed Ministers: King, S. 0. Jean Louis, C. M. Smith,
W. A. Beatty, F. Breaden, E. G. Fos- C. P. Southwell, S. K. White.
ter, H. J. Halliday, A. S. Jackson, Licensed Ministers (in college and school
J. W. Nixon, A. F. Parker, A. G. work) :
Phillips, L. S. Rose, T. E. A. Sedg-
man, R. A. Wood. M. P. Cozens, V. Mitchell, J. M. A.
Ross, H. E. Totenhofer, L. S. Wood,
Licensed Ministers (in college and school W. E. Zanotti.
work) : Ministerial Probationer: E. V. Hanbury.
W. J. Driscoll, A. Dunhe, G. W. Hill,
F. Nash, F. A. Rocke, S. E. Smith, N. Bible Instructors:
Stacey. Florence Cherrett, Mrs. F. E. Lyndon,
Pearl Nippress.
Ministerial Probationers:
H. Dodd, H. P. A. Gadenne, A. J. Gib- Licensed Teachers:
lett, H. G. Miller, G. Southwell, E. A. Gladys M. Clark, Jean Doble, Ivy. Fer-
Streeter, S. G. Winter. guson.

Mission Fields
COOK ISLANDS MISSION Mrs. A. G. Jacobson, Mrs. S. C. Pen-
nington, Mrs J. W. Rowe, Mrs. I. R.
Organized 1892 Stratford, Mrs. L. V. Wilkinson.
(Included as part of the Central Native Teachers: 40.
Polynesian Mission, 1916 to 1923 ; re-
organized 1923.)
Territory: Those islands comprising the ABORIGINES
Cook or Hervey Group, and other
small islands adjoining. Under direction of North New
South Wales Conference.
Churches: 8 ; members, 180.
Address: Box 31, Rarotonga, Cook Is- LORD HOWE ISLAND MISSION
lands, Pacific Ocean.
Churches: 1; members, 25.
Superintendent: J. E. Cormack.
Address: Lord Howe Island, Australia.
Ordained Minister: J. E. Cormack. Licensed Minister: It. Farrar.
Licensed Minister: Joseph Vati. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. R. Farrar.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. J. E. Cor-
Native Teachers: 5. MONAMONA MISSION FOR
Established 1913
Churches: 1; members, 75.
Established 1889
Address: Oak Forest, via Cairns, North
(Included as part of the Central Poly- Queensland, Australia.
nesian Conference, 1916 to 1921; re-
organized 1921.) Superintendent: L. A. Borgas.
Churches: 56 ; members, 1,051. Ordained Minister: L. A. Borgas.
Licensed Missionaries:
Address: Box 297, Suva, Fiji, Pacific
Ocean. Mrs. L. A. Borgas, S. J. Ward, Mrs.
S. J. Ward.
Superintendent, L. V. Wilkinson. NEW HEBRIDES MISSION
Secretary-Treasurer, I. R. Stratford.
Organized as separate mission
Ordained Ministers: in 1924
Maika Dauniika, A. P. Dyason, W. G. Churches: 7 ; members 230.
Ferris, Semite Gade, A. G. Jacobson,
Eroni Koro, Jope Laweloa, Pereniki Address: Aore, New Hebrides, Pacific
Lotudonu, Mitieli Nakasamai, Alipate Ocean.
Nasou, Nafitalai Navara, Timoci Na- Officers:
wars, Williame Rabalotu, Sanivalati Superintendent, J. C. H. Perry.
Ramuwai, Feresi Rokesala, Isimeli Secretary-Treasurer, A. R. Barrett.
Seresere, Meli Sokai, Semi Vuloaloa,
L. V. Wilkinson. Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: A. R. Barrett, Joel Damanman, Joe
Keikei, J. H. D. Miller, J. C. H. Perry,
FL Dickens, K. J. Gray, F. W. Gifford, A. D. Pietz.
John Kamea, Laitia Lewanavanua,
Joeli Lotawa, Nacanieli Marawa, Sai- Licensed Ministers:
moni Nalaubu, Sairusi Nalewadonu, Abednego, Daniel, David, Ezra, A.
Jemesa Namulo, Sepeci Navetau, Te- Gallagher, Isaac, Isaiah, Issacher,
reti, Niqara, Joseph Osborne, S. C. Joses, Masengbu, Masengnalo, Philip,
Pinnington, Paul Ranisurup, J. W. Seth, Solomon, Teitei, Timothy, C. A.
Rowe, Narian Singh, I. R. Stratford, Tucker.
Nemani Tausere, Semi Tikivili, Peni Licensed Missionaries:
Vaciloa, Eroni Vacjewa.
Mrs. A. R. Barrett, Mrs. A. Gallagher,
Licensed Missionaries: ' Mrs. J. H. D. Miller, Mrs. J. C. H.
Mrs. H. Dickins, Mrs. A. P. Dyason, Perry, Mrs. A. D. Piez, Mrs. C. A.
Eve E. Edwards, Mrs. W. G. Ferris, Tucker.
Mrs. K. J. Gray, Mrs. F. W. Gifford, Native Teachers: More than 20.

NIUE (OR SAVAGE) ISLAND Licensed Ministers:

MISSION L. J. Howell, Harupokuni, T. F. Judd,
L. N. Lock, W. H. Nolan, Ngava,
Established 1914 Sgovari, Tauku.
Churches: 1; members, 5. Licensed Missionaries:
Address: Niue Island, Pacific Ocean. Mrs. T. F. Judd, Mrs. L. N. Lock,
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. A. G. Head. Mrs. C. E. Mitchell, Mrs. W. H. No-
lan, Mrs. Alma Wiles.
Native Teachers: 510.
Churches: 1 ; members, 28. (Included in Society Islands Mission,
but dealing directly with Australasian
Address: Norfolk Island, Australia. Union Conference since 1924.)
Ordained Minister: H. T. Howse. Churches: 1 ; members, 97.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. H. T. Howse. Address: Pitcairn Island, Pacific Ocean.
Ordained Minister: D. H. Watson.
NORTH QUEENSLAND MISSION Licensed Missionary: Mrs. D. H. Wat-
(Formerly included in the Queensland
Conference. Operated as Mission under SAMOAN MISSION
direction of Australasian Union Confer-
ence from Jan. 1, 1929.) Established 1895; Reorganized 1936
Territory: All that portion of the State (Included as part of the Central Poly-
of Queensland lying north of a line nesian Conference, 1916 to 1921; re-
drawn from Yeppoon west to Kum- organized 1921.)
viarara on the Marlborough line, and
thence due south to the top of the Churches: 4 ; members 203.
range just west of Deeford, and from Address: Apia, Samoa, Pacific Ocean.
thence in a direct line to the South Superintendent: J. T. Howse.
Australian border.
Ordained Ministers:
Churches: 10 ; members, 418.
Sanika Afa'ese, J. T. Howse, Siaosi
Officers: Neru, R. Reye.
Superintendent, W. N. Lock. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, A. C. Risbey. R. Harrison, Mrs. R. Harrison, Mrs.
J. T. Howse.
Departmental Secretaries:
Native Teachers: 4.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V., L. C. Coombe.
M. S. Ball, G. H. Engelbrecht. Established 1892; Reorganized 1916
Licensed Ministers: Comprising the following former mis-
R. L. Aveling, L. C. Coombe, T. L. sions: Society Islands, and Pitcairn
House, A. C. Needham, J. H. New- Island.
man, A. C. Risbey. Territory: All the Pacific Islands east
of the 160th degree of west longitude,
and south of the tenth parallel of
north latitude.
Churches: 8; members, 176 (not includ-
Established 1908 ; Organized 1928 ing church and membership on Pit-
cairn Island, which is listed sepa-
Churches: 5 ; members, 96. rately).
Address: Mirigeda, Port Moresby, Papua, Address: Papeete, Tahiti, Society Is-
Pacific Ocean. lands, Pacific Ocean.
Superintendent: C. E. Mitchell. Superintendent: H. B. P. Wicks.
Ordained Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
E. A. Boehm, C. E. Mitchell. R. N. Heggie, H. B. P. Wicks.

Licensed Missionaries: Ordained Minister: B. E. Hadfield.

C. Doom, Mrs. R. N. Heggie, Mrs. A. Licensed Minister: J. Cernik.
Licensed Missionaries:
Native Teachers: 2.
Mrs. J. Cernik, Mrs. B. E. Hadfield.
Native Teachers: 11.
Established 1914; Organized 1920
Churches: 25 ; members, 1,423. INSTITUTIONS IN THE AUSTRAL-
Address: Marovo Lagoon, via Tulagi, _ ASIAN UNION CONFERENCE
Solomon Islands, Pacific Ocean. Educational:
Officers: Aore Training School,- Aore, New
Superintendent, . Hebrides.
Secretary-Treasurer, Australasian Missionary College, Coo-
Ordained Ministers: ranbong, N. S. W., Australia.
Batuna Training School, Marovo La-
David A. Ferris, N. A. Ferris, Jugha, goon, Solomon Islands.
- Kata Ragoso, Rore. Beulah Training School, Vaini, Nu-
Licensed Missionaries: kualofa, Tonga.
Choiseul Intermediate School, Ruru-
J. Gosling, Mrs. J. Gosling, Miss E. vae, Choiseul, Solomon Islands.
Totenhofer. Fulton Missionary School, Tai Levu,
Native Teachers: More than 100. Fiji.
Mirigeda Training School, Mirigeda,
via Port Moresby, Papua.
TERRITORY OF NEW GUINEA New Guinea Training School, Put Put.
MISSION Territory of New Guinea.
New Zealand Missionary College,
Established 1929 Longburn, New Zealand.
Churches: 73 ; members, 1,088. Vailoa Training School, Vailoa,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. Box 52, Vatu Vonu Central School, Vatu Vonu,
Rabaul, Mandated Territory of New Vanua Levu, Fiji.
Guinea. West Australian Missionary College,
Officers: Carmel, West Australia.
Superintendent, E. M. Abbott. Publishing:
Secretary-Treasurer, C. Sharpe. Fiji Mission Press, Suva, Fiji.
Ordained Ministers: Papua Mission Press, Mirigeda, Papua.
E. M. Abbott, D. A. Brennan, A. J. Signs Publishing Co., Ltd., Warburton,
Victoria, Australia.
Campbell, C. Pascoe, Oti, Ragopitu, Society Islands, Mission Press. Tipae-
Salau, R. H. Tutty. rui, Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands.

Licensed Minister: C. Sharpe. Solomon Islands Mission Press, Ba-
tuna; Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Is-
Licensed Missionaries: lands.
Mrs. E. M. Abbott, Mrs. D. A. Bren- Medical:
nan, Mrs. A. J. Campbell, Mrs. C.
Pascoe, Mrs. C. Sharpe, Mrs. R. H. Sanitariums
Amyes Memorial Hospital, Island of
Native Teachers: More than 100. Kolombangara, Solomon Islands.
Sydney Sanitarium and Hospital,
TONGAN MISSION Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Warburton Hydro, Warburton, Vic-
(Included as part of the- Central Poly- toria, Australia.
nesian Conference, 1916 to 1921; re-
organized 1921.) Health Food Factories:
Head Office: "Mizpah," 148 Fox Val-
Established 1895 ley Road, Wahroonga, New South
Wales, Australia.
Churches: 4 : members, 78. 9 Factories.
Address: Nukualofa, Tonga, Friendly 8 Wholesale Branches.
Islands, Pacific Ocean. 14 Retail Shops and Cafes.
(Listed complete under Food Com-
Superintendent: B. E. Hadfield. panies.)
Organized at Darmstadt, Germany, 1928
(The matter in the Central European Division and its Union and local fields
!and institutions is printed as it appeared in the 1943 Year Book. Editor.)
Territory: The East German, South Mueller , 0. Schildhauer, G. W. Schu-
German, West German, and Nether- bert, G. Seng, A. Vollmer, J. Wint-
lands Union Conferences, Bohemian- zen.
Moravian, Slovakian, and General-
Government Conferences.
Population: About 114,124,847 ; churches, ADVENT WELFARE WORK
1,141; members, 42,387. ASSOCIATION
Organized 1927; Reorganized 1935
Cable Address: Adventist, Berlin.
Postal Address :. Regensburgerstrasse Legal Name: Verein "Advent-Wohl-
22, V., Berlin W. 50, Germany. fahrtswerk" E. V., Sitz Berlin, Re-
gensburger Str. 22, V., Berlin W. 60,
Officers: Germany. (Operates the Welfare
President, A. Minck. work and eight Nurses' Homes in
Secretary, 0. Schildhauer. Germany.)
Treasurer, M. Voigt. Officers:
Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
President, A. Minck.
Executive Committee: A. Minck, 0. Secretary-Treasurer, M. Voigt.
Brozio, M. Budnick, M. Busch, L. E.
Conradi, J. Doubraysky, E. Gugel, J. Board of Trustees:
Lichy, W. Michael, C. A. Motzer, 0. A. Minck, M. Budnick, E. Gugel, E.
Schildhauer, G. Seng, M. Voigt, A. Meyer, Elf riede Schroder, G. Seng,
Vollmer, J. Wintzen. M. Voigt.
Departmental Secretaries: Nurses Homes:
Educational, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Koblenzer Str. 3,
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Germany.
Y. P. M. V., M. Busch. Breslau, Lohestr. 79, Germany.
Medical, L. E. Conradi, Krankenhaus Chemnitz, Heinrich Beckstr. 9, Ger-
Walfriede, FischerhGttenstr. 99-109, many.
Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany. Dresden A. 16, Haydnstr. 16, Ger-
Ministerial Association, E. Gugel. many.
Publishing, Frankfurt /Main, Eschenheimer An-
Welfare, 0. Brozio. lage 32, Germany.
Ordained Ministers: Kln, Salierring 60, Germany.
Leipzig, Humboldstr. 17, Germany.
0. Brozio, M. Busch, W. Eberhardt, Wiesbaden, Riidesheimer Str. 7, Ger-
E. Gugel, S. Lupke, W. Michael, A. many.
Minck, 0. Schildhauer, M. Voigt.
Licensed Ministers:
P. A. Brandt, L. E. Conradi, G. Lupke, HAMBURG SEVENTH-DAY ADVENT-
E. Meyer, E. Muller, W. Nehls, P. IST ASSOCIATION
Staubert, A. Vollmer, H. Wertenauer. (Hamburger Verein der Siebenten-Tag-
ADVENT MISSION SOCIETY Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Germany
(Advent-Missionsgesellschaft E. V.) Established 1893
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Germany (Legal society to hold all property of
Organized 1913 the denomination in Hamburg and office
of the denominational archives.)
Office: Regensburger Str. 22, V., Berlin
W. 50, Germany. Officers:
President, A. Minck. -
Board: Vice-President, 0. Schildhauer.
President, A. Mine:. Power of Attorney, A. Vollmer.
Vice-President, E. Gugel. Other Members: 0. Brozio, M. Bud-
Secretary-Treasurer, M. Voigt. nick, M. Busch, H. Fenner, E. Gugel,
.Other Members: P. A. Brandt, 0. W. Michael, C. A. Motzer, W. Muel-
Brozio, M. Budnick, M. Busch, H. ler, 0. Schildhauer, G. Seng, M.
Fenner, W. Hans, W. Michael, W. Voigt.
Organized 1909

Territory: The Berlin, Danzig-Warthe, Population: About 6,800,000; churches,

East Prussian, March Lusatian, 49; members, 3,179.
Northeast Saxonian, Pomeranian, Si-
lesian, Sudeten, and West Saxonian Office Address: Koblenzer Strasee 8,
Conferences. Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany. (Tele.
86 63 48.)
Population: About 34,784,847; churches,
637 ; members, 18,770. Officers:
President, G. Mai.
Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse 8, Secretary-Treasurer, R. Kluttig.
Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany. (Tele.,
86 63 61.) Adventhaus. Executive Committee: G. Mai, E.
Kolsch, S. Liipke, W. Oestreich, W.
Officers: Racker, W. Rogge, H. Schacht, R.
President, M. Budnick. Scheibitz.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. Diumichen. Departmental Secretaries:
Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Executive Committee: M. Budnick, Y. P. M. V., W. Backer.
M. Beier, H. Brinkmann, A. Burger,
H. Daumichen, R. Daumichen, H. Ordained Ministers:
Glass, 0. Haase, F. Hambrock, W. A. Behrens, F. Dombrowsky, R.
Hans, M. Hartmann, W. Klinkmuller, Dangschat, A. Dorner, R. Helm, F.
W. Michael, B. Ohme, A. Rebens- Keasel, W. Lesovsky, G. Mai, W.
burg. Ninow, W. Recker, F. Binder, G.
Departmental Secretaries: Ronisch, A. Schenck, R. Scheibitz,
H. Vollrath.
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, A. Burger. Honorary: F. Baucke, G. Freund,
Medical, E. Meyer. J. Seefried.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
M. Budnick, A. Burger, R. Diiumi- K. Danke, W. Korinth, H. Ventzke.
chen. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Minister: H. Dilumichen. P. Fentross, M. Glockner, Mrs. K.
Horn, Miss H. Junker, R. Kluttig,
Licensed Missionary: J. Bohm. J. Muller, A. Reinhold, Miss M.
Legal Building Assn.: "Mitteldeuteche Thummel, Mrs. E. Trusen, Mrs. M.
Grundstiicksgesellschaft M. b. H." Soyk.
Office: Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Koblenzer
Str. 3.
Manager, W. Hans, Dresden-A, Franz
Architect: F. Hennig, Berlin-Wil-
mersdorf, Koblenzer Str. 8, Germany. Organized 1939
"Deutscher Verein fiir Gesundheitsp-
fledge e. V. Friedensau," Friedensau Territory: Districts of Danzig, Warthe,
b. Burg, Post Grabow, Bez. Magde- and West Prussian.
burg. Population: About 6,750,269; churches,
Manager: H. Daumichen. 31; members, 810.
Office Address: Koblenzer Str. 8, Berlin-
Wilmersdorf. Germany. (Telephone,
Organizec. 1909 Officers:
President, M. Budnick.
Territory: Province of Berlin, Admin- Secretary-Treasurer, R. Dfiumichen.
istration District of Potsdam (except- Executive Committee: M. Budnick, A.
ing the Districts of Angermiinde, Burger, R. Diiumichen, F. Fentross,
Beeskow-Storkow, Jiiterbog, Ober- E. Tiesnes.
barnim, Prenzlau, Templin, Ebers-
walde) Strausberg, Werneuchen, Ora- Departmental Secretaries:
nienburg, Burg, School Church Fried- Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
ensau. Y. P. M. V., A. Burger.

Ordained Ministers: Officers:

F. Dzik, A. Felte, J. Gomolla, 0. President, 0. Haase.
Kiehnast, E. Roocks, W. Strohl, E. Secretary-Treasurer, F. Vogt.
Tiesnes, J. Zielinski. Executive Committee: 0. Haase, P.
Licensed Ministers: Horn, A. Klapper, K. Kohler, P.
Schulze, W. Suckert.
E. Kruger, K. Nowicki.
Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
H. Manke, J. Pieschka, Olga Wei- Y. P. M. V., K. K8hler.
Ordained Ministers:
J. Beier, Tr. Bottcher, A. Brendel,
A. 0. Faetting, 0. Haase, G. Hum-
EAST PRUSSIAN CONFERENCE mel, E. Jager, K. Kohler, A. Kraut-
schick, H. Langner, W. Ludwig, W.
Organized 1903 Radke, 0. Schwenecke, E. Simon.
Territory: Provinces of East Prussia. Honorary: H. Dietrich, R. Dietrich,
E. Dwehus, P. Horn.
Population: About 2,600,000; churches,
72; members, 2,028. Licensed Ministers:
F. Dobinski, E. Oestreich, H. H.
Office Address: Steindamm 82 a III, Oestreich, F. Vogt.
Konigsberg (Pr.), Germany. (Tele-
phone, 32292.) Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: K. Hossfeld, H. Pohle.
President, Hugo Glass.
Sec.-Treas., E. Tulaszewski.
Executive Committee: H. Glass, F. NORTHEAST SAXONIAN CON-
Budnick, J. Heimann, F. May, W. FERENCE
Noack, J. Urgien, M. Zielinski.
Organized 1919
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missions:,Sabbath School, and Territory: District of Dresden, Bautzen,
Y. P. M. V., W. Noack. and Leipzig.
Ordained Ministers: Population: About 3,284,578; churches,
61; members, 2,532.
W. Adamsky, P. Behrendt, H. Eich-
hoff, H. Glass, W. Gotz, K. Hilweg, Office Address: Haydnstr. 16, Dresden
W. Kloss, H. Korsch, W. Noack, E. A. 16, Germany. (Telephone, 64421.)
Rathke, B. Schulz, J. Schwital, M.
Wasidlow, M. Zielinski. Officers:
President, H. Brinkmann.
Licensed Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, E. Kermer.
E. Karwatzke, J. Kulessa, L. Kuzma, Executive Committee: H. Brinkmann,
W. Wachhaus. R. Dienel, M. Fischer, F. Heinrich, B.
Licensed Missionaries: Neuhaus, H. Richter, M. Thiermann,
M. Thiirmer.
E. Denkert, H. Morenings, W. Uhlig,
K. Weise. Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., H. Richter.
Organized Jan. 1, 1929 H. Brinkmann, J. Brzezinski,W. Der-
lath, F. Heinrich, M. Hocmuth, F.
Territory: Upper and Lower Lusatian, Jurke, R. Klinger, H. Kobs, R. Lusky,
Grenzmark and the territory of prov- F. Meyer, B. Neef, R. Patzig, A.
ince Brandenburg except the districts Porsch, H. Richter, W. Thalmann, W.
belonging to the Berlin and Pomera- Thiermann, B. Westhofer.
nian Conferences. Honorary: M. Ballack, W. Schwen-
Population: About 2,350,000; churches,
66 ; members, 1,632. Licensed Ministers:
A. Geserick, H. Gunther, H. Werner.
Office Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz
46, Cottbus, Germany. (Telephone, Licensed Missionaries:
2993.) G. Ackermann, H. Schluttig, K. Vogt


Organized 1901 0. Bahr, 0. Bauscher, J. Chodura, P.
Englert, R. Gomola, F. Grellmann, W.
Territory: Province of Pomerania, Dis- Guldenpfennig, J. Kanzok, K. Keller,
tricts of Friedeberg, Soldin, Arns- E. Kluth, R. Langholf, H. Laue, G.
Lehmann, A. Ludtke, H. Neumann,
walde, Landsberg /W., Konigsberg E. Niedoba, B. Ohme, E. Pistorius,
N /M., Oberbarnim, Kiistrin, Schneide- K. Schafer, H. Schmidt, F. Stekla,
miihl, Angermiinde, Templin, Prenz- A. Thomas.
lau, and North Grenzmark.
Population: About 2,600,000; churches, Licensed Ministers:
69 ; members, 1,666. A. Kruk, J. Parusel, M. Rothe, H.
Office Address: Arndtstrasse 37 a, III,
Stettin, Germany. (Tel. 22319.) Licensed Missionaries:
F. Besehn, R. Clausnitzer, R. Irmer,
Officers: P. Scheer, L. Walter.
President, A. Rebensburg.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. Wiedmer.
Executive Committee: A. Rebensburg,
R. Bischoff, W. Gauger, S. Kohl, R.
Schade, G. Suckert, R. Wulff.
Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1988
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., G. Suckert. Territory: Sudetenland.
Ordained Ministers: Population: 2,100,000 ; churches, 33 ;
D. Brinkmann, 0. Dabritz, K. Dobin- members, 923.
ski, W. Gauger, E. Kulessa, Fr. Office Address: Augasse 11, Reichen-
Leskien, C. Maier, W. Muller, G. berg, Sudetenland, Germany.
Petzold, A. Rebensburg, W. Schmie-
der, E. Schubert, G. Suckert. Officers:
Honorary: W. Tribbensee. President, M. Hartmann.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Kunert.
Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: M. Hartmann,
R. Saborowski, E. Schafer, R. F. Klimt, H. Riistig, W. 'Schnabel,
Schmidt, C. Wloka. A. Weinert.
Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:
P. Bohlmann, H. Lingel, F. Wiedmer. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., H. Rilstig.
Ordained Ministers:
F. Bohm, R. Frauenberger, G. Geier,
SILESIAN CONFERENCE M. Hartmann, E. Luftner, F. Munich,
Organized 1907 T. Neuwirth, M. Posel, J. Richter, H.
Rustig, A. Weinert.
Territory: Upper Silesia, and districts Licensed Ministers:
of Breslau, Oppeln, Liegnitz, and
Kattawitz. R. Fischer, 0. Gutwald, H. Knobloch,
A. Kunert, A. Strala.
Population: About 7,900,000; churches,
91 ; members, 3,352. Licensed Missionary: 0. Fuchs.
Office Address: KOrnerstr. 6 /8, Breslau
13, Germany. (Telephone, 30962.)
Secretary, 0. Bahr.
Treasurer, Erna Spichale. . Organized 1920
Executive Committe: B. Ohme, 0. Territory: District of Chemnitz and
Bahr, J. Becker, G. Dombek, R. Milke, Zwickau.
P. Munch, H. Schmidt. Population: 2,000,000; churches, 75;
Departmental Secretaries: members, 2,648.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Cable and Telegraphic Address: Ad-
Y. P. M. V., 0. Bahr. venthaus, Chemnitz.

Office Address: Adventhaus, Hans Ordained Ministers:

Sachs-Strasse 9, Chemitz, Germany. K. Amelung, R. Biller, A. Dolling, F.
(Telephone, 61332.) Hambrock, P. Haufe, K. Hoffmann,
Officers: H. Hufnagel, K. Jonuleit, J. Kling-
beil, E. Koch, Kurt Kohler, 0. P.
President, F. Hambrock. Muller, W. Oswald, K. Pansegrau, R.
Secretary-Treasurer, W. Wolf. Schafer, H. Schaper, K. Thiele, K.
Executive Committee: F. Hambrock, Wagner.
K. Amelung, M. Baier, P. Haufe,
R. H. lathier, E. Lippert, B. Ohme, Licensed Ministeks:
R. Queck, 0. Wilde. G. Krautschick, H. Saborowski,
Tertel, W. Wolf.
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Licensed Missionaries:
Y. P. M. V., K. Amelung. E. Loser, H. Vogel.


Organized 1938
Territory: The Netherlands. NORTH NETHERLAND CON-
Population: 8,500,000 ; churches. 33 ;
members, 1,405. Organized 1938
Territory: Noord-Holland, including the
Office Address: Lange Beestenmarkt village Hillegom of Zuid-Holland ;
102, The Hague, Netherlands. (Tele- Gelderland northward of the river
phone, 's-Gravenhage 11 70 25.) Rijn from Lobith to Rhenen ; Overij-
sel; Drente, Groningen, and Fries-
Legal Name: Kerkgenootschap der land.
Zevende-Dags-Adventisten in Neder-
land, gevestigd to 'a Gravenhage. Population: 4,000,000 ; churches, 18 ;
members, 716.
Officers: Office Address: Badhuisweg 14, Apel-
President, J. Wintzen. doorn, Netherlands.
Secretary, P.- Voorthuis. Officers:
Treasurer, C: A. L. Havenstroom.
President, H. Eelsing.
Executive Committee: J. Wintzen, F. Secretary, P. Voorthuis.
Baecker, H. Eelsing, T. Eikelenboom, Treasurer, C. A. L. Havenstroom.
J. Kerssen, J. Toben, P. Voorthuis.
Executive Committee: H. Eelsing, J.
Kerssen, C. Schutte, J. Toben, P.
Departmental Secretaries: Voorthuis.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., F. A. Baecker. Departmental Secretaries:
Welfare Work, H. Eelsing. Same as in the Union.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
H. Eelsing, J. Lankhorst, P. v. Oos-
F. A. Baecker, J. Wintzen. sanen, A. Schmutzler, H. Schor, P.
Licensed Missionary: C. A. L. Haven-
stroom. Licensed Missionaries:
G. L. A. Faber, H. Heykoop, P. Klop,
Institutions: D. Vink.
Publishing House: Stichting: Boek-
enhuis der Advent-Zending, van
Weede van Dijkveldstr. 77, 's-Gra- SOUTH NETHERLAND CON-
venhave, Netherlands. (Telephone, FERENCE
55 41 40.)
Organized 1938
Children Home: "Zonheuvel," Bilt-
acheweg 14, Den Holder, Nether- Territory: Zuid-Holland, excepting the
lands. (Telephone, Huis ter Heide village Hillegom ; Gelderland south-
202.) ward of the river Rijn from Lobith

to Rhenen ; Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Departmental Secretaries:

and Zeeland. Same as in the Union.
Population: 4,500,000 ; churches, 15 ;
members, 689. Ordained Ministers:
Office Address: Lange Beestenmarkt J. W. Berthold, W. Betram.
102, The Hague, Netherlands.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
President, J. Wintzen. H. H. Schmitz, F. J. Voorthuis.
Secretary, F. Baecker.
Treasurer, C. A. L. Havenetroom. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: J. Wintzen, N. N. Heykoop, P. L. Prins, C. P. de
Baars, F. A. Baecker, T. M. Eikelen- Ruiter, J. A. de Ruiter, B. Slond,
boom. P. Sol.


Organized 1912

Territory: Wurtemberg, Baden, Bava- BADEN CONFERENCE

ria, Rhine, Palatinate, Thuringia,
North Eastmark, South Eastmark, Organized 1912; Reorganized 1922
comprising the Baden, Central Rhen-
ish, Franc.-Thuring., South Bavarian, Territory: Baden and the Bavarian
Wurtemberg, North Eastmark, and Palatinate.
South Eastmark Conferences. Population: 3,300,000 ; churches, 28 ;
members, 1,117.
Population: 25,040,000 ; churches, 242 ;
members, 10,041. Office: Kriegsstrasse 84, Karlsruhe,
i /B., Germany.
Office Address: Diemershalden Str. 23,
Stuttgart-0, Wurtemberg, Germany. Officers:
President, E. Berner.
Officers: Treasurer, Miss B. Muth.
President, G. Seng. Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Treas. and Office Sec., Helene Kofink. Executive Committee: E. Berner, Th.
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. Gawlik, F. C. Grieser, K. Kafitz, Fr.
Executive Committee: G. Seng, W. Miller, K. Ohme, Fr. Zapp.
Amelung, E. Berner, W. Edener, E.
Mayer, W. Meinhardt, A. W. Muller, Departmental Secretaries:
0. Neubauer, A. Sachsenmeyer, L. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Schneebauer, A. Wegener, A. Wick- Y. P. M. V., E. Berner.
lein. Ordained Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: E. Berner, E. Csammer, Fr. Durr,
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and D. Eicher, H. Gobel, F. Ch. Grieser,
Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer. Fr. Kobele, R. Lange.
Honorary: G. F. Horner.
Ordained Ministers:
0. Neubauer, G. Seng. Licensed Ministers:
F. Breuninger, A. Nussle, J. Schmidt.
South German Building Association:
Manager and Bookkeeper, Wilhelm
Committee: W. Amelung, W. Edener, CENTRAL RHENISH CONFERENCE
E. Mayer, A. W. Muller, 0. Neubauer, Organized 1920
A. Sachsenmeyer, G. Seng, A. Wick-
lein. Territory: The Free State Hessia (Prov-
inces Rhinehessia, Starkenburg and
South German Health Association Com- Upper Hessia). Of the Hessia-Nas-
mittee: sau Province: The administrative dis-
W. Amelung, W. Edener, A. W. Wil- trict of Wiesbaden excepting the Un-
ler, A. Sachsenmeyer, G. Sens. terlahn district. Of the administra-

tive district Kassel: lianau, Geln- Departmental Secretaries:

hausen, Schliichtern, Fulda, Hfinfeld. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Of Bavaria: Aschaffenburg, Alzenau, Y. P. M. V., H. Schmidt.
Obernburg and Miltenberg. The
Saar-District. From the Rhine Prov- Ordained Ministers:
ince, the districts: Trier, Saarburg, E. Adolph, H. Feddersen, W. Gehl,
Merzig-Wadern, St. Wendel, Baum- W. Gericke, A. Haag, 0. Kelle, L.
holder, Bad Kreuznach. From the Krug, E. Kuschel, W. Lorenz, A. W.
State Oldenburg: the district Birken- Muller, R. Muller, E. Schank, H.
feld. Schmidt, F. Schrattenholzer, E.
Population: 4,500,000 ; churches. 84 ; Schwarz, A. Stammberger, H. Wittig.
members, 1,419. Honorary: K. Sins.
Office: Eschenheimer Anlage 82, Frank- Licensed Minister: 0. Elssmann.
furt am Main, Germany.
Licensed Missionaries:
Miss K. FisCher, Miss A. Gutmann,
President, A. Sachsenmeyer. Miss A. Hertwig, Miss M. Scheiben-
Treasurer, Miss Lydia Rein. berger, H. Simon.
Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink.
Honorary: G. Bohm, M. Michaelis.
Executive Committee: A. Sachsen-
meyer, W. Christanz, F. Fritz, F.
Hasel, G. Meyer, H. Nau, 0. Schnei-
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Organized 1936
Y. P. M. V., A. Sachsenmeyer.
Territory: Vienna, Lower Danube, Up-
Ordained Ministers: per Danube.
W. Gemeinhardt, W. Haas, E. Maier, Population: 4,840,000; churches, 20;
H. Nau, M. Prull, A. Sachsenmeyer, members, 936.
0. Saur, H. Zimmermann.
Honorary: H. Behr, F. T. Ott. Office: Pelzgasse 2/10, Vienna XV /101,
Licensed Ministers:
H. Noltze, A. Ohme.
President, L. Schneebauer.
Licensed Missionaries: Treasurer, Miss M. Rollett.
Miss L. Furst, J. Schonach. Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Executive Committee: L. Schnee-
bauer, H. Auer, K. Floder, R. Grab-
ner, F. Pfingstl, E. Pickhart.
CONFERENCE Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1934 Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., J. Schor.
Territory: Upper, Central, and Lower Ordained Ministers:
Franconia (excepting Aschaffenburg), Fr. Gruber, R. Lohner, J. Penner,
Upper Palatinate (excepting Regens- F. Pfingstl, L. Schneebauer, J. Schor,
burg), Thuringia with the adminis- M. Schwab.
trative district Erfurt, district Schleu-
singen, Schmalkalden, Ziegenruck Licensed Ministers:
(excepting Sondershausen). Th. Erbes, F. Pieringer.
Population: 4,600,000 ; churches, 69 ; Licensed Missionaries:
members, 2,431.
M. Drechsler, E. Kiepe.
Office Address: Hinterm Bahnhof 80,
Ntirnberg, Germany.
President, A. W. Muller.
Treasurer, Miss F. Andersson. Organized 1936
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Territory: Salzburg, Tirol, Vorarlberg,
Executive Committee: A. W. Willer, Styria, Carinthia.
H. Feddersen, W. Hofmockel, R.
Kopp, H. Martin, W. Meinhardt, Th. Population: 2,000,000; churches, 15 ;
Miller, W. Touchard, F. Vogel. members, 718.

Office Address: Adolf Hitlerkai 81, Ordained Ministers:

Salzburg-Aigen, Germany.
W. Edener, H. Erzberger, Fr. Fleck,
Officers: M. Ganzleben, K. Golzer, J. F.
Grieser, C. H. Loosen, G. Schmalkoke,
President, A. Wegener. H. Schnotzinger, H. Schwarz, A.
Treasurer, Miss M. Rollett. Ulrich, R. Vogel, Fr. Weigel.
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: A. Wegener, K.
Brich, R. Grabner, H. Mayer, P. E. Alberth, H. Riede).
Weinand. Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Miss M. Kuffer, A. Schneider, J. G
Somer, Miss K. Westenberger.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., A. Wegener.
W. Binanzer, K. Fleck, W. Gast, F. Organized 1912
Lubschina, A. Wegener, P. Weinand.
Territory: Wurtemberg including Hoh-
Licensed Minister: 0. Lenzi. enzollernSigmaringen.
Licensed Missionary: J. A. Gratz. Population: 2,600,000 ; churches, 44 :
members, 1,601.
Office Address: Fangelsbachstr. 11.
Stuttgart-S, Germany.
Organized 1919 President, Ed. Mayer.
Treasurer and Office Secretary, Jo-
Territory: Upper and Lower Bavaria, hanna Walz.
Swabia, Neuburg, and the southern Auditor, Helene Kofink.
part of the Upper Palatinate, includ- Executive Committee : Ed. Mayer, L.
ing Regensburg. Feucht, Fr. Gregorius, Fr. Hager,
Population: 3,200,000 ; churches, 42 ; W. Kramer, Fr. Kurz, E. Spatz.
members, 1,819. Departmental Secretaries:
Office Address: Tizianstrasse 18, Mu- Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
nich 19, Bavaria, Germany. Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer.
Ordained Ministers:
A. Ansel, Fr. Gregorius, A. Henger,
President, W. Edener. M. Kunze, Ed. Mayer, Fr. Roth, K.
Treasurer, Aurelia Hiibsch. Scheele, H. Zettwoch.
Auditor, Helene Kofink.
Honorary: C. Reihlen, R. Werner.
Executive Committee: W. Edener, J.
Bauer, E. Beck, W. Kehr, A. Konrad Licensed Ministers:
A. Schneider, H. Schwarz. K. Burk, F. Gunther.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Miss J. Baschenegger, E. Fuchs, Miss
Y. P. M. V., G. Schmalkoke. A. Kohle, Miss E. Kuspert, A. Posch.


Organized 1909

Territory: Central German, Hanover. Full Title in German: Gemeinschaft der

Hansa, Hessia-Westphalian, and Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten, West-
Rhenish Conferences. deutscher Verband.
Population: 25,600,000; churches, 244 Officers:
members, 9,512. President, C. A. Motzer.
Secretary-Treasurer,Otto Gmehling.
Office Addreis: Richard-Wagner-Str. Auditor: For the Union, the Division
28, Hannover-N., Germany. (Tele- Auditor. For the Conferences, the
phone, 60018.) Union Treasurer.

Executive Committee: C. A. Motzer, 0. Panzig, W. Pohland, K. Schieber,

W. Althoff, R. Dettmar, K. Faesecke, C. Steudel.
0. Gmehling, W. John, E. Kamann,
L. Lutz, W. Peters, A. Pioch, A. Licensed Ministers:
Vollmer. E. Fischdick, W. Koch, W. Rieck-
mann, A. Scherf, P. Schornstein, F.
Departmental Secretaries: Sutor, H. Tilgner, A. Weisse.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., R. Dettmar. Licensed Missionary: Miss J. Volk-
Ordained Ministers:
R. Dettmar, 0. Gmehling, C. A.
M otzer.
Legal Assn.: Westdeutsche Grund- HANOVER CONFERENCE
stilcks-Gesellschaft m. b. H., Ham-
burg. Organized 1919
Office: Richard-Wagner-Str. 28, Hann- Territory: From the Province Hanover
over-N. ; Manager, C. A. Motzer. (Free-State Prussia) the administra-
tive districts Liineburg, Stade, Au-
rich ; the administrative district Han-
over without Hameln-Pyrmont. The
CENTRAL GERMAN CONFERENCE ' administrative district Osnabriick city
Organized 1934 and rural, Melle, Wittlage, Iburg.
From the Province Saxony (Free-
Territory: The Free-States Brunswick, State Prussia) the districts: Gardele-
Anhalt ; from the Free-State Thur- gen, Osterburg, Salzwedel, Stendal
ingia the district Sondershause ; from city and rural. The Free-State
the province Saxony (Free-State Bremen, the Free-State Oldenburg
Prussia) the administrative district without Birkenfeld and Eutin.
Merseburg ; the administrative dis- Population: 3,600,000 ; churches, 45 ;
trict Erfurt without Erfurt ; from members, 1,623.
the administrative district Magdeburg
the districts Wernigerode, Halber- Office Address: Neustadt-Contrescarpe
stadt city and rural, Quedlinburg city 30, I., Bremen, Germany. (Tele-
and rural, Aschersleben, Oschersleben, phone, 50626.)
Wanzleben, Calbe, Wolmirstedt, Neu- Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben-
haldensleben, Jerichow I and II, ten-Tags-Adventisten, Hannoverache
Magdeburg city; from the province Vereinigung e.V.
Hanover (Free-State Prussia) the ad-.
ministrative district Hildesheim. Officers:
Population: 4,400,000; churches, 46; President, C. A. Motzer.
members, 1,593. Secretary, R. Kaufmann.
Treasurer, Miss F. Meier.
Office Address: Fasanenstr. 63, I., Auditor, the treasurer of the West
Braunschweig, Germany. (Telephone, German Union.
4167.) Executive Committee: C. A. Motzer,
Full Title in German: Gemeinschaft der M. Barlach, K. Biirmann, 0. Driise-
Siebenten -Tags - Adventisten, Mittel- meier, R. Kaufmann.
deutsche Vereinigung. Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
President, W. Althoff. Y. P. M. V., R. Kaufmann.
Secretary, C. Steudel.
Treasurer, Miss M. Fuchs. Ordained Ministers:
Auditor: The treasurer of the West W. Amian; E. Baumbach, W. Bege-
German Union. mann, F. Brandt, K. Druge, E.
Executive Committee: W. Althoff, E. Ersatz, K. Harress, C. Kapitz, R.
Pabst, W. Schubert, 0. Stein, C. Kaufmann, A. Mannesmann, H.
Steudel. Wehrmann, H. Wille.
Honorary: J. Christoffers, H. Fenner,
Departmental Secretaries: W. Prillwitz.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., C. Steudel. Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: H. Heuser, A. Piorr, H. Treeck, P.
W. Althoff, J. Fenner, G. Fischdick,
W. Herbert, H. Knoner, L. Martin, Licensed Missionary: Mrs. 0. Thaden.

HANSA CONFERENCE Kassel city and rural, Kirchhain, Mar-

burg city and rural, Nelsungen, Ro-
Organized 1900 tenburg, Witzenhause, Wolfhagen,
Ziegenhain, Hiinfeld, der Eder, des
Territory: The Free-States Hamburg Eisenbergs, der Twiste, Schaumburg ;
. and Mecklenburg. From the Free- from the administrative district Wies-
State Oldenburg the district Eutin. baden the district Biedenkopf ; from
From the Free-State Prussia the the administrative district Osnebruck
Province Schleswig-Holstein. (province Hanover) the districts:
Population: 3,900,000; churches, 60; Osnabriick city and rural, Wittlage,
members, 2,187. Melle and Iburg ; from the adminis-
trative district Hanover the district
Office Address: Grindelberg 11, I., Ham- Hameln city and Hameln-Pyrmont.
burg 13, Germany. (Telephone 559- The Free-States Schaumburg-Lippe-
080.) Detmold.
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben- Population: 6,400,000, churches, 53 ;
ten-Tags-Adventisten, Hansa-Vereini- members, 1,687.
gung, e.V.
Office Address: Briickenstrasse 34a,
Officers: Hamm i. W., Germany. (Telephone,
President, W. John. 168.)
Secretary, H. Teichmann. Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben-
Treasurer, P. Jiischke. ten-Tags-Adventisten, Hessich-West-
Auditor, the treasurer of the West fiilische Vereinigung, e. V.
German Union.
Executive Committee: W. John, G. Officers:
Elf, P. Jaschke, A. Kulow, F. Bickers, President, A. Pioch.
F. Ritzmann, C. Schwiderowitz, H. Secretary, E. Bartz.
Teichmann, H. Zuber. Treasurer, G. Bahr.
Auditor, the treasurer of the West
Departmental Secretaries: German Union.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Executive Committee: A. Pioch, E.
Y. P. M. V., H. Teichmann. Bartz, A. Bente, A. Bremer, B.
Ordained Ministers: Schenk.
A. Arnhold, J. Bohlmann, G. Durolf, Departmental Secretaries:
C. Glockner, E. Hennecke, W. John,
E. Kaufmann, G. Kortenhorn, W. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Schon, R. Schroder, W. Schutte, H. Y. P. M. V., E. Bartz.
Stoltenberg, H. Teichmann, W. Un- Ordained Ministers:
E. Bahr, E. Bartz, A. Bremer, H.
Honorary: F. Gotting, 0. Janert, A. Kramer, P. Paprotny, A. Pioch, H.
Osterreich.. Potschke, F. Racker, F. Rischmuller,
Licensed Ministers: W. Rohde, F. Schluter, A. v. Wallen-
F. Binnebossel, H. Burger, K. Got-
zinger, W. Hampel, A. Heiderstadt, Honorary: C. Dangschat, W. Varle-
F. Kopp, 0. Lutz, H. Oswald, E. mann.
Tilgner. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries: E. Binanzer, E. Christoffers, H. Claus,
Mrs. E. Prieser, A. Witepsky. E. Detlefsen, H. Waldeck.
Honorary: C. v. Fintel. Licensed Missionaries:
P. Gode, 0. Klemt, K. Wittwer.
Honorary: A. Thomas.
Organized 1898 as West German
Conference Organized 1902
Territory: From the Free-State Prussia Territory: From the Free-State Prussia
the province Westphalia; from the the province Rhineland (excepting
province Hessen-Nassau the adminis- Saarland) without the districts
trative district Kassel with the dis- Kreuznach, Meisenheirn, St. Wendel-
tricts Eschwege, Frankenberg, Fritz- Baumholder, Trier city and rural,
lar, Hersfeld, Hofgeismar, Romberg, Merzing-Wadern, Saarburg. From

the province Hessen-Nassau and the Executive Committee: W. Peters, 0.

administrative district Wiesbaden the Adolph, H. Eickermann, F.. Hilmer,
Underlahn district and the districts 0. Hirth, E. Kama,in, P. Knitter, A.
St. Goarshausen, Niederlahnstein, Pearl, F. Riiger.
Oberlahnstein, Braubach.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 7,300,000 ; churches, 51 ; Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
members, 2,522. Y. P. M. V., F. Hilmer.
Office Address: Adlerstrasse 70, Diissel- Ordained Ministers:
dorf, Germany. (Telephone, 16167.) R. Brager, H. Detlefsen, R. Eichwald,
B. Engel, F. Hilmer, H. Osterburg,
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben- W. Peters, R. Rittau, K. Schulte, R.
ten-Tags-Adventisten, Rheinische Ve- Stein, E. Wenzel.
reinigullg e. V.
Licensed Ministers:
Officers: F. Ernst, 0. Hesse, H. Kachel, R.
President, W. Peters. Linker, G. Ludwig, H. Rohwedder, A.
Secretary, F. Hilmer. Soetbeer, K. Voget, 0. Westermann,
G. Wucherer, P. Wuttke.
Treasurer, A. Pohl.
Auditor, the treasurer of the West Licensed Missionaries:
German Union. F. Brockmann, Miss M. Diekmann.

BOHEMIAN-MORAVIAN Licensed Missionaries:
CONFERENCE M. Adamova, M. Bujokova, F. Bures,
Organized 1919; Reorganized 1939 0. Drapal, P. Gajdusek, K. Hurta,
J. Kantor, V. Kysilko, A. Martisova,
Territory: Bohemia and Moravia. B. Moskorova, K. Seitz, 0. Wagen-
knecht, M. Vranova.
Population: 7000,000 ; churches, 45;
members, 1,570.
Office Address: Prag-Kgl. Weinberge, GENERAL GOVERNMENT
Miinchenerstr. 35, Protektorate Bo- CONFERENCE
hemia and Moravia, Germany.
Organized Dec. 4, 1939
Legal Assn.: Ceskomorayska jednota
adventistu sedmeho dne v Brne. Territory: District of Warsaw, Cracow.
Office: Miinchenerstr. 35, Prag XII; Lublin and Kielce.
Manager, J. Doubraysky.
Population: 10,600,000 ; churches, 16 ;
Officers: members, 540.
President, J. Doubraysky. Office Address: Turecka 1, Warachau
Sec. and Treas., J. Cepl. S 36.
Executive Committee: J. Doubrav-
sky, J. Cepl, J. Mokry, K. Polednik, Legal Assn.: "Konstrukcja" Lim. War-
F. Sumbera, P. Surman, F. Zidek. saw, Turecka 1.
Departmental Secretaries: Officers:
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and President, W. Czembor.
Sabbath School, P. Surman. Secretary-Treasurer, M. Babinski.
Executive Committee: W. Czembor,
Ordained Ministers: M. Babinski, J. Borody, J. Klotz, W.
S. Cepl, J. Doubraysky, F. Konvalina, Siemionowicz.
V. Kroulik, J. Oborny, K. Polednik,
P. Raska, F. Sumbera, P. Surman, Departmental Secretaries:
A. Zurek. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., J. Borody.
Licensed Ministers:
0. Kimler, D. Krynsky, A. Kubecka, Ordained Ministers:
J. Kuty, J. Marcolla, A. Prazan, J. W. Czembor, J. Kulak, 0. Niedoba,
Skrla, B. Teply. Kl. Piontek.


J. BorOdy, L. Geisler, M. Hintz; St. EUROPEAN DIVISION
Kwiecinski, J. Lipski, J. Wierz- Educational:
bowski. Friedensau Missionary Seminary,
Licensed Missionaries: Friedensau bei Burg, Post Grabow,
Bez. Magdeburg, Germany.
M. Babinski, F. Cybura, E. Lawaty.
Hamburg Publishing House, "Voll-
mer and Bentlin, Korn.-Ges.,"
SLOVAKIAN CONFERENCE Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Ger-
Organized 1919 many.
Netherland Publishing House, "Stich-
Territory: Slovakia. ting : Boekenhuis der Advent-Zend-
Population: 2,600,000; churches, 24; ing," van Weede van Dijkveldstraat
members, 549. 77, The Hague, Netherland.
Office Address: Schanzstr. 24a, II., Polish Publishing. House ("Polski
Pressburg, Slovakia. Dom Nakladowy" Lim.) Ul. Tur-
ecka 1, Warschau, Generalgouver-
Officers: , nement.
President, J. Lichy.
Secretary-Treasurer, St. Macko. Medical:
Executive Committee: J. Lichy, St.
Macko, A. Messerschmidt, M. Shnei- Bad Aibling Sanitarium, Bad Aib-
der, T. J. Zigmund. ling, Kurhotel Wittelsbach, Ober-
bayern, Germany.
Departmental Secretaries: Krankenhaus "Waldfriede," Fischer-
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and hiltten Str. 99-109, Berlin-Zehlen-
Y. P. M. V., J. Lichy. dorf, Germany.
Ordained Ministers: Dispensaries
J. Gajan, J. Lichy, T. J. Zigmund. Charlottenbad, Charlottenstr. 24,
Hamburg 19, Germany.
Licensed Ministers: Recreation Home, Marienhohe, Darm-
St. Macko, J. Sobotka, J. Strba, P. stadt, Germany.
Styk. Food Factory:
Licensed Missionary: German Health Food Factory, Campe-
J. Zahoransky. strasse 18, Hamburg 26, Germany.
Organized 1931
Territory: China, Manchuria, Mongolia, Division Executive Committee. This
Tibet, Sinkiang, and the islands con- emergency committee is known as the
trolled by China, together with Hong Shanghai Branch Committee of the
Kong and Macao; all of which are China Division of the General Con-
comprised in the Central China, East ference of Seventh-day Adventists,
China, North China, Northwest China, and functions while the Division of-
South China, West China, and Man- ficers are not residing in Shanghai.
churian Union Missions. All members of the Division Commit-
Population: 519,741,367 ; churches, 278 ; tee are ex-officio members of the
members, 19,721. Shanghai Branch Committee, which
committee is organized as follows:
Officers: Y. H. Chu, Chairman ; S. J. Lee,
President, Secretary-Treasurer; other national
Secretary, S. L. Frost. members resident in Shanghai: Y. C.
Treasurer and Auditor, W. I. Hilliard. Hsu, Goh Chao-Oh, Chang Peh-an,
Executive Committee: G. J. Appel, Helen Woo, Chen Ming, Chuang Hsi-
Chen Wenhsioh, Y. H. Chu, C. H. tien, Lin Wei-su.
Davis, S. L. Frost, Goh Chao-Oh, W. Legal Association: "General Conference
I. Hilliard, Y. C. Hsu, K. T. Khng, Corporation of Seventh-day Advent-
Koh Chiao-liang, S. J. Lee, Liu Fu-an, ists." W. I. Hilliard, Attorney-in-
E. L. Longway, C. B. Miller, Bessie fact.
Mount, John Oss, R. C. Shen, F. Y. Educational Department:
Wang, M. C. Warren, E. C. Wood.
Secretary, H. C. Shen.
Due to the war situation in the
Orient, and the fact that the officers Members: Division officers, Bessie
of the China Division, as well as many Mount, Y. P. M. V. secretaries of
of our leaders, are now isolated from union missions, heads of senior and
their fields, temporary emergency ar- junior training institutes, superin-
rangements have been worked out for tendents and general field secretaries
the carrying on of our work both in of union missions.
free and occupied sections of China as Home Missionary Department:
follows : Secretary, E. L. Longway.
Temporary Division Headquarters: Members: Division officers, Division
Chungking, Szechwan, China. departmental secretaries, union home
Cable Address: "Adventist Mission," missionary secretaries as appointed,
Chungking. union field missionary secretaries,
superintendents and general field sec-
Officers: retaries of union missions.
Acting President, E. L. Longway. Medical Department:
Acting Secretary-Treasurer, G. J.
Appel. Secretary, Herbert Liu.
Provisional Division Committee: E. Members: Division officers, physicians
L. Longway, G. J. Appel, W. S. Chen, connected with all recognized sani-
C. H. Davis, F. A. Liu, Herbert Liu, tariums, treatment rooms, and hos-
C. I. Meng, C. B. Miller, H. C. Shen, pital-dispensaries ; superintendents of
James Wang, M. C. Warren. nurses in institutions conducting
Appointed Members: Chen Yu Shih, nurses' training schools, superintend-
T. S. Geraty, E. H. James, F. W. ents and general field secretaries of
Johnson, K. K. Khug, T. S. Wu, Su union missions.
Hsing. Ministerial Association:
The above acting officers and pro- Secretary, C. .Meng.
visional committee will function during
the war emergency in all parts of the Advisory Council: Division officers,
China Division territory that are ac- superintendents and general field sec-
cessible to them. retaries of union missions, division
departmental secretaries, union evan-
Shanghai Branch Committee : An emer- gelists, principals of senior and junior
gency committee has been authorized training institutes, heads of the Bible
to look after the interest of the work and evangelistic departments of the
in the occupied areas of the Manchu- China Training Institute, C. I. Meng.
rian, North China, East China, and
Central China Union fields, in con- Missionary Volunteer Department:
junction with the China provisional Secretary, H. C. Shen.

