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Life Assessment

Use the life assessment to see a visual representation of your progress in each c
the non relevant questions you can answer with a score of 10 as the life assessm
areas of improvement. Remember to be 100% honest as this is just for your own
on the dashbaord. they are to be used as a guide.

Money & Finance
Career & Mission
Health & Fitness
Fun & Recreation
Family & Friends
Partners & Love
Growth & Learning
essment to see a visual representation of your progress in each category. Some questions m
t questions you can answer with a score of 10 as the life assessment is to help you identify
ement. Remember to be 100% honest as this is just for your own benefit. The scores here D
rd. they are to be used as a guide.

Category Point Total

Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 Being Least True and 10 Being Most True

Money & Finance

My earnings are a level I am 100% happy with.
I have an emergency fund that gives me financial security.
I have no credit card debt/ I do not pay interest on any of my debt except mortgage
I have a budget and stick to it.
I save 10% or more of my income every month.
My retirement plan will is sufficient to provide the lifestyle I desire.
My family is taken care of through insurance should anythign happen to me.
I consciously choose how I spend my money and make wise decisions.
I have a diversified investment portfolio.
My estate and last will and testament is all in place and up to date.
Career & Mission
My current business/career gives me success and fulfillment.
My current business/career has a high probability of me achieving my financial goa
My current business/career path is inline with my long term goals.
My work would be fulfilling even if I wasn't been financial compensated.
I am excited to get our of bed and got to work everyday.
I have a clear plan of my professional development to increase my value.
My work does not eat into other areas of my life that are important e.g. family, hob
I always have a clear plan for what I will achieve the next day.
I regular review my written goals and check in on the progress.
My work positively impacts others at the depth and scale I am delighted with.

Health & Fitness

I know exactly how much water my body needs and drink that every day.
I am not dependent on caffeine to sustain my energy.
I am conscious of and make positive choices about the food I put in my body.
I have a healthy breakfast to start each day.
My routine includes at least 20 minutes spent outside everyday.
I proactively work on my flexibiity and posture to keep my body functioning optima
I complete 3x30 min cardio workouts every week.
I have a fitness routine I love and stick to effortlessly.
I have a regular bed time and feel fully rested when I wake up.
I never sit for longer than 50 minutes at a time without stretching.

Fun & Recreation

I am always creating new experiences and adventure.
I live each day as if it were a gift and precious
I am present in every moment throughout the day.
I am always making magic moments with my and they feel loved and cherished by
I have the perfect amount of time with my friends.
I have hobbies outside of work that nourishes me and have enough time for them.
I have time to breath and do whatever I want (or nothing at all) every single day.
I attend unqiue events (e.g., opera, museums, theatre) as often as I want to.
I have enough time and energy to do what I want and what I need to do everyday.
I have a vacation and shut off all communications at leats once / year

My home environment is always clean and tidy.
I decline activities and requests that do not fit with my core values.
I am always looking for new technologies that can improve my environment.
My work environment is always tidy and clean.
I avoid negative influences in my life whether that be people, the media or habits.
My life does not contain drama.
I have setup my bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep.
I have healthy food available and limit access to junk food.
I have messages and images on my phone and wall that empower me.
I'm surrounded by positive people who raise my standards.

I have a community of people who support me.
My communtiies support me in many different areas of life.
I am proactively adding value to my communities.
I feel like I am a key part of my communties
I am not take on too much responsibility within all my communities
I keep an up to date stakeholder map
I am contributing to the growth of my community
I am expanding my own sense of community
I contribute to communities that I may not be part of but need my help
I seek out new communties to be part of.

Family & Friends

My social circle is a psotiive influence in my life.
I spend time with friends at leats every week.
I am always thinking how to increase the success and happiness of my friends and
I always operate from my highest truth and authentic communication.
I seek out help and support when I need it.
I have scheduled famly time each week and nothing gets in the way.
I honor my commitments I make to others and hold others to the same standard.
I trust my colleagues and friends.
I do not hold any grudges and have completely forgiven everyone in my life.
I have ownership for all conflicts in relationships when they are present.

Partners & Love

I am open with and communicate my feelings
I appreciate my partner daily and share it with them
We schedule a date nigth and stick to it at leats once / week
We have an exciting and passionate sex life
I encourage my partner to be open and share their feelings with me
I am constantly learning how to be a better partner
Every 90 days my partner and I take time away just the two of us.
We deal with conflicts immediately so things do not build up and up.
I show my love through my partners love langauge not my own.
I share with my partner how I like to receive love based on my love language

Growth & Learning

I acknowledge what I am grateful for every single day without fail.
I have a personal growth roadmap and feel on track.
I review my habits and goals everyday.
I listen to instructional and inspirational content for a minimum of 30 minutes each
I read instructional or inspirational content for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.
I expand my unique gifts and value every day
I am up to date with relevant news in my industry
I do not engage in gossip and drainign chatter
I have a mentor who keeps me focused on progress.
I have a mentor who I know can help me deliver my desired results faster than I cou

I live in alignment with my spiritual beliefs.
I feel a deep connection to my spiritual source.
I meditate and reflect on my life at leats 20 minutes per day.
My actions toward sothers reflect my spiritual beliefs.
I use my spirituality to guide me in resolving problems I face.
I practice my spirituality daily.
I believe myself to be a spiritual person.
My spiritality gives me a source of strength and comfort.
My spirituality grows the image of my highest self.
I use my spirituality to help others.
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