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Transfer Pricing - BE IN THE KNOW

Specified Domestic Transactions
The aim behind introducing transfer pricing provisions was to curb tax evasion i.e. tax international transactions on their real value. This however left
a vacuum for similar transactions that are domestic but do not portray correct taxable value (as in the case of international transactions). The urge to
include certain specific transactions within the ambit of transfer pricing provisions was expressed by the Honble SC in the case of CIT Vs. Glaxo
SmithKline Asia. The Finance Act, 2012 introduced a new section 92BA by which the provisions of chapter X of the Act were extended to Specified
Domestic Transactions (SDT). The term Specified domestic transactions as defined under section 92BA of the Act, means any of the following
transaction not being an International Transaction.

In case of the transactions listed above, the aggregate value of such transactions entered into by the assessee in the previous year should exceed a sum
of Rupees Twenty crore (w.e.f assessment year 2016-2017)
Conditions to qualify as SDT (all the conditions need to be fulfilled)

The transaction should fall within the category of any one of the transactions listed above
The transaction is not an International Transaction
The aggregate value of transactions entered into by the assessee in the previous year
Transaction should be between related resident parties.
Type of transactions covered under SDT
Clause Sections referred to in section Whether SDT related to Income /Expenditure Whether inter-unit transactions
of section 92BA covered? covered/only entity-entity transactions
92BA covered
(i) 40A(2)(b) Only expenditure from related parties covered and Transactions involving two units of same
Expenditure in respect of income from related parties is not included. entity (inter-unit transactions) not covered.
(Omitted via payments to specified persons Only transactions between distinct entities
Finance Act i.e. person specified in section which are related parties are covered.
2017) 40A(2)(b)

(ii) 80A Only transactions in respect of goods or services Transactions involving two units of same
Transactions in respect of are covered by deduction 80A(6).Both income and entity (inter-unit transactions) only covered.
goods and services 80A(6) expenditure are covered.
(iii) 80-IA (8) Only transactions in respect of goods or services Transactions involving two units of same
Transfer of goods and are covered. Both income and expenditure are entity (inter-unit transactions) only covered.
services covered.
(iv) 80-IA (10) Any business transacted Only transactions between distinct entities
Business transacted by the which are closely connected are covered.
assessee with any other
(v) 10AA, 80-IAB, 80-IB, 80-IC Any business transacted Internal transfers as well as with third parties
80-ID, 80-IE covered

Note; -
80A [reference only to sub-section (6)]-Deductions made under chapter VIA while computing total
80-IA Infrastructure development, etc
80-IAB SEZ development
80-IB Industrial undertakings
80-IC Industrial undertakings or enterprises in special category states
80-ID Hotels and convention centers in specified area
80-IE Undertakings in North-Eastern states
80JJA Collection and processing of bio-degradable waste
80JJAA Employment of new workmen
80LA Offshore Banking units and International Financial Services Centre
80P Co-operative societies
ALL taxpayers to whom the provisions of Transfer Pricing apply i.e. Assessees transactions/specified domestic transactions
shall maintain all the documents required to be maintained under the provisions of chapter X of Income Tax Act,1961 and
file Form 3CEB certified by a chartered accountant. The due date for filing form 3CEB is 30th November of the relevant
assessment year.

Inclusion of SDT within the purview of Transfer Pricing Regulations is a step towards expanding its scope. The domestic transfer pricing regulations
are applicable from assessment year 2013-2014. All of the compliance requirements relating to transfer pricing documentation, accountants report, etc.
shall equally apply to SDT as they do for international transactions amongst associated enterprises.
About Transfer Pricing:
In the globalised environment where business houses are getting smart the tax authorities are getting smarter with Indian transfer pricing regime getting closer
to global best practices day by day by importing the concepts like BEPS (Base Erosion and profit shifting), thin capitalisation and secondary adjustments either
taking birth or getting adopted. With the newer ways of doing business in global space it is essential that all the business strategies are aligned to proper and
planned taxation policy.
With ever increasing cross border transactions, it is essential that the Transfer pricing policies and solutions are tailored made to needs, uncomplicated,
innovative, effective, forward-thinking, complaint and practical to implement.
We at taxpert professionals have dedicated team for handling the International Transaction Advisory services. We have handled most complicated cases in the
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About Taxpert Professionals:

Taxpert Professionals is a conglomeration of multi-diverged professionals known for providing concentrated services in relation to taxation and corporate
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About CA. Sudha G. Bhushan :

Sudha is qualified Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary with more than a decade of experience in the Foreign Exchange
Management Act, RBI, Transfer pricing and International taxation matters. She is a noted speaker and author.
Her articles are regularly published in the Journals of several institutes and at various other forums and has authored the following
Practical aspects of FDI in India published by Institute of Company secretaries of India
Due Diligence under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 published by CCH.
Comprehensive Guide to Foreign Exchange Management in two volumes published by CCH.
Practical Guide to Foreign Exchange Management published by CCH, a Walter Kluwers company.
Handbook on FEMA, Publication of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
A scholar throughout her life she has been awarded many awards and recognitions including Women Empowerment through CA Profession by Northern
India Regional Council (NIRC) of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Backed by experience in International firms she has extensive experience
of handling international transactions. She advises corporate as well as government authorities in lot of intricate transactions. Rendering tax and regulatory
advisory services, she has overseen and played a crucial role in the execution of complex international transactions involving issues revolving around tax,
repatriation, minimization of tax exposure, Foreign Investment (Inbound and outbound) etc.
She is on the Board of many esteemed listed companies as Independent director. She is member of Committee of International Taxation of WIRC, ICAI,
Member of Editorial Committee of WIRC of ICAI and Committee of women empowerment of ICAI.
She can be contacted at sudha@taxpertpro.com || 09769033172