Members: Division officers, Bessie Huang, David Hwang, E. H. James,

Mount, Y. P. M. V. secretaries of Herbert Liu, E. L. Longway, C. I.
union missions, heads of senior and Meng, John Oss, H. C. Shen, Su
junior training institutes, superin- Hsing, James D. Wang.
tendents and general field secretaries
of union missions. Licensed Ministers:
Publishing Department: P. R. Chang, M. H. Chas, H. C.
Cheng, C. P. Chu, T. M. Chu, Y. H.
Secretary, E. L. Longway. Chu, W. H. Fang, W. I. Hilliard, Ho
Members: Division officers, union field Ping-Duan, H. D. Ho, R. Y. Huang, S.
and home missionary secretaries, local C. Ku, K. H. Li, Y. K. Li, G. I. Meng,
field missionary secretaries, manager Chen Ming, S. H. Pang, Shan Ying
and chief editors of the Signs Pub- Min, J. H. Su, A. F. Tai, S. S. Tsai,
lishing House, superintendents and H. Y. Wang, G. H. Wang, W. T.
general field secretaries of union mis- Wang, Wen Hsing, C. H. Wu, K. F.
sions. Wu, T. H. Wu, K. N. Yeh, Yu Ping,
S. T. Wang, C. P. Yang.
Sabbath School Department:
Secretary, G. J. Appel. Licensed Missionaries:
Members: Division officers, union Mrs. G.J. Appel, P.A. Chang, Chuan
Sabbath school secretaries, David Hsi-tien, C. H. Chen, Y. W. Chen,
Hwang, E. L. Longway, Chen Ming, H. F. Chung, Mrs. Minnie H. Crisler,
Bessie Mount, Mary Ogle, Shen Tien- Mildred Dumas, H. W. Fan, Mrs. S.
ran. L. Frost, Mrs. T. S. Geraty, Benjamin
Gia, Mrs. W. I. Hilliard, Y. C. Hsu,
Transportation Agents: W. L Hilliard, Hsu Yen-ging, Mrs. R. Y. Huang.
chairman ; the union treasurers of the S. H. Hung, Miss Y. H. Keng, F. B.
South China, Central China, and Man- Knight, Mrs. F. B. Knight, Rachel
churian Union Missions. Landrum, T. S. Liu, M. I. Lee, S. J.
Division Building Committee: G. J. Ap- Lee, Lin Wei-su, Mrs. H. C. Liu, Mrs.
pel, S. L. Frost, W. I. Hilliard, E. H. E. L. Longway, Mrs. Mi Dehfeng,
James, K. T. Khng, H. Liu, E. L. Bessie Mount, Pauline Neal, Mary
Longway, C. B. Miller, James Wang. Ogle, Mrs. John Oss, Mrs. S. H. Pang,
Emma Pflug, Mrs. Su Hsing, H. T.
Ordained Ministers: Wang, John Wang, S. T. Wang, Mrs.
G. J. Appel, Alfred Fossey, S. L. S. T. Wang, W. T. Wang, Miss H. I.
Frost, T. S. Geraty, Goh Chao-O, T. C. Wen, H. Y. Wu, Wu Hsiao-chen.


Organized 1919

Territory: The Provinces of Honan, Departmental Secretaries:

Hunan, Hupeh, and Kiangsi. Educational and Y. P. M. V., I. V.
Population: 116,468,648 ; churches, 28 ; Stonebrook.
members, 2,406.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," J. H. Effenberg.
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Medical,
Publishing, J. E. Christensen.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Ordained Ministers:
J. H. Christensen, J. H. Effenberg, C.
Officers: B. Guild, D. K. Liu.
Superintendent, G. J. Appel.
Acting Secretary-Treasurer, A. Fossey. Licensed Ministers:
Associate Secretary-Treasurer, A. F. I. V. Stonebrook, S. Y. Tsao.
Executive Committee: G. J. Appel, Licensed Missionaries:
H. C. Currie, J. E. Christensen, J. H. Mrs. J. E. Christensen, Mrs. Carl Cur-
Effenberg, C. B. Guild, H. B. Lee, rie, Mrs. J. H. Effenberg, Mrs. C. B.
Y. S. Leng, Liu Djung-Gwang, Peng Gulid, Mrs. I. V. Stonebrook, D. C.
Hsien-Wu, I. V. Stonebrook, A. F. Wu, Miss S. B. Yen, Mrs. Yii Ging-
Tai, Wang Ging-Bo.

HONAN MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Organized 1917 Educational and Y. P. M. V., Li
Territory: The Province of Honan; also Publishing, Li Deng-Ren.
Tungming-hsien and Chang-yan-hsien Sabbath School and Home Mission-
of Hopei, and Tsao-hsien of Shan- ary, Wang Deh-Tzi.
tung. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 81,031,909; churches, 12; J. E. Christiansen, Hwang Djung-
companies, 25 ; members, 1,440. Seng, Liu Djung-Gwang, Wang Deh-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Licensed Ministers:
sion," Yencheng. Hwang Dzi-Ling, Li Gwang-Ren,
Address: Yencheng, Honan, China. H. I. Tsai.
Licensed Missionaries:
Djang Gwang-Sing, Hwang Ren-Wu,
Director, C. B. Guild. Lee Hung-Bing, Wu Hsin-Fang, Mrs.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. Y. Feng. J. E. Christensen.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., Djao Lien-Ren.
Home Missionary, Djang Djen-Hai. HUPEH MISSION
Publishing, Hou Hsu-Hsuan. Organized 1909
Ordained Ministers: Territory: The Province of Hupeh.
Djang Djen-Hai, Liu Djen-Bang, Population: 27,167,244 ; churches, 3 ;
Peng Hsien-Djung, Shih Ru-Ling, Su companies, 7: members, 290.
Dien-Ching, Tang Hsin-Loh, Wang
Ging-Bo. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Han-
Licensed Ministers: Address: 107 Woo Tsu Street, Hankow,
Djang Gwoh-Djen, Djao Lien Yuen, Hupeh, China.
Hou Hsu Hsuen, Liu Hsio Ming, Tang
Hain Ho, Wang Yung Kang. Officers:
Acting Director, T. R. Shen.
Licensed Missionaries: Secretary-Treasurer, Y. S. Leng.
Cung Dzi-Djen, Djang Hsiian, Mrs. Executive Committee: Y. S. Leng,
Djang, Djang Ying-Kou, Feng Chen- Fang Chih-Hsiang, Hsu Yao-tang, T.
Chieh, Feng Cheng-Yuin, Mrs. Gia, R. Shen, Yen Chun-Shan.
Gia Wen-Deh, Li Sin-Feng, Wu Yung-
Guang. Departmental Secretaries:
Church School Teachers: 9. Book and Bible House, Y. S. Leng.
Educational, Home Missionary, Sab-
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., Yang
HUNAN MISSION Publishing, Yen Chuen-shan.
Organized 1917 Ordained Ministers:
Fan Chih-Hsiang, T. R. Shen.
Territory: The Province of Hunan.
Licensed Minister: Hsu Sin-Tang.
Population: 40,700,285 ; churches, 8 ; Licensed Missionaries:
companies, 9 ; members, 447.
Chu Yeh-Chang, Y. S. Leng, Anna
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Lo, Wang Yung-Kang, Yen Chuen-
sion," Changsha. shan, Yen Gai-Gieh, Yang Lien, Mrs.
Yang Lien.
Address: S. D. A. Mission. 75 Fu Dzen
St., Changsha, Hunan, China.
Director, J. E. Christensen.
Secretary-Treasurer, Lee Hung-Bing. Organized 1917
Executive Committee: J. E. Christen- Territory: The Province of Kiangsi.
sen, Hwang Tsung-Sen, Lee Hung-
Bing, Li Deng-Ren, Li Gwang-Ren, Population: 17,569,210 ; churches, 5 ;
Liu Djung-Gwang, Wang Deh-Dzi. companies, 7 ; members, 229.

Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Publishing, Chiu Chi Hsiu.

sion," Kian.
Ordained Ministers:
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kian, Ki- Wang Wen-Hwei, C. H. Currie.
angsi, China. Licensed Ministers:
Officers: Peng Hsien-Wu, Shen Hsuen-Hung.
Director, H. C. Currie.
Secretary-Treasurer, Peng Hsien-Wu. Licensed Missionaries:
Deng Siao-Sien, Peng Liang, Lo
Departmental Secretaries: Dzen-Yuan, Lo Yue-Ching, Pu Ching
Book and Bible House and Educa- Feng.
tional, Peng Hsien-wu.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Church School Teacher:
Wang Wen-Hwei. Lo Kwo-Hwa.


Organized 1909; reorganized 1919

Territory: The Anhwei, Kiangsu and ANHWEI MISSION

Chekiang Provinces. Organized 1910
Population: 76,831,536 churches, 96'; Territory: The Province of Anhwei,
members, 4,396. and Nanking district 'of Kiangsu
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Shang-
hai. Population: 21,976,920: churches, 7 ;
members, 846.
Office Address: 1207 Yu-Yuen Road,
Shanghai, China. (Tel. 20167 or Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Fo-
21311.) yang.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Fo-
Officers: yang, China.
Acting Superintendent, Koh Chiao Eo. Officers:
General Field Secretary, Goh Chao-Oh.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Director, T. S. Wu.
Secretary-Treasurer, K. L. Keng.
Associafe Sec.-Treas., Helen Woo. Executive Committee: T. S. Wu,
Gu Hsiao-chiao, K. L. Keng, Lee
Executive Committee: Andrew Chen, Hsieh 1h, Liu Bao-yi, S. R. Pan,
Y. S. Chen, It. H. Dinsbier, Goh Wang Hsi-tien.
Chao-Oh, K. D. Karallashvilly, S. R.
Pan, Y. C. Shih, Swen Tsung-gwang, Departmental Secretaries:
Helen Woo, S. M. Yen. Educational, S. R. Pan.
Departmental Secretaries: Home Missionary, Lee Yueh Chien.
Publishing, A. F. Djao.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Field Sabbath School,
Home Missionary, S. M. Yen. Ordained Minister: T. S. Wu.
Medical, Andrew Chen. Licensed Ministers:
Ministerial Assn.,
Russian Dept., K. D. Karallashvilly. Dju Gien-pan, Gu Shao-chiao, Lee
Sabbath School, S. M. Yen. Yueh Chien, Lei Hsien-gwang, Wang
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries:
K. D. Karallashvilly, S. R. Pan. Beh Wen-bing, Wang Chien, Djang
Chun-dao, Mrs. Djang Hsi-ling, Djang
Licensed Minister: S. M. Yen. Si-mu, H. F. Djao, Mrs. Dju Gien-
pan, Hsiao Dzi-hsuen, Hsiao Si-mu,
Licensed Missionaries: Hsu Si-deh, Lien Yueh-fan, Meng
Tsing-en, Wang Feng-meng, Wong
Mrs. K. D. Karallashvilly, N. I. So- Li-djung, Mrs. Wu Pei-ling, Mrs. Yao
roken. Lo-tien.

Church School Teachers: NORTH KIANGSU MISSION

Djang Guo-min, Hsu Si-hsiung, Wu Organized 1931
Dzi-tun, Wu Gia-ren.
Territory: The Northern two-thirds of
the Kiangsu Province, except the
Nanking District.
KIANGSU MISSION Population: 16,781,489; churches, 16;
Organized 1913 members, 664.
Postal Address: Tsing Kiang Pu,
Territory: The southern portion of Kiangsu, China.
Kiangsu Province, and the northern
portion of Chekiang Province. Officers:
Director, Swen Tsung-Gwang.
Population: 30,456,610 ; churches, 40 ; Secretary-Treasurer,
members, 1,701.
Executive Committee: Swen Tsung-
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Shang- Gwang, Chen Ging-nih, Liu Chuen-
hai. hwan, Shan, Teh-djen, Tsen Yu-bing,
Wang Yu-tien.
Office Address: Court 1207 Yu-Yuen
Road, Shanghai, China. (Phone, Departmental Secretaries:
20167.) Educational and Y. P. M. V., Tsen
Officers: Yu-bing.
Home Missionary, Swen Tsung-
Dire&or, gwang.
General Field Secretary, Publishing, H. F. Djou.
Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Woo. Sabbath School,
Executive Committee: Miss H. Dju, Ordained Minister: Swen Tsung-Gwang.
K. Y. Lee, T. It. Shen, T. C. Wang,
D. C. Woo, Helen Woo. Licensed Minister: Wang Yu-Tien.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Book and Bible House, Helen Woo. Y. H. Chang, C. N. Chen, Chen Yu-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., T. C. Djen, Chiao Yuen-dju, Ding Chang-
Wang. yuen, Djou Shi-djen, H. F. Fang, Gi
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Djao-tung, Li Su-djen, Lien Na-na,
K. Y. Lee. Hwang Li-hwei, S. S. Liu, Liu Chuen-
Publishing, Huan, Shan Teh-djen, Swen Doo-tse,
Women's Work, Miss H. Dju. Mrs. T. G. Swen, Tsui Sze-Djou, Tsen
Yu-bing, Tsui Yung-en, Wang Li
Ordained Ministers: Gwan, Wang Su-djung, Y. Y. Wang,
L. S. Wang, D. C. Woo. Mrs. K. H. Yao, Yao Kwang-Hwa.
Licensed Ministers: .Church School Teacher:
I. F. Chen, K. L. Chow, K. C. Fang, Djang Hsi-hsien.
Y. Y. Fu, L. S. Han, K. Y. Lee, S. M.
Sung, T. S. Wang, T. S. Yeh.
Licensed Missionaries: SOUTH CHEKIANG MISSION
R. S. Chang, Mrs. S. T. Chang, r. M.
Chen, Chiang Peh-yu, C. S. Chwang, Organized 1919
Mrs. W. S. Djou, Miss H. Dju, P.
Fang, Mrs. W. F. Fee, C. S. Feng, Territory: The Prefectures of Wenchow,
Mrs. Y. H. Feng, L. S. Fu, Hsu Chuchow, and Taichow, in the Che-
Yung-ching, Mrs. A. L. Hu, F. F. Hu, kiang Province.
Mrs. S. C. Hu, Mrs. W. H. Ku, Ih Population: 7,616,517 ; churches, 33;
Shao-tsu, Miss A. L. Kou, I. P. Ku, members, 1,285.
Miss Lan Chu-mei, Mrs. M. D. Li,
H. K. Ling, P. K. Ling, Shen Wen- Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Wen-
hwang, Mrs. Grace Swen, Mrs. T. T. chow.
Tang, Tsai She-ling, Miss C. L. Tsui, Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Wen-
Mrs. Y. T. Wei, H. Y. Wang, Helen chow, Chekiang, China.
Woo, Mrs. Katherine Yang.
Church School Teachers: Officers:
Chang Peh-yu, Miss Chao San-mei, Director and General Field Secretary,
Mrs. Chen, Miss Chwen Wen-yu, Mrs. Chen Yu Shih.
Liu Po-tang, Mrs. Samuel. Tsai, Wang Secretary-Treasurer, Ernest Tsai.
Ping-chan. Executive Committee: It. H. Dinsbier,

Y. S. Chen, Chu Teh-Ming, Chie Licensed Missionaries:

Djung-Koe, Dzang Nyie-Ming, Dzang Yie Bing, Chie Djung-Koa, Chieh
Fi, Ernest Tsai, Poe Sz-Z. Sing-Oh, Mrs. R. H. Dinsbier, Djiae
Ta-Tsing, Djiu Vu-Sang, Djiu Z. Toe,
Departmental Secretaries: Dzang Fi, Dzang Li-Foe, Dzang
Educational, R. H. Dinsbier. Tung-Chieh, Dzeng Fu-Sae, Dzing Mi-
Publishing and Home Missionary, Chang, Dzing Nyo-Li, Ku Djung-Z,
Chiang Djung-Kwang. Li Si-Mo, Liu Tsoa-Z, Nie Ka-Djung,
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Ng Sha-Tung, Yie Kue-Nee, Yoa
Dju Teh-Ming. Koa-Shu, Yoa Zing-Yieh.
Ordained Ministers: Training Institute Teachers:
Y. S. Chen, S. T. Liu. Y. S. Chen, D. S. Chang, T. T. Chang,
F. Y. Chou, S. Wu, Mrs. R. H. Dins-
Licensed Ministers: bier.
Chang Pao-Ren, Z. Chang, I. M. Church School Teachers:
Chen, W. S. Chen, R. H. Dinsbier, Chie Da-Sai, Chie Tsung-Dee, Djiu
Djiao Ming-Shien, T. M. Dju, Wu Ung-Nyo, Ng Tsz-Ch'ung, Ng Sa,
Kao-Fu. Ue Shung, Vu Chang-Lung.


Organized 1919
Territory: Manchukuo (except Chien- Licensed Missionaries:
Tao Province) and Kwantung Chow. H. G. Chao, W. C. Chao, Miss H. S.
Population: 37,888,176; churches, 30; Chen, T. F. Chen, C. P. Chi, S. K.
members, 2,203. Kwan, K. H. Li, Mrs. K. H. Li,
I. H. Liu, Miss H. C. Tsui, T. C.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Muk- Tsui, Mrs. Helen Wang, W. F. Wang.
Postal Address: Shen Yang Post Office,
Box 36, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Office Address: 47 Hwang Shi Da Giai, CENTRAL MANCHURIA MISSION
Beh Shih Chang, Mukden, Manchukuo. (Formerly Kirin Mission)
Residence Address: 14 N. Er Ging Lu, Organized 1918
Mukden, Manchukuo.
Officers: Territory: The Province of Kirin,
Superintendent, F. Y. Wang. Northern Half of Hsin-An South,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Southern Third of Lung-Kiang,
Southern Part of Hsing-An North,
Associate Treasurer, S. Y. Ewan. Southern Part of Hsing-An East.
Executive Committee: F. Y. Wang,
C. P. Chi, H. W. Gwo, T. C. Hsu, Population: 6,445,353; churches, 8 ;
S. Y. Kwan, R. H. Liang, T. C. Tsui, members, 219.
G. Y. Wang, T. Y. Wang.
Office Address: 147 East San Ma Lu,
Departmental Secretaries: Hsinking, Manchukuo.
Book and Periodical House, H. G.
Chao. Residence Address: 1 Hsing Yun Lu,
Educational, Gung Na Fu Chien, Hsinking, Man-
Home Missionary, G. Y. Wang. chukuo.
Medical, Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Ministerial Assn., Hsinking.
Publishing, R. H. Liang.
Sabbath School, H. W. Gwo. Officers:
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Chao.
Ordained Minister: F. Y. Wang. Director, G. Y. Wang.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. P. Chi.
Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: G. Y. Wang,
S. Y. Kwan, R. H. Liang, K. K. W. C. Chao, C. P. Chi, W. H. Hu,
Yang. D. D. Ma.

Departmental Secretaries: SOUTH MANCHURIA MISSION

Educational, (Formerly Fengtien Mission)
Home Missionary, G. Y. Wang. Organized 1913
Publishing, D. D. Ma.
Sabbath School, Territory: The Provinces of Fengtien,
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Chao. Antung, Tung-Hwa and Kwangtung
Ordained Minister: G. Y. Wang.
Population: 14,414,430 ; churches, 8 ;
Licensed Ministers: members, 984.
T. F. Hsiao, W. H. Mu. Office Address: 46 Hwang Shi Da Giai,
Beh Shih Chang, Mukden, Manchu-
Licensed Missionaries: kuo.
H. W. Djeng, P. G. Hsu, D. D. Ma.
Postal Address: Shen Yang Post Office,
Bible Woman: Mrs. G. Y. Wang. Box 36, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Muk-
School Teachers: den.
H. C. Djou, Miss L. R. Wang.
Director, T. Y. Wang.
Secretary-Treasurer, T. C. Tsui.
Executive Committee: T. Y. Wang,
(Formerly Pinkiang Mission) H. G. Chao, Y. S. Chin, H. W. Kwo,
Organized 1929 R. H. Liang, C. C. Liu, L. C. Tsai,
T. C. Tsui.
Territory: The Provinces of Pin-Kiang,
San-Kiang, Muh-Tang-Kiang, Hei- Departmental Secretaries:
Ho, Northern Two-thirds of Lung- Educational, W. Y. Chen.
Kiang, Hsing-An North, and North- Home Missionary, T. C. Tsui.
ern Two-Thirds of Hsing-An East. Publishing, C. C. Liu.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., H.
Population: 8,217,327; churches, 10 ; W. Kwo.
members, 558.
Ordained Minister: T. Y. Wang.
Office Address: Ta-Tung Lu, Dao-Li,
Harbin, Manchukuo. Licensed Ministers:
T. T. Chao, Y. S. Chin, H. T. Lee.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Har-
bin. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: C. T. Chih, C. M. Chow, H. W. Kwo,
Director, Y. C. Li, C. L. Liu, W. H. Yuen.
Acting Director, T. C. Hsu. Bible Women:
Secretary-Treasurer, C. P. Chi.
Miss Y. N. Chen, Mrs. Y. S. Chin,
Executive Committee: C. P. Chi, D. L. Mrs. C. C. Kwan, Mrs. F. Y. Wang,
Diang, T. C. Hsu, R. H. Liu, D. D. Mrs. T. Y. Wang.
Ma, T. C. Wang.
School Teachers:
Departmental Secretaries:
Miss C. J. Li, A. C. Liu, F. S. Toon.
Home Missionary,
Publishing, B. D. Ma.
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., T. C.
Organized 1925
Licensed Ministers:
C. L. Chang, T. C. Hsu, Y. D. Tsui. Territory: All Russians in Manchukuo
and Kwangtung Men.
Licensed Missionaries:
H. F. Djou, H. L. Dung, C. W. Population: 45,000 ; churches, 3 ; mem-
Hwang, H. K. Na, T. D. Wang. bers, 194.
Bible Woman: Mrs. T. C. Hsu. Office Address: 9 Tsitsihar St., Nan
Kang, Harbin, Manchukuo.
School Teachers: Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
C. C. Ho, C. C. Li, Mrs. S. H. Wei. . Harbin.

Officers: Population: 8,766,066; churches, 6;

Director, members, 248.
Acting Director, M. Kalabugin. Office Address: 160 Fuh Teh Giai, Chin-
Treasurer, M. Kalabugin. Hsien, Chin-Chow Province, Man-
Executive Committee: M. Kalabugin, chukuo.
13. Kasitsin, V. Platonoff.
Telegraphic Address: "An Shih Rib
Departmental Secretaries: Hwei," 160 Fuh Teh Giai, Chin Hsien,
Book and Periodical House, M. Kala- Chin-Chow Province, Manchukuo.
bugin. Officers:
Educational, Acting Director, F. Y. Wang.
Publishing and Home Missionary, V. Acting Treasurer; .
Platonoff. Sec.-Accountant, T. C. Tsui.
Sabbath School, Mrs. B. Kasitsin.
Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: F. Y. Wang,
Y. T. Chu, C. F. Djou, C. L. Hsu,
Ordained Minister: M. Kalabugin. T. C. Tsui.
Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., F. Y.
K. Kasitsin, V. Platonoff. Wang.
School Teachers: Home Missionary, C. F. Djou.
Publishing, C. L. Wang.
B. Kasitsin, Mrs. B. Kasitsin. Sabbath School, Mrs. Helen Wang.
Licensed Ministers:
Y. T. Chu, C. F. Djou.
WEST MANCHURIA MISSION Licensed Missionaries:
Organized 1939 C. L. Hsu, P. S. Li, Y. C. Li, Y. H.
Li, H. H. Liu, H. T. Wang.
Territory: Provinces of Chin-Chow, Je-
hol, Hsing-An West, and Southern School Teachers:
Half of Hsing-An South. Mrs. Heu, Y. T. Hsieh, Y. H. Li.


Organized 1919

Territory: The Provinces of Chahar, Lo-t'ien, Shen Chenpan, Wang Hsi-

Hopei, Shansi, Shantung, and that yuan,. Wang Te-chun.
portion of Suiyuan Province lying
north of 40 degrees North Latitude, Departmental Secretaries:
and Mongolia. Educational, Koh Chiao-liang.
Population: 97,000,000; churches 18; Ministerial,
members, 2,363. Publishing and Home Missionary, Tan
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Peking. Hsin-hsu.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Liao
(Telephone 5-2841.) Hwa.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Ta Ordained Ministers:
Fang Chia Hutung, Peking, Hopei, Koh Chiao-liang, Shan Lo Tien.
Licensed Ministers:
Chow Hsin-min, Tan Hsin-hsu, Hsu
Superintendent, Wen-Ping, Liao Hwa, J. Maltsev,
General Field Secretary and Acting P. V. Rodinoff.
Superintendent, Koh Chiao Liang.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Licensed Missionaries:
Chai Wii-Ssu, Koh Chung-yao, Jack
Executive Committee: Chow Hsin- Kuo, Li I-t'sun, Li Kuang-chen, Li
Min, Duan Yung-Chien, Koh Chiao-) Yu-ching, Shen Meng-kuang, Miss
Jiang, Li Su-liang, Pai Tze-heng, Shan' Wang, Yin Cha'ng-lan.


Organized 1918 Director, Wang Te-chun.
Secretary-Treasurer, Shen Tze-ming.
Territory: The Province of Hopei. Executive Committee: Wang Te-
. chun, Li Su-liang, Liu Chen-chiang,
Population: 36,600,000; churches, 6; J. Maltsev, P. V. Rodinoff, Shen Tze-
members, 718. ming, Wang Ya-ju.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Pe- Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Shen Tze-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Chu Kan ming.
Hsinag, Peking, Hopei, China. Home Missionary and Educational,
Wang Te-chun.
Officers: Publishing and Sabbath School, Wang
Director, Koh Chiao-liang. Ya-ju.
Secretary-Treasurer, Chow Hsin-min. Y. P. M. V., Shen Tze-ming.

Executive Committee : Koh Chiao-li- Ordained Minister: Wang Te-chun.

ang, Chang Po-thing, Chow Hein-
min, Keng Chiao-chun, Ma Ch'i-min, Licensed Ministers:
Pai Tze-heng, Sung Chieh-Ming, Liu Chang-hsi, Wang Ya-ju.
Wang Hsi-Yuan.
Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Chang Fu-en, Chang Mei-chih, Wu
Book and Bible House, Hsu Wen-ping. Chieh, Ch'u Te-ming, Chao Fa, Hsu
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Yao-t'ang, Mrs. Li Su-liang, Li Wen-
Chang Po-thing. Yuan, Liu Chen-chiang, Shen Tze-
Publishing, Sung Chieh-ming. ming.
Y. P. M. V.,
Ordained Ministers:
Keng Chiao-chun, Keng Fu-kuang,
Pai Tze Heng, Wang Hsi-yuan. SHANSI MISSION
Licensed Ministers: Organized 1928
Chang Jen-chu, Chang Po-ching.
Territory: The Province of Shansi,
Licensed Missionaries: south of the Great Wall.
Ch'i Chiu-ying, Hsieh Ching-lan, Population: 12,000,000 ; churches, 4 ;
Mrs. Koh Chih-ching, Li Huan-Min, members, 602.
Meng Wen-shu, Sung Chieh-ming,
Wang Hain-Ming. Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Tai-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Fu Hsi
Chieh, Taiyuan, Shansi, China.
Director, Tuan Yung-chlen.
(Formerly Cha-Sui Mission) Secretary-Treasurer,
Reorganized 1939 Executive Committee: Tuan Yung-
Chien, Fan Kuo-tung, Wang Wei-
Territory: Provinces of Chahar and
Suiyuan, except that portion of Sui- Departmental Secretaries:
yuan south of latitude 40, also in-
cluding that portion of Shansi north Book and Periodical House,
of the Great Wall ; and all of Mon- Educational, Sabbath School and Y.
golia. P. M. V., Tuan Yung Chien.
Home Missionary, Tuan Yung Chien.
Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, 2 :
members, 174. Ordained Minister: Tuan Yung Chien.

Telegraphic . Address: Adventist, Kal- Licensed Missionaries:

gan, China. Chang Chien-an, Chang Ching-liang,
Fan-Kuo-tung, Li Fu-t'ien, Mrs. Li
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan, Wen-mien, Keng Kun-lin, Wang
Mengchiang, China. Wei-Chieh.

SHANTUNG MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Book and Bible House, Liu Fu-ning.
Organized 1917 Educational, Yang Chun-ting.
Home Missionary, Deng Pao-Hsien.
Territory: The Province of Shantung. Publishing, Deng Pao-hsien.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Population: 38,500,000 ; churches 7 ;
members, 869.
Ordained Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Tsi- Chang Chien-kuang, Shen Chen-pan.
Licensed Ministers:
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 102 Wei I
Lu, Tsinan, Shantung, China. Hsu Chi-li, Jen Yung-chang, Liu
Hsiao-chiu, Yang Han-chang.
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
Director, -- Cheng Ching-wen, Duan Yu-ying,
Secretary-Treasurer, Liu Fu-ning. Duan Yung-thing, Hsieh I-hwa, Liu
Executive Committee: Jen Yung- Te-yu, Wang T'ien-to, Wang Yu-
ch'ang, Liu Fu-ning, Liu Hsiao-chiu, ming, Wu Chi-Yu, Yang Chun-ting,
Shen Chen-pan, Yang Han-chang. Yao Mei-yang.


Organized 1932

Territory: Provinces of Chinghai, Licensed Missionaries:

Kansu, Ninghsia, Shensi, and Sin- Chao Hung En, Mrs. Chao Hung En,
kiang, and that portion of Suiyuan Chia Tai-yuen, Goh Chieh, Fan Chung
Province south of 36 degrees North Seng, Lu So Tou, Mrs. Lu So Tou,
Latitude. Mrs. A. R. Mazat, Meng Hsien Ling,
Swen Deh-ran, Ting Chen Chun, Tan
Population: 25,895,521; churches, 18; Wei-luen, Mrs. M. C. Warren, Wu
companies, 19 ; members, 1,161. Fan Peh, Yuan Su Ling, Yuan Su-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Lan- kuei.
Postal Address: Northwest China Un-
ion Mission of S. D. A., Lanchow, RANCHING MISSION
Kansu, China.
Organized 1933
Superintendent, M. C. Warren. Chinghai and Kansu Missions
General Field Sec., Chan Wen-hsioh. Combined 1942
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Mazat. Territory: Kansu and Chinghai Prov-
Executive Committee: M. C. Warren, inces.
Chang Chien-Kuo, Chen Wen Hsueh, Population: 12,750,645 ; churches, 4 ;
Chia Tai-hsiang, Chiao Wen Li, N. 0. companies, 7 ; members, 285.
Dahlsten, Paul Huang, A. Mazat, N.
0. Dahlsten, Suen Sui Ching. Postal Address: Kansu Mission of
S. D. A., Lanchow, Kansu, China.
Departmental Secretaries:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Lan-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., chow.
Medical, Paul Huang.
Publishing and Home ' Missionary, Officers:
Chang Chien-Kuo. Director, Chen Wen Hsio.
Sabbath School, M. C. Warren. Secretary-Treasurer,
Ordained Ministers: Executive Committee: Chen Wen
Chia Tai Shan, Chiao Wen Li, Chen Hsio, Chang Chung Kuo, A. R. Ma-
Wen-Hsioh, A. R. Mazat, M. C. War- zat, M. C. Warren.
ren. Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Ministers: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Chang Chien-Ku, Chang Chih Chen. Home Missionary,

Publishing and Sabbath School, SHENSI MISSION

Licensed Missionaries: Organized 1938

Chao Tung Mei, Chou Wen Ping, Li
Yi Ting, Sen Keh-Chang, Wang Hsi Territory: Shensi Province.
Population: 11,802,451 ; churches, 12 ;
Church School Teachers: companies, 9; members, 782.
Chao Tung Mei, Chien Hsao Cho, Ho
Mo-Ch'ien, Li Wen-Ih, Li Tien Yin, Postal Address: Shensi Mission of
Ning Peh-ran, Yang Chuen Ho. S. D. A., Outside West Gate, Sianfu,
Shensi, China.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Sianfu.
Organized 1933
Director, N. 0. Dahlsten.
Territory: Ninghsia Province, and that Secretary-Treasurer, Chen Pei Tao. .
portion of Suiyuan Province south of Executive Committee: N. 0. Dahl-
36 degrees North Latitude. sten, Chen Peh-Dao, Djang Dzi-Chien,
Population : 1,342,425 ; churches, 2 ; Djia Tai-Hsiang, Liu Wei-an.
companies, 8 ; members, 94.
Departmental Secretaries:
Postal Address: Djung Shan Da Chieh,
Ninghsia, Ninghsia, China. Home Missionary and Publishing,
Peng Hei-hsien.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist Mis- Sabbath School, Djang Dzi Chien.
sion, Ninghsia. Y. P. M. V. and Educational, Djia
Officers: Tai-Hsiang.
Director, Chao Wen Li. Ordained Minister:
N. 0. Dahlsten.
Executive Committee: Chao Wen Li,
Liang Kuei-San, Swen Hsuei-chin, Licensed Ministers:
Tan Teh-En.
Chen Peh-Dao, Djang Dzi Chien, Liu
Departmental Secretaries: Wei-An.
Home Missionary, Educational and
Y. P. M. V., Licensed Missionaries:
Publishing, Chi Pao Lo, Mrs. N. 0. Dahlsten,
Sabbath School, Swen Hanel chin. Mrs. Liu Kao-Chieh, Mu Wen Chin,
Licensed Minister: Swen Suei Chin. Tan Deh-en.
Licensed Missionaries: Church School Teachers:
Chu Chong-huei, Liang Kuei-San, Liu Chia Tai Ling, Chen Li Chih, Chen
Tseng-hou, Wang Yun. Hsi Tien, Chin Keh Ih, Dzang Hsi
Church School Teacher: Mrs. Chu San, Hsia Sen San, Liu Shih Chang,
Chung Hui. Yang Chih Tung, Yang Seng Teh.


Reorganized 1919

Territory: The Provinces of Kwangsi, Telephone: Office, 33653 ; residence,

Kwangtung, Fukien ; the Island of 23407.
Hainan ; the Colonies of Hong Kong
and Macao. Office Address: 1st Floor, "Dina House,"
Duddell St., Hong Kong.
Population: 71,900,000 ; churches 59 ;
companies 64 ; members, 4,256. Temporary Office Address: Laolung,
Kwantung, China.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Ad-
ventist," Hongkong. Residence: 40 Stubb's Road, Hong
Temporary Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Kong.
ventists," Laolung, Kwangtung, Postal Address: P. 0. Box 810, Hong
China. Kong, China.

Officers: Licensed Ministers:

Superintendent, C. H. Davis. S. C. Ha, S. K. Lei, Leung Shun Yat,
General Secretary, K. T. Khng. Lung Ping-Hang, S. M. Tsio.
Acting Treasurer and Auditor, T. C.
Chin. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: C. H. Davis, K. Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Chan Lim
T. Khng, J. P. Anderson, T. C. Chin, Shang, Chan Ye-Ku, Mrs. Chow,
Y. T. Chue, D. D. Coffin, S. T. Ging, Chue Tin Ming, Ha Shau Shek, Mrs.
C. Y. Hung, K. H. Hung, T. M. Lei, Ho, Hui Yuen Cheung, Mrs. Leung,
H. S. Leung, N. T. Leung, T. N. Lo, Lam Sz-Ki, Lo Tet- Tshien, Tsoi Bick
W. S. So, T. P. Tshi, T. S. Woo, Man, Wong Ching Ha.
Joseph Hwang.
Departmental Secretaries: HAINAN MISSION
Educational, H. S. Leung.
Home Missionary, K. H. Hung. Organized 1935
Medical, W. C. So. Territory: Hainan Island and two lower
. Publishing, B. G. Wu. counties of the peninsula of Liu-
Sabbath School, Leung Noito. chow, Kwangtung Province.
Y. P. M. V., T. C. Chin.
Population: 4,250,000 ; churches, 5 ;
Ordained Ministers: companies, 3 ; members, 138.
T. C. Chin, C. H. Davis, H. S. Leung, Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
Leung Noito, K. T. Khng. sion," Hoihow.
Licensed Ministers: Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hoi-
D. D. Coffin, W. Y. Ho, K. H. Hung, how, Hainan Island, China.
H. H. Luke, P. 0. Shiu, W. C. So, Temporary Office Address: S. D. A.
T. T. Wang. Mission, Lingshan, Kwangtung.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers :
Cheung Sui Yue, Mrs. D. G. Liu, Lo Acting Director, Y. T. Chue.
Hing So, B. C. Wu, Yueng Bick Lin. Secretary-Treasurer, Y. T. Chue.
Mission Committee: Y. T. Chue, K. T.
Khng, W. Y. Leung, W. K. Tso, T.
Licensed Ministers:
Territory: The Cantonese-speaking por-
tion of Kwangtung Province ; Hong W. Y. Leung, W. K. Tao.
Kong and Macao. Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, 10 ; Foo Chiu-Leung, Lei Hing-Fong, Lei
companies, '7; members, 1,125. Hok-Chaff, Lung Kien-Man, Tang To-
Yan, Wan Chung-Shan, Wong Tak-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Shan.
sion," Canton.
Office Address: S. D. A. MisSion, Tung-
shan, Canton, China.
Temporary Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Siwkwan, Kwangtung. Territory: The Hakka-speaking portion
of the Province of Kwangtung.
Director, J. P. Anderson. Population: 8,200,000; churches, 11;
Acting Director, T. P. Tshi. companies, 12 ; members, '753.
Secretary-Treasurer, Chan Lim Shang. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist His-
Mission Committee: J. P. Anderson, isa," Laolung, Kwangtung.
Chan Lim Shang, Y. T. Chue, H. S. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Lao-
Leung, Leung Ping Hang, S. M. lung, Kwangtung, China.
Tsoi, T. P. Tshi.
Officers :
Departmental Secretaries:
Director, T. S. Woo.
Educational, S. M. Tsio. Secretary, Lo Lai Ming.
Medical, P. H. Leung. Treasurer, South China Union Office.
Sabbath School, Chan Lim Shang.
Y. P. M. V., Chue Tin Ming. Mission Committee: T. S. Woo,
Cheung Fa Min, T. C. Chin, Chong
Ordained Ministers: Kwet-En, Lo Lai Ming, So Wai
J. P. Anderson, T. P. Tshi. Chuen.

Departmental Secretaries: NORTH FUKIEN MISSION

Educational and Y. P. M. V., Chung Territory: The northern portion of the
Sun Fong. Province of Fukien.
Home Missionary,
Medical, So Wai-Chuen. Population: 13,200,000; churches, 16 ;
Publishing, Wu Bing Ging. companies, 10; members, 785.
Sabbath School, Cheung Sui Yue. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
Ordained Ministers: sion," Foochow, China.
Cheung Fa Min, Lo Tet-Tsun, T. S. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Foo-
Woo. chow, China.
Licensed Ministers:
Chong Kwet-En, Shum Man Yung. Director, Ging Su Tang.
Secretary-Treasurer, Cong Ga Ciong.
Licensed Missionaries: Mission Committee: Chang Shuk
Ching, Cong Ga Ciong, Diong Chiong
Chong Sin Tso, Chong Thau-Fan, Mi, Ging Su Tang, Li Kwok Chung,
Li Moi-Fa, Li Tau-Fan, Liu Tau- Lim Ching Ciong, Ling Bou Hi, Ngai
Ngau, Lo Lai Ming, Van Shau Van, Koon Hung, Ngu Go Hua, Ngu Ong
Hoh Nyong, Wong Yip-Chia, Yeung Ing.
To Yung.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Periodical House and Sab-
bath School, Cong Ga-Ciong.
KWANGSI MISSION Educational and Y. P. M. V., Sai
Chung Ong.
Territory: The Province of Kwangsi, Home Missionary, Ging Su-Tang.
and Po On, Ling Shan and Yam Publishing, Liu Si Pai.
Chow Districts in Kwangtung.
Ordained Ministers:
Population: 12,250,000 ; churches, 6; Chaff Guok-Uong, Ging Ko-Bing, Ging
companies, 14 ; members, 484. Su-Tang.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Licensed Ministers:
sion," Nanning, Kwangsi, China. Cong Ga-Ciong, Kiou Gi-Sieu, Ling
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nan- Bu Hi, Ling Buong-Sieng, Iek Sing.
ning, Kwangsi, China. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: Deng Lielng, Ding Iek Sing, Ding
Director and Treasurer, T. M. Lei. Ngie Yung, Eu Siong Chung, Hong
Secretary, Annie Lo. Ung Hock, Mrs. Lau, Ling Baik Ho,
Committee: T. M. Lei, T. H. Cheung, Ling Hock Ong, Liu Siu Ong, Mrs.
Chick Tai-Keung, Annie Lo. Liu, Ngu Hock Liong, Tang Sing,
Ming, Uong Bing Dung, Uong Ong
Departmental Secretaries: Po, Uong Ting Sing, Wong Hung Gi.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Cheung Bible Women:
To Hung. Mrs. Dang Cie-Ing, Mrs. Ling Hok-
Medical, B. W. Lo. Ong, Mrs. Ngu Hok-Liong, Mrs. Woi
Publishing and Home Missionary, Siong-Chang.
Chick Tai-Keung.
Sabbath School, Cheung To Hung.
Ordained Minister: T. M. Lei. SOUTH FUKIEN MISSION
Licensed Ministers:
Territory: The southern half of Fukien
T. H. Cheung, Chou Hei-Nien, Annie Province.
Lo, B. W. Lo.
Population: 12,000,000: churches, 9;
Licensed Missionaries: companies, 4; members, 562.
Chan Oi Ling, Chan Shue, Chan Woo
Shang, Chiang Se Yuen, Chick Tai- Cable Address: "Adventist Mission,"
Keung, Hung Fan Cheong, Li Yaet Kulangsu, Amoy, China.
Shing, Li Yau Keung, Lei Chak-Man, Temporary Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Lei Hang-Sung, Annie Lo, Lo Tai- Chiangchow, Fukien.
Ma, So Nei-Kei, Shiu Lai Wah, Tang
Chung Huen, Tong Oi-Chan, Wang Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ku-
Hak Ming, Wong Chi Lam, Yang langsu, Amoy, China.
King-Shan. (Telephone No. 192.)

Officers: Temporary Office: S. D. A. Mission,

Acting Director, K. S. Keh. Bak Tap, Kityang, Kwangtung,
Secretary-Treasurer, Albert Lau. China.
Mission Committee, K. S. Keh, Cheung Officers:
Chung To. Lee Tien Chia, Ko Yu
Ming, Albert Lau, Ngo Kong Leong, Director,
Mrs. C. T. Tan. Acting Director, Leung Nai-to.
Secretary-Treasurer, Woo Man Yin.
Departmental Secretaries:
Committee: Heng Seng Teck, Leung
Book and Bible House, Albert Lau. Nai-to, T. N. Lo, H. C. Pang, Woo
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ang Man Yin, Yao Tien You.
Kim Hi.
Home Missionary, K. S. Keh. Departmental Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Ang Kim Hi.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Tan
Ordained Ministers: Bao Siang.
C. Y. Hung, N. K. Keh, C. T. Tan. Publishing and Home Missionary, Kho
Hiong Yung.
Licensed Ministers: Sabbath School, Lee Su-Hui.
K. H. Ang, T. K. Keh, K. T. So.
Licensed Missionaries: Ordained Ministers:
Leung Nai-to, T. N. Lo.
In Su Hui, Jim Se Kong, Keh Hong
Mo, Keh Suk Ing, P. W. Keh, Mrs. Licensed Ministers:
Lee, C. Y. Lin, L. M. Ngo, Mrs. Siu,
B. L. Tan, Cheung Chung To, Mrs. Ho Ching, Heng Seng-Teck.
Wei, Albert Lau, Lee Thien-chia.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ang Tsu-Chai, Hwang Yung-Yiu, Kho
SWATOW MISSION Khi-Heung, Kwok Wae Chu, Lee
Territory: The. Eastern slope of the Ching Li, Lin Pan-Tau, Ng Sing
Province of Kwangtung. ' Siang, Ngai Ying Yung.
Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, 3 ; Church School Teachers:
companies, 14 ; members, 459.
Fong Tak Yee, Kho Hiong Yung, Lee
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Hak Yee, Lee Mao Hui, Lo Su
sion," Swatow, China. Chong, Pang Chok Tao, Tan Bao
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Huei Siang, Te Chin Ming, Te So Hui,
Chia Tau, Swatow, Kwangtung, Tsang Hing Hwa, Tsang Sim Ching,
China. Yao Tien You.


Organized 1919
Territory: The Provinces of Szechwan, Chuen, Liu Fu-An, H. C. Liu, Lo Hui
Yunnan, Kweichow, Sikang, and An, Lu Shou-Dao, M. H. Vinkel,
Tibet. James Wang, Wang An-Hsi.
Population: 93,767,486 ; churches, 29 ; Departmental Secretaries:
members, 2,936.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., James
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- D. Wang.
sion," Chungking. Home Missionary and Publishing, Lo
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hui An.
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Medical, H. C. Liu.
Ministerial Assn., C. B. Miller.
Officers: Sabbath School, C. B. Miller.
Superintendent, C. B. Miller (on fur- Ordained Ministers:
Acting Superintendent, F. W. John- F. W. Johnson, D. M. Barnett, C. B.
son. Miller.
General Field Secretary, Liu Fu-an. Licensed Minister: Lo Hui An.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. W. Johnson.
Executive Committee: C. B. Miller, Licensed Missionaries:
Chiang Tsung Kuan, Du Shu Ren, Mrs. D. M. Barnett, Chen Deh Hwa,
Milton Lee, Li Deh-Hsing, Li Wan Gideon Chen, Djen Dian Yung, Dju

Ai Chu, Hwang Dzi Ran, Mrs. F. W. Departmental Secretaries:

Johnson, Julia Li, Kung Ping San, Educational and Y. P. M. V., Wang
Li Wei Deh, Mrs. Li Ming Ih, Mrs. Heng-Yang.
W. M. Lee, Mrs. C. B. Miller, Mrs. Publishing and Home Missionary,
Su Hsing; Swen Si Mu, Helen Shih, Chen Shu Ping.
Miss Shung, Wang Bing, Wang Hsu Sabbath School,
Ordained Ministers:
Liu Fu An, Ting Fu Chen.
Organized 1928 Loh Yun-Djang, Yang Sid-Sens,
Wang Su Chao.
Territory: All of Kweichow Province Licensed Missionaries:
except nine counties allotted to West
Kweichow Mission. Chang Lung Kao, Chen Shu Ping,
Cheng Shang-Dji, Chao Hung Sen,
Population: 7,850,000 ; churches, 4: Giang Lung-Gao, Keng Dan Chiu.
members, 258.
Church School Teachers:
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kweiyang, Chen Wen-kwang, Chuen Ying-wu,
Kweichow, China. Ho Wen-Gieh, Hsieh Chang-Man,
Officers: Yang Ai-Dao.
Director, Du Shu Ren.
Secretary-Treasurer, Li Hung Sung.
Mission Committee: Du Shu Ren, TIBETAN MISSION
Chen Feng-Lin, Dai Chi-Ming, Li
Deh-Hsing, Li Hung Sung. Organized 1919
Departmental Secretaries: Teriitory: Sikang Tibet and following
Book and Bible House, Li Hung Sung. 13 hsiens in Szechwan: Chaokioh,
Publishing and Home Missionary, Dai Sichang, Yenyuan, Yuehsi, Luipo,
Chi-Ming. Tsingki, Jungking, Yaan, Tienchiian,
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V. and Edu- Lushan, Kintang, Mowkung, Mien-
cational, Li Hung Sung. ning.
Ordained Minister: Du Shu Ren. Population: 6,600,000 ; members 20.
Licensed Ministers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kangting
(Tatsienlu), Sikang, China.
Chang Chi Chung, Li Deh-Hsing, Li
Hung Sung. Officers:
Licensed Missionaries: Acting Director, Kung Ping Shan.
Secretary-Treasurer, Huang Tzu Ran.
Dai Chi-Ming, Djou Min-Yen, Lung
Cheng-Djou, Tang Djen-Ying. Licensed Minister: Kung Ping Shan.
Licensed Missionaries:
Huang Tzu Ran, Mrs. M. H. Vinkel.
Territory: All hsiens east of boundary
formed by and including the follow- Organized 1927
ing : Kwangyiian, Changchih, Ci- Territory: 9 hsiens in Kweichow: Si-
chung, Pengan, Suining, Neikiang, shui, Chichshui, Jenhwai, Tating,
Lunchang, Kiangtsing, Anyo. Kiensi, Chihkin, Pichieh, Shuicheng,
Population: 32,550,000 ; churches, 12 ; Weining ; 7 hsiens in Yunnan: Chen-
members, 271. siung, Iliang, Lutien, Chaotung, Tak-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chungking, wan, Yungshan, Suikiang ; 14 hsiens
Szechwan, China. in Szechwan: Kulin, Suyung, Kun-
lein, Kunghsien, Kaohsien, Kingfu,
Officers: Nanki, Kiangan, Nachi, Luhsien, Ha-
Director, Liu Fu An. kiang, Kusung, Hingwen, Changning.
Secretary-Treasurer, Kung Dan Chiu. Organized Churches: 5; members, 926.
Mission Committee: Liu Fu An,
Chen Shu Ping, H. Liu, Ting Fu- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pichieh,
Chen, Yang Sin-Seng. Kweichow, China.

Officers: Licensed Ministers:

Director, Li Wan-chuan. Li Chuen-An, Lin Han-Ching, Lu
Secretary-Treasurer, Hsieh Mo Kun. Shou-dao, Yang Kai-hsuen.
Mission Committee: Li Wan-Chuan, Licensed Missionaries:
Hsieh Mo Kun, Chen Wan Kuang, Chin Chia-Ming, Lin Li Tsai, Shih
Yang Ming-Ding. Yu-liang,
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Hsieh
Mo Kun.
Publishing and Home Miss., YUNNAN MISSION -
Sabbath School, Chen Wan Kuan. Organized 1928
Ordained Minister: Li Wan-chuan.
Territory: Three hsiens in Szechwan:
Licensed Ministers: Hweili, Yenpien, Ningnan, and all of
Dju Yung-Ting, Loh Wen-Bi, Ren Yunnan except seven hsiens given to
Djen-Hsing, Wang Hsin-Bang, Yang West Kweichow as listed.
Ming-Ding, Chen Kuei Chun, Lo
Kuei Population: 14,795,486; churches, 7 ;
members, 1,241.
Licensed Missionaries:
Djang Djung-Hsing, Dju Ren-Djung, Address: S. D. A. Mission, 87 North
Dju Wen-Gia, Ma Deh-Yin, Wang Gate Street, Kun-ming, Yunnan,
Hsing-Djou, Hsieh Mo Kun, Chen China.
Wan Kueng. Officers:
Church School Teachers: Director, Milton Lee, (on furlough).
Chen Yen-kuan, Cho Ren Chuny, Acting Director, D. M. Barnett.
Chang Yao Ko, Chiu Wen Chia, Pan Secretary-Treasurer, D. M. Barnett.
Tsung Seng, Ma Teh Cheien, Liu Ai Mission Committee, Milton Lee, D.
Ren. M. Barnett, Feng Deh-Sen, Fu Ben-
Dzen, Han Gieh, Hang Tsong-Gwan,
Ho. Ai-Deng, Lung Chang-Deh, Nen
Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1919
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Nen Ta
Territory: All hsiens west of lines teh.
formed by and including the follow- Publishing, Wang Teh Fu.
ing: Chaohwa, Kienko, Yenting, She- Sabbath School, Mrs. H. Lee.
hung, Lochih, Tzechung, Fushun, Tract Society, Tom Ho.
Ipin (Suifu), except those already al- Ordained Ministers:
lotted to West Kweichow and those to
be allotted to Sikang as noted under Fang Deh-Sen, Ho Ai-deng, Milton
Tibetan Mission. Lee.
Population: 32,026,000 church, 1: Licensed Ministers:
members, 220. Fu Ben Dzen, Liu Hen-Ih.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chengtu,
Szechwan, China. Licensed Missionaries:
Beh Chuin-Yong, Chang Chung Chie,
Officers: Chang Swen-Djen, Chiang Hsing-
Director, Chiang Tsung Kuan. Ming, Dao Yang-Wan, Mrs. Dora L.
Secretary-Treasurer, Lu Shou Tao. Feng Han Gieh, Han Hsin Teh, Hang
Mission Committee: Chiang Tsung Tsong-Gwang, Mrs. Milton Lee, Lung
Kuan, Li Chien-An, Lin Han-ching, Hsuen-Ming, Lung Tsan-Deh, Ma Wu,
Lu Shou Tao, Wang An Hsi, Yang Ma Yin, Neng Da-Deh, Pan Yao-Deh,
Kai-Hsuen. Wang Tsu-Hsiung, Wang Teh Fu.
Departmental Secretaries: Church School Teachers:
Home Missionary and Publishing, Li Chang Deh-Yin, Chang K'ai-Hwei,
Chuen-An. Han Chieh, Diu Dji-Ming, Dzang
Sabbath School, Educational and Y. Tsao-Gwang, Chang Chung Chieh,
P. M. V., Lu Shou-dao. Han Hsin-Deh, Li Dzen-Ho, Lung
Tsan-Deh, Pan Fu-Chen, Pan Gwang-
Ordained Ministers: Deh, Wang Li-Hsin, Ma Wu, Yuen
Chiang Tsung Kuan, Wang An-Hsi. Deh-Hsuen, Neng Ta Tieh.

