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Surigao City Main Campus

Student- Teachers Association (STAss)

S.Y. 2016-2017

Prepared by:



Associate Professor II


Surigao City Main Campus

Student- Teachers Association (STAss)

S.Y. 2016-2017


What Is a Teaching Portfolio?

A teaching portfolio (or dossier) is a coherent set of material that represents your teaching

practice as related to student learning. Teaching practice in its broadest sense extends beyond

the obvious activities that go into teaching a course to include all activities that enrich student

learning. Teaching portfolios vary considerably depending on their specific purpose, audience,

institutional context, and individual needs. However, the body of a portfolio is generally about 5-

8 pages long and is followed by appendices, which usually make up about 8-15 more pages. Your

portfolio would likely include a summary of your teaching experience and responsibilities, a

reflective statement of your teaching philosophy and goals, a brief discussion of your teaching

methods and strategies, as well as activities undertaken to improve teaching, and a statement of

goals and plans for the future. The appendices would consist of supplemental materials that

further document or support the information you provide in the body of your portfolio. A course

portfolio, which focuses on a single course, has many features and benefits in common with a

teaching portfolio. Although we do not discuss course portfolios in this handbook, much of the

information here can be applied to developing one. Additional information on course portfolios is

available from the Center for Teaching (also see Cutler, 1997a, 1997b; Hutchings, 1998).

By: Fran Mues and Mary Deane Sorcinelli

The Center for Teaching University of Massachusetts Amherst

Author would like to express his whole - heartedly thanks to the following people who

were able to give their willingness to help, for their unwavering and undying support,

encouragement, financial assistance and precious time for the accomplishment of this narrative


To DR. GREGORIO Z. GAMBOA JR. Ed.D, Surigao State College of Technology

President, for his vision and mission of attaining more quality and relevant education in the


To DR. ELVIS P. PATULIN., Dean of Teachers Education Division, for allowing him

to participate and cooperate in this field of teaching. And also for his moral support and

encouragement to the whole studentry.

To DR. CASES DOTILLOS-DALAYGON., Student Teaching Association Coordinator

for her untiring guidance, concern, support, encouragement, understanding and most of all for

the love that she gave to all the practice teachers.

To MRS. MARIVIL CATACUTAN. Student Teaching Association Coordinator for her

untiring, concern, support, encouragement, understanding and most of all for her patience in

checking the lesson plan and teaching how to beat properly the Philippine National Anthem.

To ATTY. SALVADOR V. ACIDILLA., the principal of Surigao City Pilot School,

Surigao City, for allowing him to conduct his observation and practice teaching in the said


To MRS. CANDY SUZANNE JAMORA, his Kindergarten cooperating Teacher, for her

patience, and untiring support through sacrificing her time and giving hints and ideas on how the

author will execute every lesson properly.

To MR. ELMER L. BONILLA, his Grade VI cooperating Teacher, for his patience in

observing and checking the lesson plan, and untiring support through giving hints and ideas on

how the author will teach Mathematics in an effective way to the pupils.

To All the Faculty members and staff of Surigao City Pilot School, Surigao City, for

their guidance and support in making this teaching portfolio.

To all the Students of Surigao City Pilot School, for their kindness, cooperation and

respect given to the author that inspires him to continue his chosen career. Also he would like to
extend his appreciation to his Grade VI Pupils (Raha Sulayman, Rena Sima and Melchora

Aquino) that he had handled, for their cooperation and for being not only a student but as a

Friends and barkadas who are always there in his side also they are the one who gave hope

and strength to pursue his profession.

To the authors dearest and loving wife: Chinellie F. Marcillones, for her unending love

and support even in the midst of crisis that the authors face, and for inspiring the author to make

this teaching portfolio.

To the authors loving and supportive guardians: Papa Jerry and Mama Meriam; his

sisters: Joy-joy, Jeje and Jen-jen;, for their untiring support, financial assistance, for their love,

care, advice and encouragement to make this teaching portfolio. Thank you so much!

To all his classmates and friends, Math Majors, all BEED from Section A-D and etc

you know who you are, for their assistance, love and endless encouragement and help which

inspired the author to complete and finish this teaching portfolio.

And above all, to our God Almighty, for giving the strength, patience, guidance, and for

the continuous blessings and undying love. Without Him the author is nothing. Thank You Lord!

