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for International Education

2019 Overview




Index Training & Support


Data Protection & Security

Welcome to our vision for the future of international education.
Since our founding in 2006 by three former IB Diploma students, we have focused on serving the information management needs of
international schools.
Today ManageBac is the leading online planning, assessment and reporting platform for international schools, supporting over 10,000 schools
in 130 countries. By providing schools with one unified system, ManageBac helps facilitate teaching & learning for all stakeholders in a school.
In 2013, OpenApply was launched to support international schools in their transition from paper to provide an integrated, seamless online
admissions & enrolment system. Today over 400 schools in over 80 countries rely on OpenApply to help manage their admissions process and
find the best students for their schools.
Together with our integration partners, we offer schools a world-class software suite for meeting all their information management needs.
We do this by delivering on five core principles:

Rich feature set Lightning development

Tailored for the unique needs of international schools, our systems We listen closely to user needs, and have a decade-long track record
provide built-in curriculum support, country-specific assessment of building and shipping new features.
requirements, and more.
Beautiful & intuitive interfaces Our integration partners help schools reduce manual data entry and
Our platforms are designed to be sleek, modern, and easy to use, provide students & parents with best-in-class software experiences.
helping to reduce training time and make implementation smooth.

Strong service culture

With 24-hour phone and e-mail support, our team is awake and
available when you are.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to serving your school. http://managebac.com


Curriculum First Systems
Integrated Learning Platform
International schools face unique systems challenges, with the need to
support multiple curricula, transient students & staff, and legacy systems.
By combining curriculum planning, assessment, reporting and
attendance into one unified platform with a consistent, modern and
mobile-ready interface, ManageBac provides a seamless & integrated
experience for coordinators, teachers, students and parents.

Approach & Design

Our Curriculum First approach & design means that ManageBac can support more effective
implementation across a variety of curriculum programmes
ü Designed with Standards & Practices in mind
ü Best practice workflows refined through working with over 2,900 schools
ü Turnkey curriculum & assessment architecture
Less time is spent on setup and configuration, and more time on collaborative teaching
and learning

2018 Year-in-Review
Key Product Highlights

January February March April

Vantage Reader MB Accounts Portal SSO Google Docs Integration New UI Interface + Teacher

Summer Summer August September

UI Enhancements Curriculum First for Multi- China AWS Hosting Career-related Programme
Curricula Schools

September October November November

Service Learning Atlas and ManageBac join Project Based Learning Enhanced Text Editor and
Forces Messaging 6
Atlas + ManageBac Highlights
Step-Change Increase in our Global Curriculum Capability

Number of Schools Number of Countries Number of Students Supported Academic Standards

10,000+ 130+ 3 mm+ 607

Number of Employees (FTEs) Number of Nationalities Number of Offices Group Companies

150 17 8 8
We are honoured to serve over
10,000 leading schools in 130 countries

Bringing you the World’s Standards
From over 45 countries and spanning curriculum and accreditation

607+ Sets of Standards 211 Sets of K-12 Standards ~10% Focus on Accreditation
Common Core, Next Generation California, New York, Ontario, Manage accreditation & evaluation
Science Standards, International Australia, UAE, China and more. seamlessly
Baccalaureate, ISTE, etc.

49% of Standards are 28+ Years of Experience Updating and Adding New
Career or Subject Specific Across our standards team Standards Every Day
Career Tech Education, National Core
Arts, Social

Global Standards Coverage

Spanning curriculum and accreditation

Our Standards & Services Team

Helen Maltese Bernard Merkel

Standards & Services Manager Director of Client Services

ManageBac Accounts Portal & Integrations

ManageBac Accounts Portal

Provides Identity Management & Single-Sign-On for
ManageBac internal and 3rd party integration partners.
Bundled with a premium subscription model for custom
Login designs / AD integration

Organizes Partner integrations & Add-ons to provide
schools with an end-to-end turnkey solution including
Identity Connectors, Behavior & Discipline, Library &
Reading, Website, Online Exams & Assessment, Utilities
and University

Key Integration Partners

Google Apps for Google Docs SmartPrep isams AssessPrep Turnitin

Education Flexible Management Online Exams & Assessment Leading Plagiarism Checker
Collaborative Assignments Revision University & Careers
A seamless experience for SMARTPREP IB App is a powerful Information System An advanced, end-to-end Turnitin is revolutionizing
SSO Connectors BridgeU leverages the
teachers to link, assign, and teaching and learning aid for the IB Our recommended partner cloud-based platform to the experience of writing to
Google for Education is a power of big data to provide
distribute a Google Doc DP. It makes it easy and quick to for whole-school help schools and students learn
service from Google that university and careers
template to their entire class plan the next class, prepare information management prepare for IB eAssessment
provides independently guidance for international
customizable versions of students for internal assessments school students
several Google products or tailor homework assignments.


Integrated Planning, Learning & Teaching and Assessment
What differentiates a learning platform?
• Serving multiple Stakeholders within the school
(Teachers, Students, Administrators, Parents)
• High frequency of usage: daily or weekly usage by
• Central hub: to support teaching & learning,
communications, and school operations
(attendance, reporting, etc.)
• Structured Repository: stores visible curriculum,
assessments, resources & coursework with
curriculum meta-data.
• Mission-critical: inability to access causes
significant disruption

Building the Written Curriculum

• The ‘written curriculum’ is the root of teaching &
learning within the school; however, it is hidden
from view – use-case is one of infrequent usage.
• External motivation for adoption may be
upcoming accreditation visit, leadership initiative,
professional development, etc.
• Curriculum is unique to each school and anchors
critical organizational decisions.

Atlas & ManageBac Integration
For mutual Atlas & ManageBac Schools

ü Allows mutual Atlas & ManageBac schools to

collaboratively plan and edit Atlas units directly within
ManageBac classes with single-sign-on.

ü No data migration is required and existing Atlas

Courses & Subjects can be easily mapped to your
ManageBac classes in a day or less.

ü With the integration enabled, teachers will be able to

seamlessly add, browse, and edit Atlas units directly
within their ManageBac class.

ü Teachers will be able to extend their Atlas units into

the classroom with assessment tasks & resources on
the ManageBac stream.

Leading into mid-year 2019, we will be importing the full

range of Atlas curriculum into ManageBac encompassing
600+ curriculum programs, academic and accreditation
standards. This will provide comprehensive curriculum
support for our multi-curricula schools.

Enhanced Unit Planners
A host of improvements to make your planning experience better!

Fonts & Icons Online Presence Real-Time Editing

more readable with visual to indicate when colleagues to allow for collaborative
cues are online planning

In-Line Editing Reflections Connections

to improve context and ease- to support meaningful to align and link assessment
of-use reflection throughout the cycle tasks & learning experiences

customizable background
headers to reflect your unit

Collaborative Real-Time Unit Planning
With Online Presence and Real-Time In-Line Editing

ü Real-time collaborative unit planning with online presence

ü Improved at-a-glance planner layout and streamlined unit navigation
ü Flexible unit template builder to support customization

Online Presence

Real-Time Editing
Student Portfolios
Supporting learning & teaching for your whole-school

Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of

student progression across the full IB Continuum
IB Continuum + Multi-Curricula ü Enhanced Search & Filters
ü Multi-add provides a way to easily add one observation into
multiple student portfolios at once

Students and Teachers can easily add from Web and Mobile

Goals Reflections Observations

Coursework Awards

For the IB DP, students can set target grades vs. predicted

Build connections to:

Improve school-to-home communication
and parent engagement with Learner Profile ATL Skills Key Concepts
Advanced Options

Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with

evidence and link directly to the IB’s new Programme
Share Send Emoji Star Comments Standards & Practices

Global Search
Easily and Efficiently Search across ManageBac

Global search will allow users to easily and efficiently find what you are looking for across ManageBac within

A, SA, CAS & Service Learning Activities Classes Groups Files

Assessment Tasks, Deadlines, Events Year Groups Messages Units

Project Proposals for TOK, EE and PBL

ManageBac Mobile
With broad curriculum support for your entire school community.

