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Scott wins with 146 at the 44th Molyhills Open

The 44th Molyhills Mens Open welcomed a small group of 18 golfers over the last week-
end of August. While the rain threatened a bit over both days, the showers were short-
lived. This was the smallest group to play the Mens Open in the history of the course, and
with one more tournament upcoming in September, owners Therese and Clint are hoping
for better participation. The 3-man Scramble Sept 16 & 17 will be a great chance to get in
one more tournament before the leaves come down. You can sign up as a team or as an
individual said Therese about the Scramble. To sign up call 250.699-7761
Dick Legary won the Overall Low net with a score of 129 and club pro Clint Scott took the
overall Low net with 146.
Junior golfer Colton Hartman who had a great round at the Simon Fraser Open last week-
end in Prince George won the long drive in the 1st fight and Mike Leduc won it in the 2nd
Dallas Burns won the KP in the 1st flight and Jamie Neilson won it in the 2nd flight
For full details of winners see page 9
Photo submitted T Scott

8th Annual Dennis Hiatt Memorial Mud Bogs

Stock 33 The 8th Annual Dennis Hiatt Mud Bogs at
1st Tyson Friske the Endako Rod & Gun Club delivered yet
2nd Jay Randall another entertaining two-day event. There
3rd Kelly Harrington was overnight camping, a concession, and
33.5-36 enough sticky mud and noisy engines to
1st Tyson Friske keep the crowd and drivers entertained.
2nd Jay Randall
3rd James Campbell The Fastest Pass was made by Graham Chew
36.5-40 and the Most Sportsmanlike was Rae
1st Graham Chew Wentzell. The Crowd Favourite Ride was
2nd Ryan Coulter Rye Whiskey driven by Clarence and Neil.
Saturday Power Wheel

3rd John Brown The Mud Bogs are family orientated with a
40.5 & Taller play ground for kids, foot races and a kid-
1st Russell Turnbull sized mud pit. The Kids Saturday Power
2nd Steve Baraniuk Wheel winners were Nate Larson (1st);
3rd John Brown Xander Larson (2nd); Reggie Anderson
Mod & Tractor (3rd).
Tire Every year the organizers pull everything
1st Neil Armatage together like a well oiled machine and or-
2nd Clarence Bjornson ganize an exceptional event.
3rd Mark Armatage
Photos submitted

