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Gently sand the area to

eliminaterough edgesand
create a nice finish. Always cut
a hole like this slightlysmaller
than it Jhould be - you can
alwaysmake it bigger with Nexttake somemesh,placeit Cut out the meshand secureit to the bumper using a hot glue
sandpaper,and overthe areayou've gun. Snlpthe meshat the corners,and fold round the
tidy up any slipswith cut out. and markwith edges of the hole - this makes it much easier to pin in
rne saw. a pen. olace.



Somebumper Beforeapplyingany And now we need a volunteer lrom the audience. poD the
extensions require the adhesive,offer the extensioninto pla<e,and either leaveyour helper holding
or;9inal bumper to be extension into place it there for 24 hours. or locate some straps/harnesses
chopped about, but not ours. and note the exact points of hold it on while the glue gets to work. Tie the harnesses round the
Our extension slots perfectly contact between the bumper rear wheelsor springs,and don't usethe car until the glue,sset.
onto the bottom of the and extension.Thiswill save Before leaving it to dry clean off the excessadhesive
existingbumper.lt will mostly you wasting any valuable
be held in place with strong adhesive- you donl usuallyget
mastic, possibly with a few much (if any) glue supplied
screws in the wheelarches. with some kits.When you're
Using a Scotchbrite pad. rub ready, apply a bead of adhesive
down all reasof the bumper to these contact areas.
and extension that will come
into contact with the adhesive.

As with so much else n modifying,it'sa racing-inspired thing.

Poppingthe car on Next,there'sa bolt
'ground-e{{ect' axle standsis not underneathat the
In the late70s,the Lotus F1carsranvery,verylow
(for the time)and had sideskirtsmadeof rubber(or bristles). absolutely necessary front. Takingthis out
to for this, but it does make the allowsthe wheel arch liner to
glve a flexibleseal againstthe track. With a clear downforce job
easierwith the car higher b e p u l l e d b a c k...
advantage, Lotusblewthe oppositionaway. off the ground. First,there's
5o \,l'/illfitting skirts to your Focusgive you race-carlevelsof the old skirt to remove. Take
downforce,greatlyincreasing yourovertakingchances at the next out the two Torx screwsin the
roundabout? Youalreadyknowthe answer,l'm afraid... rear wheel arch,followed by
the five Torx screwslocated
along the length of the skirt
under the car

Grip the skirt and pull it away Some skirts come with pre-
from the car. This may be a The'Ultima' sideskirtssupplied drilled mounting holesfor
little difficult, a5there are nine to u5 by ESPDesign require fitting to the car. Ours didn't,
. . . to gain access to a nut plasticclipr in total on the some mesh, so first job is to cut so with the mesh in place,it's
holding the skirt to the car insideof the trim that locate a pieceof meshto sizeand time to drill a suitable-size
body.Didn't want this into the body of the secureit in placeusing hole in the three
to just fall off, did (ar - so pull hardto the trusty hot-glue fixing points on the
they? disengage them. gun (or mastic). sKrrt.

LI ='-:'' {


A{ter drilling the holes Oncethat's done, drill Wipe the skirt and the A bead of strong
in the skirt, offer it the holesinto the car with a good adhesive/masticalong
into placeon the car, oooy. degreaser - the screws the top edge, and
and mark the holesreadyfor only do half the work, and if around the mounting holes,
drilling . the mastic'sgolng to 5tick... and the skirt i5 readyto be
popped into place.You'll need rl
an assistanthere,or the job :r
could get very messy.Offer the
skirt up, and with an assistant
holding it in place,secureit
I with the three screwsalong the l


When you're satisfied with the
A final bead of result, support the skirt in place
adhesive/sealantalong the top with very strong packing tape.
of the skin finishesthings off Most adhesivestake at least
nicely. Once this was done, our 24 hou15to becomefully
Our sideskirt had a nastyhabit brave workshop mechanic used effective, so will need support
of sagglngat the endsand his fingers to wipe the excess whilst the glue agentsdo their

With somemore helpfrom

oozingadhesive all overthe
bodywork,soto hold the skirt
adhesive away {rom the skirt,
and was 5till covered in the
thing. After 24 hours,the tape
and jacks can be removed and
in placewhilstthe adhesive stuff three days later So use a the skirt will be held firmly in
drill a started to work. we cloth to wipe awaythe place.Now you just
111:::;i:1".'1,$:"' installeda jack to save
our tired arms!
excess on the skirt and
gotta get it sprayed -
over to you!

tl ,
Thisspoilercomesin kit form,
in an MFl-stylee.Self-assembly
isn't hard.though the
endplatesneededa Iittle
work with the wet-and-dry
before they'd fit onto
the spoilerends


Spoil yclLr'
F o CU S
A mustfor any Focus, a rearspoilermakesa
veryclearstatementto the caryou just passed
- do not mess.Our veryfine WRCtailgate
spoilerfrom ESPDesignshoulddo the trick. ...thenmeasuring Often seen on Wings
Fittinga spoileris actuallyone of the easier out from there to West spoilers. plastic T-
mark where the Stripsare a very neat
jobsin modifying- justtake plentyof time spoilermount,ng holesneed to way of getting the mounting
makingsureyou'vegot it straight,which be. That's one way of getting it holes in the right spot. You fit
meanslotsof eyeing-up, measuring, and right - some spoilershave an the strip into the spoilerbolt

getting a secondopinionfrom a mate.Before
you drill any holes,makesureyou canactually
even more cunning (and
foolproof) method, as we'll
holes, then when the spoiler's
lined up, you tape down the
ah.l< +hA (+.i^c
= usethoseholesto fit nutsand bolts- you'll

usuallyalsoneedsomesealant, to keepwater
out of your boot.Somespoilers aren't
designed to be boltedon, and you can
qualitymasticalone(provided you wait for it
to go off).

I ra

We think it's cool if any spoiler
Ourspoilerhadpre-drilled sitscentrallyon the car,though
holes(whichfortunatelyline fashionsdo change,and wonky
up in a sensiblespoton the spoilers could be the next
Focus tailgate),and radicalthing. For now
Now a little mastic . . . andac ouple o f alsocomeswith these though, we'll be measuring
where the endplate screwt and the mountingboltsto fit acrossthe car to find
surfacesjoin to the spoiler's ready to be down into the car the exact centre-
spoiler. . . offered up, body. pornt . . .

. . . take off the Ine t-slflpsare t|I1te With the holesdrilled, Well, it's obviously a
spoiler, and you're left tubes stickingup from the spoiler can be work in progress,but
with the strip attached the 5urface, marking placedback on, and at least the new
to the car. the positionsof your mounting the nuts screwed on from spoiler's on straight. Now it can
holes.All you do i5 run a pilot inside.Don't do them up come off for some of Avon
drill down these tubes first. murder-tight. for two reasons: Custom' expertly-applied paint
then removethe stripsand one - you might crack the (though thi5 is one item you
enlargethe holesto the size spoilei and two - the thing's could successfully DIY paint
given in the instructions. What coming off anyway, for with cans, if you're careful).
a brill ;dea. painting.When the spoiler's
been painted,and is readyfor
final fitting, a little sealant
round the bolts will keep the
waler out,
heelanch /
The law statesthat your wide rubbershouldn't
be so wide that it sticksout from your arches,
and the MOT crew will not be impressedif your
new rubber'srubbing,either.
Thispresentssomethnq of a probem, if you'redetermned to
q e t l 9 s or 20son, es pe c i a l yf th e c a r' sa l s oh a v i n ga ra d i caldrop
j o b (i ke our F oc uson, c o l o v e rs ).{ y o u ' v eg o t ru b b i n gp robemson
1 7 so r 1B s ,s om et hng' vs e ryw ro n g .C h e c kth a t y o u r w heel sare
the right offset (see '1/he/s& tyres'),ot chat to your whee
suppieraboutspacersFocusarchesarequ te roomy,so you shoud
only h t rnalorprobemsabove1B-rnch r rrs
\o n e l r p . a I io- neo dro s to ot-o ,e .d rL , g o i ' tg o t5e\\.1 aboutf50 per arch(assum t sogot rustor { ler t o
ng theyhaven'al
smal amountof v olerce.Any non-vtal protrusions nto the under- dea with aswel). Lesssatsfactory wouldbe havingthe archedges
archareacanbe tr rnmedoff or flattenedwrth d hammer.Also,try cut or groLrnd oft this leavesa baremetaledge,and encourages
re mo vi ng t hos e( oh- s o- p raccat l )w h e ea rc hIn e rs . ' r.' ,rel 05w aol eni rq Ie $ | q5
Serouswheelarch modsarebestdoneat a bodyshop. Havnq the The bestanswerto archeswhichjust aren'troomyenoughis, of
archesprofessionaly roled, us ng the propertool, shouldonlycost course, a w de-archbodykitAnd bankloansareso cheapthesedays.

Not happywith your Focus's'pensioner blue'

paint?Timeto callin the pros.There'sno such
thing asa simpleDIYrespray (not onethat'll
look good afterwards,at any rate).We just
thoughtyou'dliketo seesomeof the stages
Now we're readyfor some real
Mixing the paint is an paint. We're stayingsilver,but
important,but often Making sure the paint surface when it'sthe new ultimate in
overlooked,stage in any is clean between stepsis silverfrom Houseof Ko'or
spraying process- even another often-overlooked (ShimrinPlatinum),that's a bit
amfrent temperatureshave a essentialitem. Avon Custom What'sthis?A boring coat of of an understatement.
bearing on the final paint mix. u5e a water-based wash, as primer?No, despiteit being Gorgeous.Of course,in proper
Topcoatsand lacquerespecially solvent-based productscan lift white and looking like primer; custompaint like this. there's
have complexmixing ratiosfor the paint (o. reactwith the this is actuallya white base flakesand pearlsas well the
the thinners,hardener, next coat).The final stage coat.The basecoat makesa choiceis bewildering- askyour
activatot and any'flex' is cleaningusingtack rags huge differenceto the shade bodyshopfor sometest cards
additivesfor bumpersand such (net-likematerial, of the final topcoat, before you de(ide! Several
- get rt wrong, and impregnatedwith especiallywhen you're coatsof lacquerlatet
even top-notch paint resin- very sticky,p;cks working with proper and we'll have a deep
like this won't work. up any bits). cusTompainl_ s h i ne .

- rt;r1
t I

nE t-t
Ll-! a-ir I z-)5
= tttLr - ]
u \---l
I L-l

Eleing sc
Lights- one of the
waysto trickup
andwork back.
Almost nothing influencesthe look of your Focus
more than the front end, so the headlightsplay a
\Arhat's available?
The popularcheapoption is strck-onheadlght 'brows',which,
dependingon whichstyleyou choose,eithertoughenup the front
end, or just make t look cute. Hmm - nice.The browsare best
sprayed to matchthe car,beforefitt ng - mostarefitted usingstick-
on Velcropads.Street-cred on the cheap(aslong as you choose
w sely)
Anothercheapoption is againstick-on- this time, its stck-on
coverswhich glvethe tw n-headlght look.Th s is bascallya sheet
c (shapedto the headi9hts,and colour,matched
of vlnyl/plast to
yourcar)withtwo holescut ln t. Deadeasyto f t, but darewe say,
a bit tacky?Justour opinron.A cheapand simpleway to get close
to the twin-lightlook.
lf you want tinted headlights, you couldtry spray-tlnting them,
but go easyon the spray.Turnrngyour headlights from clearg ass
to non-see-through is plalndaft, evenif its done in the nameof
style.A light tint is qute effective,and givesyou the chanceto
colour-match to your Focus.With tinted headiqhts,you'd be wise
to tint thosefront indrcators too, of course.

Assumingyour Focusis a pre-face ift mode, one headlight

upgradewhich shouldn'tcost too much would be convertingto
the ater (N,4k 2)jeweltypeheadlights - avalablefrom Forddealers
and car breakerseverywhere. Then theres alwaysthe optona
ye nol lr gl- t ,av alab l efo r tL e 5 T1 7 0- d o d rg dn o l f3 50 e" .l | '
Finally,the mostpopularchoce in headlightupgrades- l.y'orette
or Hellatwin headiqhts.Pricey,but so worth it - and you don't
pv p n < l A r r A F o , r< n r n ;p , t r n o < c \.^ r vF n o r .r (h r.r (nl )(h
Ny'axmumcred, and no-one'sgonna accuseyou of ownrng a

\\ \-".
-- 5.

I ==:..:.::
This is the cheap'n' cheerfulapproach,and it :
reallydoesn'tget much simplerthan this.This is
even a mod you can 'undo'easily,if your MOT
geezerobjects.So what do you usuallyget? Two
bits of plastic,and two stripsof Velcro- but this
time. our kit was a little different.