Redesigned from the ground

up with full functionality:
ü Classroom Management
ü Service Learning (CAS, SA)
ü Project-based Learning (EE,
Personal Project)
ü Portfolio
ü Curriculum Planners
ü Gradebook
ü Reporting

Sharing on Airdrop
Easily submit Coursework, post
Reflections and update Project
journals on the go!

Available on
Supported User Types

Students Teachers Coordinators Parents

Enhanced Text Editor & Messaging
For Classes, Year Groups and Simple Groups in Tasks, Events, Deadlines & Messaging

ü Enhanced Text
Editor works on
web & mobile with:
Text Style







ü Built-in Grammar and Spell-checking ü Emojis on Messages, Tasks & Resources

Granular Teacher Permissions
For the School Directory, Attendance and Reporting > Proofing & Review

With enhanced Teacher Permissions, access to specific curriculum programme settings can be defined granularly
together with access to the School Directory and Reports Proofing & Review

Service Learning Framework
Supporting Service Learning with a Build-your-Own Model

ü Service Learning Framework enables schools

to flexibly design and build their own service
learning programme - ideally suited for
schools looking to extend the model of CAS
or Service as Action to their entire school.

ü Service Learning worksheets encompassing

the aims & goals, activity types, learning
outcomes, reflections and guidance can be
fully customised.

ü The Service Learning Framework supports

the IB Career Programme’s Service Learning,
while building more connections to subject

ü Integrated with portfolios and reporting to

provide schools with a seamless solution.

Project-Based Learning Framework
Supporting Project-Based Learning with a Build-your-Own Model

ü Project-based Learning Framework enables ü PBL Framework supports the IB Career Programme’s Language Portfolio
schools to flexibly design and build subject- and Reflective Project, while providing teachers with an option to
specific or year group level projects. design unique projects from the ground up within their class (e.g.
History IA).
ü Project worksheets encompassing the proposal,
planning & progress, assessment and journals ü Integrated with portfolios and reporting to provide schools with a
can be fully customised. seamless solution.

Google Docs Integration
Create, Assign, Annotate, and Mark Google Docs from ManageBac

1 Teachers can create

Google Doc templates 2 Students can complete
and submit their 3 Once submitted,
teachers can mark 4 Submitted Google
Docs are automatically
and seamlessly assign assigned Google Doc Google Docs with versioned and saved
to students – directly within grades and into Portfolios.
supporting greater ManageBac. annotations.

Enhanced PYP Transition NOW AVAILABLE

Redesigned from the ground up for the New PYP!

Key Improvements
ü Real-time collaborative unit
planning with online presence
ü Flexible unit builder to support
customization and fields
ü Harmonized and fully responsive
new UI interface
ü Enhanced personalization &
planner styling

Real-Time Flexible Unit Portfolio Classroom Gradebook Report Cards Reflections

Planner Builder Management


Learning & Teaching
Inside and outside your classroom with Portfolio and Learning Experiences

ü Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of student progression

with a showcase.
ü Students and Teachers can easily add from Web or Mobile:

Goals Reflections Coursework

Observations Awards

ü Build connections to:

Learner Profile ATL Skills Concepts

ü Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with evidence and link
directly to the IB’s new Programme Standards & Practices.

Improve school-to-home
communication and parent
engagement with Advanced Options Share Send Emoji Star Comments


Flexible assessment options directly integrated with Reporting

Evaluate the:
Learner Profile

ATL Skills
Two Modes for Rubrics and
Criteria & Points
Units of Inquiry

Learning Outcomes

Easily assess specialist

subjects and include
student coursework.

Annotate & Assess Side-by-side


Reflect & Connect
Supporting Initial to Final Reflection and Building Connections

End-to-end Reflections
ü Collaboratively reflect alongside the Planner
ü Reflections include Guidance from PYP: from principles
into practice
ü Flexibly customize and map your Reflections &
Guidance by Unit Section

Building Connections
ü Easily tag with ATL Skills, Learner Profile and Key

New IB Programme Standards & Practices

As the delivery partner for the new IB Concierge (replacing IB Docs), we are delighted to provide drag’n’drop evidence submission from
ManageBac to make your next authorization & evaluation process smooth.
With the upcoming release of the new Standards & Practices, you will be able to tag Portfolio items, Reflections, Learning Experiences and
Assessment Tasks to specific PS&P requirements, making the process of organizing evidence efficient for every teacher.


New Standards & Practices:
Supporting accreditation & evaluation

Seamless School User Experience

ü Refreshed in a consistent look & feel to reflect the quality of IB’s Programmes

IB Middle Years
Designed for the modern IB Middle
Years Programme

Support for the Core Curriculum Management Integrated Learning Platform

ü Service as Action: Track progress, add ü Collaboratively plan curriculum using ü Curriculum reviews and transitions
activities, and post reflections built-in unit planners managed seamlessly (e.g. MYP Next
ü Use built-in global contexts, key Chapter)
ü Personal & Community Projects:
Manage projects from proposal to concepts, assessment criteria, objectives, ü Unique curriculum-specific design
assessment. Complete your assessment ATL skills and standards supports criterion-based assessment
using built-in IB guidelines across ü Support for interdisciplinary unit with built-in descriptors
criterion A-D planners ü Create summative and formative tasks,
ü Track and report on student progress in ü Access the whole-school curriculum and annotate student work, embed resources
real-time share key concepts with parents & and record feedback

AssessPrep Integration
Next Generation assessment platform for the IB MYP & DP

ü Transition your paper-based exams online for DP & MYP

ü Faster, more reliable and natural vs. handwriting
ü Create AssessPrep assessments from within ManageBac
ü Online and Offline exams delivery, powerful analytics, and built-in syllabus topics
ü Instant setup with automated account creation and Single-Sign-On with
ManageBac Accounts portal

Question types:
1. Long answer 3. Plot a graph
2. Table completion 4. Multiple-choice

5. Auto-corrected Interactive Questions

a. Label d. Order/Sort
b. Hotspot e. Classify
c. Match f. GeoGebra Graphing

Exam Content Types:

Videos with Annotations Text Simulations

(flash, HTML5)
Images with measuring tool
(direct upload or YouTube URL)

IB Diploma
Designed for the modern
IB Diploma Programme

Managing the Diploma Core Curriculum Management Integrated Learning Platform

ü Instantly see where your students stand ü Unit planners designed on the third ü Unique curriculum-specific design allows
with CAS, EE, ToK model template with built-in course teachers to collaboratively share
criteria, subject, aims, and syllabus curriculum, resources, and tasks &
ü Track CAS progress with the new CAS
content assignments
guide requirements
ü Centralised curriculum planning makes it ü Differentiation supported naturally
ü Students add their own activities for
easy to organise coverage of topics and within mixed HL & SL classes
approval, and reflections are tied to
eliminate paperwork
learning outcomes ü Create assignments, annotate student
ü Support for local, state and national work, embed resources and record
ü Centralise EE and ToK deadlines
curriculum standards feedback
ü Built-in prescribed titles & assessment
ü All content & forms updated annually in ü Academic progress visible to students &
accordance with curriculum reviews parents

IBIS Exam Registrations & e-Coursework
End-to-end support from exam registration to final coursework submission

IBIS Exam Registration Direct Submission of CAS Samples e-Coursework Submission

ü Streamline exam registration with direct ü Send CAS records directly to the IB, ü Easily organize and submit
IBIS integration for anticipated, course including your authorization letter and portfolio coursework from
and full Diploma candidates programme outline ManageBac
ü Create personalized exam calendars with ü Submit records for your three selected ü Drag and drop files directly from
proctors, room locations and times. students and optionally include a fourth ManageBac into IBIS
ü Bulk create PDF plan worksheets with ü No more downloading and re-
one click uploading – file transfer happens
seamlessly in the background
SmartPrep Online Flash Cards
Seamlessly integrated into ManageBac for Students & Teachers

Power your learning with the SMARTPREP IB App

University guidance software built for the IB Pricing Guide
No. students:
By 2025, there will be 100 million more students enrolled in higher education, 8 From $1,100
< 50
million of which will attend university in a foreign country. By 2020, there will be a >100 From $2,900
shortage of 40 million employees with the right qualification to meet the demands of >250 From $4,500
labor markets.