In our I saw it FIRST! Lets go the fast- ting to overdosing fentanyl patients
est! See me eat! Watch my silly dog faster, has now become the responsibil-
tricks! society, everything is a contest. ity of the tax payer.
By Elaine Storey We vie for everyone's attention so we We hear about the huge increase in
Editor/publisher can garner the most likes and hope fentanyl deaths in BC there were
against hope...that it Goes Viral!!! 914 deaths in 2016 ( an 80% increase
How we get our news and why some Technology can bring everything and from 2015) and in 2017 there are al-
opt out is an interesting conundrum. everyone into your face. Posting a pic- most 4 deaths a day which can be at-
ture on facebook, does not a news re-
Are you the keener who watches the tributed directly to drug dealers who
porter make.
newscast with religious fervor every which to eradicate their customers.
morning and night? Do you get dibs at As a reporter there are a myriad of This is a crime, its not a health crisis.
the water cooler or snuggle first into questions that prelude the determina- We are constantly being warned there
your favourite booth with ready data to tion of whether or not the topic is is only so much money for health care.
spill to everyone in ear shot? newsworthy. Questions to answer be- Its why the new Burns Lake hospital
Or to keep your blood pressure in the sides the Who/What/Where/When/ doesn't have an operating room, its
Why and How pertain to the audience
normal range, do you opt out entirely? why in Fraser Lake we dont have a
Is it local? Is it a physical tragedy? Is new clinic. Its why there are 25 %
Whichever way you extract your it new? Is it relevant? Is it real or is it longer wait times in Northern Health
NEWS poison, you undoubtedly are rumour? An injustice or an unexpected than the rest of the province. Its why
aware that the news is far more deliv- outcome is often newsworthy as well as
thousands dont have a family doctor.
erable than ever before. hypocritical behavior in someone who
...There is NO MONEY!
For instance, there are news channels plays a leadership role.
on TV that deliver the news 24- There is no quick and easy answer to
I choose not to see the news and dont solving wait times and to ensuring that
7.There are on-line news sources go to the TV room unless I need a snap
everyone has a family physician, but
that upload newsworthy events as they (a snap? Its shorter than snooze and
when money is being thrown at the
occur. And for every person with a longer than a nap.) drug addicts and not the seniors who
hand-held piece of technology, there is
a picture and a poorly spelled text So this day, I will say it was a Wednes- have paid fifty, sixty and seventy years
day, as Im flipping through channels worth of taxes, THAT is a problem to
waiting to be opened, scrolled and
searching for Home Renos, I happened me. Now, dont get me wrong, Im the
across a story that made my blood boil first to acknowledge that addiction is
Dont forgot news that comes from not a moral failing, its a societal issue.
those un substantiated sources that are The issue was this: To combat the stigma around addiction
part dream, and part rumour. Like In Victoria, the capitol of our beautiful we need to educate and discover why
those bits from your mothers neighbor province, where we hand off our tax its happening and how it presents, and
who never leaves the house and spends payer dollar and expect unconditional find a way to get these people off the
her day attached to her black wall gratitude for doing so...I heard this streets. That would be a sensible finan-
phone. She can give you specific details news report: The provincial govern- cial investment for the future of the
because she talked to so-and-sos ment was investing xxx dollars on a province. I dont think putting Narcan
brother who changed his name when bike ambulance first responder sys- and oxygen into an addict and rolling
the family moved to Alberta and left tem that could better weave through them back on the pavement solves any-
him behind. She inevitably has the congested streets to reach overdosing thing. They should be taken to a detox
scoop on everyone and everything fentanyl patients who line several unit and given treatment.
without the use of technology she is street corners in the downtown core.
Theres a provincial acceptance about
everyones Go-To person and when Now, living in small-town rural, where
you move to Saskatchewan you can the uneven distribution of medical ser-
our local clinic offers 9-5 service five vices. For the record, we did not agree
phone her any time to get the whos days a week with an hour off for lunch, to a lesser degree of health care for the
who on all the folks. I am instantly incensed to hear that get- privilege of living in small-town rural.

Its time to bring out the artist in you!!

The Fraser Lake Legion is doing a fundraiser for
the MacLeod family on Friday, Sept 8th at 7 pm.

FUNDRAISER They are getting a number of chairs painted by

different stores/artists etc and then will auction
them off with the proceeds going
to the Macleod family.

for the If you need more information call the

Royal Canadian Legion.
The sample chair featured to the left has been
painted by artist LeEtta Lafontaine, and will be up

MACLEOD for auction on Sept 8th.

Bring your painted chair and see how much your
piece of art will sell for.
Bring your wallet, it promises to be a night of fun
FAMILY and fundraising.
Food provided & the bar is open
See You Sept 8th at 7pm.

Dog Obedience Classes

Fall Session - 8 lessons
6pm every Wednesday
At Silverbar Kennels in Coryville
Companion Dog Level will be taught

8 lessons for $100

Everyone at Autumn Services is going to miss Sept 6thOct 25th
these smiling faces 10 min a day practice
Paige Allen and Grace Anderson thank you for will be required at home
all your work this summer and all the laughs! between each lesson
Please come back and visit us all . Grace (6) & baby Paige
Register @ 250.699-6455
Good Luck in school this year! And we were a team even then... Instructor Elke Weber


Come over to Reds and get a

nutritional tasty breakfast or lunch.
Everything at Reds
is made from scratch
See our great selection of baked Buns, Bread,
Cinnamon Buns, Muffins & More
Doors open at 4:00 am