First job is to unpack The brows are supplied Next take a can oi
the kit and checkto unpainted,so before plasticprimer,give it a
see that everything is you even think about good shake.point and
present and correct. At this fitting them, take sometime to spray!Spraytwo or three light
point it is a good idea to check prep and paint them. The more layels of primer over the area,
the adhesivehasn't gone off by care you take at this stage, the allowing a minute or two
squeezingthe middle of the better the final result.50,take drying time between each
tube before you open it. We a piece of scotchbrite and layer Leavethe primer to dry
were a little unlucky to discover roughen up the surface,then then give it a light rub over
that our tube oi adhesivewas give it a good cleanwith a with some fine wet-and-dry.
rock-hard.lf you're one of the suitable degreaser.
unluckyones,you'll need to
track down a suitableadhesive.

Sprayseverallighter While the lacquer With the paint dry and Positionthe brow how
layersof paint onto dries,you (an be the headlampready, you want rt, and press
the brow, leavingeach prepprngrne it'stime to fit the it firmly to secureit. lf
layerto dry for a minute or headlight.Usea good brow to the car.Wipe the back your brows are the adhesive
two beJoreadding more paint. degreaser(like brake cleaner) of the brow clean,then apply type, use a few stripsof
When you're satisfiedwith the and rub the headlight lens. your Velcrostripsor (in our m a s k i n gt a p e t o h o l d i t w h i l e
result5,leavethe paint to dry. Ensureall the nastyfly guts are case)a bead ol adhesive.lf it's the stickydoes its stuff. Be
There'sno point in rushing gone_ Velcroyou've got, don't rip it (are.fulwhen removingthe
no w, an d ru inin g al l y our har d apart stickboth bits on the tape that it doesn'ttake the
work. With the paint fully dry, brows,and peel off the self- paint offl
add a few glossycoatsof adhesivebacking,readyto
la(quer. stickto the light. With
adhesive,don't put too much
on, or you'll spendmore time
wiping it off everything.



Li{t the headlightpartially
away from car,then disconnect
the wiring plug. Lifl the unit
. . . then lift the grille out. ... and the remaining away, and store it somewhere
Nasty plastic fake-mesh headlight bolt, cunningly safe.Well, you mjght want to
effort - do we Now remove the three hidden underneath. refit it one day - or sell
really want to refit it headlight retaining That'swhy the light it now after removing
later? bolts visibleon top . -. won t come out. the bits you need.

What do you get from your friendly Ford dealerwhen you First,removethe old One part we're hoping
buy your new Mk 2 headlights?Well, Lrntortunately, not light'srear covet to "recycle"on the
everythingyou need to fit them. You also need the rear which is held on by new light is the beam
cover,new {separate)main and dipped beam bulbs eachside,and four Allen screws. adjustmentmotor, which you
a bulbholderfor the in-headliqhtfront indicator-Phew. twi5t 5idewaysto releasethe
bayonetfitting, then carefully
pull out of its ball-and-socket
joint. Unplug the wiring

Timeto put in the new Don't forget to swap over the l i t t l e s l d e l i g h tb u l b o r y o u F i t t h e h e a d l i g h tr e a r

he ad ligh tb ulb s ,whic h won't have any sidelights. cover,and securewith
only fit one way, and its wire cLipacrossthe
are plnned in placewith a wlre back.one ful y-assembled
clip. Noticewe're carefullynot head ight. Readyto fit? Well,
t ouchingthe bu lb g lass- t pay s sort-of.
t o w ipe an y b ulb cLe anwit h
methsbefore fitting it, or lt
may not ast long. And they're
not cheaP.
. . . and it's readyto be Takethe old front indicatorbulb out from the bumper . . . w h i ch th e n tw i sts
fitted into the new J ight ,a n d f i t i t t o t h e n e w b u l b h o l d e r . . . into placeon the back
light. of the new headlight.

Justto rnakethings . . . whi l e c r i m p i n go n The old front indicator With our bunch of
interesting,Ford have t he new t e r m i n a l si s w i r i n g p l u g sa l s og e t h e a d l i g h ta n d
changedthe headlight prerry easy,Ioo. the chop. Keep a note indicatorplug wires
wirin g plu gs,so old and new of where the wires camefrom - neat y taped up, ali that
don't match.Meaning we're for instance,this indicatorhas remainsis to plug the wires
go ing to ch op th e old plug, a blLrelive wire and a black onto the new headlight plug
attach some little speaker'type e a r t h ,w h i c h s h o u l d n 'tb e pins.A bit fiddly, but not a
terminalson the ends,and fit confusedwith any similar challenge.Of course,what
o ur old wiresto the plug pins colouredwires from the main would really help is knowing
on the new light. Cutting the h e a d l i g h tp l u g . which wires go where . . .
old plug off's the easybit. . .
. . . and we won't let you down. Followthis plan, and all Now the new lights
will be perky. For those of you in doubt, nearside is left. can be fully fitted in
Let's also hope that Ford don't make a habit of randomly place.One strange
changingtheir headlightwiring colours,or all bets are off. thing is that the new lights
have one lessmounting than
the old ones (maybe it saves
Ford 10p per cat or
something).Doesn'tfeel like
they're about to fall out. so it
m ust be okay.

We're looking for a . . . to which you join Removethe panelto

green/bluewire off on a pieceof wire the right of the
the column switch, (yellow in our case), steeringwheel (one
which can be cut closeto the long enough to reachacrossto screwat the baseand unclips,
plug ljke this. The short stump the other side of the steering as describedin the starter
of wire you're left with can be wheel. Feedthis wire acrossto button section),then take out
left hanging - we want the the right-handsideof the car. three screwsand removethe
longer piece,headingoff into main light switch.
t heloom . . .

'7 ?
Stillnot quitefinished-
there'sa very necessary
. . . and unclipthe top shroud,working it carefullyout
from under the clocks.
Unclipthe headlight
wiringmodto do, switch (the left-hand
insidethe car Removethe one) by releasingthe plastic
steeringcolumn lower shroud tab at the top of the switch.
(thre escre ws).. . Lift the switch upwards to get
at the wiring on the back.


At the back of the . . . and join the new

main light switch,look wir e in u s i n ga b u l l e t
for a green/redwire. type joiner. Now the
All we needto do is spliceour headlightsshouldwork like f ereenue
newly-addedwire from the they're supposedto.
column switchonto this
green/redjoker Variousways
to do this, but our favourite is
Hopefully,this l;ttle
to strip a little insulationoff, wir ing d i a g r a mw i l l
wrap the new wire round, and
rnakewhat we've jLrst
solder.Justto be different,
done a bit (learer lf not, might
we're going to cut the wire this we suggestyou take the job to
time... someonewho isn't scaredof
car electrics(which ru es out
aboui 90% of norma people,
H eadligh t I

MakeyourFocuslooklikean Audior a Beemer, wholepointof fitling),therel otherproblems with monsterbulbs.

the easyway.Bad-weather and 'blue' headlight Fi6t,theygiveoff masesof heat,andloadsof peoplehavemelted
their headlightsbeforetheyfoundthis out. Don't believeus?Try
bulbsare an excellentway to boostheadlight fittingsome100W90sandputyourhandin frontof the light.close
performance, and are perfectwith other blue LED to the glass.Hot,isn'tit?Theexcess heatthesebulbsgenerate will
accessorieslikewasherjets and numberplate damage theheadlights eventually.
screws.Theblue bulbsyou buy in mostaccessory off thereflective
coating, or meltingthebulbholders. Maybeallthree.
shopswill be legal,60W55bulbs,andareno Theincreased currentrequired to work big bulbshasalsobeen
problem.Don'tbetemptedto buythe mega- knownto meltwiring (thiscouldleadto a fire)andwillalmost
powerfulbulbsyou canget from rallyingsuppliers
(anyover60W55are in fact illegalfor usein this
country)- aswith all other non-standardlights,
the boysin bluewill lovepullingyou overfor a
word aboutthis,soaskbeforeyou buy.
Evenif you'renot bothered
aboutthe legality
of over-powerful
bulbs(andyoumightwellarguethat beingmorepowerfulisthe

RH"l ff","
bit harderto f it than mesh.M ostfront bumpershavethe facilityfor one or more pairsof lights,so
it'sgotta be done,real
lf you'refittingfogs,they mustbe wired n to work on dipped- the batterypostrveconnection- this goesto term nal 30 on your
beamonly,so they must go off on main beam.The oppositeis relay.
true for spotights.Popout the ma n light sw tch (or pull down Terminal 87 on yourrelayis the liveoutputto the fogs- splt th s
the fusebox)and checkfor a wire which is llveONLYwhen the into two wires,and feed it out to where the lightswill go. Each
dippedbeamsareon. TheHaynes wiringdiagrams w ll helphere. fogllghtwill alsoneedan earth eitherpick a point on the body
Onceyou'vetracedyourwire,this is usedasthe live(+ve)feed nextto eachlight,or run a pairof wiresbackto the earthpointyou
for yourfog ight relay.Didwe menton you'llneeda relay?You'll usedearier for your relay.Simpe, innt?
needa relay.A four-pinone will do nicely.
Splicea new wire onto With the wiringsorted,now you'dbestfit the lights.Overto you.
the feedyou'vejound,andfeedlt throughto the engine(useone [,4ostdecentfoglightscomewith someform of mountingbrackets
of the bulkheadgrommets). Decidewhereyou'llmountthe relay - you must be ableto adlustthe aim, evenif only slightly. To look
(nextto the batteryseemsobvjous)and connectthe new wire their best,hopefullyyour new lightscan slot into pre-cutholesin
onto termina86. your new front bumper/bodykit.
For your other relay connections, you'll need an earth to To connectthe wiringto the lights,you'llprobablyneedto splice
terminal85 (plentyof good earthspotsaroundthe battery).You on your wiresfrom terminal87 to the new wrlng plugswhich
alsoneeda fusedlivesupply(buya single{useholder, and a 15 or camewith the lights- not too difficult.Plugit all together,and test
20-ampfuseshouldbe enough)and takea new feedstraightoff - you shouldnow havesomeratherfunkyfogsl

Fnont indicatons . . . and twist out the
bulbholder Now the light's
off, do we mod it or scrap it?
Got a ore-facelift Sprayingyour lights is a top
Focus? Thenyou're idea if funds are too tight for
stuckwith indicatorsin . . . then unhook the light and replacements. Get the light
pull it out. In the opposite clean, give lt a few light coats
the front bumpers. One corner from where the screw of light-tinting spray
way to improvethis Getting the indicators out wat the light hasa moulded (available from Folia Tec.for
unfortunatesituationis presents absolutely zero clip which slotsinto a lug in the instance),and you've
(hallengeto anyone. bumper (you'll need to
to fit later headlights, instantly got smokes,
Remove one Torx know this when you fit or any other shade
whichhavethe screwin the corner. . . the new light). you like.
indicators built in. For
thoseof you who don't
fancythis,our friends
at ABCDesignmake
indicators, whichgo
straightin, and
(especially on a silver
Focus)look verytrick.

Anyway, back to our Now remove the part Our new amber bulb Refit the bulbholderto
replacementcrystals, of the holder that the won't fit straight into the light, and the light
which need amber bulb connectsinto.,. the old bulbholder- to the car (hook the
bulbsto keep it all legal. You'll understandwhy in a but it does now With the new light retaininglug in at the top
Therefore, the original minute. holder clipped into place, fit outer <ornet then 5ecurewith
bulbholderis no good, and the amber bulb. Rememberto the Torx screw),and that! it.
must be destroyed (well, refit the rubber sealing washer, Job done. Easy(ish).
removed and kept in safe which keepsthe weather out
place!).Removethe holder of the new light unit.
usinga flat-headedscrewdriver
to depressthe plastic lu9 at the
rear of the holder. Retrieve the
large rubber washer from the
holder - we'll need it later.
T h e re ' sa ra n g e o f ' s t a n d a rd ' c o lo u rst h a t s i d e
repscome in, but most peoplego for clearor
smoked,to colour-codewith their rear clusters.
Cle a rle n s e sc a n b e c o lo u re du s in gs p ec i a p l aint,
b u t t h e p a in t mu s t b e a p p lie dlig h t ly a n d e v e n l y
*r*' t o t h e le n s ,o r t h is will in v it ea n e a s il y - a v o i d e d
MO T f a ilu re .B o d y s h o p cs a n c o lo u rc le a rl e n s e s
to the exactshadeof your car,by mixing a little
paint with loadsof lacquer- very trick.
si de fepeaters mLst st show an orafge i qht, and m Lr stbe
suffcjenty bf qht (notcasyto ludge,and no two coppefshavethe
sameeyesght) Thel tock bu bs are ceaf,so makesur eyou qet
orangebuLbstoo. Y oLrcan actual yget ofangeb ulbst hat ook
clear,to avod the'fred eqq' ettect.Alternatively, qet LEDslde
repeater5, ike \n/ed d on our F estaprolect
Besrdes the varousco our effects,siderepeatersareavaiablein
manyd fferentshapes. But- Focussiderepsareso cool,peope fit

S ide
'em to loadsacars,so why changethe shape?Besides, you'l be
makng work if you do - the Focusfront wings havea tnangular
recess,whichyou'd haveto smoothbeforeyou start.
Or how aboutd tchlngthe repeaters and get some

l'epeateFsi tastyMerc-sty e mirrors,with siderepsbuilt-in?Youcouldsmooth

yourfront wings,then...

