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Friends Three Easter Exam (Second Term)

Name: Date:
1 - Translate into English
Ella se rompi el brazo la semana pasada
? Short answer: No, ___________
Nosotros vamos a sentarnos en esta silla
? Short answer: No, ___________
Tu has vivido en Pars durante tres aos

? Short answer: Yes, ___________

Hay diez lpices dentro de la caja

? Short answer: Yes, ___________

Ellos vendrn a mi casa maana

? Short answer: No, ___________

Ella est leyendo el libro verde ahora

? Short answer: No, ___________

Nosotros soliamos ir a Japn

? Short answer: Yes, ___________

a nosotros nos gusta bailar

? Short answer: No, ___________

El conoce a tu amiga

? Short answer: Yes, ___________

Tu tienes quince aos

? Short answer: Yes, ___________

Yo tengo que ir de compras el Lunes

? Short answer: Yes, ___________

2 - Fill in with much or many
There are ___________ eggs in the carton I don't want ____________ sugar
We can buy ___________ cheese later Do we have ____________ money left?
You put too ___________ chocolate in the cake How ____________ fruit should we eat?
3 - Fill in with some or any if necessary
I'd like __________ prawns in my salad, please There aren't ____________ oranges here
Would you like __________ apples? You can have ____________ biscuits
Is there __________ vegetable you don't like? __________ vegetables taste better than others
4 Complete with FOR or SINCE
I've been surfing the net ______________ half past seven this morning.
He hasn't cleaned his fridge ______________ last summer.
Carlos's had internet at home ______________ August last year.
I've been living in Spain ______________ 1992.
She's been talking non-stop ______________ 20 minutes.
We've been waiting for the bus _______________ over half an hour now.
Have you been married _______________ a long time?
I haven't seen Maggie _______________ the party.
5 - Write the table of pronouns

Subject Object Pronoun Possessive Det. Possessive Pronoun

6 - Complete with the correct option
Is this book John's? No, it is __________ a) my b) mine c) me
_________ sister's bedroom is always a mess! a) they b) their c) us
Mark and I work in a hospital. _______ job is very interesting. a) Us b) It c) Our
This present is not for __________ a) mine b) she c) me
Are you talking to your mum? No, I am talking to __________ a) their b) yours c) he
The children didn't study. __________ teacher is not happy a) their b) theirs c) its
Maria is a doctor and __________ husband is a nurse a) hims b) his c) her
My glasses were on the table. Where are _________ now? a) they b) it c) mine
7 - Complete with the present simple or present continuous of the verbs
The Smiths always __________________________________ (have) breakfast together.
"I __________________________________ (usually/drive) to work, but today I
__________________________________ (take) a taxi.
"Why __________________________________ (you / wear) a scarf?" .... "Because I'm cold."
Sallly is very tired because she __________________________________ (not sleep) well these days.
It is 9 o'clock and the students __________________________________ (sit) in their classroom.
George! You __________________________________ (not listen) to me!
She is a translator. She __________________________________ (speak) a lot of languages.
Mark __________________________________ (not like) vegetables right now. He
__________________________________ (prefer) meat.
Tom __________________________________ (want) to buy a car.
"Where __________________________________ (you / go)?" ..... "To the river!"
8 - Complete with the PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS of the verbs
When Tom _________________________ (walk) on the beach, he _________________________ (find) a treasure.
I ______________________________ (cook) dinner yesterday at 9 o'clock.
When David _____________________________ (rollerblade), he _____________________________ (fall)
Carla and Fred __________________________ (talk) when the accident __________________________ (happen).
When Sally __________________________ (see) the accident, she __________________________ (call) an
ambulance immediately.
When Brian _____________________________ (drive) his car, he _____________________________ (hit) a tree.
When I __________________________ (get up) this morning, the sun _____________________________ (shine)
When the teacher _____________________________ (arrive) the students ___________________________ (sit).
While the teacher _____________________________ (talk), Tom _____________________________ (sleep).
While they __________________________ (play) in the park, Sarah __________________________ (read) a book
9 - Complete with Present Perfect or Past Simple
1) Peter __________________________ (play) football yesterday.
2) They __________________________ (clean) the car. It looks new again.
3) Last year we __________________________ (go) to Italy.
4) John and Peggy __________________________ (just/read) the book. Now they can watch the film.
5) I __________________________ (meet) my friend two days ago.
6) We __________________________ (never/visit) another country before.
7) She __________________________ (buy) a new car in 2011.
8) I'm sorry, but I __________________________ (forget) my homework.
9) __________________________ (win) the game of chess?
10) The girls __________________________ (not/have) their lunch yet.
10 Complete the sentences with JUST, ALREADY, YET, NEVER or EVER
I've ___________ finished the cake, so it's still hot.
Have you __________ been to Gran Canaria?
I've been to Brazil but I've ___________ been to Colombia.
I haven't finished my work ___________
Have you seen my new car ____________ ?
He's _____________ written to Noah. Not even once.
I have ______________ sent her a birthday present.
I haven't bought the computer _____________
She's ______________ had lunch, so she isn't hungry.
12 - Complete with the FIRST or SECOND conditional
1. If youre late again, you _____________________________ (have) problems with the boss.
2. Do you think I _____________________________ (lose) weight if I eat less pasta?
3. I would go to Rome next summer if you _____________________________ (come) with me.
3. If you _____________________________ (continue) driving like that, you will get a fine.
4. The dog _____________________________ (get) better if you give it the medicine.
5. Im sure she _____________________________ (find) a job if she were be more confident.
6. We _____________________________ (can) go to the countryside if the weather was nice.
7. What _____________________________ (you/do) if you found 500 euros on the street?
8. If I _____________________________ (be) you, I would try to take things easy.
13 - Complete with the correct form of the verbs given
1) I don't have a car . I wish I ______________________________ (have) a car
2) I cant play the piano. I wish I ______________________________ (can) play the piano
3) I'm at work . I wish I ______________________________ (not/be) at work
4) It's winter . I wish it ______________________________ (not/be) winter
5) I don't have new shoes . I wish I ______________________________ (have) new shoes
14 Complete the postcard. Write ONE word in each space
Dear Jane,
Im sitting __________________ the beach at the moment. Soon, Im __________________to have a swim.
I arrived here three days __________________ with my family. We __________________ be on holiday together
here for two weeks. It __________________ a beautiful place. The beach is very near __________________ hotel.
The sea isnt cold and __________________ are many interesting places to visit. Yesterday we walked
__________________ a village in the mountains. I took lots __________________ photographs. Its
__________________ pity that you didnt come __________________ us.
Love, Peter
15 - Read the article about line dancing. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space
My name's Hannah and I'm twenty years old. I've got a daughter __________ (1) Nicole. She's __________
(2) three now. I live in a small flat __________ (3) the city centre. It isn't a nice place to live. It's very noisy and dirty
and there is __________ (4) for Nicole to play.