The Full NDP Cabinet appointments on Michelle Mungall, Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources
Doug Donaldson, Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Op-
July 18th 2017 erations & Rural Development
Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Childcare
John Horgan, Premier
Jinny Simms, Citizens Services
Carole James, Finance and Deputy Premier
Scott Fraser, Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation
Adrian Dix, Health
Bruce Ralston, Jobs Trade & Technology
Rob Fleming, Education
George Chow, Minister for State for Trade
David Eby, Attorney General
Shane Simpson, Social Development & Poverty Reduction
Mike Farnworth, Public Safety and Solicitor General
Lisa Beare, Tourism, Arts & Culture
Harry Bains, Labour
George Hayman, Environment Six people were also named parliamentary secretaries:
Claire Trevena, Transportation & Infrastructure Jennifer Rice, Emergency Preparedness
Lana Popham, Agriculture Mable Elmore, Poverty Reduction
Katrine Conroy, Children & Family Development Anne Kang, Seniors
Judy Darcy, Mental Health & Addictions Ravi Kahlon, Sport & Multiculturalism
Melanie Mark, Advanced Education & Skills Training Rick Glumac, Technology
Selina Robinson, Municipal Affairs & Housing Bowinn Ma, Translink

Fighting the Elephant Hill fire-BCs These Personnel Carriers have infrared vision which helps the firefighters to
largest fire at almost find hotspots. These Carriers were used in Afghanistan by our forces and
are being used in the backwoods in the fire regions to assist with fighting the
200,000 hectares biggest fire in BCs history.

Fire Fighters from around the world

came together to lend a hand.

Photo by John Rustad

Partiers leave Big Mess

in playground
An evening of chillaxing in a local park, resulted in broken glass,
discarded condoms, drug paraphernalia and trash being left behind
for local children to deal with.
A caring mother posted a warning on social media that what she Fraser Lake Community
came across in the park was disgusting and dangerous.
Tonight I bandaged up 3 kids, my son included, and last night Health Centre
was a couple of other kids. I am an unhappy momma !!
Adding insult to injury she spent an hour and half cleaning up the Ginny Burns-Nurse Practitioner
area, crawling on her hands and knees making sure all the glass Dr Shannon Douglas To Book an Appt:
shards were picked out of the grass. Dr Tim Bowen-Roberts Call 250.699-6225
She completely filled a garbage can with the trash that was eft Closed 12:001:00 daily
Dr Rena Romain
behind. .
It was not a pleasant experience, she said. I don't mind if people
want to hang out or have a few drinks wherever they chose on a Medical Clinic open Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday night, but I sure as hell mind when they decide to smash Ambulatory Outpatient Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
their bottles all over the playground equipment and structures. Its Lab open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 10:30 am
a blessing that none of the kids playing there needed stitches. Xray open Mon & Wed 9:00 3:30 / Thursday 9:00 - 11:00
People PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!!! Primary Careall inquiries call 250-699-6225
The Phraser Connector is on-line. READ IT @

