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Vol. 04, Issue 01
April 2016 - March 2017


Amam{` gH$[
The Resolution of healthy BHARAT


BORL Township, Bina, M. P. - 470124
Man-Making Nation-Building

Vivekananda Kendra Calling!

(a Spiritually Oriented Service Mission)

A hundred thousand men and women, fired with the zeal of holiness, fortified with
eternal faith in the Lord, and nerved to lions courage by their sympathy for the poor
and the fallen and the downtrodden, will go over the length and breadth of the land,
preaching the gospel of salvation, the gospel of help, the gospel of social raising-
up, the gospel of equality.
Are you among those who Swamiji had in mind
for awakening our people to the mission of our Motherland?

You can serve humanity through the Man-Making and Nation-Building

projects in education, culture and sustainable development and branches
spread all over India.
Come, Dedicate yourself for the service of the nation as a full-time worker.

It is a mission for the nation your basic needs like food, clothing
& accommodation will be taken care of by the organization.
Contact on the following address with full bio-data:

General Secretary
Vivekananda Kendra, Vivekanandapuram,
Kanyakumari - 629 702.
Phone: 04652-247012, Fax: 04652-247177
E-Mail : join@vkendra.org
for details log on : www.vkendra.org
2 Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Message from Vice President

I am extremely happy to know that the Vivekananda Kendra BORL
hospital Bina is bringing out the 4th issue of their Annual Magazine
which were found very useful in knowing the various activities of the
I wish Swami Vivekanandas message of selfless service should be
highlighted; that alone can pave way for ideal Man-making and
Nation building which are the need of the hour. My best wishes to you
and to the entire team of Vivekananda Kendra BORL hospital staff.
With best regards.
A. Balakrishnan
Vice President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari

Message from General Secretary

Ours is the work that Swami Vivekananda envisaged. When we think
of the attitude that we should have especially in Hospital project, it
should be 'selfless service'. Swamiji says :
We become forgetful of the ego when we think of the body as
dedicated to the service of others - the body with which most
complacently we identify the ego. And in the long run comes the
consciousness of disembodiedness. The more intently you think of
well-being of others, the oblivious of self you become. In this way, as
gradually your heart gets purified by work, you will come to feel the
truth that your own Self is pervading all beings and all things. Thus it
is that doing good to others constitutes a way, a means of revealing
one's own Self or Atman.
Know this also to be one of the spiritual practices, a discipline for God-
realization. Its aim also is Self-realization. Exactly as that aim is
attained by Jnana (knowledge), Bhakti (devotion) and do so on, also
by work for the sake of others.
D. Bhanudas
General Secretary, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari

Every duty is holy and devotion to duty is the highest form of the worship of God. 3
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Message from Managing Director, BORL

It is an honour and pleasure to write a message for the 4th issue of
VK BORL newsletter. On going through the previous issues, I
realized that there has been a break and Dr. Kayal is taking the
initiative of reviving this newsletter after a gap of 2 years. The
previous issues were very informative and made us aware of many
ailments and the precautions that we can take to avoid the ailment
and hope that these issues are released regularly.
I am also happy to note that VK BORL has slowly gained reputation of
being one of the trusted multi-disciplinary hospital in this region,
particularly catering to the needy around the refinery. In the last 3
years the number of BPL (Below Poverty Line) patients coming to VK
BORL has grown by over 40% as the table below shows and the credit
for this should go to the Doctors & staff of VK BORL who are
providing service for the under privileged in the area a task which is
formidable but made easy by their noble attitude.
BPL patients being attended in VK BORL

14,923 2014-15
10,398 2016-17 (upto Dec16)