Schools, entrusted with the critical duty of guiding students to the right post-secondary
destinations, are too frequently hampered by the need to navigate multiple systems,
track a broad range of student needs, and manage the administration and paperwork
that universities in different countries require. This presents an enormous challenge
for college and career advisors.

We believe that enabling schools to provide smart, modern university and careers
guidance is a matter of huge importance. Partnered with schools in over 60 countries
and designed specifically with IB World Schools in mind, BridgeU empowers schools
to prepare the students of today for the world of tomorrow.

Craft the best Applications Track through to Delivered Understand your Impact Integrated with ManageBac
! Global Shortlisting allows students ! Document management and ! Advisors can assess and improve ✓ Integration with ManageBac enables
to choose, explore and shortlist over sending functionalities are performance and student outcomes efficient profile data transfer and
25,000 universities around the embedded directly into BridgeU, using analytics reduces manual data entry
world enabling advisors to manage, streamlining account setup for the
submit and track applications
! BridgeU insights provides schools
school and student
! Students and teachers can design with in-depth analytics to compare
winning applications using our ! Tens of thousands of application their admissions trends to historical, ✓ Seamlessly single sign-on to and
suite of collaborative tools documents delivered so far to local and global statistics from BridgeU using the ManageBac
1,500+ universities and counting Accounts portal

Trusted by hundreds of top IB schools

SchoolsBuddy Integration

Save money and time by combining your parent

communications, activities management,
fee collections, after school club sign up,
mobile registers, sports organisation, school trip
management, parents evening bookings and
wrap around care club signup and payments
into one mobile enabled solution that integrates
with your MIS.

ü Complete setup, signup, allocation and registers for

all After School Club Programs
ü Fully mobile app for students, parents, and teachers
ü Schedule and manage parent evenings with classes
& memberships synced from ManageBac
ü Instant setup with automated account creation and
Single-Sign-On with ManageBac Accounts portal

Curriculum First
Supported curriculum pathways

International Baccalaureate British American

DP: Diploma Programme A Levels: Advanced Levels AP: Advanced Placement
CP: Career Programme IGCSE: International General HS: High School
MYP: Middle Years Programme Certificate of Secondary Education MS: Middle School
PYP: Primary Years Programme Secondary: Key Stage 3 ES: Elementary School
Primary: Nursery Reception
Equivalency Matrix
Applying our integrated model to new curriculum programmes

Level 1
1. Classes can be created with pre-
built subjects
2. Standard Unit Planner template
3. Standard Assessment
Gradebook with Reporting
4. Customizable Options & Rubrics
for enhanced Assessment
5. Shared subject-specific resources

Level 2
1. Unit plans can be populated with
aims, objectives and syllabus
from the subject guides
2. Baseline assessment reference

Level 3
1. Tailored Service Learning and
Project-based Learning
worksheets for specific
components e.g. CAS, EE, TOK
2. Whole-school curriculum
3. Built-in disposition connections
(e.g. ATL skills, Learner Profile,
21st Century Skills, etc.)
4. Exams (papers, % weights,
marks, etc.)
Paperless Report Cards
Moving from Offline-to-Online Reporting

Key Benefits
ü Eliminates environmental and logistical
issues with printing
ü Flexibility of reporting template design,
Web Telephone PDF less constraints vs. print formatting
QR Code ü More user friendly for parents with Mobile
+ Web access in a responsive layout
ü Schools can track parental engagement
and encourage discussion
ü Extensible for future reporting models (e.g.
Portfolios, Goal-setting, etc.)

New Color Palette

New Fonts

Open Sans Helvetica Neue Times New Roman

Integrated Reporting Process
Streamlined School-to-Home Reporting built for International Schools

Highly customisable, fully integrated with teacher gradebooks

and attendance, and tailored for IB best practices.

The reporting aspect of ManageBac was the biggest selling point

for the teachers. It allowed us to effectively report without stresses
and had a huge impact on reducing teacher workload.

Trondheim International School

Settings 2
Teacher Gradebooks 3
Proofing & Review 4
Generate Reports

ü Import a high-res school ü Teachers input final term ü Homeroom teachers and ü Confirm your term dates,
logo marks & comments administrators can templates, and year groups
review and moderate before generating reports
ü Confirm any additional ü Administrators track
progress of term grade final term grades ü Optionally send reports via e-
rubrics & options
submission ü Generate PDF drafts for mail to Students & Parents
ü Setup your templates
individual students or ü Fully accessible across
cohorts ManageBac web & mobile
Accounts Portal Single Sign-On
Manage your identity and seamlessly switch between accounts

ü The Accounts Portal is built on OpenID and

upgrades our existing LaunchPad single-
sign-on (SSO) service extending the
capability from web to mobile

ü Streamlined account linking of multiple user

type accounts in ManageBac (e.g.
Administrator, Teacher & Parent) or multi-
campus school group accounts

ü Enhanced support for your school’s identity

management system

ü Use Google Apps or Office 365 credentials to

sign into ManageBac

ü Login using ManageBac credentials for Atlas,

AssessPrep, BridgeU, OpenApply, BookJetty,
Subject Centre, and other integration

Homeroom & Lesson-based Attendance

Fully integrated with

ManageBac report cards!

Homeroom & Lesson-based For Administrators For Parents

Attendance ü Daily digest notifications ü View attendance records for each child
ü Configure homeroom attendance ü Export attendance data by day, week, ü Submit attendance excusals
categories and assign homeroom month or year
advisors ü Remind teachers to take attendance
ü Support for weekday and rotation- with one-click
based attendance ü Support for % based attendance

Oct 06, 2017

ü Available to schools using ManageBac for Attendance

ü Timetable accessible by teachers, students and parents

ü Export available in PDF – both individually and in bulk

ü Teacher timetables also available to view, making it

easier to arrange cover

Multi-lingual Parent Portal
Providing Parents with a Local Language Interface

Each parent can set individual language preferences, with support for:

Japanese Arabic Spanish Chinese French

OpenApply is a web-based school admissions system
designed for the modern, admissions office. OpenApply
helps international schools manage admissions processes
from the first enquiry to enrolment enabling them to find
the best students for their school

OpenApply allows families to easily register for open house events,
schedule school visits and submit registrations of interest

Admissions & Enrolment

OpenApply allows the admissions committee to collaboratively
evaluate applicants and make better admissions decisions

OpenApply enables schools to track applicant trends and monitor
enrolment in real-time. The school can create custom reports in

OpenApply allows schools to communicate with the applicant pool,
organise custom mailing lists and automate notifications following
acceptance and enrolment

Inside OpenApply

Manage Re-enrolment
No more manual data entry

Take control of your re-enrolment process I am surprised to see how quickly parents are responding
ü Configure forms with re-enrolment. It is an easy click for them! It took us a
couple of weeks when we did this manually last year.
ü Accept payments
ü Send notifications & reminders
ü Track & manage confirmations in real-time
Payments & Invoicing
Send invoices and reconcile payments in multiple currencies

Payment gateways





110+ Currencies Supported

Online Application Review
Automated for cross-departmental collaboration

Streamlined Applicant
ü Automated notifications for

ü Consolidated review interface

ü Customizable feedback

ü Review in sequence to fit your


The Review Mode has made it much easier to review applications digitally. Our principals love how easy it is to
navigate between documents and teacher references, all while being able to add their comments without toggling to
a different screen.