Grip the side repeaterat either . . . and pop the new amber
end, and slidethe assembly bulb into its place.You'll need
downwards.lf this proves to swap bulbsfor virtually Pop the bulbholderassembly
impossible,use a screwdriverto Turn the bulbholderanti- everymodded side rep out into the new crystalside
leverthe repeateraway, but clockwiseand disconnectit there - remembet it still hasto repeaterunit, and re-f;t the
protect the bodywork from the light. Pull the snow an orange (or unit to the car Slip it
when doing this. We clear bulb from the so.t of orange) light in and slide it
don't want any tears. holder . . . afterwards. upwards.Nice.

Flean f og Iig hts/nevensi ng lights
We're not fitting a complete new rear bumper, so the standard
reversing and fog lightsneedto be sexed-up a little,asthey'restill
on show. We decidedto tint the lights using a specialFoliaTec
taillighttinting kit, so they'll match our sexy smokedclusters.
Tintingis easyand takesverylittletime to do.


With the rear bumper Givethe light lensa Maskthe back of the As with most spray-
removedas described good cleanwith a light unit, to protect painting,the trick is to
in the bodywork suitabledegreaser- we from overspray. get the stuff on evenly,
section,we can sjmplypop out use brake cleanerfor these which meansapplying light
the two light units (one types of jobs,which coats.Blastingit on too thick
positionedat either end of the (surprisingly)doesn'tmelt or will give you the runs,which is
rear oumperl. discolourthe plasticlens.You never pleasant.How thick is
might not be so luckywith all too thick? Seewhat it looks
solvents,so watch it. Petrol like after a few light coats-
might be ok, but methswould somewherebetween standard
ha <rfar Than
"<,. ^
i and completelyblack is the
scotchbritepad (bodyshop target. Don't go too mad if you
'scouringpad'),gently roughen want to avoid attention from
the surface.You don't want to the Law.
deeplyscrat(hthe p asticlens,
just take a blt of the shlneoff.
Open the tailgate and you will
seethe rear ljght cluster
retajningscrew.Grab your
trusty Phitips


Temporarilyremove Priseoff the part of Fit the new sectionof
the rubber sealjng the holder that the bulbholdersupplied
washerfrom the bulb locatesinto - the
indicatorbulbholdeLand keep with the kit, then refit
new amber bulbs have the rubber washerand add the
it in a safe placeas we,ll be re djfferent pins,and won,t fit the a m b e rb u l b .
using it later. standardholders.
lnto the boot now and look
round the corneruntil you can Lift the clusteraway from the car and supportwith one hand, Removethe clear indicator
see the light cluster'r flat plastic while disconnectingthe bulbholderswith the other hand to free bulb. Our new lights require us
wingnut (the left-handone's the unit from the car You may find the wiring has been cable-tied to fit an amber bulb for the
just back from the in severalplaceson the back of the light - cut theseties clear indicatorlens,
boot light) - unscrew off to free the Llnit from the car. When the cluster'sbeen and this givesus some
and remove it. stored safelt clean the bodlar',/orkbehind the light cluster. extra work.
Y ,a:,'- ,


Now the lights need Fit the bulbs into the new light, and tidy the wire as best Offer the cluster into
waterproofing.In our you can behind the unit, so that it won't be damaged place,ensuringthat it
kit, we find four when refitting the unit to the car locates properly. Refit
adhesiverubber strips,which the outer and inner retaining
fit at the top and outer edges light clurter screws,and that's
of the new light, to keep the it! Checkit all works before
rain out. Peel off the backing, venturingout into Plod-land.
and slidethe rubber into the The original clustershad a
grooved channelalong the side reflector section at the top -
and top of the light cluster our new ones don't. By law
Takecareto ensurethe rubber you must have a minimum of
stripslie perfectlyin the two rear reflectors, fitted
grooved channels,wjth no air symmetrically, one on each
bubblesleft that might let in side.lf you keep the standard
water lf your lights aren't as lights below the bumper,
posh as this, you might usea you're ok - otherwise, reflectors
little siliconesealantinstead. are cheap to buy. lt's up to you.

Youn most
irrrpontant deeision even?
Thisis where it's at - alloywheelsare the most
importantstylingdecision you'llevermake.No
matter how good the restof your car is,choose
the wrong rimsand your carwill neverlook
right. Choosea good set and you'realreadywell
on the way to creatinga sortedmotor.Takeyour
time and pickwisely- wheelfashions changelike
the weather,and you don't want to spend
shedloads on a setof uncoolallovs.

Fora change,somestandardFocusalloysare quite tidy (ST/ RS),
but Zetec15sare a bit too common,and shouldreallybe ditched
Lead usi nclt into
when funds allow it. Adviceon which particularwheelsto buy temptation
would be a waste of space,sincethe choiceis so huge, and Beforewe go any further into which wheelsare right for you, a
everyonewill have their own favourites. For what it's worth, word about insuranceand security.Fittingtastyalloysto your Focus
though.somethingin a multi-spoker usuallylookssweeton a Focus is one of the fjrst and best ways to make it look cool. lt follows,
(multi-spoke 5T170wheelsget nickedon a regularbasis- there therefore, that someonewith dubiousmoralsmightverywell want
mustbe a reason), so maybesomeOZ3?Forsomethingcloseto an to unboltthem from your carwhile you'renot around,and make
RSwheel,checkCompomotiveS offerings(or OZagain,who make their own car look cool instead(or simplysellthem, to buy spot
the realthing).Turningall-American, thisyearSlookis chrome,and creamand drugs).
the Us-basedsiteshaveplentyto see(lv15lOnline,for starters,and Sincefitting a set of top alloysis one of the easiestbolt-on ways
DM TechAmerica).EvenWolfrace have recentlyjumped on the to trick up anycar,it'sno surprise that the marketin stolenalloysis
chromebandwagon- or try Cam chromesfor a valuechoice. asaliveand kickingasit currentlyis - yourwheelswill alsolookvery
One point not to overlookwhen choosingwheels is the wheel niceon any numberof other cars,and the ownersof thosecars
offset. Most normal cars fall somewherein the mid-3osto early would love to own them at a fraction of the price you paid... lt's
40s. but the Focusis an oddball.at 52. l\,4akesureVou mention not unknown for a set of wheelsto go missingjust for the tyres-
they'refor a Focusat an earlystagein negotiations. Goinglower if you'vejust splashedout on a set of fat Yokohamas,your wheels
than a 52 offset makesthe wheel 'stick out' more - for reallybig look evenmoretempting,especially if you'vegot a common-size
rims, your archeswon't just have to be 'trimmed' - they'll be tyre.
butcheredl Fitting wheels with the wrong offset may also do Tell your insurancecompanywhat you're fitting. What will
unpieasant thingsto the handling. probablyhappen is ihat they'll ask for the exact details,and
possiblya photo of the car with the wheelson. Provided you're
happy to then acceptthat they won't coverthe extra cost of the
wheelsif they get nicked(or if the wholecar goes),you mayfind
you're noi chargeda penny more, especiallyif you've responsibly
fjtted some lockingwheel nuts.Not all companies are the same,
though - some chargean admin fee, and yes, some will start
loadingyourpremium.lf youwant the rimscovered, it3 bestto talk
to a companyspecialising in modifiedcars,or you couldbe asked
to payout the wheelcostagainin premiums. Thedaftestthingyou
cando issaynothing,and hopetheydon'tfind out - we don'twant
to go on about this, but there are plenty of documentedcases
where insurancecompanieshave refusedto pay out altogether,
purelyon the basisof undeclared alloywheels.

How c heap ane y ou ?
Hopefully,you'll be decidingwhich wheelsto
go for basedon how they look, not how much
they cost,but inevitably(for most ordinary
peopleat least),pricedoesbecomea factor.
S u re lyb u y in g a c h e a p e rwh e e l mu s t ha v e i t s
pitfalls?Well, yes- and someof them may not
be so obvious.
nevtaby,cheaperwheels= ower qLraty, but how doesthis
manifesttsef? Cheapwhees are often madefrom alloyswhlch
are more' porous' (abi t l i ked sponl l e,theycontanm cr o5copc
hoes and pocket5ol ai r). B erg porous hds t wo m aiI
dsadvantages for a rrlree, the marnofe beng llrat ii !a/on'tbe
abeto retan ai f n tl l etyresThedaysoltyfesw thrn ner t ubesar e
lor"iggone(and t's lega to lt tuoesto ow-llfof e tyres),so the
onlything keepng the a r n arethe three'wal5' of the tyre,!v th
the i ourth' w al' bernq the i fsrdeof the w hce tsef . lf you ike
keepng fit by pumprngup yourtyreseverynrornDg,go ahead-
the restof us wil nghty regardths as a pdin,afd poteftiay
danqefous lrunnng tyresat ow pressure w I also5cfubthemout
veryeffectvely what wasthat aboutsavnq money?)
P orousw hees al so have dffi cuty n retanng t heif paint ,
acquer,or chrome frnsh, w th fakrng a kno wn pr oblem ,
sorretmesafteron y a few months Thrsprobiem5 madewofse
by the fact thal porouswhees are much hafderto clcan(brake
dust seemsto get nllraned nto the whees moreeasy) and
tl'lemofeyou scrub,the moretlle .rcquercomesoff.
Thef na nai n the cof{n for cheap',vheels L5that theytend to
cofrode(or' f zz' ) more.Ths fot ony rurnsthe l ooksr f visibe
from outsde, but f you get corrosron betweenthe wheeland
thc hub,yoLrwon't evef be ableto takethe damnthln!t5o{f Yes
seflousy, grown men with a I the specd ist toolsin the world at
theLrdspo5a w be scratchng thelr heads\'vhentaced \'vth
whees wh ch s mp y will not conieoff.


Buyingan established, popular make of wheel has another
hiddenbeneiit,too. Choosinga popularwheel wil mean more
supplierswill siockit, and the manufacturers
themseveswill make
plentyof them.And if you'reunluckyenoughto havean accrdent
(maybea slideon a frosty road)which resultsin non-repairabe
damageto one wheei, you're going to need a replacement. lf
you'vechosenthe rarestwheelson the planet,you couldbe faced
with havng to replacea completeset of four, to get them all
matching...A popularwheel,evenif t's a few yearsold, might be
easierto source,evensecond-hand.

The Sunday rnorning nitual Ctthen options

It'sa smallpoint maybe,but you'llobviously lf you'reon a reallytight budget,and perhaps
want yourwheelsto lookassmartas possible, as own a real'basic'model Focus.
don't overlook
oftenaspossible - so how easyaretheygoingto the possibilityof fitting a discarded
be to clean? standardalloys(a setof Zetecrimswould do).
The realmulti-sDokersand BBs-stvle'wires'arehellto clean- a Remember the strange52 oJfsetproblemif you get oJfereda set
fiddlytoothbrushjob - do you reallywant that muchaggroevery of rlmsfrom anotherFordentirely. EscortCosworthwheelsarelust
week?Thesimplerthe desiqn,the easiertimeyou'llhave.Forthose aboutthe sexiest thing to graceany Ford,but try fittingthem to a
who likenothingbetterthan countingtheirspokes,though,there Focus, and there'llbe trouble- the Cossiehasa 25 offset,so unless
reallygood productsout thereto makeyour life lessof
are several your Focushasa wide-archkit, theywon't go on. Mondeowheels
a cleaninoniohtmare. are a possibility(theoffsetsaren'tthat ditferent), but it'sdefinitely
try beforeyou buy.
lf the Fordrangeof whees is too limiting,don't be too quck
buying(for instance) a loysfrom other car makesallogether.For
instance, somePeugeovcitroen alloyshavethe samestudpattern
(4x108), so they' l goonal ri ght, butthe offsest evenlowert han
thoseCosworthitemswe mentionedearier. n the caseof some
alloys (BMW, for example),the stud pattern may be only
fractionallydifferent(4x100),but if you put theseon, the strainon
the wheelstudsis too oreat.and thev canfracture.. .

B o u n d to dnive
yo|.r n|'tts
on to your wheels'furtheron) - bargainthese
packageif you'rebuyingnew.
into a wheel/tyre
A word of warning about re-usinqyour exsting !\/hee]nuts,
shouldyou be upgradingfrom stee wheels Stee-.\,heenuts rnay
not be suitable for use with alloy wheels rand vlce-versa,
ncidentally). Make sure you ask about this rn,henbuyrngnew
w heelr ar
, d f ne c e s s a ry
6 3 rg a .n
a s e to r' . - o I s 6rro V ost
nutsfor usewith alloyswrl havea washerfitted,for i[,o verygood
reasons - 1)the nut will pullthroughthe wheelhole!'vthout it, and
2) it orotectsthe wheelf nish.