The Author

Table of Contents
Title Page
Certificate of Completion



Table of Content

I. Statement of Purpose of the Portfolio

Student Intention of Making the Portfolio
II. Prayer of the Pre-Service Teacher
Teachers Creed
Personal Educational Philosophy
III. Resume and Evidences
IV. Titles and Brief synopsis of professional readings and (with author and references)
V. Professional Development Plan or Career Plan five years from now
VII. Evidences of Community Outreach (Narrative Report, Documentation with Captions)
(Gugma Alang sa Mamanwa)
VI. Brief Description of the Cooperating school where the teacher deployed (Schools

Mission, Vision and Goals) with Map.

VII. Observation, Monitoring and Evaluation forms(Principal, Teachers and STAss
VIII. Best Lesson Plan Using Creative Strategy with the Use of Complete Set of Materials
(Detailed 1 Subject only)

Sample Lesson Plan

a. Detailed Lesson Plan
Teaching Demonstration Outputs (Rated by Cooperating Teacher and Principal)
a. Pictures of Sample of Materials Used
b. Pictures in Final Demonstration Teaching
c. Sample of Learners Work and Feedback
IX. List of Faculty Staff (With photo as evidence)
X. List of Students (With photo as evidence)
XI. List of Students Teachers (With photo as evidence)
XII. All activities Undertaken by the cooperating school with documentation evidence
a. Surigao City Lights On Ceremony (December 2, 2016)
b. Alaska Parol Making Contest (December 20160
c. Childrens Festival December 6, 2016
d. Classroom Christmas Party (December 21,2016)
e. District II Christmas Party (December 22, 2016)
f. LAC Session (every first Friday of the month)
g. Mass
h. 3rd Quarter Festival of Talents

XIII. Narrative Report (All Student-Teacher Activities in SSCT: General Assembly, Lecture

Activity, Training and Workshop, Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminar )

XIV. Activities, Seminar , Review held in SSCT Campus (With documentation and caption)
XV. Culmination Program with Teachers and Principals

Statement of the Purpose/s of portfolio/

Students Intention of Making the Portfolio
This practice teaching portfolio was prepared and developed to provide and share

experiences for those who will undergo the same undertakings. Some classroom difficulties and

problems that he had encountered are mentioned, and the lesson that he had learned. The greatest

value of this practice teaching portfolio is that, it serves as the mirror of the practice teacher for

their progress and achievement in their practice teaching. And also this practice teaching

portfolio was prepared to expose the pre-service teacher experiences so that they can use it in

relating their theories learned inside the classroom to become globally competitive.

Another purpose of this practice teaching portfolio is that it assess the pre-service teachers

learning for the preparation in future life in facing the real world of teaching. The pre-service

teacher must do always their best in imparting knowledge to the students. Just love your students

so in return your students will be embracing you too, with the great things youve done to them

not only in cognitive side but in affective and psychomotor development.

Prayer of the Pre-Service Teacher

Father in heaven We Praise You and Glorify Your Name,

Without You I can do nothing,

Lord help me to be a fine teacher,

To keep peace in the classroom,

Peace between my pupils and myself,

To be kind and gentle to each and every one of my pupils.

Help me to give genuine praise as much as possible,

To give constructive criticism

in a manner that is acceptable to my students.

Help me
I am remain conscientious enough to keep my lessons
a teacher.

I accept the challengealways interesting,

to be sagacious

recognizein teaching every studenteach of my students,
what motivates
because I believe every child can learn.
To accept my student's limitations and not hold it
I accept the responsibility to
against them.
Help me not to judge my students too harshly, and to be fair to all,

To be a good role model, a learning
but most ofenvironment
all Father, help me to show

Your love totoall
of myachievement,

academically, socially, and emotionally.

All of this I give thanks and pray in JESUS mighty name
I actively pursue excellence, for myself

and my students.

Teachers Creed
I provide a model of decorum and respect

that guides my students as well as honors them.

I affirm superlative expectations for my

students and myself.

I cherish every child.

I am a teacher.

I change the world, one student at a time.

Teachers Philosophy of Education

The philosophy is that people must believe in something. According to John Dewey,

education is by its nature an endless circle spiral. It is an activity, which includes science,

because in its process, it raises problems to be studied which then reacts upon demanding more

through, more science in an everlasting sequence. Education is not a preparation for life, its life

This definition of education makes it imperative to a person to have a philosophy of

education and beliefs in the function of teaching.

