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EN 1504-2 (C)



EN 1504-2


nis 8
la 2
cementitious mortar
for waterproofing
underground structures
and concrete
structures in general


For waterproofing: Planiseal288 is a two-component cementitious
internal and external surfaces of underground mortar made from cementitious binders, selected
masonry and reinforced concrete structures aggregates, special additives and synthetic polymers
(up to a maximum of 1.5 bar of pressure); in water dispersion according to a formula developed
in the MAPEI research laboratories. When the two
lift wells; components are mixed together they form a fluid mix
that may be applied with a spreader or brush. It adheres
ornamental ponds and swimming pools; very strongly to the substrate and guarantees excellent
waterproofing for the base layer, including in the
storage tanks and basins in general; presence of water at up to 1.5 bar of pressure.

balconies and small exposed areas for pedestrian Planiseal288 complies with the principles defined in
use. EN 1504-9 (Products and systems for protecting and
repairing concrete structures: definitions, requirements,
ADVANTAGES quality control and conformity assessment. General
Available in two different colours: white and grey. principles for the use of products and systems) and
the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating (C) according
Pre-dosed kits. to principles MC and IR (Concrete surface protection
Thanks to its two-component formulation it adheres
extremely well to various types of substrate: concrete, RECOMMENDATIONS
cementitious render, bricks and blocks. Do not use Planiseal288 to solve the problem of
internal condensation.
Highly permeable to water vapour.
Do not apply on gypsum, plasterboard, painted
Easy to apply. surfaces, wood or fibre cement.

Do not mix Planiseal288 with admixtures, cement

Extremely attractive finish, particularly the white or aggregates.
Do not use on surfaces subject to deformation.
Complies with the performance requirements of
European standard EN 1504-2, it protects and Do not apply Planiseal288 if there is free-standing
increases the durability of concrete surfaces. water.
al Do not add water to the mix. PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN DURING
is 288
n Do not use Planiseal 288 for thick coatings

In hot weather do not expose the product
(more than 2 mm per coat). to the sun before use (powder and liquid).

Do not use the product if the packaging When applying Planiseal 288 in areas with
is damaged. poor ventilation, set up a ventilation system
to guarantee that each coat dries correctly
APPLICATION PROCEDURE before applying the next one.
Substrate preparation
The surface to be treated must be sound, In particularly dry, warm or windy weather,
clean, perfectly flat (no peaks or hollows) and protect the surface with sheets after
with no cracks. Remove cement laitance, applying the product to prevent rapid
loose and crumbling parts and traces of dust, evaporation.
grease, oil and form-release compounds by
sandblasting or with high pressure water jets. With tanks and swimming pools, load
If water keeps leaking through onto concrete tanks must only be carried out when
structures, block the leaks beforehand with Planiseal 288 has completely hardened
Lamposilex. (wait at least 7 days after application).
Cementitious render must be well cured
Load test must be carried out continuously
(7 days for each cm of mortar applied in
without interruption.
good weather), well bonded to the substrate,
strong and free of dust and all kinds of paint.
Do not apply if it is about to rain or just
before freezing weather conditions.
Integrate any missing areas or repair
honeycombs with a suitable product from
the Mapegrout line. Cleaning
Round off all sharp edges on horizontal and Because of the high adhesion of
vertical surfaces and form fillets with the Planiseal288, we recommend cleaning tools
same Mapegrout line product. with water before the mortar starts to set.
Once hardened, cleaning must be carried out
When applied on balconies and exposed mechanically.
horizontal surfaces, take extra care around
joints between horizontal and vertical CONSUMPTION
surfaces by applying 20 cm wide Mapetex 50 Approx. 1.9 kg/m per mm of thickness.
non-woven polypropylene tape, embedded in The consumption figures indicated are for a
the two coats of Planiseal 288. seamless film on a flat surface and are higher
if applied on uneven substrates.
Apply Mapeband TPE tape to the substrate
around structural joints to form flexible PACKAGING
waterproof seals; bond the tape in place with 25 kg kit:
Adesilex PG4 epoxy adhesive. component A: 20 kg bag;
component B: 5 kg canister.
Absorbent surfaces to be treated with
Planiseal288 must be wetted slightly with STORAGE
water prior to application. Planiseal288 component A may be stored
for 12 months in its original packaging in a
Preparation of the mortar dry place.
Pour component B (liquid) into a suitable This product conforms to the prescriptions
clean container and slowly add component A of Reg. (EC) N. 1907/2006 (REACH) - Annex
(powder) while stirring with a mixer. XVII, item 47.
Carefully mix Planiseal288 for several Planiseal288 component B may be stored
minutes; make sure no powder sticks to the for 24 months.
sides or bottom of the container. Store Planiseal288 in a dry place at a
Keep mixing until completely blended. temperature of at least +5C.
A low-speed mechanical mixer is
recommended for this operation to avoid
entraining too much air into the mix.
Do not mix the product manually.
Planiseal288 component A contains cement
Application of the mortar that when in contact with sweat or other
Apply Planiseal288 within 60 minutes of body fluids causes irritant alkaline reactions
mixing using a trowel, roller, brush or by and allergic reactions to those predisposed.
spray. Apply at least two criss-cross coats It may damage the eyes. Planiseal288
of product to form a layer at least 2 mm component B is not considered hazardous
thick. In tanks and swimming pools, apply according to current norms and guidelines
at least three coats of product to form a regarding the classification of mixtures.
layer 3 mm thick. Make sure the previous When applying the product it is recommend
coat of Planiseal288 is sufficiently dry to use protective gloves and goggles and
before applying the next one (approximately to take the usual precautions for handling
5-6 hours, depending on the surrounding chemicals. If the product comes into contact
temperature and absorbency of the with the eyes or skin, wash immediately
substrate). To ensure good adhesion, do not with plenty of clean water and seek medical
wait more than 24 hours between each coat. attention.
Planiseal 288: t wo-component normal-setting cementitious mortar for waterproofing and
protecting concrete in compliance with the requirements of EN 1504-2 coatings (C)
principles MC and IR