Through the Eyes of a Mother by Jennel Harder

Parenting is much like a two-step dance, a dodge to the left This spring my daughter and her best friend, we will call her
and two dodges to the right. Our efforts to maintain the Stacy, were being bullied by a girl Ill call her Alice, who
equilibrium we once knew to be sanity, now so long for- was well known to us from an after school program they
gotten we wouldnt know what to do with it if we had it. Im shared a few years earlier. When it first came to my atten-
not talking about teenage drama, nor the sleepless nights, or tion, I made a call to Alices mom, as I wanted to know if the
the phone call you had to make explaining to Johnnys mom story I was getting was the same one she heard. We talked
that your son shot him in the head with a BB gun. Im talking at length about the situation and I had found out that Alice
about those pivotal situations where we as a parent have to had just recently relocated to their school due to bullying
step in and take a stand because the potential consequences and the resulting stress and trauma she had experienced. As
can and will have lasting lifetime effects. In particular, Im it turned out, Alices mom had no idea it was going on, my
writing about a topic that has become a reality in my own conversation had come as a shock. Alice had kept it a secret
daughters life as it has been in the lives of many others; bul- because she was scared her mom and dad were going to
lying and suicide. The following is my daughters story as take her iPod away. After a lengthy conversation and some
told through the eyes of her mother. investigation on both of our parts, it turns out Ryleigh wasnt
experiencing this alone and what she said was in fact true.
First of all I'm proud of my children and who they are. Even
though their dad and I are no longer together, I think we Im a snoopy mom. My kids business is my business; in fact I
have done an amazing job raising our kids, even in the diver- have a program on Ryleighs phone that lets me know her
sity of divorce. One of the best things I love about my kids is activity. The App being used by the girls was called Musi-
that they dont care if youre cool or uncool. They care about cal.ly The girls would make videos and post them for other
loyalty, integrity and the element of childhood fun. They people to like using sound bytes and famous movie clips
stick up for their friends and they are not afraid to say NO. etc. Alice had been making them and directing the musi-
They are not afraid to say what they think about a topic, or cal.ly at the girls, calling them bitches and whores and then
to someone or in some cases to stick up for someone. In a posting it on the public site. Immediately after seeing this, I
world too worried about what others think, I challenge them saved a copy of the videos just in case they were deleted to
to be a voice for themselves and for the benefit of others, as destroy evidence. My daughter was also making videos.
long as it is done with respect. However, she knew better to post anything disrespectful as
her aunty and her grandmother also followed her on the
Life is hard. The older I get, it gets harder. It's not my job to app, as well as myself of course.
bubble wrap my kids so they don't experience life. My job is
to give them the tools to work with. It is my job as a parent The bullying was real. There was an incident with oranges.
to put an end to things where need be and to begin things Stacy is deathly allergic to oranges. One day Alice smeared
where need be. Its to show them how to have fun and be an orange all over Stacys desk just to see what would hap-
able to do so using smart and safe choices so that in turn, pen. Then there were the threats in the hallway as they
when faced with diversity, they are prepared to choose well. passed each other; Alice would lunge at Stacy like she was
going to punch her. Ryleigh was always there to protect Sta-
Social media has distorted the lens of society. It's become cy as she was a petite thing. Ryleigh was ready and willing to
the preferred platform with the measure of "popularity" to stop her if she needed too and Alice knew it.
push until youve gone viral." The greater the sensational-
ized story, the more impact it has and therefore the more it After many attempts to communicate with the school, the
must be a rule of measure. Which in turn gives the impres- teachers and counsellors as well as in an effort to put a stop
sion that the greatest reaction validates the efficacy of a sto- to the absurdity of the twelve-year-olds drama, I attempted
ry. Throw in a 12-year-olds hormones and weve got prob- what any reasonable parent would do - the old fashioned
lems that our adult population has a hard enough time method of talking to the parents.
sorting out with intelligence and respect, let alone our chil-
dren. I was immediately shut down. The mom would have nothing
Continued on page 6
Continued from pg 5 to do with me, nor did she posses and see an established documented history. This made
any willingness to sit down and talk out what was going on sense but it still seemed like an overreaction. My momma
between our daughters. bear self half agreed and the other half was looking forward
to instant justice. I wanted to clock her. The frustrating part
It would be good to point out that during my conversation was that we knew the girl personally; I figured the more ra-
with Alices mom, we found out that both our children had tional option was to go directly to the parents but in conver-
attempted to use the schools anonymous suggestion box sation, the mother seemed somewhat detached. This girl
that was being monitored weekly by the police. Kids are free had spent the night many times and I had included her on
to write their concerns and thoughts in an effort to be heard many of our mom/daughter dates. (Long gone are the days
and are able to drop a note in the box at any time. Our girls of conversation and rationalization between caring parents.
had used this box many times trying to tell the teachers what Police are now assigned to babysit teenagers during their
was happening, and when the teachers wouldnt listen, they emotional tantrums.)
were trying to tell the police. I want to point out that even
after all the attempts and known submitted reports, NOT The next morning Ryleigh and I went to the Police Station to
ONE CALL was given to any parent in concern for the child. file a report. Ironically it was National Anti-Bullying day.
Nor were our messages returned.
The experience was an exceptionally good one, I walked
In Alberta, there is a new law that was put into place during away rather confident it was the right course of action. The
the whole gender bathroom issue. This law was established police officer listened to Ryleighs story, asked me the course
in order to protect those children who wished to identify of action that Id like to take and then explained the legal
with another gender and/or other politically and culturally consequences of bullying and the process behind it. This
sensitive topics, but are too scared to tell their parents. This officer was well known to Ryleighs school and was familiar
law bound the mouth of the teacher or counsellor unless with the scenario at play. I think my biggest lesson learned
lives were in danger. that day came after a question she asked Ryleigh. Her look
was caring but her demeanour was heavy with concern;
Things came to a head one afternoon, when I picked up my Ryleigh did you or your friend put a letter in the comment
daughter from school and she showed me her phone and the box at the school this week? Ryleigh nodded yes.
text she had just received. Good thing youre not walking Can you tell me what you wrote? Ryleigh responded with
home, because if you were, Id follow you and kill you. her usual matter-of-fact tone and with a hint of irritation
What do you mean? I just did!
It was then that my inner momma bear roared. This needed The police officer satisfied with her response asked, Ok
to stop and now!!!! then, could you recognize the handwriting if I showed you a
comment that was handed in?
Ill confess, my initial reaction was not so politically correct. Ryleigh nodded, saying, If your talking about the suicide
Ive always had the rule that my kids are to defend them- note, then yes I know who wrote it. Thats why Im here.
selves should there be a need and they have been formally
trained in that manner. However, they are NEVER to be the As it turns out, the anxiety Ryleigh was experiencing wasnt
instigator, because I would reign down hell on earth if need- necessarily about protecting herself, or the threats of bully-
ed and my kids know this. I had told my daughter the next ing. She was anxious about her best friend who didnt have
time the girl walks up to her and threatens her physically, those tools of self-confidence in standing up to the bully.
she was to state her position by saying: Ryleigh had found a letter that was being passed around in
If you have something to say to me then say it, but you are school written by Alice on how she wanted to commit suicide
NOT to touch me physically. Then if she comes at you and had taken it to her teacher as she was scared for her
POW right in the kisser!!!! I may or may not have said that friends life. It was that very afternoon Ryleigh had received
with a bit too much enthusiasm and a punch to mid air. the text about being followed home, and we ended up going
to the police the next day.
My wise mother, who being a paramedic has experience
with conflict resolution with the public, quickly dismissed In the end I had requested that a parent meeting be set up
this notion and advised instead to go to the police. By going the next day which would included the teachers, councillors
to the police I not only protected Ryleigh if a physical inci- and the vice-principle. Everyone had a chance to talk and
dent should have occured, but it would protect the other girl everyone agreed that the girls were worth the fight but that
in the future should the courts get involved in her home life it should never had gotten this far to have had to involve the
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September 2017
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Market 12-4

