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August 2017



Ekennis-Bangalore August 2017 RULES & REGULATIONS 2017 Ekennis Document Version No.01 Reviewed & Approved on
Ekennis-Bangalore August 2017 RULES & REGULATIONS 2017 Ekennis Document Version No.01 Reviewed & Approved on



Ekennis Information

August 2017


Person to Contact

Ekennis Academic Program Education Program Details General Matter Circular Fees Structure Enquiry for New Admission General Facilities Software Related Enquiry Trainer Co-ordination Student Communication First Point e.g. Social Media, Whats app

HR Manager - Ms.Priyanka Mishra Ekennis Reception Number : +91-7899080438 email : priyanka.mishra@ekennis.com

Corporate Training Enquiry

Ekennis- Education Head email : support@ekennis.com

Overall Administration Financial Matters e.g. Invoice,Payment,Billing Overall Maintenance & Facilities Management Asset Co-ordination (Hardware and Software e.g. Laptop) LMS access, ID Card, Legal document Overall communication responsible Overall governance

Ekennis- Education Head email : support@ekennis.com

Database Related Enquiry Ekennis Email Configuration Software application (IT) Issues Website Configuration Social Networking related Internet / Firewall / Restricted Website

Ekennis - Database Administration email :amit.chandraker@ekennis.com email : chandrahas.verma@ekennis.com

General Housekeeping Management Pantry Services Administration

HR Manager & Education Head Ekennis Reception Number : +91-7899080438 email : priyanka.mishra@ekennis.com

Student Information Security Data Privacy

Ekennis- Education Head email : support@ekennis.com

Student Welcome KIT Collection & Validation of Document Certificate Handover Fees Collection, Re issue of ID card

HR Manager & Education Head Ekennis Reception Number : +91-7899080438 email : priyanka.mishra@ekennis.com




August 2017

Our goal is to help ekennis students to grow and learn from experience both inside and outside the classroom, so we expect every student to :

1. Welcome students from di erent nationalities, faith and linguistic background

2. Respect and celebrate culture and individual di erence

3. Be ready and willing to assume their share of responsibility for the good of ekennis community

4. Avoid profane or obscene language or gestures

5. Demonstrate respect by refraining from physical abuse, social harassment, bullying or any other behaviour that disrupt the ekennis environment

6. Be respectful of gender and refrain from inappropriate sexual behaviour

7. Respect ekennis property and the property of others by non vandalising them report missing objects immediately to the o ce concerned

8. Respect yourself be refraining from substance abuse like smoking, drugs and alcohol

9. Use computers and laptop responsibly

10. Usage of cellphone with ekennis internet , data transfer, copy of ekennis data is not allowed

Ekennis respect the dignity of all members of its community regardless of age social economy status, ethnicity, gender, language, nationality ,race or religion .

Ekennis maintains Zero tolerance to :

1. Drug abuse/drug peddling

2. Bullying - Verbal abuse/physical abuse, social harassment

3. Possession and use of weapons or with intent to harm

4. Sharing the information of copyright material , others student’s personal / professional details


Academic Honesty Policy

August 2017

Ekennis always implies,”openness, purity and honesty”.So as learning community, Ekennis recognises that the principles of integrity, honesty and mutual respect are central to the pursuit of knowledge.

We at Ekennis promote these principles from early years on and are integral to our teaching , learning and assessment . Ekennis is committed to ensure that every member of institute is made aware of these policies and are responsible to maintain the highest standard of academic integrity.

Ekennis believes that all candidates must understand the basic meaning and significance of concepts that relate to academic honesty and malpractices. All members of the community need to be aware that ekennis treats academic dishonesty as a serious matter.

Malpractice Includes :

1. Plagiarism/Collusion : This is defined as the representation of the ideas or work of another person as the candidate’s own without appropriate acknowledgement of the author or source

2. Copying directly ( or allowing to be copied ) paragraphs sentences or significance of a sentence

3. copying ideas, concepts, research result, statistical tables, computer program, design, images, sound or text or any combination of these

4. Paraphrasing of another’s work closely, with minor changes but the essential meaning, form and or progression of ideas maintained

5. Relying on a specific idea or interpretation that is not one’s own work without identifying whose idea or interpretation it is.