Finalsite Integration
Available 2019!

OpenApply is a modern online admissions office Finalsite is a best-in-class marketing and communication
supporting every stage of the applicant journey from platform that empowers schools to recruit, retain and
enquiry to enrolment. Today over 400 schools in over 80 engage their community. Finalsite works with over 250
countries rely on OpenApply to help manage their international schools in 80 countries.
admissions process.

1 Market smarter and

measure your success with
Finalsite's new inbound
3 Retain students and staff,
and connect alumni and
donors to your mission
marketing tools enabling and fundraising goals.
you to target, automate
and fill your funnel.

2 Process applications and

analyse trends from enquiry
to enrolment on
OpenApply's online
admissions platform.

Professional Development

International Admissions Bulletin OpenApply Courses & Onsite & Online Sessions Courses, Workshops & Summits
Published twice a year in digital & print Conferences Divided into four tracks, our PD is Held throughout the year in multiple
with 60+ pages of content Held 2-3 times a year informative and interactive, ensuring locations
tangible outcomes for all participants.

ü Insights into admissions ü Professional development ü School Leadership & Process ü Professional development
trends around the globe geared towards all events are focused on a
admissions staff, from ü Curriculum Development variety topics geared towards
ü Written by international novices to experts supporting teachers, leaders
school admissions staff for ü Instructional Strategies and educators around
international school ü Practical sessions focused ü Data & Assessment Literacy
curriculum and instruction.
admissions staff on best practices and
ü Courses allow for deeper
trends in international http://www.onatlas.com/professional-
understanding and skill on a
http://openapply.com/bulletin development-offerings/
school admissions specific topic or area.
http://events.openapply.com http://events.managebac.com

Powerful APIs
Integrate 3rd party databases to automate creation
or update of users

Implemented in a RESTful manner using JSON

over HTTP. Over 25 endpoints supported
allowing schools to build custom integrations
and pull raw data.

ü List, manage and a full workflow for enrolling students
in classes and IB groups
ü List subjects, years and details for a school
ü List and manage parents and teachers
ü List tasks and assignments from any class
ü Retrieve assignment grades, term grades, and custom
rubric grades

The most flexible MIS for Schools

iSAMS is a web-based, single interface MIS, designed by teachers Features include:

specifically for schools. A single core database capable of • Academic management
informing, aiding and auditing every area of school life. iSAMS • Pastoral management
connects and controls any element of running a successful school. • HR & administration
• Communications
iSAMS provides a fully managed service from installation to • Mobile Apps
training, system updates and ongoing support. More than 600 • Finance
schools around the world have chosen iSAMS as their trusted MIS. • API / Partnership Scheme

Schools include:


iSAMS Partnership
Real time data sync to streamline account provisioning and data updates

For international schools wanting the best Paperless Admissions Office, School Management Phase 1 Supported Fields for Data Sync

System, and Curriculum-First Learning Platform, we are pleased to offer an integration Students

between OpenApply, iSAMS, and ManageBac. Student ID Status

First Name Telephone
Our two-way data sync provides for
Middle Name Address
real-time updates to student or
parent demographic information. Last Name Nationality

Update data in one system, and Preferred Name Language

watch it flow seamlessly across all Date of Birth Enrolment Year
three systems. Gender Homeroom Advisor
Year & Grade Level E-mail Address
This reduces work for admin teams,
protects your data integrity, and
streamlines account provisioning. Parents
Simplify how you oversee data for Parent ID Relationship
new students, current students, and First Name E-mail Address
departing students.
Last Name Title
Preferred Name Employer
Date of Birth Work E-mail
Fully supported data flow Eliminates manual data entry Best of breed approach Gender Work Address

ü Demographic details for ü Allows schools to use the best Parent ID Relationship
ü Reduce the rate of human error
students, parents and staff caused by copy / paste systems designed to solve First Name E-mail Address
sync in real time specific problems without
ü Help school admin team focus sacrificing data integrity
ü Newly enrolled students on higher level tasks Staff
synced to iSAMS and ü Three of the top systems used First Name E-mail Address
ManageBac within minutes by the world’s leading
international schools Last Name

Feature Matrix

Feature Highlights
Curriculum Planning
Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Unit Plan your curriculum with a step-by-step unit planner, collaborate with multiple subject authors, automatically share units
Planners (WYSIWYG) between subject classes, create stand-alone, draft & interdisciplinary subject units, browse units online or export to PDF for print
or accreditation review. Customize your Unit Planners with our what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) Units editor.

Built-in Assessment Criteria, Aims & With all programme-specific curriculum information built-in, encompassing aims & objectives, assessment criteria, syllabus topics,
Objectives and Syllabus the learner profile, transdisciplinary skills, key & related concepts, global contexts, approaches-to-learning skills, and over 30+
national and local standards, coordinators & teachers can start planning without losing any time on setup.

Our Curriculum First design & architecture means that curriculum review changes are managed centrally (i.e. we update the
Syllabus and Criteria to match the current Subject Guide) with seamless migrations of legacy unit planners and assessment tasks
to ensure that your work carries forward. Transition years when two subject guides are being run in parallel (e.g. new on DP1, old
on DP2) are also supported.

Vertical & Horizontal Curriculum Vertical and horizontal curriculum planner views allow teachers to make interdisciplinary subject connections and align global
Planners contexts & transdisciplinary themes. Units are shown with Inquiry stage information together with our assessment tasks and
resource stream view.

Whole-school Curriculum Map & Whole-school curriculum map provides a birds-eye view of all units across years and subjects with a timeline view spanning the
Analytics full academic year to track subject progress, identify gaps, build interdisciplinary subject connections and easily drag and drop to
re-order, re-sequence or archive units.

Curriculum Observer User Type Designed to support your five-year review or accreditation process, easily provide a Site visitor with read-only curriculum
observer access. This view provides a window into your school curriculum allowing external Site visitors and curriculum
consultants to browse your curriculum and give feedback.

Resource Types: Unit Resources encompass a broad range of media types including files with a built-in document viewer, books including pre-
1. Files with Document Viewer built reference subject book lists and any book available on Amazon, website links, photos with captions, YouTube videos and
2. Books online examinations.
3. Websites
4. Photos With Stream view, you can interlace resources and assessment tasks to create a learning journey. Optionally share access with
5. Videos parents & students or restrict access to faculty only.
6. Online Exams

Subject Centre with Comprehensive The Subject Centre is designed to provide a one-stop curriculum resource for DP students, teachers, parents and Coordinators to
Curriculum Reference better plan subject choices, understand IB requirements, and effectively prepare for exams. Browse subject pages including
course descriptions, aims & objectives and search syllabus topics. Browse exam calendars alongside internal & external
assessment weights.

Feature Highlights
Exams Management
Automated Exam Registration Course Plan worksheets allow you to manage your IB exam registrations from start to finish. Automated IBIS API eliminates
manual data entry by streamlining the registration process with automatic retrieval of candidate personal codes and candidate
session numbers.