1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10:15 Group exer-
cises Fundraiser @
1st day school for Macleods

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
10:15 Group
exercises Soup
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
10:15 Group
exercises Soup
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
1st potluck 5 10:15 Group
exercises Soup
Autumn Thank you to Ardelle Thake for doing End of September. And Bingo will re-
Service ten flower arrangements and letting us turn on Wednesdays
Presidents borrow her glass pitchers for our
Report The Summer Students have been such a
punch. big help this summer by making soup
Thank you to Peter Oulette for setting on Fridays and helping with the Food
By Anne Letz the mood with his music and to Grace Share Program and other day to day
for allowing us to hear your beautiful duties.
voice. The First Pot Luck will be on Sunday,
And yet another fun event at Autumn Thanks to double-Davids for food September 24th and the last Sunday of
Services...Our Starters & Enders din- testing. Thank you to everyone who every month throughout the season.
ner was sold out. And for those who 'semi-formaled-up' and to Mayor The Food Share Program has been very
missed it...just know the food was de- Dwayne for being a good sport (he busy this summer with 14 customers
licious (and it wasnt just me saying won the colouring book). one day in August.
that) Thank you to Jason for returning his Please call Autumn Services for further
Thank you to Grace Anderson and winnings from the 50/50 draw.... We information about being a volunteer
Paige Allen for helping all day (9-9 pm appreciate each and everyone of you or helping with events.
plus) and decorating and doing much The summer has come to an end and
of planning for the dinner. the Indoor Market will resume at the
Continued from page 6
police. I personally told the group that it was my decision to Life is hard. And it gets harder. Being engaged as a parent is
go to the police and to put an end to the situation. All the vital. Being engaged as a parent to another parent is vital.
girls deserved to know that they were cared for and that we
as parents need to be able to step in from time to time and I can only hope that telling this story through the eyes of a
put an end to the drama. We all agreed that the social media mother, that another mom might find strength in their own
was to stop and the police officer had told the girls that she struggles and know they are not alone. That a child might
held the power to block them from any access to the internet know there are options. That a parent might know there is
and that anyone 12 years of age and up can be fined up to help. That a teacher might know parents care. That there is
$250 for bullying. The girls got the picture and for the most no judgement. That we can offer understanding from one
part the drama and the bullying subsided. struggling parent to another so that our children have a
fighting chance.
Because of Ryleighs courage to tell her story and her fight
for her friends life, Alices life has taken a drastic change Our kids don't need perfect. Parents dont need to be per-
with both support and counselling. This note came as a fect. We don't need a bubble-wrapped-life. We most cer-
shock to Alices mom when the police contacted her private- tainly don't need the best of the best. What we do need is to
ly. Since then we are both thankful that we as moms decid- get off the couch. Get involved. Get off the phone. Get back
ed to step in and stand up for what was right for our girls. to the basics and maybe learn to be old fashioned on how
My daughter continues to see counselling as living as a 12 to communicate face to face.
year old these days is like nothing I experienced in my youth.
Social media has permeated our society at such a rate that Be kind. Be fierce. Be active. You never know whose life it
we as adults are having a hard time keeping up, let alone the will save.
vulnerable 12 year olds.