INSTITUTIONS IN CHINA China, and Dao Bao, Tsitsikow,

DIVISION Szechwan, China.
Tibetan Mission Press, Tatsienlu, Si-
Educational: kang, China.
Bee Hwa Training Institute, Ku- Medical:
langsu, Amoy, China.
Central China Training Institute, Sanitariums and Hospitals
East Lake, Wuchang, Hupeh, Postal Canton Sanitarium and Hospital, Sam
Address, 31 Huang, Pei Road, Han- Yuk Road, Tung Shan, Canton,
kow, China. China.
China Training Institute, Dabao, Chungking Medical Center, Chung-
Tsitsikow, Szechwan, China. king, Szechwan, China.
East China Union Jr. Training In-
stitute, 458 Ningkuo Rd., Shanghai, Fui On Hospital-Dispensary, Advent-
China. ist Mission, Waichow, Kwangtung,
Far Eastern Academy, 468 Ningkuo China.
Road, Shanghai, China. Nanning Seventh-day Adventist Hos-
Foochow Junior Training Institute, pital, Nanning, Kwangsi, China.
Foochow, China. North China Sanitarium and Hospi-
Harbin Training Institute, Tsitsihar tal, Kalgan, Chahar, China.
St., 9, New Town, Harbin, Man- Northwest China Sanitarium and
chukuo. Hospital, Lanchow, Karim China.
Home Study Institute, Oriental Shanghai Sanitarium, Postal Ad-
Branch, 526 Ningkuo Road, Shang- dress, Box 1281, 150 Rubicon Road,
hai, China. Temporary Address, Shanghai, China; the Clinic at 171
S. D. A. Mission, Chungking, China. Range Road, Shanghai, China.
Honan Junior Training Institute, Lo- Shen Yang Sanitarium-Hospital, Pei
wanho, Yencheng, Honan, China. Ling, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Hunan Provincial Junior Training Shen Yang (Mukden), Clinic, 67 - 29th
Institute, Changsha, Hunan, China. Wei Lu, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Manchurian Union Bible Training In- Tibetan Mission Hospital, Kanting
stitute, Shen Yang, P. 0. Box 36, (Tatsienlu), Sikang, China.
Mukden, Manchukuo. Wuhan Sanitarium and Clinic, Wu-
North China Training Institute, chang, Hupeh, China, Postal ad-
Fengtai, Hopei, China. dress, 35 Hwang Pei Rd., Hankow,
Northwest China Union Training In- China.
stitute, Ba Fu Tien, Pucheng, Yencheng Sanitarium-Hospital, Low-
Shensi. anho, Yencheng, Honan, China.
Shantung Junior Training Institute,
102 Wei I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung. Dispensaries
South Chekiang Training Institute, Chiu Chuen Dispensary, Chiu Chuen,
Wenchow, Chekiang. Kansu, China.
South China Training Institute, Lao- Choni Dispensary, Choni, Kansu,
Lung, Kwangtung. China.
West China Training Institute, Da
Bao, Tsitsikow, Szechwan. Little Eden Hospital-Dispensary,
West Kweichow Provincial Mission Shek Lo Tau St., Fatshan, Kwang-
Junior Training Institute, Pichieh, tung, China.
Kweichow, China. Ninghsia Dispensary, Ninghsia,
Publishing: China.
Mongolian Mission Press, S. D. A. Shensi Mission Dispensary, Outside
Mission,.Kalgan, Chahar, China. West Gate, Sianfu, Shensi.
Signs of the Times Publishing House, Sining Dispensary, Sining, Chinghai,
515 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China.
Organized, apart from China, in 1931; Netherlands East Indies Union
included as from January 1, 1938

(As no revisions have come from the Far Eastern Division for 1945, the workers
lists and other data for the Division and union and local missions appear under
these fields as they were given in 1944, except where it is known that individual
laborers have changed their location, or have left the field.)

Territory: Chosen (Korea), Chien Tao Medical Department:

(Kando) Province in Manchukuo,
Japan, Formosa, Japanese Mandates, Secretary,
Philippine Islands, Guam, Straits Members: H. C. Honor, S. Ogura.
Settlements, British North Borneo,
Brunei, Sarawak, Malay States, Ministerial Association:
Thailand (Siam), French Indo-China, Secretary,
Netherlands East Indies, and the Members: The Division departmental
Portuguese section of Timor, all of secretaries, the superintendents of
which are comprised in the Chosen, union missions, the principals of the
Japan, Philippine, Malayan, and advanced training schools in the Far
Netherlands East; Indies Union Mis-
sions. Eastern Division.

Publishing Department:
Population: 235,803,360 ; churches, 746 ; Secretary,
members, 35,015. Members: E. W. Bahr, N. Hayashi,
S. Kanamori, T. Kato, J. A. Leland,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Far- Y. Okohira.
east," Singapore.
Sabbath School Department:
Headquarters: 800 Thomson Rd., Singa- Secretary,
pore, Straits Settlements. (Tele- Members: M. Fukazawa, S. Hiraoka,
phone, 7015.) L. M. D. Wortman.
Young People's Missionary Volunteer
Postal Address: Post Box 226, Singa- Department:
pore, Straits Settlements.
Members: S. Hiraoka, H. Yanami,
Officers: N. E. I. Union M. V. Secretary.
President, V. T. Armstrong. Transportation Agents:
Secretary, W. P. Bradley.
Treasurer and Auditor, The union treasurers of the Chosen,
Japan, Malayan, Netherlands East
Executive Committee: During period Indies, and Philippine Unions.
of reorganization Division Officers
with General Conference home offi- Division Building Committee:
The Division Executive Committee.
Educational Department: Ordained Ministers:
Secretary, . M. Hirayama, S. Ogura, L. C. Wilcox.
Members: N. Matsumura, L. M.
Stump, L. M. D. Wortman, H. Yama- Licensed Ministers:
moto. 0. A. Blake, S. Kinbara.

Home Missionary Department: Licensed Missionary: H. Imura.

Secretary, Legal Assn.: "General Conference Cor-
Members: S. Hiraoka, T. Kajiyama. poration of Seventh-day Adventists."
Mission organized 1908; Conference organized 1917;
Union Mission organized 1919

Territory: Chosen (Korea) and the of Non San and Tai Chun; and An
Kando Province in Manchukuo. Pyun, Young Hung, Chyung Pyung,
Tuk Won, Ko Won, and Mun Chun
Population: 24,326,327; churches, 134; counties; Wonsan City in South Ham
members, 3,806. Kyung Province.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Keizyo. Churches: 33 ; members, 1,193.
Western Union Five Letter Code. '
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist Keizyo.
Mission, Seiryori-machi, Keizyo
(Seoul), Chosen. (Telephone, Higashi Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
172L) Mission, Seiryori-machi, Keizyo
(Seoul), Chosen. (Telephone, Higa-
Officers: shi 1721.)
Superintendent, M. Hirayama.
Secretary-Treasurer. and Auditor, S. Officers:
Kinbara. Director, H. Kunimoto.
Executive Committee: M. Hirayama, Secretary-Treasurer, T. Tokumura.
N. Hayashi, H. Hiraoka, S. Hiraoka, Executive Committee: H. Kunimoto,
S. Kanamori, S. Kinbara, S. Kiyohara, K. Hiraoka, M. Kanamori, H. S.
H. Kunihara, H. Kunimoto, N. Matsu- Sung, N. Takayama, K. Takehara, T.
mura, Y. Motoe, K. Shirakawa, S. Tokumura.
Toyohara, S. Yanagihara.
Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Publishing, N. Takayama.
Educational, N. Matsumura. Sabbath School, Home Missionary and
Medical, Y. P. M. V.. K. Takehara.
Publishing, N. Hayashi.
Sabbath School, Home Missionary, Ordained Ministers:
and Y. P. M. V., S. Hiraoka. H. Kunimoto, K. Takehara. ,
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
N. Hayashi, N. Matsumura. T. Atachi, M. Kanamori, M. Kanaumi,
K. Kawamoto, K. Nobukawa, N.
Licensed Ministers: Takayama.
I. Akiyama, S. Hiraoka, S. Kanamori, Licensed Missionaries:
Y. Kaneziro, R. Matsuyama, J.
Miura, Z. Takayama, M. Toyokawa, N. Kamikuni, Y. Kaneziro, P. S. Oh,
A. Yasumoto. Y. Rinohara, T. Tokumura, K.
Yamaki, S. Yamamoto, K. Yoshihara.
Licensed Missionaries: Church School Teachers:
S. Hirayama, G. Kanemitsu, C. Kan- F. Hoshimitsu, Y. Kaneziro, K. Ki-
emura, Y. Minami, W. Nagai, C. hara, K. Nobukawa.
Tokumura, M. Yoshino.
Legal Organization Title: Zidon of the
Chosen Union Conference of Seventh-
Organized 1934
Territory: North Ham Kyung Province;
CENTRAL CHOSEN MISSION South Ham Kyung Province except
Organized 1919 the counties of An Pyun, Young
Hung, Chyung Pyung, Tuk Won, Ko
Territory: Provinces of Kang Won Won and Mun Chun, Wonsan City;
except Sam Chuk and Ul Chin coun- and Kando Province.
ties ; Kyung Ki ; North Choong Churches: 27 ; members, 422.
Chung, except the counties of Ok
Chun and Young Dong ; South Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
Choong Chung, except the counties Mission, Seishin, chosen.

Officers: Ordained Ministers:

Director and Secretary-Treasurer, Y. H. Kunihara, S. Toyohara.
Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: Y. Motoe, S.
Kiyohara, M. Omine, R. Sugiyama, Y. Kanemura, T. Kaneziro, T. Kuni
S. Toyokawa, Y. Yoshita. moto, S. Oyama, 0. Terauchi, H.
Toyohara, S. Toyota.
Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V. and
Sabbath School, M. Omine. F. Asano, K. Hirayama, A. Ito, T.
Publishing, Y. Yoshita. Kawamatsu, H. Kunimoto, M. Mat-
suno, M. Matsuyama, S. Minami, S.
Ordained Ministers: Nakazima, Y. Toyokawa.
Y. Motoe, S. Toyokawa.
Licensed Ministers:
F. Kanayama, B. Kunimoto, E. Kure-
yams, M. Omine, Y. Yoshita. WEST CHOSEN MISSION
Licensed Missionaries: Organized 1919
Y. Amaziro, K. Kanaumi, D. R. Kim,
S. Mitsuyama, M. Sato. Territory: North and South Pyeng An
and Whang Hai Provinces.
Churches: 45 ; members, 1,375.
SOUTH CHOSEN MISSION Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
Mission, Junan (Soonan), Chosen.
Organized 1939 Officers:
*Territory: North and South Kyung Director, K. Shirakawa.
Sang, North and South Chulla Prov- Secretary-Treasurer, T. Fukuyama.
inces; and the counties of Sam Chuk
and Ul Chin in Kang Won Province, Executive Committee: K. Shirakawa,
and Ok Chun and Young Dong in K. C. Cho, Y. R. Chun, T. Fukuyama,
North Choong Chung Province, and R. Kaneta, T. Kanezawa, K. S. Pak.
Non San anti Tai Chun in South Departmental Secretaries:
Choong Chung Province.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Churches: 29; members, 816. K. Yamamoto.
Publishing, K. Taniyama.
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School, T. Fukuyama.
Mission, Taiden, Chosen.
Ordained Ministers:
R. Kaneta, T. Kanezawa, S. Kane-
Director, H. Kunihara. ziro, K. Shirakawa.
Secretary-Treasurer, S. Nakazima.
Executive Committee: H. Kunihara, Licensed Ministers:
K. Kanamatsu, Y. Kanemura, S. T. Fukuyama, K. Kanemura, T.
Nakazima, T. Narita, 0. Terauchi, S. Kaneyasu, T. Kawamura, K. Kimura,
Toyota. Z. Takazima, K. Tamura, K. Yama-
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and Licensed Misaionaries:
Sabbath School, S. Toyota. M. Hyun, K. Kanekawa, K. Tani-
Publishing, T. Kawamatsu. yama.


Organized as a mission 1896: as a conference, November 2, 1917;
and as a Union Mission, August 20, 1919

Territory: Japan Proper, Saghalin, Headquarters Location and Postal Ad-

Formosa, and the Japanese Mandates. dress: 171 Amanuma 1-chome, Sugin-
Population: 79,532,440 ; churches, 27 ; ami Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
members, 1,247.
Railway Station: Ogikubo; 35 minutes
Cable Address: "Adventist," Tokyo.
(Telephone, Ogikubo 2051).
from Tokyo Station, 1 y9
hours from


Superintendent, S. Ogura. MISSION
Secretary-Treasurer, H. Imura.
Members: 42.
Executive Committee: M. Fukazawa,
T. Hasegawa, H. Imura, T. Kajiyama, Address: Korror, Palau, West Caroline
S. Kaneko, Hiroshi Kuniya, S. Na- Islands, Pacific Ocean.
kauchi, G. Nishi, S. Ogura, K. Otsuki,
E. Seino, B. Takagi, Y. Watanabe, H. Officer: Leader, K. Ochiai.
Yamamoto, Kanto-Tohoku Mission Di- Ordained Minister: K. Ochiai.
Operated under the direct supervision
Departmental Secretaries: of the Executive Committee of the
Educational, H. Yamamoto. Japan Union Mission.
Home Missionary, T. Kajiyama.
Medical, S. Ogura.
Publishing, Tetsuzo Kato.
Sabbath School, M. Fukazawa.
Y. P. M. V., H. Yanami.
Ordained Ministers:
T. Kajiyama, Hide Kuniya, H. Ya- Churches: 7 ; members, 305.
mamoto. Address: 31, Kitakyo-machi 1-chome,
Licensed Missionaries: Matsuyama, Japan.
Mrs. M. Fukazawa, H. Imura, M. Officers:
Sasaki. Director, Y. Watanabe.
Legal Name: The Japan Seventh-day Treasurer, H. Imura.
Adventist Holding Corporation (Dai Executive Committee: Y. Watanabe,
Shichi Nichi Kirisuto Sairin Dan S. Asai, T. Hayakawa, H. Imura, S.
Iji Zaidan). Recognized as a cor- Morita, K. Otsuki.
porate body by Japanese Govern-
ment, July 81, 1932. Ordained Ministers:
K. Otauki, Y. Watanabe.
Licensed Minister: T. Hayakawa.
Licensed Missionaries:
Churches: 1 ; members, 14. T. Punta, D. Takagi, Miss E. Yoko-
Address: 7 Hanazono-cho 3-chome, mizo.
Tainan, Taiwan. Ministerial Interne: S. Yamamoto.
Ordained Minister: N. Wachi.
Operated under the direct supervision
of the Executive Committee of the
Japan Union Mission.
Churches: 11 ; members, 646.
Office and Postal Address: 171, Ama-
Churches: 4 ; members, 107. numa 1-chome, Suginami ku, Tokyo,
Address: Minami 9 Jo, Nishi 16-chome, Japan. (Telephone, Ogikubo 2051).
Sapporo, Japan. Officers:
Officers: Director, S. Ogura, pro tern.
Secretary, H. Yanami.
Director, S. Kaneko. Treasurer, H. Imura.
Secretary, T. Hasegawa.
Treasurer, H. Imura. Executive Committee : S. Ogura, H.
Executive Committee: S. Kaneko, T. Imura, Hiroshi Kuniya, G. Nishi, M.
Hasegawa, S. Ikeda, H. Imura, S. Sasaki, H. Yanami.
Ishikawa, S. Ogasawara, S. Sugi- Ordained Minister: Hiroshi Kuniya.
moto. Licensed Minister: S. Nakauchi.
Ordained Minister: S. Kaneko. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Minister: T. Hasegawa. K. Hai, Tetsuzo Kato, S. Sai, E.
Shibata, S. Watanabe.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. T. Hasegawa, S. Ikeda. Missionary Interne: M. Wads.

KYUSHU MISSION Executive Committee: E. Seino, Mrs.

A. Araki, K. Hatada, S. Imamura, H.
Churches: 4 ; members, 133. Imura, S. Tabuchi, Mrs. T. Yamagata.
Address: 77 Torikai-cho 1-chome, Fu- Ordained Minister: E. Seino.
kuoka, Japan.
Officers: Licensed Minister: K. Hatada.
Director, E. Seino. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary, K. Hatada.
Treasurer, H. Imura. Mrs. A. Araki, S. Enamors, R. Usuda.


Reorganized 1929

Territory: Straits Settlements, Malay BRITISH BORNEO MISSION

States, British North Borneo, Brunei,
Sarawak, Thailand (Siam), French Organized 1914
Population: 45,468,290 churches, 37; Territory: British North Borneo, La-
members, 1,760. buan.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventist," Singapore. Population: 278,146 ; churches, 8 ; mem-
bers, 336.
Office Address: 399 Upper Serangoon
Road, Singapore, Straits Settlements. Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
(Telephone, 7085.) ventist," Jesselton.
Officers: Office Address: Signal Hill, Jesselton,
Acting Superintendent, K. 0. Tan. British North Borneo.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, K.
T. Kong.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 34, Jesselton,
Executive Committee: K. 0. Tan, K. British North Borneo.
T. Kong, B. H. Ngo, V. L. Kon, W.
W. R. Lake, Z. H. Macarewa, S.
Mangatas, J. Moses, Y. H. Phang, Officers:
K. G. Prakasham, S. H. Tan, T. N. Director, G. B. Youngberg.
Te, G. B. Youngberg. Secretary-Treasurer, A. Silalahi.
Departmental Secretaries: Executive Committee: G. B. Young-
berg, Ginal, H. M. Ku, D. P. Siagian,
Educational, M. T. Sibadogil, L. S. Sibarani, A.
Medical, Silalahi.
Publishing and Home Missionary, K.
0. Tan.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, L. S. Sibarani.
Ordained Ministers: Publishing,
N. T. Phang, K. 0. Tan. Sabbath School, and Home Mission.
ary, D. P. Siagian.
Licensed Missionaries: Tract Society, A. Silalahi.
Mrs. M. Arokiasamy, Mrs. R. Bentz, Y. P. M. V.,
Blanche Keasberry, Mrs. W. W. R.
Lake (temporarily in India), Z. H. Ordained Ministers:
Macarewa, B. H. Ngo, K. T. Kong, M. T. Sibadogil, L. S. Sibarani, G.
Mrs. B. L. Ngo, L. B. Tamboenan, B. Youngberg.
C. K. Tan, Mrs. S. M. Tan, Y. P. Yeo.
Church School Teachers: Licensed Ministers:
Cheong Wong Sung, Mrs. Ngo Beng M. Agian, Ginal, H. M. Ku, Lumpi-
Lim, Gloria Tan. sau, D. P. Siagian, A. Silalahi.
Legal Association: "General Conference
Corporation of Seventh-day Advent- Licensed Missionaries:
ists." E. A. Moon, attorney-in-fact. Bulangak, Peter Leopold.


Organized 1937 Director,
Secretary-Treasurer, K. T. Kong.
Territory: Cochinchina, Cambodia, An-
nam, Tonkin, and Laos. Executive Committee: R. Abdy, C. C.
Huang, K. T. Kong, D. Liem, Y.
Population: 23,000,000; churches, 8 ; Liew, R. J. Moses, K. B. Tan, Y. C.
members, 272. Wan.
Office Address: 61 bis Route Localle 22, Departmental Secretaries:
Gia-Dinh, Saigon, Indo-China. (Take
Rickshaw to Central Market; take Educational,
bus marked Govap, show driver ad- Publishing, K. T. Kong (Acting).
dress of Mission, to know where to Sabbath School, S. F. Chu.
get off bus. Proceed in same direc- Tract Society, K. T. Kong.
tion about 800 yards.) Y. P. M. V. and Home Missionary,
R. Abdy.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventiste," Gia-Dinh. Ordained Ministers:
R. J. Moses, Y. H. Phang.
Acting Director, R. Bentz. Licensed Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer, R. Abdy, Y. F. Choo, C. C. Huang,
Executive Committee: R. Bentz, S. D. Liem, S. Mangatas, K. G. Praka-
V. Cham, T. N. Te, Pham Thanh, sham, M. Siregar, Y. C. Wan.
Le Trung.
Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries:
S. F. Chu, K. T. Kong, Y. S. Lee,
Educational, Y. Liew, Y. Y. Poong, C. H. Ratnam,
Publishing, T. N. Te. Y. Samuel, K. B. Tan.
Tract Society,
Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School, and Church School Teachers:
Home Missionary,
Mrs. C. H. Hwang, Mrs. K. T.
Licensed Ministers: Kong, Mrs. Y. Liew, Mrs. Y. Y.
E. Pheng, T. N. Te, Pham Thanh. Poong, D. Tamboenan, S. Tan, Miss
F. L. Wang, S. T. Yeong.
Licensed Missionaries:
R. Bentz, V. V. Cha, H. D. Loc, N.
V. Long, N. H. Luyen, N. H. Nha,
P. T. Nhon, T. V. Phung, T. Qua, SARAWAK MISSION
T. Thu. Organized 1937
Church School Teachers:
Le Huu, V. H. Son, P. H. Thuan, Territory: The Rai of Sarawak and the
N. V. Ty, N. V. Xa. Sultanate of Brunei.

Seminary Teacher: P. T. Thanh. Population: 630,135; churches, 3 : mem-

bers, 130.
Cambodian Training Institute:
Office Address: P. 0. Box 54, Kuching,
R. Bentz, E. Pheng. Sarawak; Borneo.
Legal Assn.: Societe des Missions Ad- Officers:
ventistes du France.
Director and Treasurer, W. W. R.
Secretary, D. Tan.
MALAY STATES MISSION Executive Committee: W. W. R.
Organized 1914 (Reorganized 1932 to Lake, Y. F. Chong, C. G. Koay, J. T.
Pohan, E. Sinaga, D. Tan, Gloria
include former Singapore Mission) Tan.
Territory: Straits Settlements (exclu-
sive of Labuan), Malay States. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 5,095,520; churches, 14; W. W. R. Lake, J. T. Pohan.
members, 859. Licensed Ministers:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Y. F. Chong, E. Sinaga.
ventist," Kuala Lumpur.
Office Address: 140 Bukit Bintang Road, Licensed Missionaries:
Kuala Lumpur, Federated Malay A. Chong, S. M. Hutapea, C. G.
States. Koay, M. P. Sormin, S. T. Tsen.

THAILAND (SIAM) MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Organized 1919 Educational and Y. P. M. V., Pra-
churd Jolavicharana.
Reorganized in 1937 to include East Home Missionary and Publishing, V.
Thailand L. Kon.
Tract Society, and Sabbath School,
Territory: Kingdom of Thailand. Mrs. J. T. Ee.
Population: 16,464,489; churches, 4 : Ordained Minister: V. L. Kon.
members, 163. Licensed Minister: K. Paw.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Licensed Missionaries:
ventist Mission," Bangkok. Mrs. J. T. Ee, Hiu Hiushon, Liu
Hon-chong, Prachurd Jolavicharana,
Office Address: 629 Suriwongse Road, Sorot Muangtong, Tan Oui-kiang,
Bangkok, Thailand. Sailon Sitanggang, Boon Mee Su-
vanakut, Puie Tonasudh, Pleng Vitia-
Officers: myalaksana.
Director and Secretary-Treasurer, Church School Teachers:
V. L. Kon. Miss Pajong, Nai Choy Sirichotera-
Executive Committee: Prachurd Jola- tana, Nai Noi Sirichoteratana, Nai
vicharana, V. L. Kon, Puie Tonasudh. Yoi Sirichoteratana, Mrs. Yoi Siri-
V. L. Kon. choteratana, Ngow Weng.


Organized 1929

Territory: Netherlands East Indies, Licensed Minister: M. E. Direda.

and Portuguese Timor.
Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 70,476,000 ; churches, 151 ;
members, 5,608. T. Hasiboean, B. Hutapea, G. P. Jap,
H. Kosakoy, J. H. Lesiasel, J. P.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Ruitjenbeek, Mrs. H. E. R. Schell,
ventzending," Bandoeng. (Telephone, J. Tends, Mrs. K. Tilstra, Mrs. H.
Bandoeng 445.) Twijnstra, M. R. van Emmerik, F.
Wattimena, A. Waworundeng, Mrs.
Office Address: Advent Zendingsgenoot- L. M. D. Wortman.
schap in N. 0. I., Hoofdkwartier,
Naripan 63, Bandoeng, Java, Nether-
lands East Indies.
Postal Address: Naripan 63, Bandoeng, AMBON MISSION
Java, Netherlands East Indies. Organized 1929
Officers: Territory: Residency Moluccas, except
Acting Superintendent, K. Tilstra. the islands of Ternate, Halmahaira,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, H. and Batjan ; Dutch New Guinea.
E. R. Schell. - Churches: 11 ; members, 305.
Asst. Secy.-Treas., L. I. Loe.
Executive Committee: K. Tilstra, G.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventzending," Ambon.
A. deJager, M. E. Direda, Dr. Liem,
K. Mandias, H. E. R. Schell, J. Su- Office Address: Advent Zendingsgen-
maykoe, K. Tamboenan, H. Twijn- ootschap in N. 0. I. Afdeeling Am-
stra, L. M. D. Wortman. bon, Amboina, Moluccas, Netherlands
Departmental Secretaries: East Indies.
Educational and Sabbath School, L. Officers:
M. D. Wortman. Acting Director, J. Sumaykoe.
Home Missionary and Publishing, Secretary, Th. H. Njio.
--. Treasurer, Union Conference office.
Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: D. Lesiasel,
Ordained Ministers: Th. H. Njio, J. Sumaykoe, J. P.
Tomasowa, L. Tuasuun.
K. Tiletra, L. M. D. Wortman, H. E.
R. Schell. Ordained Minister: J. Sumaykoe.

Licensed Minister: L. Tuasuun. Office Address: Advent Zendings-

genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
Licensed Missionaries: Noord-Celebes, Tondano, Celebes,
Mrs. A. Leiwakabessy, A. Pesulima, Netherlands East Indies.
I. Tuamulia.
Director, A. Londa (Acting).
Secretary-Treasurer, A. T. Siong.
EAST JAVA MISSION Executive Committee: G. Coloaij, E.
Organized 1913 Dompas, A. Londa, M. Malingkas, W.
Nelwan, A. T. Siong, Ch. L. Son-
Territory: Provinces East Java, Cen- dakh, Bro. Walalangi.
tral Java (except the Residencies Departmental Secretaries:
Banjoemas and Pekalongan) ; Resi- Home Missionary and Publishing, Ch.
dencies Bali, Lombok, Madoera, and L. Sondakh.
Timor. Sabbath School, A. T. Siong.
Churches: 16 ; members, 725. Y. P. M. V.,
Cable Address: "Adventzending," Soer- Ordained Ministers:
abaja. A. Londa, H. Pattyranie.
Office Address: Advent Zendingsgenoots- Licensed Ministers:
chap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling Oost-Java, R. S. Rantoeng, A. Sakul, Ch. L.
Buttewegstraat 3, Soerabaja, Java, Sondakh, F. Walean, H. Zacharias.
Netherlands East Indies.
Licensed Missionaries:
F. Hamel, H. F. Laloan, J. Moroisa,
Director, A. T. Siong, K. Walandouw.
Secretary, R. 0. Walean.
Treasurer, J. Tenda. Church School Teacher: F. Mangkey.
Executive Committee: D. A. Dompas,
S. H. Liem, K. Maspaitella, Di.
Panggabean, K. S. Tan, R. 0. NORTH SUMATRA MISSION
Organized 1917
Departmental Secretaries:
Reorganized 1937 to include former
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Batakland Mission
and Y. P. M. V., R. 0. Walean.
Publishing, Dj. Panggabean. Territory: Residency of Tapanuli, East
Coast of Sumatra, Atjeh.
Ordained Ministers:
S. H. Pandjaitan, R. 0. Walean. Churches: 39 ; members, 963.
Licensed Ministers: Office Address: Advent Zendings-
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
M. Sormin, D. van Waardenburg, E. Noord-Sumatra, P. Siantar, Colijn-
H. Vijsma. laan 16, Sumatra, Netherlands East
Licensed Missionaries: Indies.
D. A. Dompas, H. M. Mangero, L. S. Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
Njoo, M. Onsoe, Di. Pangabean, D. ventzending," Pematangsiantar.
Pattikawa, M. L. Saraum.
. Church School Teachers: Director, H. Twijnstra.
T. B. Lie, Moerdoko, H. Tarumasely, Secretary-Treasurer, S. F. Sitompoel.
Toesijem, Mrs. E. Vijsma, J. Wairata. Executive Committee: H. Twijnstra,
K. T. Lie, T. D. Manullang, Ani
Moeda, S. Ritonga, S. F. Sitompoel,
K. Tamboenan.
NORTH CELEBES MISSION Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1923 Educational, Mrs. H. Twijnstra.
Home Missionary and Publishing, T.
Territory: Residency Menado and the D. Manullang.
islands Ternate, Halmahaira and Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., S.
Batjan. F. Sitompoel.
Churches: 58 ; members, 2,360. Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventzending," Ton- H. Aritonang, K. Tamboenan, H.
dano. Twijnstra, G. A. Wood.

Licensed Ministers: Officers:

M. Hoetapea, A. Mamora, U. H. Director, K. Mandias.
Manullang, Kr. Pandjaitan, M. V. Secretary,
Pandjaitan, S. Ritonga, S. F. Sitom- Treasurer, J. H. Lesiasel.
Executive Committee:-K. Mandias, K.
Licensed Missionaries: B. Injo, Z. Tahalea.
Elman Hutapea, N. U. Hutapea, T. Ordained Minister: K. Mandias.
D. Manullang.
Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers:
S. Goeltom, G. B. Ritonga, B. Sima- A. Hasiboean, Sm. Rantoeng.
Licensed Missionaries:
V. E. Siwij, E. Turangan.


Organized 1939
Territory: Residencies of Celebes, South-
ern and Eastern Borneo Portuguese Organized 1913
Territory: Province West Java and
Churches: 2 ; members, 163. Residencies of Banjoemas, Peka-
longan, Western Borneo.
Cable Address: "Adventzending," Ma-
kassar. Churches: 16; members, 751.
Office Address: Advent Zendings- Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
Zuid-Celebes, Tamarindeweg, Makas- ventzending," Bandoeng.
sar, Celebes, Netherlands East Indies. Office Address: Advent Zendings-
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
Officers: West-Java, Naripan 63, Bandoeng,
Acting Director, Z. Tuasuun. Java, Netherlands East Indies.
Secretary, R. Saerang.
Treasurer, J. Tenda. Officers:
Executive Committee: Z. Tuasuun, Director, K. Tilstra.
E. Losu, L. Meijer, S. H. Tan. Secretary-Treasurer, L. I. Loe.

Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: K. Tilstra, G.
E. Losu, Z. Tuasuun. de Jager, M. Kauntul, L. I. Loe, A.
K. Pasuhuk, H. E. R. Schell, B.
Licensed Missionary: R. Saerang. Soemampow.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, L. M. D. Wortman.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Organized 1929 ; reorganized 1939 to Publishing, A. K. Pasuhuk.
include former Padang Mission
Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Residencies of Bengkoelen, P. R. Goeltom, M. Kauntul.
Banks, Djambi, Palembang, Lam-
nongsche Districten, West Coast of Licensed Ministers:
Sumatra, Riouw.
B. C. Dompas, L. Hogendorp, W. U.
Churches: 9 ; members, 341. Hutapea, L. I. Loe, A. K. Pasuhuk,
B. P. Simandjoentak.
Cable Address: "Adventzending,"
Palembang. Licensed Missionaries:
Office Address: Advent Zendings- Z. Maruanaja, H. C. Mende.
genootschap in N. 0. L, Afdeeling
Zuid-Sumatra, Palembang, Sumatra, Church School Teachers:
Netherlands East Indies. M. Pisarand, C. Soselisa.
Organized 1914

Territory: The Philippines and the CENTRAL LUZON MISSION

island of Guam. Organized 1931
Population: 16,000,303; churches, 397 ; (Formerly a part of Central Luzon
members, 22,594. Conference)
Cable Address: "Philipunion," or "Ad- Territory: Province of Zambales, Tar-
ventists," Manila. lac and Nueva Ecija (except those
Office Address: 1939 Luna St., Pasay, parts in the north given to Northern.
Rizal, Philippine Islands. (Please Luzon Mission), Pampanga, Bulacan,
do not direct mail to this address.) Rizal, Cavite, Bataan, the towns of
Telephone, 5-19-96. Baler and Casiguran of the province
of Tayabas, the City of Manila, the
Postal Address: Post Office Box 401, town of San Jose, Mangarin, Mindoro,
Manila, Philippine Islands. and the province of Palawan.
Officers: Population: 2,275,112; churches, 70 ;
members, 3,199.
Superintendent, L. C. Wilcox.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, 0. Cable Address: "Philipunion,"
4. Blake. Office Address: Baesa, Caloocan, Rizal,
Executive Committee: L. C. Wilcox, Philippine Islands. (Please do not
E. M. Adams, J. 0. Bautista, 0. A. direct mail to this address.)
Blake, A. Capobres, P. R. Diaz, H.
C. Honor, J. A. Leland, F. A. Pratt, Postal Address: P. 0. Box 2494, Manila,
W. B. Riffel, R. R. Senson, L. M. Philippine Islands.
Stump, E. J. Urquhart, R. A. Villa- Officers:
nueva. Director, E. J. Urquhart.
Departmental Secretaries: Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, V.
M. Montalban.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee; E. J. Urquhart,
Medical, H. C. Honor. T. Abellera, P. S. Magsalin, V. M.
Publishing, E. W. Bahr. Montalban, F. A. Velasco, M. G.
Religious Liberty, R. R. Senson. Yorae, L. A. Yutuc.
Sabbath School and Home Mission-
ary, ------. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Periodical Agency, F. A.
Ordained Ministers: Velasco.
E. W. Bahr, C. W. Lee, T. A. Pilar, Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. M.
L. M. Stump, N. S. Tan. Herrera.
Field Ministerial, M. G. Yorac.
Licensed Ministers: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
P. H. Eldridge, P. H. Romulo, R. A. P. S. Magsalin.
Villanueva. Medical, P. G. Molimbayan.
Publishing, J. Sto. Domingo.
Licensed Missionaries: Religious Liberty, E. J. Urquhart.
Miss R. Atwell, Mrs. E. W. Bahr, Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. 0. A. Blake, Mrs. W. J. Blake, C. Cara, J. M. Imperio, P. S. Mag-
R. D. Brion, M. Claveria, A. Cruz, salin, M. C. Pascual, E. J. Urquhart,
Mrs. B. B. Davis, H. L. Dyer, Mrs. M. G. Yorac, L. A. Yutuc.
H. L. Dyer, Mrs. P. H. Eldridge, Honorary: F. Dalisay.
W. E.. Guthrie, Mrs. W. E. Guth-
rie, H. C. Honor, Mrs. H. C. Honor, Licensed Ministers:
R. C. Imperio, Miss B. Irvine, I. A. J. Abawag, A. A. Alcaraz, J. Sto.
A. Kintanar, N. F. Legaspi, J. A. Domingo, F. Martin, F. Reyes.
Leland, Mrs. J. A. Leland, C. C.
Morrison, Mrs. C. C. Morrison, Licensed Missionaries:
Miss B. Parker, Mrs. P. H. Peng, Miss L. Lacuesta, D. L. Liwag, Miss
Miss M. Perez, L. L. Quirante, P. Molimbayan, V. M. Montalban,
Miss M. Silloway, Miss E. Stone- F. A. Velasco.
burner, Mrs. L. M. Stump, J. Suban,
R. Umali, Mrs. E. J. Urquhart, Mrs. Church School Teachers:
L. C. Wilcox, W. C. Williams, Mrs. Miss E. Abawag, Miss R. Macalinao,
W. C. Williams. Miss P. Silvestre, Miss E. Suban.

EAST VISAYAN MISSION Postal Address: P. 0. Box 124, Caga-

(Formerly, Cebuan Mission) yan, Misamis Oriental, Philippine
Organized 1914
Territory: Provinces of Cebu, Bohol, Director, W. B. Riffel.
Leyte, Samar, Oriental Negros, and Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, D.
the island of Masbate. B. Ladion.
Population: 3,696,132; churches, 34; Executive Committee : W. B. Riffel,
members, 2,880. A. N. Anderson, A. Comets, P. Jano-
lino, D. B. Ladion, A. Macasiano, A.
Office Address: 807 Tres de Abril St., Somoso.
San Nicolas, Cebu City, Philippine
Islands. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Periodical Agency, L. L.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 119, Cebu Villanueva.
City, Philippine Islands. Educational and Y. P. M. V., A.
Officers: Macasiano.
Publishing, A. Comets.
Acting Director, W. B. Riffel. Religious Liberty, J. D. Cristobal.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. Sabbath School and Home Missionary,
Aqui. A. Somoso,
Executive Committee: W. B. Eiffel,
A. Aqui, R. Cahilig, A. Capobres, Ordained Ministers:
P. Gonzales, U. Oliva, D. Sabrine. A. N. Anderson, A. Cabardo, It. S.
Llaguno, W. B. Riffel, A. Somoso,
Departmental Secretaries: J. Yovan.
Book and Periodical Agency, A. Aqui.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Eugenio Licensed Minister: A. .Surnicad.
Capobres. Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
D. Sabrine. Mrs. A. N. Anderson, G. A. Briones,
Publishing, A. Sta. Rita. C. Chiu, A. Cometa, J. D. Cristobal,
Religious Liberty, W. B. Riffel. D. Danlag, Z. Ferenal, D. B. Ladion,
T. Layon, P. Lobitania, A. Macaeiano,
Ordained Ministers: J. Obregon, R. Pasco, Mrs. W. B.
R. Cahilig, D. Sabrine. Riffel, E. Sanchez, S. Solano, L. L.
Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers:
E. Abas, T. Cabaluna, E. Capobres,
P. Gonzales, D. Noval, U. Oliva, A. R. Cruz, V. Cuambot, F. Fernandez,
Sta. Rita. M. Figalan, E. Ladion, 0. Llaguno,
R. Medina, L. Noval, E. Paragc, M.
Licensed Missionaries: Polapos, Mre. E. Rosell, P. Sabayle, B.
A. Aqui, F. Cabansag, A. Chin, B. Talaboc, Mrs. F. Ong Uy, S. Villa-
Ferraren, L. Garcesa, B. Mary, D. camps.
Pabriga, E. Salazar.
Church School Teachers:
Tomasa Basiga, Candida Baylon, MT. PROVINCE MISSION
Armelina Cacal, Rosalia Gosep, Mrs. (Unorganized)
Francisca Dicen, Paz Florendo, Mrs.
C. Llaguno, Deborah Luzano, Emilia (Formerly a part of the Northern Luzon
Malinao, Modesta Manuel, Gregorio Mission; now under the director-
Silud. ship of the Union)
Established 1939
MINDANAO MISSION Territory: The sub-provinces of Apayao,
(Formerly a part of the East Benguet, Bontoc, Tfugao, Kalinga,
Visayan Mission) and Lepanto-Amburayan.
Population: 296,874 ; churches, 2 ; mem-
Organized 1937 bers, 96.
Territory: The island of Mindanao and Office Address: P. 0. Box 7, Baguio,
all adjacent small islands included in Mt. Province, Philippine Islands.
the province of Mindanao as well as (This mission is operated under the
the Sulu Archipelago. direct, supervision of the officers and
Population: 1,462,401 ; churches, 39 ; the Executive Committee of the Phil-
members, 3,561. ippine Union Mission.)

Ordained Minister: V. C. Medina. Church School Teachers:

I. Adangas, M. Agpasa, F. Aquino, F.
Field Nurse: M. EWaoas. Cabanada, S. Cabansag, P. Castillo,
Church School Teachers: C. Lazar.), F. Lestino, T. Pasamonte,
G. Pulido, E. Sahagun, N. Sanidad,
F. Berto, L. Juarizo, J. Wandag. C. Tango, J. Umagat, 0. Vigilia.


Entered 1913; Organized 1917
Organized 1931
Territory: Provinces of Pangasinan,
Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Cagayan, Territory: Provinces of Batangas, La-
Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Batanes, La guna, Marinduque, Mindoro, Tayabas,
Union, and the northern portions of and the islands politically adminis-
the provinces of Nueva Ecija and tered thereby.
Population: 1,292,263; churches, 66;
Population: 2,164,419; churches, 64; members, 2,506.
members, 3,167. Office Address: P. 0. Box 39, Lucena,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Tayabas, Philippine Islands.
sion," Artacho via phone Pozorrubio,
Pangasinan, Philippine Islands. Officers:
Director, L. C. Wilcox.
Office Address: Artacho, Sison, Pangasi- Assistant Director, .7, 0. Bautista.
nan, Philippine Islands. Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, M.
M. Zamora.
Officers: Assistant Mission Auditor, M. P.
Director, E. M. Adams. Arevalo.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A.
Balinao. Executive Committee: J. 0. Bautista,
S. Barrameda, F. G. Dabu, I. Enri-
Executive Committee: E. M. Adams, quez, S. V. Manuel, T. Reyes, M. M.
A. Balinao, P. Bautista, Q. Cabansag, Zamora.
R. It. Senson, J. A. Valdez, E. Vi-
gilia. Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Book and Periodical Agency, M. M.
Book and Periodical Agency, A. Educational and Y. P. M. V., S. V.
Reyes. Manuel.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Q. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Cabansag. P. C. Banaag.
Publishing, R. Umali. Publishing, M. R. Cudanin.
Sabbath School and Home Missionary, Religious Liberty, J. 0. Bautista.
E. V igilia.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
E. M. Adams, J. 0. Afenir, T. P. J. 0. Bautista, L Enriquez, B. Nepo-
Atiga, R. A. Pilar, R. R. Senson, muceno.
J. A. Valdez. Licensed Ministers:
Honorary: A. A. Panaga, E. Valera. R. P. Alinsod, F. G. Dabu, M. M.
Licensed Ministers:
G. Amansec, J. Bangloy, Q. Caban- Licensed Missionaries:
sag, F. de la Cruz, A. Roda, A. San M. P. Arevalo, P. C. Banaag, C. N.
Juan, R. Umali. Enriquez, S. V. Manuel, V. Quintal,
Licensed Missionaries: F. I. Zamora.
Mrs. E. M. Adams, A. Balinao, B. Church School Teachers:
Bionat, L. Cabansag, V. Cabansag,
E. de Leon, E. DizOn, L. Garcia, A. Miss C. Atienza, Miss N. Cardinoza,
Guadiz, M. Jereos, D. Laureta, P. Miss D. Esguerra, Miss L. Ferrer,
Medina, A. Miguel, C. Miguel, P. Miss T. Galang, Miss E. Lagabong,
Milaor, P. Poblete, A. Reyes, P. Ri- Miss L. Leynes, F. Magnaye, Mrs.
mas, B. Sanidad, Mrs. R. R. Senson, Gloria Magsalin, Miss F. Mopera,
L. Taaca. Miss M. Racal.

SOUTHERN LUZON MISSION Jamandre, N. Jardinico, F. H. Jor-

nada, A. C. Same.
Organized 1926
Departmental Secretaries:
Territory: The Provinces of Camarines Book and Periodical Agency, F.
Sur, Camarines Norte, Albay, Sore. Bayuna.
gon, and the islands of Ticao, Burias, Educational and Y. P. M. V., L.
and Catanduanes. Duriquez (acting).
Population: 1,021,275 ; churches, 40 ; Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
members, 1,264. and Religious Liberty, G. de Guz-
Office Address: P. 0. Box 82, Legaspi, Medical, D. Moscatel.
Albay, Philippine Islands. Publishing, J. K. Ramos ; Assistant,
M. Panaguiton.
Director, P. R. Diaz. Ordained Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, L. G. de Guzman, F. A. Pratt, T. G
P. Gaje. Recalde, A. C. Same, E. Tantia.
Executive Committee: P. R. Diaz, C. Honorary: F. H. Jornada.
Barnedo, M B. Gabarra, L. P. Gaje, Licensed Ministers:
J. Martinez, R. Verdan.
V. Diaz, J. K. Ramos, T. B. Torts!,
Departmental Secretaries: J. Urbanoso.
Book and Periodical Agency, L. P. Licensed Missionaries:
Educational, Sabbath School, and A. Barrios, F. Bayuna, Z. B. Cahilig,
Y. P. M. V., R. R. Verdan. L. Dalumpines, R. de Asia, A. de
Home Missionary and Religious Lib- Lamers, T. Diancin, L. Duriquez, A.
erty, P. R. Diaz. Hilado, F. Jereos, J. M. Lee, Mrs.
Publishing, S. Quines. J. M. Lee, G. Maypa, A. Mopia, D.
Moscatel, M. Panaguiton, J. G. Qui-
Ordained Ministers: jote, F. Sargado, J. M. Tauro.
P. R. Diaz, F. L. Jabola. Church School Teachers:
Licensed. Ministers: A. Aguilar, M. Arellano, F. de Lo-
Gregorio Arguz6n, C. B. Barnedo, riezo, R. Garcia, A. Gonzales, M. Gon-
Mel Gabarra. zales, Mrs. C. Isuga, R. Mercurio, D.
Licensed Missionaries:
P. Estipona, T. Fries, L. P. Gaje,
S. Quines, R. R. Verdan.
Church School Teachers: INSTITUTIONS IN THE FAR
P. Aspe, M. Delizo, A. Gavin, T.
Nabong, Maria Paredes, S. Reyno, Educational:
Mrs. R. San Juan, Mrs. H. Verdan.
Ayer Mania School, Serian, Kuching,
Bangkok Seventh-day Adventist Mis-
WEST VISAYAN MISSION sion School, Rama IV Road, Bang-
kok, Thailand.
Organized 1914 Chosen Junior Training Institute,
Menbokuri, Outside East Gate, Kei-
Territory: The Provinces of Iloilo, zyo, Chosen.
Capiz, Antique, Romblon, Occidental Chosen Union Workers' Training In-
Negros ; the Cuyo Islands, ane the stitute, Keizyo, Chosen (Korea).
island of Guimaras. East Visayan Academy, Box 119,
Population: 2,131,622 ; churches, 82; Cebu City, Cebu, Philippine Islands.
members, 5931. French Indo-China Training School,
61 bis, Route Localle 22, Gia-Dinh,
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 271, Iloilo Saigon, French Indo-China. -
City, Iloilo, Philippine Islands. Japan Junior College (Boys' School),
Showa-machi, Kimitsu-gun, Chiba
Officers: Ken, Japan.
Director, F. A. Pratt. Japan Junior College (Girls' School),
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Z. 171 Amanuma 1 Chome, Suginarai-
B. Cahilig. Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Assistant Auditor, J. G. Quijote. Malayan Seminary, 401 Upper Saran-
Executive Committee: F. A. Pratt, goon Road, Singapore, Straits Set-
Z. B. Cahilig, G. de Guzman, T. H. tlements.

Netherlands East Indies Training Bangkok Mission Sanitarium, 807 Lan

School (Opleidingsschool der Ad- Luang Road, Bangkok, Thailand.
vent-Zending), Tjimahi, Java, Neth- (Closed owing to war.)
erlands East Indies. Bhuket Mission Clinic, Bhuket, Thai-
Northern Luzon Academy, Artacho, land.
Sison, Pangasinan, Philippine Is- Manila Sanitarium and Hospital, 1875
lands. Donada St., Pasay, Rizal, Philippine
Philippine Union College, Box 1772, Islands. Postal Address: P. 0. Box
Manila, Philippine Islands. 3242, Manila, Philippine Islands.
Sabah Training School, Tamparuli, Penang Sanitarium, No. 466 Burma
Tuaran, British North Borneo. Road, Penang, Straits Settlements.
Seoul Junior Training Institute, Men- Penang Mission Clinic, 422 Chulia St.,
bokuri, Outside East Gate, Keizyo, Penang, Straits Settlements.
Chosen. Seoul Sanitarium and Hospital, Ki-
Sunny Hill School, Third Mile, Si- keicho, Keizyo (Seoul), Chosen.
manggang Road, Kuching, Sara- Soonan Dispensary-Hospital, Junan
wak, Borneo. (Soonan), Chosen.
Ubol Seventh-day Adventist Mission Tokyo Sanitarium-Hospital, 171 Ama-
School, Ubol, Thailand. numa 1 Chome, Suginalni-Ku,
West Visayan Academy, Box 602, Tokyo, Japan.
Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippine Is- Dispensaries
Blind People's Home and Dispensary,
Publishing: Sipogoe, Sumatra, Netherlands East
French Indo-China Press, 61 his, Bukit Nyala Mission Dispensary,
Route Localle 22, Gia-Dinh, Saigon, Bukit Nyala, Tatau River, via Bin-
French Indo-China. tulu, Sarawak, Borneo.
Japan Seventh-day Adventist Pub- Cebu Public Health Dispensary, P. 0.
lishing House, 169-171 Amanuma 1 Box 119, Cebu City, Cebu, Philip-
Chome, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. pine Islands.
Malayan Signs Press, 899 Upper Ser- Ceram Dispensary, Roemahkay, via
angoon Road, Singapore, Straits Ambon, Moluccas, Netherlands East
Settlements. Indies.
Netherlands East Indies Publishing Children's Home and Dispensary;=
House (Advent Boeken Depot), Groote Postweg, Tiimshi, Java,
Naripan 63, Bandoeng, Java, Neth- Netherlands East Indies.
erlands East Indies. Djiring Moi Dispensary, Miring, An-
Philippine Publishing House, 1939 num, French Indo-China.
Calle Luna, Posey, Rizal, Philip-. East Thailand Dispensary, Kulu,
pine Islands. Postal Address: Box Ubol, Thailand.
813, Manila, Philippine Islands. Philippine Union College Dispensary,
Signs of the Times Publishing House, Box 1772, Manila, Philippine . Is-
Seiryori-machi, Keizyo, Chosen lands.
(Korea). Phnom Penh Maternity Home and
Medical: Clinic, Villa Nanou, Rue Verdun,
Phnom Penh, French Indo-China.
Sanitariums and Hospital (Closed owing to war.)
Bangkok Mission Clinic, 4986 Plab- Polyclinic of the Advent Mission,
plachai Road, Bangkok, Thailand Tanah Tinggi 16, Batavia Centrum,
(Siam). Java, Netherlands East Indies.
Organized 1922
Territory: Mexico, Guatemala, Hondu- Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
ras, British Honduras, Salvador, Wesley Amundsen.
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Co- Medical, Clifford R. Anderson.
lombia, Venezuela, British Guiana, Ministerial Association and Radio,
Dutch Guiana, French Guiana, West Robert M. Whitsett.
Indies,Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Santo Publishing, D. A. McAdams.
Domingo, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Religious Liberty, Glenn Calkins.
Windward and Leeward, Virgin and
Bahama Islands, French and Nether- Transportation:
lands, West Indies ; comprising the
Antillian, British West Indies, Cen- General Agent, C. L. Torrey.
tral American, Colombia-Venezuela Antillian Union Mission, F. S.
and Mexican Union Missions and the Thompson.
Caribbean Union Conference. British West Indies Union Mission,
Clyde 0. Franz.
Population: 54,762,947; churches 761; Carribbean Union Conference, F. E.
members, 48,465. Vansickle.
Cable Address: Adventist, General Con- Central American Union Mission,
ference, Havana, Cuba. H. L. Higgins.
Office Address: 3rd and F Streets, Gen- Colombia-Venezuela Union Mission.
eral Peraza (Rancho Boyeros), Ha- A. P. Christiansen.
vana, Cuba. (Telephone No. 8.) Mexican Union Mission, J. G. Pettey.
Postal Address: Apartado 50, General Ordained Ministers:
Peraza, Havana, Cuba. Wesley Amundsen, Glenn Calkins, A.
Officers: V. Larsen, D. A. McAdams, A. H.
President, Glenn Calkins. Roth, C. L. Torrey, Robert M. Whit-
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, sett, W. A. Wild.
C. L. Torrey. Licensed Ministers:
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and
Auditor, E. R. Sanders. E. R. Sanders, A. J. Stewart.
Cashier, R. B. Caldwell. Credentialed Missionaries:
Division Committee: Glenn Calkins, R. B. Caldwell, H. I. Smith.
Wesley Amundsen, W. A. Bergherm,
H. F. House, N. H. Kinzer, A. V. Licensed Missionaries:
Larson, D. A, McAdams, W. E. Mur-
ray, R. A. Pierson, W. E. Read, A. H. Mrs. Wesley Amundsen, Mrs. R. B.
Roth, E. R. Sanders, C. L. Torrey, Caldwell, Mrs. Glenn Calkins, Ruth
Robert M. Whitsett, J. C. Carring- Conard, Etta Hewgley, Effie James,
ton, E. E. Parchment, J. A. Phipps, Grace Johnson, Mrs. A. V. Larson.
J. A. Salazar. Mrs. D. A. McAdams, Gladys Mil-
ler, Mrs. A. H. Roth, Mrs. E. R. San-
Departmental Secretaries: ders, Mrs. H. I. Smith, Mrs. A. J.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., A. H. Stewart, Mrs. C. L. Torrey, Mrs. Rob-
Roth. ert M. Whitsett, Mrs. W. A. Wild.