*sr' ',U. - '*



Size rnattet^s
For us Brits,biggestis best - there are Fociout there with 'l9s
and up. A nd yes,the ma g sa ll s a yy o u c a n ' t b e s e e nwit h
anything lessthan 17-inc h e rsI n
. E u ro p e ,me a n wh ile t, h e y ' re
mad for the small-whe elol o k , s t ill wit h s e rio u s lyd ro p p e d
suspension of course.
\ iilr { ' t l e l oc r r s\ r r i, r k ( ,6x l !l | c f r f s \ , ! t l h ( ) u l5 o r t f g l l r ( , a r ( l r c 5 ,r e m c m l ) c r
ilr nt , r f y llr n( l b qgef lir n r l7! \ , i / o . t d o w o r ) ( l ( , r !l o f r h e r d i , o r l t , t l l t ] | q t y o L t 'r c
b( ) t r r { , hd , r it out J t oliry our I ot L,! 1 a k e 5l f c ] l ( 'n d 5 ,5 t r k 1 o l 7 \ ] l r 5 1 e a dP r o v d i a l
i' ! r , 5loi t i- t ( af ! \ r I i. c lr , lr r ( .rq, e : I h e a . o r " .r, l 5 t O , 1 0r l l l f r l l 1 i L ) i a I d '/ o ! i ! l ]
Ei. : L. 5l) -t. i ; ( ot r f , . t i \ ' , 1 \ . r r , ! 'o f o f e ( h , r L ( x ) r r .\ 'r ? 5 'a r e tl ! l ! l o r t h e o o l , I 7 !
i iO , l ! l I r . lr lia t r r r r l' i
We like a challenge
To be honest,successfully
fitting big wheelsin
combination with loweredsusoension is one of
As much as anything,tyre width is what ultimatelyleadsto
problems, not so muchthe increased wheeldiameter.
lf the tyresare simplytoo wide (or with wheelsthe wrong offset),
theywill f rstof all rub on the suspensionstrut(ieon the lnsideedge
of the tyre).Also,the insideedgesmay rub on the archeson full
steeringlock- checkleftand righ1.Rubbingon the insideedgescanbe
curedby fitting offsetsor spacers betweenthe wheeland hub, which
effectivelypull the wheeloutwards,'spacing'it awayfrom its normal
position(thisalsohasthe effectof widenlngthe carStrack,which may
improvethe on-limithandling- or not).Fttinglargeotfsetsmustbe
done usingspeciallongerwheelstuds,asthe standardonesmayonly
engagethe nutsby a few threads,which is hlghlydangerous.
Rubbingon the outsideedgesis a simplecaseof wheelarchlip
touling,which must be curedby rollingup (or trimrningoff) the
wheelarchreturnedge,and othermods.lf you'vegonefor REALLY

D w de tyres,or havealreadyhad to fit offsets,the outer edge of the

tyrewlll probablybe visibleoutsidethe wheelarch, andthis is a no-
no (lts illegal,and you mustcoverrt upl).
Focialsohaveunusualwheelarchliners- they seemto be made
of carpet,not plastic,and they can sag down after a while,

ilr meaningthey rub. Fortunately, removalisn'tdifficult.

The other trick with fittng big alloysis of courseto avoidthe
'Focus4x4 off-road'look,wh ch you will achieveremarkably
just by popplngon a set of 17s with standardsuspension.
massive increase in groundclearance is finefor FarmerPalmer, but
vour 'fistable'archeswon't win much admirationat cruises.
Overcomrng this problemby loweringcan be a matteralmostof
inspiredguesswork,as much as anything(see 'Suspension').

Sipeedo eFFoF? Cln not?

One side-effectof fitting largewheelsisthat

your carwill go slower.
Yes,really- or at least- it will appearto go slower,due to the
effect on the speedometer. As the wheel diameterincreases, so
doesits circumference (distance aroundthe outside)- this means
that, to travelsay one mile, a arge wheel \\/illturn lessthan a
smallerwheei.Because the speedometer isdrivenfrom the gearbox
tinai drive,the apparentvehiclespeedis actuallybasedon the
numberof completerevolutions of the wheel. Therefore,for a
givenactua/speed,sincea larger-diameter wheelwill be turnrngat
a slowerratethan a smallerwheel,and the methodfor measuring
speedis the rate of wheel rotaton, a car with largerwheelswill
producea lowerspeedoreadngthanonewith smallerwheels- but
It'sNOTactuallygoing any slowerin realty.So don't worry if you
think you'vereducedyour Focussperformance somehowwith the
With the ever-increasing
numberof thoselovelygrey/yellow roadside
boxeswith a nastysurpriseinside,sparea thoughtto what thisspeedo
errorcouldmeanin the realworld.if (llkemostpeope)youtendto drive
a wee bit overthe posted30sand40s,yourrealspeedon 17scouldbe
a bit morethan the bit moreyou thoughtyou weredoinga ready,and
you couldget an unexpected flashto ru n yourday.What we'resaying
is,don't driveanyfaster,to compensate for the lo',verspeedoreading.
Actually,the speedoerroreffecton 17srealy s tny at around-town
speeds,and only becomesa factor over 70 But then, Offrcer,you
couldn'tpossiblyhavebeengoingover70, couldyou?Officer?



,S* ',r,
Tire tror b e r! tli I ttLfg bllt \!hee 5 5 rhat d e i e r f e n t l- a n d t f e e d n 't o o < l d e o L r 5
' F O l v h e n c h o o s r n gt l r a l c a f a a f m , tr y d n d l l e t o r e
, , ' ..' l
scrr:wedoff, rl you don't make fe dff cL t for It.Lr ,- .1 t_ o. L .r ! .d

' e rf f y o r ' ' e u rl rcky enouqhto hal reto park hate t Th ! t somcirresfo\,i (a ed 'ait t t , t o
o!t5 de ai ' !llr1Le l]o garalle),you co! i:l \.-ake ar,orccorl r:or' t \.,rtr anti l i l .rckf g. r lr agnea
Lrp ofe mor r |rg to a (nr tlr.rt's,terd//r/lleen rreta saucef, w th a nretalbn 5t t ingof . r sm dI
5 d mfi e d o n th e d e rkr A dd to l h 5 the f.rt that magnetIl tl re cefrtre t the sa!cert t 5 | ar y
,,,ot| cd. s r i qoing aIv,.'.,1'ere u,,thout urjtees, d ecto r, I rc ba ro s off the mag'ret,.,,rnd 5et5
p !s tre dam.rler'vhch r,r, be (lorreto exlraust, off the al arm H ql ry ser" rsl ve, and deat h t o
fu e a rd b ra k cp rpesl rom droppng on ts bel y, .i ryonetfy fq to ft your car !p f or t he pLr f pose
a f(l t' ss L d d e fy a o tr!o.!ei haf osnqal l krrd5 of removnq the \r.,hcfs asl",es.ld, lhc (f m5are
!!o tf oTr"rlrce 5 ano tyre5. fot l oncloi tfr5 i earLrfe at a . S r m pylr . , r vf qan
T l i e rn a rk e la n d derrandfor 5tol enn oys s aafm w rtr ant-shock s probablyf ot good
h L q e ,b !i s fa e mostpeope dor' l botherl rdvnq enough,because a (aTeiuv la r'l','v probabl,v ce
tfe n r s e a Lir,i rra fked r afy \' i ay,oncea l et oi alle io \,.,ork 50 a5 rot to cfeatea 5rfor'r!l erou!lll
!",/lreei! d sdppea[s,theyfe aimo!l mpor5Lb e to ' " ,l l rati ortotrgger t mnd you, t s a ! 'vlr oeI o1
tr,rrc T h e v e s a vod 5ecLrr tv-marked (or bettertlr.rr foth ng, e5peca y I 5etto rl].lxmum
' t.i to o e dl ,," i l re e 5 l of.l ea5t :!.i pfe1t,r'
good 5err5rt\.,l\r
Locking nuts/bolts Horar to change a set
Lockingwheelnutswill of vvheels
be effectiveasa Youmightthink you know all aboutthis,but do
deterrentto the you really?
inexpertthief (kids,in Okay,so you know you needa jack and wheelbrace (or socket
otherwords),but will and ratchet),but wherearethe lackingpoints?lf you want to take
probablyonlyslow morethan one wheeloff at a time, haveyou got any axlestands,
and wheredo they go? lf you'veonly everhad wheelsand tyres
down the pro. tittedby a garage,chances areyou'reactually a beginnerat this.lt s
Threveswant to work qurckly,and will use largeamountsof surprising JUsthow much damageyou can do to your car,and to
cunningandviolence to depflveyou of yourstuff.lf you fit a cheap yourself, if youdon't knowwhat you'redoing- andthe worstthing
setof lockingnuts,they'llusea hammerandthin chiselto crackoff hereis to thinkyou know when you don't...
the lockingheads.Somenutscaneasilybe defeatedby hammerng
a socketonto them,and undoingthe locklngnut as normal,while l^rhat to use
someof the key-operated nutsareso pathetictheycan be beaten It you don't aireadyhaveone, investin a decenthydraulic (trolley)
usinga smallscrewdriver. So - choosethe best nuts you can,but jack.Thisisway moreusethanthe standardcarjack,whichls really
don't assurnethey'll prevent your wheels from disappearing.only tor emergencies, and which isn't reallystableenoughto reiy
Insurancecompaniesseernto ike 'em - perhapsit shows a on. Liftng and loweringthe carisso mucheasierwith a trolleyjack,
responsible attitude,or something... and you'llevenlook professional. jackshavea valve,usually
There's somedebateas to whetherit'sokayto fit morethanone at the rear,whichmustbe fullytightened(usng the end of the jack
set of iocklngnuts to a car - some peoplewe know valuethe r handle)beforeraisingthe jack,and which is carefullyloosenedto
wheelsso highlythey'vefitted four setsof nuts - in otherwords, lowerthe car down - if it'sopenedfully,the car w ll not so much
they'vecompletelyreplacedail the standardnutsl The feeling srnkas o umrnetl
againstdoingthis is that the replacement ock n9 nutsmay not be Axlestandsare placedunderthe car,once its beenlfted usng
madeto the samestandardas factoryoriginals, and while it'sokay the jack. Standsare an lmportantaccessory to a trolieyjack,
to fit one set on securitygrounds,fitting more than that s becauseonce they'rein place,there'sno way the car can come
dangerous on safetygrounds(nut couldlail, wheelfallsoff, car in down on you - remember that evena brandnew trolleyjackcould
d it c h,ownerin h o s D i ta l ...) creepdown (if you haven'ttightenedthe valve),or couldevenfar
Obviously,you mustcarrythe speciaikeyor toolwhichcamewith completely underload(ii it'sa cheapone,or knackered, or both).
your nutswith you at all times,in caseo{ a puncture,or if you're UnderNO circumstances usebricks,woodenblocksor anything
havrnganyotherwork done,suchas new brakesor tyres.Thebest elsewhichyou haveto pileup, to supportthe car- thisrslust plain
thing to do is rig this onto your
keyflng,so that it's wlth you,
but not left in the car. The
num ber of pe o p l e w h o fi t
lockingnutsand then leavethe
k eyt o t hem c un n l n g l y ' h i d d e n '
n the gloveboxor the boot...
You don't leave a spare set of
car keys in your gloveboxas
well,do you?
whereto stick it? Up front, there'sa chunky-looking subframe
(D behindthe engine, withthefrontsuspension wishbones attached
- aslongasyoudon'tjackunderthewishbones, thisshouldbefine,
but put a flat offcutof woodon yourjackheadfirst,to spreadthe
load.Thereb alsoa chunkybox-section on the floorpan, running
backfromthe subframe, whichcanbe usedfor jacking,againwith
somewood on the jackhead.Youcanjackon the silljacking
points,whichare markedby an indentin the sillbottomedges
(theremaybea plasticcoverto removefirst),but its betterto leave
thosefor youraxlestands.
Onceyou'vegotthecarup,popan axlestandor two underthe
front silljackingpoints- this is the onlypartof the sill itt safeto
jack underor restthe car on. With the standsin place,you can
lowerthejacksothecarbweightrests onthestands. Formaximum
safety,spreadthe carSweightbetweenthe nandsandthe jack-
don't lowerthejackcompletely unlessits neededelsewhere.
l'm surewe don'tneedto tellyouthis,butdon'tjackup thecar,
or stickstandsunderthe cai an) otherthan kosherjacking
stupid.A Focus is not a smallcat andweighsquiteenoughto and supportpoints.Thismeans- not the floorpanor the sump
damage youconvincingly if it landson top of you- if youdon't (you'llcaveit in),notthemoveable suspensionbits(notstable), and
believeus,try crawlingunderit whenitb restingon a few poxy not under the pipes
brakelfuel (ohmigawd).
How to do lt . iacking up the FeaF
When jacking up the rear of the ca; place wooden chocks in front
Vlrhqns to do it
of the front wheelsto stop it rollingfonarards, and engagefirst
Onlyeverjackthe car up on a solid,levelsurface (ideally,
concreteor tarmacdriveway. or quietcar park).lf there'sevena lf you'retakingthe wheelsoff, you don't haveto loosenthe
slightslope.the car3likelyto move(maybeevenrollaway)asthe wheel nuts beforelifting the car,but you'll be relyingon your
wheelsare liftedoff the ground.Jackingup on a roughor handbrake to holdthe wheelswhileyou wrestlewlth the nuts.
gravelledsurfaceis not recommended, as the jack couldslip Much cooler(andsafer)to loosenthe rearwheel nuG on the
at an awkwardmoment - such as when you've just got groundtoo.
underneath... Jacking andsupporting theFocus back-end isa littletrickier.
a goodlookundertherebeforemakingyourchoice.ThereS a hefty
How to do it - iacking up thr front crossmember betweenthe rearwheelswhich maybe used,but
Before jackingup the frontof the car,pullthe handbrake on watchthatno suspension bitsarebeingcompressed, andthatno
firmly(youcanalsochockthe rearwheels,if youdon'ttrustyour pipesor cablesget crushed.Otherwise, itb a bit of a minefield-
handbrake). theresthefueltankandfillerneck,exhaust, anti-rollbarandspare
lf you'retakingthewheels off, loosenthewheelnutsBEFOREwheelpanto avoid.Noteasy.
you startjackingup the car.lt3 easilyforgotten.but you'lllook AlthoughFordcertainlywouldn'trecommend it, you canjack
prettysillytryingto undothe wheelnutswith the front wheels underthe rear springplates(the large round platesnear the
spinning in mid-air wheels) or theshockabsorber lowermounting - justgo slowly, as
We'llassume you'vegot a trolleyjack.Thenextquestionis - the armwill moveand compress the suspension asthe jack rises.
Jackingunderthe suspension arm is obviouslyno use if you're
workingon the rear suspension itself.Thereis a strengthened
sectionof floorpanjust insidethe rearjackingpoint which you
couldusewhile workingon the suspension, but watchthe fuel
linesandhandbrake cables - theblockof woodon thejackhead3
Foraxlestands, its the rearsilljacking point,againmarked with
an indenton thesilledge.Notso muchneedfor a blockof wood
here,but still not a bad ideato useone if you can - savesyour
paint.spreads the loadintothe car
Remember notto putyouraxlestands underanypipes, thespare
wheelwell, or the fuel tank,and you shouldliveto seeanother