End of Summer Dinner at Centre

The menu read like something from a five star res-
taurant and the food was reported as Delicious on
all counts. The menu featured an assortment of five
appetizers: Bruschetta Pizzaiola, Salmon Huckle-
berry Pinwheels, Mozzarella Sticks, Spinach Crust-
less Quiche, Meatballs in two different sauces. The
desserts were Raspberry Shortbread Tartlets, Rasp-
berry Mini Cheesecakes, Best British Rhubarb Fool, Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Brownies and Huckleberry tarts. While the appys and the desserts were even in
number, the desserts may have been deemed as favourites. Locally grown rasp-
berries, salmon, rhubarb, cucumbers and huckleberries were among the list of
ingredients and in the case of the raspberries, they were used in four different
recipes while the huckleberries twice. A Cheesy Zucchini Bread and a delight-
fully crisp Raspberry Punch complimented the meal.
Photos by Paige & Grace

Teresa no longer has regular

OFFERING THESE SERVICES Flexible hours for your Joanne Bussi
hours. To book with her
-CUTS convenience! is back!
call the salon directly @
-PERMS Monday & Tuesday Book your
250.699-0055 -WAXING
Evenings & Weekends appointments
-EYEBROW TINTING with her on
-PEDICURES, Wednesday
-MANICURES or Thursday
-GEL NAILS, 699-1457

Winners Molyhills 44th Mens Open House for Sale

A Flight On the beautiful North
1st Low Gross Lenny Larson Shore of Fraser Lake.
1st Low Net Lee Hartman 140 acres of Hobby
Farm. 900 feet of shore-
2nd Low Gross George Noth front. Fenced &cross-
2nd Low Net Dallas Burns fenced-80 acres of pro-
3rd Low Gross Colton Hartman duction
3rd Low Net Phil Canaday 4 bedrooms
3 full bathrooms
Full basement Asking
B Flight 3 tiered patio
1sr Low Gross Jamie Neilson Cement Root Cellar 3-tiered deck with great lake Price
1st Low Net Bruce Larson 26 ft x 32 ft work $489,000
shop Phone
2nd Low Gross Gary Payne 2 hay sheds 250-699-8071
2nd Low Net Dale Turner Bee House/Green Text
3rd Low Gross Kosta Sainis House
Garden Shed/Big 250.699-2456
3rd Low Net Mike Leduc Garden

Life can
only be Little gaffers hangin over
understood a fence watching a pony
backwards eat apples
but it must
be lived from left: Jonas, Rylan, Axton,
Caden, Hunter, Taya and Abby

By Soren Kiergaard Photo by S. Storey

FL Early Childhood Development

**Fort Fraser Play

Day - Tuesday
9:30am to 11:30am
Fort Fraser Rec Build-
ing (by playground)
** Fraser Lake Indoor
Playground - Tuesday
1:00am to 3:00 am
Upstairs in FL Arena
for updates call Lynn at
250. 570-7868
For more info follow us
on Facebook