Individual Course & Exams Planner with Students can browse and select their subject choices and indicate HL and SL together with any options. Automatic validation of
Subject Information minimum HL requirements (i.e. 3 subjects) and candidate personal information reduce registration errors. Support for bilingual
Diploma, additional subjects, dual Sciences, self-taught languages, anticipated registrations, and a wide range of registration

Built-in Exam Calendar and Proctor Course registrations are directly matched to IBIS subject codes, which provide students with a personalised exam calendar with
Management the ability to set precise times for the morning & afternoon schedule, and to assign proctors and rooms. Exam calendars can be
browsed online from web or mobile and exported to PDF.

Exam Fees & Parent Invoicing Generate exam fee invoices for parents in bulk in the currency of your choice (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, etc.) and securely distribute
IBIS PINs to candidates to access results online.

Activities Management (A, SA, CAS, DoE, Manage your activities programme from start to finish without the paperwork with fully customisable activity types, optional hour
IntAward, Service Learning and Custom tracking, online reflections, guiding questions, supervisor reviews, award levels and handbooks. CAS and Service as Action are
Programmes) supported alongside the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the International Award, or your school’s in-house service learning and co-
curricular programmes. Students can easily add activities, request Coordinator & Advisor approval, and track overall progress.
Reflections can be submitted directly for online moderation by the IB. Optional Service reporting provides a one-page summary
report for inclusion with the term report card.

Project-based Learning Worksheets Our Extended Essay, Personal and Community Project worksheets include pre-built proposal forms, reference deadlines & to dos,
quickstart guides, process journal & reflections and assessment with a PDF export.

In addition, we provide custom Project-based Learning worksheets, based on the Buck Institute’s Projected-based Learning
model. These encompass a Project worksheet with a proposal form, deadlines & to-dos, document management, a process
journal & reflections, presentation and assessment with customisable rubrics, which can be customised for different Project types.

Advisory Structure & Activities Coordinators can delegate by assigning students to match their advisory structure, while tracking overall progress (Excellent, On-
Evaluation Management Track, Concern) and completion through our dashboard rosters.

Feature Highlights
Learning Management System
Curriculum First Architecture Our curriculum-first approach & design means that we can support effective implementation by designing with Standards &
Practices in mind. Having ‘best-practice’ process & workflows refined through our experience working with over 2,500 schools
along with a turnkey curriculum and assessment architecture means less time spent on setup and configuration, and more time
on coordination, teaching, and learning.

Baseline Class Features (Bulletin, Post announcements via Bulletin with automatic message notifications to students & parents. Start threaded discussions on the
Assessment Tasks, Message Board, message board. Manage the class calendar with a drag and drop reference.
Gradebook, Students & Teachers, Files)
Create summative and formative assessment tasks with linking to units, topics and resources, customise assessment categories.
Support for differentiation (i.e. ability to set tasks for HL/SL only or both in mixed-class) and Turnitin support.

Assessment & Resources Stream View Integrates assessment tasks and resources under our Unit planners within classes. Ability to sequence assessment tasks and
resources under a Unit Plan, which provides a sequence for the students to follow along their learning journey. Resources can be
marked as private (and only accessible to teachers) or shared with both students & parents. Drag’n’drop allows for easy re-
ordering of assessment tasks and resources. Resources can be linked between Assessment Tasks, Units > Resources and Class >
Files, simplifying Files & Resource management without having to upload more than once.

Seamless Assessment, Files & Resource Assessment tasks, files, and resources are automatically saved into a resource-bank for use in future years or seamless sharing
Sharing between class sections.

LTI v1.1 Integrations With LTI v1.1 certification, ManageBac integrates smoothly with a range of LTI-compliant providers including Turnitin allowing us
to provide a broader integration-set for schools.

Vantage Reader Annotations & Browse Microsoft Office and PDF documents online with our Vantage Reader annotations tool. Mark assessment tasks with text,
Gradebook comments and drawing annotations. Our Gradebook supports assessment via points, anecdotal feedback, completion, and built-
in criteria, which can be made task-specific.

Google Docs & Class Integration Google Docs & Class integration provides a seamless user experience for teachers & students, who are using Google Apps for
Education. In less than 3 clicks, teachers can link, assign, and distribute a Google Doc template to their entire ManageBac class. For
students, this provides one-click access to their GDocs editor with the coursework template pre-loaded, automatically saves the
coursework to their ManageBac portfolio, and provides an integrated experience without a separate login.

Feature Highlights
Pre-built Report Card Templates for Pre-built reporting templates facilitate term-based reporting. Report academic performance (1-7 IB grades with automatic local
International Curricula conversion, A* or 9-1 for IGCSE or local grades) alongside service learning (A, SA, CAS, Enrichment), project-based learning (EE,
ToK and Personal & Community Projects), and custom assessment options & rubrics.

Reports include a customisable cover letter with signature, learner profile, ATL skills evaluation, custom pages, overall progress
including homeroom advisory comments and attendance, extra-curricular activities and final grade descriptors.

For schools with mixed curricula, our reports support multi-curricula reporting allowing you to show subject term grades.

Reports Proofing & Review Review final grade distributions by subject and year-level with histogram bar charts, generate draft reports for proofing with
automatic spell-check to prevent errors before final reports issuance.

PDF Report Card Generation Generate report cards individually or in bulk as print-ready PDFs. Double-sided printing supported.

Online Report Cards Distribute reports securely to parents and students online with optional e-mail notifications.

Parent Portal Parents can track academic progress, submit attendance excusals, explore units & curriculum, learn more about the IB Diploma
within the Subject Centre, review their child’s course planner, download academic handbooks, browse their child’s portfolio, and
view report cards directly online.

Bulletin & Communications Online Parent Teacher Association provides a bulletin and message notifications for school-to-home announcements and

Feature Highlights
Summative & Formative Assessment Create summative and formative assessment tasks with linking to units, topics and resources, customise assessment categories,
support differentiation (i.e. ability to set tasks for HL/SL only or both in mixed-class) and Turnitin support.

Internal & External Assessment Support Built-in Internal Assessment forms and worksheets for Groups 1, 2 and 4 provide a workflow for recording orals, assigning works
with Weights from the Prescribed Books list and managing practicals & labs in the Sciences. Easily export to the IA, Cover Sheet and PSOW

Differentiation (Mixed HL and SL Class) Differentiation supported naturally within mixed HL & SL classes allowing units and assessment tasks to be taught separately.
and Task-Specific Criteria Task-specific criteria allow you to adapt the years-specific criterion descriptors to suit your project.

Custom Assessment Rubrics & Options Custom assessment options & rubrics allow you to evaluate effort, ATL skills, the learner profile or to create your own subject and
year-specific assessment options. Include custom assessment options on term report cards.

Built-in Assessment Criteria and Final Built-in assessment criteria matched to the latest Subject guides are updated in accordance with the Curriculum Review cycle.
Grade Boundaries Coordinators and Subject Heads can scaffold the default criterion descriptors by year-level to ensure that they are age-
appropriate. Final grade boundaries are updated annually to convert summed criterion marks into IB Final 1-7 grades.

One-click, Auto-Save Gradebook Mark assessment tasks and submit term grades with comments. Auto-save gradebook saves every mark and comment instantly
providing a highly reliable experience and preventing any Internet connectivity issues.

Portfolios with Subject Folders Students build up a Coursework portfolio gradually over time as they submit coursework into their classes for assessment tasks.
Coursework is automatically grouped into subjects with learning goals linked to learner profile attributes.

Direct Drag and Drop e-Coursework Easily drag and drop files from anywhere on ManageBac into IBIS for IB DP and MYP eCoursework submission, and ManageBac
Submission to the IB will handle the file submission in the background eliminating any upload issues and providing a smooth experience.

Online Exams and eAssessment With the AssessPrep add-on, you can manage online examinations and streamline the eAssessment preparation process with a
tool that replicates the exams experience.

Project-based Peer Assessment Peer assessment, where students can evaluate each other, is supported within Project worksheets for the Theory of Knowledge

Feature Highlights
Admissions & Enrolment
Inquiry, Application and Supplementary Create fully customisable online application forms for admissions, enrolment, re-enrolment and supplementary uses. Online forms are fully
Forms responsive allowing for completion on web and mobile, and support over 8 different field types, including single & multi-line text, dropdown,
multiple choice, checkbox, file upload, terms & conditions, signature, and more.

Tour, Open Day RSVP, and Interview Make times and dates available per programme and campus for parents to schedule tours and RSVP for Open Days directly online. Tours, Open
Scheduling Days, and Interviews can be conveniently tracked in designated areas on both Parent and Admin Dashboards.

Customisable Admissions Checklist by Year Customise the sequence of steps by programme & year including: To Dos, Tours, Completion, Document Submission, Interviews. Flexible
checklists allow you to tailor the admissions experience with conditional requirements based on the Status (i.e. Document submission
following Enrolled status).

Secure Recommendations Management Request recommendations and references through our online recommendations manager, or optionally print pre-filled recommendation
forms as a PDF. Recommendation and reference information is always confidential from parents, limited to admin view only.

WYSIWYG Drag and Drop Forms Editor Forms are fully customisable with a drag and drop “what you see is what you get” forms editor. Form fields include pre-built global fields,
which include standard ISO fields for nationalities and languages. Field types include single-line text, multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown,
grouped fields, files submission, telephone, address fields, and more. Fields can be marked as optional or required, and “Office Use Only”
which restricts editing ability and visibility to school staff.

Scheduled, Recurring, and Flexible Data Easily import data using CSV with overwrite ability. Define export templates with custom field column orders flexibly and schedule recurring
Import & Export batch exports at a fixed time (e.g. every Friday at 7 am).

Global Online Payment Gateways & 120+ Configure fees and accept multiple payment options in over 120+ currencies, including cash, check, bank transfer, and credit cards with a
Currencies Supported variety of payment gateways including Stripe, BrainTree, Paypal, CyberSource and HostedPCI.

Parent Application Status Dashboard with Parents can track their application and re-enrolment status in real-time with a Status Dashboard, which allows them to manage their family
Notifications contact details, complete additional checklist requirements, submit a new enquiry, application or tour request, and browse message
notifications from the Admissions office.

Re-Enrolment Management with Fee Track and manage re-enrolment with optional contact and global fields updates, which will ensure that family information remains accurate
Invoicing & Payments and up-to-date, process re-enrolment fee payments and record legal acceptance of terms & conditions for a new academic year.

To Dos & Document Management Create and assign To Dos with custom categories and due dates to keep your Admissions team organised. Manage Documents and browse
them online with our online documents viewer.

Built-in Enrolment Analytics & Custom Monitor Enrolment & Admissions Statistics in real-time, highlighting enquiries, your conversion funnel, remaining spaces, demographic data
Dashboards and custom metrics for choice-based field types by academic enrolment year. Filter analytics data by demographic and other criteria.

Collaborative, Automated Online Review Manage the entire applicant review process online. Mark applicants as ready for review in bulk to send automated notifications to reviewers
Process across departments. A consolidated review interface and customisable permissions allow reviewers to see only the information they need.
Reviewers record their feedback in customisable rubrics that can be accessed later when it’s time to record the final admissions decision.
Feature Highlights
Attendance & Advisory
Behaviour & Discipline Record behavior & discipline notes directly on the student profile with customizable categories. With the ClassCharts integration,
schools can comprehensively create seating charts and manage behavior & discipline alongside a rewards (house points) system.

Timetables Import & Management With flexible timetables import via Excel CSV, schools can load their timetables into ManageBac supporting class-based
attendance and allowing students & parents to browse their schedules. Attendance calendar flexibly supports holidays and
professional development days allowing you to skip or maintain rotation day periods.

Homeroom Advisory Dashboard Homeroom Advisors can easily track their assigned students’ attendance at a glance, review reflections, and submit advisory
comments for term reporting.

Parent & Advisor Attendance Excusals Parents and Advisors can easily submit attendance excusals for students, which automatically notify all subject teachers together
with their Advisor & Attendance manager.

Class & Homeroom Attendance Record and track daily homeroom (or Tutor Group) attendance with automated notifications. One-click auto-save attendance
provides a fast, efficient and reliable attendance recording system.

Feature Highlights
Enterprise Ready Features
Single Sign-On The ManageBac Accounts portal built on OpenID connects Internal services such ManageBac, OpenApply, Subject Centre and BookJetty;
Partner applications such as AssessPrep, BridgeU and iSAMS; and links to Identity Providers such as Google Apps for Education and Office365
e-mail services.

Access & Permissions Access & Permissions based on Roles allows you to manage changes and permissions granularly. In OpenApply, access & permissions are tied
to department groups, which can be customized according to your school’s organizational structure.

Security & Data Protection ManageBac is the only ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified learning platform. Our Information Security Guidelines encompass data encryption of
data in transit, access control to internal networks using VPN, PCI DSS compliance for payments, and compliance with Educational Privacy
and Data Protection laws in the US, Canada, EU and China. Learn more at https://www.managebac.com/secure/

Audit Log We maintain fully searchable production logs of all system activity.

Customer & Partner APIs Our public APIs follow a RESTful design with over 25 endpoints and allow enterprising schools to build their own custom integrations &
applications to retrieve data in bulk. Comprehensive API Guides & Documentation make it easy to get started.

Responsive Design Fully responsive design provides a faster, unified experience and consistent ’look and feel’ across web and mobile (including mobile phones
and tablets).

Product Roadmap Our public Product Roadmap provides enhanced visibility for existing and future schools on major feature development initiatives. Each
feature card includes a description with key benefits and roadmaps are updated monthly & weekly as releases are completed:

Sync & Integrations Our AppStore organizes Partner Integrations & Add-ons in order to provide schools with an end-to-end turnkey solution spanning
Assessment, Content, Identity Management, Library & Reading, Utilities, University and Website solutions, and more.
While ManageBac, OpenApply and iSAMS provide a base set of foundation functions for overall school management, Partner Integrations &
Add-ons provide focused and feature-rich solutions for specific roles within your school including Admissions & Communications,
Coordinators, School Leadership, Technology and Student Life.

Key Benefits:
1. MIS / SIS Sync: provision directly from iSAMS, sync users from OpenApply into iSAMS
2. Single-Sign On: navigate into Partner applications from your ManageBac Accounts Portal
3. Broad Array of Choice: integrate best-of-breed services like Turnitin, Google Docs and more without custom development

Learn more by browsing our AppStore Partner Directory: https://www.managebac.com/partners/

SLA & Support We guarantee: (1) 99% system uptime (2) 24-hour max response time for all support requests (3) pledge to protect privacy and safeguard
data (4) end-to-end encryption for all subdomains
Feature Highlights
Deployment Model Our single-codebase, multi-tenant SaaS model allows rapid deployment of new and updated features. Our multi-tenant
model provides superior performance, unified backups and logging while keeping each school’s data logically separate and
accessible only to authorised users. Optional single-tenant hosting is available for an additional enterprise hosting fee.

On-premise hosting alternatives can be customised for schools that want the ultimate control of their own deployment
schedules and data hosting.

Pricing & Contract Model Our Pricing model aligns with the size of your school enrolment and provides for a phased multi-year implementation model.
We provide three implementation options: Accelerated, Standard, and Phased.

Our services are provided under an all-inclusive model that includes our world-class support and complimentary training
options. We do not ‘nickel and dime’ and there are no extra surcharges. Our renewal rate exceeding 98% best reflects our
service commitment to schools.

We have provided ManageBac & OpenApply on a single year-to-year contract model. Beginning in 2016, we have begun to
provide multi-year options for schools, who wish to budget for multiple years.

Training & Support

World-Class Support
All schools receive unlimited complimentary phone & e-mail support for
teachers, administrators, parents and students

Online Support Centre Telephone Support Email Support

For: For: For:

Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents

Includes: Includes: Includes:

Fully indexed documentation with keyword Friendly, knowledgeable support team Requests are handled by globally distributed
search allowing users to find tutorials quickly: answer all phone lines within 2-3 rings. No support team through a dedicated ticketing
phone trees! system called ZenDesk. All replies are sent
ü Programme-specific Implementation Guides
within 24 hours of the original request.
for onboarding new schools or admins
Performance in 2018:
ü 100+ online video tutorials Performance in 2018:
ü Calls received: 9,400+
ü 1,000+ tutorials with annotated screenshots ü Requests received: 44,000+
ü Average duration: 04:13
and written instructions ü First Reply in <4hrs: 46%
ü Free monthly webinars for professional ü One-Touch Tickets: 72%
development ü Satisfaction Score: 95%
Available: 24 hours a day during the work week, Available:
24/7/365 across any device with printable starting at Monday 9am HKT (GMT+8) and 24 hours a day during the work week, starting
PDF exports for every tutorial and guide ending at Friday 6pm PST (GMT-7 / -8 at Monday 9am HKT (GMT+8) and ending at
depending on daylight savings) Friday 6pm PST (GMT-7 / -8 depending on
daylight savings) Dedicated weekend staffer
for urgent queries

http://help.managebac.com Local Direct Dial Telephone Numbers for each support@managebac.com

region to save on long-distance charges Or in-app request form

Customer Success & Service Excellence
What happens once a request is received?

Requests typically fall into one of four categories:

Bugs: These requests are treated with the highest level of urgency. Once ManageBac’s team
replicates and confirms the report, it’s escalated to the development team. Once the fix
deploys, the support team tests and confirms the fix before sending a notification back to the Within 24 hours

Feature Requests: Schools often provide the team with ideas for new features or suggestions
for improvements. A record of requests are kept on ManageBac’s internal project
management system so that the team can prioritize new features based on the number of
requests received. The support team meets with the project management team once a month
1 week - 1 year
to select which new features will be added to the product road map and to provide an update (for approved requests)
regarding existing development projects. In time, the majority of major and common requests
are implemented.

Bulk Process Requests: Direct assistance for all bulk imports. When a request is received, the
Within 24 hours
support team reviews the import files to ensure the data is clean, then sends the request
(for standard imports)
forward to the Data Team, which manages all import requests. All imports are completed
within 24-48 hours, with a clean file posted back to the user for reference. The only exception
is standards and scope and sequence imports. These typically take longer as the team Up to 1 week
reformats customer files into an import-ready format. (per subject)

General Support Questions: This covers all other support requests and the majority of requests
received. FAQ include “Forgot where to access a specific button?”, “Need help adding a single
new teacher? “, “Can’t figure out why a teachers name is not showing on your report card?”, Within 24 hours
“Want advice on the best way to roll ManageBac out for parents?”, etc

Conferences & Events
We travel the world to meet with our schools

Our presence at industry conferences & events demonstrates our commitment to our community of schools. Since 2005, we have organized our own events
aimed at connecting schools together to share best practices. We provide ongoing professional development opportunities that enhance implementation
and provide face-to-face collaborative training.

Industry Conferences ManageBac Certificate Courses OpenApply Conferences

ManageBac is a proud sponsor at association 2018: London, Chicago, Hong Kong 2014: Taipei
conferences which are popular with our schools, 2019: London, Chicago, Taipei, Mumbai 2015: Bangkok
including: 2016: Singapore, Barcelona, Shanghai
ü International Baccalaureate Annual Regional On average: ~40 participants / ~30 schools 2017: Doha, Mumbai, Phuket
Conferences Feedback from certified participants: 2018: Copenhagen, Hong Kong
2019: Milan, Kuala Lumpur
ü European Council of International Schools (ECIS) “Terrific group of people - so lovely how much you do to On average: ~70 participants / ~35 schools
support us - great levels of patience and knowledge.“
ü Council of British International Schools (COBIS) Past keynote speakers have included:
“Everything was excellent. I would like to mention the
ü East Asia Regional Council of School (EARCOS) individual support! It was amazing! Thank you very much for • David Edwards, Head of School at GEMS World
Academy Singapore
helping me!”
ü Association of China and Mongolia International • Colin Boudreaux, Head of School at Benjamin Franklin
Schools (ACAMIS) “It was very informative. Consider doing more of these!” International School
• Drs. Doug Ota, Pyschologist and Author of Safe
ü Latin America Heads Conference (LAHC) “Loved it!” Passages
• Michael Smith, Director of American School of
ü 新學說 NSI Valencia

ManageBac Certificate Courses and Webinars
Comprehensive training and professional development options

ManageBac Certificate Courses

provide advanced training on our
systems and recognize best practices
while rewarding top users.

ManageBac Webinars are

approximately 1 hour sessions
conducted by two ManageBac
Support Associates and a community
advocate, with a focus on educating
staff about the ManageBac learning

ManageBac Events are designed to

bring schools and educators together
to share knowledge and learn from
each other.

For details on our upcoming events, please visit

Certificate Programme
Professional development opportunities for experienced ManageBac users

ManageBac Educator
Who is eligible?
Programme Coordinators
Our certification programme, launched in 2018, Technology Coordinators
aims to provide a series of training courses
empowering educators on how to make the most
of ManageBac.
What’s required?
The courses are programme-specific, targeted at
IB Diploma, Middle Years and Primary Years Has finished a training course
administrators. Educator
Experienced user
Participants who complete one course will be
certified as ManageBac Educators.
Attendees will receive in-depth training on ManageBac, including:
Share your experiences, connect with other users,
ü ManageBac Educator certification
and access exclusive content and event
ü Instructions on configuring ManageBac account setup
ü Best practices for managing classes
ü Workshops on building & changing report templates
ü First look at and training on all new and upcoming releases in
ü Networking opportunities with coordinators at other ManageBac
Lear more about our Certificate Programme at: schools

OpenApply Webinars and Conferences
Comprehensive training and professional development options

OpenApply Webinars are

approximately 1 hour sessions
run by OpenApply Team
Members and a community
advocate/presenter, dedicated to
a particular assigned topic.

OpenApply Conferences are 2-

day events aiming at providing
quality professional
development and networking
opportunities for school
admissions offices.

For details on our upcoming events, please visit

Flexible Training Options
For seamless implementation

Onsite Training

Based on availability, ManageBac offers paid on-site training for schools that wish
to compress training time or prefer onsite support.

Depending on the size of school and training sessions desired, we recommend

anywhere from one day to two days of onsite training. Sessions will be
customised based on the needs of your school.

Sample agenda
8:30 – 9:00 Introduction & update for senior leadership
team, review agenda for the day
9:00 – 10:00 Report card customisation
10:00 - 10:30 DP Core Teacher Training
10:30 – 11:00 DP Teacher Training:
ü Classroom Management
ü Assignments Gradebook, Reporting
11:00 - 12:30 MYP Teacher Training:
ü Classroom Management
ü Curriculum Planning
ü Assignments Gradebook, Reporting $998
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:00 - 14:30 PYP Teacher Training: Full-day
ü Classroom Management
ü Curriculum Planning
+ cost of travel
2:30 - 3:30 Final Q&A

Who can join? As many individuals from the school.