A teacher should believe in the intended processes and activities to produce desirable

changes in the behavior of students. We must believe in the capacity to effect these changes,

promote and facilitate these changes through the mastery of the subject matter and the use of

appropriate methods and techniques of teaching. It will help to internalized what really education

is for the life of the students.

A teacher also functions as manipulator of teaching learning situations. As a

manipulator, he believes in his ability to create a series of operations directed to change specific

behavior. These are just the parts of a teachers educational philosophy.

As a student teacher, he must believe in something that will eventually help him in setting

the goal of her life. This will focus on the values and objectives of the new social order; the will

help the teacher in analyzing and organizing his objectives; crystallizing the thoughts that will

serve as a guide to prevent a teacher from getting lost their maze of his many-faceted chores. The

school occupies premier place in the construction of the society, particularly in the matter of

changing the attitudes toward community. The role of the teacher plays will be a crystallizer and

an evaluator of the educational program under the democratic society.

Gelmer L. Marcillones
P-3 Barangay San Juan, Surigao City
8400 0948-128-9697

To build a long-term career as an elementary teacher with opportunities for career growth
and to keep up with the cutting edge of the teaching technologies, as well as to encouraged
creativity and higher-order thinking to increase children performance.


Date of Birth January 17, 1989

Place of Birth Davao City
Age 28
Gender Male
Civil Status Married
Nationality Filipino
Height 56
Weight 78 kgs.


Satisfactory skills in mathematics both basic and advance and other engineering related skills
such as AutoCAD operations, and basic technical manpower skills.

Basic computer operations such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft

Basic skills in drawing, painting and classroom designs.

Satisfactory skills in verbal communication both Filipino and English

Self-motivated, initiative with a high level of energy.

Flexible to different situations.


Tertiary Level: Surigao State College of Technology

Surigao City, Main Campus
Course: Bachelor in Elementary Education
Major: Major in General Education
Surigao State College of Technology
Surigao City, Main Campus
Course: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
4th Year Level - Under Graduate

Secondary Level: Rizal National High School

Brgy. Rizal, Surigao City
Graduated on March 2007
as First Honorable Mention

Primary Level: B. Vasquez Community Central Elem. School

Brgy. Rizal, Surigao City
Graduated on March 2002


Lolz Internet Caf, November 2009 up to December 2010

Caf Attendant/Staff, In charge of basic internet caf services and operations

GLB Traders and Agro Forest Industries, January 2011 up to November 2012

Documentation Officer

Mind Boosters Tutorial Learning Center (MBTLC), March 2013 up to December 2013

Math Teacher


Enhancement Seminar with LET Concerns (Participants)

Taft Multipurpose Building and Surigao City Gymnasium
Host Campus, Surigao State College of Technology
January 21-22 , 28-29, and February 4-5 and 19, 2017

National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Counsel and First Aid (Participants)
Academic Center, Surigao State College of Technology



Dean, of Teachers Education Division


Students Teaching Association Adviser


Surigao City Pilot School

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and

Applicants Signature
Principles and Methods of Teaching

This book is intended primarily for students in the college of Education and beginning
teachers, to have s strong foundation and a through grasp on concepts, theories, principles and
teaching-learning process.
This book will also provide teachers who are already in the service for a great long time
and who want to improve their competency and to update themselves on current trends, new
techniques and strategies in the teaching process.

Field Study

Maria Rita D. Lucas

Field Study is a component of the new pre-service teacher education curriculum that aims
to expose the students to actual field study experiences so that they can relate the theories learned
inside the classroom with those experiences. These off-classroom experiences would emphasize
the importance of classroom management and teaching learning process.

Curriculum Development
Bilbao, Purita P .et al

Curriculum Development is an instructional material in module from which complement

the 3 unit course of the New Teacher Curriculum. It closely approximates the syllables of the
CMO 30 s 2004.

Similar to other materials in project write, curriculum development tries to balance theory
and practice. Each Module follows a distinct pattern or format with a short introductory part or
take off, the advance reading or focus, the activities to strengthen the focus or take, reflection for
Higher Order Thinking and Self check for evaluation.
Development Plan

Jeremiah 29: 11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to
give you hope and a future.