I congratulate the staff for their selfless service and hope they
continue to maintain & further improve the quality of service &
health care provided to the patients. I would take this opportunity to
inform the readers of this issue that BORL has decided to extend the
senior citizen benefit to patients aged 55 years and above (reduced
from 60 years) to honour the request of many villagers. This will go a
long way to help poor villagers who avoid coming to hospital at the
beginning of ailment due to financial reasons and later they have to
spend even more as the ailment become more serious.
Best wishes and happy reading.
Managing Director, Bharat Oman Refineries Limited, Bina

4 Choose the highest ideal and live your life upto that. Look at the ocean and not at the wave.
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Vivekananda Kendra BORL HOSPITAL

T he Vivekananda Kendra BORL Hospital is a 30 bedded, well equipped hospital with multispecialty
facilities, adjacent to the town of Bina. District Sagar, MP. The hospital is established by Bharat Oman
Refineries Limited (BORL) and is managed by Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Total built-up area is 803
Sq m . The hospital is supported by various facilities available in the campus like post office, bank, cafeteria,
24 hrs medical store, 24 hrs ambulance services, ATM, fire services etc. The hospital has 24 hours power back
up system and clean drinking water supply.
Outdoor Facilities:
1. Out Patient Consultations are available for the General OPD, Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics &
Neonatology, Obstetrics & Gynecology department.
2. Special Clinics in OPD:- The hospital have special clinics of Orthopaedic, ENT, Surgery, Sonography,
Dental, Homeopathy,Ayurvedic, Physiotherapy and Ophthalmology.
Indoor Patient Department (IPD): Hospitalization facilities includes, General Female Ward, General Male
Ward, Private Ward, Semi Private Ward, Maternity, Labor Room and Neonatal Section
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Casualty: 2 Bedded ICU and Casualty Department is equipped with
Ventilator, Multipara monitor, Infusion pumps, Defibrillator, Nebulisers, Bed side oxygen, Suction
Machine, ECG Machine etc and backed up by competent nursing staff. The casualty is running 24 hours.
Other Medical Facilities: This hospital have fully equipped Pathology, Central Sterilization Department
(CSSD), Digital X-Ray, Sonography, Operation Theatre, Life Support Ambulance, Industrial Fully
Automated Laundry and 24-hours Emergency Services backed by round-the-clock Pharmacy.
Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd. charitable events under Corporate Social Responsibility: VK BORL
Hospital, Bina is providing Free Medical Treatment to Below Poverty Line (BPL) patient, Senior Citizens
(Above 55 Years), Pregnant Womens and Childrens (Below 10 years) residing in the surrounding villages
of BORL under the CSR activities of Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd Bina.
Free Medical and Other Camps: Free Mobile Medical camp through Mobile Medical Van is functional in 23
CSR villages. Apart of this hospital is organizing regularly free multispecialty (Pediatric, Medicine,
Gynecology, Surgery etc) medical camps, General Health checkup camp, Eye check up camp, Blood
pressure checkup camp, Spirometry camp etc in nearby villages and required medicines are dispensed free
of cost to the villagers. This hospital is also spreading awareness through Antenatal camp, Health and
Hygiene awareness camp,Adolescent child education for girls (age 14-18) under the CSR initiative.

27.First build up your physique. Then only you can get control over the mind. 5
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Providing healthcare: A challenge

