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(After Procurement)
To be submitted by Grantee Institution to VGST After Procurement
1 Proforma C
Purchase Summary

2 E-tendering (a) E-Token No. OR Digital Signature Encryption ANNEXURE 7

Process (Issued by Centre for E-Governance, Gok.)
(b) A copy of Commercial Evaluation Approval
from E-Procurement Portal.
3 Tendering (a) Call for Quotation ANNEXURE 8
Process (b) Quotation Received (Minimum 3)
(c) Comparative Statement
(Duly signed by both PC & Head of the
(d) Purchase order Copies
(e) Invoice Copies/Bill Copies
(f) A Copy of Dept. Stock Ledger Folio entry details
(Duly signed by Principal & PC of the
4 Proceedings of the Purchase Committee ANNEXURE 9
5 Photographs (Postcard Size) of Equipment & Laboratory equipped ANNEXURE 10
under VGST grants
6 Expenditure Statement (with Bank Pass Book Xerox Copies) ANNEXURE 11
7 Financial Status Proforma ANNEXURE 12
(to be Authenticated by the Principal & PC)
8 Utilization Certificate (UC) ANNEXURE 13
(to be Authenticated by the Local or College Auditors)
(2 Original copies should be submitted to VGST)
One copy of UC is attached in hard bound book of PART B

9 Documents to be submitted ANNEXURE 14

The Xerox Copy of the above documents (ANNNEXURE - 7 to 14) are to

be submitted to VGST by the Grantee Institution.
Note: Grantee Institutions are hereby requested to submit PART-B and
PART C of GRD in soft copy (CD/ DVD) accompanied by the Photo
Copies of purchase documents (Annexure 7 to 14) and Progress Report
to VGST.