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SGVs Non-Accounting Related Services

I. Tax Services
Income Tax Return Preparation - They provide companies with expertise in the
determination of compensation related tax and social security liabilities through our
Payroll Outsourcing.
Tax Planning Engagement - They help companies identify opportunities or areas
where they can effectively generate tax savings within the parameters allowed by
Tax Advocacy/Controversy Work - They assist clients in liaising with the tax
authorities for requests for rulings or opinions from the BIR and the Department of
Finance and in handling controversies and disputes arising from tax assessments.
Litigation Support Services - They assist taxpayers who have claims for refund or
who have tax assessments by providing a detailed review of the documents
supporting their claims for refund or position against the assessments and
presenting these to the Court of Tax Appeals.
Investment Advisory Services - Tax experts help prospective investors determine
the most cost and tax-effective vehicle/structure for Philippine inbound and
outbound investments.
Transfer Pricing Services - They provide organizations with a professional
assessment of whether their existing intercompany pricing policies comply with tax
laws and regulations by reviewing existing transfer pricing methods and
recommending the adoption of the optimal model.
Customs Services They provide Post-Entry Compliance Review, which can help
companies prepare for a Customs audit and thus, minimize potential deficiency
customs duties assessment and penalties.
Estate/Family Wealth Planning - They offer advice on how to effectively reduce gift
and estate taxes.
Nila D. Macalalad


II. Advisory Services

Enterprise Systems Risk Management They assist in performing an
assessment to help clients in identifying, assessing and prioritizing their
key business risks across the organization.
Contract Risk Services - They help clients understand key legal and
business risk factors associated with each Third Party and contract type.
Climate Change and Sustainability - They assist clients to respond to
issues such as climate change, transparency, ethics, human rights,
human resources and the environment.

III. Transaction Advisory Services

Commercial Advisory Services They provide market and commercial
advice to help companies make the right decisions on strategic direction,
whether organic or thru acquisition.
M&A Advisory - They provide strategic insights on transaction
candidates and deals. Whether evaluating a buy or sell-side transaction,
they can help identify, negotiate, structure and close transactions to
better connect transaction strategy with business strategy.
Transaction Integration They help to ensure the seamless blending of
financial, tax, and legal elements of the transaction and help to capture
the value identified prior to the acquisition.
Valuation & Business Modeling They can support senior management
decision-making with independent and objective advice relating to M&A,
divestitures, restructuring, strategy design and implementation, financial
reporting, litigation and risk management.
Project Finance Advisory They assist clients in pursuing project
finance endeavors by providing advice on securing approvals,
structuring of the commercial and financial aspects of the transaction,
and identifying and approaching sources of funds