As far as possible,
don't leavethe car unattended onceit has
if kidsare playingnearby- footballgoes
underyourcar,theygo underto get it, knockthejack,carfalls...it
Haveyou got a nice ally/plasticring insidethe wheel hub? Evenwith the plastic Unlessyou're ashamed
Make sure it'sthere, as it actsto centrethe wheel properly, ring of confidence,the of who made your
and may help to stop the wheel ,ustinq on. Everhad a metal bits can still alloys,there'sno reason
rusted-onwheel?Your localfast-fit centrewill have.and thev'll tell corrodeon. Equipyourselfwith not to fit centretrim capslike
vou it ain't funnv. some copper brake grease,and this. Our ArospeedRSGTsare
smearsomeoo the hub. The no causefor embarrassment, so
p r o s 'p a i n t 'i t o n w i t h a b r u s h- on it goes.
the rest of us get messy.lt's not
a bad idea if some of that
greasefinds its way onto the
wheel studs/nuts, too. Keep it
off the brake disc,though.
With the wheel on the ground,
tighten the wheel nuts securely
(ideally,to the correcttorque
85 Nm). Don't over tighten, or
you'll neverget them off if you
have a flatl lf you've really
blown someseriouscashon
your new rims,why not treat
them to a special protected
socketfor tightening the nuts?
Companieslike Draperdo a set
Popthe wheel onto the hub, of specialsocketswith plastic
then on with the nicely-greased You have got some lockingnuts, haven'tyou? Keepyolrr locking protector sleevesfitted, to stop
nuts, and tighten up as tool (in this (ase,a fairly mahoosivebolt) somewheresafe, the metal scratching
far as possibleby bLrtnot obvious.The gloveboxis convenient,but way too your fine alloys.Makes
hand. obvious! senseto us,

t,, To somepeople,tyresarejust rounda n d b la c k-
* oh, and they're nearlyall expensive,
and don't
last long enough.When you're buying a new set
of wheels,most centreswill quote priceswith
differenttyres- buying a tyred-upset of rims is
convenient,and usuallygood value,too.
Somepeopletry and savemoney by {ttng 'remould'or 're-
manutactured' tyres.Thesearen'talwaysthe bargaintheyappearto
be - experencesaystheresno suchthingasa goodcheaptyre,wrth
wheelbaiancng problems a wel -kfown downsde, for starters.
Choosinga known brandof lvre wi proveto be one of your
betterdecs ons.Tyresarethe onlythrngkeepng you on the road,
as rn steering,brakng and he prngyou roundcorners- whats the
porntoJtryingto improvethe handlng by sortng the suspenston f
you'regoing to throw the ga ns away by fittlnq naff tyres?Why
beefup the brakesf the tyreswon't blte?Thecombination of stiff
.: suspension and cheaptyres s inherentydangerous - becausethe
front end d ves esswith reducedsuspens on trave, the front tyres
.it are far morelikelyto ock and sktdunderheavybraknq.
C h e a pty re s a l s o equal smore w heel sprn
- mght be fun to
..' " "''f disappearin a coud of tyre smoke,but wouldn't you ratherbe
drsappearinq up the road?Anotherproblemwith realyw de tyres
"' rsaquaplanrng - hit a blg ouddleat speed,and the tyreskatesover
the waterw thout gripping- it s serousy scarywhen yourcarstarts
steeringfor you. Fittinggood tyreswon't preventit, but it might
increaseyour chancesof stayingin control.The sexiestmodern
iow-profiletyreshavea V-treadpattern,designedspecifically to aid
water dispersal,which is exactlywhat you need to prevent
aquaplaning - try some,and feelthe dlfferencel
cheaptyresruinthe look - a no-namebrandin b 9 letters
on yourtyre sidewalls saysyou'rea p key loud and c ear.lf you're
spendingbig doshon wheels,you'vegotta kit'em out wrth some
tastyV-treadtyres,or losemalorpointsfor style.Listento friends
and fellow modifiers- real-woddopinionscount for a ot when
choosing tyres(howwell do theygrip,wet or dry?How manymiles
canyou get out of thern?)lust makesure,beforeyou splashyour
cashon decenttyres,that you'vecuredanyrubbingand scrubbing
ssues,as nothrngwi I rip your new tyresout faster.

Manks on vouF
s i d e w a lls
Tyresizesareexpressed in a strangemixtureof metricand imperial
specs- we'ltake a typicaltyresizeas an example:
?cJ514Cl P 17 V
f or a 7- inc hwide 1 7 -i n c hri m
eo=i width of tvrein millimetres
zlo this is the "aspectratio' (or 'profile")of the tyre, or the
s dewallhe ght in relationto tyrewidth,expressed asa percentage,
n thiscase40%. So- 4joh of 205 mm = 82 mm, or the heightot
the tyresidewallfrom the edgeof the locatingbeadto the top of
the tread.
Fl Rad'al.
17 Wheeldiameterin inches.
V Speedra-.rg( n thr, case,su,table'or J)e Lp ro 50 ^ror'r'.

Pnessune sitLration
Don'ttorget,whenyou'rehavingyournewtyresf tted,to askwhat
the recommended pressuresshouldbe,front and rear- it'sun ikely
that the Fordspecsfor this wlll be relevantto your new low-low
profiles,but its somewhereto start from. lf the qrease-monkey
ftting your tyres is no help on this pornt, contdct the tyre
manufacturer - the big onesmightevenhavea hai-usefulwebsite.
Runningthe tyres at the wrong pressuress partrcuady stupid
(you'llwearthem out muchfaster)and canbe ,er',danqerous (too
soft- tyre rollsoff the rim,too hard- tyres1de:, .o gr p).

lf your Focusis still
sitting on standard
suspension, it's safeto
say it doesn't cut it - yet.
lf you'vedecidedyou
couldn'twait to fit your
big rims,the chancesare
your Focusis now doing a
passa b le impressionof a
tractor.An essentialf itment.
then - so how low do you
go, and what nastyside-
effectswill a lowering kit
The ma n reasonfor lowering rs of
c o u rs e , to ma k e y o u r c a r l o ok cool .
standardsuspension nearlyaways seems
to be set too soft and too high - a n cey
loweredmotor realiystandsout instantly.
I lowerilg yoLr ca. shouldalso irrprove1"e
handlng. Droporngtl'e car or [s L)op| ol
bl|.]gsthe car'scentreo' grariryc'oserLo r
roll and pitchcentres,whrchhelpsto p n it to
t h e ro a d i n c o rn e rsa n d u n der braki ng
combinedwith stffer sprngs and shocks,tl'ls
reducesbody ro I and increases the tyre contact
patch on the road. BUT - rf mprovlngthe
handlng is realy mportantto you, choose
your new suspension lf you qo
the cheap route, or want extferre
lowefng, thenyou couldefd up
w i th a c a r th a t d o e s n ' t
h a n d l ea t a i l .. A n d !v th
a fi n e -h a n dnl g c a r
l i k e th e F o c u s ,
tfrat's a real
5 name .
doesn'tobjectto a hard ride if his car lookscool,think on this -
Lourening spnings how manycornersdo you knowthat arecompletely flat (iewithout
The cheapestoption by far, but with the most pitfailsand some any bumps)?On dodgy loweringsprings,you hit a mid-corner
unpleasantside-effects.Loweringspringsare, effectively,shorter bump at speed,and it'sanyone's guesswhereyou'ilend up.
versionsof the standarditemsfitted to your Focusat the factory lf cost is a majorconsideration, and loweringspringsthe only
However,not only are they shorter(lower),they are alsouprated optionfor now, at leasttry to buy brandediternsof decentqualty
- if loweringspringsweresimplyshorterthan standardand - somecheapsetsof springswill eat thelrway throughseveral sets
the samestiffness(the same 'rate'),you'd be hittingthe bump- of dampersbeforeyou realsethe springsthernselves have ost the
stopsovereverysetof catseyes. With loweringsprings,youjust fit plot. Needless to say,if ridingaroundon m s-matched springsand
the new springsand keepthe originalshockabsorbers ('dampers'), shocksis a bit iffy anyway,itb downrightdangerous when they've
soevenif the originals aren'tcompletelyknackered, you'recreating worn out (someinside1B monthsl).
a probiem causedby mis-matchedcomponents.The original fusumingyou want to slamyour suspenslon so your archesjust
damperswere carefullychosento work with the original-rate clearthe tops of yourwickednew rims,thereSanothersmallproblem
springs- by increasingthe spring rate without changlngthe wlth loweredsprings- it takessomeinspiredguesswork(or hoursof
dampers,you end up with dampersthat can't controlthe springs carefulmeasuringand head-scratching) to assessthe requireddrop
properly. Whatthis usuallydoesbeforelong is wreckthe dampers, accurately,and avoid that nasty rubbing sound and the smell of
so you don't evensavemoneyin the end. burningrubberSprings aregenerallyonlyavailable
in a veryfew sizes,
The mis-matchedsprings and dampers will have other expressed by the amountof dropthey'llproduce.On a Focus,on 17s,
entertaining too. How would you like a Focuswhich you needto go at least30 mrn to noticethe drop, and 35 mm is a
rideslike a brick,and which fallsover itselfat the first sign of a popularchoicefor retaining goodhandling.Muchmoreof a dropis
cornertakenabovewalkingpace?A verychoppyrideand strange- just for the look - one problemreportedwith goingto 50 mm is that
feelingsteering(muchiighter,or muchheavier, depending on your the driveshaftjoints wear out prematurely,owing to the extreme
uck) are well-documented problemsassociated wlth taking the anglethey'reworkingat whendropped. Takeasmanymeasurements
cheap option, and it doesn'teven take much lesstime to flt, as posslble, and askaroundyourmates/'net forums- suppliers and
comparedto a propersolution.Evenif you'rea hard man, who nanJlacUrers mdybe yoLrbei sorrceof l'elpi1 special cases.

S u s p e nsion
A far better choice,Sir - a matched set
be able to negotiate a set of roadworks
of springsand dampers i s a g e n u in e wit h o u t n e e d in g d e n t a l wo rk
'upgrade', and respectis d u e - T h e re a re afterwards.Actually,you may be
s everalbranded kits availa b le ,a n d s o me a ma z e d h o w we ll t h e F o c u sw i l l s t i l l
Ford specialists
do their own . Wit h a rid e , e v e n t h o u g h t h e s p rin gsa r e c l e a r l y
properly-sortedconversion,your Focus lower and stiffer - the secretis in the
will handle even better, an d y o u ' ll s t ill d a m p in g .