Endako This and That would have been one heck of a lot easier if I could have found a house
that I liked that was already built!....But...won't it be exciting...at least
that is what I am telling myself! LOL! It is one acre of land and about
by Audrey Read
half of it is still bush, so I figure I will probably have a ten or fifteen
year project clearing out the underbrush. On one end of the property
It is with a great deal of shock and sadness to hear of Ken Schmidt Sr's across the road is the cemetery so it should be a quiet area! A beautiful
passing. Ken was loved by many in the area and did a lot of good in the view of the mountains will be a real "welcome home!" I will keep you
communities he lived in. posted on the progress. I even have Ray Steiner building the cupboards
______ so I will be taking some of our ideas right along with me!
If you see an object flying around the Savory area, it is NOT a UFO, it _____
is just Joe Beckman checking out his domain! I believe the "flying ma- Our congratulations to Craig Steiner on his marriage to Kathleen Share
chine" is powered by a power saw motor! He flies over the tree tops from Abbotsford. Welcome to the area Kathleen as well as your chil-
resembling "Mary Poppins!" It will be wonderful for locating lost cat- dren Mathew and Heidi a great addition to Craig & Kyle's family.
tle in the fall. He suggested I go up with him the next time he goes....I _____
have not decided yet if I really trust it! LOL It is really known as a Saw some real good advice the other day: "Be careful about reading
"Paraglider." Quite the looking rig! health books. You may die of a misprint!" Every time a person turns
_____ around there is a new "cure" for something, few actually work unfortu-
I have a little Lilac bush in my flower garden called a "Blomerang Lilac" nately.
it bloomed
Ticketsthis spring and is now blooming again! It is about six years _____
this is the first time it has bloomed twice in one year! Interest- The Vanderhoof Fall Fair was a huge success for Rita Hiatt and her
ing little bush I must say! granddaughter Holly. They both did well, Holly taking first place in all
_____ her classes. Congratulations to you both.
I talked to a fellow from Risky Creek last week about the forest fires. _____
He was looking for hay, at the time, and he told me that of their one Lots of canning and freezing garden produce going on these days, I love
thousand head of cattle they had only found about three hundred. He looking at the full freezer and jars lined up on the cold room shelf. My
said they had been able to save all their buildings and machinery from garden sure didn't produce like it did last year, but then I got it in a
the forest fire which he was very thankful for. Today I heard from a month later so guess that explains it. Still way more than I need so it is
friend whose parents used to live next to them and she said the fire had fun to give it away. My potatoes are sure scabby, I looked it up on
switched directions and came back and burnt whatever it didn't get the "google" and apparently it is like a virus in the ground or some fool
first time. Those people have now lost all their buildings, machinery, thing, but what the heck after they are peeled they look and taste just
fences, pasture and hay land. And they have no idea how many cattle fine.
they have left, if any. Talk about a disaster! When I spoke to the B.C. _____
Cattlemen's spokesperson offering a truck load of hay she said that the A Big Shout out From the Hiatt Family for all the volunteers to orga-
people of B.C. were really coming together and offering pasture and nized the 8th Annual Dennis Hiatt Mud Bogs. Thank You all!
hay to be given to the rancher's in need and they have had offers of hay _____
from as far away as Manitoba. Isn't it wonderful how people step up to Did you know....A lot of mon-
the plate! ey is tainted...."Taint yours
_____ and taint mine!" LOL Enjoy
Well....another change of plan....I am now going to be moving to the last of our summer and
McBride! Getting a house built there and will probably be moving in hope and pray for rain.
this winter sometime. Now, decisions, decisions as to what kind and
colour of flooring, walls, types of windows, siding...oh, my land, it Watch out for WASPS!

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The coffee is available in 2 & 5 lb bags in an assortment of
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Wedding Announcement

Dianna Watson & James Ens

Wedding took place outdoors at Taltapin
Lake on September 2nd in the afternoon,
with a reception to follow.
Congratulations to the newlyweds from all
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Missing 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier
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