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7 Years (Lukas Graham) Arr, By EVGEN (100songsheets.com) Gm B Ejmajt es & fe 2. Gm Be yma Fa i a 5 4 & a Once I was se-ven years old, my mom-ma told me,“Go make your-self some i Ge Dr oor a o fe EE le friends or you'll be lone - ly!” Once I was se-ven years old... aR 13. It was a big big” world, but we thought we were big-ger, 100songsheets.com Epmajr Gm 2 fe ea & 16 Pu-shing each o-ther to the li-mits,we were lear-ning quick-er, By e-le-ven smo-king Bb Epmajr » 5 ® herb and drin-king bur-ning li-quor, Ne-ver rich,so we were out to make that stea-dy fi- gure. BYE Epmai7 « 2 EE a = Once I was e-le-ven years old, my dad-dy told me,“Go get your-self a wife or youlll be lone- ly!” Gm B/E Epmaj7 Gm FE a» El | ii i @ LI. al ways had that Once I was e-le-ven years old... fo Bon ely see my 100songsheets.com ao i 3 dream like my dad-dy be- fore me, So I star-ted wri-ting songs, I started wri-ting sto-ries, Gm FB Epa? of £& eR a Some-thing a-bout the glo-ry just al-ways seemed to bore me, ‘Cause on-ly those I real-ly 7 fe fe fe love will e-ver real-ly know me. Once I was twen-ty years old, my sto-ry got Epmait o, @ told Be fore the mor-ning sun, when life was lone - ly Once I was twen-tyyears 100songsheets.com