Someof the kitsare billedas 'adjustable', but thisonlyappliesto

the damperrates(don't mistakethem as being cheapco lovers),
whichcanoften be setto your own tasteby a few minutes'work.
This Playstation featurecan be a good fun thing to play around
with, evenif it is slightlylessrelevant to roadusethanfor hillclimbs
and sprints- but don't get carred awayand setit too stiff,or you'll
end up with an evil-handling car and a CD playerthat sk ps over L
everywhite lineon the roadl
Unfortunately, althoughyou shoud end up with a f ne handlng
car,thereare probemswith suspension ktts,too. lf you don't have
and onceagain,you'rernto guesswork territorywhen it comesto
assessing your requireddrop for big wheels. Generaly, most
s u s p e n s i o kni ts are ony avai abe w th a fai rl y modestdrop
(typically, 35 to 40 rnm).

G oilovens
',O-,.eait;ar- a a O.e ' s....i : . I - : ..r.,.,...'
:.rla-:.aa!:a- a i' :r :f_ _ e ,' :a : ..: :.,'i -,

a i!r Oi ,,,O1 Ir , a, "f r r . r 5, O , . . , ' r d 1 l) n( l . ll

..'h en a voL r ra le! aTec n ooar c ( Lr o, . ' r , :
ira a va f al o r on t he 5Ll5pen5 oi k 1 llt ( , |a
.r se1 o: n alahed .'larab e ra:e s1t'rll
' '' o r I
. tl !rro t[; l-]r.1tl . r ar ll! s iab 1' i - r . r lr l
a ,: cL rata rrt!Ca5 aJ ooca r O e/ f ar ( l r at
i a5 a rto fl|.t K t
A ao lover ict rep aces each :prrncl
.r d ho 't w th om br ned . - r n
ra/herethe co I spring fits over the
!h ocke r (h en ce ' c oi ' ' ov er ' ) not h nq
'oo unusual n th s, beca,lse so fat t's
, m lar to a norma front strut Thedrfierence
es n t he adlusta b es p ri n go w e r s e a t,w h rc h
.an io\rver the sprng (andcar)to anydesrred he ght,
.'trthinI mrts
Untortunate y, makingd cargo supe.lowrsnot goodfor the r cle
!r the handlrngCoioversystems haveveryshort,stiffsprings, and
'' s c an ead t o s rn l a r p ro b l e rn sto th o s e fo und w th cl l r.l p lowerng spfngs,because the standarddamper5are reta red tllr !
!!^,'erinq Sprngsa one.lf yougo too far w th co lovers, youcanend s one reason,.^ihy the ricjesuffers).
What Vouget s a ne\,!sprnll
, r s . it h a c hop p yrd e , h e a v ys te e r.rqa n d g e n e ral yufpi easant assemby,\^., th adlustabletop and bottom mounts - the ',vl)oe
- andlng. Com b n e a c o i o v e r-s d mrrre dc a r \' ! th bi g a oys,afd tl'rng sl ps over your standarddamper T\,vop.obems !vtlr thrs
.. irie the vrslraeffect may be stunnng, the dr v ng expe ence sout on thov,,rmportanttheseare is up to youl
r'rqht we be veryd sapponting At leasta properco overk t wr I 1 Yo!r standarddampersw I not be ableto cope\./iththe uprated
.ome wrth shockabsorbers (dampers) which are matchedto the sprngs,so the carw i I a mostcertarIy ri de(a ndpossib y handle)
ngs ,unI k ea ' c o n v e rs i o kf'i t rkea pig I you go for a realy seriousdrop and okdy,why else
wou d you be doingit?
Coilover conweFsion e The standarddampersare effertvely berngcompressed, the
I bet t er - v aue op to n i 5 th e ' c o l o v e rc o n v e rs rofn'you real yrfi l sl ower you go Theres a limltto how far theywr i compress before
'ave the lo\\iest,baddestmachne oLttthere,and don t {are \\,hal berngcompetey so id (andth s couldbe the Im t for yourlo\,ver llq
: r e f ldewr l be rk e ,th e s ec o u d b e th e a n s w e rO ffernqas mLrch actvrties)Needless to sdy,evena partly-compressed damperwo|] t
rotentialtof ower ng as genune co overs(and at far e5scost), be all e to do rfurh actualddrnpifg- the resuts of thtscoud l)c,
:heseitemscoud be described as a crossbetweencotovcrs.lttd nteresti ng...
Loosenthe wheel nuts, Next, remove the anti-
jack up the corner of roll bar drop link nut;
the car you are this will requirethe
working on (see'Wheels& use of a spannerand Allen key.
tyres'for more info on jacking
and supporting),and remove
the wheel. Firstjob is to unclip
the brake hose from its
bracketand pull the hoseto
one side, so that it won.t get
damagedwhilst you work. Tie
it back if necessary.


The strut-to-hubclamp Now persuadethat Now you need to prise Into the engine bay,
bolt comesout using a hub to detach itself the lower arm down and removethe three
socketand wrench - from the 5trut. Don't to releasethe strut top mounting nuts on
noticethe bolt fits from the be shy you (probably)won't completelyfrom the hub the strut housing.Don't touch
front. damage it. All we're looking to mounting. You may be able to the nut in the centre of the
do is break any rLrstthat may just pressdown by hand, and strut at this stage,or things
have set in, so the hub moves pop the strut out. This part may start flying apart.
down. looksquite hardcore,but don't
pani(. Our "specialtool",
consistingof a mother of a bat
some chain and a block of
wood, just made things easier
for us.
Far the next bit, you MUST use coil spring campressars('spring
.lamps') Medical attention will be rcquired if you don't. Da
we have to draw you a diagtam? The sping's undet tensian an the
strut, evenoff the.at what da you think'sgonna happenif you just
undo tt? The spring embedded-in-the-fareheadlook is really OVER,tao.

With everything Compress the spring It's now time to strip

loosenedand compressors to'grab' until the tension is off +ha <+.'
<r:d hv

removed, drop the as many of the spring the strut upper removingthe top
strut out from the wheelarch- coilsas you can, and fit them mounting plate. Next job is to mounting plate and upper
if it hasn'talreadyfallen out... directlyoppositeeachother removethe upper mounting spllng seat.
Bestpop a jack under the hub Tightenthe bolt that runs up plate. Usea spanneron the
now - that way, you won't be the centreof each clamp. inner nut, and an Allen key to
replacingany driveshafts Rememberto tighten each stop the piston from turning.
(doesn'tdo the CV joints any clamp evenly,or the unclamped Dependingon your choiceof
good to be hanging down). side may fly off and cause suspensron, you may neeo !o
Inlury. re-Lrsethe top mount plate so
keep it handy for later

Takethe correctstrut Now it's time the shiny The upper springseat is
l,l, ::"J3fi
il:?,"'. for the sideofthe car new springgoeson. the next part to be
as it's sti lunder major you'reworklngon, and Usethe (orred spring, addedto the strut.Due
tension.When removingthe prepthe pistonby pul ing it fully the right way up (if it's not to the fact that our new springs
springclampsfrom the coils, out. Thensllpthe washer(Spax obviouswhich springto use, are a lot srnallerin width than
lvhich ;s the next job, loosen call it a bumpstop protector - checkthe markingson the the originals,we needto fit the
them slowlyand evenly,or checkto seeif your kit hasone) springand refer to the kit springseatadapter(supplied
you 'llen d up h avinga v er y bad onto the plstonand fit the bump manufacturer'snotes).Evenif with kit) into the originalFocus
0a yl stop.You' eitherhavea new the springslook the same,they top mount p ate. Plrshthis into
burnpstop in your kit, or you'll may have different rates place it wil clickwhen it has
re usethe origina one. (stjffness)
so checkfirst. locatedpropery-





The newly-assembled Greasethe baseof the The new strut should

strut can now go back strut,to make refitting 9o back jnto the hub
into positionin the it to the hub less easierthan the old
arch. Hold it in placeby loosely one came out. There'sa raised
refitting the three upper rib on the back of the strut,
mounting nuts. which must align with the slot
in the hub. Ensurethe brake
hose is kept out of the way to
prevent it from being
damaged.Jackup the hub this
time, to make surethe strut
goes all the way in.



You'llfind that the Now the bottom arm The new iprings are On our luvverlySpax
jack will want to move dropsaway,and the way easierto fit than coalovers, the next job
backwardsas the spnng can come out. the old oneswere to is removingthis very
spring is lowered,which might In caseyou were wondering come out - bonus.So the lowea large bolt from the top of the
mean the lower arm jams up at why we didn't just usespring arm can now go back up, and subframe(springupper seat).
the last minute. A little careful clampsto compressthe old the outer bolt back in (well, We expected it to be rusted-in,
leveringwith the'universal spring,and take it out that way you wouldn't want to forget it, but we were lucky- you m;ght
tool' (largescrewdriver)should - you can't.There'sno room- later on). Torquethis bolt to not be, 50 hit it with some
sort you ouI. t 15 Nm. Now that'stight. Refit spray-lubefirst.
the anti roll bat too - the
clamp bolts are 48 Nm, and the
outer link bolts (with two
bushes)are 15 Nm.

Just in (a5eanlthing slipswhile
you're loweringthe spring (and With a decenttrolleyjack
it'll go with a bang if you're suPportingthe bottom arm
unlucky),make Lrpa'spe<ial (compress the springa little),
. . . and a clamp bracket with tool'. Get yourself a sturdy unscrewthe bolt at the outer
another bush, Take these off metal strip, drill a hole in for a end of the arm.Oncethat bolt
both sides,and the anti-roll long bolt and nut. and fit it to istappedout the jack isthe
bar's outta da way. lt will, of the rear suspensionas shown. onlythingstoppingthe spring Undothe nut on the special
course. have to go back on The jack will do the lowering flying ou! sotake care.Trolley tool, then lower the jack
afterwards. And if any of work, but this should stop it all jackshavewheels,and wheel: slightly.Repeatthis process
those bushes look flying apart. Safety is turn - sometimes when untilthe spring
shot, you know what to what we're talking you don't expectthem pressurenasoeen
d o... nere. IO. safelyreleased.

This'llbe why the bolt Screwthe locking ring . . . while at the More purple-ness with
had to come out - you onto the threadedtop bottom end, the new our new spring,which
can't beat a bit of mount, then add the spnng lower seat gets is so much shorter than
purple in the undercarriage, new spnng upper seat. . . a little love, in the form of the original, it's actually a very
and this is the adjustabletop Ioadsacopper grease. baggy fit. This is good, because
mount for the coiloveas.We it makes fitting easy . . .
treated the old bolt to a lick of
grease before putting it back.
and tightened it to | 15 Nm. This
bolt holds the rear suspension
to the car, so it's pretty
important it's tight.

. . . but it's also bad, because
the springfalls out just as easy.
While the car was up in the air,
we used a trolley jack to lift So we've got us a height-
the bottom arm. and hold the adjustablespring.but where's
spring in place.lt's obviously the shocker?Well. they're
pretty important to check the separate units on the Focus,so . . . then go into the boot, and
spring's located properly, top there'sstill some work to do. undo the top mounting nut,
and bottom, when the Undo the shock! holding the shock . . . then take off the
car gets lowered back bottom mounting piston rod still with a rubbermount- we'll
to the ground. bolt . . . s m a l l e rs p a n n e r . . . be re-usingthat later.


The shockabsorber This looks better lf you'vebought You don't get a

may havefallen off by alr eady - a s h i n y n e w adjustable suspension, su5pension kit with
this point, but if it shocker,complete with get adjusting. When adjustabledamping,
hasn't.take it off. Slideoff the the top mount we just took off you'veset one side(a best- and then not fiddle with it, do
other top mount, which we'll the old shock.slideit into guessjob,firsttime),measure you? But - your new
also be recycling. place, and tlghten the bottom the height you set it to, so you suspension'sgoing to be way-
mounting bolt (to, yes, you cansetthe other sidethe same. stiff anyhow so making it
guessed- 115 Nm). Backin the Lockthe springseatin place much stiffer's possibly not
boot, refit the top rubber with the lockingring- tjghtn advisableunlessyou're
mount, then tjghten the top them togetherwith the two planningto shavea few tenths
nut, usrngthe sametwo- spanners provided. Treatthe off the Silverstonelap record.
spannertechniqueused before. coiloverthreadsto a littlelube, Set both sidesthe same,to
to keepthe rust at bay. avoid getting strangehandling
quirksyou can live without.

