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e Se tu mami, se sospiri ~ If thou lovst me Arietta English version by eux Giovanni Battista Pergolest Dr. Pheodore Baker ane.) WP Voice 80 w o_ thoa orese. vs, mh - mh se tu o- opi- ri Sol por mo, gen-til_ pa stor, me,— and sigh - est ov. er But for me, 0” gea- tle swais, i) Ho dl- lotto del tuos-mor, Ma__ a0 pon- fal I feel thy pain. Shouldet thou think tho, t o a tempo che ao = Tattoo th deb-ba ri - a= mar, Pa - ato-rel - to, that de-'mure-ly —T— on-thee a= lone. nay smiley Sim ~ ple shepherd, sei sopget-to Fa-citmenten tin- gannar, Pa sto-rel- lo, sei sog-get-to thou art surely Prone thysens-es to be-guila; Sim-ple shepherd, thou art surely, Fa- cil- men-tes tingancar, Fr cil men-tgn Singuonss, Bel-la ro-ma ‘Prone thy_ sens. to becgull, prone thy sens-es- to bergulle, AS a fair red = 1 S| ]—_ | o-—— Peco orese. Bor= po - Hae Og. gi Sil-via ace @ rh, Con Ia sou - oa Falamight Sylvia choose to-day, Hap- ly if. he Er sempre ores. del- 1a epi- na Do-man pol 1a sproz-ze-ra, Do-man poi In— sprez-to. theres die = cove er °Tie t= monrowthrawn s~ way, "Tis to-mor-row thrown. a~ Way. crese. un poco Ma do-gilomi-nl— con i io To per me non se-gul- 2. Non per-ch® mi Allmen “say of maid > enc fol-'ly Findstno fa-Vor tains eyes, Nor because T pia-coil gi-glio Gllatiri tlo-rt syiea-ge - 9b. love the {i= y Shall Toth. er flows do~ spise rit fu oma mie tao opie Sol per toa 1ovKt” fe, abdsigh - est ever But for Patemp = sme, gen-til pi stor, Ho do-or de’ tuoi mar-th- ri, Ho di- t- to sme, 0 genrtle. swain, Sweet I” find thy loveing favor, Pie ti fl eee Pa tempo Poa del tuoa-mor, Ma se_ gen- si feel thy pain. Shout thou thik tho’, that. de-mure~) the 0 let-to Tot dob. ta vi = ly Tn thee alone mays stom —_ ae reser rere Ses & : Pe-so-rl-lo, ath eqgecio Ma tiimenigy tin ginny, Peesieel: hy Soi tpt dtu SEEGCI pine Syceassh agra, Bestest [gos 4 sel sogaet to thou art surely Fa oil - mon Prone thy_seas. Sh tin ganoas, to berguile, Fe- cit untae tingan-nor prone thy semces to bergule rit, astai

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