ccess to healthcare is one of the basic needs of Though villages account for 68% of the
any community. The Vivekananda Kendra total population, only 2% of the doctors
BORL Hospital was started on 23rd June, 2010, serve here.
approximately eighteen months after the signing of a High maternal mortality, high infant
Memorandum of Understanding between the BORL and under-five mortality, rampant
management and Vivekananda Kendra, Kanya Kumari. malnutrition, poor sanitation, lack
The hospital was primarily meant to cater to the medical access to safe drinking water, high
needs of the refinery employees and their families. Besides incidence of infectious diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea,
this, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of tuberculosis, malaria, dengue, and HIV, high prevalence
BORL, the hospital also serves the people living in the of chronic disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes
nearby villages. Twenty three of these villages have been mellitus, coronary artery disease, cancer, obesity, mental
earmarked for special care under CSR and these villages disorders, high prevalence of disabilities, growing
enjoy many benefits at the hospital viz., free healthcare numbers of accidents, poisonings and substance abuse-
for BPL patients, senior citizens (recently revised to are some of the major health issues afflicting our country
include all people 55 years of age and above), pregnant and more particularly our state, Madhya Pradesh.
women, and children less than 10 years of age. We also On the other hand, lack of availability of qualified
provide our services at very nominal cost to all other healthcare personnel, especially in semi-urban, rural and
categories of patients who come from other villages or tribal areas, widespread superstitions and harmful
from Bina town or other nearby regions. healthcare practices, overdependence on quacks and
The Vivekananda Kendra BORL Hospital offers charlatans, poor management of government
round the clock emergency service, ambulance infrastructure, poor quality and lack of quality
service, 24x7 medical store, multi-specialty control in the drug sector and their high cost- all
outpatient and inpatient care, laboratory these aggravate the situation.
diagnostic facilities, X-Ray and sonography, The need of the hour is to provide
physiotherapy, dental care and an outreach affordable quality healthcare to the vast
program whereby a mobile medical unit visits unreachable segment of our population,
all the CSR villages on a regular basis. The with respect and compassion. However,
hospital also participates in many healthcare is not just about curing some
government health programs. diseases; it also encompasses preventive,
Healthcare in our country, despite 70 years of rehabilitative and palliative care. Today the
independence, still remains grossly inadequate. emphasis is on positive health which, according to
Total spending on healthcare as a proportion of the GDP WHO is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but
remains abysmally low as compared to not only the a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual
developed but also many developing countries as well. well-being. We need to impart health education to the
The federal government is not directly accountable; community and to inculcate positive health attitude and
rather health is the responsibility of the state behaviour. We need to take measures to prevent many
governments. According to a government of India study diseases- through vaccination, environmental
done in 2014, only 17% of the population has any kind of intervention, and lifestyle modification etc.
medical insurance. Over 35% of poor rural households, The Vivekananda Kendra BORL Hospital, through its
according to another study, incur Catastrophic Health various initiatives, is trying to take baby steps in all these
Expenditure- that involves selling of household assets spheres and with Swamijis motto of service to man being
like land or cattle and threatens a households capacity to equal to service to God guiding our path, we hope to make
maintain a basic standard of living and pushes them into our humble contribution to the task of securing the
indebtedness. healthcare needs of our community.
As per National Family Health Survey-3 data, 70% of Om Shanti!
urban and 67% of rural India (the figure varies from state Dr. R. K. Kayal,
to state) relies on the private sector for its medical needs. Medical Superintendent, VK BORL Hospital, Bina

6 Give me few men and women who are pure and selfless, and I shall shake the world.
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017


ndation day

A s part of worldwide
International Yoga Day,
2016, VK BORL Hospital has also
was started with chanting of
Mangalacharnam followed by
Sookshma Vyayam, Vajrasana,
observed this day on June 21, 2016 Sarpasana, Anulom Vilom, Nadi
in its campus with the theme "Yoga Shodhan, Pranayama and
for Harmony and Peace". A Yoga Bhramaree Pranayama.
session of around sixty minutes was Practice of regular yoga helps
organized in which 26 faculty; officers various parts of the body to perform their
and staff took part enthusiastically and functions smoothly and in proper
practiced various asanas of Yoga and pranayama. coordination. Chanting Om Mantra also
Shri Girish Kumar Pal, Hospital Administrative strengthens the immune system and does internal
Officer demonstrated various Yoga postures and cleansing of blood, body parts, body systems, organs,
explained correct way of doing asanas. Yoga session veins & arteries. It brings in one harmony and