Garnlc.en angle and
4rE EFaCKrng
Wlth any lowerifg'solution',it'slikelythat yoursuspension and
steeringgeometryw I be severely affected- thiswill be moreof
a problemthe loweryou go. Thiswil manifestitseJfin steering
whlch eitherbecomes|ghter or (moreusually)heavietand in
tyreswhich scrlb out their inneror outer edgesin very short
order - not funny, if you're running expensivelow-profiles!
Sometimes, eventhe reartyrescan be affectedin this way,but
thats usuallyonly after some seriousslammage.Whenever
you'vefitteda setof springs(andthisapplesto ALLtypes),have
the qeometrycheckedASAPafterwards.
lf you'vedroppedthe carby 60 mm or more,chances areyour
camberanglewill needadjusting.This s one reasonwhy you
mightfind the edgesof yourfat low-pro{iles wearing{asterthan
you'd like (the other is your trackingbeng out). The camber
angle is the angle the tyre makeswjth the road, seen from
directlyin front. You'llno doubt haveseenracecarswrth the
front wheelstilted in at the too. out at the bottom - ths is
extremenegativecambet and i1 helpsto give more grip and
stabilltyin extremecornering(but lf your car was set this
extreme,you'd kill the front tyresVERYquicklyl).Virtuallyall
roadcarshavea touchof negativecamberon the front, and its
impoarant when loweringto keepas nearto the factorysetting
as possible, to preservethe propertyre contactpatch on the
road. Troube is, there'snot usuallymuch scopefor camber
adjustment on standardsuspension, whichiswhy (forsomecars)
you can buy camber-adjustable top plateswhlchfit to the strut
tops. Settingthe camberaccurately is a job for a garagewith
experience of modifiedcars- so probablynot your loca fast-fit

It'sthe one next to the throttle - some oeooledon't use it
much.Upratingthe brakesis actuallya very easybolt-on
upgrade,but there are some pointsto consider.
One ot the strangest, giventhat mprovingthe brakesshoud in theoryalsormprove
your chancesot avoidng an accdent, s that insurancecompaniesdo not ike
performance brakes. Youshouldstlltel them,but be prepared for badnews.Tothem,it
seerfsthatfjttingsporlybrakesrnustautomaticaiy makeyoudrrveikeCo n lvlcRaethe
clearimpllcation is that lf you needbetterbrakes, you'veether alsoupratedthe engine
(andnot toldthem?),or yousimplydriveon the limiteverywhere. Shame. Wejustliketo
know our carswill stopquickly. That,actually,mightbe anotherreasonwhy theydon't
llkebetterbrakes- you stopbetter,but doesthe o d dodderer behindyou?Crunch.
Upratng the brakeswi be a completewasteof time f you'rea cheapskate on tyres
Cheap,no-name tyres(oroneswith no treadleft)won't alwaysbe ab e to translate extra
brakrng powerrntoactualvehicle-stopping power,they'llgiveup theirgripon thetarmac
andskideverlwhere. Somethinq like90% of brakings doneby thefrontwheels- rethe

onesyou steerwith. lf you consider that locked-up
whees alsodon'ttendto steervery
we l, you'llbeginto seewhy top brakesand lametyresarea welldodgymixture.

Groowy discs Performance discsalso have a reputationfor warping (nasty

Besides the variousbrandsof oerformance brake v brationsfelt throughthe pedal).lustified,or not?We l, the harder
you useyour brakes(andwe couidbe talkingseriousabuse),the
padsthat go with them,the mainbrakeupgrade greaterthe heat you'l generate.Okay,so thesewickeddscs are
isto fit performance front brakediscsand pads. meant to be able to cope with this heat, but you can't expect
Discs are availablein two maintypes- grooved miracles. Cheapdiscs,or oneswhich havehad a hard tme over
and cross-drilled(andcombinations of both). mega-thousands of miles,will warp. So buy quality,and don't get
Grooved dlscs(whlchcanbe hadwith varyingnumbers of grooves) over-heroic on the brakes. l!
;ervea dual purpose- the groovesprovidea'channel'to helpthe Per{ormance padscanbe fitted to anybraked scs,includingthe
heatescape, andtheya so helpto de-glaze the padsurface, cleaning standardones,but areof coursedesignedto work bestwith heat-
irp the padseverytime they'reused.some of the discsare made dissipatingdiscs.Unlessyour Focushassomethingserouslymeaty
irom higheFfrctlon metalthan normaldiscs,too, and the factthat underthe bonnet,don't be temptedto go muchfurtherthan 'last
ineyseriouslyimprovebrakingperformance is well-documented. road'pads- anythingmore compettion-orientated may take too
Cross-drilleddiscsoffer anotherroute to heat dissipation, but long to come up to temperatureon the road. Remember what
:ne which can presentsomeproblems.Ownersreportthat cross- pushbikebrakeswere like in the wet? Coldcompetitlonpadsfeel
cirled discsreallyeat brakepads,moreso than the groovedtypes, the same,and old dearsalwaysstepoff the pavementwhen your
but more serous is the fact that some of thesediscscan crack brakesarecoldI
aroundthe drilledholesafterharduse.Thetroubleis that the heat fittingallthe performance
Lastly, brakebitsin the world is no use
migrates'tothe drilledholes(aswasintended), but the heatbuild- if yourcalpershaveseizedup. lf, whenyou stripout yourold pads,
lp can be extreme,and the constantheating/cooling cyclecan you find that one pad'sworn more than the othet or that both
padshaveworn moreon the leftwheelthan the right,yourcaliper
5tressthe metalto the point whereit will crack.Discswhich have
ceendamagedin thisway areextremely dangerous to drlveon, as pistonsare stickrng.Sometimes you can free them off by pushng
:hey coud breakup completey at any time. Onlyfit discsof this thembackintothe calper,but thiscoud be a garagejob to fix. See
:ypefrom establshed offeringa usefulguarantee
manufacturers ot your Haynesmanualfor details.lf you drivearoundwith stckng
quaity,and checkthe discsregularly. ca ipers,you'11 eat padsand drscs. Youchoose.

Loosenthe wheel nuts,jack up the corner Removethe rubber capsfrom the two (top and bottom)
of the (ar you're working on, and take c a l i p e rg u i d e b o l t s . . .
off the wheel. Put an axle stand under a
solid part of the car,just in casethe jack givesout
(see"wheels & tyres" for more info on jacking
up). To make room for the new thicker,padswe'll
be fitting, try ieveringbetweenthe old discand
padsas shown.Thisdoes riskdamagingthe old
discand pads,but we're fitting new so who

t 0h
Removethe outer pad Now we're finished The calipermounting bracketdoesn,tneed to be
from the caliperby with the caliperfor a removed in order to remove the disc. However,you may
slidingthe pad out, bit, so protect the wish to remove it, to clean it up for painting - it,5only
its securingclip. hydraulichose by hanging the held on by two bolts. Removingthe disc.meanwhile,is laughably
caliperup on the front spring, easy- just priseoff the discretainingclip . . .
usingwire, string,or even an
old bungee-cord.lf that hose
gets damaged,you'll loseyour
brakesvery quickly- you're
supposedto be upgrading
them here, remember!

. . . and, possiblywith Timeto cleanthe rust Spreadsome coppergreaseon the hub face,to prevent
a little persuasionfrom and muck from the the pain and miseryof rusted-ondiscsin the future.
a hammer,the disc hub face using a wire
shouldcome away. lf it's brushor emerycloth. This is
rusted-on,quite a lot of actuallymore vital than you
persuasionwith that hammer might think - any muck in there
will be required(swearing will stop the new discfrom
optional). sitting on square,and if that
happens,your brakeswon't
work too well, and you'll eat
through brake pads.So do a
good job.

Now'sa good time to paint the cal pers,as the brakesare Pop your new discsonto the hub, first y checkingyou've
apart. unlortunately,we weren't that organised,but see got the right disc(any groovesnrustbe pos tioned ln a
the caliper-paintingsectionfor more lnfo. The new discs cerlainway checkyour paperwork).Our customdis(s
must be cleanedusing brake cleanerbefore fitting to the car,as suppliedto us by Red Dot Raclngmake it easyto seethe fitting
they're coveredin stickyrtuff to preventthe discsfrom rusting. direction why not give them a cal , and get your own custom
d iscs?



hlll *"+'.,n"
ai,,.;;';n Smeara bit of copper Our dedication1o the happinessof guide pin bolts is so
Jl -l I (lip - but bewarethat greaseto the great that we've cleanedthem and greasedthem using
sometimes thisclipcan backplatesof the pads, brake grease.The bolts don't have to removed,bLtthow
s(orethe insideedge of alloy to preventthe brakesfrom much do you love your car?
wheels.lf you've fitted nice big squealing.Don't get the grease
wheels,checkto make surethe on the discs(or on the pad
cilp won't make contactwith friction surface)- if you do,
the alloy - if it does,don't refit cleanthem with brake cleaner.
the clip (the discwill be firmly SI;pthe new pads back into
held in placeonce the wheel's position in the caliper,and slip
back on). the caliperon over the disc.



Pop th e g uid e bolt s bac k int o plac e,and t ight en t h e m t o

1'? 28 Nm. Rememberto re-{it the rubber covers. . .
. . . and fina y, clip the
brake pad retaining
A little coppergrease
a p p l i e dwh e r e th e to p
c l i p b a c ki n t o p l a c e . of padsmake contact
w i t h t h e c a l i p e rmo u n ti n g
bracketwill preventthe pads
s e r z r n gD
. o n 't g e t a n y g r e a te
on the dlscor contactsurface
o f t h e b r a k e p a d . W h e n th e
discsand pads have been done
both sides,give the brake
pedalseveralgood shovesto
bring the pads up to the discs.
And remernber- run them in


One'downside'to fitted massivemulti-spokedalloysis
I that - gasp- peoplecan seeyour brakes!5o don't be shy
about it - paint someof the brake bits so they look the
biz, to match (or clashcompletely)with your chosen
colourscheme.Red is the colour inspiredby the
racing/touring-car boys,but isn'tthe only choice.

LJ.rryFoc don t havereardrsc:,llLt pa rit r!J ng the calper; requre; 1lr.rttheyfe Llean- reaty clean
th c o r.l k e d ru m s s d c c e p t abi f !ndef l l re Arressor!storessel aeTosobr.[e c]eaner,!,rhch (apafr{fom
c raurfstances - but then,do you pa rt em b,tck, l .rdvi nga dstl rctve hi qh-octaneperl umei is just gf eat f of
th e rn ,o r n y o ur chosencoouJ
to d e e mp h a s s e removrnqbrake d!st, and iots nrrtrebesde:! Some kits come
fo f tl rc f.o n ts ? t' s a to u g h cl ecsons, n rompl ei e w i th ceaner spray Many of th e kr ls adver t t se
modriyrnglf you'rerealysad,youcana waysbuy themseveson the strengthof fo d srranlInq b eingr equt f ed, but
fakereard sc: . Forthe less-sad amonqyou,l orrl we don't agree A so, havng a ways succc,srfu ]y brushpa nted
perlormance specialsts may be ableto se yoLt.l ou. carpers,w e w ou dn' t advi se!s ng anyk nd of spr aypar t .
reardiscbrakeconversion klt - pr celt but maybe We kno',vyou won't want to hedf this, but the besl way to
ne.ossary f theresan RSengne go rg in soo| A pd nt the calpers s to do somedrsmantinll I fst The k ts sayyou
reardrscconvers on'sgoinga brt idr lu5tto hdve don' thaveto, but trustme - you' l get a mLrc hbet t err esultf r om
red calpersiiont and rear and refie.nber,llte a lew nr rtrles extra$/oTk.Thebe5tr nreto pa nt \'voud oe,Nhle
rearbrakesdon t do niLrch actua stoppnq. you' refrttrngne\! cj scs,bl t nobodyl h nl s ti r. t f ar ahead

1 ,0


n'l Jacl (a' up the front and/or rear of the car (dependingon After a good scrubwith the brush,further cleanthe area I
lJ ll whrch you (hooseto do) and JUpporton axle stands,then you are going to paint usinga suitablebrake cleaning
take a wire brushto your calipersand drumsto cleanoff solution- this is sometimessuppliedwith caliperpainting l,j
allthat rust and muck. lt makesmost senseto paint all four k;ts (niceone, MHW).
cornersat once,becausethe paint won't keep once the tin has
been opened.

Painting bnakes

Rememberto paint the drumstool Theseneed cleaning- and

Finally,prisethe lid off the paint and find yourselfa paintbrush. don't get the paint on the wheel mating surface(wherethe studs
Somekits requireyou to mix hardenerinto the paint, so read the are).While the paint'sdrying,turn the drum everyso often, or you
instructionson your kit to be 5ure,before you start applyingpajnt. might get the runs.Leavethe paint to dry for the paint
Stirthe paint before you begin and then slap it on - but don't manufacturer's suggestedtime, to ensureit'stotally dry- lf the
paint it on too thick, or it'll run, and stone chipswill flake paint is still a bit wet and you drive the (ar, you'll get all
the thick paint away faster We don't reallyneed to tell sortsof muck in the paint and it will look awful, so take
you not to get it on the brake discsor pads,do we?? your trme.