Who can book trainings?
Any account administrator can book onsite trainings.
What’s required?
ü A presentation screen When are onsite trainings available?
ü An Internet connection Trainings are available year-round depending on staff availability. Please note
ManageBac can be flexible and use school laptops or use their own technology. demand for onsite trainings peak in the fall season.
Enterprise Ready
An enterprise-ready model

Single-Sign-On Access & Permissions Security & Data Protection

Identity management with Granular access controls & ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Google & Office365 and permissions configurable by certified, with global data
Active Directory / LDAP user type protection compliance

Extensive APIs Audit Log Responsive Design

RESTful JSON API with Searchable detailed trail of Fully responsive and unified
extensive endpoints account activity by user, design works on mobile &
provide flexibility date, and activity type web across Android & iOS

Product Roadmap Sync & Integrations SLA & Support

Priority input on MIS / SIS Sync integrations Covering uptime, response
ManageBac’s product with iSAMS and over a times and resolution with
roadmap and quarterly dozen integration partners direct support contact
development updates

Product Roadmap
Product development pipeline and priority of new feature development

Review and Updates

Our Product Roadmap is updated
on a monthly basis with released
items moved to Complete and
newly planned features added.

Priority of Features
Features are prioritized in our
development against the academic
calendar based on curriculum
changes and for the greater good
of schools. This determination is
made based on the number of
schools that will benefit from the
development and the impact (e.g.
enhanced functionality, time
savings and improved UX).

Browse our Product Roadmap at: https://trello.com/b/EOcVQYEH

Implementation Models
We offer three implementation models and services to suit your needs.
Paired with a multi-year agreement

Accelerated Phased
2-year implementation
1-year implementation 3-year implementation

Recommended for: Recommended for: Recommended for:

ü New schools without existing ü Established schools with some ü Established schools with multiple
technology infrastructure existing technology systems and extensive technology
ü Small, agile schools that can manage infrastructure infrastructure
change quickly ü Small to medium-sized schools ü Large schools looking for a highly
ü Schools that need to change core structured transition
ü Schools looking for a gradual
systems quickly due to issues or ü Schools with a long-term MIS
expiring contracts approach contract
ü Schools that can allocate significant
resources towards successful
implementation Including standard benefits
Including enterprise benefits Including standard benefits
Most popular!

Contact us for a Quotation & Implementation Proposal.


Enterprise Benefits
For school groups & schools undergoing
Standard Benefits Accelerated implementation:
All of our schools enjoy:

Seamless single sign-on across all accounts

24 Hour Phone & E-mail Support Login once and access any account in a school group.
Our support desk is open around-
the-clock Monday to Friday. Priority Feature Requests
Priority feature requests with roadmap access and 1-to-1
24 Hour Response Time annual technology meetings (R&D and tech director).
We reply within 24 hours to all
inbound inquiries. Priority Data Processing
Receive first priority and guaranteed import review, data
Weekend Staffing
quality cleansing, and completion time.
Dedicated support on the
weekends for peace of mind.
Direct assigned senior support
Unlimited Online Training Dedicated and knowledgeable senior support staff to
Book individual or group training at help manage implementation.
your convenience.
Free Conference Registrations
Complimentary Data Imports Two free conference registrations to any conference
Need help with your CSV files? We (standard fee $998).
assist with cleaning and importing.
Annual Report
Annual year-end report detailing progress, usage,
and recommendations for future implementation.

Case Studies

Accelerated Standard Phased

Supporting growth at a brand-new school Consolidating systems & easing workflows Gradual System Roll-out
GEMS World Academy (Singapore) opened in August Stockholm International School is an international K- Vienna International School serves over 1,400
2014 with 350 students and a plan to support growth 12 school offering the IPC, MYP, and DP to ~650 students aged 3-19. The school offers all three IB
to capacity of 3,000 students by 2017. They signed students. They began using ManageBac fully in the programmes and first began using ManageBac for
on for all ManageBac services and OpenApply in the Secondary and subsequently added services for their core functions in DP and MYP. After a multi-year
first year. primary school and admissions department. rollout, the school today relies on our full suite.

Why Accelerated? Why Standard? Why Phased?

ü Brand-new school (no technical baggage and, at ü Teachers using three different software systems ü Large school founded in 1959 with existing
the time of first meeting, no physical campus) but still missing digital curriculum map, learning technology infrastructure
ü Undergoing three-programme authorization platform, scheduling platform, and online ü Multi-year rollout focused on a replacement
admissions model: ManageBac, OpenApply & iSAMS replaced
ü Fast-growing school: 350 students in Year 1, 680
ü Report cards generated in Excel Atlas, Moodle, and Facility.
in Year 2, and expectations for 1,000+ in Year 3.
ü Strong buy-in from stakeholders with ü Strong partnership & alignment from
ü Exemplary 24–hour online & onsite support
experienced IT team ensured a smooth roll-out management teams, support team, and
ensured prompt responses to queries
technology teams.
January 2014 August 2010 September 2009
March 2014 First online demonstration September 2010 Trial period for DP & MYP ManageCAS used for
Onsite visit & presentation March 2014 tracking DP CAS Activities
Implementation for Onsite visit & presentation
at school offices (campus April 2014 January 2011
DP & MYP to school leadership
is not yet complete) School confirms for Full usage in Secondary; October 2014
services starting in the pilot for reporting started. demonstrating curriculum School renews with PYP &
March 2011
November 2014 new academic year Implementation for the Primary school pilot. management functions & OpenApply add-ons
First report cards Primary School OpenApply
generated on ManageBac April 2015 June 2011
Follow-up support visit to Full-scale trial for
2011-2012 March 2015 October 2015
February 2015 the new campus reporting in Secondary
Academic Year Onsite visit & School renews with
Head of Admissions joins School using ManageBac presentation to school Reports & Attendance
OpenApply Conference in October 2015 fully for all services March 2013 leadership focuses on add-ons and confirms
Bangkok School prepares for first School begins using assessment & reporting iSAMS as replacement
August 2016 DP cohort OpenApply for Facility
August 2013
School officially School goes live with
authorized for IB DP, MYP, OpenApply
and PYP

Data Protection & Security

Global Data Protection & Security Update
Our Technical Operations team maintains and supports ManageBac infrastructure and applications
24/7/365 – this is an overview of key improvements completed in 2018

• Amazon Web Services provides High Availability and Multi-Region Hosting

AWS hosting in Canada, the US and China greatly improves system reliability and provides
enhanced flexibility of regional hosting for schools.

• Data Protection & Security

We are one of the only international education systems providers with ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information Security Management System certification, as well as being GDPR compliant which
reflects our commitment to strong information security and data protection.

• System Monitoring
We use comprehensive real-time monitoring and analytics tools to monitor our network and
applications. Automated alerts are routed to on-call operators.

• Hardened Network
We utilize enterprise-grade Denial of Service protection from Cloudflare in conjunction with
application firewalls to protect our networks from interruption or compromise.

• Penetration Testing
We regularly perform third-party penetration testing to ensure our applications and
infrastructure are secure.

• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

All areas of our technical operations are covered by our 24-72 hour DR / BCP. In the event of a
catastrophic event, our plans aim to restore critical services within 24 hours and be fully
operational within 72 hours.

Contact Us Next Steps
We offer phone support coverage 24 hours a day A high-level overview of the next 8 weeks:
between Monday and Friday,
beginning from Monday 9 AM (GMT +8) and ending at Friday 6 PM (GMT -7)

Proposal Prepared
A detailed description of features and
pricing based on your school’s needs
+1 866 297 7022 +852 8175 8152
2 Personal Walkthrough
+44 208 133 7489 +61 2 8006 2335 A guided proposal walkthrough either in-
person or online with all stakeholders

3 Contract Signed
E-mail: sales@managebac.com Final package agreed and training dates
Visit: managebac.com confirmed

4 Online Implementation
Preliminary setup & training with

5 Teacher Training
Follow-up onsite or online training with
administrators and teachers