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CONJUNCTIONS Coordinating conjunctions connect words, phrases,

and clauses.
A PHRASE is two or more words that do not contain the subject-verb pair. Ex: prep. Phrase.

A CLAUSE is contains a subject-verb pair. It may express a complete thought, an incomplete thought
(subordinate), or function as a noun or adjective in the sentence.

Most Coordinating Conjunctions can be remembered by using the acronym

F = for
A = and
N = nor
B = but
O = or
Y = yet
S = so
SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS start dependent/subordinate clauses. Most of these can
be remembered by using the acronym

A after, although, as
W when, whenever, where, wherever, while,

H how

I if

T than, though

E even though, even if

B because, before

U unless, until

S since, so that