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FS6 Exploring the Curriculum


Episode 8


Name of FS Student
Course Year & Section
Resource Teacher Signature Date
Cooperating School

My Target
At the end of this activity, I should be able to discuss different curricular issues and concerns.

My Performance (How I Will Be Rated)

Field Study 4, Episode 8 Whats New in the Curriculum?
Focused on: Curricular issues and concerns
4 3 2 1
Observation/ All tasks were All or nearly all Nearly all tasks Fewer than half of
Documentation: done with tasks were done were done with tasks were done;
outstanding with high quality acceptable quality or most objectives
quality; work met but with poor
exceeds quality
4 3 2 1
My Analysis Analysis questions Analysis questions Analysis questions Analysis questions
were answered were answered were not were not answered
completely; in completely answered
depth answers completely Grammar and
thoroughly Clear connection spelling
grounded on with theories Vaguely related to unsatisfactory
theories the theories
Exemplary Grammar and
grammar and spelling are Grammar and
spelling superior spelling
4 3 2 1
My Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection
statements are statements are statements are statements are
profound and clear, but not shallow; unclear and
clear, supported clearly supported supported by shallow and are
by experiences by experiences experiences from not supported by
from the episode from the episode the episode experiences from
the episode
4 3 2 1
My Portfolio Portfolio is Portfolio is Portfolio is Portfolio has many
complete, clear, complete, clear, incomplete; lacking
well-organized well-organized supporting components; is
and all supporting and most documentation is unorganized and
documentation supporting organized but is unclear
are located in documentation lacking
sections clearly are available
designated and/or in logical
and clearly
marked locations.
4 3 2 1
Submission Before deadline On deadline A day after the Two days or more
deadline after the deadline
4 3 2 1

Over-all Score Rating:

(Based on

____________________________________ ___________________________
Signature of FS Teacher Date
above Printed Name

Transmutation of score to grade/rating

Score Grade Score Grade
20 - 1.0 - 99 12-13 - 2.50 - 81
18-19 - 1.25 - 96 11 - 2.75 - 78
17 - 1.5 - 93 10 - 3.00 - 75
16 - 1.75 - 90 8-9 - 3.5 - 72
15 - 2.00 - 87 7-below - 5.00 - below
14 - 2.25 - 84
My Map
To attain my target, I should do the following:

3. Write insights/reflections on these


2. Interview faculty members on the merits and

demerits of these innovations.

1. Visit DepEd or interview school administrators on

various curricular issues and concerns
My Tools

Interview school officials, faculty members or read education journals and magazines to
complete the matrix.

Curricular Advantages (Merits) Disadvantages My Insights

Innovations (Demerits)


My Enriching Activities

Select one innovation and complete the discussion web below. Interview Education students to
get their ideas on curricular innovations.


Do we really

need to


My Conclusions
My Reflections/ My Insights

State your commitment as a student regarding curricular innovations.


I _________________________ an education
student of _______________________________ fully

commit myself to implement the curricular innovation

on_______________________________ to the best of

my ability.

I fully realize that I need to do this for the

betterment of my learners and that of my society.

Name and Signature