6. Cutting or pasting statements from multiple sources or piecing together work of other and representing them as original work

7. Presenting as independent work done in collaboration with other people

8. Cheating in exam either by copying from other students or by using unauthorised notes or aids

9. Duplicate of work : Presentation of the same work for di erent assessment components at all level

10. Unfair Practice : Any other act which gains an unfair advantages for a candidate or which

a ects the assessment results of another candidates


August 2017

Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty at ekennis can lead to serious consequences. Therefore at ekennis students are informed to avoid academic dishonesty of any form.Following are the consequences of academic dishonesty at Ekennis :

First Instance :Any work produced dishonesty will be penalised and receive a mark of zero for the plagiarism section of the work . The issue will be handled by the Ekennis Training Head.Necessary information to respective parents / guardian will be provided. Student may be asked to resubmit the work but no additional marks will be granted.

Second Instance :Any work produced dishonesty will be penalised and receive a mark of zero for the plagiarism section of the work . The issue will be handled by the Ekennis Training Head and registration with ekennis will be cancelled immediately and no fees will be return . Also student can not take admission to any branch of Ekennis in future.

Sharing of examination question, study material , assessment in any form out side or any other student is not allowed in any form.

Assessment Policy

Ekennis expects every student to aspire to excellence in academic , technical intelligence, social responsibility and character development in keeping with its vision and mission .

Ekennis follows the assessment criteria set by the respective technology organisation

Procedure : All exams are conducted via LMS ( Learning Management System) and covers all area of syllabus.

Assessment Reporting : All necessary reports related to exam would be available with Ekennis . After exam students would get live result and can be checked later also online from ekennis portal .

Following kind of methods of assessments used at Ekennis :

Online Exam


Online Video / Studio Class

Group Discussion

Technical Assignments

Collaborative Projects

Written Work / Exam


August 2017

Student Teacher Interaction

Every day, teachers make countless real-time decisions and facilitate dozens of interactions between themselves and their students. Although they share this commonality, educators all over the country often talk about these decisions and interactions in di erent ways. The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) is developed to facilitate the same

Based on your course selection, Ekennis will inform the detail syllabus of program and details about tutor . All the tutors at ekennis are qualified and professionally experienced .

Students can interact with teacher who is specific to their course , however they are not allowed to interact with another tutor.

Incase of any concern, student can write a email to support@ekennis.com

Respective Ekennis Centre Incharge will be in touch incase of any concern

Incase tutor is on leave due to some emergency or sick or medical ground , necessary information would be provided via email or any other communication e.g. phone in advance

During your course , there may be chance that you would interact with multiple tutors . This tutor could be online tutor also.

Foreign student can connect via ekennis LMS Online web conference and take classes online

Indian student who would like to take foreign tutor classes, need to write to support@ekennis.com . Fees structure would be di erent for the same.

Student Attendance

90% Attendance is imperative. If student does not meet this requirement, the decision to promote to next chapter / next level will be at discretion of the ekennis, based on the reason for absence.

Attendance will be taken from swipe machine, hence each student has to swipe everyday in attendance machine without fail

Students are expected to attend all classes and ekennis activities e.g. studio class

Students are expected to reach their respective classes on time

If you are not from local city and attending classes from another state/ city, necessary information on your leave will be provided to your parents . This is applicable if you are absent for more than 2 days .

Dress Code

Students can wear formal dress during Monday to Thursday

Only Friday , Casual dress are allowed

Student must wear Ekennis T-Shirt when ever Studio class is planned


August 2017

Ekennis Information Technology Policy

The Information Technology programme and online resources provided in Ekennis are intended to be used as an educational tool to support the instructional programme and further enhance students learning. Access to Ekennis Internet is a privilege that is tied to responsibilities .