I believe in my life verse that Gods plan for me still the best more than I plan for my
own. But God gave as will to dream and make goals in life so that we can have reason to
improve ourselves, to discern his promise and provision into the stairways of success.

After graduation Im going to have a serious review in order to pass the Licensure
Examination for Teacher. While waiting for the result of Board Passers Im going to find
way to get a job related to my course. I am planning to apply at St. Paul University
Surigao. Im going to help my own family I give them the life that I dreamed for them.
If Gods will I pass the exam I will be in my teaching career and I will take also
my Masters degree when I already have my regular job. After all of that things, I will
help my family, friends, relatives and even to the one who pinch my heart the poor and
beggar, I will also make sure my children is in good care.
I will never stop of what I am now, as a teacher I will never stop studying and
making my position stays the same as teacher 1. In three to four years Im going to make
sure that I continue in studying.

I will pray to our Dear God that he will give me the guidance, strength, and love
that I need in order to make this plan realize.
Evidences of Community Outreach

GUGMA ALANG SA MAMANWA, every December, Surigaon State College of

Technology traditionally extend their hand in helping the indigenous people tribe in Brgy.
Jubgan, Surigao Del Norte where in the graduating students in Teachers Education Department
gather a bundle of joy, contributing small amount of money and giving their time in teaching
basic literacy in the IPs thats how Christmas and love theyve shared.

December 17, 2017 we met at the entrance of SSCT all are things were in good the foods
and gift pack. At exactly 8a.m we depart from school to go in Brgy, Jubgan and that was almost
1hour trip from the City proper. When we arrived there, we the boys start carrying our gift and
foods that we were going to share to the people out there that was quite heavy but when I saw the
face of the Mamanwa tribe I feel relief because giving your time and helping other really make
you burden lighten. Beside by that time I have my Alumni homecoming in my Elementary but I
choose to give my time and self for serving and helping the said tribe and I feel really great.
The program starts at a short prayer then message for their leader a Datu and then we
were having a little fun like games and prizes and then we start giving a gift packs also we were
gave them their lunch from Jollibee. The program end in prayer and picture taking I know that
experience will remain in our heart as a future teacher we experienced how good and great of
helping others without thinking any returns. May God bless the Mamanwa people out there as
well as the future teacher who give their time to help.



Surigao City Pilot School (SCPS) has its humble beginnings after World War II. It was
formerly known as Surigao East Central Elementary School with Dr. Regina Zabala-Barbers as
its founder and first Principal.
Its logo and marker, a cursive upper case letter Q stands for quest- the pursuit of
knowledge and quality education. It was conceptualized by a committee chaired by Mrs.
Azucena Espina, the wife former City Mayor Pedro Espina, in the late 1960s and 70s, and was
designed by the late Architect Ramon Kaimo Sr.

Through the years, Surigao City Pilot School has lived up to its name as a pilot school
and has continued to be the seat of the best educators and pupils in this part of Caraga Region.

The school is located at Brgy. Taft Surigao City. It is one of the schools in Surigao City
District II. The school is geographically situated 1 kilometer from the Division of Surigao City
lies within the city proper. It can be reached either by land through motorcycle, tricycle, and



Sample of Detailed Lesson Plan
A Detailed Lesson Plan


Mathematics VI

During the 60-minute discussion at least 85%-90% of the pupils are expected to:

a. derive a formula in finding the volume of cubes and cuboids;

b. work cooperatively to achieve best result; and

c. write and solve problems in finding volumes of cubes and cuboids.


LESSON: Finding the Volume of Cubes and Cuboids

REFERENCE: Mathematics for Everyday Life

AUTHOR: Isabel V. Castro Ed.D, Carmelita C. Coronel and Luz O. Gallardo

SKILLS: Solving and Cooperating Skills

VALUES: Cooperation

1. Customized Visual Aids

2. Marker and Eraser

3. Different Spatial Figures

4. Bond Paper


Teachers Activity Pupils Activity

a. Circle Time


Class everybody stand-up!

Lets bow down our heads and feel the AMEN!

presence of our Lord,

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the

Holy Spirit AMEN!
Good morning, Mr. Bonilla,

Good morning Class! Good morning Mr. Marcillones

Good morning classmates were

glad to see you this morning.