Reorganized 1923

Territory: Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Officers:

Santo Domingo. Superintendent,
Population: 10,892,992 ; churches, 141 ; Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, F.
.members, 11,855. S. Thompson.
Cashier, E. Girodo.
Cable Address: "Unionantil," Havana, Executive Committee: V. E. Berry,
Cuba. H. C. Brown, Nicholas Chaij, A. 0.
Office and Postal Address: D'Estrampes Dunn, J. S. Marshall, M. Mendez, G.
No. 252, Santos Suarez, Havana, C. Nickle, B. F. Perez, J. B. Sales,
Cuba. (Telephone, 1-6004.) F. S. Thompson, Miguel Vasquez.


Departmental Secretaries: ter, Mrs. Robert K. McAllister, Ro-

berto Perez, Francisco Rodriguez, An-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., V. E. gel de la Torre, V. Zaldivar.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Church School Teachers:
Publishing, Nicholas Chaij. Melitina Estrada, Raul Galiano, Ailsa
Religious Liberty, Sales, Mrs. Lolita Almeida Sales,
Mrs. A. Skyers.
Ordained Ministers:
V. E. Berry, Nicholas Chaij, C. P.
Crager, J. S. Marshall, B. F. Perez. HAITIAN MISSION
Licensed Ministers: Established 1905
A. L. Christensen, E. Girado, Glenn
A. Houck, H. S. Mendez, C. R. Taylor, Territory: Republic of Haiti.
F. S. Thompson. Population: 3,500,000 ; churches, 34 ;
Licensed Missionaries: members, 5,346.
Mrs. V. E. Berry, M. Carballal, Mrs. Cable Address: "Adventiste," Port-au-
Nicholas Chaij, Mrs. A. L. Christian- Prince, Haiti.
sen, Mrs. C. P. Crager, Ivy Freeman,
Mrs. Glenn A. Houck, Mrs. J. S. Mar- Office Address: Avenue Joseph Nicolas
shall, Mrs. B. F. Perez, Mrs. C. R. and Magloire Ambroise, Port-au-
Taylor, Mrs. F. S. Thompson. Prince, Haiti.
Postal Address: Casier S, Port-au-
Prince, Haiti.
Organized January 18, 1941 Director, A. Orville Dunn.
Secretary-Treasurer, Julien Craan.
Territory: The eastern part of Cuba, Executive Committee: A. Orville
consisting of the provinces of Cama- Dunn, chairman ; Julien Craan, secre-
guey and Oriente. tary ; R. H. Howlett, Bossuet Lanoix,
Leonce Painson.
Population: 1,518,034 ; churches, 32 ;
members, 1,601. Departmental Secretaries:
Book- and Bible House, Julien Craan.
Office Address: Calle G. G6mez No. 65, Educational, R. H. Howlett.
Camaguey, Cuba. (Telephone 2925.) Home Missionary and Publishing,
Postal Address: Apartado 30, Cama- Matthieu Bermingham.
guey, Cuba. Sabbath School, Julien Craan.
Y. P. M. V., A. Orville Dunn.
Officers: Ordained Ministers:
President, J. B. Sales. F. D. Apollon, A. Orville Dunn, Bos-
Secretary-Treasurer, Robert K. Mc- suet Lanoix.
Honorary: A. J. Jean-Baptiste, M. N.
Executive Committee: J. B. Sales, Isaac, Antoine Theodore.
C. G. Gordon, J. Leyva, Robert K.
McAllister, Francisco Rodriguez, An- Licensed Ministers:
tonio Rubant, I. Vasquez. Matthieu Bermingham, Joses Brutus,
Departmental Secretaries: Julien Craan, Paul Evers, R. H. How-
Book and Bible House, Robert K. Mc- lett, Nahum Isaac.
Allister. Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Aoussenel Alexis, Napoleon Charles,
Educational, and Y. P. M. V., C. G. Maxi Cherenfant, Mrs. A. 0. Dunn,
Gordon. Mrs. Paul Evers, Antony Henri; Mrs.
Publishing, Francisco Rodriguez. R. H. Howlett, Assiedius N. Isaac,
Ordained Ministers: Horatius Petigny, Alexis Valcourt.
C. G. Gordon, J. B. Sales. Church School Teachers:
Honorary: Jose Veiga, Manuel Avila. Rolande Belizaire, Mrs. Luc Blot,
David Claude, Claude Goncourt, Nei-
Licensed Ministers: phide Dorvil, Saturne Henri, Jesse
Emmanuel Pupo, I. Vazquez. Isaac, M. N. Isaac, Amazile Jean-
Jacques, A. Jules Jean-Pierre, Euli-
Licensed Missionaries: anice Louis, Mrs. L. Lyssainthe, E.
Ana Rosa Alvarado, Rain Galiano, Josias, Mercier, Horatius Petigny,
Mrs. C. G. Gordon, Robert K. McAllis- Perside Pierre-Louis, Theomard Ray-

mond, Mrs. St. Parvin Reneaud, Ame- Postal Address: Apartado 568, Ciudad
dee St. Pierre, Thermeus Sinous, Cy- Trujillo, Rep. Dominicana.
ril Toussaint. Officers:
Director, H. C. Brown.
PUERTO RICO MISSION Secretary-Treasurer, A. L. Edeburn.
Organized 1909 Executive Committee : H. C. Brown,
Jose A. Alonzo, Arthur L. Edeburn,
Territory: Island of Puerto Rico and Carlos Matar, Juan E. Rivera.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 1,723,643; churches, 26;
members, 1,747. Book and Bible House, Arthur L.
Cable Address: "Adventists," San Educational, .
Juan, Puerto Rico. Home Missionary, Sabbath School and
Office Address: Stop 14, Santurce, Y. P. M. V.,
Publishing, Colombino Gonzalez.
Puerto Rico.
Ordained Ministers:
Postal Address: Apartado 8005, San-
turce, Puerto Rico. Charles R. Beeler, H. C. Brown, Juan
E. Rivera.
Honorary: Eugenio Valencia.
Secretary-Treasurer, S. L. Folkenberg. Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee : Jose A. Alonzo, W. Cadiz.
Eloy Acosta, C. W. Dunscombe, S.
L. Folkenberg, M. Mendez, J. A. Licensed Missionaries:
Phipps. Mrs. Charles R. Beeler, Mrs. H. C.
Brown, Mrs. W. Cadiz, Rene Chavez,
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. Rene Chavez, Pablo Decena, Ar-
Book and Bible House, S. L. Folken- thur L. Edeburn, Mrs. Arthur L. Ede-
berg. burn, Colombino Gonzalez, Leon ela
Educational, C. R. Olmstead. Gonzalez, Mrs. Juan. Rivera, J. W.
Home Missionary, Williams.
Publishing, B. Hernandez.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs. Church School Teachers:
S. L. Folkenberg, Salvador Alvarez, Muriela Burke,
Ordained Ministers: Josef a Contreras, Josefina Feliz, Sil-
via Hall, Italia Nufiez, Ana RAW,
Eloy Acosta, F. Megrant, M. Mendez,
J. A. Phipps, R. W. Prince.
Honorary: R. Bracero. WEST CUBA CONFERENCE
Licensed Ministers: Organized January 18, 1941
David Baasch, F. Cardona, S. L. Fol- Territory: The western part of Cuba,
kenberg, B. Hernandez, R. Hernandez, made up of the provinces of Pinar
Antonio Marrero, C. R. Olmstead. del Rio, Havana, Matanzas and Santa
Clara, the Isle of Pines.
Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 2,534,854 ; churches, 28 ;
Mrs. David Baasch, Mrs. S. L. Fol- members, 1,487.
kenberg, Mrs. C. R. Olmstead, Mrs.
J. A. Phipps. Cable Address: "Adventists," Havana,
Church School Teachers:
Office and Postal Address: Patrocinio
Amelia Alers, Natividad Alers, Ana No. 20, Vibora, Havana, Cuba. (Tele-
Maria Gonzalez, Ruth Martinez, Cruz phone 1-4004.)
SANTO DOMINGO MISSION President, G. C. Nickle.
Organized 1924 Secretary-Treasurer, J. A. Zaragoza.
Executive Committee: G. C. Nickle,
Territory: Republic of Santo Domingo. Emilio Girado, Sr., Heriberto Gonzalez,
Population: 1,616,561; churches, 21; Juan Palau, Pedro Perales, R. E. del
members, 1,674. Sol, J. A. Zaragoza.
Departmental Secretaries:
Cable Address: "Adventista," Ciudad
Trujillo, Rep. Dominicans. Book and Bible House, J. A. Zaragoza.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School and
Office Address: Avenida Mella 91, Ciu- Y. P. M. V., R. E. del Sol.
dad Trujillo, Rep. Dominicana. Publishing, Juan Palau.

Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

G. C. Nickle, Pedro Perales, R. E. Ramiro Alonso, E. Girado, Sr., Mrs.
del Sol, Miguel Vasquez, J. A. Zara- M. E. Lysinger, Reiner Macias, Mrs.
goza. G. C. Nickle, Mrs. Pedor Perales.
Honorary: Pedro Cruz. Church School Teachers:
Licensed Ministers: Jose Gil, Petronila Oxamendi, Ramon
M. E. Lysinger, Juan Palau. Salcedo, Valeriano Vazquez.


Organized 1944

Territory: Jamaica, Bahamas Islands, R. E. Gibson, Mrs. F. M. Larsen,

. British Honduras, Cayman Islands, Mrs. M. E. Lowry. Mrs. W. S. Na-
Turks, and Caicos Islands. tion.
Population: 1,368,886; churches, 183; Joyce Glanville, Lily Heron, Mili-
members, 10,474. cent, McCalla, Zenobia Nebblett, A.
R. Parchment, Edna C. Parchment,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Mandeville, E. Winnifred Parchment, V. H. Percy,
Jamaica. C. A. Pitter, A. J. Sands, Mrs. A. J.
Office Address: Mandeville, Jamaica, Sands, Mrs. C. L. von Pohle, Mrs'.
B. W. I. Robert H. Pierson, Eva Williams,
Dell Brodie.
Postal Address: Post Box 22, Mande-
ville, Jamaica, British West Indies. BAHAMAS MISSION
Entered 1909
Superintendent, Robert H. Pierson.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Territory: The Bahamas Islands.
Clyde 0. Franz. Population: 74,203; churches, 18; mem-
Executive Committee: R. H. Pierson, bers, 476.
C. R. Anderson, F. R. Archabald, Cable Address: "Adventist," Nassau,
Stanley Bull, H. D. Colburn, C. 0. Bahamas.
Franz, F. M. Larsen, M. E. Lowry,
W. S. Nation, E. E. Parchment, D. Postal Address: Box 356, Nassau, Ba-
V. Pond, C. L. von Pohle, J. N. Wil- hamas.
liams. Office Address: 355 Bay St., (near
Departmental Secretaries: Rawson Square) Nassau, Bahamas.
Book and Bible House, Curtis H. Officers:
Educational, W. A. Holgate. Superintendent, H. D. Colburn.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. H.D. Col-
and Y. P. M. V., F. M. Larsen. burn.
Medical, Clifford R. Anderson. Executive Committee: H. D. Colburn,
Publishing, M. E. Lowry. W. W. Antonio, Mrs. H. D. Colburn,
Religious Liberty, Robert H. Pierson. Cyril Holmes, M. G. Nembhard.
Ordained Ministers: Departmental Secretaries:
Clifford R. Anderson, Stanley Bull, Book and Bible House, Mrs. H. D.
L. S. Crawford, W. A. Holgate, F. Colburn.
M. Larsen, Robert H. Pierson, G. A. Educational and Home Missionary,
E. Smith. H. D. Colburn.
Licensed Ministers: Sabbath School, Mrs. H. D. Colburn.
Y. P. M. V., C. F. Edwards.
Clyde 0. Franz, R. E. Gibson, M. E.
Lowry, C. L. von Pohle. Ordained Ministers:
Credentialed Missionaries: H. D. Colburn, S. G. Lindo, M. G.
B. R. Hamilton, Ruth Munroe, L. A.
Morrison, Curtis H. Parchment. Licensed Minister: C. F. Edwards.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. C. R. Anderson, Kathleen Bro- R. B. Campbell, Mrs. H. D. Colburn,
die, Marion Brodie, Virginia Buck- T. W. Miller, Paul Ward.
ham. Mrs. Stanley Bull, Mrs. Clyde Church School Teacher: Ualee Law-
0. Franz, Mrs. L. S. Crawford, Mrs. rence, U, B. Toote,


Reorganized 1937 Organized 1944
Territory: The Colony of British Hon- Territory: Eastern part of Jamaica con-
duras. sisting of the parishes of St. Catha-
Population: 51,346; churches, 12 ; mem- rine, St. Mary, Portland, St. Thomas,
bers, 395. St. Andrew, Kingston.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Belize, Population: 569,840 ; churches, 64 ;
British Honduras. members, 5,158.
Postal Address: Box 123, Belize, Brit- Cable Address: "Adventist," Kingston,
ieh Honduras. Jamaica.
Officers: Office and Postal Address: 176 Orange
Director, F. R. Archbold (acting). Street, Kingston, Jamaica, British
Secretary-Treasurer, West Indies.
Cashier and Bookkeeper, Ivy Usher. Officers:
Executive Committee: F. R. Arch- Superintendent, D. V. Pond.
bold, Hugh Crarey, Hugh Flowers, Secretary-Treasurer,
Rodney Smith, Hansen Waller. Cashier and Bookkeeper, Clinton
Departmental Secretaries: Hendricks.
Book and Bible House, Ivy Usher. Executive Committee: D. V. Pond,
, Education, Hansen Waller. C. R. Anderson, Stanley Bull, D. B.
Home Missionary, Religious Librety, Reid, D. E. Walker, H. S. Walters,
Temperance, and Y. P. M. V., F. J. N. Williams.
R. Archbold. Departmental Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Mrs. F. R. Archbold.
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and
Ordained Ministers: Educational, H. S. Walters.
Fulton R. Archbold, W. Hansen Wal- Publishing, W. U. Campbell.
ler. Sabbath School, D. V. Pond.
Licensed Minister: Hugh Crarey. Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries: Roy E. Jeffree, A. D. Laing, D. V.
Mrs. F. R. Archbold, Ivy Usher. Pond, D. B. Reid, A. C. Stockhausen,
H. S. Walters, J. N. Williams.
Church School Teachers: Honorary: Lyn Rashford.
Hazel Andrews, Olga Castillo, Mrs.
Hugh Crarey, Mrs. C. A. Gill, Mrs. Licensed Minister: Hilbert Nembhard.-
Jessie Ferguson. Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. D. V. Pond, Miss A, W. Sang-
Organized 1944 Church School Teachers:
Territory: Grand Cayman, Cayman, Julia V. Brown, Laurel Marr.
Brac, Little Cayman.
Population: 7,000; churches, 3; mem- WEST JAMAICA MISSION
bers, 74.
Organized 1944
Postal Address: George Town, Grand
Cayman. Territory: Western part of Jamaica
consisting of the parishes of Claren-
Officers: don, Manchester, St. Elizabeth, West-
Superintendent, Robert H. Pierson. moreland, Hanover, St. James, Tre-
Secretary-Treasurer, Edna W. Parch- lawny, St. Ann.
Population: 666,497; churches, 86 ; mem-
Executive Committee: Robert H. bers, 4,371.
Pierson, W. Bodden, Aston Davis,
George Merren, Edna W. Parchment, Cable Address: "Adventist," Montego
E. C. Walton. Bay, Jamaica.
Departmental Secretaries: Office and Postal Address: 15 Market
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, St., Montego Bay P. 0., Jamaica,
and Y. P. M. V., E. C. Walton. British West Indies.
Publishing, M. E. Lowry.
Credentialed Missionaries: Superintendent, E. E. Parchment.
Aston Davis, E. C. Walton. Secretary-Treasurer, Mertie Shakes.

Executive Committee: E. E. Parch- Parchment, E. C. H. Reid, R. H.

ment, Frank Fletcher, B. E. Hurst, Robertson.
W. S. Nation, E. C. H. Reid, R. H. Honorary: Frank Hall, W. H. Randle,
Robertson, Mertie Shakes. J. A. Reid.
Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Ministers:
Education and Religious Liberty,
E. E. Parchment. Lee Gouldbourne, B. E. Hurst, Os-
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, wald Rugless, Kenneth Vaz.
Temperance, and Y. P. M. V., E.
C. H. Reid. Church School Teachers:
Publishing, B. E. Hurst.
Dell Brodie, Gladys Brodie, Dorothy
Ordained Ministers: Campbell, Pearl Daley, E. C. Hen-
Frank Fletcher, W. S. Nation, E. E. riques, Fred Kissendal, Ethline Lindo.


Organized 1926

Territory: Trinidad and Tobago, Bar- I. Crawford, F. E. Hills, Mrs. F. E.

bados, the Windward,- Leeward, and Hills, Rosalind Loo, W. A. Osborne,
Virgin Islands; British, Dutch, and Mrs. W. E. Read, Mrs. R. E. Thomas,
French Guianas. Mrs. A. R. Tucker, Mrs. F. E. Van-
Population: 2,148,871; churches, 153 ; sickle.
members, 9,725.
Cable Address: "Caribunion," Port-of- FRENCH WEST INDIAN MISSION
Spain, Trinidad.
Established 1929
Office Address: 25 Edward St., Port-of-
Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies. Territory: French West IndiesMar-
(Telephone 4732.) tinique, and Guadeloupe and its de-
Postal Address: Box 221, Port-of-Spain, pendencies.
Trinidad, British West Indies, Population: 514,212 ; churches, 13 ;
members, 621.
President, W. E. Read. Cable Address: "Adventiste," Fort-de-
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor F. E. France, Martinique.
Vansickle. Office Address: Route de Bellevue, ler
Cashier, Rosalind Loo. km., Fort-de-France, Martinique,
Executive Committee: W. E. Read, French West Indies.
J. T. Carrington, R. E. Cash, A. R. Postal Address: Casier Postal 16, Fort-
Haig, Charles Manoram, 0. P. Reid, de-France, Martinique, French West
C. J. Ritchie, Guiscard Sablier, C. B. Indies.
Sutton, A. R. Tucker, F. E. Van-
sickle. Officers:
Departmental Secretaries: Director,
Secretary-Treasurer, Guiscard Sab-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. T. lier.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Executive Committee: Eugene Berle,
R. E. Cash. Henri Girard, S. B. jean-Elie, A. H.
Publishing, A. R. Haig. Linzau, Guiscard Sablier.
Departmental Secretaries:
Ordained Ministers:
. Book and Bible House, Guiscard Sab-
J. T. Carrington, R. E. Cash, A. R. lier.
Haig, W. E. Read. Home Missionary, Sabbath School
Honorary: R. T. Colthurst, Philip and Y. P. M. V., A. H. Linzau.
Giddings. Publishing, Henri Girard.
Licensed Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
J. I. Crawford, A. R. Tucker, F. E. Eugene Berle, S. B. Jean-Elie.
Vansickle. Licensed Minister: Guiscard Sablier.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Linda Austin, I. W. Baerg, Mrs. I. Henri Girard, Louise Ledran, A. H.
W. Baerg, Mrs. R. E. Cash, Mrs. J. Linzau.

GUIANA CONFERENCE Office Address: McGregor St., Bridge-

town, Barbados, British West Indies.
Reorganized 1926
Postal Address: Box 216, Bridgetown,
Territory: British, Dutch and French ' Barbados, British West Indies.
Guianas, South America. Officers:
Population: 524,500 ; churches, 38 ; President,
members, 2,131. Secretary-Treasurer, C. W. Gardner.
Cable Address: "Adventist," George- Executive Committee. , A. A.
town, British Guiana, South America. Fortune, C. W. Gardner, C. M. Gree-
nidge, W. H. Lewis, F. A. Sebro, 0. C.
Office Address: 43 Regent Street, Walker.
Georgetown, British Guiana, South
America. Departmental Secretaries:
Postal Address: Box 78, Georgetown, Book and Bible House, C. W. Gard-
British Guiana, South America. ner ; Assistant, V. T. Boyce.
Officers: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
President, C. B. Sutton. A. A. Ward.
Secretary-Treasurer, Publishing, J. B. Ramratan.
Y. P. M. V., Olive Edwards.
Executive Committee: C. B. Sutton,
Henry Beck, E. S. Greaves, 0. P. Ordained Ministers:
Read, W. W. Weithers. A. A. Fortune, Nathanial Gooding,
Departmental Secretaries: W. H. Lewis, C. G. Van Putten, 0. C.
Book and Bible House,
Home Missionary and Publishing, Licensed Ministers:
W. W. Weithers. L. P. Giddings, J. B. Ramratan, F. A.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs. Sebro, A. A. Ward.
Isabella Downer.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Ministers:
V. T. Boyce, Olive Edwards, Mrs.
Henry Beck, E. S. Greaves, Nathaniel C. W. Gardner, Joshua James.
Payne, 0. P. Reid, C. B. Sutton.
Church School Teachers:
Licensed Ministers:
Ahroda Callendar, Mary Bee, Moses
R. E. Brooks, Victor McEachrane, Haynes, J. R. Hill, David Lewis, Mar-
W. W. Weithers. jorie Philpot.
Licensed Missionaries: Legal Titles: The Board of Trustees of
Riley Caesar, Mrs. Isabella Downer, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in
D. P. Mitchell, Mrs. C. B. Sutton. the Leeward Islands. Also: The Lee-
Church School Teachers: ward Islands Conference of Seventh
day Adventists (Barbados).
Naomi Castle, Kenneth Dummett,
Myrtle Fleming, Percival Riley.
Legal Title: "Guiana Conference of
Roraima Indian Mission Station Reorganized 1925
Address: Paruima Mission, Kurupung,
Mazaruni River, British Guiana, Territory: Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada,
South America. the. Grenadines, and St. Vincent.
Population: 710,446; churches, 65;
members, 4,013.
LEEWARD ISLANDS CONFERENCE Cable Address: "Adventist," Port-of-
Spain, Trinidad.
Reorganized 1926
Office Address: 31 Dundonald St., Port-
Territory: Barbados, St. Lucia, Lee- of-Spain, Trinidad, British West In-
ward and Virgin Islands, excepting dies. (Telephone, 6401.)
the French West Indies.
Postal Address: Box 66, Port-of-Spain,
Population: 399,713 ; churches, 37 ; Trinidad, British West Indies.
members, 2,960.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Barbados, President, C. J. Ritchie.
British West Indies. Secretary-Treasurer, S. E. White.

Executive Committee: C. J. Ritchie, Licensed Missionaries:

S. C. Andrews, Charles Dirgoonanan, Mrs. R. L. Badgley, Charles Dirgoon-
John Roberts, S. E. White. anan, S. L. Gadsby, George Riley,
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. C. J. Ritchie, Gwendolyn Robins,
Book and Bible House, S. E. White; Mrs. S. E. White, Iris Wiltchire.
Assistant, Arthur Nobbee.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Charles Church School Teachers:
Manoram. Anetta Archie, Elizabeth Belfon, Iona
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Bernard, Aaron Darlington, Lessie
L. D. Brathwaite. Lelaney, Edith Ephraim, W. R.
Publishing, Charles Dirgoonanan. George, Maurice Joseph, Irene Lyons,
Ordained Ministers: Jonathan Riley, Ina Sutherland, Phil-
R. L. Badgley, C. D. Henry, Charles lippa Thorne.
Manoram, C. J. Ritchie, John Roberts, Legal Titles: The Incorporated Trus-
T. J. Warner, J. D. Wood. tees of the Seventh-day Adventist
Licensed Ministers: Church in Trinidad and Tobago.
Also: The Incorporated Trustees of
L. D. Brathwaite, C. L. Jones, S. E. the Seventh-day Adventist Church in
White. St. Vincent.


Reorganized 1926

Territory: Republics of Costa Rica, Credentialed Missionaries: H. L.-Hig-

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, gins, H. W. Miller.
Panama (including the Canal Zone, Licensed Missionaries:
and El Salvador; and the Colombian
Islands of San Andres and Old Prov- Francisco Arroyo, R. Elden Ford,
idence). Mrs. R. Elden Ford, Mrs. H. L. Hig-
gins, Mrs. N. H. Kinzer, Mrs. H. M.
Population: 8,589,010; churches, 108; Larrabee, Mrs. H. W. Miller, Mrs.
members, 5,324. C. F. Montgomery, Oscar Salazar,
Cable Address: "Adventista," San Jose, Mrs. F. W. Steeves, Moises Tahay,
Costa Rica. Mrs. D. J. Thomann.
Office Address: No. 252 Fifth Avenue,
San Jose, Costa Rica.
Postal Address: Apartado 1059, San Jose, COSTA RICA MISSION
Costa Rica, Central America. (Tel. Organized 1927
Office, 3359; Residence, 3469.)
Territory: Republic of Costa Rica.
Population: 672,043 ; churches, 16 ;
Superintendent, N. H. Kinzer. members, 712.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor,
H. L. Higgins. Cable and Telegram Address: "Adven-
Executive Committee: N. H. Kinzer, tista," San Jose, Costa Rica.
Chairman ; H. L. Higgins, Secretary ; Postal Address: Apartado 1325, San
Eduardo A. Acosta, Orley Ford, David Jose, Costa Rica, Central America.
Garcia, R. G. Jones, H. M. Larrabee, (Telephone, 6114.)
A. V. Larson, C. F. Montgomery,
Peter Nygaard, C. W Omphroy, Mel- Officers:
vin Sickler, F. W. Steeves, C. E. West- Director, Orley Ford.
phal. Secretary-Treasurer, A. G. Robinson.
Departmental Secretaries: Executive Committee: Orley Ford,
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab- R. T. Rankin, A. G. Robinson, F. W.
bath School, H. M. Larrabee. Steeves, D. J. Thomann.
Home Missionary and Radio, N. H. Departmental Secretaries:
Publishing, F. W. Steeves. Book and Bible House, A. G. Robin-
Ordained Ministers: Educational, Orley Ford. '
N. H. Kinzer, H. M. Larrabee, C. F. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Montgomery, F. W. Steeves, D. J.
Thomann. Publishing, F. W. Steeves.

Ordained Ministers: Office Address: Near Royal Hotel, La

Orley Ford, R. T. Rankin. Ceiba, Honduras.
Licensed Minister: Ray Comstock. Postal Address: La Ceiba, Honduras,
Central America.
Credentialed Missionary: A. G. Robin-
son. Officers:
Licensed Missionaries: Superintendent, Peter Nygaard.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Mayme W..
Manuel de J. Coiulun, Mrs. Ray Com- Wright.
stock, Mrs. Orley Ford, Ganzalo Gon- Executive Cimmittee: Peter Nygaard,
zalez. Myrl Hyde, Charles Jones, E. E. Neb-
lett, Mrs. Mayme W. Wright.
Departmental Secretaries:
.Reorganized 1927 Book and Bible House, Mrs. Mayme
Territory: Republic of Guatemala. W. Wright.
Educational, Sabbath School, and
Population: 3,450,732 ; churches, 13 ; Y. P. M. V., Mariano Lezcano.
members, 807. Home Missionary, Peter Nygaard.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Guate- Publishing, Charles Jones.
mala City, Guatemala. Ordained Minister: Peter Nygaard.
Office Address: Segunda Avenida Sur
No. 22, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: Apartado 218, Guate- Elden Ford, A. E. Lutz, Daniel Mon-
mala City, Guatemala, Central Amer- cada.
ica. Credentialed Missionary:
Officers: Mrs. Mayme W. Wright.
Director, Melvin W. Sickler. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Marie Fan- Miguel Cerna, Mrs. Elden Ford,
selau. Charles Jones, Mariano Lezcano, Mrs.
Executive Committee: Melvin W. A. E. Lutz, Mrs. Helen Nygaard.
Sickler, Mrs. Marie Fanselau, L. L. Honorary: David Haylock.
Garbutt, Francisco Maltez Molina.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Mrs. Marie NICARAGUA MISSION
Educational and Home Missionary, Organized 1928
Melvin W. Sickler. Territory: Republic of Nicaragua and
Publishing, Dionisio Santos. Corn Island.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Francisco Maltez Molina. Population: 1,013,857 churches, 9 ;
members, 422.
Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventista," Managua,
Jose C. Aguilar, L. L. Garbutt, Mel- Nicaragua.
vin W. Sickler.
Licensed Ministers: Office Address: 2a Avenida Sur Oeste
Francisco Maltez Molina, Gregorio No. 401, Managua, Nicaragua.
Orosco, Dionisio Santos. Postal Address: Apartado 92, Managua.
Credentialed Missionary: Mrs. Marie Nicaragua, Central America.
Fanselau. Officers:
Licensed Missionaries: Superintendent, R. G. Jones.
Felicito Cantoral, Mrs. Melvin W. Secretary-Treasurer, R. G. Jones.
Sickler. Executive Committee: R. G. Jones,
Eduardo Revelo, Ruben Ruiz.
HONDURAS MISSION Departmental Secretaries:
Reorganized 1937 Book and Bible House, R. G. Jones.
Educational and Home Missionary, R.
Territory: Republic of Honduras and G. Jones.
Bay Islands. Publishing, F. W. Steeves
Population: 1,107,859 ; churches, 19 ; Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Ru-
members, 777. ben Ruiz.
Cable Address: "Adventists," La Ceiba, Ordained Ministers:
Honduras, Central America. Ishmael Ellis, R. G. Jones.

Licensed Ministers: Credentialed Missionaries:

Eduardo Revelo, Ruben Reiz. A. L. Tucker, L. A. Wheeler.
Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Missionaries:
C. F. Brooks, Arthur Henry, Mrs.
R. G. Jones. Mrs. B. L. Archbold, Mrs. R. R. Mat-
tison, Mrs. A. L. Tucker, Mrs. C. E.
Westphal, Mrs. L. A. Wheeler, Roy
PANAMA CONFERENCE F. Williams, Mrs. Roy F. Williams.
Organized 1906
Territory: Republic of Panama (includ-
ing the Canal Zone), Talamanca Val- SALVADOR MISSION
ley (Costa Rica), and the islands of Reorganized 1927
Old Providence and San Andres (Co-
lombia). Territory: Republic of El Salvador.
Population: 556,589; churches, 41 ; Population: 1,787,930; churches, 10;
members, 2,124. members, 482.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Cristobal, Cable Address: "Adventists," San Sal-
Canal Zone. vador, El Salvador, Central America.
Office Address: Masonic Temple, Elev- Office and Postal. Address: 8a Avenida
enth and Bolivar Sts., Cristobal, Ca- Norte, No. 57, San Salvador, El Sal-
nal Zone. (Telephone, dial 3-1325.) vador, Central America.
Postal Address: Box M, Cristobal, Ca- Officers:
nal Zone. Superintendent, Eduardo A. Acosta.
Secretary-Treasurer, T. J. Galliano.
Executive Committee: Eduardo A.
President, C. E. Westphal. Acosta, T. J Galliano, David Garcia,
Secretary-Treasurer, A. L. Tucker. Carlos de la Roca, Rafael B. Sagas-
Executive Committee: C. E. West- tume.
phal, B. L. Archbold, A. A. Grizzle,
A. V. Larson, R. R. Mattison, A. R. Departmental Secretaries:
Ogden, C. W. Omphroy, A. L. Tucker. Book and Bible House, T. J. Galliano.
Departmental Secretaries: Educational, Margarita V. Acosta.
Publishing,. Carlos da la Roca.
Book and Bible House, Roy F. Wil- Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
Hams. Home Missionary, Francisco Lopez.
Educational, Home Missionary, and
Y. P. M. V., B. L. Archbold. Ordained Ministers:
Publishing, Eduardo A. Acosta, David Garcia.
Sabbath School, Mrs. C. E. Westphal.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Minister: Rafael B. Sagas-
B. L. Archbold, S. F. Clarke, Samuel
Farrell, A. A. Grizzle, R. R. Matti- Credentialed Missionary: T. J. Galliano.
son, A. R. Ogden, C. E. Westphal.
Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Ministers: Margarita V. Acosta, Francisco LO-
Eduardo Ruiloba, B. Villarreal. pez, Carlos de la Roca.


Organized 1927

Territory: The Republics of Colombia Office Address: Carrera 72, No. 44-57,
and Venezuela, and the Islands of Cu- Medellin, Colombia, South America.
racao, Aruba and Bonaire.
Postal Address: Apartado 39, Medellin,
Population: 12,289,447 ; churches, 44 ; Colombia, South America.
members, 2,899.
Air Mail Address: Correo Aereo, Apar-
Cable Address: "Adventista," Medellin, tado 609, Medellin, Colombia, South
Colombia, South America. America.

Officers: Departmental Secretaries:

Superintendent, W. A. Bergherm. Book and Bible House, Fred H. Mc-
Secretary-Treasurer and' Auditor, A. Neil.
P. Christiansen. Educational and Home Missionary,
Eugenio Plata.
Executive Committee: W. A. Berg- Sabbath School, Mrs. Frances de
herm, G. W. Chapman, A. P. Chris- Plata.
tiansen, Rafael Felitas, L. H. Gar- Publishing, Gregorio Laguna.
diner, Vicente Moreno, L. H. Olson, Y. P. M. V., Gilberto Bustamante.
Eugenio Plata, L. L. Reile, A. R.
Sherman, W. H. Wineland. Ordained Ministers:
Gilberto Bustamante, Jose M. Mar-
Departmental Secretaries: tinez, Eugenio Plata.
Educational, L. L. Reile.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., Licensed Minister: Gregorio 'Laguna.
L. L. Reile.
Publishing, Rafael Fleitas. Licensed Missionaries:
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. A. Berg- Manuel R. Galeno, Fred H. McNeil,
berm. Mrs. Fred H. McNeil, Mrs. Frances de
Ordained Ministers:
W. E. Baxter, W. E. Baxter, Jr.,
W. A. Bergherm, L. L. Reile, W. H.
Licensed Ministers: Organized 1934
A. P. Christiansen, Rafael Felitas,
George A. Thompson. Territory: Islands of Aruba, Bonaire
and Curacao, Netherlands West In-
Licensed Missionaries: dies.
Mrs. W. E. Baxter, Mrs. W. E. Bax- Population: 103,000 ; churches, 3 ; mem-
ter. Jr., Mrs. W. A. Bergherm, Mer- bers, 161.
cedes Castro, Jorge Cervilla, Mrs.
A. P. Christiansen, Mrs. R. E. Green- Cable Address: "Adventist," Curacao,
idge, Juan R. Mejia, Mrs. L. L. Reile, Netherlands West Indies.
Mrs. George A. Thompson, Mrs. W. H.
Wineland. Office and Postal Address: Piscadera-
. weg 22, Mundo Nobo, Curacao, Neth-.
erlands West Indies.
Organized 1926 Director, L. H. Gardiner.
Territory: Departments of Atlantico, Secretary-Treasurer, L. H. Gardiner.
Bolivar, Magdalena, and the comisaria Executive Committee: L. H. Gardi-
of La Guajira, Ocaiia district of ner, Mrs. L. H. Gardiner, Fred La-
North Santander, and that part of bega.
' Choc6 and Antioquia that lies north
of 7.5 degrees. Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 1,774,615 ; churches, 12 ; Book and Bible House, Mrs. L. H.
members, 752. Gardiner.
Publishing and Home Missionary,
Cable Address: "Adventists," Barran- L. H. Gardiner.
quilla, Colombia, South America. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs.
L. H. Gardiner.
Office Address: Calle 56, No. 45.09,
Magdalena-Cuartel, Barranquilla, Co- Ordained Minister: L. H. Gardiner.
lombia, South America.
Licensed Minister: R. L. Klingbeil.
Postal Address: Apartado 261, Barran-
quilla, Colombia, South America. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: Mrs. L. H. Gardiner, Mrs. R. L.
Director, Eugenio Plata. Klingbeil.
Secretary-Treasurer, Fred H. McNeil. Legal Board of "Advent Zendingsge-
Executive Committee, Eugenio Plata, nootschap," L. H. Gardiner, Ivan
Gilberto Bustamante, Gregorio La- Berkel, Mrs. L. H. Gardiner, Fred
guana, Jose M. Martinez. Labega, J. Lancry.


Director, L. H. Olson.
Organized 1941 Secretary-Treasurer, C. L. Powers.
Territory: Departments of El Valle, Executive Committee: L. H. Olson,
Cauca, Marino, Caldas, the comisari- Vicente Moreno, Carlos J. Plata, Sal-
ato of Putumayo, and that part of vador Plata, C. L. Powers.
Choc6 and Antioquia that lies south Departmental Secretaries:
of 7.5 degrees.
Book and Bible House, C. L. Powers.
Population: 3,321,597 ; churches, 6 : Home Missionary, L. H. Olson.
members, 526. Publishing, Gabriel Castro.
Sabbath School, Mrs. L. H. Olson.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Cali, Co- Y. P. M. V., C. L. Powers.
lombia, South America. Ordained Ministers:
Office Address: Carrera 7a, No. 15-58,
Cali, Colombia, South America. Vineente Moreno, L. H. Olson.
Licensed Ministers:
Postal Address: Apartado 813, Cali, Co- Carlos J. Plata, C. L. Powers.
lombia, South America.
Licensed Missionaries:
L. A. Bolivar, Gabriel Castro, Mrs.
Director, G. W. Chapman. L. H. Olson, Mrs. C. L. Powers.
Secretary-Treasurer, Tirso Escandon.
Executive Committee: G. W. Chap-
man, Tirso Escandon, Pedro R. Gon-
zalez, Jorge 'tendon, Moises Valdes. VENEZUELA MISSION
Departmental Secretaries: Reorganized 1934
Book and Bible House, Tirso Escan- Territory: Republic of Venezuela.
Educational, G. W. Chapman. Population: 3,491,159 ; churches, 12 ;
Home MissionarY, G. W. Chapman. members, 788.
Publishing, Perdo F. Gonzalez.
Radio, Tirso Escandon. Cable Address: "Adventists," Caracas,
Sabbath School, Mrs. G. W. Chapman.. Venezuela, South America.
Y. P. M. V., Tirso Escandon. Office Address: Plaza Concordia a Pilita
Ordained Ministers: No. 2, Caracas, Venezuela, South
G. W. Chapman, Jorge Rendon.
Postal Address: Apartado 986, Caracas,
Licensed Ministers: Venezuela, South America (Telephone
Tirso Escandon, Pedro R. Gonzalez, 3877).
Moises Valdez.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. G. W. Chap- Director, A. R. Sherman.
man. Secretary-Treasurer, R. Fit&
Executive Committee: A. R. Sherman,
Alberto Acosta, Jorge Escand6n, R.
Reorganized 1941 Departmental Secretaries:
Territory: Departments of Cundina- Book and Bible House, R. Fit6.
marca, Boyaca, Tolima, Huila, San- Educational, Mrs. A. R. Sherman.
tander, and Santander del Norte ex- Home Missionary, A. R. Sherman.
cept the cans district north ; and Publishing, Jorge EscandOn.
Y. P. M. V. and Sabbath School,
the territories of Vichada, Meta, Van- Mrs. A. R. Sherman.
nes, Arauca, Caqueta and Amazonas.
Population: 3,599,176 ; churches, 11 ; Ordained Ministers:
Alberto Acosta, A. R. Sherman.
members, 672.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Bogota, Licensed Ministers:
Jorge Escandon, L. E. Greenidge,
Colombia, South America. Douglas C. Prenier.
Office Address: Carrera 9, No. 18-42, Licensed Missionaries:
Bogota, Colombia, South America.
R. S. Arismendi, R. Fit6, Mrs. R. Fit6,
Postal Address: Apartado No. 436, Bo- J. A. Lamas, Mrs. Douglas C. Prenier,
gota, Colombia, South America. Mrs. A. R. Sherman.
Organized 1923

Territory: The Republic of Mexico. CENTRAL MEXICAN MISSION

Population: 19,473,741 ; churches, 132 ; Organized 1924
members, 8,188.
Territory: The northern half of Vera-
Cable Address: "Adventista," N. L. cruz and Puebla, the states of Hi-
Mexico. dalgo, Guerrero, Morelos, Queretaro,
Tlaxcala, Guanajuato, Michoacan and
Office and Postal Address: Vallarta Sur Mexico.
644, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico. (Tele-
phone 56-57.) Population: 8,688,596; churches, 20;
members, 2,211.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Mexico,
Superintendent, W. E. Murray. D. F.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, J. G.
Pettey. Office Address: Agricultura 79, Colonia
General Field Secretary, H. F. House. EscandOn, Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
Cashier, Jose Leor y Ruiz. (Telephone, Mex. P-09-93.)
Executive Committee: W. E. Murray, Postal Address: Apartado No. 8, Tacu-
H. F. House, A. J. Caldron, Jose Cas- baya, D. F., Mexico.
trejon, Raymundo Garza, Jose Loer y
Ruiz, C. E. Moon, M. E. Olsen, A. G. Officers:
Parfitt,. J. E. Perez, J. G. Pettey, Em- Director, J. E. Perez.
iliano Ponce, I. S. Ritchie, Vicente Secretary-Treasurer, Max Fuss.
Rodriguez, J. A. Salazar, V. A.
Souza, A. E. Torres. Executive Committee: J. E. Perez,
Departmental Secretaries: A. J. Calderon, Max Fuss, Rodolfo
Book and Bible House, A. J. Calderon.
Educational, W. E. Murray ; Associ- Departmental Secretaries:
ciate, H. F. House; Assistant, V. Educational, J. E. Perez.
A. Souza. Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, and Y. P: M. V.,
C. E. Moon. Publishing, Rodolfo Moody.
Medical, Raymundo Garza ; Assistant,
I. S. Ritchie. Ordained Ministers:
Publishing, W. R. Mulholland. Jose Carpintero, Max Fuss, Esteban
Radio, V. A. Souza. Leon, Israel Lopez, Abraham Paez,
Y. P. M. V., V. A. Souza. J. E. Perez.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:
H. F. House, C. E. Moon, W. R. Mul- Apolonio Camarena, Rodolfo Moody.
holland, W. E. Murray, A. G. Par- J. Xavier Santillan, Carmen Vargas.
fitt, H. A. B. Robinson, V. A. Souza.
Licensed Ministers: CHIAPAS MISSION
A. J. Calderon, Rafael Miinoz, J. G. Organized 1944
Honorary: V. M. Calvo. Territory: The State of Chiapas.
Licensed Missionaries: Population: 660,464 ; churches, 25 ; mem-
bers, 1,422.
Raymundo Garza, Mrs. H. F. House,
Jose Leor y Ruiz, Mrs. C. E. Moon, Office Address: Ave. Central Norte No.
Mrs. W. R. Mulholland, Mrs. A. G. 65, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico.
Parfitt, Mrs. J. G. Pettey, I. S. Postal Address: Apartado No. 37, Tux-
Ritchie, Mrs. H. A. B. Robinson, Mrs. tla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico.
W. E. Murray.
Honorary: Virginia Harnandez, Mrs.
Gregoria M. de Vera, Mrs. Eliza 0. de Director, Vicente Rodriguez.
Verduzeo. Secretary-Treasurer, Francisco Reyes.


Executive Committee: Vicente Rodri- PACIFIC MEXICAN MISSION

guez, Cutberto Moctezuma, Francisco
Reyes. Organized 1924
Territory: The states of Jalisco, Co-
Departmental Secretaries: lima, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Sonora, and
Educational, Vicente Rodriguez. Lower California.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Population: 2,673,649 churches, 10 ;
and Y. P. M. V., Francisco Reyes. members, 609.
Publishing, Vicente Rodriguez.
Office Address: Avenida Libertad No.
Ordained Ministers: 747, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Cutberto Moctezuma, Francisco Reyes (Telephone, 38-11.)
Vicente Rodriguez. Postal Address: Apartado 606, Guadala-
jara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Licensed Ministers:
Josue Fernandez, Buenaventura Gu- Director, M. E. Olsen.
diel. Secretary-Treasurer, Ignacio Ponce.
Licensed Missionaries: Executive Committee: M. E. Olsen,
Ignacio Ponce, Jose Quintero, C. R.
Horatio Hernandez, Saturnino Valenzuela.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, M. E. Olsen.
GULF MISSION Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
M. E. Olsen.
Organized 1924 Publishing, Jose Quintero.
Y. P. M. V., Ignacio Ponce.
Territory: The states of Coahuila,
Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Tamau- Ordained Ministers:
lipas, Chihuahua, Durango, Zacate-
cas, and Aguascalientes. M. E. Olsen, C. R. Valenzuela.

Population: 3,998,869 ; churches, 35 ; Licensed Ministers:

members, 1,565. Alfonso Castillo, Andre Perez, Igna-
cio Ponce, Luis Villarreal, Daniel
Office Address: Calle Hidalgo Sur 114, Zertuche.
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. (Tele-
phone, 12-40.)
Postal Address: Apartado 139, Saltillo, TEHUANTEPEC MISSION
Coahuila, Mexico.
Officers: Organized 1924
Director, Emiliano Ponce. Territory: The states of Oaxaca and
Secretary-Treasurer, C. L. Dinius. southern halves of Puebla and Vera
Executive Committee: Emiliano Cruez.
Ponce, C. L. Dinius, Rafael Arroyo,
R. Monsalvo, A. E. Torres. Population 2,642,242 ; churches, 21;
members, 1,200.
Departmental Secretaries:
Cable Address: "Adventists," Puebla,
Educational, Emiliano Ponce. Puebla, Mexico.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V., Rafael Arroyo. Office Address: Calle 9 Poniente 1702,
Publishing, Roberto Monsalvo. Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. (Telephone,
Mexicana 31-64.)
Ordained Ministers:
Rafael Arroyo, Jose Castillo, Jose Postal Address: Apartado 107, Puebla,
Corral, C. L. Dinius, Daniel Lande- Puebla, Mexico.
ros, Emiliano Ponce, A. E. Torres.
Licensed Ministers: Director, J. A. Salazar.
Julio Morgado, R. Monsalvo. Secretary-Treasurer, Melchor Covar-
Licensed Missionaries: Executive Committee: J. A. Salazar,
Benjamin Arteaga, Mrs. C. L. Dinius, Gilberta Corona Melchor Covarrubias,
Armando Rivera. Xavier Ponce, J. S. Ramon.

Departmental Secretaries: INSTITUTIONS IN THE INTER-

Educational, J. A. Salazar. AMERICAN DIVISION
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Educational:
Y. P. M. V., Xavier Ponce.
Publishing, Gilberto Corona. Academia Adventista Hispanoameri-
cana, Apartado 1320, San Jose,
Ordained Ministers: Costa Rica, Central America.
Ladislao Arriaga, De la Paz Matus, Caribbean Training College, Box 176,
J. A. Salazar. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B. W. I.
Honorary: Aurelio Jimenez. Colegio Adventists de las A ntillas,
Apartado 329, Santa Clara, Cuba.
Licensed Ministers: Colege Vertieres, Casier A-116, Port-
Gilberto Corona, Melchor Covarrubias, au-Prince, Haiti.
Eustano Hernandez, Xavier Ponce.
Colombia-Venezuela Union Training
Licensed Missionaries: School, Apartado 224, Medellin, Co-
Hilario Amaro, Alfonso Martinez, lombia, South America.
Rosendo Miramon, Jose Oliveros. Escuela Agricola Industrial Mexi-
cana, Apartado 16, Montemorelos,
Honorary: Virginia Hernandez. N. L., Mexico.
New Hope College, 32 Lyndhurst
Road, Kingston, Jamaica, B. W. I.
Panama Academy; Pedregalito, Re-
Organized 1943 public of Panama, Box M, Cristo-
bal, Canal Zone.
Territory: The states of Yucatan, Cam-
peche, Tabasco, and the territory of West Indian Training College, Post
Quintana Roo. Office Box 22, Mandeville, Jamaica,
B. W. I.
Population; 809,921 ; churches, 21 ; mem-
bers, 1,181. Publishing:
Agencia de Publicaciones, "Mexico
Office Address: Calle 72, No. 406-A, Central," Calle Prosperidad 89,
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
Postal Address: Apartado 453, Merida, Pacific Press Publishing Association,
Yucatan, Mexico. Inter-American Branch, Box 5007,
Cristobal, Canal Zone.
Director, Jose Castrejon. Medical:
Secretary-Treasurer, Miguel Lara Sanitariums
J. N. Andrews Sanitarium and Hos-
Executive Committee Jose Costrejon, pital, 27 Hope Road, Kingston, Ja-
Francisco Cortez, Miguel Lara Flores; maica, B. W. I. '
Paciente Trinidad.
Department Secretaries: Dispensaries
Educational and Home Missionary, Agua Escondida Dispensary, Villa
Jose Castrejon. Allende, Chiapas, Mexico.
Publishing, Francisco Cortez. Benito Juarez Dispensary, .Calle 9
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mi- Poniente, Puebla, Pue., Mexico.
guel Lara Flores. Clinica Adventists de Monterrey,
Vallarta Sur 644, Monterrey, N. L.,
Ordained Ministers: Mexico.
Jose Castrejon, Paciente Trinidad, Clinica' Adventista de Saltillo, Calle
F. B. Zaynos. Hidalgo Sur 114, Saltillo, Coahuila,
Licensed Ministers: Dispensary No. 1 de Chiapas, Morelos
Francisco Cortez, Miguel Lara Flores. 57, Huimanguillo, Tabasco, Mexico.
Libertad Dispensary, Lista de Correos,
Licensed Missionaries: Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico.
Pedro Garfias, J. M. Mena, Carlos Vera Cruz Dispensary, Diaz Aragon
51, Vera Cruz, Ver., Mexico.
Organized 1928

Territory: British Isles, Denmark, Nor- ignated by the General Conference as

way, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lat- its special represehtatives in the sev-
via, Lithuania, Iceland, Greenland, eral sections of the Northern European
Faroes ; comprising the Baltic, Brit- territory as follows: For the Scandi-
ish, East Nordic and West Nordic navian or Nordic section, G. A. Lind-
Union Conferences. say; for the British Isles, H. W. Lowe.
Population: 71,823,299 ; churches, 583 ;
members, 28,927. General Conference Transportation
Agent: C. H. Anscombe, 41 Hazel
Because of war conditions in the field Gardens, Edgware, Middlesex, Eng-
which make it impossible for the North- land ; Telephone: Edgware 7758 ;
ern European Division to function in Cable Address, "Adventist, London."
the usual manner, the Division interests Telegrams, "Adventist, Phone, Lon-
are being administered temporarily by don."
the General Conference Committee from
its headquarters in Washington, D. C., Legal Association: "World Wide Advent
U. S. A. Key workers have been des- Missions, Limited."


Organized 1923

Territory: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithu- Honorary: A. Klement.