Blood Donation Camp

Dr Rajkumar Kayal, Medical
V ivekananda Kendra BORL
Hospital conducted a
Superintendent observed on this
occasion that our body fulfills the
camp on 20th June 2016 on the requirement of blood within 24
occasion of 6th Foundation Day of hours of blood donation; hence
VK BORL Hospital, Bina in there is a need to create
association with Chennai Radha awareness amongst our youth for
Engineering Works Pvt Ltd,BORL active participation in such a
Site. All the doctors and staff noble cause and praised the
participated voluntarily in the participants by giving them
camp. In total, 76 units of blood mementoes. He said that one unit
were collected. Residents of BORL blood can save lives of four needy
Township and surrounding area people. The camp was organized
took part enthusiastically. The in a very disciplined manner
Camp started at 11.00 a.m. and went up to 3:00 p.m. A checking each and every aspect of participants
team of Doctors and Technicians came from Red Cross health including their hemoglobin, blood pressure
Society, Bhopal to conduct the camp. and any other tests advised by the doctors.

He who struggles is better than he who never attempts. 7

VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017


ndation day

A friendship Cricket Match was organized on 24th June 2016 between

staff of VK BORL Hospital, Bina at the play ground of DAV BORL
Public School, Bina. Shri Krishn Kumar Sahu, Captain of the Ramkrishna
Team won the toss from Shri Nand Kishore Raut, Captain of Vivekananda
Team and elected to bat first. Ramkrishna Team scored 127 runs in 15
overs. On the other hand Vivekananda team was all out in the 14th over
and scored only 105 runs. Kunwar Singh was the man of the match.


A mini Marathon was held on the 25th June,2016

for the staff and family members of hospital. The

T ree Plantation programme was organized at VK BORL

Hospital on 23rd June 2016, 8:00 AM on the occasion
of 6th Anniversary of VK BORL Hospital, Bina. Dr
marathon started from BORL Township Bina Gate and
ended their run at the BORL Township Chanderi Gate.
The hospital staff had a marathon of 2 km. The race
Rajkumar Kayal, Medical Superintendent welcomed the commenced with inspirational and motivational words
Chief Guest Shri Umesh Chandra Upachyay, Jt Sr VP-HR, to the aspiring runners by the Medical Superintendent,
BORL. Janam Diwas Sloka was chanted and a song Desh Dr Rajkumar Kayal and Dr Deepali Kayal, Sr MO at
Hamain Deta Hai Sab Kuch was sung by the gathering. Shri
U C Upadhyay, Jt Sr VP-HR planted a tree in the grounds of 06:00 AM. The zeal and enthusiasm encouraged the
the hospital and conveyed his best wishes for the better participants to complete the entire race. 25 Hospital
functioning of the hospital. Dr Subrat Adhikary, Sr Staff took part although some runners outran the rest;
Consultant Physician, Dr S N Upadhyay, Other Doctors still others were satisfied with their attempt to
and Paramadical and Non Medical Staff also planted trees complete the entire marathon. Baby Ananya Singh was
around the hospital premises. the winner of this race.

8 If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you think yourselves strong, strong you will be.
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017


ndation day U U U
U S U w{
S wv{ U
U i U
U , U , U U
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U U U #U
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U Q U h U US R
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U U C U U U U U U U S U . U . Q
U U S . U

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bina and DAV BORL School, Bina

A Drawing and Colouring Competition for Std. II, III & IV

in DAV BORL School and for Std II, III & IV Kendriya
Vidyalaya, Bina was organized on 23rd June 2016. The theme
of this activity was Coloring in the poster of Swami
Vivekananda, OMand Nature. This activity was organized to
explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a
platform to show their skill in drawing and coloring. It inspired
children to think and work creatively and promoted artistic
excellence. Children participated earnestly in the competition.
Children cameup with amazing artwork in drawing.
The final judgment was made by the judge Mrs. Dr
Deepali Kayal, Sr Medical Officer. The criteria for
judgment were: Effectiveness of Design, Creativity, was a treat to the eyes. Selecting the students was a tough
Neatness, Colour Combination and Overall Effect. Each of task for the jury. This fun filled activity witnessed an
these drawings were artistically coloured by the children, it enthusiastic participation of all the students.

th th
Organizing essay competitions among students not only enhances the knowledge of students
regarding the particular issue but also contributes to generate genuine ideas and opinions.
Considering the previous experiences, VK BORL Hospital organized an Essay Competition on the
title Water Conservation for the students of Class V to X in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bina.

