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Space Blast Off!

Blooms Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels

List at least 12 space words. Create a table or a Create a picture, or Write up a short Find and read two List and draw 10 useful On your planet, there is

Provide definitions for each. spreadsheet showing list, what you see in the speech that an picture storybooks things you would take into not much water. List and
*Consider words that you may the distance of each sky during the day and astronaut going on about space. Read your outer space and justify why explain 10 strategies to
not already be overly familiar planet from the sun. during the night. his/her first favourite to the class. you would take them. conserve water.
with. expedition into space
might give. Share it
with the class.
Write a Quick Facts sheet Explain why we would Create a diagram Research the effects Write a realistic daily Describe feelings of being Make up a menu for an
about a planet of your choice. be different ages labelling in detail the space has on your body. routine outlining what the first person to astronaut for a week.

Consider how you will present depending on what parts of the earth. Write a report or astronauts might do discover life on another Explain why you chose
this. planet we live on. record a video to share every day/night for a planet. This should be these foods. Consider
this information. week in space. approximately one A4 piece packaging and preserving
of paper. issues.

Write a letter of application Create a model and/or Create a space mural. Find out all about Identify the Research and record You live in a space
for a job to NASA justifying explanation of how the Add space pictures. astronaut training. How contributions made by changes in space travel. station; however, you still

why you should be chosen to earth spins on its axis Attach space facts to do astronauts exercise various countries in Make a timeline of events. produce waste. Write a
accompany the next flight to as it orbits the sun. the mural. in space? Describe the early space flights. report to explain methods
space. training that happens Make a brief timeline of waste reduction,
before, during and including relevant removal and recycling.
after an expedition. information.
Create a biography about a Work out your weight Design a new space suit Prepare questions for Research and write a Complete a postcard Design a machine to
space explorer (Yuri Gagarin, on each planet. Hint: - for a planet. Be sure your classmates to try mini report on storms describing your experience collect and recycle space

Neil Armstrong), and what they consider the gravity of to label it clearly and and answer (be sure to in space. of travelling to the moon or waste.
discovered on their expeditions. each planet. Graph your explain its functions have the answers as one of the planets.
results and write a and why it is best well).
report on the Suited for a particular
comparisons. planet.
Create a speech about why we Evaluate the Evaluate the likelihood Create a script of an An alien captures you Find four useful websites Create a report to justify
need to consider living on advantages to living in of colonisation of interview between a and tells you it is going for gathering information the benefits of setting up

planets other than earth. space versus on earth. another planet. Think journalist and a famous to blow up planet earth. about space. Explain why a city in space. Consider
*Consider traffic, about the advantages space scientist e.g. Create a list of these websites were the environmental impact
noise, pollution, and disadvantages for Copernicus, Galileo etc. arguments to convince helpful and why you would on both earth and outer
practicalities and the human race if Mars him to leave the planet recommend them to others. space.
convenience. or another planet were earth intact.
Make a PowerPoint or poster Design and create an Design a space station Construct a space Design a new planet! Create an Intergalactic Create a speech to give
advertising a holiday to Mars. unmanned craft that to be based on a planet. diorama. Include Decide where it Passport. to visitors from another
Ensure that you include can explore and collect Evaluate each planet planets, earth, belongs, what it looks Include: the planet you are planet to teach them how

advantages, downfalls and costs data on a planet in our and decide which would features of the sky. like, and detail the from, photo, personal to become more
of holidaying in Mars. solar system. Consider be the best planet on attributes of this new details, and stamps from all environmentally friendly.
how it might move and which to establish the planet. the other planets you have Present your speech to
land on that planet. base. visited. the class.
Your tasks should be detailed, high quality work which are well presented that you are really proud of.
You may only do one PowerPoint presentation they become boring very quickly!
Speeches to be kept to a maximum of 2 minutes.
Up to 3 merits could be earned per task.
You will present your work to the class. Be prepared to talk about your subject, how you found
information and how you collated and presented it.
Please be prepared to discuss and present your project with your class.
Although you may ask adults for assistance, please remember that this is your project.

All tasks are due on or before:

Tuesday 3rd October.

Level Matching Verbs

Creating: create new product or point
assemble, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, write.
of view
Evaluating: justify a stand or decision appraise, argue, defend, judge, select, support, value, evaluate
Analyzing: distinguish between the appraise, compare, contrast, criticise, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish,
different parts examine, experiment, question, test.
Applying: use the information in a choose, demonstrate, dramatise, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate,
new way schedule, sketch, solve, use, write.
Understanding: explain ideas or classify, describe, discuss, explain, identify, locate, recognize, report, select,
concepts translate, paraphrase
Remembering: recall or remember
define, copy, list, memorise, recall, repeat, reproduce state
the information