TECHNICAL DATA (typical values)


comp. A comp. B

Consistency: powder liquid

Colour: grey or white white

Maximum size of aggregate (mm): 0.4

Bulk density (kg/m): 1,300

Density (kg/m): 1,000

Dry solids content (%): 100 25

APPLICATION DATA (at +20C and 50% R.H.)

Colour of mix: grey or white

Mixing ratio: component A : component B = 4:1

Consistency of mix: brushable

Density of mix (kg/m): 1,900

Application temperature: +5C to +35C

Service temperature: -30C to +90C

Pot life of mix: approx. 1 hour

Ready for service: 7 days

FINAL PERFORMANCE (thickness 2.0 mm)

Test according to Performance
Performance characteristic
method EN 1504-2 coating (C) figures
principles MC and IR

5 (after 2 days)
Compressive strength (MPa): EN 12190 not required 15 (after 7 days)
25 (after 28 days)

2.0 (after 2 days)

Flexural strength (MPa): EN 196/1 not required 5.0 (after 7 days)
8.0 (after 28 days)

For rigid systems

Adhesion to concrete after 28 days (MPa): EN 1542 with no traffic: 1.0 2
with traffic: 2.0

W < 0.04
Impermeability expressed as capillary (class III - low
EN 1062-3 W < 0,1
absorption (kg/mh0,5): permeability according
to EN 1062-1)

Class I SD < 5 m SD < 5

Permeability to water vapour equivalent
EN ISO 7783-1 Class II 5 m SD 50 m (class I - permeable
air thickness SD (m):
Class III SD > 50 m to water vapour)

Thermal compatibility measured as

adhesion according to EN 1542
EN 13687-1 2 after 50 cycles 2.0
f reeze-thaw cycles with de-icing salts

Reaction to fire: EN 13501-1 Euroclass E

al For further and complete information about product must ensure beforehand that it is
is 288
the safe use of our product please refer suitable for the envisaged application. In

n to the latest version of our Material Safety every case, the user alone is fully responsible

Data Sheet. for any consequences deriving from the use
of the product.
Please refer to the current version of the


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recommendations contained in this product
data sheet correspond to the best of our
knowledge and experience, all the above All relevant references
information must, in every case, be taken as for the product are available
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