Internet is to be used in a responsible, e cient, ethical, and legal manner in accordance with the mission of Ekennis . It is expected that all student will be responsible users of technology at all times on campus.

The guidelines below apply to all digital devices students may be using in school, including their personal device e.g. cell phone, tablet, personal laptop etc.

As responsible student, I

Agree to :

Use computers or any any electronic device and other information resources to support learning, complete assignments and gain a better understanding of information technologies and their applications

Use the internet to perform only application which are intended for training .

Use the internet to cite reference for any materials gathered when using information technology, using only resources to the extent allowed by copyright laws

Use technology to collaborate with students and teachers in academic and extra curricular functions

Example of Unacceptable Use :

Online gaming and downloading / uploading music, video, software from internet in any form.

If student found doing any of the above then the registration may lead to cancel from ekennis.

The firewall system at Ekennis is to prevent access to in-appropriate sites, social sites and proxy sites .Student found accessing the above mentioned sites will face consequences as per the ekennis IT Policy.

Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy ekennis technology equipment or material , the data of another user or any of the ekennis’s , or other network that are connected to the internet is prohibited.

Takning system screenshot with own device e.g. camera, Mobile phone is not allowed . Devices can be confiscated if student is found violating this rule.















Ekennis Calendar

August 2017

Followings are holidays for 2017 are applicable for all students and sta . During holidays institute would remain close and all other support functions will not work .

remain close and all other support functions will not work . Students can plan their holidays

Students can plan their holidays as per below calendar.

Leave Rules

Trainees / Students are not allowed to take any kind of leave during course unless they have genuine personal problems.

To take short period of time during class hour, permission should be sought from the concerned instructor and Instructor on Duty (IOD).

For leave duration amounting to overnight stay or more, leave must be applied in advance and get it approved from the Ekennis authority.

Leave will be approved only if authentic and convincing justifications and evidences are produced e.g. Medical records etc.

Visitors will not be allowed to take the trainees out of the class/workshop/worksite without seeking permission from the instructor concerned


General Rules

August 2017

Students must pay their fee/dues on or before the prescribed deadline failing which appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

If a student leaves the course before completion, he/she will be required to pay the fee for the entire course.Caution deposit will be returned after successfully completion of course .

Students must keep their identity cards always with them and shall show the same on demand by any faculty/o cial of the institute.

Students claiming benefits/ concessions on medical grounds are required to submit medical certificate from a govt. hospital or dispensary. The certificate should be submitted by student concerned within a week of rejoining the Institute after illness.

Any student found smoking or under the influence of intoxication of alcohol/drugs in the Institute or in the Hostel is liable to strict disciplinary action which may be up to expulsion from the Institute

Loud talking, loitering or congregating, being a source of distraction and annoyance to others is not permitted

No responsibility will be accepted by the institute for any injury, loss or damage to the personal articles of students.

Ekennis does not guarantee to any students for placement services . However ekennis placement cell will help students to connect with corporate organisation based on performance and program students enrolled for .

Food Pantry Rules

All students who are part of full time training program are eligible for food at ekennis .However weekend course, short duration course and corporate training program is excluded from this.

Pantry Rules for full-time training program :

Monday to Friday, students are eligible for breakfast which is as per schedule and menu provided at ekennis .Food menu will be shared by HR Manager or pantry sta.

Tea are severed two times a day as per below schedule .

Lunch and dinner are not served at Ekennis , student has to arrange his/her own.

not served at Ekennis , student has to arrange his/her own. Lunch Break : 12:45 PM

Lunch Break : 12:45 PM -01:30 PM

Note : If students are not available as per above schedule, Ekennis pantry stais not obliged to serve any kind of meal during the day . No other food can be availed during the day by students and sta except breakfast.


Monthly Food Menu

August 2017

Note : Menu can be changed every month and information would be shared time to time.

every month and information would be shared time to time. Document Version No.01 Reviewed & Approved

Document Version No.01

Reviewed & Approved on 01.08.2017



Document Version No.01

Reviewed & Approved on 01.08.2017

August 2017