I want to move out of the city and live in the countryside. But it's very expensive to live there. I will need to
earn __________ (5) money to buy a house. There aren't __________ (6) flats for sale in the small villages near
here. I will need to buy a car __________ (7)

That's why I study at college. I'm studying Business. While I am at college, my mum looks __________ (8)
Nicole. My mum really likes spending time with her. In the evening, I work as a cleaner. I clean people's houses.
Nicole comes with me. She plays with her toys __________ (9) I work.

1 A calls B called C names

2 A nearly B quite C yet
3 A in B on C at
4 A somewhere B anywhere C nowhere
5 A any B many C a lot of
6 A much B lot C any
7 A too B also C then
8 A for B after C at
9 A while B then C however
16 Irregular Verbs
















Conocer / Saber





17 Vocabulary
Ambicioso ___________________________________ Dibujos animados ___________________________
Celoso ____________________________________ Decepcionado ______________________________
Tiempo libre _________________________________________ Curioso _____________________________
Aprobar un examen ___________________________________ Capitan _____________________________
Postal ___________________________________ Precio __________________________________
Actriz ___________________________________ Carne ___________________________________
Avergonzado __________________________________ Ocupado _________________________________
Evitar _______________________________________ Lagrima ________________________________
Suspender un examen ________________________________________ Guay ________________________
Premio______________________________________ Perdido ________________________________
Valiente ________________________________________ Molesto __________________________________
Sonido _________________________________ Ayuda _________________________________
Gafas de sol ______________________________________ Anuncio _________________________________
Fantasma ______________________________________ Desmayarse _______________________________
Aterrizar ___________________________________ Venenoso _______________________________
Edificio ______________________________________ Superdotado _______________________________
Aburrido ______________________________ Simpatico _________________________________
Timido _____________________________________ Gritar ___________________________________
Afortunado _____________________________________ Respirar _________________________________
Desordenado ___________________________________ Aseado _________________________________
Ir en coche _________________________________ Ir a pie __________________________________
Siglo ____________________________________ Peligro _________________________________
De madera __________________________________ Escalera (normal) __________________________
Escalera (portatil) _____________________________ Escalera (mecanica) ________________________