Aswrth exteriorstyling,fashionscanchangeveryquickly- so don't lhe importantlessonhereis not to loseyourtemper,as this has
re airardto experiment with a lookyou realy ike,because chances a highly-destructive eifecton plastlccornponents,
and mayresultin
are, t'll be the next big thing anyway.Justdon't do wood, ok? a panelwhich no amountof carbonfilm or colourspraycan put
"Ve'vea feeiingits nevercoming n, nevermind comingback... right,or makefjt agaln.Superglue may help,but not everytime.
5o - takeit steady, andthinklogically
abouthow and
Flernoving stuff wherea plasticpaneiwould haveto be attached, to stayon. You'li
encounterall sortsof trim c ips (somemorefragrlethan others)in
Tak6 it easy and bFak l6ss yourtravels- when thesebreak,as they usualydo, manyof them
Many of the procedureswe're going to show involve removing can be boughtln packsfrom accessory shops,and rareroneswill
interor tr m panels(eitherfor colouringor to be availablefrom a Ford dealet probablyoff the shelf. Even
f t otherstuff),and thiscan be tricky.lt's fully-trainedFordmechanics aren'timmune10 breakinga few trim
lar too easy to break plastictrirn, clipsI
especrally once it's had a chanceto
90 a bit brittle with age. Another
'problem'with the Focusis that the
rnteriortrim is prettywellattached
(and the designershave been very
cleverat hidingseveralvital screws),
meaningthat it can be a piq to get off.
We'll try and avoid the immortalwords
'simplyunclipthe panel',and insteadshowyou
how properly, but lnevitably at somestage,a plece
of trimwon't'simply'

1r 5


l,t t


forrlra foa4tt rca&|E

f II{.1
l r tigit

il I
but black?
The interiortrim on the Focusat leasthidesits
agewell,and doesn'trattlemuch.And that's
about it - for a loverof elephant-hidegrey,it's
heaven.Fornormalpeople,it'ssomething else.
Fortunately, there'splentyyou can do to
personalise it, and therearethreemainroutesto
1) Spraypaint - availablein any colouryou like,as long as it's...
nat black. This Falia Tec stuff actually dyes softer plastics and
leather, and comes in a multi-stage treatment, to suit all plastic
types. Don't try to save money just buying the top coat, becauseit
won't workl Special harderwearing spray is required for use on
steering wheels. Ordinary sptay paint for bodywork might damage
someplastics,and won't be elastic- good primer is essential. Make
sure you also buy lots of masking tape.
2) Adhesive or shrink-fit film - available in vaious wild colours,
carbon,ally,and, er... walnut (would YAU?).Probablybestusedon
flatter surfaces,or at least those without camplex curves, or you'll
have to cut and join - spray is arguably better here. Some
companies will sellyau sheetsof genuine carbon-fibre, with peel-
off backing - looksand feels the part (nice if you have touchy-feely
3) Replacementpanels - the easiestoption, as the panelsare
supplied pre-cut, ready to fit. Of course, you're limited then to
styling just the panelssupplied.
lf you fancysomethingmore posh, how about trimmingyour
intefiorbitsin leather?Verysaucy.Available in variouscolours,and
hardlyanydearerthan film, you alsoget that slight'ruffled'effect
on Ir9ntercurves.
r- ,r&
\,n ,ra-,or,tf

r'il'iil'iili iffii

Get the c an S OUT
Any paintingprocess is a multi-stageapplication.
With the FoliaTecsystem(thanksto Eurostyling
for supplying ours),manyof you apparently
think you can get awayjust buyingthe top coat,
whichthen lookslikea cheapoptioncompared
to f ilm - WRONG ! Eventhe properinteriorspray
top coatwon't stayon for long without the
matchingprimer,and the finishwon't be wear-
resistant withoutthe finishingsealerspray.You
don't needthe special foamingcleaner- you
couldget by with a general-purpose degreaser,
suchas meths.Justwatchthe grey/blackplastic
doesn'tsuddenlyturn white - if it does,you're
damagingthe finish!Thismightnot be too
importantto you, as it's beingsprayedover
anyway,but if you take out the greytoo far on a
part that's not beingsprayedall over,you'll have
to livewith a cacky-looking white-greyfinishto
any non-painted surface...
Providing you'rea dab handwith the maskingtape,paintgives
you the flexibilityto be more creative.For instance, you couldtry
colour-matching the exteriorof the car- but will ordinarycar body
paintwork on interiorplastics? Courseit will, as longas you prep
the panelsproperly.
Choice of paints one thing, but what to paint? Well, not
everylhing- for instance,you might want to avoid high-wearareas
likedoor handles. Justmakesfor an easierlife.Thegloveboxlid and
instrumentpanel surroundare obviousfirst choices,as are the
ashtrayand fuseboxlid.The centreconsole s not lightinganyones
fire in standardFordgrey,so hit it with somespraytoo. Any panels
whichjust pop out aretargets,in fact (lotslessmaskingneeded)-
just makesurewhateveryou'redismantling was meantto come
apart,or it'll be out with the superglue insteadof the cans.
Don't be afraidto experiment with a combination of styles- as
long as you'reconfidentyou can blend it all together.anything
goeslMix the paintedbitswith sornetastefulcarbon-fibre sheetor
brushed-aluminium film, if you like - neutralcolourslike this, or
chrome,can be usedto givea lift to dashbitswhicharetoo tricky
to sDrav


Piaceyour chosenitem of;nterior trim on a clean,flat When yoLr'rerati5fied Plasterthe

I surface,and attack with sandpaperOur aim ls to remove
the nastyinjection-moLrlded designthat looks like
that enough of the
grain pattern has been
surroundingarea with
newspaper(to avoid

I elephanthide. Nice.ln order to savetotal disintegrat;onof your

hands,wear glovesl
removedby sandpaper
(rememberthat you carryon
parentalunresi),then add yoL.rr
first layerof plasticprimer and
the smoothingpro(essby {eaveto dry as per instructions
I priming the area, rubbing the
primer back and repeat;ngthe
on the can.

I process), cleanthe area with a


I wipe' from a bodyshop-

I Pain t ing tn i r n
I Repeatthis processof building up the primer until the surfaceis
totally smooth.Ourstook three layersuntil we were happy that all
I elephant hide had been eliminated.lt'stime to paint. You could
chooseto paint things the samecolour as your cat but the

I Rub the primer back with fine'grain sandpaper.Do not

rub the primer off; we're aiming partly to fill any gaps left
are endless.One coat of paint should be
enough - but usetwo coatsif you Jeel it needsit. End by
from the elephant hide by buiiding up layersof primer. adding a nice layerof lacquerto make it reallyshinyl

... t' ".^.
' i..,.
I ",.-..--.,

! l r - l tt
Firstjob is to cleanthe After all that cleaning,
A far easierrouteto the brushed-ally
or carbon area to which the kit it would be a shameif
look.pre-finished('here'ssomewe did earlier') will be fitted, Lrsing -------l you touched the area
panelsareavailable from suppliers. the cleaningsolutionsupplied. and had to clean it all over
Dashkitsare available for the Focusfrom companies likeDash Give it a good clean to remove again - so don't touch it.
grease oa Instead, ra isethe temperature
Dynamics, and offer a simplerway of iivening-up the dull Focus any traces of silicone,
poli5h,so that when fitting the of the surface area of the dash
dash.Did we savsimDle?lt'ssometimes not too obviouswhere
kit, the glue will sti(k properly using a hot-air gun or
the variouskit bits are supposed to gol A trialiitting isn'ta bad and hold the kit in place. hairdryer, set to a low heat,
dea,be{orepeelingoff the backing.l,4akesureyourchosentrim and oot too close!
pieceis linedup niceand square,and keeplt squareasyou press
rt on ' the adhesive's meaningit will staystuck
whetheryou get it right or wrong. Still,it's easierby far than
tryingto maskup andspraythe edgesof the vents,whichiswhat With a cloth, pressea.h part of
yo-r'dhdvelo do orherwise. the kit fjrmly into place,paying
particularattention to the
corner and the edges.lt will
take 24 hours for the kit to be
fully bonded in place.lf after a
Placethe piece into position on while the edgesbegin to lift,
the dash- each sectionof the kit simplyapply some strong A slight bit of overlap between
One pieceat a time, apply the is labelledto show you whereto adhesiveand stickthe kit ba.k the panelsin placesresultedin
same low heat to each fit it. lf it is fitted incorrectly,it is into place.Continueto heat the need for some very minor
section, then peel off the still possibleat this stageto each panelfor a couple more trimming - use a sharpcraft
backingpaper.Don't remove and reposition minuteson a low heat knife/bladeand a
touchthe adhesive
on each pieceto your to kick-rtartthe glue rulet andwatchthose
the back. satisfaction. into doing its stuff. digitsl

.. -# a

l ,a E
Filrning youn Focr.rsi
lf you fancycreatinga
lookthat'sa bit more
special than plain
paintcolours, film is
the answer- but be
warned- it's not the
easieststuff in the
world to use,and so
favourite.lf you must
havethe brushed-
aluminiumlook,or Cut the film roughly to Next.we gently Peel off the backing,
fancygivingyour size,rememberingto warmedup both the being care{ulthat the
leave plenty of ex(ess panel,andthe film film staysas flat as
Focus the carbon-fibre for trimming - it's alsoa good itself. .Justfollowing the possible.
treatment,therereally idea to have plenty to fold instructions provided, and who you pickthe film up,that it
is no alternative(apart around the edges,becausethin are we to argue? doesn'tstickto itself(our stuff
film has a nastyhabit of seemed verykeento do this!).
from the lazy-man peeling off, otherwise.
optionof new panels,
of course).

Oncethe film'i laid on. it's time

for trimming - which (you
guessedit) is the tri(ky bit. We
St;ckthe film on straight- very Work out the worst of the air found it's much easierto trim To get the film to wrap neatly
importantwith anypatterned bubbles with a soft cloth - get the tricky bits once the film's round a cutued edge, make
finish.Startat oneedgeor the stuff to stick as best you been warmed up usinga severalslitsalmostup to the
cornei and work across, to can before tfimming, or it'll all hairdryeror heat gun, but edge,then wrap eachsliverof
keepthe air bubblesand go horribly wrong. To be sure don't overdo itl Make sure film around,and stickon
creases to a minimum.lf you it's stuck (especiallyimponant you've also got a VERYsharp firmly. lf the film's heated as
get a reallybad crease,it's best on a grained surface).go over knife - a blunt one will ripple you do this, it wrap5 round and
to unpeela bit andtry again- it firmly with the edge of your the film, and may tear it (one keepsjts shape- meaning it
the adhesive'svery Ieast-important piece good thing about film shouldn'ttry and
tacky,and there'sno of 'plastic' - ie not a is that blood wipes off spring back,ruining all
slide-ageavailable. credit card. it ea5ilyl). your hard work.


Flear Completely new rearbumper,or bumperextension? An extension's
burnpen a coverwhichfits overthe stockbumper,givingit a different
shape(andusually,makingit hanglower).Easierto fit than a new
bumper?Yes,but onlyin theory...
Youfind a bodykityou like,andthenwhat happens? Beforeyoucanfit yours,somehooliganup t'road
Removed your ftudflaps? We
getsthe sameone.Typical. Butwhy not modifythe kit?Addinga personaltouch needn'tmeanmessing
know - your Focusnever had with largepiecesof fibreglas.We livenedup our EsPDesignrearbumperextensron with somemesh,and
flaps. wouldn't know what the end resultswere stunning.Remembetkeepthe changessirnple- you mayend up ruininga good kit
they look like, even.Good. Pull and costingyourselfa lot of moneyif it all goesbadlywrong!
back the delightful carpet
wheel arch liner to revealthe Remove the 'hidden'bumDer
wiring for the foglight and retainingscrewand rubber Next,moveto the middleof the rear bumperand armedwith your
disconnect thi5 plug. Repeat washerinsidethe wheelarchat trusty crosshead s(rewdriver,removethe two lower retainingbody
the processfor the the top, asshownin clips.Thesebody clipsare a two-stagefixing - removethe
reversinglight on the the picture,and repeat screwwhich is the centralpart of the fixing, and leverout
^hn^<i+o.i.la on the oppositeside. the plasticclipusinga flat-headed screwdriver. ..

. . . attack and remove At thispointwe tried Modding a new bodykit meansyou're seriousabout
the four body clips to lift the bumper creating the personal look. Do it right, and it's max
along the top of the away,only to find one resDect.We wanted mesh acrossthe back of our new
bumper in the sameway. morescrewon eachsideof the bumper extens;on, but there isn't even a hole yet. Take your time -
bumper.Go ba.kto the wheel no wonky-donkeylines,or the end resultwill look pants.Use
arch,pull backthe ljnerand maskingtape to mark on. and drill a hole at one cornerto start
find what canonlybe vour cut from.
describedasa retainingscrew
which lookslike a rubberbung
(seepicture).Pullthis retaining
screwawayand the bumperis
free to be lifted from the car
and storedin a safeplace.