It is better to wear out than to rust out-specially for the sake of doing good to others. 9
Vol.1,I, April
3, July-Dec.
- March 2017

V ivekananda Kendra BORL Hospital,
organises Continuous Medical
Education (CME) programmes to
maintain, develop, or increase the
knowledge, skills, and professional
performance and relationships that a
medical staff uses to provide services for
patients, the public, or the profession.
Following CMEs organized at this
hospital during FY 2016-17:

S.No. Date of CME Subject Guest Speaker Participants

1 24.06.2016 Basic Life Support (BLS) Dr Rajanikant Ranjan, 13 Doctors
& Advance Life Support (ALS) Consultant Anaesthetist
2 25.06.2016 Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Dr Rajanikant Ranjan, 24 Nurses
Resuscitation (CPCR) Consultant Anaesthetist
3 12.08.2016 Orthopedic Problems Dr Priyank Agarwal, 12 Doctors
Visiting Consultant
4 02.09.2016 Pregnancy Induced Dr Manjiri P Joshi, 11 Doctors
Hypertension Consultant Gynecologist
5 09.09.2016 Neonatal Resuscitation of Dr Rajkumar Kayal, 8 Doctors
Physioligy Tramitia at Birth Medical Superintendent
6 23.09.2016 Diarrhea in Children Dr Rajkumar Kayal, 10 Doctors
Medical Superintendent
7 30.09.2016 Dengue Dr Sanjay Dulavat, GDMO 7 Doctors
8 07.10.2016 Cervical Cancer Dr H. N. Singh, Sr MO 6 Doctors
9 14.10.2016 Febrile Convulsions Dr Rajkumar Kayal, 8 Doctors
Medical Superintendent
10 21.10.2016 First Aid in Fractures Dr Priyank Agarwal, 11 Doctors
Visiting Consultant
11 04.11.2016 Malaria Dr S. N. Upadhyay, Sr MO 7 Doctors
12 02.12.2016 ECG Dr S. N. Upadhyay, Sr MO 8 Doctors
13 23.12.2016 Common Aspects of Medico Dr D. S. Badkur, State 14 Doctors & 6
Legal Examination Medico Legal Expert, Paramedical Staff
Department of Home Affairs,
Govt. of MP, Bhopal
14 06.01.2017 Malnutrition in Children Dr R K Kayal, Dr Ajab Singh, 24 Doctors
Dr M C Meghwani
15 27.01.2017 Oral Hygiene & Dental Care Dr Prachi Jain, Visiting Dentist 8 Doctors
16 03.03.2017 MLC Dr S. N. Upadhyay, Sr MO 6 Doctors
17 25.03.2017 DOTs Dr Subrat Adhikary, 8 Doctors
Sr Consultant Physician

10 One atom has the power of the whole universe at its back.
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Level -3 Mock FIRE & SAFETY AND


A level 3 Mock Drill was organized at BORL on

22nd December, 2016 at 03:00 PM. For planning
and management of this Mock Drill we had intimated
all the heads of nearest health centres for readiness in
any emergency situation.
Under the direction of Dr Rajkumar Kayal, Medical
Superintendent, Shri Girish Kumar Pal, Hospital
Administrative Officer planned the mock drill for
implementation. Smt Rajni Massey, I/c Nurses, Shri
Dhannalal Prajapati, Shri Neeraj Jain, Krishna Kumar
Sahu and other paramedical staff gave valuable input in T wo fire and safety training and fire evacuation drills
were conducted at VK BORL Hospital, Bina on 12th
April 2016 and 16th January 2017. Mr Gourav Diwan (AM-
this planning. The Mock Drill started at 3:00 PM by F&S) and Mr Anuj Rathor (AM-F&S) BORL explained in
blowing Wailing siren (Level-2 siren repeated for 3 detail about the fire triangle, types of fire, protocol to be
times) and our ambulance moved to the site with DrAlok followed in case of fire, Type of fire extinguisher, how to
Tyagi, GDMO, Shri Ginto Jose and Shri Nandkishore operate a fire extinguisher, safety norms that should be
Raut, Paramedical Staff, Shri Rakesh Ahirwar as the followed, evacuation norms and procedures, emergency
methods of moving casualties during training session
ambulance driver. No. Casualty was reported by the duty through presentation in the conference hall of this hospital.
staff at this hospital and mock drill was over with all clear This training session was followed by a question and
siren (Continuous Siren 2 Minutes). A team of one answer session in which all present employees took an
Medical Officer and Two paramedical Staff of Civil active part. After this session a fire evacuation drill was
Hospital also participated in this Mock Drill. conducted. All the participants assembled in the assembly
point and proper head count was done and duly reported to
the drill coordinator Dr Alok Tyagi, GDMO. During the
BLS TRAINING training all the participants were made aware about all the
PROGRAMME fire fighting equipments installed at the hospital. Practical
demonstration of evacuation of patients with the help of
B LS training programme was organized by Indian
Academy of Pediatrics, Sagar Branch and VK
BORL Hospital on 7th September 2016, 8:45 pm at
stretchers and emergency methods of moving casualties
were given to all the participants. Shri S. Chatterjee, Jt. Sr.
VP BORL was also present during the training session as
conference hall of VK an observer.
BORL Hospital. Dr. A K
Rawat. HOD BMC Emergency Equipment
Paediatrics Dept. BMC
and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Handling Training
Former Secretary IAP,
Sagar were the guest
speaker. Dr Rawat gave
A training session for maintenance and handling of
emergency medical equipments was organized by
Skanray Technologies Pvt Ltd, Branch Bhopal for
training to the participants paramedical and support staff of hospital on 9th February
through presentation and 2017, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. During the training session Shri
demonstration by adult Deepak Giri, Service Engineer of M/s. Skanray Technology
manikin and peadiatric Pvt Limited demonstrated all the procedures to be followed
manikin. Discussion about for safe handling of medical equipments for obtaining the
best results and increased longevity of the medical
foreign body removal was
equipments -through physical examples and presentation.
also done. Certificate of Around 42 paramedical and support staff were present
Mass awareness programe during the training session. Skanray Technology Pvt
(CPR) was given to all members. Dr Rajkumar Kayal, Limited supplied Anaesthesia Ventilators with vaporizers,
Medical Superintendent felicitated all faculty members and Infusion Pumps, Cardiac Monitors, ECG Machines,
thanked themfor giving theirvaluabletimeforthe event. Surgical Diathermy to this hospital.

One ounce of practice is worth a thousand pounds of theory 11

VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

of MLCs. He explained the importance of
documentation for Age Determination / verification,
eligibility for employment, marriage contract,
attainment of majority, rape or sexual attempt,
kidnapping, criminal abortion, judicial punishment,
unidentified body, unnatural death etc in detail as per
the Indian Law and numerous pertinent court
He further explained that the issue of medicolegal
autopsy as a very significant and controversial issue
which confronts the medical officers and dwelt at
length uopn the various aspects which need to be kept
V K BORL Hospital Bina conducted a CME on
Medico-legal issues in practice at VK BORL
Hospital Conference hall on 23rd December 2016. Dr.
in mind while conducting such examination.
He enthralled the participants with his presentation
D. S. Badkur, Senior State Medico Legal Expert, covering procedure, precautions and documentation of
Bhopal elaborated on the various issues concerned postmortem report. The lecture resolved numerous
with medicolegal cases and how they are dealt with in queries the participants had on this importance
the light of Indian Law. He explained that a significant issue.This CME improved the knowledge and skills of
number of problems were due to poor documentation participants while dealing with Medico Legal Cases.

Nurses Day Celebration

N urses day was celebrated on 12th
May 2016 at VK BORL Hospital,
Bina. Chief Guest was Mananeeya A.
Balakrishnanji (Vice President,
Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari),
Guest of honor was Capt. Ravinder Joshi
(Advisor, VK Hospitals) Special Guests
were Dr S. M. Tiwari (Chairman, GB, VK
BORL Hospital) and Dr Shrikant Tiwari
(Medical Superintendent, VK BORL
Hospital). Programme was compered by
Mrs Triza Pinto, Staff Nurse and Mrs Florence ceremonial lamp was done by Mananeeya A.
Justin, Staff Nurse. Programme was started with Balakrishnan ji, Capt. Ravinder Joshi ji, Dr S. M.
Mangalacharanam at 4:00 PM at conference hall. Tiwari ji and Dr S. K. Tiwari.
Introduction of all the dignitaries was done by Mr Mananeeya A Balakrishnan ji, Capt. Ravinder
Dhannalal Prajapati, Staff Nurse. Welcome Speech Joshi, Dr S M Tiwari and Dr S. N. Upadhyay, Sr MO
was delivered by Mrs Rajni Massey, Sister I/c and gave inspiring and motivating thoughts about
felicitation of all dignitaries was done by Mr nursing and inspired all nurses as to how they can
Dhannalal Prajapati, Shri Krishna Kumar Sahu, Shri serve man as they serve God. Vote of thanks was
Manoj. Speech on Nurses Day was given by Shri given by Smt Anu KR, Staff Nurse; programme
Arun Kumar Saket, Staff Nurse. Lightening of the concluded with Shanti Path.

12 So long as millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor, who,
having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them.
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VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Special Medical Health Camp &

1 Vivekananda Arogya Mela
A free Special Medical Camp and Awareness
MELA was organized at Samarpan Bhavan, Village
2 Vivekananda Arogya Mela

Hirinchipa , Bina on 16th October 2016 Sunday from

9:00 AM to 02:00 PM in association with Indian
Medical Association, Bina, Manav Seva Samiti
Bina, Samanvay Mandapam, Bina, Jeevan Rekha
Sanstha, Bina and Mahesh Medical, Bina. In this
programme 508 patients were consulted by Doctors
and necessary medicines were distributed free of cost
by M/s Mahesh Medical Store, Bina. In the camp
Blood Pressure, Hemoglobin, Weight, RBS were
checked along with the Medical Consultation.
Adarniya Manohar Dev ji, renowned business man
A free Special Medical Camp and Awareness
was organized at Naveen Samudaik Swasthya Kendra,
of Indore and Dr Ajab Singh Thakur, President, Mandi Bamora on 27th November 2016 Sunday from
Indian Medical Association branch Bina were Chief 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM in association with the Social
Workers of Mandi Bamora. In this programme 813 patients
Guests of the programme. were consulted by Doctors. During the camp necessary
Mananeeya Kishore ji Tokekar, Joint General investigations & medicines were dispensed free of cost. In
Secretary, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, Shri the camp following investigations were done:
Rambhuvan Singh Kushwaha, Sr Journalist, Shri 1. Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure of all the visitors
Bhanwar Singh Rajpoot, Prant Pramukh, having age more than 10 years, were checked and 02
Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, Madhya Prant were detected to have problem of high BP.
& Shri Kameshwar Prasad Mishra, AVP-HR were 2. Hemoglobin: Hemoglobin of all the visitor was
checked and 05 were detected to have less anemia.
present as guests of honor at this medical camp.
3. Height & Weight: Height and Weight of all the
This special medical camp was organized for the visitors were checked.
sake of people of Bina and its outskirts. Everybody 4. Random Blood Sugar (RBS): RBS of all the visitors
took part enthusiastically great success. having age more than 40 years were checked and 13
Patient Statistics: patients were detected having diabetes.
Adarniya Pooran Singh Raghuvansi, Sr. Social
S.No. Particulars Male Female Total Worker and businessman of Mandibamora was Chief
1 GeneralAge Group 156 213 369 Guest of the programme. Regional businessman and
respected personality of Mandibamora Shri Umashankar
2 Children 49 40 89 Agarwal, Shri Jagdish Prasad Tiwari, Shri Rajendra
3 Senior Citizen (Above 60 Yrs) 33 17 50 Dabri, Shri Naveen Paliwal were present as guest of
Total 238 270 508 honor at this medical camp.

Stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your shoulders 13
Vol.1,I, April
3, July-Dec.
- March 2017

Adarniya Pooran Singh Raghuvansiji wished to

improve the health standard of the residents of the
Mandibamora through this type of medical camps and
awareness programmes and requested the VK BORL
Hospital management to conduct more camps in future
in this area. Dr Rajkumar Kayal, Medical
Superintendent said that the situation of the people of
this area is vulnerable because of lack of education and
public health awareness. He further said that the key
challenges in the health care domain are poor
accountability, low-quality care, lack of health dispensed free of cost.
awareness and limited access to health facilities.
Sushree Uma Vijay Singh Jaat, Jila Adhyaksha of
S.No. Particulars Male Female Total Mahila Mukti Morcha, Kurwai was Chief Guest of the
1 GeneralAge Group 204 279 483 programme. Shri Sandeep Sapre, Poorv Adhyaksha,
Nagar Panchayat, Kurwai, Pt. Prem Narayan Tiwari,
2 Children 77 69 146 Adhyaksha Janpad Panchayat Kurwai, Rakesh Rai, Rep.
3 Senior Citizen Above 60 Yrs 107 77 184 of MLA, Ajay Shrivastava, Nagar Adhyaksha, Rajpal
Total 388 425 813 Yadav, Rep. of MP, Gourav Sahu, Social Worker were
present as guests of honor at this medical camp.
rd Smt Uma Vijay Singh Jaat appreciated the activity of
3 Vivekananda Arogya Mela this medical camp and awareness programme and

A free Special Medical Camp and Awareness

MELA was organized at Raghuvansh Vatika, Kurwai
requested the VK BORL Hospital management to
organise more and more camps in surrounding areas.

on 24th December 2016 Saturday from 10:00 AM to S.No. Particulars Male Female Total
03:00 PM in association with the Manav Seva Samiti 1 GeneralAge Group 195 225 420
and other Social Workers of Kurwai. In this programme 2 Children 29 34 63
655 patients were consulted by Doctors. During the
camp Blood Pressure, Hemoglobin, Height, Weight, 3 Senior Citizen Above 60 Yrs 91 81 172
Random Blood Sugar were checked & medicines were Total 315 340 655

SS U U zvw U U v| U
v wv| U
U L , UU
, U U, L
, .. , AVP HR (BORL)
(Ophthalmology), U U L
, ,
U ~ U wv{ SS U U , , , U , U
U U S S U w| U
U U U SS U U U U, U, U, U, U
U zvw U U U U U U v| U
U U U U L-, - S
UU U UD EU . U.. S U L

14 Sympathy for the poor, the downtrodden, even unto death-this is our motto
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Homeopathy Medical Camp

& Awareness Programme
A free Homeopathic Medical Camp and
Awareness Programme was organized at VK
BORL Hospital, Bina on 4th December2016 Sunday
from 12:00 Noon to 04:00 PM. Shri Arvind Sharma,
Dy. Director, Dept. of Industrial Safety & Health
(DISH), