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1. The ratio of Cecilias money to Joachims money is 2 : 5.

The ratio of Joachims

money to Salimahs money is 3 : 8. If Cecilia and Salimah have $460, how much
does Joachim have?

2. In an auditorium, the raio of the number of girls to the number of boys was 5 : 9.
When 203 girls entered the auditorium, the new ratio of the number of girls to the
number of boys became 4 : 3. How many pupils were in the auditorium at first?
3. Terence and sally shared some stickers in the ratio 3 : 4. When Sally gave 24
stickers to Terence, they would have the same number of stickers each. How many
stickers did Terence have at first?

4. A sum of money was shared among Tony, Kelvin and Mike in the ratio 3 : 7 : 4
respectively. After spending of his share, Mike had $180 less than Kelvin. What
was the original sum of money shared by them?
5. The ratio of Henrys eggs to Ivans to Nellies was 3 : 5 : 10. When Nellie gave
away 56 eggs to be shared between Henry and Ivan, she found that the 3 of them
had the same number of eggs. How many eggs did Nellie have left.

6. Last year, the ratio of the number of men to the number of ladies in a country club
was 2 :3. This year, 198 new members joined the club and there are now five times
as many men and twice as many ladies as last year. How many members were in
the club last year?
7. The ratio of the length of a rectangle to that of its breadth is 7 : 5. If its perimeter
is 120 cm, find
(a) Its length
(b) Its area.

8. Roland and Kathy shared some mangoes in the ration 3 : 8. When Kathy gave 48
mangoes to Roland, the new ratio of Rolands mangoes to Kathys was 9 : 2. How
many mangoes did Roland have at first.
9. Jeffrey spent $180 while Joyce spent $120. The ratio of Jeffreys money left to
Joyces money left was 9 : 5. If Jeffrey had $288 at first, how much did Joyce have

10. Toms salary and Belindas salary were in the ratio 3 : 8. When each of them spend
$1000, the new ratio of Toms money left to Belindas mone left was 1 : 6. How
much was Toms salary.
11. A box of biscuits was shared among Betty, Nancy and Ravi in the ratio 3 : 5 : 7.
When Betty gave of her share to Nancy, Ravi found that he had 18 more biscuits
than Nancy. How many biscuits did Betty give to Nancy?

12. The total age of Gopal and Sufen is 80 years now. 12 years ago, the ratio of Gopals
age to Sufens age was 6 : 1. Find Gopals present age.
13. The ratio of the number of eggs in Box X to the number of eggs in Box Y is 7 :
16. If of the eggs in Box Y are put in Box X, John finds that there will be 140
eggs in Box Y. How many eggs are in Box X at first?

14. In a certain school, the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is 13 : 6.
The ratio of the number of fat girls to thin girls is 3 : 5. If there are 120 more thin
girls than fat ones, how many pupils are in the school?
15.The ratio of Kelvins money to Shirleys money was 3 : 8. When she gave $120 to
Kelvin, she still had twice as many money as David. How much did David have if
Kelvin had $210 after receiving the money from Shirley?

16.The figure consists of rectangle overlapping a circle. The ratio of the area of
rectangle ABCD to its shaded area is 7 : 2. The ratio of the area of the unshaded
part of the circle to its shaded part is 3 : 1.
(a) Express the shaded area of the figure as a simple ratio to the unshaded area of
the figure.
(b) Find the area of the circle.
14 cm

9 cm
17.The ratio of the number of Janets storybooks to that of Bettys is 5 : 7. The ratio
of the number of Jills storybooks to that of Bettys is 3 : 4. If the 3 girls have 345
storybooks altogether, how many storybooks does Betty have?

18. 28% of the paperclips in a box are purple. The remaining ones are blue and black
in the ratio 13 : 5. If there are 102 more blue paperclips than purple ones, how many
blue and black paperclips are there altogether?
1 3
19. of my salary was spent on food, of the remainder was spent on transport and
5 8
the rest was given to my 3 children, John, Peter, Geraldine, in the ratio 5 : 3 : 2
respectively. If John received $120, how much did I spend on food?

20. Last year, the ratio of the number of female members to the total number of
members in a fitness club was 8 : 15. This year, of the female members left the
club and the same number of male members as last year joined the club.
(a) If there are 252 male members this year, how many members are there this year?
(b) How many female members left the club this year?