Thank You Sir!

You may now take your seat

Were going to check first your


Just settle down yourself so that you can

hear your name .

Abucayan, Present!
Abucejo, Present!...

b. Review

Class, lets go back to our past lesson first,

What do you mean by plane Figure? Sir!

Anybody?!! Plane figures are those we can see
Canillo, as regular shape like, circle ,
square triangle and many more.

Very Good, that is correct,,

Another what are the formula in finding
area of a plane figures?
Teaching materials are the resources a teacher uses to deliver instruction.
Each teacher requires a range of tools to draw upon in order to assist and support student
learning but of course teacher is a good and effective teaching materials in order to have a
effective and quality learning.
An outstanding candidate will give us some indication that he/she will readily do
more than lecture (some type of student centered teaching) in the field of teaching
learning process. My final demonstration teaching, I could really say this is the battle
field wherein everything I learned in theory the philosophy, methodology, strategy and
principles put it in real application into the real students who really wants to learn.


An important part of the learning process when working with other people is to be
open to, aware of, and efficient at using feedback in your learners. Feedback can help the
pupils to improve towards their performance. Giving good feedback and evaluation are
important! Effective feedback allows them to review, reflect and improve their
performance. Feedback can be encouraging and help people feel appreciated and valued.
LIST OF STUDENTS (With photo as evidence)
LIST OF STUDENT TEACHERS (With photo as evidence)
1. BORJA, Florelyn 8. ESPERAME, Julieth


3. CARTING , Jessibyl 10. NAIG, Algin

4.CASTRO, Juliet 11. PLANDANO, Jenneth

5.CAVAN, Zainamae 12. SELISANA, Vanessa Grace

6. COLONG Hyde Y. 13. TARIFE, Trisha

7. ESPALDON, Rica Mae 14. ZAFICO, Jane Michael

All activities Undertaken by the cooperating school
with documentation evidence
A. Surigao City Lights On Ceremony
Surigao City tradionally open a lights on program every 1st day of December to be
sponsored with different company and business stores in Surigao City. The main purpose
of this program is lights up the whole Luneta Park and City hall with different colors of
Christmas lights.

B. Alaska Parol Making Contest

Alaska milk company conducted an enter school Parol Making contest and the most
exiting of it is that there was a huge prizes to be given. 1st price 10,000.00 2nd price
8,000.00 and 3rd 5,000.00 . Every grade level is so eager to win and that is why the
whole school campus was so busy to make an Alaska Parol.
C. Childrens Festival
Its all about childrens talents, singing dancing and daygon contest and it is open to all
school in Surigao City. Surigao City Pilot School started it with a lanterns parade and
crowd yells presentation. The program starts with a doxology and singing of Philippine
National Anthem and then a short message from Gov. Sol F. Matugas.

E. Classroom Christmas Party

Christmas is sharing loving and party, I really enjoyed and feel one of the
families because I was in Kindergarten at that moment and the most unforgettable event
happened in my practice teaching was the love of the parents in me though giving me a
Christmas gifts.
Where preparing many things to make this event realize through classroom
designing and motivating the pupils every day by doing good things so that during
Christmas party they could have a gift from Santa.
F. District II Christmas Party
A district II Teachers Christmas party, we really feel great becoming one of them as true
teachers. The happiness and the memories I know it will always remain in our hearts and
it could serve us a good and unforgettable experienced.
Were all invited to join a General Teachers Christmas Party in Surigao
Gateway Hotel wherein all of us practice teacher were look beautiful and great. Also we
play a big part in the said program through assisting and facilitating the parlor games for
the teachers.

G. LAC Session
Learning Assessment Cell every first Friday of the month teacher in Surigao City Pilot

School conduct a LAC session in order to strengthen the curriculum of the said school

and how lucky I am that I heard and observed this even I am a practice teacher.
H. School Mass
It was really good to say students were given a chance to hear the word of God, and what

is the really good is that the school make an alternative mass for those non Catholic

students in Surigao City Pilot School.

I. 3rd Quarter Festival of Talents

Every quarter the whole District of Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte conduct a festival of

talents wherein the Surigao City Pilot School is the host by that time.

The excitement was there, the whole Academic center of Surigao State College of
Technology was filling up with joy and excitement that the student teachers feel.
November 17, 2016 at exactly 8 a.m. in the morning the General assembly starts with
doxology and singing of Philippine National Anthem. Our STAss Adviser Dr. Cases
Dotillos-Dalaygon and Mrs. Marivel Catacutan lift up with a wonderful message that
really strike our heart in becoming a great and effective 21st century teacher.

From 8 oclock up to 9 oclock in the morning the signing of attendance was

given and there is a corresponding consequence if you fail to attend like additional
service in practice teaching during your deployment in any school you will assign.
We were given a lot of task and challenge, we started to form a group and each
group contains 15 student teachers with 1 Leader and the 1 Rapporteur. Its group was task
to report and conduct a program in every meeting. The assigned group presented their
report in a creative and beautiful way of discussing it.

There were so many methodology and strategies apply in every group reporter as
if they were the masters of their program. Every group was so excited to perform and also
to give their assessment to the listeners (the student teachers) in a form of quiz bee, oral
recitation and even writing an essay and the motivate their learners in a operant
conditioning techniques through giving reinforcement, a reward , it could be a yellow
paper, bond paper or pencils and pen.

The general assembly done harmoniously, each group was able to pass the
requirements assigned to them and then the last part of General assembly was the
midterm examinations for student teachers. We took the exam by cluster from A, B and
TCC cluster. And as far as we answer the test were all ready and able to answer it an
smooth and easy way.


November 21, 2017 before we face the challenge and put our
theory into real battle of teaching the CDRRMC and the First Aid
workshop seminar conduct us a one day training, workshop and
seminar with regards to the events, readiness, and alertness of our
Government in terms of disaster and calamity.
The speaker of that seminar is one of the officials in
NDRRMC. He tackled things like the million budget allocated to
the natural calamity, like cyclone, earthquake and floods.
The speaker also gives us sight on how they rescue the
people in order to reduce and most probably zero casualties of
whatever calamities. They implemented preemptive evacuation and
then the highest level will be the force evacuation just to make sure
that there will be no casualties.
There were many beneficial things weve learned from that
seminar but due to limited time he cant talk all the things that we
really want to know but one thing we can assured of, we are full
with his talk and we learned many things from NDRRMC.
On the afternoon of the same day and date the FIRST AID
WORSHOP take their part. The good things happened was they
taught us the basic things we need to do as a first aider in our
pupils, colleague and into the society. Due to limited time also they
end their seminar but they told us that whatever things we want to
know about first aid is that we are free to visit and be involved
their activity in Quick Action Response Team (QART) located at
the back of Surigao City Hall and again the learning that weve
gain from that seminar was really worthy and not in vain.


Last week on November, we were having a pre deployment orientation seminar

held at the convention center in Surigao City. The presence of all principals from
different school was there, everyone feels excitement and nervous it feels that our father
witch the principal is waiting for us to go with them. The groups of student teachers
prepared their pledge of being loyal and obedient with the accordance of duty and
obligation as a practice teacher who will be the part of the institution.

After the presentation of pledge in each team or group the principal open and
heartily accept us to be part of their institution. We enjoyed having our lunch and snacks
and after that the final message coming from the DepEd Supervisor Mr. fdhfhdfhbdj give
as his supporting and encouraging message which is all about the National Competency-
Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS).
His message includes the Pre-service Teachers developed high level of
competencies along all the seven domains of the National Competency-Based Teacher
Standard(NCBTS) after taking the Field Study Courses as assessed by yourselves and
your FS faculty but not your critic/cooperating teachers who assessed the Pre-service
Teachers in your Field Studies. Critic/Cooperating Teachers and FS Faculty in the
Teacher Education Institutions encountered various problems in the implementation of
extended practicum such as Limited time to accomplish the requirements for every FS
course and classroom observation, Lesson Planning and limited knowledge on strategies
and techniques in teaching.

In the light of the findings derived from this study, it was concluded that Teacher
Education Institution in Surigao State College of Technology in Surigao City were
implementing Practice Teaching in accordance with CHED Memo No. 30 and the
guidelines specified in the Experiential Learning Courses Handbook. Pre-service
Teachers and Professors had the same assessment on the prospective teachers
competencies along all the seven domains of the National Competency-Based Teacher
Standard (NCBTS) after taking the Field Study Courses compared to the
critic/cooperating teachers.

FORM 138-E