Licensed Ministers:
Population: 5,635,942 ; churches, 81 ;
members, 5,098. A. Kallaste, E. Kanna, V. Karmas,
J. Vilba.
Office Address: Merepuiestee 14a, Tal-
linn, Estonia. Licensed Missionaries:
A. Kaldma, E. Laimets, J. Ney, H.
Pilt, Mrs. N. Seestrand, Miss L. Tali,
Organized 1912
Territory: Estonia. LATVIAN CONFERENCE
Population: 1,126,413; churches, 89; Organized 1920
members, 2,019.
Territory: Latvia.
Office Address: Merepuiestee 14a, Tal-
linn, Estonia. Population: 2,010,000; churches, 28;
members, 2,885.
President, R. Vinglas. Cable Address: "Advent," Riga.
Secretary, E. Magi. Office Address: Brivibas iela 11, Riga,
Treasurer, A. Kallaste. Latvia.
Executive Committee: E. Magi, A. Officers:
Aug, E. Kell, A. Paaksi. J. Vaga.
President, E. Klotins.
Departmental Secretaries: Secretary-Treasurer, A. Jurkevics.
Educational, R. Vinglas. Executive Committee: E. Klotins, A.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Colders, A. Jurkevics, J. Oltins, R.
Y. P. M. V., Jaan Daniel. Vilsons.
Publishing, V. Viirsalu.
Religious Liberty, Jaan Daniel. Departmental Secretaries:
Ordained Ministers: Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Welfare Missionary, A. Colders.
A. Aug, M. Barengrub, Jaan Daniel, Publishing, V. Arius.
E. Magi, L. Nikkar, R. Vinglas. Y. P. M. V., E. Klotins.

Ordained Ministers: Office Address: Vakieciu g-ve 57,

0. Balodis, J. Birzins, J. Colderis, Kaunas, Lithuania.
A. Colders, J. Drikis, A. Eglitis, K. Officers:
Fogelis, E. Grinbergs, A. Jurkevics, Director, A. Birzgal.
E. Klotins, E. Krievs, P. Macanovs, Secretary-Treasurer, K. Strazdauskae.
J. Oltins, D. Platonovs, P. M. Pur-
malis, K. Sutta. Executive Committee: A. Birzgal, P.
Kaltanas, J. Simonaitis, K. Straz-
Licensed Ministers: dauskas.
R. Auzina, A. Lejnieks, A. Mednis. Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
L. Colders, A. Dambis, J. Lapa, V. A. Birzgal.
Spruds, M. Stumbergs, A. Vilerts, Publishing and Y. P. M. V., K. Straz-
V. Vilmanis. dauskas.
Ordained Minister: A. Birzgal.
Organized 1920 Licensed Minister: V. Krause.
Territory: Lithuania. Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 2,499,529; churches, 14; P. Bluzmanas, A. Rusteika, K. Straz-
members, 194. dauskas.


Organized 1920

Territory: England, Wales, Scotland, Publishing, J. M. Howard.

Northern Ireland, Irish Free State Y. P. M. V., J. M. Howard.
and adjacent Isles. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 49,196,724; churches, 99; G. W. Baird, W. T. Bartlett, W. L.
members, 6,184. Emmerson, J. Harker, J. M. Howard,
Cable Address: "Advent," Watford, H. W. Lowe, W. G. C. Murdoch.
Herts, England. Honorary: T. H. Cooper, H. F. De-
'Ath, E. G. Essery, S. Joyce, W. H.
Office: Stanborough Park, Watford, Meredith, E. B. Phillips, P. C. Poley,
Herts, England. (Telephone, Garston A. S. Rodd, A. Watson, J. B. West,
(Watford) 2251-2.) R. Whiteside, A. H. Williams.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
President, H. W. Lowe. A. Carey, J. C. Craven, E. H. Foster,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. C. F. W. Futcher, N. H. Knight, A.
Carey. J. Raitt, R. Scarr, P. Schuil.
Field Secretary, W. T. Bartlett. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: H. W. Lowe, W. G. Baldry, Miss E. Howard, T.
Murdoch, J. Rigby, A. H. Thompson,
W. T. Bartlett, A. Carey, E. E. Cra- A. Warren.
ven, W. L. Emmerson, J. Harker, J.
M. Howard, R. S. Joyce, S. G. Hyde, Legal Assn.: British Advent Missions,
G. D. King, J. A. McMillan, W. G. Limited ; chairman, H. W. Lowe ; sec-
C. Murdoch, J. Rigby, A. H. Thomp- retary, A. Carey.
son, A. Warren.
General Conference Transportation IRISH MISSION
Agent: C. H. Anscombe, 41 Hazel
Gardens, Edgware, Middlesex; Tele- Organized 1902
phone, Edgware 7758; Cable Address,
"Adventist, London" ; Telegrams, Territory: Northern Ireland and Irish
"Adventist, Phone, London." Free State.
Departmental Secretaries: Population: 4,258,854; churches, 8;
Educational, W. G. C. Murdoch. members, 201.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Office: Stanborough Park, Watford,
J. Harker. Herts., England.

Officers: Licensed Ministers:

Director, E. E. Craven, S. D. A. B. Belton, F. D. Buckle, D. J. Clarke,
Church, Florenceville Ave., Ormeau D. A. Conroy, V. H. Cooper, R. A.
Road, Belfast, Ireland. Derbyshire, F. Edwards, K. A. Elias,
Secretary-Treasurer, W. G. Baldry, John Handysides, K. Lacey. M. B.
Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts., Musgrave, S. H. Parkin, P. Stear-
England. man, It. D. Vine.
Advisory Committee: E. E. Craven, Licensed Missionaries:
J. McDowell, G. Sissons, A. C. Vine, Elizabeth Adair, Elizabeth A. Buck,
E. Zins. Annie F. Clarke, Elizabeth Cleary,
Departmental Secretaries: Jean M. M. Cowan, Lelia C. Elias,
Hilda M. Ford, Lucinda Gardner,
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Gladys H. Goodier, Jenny A. Handy-
J. Harker. sides, Irene A. Himsworth, Ethel Ma-
Publishing, J. M. Howard. hon, Laura L. Mason, Jean Mitchell,
Y. P. M. V., J. M. Howard. Ruth Richardson, Mrs. Edith M.
Ordained Ministers: Shaw, Edith Taylor.
E. E. Craven, A. C. Vine, E. Zins.
Licensed Ministers: SCOTTISH MISSION
E. Bell, A. H. Cowley, R. W. Dough- Organized 1902
Territory: Scotland, including The Heb-
Licensed Missionaries: Miss M. Kirby, rides, Orkneys, and Shetlands.
Miss M. 0. Howlett.
Population: 4,842,980;.churches, 6;
members, 307.
Office: 15 Rowelien Gardens, Broomhill,
Organized 1904 ; Reorganized 1928 Officers:
Director, J. A. McMillan.
Territory: The Counties of Lancashire, Secretary-Treasurer, W. G. Baldry.
Yorkshire, Durham, Cheshire, Isle
of Man, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Advisory Committee: J. A. McMillan,
Northumberland, Derbyshire, Notting- L. G. Hardinge, H. T. Johnson, H.
hamshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Pedlar, D. Thompson.
Northamptonshire, Rutland, Leices- Departmental Secretaries:
tershire," Worcestershire, Warwick-
shire. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
J. Harker.
Population: 19,015,563 ; churches, 36 ; Publishing, J. M. Howard.
members, 2,022. Y. P. M. V., J. M. Howard.
Office: 22 Zulla Road, Mapperley Park, Ordained Ministers:
Nottingham, England. (Telephone, L. G. Hardinge, H. T. Johnson, J. A.
Nottingham 66312.) McMillan, D. Morrison.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
President, R. S. Joyce. K. H. Rosier, A. H. Watson.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. D. Buckle.
Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: R. S. Joyce, G.
Baird, B. Belton, F. D. Buckle; C. L. Miss J. Archibald, Miss B. Fretton,
Kelly, W. M. Lennox, W. R. A. Miss B. Hanna.
Madgwick, E. Merchant, H. Rhodes.
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., B. E. Sparrow. Organized 1902; Reorganized 1928
Publishing, B. Belton.
Territory: The Counties of Cornwall,
Ordained Ministers: Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucester,
J. E. Bell, A. F. Bird, W. J. Cannon, Wilts, Oxford, Berks., Bucks., Hants.,
J. C. French, D. J. Handysides, It. S. Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Middle-
Joyce, S. G. Joyce, B. F. Kinman, sex, Hertford, Bedford, Huntingdon,
W. M. Lennox, H. W. McCrow, W. Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex,
R. A. Madgwick, W. Maudsley, H. K. Isle of Wight, and the Channel Is-
Munson, L. Murdoch, B. E. Sparrow. lands.

Population: 18,130,406; churches, 47; Honorary: Mrs. M. E. Brooks, Mrs.

members, 3,211. D. Casey.
Office: 780 St. Albans Road, Watford, Church School Teachers:
Herts., England. (Phone, Garston Pamela Cooling, Barbara Cross, Myr-
(Watford) 2213-4.) tle Dorland, Vera M. Lauderdale,
Officers: Dorothy M. Turner, Agnes E. West,
E. E. White, Winifred Willis, A. J.
President, G. D. King. Woodfield.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. H. Parkin.
Executive Committee: G. D. King,
W. W. Armstrong, H. Benwell, G. V.
Hall, W. H. Meredith, A. J. Mustard, WELSH MISSION
J. H. Parkin, E. R. Warland, A. H. Organized 1902
Territory: Principality of Wales, Coun-
Departmental Secretaries: ties of Monmouthshire, Shropshire,
Educational, Home Missionary, Sab- and Herefordshire.
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., E. R.
Warland. Population: 2,948,931 ; churches, 8 ;
Publishing, A. W. Cook. members, 443.
Office: Stanborough Park, Watford.
Ordained Ministers: , Herts., England.
A. K. Armstrong, W. W. Armstrong, Officers:
F. C. Bailey, J. H. Bayliss, G. R. Bell,
J. G. Bevan, R. T. Bolton, C. R. Bon- Director, S. G. Hyde, "Ventnor,"
ney, 0. M. Dorland, G. D. King, L. Tyglass Road, Llanishen, Cardiff,
E. A. Lane, A. J. Mustard, W. J. Glam.
Nicholson, F. A. Spearing, L. D.
Vince, E. R. Warland, F. J. Wilms- Secretary-Treasurer, W. G. Baldry.
hurst. Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts.,
Licensed Ministers: Advisory Committee: S. G. Hyde,
E. Ashton, R. H. Bainbridge, A. W. F. S. Jackson, R. Jacques, F. E.
Cook, E. Cox, P. Cumings, D. J. Dun- Powell.
nett, E. E. Hulbert, J. D. Maffey, I. Departmental Secretaries:
McGougan, H. Musgrave, J. H. Par-
kin, 0. H. Rosier, G. Roper, L. Shaw, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
R. H. Smith, A. G. Tapping, R. A. J. Harker.
Vince, H. W. Walklett, J. P. West, Publishing, J. M. Howard.
E. E. White, A. J. Woodfield. Y. P. M. V., J. M, Howard.
Licensed Missionaries: Ordained Ministers:
Mayme Clements, May D. Dondo, S. G. Hyde, F. S. Jackson.
Olive C. Davies, Emily M. Donaldson,
Ruth M. Dorland, Kathleen M. Emm, Licensed Ministers:
Dorothy Fradrick, Ethel S. Guntrip, E. A. Butters, H. Humphries, J. R.
G. Vera Hardiman, Janet M. Hyde, Lewis, C. D. Watson.
Audrey Stewart-Jacks, Marguerite M. Licensed Missionaries:
John, Nora Le Vierge, Kathleen Ma-
hon, Connie Richards, Veronica M. Miss W. Buckle, Miss A. Hartland,
Warren. Miss P. Stranden.


Organized 1931

Territory: Sweden and Finland. Officers:

President, G. A. Lindsay.
Population: 10,258,900; churches, 97 Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, A. Karlman.
members, 6,045. Executive Committee: G. A. Lindsay,
Alfr. Anderson, A. Blomstedt, C.
Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm, Gidlund, S. Jonasson, A. Karlman,
Sweden. E. H. Larsson. John Larsson, Y.
Office Address: Tunnelgatan 25, Stock- Miettinen, A. Rintala, Vilh. Sucks-
holm, Sweden. dorff, D. Carlsson.

Departmental Secretaries: FINLAND SWEDISH CONFERENCE

Educational, Organized 1929
Medical, V. Sucksdorff.
Publishing and Home Missionary, S. Territory: Finland.
Jonasson. Population: 304,262 ; churches, 13 ;
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., members, 439.
David Carlsson.
Office: Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin-
Ordained Ministers: land.
0. Angervo, G. A. Lindsay, C. Gid- Officers:
lund, Sigward Jonasson. President, John Larsson.
Honorary: C. 0. Carlstjarna, K. A. Secretary-Treasurer, Helge Nyholm.
Fernstrom, G. Hermanson, J. Wal- Executive Committee: John Larsson,
lenkampf. G. Forsblom, H. Karstrom, B. Lilje-
berg, Helge Nyholm, V. Sueksdorff,
Licensed Missionaries: Anselm Syring.
A. Karlman, V. Sucksdorff. Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, G. Forsblom.
Publishing, I. Heikkinen.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Organized 1929 Ordained Ministers:
G. Forsblom, John Larsson.
Territory: Finland.
Population: 3,584,100 ; churches, 28 ; Licensed Missionaries:
members, 2,411. Martha Arnolds, Laina Ehrnstedt,
Helge Nyholm, Elsa Olausen, Harry
Office: Annank. 7, Helsingfors, Finland. Olsson, Lydia Sandholm.
Secretary-Treasurer, T. Heinonen.
Organized 1929
Executive Committee: A. Rintala, A. Territory: Northern part of Sweden.
Arasola, T. Heinonen, 0. Jaakkola,
Y. Miettinen, E. Rosengren, E. Population : 3,244,653 ; churches, 30 ;
Saario. members, 1,685.
Departmental Secretaries: Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Office: Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Y. P. M. V., 0. Peltonen. Sweden.
Publishing, I. Heikkinen.
Ordained Ministers: President, David Carlsson.
A. Arasola, V. Kohtanen, K. V. Secretary-Treasurer, Lisa Soderberg.
Osola, 0. Peltonen, A. Rintala, T. Executive Committee: Alfr. Ander-
Seljavaara. son, Carl S. Anderson, J. 0. Eriksson,
C. Gidlund, W. Johanson, R. Svens-
Licensed Ministers: son, K. Utterback.
V. Heikkila, E. Luukko, V. Parhan- Departmental Secretaries:
kangas, E. Peltonen, E. Sivonen. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
P. HOrnefldt.
Licensed Missionaries: Publishing, Eric Roslind.
I. Heikkinen, T. Heinonen, Ester Y. P. M. V., David Carlsson.
Hellsten, Viivi Gangasvuori, Liinna Ordained Ministers:
Lehti, Elsa Luukkainen, Veera
Luukko, 0. Maatanen, Y. Miettinen, David Carlsson, Eric Hansson, W.
Saimi Moberg, J. Pekkanen, Siiri Sa- Runolf, 0. Spanghagen, R. Svensson,
volainen, Helmi Sihvola, Aini Sysi- K. Ulfstrom, K. Utterback, Nils
metsa, Lydia Turunen, Irja Varvi. Zerne.
Legal Assn. (for Finland and Finland Licensed Missionaries:
Swedish Conferences) : "Filantropinen Olga Forsberg, Elsa Hagberg, P.
Yhdistys Aikain Vartija r. y." Presi- Hornfeldt, Stina Sandholm, Vera
dent, A. Rintala. Sandstrom, Lisa Soderberg, Paul

Sundquist, Anna Sundquist, Louis Officers:

Martin. President, Alfr. Anderson.
Seeretary-Treasurer, 0. Grundberg.
Legal Assn. (for North and South
Swedish Conferences) : "Sallskapet Executive Committee: A. Blomstedt,
Sanningens Harold." President, C. E. Erenius, 0. Grundberg, E. Earls-
Gidlund ; Vice-President, I. Unhall ; son, S. Lundstrom, S. Magnusson, 0.
Secretary, J. P. Lindberg; Treasurer, Pettersson.
E. H. Larson. Executive Committee:
Alf. Anderson, Axel Bengtsson, A. Departmental Secretaries:
Blomstedt, S. Magnusson, G. W. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Ericsson, A. Axelsson, W. Johanson, G. Norheim.
Advisory: G. A. Lindsay; Auditors, Publishing, Eric Roslind.
A. Karlman, 0. Grundberg. Y. P. M. V., David Carlsson.
Ordained Ministers:
Alfr. Anderson, Gosta Berglund, A.
Blomstedt, E. Erenius, S. Lund-
SOUTH SWEDISH CONFERENCE strom, Ernst Mattison, Eric Swenzon.
Organized 1929 Licensed Ministers:
Ch. Lindberg, Helge Lindberg, G.
Territory: Southern part of Sweden. Norheim, H. Rosenberg, E. Sonestam,
011e Svensson.
Population: 3,125,885; churches, 26 ;
members, 1,491. Licensed Missionaries:
Cable Address: Advent, Giiteborg. Elisabeth Carlsson, Alfhild Erenius,
Gunnel Flodin, Bertil Fried, 0. Grund-
Office Address: Vasagatan 12, Gote- berg, Alice Lind, Dora Mattsson, El-
borg, Sweden. len Svenson.


Organized 1931

(The former Scandinavian Union Con- Religious Liberty, P. G. Nelson.

ference, organized in 1901, was in 1931 Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
divided into an East Nordic and a West Alf. Lohne.
Nordic Union.)
Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, K. Abrahamsen, E. Bjaanaes, 0. S.
Faroe Islands, and Greenland (un- Lie, P. G. Nelson, P. J. Olsen.
Honorary: Erik Arnesen.
Population: 6,731,733; churches, 145;
members, 7,173. Licensed Ministers:
P. A. Christiansen, R. F. Jensen, M.
Office Address: Badesanatoriet, Skods- Larsen, Alf. Lohne, 0. S. Sorensen,
borg, Denmark.
0 fficers : Licensed Missionaries:
President, P. G. Nelson. Ruth Andersen, Georg Bagger, A. C.
Sec.-Treas., A. C. Christensen. Christensen, Ester Hange Inger K.
Lund, P. Myhre, K. Naerland, Gu-
Executive Committee: P. G. Nelson, drun Nielsen, C. M. Scott.
A. Andersen, E. Bjaanaes, A. C.
Christensen, P. A. Christiansen, R. F.
Jensen, M. Larsen, Alf. Lohne, M.
Muderspach, 0. T. Olsen, P. J. Olsen, The Nordic Philanthropic Society
Paul Olsen, T. Opsahl, L. Moe-
Larsen, C. M. Scott, L. Tobiassen, Organized 1897
T. Tobiassen, A. Varmer.
Address: Skodsborg Badesanatoriet,
Departmental Secretaries: Skodsborg, Denmark.
Home Missionary, E. Bjaanaes. Legal Name: Nordisk filantropisk Sels-
Medical, A. Andersen, C. M. Scott. kab.

Officers: Address: Box 262, Reykjavik, Iceland.

President, Axel Varmer. Cable Address: Adventkirkjan, Reyk-
Secretary, L. Muderspach. javik.
Treasurer, Chr. Hansen.
Trustees: Officers:
Axel Varmer, A. Andersen, Chr. President, 0. J. Olsen.
Bunken, C. C. Hansen, Chr. Hansen, Secretary, S. Heidar.
E. Hansen, H. Johansen, H. Muder- Cashier, M. Helgason.
spach, L. Muderspach, P. G. Nelson, Executive Committee: 0. J. Olsen,
T. H. V. Schou, H. Westerlund. S. Hallgrimsson, S. Heidar, M. Helga-
son, J. Gudmundsson.
Departmental Secretaries:
EAST DENMARK CONFERENCE Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Organized 1880; Reorganized 1931 J. Gudmundsson.
Publishing, M. Z. Thorvaldsson.
Territory: East Denmark.
Ordained Minister: 0. J. Olsen.
Population: 1,648,823 ; churches, 29;
members, 1,656. Licensed Ministers:
Cable Address: Expedit, Copenhagen. J. G. Jonsson, GuSm. Palsson, N. J.
Office Address: Suomisvej 5, Copen-
hagen, Denmark. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: S. Hallgrimsson, M. Helgason, J.
President, Axel Varmer.
Secretary-Traesurer, H. L. Henriksen.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Executive Committee: Axel Varmer,
Johs. Cristiansen, Teilman, Christian- NORTH NORWAY CONFERENCE
sen, H. L. Henriksen, J. I. Henrik.
sen, Joh. Jensen, H. Westerlund. Organized 1929
Departmental Secretaries: Territory: North Norway.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Population: 793,422; churches, 28;
and Y. P. M. V., Johs. Jensen. members, 973.
Publishing, 0. S. Sorensen.
Office Address: Kj6pmannsgt. 28, Trond-
Ordained Ministers: heim, Norway.
J. P. U. Jensen, Johs. Jensen, L. J.
Kirkelokke, L. Muderspach, Axel Officers:
Varmer. President, L. Saeboe-Larsen.
Licensed Ministers: Sec.-Treas.,Borghild Fulsebakke.
Auditor. A C. Christensen.
Paul Knudsen, E. V. Nielsen, V.
Olsen. Erecutive Committee: L. Saeboe-Lar-
Licensed Missionaries: sen, A. Aalmo, Haakon Flak, 0.
Frenning, Paul Frivold, S. H. Mykle-
Olive Brum, Irene Capion, Victor bust, R. Wiiklund.
Christensen, Wilkens Svarre, Helga
Mayer, Anders Nielsen, Othilia Niel- Departmental Secretaries:
sen, I. Wikkelso.
Publishing, Home Missionary, Sab-
Church School Teachers: bath School, and Y. P. M. V., 0.
Meete Ditlefsen, Erna Flindt, Karl Frenning.
Ordained Ministers:
0. Frenning, J. A. Tillgren, L. Sae-
Licensed Ministers:
Entered 1897; Organized 1930
Paul Frivold, J. Reichelt, L. K. To-
Territory: Iceland and the Faroe Is- biassen.
Population: 141,614 ; churches, 8; mem- Licensed Missionary:
bers, 449. Borghild Fulsebakke.

SOUTH NORWAY CONFERENCE Executive Committee: H. Muderspach,

H. A. Hansen, T. Kristensen, B. Ol-
(Formerly a part of the Norway Con- sen, E. Ostedgaard, E. Rasmussen,
ference, organized in 1887; divided and G. Westman.
reorganized in 1929.)
Departmental Secretaries:
Territory: South Norway. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Population: 2,093,348 ; churches, 43 ; Y. P. M. V., Frede Nielsen.
members, 2,630. Publishing, 0. S. Sorensen.
Cable Address: "Sunnhetsbladet," Oslo, Ordained Ministers:
Norway. A. Guldhammer, I. W. Christiansen,
Office Address: Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Thr. Kristensen, H. Muderspach,
Norway. (Telephone, 22862.) Frede Nielsen, G. E. Westman.
Licensed Minister: Mogens Bakke.
President, T. Tobiassen. Licensed Missionaries:
Sec.-Treas., R. Abrahamsen. Else Christensen, David Guldhammer,
Auditors, A. C. Christensen, P. Pet- Dorothea Praestiin, Noomi Rasmus-
tersen. sen.
Executive Committee: T. Tobiassen,
0. Haugvik, S. K. Johansen, Thv. Church School Teachers:
Paulsen, 0. Schibstad, L. J. Stene, Alice Christensen, Elinor Christian-
E. Stinessen. sen, Ewald Guldhammer, Ellen Niel-
sen, Marie Schmidt, Anna Simonsen.
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V., E. Stinessen.
Ordained Ministers: EUROPEAN DIVISION
0. Jordahl, Paul Olsen, R. J. Skyll- - Educational:
stad, L. J. Stene, T. Tobiassen, E.
Stinesses, Chr. Tobiassen, 0. UdbjOrg, Danish Mission School (Vejlefjord
T. S. Valen. Hojskole), Daugaard St., Denmark.
Estonian Training School, Tallinn,
Licensed Minister: A. A. Andreassen. Estonia.
Licensed Missionaries: Finland S. D. A. Mission School,
Hiirla, Piikkiii, Finland.
R. Abrahamsen, Ruth Andersen, Latvian Conference School, Brivibas
Borgh. Fulsebakke, Mina Jacobsen, iela 11, Riga, Latvia.
Magnus Larsen, Ingeb. Londal, P. M. Newbold Missionary College, Pack-
Myhre, 0. K. Naerland, Elise Nagle- wood Haugh, Packwood, near Hock-
stad, Helga Pedersen, 0. Wiik. ley Heath, Warwickshire, England.
Norway, S. D. A. Mission School,
Church School Teachers: Algarheim, Norway.
Lina Mordahl, Charles Wang. Swedish Missionary School, Ekeby-
holm, Rimbo, Sweden.
British 'Publishing House, Stanbor-
WEST DENMARK CONFERENCE ough Press Ltd., Stanborough Park,
Watford, Herts., England.
Organized 1880; Reorganized 1931 Copenhagen Publishing House, Suo-
misvej 5, Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
Territory: West Denmark (Jylland and Estonian Publishing House, Mere-
Fyn). puiestee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia.
Population: 2,054,626 churches, 37 Finland Publishing House, Annegatan
members, 1,565. 7, Helsingfors, Finland.
Iceland S. D. A. Publishing House,
Office Address: Norre Alle 30, Aarhus, Box 262, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Denmark. Latvian Publishing House, Brivibas
iela 11, Riga, Latvia.
Officers: Lithuanian Depository, Vokieciu g-ve
President, H. Muderspach. 67, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Secretary-Treasurer, Alf. Berg. Norwegian Publishing House, Akers-
Auditor, A. C. Christensen. gaten 74, Oslo, Norway.

Stockholm Publishing House, Tunnel- Legal Associations:

gatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden.
World Wide Advent Missions, Ltd.,
Medical: 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, Eng-
Baltic Union
Ekebyholm Summer Sanitarium,
Rimbo, Sweden. Estonian Building Department, Mere-
Good Health Association, Stanbor- puiestee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia.
ough Park, Watford Herts., Eng- Riga Mission Property, Brivibas iela
land. 11, Riga, Latvia.
Hultafors Sanitarium, Hultafors, British Union
Skodsborg Sanitarium, Skodsborg, British Advent Missions, Ltd., Wat-
Denmark. ford, Herts., England.
Stanborough Park Sanitarium, Stan- Granose Foods, Ltd., Stanborough
borough Park, Watford, Herts., Park, Watford, Herts., England.
England. (Temporarily taken over Good Health Assn., Ltd., Stanborough
by government.) Park, Watford, Herts., England.
Toivonlinna Summer Sanitarium, Stanborough Press, Ltd., Stanborough
Piikkio, Finland. Park, Watford, Herts., England.
Dispensaries East Nordic Union
Finland Mission Property, Annegaten
Copenhagen Clinic, Fysisk Kuran- 7, Helsingfors, Finland.
stalt, St. Kongensgade 36-38, Cop- Sanningene Harold Assn., Tunnel-
enhagen, K.,Denmark. gatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden.
Helsingfors ydro-Electric Institute, Stockholm Mission Property, Tunnel-
Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, Finland. gatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden.
Nyhyttan Sanitarium, Nyhyttan,
Jarnboas, Sweden. West Nordic Union
Oslo Health Home, Akersgaten 74,
Oslo, Norway. Aarhus Church Property, Norreallee
Stockholm Hydro-Electric Institute, 30, Denmark.
Humlegardsgatan 18, Stockholm, Bergen Church Property, Sigurds-
Sweden. gaten 26, Bergen, Norway.
"Ebenezer," Suomisvej 5, Copenhagen,
Food Companies: V., Denmark.
Nordic Philanthropic Society, Skods-
Copenhagen Food Factory, Baldersgade borg, Denmark.
14, Copenhagen, L., Denmark. Oslo S. D. A. Assn., Akersgaten 74,
Granose Foods, Lt. (British Health Oslo, Norway.
Food Factory), Stapborough Park, Oslo Church Property, Akersgaten 74,
Watford, Herts., England. Oslo, Norway.
Organized 1916

Territory: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, J. J. Oliveira, Manoel Soares, Luiz

Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and - Waldvogel, Samuel Weiss.
Ecuador, with the islands in the Pa-
cific and Atlantic Oceans adjacent Radio Commission:
thereto, comprising the Austral and Secretary, L. H. Lindbeck.
South Brazil Union Conferences, and Associate Secretary, Claudio Krieg-
the Inca, East Brazil, and North hoff.
Brazil Union Missions. Associate Secretary for Brazil, R. M.
Population: 83,940,528 ; churches, 279 ; Assistant Secretary for Peru and Ecu-
members, 37,652. ador, B. A. Larsen.
Cable Address: "Division," Buenos Members: It. R. Figuhr, Chairman;
Aires, Argentina. J. D. Cornell, F. L. Harrison, E. N.
Office Address: Virrey del Pino 3801, Lugenbeal, H. 0. Olson, W. Schubert.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Religious Liberty:
Secretary, R. R. Figuhr.
President, R. R. Figuhr. Sabbath School Department:
Secretary, H. 0. Olson. Secretary, Santiago Schmidt.
Treas. and Auditor, F. L. Harrison. Members: L. B. Halliwell, C. E.
Executive Committee: it. R. Figuhr, Lambeth, H. E. McClure, G. E. Sta-
R. W. Belz, J. D. Cornell, J. C. Cul- cey, Juan Riffel.
pepper, E. Doehnert, N. W. Dunn, L. Transportation Department:
B. Halliwell, F. L. Harrison, J. B.
Johnsim, C. E. Lambeth, L. H. Lind- General Agent, F. L. Harrison.
beck, L. D. Minner, H. 0. Olson, D. Assistant Agent, J. D. Cornell.
Peixoto da Silva, Santiago Schmidt, Austral Union Conference, J. Wag-
T. W. Steen. ner.
East Brazil. Union Mission, F. Vegele.
Cashier, J. D. Cornell. Inca Union Mission, J. I. Hartman.
Educational Department: North Brazil Union Mission, B. W.
Secretary, N. W. Dunn. Steinweg.
Assistant. Secretary for Parent and South Brazil Union Conference, P. C.
Child Education, Mrs. R. R. Fi- Beskow.
Young People's Missionary Volunteer
Members: A. J. Alva, W. J. Brown, Department:
Fernando Chaij, C. D. Christensen,
Dario Garcia, R. L. Jacobs, Renato Secretary, N. W. Dunn.
Oberg, D. Peixoto da Silva, M. F. Members: L. B. Halliwell, Renato
Perez, Leon Replogle, S. Julio Oberg, Manuel Perez, Leon Replogle.
Schwantes, T. W. Steen, D. J. von Ordained Ministers:
J. C. Culpepper, N. W. Dunn, It. R.
Home Missionary Department: Figuhr, 13. A. Larsen, L. H. Lindbeck,
Secretary, Santiago Schmidt, H. 0. Olson, R. M. Rabello, Santiago
Members: L. B. Halliwell, H. E. Mc- Schmidt.
Clure, Juan Riael, Samuel Weiss, Em- Licensed Minister: F. L. Harrison.
manuel Zorub.
Ministerial Association: Credentialed Missionaries:
Secretary, H. 0. Olson. J. D. Cornell, Claudio Krieghoff.
Members: R. W. Belz, J. C. Culpep- Licensed Missionaries:
per, N. W. Dunn, It. R. Figuhr, L. Betty Canon, Mrs. J. D. Cornell,
B. Halliwell, C. E. Lambeth, E. N. Mrs. J. C. Culpepper, Mrs. N. W.
Lugenbeal, L. D. Minner, L. H. Lind- Dunn, Irene Eger, W. Everist, Mar-
beck, Principals of the advanced jorie Fields, Mrs. R. R. Figuhr, Ra-
training schools in the Division. puel V. Genanian, Leon Harder, Mrs.
Publishing Department: Leon Harder. Mrs. F. L. Harrison,
Mrs. B. A. Larsen, Mrs. L. H. Lind-
Secretary, T. C. Culpepper. beck, Mrs. H. 0. Olson, Ilka Reis,
Members: E. Doehnert, M. I. Fay- Leslie Rhys, Teresa Rubato, Mrs. M.
ard, J. B. Johnson, F. B. Moore, T. Rubatto.
Organized 1906

Territory: The Buenos Aires, Chile,'and Mrs. I. M. Vacquer, Mrs. J. Wagner,

Central Argentine Conferences; and C. J. Weber, Mrs. C. J. Weber, C. E.
the Cuyo, North, and Uruguay Mis- Westphal, Mrs. C. E. Westphal, Mrs.
sions. H. J. Westphal, J. Zevallos.
Honorary: J. A. Ayvazian, Mrs.
Cable Address: Division (Para Austral), Lydia G. de Oppegard, Mrs. C. Dan-
Buenos Aires, South America. ner, Facundo Olavarria, T. E. Savi-
Office Address: Calle V. Vergara 8227,
Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires,
Argentina, South America. (Tele-
phone, 741Florida 0236.) BUENOS AIRES CONFERENCE
Population: 22,065,025 ; churches, 114 ; Organized 1921
members, 9,795. Territory: City of Buenos Aires, Prov-
Officers: ince of Buenos Aires, Territories of
President, E. N. Lugenbeal. La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquen, Chu-
Secretary-Treasurer, J. Wagner. but, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fu-
ego, also the Falkland Islands.
Executive Committee: E. N. Lugen-
beal, E. Almonte, C. Becker, P. M. Population: 6,601,690; churches, 18 ;
Brouchy, G. E. Emmenegger, J. B. members, 1,812.
Johnson, F. B. Moore, G. E. Norris,
Juan Riffel, N. Soto, W. Schubert, Office Address: Uriarte 2429, Buenos
J. Wagner, N. Wensell, C. E. West- Aires, Argentina, South Afnerica.
phal, H. J. Westphal. (Telephone, Palermo (71) 8904.)
Cashier, Jose Tabuenca.
Departmental Secretaries: President, H. J. Westphal.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Walton Secretary-Treasurer, Alfredo Bellido.
J. Brown. Executive Committee: H. J. West-
Medical, C. E. Westphal. phal, A. Ascione, F. Astoviza, A.
Publishing, F. B. Moore. Bellido, E. Brooks, G. Krieghoff, F.
Sabbath School and Home Mission- L. Leeds, Benjamin Riffel.
ary, Juan Riffel.
Departmental Secretaries:
Ordained Ministers:
Book and Bible House, Alfredo Bel-
E. Brooks, Walton J. Brown, Daniel lido.
Hammerly, J. B. Johnson, J. D. Liv- Educational, Guillermo Krieghoff.
ingston, E. N. Lugenbeal, F. B. Publishing, Benjamin Riffel; Assist-
Moore, Juan Riffel, Walter Schubert, ant, Rolf Butendieck.
P. E. Wensell. Sabbath School and Home Mission-
Honorary: A. M. Buzugherian, Luis ary, Juan Plenc.
Ernst, Camilo Gil, M. Gnadjin, I.
Kalbermatter, G. D. Klatt, C. E. Ordained Ministers:
Krieghoff, M. Leytes, S. Mangold, A. Ascione, H. P. Beskow, Juan Ferri,
E. W. Thomann, V. E. Thomann. Juan Plenc, H. J. Westphal.
Licensed Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
F. Chaij, F. G. Drachenberg, M. L Alfredo Bellido, Rene Chaskelis, P. Di
Fayard, N. Soto. Dionisio, Olof Feiling, David Fisher,
Licensed Missionaries: J. P. Kalbermatter, A. Mayer, Ben-
V. Ampuero, Mrs. Carl Becker, 0. jamin Riffel, F. Scarcella.
Biaggi, Mrs. E. Brooks, Mrs. Cleo H. Licensed Missionaries:
de Brochy, Mrs. Walton 3. Brown, G.
Ernst, Mrs. M. T. Fayard, S. Ferri, Adela Bellido, J. Bernhardt, Amelia
M. Hammerly, Mrs. J. B. Johnson, Chiochio, R. Butendieck, Elena Du-
Mrs. J. D. Livingston, Mrs. E. N. Lu- pertuis, Mrs. J. P. Echarri, Mrs. E.
genbeal, Mrs. F. B. Moore, G. E. Nor- Ezquerra, R. Fischer, L. Gambetta,
ris, Mrs. G. E. Norris, Mrs. M. C. Ana Gironde, Magdaleine Gourifin,
Papasian, S. R. Penis, Mrs. W. Schu- Francisco Jimenez, G. Krieghoff, Mrs.
bert, Mrs. T. W. Steen, M. Salvini, M. de Paredes, Mrs. Juan Plenc, Juan
Jose Tabuenca, Mrs. S. de Treptow, Tabuenca.

Church School Teachers: Office Address: Porvenir 58, Santiago,

A. Berisso, B. Berisso, Mrs. D. Brooks, Chile, South America. (Telephone,
Holanda Contini, Adela Dupertuis, Auto. 51748.).
Mrs. M. de Krieghoff, E. Romero, Postal Address: Casilla 2830, Santiago,
Mrs. M. T. de Rubatto, Sara Vazquez, Chile, South America.
Beatriz Visani, J. Zevallos.
President, Eliel Almonte.
Secretary-Treasurer, G. E. Emmeneg-
FERENCE Executive Committee: E. Almonte,
Organized 1921 W. E. Aeschlimann, E. Arias, C. D.
Christensen, G. E. Emmenegger, Gon-
Territory: Provinces of Entre Rios, zalo Galarce, E. Marinkovic, Jose
Santa Fe, and COrdoba. Valenzuela.
Population: 3,500,000 ; churches, 21 ;
members, 2,154. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Emeterio
Office Address: Cervantes 144, Parana, Arias.
Entre Rios, Argentina, South Amer- Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. E.
ica. (Telephone, 10671, Parana.) Aeschlimann.
Officers: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Ernesto Marinkovic.
Secretary-Treasurer, Ernesto Steger. Publishing, J. Perez. (Temporarily)

Executive Committee. Ordained Ministers:

David Badenas, Godofredo Block, Fe- Eliel Almonte, F. Arriagada, Alfredo
lipe Sittner, Ernesto Steger, S. C. Aeschlimann, C. D. Christensen, Sam-
Weber, J. Weiss. uel Fayard, C. H. Mayr, Marcelo Pi-
Departmental Secretaries: doux, L. A. Rojas.
Book and Bible House, R. Kalber- Licensed Ministers:
matter. W. E. Aeschlimann, E. Arias, Ed-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Felipe mond D. Clifford, G. E. Emmenegger,
Sittner. Pablo Mora, Louis Rojas. Eduardo,
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Torreblanca.
Felipe Sittner.
Publishing, V. Citera (Temporarily). Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Ministers: Mrs. M. de Aeschlimann, Benjamin
Almonte, David L. Biaggi, E. Bustos,
V: C. Aeschlimann, Godofredo Block, A. Cameron, Danton Larravide, Er-
Daniel Feder, G. Schaeffer, Felipe nesto Marinkovic, Enrique Pidoux,
Sittner, S. C. Weber. Jose Schmidt.
Licensed Minister: P. R. Tabuenca. Church School Teachers:
Licensed Missionaries: Christina AlarcOn, Alejandro Baier,
Jorge Collins, Jose Flores, Angel Fop-
Jose Carballal, Griselda Kalbermatter, piano, 0. Ibarbe, Mrs. 0. Ibarbe,
R. Kalbermatte, Noel Mangold, Man- Sebastian Lagos, Mrs. D. Larravide,
uel Nestares, Arturo Schmidt, Ernesto A. Padilla, Joel Sepulveda, Jose Tor-
Steger. res.
Church School Teachers:
Alvina C. Bernhardt, Emma Cardozo,
Dora Feiock, Blanca A. Flores, Maria CUYO MISSION
Formari, Reinaldo Lust, Teresa Ra-
mos, Julio Schneider, Carlos. Steger. Organized 1943
Territory: Provinces of Mendoza, La
Rioja, Catamarca. San Juan, and San
CHILE CONFERENCE Luis, in Argentina.
Organized 1907
Population: 1,046,484 ; churches, 5 ;
members, 315.
Territory: Republic of Chile. Office Address: 25 de Mayo 1323, Men-
Population: 4,974,726; churches, 40 ; doza, Argentina, South America.
members, 3,076. Officers:
Cable Address: "Adventista," Santiago, Director, P. M. Brouchy.
Chile, South America. Secretary-Treasurer, A. E. Thoman.

Executive Committee: P. M. Brouchy, Licensed Missionaries:

Armando Biaggi, E. T. Block, J. D.
Replogle, A. E. Thoman. Daniel Leichner, Benjamin Treiyer,
D. J. Weiss, Ratil Van de Wyngard.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, A. E. Tho- Church School Teachers:
Educational, P. M. Brouchy. Rogelio Aguilera, Jacob Bernet, L.
Home Missionary and Publishing, J. Bernet, E. Bublitz, C. Busso, Calia
D. Replogle. Davalos, Irma Hardy, Elva Lafuente,
Sabbath School, Mrs. P. M. Brouchy. L. Lavooy, D. Leichner, E. Leichner,
Y. P. M. V., A. E. Thoman. R. L. Lust, Erica Schneider.
Ordained Ministers:
P. M. Brouchy, E. T. Block, J. D.
Licensed Missionaries:
Atilio Gianneli, A. E. Thoman, P. R. Organized 1906
Gomez. Territory: The Republic of Uruguay.
Bible Instructor: Mrs. P. M. Brouchy.
Population: 2,300,000 ; churches, 15 ;
Church School Teachers: members, 1,166.
Mercelina Mayor, Hilda B. Gianelli.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventista," Montevideo, Uruguay.

NORTH MISSION Office Address: Avda. Italia 2360, Mon-

tevideo, Uruguay, South America.
Organized 1906 (Telephone, 43-5-83.)

Territory: The Provinces of Santiago Officers:

del Estero, Salta, Tucuman, Jujuy Director, Carl Becker.
and Corrientes, and the Territories of Secretary-Treasurer, S. Alberro.
Missiones, Chaco, and Formosa in the
Republic of Argentina, and the Re- Executive Committee: Carl Becker,
public of Paraguay. S. Alberro, B. Bustos, J. Ernst, M.
Rasi, T. W. Steen.
Population: 3,642,125; churches, 15 ;
members, 1,272. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, S. Alberro.
Office Address: Carlos Pellegrini 1645,
Corrientes, Argentina, South Amer- Educational and Y. P. M. V., M. Rasi.
ica. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
M. Rasi.
Officers: Publishing,
President, Niels Wensell. Ordained Ministers:
Secretary- Treasurer, D. J. Weiss.
Executive Committee: Niels Wensell, Carl Becker, A. J. Bonjour, B. Bus-
L. A. Griott, Daniel Leichner, D. J. tos, M. Rasi, T. W. Steen.
Weiss, Rai:1 Vande Wyngard, Miguel
Zaragoza. Licensed Ministers:
S. Alberro, S. Bernhardt, H. J. Cai-
Departmental Secretaries: rus, A. Riffel.
Book and Bible House, D. J. Weiss.
Educational, Raul Van de Wyngard. Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Niels Wensell. L. Alonso, I. Beskow, Esther Iuorno,
Publishing, Rani Van de Wyngard. D. Nestares, Josef a Ramos, Celsa
Sabbath School, D. J. Weiss. Vazquez.
Y. P. M. V.,
Ordained Ministers: Church School Teachers:

Luis A. Giott, E. Lautaret, W. Polis- I. Puentes, Encarnacian Ramos, Mrs.

huk, J. F. Sittner, I. M. Vacquer, A. Riffel.
Niels Wensell.
Legal Association:
Licensed Ministers:
"Corporation Uruguay de los Ad-
E. Gmelin, Roberto Otto. ventistas del Septimo Dia."
Organized 1919

Territory: Federal District and the Office Address: Rua Alvora Tiberio 58,
States of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Ge- Cidade do Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
rais, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe,
Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraiba, Rio Postal Address: Caixa Postal 198, Ci-
Grande do Norte. dade do Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Population: 25,962,157 ; churches, 50 ; Officers:
members, 5,790. Director, G. F. Ebinger.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Rio de Secretary-Treasurer, 0. M. Groeschel.
Janeiro. Executive Committee: G. F. Ebinger,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista," Ni- 0. M. Groeschel, Jorge Hoyler, 0. C.
teroi, Estado do Rio, Brazil. Mendonca, Paulo S. Seidl.
Postal and Office Address: Rua Lopes Departmental Secretaries:
Trovao 84, Niteroi Estado do Rio, Book and Bible House, 0. M. Groe-
Brazil, South America. (Telephone, sehel.
Niteroi 3810.) Home Missionary, G. F. Ebiriger,
Officers: Publishing, 0. C. Mendonca.
Superintendent, C. E. Lambeth. Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, F. Educational, P. S. Seidl.
Vegele. Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: C. E. Lambeth, G. F. Ebinger, Jorge Hoyler, Paulo S.
J. H. Boehm, 0. Castellani, E. Doeh- Seidl.
nert, G. F. Ebinger, A. C. Harder,
J. J. Oliveira, D. Piexoto da Silva, Licensed Missionaries:
S. J. Schwantes, Leon Replogle, C. C. Cyro P. Cunha, 0. M. Groeschel, J.
Schneider, F. Vegele, E. Zorub. Burgo, A. G. Lira, 0. C. Mendonca,
Departmental Secretaries: R. L. Pereira, Mrs. A. Seidl.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Leon Church School Teachers:
Replogle. Hilda Groeschel, Maura Jacob, Adno-
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, lia Costa Matias, Josefa Luduvice,
Emmanuel Zorub. Lordes Luduvice, Albertina Pereira,
Medical, C. C. Schneider. Antonio Pereira da Silva, Rute Ro-
Publishing, J. J. Oliveira. drigues, Elisabet Ramos, Eunice Ra-
Ordained Ministers: mos, Gilda Santos, Gerda Burgo.
C. E. Lambeth, Leon Replogle, C. C.
Schneider, Emmanuel Zorub.
Licensed Minister: J. J. Oliveira.
Reorganized 1937
Credentialed Missionary: F. Vegele.
Territory: States of Alagoas, Pernam-
Licensed Missionaries: buco, Paraiba, Rio Grande do Norte.
J. Bork, I. Carvalhaes, Miss E. Her-
manson, Alberta Hodde, Jarge Klosko, Population: 6,405,000; churches, 8 ;
Mrs. J. Klosko, Mrs. C. E. Lambeth, members, 969.
J. Monteiro, Mrs. J. Monteiro, A. Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Re-
Oberg, J. dos Passos, Mrs. J. dos cife.
Passos, Mrs. L. Replogle, Mrs. C. C.
Schneider, Mrs. F. Vegele. Office Address: Rua Gervasio Pires 717,
Legal Association: "Associacfio da Un- Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
ifio Este Brasileira dos Adventistas do Postal Address: Caixa Postal 378, Re-
Setimo Dia." cife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
BAHIA MISSION Director, Oscar Castellani.
Secretary-Treasurer, Max Fuhrmann.
Reorganized 1937
Executive Committee: 0. Castellani,
Territory: States of Bahia and Sergipe. Jairo T. Aratijo, M. Fuhrmann, Jose
Population: 5,027,157 ; churches, 5 ; Luduvice, Israel Zorub.
members, 842. Departmental Secretaries:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista," Ba- Book and Bible House, Max Fuhr-
hia. mann.


Publishing, Jose Luduvice. Licensed Missionaries:

Sabbath School, Home Missionary,
Educational, and Y. P. M. V., Jairo E. Ebinger, Catarina Grabby, Mrs. A.
T. Arafijo. C. Harder, Bernardina Krueger, G.
Ludwig, Mrs. E. Meier, Joel F. Moura,
Ordained Ministers: Wendelin Reissner, Hilda Silva, Jorge
Oscar Castellani, W. W. Stoehr. Waiting, J. M. Zeroth, Mrs. J. M.
Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers:
Jairo T. Araujo, Israel Zorub.
Dina AroUjo, Ervino Braun, Elsa Cas-
Licensed Missionaries: tellani, Elsa Gutzeit, Celia Melo,
Joao F. Carvalho, Max Fuhrmann, Evaido C. Michel, Ana Monteiro,
Palmer W. Harder, Jose Luduvice, Jose F. Oliveira, Waldermar Queiroz,
Ataliba A. Neto. Norival Souza, Balermino Tavares.
Church School Teachers:
Adelia AraUjo, Maria A. Araiijo,
Lourdes Campos, Angelina Florencio, RIO-MINAS GERAIS MISSION
Artur Leitzke, Dulce Pessaa, Milton
Pinheiro, Sebastiana M. Queiroz, Established 1931
Neida K. Stoehr.
Territory: The State of Minas Gerais
except Southwest corner of the State ;
the Southern part of the State of Rio
RIO-ESPIRITO SANTO MISSION de Janeiro and Federal District.
Established 1919 Population: 12,330,000 ; churches, 16 ;
Territory: State of Espirito Santo and members, 1,769.
the northern part of the State of Rio Telegraphic Address: "Adventistas,"
de Janeiro, northeastern part of the Rio de Janeiro.
State of Minas Gerais, part of the
State of Bahia south of Rio Jequitin- Office Address: Rua Matoso 161, Rio de
honha. Janeiro, Brazil. (Telephone, 28-7796.)
Population: 2,200,000 ; churches, 25 ; Postal Address: Caixa Postal 768, Rio
members, 2,210. de Janeiro, Brazil, South America.

Telegraphic Address: "Adventistas," Vi- Officers:
toria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
Director, J. H. Boehm.
Office Address: Rua Graciano Neves 250, Secretary-Treasurer, J. P. Lobo.
Vit6ria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
Executive Committee: J._ H. Boehm,
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 233, Vi- J. P. Lobo, J. Baracat, E. Roth, F. N.
toria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, South Siqueira; J. Valado, K. H. F. Tulas-
America. zewski.
Officers: Departmental Secretaries:
Director, A. C. Harder. Book and Bible House, J. P. Lobo.
Secretary-Treasurer, Jorge Waiting. Educational and Y. P. M. V., F. N.
Executive Committee: A. C. Harder, Siqueira.
Americo R. Coelho, E. Ebinger, A. L. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Meier, M. Ost, Jorge Waiting, J. M. Ernesto Roth.
Zeroth. Publishing, J. Valado.
Departmental Secretaries: Ordained Ministers:
Book and Bible House, Jorge Waiting. J. Baracat, J. H. Boehm, Julio Minan,
Educational, and Y. P. M. V., Man- Ernesto Roth, Nelson Schwantes, K.
oel Ost. H. F. Tulaszewski.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
E. Ebinger. Honorary: K. Kaltenhauser.
Publishing, J. M. Zeroth. Licensed Minister:
Ordained Ministers: Honorary: M. Alencar.
A. C. Harder, A. L. Meier, Manoel
Ost. Licensed Missionaries:
R. C. Araujo, Mrs. J. H. Boehm, J.
Licensed Ministers: Garcia, Jr., J. P. Lobo, F. N. Si-
Joao Kattwinkel, Geraldo G. de Oliv- queira, Valado, Mrs. K. H. F. Tu-
eira, Pedro L. Souza. laszewski.

Bible Instructors: Church School Teachers:

R. Carvalho, E. Correa, A. Duarte,
H. Boehm, 0. Schmidt Joaz, R. Rocco, A. L. Ferreira, M. Ferreira, Y. Ikeda,
C. Treza. H. 0. Leite, C. Modesto, Z. Morais,
M. Rocco, E. Souza, S. Thomas, H.
Honorary: Mrs. Regina Broga. Tavares, A. Teixeira.


Organized 1914

Territory: The Bolivia, Ecuador, Lake BOLIVIA MISSION

Titicaca, Peru, and Upper Amazon Established 1907
Territory: Republic of Bolivia, South
Population: 12,674,300; churches, 47; America.
members, 10,553.
Population: 3,467,000 ; churches, 7 ;
Cable Address: "Incaunion," Lima, members, 1,884.
Office Address: 20 de Octubre 1186, La
Telegraphic Address: "Incaunion," Mi- Paz, Bolivia.
raflores, Peru.
Postal Address: Casilla 855, La Paz,
Office Address: Avda. Comandante Es- Bolivia, South America.
pinar 670, Miraflores, Lima, Peri,
South America. Cable and Telegraphic Address: Adven-
tists, La Paz, Bolivia.
Postal Address: Casilla 1008, Lima, Officers:
Peru, South America.
Director, R. E. Kepkey.
Officers: Secretary-Treasurer, J. N. Perez.
Executive Committee: R. E. Kepkey,
Superintendent, L. D. Minner. Moises Aguilar, Francisco Piro, H. T.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. I. Hartman. Pitman, D. J. von Pohle, W. R.
Executive Committee: L. D. Minner, Robinson.
A. Alva, H. V. Espino, J. I. Hartman, Departmental Secretaries:
R. A. Hayden, M. F. Perez, G. E.
Stacey, B. L. Thompson, A. M. Till- Book and Bible House, J. N. Perez.
man, Samuel Weiss. Home Missionary, F. Piro.
Medical, H. T. Pitman.
Departmental Secretaries: Publishing, Francisco Piro.
Sabbath School, Educational, and
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab- Y. P. M.. V., W. R. Robinson.
bath School, M. F. Perez.
Home Missionary and Publishing, Ordained Ministers:
Samuel Weiss. G. Cammarata, R. E. Kepkey, J. D.
von Pohle.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Minister: W. R. Robinson..
L. D. Minner, M. F. Perez, Samuel
Weiss. Licensed Missionaries:
Laureano Acnuta, Marie Armes, Oti-
Licensed Ministers: lia Camacho, Emilio Casas, Mrs. Ju-
ana de Casas, Domingo Chuquimia,
Mateo Aguilar, A. J. Alva, C. R. Eduardo Flores, Mrs. Eduardo, M.
Potts, R. N. Rojas. Isidro, Mrs. M. Isidro, Daniel Iuorno,
Mrs. R. E. Kepkey, Faustino Limachi,
Credentialed Missionary: J. I. Hart- Clarita Linares, I. Mamani, Atanacio,
man. Martinez, Loren Minner, Mrs. Loren
Minner, Maximo Pano, J. N. Perez,
Licensed Missionaries: Mrs. J. N. Perez, Mrs. Francisco Piro,
Lila Alva, Arturo Arauzo, Mrs. J. I. H. T. Pitman, Mrs. Naomi Kime-Pit-
Hartman, Lastenia Leon, Mrs. L. D. man, Mrs. D. J. von Pohle, Mrs. W.
Minner, Talitha Neumann, Mrs. M. F. R. Robinson, Armando Ruiz, Elias
Perez, Mrs. C. R. Potts, Mrs. R. N. Ruiz.
Rojas, Mrs. Samuel Weiss. Interne, Ewald Nelson.

Collana Mission Station Departmental Secretaries:

Address: Casilla 355, La Paz, Bolivia. Educational, Sabbath School, and Y.
P. M. V., C. E. Fillman.
Director: Moises Aguilar. Home Missionary and Publishing,
Indian Schools, 22 ; Teachers, 25. Jorge Riffel.
Ordained Ministers:
Ingavi Mission Station J. E. Espinosa, C. E. Fillman, B. L.
Address: Casilla 355, La Paz, Bolivia.
Director: Faustino Limache. Licensed Minister: S. Kalbermatter.
Indian School, 1 ; Teacher, 1. Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. C. E. Fillman, Mrs. S. Kalber-
Inquisivi Mission Station matter, Jorge Riffel, Mrs. Jorge Rif-
Address: Quime, (Via Eucaliptus) Bo- fel, Mrs. B. L. Thompson.
livia. Interne: Daniel Ramos.
Director: Miguel Isidro.
Indian Schools, 19 ; Teachers, 19.
(Mision del Lago Titicaca)
Pacajes Mission Station
Established 1916
Address: General Camacho, F. C. La
Paz to Africa (Casilla 355, La Paz, Territory: Departments of Puno, Cuzco,
Bolivia). Apurimac, Arequipa, Moquega, Tacna,
and Madre de Dios in Peril
Director: Armando Ruiz.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. Nercida Ruiz. Churches: 14 ; members, 5,910.
Indian Schools, 5 ; Teachers, 5. Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventists," Puno,
Puerto Acosta Mission Station Office Address: Calle Lima No. 21,
Address: Puerto Acosta, Bolivia. Puno, Peru.
Director: Ignacio Mamani. Postal Address: Casilla 85, Puno, Perti,
Indian Schools, 3 ; Teachers, 3. South America.
Bolivia Mission Schools not belonging Director, A. M. Tillman.
to a particular Mission Station, 4. Secretary-Treasurer, E. C. Christie.
Executive Committee: A. M. Tillman.
Andres Achata, Segundo Andrade, E.
ECUADOR MISSION E. Bottsford, E. C. Christie, R. L.
Jacobs, Anselnto Maquera, A. E. Sosa.
Established 1906
Departmental Secretaries:
Territory: Republic of Ecuador, South
America. Book and Bible House, E. C. Christie.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab-
Population: 2,922,000: churches, 3; bath School, Andres Achata.
members, 143. Home Missionary and Publishing,
Segundo Andrade.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Medical, E. E. Bottsford.
ventista," Quito.
Ordained Ministers:
Office Address: Ciudadela Jardin 56, Felipe Chambilla, William Goransson,
Quito, Ecuador. Mariano Huayllara, R. L. Jacobs, S.
Postal Address: Casilla 44, ,Quito, Ecua- C. Pritchard, A. E. %sa, A. M. Till-
dor, South America. man.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
Director, C. E. Fillman. Andres Achata, Segundo Andrade, E.
Secretary-Treasurer, Jorge Riffel. E. Bottsford, Luciano Chambi, Cris-
Executive Committee: C. E. Fillman, tobal Chavarria, E. C. Christie, P. P.
Julio Espinosa, S. Kalbermatter, Jorge Leon, Anselmo Maquera, Bernabe
Montero, Jenaro Moran, Pedro Neira,
Riffel, Jose Tocon. Marcelino Pasco, Pedro Quispe, I.

Ramos, Mariano Sosa, L. R. Wilkins, Plateria Mission Station

Justo Yapo.
Address: Mision Adventists, Plateria.
Honorary: J. M. Linares.
Licensed Missionaries: Director: Ascencio Sosa.
Victor Achanta, Anita Angulo, Mrs.
Segundo Andrade, Mrs. E. E. Botts- Licensed Missionary: Cipriano Cacal-
ford, Mrs. E. C. Christie, Mrs. Will- laca.
iam Goransson, Mrs. R. L. Jacobs, Indian Schools, 6; Indian teachers, 8.
Mrs. P. P. Leon, Segundo Leon, Mrs.
Ana A. Marker, Enrique Marker,
Mrs. S. C. Pritchard, Mrs. I. Ramos,
C. E. Schmidt, Mrs. C. E. Schmidt, Pomata Mission Station
Mrs. A. M. Tillman, Mrs. L. R. Wil-
kins. Address: Estacion Misionera, Pomata,
Director: Vicente Maquera.
Arequipa Mission Station
Licensed Missionary: G. Zapana.
Address: Casilla 252, Arequipa, Peril. Indian Schools, 5; Indian teachers, 5.
Director: L. R. Wilkins.
Licensed Missionary: Tomas Curazi.
Puno Mission Station
Have Mission Station Address: Casilla 85, Puno, Peru.
Address: Mision Adventists, Dave, Director: E. C. Christie.
Director: Anselmo Maquera.
Sandia Mission Station
Licensed Missionary: Antonio Condori.
Address: Mishit' Adventists, Sandia,
Indian Schools, 6;. Indian teachers, 6. Peru.
Director: Pedro N. Neira.
Juliaca Mission Station Licensed Missionary: Manuel Condori.
Address: Casilla 4, Juliaca, Indian Schools, 4; Indian teachers, 5.
Director: R. L. Jacobs.
Sub-director: Pedro Quispe. Tacna Mission Station
Licensed Missionary: Augustine Quispe. Address: Casilla 146, Tacna, Peril.
Indian Schools, 2; Indian teachers, 2. Director: Isaies Ramos.

Laro Mission Station

Umuchi Mission Station
Address: Mision Adventista, Laro, Addresi: Mision Adventists, Moho,
Director: Marcelino Paco.
Director: Felipe Chambilla.
Indian Schools, 6; Indian teachers, 6.
Licensed Missionary:
Pacastiti Mission Station Martin E. Velasquez.
Address: Mission Adventists, Pacastiti, Indian Schools, 12; Indian teachers, 14.
Director: Justo P. Yapo.
Urcos Mission Station
Piata Mission Station Address: Casilla 223, Cuzco, Peril.
Address: Mision Adventista, Huancane, Director: William Goransson.
Licensed Missionary: Christobal Cha-
Director: Mariano Sosa. varria.
IndMn Schools, 30; Indian teachers, 30. Indian School, 1; Indian teacher, 1

PERU MISSION Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-

ventista," Iquitos, Peril.
Established 1906
Postal Address: Casilla 240, Iquitos,
Territory: Republic of Perii, excepting Peri:, South America.
the Departments making up the Lake
Titicaca and Upper Amazon Missions. Office Address: Avda. Coronel Portillo
No. 77, Iquitos, Peru.
Churches: 16 ; Members, 1,920.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista,"
Miraflores, Lima Peru. Director, R. A. Hayden.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. A. Manrique.
Office Address: Calle Colina 254, Mira-
fibres, Lima, Peru. Executive Committee: R. A. Hayden,
A. A. Manrique, Manuel Portugal,
Postal Address: Casilla 1002, Lima, J. C. Ruskjer.
Peril, South America.
Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Educational and Sabbath School,
Director, G. E. Stacey. A. A. Manrique.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. N. Rojas. Publishing and Home Missionary, M.
(Temporarily) Portugal.
Executive Committee: G. E. Stacey, Y. P. M. V., R. A. Hayden.
E. G. Aeschlimann, H. V. Espino, 0. Ordained Minister: R. A. Hayden.
Krause, B. A. Larsen, Roberto Mar-
tinsen. Licensed Minister: J. C. Ruskjer.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Book and Bible House, D. del Aguila, Israel Alomia, J.'Cha-
Educational, Sabbath School, and Y. vez, Melchor Camposano, L. Gomez,
P. M. V., H. V. Espino. Mrs. R. A. Hayden, A. A. Manrique,
Home Missionary and Publishing, E. Mrs. A. A. Manrique, Antonio Monoz,
G. Aeschlimann. Afonso Pinedo, Bernardo Montoya,
Manuel Portugal, Mrs. Manuel Port-
Ordained Ministers: ugal, Sale Ruiz, Mrs. J. C. Ruskjer.
A. A. Alva, Bernabe Chavez, 0. Honorary: Rufino Pacho.
Krause, H. C. Morton, Juan P. Ra-
mos, G. E. Stacey.
Licensed Ministers:
Alto Huallaga Mission Station
E. G. Aeschlimann, H. V. Espino,
Merardo Leon, Moises Tenorio. Address: Lamas, Peril.
Honorary: Raid Chavez, Cayetano Director:
Diaz. .
Licensed Missionaries: Indian School: 1; teacher, 1.
Mrs. E. G. Aeschlimann, Raul Alar-
con, Gonzalo Alva, Sofia Aguilar,
Lastenia Angulo, Samuel Condori, Alto Ucayali Mission Station
Aurelio Enriquez, Mrs. 0. Krause, Address: Casilla 240, Iquitos, Peru.
Mrs. H. C. Morton, Maria Nurena,
Felipe Ruiz, Lorenzo Ruiz, Mrs. G. E. Director: Jose Chavez.
Stacey, Alberto Zegarra. Indian Schools: 2; Indian teachers, 2.
Intern: Daniel Ramos.

Sutziqui Mission Station Eben-Ezer Mission Station

Address: Casilla 1002, Lima, Peru. Address: Contamana, Alto Ucayali,
Director: Samuel Condori. Peru.
Director: Rufino Pacho.
Indian Schools, 2; Indian teachers, 2.
Indian School: 1; Indian teacher, 1.


Huallaga Mission Station
Organized 1927
Address: Yurimaguas, Peril
Territory: The Departments of Loreto,
San Martin, and Amazonas. Director: Sala Ruiz.
Churches: 7 ; members, 696. Indian School: 1; teacher, 1.

Moyobamba Mission Station PucalIpa Mission Station

Address: Moyobamba, Pere. Address: Pucellpa, Peru.
Director: Israel Alomia. Director: Bernardo Montoya.


Organized 1936

Territory: States of Ceara, Piauhy, Licensed Missionary: Mrs. F. C. Prit-

Maranhao, Para, Amazonas, and chard.
Territory of Acre. Church School Teacher: Maria Pedrina
Population: 7,200,009 ; churches, 8 ; Soeiro.
members, 757.
Telegraphic Address: Adventista, Be- LOWER AMAZON MISSION
lem, Para, Brazil.
Established 1927
Office Address: Rua Arcipreste Manoel
Teodoro 386, Belem, Para, Brazil Territory: Para, part of the State of
South America. (Telephone, 2794.) Amazonas.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 656, Be- Population: 2,200,000; churches, 8 ;
lem, Para, Brazil, South America. members, 453.
Officers: Telegraphic Address: Adventista, Be-
lem, Para, Brazil.
Director, L. B. Halliwell.
Secretary-Treasurer, B. W. Steinweg. Office Address: Rua Arcipreste Manoel
Teodoro 386, Belem, Para, Brazil.
Ordained Ministers: South America. (Telephone, 2794.)
John Baerg, L. B. Halliwell, G. S. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 656; Be-
Storch, B. W. Steinweg. lem, Park Brazil, South America.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers:
Mrs. John Baerg, Barbara Burnett, Director, L. B. Halliwell.
Mrs. L. B. Halliwell, Antonio Mi- Secretary-Treasurer, B. W. Steinweg.
randa, Mrs. B. W. Steinweg.
Departmental Secretary:
Book and Bible House, B. W. Stein-
CENTRAL AMAZON MISSION Publishing, E. Miranda.
Established 1940 Licensed Ministers:
F. Garcia, J. Guntzmann.
Territory: Amazonas and Territory of
Acre. Licensed Missionary: E. Miranda.
Church School Teacher: A. Abreu.
Population: 1,000,000; churches, 2 ;
members, 80.
Telegraphic Address: Adventists, Ma-
ngos, Amazonas, Brazil. NORTH COAST MISSION
Office Address: Praca Oswaldo Cruz Established 1936
139, Mangos, Amazonas, Brazil, South Territory: States of Ceara, PiauhY,
America. Maranhao.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 243, Ma- Population: 4,000,000; churches, 3:
ngos, Amazonas, Brazil, South Amer- members, 224.
Telegraphic Address: Adventists, For-
Officers: taleza, Ceara, Brazil, South America.
Director, L. B. Halliwell.
Secretary-Treasurer, B. W. Steinweg. Office Address: Rua Guilherme Rocha
834, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil.
Licensed Ministers: Postal Address: Caixa Postal 341, For-
F. C. Pritchard, S. C. Souza. taleza, Ceara, Brazil, South America.

Officers: Licensed Ministers:

Director, R. A. Wilcox. A. Carvalho, W. Streithorst.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. R. A. Wil-
cox. Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. W. Streithorst, H. F. Tavares,
Book and Bible House, Mrs. R. A. Mrs. R. A. Wilcox.
Wilcox. Church School Teachers:
Ordained Minister: R. A. Wilcox. Elziaria Castro, H. F. Tavares.


Organized 1911

Territory: The Conferences' of Rio Licensed Missionaries:

Grande do Sul, Parana-Santa Cata- Jose Alvarenga, Wilson Avila, Esther
rina and Sao Paulo, and the mission E. Benfatti, Adolpho Bergold, Ernesta
fields of Mato Grosso and Goiaz, in- Bergold, S. V. de Beskow, Alfredo
cluding the Minas. Triangulo. Bleck, Jose D. Carvalho, Rosalia En-
Population: 16,039,046 ; churches, 60 ; gel, F. H. Gerling, Jose Guimaraes,
members, 10,757. Naor Klein, Mrs. H. E. McClure, Al-
fredo P. Mendes, B. E. Schuenamann,
Cable Address: "Adventista," Sao Albertina Simao, Olinda B. Spindola,
Paulo, Brazil. Rute Vieira, Walter R. Wheeler, Mrs.
Telegraphic Address: "Uniao," Sao Walter R. Wheeler, Alice Zorub.
Paulo. Honorary: E. Langenstrassen.
Office Address: Alameda Caetes No. 30, Legal Assn.: "Uniao Sul Brasileira dos
Bairro Indianapolis, Sao Paulo, Bra- Adventistas do Setimo Dia."
zil, South America. (Do not send
mail here.) (Telephone, 7-3122.)
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 2898, Sao GOIANA-MINEIRA MISSION
Paulo, Brazil, South America. Established 1927
icers: Territory: The States of Goiaz and Mi-
President, Rodolpho Belz. nas Triangle, Brazil, South America.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, P.
C. Beskow. Population: 812,354 ; churches, 2; mem-
bers, 267.
Executive Committee: Rodolpho Belz,
P. C. Beskow, Q. Dau, E. Doehnert, Postal Address: Caixa Postal 60, Goi-
J. G. Garcia, M. Margarido, R. E. ania, Goiaz, Brazil, South America.
Oberg, J. R. Passos, F. M. POrto, D.
Peixoto da Silva, G. G. Ritter, 0. E. Office Address: Avenida Goiaz, Goiaz,
Santo, Manoel Soares, G. Streithorst. Brazil.
Departmental Secretaries: Officers:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., R. E. Director, M. Margarido.
Oberg. Secretary-Treasurer, Waldemar Ehl-
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, ers.
H. E. McClure. Executive Committee: M. Margarido,
Medical, P. C. Beskow, Waldemar Ehlers, Mi-
Publishing, Manoel Soares. guel Malty, Longino Niz, S. M. Oli-
Ordained Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries:
Rodolpho Belz, S. Kuempel, J. S. Lin-
hares, H. E. McClure, J. Meier, D. Book and Bible House and Sabbath
Peixoto da Silva, G. Streithorst, Luiz School, W. Ehlers.
Waldvogel. Home Missionary, S. M. Oliveira.
Y. P. M. V. and Educational, M. Mar-
Licensed Ministers: garido.
P. C. Beskow, R. de A. Butler, G. F.
Denz, Emilio Doehnert, Renato E. Ordained Ministers:
Oberg, F. M. Porto, Manoel Soares. Waldemar Ehlers, M. Margarido.

Licensed Missionaries: Postal Address: Caixa Postal 810, Curi-

Miguel Malty, Longino Niz, S. M. Oli- tiba, Parana, Brazil, South America.
veira. Officers:
Church School Teachers: President, Jose R. Passos.
Juvencio Decol, Werner Frank, Helga Secretary-Treasurer, 0. G. Pinho.
Streithorst. Executive Committee: Jose R. Passes,
Antonio Jimenes, A. G. Pinho, Romeo
Bstablished 1921 Department Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Romeu
Territory: The State of Mato Grosso, R. Reis.
Brazil. Home Missionary, Jose R. Passos
Population: 1,000,000 ; churches, 4; (temporary).
members, 258. Publishing, Antonio Jimenes.
Sabbath School, Romeu R. Reis (tem-
Office Address: Rua Barb do Rio porary).
Branco esquina da Rua 24 de Fey-
ereiro, Campo Grande Mato Grosso. Ordained Ministers:
Jose R. Passos, A. Rutz.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 146,
Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, Brazil, Honorary: F. R. Kuempel. M. Kuem-
South America. pel.
Officers: - Licensed Ministers:
Director, Emilio R. Azevedo. Antonio Jimenes, 0. G. Pinho, Romeu
Secretary-Treasurer, Joao de Deus R. Reis, Boni Renck.
Pinho. Honorary: Germano Conrad, C. Stoehr.
Executive Committee: Emilio R. Aze- Licensed Missionaries:
vedo, A. Barboza, Joao de Deus Pinho,
Oscar dos Reis. 0. Fonseca, Oscar Lindquist, Geraldo
Departmental Secretaries:
Church School Teachers:
Book and Bible House, Sabbath
School, Home Missionary, and Pub- D. Almeida, Alicia Azevedo, P. Braga,
lishing, Joao de Deus Pinho. L. Caetano, Jose Correia, A. Ferreira,
Y. P. M. V. and Educational, Emilio E. D. Hartmann, E. Leischsenring,
R. Azevedo. N. M. Maurer, D. R. Martins, A. Metz-
ger, C. Naumann, Alfrisio Abreu
Ordained Minister: Emilio R. Azevedo. Neto, E. W. Paula, Z. Santos, L. D.
Licensed Ministers:
A. Barboza, Oscar dos Reis.
Organized 1906
Licensed Missionary:
Joao de Deus Pinho. Territory: The State of Rio Grande do
Sul, Brazil, South America.
Church School Teachers:
Population: 3,300,000; churches, 24;
Renato Bivar, Rubens S. Ferreira; members, 3,014.
Y. Karru, Aldair Franca, Maria de
Lourdes Fernandes, Alice Rockel. Telegraphic Address: "Adventista,"
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul,
PARANA-SANTA CATARINA Postal Address: Caixa Postal 177, Porto
CONFERENCE Alegra, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,
Organized 1940 South America.
Territory: States of Parana and Santa Office Address: Rua General Vitoritio
Catarina. No. 77, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do
Sul, Brazil, South America.
Population: 2,426,692 ; churches, 17 ; Officers:
members, 2,833.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventistas," President, J. G. Garcia.
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Secretary-Treasurer, Henrique S. Ber-
Office Address: Rua Dr. Ermelino de Executive Committee: J. G. Garcia,
Leao No. 170, Curitiba, Parana., Bra- Wandir Arouca, 0. R. Azevedo, Hen-
zil, South America. (Do not send rique S. Bergold, Lourival Ferreira,
mail here.) Dario Garcia, Silas Gianini.

Departmental Secretaries: Departmental Secietaries:

Book and Bible House, Henrique S. Book and Bible House, Arno Schwan-
Bergold. tes.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Silas Educational and Y. P. M. V., Altino
Gianini. Martins.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
0. R. Azevedo.
Publishing, Lourival Ferreira. Publishing. Pedro S. Camacho.
Ordained Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
W. Arouca, 0. R. Acevedo, J. G. E. M. Castilho, Querino Dau, T.
Garcia H.. Hoffmann, Aracely S. Melo. Kanada, Dorval S. Lima, Moises S.
Honorary: H. F. Graf, S. Hoffmann. Nigri, Germano G. Ritter.
Honorary: Luiz Braun.
Licensed Ministers:
Roberto Azevedo, Dario Garcia, Luiz Licensed Ministers:
Gianini, Silas Gianini, Jac() G. Strei- Wadi Bechara, Altino Martins, Walde-
thorst. mar Rodrigues, Jose N. Siqueira,
Eugenio Weidle.
Licensed Missionaries:
Honorary: Francisco Belz.
H. S. Bergold, L. Ferreira, Dermival
S. Lima, L. R. Pereira, Isaias Quad- Licensed Missionaries:
ros, Ari Raffo, H. Ruhe. Derly F. Alves, Maria Anversa, Walde-
Church School Teachers: mar Anversa, Josino Campos, Manoel
S. Castro, Roberto Doehnert, Itanel
Joao Antunes, L. R. Azevedo, M. J. Ferraz, 0. C. Gouveia, Berta Lipke,
Braff, Eliasibe Cruz, Frieda Ditber- Fernando Luz, Antonio Nogueira,
ner, H. Gonealves, P. M. Ganzales, P. Dalva Paula, Jonas A. Paula, Isaura
F. Gonzales, Amerina M. B. Jaime, Peixoto, Vera L. Sabeff, Arno Schwan-
Henrique Knoener, Lenira Luetz. tes, Araci Simoes, Freda Trefz, Gal-
E. Miranda, Graciana Oliveira, Ma- dino N. Vieira, Jorge Waiting, Lillian
noel R. Oliveira, T. M. Oliveira, T. R. Wentz.
Oliveira, W. M. Oliveira, 0. 0. Pa-
checo, Julia Rohmann, Romeu X. Honorary: Augusto Pages.
Santos, Berta Schuck, Reinoldo Church School Teachers:
Schuck, E. C. Silva, Jaci R. Silva, .
F. S. Vagas, Astragildo Veras. Dina Apolinario, Enrico Avi, Antonio
Mamaceno, Anadir Mainardes, Sara
Legal Assn.: "Associagao dos Advent- Maluf, Lourdes Marques, Ludovico
istas do Setimo Dia no Rio Grande Martins, Elisa Meibach, Ercilio Mor-
do Sul?' ais, Marie M. Nascimento, Piraja D.
Pinto, Carlina Queiroz, Enedina
Quieroz, Zulecia Queiroz, Lourdes T.
SAO PAULO CONFERENCE Reinert, Ludgero Reinert, Maria Rod-
rigues, Dorvalina R. Roque, Ester
Organized 1922 Silveira, Raquel Silveira, Lidia Si-
queira, Maria Z. Souza, Irma Weidle.
Territory: The State of Sao Paulo,
Brazil, South America.
Population: 8,500,000 ; churches, 13 ; INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH
members, 4,385. AMERICAN DIVISION
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista," Sao Educational:
Paulo, Brazil.
Colegio Adventista de Butia (Butia
Office Address: Rua Tagua, No. 88, Sao Academy), Turvo, L. S. F., Santa
Paulo, Brazil, South America. (Do Catarina, Brazil, South America.
not send mail here.) (Telephone, Colegio Adventista del Plata (River
7-1271.) Plate Junior College), Puiggari, F.
C. E., Entre Rios, Argentina,
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 1830, Sao South America.
Paulo, Brazil, South America. Colegio Adventista del Titicaca (Lake
Officers: Titicaca Training School), Casilla
4, Juliaca, Perii, South America.
President, Germano G. Ritter. Colegio Industrial Adventista (Chil-
Secretary-Treasurer, Arno Schwantes. lan Training School), Casilla 7 D.
Executive Committee: Germano G. Chillan, Chile, South America.
Ritter, Pedro S. Camaeho, Altino Mar- Colegio Adventista (Brazil College),
tins, Moises S. Nigri, Arno Schwan- Caixa Postal 258-A, Sao Paulo,
tes, Galdino N. Vieira. Brazil, South America.

Ginasio Adventista (Taquara Acad- Clinica de Repouso White (Rio de Jan-

emy), Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul, eiro Clinic), Rua Almirante Alex-
Brazil, South America. andrino, 31, Santa Tereza, Rio de
Instituto Adventists del Uraguay Janeiro, Brazil, South America.
(Uraguay Academy) Progreso, Ura- Sanatorio Adventista del Plata (River
guay. Plate Sanitarium), Puiggari, F. C.
Instituto Industrial (Inca Union E., Entre Rios, Argentina, South
Training School), Casilla 2102, America.
Lima, Peru, South America.
Instituto TeolOgico Adventists (East Sanatorio y Hospital de Sud Yungas
Brazil Academy), Born Sucesso, via (Chulumani Sanitarium and Hospi-
Noqueira, E. F. L., Estado do Rio, tal), Chulumani, Sud Yungas, Bo-
Brazil, South America. livia, South America.
Instituto Industrial Boliviano (Bo- Medical Missionary Launches:
livian Training School), Casilla 82,
Cochabamba, Bolivia, South Amer- "Luzeiro H" (Light-bearer). Oper-
ica. ates on the first thousand miles of
Instituto Bernadino Rivadavia (Bue- the Amazon River and its tribu-
nos Aires Academy), Estanislao del taries. L. B. Halliwell in charge,
Campo 1546, Florida, F. C. C. A., Mrs. L. B. Halliwell, nurse. Head-
Buenos Airee, Argentina. quarters: Caixa Postal 656, Belem,
Publishing: "Luzeiro I." Operates on the second
Casa Editors Sudamericana, Florida, thousand miles of the Amazon
F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen- River and its tributaries. F. C.
tina, South America. Pritchard, nurse in charge, Mrs.
Casa Publicadora Brasileira, Caixa Pritchard, also a nurse. Headquar-
Postal 34, Santo Andre, S. P. R., ters, Caixa Postal 243,, Mangos,
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America. Amazonas, Brazil.
Medical: "El Auxiliadora" (Helper). Oper-
Sanitariums ates along that part of the Ama-
zon River which is in Peril. R. A.
Casa de Saude Liberdade (Sao Paulo Hayden in charge. Headquarters,
Clinic), Rua Tamandare 495, Sao Casilla 240, Iquitos, Peru.
Paulo, Brazil, South America.
Clinics "Born Samaritano" (Belem Food Company:
Clinic) Rua Arcipreste Manoel Teo- Alimentos Granix, Sociedad Anemima
doro 248, Belem, Pare., Brazil. (Buenos Aires Food Company),
Clinica Juliaca (Juliaca Clinic), Ca- Avenida San Martin 4625, Florida,
silla 22, Juliaca, Peru, South Amer- F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen-
ica. tina, South America.
Organized 1920
Territory: The Union of South Africa, Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Basutoland, Swaziland, Southwest Af- J. M. Hnatyshyn.
rica, Portuguese East Africa, Belgian Medical, Donald H. Abbott.
Congo, Angola, Ruanda, Urundi, Ny- Ministerial Association,
asaland Protectorate, Bechuanaland Publishing, L. A. Vixie.
Protectorate, Northern Rhodesia, Sabbath School, A. W. Staples.
Southern Rhodesia, the islands of St. Ordained Ministers:
Helena, Tristan de Cunha, Ascension ;
Tanganyika, Kenya Colony and Pro- C. W. Bozarth, J. M. Hnatyshyn, E.
tectorate, the islands of Zanzibar and W. Marter, W. E. McClure, E. A.
Pemba; Uganda Protectorate and Moon, Milton Robison, A. W. Staples,
Southern Anglo-Egyptian Sudan ; L. A. Vixie, J. V. Wilson.
comprising the Angola, Congo, East Licensed Ministers:
African; Southeast African, and
Zambesi Union Missions, and the D. H. Abbott, C. C. Marais, J. L. Mil-
South African Union Conference. ford, E. W. Tarr, D. A. Webster, A.
L. Watt, Gilbert Willmore.
Population: European, 2,222,403; Col-
ored, 829,720 ; Asiatic, 341,751 ; Na- Licensed Missionaries:
tive, 49,760,434; Total population, 53,- Mrs. D. H. Abbott, J. F. Birkenstock,
156,308. Mrs. Dorothy Blaine, Mrs. C. W. Bo-
zarth, C. Britz, Mrs. C. Britz, C. F.
Churches: White, 70 ; Colored, 16 ; In- Clarke, Mrs. C. F. Clarke, Miss E. Ed-
dian, 1 ; Native, 283 ; Total churches, med, Miss D. Ferguson, Miss L.
370. Ficker, Miss G. P. Fortner, Miss L.
Members: White, 4,558 ; Colored, 913 ; Fouche, Miss P. Fouche, S. Glanz,
Indian, 36; Native, 38,312; Total Mrs. S. Glanz, Mrs. R. Gorle, Miss H.
members, 43,819. Believers not bap- Hayton, Miss Myrtle Hegter, Miss E.
tized, 34,930. Total adherents, 78,749. Hinterleitner, Mrs. J. H. Hnatyshyn,
Miss E. Hurlow, Phyllis Ingle.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Ad- Mrs. C. C. Marais, Mrs. E. W. Mar-
ventist," Claremont, Cape. ter, Mrs. W. E. McClure, Mrs. J. L.
Milford, Mrs. E. A. Moon, Erico Msu-
Office Address: Grove Avenue, Clare- seni, Mrs. M. Owens, Mrs. M. Robison,
mont, Cape Province, South Africa. J. G. Slate, Mrs. J. G. Slate, Mrs.
Officers: A. W. Staples, Mrs.. E. W. Tarr,
P. J. van Eck, Mrs. P. J. van Eck,
President, C. W. Bozarth. Fritz von Horsten, Miss A. Visser, F.
Secretary, Milton Robison. Visser, Mrs. F. Visser, Mrs. L. A.
Treasurer and Auditor, E. A. Moon. Vixie, Mrs. A. L. Watt, Miss B.
Assistant Treasurer, D. A. Webster. Webb, Mrs. D. A. Webster, Mrs. Gil-
Executive Committee: C. W. Bozarth, bert Willmore, Miss P. A. Willmore,
D. H. Abbott, J. R. Campbell, F. Mrs. J. V. Wilson.
G. Clifford, J. M. Hnatyshyn, S. G. Honorary: Mrs. W. B. Commin.
Maxwell, W. E. McClure, E. A. Moon,
G. R. Nash, M. Robison, J. G. Slate, Legal Association: Seventh-day Ad-
H. M. Sparrow, A. W. Staple, L. A. ventist Community of Africa (Incor-
Vixie, D. A. Webster. porated) ; President, C. W. Bozarth ;
Vice-President, J. G. Slate: Secre-
Departmental Secretaries: tary, Milton Robison : Asst. Secretary.
Educational, Milton Robison (acting). D. A. Webster; Treasurer, E. A.
Religious Liberty, Moon.


Organized 1925
Territory: Angola (Portuguese West Members: European, 33 ; Native, 1,856.
Africa). Total members, 1889. Believers not
baptized, 1,898. Total adherents, 3,-
Area: 510,670 square miles. 787.
Population: White, 30,000; Native, 4,-
170,000; Total population, 4,200,000. Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
Churches: 28. ventista," Nova Lisboa, Angola.

Postal Address: Angola Union Mission Luccusse Mission Station

of Seventh-day Adventists; Caixa Pos- Postal Address: Caixa Postal No. 34,
tal No. 3, Nova Lisboa, Angola, Por- Vila Luzo, Angola, Portuguese West
tuguese West Africa. Africa.
Director: A. M. Candeias.
Superintendent, P. Stevenson.
Secretary-Treasurer, W. M. Webster. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: P. Stevenson, A. M. Candeias, Mrs. A. M. Candeias.
E. L. Jewell, R. B. Parsons, W. M. Portuguese Teacher: Mrs. A. M. Can-
Webster. deias.
Departmental Secretaries: Village Schools: 4.
Acting Educational, P. Stevenson. Native Teachers: 5.
Medical, R. B. Parsons.
Sabbath School, W. M. Webster.
Y. P. M. V., P. Stevenson. Luz Mission Station
Ordained Minister: P. Stevenson. Postal Address: Missao de Luz, Caixa
Missionary Credential: W. M. Webster. Postale, No. 33, Vila Luzo, Distrito
de Moxico, Angola, Portuguege West
Licensed Missionaries: Africa.
Mrs. P. Stevenson, Mrs. W. M. Web- Director: E. L. Jewell.
Licensed Ministers:
Bongo Mission Station Jeremias Minganjo, E. L. Jewell.
Licensed Missionaries:
Address: Missao Adventists, Lepi, An- A. J. S. Casaca, Mrs. A. J. S. Casaca.
gola, Portuguese West Africa. Mrs. E. L. Jewell.
Officers: Portuguese Teachers:
Director, 0. U. Giddings, A. J. S. Casaca, Mrs. A. J. S. Casaca,
Doctor, R. B. Parsons. Mrs. E. L. Jewell.
Nurse, Ruth Johnson. Village Schools: 12.
Teachers: V. Chaves, Miss J. Henry,
Capinala, Catimba, Chicondo, Jose, Native Teachers: 14.
Mario, Mines, Paulo,-Miss R. Visser,
Ordained Ministers:
Namba Mission Station
0. U. Giddings, R. B. Parsons.
Licensed Ministers: Postal Address: Caixa Postal 3, Nova
Lisboa, Angola.
Mario Abel, Leonardo Chicondo.
Licensed Missionaries: Director: --.
V. Chaves, Mrs. V. Chaves, Mrs. 0. U. Village Schools: 3.
Giddings, Miss J. Henry, Miss R. Native Teachers: 3.
Johnson, Mrs. R. B. Parsons, Miss R.
Visser. Ordained Minister: Herculano Castro.
Licensed Minister: Carlos Seaueseque.
Cuale Mission Station
Postal Address: Duque de Braganca, Ovimbundu Outschools
Districto do Malange, Angola, Portu- Address: Caixa Postal 3, Nova Lisboa,
guese West Africa. Angola.
Director: Director:
Portuguese Teacher: A. J. Rodrigues. Inspector: Venancio Chipopa.
Licensed Ministers: Ordained Minister: Venancio Chipopa.
Colino Jacob Chico, A. J. Radriques. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. A. J. Rod- Eduardo Guendelamba, Chiperica Chi-
rigues. quete.
Village School: 1. Village Schools: 31.
Native Teacher: 1. Teachers: 31.
Organized 1925

Territory: Congo Beige and Ruanda, Buganda Mission Station

Established 1925
Area: 909,654 square miles.
Population: White, 25,000; Native, 14.- Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura,
500,000; Total population, 14,525,000. Urundi, Africa.
Churches: 39. Director: A. L. Davy.
Members: Europeans, 29; Native, 5,845. Village Schools: 10.
Total members, 5,874. Believers not Native Teachers: 12.
baptized, 11,478. Total adherents, 17,-
Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Ad-
ventist," Usumbura. Gitwe Mission District
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda, via Established 1942
Usumbura, Belgian East Africa. Postal Address: Via Usumbura, Ru-
Officers: anda-Urundi, Belgian East Africa.
Superintendent, J. R. Campbell. Director: K. F. Ambs.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. R. Symons.
Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: J. R. Camp- K. F. Ambs, D. Kagegara, A. Mu-
bell, K. F. Ambs, V. Davies, A. Mat- haya, N. Rwandema, M. Segatwa, E.
ter, L. K. Rittenhouse, D. R. Symons, Sumutwa.
E. L. Tarr.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Minister: N. Kinyogote.
Educational, E. L. Tarr. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. K. F. Ambs.
Sabbath School, Teachers: 86.
Y. P. M. V., J. R. Campbell. Village Schools: 80.
Ordained Ministers:
J. R. Campbell, E. L. Tarr. Gitwe Mission Station
Licensed Missionaries: (Seminaire Adventiste)
Mrs. J. R. Campbell, Julia K. Hoel,
D. R. Symons, Mrs. D. R. Symons, Established 1921
Mrs. E. L. Tarr.
Postal Address: Via Usumbura, Ru-
Legal Organization for Congo Beige: anda-Urundi, Belgian East Africa.
The Congo Union Mission of Seventh-
day Adventists. Director: K. F. Ambs.
Legal Representative for Congo Beige: Dispensary: A.' A. Matter.
J. R. Campbell.
Licensed Minister: A. A. Matter.
Legal Organization for Ruanda Urundi:
Mission Evangelique des Adventistes Licensed Missionaries: J. Claessen, Mrs.
du Septieme Jour. J. Claessen, L. Robinson.
Legal Representative for Ruanda Faculty:
Urundi: J. R. Campbell. K. F. Ambs, J. Claessen, A. A. Matter.
Teashers: 11.
Village Schools: 4.
Bikobo Hill Mission Station
Established 1930
Kikamba Mission Station
Postal Address: Boite Postal 3, Kon-
golo, Belgian Congo, Central Africa. Established 1924
Director: George Ellingworth. Postal Address: Boite Postal 3, Kongolo,
Licensed Missionaries: Belgian Congo, Central Africa.
George Ellingworth, Mrs. M. Elling- Director: Kosam.
worth. Ordained Minister: Kosam.
Village Schools: 22. Village Schools: 2.
Native Teachers: 20. Native Teachers: 3.

Kirundu Mission Station Licensed Missionaries:

Postal Address: Kirundu, via Kindu, Mrs. A. Matter, Mrs. L. K. Ritten-
Province Orientsle, Congo Beige, Cen- house, Miss F. Spillman, F. L. Visser,
tral Africa. Mrs. F. L. Visser.
Director: P. S. Marsa. Village Schools: 48.
Ordained Minister: Simoni. Native Teachers: 75.
Licensed Minister: P. S. Marsa.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. P. S. Marsa. Rwankeri Mission Station
Native Licensed Minister: 1. Established 1922
Village Schools: 17. Postal Address: P. 0. Goma, Congo
Beige, Kivu, East Africa.
Native Teachers: 19.
Director: V. Davies.
Nurse: H. J. Bennett.
Lubembe Central School
Ordained Minister: V. Davies.
Established 1939 Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: Chisunka Village, Mo- J. Birkerstock, Mrs. V. Davies.
kambo, via Elisabethville, Congo
Beige, Africa. Village Schools: 75.
Director: Titus Kiana. Native Teachers: 100.
Ordained Minister: Titus Kiana.
Rwesse Mission Station
Pastor: 1.
Village Schools: 4. Established 1941
Native Teachers: 7. Postal Address: Via Lubero, Congo
Ndora Mission Station Director: D. E. Delhove.
Ordained Minister: D. E. Delhove.
Established 1936
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. D. E. Del-
Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbu a, hove.
Urundi, Africa. Village Schools: 8.
Director: A. L. Davy. Native - Teachers: 12.
Licensed Missionaries:
A. L. Davy, Mrs. A. L. Davy.
Village Schools: 45. Songa Mission Station
Native Teachers: 48. Established 1921
Postal Address: Boite Postale, Kamina,
Ngoma Medical Mission Station Congo Beige, Africa.
Established 1931 Director: T. W. Staples.
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda, Usurn Licensed Ministers:
burs, Urundi, Congo Beige. T. W. Staples, H. J. Weber.
Director: A. Matter. Licensed Missionaries:
Medical Superintendents: Ruth Caraahan, Mrs. T. W. Staples,
L. K. Rittenhouse, F. L. Visser. Mrs. Velda A. Weber.
Nurse: Miss F. Spillman. Village Schools: 27.
Ordained Minister: A. Matter. Native Teachers: 29.
Licensed Minister: L. K. Rittenhouse. Native Evangelists: 3.


Organized, 1912; reorganized 1942
Territory: Kenya Colony, the islands Churches: European, 4; Native, 80; To-
of Zanzibar and Pemba, Tanganyika tal churches, 84.
Territory, and Uganda Protectorate. Members: European, 103; Native, 10,-
Area: 978,416 square miles. 371. Total members, 10,474. Believ-
ers not baptized, 6,790. Total adher-
Population: European, 32,746; Asiatic, ents, 17,264.
103,652 ; Native, 14,943,526 ; Total Postal Address: Box 221, Kisumu,
population, 15,079,924. Kenya Colony, East,Africa.

Office Address: Maxwell's Estate, 6 Oigo, Amos Oirere, Alisha Olero,

miles on Yala Road, Kisumu, Kenya Joel Omer, G. Pearson, E. W. Peder-
Colony, East Africa. sen, W. C. S. Raitt.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
Superintendent, H. M. Sparrow. Nikanor Agonda, Luka Amayo, Yo-
Secretary-Treasurer, C. T. Bannister. hana Anyengo, Mordekai Ating'a,
Executive Committee: H. M. Spar- S. W. Beardsell, P. Chetambe, E. Ki-
row, C. T. Banister, R. A. Carey, H. E. menja, Klement Katonya, Lazaro
Kotz, G. A. Lewis, F. H. Muderspach, Kumu, N. Misati, Filip Molo, M. Mo-
M. C. Murdoch, E. W. Pedersen, F. H. manyi, Timotheo Ngao, Josia Ngare,
Thomas. Thadayo Nyabwa, Elisha Nyakang'o,
A. Nyakundi, Asa Obuola, N. Ochi-
Departmental Secretaries: eng', Silvano Ododa, Erasto Ogila,
Educational, Sabbath School, and Y. Thadayo Olouch, Samwel Omondi, N.
P. M. Y., E. W. Pedersen. Ong'era, N. Orang'o, Malaki Osoo,
Publishing and Home Missionary, R. Ezekiel Rewe, D. M. Swaine.
A. Carey. Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Minister: H. M. Sparrow. Mrs. S. W. Beardsell, Miss G. A.
Credentialed Missionaries: Clarke, L. P. Foster, Mrs. L. P. Fos-
ter, Mrs. C. J. Hyde, Miss K. Jorgen-
C. T. Banister, R. A. Carey. sen, W. Marais, Mrs. W. Marais, Mrs.
Licensed Missionaries: M. C. Murdoch, Miss D. Nielsen, Miss
K. Nielsen, Miss C. Olsen, Mrs. G.
Mrs. C. T. Banister, Mrs. R. A. Carey, Pearson, Rex Pearson, Mrs. E. W.
Mrs. H. M. Sparrow. Pedersen, Mrs. W. C. S. Raitt, Miss
C. J. Schuil, Mrs. D. M. Swaine, Eve-
Organized 1912
Territory: Kenya Colony, and the Is- Changamwe Mission Station
lands of Pemba and Zanzibar.
Area: 384,960 square miles. Established 1934
Population : European, 20,640 ; Asiatic, Address: Box 273, Mombasa, Kenya
48,203 ; Native, 4,195,955 ; Total pop- Colony, East Africa.
ulation, 4,264,798. Director:
Churches: European, 2 ; Native, 48 ; To- African District Leaders: 2.
tal churches, 50. Evangelist: 1.
Members: European, 64; Native, 6,597. Village Schools: 4.
Total members, 6,661. Believers not African Teachers: 10.
baptized, 4,279. Total adherents, 10,-
940. Girls' School:
Postal Address: Box 1352, Nairobi,
Kenya Colony, East Africa.
Chebwai Mission Station
Office Address: Crauford Road, Nairobi,
Kenya Colony, East Africa. Established 1931
Officers: Address: P. 0. Kakamega, Kenya
Colony, East Africa.
Superintendent, E. W. Pedersen.
Secretary-Treasurer, G. Pearson. Director: D M. Swaine.
Executive Committee: S. W. Beard- African District Leaders: 2.
sell, L. P. Foster, C. J. Hyde, W. African Evangelist: 1.
Marais, M. C. Murdoch, Paulo Nyam- Village Schools: 6.
weya, Elisha Olera, G. Pearson, E.
W. Pedersen, W. C. S. Raitt. African Teachers: 10.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, S. W. Beardsell.
Medical, L. P. Foster. Gendia Mission Station
Official Translator, Miss G. Clarke. Established 1906
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., G.
Pearson. Address: Gendia, Private Bag, P. 0.
Ordained Ministers: Kisumu, Kenya Colony, East Africa.
Joshua Auma, C. J. Hyde, M. C. Mur- Director:
doch, Paulo Nyamweya, Jeremiah African District Leaders: 6.


African Evangelists: 9. Entered 1903
Village Schools: 29. Territory: Tanganyika Territory.
African Teachers: 36. Area: 472,840 square miles.
Population: European, 9,286; Asiatic,
41,216 ; Native, 6,292,359 ; Total pop-
Kamagambo Mission Station ulation, 6,342,861.
Established 1916 Churches: European, 1 ; Native, 20 ; To-
tal churches, 21.
Address: P. 0. Kisii, Kenya Colony, Members: European, 32 ; Native, 3,092.
East Africa. Total members, 3,124. Believers not
Director: S. W. Beardsell. baptized, 2;074. Total adherents, 5,-
Staff: See Training School. Postal Address: P. 0. Musom-a, Tangan-
Dispensary, yika Territory, East Africa.
Office Address: Busegwe Mission, 20
mileS from Musoma on main road to
Kanyadoto Mission Station
Established 1918 Superintendent, F. H. Thomas.
Address: Kanyadoto, P. 0. Rich, Kenya Secretary-Treasurer, H. Robson.
Colony, East Africa. Executive Committee: F. H. Thomas,
L. D. Brown, Isaiah Fue, Yolam Kam-
Director. wendo, Elisa Kilonzo, H. E. Kotz,
African Ministers: 2. James Odero, F. G. Reid, H. Robson,
African District Leaders: 3. D. K. Short, K. G. Webster.
African Evangelists: 4. Departmental Secretaries:
Village Schools: 16. Educational, D. K. Short.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., H.
African Teachers: 21. Robson.
Ordained Ministers:
Karura Mission Station European: H. E. Kotz, H. Robson,
F. H. Thomas.
Established 1933 African: Isaiah Fue, Yolam Kam-
Address: P. 0. Box 1835, Nairobi, wend, Elisa Kilango, Paulo Kilonzo,
Kenya Colony, East Africa. Ezekiel Mafuru, James Credo, Petro
Rusase, Andrea Siti.
Director: W. C. S. Raitt.
Licensed Ministers:
African District Leaders: 2.
European : F. G. Reid, D. K. Short.
African Evangelists: 3.
African: Lazaro Bomani, Benjamin
Village Schools: 4. Farita, Philipo Kambo, Enok Katondo,
African Teachers: 8. Esikia Kerekero, Jeremiah Lushimo,
Johannes Magobi, Johan Makauta,
Petro Marwa, Yacobo Mgeni, Zecha-
riah Mhule, Benjamin Mkichikiwe,
Nyanchwa Mission Station Petro Mkwavi, Abeli Mutendi, Petro
Mwasi, Hosea Ng'Omane, Efraim
Established 1922 Nguru, Tuvaka Nzoki, Yoel Otieno,
Address: P. 0. Kisii, Kenya Colony, Aroni Sekuba, Stefano Singo.
East Africa. Credentialed Missionaries:
Director: C. J. Hyde. L. D. Brown, K. G. Webster.
African District Leaders: 8. Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. L. D. Brown, Wm. Chase, Mrs.
African Ministers: 2. Wm. Chase, Mrs. H. E. Kotz, Rais
African Evangelists: 5. Marx, Mrs. F. G. Reid, Mrs. H. Rob,
son, Mrs. D. K. Short, Mrs. F. H.
Village Schools: 26. Thomas, G. van Neikerk, Mrs. K. G.
African Teachers: 42. Webster.

Busegwe Mission Station Director: H. E. Kotz.

Established 1916 African District Leaders: 2.
Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tanganyika, African Minister: 1.
East Africa.
African Evangelists: 2.
Director: H. Robson.
African District Leader: 1. Village Schools: 7.
African Evangelists: 2. African Teachers: 9.
Village Schools: 5.
African Teachers: 7.
Ntusu Mission Station
Dispensary: Mrs. H. Robson.
Established 1916
Address: P. 0. Maswa, Via Mwalam-
Ikizu Mission Station paka, Lake Province, Tanganyika,
Established 1908 East Africa.
Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tanganyika Director: H. E. Kotz.
Territory, East Africa. African District Leaders: 3.
Director: D. K. Short. African Evangelists: 6.
Staff: See Training School.
Village Schools: 12.
African Evangelist: 1.
African Teachers:. 17.
Village Schools: 4.
African Teachers: 6.
Dispensary: Mrs. D. K. Short. Suji Primary School and Mission
Majita Mission Station Established 1912
Established 1916 Address: P. 0. Makania, Tanga Prov-
ince, Tanganyika, East Africa.
Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tanganyika
Territory, East Africa. Director: K. G. Webster.
Director: L. D. Brown. School Master: G. van Niekerk.
African District Leaders: 4. African District Leaders: 4.
African Minister: 1. African Ministers: 2.
Africa Evangelists: 4.
African Evangelists: 11.
Village Schools: 16.
Village Schools: 9.
African Teachers: 22.
Dispensary: Mrs. L. D. Brown. African Teachers: 18.
Dispensary: Mrs. K. G. Webster.
Mbeya Mission Station
Established 1934 Utimbaru Mission Station
Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. Mbeya,
Tanganyika, East . Africa. Established 1912
Director: W. Chase. Address: P. 0. Musoma, Lake Province,
African District Leaders: 2. Tanganyika, East Africa.
Village Schools: 2. Director: F. G. Reid.
African Teachers: 4. African District Leaders: 3.
African Ministers: 2.
Mwagala Mission Station African Evangelists: 4.
Established 1918 Village Schools: 13.
Address: P. 0. Maswa, Via Mwalam- African Teachers: 17.
paka, Lake Province, Tanganyika,
East Africa. Dispensary: Mrs. F. G. Reid.

UGANDA MISSION FIELD Katikamu Mission Station

Established 1927 Established 1943
Territory: Uganda Protectorate. Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kampala,
Uganda, East Africa.
Aera: 120,616 square miles.
Population: European, 2,820; Asiatic, Director: F. H. Muderspach.
14,233; Native, 4,465,212; Total popu- African District Leaders: 2.
lation, 4,472,265. African Evangelists: 2.
Churches: European, 1 ; Native, 12 ; To- Village Schools: 4.
tal churches, 13. African Teachers and Workers: 28.
Members: European, 7; Native, 682.
Total members, 689. Believers not
baptized, 437. Total adherents, 1,126. Kakoro Mission Station
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kampala, Established 1934
Uganda, East Africa.
Address: P. 0. Box 49, Mbale, Uganda,
Office Address: Kireka Hill Mission, East Africa.
Mile 6 on Jinja Road. Director:
Officers: African District Leader: 1.
Superintendent, G. A. Lewis. African Evangelist: 1.
Secretary-Treasurer, Miss M. Sachs. Village Schools: 4.
Executive Committee: G. A. Lewis, African Teachers: 6.
M. E. Lind, F. H. Muderspach, Ashe
Musoke, Miss M. Sachs, Director Ka-
koro Mission, Director Nchwanga Kireka Mission Station
Training School, Colporteur Leader.
Established 1930
Departmental Secretaries:
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kam-
Educational, Director Nchwanga pala, Uganda, East Africa.
Training School. Director: G. A. Lewis.
Sabbath School and M. V., G. A.
Lewis. African District Leader: 1.
Ordained Ministers: Village School: 1.
Simeon Golola, Henry Guwedeko, G. African Teachers and Workers: 3.
A Lewis, M. E. Lind, F. H. Muder-
spach, Asha Musoke, Cranmer Na- Nchwanga Mission Station
Established 1927
Licensed Ministers:
Zefania Biraro, Henry Guwedeko, Postal Address: P. 0. Mubende,
Misaki Kabala, Daudi Mukasa, Aloni Uganda, East Africa.
Musoke, Erisafu Mwanje. Director: M. E. Lind.
Licensed Missionaries: African District Leaders: 2.
G. J. E. Coetze, Mrs. G. J. E. Coetze, African Evangelist: 1.
Mrs. G. A. Lewis, Mrs. M. E. Lind,
Mrs. F. H. Muderspach, Miss M. Village Schools: 2.
Sachs. African Teachers: 4.


Organized 1902
Territory: The Union of South Africa, Churches: White, 61; Colored, 16; In-
Southwest Africa, Basutoland, Swazi- dian, 1; Native, 52; Total churches,
land, and that portion of Portuguese 130.
East Africa lying south of Latitude Members: White, 4,124 ' Colored, 913 ;
22 0, and St. Helena Island. Indian, 36; Native, 3,050 ; Total mem-
Area: 851,063 square miles. bers, 8,123. Believers not baptized,
428. Total adherentS, 8,551.
Population: White, 2,053,331; Colored,
823,334 ; Asiatic, 235,327 ; Native, 8,- Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
420,598; Total population, 11,532,590. Bloemfontein, 0. F. S.

Office Address: 31 Fichardt Chambers. Free State south of and including

Maitland Street, Bloemfontein, 0. F. Boshof, Brandfort, and Ladybrand ;
S., South Africa. Basutoland; and the mandated terri-
tory of South West Africa. (For
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 468, Bloem- European work.)
fontein, Orange Free State, South
Africa. Area: 630,610 square miles (approxi-
Population: 923,485 (approximately).
President, F. G. Clifford.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, J. E. Churches: 26.
Symons. Members: 1,719.
Executive Committee : F. G. Clifford,
J. N. de Beer, E. L. Cardy, E. D. Han- Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Port
son, W. H. Hurlow, A. C. LeButt, Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Af-
G. A. S. Madgwick, W. E. McClure, rica.
J. Raubenheimer, J. G. Siepman, J. E. Office Address: 162 Russell Road, Port
Symons, E. W. Tarr, J. van de Merwe, Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Af-
and the Educational Secretary of the rica.
South African Union.
Postal Address: Box 1133, Port Eliza-
Departmental Secretaries: beth, Cape Province, South Africa.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., W. Officers:
H. Hurlow. President, E. D. Hanson.
Medical, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss P. E. Will-
Publishing, Division Publishing De- more.
partment Secretary. Executive Committee: E. D. Hanson,
Religious Liberty, F. G. Clifford. W. C. Cowper, C. C. Marais, D. J.
Ordained Ministers: Olivier, B. B. Piercey, J. C. van de
F. G. Clifford, A. V. Edwards, H. J. Merwe, P. J. Trytsman, Jr., Miss
Hurlow, W. H. Hurlow, J. E. Symons. P. E. Willmore.
Honorary: 0. 0. Bredenkamp, W. H. Departmental Secretaries:
Haupt, A. J. Herholdt, A. N. Ingle, Educational, E. D. Hanson.
E. S. Jakavula, J. D. May, J. C. Home Missionary and Publishing, H.
Rogers, G. W. Shone, D. F. Tarr. J. Moolman.
Medical, Miss A. G. Fleming.
Licensed Minister: G. A. S. Madgwick. Religious Book Depository, Miss P. E.
Licensed Missionaries: Willmore.
Miss S. J. Balintaba, Mrs. F. G. Clif- Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., W,
ford, Miss M. Coetzee, Miss R. Curtis, C. Cowper.
Mrs. A. V. Edwards, Mrs. Jane Gac- Ordained Ministers:
ula, W. R. Grant, Mrs. W. R. Grant,
Mrs. 0. Honey, Mrs. W. H. Hurlow, E. L. Cardey, S. J. Fourie, E. D.
Miss J. B. Kleinert, Miss H. Lens- Hanson, J. van de Merwe.
down, D. Macdonald, Mrs. D. Mac- Licensed Ministers:
donald, Mrs. G. A. S. Madgwick, Miss
R. Noduma, Miss G. Orchard, Miss S. D. Baird, M. Coetzee, W. C. Cowper,
Ritchie, Mrs. J. E. Symons. T. L. Killett, H. J. Moolman, A. E.
Honorary: Mrs. C. Burton, Mrs. M.
Commin, Miss E. Edie, Mrs. W. H. Credentialed Missionaries:
Haupt, Mrs. J. C. Rogers, Mrs. E. L. Miss E. K. Beaton, Miss A. G. Flem-
Stevenson, Mrs. M. Walston. ing, C. S. Pike, Miss P. E. Willmore.
Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Adventist Licensed Missionaries:
Community of Africa (Incorporated). Miss C. Bezuidenhout, Mrs. E. L.
Cardy, Mrs. M. Coetzee, Mrs. W. C.
Cowper, Miss T. L. Gillett, Miss E.
CAPE CONFERENCE Greunewald, Mrs. E. D. Hanson, Mrs.
(Formerly part of South African H. J. Moolman, L. Mostert, Mrs. C. S.
Pike, Miss L. Roberts, D. D. Toerien,
Conference) Mrs. J. van de Merwe, Mrs. A. E.
Reorganized 1936 Rawson, Mrs. R. Visser.
Territory: All Europeans and Asiatics Bible Instructors:
in the Cape Province, except for the Miss H. Clarkson, Miss M. Hewitt,
territory north of Kuruman and Miss L. van Rooyen, Miss A. Schoon-
Taungs ; that portion of the Orange read, Miss E. G. Snyman, Miss G.

Snyman, Miss W. Wellman, Miss S. Licensed Missionaries:

Willmore. Mrs. R. E. Ansley, Mrs. P. Coetzee,
Church School Teachers: Mrs. J. J. B. Combrinck, Mrs. J. B.
Cooks, Miss P. Dawkins, Mrs. D. A.
Mrs. E. Crippa, Miss E. Greunewald, de Beer, Mrs. J. de Beer, Mrs. F. H.
L. Mostert, Miss F. M. Orchard. A. Ficker, Mrs. 0. Honey, Mrs. G. A.
W. Meyer, Miss P. Myburgh, Mrs.
W. V. Norcott, Mrs. John Rauben-
heimer, Mrs. D. Roux, Mrs. E. J.
NATAL-TRANSVAAL CONFERENCE Stevenson, Mrs. P. J. van de Merwe,
(Formerly part of South African Mrs. A. van den Bergh.
Conference) Bible Instructors:
Reorganized 1936 Miss A. Albers, Miss G. Butcher, Miss
M. J. Dixie, Miss M. Harebottle, Miss
Territory: All Europeans and Asiatics J. Knoetze, Miss R. Lindup, Miss M.
in the territories of the Provinces of Morgan, Miss A. J. Smit, Miss M.
Natal and Transvaal; portion of the Smit, Miss A. Seeger, Miss I. Swane-
Cape Province known as British
Bechuanaland north of Kuruman and Church School Teachers:
Taungs ; portion of the Orange Free Mrs. E. Bulgin, Mrs.. Lily Hiten, J. H.
State Province north of Boshof. Theron, Miss M. Wilson, Miss E. v. d.
Brandfort, and Ladybrand ; Swaziland Westhuizen.
and Portuguese East Africa south of
Latitude 22.
Area: 425,508 square miles (approxi- DURBAN INDIAN MISSION
(Under the direction of the Natal-
Population: 1,110,346 (approximately). Transvaal Conference)
Churches: 34. Postal Address: Seventh-day Adventist
Members: 2,355. Church, Keats Avenue, Durban, Na-
tal, South Africa.
Telegraphic Address: "Natracon," Church: 1.
Members: 36.
Office Address: 14 Claim Street Johan- Ordained Minister: G. S. Stevenson.
nesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: P. 0. Box '7768, Jo-
hannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. S. H. Hammond, Mrs. G. S. Steven-
President, John Rabenheimer.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. E. Ansley. NORTH BANTU MISSION FIELD
Executive Committee: John Rauben- (Formerly part of South African
heimer, R. E. Ansley, E. F. Birken- Mission Field)
stock, J. J. B. Combrinck, V. R.
Cooks, P. F. Fouche, P. J. van de Reorganized 1986
Merwe, N. Prinsloo, J. P. Schoultz. Territory: Native work in Basutoland,
Departmental Secretaries: Bechuanaland (south of Mafeking),
Orange Free State, Natal, Portuguese
Educational, Home Missionary, and East Africa (south of Latitude 22),
Y. P. M. V., J. B. Cooks. Swaziland, Transvaal, and Zululand.
Religious Book Depository, R. E. Area: 332,901 square miles.
Ansley. Population: 5,254,142.
Sabbath School and Publishing, F. H. Churches: 33.
A. Ficker.
Members: White, 11 ' Native, 1,905 ;
Ordained Ministers: Total members, 1,916.
R. E. Ansley, J. J. B. Combrinck, Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Jo-
S. S. Hiten, P. J. van de Merwe, hannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
W. V. Norcott, John Raubenheimer, Office Address: 11 Allbret Building, 9
E. J. Stevenson. Fraser. Street, Johannesburg, Trans-
Licensed Ministers: vaal, South Africa.
J. B. Cooks, P. H. Coetzee, D. A. de Officers:
Beer, F. H. A. Ficker, G. A. W. Superintendent, J. G. Siepman.
Meyer, J. Newman, A. van den Bergh. Secretary-Treasurer, A. A. Pitt.

Executive Committee: J. G. Siepman, Mafeking Mission District

J. N. Bacela, E. A. Buckley, R. A.
Buckley, Eka J. Kuboni, A. A. Pitt, Postal Address: P. 0. Linokana, West-
E. A. Tsotetsi. ern Transvaal, South Africa.
Departmental Secretaries: Director: Abel Magotsi.
Educational and Publishing E. A. Licensed Minister: Abel Magotsi.
Buckley. Teachers: Mrs. A. Lecogo, M. Moeketsi.
Sabbath School, Miss M. J. Tarr.
Y. P. M. V., E. A. Tsotetsi.
Ordained Ministers:
North Natal Mission District
E. A. Buckley, R. A. Buckley, J. G.
Siepman, W. C. Tarr. Postal Address: Box 34, Dundee, Natal,
South Africa:
Licensed Ministers:
J. J. Oosthuizen, A. A. Pitt, E. A. Director: D. Masina.
Tsotetsi. Licensed Minister: D. Masina.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionary: A. J. J. Tsha-
Mrs. R. A. Buckley, Mrs. J. J. Oos- balala.
thuizen, Mrs. J. G. Siepman, Miss
M. J. Tarr, Mrs. W. C. Tarr, Mrs.
E. A. Tsotetsi. Orange Free State Mission District
Postal Address: 288 Lovedale Road,
Childrens' Home Mohlamola Location, Bloemfontein,
0. F. S., South Africa.
(Home for Untainted Children
of Leper Parents.) Director: J. Senkoto.
Address: Emmanuel Mission, P. 0. Licensed Minister: J. Senkoto.
Leribe, Basutoland, South Africa. Licensed Missionary: M. P. Mtembu.
Board of Management: Teachers: Mrs. J. Africa, Mrs. J. Sen-
F. G. Clifford, J. G. Siepman, Sir koto.
Walter Johnson, Miss M. Martin, R.
A. Buckley.
In Charge: Miss M. Martin. Pretoria Mission District
Postal Address: 11 Allbret Building. 9
East-Transvaal Mission District Fraser Street, Johannesburg, Trans-
vaal, South Africa.
Address: P. 0. Box 68, Ermelo, East
Transvaal, South Africa. Director.
Director: Eka J. Kuboni. Licensed Missionary: L. Lebisi.
Ordained Minister: Eka J. Kuboni.
Rand Mission District
Emmanuel Mission Station and District Postal Address: 11 Allbret Building,
Johannesburg, South -Africa.
Established 1910
Director: J. N. Bacela.
Address: P. 0. Leribe, Basutoland,
South Africa. Ordained Minister: J. N. Bacela.
Director: R. A. Buckley. Licensed Missionaries:
A. P. Mabowe, S. Mkwananzi, Mrs.
Teachers: S. Mkwananzi, J. .Phomodi, Mrs. J.
A. Kadi-Kadi, P. Mafebedu, S. Mora- Phomodi.
lana, N. Mjseu, Miss E. Mthetwa, E.
Nteso, E. Senkoto. Teachers: Miss K. Koopedi, R. E. Nhla-

Kolo Mission Station Shiloh Mission Station and District

Established 1899 Established 1930
Address: P. 0. Mahlalefl, Via Mori, a, Postal Address: P. 0. Lunsklip, via
Basutoland, South Africa. Potgietersrust, N. Transvaal, South
Ordained Minister: J. Ndabambi. Director: J. J. Oosthuizen.
Teacher: W. Ndabambi. Licensed Minister: T. M. Kote.

Licensed Missionaries: Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," East

Mrs. T. M. Kote, C. Legoabe, Mrs. C. London.
Legoabe, Mrs. A. Molokomme. Postal Address: 19 Union House 24,
Teachers: Union Street, East London, Cape
Province, South Africa.
E. Ntsawne, T. Tabane, G. Vilakazi.
Superintendent, J. N. deBeer.
South Natal Mission District Secretary-Treasurer, L. H. Clack.
Postal Address: P. 0. Amanzimtoti, Executive Committee: J. N. deBeer,
Natal. L. H. Clack, S. S. Mgqamqo, S. T.
Pikolo, B. T. Scott, I. C. Sparrow,
Director: W. C. Tarr. E. W. Tarr, Educational Secretary
Licensed Missionaries: South African Union, and Director of
S. J. Kanyile, P. Msimang, Mrs. P. Cancele Mission.
Msimang, S. S. Sitole. Departmental Secretaries:
Publishing, J. N. deBeer.
Sabbath School, Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
Swaziland Mission District Y. P. M. V. and Home Missionary,
POstal Address: P. 0. Mahamba, Swa- B. T. Scott.
ziland, South Africa. Ordained Ministers:
Director: J. M. Hlubi. J. N. deBeer, B. T. Scott.
Ordained Minister: J. M. Hlubi. Honorary: A. P. Tarr.
Teachers: Credential Missionary: L. H. Clack.
Mrs. J. M. Hlubi, Mrs. M. Kunene, Licensed Missionaries:
M. H. Kunene, Miss M. Mthwecu.
Miss N. F. McGladdery, Mrs. B. T.
Taungs Mission District
Honorary: Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
Postal Address: P. 0. Taungs, Cape
Province, South Africa. Butterworth Mission District
Director: M. R. Moeletsi. Postal Address: P. 0. Badi, Willowvale,
Licensed Ministers: Cape Province, South Africa.
M. R. Moeletsi, K. Mosedi.
Director: S. K. Ntwana.
Honorary: K. I. Itumeleng.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. K. Mosedi. Ordained Ministers: G. S. Mayaba, S.
K. Ntwana.
Licensed Minister: J. Ncuka.
Zululand Mission District Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: P. 0. Nongonia, Zulu- Mrs. G. S. Mayaba, Mrs. I. Mbenenge,
land, South Africa. Mrs. M. Myendeki, Mrs. J. Ncuka,
Director: J. S. Moya. W. J. Nomvete, Mrs. S. K. Ntwana.
Ordained Minister: J. S. Moya. Teacher: Miss D. P. Kobe.
M. S. Bole, Miss M. Kubeka, N. M. Cancele Mission Station
Postal Address: P. 0. Cancele, Via
Mount Frere, East Griqualand, Cape
(Formerly part of South African
Mission Field) Director: B. L. Ellingworth.
Reorganized 1936 Licensed Ministers:
B. L. Ellingworth, A. E. Mredlane.
Territory: Native work in the Province
of the Cape of Good Hope. Licensed Missionaries:
Area: 207,869 square miles (approxi- Mrs. B. L. Ellingworth, Mrs. A. E.
mate.) Mredland, E. H. Msuseni, G. F. Pot-
Population: 2,045,110. wana.
Churches: Native 19. Teachers:
Member.: White, 30; Native, 1,145; To- Miss E. Masoka, Miss M. Mholm, Miss
tal members, 1,175. A. D. Ntsomboyi.

Eastern Province Mission District Members, White, 9 ; Colored, 913. Total

members, 922.
Postal Address: Native Post Office,
Kingwilliamstown, Cape Province, Postal Address: 5, Claremont Chambers,
South Africa. Main Road, Claremont, Cape, South
Director: S. S. Mgqamqo.
Ordained Minister: S. S. Mgqarriqo.
Superintendent, A. C. LeButt.
Licensed Missionaries: Secretary-Treasurer, L. M. Kleinert.
Mrs. G. S. Mgqamqo, W. Ncontsa, Executive Committee: A. C. LeButt,
Mrs. W. Ncontsa. W. Cerfontyne, L. M. Kleinert, K.
Landers, A. Pedro, N. C. Stuart,
Teachers: Principal Good Hope Training School.
Miss E. Gcumka, Miss L. Gcwabe,
Miss P. Tsoko, E. Vappie. Ordained Ministers:
A. C. LeButt, N. C. Stuart.
Glen Grey Mission District Honorary: D. C. Theunissen.
Postal Address: B. E. 14, Location, Licensed Ministers:
Queenstown, Cape Province, South G. S. Glass, J. D. Harcombe, A. G.
Africa. Kohen, K. Landers, G. Theunissen.
Director: S. T. Pikoli.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Minister: S. T. Pikoli.
Mrs. H. P. Campher, Mrs. E. K. Cer-
Licensed Minister: A. G. Williams. fontyne, Mrs. J. D. Harcombe, Mrs.
Licensed Missionaries: A. G. Kohen, Miss E. R. Kriel, Mrs.
Mrs. S. T. Pikoli, Mrs. A. G. Wil- D. la Kay, Mrs. R. Landers, Mrs.
liams. A. C. LeButt.
Honorary: Hans Shai. Honorary: Mrs. D. C. Theunissen.
Teacher: E. Mayaba. Bible Instructors:
H. P. Camphor, D. LaKay, Mrs. A.
Ohlsson, Miss A. V. Sutherland.
Lusikisiki Mission District
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. Teachers:
Box 12, Lusikisiki, East Pondoland, G. Beyers, I, duPreez, Mrs. E. K.
South Africa. Cerfontyne, Mrs. G. S. Glass, L. Hun-
Director: D. D. Ntsikeni. ter, G. C. Salomon, W. C. Sampson,
W. Turner.
Ordained Minister: D. D. Ntsikeni.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. D. D. Ntsi-
Miss A. Mngwe, Miss E. Pototo. Unorganized
For Non-European Work
Territory: The mandated territory of
Umtata Mission District South West Africa (formerly German
South West Africa).
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0.
Umtata, Transkei, Cape Province, Area: 317,725 square miles.
South Africa.
Population: Non-whites, 120,868.
Director: D. D. Mankayi.
Ordained Minister: D. D. Mankayi.
Teacher: Mrs. D. D. Mankayi. ST. HELENA ISLAND MISSION
(South Atlantic Ocean)
Area: 47 square miles.
Work for the Colored People in
the Union of South Africa. Population: 5,000 approximately.
Population: 767,984. Postal Address: Jamestown, St. Helena
Churches: Colored, 16. Island.
Organized 1925

Territory: Nyasaland, Portuguese East CENTRAL DISTRICT

Africa north of latitude 22; North- Mwami Mission Station
east Rhodesia, east of meridian 32.
Address: P. O. Fort Manning, Nyasa-
Area: 272,928 square miles. land, Africa.
Population: White, 7,600, approx.; na- Director: H. W. Stevenson.
tive, 5,467,606. Total population, 5,-
475,206. Ordained Ministers:
Churches: 32. Soldier Kanjanga, Philip Kasonga.
Members: European, 30; Native, 6,472. Licensed Ministers:
Total members, 6,502. Believers not
baptized, 3,841. Total adherents, 10,- Jeremiah Kalonga, Hamilton Kanjirs,
343. H. W. Stevenson.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Licensed Missionaries:
Blantyre, Nyasaland. Miss M. D. Ingle, Mrs. H. W. Steven-
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 51, Blan-
tyre, Nyasaland, Africa. Village Schools: 4.
In Charge of Hospital and Leper Col-
Officers: ony: Miss D. Ingle and 4 assistants.
Superintendent, S. G. Maxwell.
Secretary-Treasurer, E. B. Jewell.
Executive Committee: S. G. Maxwell, EASTERN DISTRICT
W. L. Davy, W. B. Higgins, E. B. Zomba Outstation
Jewell, E. L. Morel, H. W. Steven-
son, M. M. Webster. Address: Box 51, Blantyre, Nyasaland.
Departmental Secretaries: Director: Victor Mpheza.
Educational and Sabbath School, Ordained Minister: Victor Mpheza.
Warren D. Pierce.
Medical, E. L. Morel. Head Teacher: Loadson Smith.
Publishing, S. Napangani (African). Village Schools: 5.
Y. P. M. V., Warren D. Pierce, H.
Cipao (African).
Ordained Ministers:
E. B. Jewell, S. G. Maxwell. MALAMULO DISTRICT
Licensed Ministers: Malamulo Mission Station
Ivan Crowder, Warren D. Pierce. Established 1902
Licensed Missionaries: Telegraphic Address: P. 0. Malamulo,
Mrs. Ivan Crowder, Mrs. E. B. Jewell. Nyasaland.
Mrs. Warren D. Pierce, Mrs. S. G. Postal Address: P. 0. Malamulo, Ny-
Maxwell, T. H. Ravenor.
asaland, British Central Africa.
Director: W. B. Higgins.
. BLANTYRE DISTRICT Village Schools: 11.
Chileka Mission Station Ordained Ministers:
W. B. Higgin, Albert Kambauwa,
Address: Box 61, Blantyre, Nyasaland, Ered Maliro, James Ngaiyayi.
Africa. Licensed Ministers:
Director: John Thomas.
I. L. Ansley, E. L. Morel, V. E. Rob-
Ordained Ministers: inson.
Jonathan Kabambe, John Thomas. Licensed Missionaries ,
Village Schools: 11. Mrs. I. L. Ansley, A. Bambury, Mrs.
A. Bambury, Miss L. M. Delhove, Miss
Inspector: Bexter Misiri. R. Foote, Mrs. W. B. Higgins, Miss
Head Teacher, Henderson James, as- M. Johnson, Miss H. E. Lude, Mrs.
sisted by 29 teachers. E. L. Morel, Mrs. V. E. Robinson.

NORTHERN DISTRICT Director: Simon Msuseni.

Luwazi Mission Station Ordained Ministers:
Ben Chona, Simon Msuseni.
Address: P. 0. Nkata Bay, Nyasaland,
Africa. Village Schools, 14.
Director: W. L. Davy. Inspector: Alfred Nyambi.
Head Teacher: Birston Kalonga, as-
Ordained Ministers: sisted by 18 teachers.
Simon Bunyani, W. L. Davy, Nemen
Jere, Paulos Mhango, Desert Nkola-
kosa, Simon Ngaiyayi. Tekerani Mission Station
Licensed Ministers: Acquired 1923
Zachariah Goma, Billiat Sapa. Address: P. 0. Tekerani, Nyasaland,
Head Teacher: Barson Barto. Africa.
Village Schools: 22. Director: J. W. Haarhoff.
In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. W. L. Ordained Ministers: -
Davy, assisted by 1 native orderly. Roman Cimera, Harry Konje.
Licensed Minister: Methuselah Bo-
Mombera Outstation nongwe.
Address: P. 0. Nkata Bay, Nyasaland; Credentialed Missionary: J. W. Haar-
Africa. hoff.
Director: Sopha Saiwa. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. J. W. Haar-
Ordained Ministers:
Inspectors: Maynard Kamoto, Joseph
Edward Nkosi, Sopha Saiwa. Mangame.
Head Teacher: Nathan Kasambara. Village Schools: 32.
Village Schools: 7. Native Teachers: 37.
Dispensary: Mrs. J. W. Hadrhoff, and
Munguluni Mission
(Formerly Mozambique Mission) WESTERN DISTRICT
Lake View Outstation
Organized '1933
Address: Box 51, Blantyre, Nyasaland,
Territory: Portuguese East Africa Africa.
North of latitude 22. Director: Ben Ritch.
Area: 260,200 square miles. Faculty:
Population: White, 5,800; native, 4,-
803,900. Total population, 4,809,700. Eveson Jonas, assisted by 4 teachers.
Postal Address: P. 0. Munhamade, Dis- Ordained Minister: Ben Ritch.
trict de Quilemane, Portuguese East Licensed Minister: Tom Kachoka.
Head Teacher: Tom Kachoka.
Director: M. M. Webster.
Ordained Minister: M. M. Webster. Village Schools: 5.
Licensed Minister: J. Freira.
Licensed Missionaries: Matandani Mission Station
Mrs. J. Freira, Mrs. M. M. Webster. Acquired 1908
Village Schools: 2. Postal Address: Box 51, Blantyre, Ny-
In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. M. M. asaland, Africa.
Webster. Acting Director: 0. I. Fields.
Ordained Ministers:
0. I. Fields, Yokoniah Sosula.
Cinyama Mission Station
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. 0. I. Fields.
(Formerly Mlanje Mission District) Inspector: Samson Kavalo.
Organized 1929 Village Schools: 12.
Address: P. 0. Tekerani, Nyasaland, Head Teacher: Anderson Cidothe.
Africa. Native Teachers: 17.

Thambani Mission Station Ordained Minister: Moses Kamwenje.

Organized 1929 Inspector: Mills Mbvundula.
Address: Box 51, Blantyre, Nyasaland, Village Schools: 7.
Africa. Head Teacher: Mixon. Howe, assisted by
Director: Moses Kamwenje. 7 teachers.


Organized 1916
Territory: Northern and Southern Rho- Licensed Ministers:
desia, and Bechuanaland Protectorate, Richard Bome, C. A. Bradley, P. B.
comprising Northern Rhodesia Mis- Fairchild, J. G. Foster, R. L. Garber,
sion Field, Southern Rhodesia Mis- F. B. Jewell, Philemon Kgasa, James
sion Field, and the Rhodesia-Bechu- Ncube, Stephen Ngwenya, Edward A.
analand Conference. Trumper, P. W. Willmore.
Area: 614,950 square miles.
Licensed Missionaries:
Population: White, 75,726; approxi-
mately ; Colored, 6,386 ; Asiatic, 2,772 ; Mrs. C. A. Bradley, Mrs. C. P. Brin-
native, 2,258,704. Total population, gle. Miss Enid Ellingworth, Mrs. P.
2,343,588. B. Fairchild, Mrs. J. G. Foster, L.
Paul Foster, Mrs. L. Paul Foster,
Churches: European, 6; native, 52. To- Miss W. Fourie, Mrs. R. L. Garber,
tal churches, 57. Miss Petra Hovig, Mrs. F. B. Jewell,
Members: European, 239; native, 10,- P. Jonker, Mrs. P. Jonker, Miss H.
718. Total members, 10,597. Believ- McCullough, Miss Pauline Muller.
ers not baptized, 10,495. Total be- J. Mwenba, Mrs. G. R. Nash, Mrs.
lievers, 21,452. W. P. Owen, Miss R. Reimer, R. W.
Royer, Mrs. R. W. Royer, Samuel
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Bul- Shapa, Miss G. Smith, Miss Evadine
awayo. Tarr, Mrs. Edward Trumper, Mrs. W.
R. Vail, Mrs. C. E. Wheeler, Mrs. P.
Office Address: 114 Jameson St., Bula- . W. Willmore.
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Adventist
Telephone: 2210. - Community of Africa (Incorporated).
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 573, Bula-
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Officers: Kanye Medical Mission Station
Superintendent, G. R. Nash.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, P. Established 1921
W. Willmore. Postal Address: P. 0. Kanye, Via Lo-
Executive Committee: G. R. Nash, batsi, Bechuanaland Protectorate,
A. W. Austen, C. Paul Bringle, W. D. South Africa.
Eva, J. G. Foster, W. P. Owen, W. R.
Vail, P. W. Willmore, Principal So- Medical Supt.: C. Paul Bringle.
lusi Mission. Nurse: Myrtle Reimer.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, W. R. Vail.
Home Missionary, W. R. Vail.
Publishing, G. R. Nash. Maun Medical Mission Station
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., W.
R. Vail. Established 1936
Ordained Ministers: Postal Address: P. 0. Maun, Bechuana-
C. Paul Bringle, Joseph Malinki, G. R. land Protectorate, South Africa.
Nash, Johanson Ngono, W. P. Owen, Medical Supt.: J. G. Foster.
A. A. Tsotetsi, H. R.- S. Tsukudu,
W. R. Vail, C. E. Wheeler. Staff: R. W. Royer, Mrs. R. W.
Honorary: Moses Donga, Mark Gan- Royer, Miss W. Fourie, Miss P. Hovig.
gasa, W. Mason, Elmer Nkomo, I. X. Orderlies: 2.
Nkomo, John Ross, Harry Sibagobe,
F. R. Stockil. Native Evangelist: A. A. Tsotetsi.


FIELD Village School Teachers: 9.
Organized 1921 European Inspector: S. T. Palvie.
Territory: Northern Rhodesia, except Evangelist: 1.
Barotseland, Caprivi Strip and ter-
ritory east of Meridian 32.
Chimpempe Mission Station
Area: 219,995 square miles.
Established 1921
Population: European, 9,500 ; native,
882,704. Total population, 892,204. Address: P. 0. Kawambwa, Northern
Churches: European, 1 ; native, 23. To- Rhodesia, Africa.
tal churches, 24. Director: R. P. Robinson.
Membirs: European, 21 ; native, 3,464. Native Teachers: 4.
Total members, 3,485. Village School: 1.
Postal Address: Chisekesi Siding, North- Dispensary: Mrs. R. P. Robinson.
ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Superintendent, A. W. Austen. Demu Mission District
Secretary-Treasurer, B. Searle.
Executive Committee: A. W. Austen, (Native Mission)
A. Bristow, W. M. Cooks, Job Mabuti, Established 1930
James Malinki, James Muyeba, S. T.
Palvie, R. P. Robinson, B. Searle, An- Address: P. 0. Pemba, Northern Rho-
drew Shamilimo, W. G. Webster. desia, Africa.
Departmental Secretaries: Director: Andrew Shamilimo.
Sabbath School, S. T. Palvie. Evangelist: 1.
Self-Support and Y. P. M. V., James
Malinki, Stephen Mulomba. Mission School: 1.
Village Schools: '5.
Ordained Ministers: Village School Teachers: '1.
European: A. W. Austen, R. P. Rob- European Inspector: S. T. Palvie.
Native: Lawson Endaenda, Peter
Lengalenga, Henry Mabona, Job Ma-
buti, Jack Mahlatini, James Malinki, Dimbwe Mission District
Stephen Mulomba, James Muyeba,
Luck Ndhlovu, Paul Shamalamba. (Native Mission)
Established 1935
Licensed Ministers:
Address: c /o Tara Trading Co., Private
European: A. Bristow, W. M. Cooks, Bag, Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia,
B. Searle. Africa.
Native: Matthew Chiwanga, Simon Director: Jam Mayinza.
Kaliba, Lotson Kausu, Ruben Luwo,
Jam Mayinza, Joshua Munkasu, Si- Village Schools: 3.
mon Mwenda, Jonathan Mwesa, Jo- Village School Teachers: 4.
seph Mwimo, Simon Mwinga Thomas
Nabuyanda, Jacob Nkuluchila Chamy- European Inspector: S. T. Palvie.
olo Pison, Andrew Shamilimo, Seth
Licensed Missionaries: Kalungwishi Mission District
Mrs. A. W. Austen, Mrs. A. Bristow, (Native Mission)
Mrs. W. M. Cooks, Mrs. R. P. Robi-
son, Mrs. S. T. Palvie, Mrs. B. Searle, Established 1921
Miss C. L. Stevens.
Address: Care Chimpempe Mission, P.
0. Kawambwa, Northern Rhodesia,
Bwengwa Mission District Africa.
(Native Mission) Director: James Muyeba.
Established 1935 Village Schools: 5.
Address: c/o R. Constans, Box 4,
Monze, Northern Rhodesia, Africa. Village School Teachers: 8.
Director: Jack Mahlatini. European Inspector: R. P. Robinson.

Luapula Mission District Teachers:

W. M. Cooks, Mrs. W. M. Cooks, and
(Native Mission) 3 native teachers.
Established 1929
Evangelists: 2.
Address: c/o Chimpempe Mission, P.
0. Kawambwa, Northern Rhodesia, Village Schools: 5.
Africa. Village School Teachers: 7.
Director: Samuel Mulomba. Dispensary: Mrs. W. M. Cooks.
Village Schools: 2.
Village School Teachers: 4.
European Inspector: R. P. Robinson. Mweru Mission District
(Native Mission)
Muchenje Mission District
Address: Care Chimpempe Mission, P.
(Native Mission) 0. Kawambwa, Northern Rhodesia,
Established 1941
Director: Wilson Sabila.
Address: Care of Muchenje Mission, P.
0. Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, Af- Village Schools: 2.
rica. Village School Teachers: 4.
Director: Lawson Endaenda. European Inspector: R. P. Robinson.
Village Schools: 5.
Village School Teachers: 7.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. Nadezwe Mission District
(Native Mission)
Established 1934
Mujika Mission District
Address: P. 0. Mazabuka, Northern
(Native Mission) Rhodesia, Africa.
Established 1941 Director: Joshua Munkasu.
Address: c/o Mr. Savory, P. 0. Monze, Village Schools: 2.
Northern Rhodesia, Africa.
Village School Teachers: 4.
Director: Simon Mwinga.
European Inspector: S. T. Palvie.
Village Schools, 4.
Village School Teachers: 6.
European Inspector: S. T. Palvie.
Ndola Mission District
(Native Mission)
Munenga Mission District
Established 1937
(Native Mission)
Established 1930 Address: P. 0. Ndola, Northern Rho-
desia, Africa.
Address: P. 0. Mazabuka, Northern Director: Peter Lengalenga.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Director: Job Mabuti. Village Schools: 4.
Mission Schools: 2. Village School Teachers: 6.
Village Schools: 7. Evangelist: 1.
Village School Teachers: 15. European Inspector: W. M. Cooks.
European Inspector: S. T. Palvie.

Rusangu Mission Station

Musofu Mission Station Established 1906
Established 1917 Address: Chisekesi Siding, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa.
Address: Private Bag, Ndola, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa. Director: A. Bristow.
Director: W. M. Cooks. Headmaster: A. Bristow.

Teachers: Native Evangelist: 1.

A. Bristow, Mrs. A. Bristow, Miss C. Village Schools: 6.
L. Stevens, and 8 native teachers.
Teachers: 6.
Village School: 1.
European Inspector: C. A. Bradley.
Village School Teachers: 2.
Evangelists: 1.
Lwambi Mission District
(Native District)
Sala Mission District Established 1941
(Native Mission) Address: P. 0. Mongu, Barotseland, N.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Established 1931 Director.
Address: P. 0. Lusaka, Northern Rho- Native Minister: 1.
desia, Africa. Village Schools: 6.
Director: Paul Shamalamba. Teachers: 8.
Village Schools: 3. European Inspector: C. A. Bradley.
Village School Teachers: 4.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. Tapo Mission District
(Native District)
Established 1936
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Barotseland, N.
Katima Mulilo Mission Station Rhodesia, Africa.
Established 1921 Director.
Native Evangelist: 1.
Address: P. 0. Sesheke, Northern Rho-
desia, Africa. Village Schools: 4.
Director: Joseph Malinki. Teachers: 4.
European Inspector: C. A. Bradley.
Native Evangelist: 1.
Village Schools: 3.
Village School Teachers: 4. CONFERENCE
Village School Inspector: W. P. Owen. (European)
Organized 1929
Liumba Hill Mission Station Territory: European work in Southern
Rhodesia, Bechuanaland Protectorate.
Established 1928 and Beira in Portuguese East Africa.
Area: 425,354 square miles.
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Northern Rho-
desia, Africa. Population: White, 66,226 ; colored, 6,-
386 ; Asiatic, 2,772. Total popula-
Director: W. P. Owen. tion, 75,384.
Staff: C. A. Bradley, Mrs. C. A. Churches: European, 4; native, 3. To-
Bradley, P. Jonker, Mrs. P. Jonker, tal churches, 7.
Mrs. W. P. Owen, and 3 native
teachers. Members: European, 189; native, 138.
Total members, 327.
Dispensary: Mrs. C. A. Bradley. Postal Address: Box 208, Gwelo, South-
ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Luanginga Mission District Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
(Native District) Officers:
Established 1941 President, W. D. Eva.
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Barotseland, N. Secretary-Treasurer, A. Siepman.
Rhodesia, Africa. Executive Committee: W. D. Eva, A.
Siepman, J. M. Staples, M. R. Spar-
Director: row, S. F. Stockil, C. E. Trevethick.

Departmental Secretaries: Ncube, Register Ndhlovu, Harry

Educational, W. R. Vail. Nkiwane, Stephen Nkosi, Joshua
Sabbath School, Home Missionary and Ntini, Joseph Siziba, Richard Taipa.
Y. P. M. V., Mrs. W. D. Eva. Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Minister: W. D. Eva. Mrs. W. Bastiaans, Mrs. I. B. Burton,
Licensed Ministers: R. E. Eva, Mrs. W. D. Eva, Miss H.
Furber, W. A. Hurlow, Mrs. C. Rob-
A. Siepman, J. M. Staples. inson, Miss W. Tickton, Mrs. A. Siep-
Licensed Missionaries: man, J. E. de Villers.
Miss Lily Bradley, Mrs. W. D. Eva, Native Colporteurs: 12.
Mrs. I. Mason, Mrs. A. Siepman, Mrs.
J. M. Staples, S. F. Stockil, J. E. de
Villier. Bulawayo Mission District
Church School Teacher: Mrs. I. Mason. (Native Mission District)
Established 1929
MISSION FIELD Address: c /c Box 573, Bulawayo,
Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Organized 1921 Director: John Ncube.
Territory: Native work in Southern Native. Teachers: 6.
Rhodesia, and Tati Concession of Village Schools: 4.
Bechuanaland Protectorate.
European Inspector: R. E. Eva.
Area: 150,616 square miles.
Population: Native, 1,376,000.
Chiduku-Makoni Mission District
Churches: Native, 21.
(Native Mission District)
Members: European, 23: native, 6,104.
Total members, 6,127. Established 1938
Address: Box 208, Gwelo, Southern Address: c /o Inyazura Mission, Inya
Rhodesia, Africa. zura, S. Rhodesia.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist." Director: Edward Janda.
Gwelo. Native Teachers: 8.
Officers: Village Schools: 7.
Superintendent, W. D. Eva. European Inspector: C. Robinson.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Siepman.
Executive Committee: W. D. Eva, A.
Siepman, I. B. Burton, R. E. Eva, Filabusi Mission Station
W. A. Hurlow, Edward Janda, Paul (Native Mission)
Mbono, Emory Mlalazi, Christopher
Robinson, Principal Solusi Mission. Established 1929
Departmental Secretaries: Address: Insimbiti School, P. 0. Fila-
Sabbath School, A. N. Gama, Edward busi, South Rhodesia, Africa.
Janda. Director: J. N. Sibanda.
Y. P. M. V. and Publishing, Emory Village Schols: 5.
Mission School: 1.
Self-Support Secretaries: Native Teachers: 8.
A. N. Gama, Edward Janda. European Inspector: R. E. Eva.
Ordained Ministers:
European: I. B. Burton, C. Robinson. Fort Victoria Mission District
Native: Alfred Gama, Edward Janda, (Native Mission District)
John Lupahala, Paul Mbono, Emory
Mlalazi, James Moyo, William Moyo, Established 1910
James Ndebele, John Nigani, Philip Address: c/o "Stanhope," P. 0. Fort
Nkomazana, Enoch Wahungana. Victoria, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Licensed Ministers: ' Director: James Moyo.
European: W. Bastiaans. Native Teachers: 3.
Native: S. B. Dube, Dick Mahlahla, Village Schools: 2.
Robert Mhepo, Kgetse Molosiwa,
Joe Moyo, Timothy Moyo, Josin Mission School: 1.
Mushayo, John Ncube, Philemon European Inspector: W. A. Hurlow.

Gwaai Mission Station Director: I. B. Burton.

(Native Mission) Central Day and Boarding School: Eu-
ropean Headmaster, I. B. Burton.
Established 1929
European Teacher: Miss W. R. Tickton.
Address: P. 0. Gwaai Siding, Southern Village Schools: B.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Village School Teachers: 6.
Director: Joe Moyo.
Native Teachers: 4.
Mission School: 1. European Inspector: W. A. Hurlow.
Village Schools: 4.
Native Teachers: 5. Lower Shangani Mission District
European Inspector: R. V Eva. (Native Mission District)
Established 1911
Hanke Mission Station Address: Care Assistant Native Com-
missioner, Shanghai Reserve, P. 0.
(Native Mission) Lonely Mine, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
Established 1910 rica.
Postal Address: P. 0. Selukwe, South- Director: Joshua Ntini.
ern Rhodesia, Africa. Native Teachers: 5.
Director: James Ndebele. Village Schools: 4.
Native Teachers: 10. European Inspector: R. E. Eva.
Mission School: 1.
Village Schools: 5. Mapani Mission Station
European Inspector: W. A. Hurlow. (Native Mission)
Established 1986
Address: c/o Private Bag 25 K, Bula-
Headlands-Mrewa Mission District wayo, Southern Rhodesia.
(Native Mission District) Director: Stephen Nkosi.
Established 1929 Native Teachers: 5.
Address: P. 0. Headlands, Southern Mission School: 1.
Rhodesia, Africa. Village Schools: 4.
Director: Paul Mbono. European Inspector: R. E. Eva.
Native Teachers: 2.
Village School: 1.
,Maranke Mission District
European Inspector: C. Robinson.
(Native Mission District)
Established 1988
Inyazura Mission Station
Address: P. 0. Odzi, Southern Rhode-
Established 1910 sia, Africa.
Address: Inyazura Mission, P. 0. Inya- Director: Enoch Wahungana.
zura, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Native Teachers: 2.
Director: C. Robinson.
European Headmaster: W. Bastiaans. Village Schools: 2.
European- Teacher: Mrs. W. Bastiaans. European Inspector: C. Robinson.
Village School: 1.
Village School Teachers: 3. Midlands Mission District
Native Teachers: 4. (Native Mission District)
Dispensary: Mrs. C. Robinson. Established 1936
Address: c/o Lower Gwelo Mission,
Lower Gwelo Mission Station Box 208, Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia,
(Formerly Somabula) Africa.
Established 1901 Director: John Lupahla.
Village Schools: 8.
Address: Box 208, Gwelo, Southern Rho-
desia, Africa. Native Teachers: 9.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Gwelo. European Inspector: W. A. Hurlow.


(Native Mission District) Churches: Native, 5.
Established 1936 Members: European, 6: native, 1,012.
Total members, 1,018.
Address: c/o Resident Engineer, Ngesi
Dam, P. B. Que Que, Southern Rho-
Director: Robert Mhepo.
Bethel Training College (Native), P.
Nata Mission District 0. Butterworth, C. P., So. Africa.
Bongo Training School, Missao Ad-
(Native Mission District) ventists, Lepi, Distrito de Bengu-
Established 1936 ela, Angola, Portuguese West Af-
Address: c /o Solusi Mission, Bulawayo, Gitwe Training School, via Usumbura,
Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Urundi, Central Africa.
Acting Director: Jeremiah Mobobola. Good Hope Training School, River-
side, Klipfontein Road, Athlone,
Village Schools: 4. Cape Province, South Africa.
Native Teachers: 4. Helderberg College (for Europeans),
Box 22, Somerset West, Cape Prov-
European Inspector: P. B. Fairchild. ince, South Africa.
Hillcrest Secondary School (for Eu-
ropeans), Bollihope Crescent, Mow-
Que Que Mission District bray, Cape Town, South Africa.
(Native Mission District) Ikizu Training School, Ikizu Mission,
P. 0. Musoma, Tanganyika Terri-
Formerly part of Midlands Mission tory, East Africa.
District Kamagambo Training School, Kama-
Established 1943 gambo, P. 0. Kisii, Kenya Colony,
E. Africa.
Address: Care Gunde School, care St. Malamulo Training School, P. 0.
Patrick's Mission, Private Bag, Gwelo, Malamulo, Nyasaland, British Cen-
Southern Rhodesia. tral Africa.
Director: Philip Nkomazana. Nchwanga Training School, P. 0.
Mubende, Uganda, East Africa.
Mission School: 1. Solusi Training School, Bulawayo,
Village School: 1. Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Native Teachers: 2. Publishing:
European Inspector: W. A. Hurlow.
Advent Press, Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu,
Kenya Colony, E. Africa.
Solusi Mission Station Malamulo Press, P. 0. Malamslo,
Nyasaland, British Central Africa.
Established 1894 Sentinel Publishing Co., Rosmead
Ave., Kenilworth, Cape, South Af-
Address: Solusi Mission, Box 573, Bula- rica.
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Director. Medical:
Union Training School (See Educa- Hospitals
tional Institutions). Bongo Mission Hospital, Lepi, An-
Dispensary: F. B. Jewell, Mrs. R. L. gola, Portuguese West Africa.
Garber. Kanye Hospital, Kanye, via Lobatsi,
Trott Baby Welcome Clinic: Mrs. R. L. British Bechuanaland, Africa.
Garber. Kendu Hospital, Gendia, P. 0. Ki-
sumu, Kenya Colony, East Africa.
Lower Gwelo Mission Hospital, Pri-
Tati Mission District vate Bag, Gwelo, Southern Rho-
(Native Mission District) ' Malamulo Mission Hospital and Leper
Established 1940 Colony, Malamulo Mission, P. 0.
Malamulo, Nyasaland, Central Af-
Address: 0/0 Mr. L. R. Tarr, P. 0. rica.
Tsessebe, Bechuanaland Protectorate, Maun Medical Mission Hospital, P. 0.
S. Africa. Maun, via Palapye Road, Bechu-
Director: William Moyo. analand Protectorate.

Mwami Mission Hospital and Leper Lucusse Mission Dispensary, Caixa

Colony, Fort Manning, Northern Postale No. 34, Vila Luzo, Angola,
Rhodesia. Portuguese West Africa.
Ngoma Mission Hospital, P. 0. Luwazi Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Usumbura, Urundi, Central Africa. Nkata Bay, Nyasaland, Africa.
Nokuphila Hospital, Western Native Luz Mission Dispensary, Caixa Postal
Township, Johannesburg, Trans- 33, Vila Luzo, Angola, Portuguese
vaal, South Africa. West Africa.
Songs Mission Hospital, B. P. Ka- Majita Mission Dispensary, Majita
mina, Belgian Congo, Central Af- Mission, P. 0. Musoma, Tangan-
rica. yika. East Africa.
Munguluni Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Dispensaries Munhemade, Districto de Quile-
Busegwe Mission Dispensary, Busegwe mane, Portuguese East Africa.
Mission, P. 0. Musoma, Tangan- Musofu Mission Dispensary, Private
yika, East Africa. Bag, Ndola, Northern Rhodesia,
Cancele Mission Dispensary, P. 0. Africa.
Cancele, via Mount Frere, East Nova Lisboa Dispensary, Caixa Pos-
Griqualand, South Africa. tal No. 3, Nova Lisboa, Angola,
Changamwe Mission Dispensary, P. Portuguese West Africa.
0. Box 273, Mombasa, Kenya, East Ntusu Mission Dispensary, Ntusu Mis-
Africa. sion, P. 0. Maswa, Via Mwalam-
Chimpempe Mission Dispensary, P. 0. paka, Lake. Province, Tanganyika,
Kawambwa, Northeast Rhodesia, East Africa.
Africa. Rusangu Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Mission Siding, Northern Rhodesia,
Cuale Mission Dispensary, Duque de Africa.
Braganca, Malange, Angola, Portu- Rwankeri Mission Dispensary, Rwan-
guese West Africa. keri P. 0., Goma, Kivu, Congo
Gitwe Mission Dispensary, P. 0. Beige, Central Africa.
Usumbura, Urundi, Central Africa. Shiloh Mission Dispensary, Lunsklip,
Ikizu Mission Dispensary, Ikizu Northern Transvaal, South Africa.
Training School, P. 0. Musoma, Solusi Mission Dispensary, Bulawayo,
Tanganyika, East Africa. Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Suji Mission Dispensary, Suji Mission,
Inyazura Mission Dispensary, Inya- P. 0. Makania, Tanga Province,
zura, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Tanganyika, East Africa.
Kirundu Mission Dispensary, Ki- Tekerani Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
rundu, via Kindu, Province Orien- Tekerani, Nyasaland, British Cen-
tale, Congo Beige, Central Africa. tral Africa.
Liumba Hill Dispensary, P. 0. Utimbaru Mission Dispensary, Utim-
Kalabo, Baroteeland, Northern baru Mission, P. 0. Musoma, Tan-
Rhodesia, Africa. ganyika, East Africa.
Organized as the India Union Mission, 1910; reorganized 1919
Territory: India, Burma, Ceylon, and G. Isaiah, R. L. Kimble, F. H. Loasby,
adjacent islands, politically attached, M. 0. Manley, E. W. Pohlman, C. A.
Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Nepal, and Schutt, L. C. Shepard, A. F. Tarr,
Bhutan. E. D. Thomas.
Area: 2,232,057 square miles. Licensed Minister: J. Johannes.
Population: 416,261,569; churches, 171; Credential Missionaries:
members, 7,735. J. S. Dason, R. S. Fernando, C. A.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Hart, W. C. Mackett, I. K. Moses,
ventist," Poona, India. M. S. Prasado Rao, R. E. Rice.
Post Office Address: Box 15, Poona, Licensed Missionaries:
India. Miss L. Baird, Miss E. Binder, Mrs.
Officers: M. G. Champion, Mrs. A. E. Coyne,
Mrs. T. R. Flaiz, Miss B. Gore, Mrs.
President, A. L. Ham. A. L. Ham, P. G. Hart, Mrs. J. Jo-
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. hannes, Mrs. R. L. Kimble, Mrs. G. G.
F. Tarr. Lowry, Mrs. F. H. Loasby, Mrs. W.
Division Committee: A. L. Ham, C. A. C. Mackett, Mrs. M. 0. Manley, Mrs.
Nora Mattison, Mrs. E. W. Pohlman,
Hart, F. H. Loasby, -0. 0. Mattison, Mrs. C. A. Schutt, Mrs. L. C. Shep-
F. M. Meleen, H. C. Menkel, L. G. ard, Miss L. Streeter, Mrs. A. F.
Mookerjee, E. W. Pohlman, L. C. Tarr.
Shepard, F. E. Spiess, A. F. Tarr,
E. D. Thomas. Workers Serving Temporarily in
Departmental Secretaries: Africa
Ordained Ministers:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., E. W. W. W. Christensen, C. A. Boykin, J.
Pohlman. M. Hnatyshyn, L. Huntington, A. E.
Medical, T. R. Flaiz. Rawson.
Ministerial, A. L. Ham. Licensed Missionaries:
Publishing, L. C. Shepard (acting).
Religious Liberty, A. F. Tarr. Mrs. W. W. Christensen, Mrs. C. A.
Sabbath School and Home Missionary, Boykin, I. D. Higgins, Mrs. I. D. Hig-
E. D. Thomas. gins, Mrs. J. M. Hnatyshyn, Mrs. L.
Transportation Agent, A. F. Tarr. Huntington, Mrs. H. M. Kent, Mrs.
Uplift, L. C. Shepard. N. A. Owens, Mrs. A. E. Rawson.
Legal Assn.: "The India Financial As-
Ordained Ministers: sociation of Seventh-day Adventists."
M. G. Champion, J. C. H. Collett, A. Chairman, A. L. Ham, Secretary-
E. Coyne, T. R. Flaiz, A. L. Ham, Treasurer, A. F. Tarr.


Organized 1919
Territory: Burma, including the Shan Licensed Ministers:
States; the Andaman and Nicobar Arthur Ba Tin, Ohn Bwint, Saw U.
Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 14,696,601; churches, 12;
members, 898. John Ba Tin, Baw Dee, Pein Gyi, Po
Han, Mrs. J. Johanson, Tun Kyine,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Rangoon. Aye Maung, Tun Mating, Maung Nee,
Thra Paul, Ma Than Sein, Ma Shwe,
Office Address: 68 U Wisara Road, Ran- Saw Yai.
goon, Burma.
Under the direction of the Division IRRAWADDY DELTA MISSION
Committee. FIELD
Ordained Ministers: Territory: Rangoon, the Delta, Arracan
Deacon David, Chit Maung, Tha My- Division, Andaman and Nicobar Is-
ing, Thra Peter, Myat Po, Po Shwe, lands.
Po Toke. Churches: 7 ; membership, 581.

Address: 68 U Wisara Road, Rangoon, TENASSARIM MISSION FIELD

Territory: Tenassarim District, includ-
Cable Address: "Adventist," Rangoon. ing Toungoo District.
Officers: Churches: 3 ; membership, 193.
Under the direction of the Division Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Karns-
Committee. maung, P. 0. Shwegon, Thaton Diet..
Bassein Mission Station
Under the direction of the Division
Office Address: Kozu Road, P. 0. Box Committee.
23, Bassein, Burma.
Direction: Division Committee.
Kamamaung Mission Station
Village Schools: 4.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kama-
Village School Teachers: 4. maung, P. 0. Shwegon, Thaton Dist.,
Evangelist: Tun Kyine. Burma.
Direction: Division Committee.
Village Schools: 8.
Htugyi Mission Station Village School Teachers: 8.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0.
Htugyi, Henzada Dist., Burma.
Direction: Division Committee. UPPER BURMA MISSION FIELD
Village Schools: 4. Territory: North Burma and Shan
Village School Teachers: 4.
Evangelist: Aye Maung. Churches: 2; membership, 124.
Office Address: Headquarters not yet ea-
Myaungmya- Mission Station Officers:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, My- Under the direction of the Division
aungmya, Burma.
Direction: Division Committee. Evangelist: Po Han.
Village Schools: 4.
Village School Teachers: 4. Shwenyaungbin Mission Station
Direction: Division Committee.
Rangoon Mission Station Evangelists:
Address: 68 U Wisara Road, Rangoon, Baw Dee, Maung Ni.
Burma. Teacher: Ka Yai.
Direction: Division Committee. Village School: 1.


Organized 1919
Territory: Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Or- Officers:
issa, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal. Superintendent, H. G. Woodward.
Area: 343,927 square miles. Secretary, H. G. Woodward.
Population 129,011,968 ; churches, 27 ; Treasurer, R. S. Fernando.
members, 981. Executive Committee: H. G. Wood-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," ward, S. N. Arinda, R. J. Borrow-
Ranchi. dale, J. C. Dean, It. S. Fernando, P. C.
Gayen, G. B. Hoag, C. Jensen, Barko
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Bars- Kisku, P. D. Kujur, 0. W. Lange,
gain, P. 0. Ranchi, B. N. Ry., India. L. G. Mookerjee, W. B. Votaw.

Departmental Secretaries: Jowai Mission Station

Book Depot, S. John. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jowai, Via
Educational, 0. W. Lange. Shillong, Assam, India.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., L. G. Mookerjee. Director: 0. W. Lange.
Medical, High School: 1.
.Publishing, a. B. Hoag.
Ordained Ministers: Vernacular Teachers: 4.
L. G. Mookerjee, H. G. Woodward.
Honorary: James Besra, Benjamin Shillong Mission Station
Peters .
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nongthym-
Licensed Ministers: mai, Shillong, Assam, India.
Leonard Hare, G. B. Hoag, Ronald
Shorter. Director: C. J. Jensen.
Honorary: P. N. Paroi. Church School: 1.
Licensed Missionaries: Evangelists: 2.
Mrs. Leonard Hare, Mrs. G. B. Hoag, Vernacular Teachers, 3.
Mrs. L. G. Mookerjee, Miss Sarojini
Sarkar, Mrs. Roland Shorter, Mrs. H.
G. Woodward.
Office Workers:
.S. N, Dass, P. K. Gayen, It. K. Pan- Territory: Bihar.
edit, P. K. Sarkar. Area: 126,745 square miles.
Population: 42,340,151 ; churches, 12;
Territory: Assam. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Karmatar,
Area: 75,014 square miles. S. P. District, E. I. Rly., India.
Population: 11,180,000 ; church, 1; mem- Officers:
bers, 59.
Superintendent and Secretary, R. J.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nongthym- Borrowdale.
mai, Shillong, Assam, India. Treasurer, R. S. Fernando.
Officers: Executive Committee:cR. J. Borrow-
Superintendent and Secretary, C. J. dale, R. N. Dass, R. S. Fernando,
Jensen. Barko Kisku, P. D. Kujtir, B. Now-
Treasurer, R. S. Fernando. rangi, W. B. Votaw.
Executive Committee: C. J. Jensen, R. Departmental Secretaries:
S. Fernando, 0. Gatphoh, C. B. Israel, Educational, R. J. Borrowdale.
0. W. Lange, S. K. Mawilang, R. E. Sabbath School, Home Missionary, and
Rajee. Y. P. M. V., S. K. Besra.
Departmental Secretaries: Publishing, G. B. Hoag.
Educational, 0. W. Lange. Ordained Ministers:
Publishing, G. B. Hoag.
Sabbath School and Home Missionary, R. J. Borrowdale, Barko Kisku, P. D.
C. J. Jensen. Kujur, W. B. Votaw.
Y. P. M. V., C. B. Israel. Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: S. K. Besra, R. N. Dass, Ohma Ekka,
C. J. Jensen, 0. W. Lange. B. Nowrangi.
Licensed Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:
C. B. Israel, R. E. Rajee. Mrs. R. J. Borrowdale, Mrs. W. B.
Licensed Missionaries: Indian Workers: 24.
Miss M. V. Broderson, Mrs. C. J. Jen- Village Schools: 2.
sen, Mrs. 0. W. Lange.
Indian Workers: 9. Boarding Schools: 2.
High School: 1. Stations: Aprol, Bagri, Baragain, Bas-
mata, Chota, Ghagra, Kamatar,
Church School: 1. Khunti, Kolyan, Moro, Oraon, Patra-
Stations: Shillong, Jowai, Mawkaiew, toly Taku, Pomea, Ranchi, Raniya,
Molong, Thaintynrsh. Ronhe, Sardikal, Solbandha, Tilsiri.

Karmatar Mission Station Boarding School: 1.

Address: S. D. A. Mission, Karmatar, Stations: Barabisha, Barisal, Betkachia,
S. P. District, E. I. Rly., India. Buruabaree, Chakoakheti, Gopalganj,
Jalirpar, Kalikapur, Khulna, Narikel-
Director: R. J. Borrowdale. tala, Sitpur, Suagram.
Boarding School: 1.
Vernacular Teachers: 8. Gopalganj Mission Station
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gopalganj
Khunti Mission Station P. 0., Faridpur Dist., Bengal, India.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Khunti Post Director: T. C. Bairagee.
Office, Ranchi District, India. Evangelists and Workers: 15.
Director: W. B. Votaw.
Boarding School: 1. Jalirpar Mission Station
Vernacular. Teachers: 3. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jalirpar P.
Evangelists and Workers: 3. 0., Faridpur District, Bengal, India.
Director: S. K. Haldar.
Oraon Mission Station Boarding School: 1.
Address: S. D. A. Mission Siramcoly, Teachers, Evangelists and Workers: 6.
Ranchi District, India.
Evangelists and Workers:. 4. Territory: Orissa.
Area: 57,392 square miles.
Santal Mission Station
Population: 13.369,817.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chota Sol-
bandha, P. 0. Sahebganj, E. I. R. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Baragain,
Loop Line, S. P. District, India. Ranchi, Bihar, India.
Director: Barko Kisku. O fficers:
Evangelists and Workers: 4. Superintendent and Secretary, H. G.
Treasurer, R. S. Fernando.
EAST BENGAL MISSION FIELD Executive Committee: The 'Union
Territory: East Bengal. Committee.
Area: 45,000 sq. miles. Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 38,000,000; churches, 11; The Union Deparmental Secretaries.
members, 237. Indian Worker: 1.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gopalganj Station: Khurda.
P. 0., Faridpur District, Bengal
Superintendent and Secretary, L. G. Territory: West Bengal.
Mookerjee. Area:. 37,958 square miles.
Treasurer, R. S. Fernando. Population: 24,122,000; churches, 3:
Executive Committee: L. G. Mooker- members, 190.
jee, S. N. Arinda, T. C. Bairagee, R. Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Park St.,
S. Fernando, P. . C. Gayen, S. K. Calcutta, India.
Haldar, U. N. Haldar.
Departmental Secretaries: Officers:
Educational, P. C. Gayen. Superintendent and Secretary, H. G.
Publishing, G. B. Hoag. Woodward.
Sabbath School and Home Missionary, Treasurer, R. S. Fernando.
S. K. Haldar. Executive Committee: H. G. Wood-
Y. P. M. V., J. N. Dass. ward, G. C. Arinda, J. C. Dean, K. S.
Ordained Ministers: Ekka, R. S. Fernando, U. N. Haldar,
L. G. Mookerjee, N. G. Mookerjee.
T. C. Bairagee, P. C. Gayen.
Ordained Minister: U. N. Haldar.
Licensed Ministers:
I. B. Bairagee, B. K. Haldar, S. C. Indian Workers: 9.
Madhu. Village Schools: 2.
Indian Workers: 23. Stations: Akelpur, Beldanga, Bogra,
Village Schools: 3. Chuadanga, Hilli, Labdakathal,

Calcutta Mission Station Church School: 1.

Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Park Teachers: 3.
Street, Calcutta, India. Evangelists: 2.
Director: J. C. Dean. . Chuadanga Mission Station
Ordained Minister: J. C. Dean. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chuadanga
P. 0., Nadia District, Bengal, India.
Licensed Minister: G. C. Arinda.
Licensed Missionaries: Village Schools: 2.
Mrs. J. C. Dean. Miss V. Dean, Miss Vernacular Teachers: 2.
U. Dean, Mrs. N. G. Mookerjee. Indian Workers: 2.


Organized 1919; reorganized 1929; reorganized 1937
Territory: Punjab, United Provinces, Johnson, Mrs. H. M. Kent, Mrs. 0. 0.
Delhi Province, Rajputana, Sind, Mattison, Mrs. R. P. Morris, Solomon
Kashmir, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, M. Moses, Mrs. A. E. Nelson, Judson
Northwest Frontier Province, with Thomas, Mrs. T. R. Torkelson.
connected native States.
Teacher Evangelists:
Population: 120,072,000; churches, 19;
members, 1,486. Mrs. Phoebe Chand, D. C. Hunter,
L. Narhan.
Office Address: 23 Curzon Road, New
Delhi, India. Regular Colporteurs:
Officers: J. M. Abraham, K. M. David, E. Gib-
Superintendent, 0. 0. Mattison. son, Inayat Ham, M. H. Lucia, Sadio
Mall, A. B. Scott.
Secretary-Treasurer, Miss M. H. Bel-
Executive Committee: 0. 0. Mattison,
L. E. Allen, Miss M. H. Belchambers, EAST PUNJAB MISSION
Faqir Chand, B. R. Howard, D. S.
Johnson, H. M. Kent, A. E. Nelson, Organized 1942
Munshi Ram, R. J. Ritchie, Miss T. E.
Sandberg. Territory: Part of Punjab Province.
Departmental Secretaries: Churches: 4; members 273.
Educational, E. W. Pohlman. Address: 102 Braganza Buildings, Ghari
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Shahu, Lahore, India.
and Y. P. M. V., Miss T. E. Sand-
berg. Officers:
Manager of Book Dept., Solomon
M. Moses. Superintendent, Faqir Chain'.
Medical, H. C. Menke]. Secretary-Treasurer, Samuel Rai.
Publishing, H. M. Kent.
Executive Committee: Faqir Chand,
Ordained Ministers: L. E. Allen, Umar Din, Jhande Khan,
L. E. Allen, H. Baird, H. M. Kent, Samuel Rai,
R. P. Morris, 0. 0. Mattison, H. C.
Menke!, A. E. Nelson, R. J. Ritchie, Departmental Secretaries:
V. W. Stoktesbury, T. R. Torkelson. Educational and Home Missionary,
Licensed Ministers: Faqir Chand.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Sam-
Inayat . Chand, Hakim Din, C. H. uel Rai.
Hamel, D. S. Johnson.
Credentialed Missionaries: Ordained Ministers:
Faqir Chand, Viru Mall.
Miss M. H. Belchambers, Miss V.
Chilton, E. H. Joseph, Mrs. E. Mey- Licensed Minister: Umar Din.
ers, Mrs. 0. W. Molds, Miss T. E.
Sandberg. Credentialed Missionaries:
Licensed Missionaries: Sultan Ahmed, Nabi Baksh, Alla
Mrs. L. E. Allen, Mrs. H. Baird, Noel Ditta, 2d, R. A. Ditta, Jhande, Kahn,
Hoist, Mrs. C. H. Hamel, Mrs. D. S. Fazal Masih, Samuel Rai, C. Samuel.

Licensed Missionary: Mangal Dass. SIND LOCAL MISSION FIELD

Teacher Evangelists: Organized 1937
Makhan Chad, Nawab Din, Mrs. B.
John, Rahmat Peter. Territory: Sind Province.
Area: 46,378 sq. miles.
Population: 4,535,000; church, 1; mem-
Organized 1942 bers, 65.
Territory: Part of Punjab Province. Address: 91 Depot Lines, Karachi, In-
Churches, 5 ; members, 332. dia.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chuharkana Officers:
Mandi, Sheikupura Dist., Punjab, In- Superintendent, 0. 0. Mattison.
dia. Secretary-Treasurer, Miss M. H. Bel-
Officers: chambers.
Superintendent, Munshi Ram. Executive Committee: The Union
Secretary-Treasurer, F. M. Sajid. Committee.
Executive Committee: Munshi Ram,
F. M. Sajid, L. E. Allen, B. Peter,
Prem Masih, Barkat Masih, 2d. Karachi Mission Station
Ordained Ministers: Address: 91 Depot Lines, Karachi,
Munshi Ram, B. Peter. India.
Licensed Ministers: Director: R. J. Ritchie.
Hernam Dass, F. M. Sajid, Barkat Other Workers: 3.
Masih, 1st, Gulam Masih, Prem Ma-
sih, Akbar Masih.
Credentialed Missionaries: UNITED PROVINCES MISSION
Abdul Aziz, L. Daniel, Chirag Din. FIELD
Alla Ditta, 1st, Labdu Mall, Mengha
Mall, Inayat Masih, K. Peter. Organized 1919; Reorganized 1937
Teacher Evangelists: and 1942
Miss Daulat Chand, Abid A. Ditta, Territory: United Provinces and Delhi
Miss Rajan Mall, B. M. Kahn, Miss Province.
Hidayat Kahn, J. M. Kahn.
Population: 55,939,000; churches, 9 ;
members, 816.
Chuharkana Mission Station Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hapur, Mee-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chuharkana rut District, U. P., India.
Mandi, Sheikupura District, Punjab, Officers:
Superintendent, B. A. Howard.
Director: Munshi Ram. Secretary-Treasurer, D. M. Rai.
Executive Committee: B. A. Howard,
Gujranwala Mission Station Chandersen, D. M. Rai, T. R. Tor-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gujranwala,
Punjab, India. Departmental Secretaries:
Director: Munshi Ram. Y. P. M. V. and Educational, B. A.
.Village School: 1. Howard.
Vernacular Teachers: 2. Sabbath School and Home Missionary,
D. M. Rai.

Lahore (English) Station Ordained Ministers:

Address: S. D. A. Mission, Mozang A. Gardner, B. A. Howard.
Road, Lahore, India. Licensed Ministers:
Director: V. W. Stotesbury. G. D. Bates, Chandersen, S. Collings,
Masih Dayal, Edward Gardner, Par-
ker Howard, Sher Singh.
Rawalpindi Mission Station
Address: 162 Mackeson Road, Rawal- Credentialed Missionaries:
pindi, India. Albert Chand, Masih Charan, Sunder
Director: H. Baird. Das, Hira Lall, D. M. Rai, M. C,

Singh, Nihal Singh, Nirmal Singh, Lucknow (English) Station

Francis Wray.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 17 Abbott
Missionary License: C. D. Gardner. Road, Lucknow, India.
Teacher Evangelists: Director: A. E. Nelson.
Dal Chand, Miss Elsie Gardner, B. S.
Gilbert, D. Jackson, Miss Laura John,
J. M. Salik, Kishen Singh, Ram Swa- Lucknow (Vernacular) Station
Address: 11 Blunt Square, Maweya,
Other Workers: 2. Lucknow, India.
Director: Edward Gardner.
Allahabad Mission Station Village Schools: 2.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 8 Cawnpore Vernacular Teachers: 4.
Road, Allahabad, U. P., India.
Director: A. E. Nelson.
Moradabad Mission Station
Delhi Mission Station
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Moradabad,
Address: 99 Darya Gunj, Delhi, India. U. P., India.
Director: B. A. Howard. Director: Chandersen.

Saharanpur District Mission Station

Hapur Mission Station
Address: S. D. A. Mission, "The Re-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hapur, Mee- treat," Roorkee, U. P., India.
rut District, U. P., India. Director: A. Gardner.
Director: B. A. Howard. Other Workers: 2.


Organized 1919

Territory: The Madras Presidency with Sabbath School, E. D. Thomas (act-

its neighboring native states, includ- ing).
ing such parts of Hyderabad State as
are allied thereto by languages; Cey- Ordained Ministers:
lon, the Maldive and Lacadive Is- R. A. Gardner, .7. Johanson, E. M.
lands. Meleen, H. M. Peak, (on furlough),
C. A. W. Ritchie, 0. A. Skau (on
Population: 79,253,000; churches, 97; furlough), E. D. Willmott.
members, 3,703.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Licensed Ministers:
Bangalore, India. C. Alexander, M. D. Kodan, L. J.
Office Address: S. D. _A. Mission, 9 Larson, Y. G. Thomas, Ch. B. Wil-
Cunningham Road, Bangalore, South liams, T. V. Zachariah.
India. Honorary: F. W. Hill.
Officers: Credentialed Missionary: M. Amirtham.
Superintendent, E. M. Meleen (on Licensed Missionaries:
furlough). Mrs. R. A. Garner, E. J. Hiscox, Miss
Secretary-Treasurer, R. A. Garner. G. Hurd, Mrs. A. F. Jessen, Mrs. J.
Executive Committee: E. T. Austin, Johanson, R. Juriansz, Mrs. L. J.
G. P. Crussiah, R. A. Garner, G. Gur- Larson, Mrs. E. D. Willmott.
ubatham, 0. Israel, A. F. Jessen, Other Workers:
J. A. Johanson, P. .7. Kelly, E. M.
Meleen, P. T. Paul, S. Thomas. Mrs. D. E. Martinz, Miss M. Sterling.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., E. W. CEYLON MISSION FIELD
Pohlman (acting). Territory: Ceylon and Maldive Islands.
Home Missionary and Publishing,
J. A. Johanson. Population: 6,080,000; churches, 4;
Medical, members, 216.

Office Address: "St. Anthony," Dehi- Licensed Missionary: Miss E. Dyer.

wala Road, Nugegoda, Ceylon.
Other Workers:
Officers: Mrs. E. T. Austin, J. Bhasker, S. G.
Superintendent, A. F. Jessen. David, R. John, Miss S. Joyce, Miss
Secretary-Treasurer, A. F. Jessen. M. Matthews, V. Navaratnam, Miss
Executive Committee: A. F. Jessen, L. Phillips, Miss G. Quinn, R. S.
P. Lobo, A. R. Peiries, Y. G. Praka- Sathyaseelappa, S. Stephen, K. M.
sam, D. S. Wijesinghe. Sunanda.
Departmental Secretaries: Credentialed Missionary: M. Amirtham.
Educational, Home Missionary, Pub- Stations: Bangalore, Doddagazanur,
lishing, and Sabbath School, A. F. Kaliyur, Kollegal, Mercara, Mysore
Jessen. City, Nagavali.
Y. P. M. V., P. Lobo.
Ordained Minister: A. F. Jessen.
A. R. Peiries, Y. G. Prakasam. FIELD
Licensed Missionaries: Organized 1942
M. Dason, D. Gnansundram, P. Jo-
nahs, P. Lobo, E. W. Matthews. Territory: All territory in the Malaya-
lam field north of the Trivandrum po-
Other Workers: litical division.
D. Corteling, P. Dias, S. De Silva, J. Population: 12,300,000 North and South
Fernando, H. M. Goontileke, A. Ja- Malayalam fields ; churches, 7 ; mem-
vasundra, C. P. Jonahs, S. Joseph, B. bers, 263.
Juriansz, E. Juriansz, R. Koilpillai,
Mildred de Mel, Mrs. E. K. Taylor, Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
D. E. Wijesinghe. Mission, Vadavathoor, Kanjikode P.O.,
Stations: via Kottayam, Travancore, South
Colombo, Kottawa, Moratawa, Jaffna,
Nugegoda, Batticaloa. Officers:
Superintendent, E. M. Meleen (act-
ing) ; Assistant, P. T. Paul.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. A. Garner
Territory: Mysore State, North and Executive Committee: M. Bhaggian,
South Coorg, Kollegal Taluk, Doddo- L. C. Charles, R. A. Garner, L. J.
gazanur, and that portion of North Larson, S. S. Lazarus, E. M. Meleen,
Kanara not included in Western P. T. Paul, K. S. Peter.
India. Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, 6 ; Educational, L. J. Larson.
members, 288. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V.,
Office Address: 9 Cunningham Road, Publishing, P. T. Paul.
Bangalore, South India.
Officers Ordained Minister: K. S. Peter.
Superintendent, E. T. Austin (act- Licensed Ministers:
ing). M. Bhaggian, L. C. Charles.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. A. Garner.
Executive Committee: E. T. Austin, Licensed Missionaries:
N. Y. Chelliah, R. A. Garner, C. K. C. D. John, S. S. Lazarus, K. R.
John, Pastor Bangalore church. Mathew. -
Departmental Secretaries: Other Workers:
Educational and Home Missionary, M. J. Ahimaz, M. Berghese, P. M.
E. T. Austin. Jacob, P. I. Manuel, M. Verghese.
Publishing. J. A. Johanson.
Sabbath School, C. K. John. Stations: Ayroor, Chenyalam, Elan-
thoor, Kakikam, Kottayam, Kidan-
Ordained Ministers: gannoor, Kumbanad, Kunnamkulam,
E. T. Austin, C. K. John. Meenadam, Meyannor, Muhamma,
Patnamthitta, Perumkulam, Thiru-
Licensed Ministers: vella Thumpamon, Vadavathoor,
-N. Y. Chelliah, C. John. Venniculam.

NORTH TAMIL MISSION FIELD Publishing, E. S. Sudarsanam.

Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., T.
Organized 1942 Prakasam.
Territory: North Arcot, South Arcot, Ordained Ministers:
Chingleput, Salem, Coimbatore (Ex-
cluding such portion as is being M. P. Daniel, 0. Israel.
worked in the Kanarese language), Licensed Ministers:
Nilgiri Hills, Trichinopoly, Tanjore,
Ramnad, Madura, Tinnevelly (North Ch. Devasahayam, E. N. William.
of Kovilpatti), Palni Hills, Puduko- Licensed Missionaries:
tah State, Pondicherry, Karaikal.
P. D. Asirvadam, M. Benjamin, L. S.
Population: 21,673,000 (both North and Philip, P. Sundar Rao, G. N. Solo-
South Tamil Missions) ; churches, 13 ; mon, K. Solomon, I. Subhoosanam, N.
members, 468. Subraman yam.
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist Other Workers:
Mission 51 Subramaniapuram Main
Road, Madura, South India. L. B. Devasikhamony, J. James.
Officers: Licensed Teacher-Evangelists:
Superintendent, S. Thomas. M. Jeevarathnam, Ch. Krupavaram,
Secretary-Treasurer, D. David. G. Prasada Rao, G. Samuel.
Executive Committee: S. Thomas, Stations: Antervedipalam, Arthamuru,
A. M. Jesudawson, C. John, M. K. Antervedi, Bobili, Chilukuru, Ganti-
Samuel, A. Selvanayagam, N. Vina- pedapudi, Gudapalli, Gummulur, Ke-
yagam. sanapalli, Lakkawaram, Mandapetta,
Departmental Secretaries: Maredubaka, Mirthipadu, Narendra-
puram, Narsapur, Rajahmundry, Rus-
Educational, tambada, Sakinetipalli, Sreerangapat-
Sabbath School and Home Mission- tam, Venuguvanilanka, Viswasahaya-
ary, S. Thomas. puram, Vizagapatam, Vizianagaram,
Publishing M. K. Samuel. Yedithi.
Ordained Ministers:
S. Thomas, A. Selvanayagam, A. M. SOUTH MALAYALAM MISSION
Jesudawson. FIELD
Licensed Minister: N. Vinayagam. Organized 1942
Stations: Alagianalloor, Coonoor, Kali- Territory: Trivandrum political division,
kappan, Kalloorany, Kariananthal, with the exception of that territory
Ketti, Madras, Madura, Maniampala- included in the Tamil Mission.
yam, Nachipalayam, Ootacamund,
Pondicherry, Puthur, Thevaram, Ti- Population: 12,500,000 North and South
rupur, Trichinopoly, Virudhunagar, Malayalam fields ; churches, 17 ; mem-
Yellagiri Hills. bers, 825.
Office Address: South Malayalam Mis-
NORTH TELUGU MISSION FIELD sion of Seventh-day Adventists, Nan-
thencode, Trivandrum, Travancore,
Organized 1942 South Inida.
Territory: East and West Godavari Officers:
Districts, and all territory north to Superintendent, G. P. Crussiah.
Orissa. Secretary-Treasurer, A. D. Jackson.
Population: 14,000,000 ; churches, 15 ; Executive Committee: G. P. Crussiah,
members, 515. V. Jacob, A. D. Jackson, P. S. John-
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist son, J. Joshua, L. J. Larson, S. Na-
Mission, Danavayapet, Rajahmundry, thaniel, P. T. Paul.
East Godavari District, India. Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Educational, L. J. Larson.
Superintendent, 0. Israel. Home Missionary, G. P. Crussiah.
Secretary-Treasurer, T. Prakasam. Sabbath School, J. Joshua.
Publishing, P. T. Paul.
Executive Committee: 0. Israel, Ch. Y. P. M. V., A. D. Jackson.
Devasahayam, I. B. Devasikhamony,
T. Prakasam, E. S. Sudarsanam, Ch. Ordained Ministers:
B. William, E. N. William. A. C. Jacob, J. Joshua.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Ministers:
Educational, 0. Israel. G. P. Crussiah, V. Jacob, P. S. John-
Home Missionary, 0. Israel. son, S. Nallathamby, S. Nathaniel.

Licensed Missionaries: Ponniah, Miss Rebecca, Miss Joy Su-

K. G. Dason, G. Dhermadass, A. D. girtham, I. It. Thomas, Y. G. Thomas.
Jackson, C. P. John, A. Joseph, T. M. Other Workers:
Joseph, K. P. Kurian, M. J. Laban,
Mrs. Mary, M. C. Moses, J. Paul, M. Arputhem, T. Gomer, M. Isaac, A.
T. M. Sigamony. Manuel, P. Masilamoney, G. Mathew,
S. Sundaram.
Licensed Teacher Evangelists: Stations: Achampatty, Adyalmuthaloor,
J. Gabriel, A. I. Lazarus, V. S. Arunachalapuram, Dennishpuram,
Sastry. Gurugatoor, Kottoor, Kumarikulam,
Moolachi, Nagercoil, Palamcottah,
Other Workers: Palaniyappapuram, Prakasapuram,
J. Gabriel, A. I. Lazarus, V. S. Sac- Sarodu, Sawyerpuram, Sivagnanapu-
try, P. J. Theophilus. ram, Tuticorin, Valliyoor, Vellachivel-
Stations: Adventpuram, Alukadu, Aru-
mana, Aruvicodu, Kakamoola, Kan-
jiramkonam, Karamana, Kizanguvila,
Kotothamangalam, Kulathamal, Ku- SOUTH TELUGU MISSION FIELD
lathoor, Kunnathukal, Manjavilakam, Organized 1942
Mylady, Nedumangode, Oondencodu,
Panavoor, Pandarathara, Parasala, Territory: Kistna and Guntur Districts,
Paruthipally, Poojapura, Trivandrum, Hyderabad State and all territory
Vadacodu, Vattioorkavoo, Venganoor, south to Madras.
Population: 14,000,000; churches, 15 ;
members, 471.
Organized 1942 Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
Mission, Nuzvid, Kistna District,
Territory: Tinnevelly District and South India.
Tamil speaking section of South Tra- Officers:
vancore (that portion of Travancore
State lying south and east of the Superintendent, P. J. Kelly.
river which runs immediately north Secretary-Treasurer, B. S. Moses.
of Marthandam.) Executive Committee: Ch. Devadass,
Population: 11,216,260 ; churches, 18 ; Ch. John, P. J. Kelly, B. S. Moses,
members, 603. E. S. Sudarsanam.
Office Address: Seventh-day. Adventist Departmental Secretaries:
Mission, Trivandrum Road, Nagercoil, Educational and Home Missionary,
S. Travancore, South India. P. J. Kelly.
Officers: Publishing, E. S. Sudarsanam.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., B.
Superintendent, G. Gurubatham. S. Moses.
Secretary-Treasurer, Enos David.
Executive Committee: M. Arputham, Ordained Ministers::
Enos David, G. Gurubatham, Job Mil- Ch. Devadass, Ch. John, P. J. Kelly.
ler, C. Moses, M. I. Pakkianathan,
M. K. Samuel. Licensed Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: M. B. Laban, B. S. Moses, E. S. Sun-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., M. I.
Pakkianathan. Honorary: G. C. Joseph.
Publishing, M. K. Samuel. Other Workers:
Sabbath School and Home Missionary.
G. Gurubatham. J. C. David, P. Devadanam, K. Elijah;
P. Jacob, M. Jeevaratnam, P. Moses,
Ordained -Ministers: M. V. Nehemiah, D. Raju, P. D. S.
S. N. David, P. K. David, G. Guruba- Prasada Rao, R. S. P. Rao, N. Rat-
tham, C. Moses, M. I. Pakkainathan. nam, D. Samuel, K. Satyanandam,
T. R. Thomas, L. D. Wilson, M. Yesu-
Licensed Ministers: rathnam.
S. K. Arumanayagam, Job Miller.
Stations: Atkuru, Bzwada, Chenderla-
Licensed Missionaries: padu, Doddadevearapadu, Dondapuda,
Enos David, K. Joseph, S. Seenivasa- Gopavaram, Guntur, Hanumanthu-
gam, G. A. Yesudian. nigudem, Keesaru, Madhavaram, Ma-
sulipatam, Mogalarajapuran, Nandi-
School Workers: gama, Narsaravupeta, Nuzvid, Peda-
. I. Chelliah, E. Duraiswamy, Mrs. Gna- pudi, Pekkellapadu, Woodpeta, Yela-
napu Joseph, M. D. Kodan, N. Y. mandala.
Organized 1929; reorganized 1937 and 1941

Territory: Bombay Presidency, the Director: W. J. McHenry.

padu, Doddadevearapadu, Dondapuda, Licensed Missionaries:
thereto by language, Central India;
Central Provinces with related native D. P. Borge, K. E. Bunsode, Mrs.
states, and Goa. W. J. McHenry, M. D. Moses.
Population: 73,228,000 ; churches, 16 ; Bible Instructor: Gracebai Bhakre.
members, 667. Village Schools: 2.
Postal Address: Box 64, Poona, India.
Officers: Central Province Mission Station
Superintendent, F. E. Spiess. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Tent Lines,
Secretary Treasurer, I. K. Moses. Nagpur, Central Province, India.
Executive Committee: S. P. Engles, Members: 33.
G. A. Hamilton, B. J. Hivale, J.
Janes, J. Johannes, C. N. John, R. S. Evangelist: H. C. Lamb.
Lowry, W. H. McHenry, W. J. Mc-
Henry, I. K. Moses, F. E. Spiess.
Departmental Secretaries: Gujerati Mission Station
Education, R. S. Lowry. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nanpura,
Home Missionary, W. Janes. Surat, India.
Publishing, W. Janes. Church: 1 ; members, 40.
Sabbath School, Mrs. F. E. Spiess. Director: J. Johannes.
Y. P. M. V.,
Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Minister: F. E. Spiess.
J. Johannes, C. K. Rathod.
Licensed Minister: R. S. Lowry.
Honorary: G. S. Borge. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Missionaries: T. S. Arlie, Mrs. J. Johannes, V. T.
Mrs. R. S. Lowry, N. Matthews, Mrs.
F. E. Spiess. Corpolteur: J. P. Christian.
Honorary: 0. B. Pakhre, J. L. Wal-
ekhar. Kalyan Mission Station
Teacher Evangelists:
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalyan,
S. B. Gaikwad, C. N. John, B. H. Bombay Province, India.
Kale, S. L. Khandagle, Sumitra Pan-
dit, Hanabai Ranade, P. M. Thomas. Church: 1 ; members, 17.
Other Workers: Director: F. E. Spiess.
V. Raju, K. Gopal Rao. Licensed Missionary: S. P. Engles.

Bombay Mission Station Kolhapur Mission Station

Address: 15 Club Back Road, Byculla, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Shahupuri,
Bombay, India. Kolhapur, India.
Churches: 2 ; members, 58. Churches: 5 ; members, 156.
Director: G. A. Hamilton.
Director: F. E. Spiess.
Ordained Minister: G. A. Hamilton.
Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Missionaries:
M. P. Jadhav, V. P. Muthiah, S. S.
Mrs. G. A. Hamilton, H. P. Khajekar, Pandit.
Miss F. Tuckey.
Colporteur: Mrs. D. M. Garton. Teacher Evangelists:
D. P. Bunsode, S. B. Devade, B. P.
Central Marathi Mission Station Nade, Esterbai S. Sanade, V. S.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Lasalgaon,
Nasik District, India. Bible Instructor: Dayabai Gaikwad.-
Churches: 3 ; members, 183. Village Schools: 5.

Poona Mission Station Prakasapuram Secondary Boarding

Address: S. D. A. Mission, Post Box 64, School, S. D. A. -Mission, Praka-
sapuram, Mukuperi Post, Tinne-
Poona, India. velly District, South India.
Churches: 3 ; members, 180. Rangoon Elementary Church School,
Director: F. E. Spiess. 68 Wisara Road, Rangoon, Burma.*
Roorkee Secondary Boarding School,
Ordained Minister: W. H. McHenry. The Retreat, Roorkee, U. P., India.
Licensed Minister: P. E. Phasge. Shillong Elementary Day School,
Nongthymmai, Shillong, Assam.
Licensed Missionaries: Spicer Missionary College, Aundh
Mrs. W. H. McHenry, D. N. Ohal. Road, Kirkee, near Poona, India.
Vincent Hill School and Junior Col-
Teacher-Evangelists: lege, Mussoorie, India.
S. S. Chavan, A. M. Job, K. S. Rassa-
lam, Mrs. W. L. Sharalaya. Publishing:
Evangelists: P. E. Phasge. Oriental Watchman Publishing House,
Elementary School: 1 ; Dispensary, 1. Post Box 36, Poona, India; With
depots at Bangalore, New Delhi,
Rangoon, Ranchi, Poona.
Sanitariums and Hospitals
Giffard Mission Hospital of S. D. A.,
Bangalore Secondary Day School, Nuzvid, Kistna District, South In-
S. D. A. Mission School, 3 Spencer dia.
Road, Cleveland Town, Bangalore. Gopalganj Hospital, S. D. A. Mission
Calcutta Elementary Day School, 36 Hospital, P. 0. Gopalganj, District
Park St., Calcutta, India. Faridpur, Bengal, India.
Chuharkana Elementary Boarding Simla Sanitarium, "Canton House,"
School, Chuharkana, N. W. Rly., Simla, India.
Punjab, India. Surat Hospital, S. D. A. Mission,
Hapur Elementary Boarding School, Surat, Bombay Presidency, India.
S. D. A. Mission, Hapur, U. P.,
India. Dispensaries
Jalirpar Secondary Boarding School, Adayal Mudalur Dispensary, Tinne-
S. D. A., Mission, P. 0. Jalirpar, velly District, South India.
Faridpur District, East Bengal, Brightlands Nursing Home, Bright-
India. lands, Maymyo, Burma.*
Jowai Secondary Boarding School, Chuharkana Dispensary, Chuharkana
Jowai, Via Shillong, Assam, India. Mandi, Punjab, India.
Karmatar Secondary Boarding School, Hapur Dispensary, S. D. A. Mission,
S. D. A. Mission, Karmatar, E. I. Hapur, Meerut District, India.
Rly., India. Htugyi Dispensary, S. D. A. Mission,
Khunti Elementary Boarding School, Htugyi, Burma.*
Khunti, Ranchi District, India. Kottarakara Dispensary, S. D. A.
Kollegal Elementary Boarding School, Mission, Kottarakara, Travancore,
Kollegal, Coimbatore District, In- South India.
dia. Meiktila Dispensary, Meiktila, Burma.*
Kottarakara Secondary Boarding Myaungmya Dispensary, Mosokwin,
School, Kottarakara, South Travan- Rd., Mayaungmya, Burma.*
core, South India. Narsapur Mission Dispensary, S. D.
Kottawa Secondary Boarding School, A. Mission, Narsapur, W. Godavary
Kottawa, Pannipittiya, Colombo, District, South India.
Ceylon. Ohndaw Dispensary, Ohndaw, Swe-
Lasalgaon Elementary Boarding gon P. 0., Thaton District, Burma.*
School, Lasalgaon, Nasik District, Palaniappapuram Dispensary, Pala-
India. niappapuram, Tinnevelly District,
Meiktila Secondary Boarding School, South India.
Meiktila, Burma.* Prakasapuram Dispensary, Prakasa-
Myaungmya Elementary School, S. D. puram, Mukuperi Post, Tinnevelly
A. Mission, Myaungmya, Burma.* District, South India.
Narsapur Secondary Boarding School Shwenyaungbin Dispensary, Shwen-
of S. D. A.; Narsapur, West Goda- yaungbin, Burma.
vary, South India. Spicer College Dispensary, Aundh
Ohndaw Elementary Boarding School, Road, Kirkee, Near Poona, India.
Ohn daw, Shwegon P. 0., Thaton Votaw Welfare Center, Salisbury
District, via Moulmein, Burma.* Park, Poona, India.
Poona Elementary Day School, Salis-
bury Park, Poona, India. * Closed owing to war.
Organized 1928

The official and workers' lists here bfficers:

given for the Southern European Di-
vision and its union and local fields President, A. V. Olson.
are the same as those appearing in Secretary, W. R. Beach.
the 1943 Year Book, with the tem- Treasurer and Auditor, F. Brennwald.
porary addition of those of Bulgaria Division Committee: A. V. Olson,
and Greece. W. R. Beach, L. Beer, F. Brennwald,
Territory: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, F. Charpiot, J. de Caenel, D. Flores,
France, Hungary, Monaco, Belgium, R. Gerber, A. J. Girou, A. Lorencin,
Luxembourg, Spain, Andorra, Portu- 0. Meyer, J. Nussbaum, H. Struve.
gal, Italy, Vatican State, San Marino,
Jugoslavia, Rumania, Tripolitania, Departmental Secretaries:
Cyrenaica, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Educational, W. R. Beach.
Morocco, Tangier, Rio de Oro, Mau- Home Missionary, H. Struve.
ritania, Senegal, Portuguese Guinea, Medical and Religious Liberty, .1.
the Azores Islands, Madeira, Canary Nussbaum, 49 avenue de la Grande
Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Mada- Armee, Paris 16, France.
gascar, Reunion, Mauritius and De- Ministerial Association, A. V. Olson.
pendencies, the Seychelles Islands, Co- Publishing, F. Charpiot.
moro Islands, also Bulgaria and Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Greece ; comprising the Franco-Bel- Robert Gerber.
gian, Hungarian, Swiss, Rumanian,
and Jugoslavian Union Conferences; Ordained Ministers:
the Portuguese, Italian, North Afri-
can, and Indian Ocean Union Mis- W. R. Beach, F. Charpiot, It. Gerber,
sions ; the Bulgarian, Grecian, and A. V. Olson, H. Struve, A. Vaucher.
Spanish Missions. Licensed Ministers:
Population: 230,330,000; churches, 987; F. Brennwald, Henri Evard, J. Nuss-
members, 33,350. baum, Maurice Tieche.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Advent, Licensed Missionaries:
Berne. Telephone, 34,181.
Lydia Erdmann, Erna Ihlenburg,
Office Address: Hoheweg 17, Berne, Gretly Krebs, Hazel Olson, A. Raney,
Switzerland. Jeanne Revert, P. Tissot.


Organized 1928

Territory: France, Monaco, Corsica, Departmental Secretaries:

Belgium, and Luxembourg. Educational, M. Tieche.
Population: 50,000,000 ; churches, 72 ; Home Missionary, Sabbath School
members, 2,515. and Y. P. M. V., G. Desmet.
Telegraphic Address: "Conference," 130 Medical and Religious Liberty, J.
blvd. de l'Hopital, Paris 13e, France. Nussbaum.
Publishing, E. Grisier.
Office Address: 130 Boulevard de l'Ho-
pital, Paris 13e, France. (Telephone, Ordained Ministers:
Gobelins, 6176.) Ch. Gerber, 0. Meyer.
Offic4rs: Honorary: E. Fawer, A. Guyot, M.
President, 0. Meyer. Raspal, J. Vuilleumier.
Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, Ch. Wehrli. Licensed Ministers: G. Desmet.
Executive Committee: 0. Meyer, G. Honorary: D. Lecoultre, A. Sallee.
Desmet, 0. Ganty, Ch. Gerber, E.
Grisier, J. C. Guenin, G. Haberey, J. Licensed Missionaries:
Nussbaum, A. G. Roeland, M. Tieche, Miss M. Abgrall, Miss M. Chevalieras,
Ch. Wehrli. 0. Ganty, E. Grisier, Ch. Wehrli.

BELGIAN CONFERENCE Publishing, Home Missionary, and

Y. P. M. V., E. Brobecker.
Organized 1920 Religious Liberty, G. Haberey.
Territory: Belgium. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 8,386,500; churches, 13 ; J. P. Frei, G. Haberey, Charles
members, 621. Kamm.
Office: 11-13, rue Ernest Allard, Brus- Licensed Ministers:
sels, Belgium. (Telephone, 113680.)
E. Brobecker, F. Kiehl, R. Kloetty.
Licensed Missionaries:
President, A. G. Roeland.
Secretary-Treasurer, Henri Roeland. . Miss J. Gutekunst, A. Henriot, Miss
M. Hessloehl, Miss W. Hockenberger,
Executive Committee: A. G. Roeland, Ch. Zigan.
F. Lavanchy, A. De Ligne, M. Rin-
goot, Henri Roeland, F. De Wilde, Church School: 5, boulevard d'Anvers,
J. Wils. Strasbourg.

Departmental Secretaries: Teacher: Paul Bernard.
Book and Bible House, Henri Roeland. Legal Assn.: Societe Missionnaire de
Educational, y. Lavanchy. l'Est de la France: Blvd. d'Anvers 5,
Home Missionary, A. G. Roeland. Strasbourg, France.
Publishing, Jean Desmet.
Religious Liberty, M. Ringoot.
Sabbath School, J. Belloy.
Y. P. M. V., L. Belloy.
A. De Ligne, F. Lavanchy, M. Rin- Organized 1923
goot, A. G. Roeland, J. Wibbens.
Territory: Departments north of Cha-
Licensed Ministers: rente Inferieure, Charente, Haute-
J. Belloy, L. Belloy, R. Buyck, J. Vienne, Creuse, Allier, SaOne et Loire.
Desmet, J. Vandromme, F. Van Geel. and Ain ; and west of Meuse, Haute-
Marne, and Haute-Saone.
Licensed Missionaries:
Miss B. Mossaz, Miss Rita Roba, Population: 22,000,000 ; churches, 17 ;
Henri Roeland, Miss Ph. Swallyee. members, 801.
Legal Assn.: "Association des Zelateurs Office: 130 Boulevard de l'Hopital, Paris
de la Conference Beige des Adventis- 13e, France. (Telephone, Gobelins,
tes du Septiembe Jour," 11-13, rue 6176.)
Ernest Allard, Brussels, Belgium.
Telegraphic Address: "Conference," 130
Boulevard de l'Hopital, Paris 18e,
Organized 1919 President, 0. Meyer.
Secretary-Treasurer, Ch. Wehrli.
Territory: The departments of Bas-
Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Moselle, Meurthe et Executive Committee: 0. Meyer, L.
Moselle, Vosges, Haute-Saone, Meuse, Bouger, H. Carville, F. Jochmans,
Haute-Marne, the territory of Belfort L. A. Mathy, Ch. Wehrli, C. Winandy.
and Luxembourg.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 4,000,000; churches, 15; Book and Bible House, Ch. Wehrli.
members, 438. Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Office: 5 Boulevard d'Anvers, Stras- and Y. P. M. V., G. Desmet.
bourg, Alsace, France. Medical and Religious Liberty, J.
Officers: Publishing, E. Grisier.
President, G. Haberey.
Secretary-Treasurer, Ch. Zigan. Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: G. Haberey, G. A. J. Girou, F. Jochmans, L. A.
Kiehl, R. Kloetty, Ch. Zigan. Mathy, J. Monnier, Ch. Winandy.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Ministers:
Book and Bible House and Sabbath E. Ducret, P. Haignere, R. Lefevre,
School, Ch. Zigan. A. Scalliet.

Licensed Missionaries: P. Badaut, R. Birckel, J. 1'Huillier,

Miss E. Huguenin, P. Lanares, Miss M. Raspal, A. Vaucher, A. Vuilleu-
E. Pache, Miss S. Souchu, Miss G. mier.
Weidner. Departmental Secretaries:
Legal Assn.: Association Cultuelle de la Book and Bible House and Sabbath
Conf. des Adv. du 7e Jour du Nord School, R. Birckel.
de la France, 130 blvd. de l'Hopital, Home Missionary and Religious Lib-
Paris 13e, France. erty, J. C. Guenin.
Publishing and Y. P. M. V., J. Med-
P. Badaut, M. J. Bureaud, J. C.
Organized 1923 Guenin, P. Meyer.
Territory: Departments south of Ven- Licensed Ministers:
dee, Deux Sevres, Vienne, Indre, R. Meyer, W. Milhorat.
Cher, Nievre, Cote d'Or, Haute-Sa-
voie, Doubs, the island of Corsica, Licensed Missionaries:
and the principality of Monaco. Ch. Comiot, Miss G. Ferciot, A. Her-
Population: 16,000,000 ; churches, 27 ; bet, R. Hirschy, MisS A. Liotie, J.
members, 655. Medard.
Office: 5 Boulevard Longchamp, Mar- Church School: Collonges-sous-Saleve,
seille, France. Haute-Savoie.
Teacher: Miss E. Jac.
Legal Assn.: Association Cultuelle de la
President, J. C. Guenin. Conf. des Adv. du 7e Jour du Midi
Secretary-Treasurer, R. Birckel. de la France, 5, boulevard Long-
Executive Committee: J. C. Guenin, champ, Marseille, France.


Organized 1912: Reorganized 1925, 1936
Territory: Hungary; comprising Cen- CENTRAL HUNGARIAN MISSION
tral East, and West Hungarian Mis-
sions. Organized 1925 and 1936
Population: 10,820,000 ; churches, 195 ;
members, 6,025. Territory: Pest-, Csongrad-, Bats-,
Hont-, Heves-, and Nograd-Comitates.
Office Address: Szekely Bertalan-utca
13, Budapest VI, Hungary. (Tele- Population: 3,200,000 ; churches, 85 ;
phone, 114-549.) members, 1,284.
Office Address: Szekely Bertalan-utca
President, L. Michnay. 13, Budapest VI, Hungary.
Sec.-Treas., representative, A. Rooz.
Executive Committee: L. Michnay, I. Officers:
Berghauer, J. Egyed, B. Gyarmati, Director, I. Bergauer.
B. Jeszenszky, A. Muranyi, K. Sohl- Secretary-Treasurer, A. Ro6z.
mann, J. Toth, D. Zarka.
Executive Committee: I. Berghauer,
Departmental Secretaries: M. Buzg6, J. Dobos, J. Pechtol, A.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, RoOz, R. Skultety, J. Toth.
and Y. P. M. V., K. Sohlmann.
Publishing, J. 'rah. Departmental Secretaries:
Ordained Ministers: Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
L. Michnay, K. Sohlmann, J. Toth. and Y. P. M. V., K. Balazsi.
Licensed Missionaries: Publishing, G. Santha.
Ch. Greiner, A. Rooz. Ordained Ministers:
Legal Assn.: Building Society "Koch I. Berghauer, K. Berzencey, M. Buzgo,
es Tarsa," Szekely Bertalan-utca 13, J. Pechtol.
Budapest VI, Hungary.
Manager, L. Michnay. Licensed Minister: J. Veszelovszky.

Licensed Missionaries: WEST HUNGARIAN MISSION

K. Balazsi, Z. Csanyi, J. Koroknai, Organized 1926; Reorganized 1936
E. Marinka, M. Michnay,J. Molnar,
J. Negyesi, G. Santha, M. Stodola, Territory: Esztergom-, Fejer-, Baranya-,
P. Szamec, J. Zsurek. Komarom-, Veszprem-, Somogy-, So-
pron-, Tolna-, Zala-, Vas-, Moson-,
and Gyor-Comitates.
Population: 2,600,000 ; churches, 24 ;
Organized 1925 and 1936 Office Address: Nagy Sandor u. 21
Territory: Borsdd-, Szatmar-, Bihar-, Szekesfehervar, Hungary.
Hajdu-, Bekes-, Csanad-, Szolnok-, Officers:
Bered-, Maramaros, Ugocsa, Ungvar,
and Zemplen Comitates. DirectOr, D. Zarka.
Secretary-Treasurer, M. Herceg.
Population: 5,020,000; churches, 60 ; Executive Committee: D. Zarka, S.
members, 1,403. Debreceni, K. Kovacs,- J. Nagy, M.
Office Address: Fabian-utca 6, Miskolc, Pammer, I. Stoics, J. Szabo.
Hungary. Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Home Missionary, Sabbath School.
Director, A. Muranyi. and Y. P. M. V.,
Secretary-Treasurer, M. Erdodi. Publishing, K. Kovacs.
Executive Committee: A. Muranyi, J. Ordained Ministers:
Albrecht, L. Bajor, M. Erdiidi, K. S. Debreceni, I. Stoics, J. Szabo, J.
Kovacs, A. Kraszko. Szigethy, D. Zarka.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Missionary: M. Herceg.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V.,
Publishing, K. Kovacs.
Ordained Ministers:
Organized 1940.
J. Albrecht, L. Bajor, A. Benyovsky,
L. Csizmar, I. Danhauser, A. Fodor, Chu ches: 86 ; members, 2,801.
L. Halasz, S. Katona, A. Muranyi.
Office Address: See address -of Somes-
Licensed Ministers: Mures Conference in Rumanian Un-
K. Kovacs, L. Lenk, M. Vanko. ion.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers:
M. Bajor, M. Erdodi, V. Fekete, J. President,
Kiss, F. Kokonyei, E. Muranyi. Secretary-Treasurer,


Organized 1936

Territory: Madagascar and Dependen- R. Erdmann, P. Girard, R. Guen4n,

cies, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, W. Ruf, K. Sturzenegger, E. Veuthey.
and Rodriguez.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 4,617,000; churches, 36;
members, 1,203. Home Missionary E. Benezech.
Sabbath School, R. Erdmann.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventiste, Ta- Educational, R. Guenin.
nanarive." Y. P. M. V., W. Ruf.

Office Address: Mission Adventiste, Am- Ordained Minister: E. Benezech.
bohijatovo, Tananarive, Madagascar.
(Telephone, Tananarive 291.) Licensed Minister: R. Guenin.
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
Superintendent, E. Benezech. Mrs. E. Benezech, R. Erdmann, Mrs.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. Erdmann. R. Erdmann, Mrs. R. Guenin, J.
Executive Committee: E. Benezech, Joelson.

MADAGASCAR MISSION Local Committee: E. Veuthey, Casse,

V. Cundasamy, W. Fuchs, L. Hertogs,
Entered 1926 A. Savannah, S. Sibilant.
Territory: Madagascar and Dependen- Departmental Secretaries:
cies. Home Missionary, Lydia Le Mame.
Population: 4,000,000; churches, 21; Sabbath School, Mrs. E. Veuthey.
members, 482. Y. P. M. V., E. Veuthey.
Cable Address: "Adventiste, Tanana- Ordained Ministers:
rive." W. Fuchs, E. Veuthey.
Office Address: Mission Adventiste, Am- Licensed Ministers:
bohijatovo, Tananarive, Madagascar.
(Telephone, Tananarive 291.) V. Cundasamy, D. Munroop.
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
Director, E. Benezech. S. Davis, Mrs. W. Fuchs, L. A. Hen-
Secretary-Treasurer, R. Erdmann. riot, K. Noel, S. Sibilant, Mrs. E.
Mission Committee: E. Benezech, R.
Erdmann, R. Guenin, A. Long, J. Honorary: C. Cuniah, Alice Le Merne
Rakotovao, J. Ramamonjisoa, E. Vil- Mrs. F. Moikeenah.
leneuve. Legal Assn.: The Seventh-day Adventist
Departmental Secretaries: Diocese of Mauritius.
Educational, R. Guenin.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
, J. Ramamonjisoa.
Publishing, Razanajatovo. REUNION MISSION
Sabbath School, R. Erdmann.
Entered 1936
Ordained Ministers:
A. Long, J. Ramamonjisoa, C. Tolici, Territory: Reunion Island.
E. Villeneuve.
Population: 190,000; churches, 2; mem.
Licensed Ministers: bers, 41.
Henri Drouaalt, J. Bar-Joel, N. Ra- Address: 38 rue Dauphine, St. Denis,
jaonize, Jacob Rakotovao, A. Rasa- Reunion.
Postal Address: Boite Postale No. 200,
Licensed Missionaries: St. Denis, Reunion.
Mrs. Henri Drouaalt, Miss L. Haran,
Mrs. A. Long, J. Raharijaona, E. Ra- 0 fficers :
koto, G. Razandralambo, Razanaja- Director, P. Girard.
tovo, J. Razanakolona, Mrs. C. Tolici, Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. P. Girard,
Mrs. E. Vinneneuve.
Ordained Minister: P. Girard.
School Teachers:
E. Bernard, Rabenja, Randrianasolo, Licensed Missionaries:
Miss B. Ranorohanta, E. Rasolofo. R. Devins, Mrs. R. Devins, Mrs. P.

Territory: Islands of Mauritius and Territory: The Seychelles Islands.
Population: 27,000; churches, 2; mem-
Population: 400,000; churches, 11; bers, 61.
members, 619.
Address: Victoria, Mahe.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventists,"
Mauritius. Officers:
Office Address: Salisbury Road, Rose Director, K. Sturzenegger.
Hill, Mauritius, Indian Ocean. Secretary-Treasurer, K. Sturzenegger.
Officers: Ordai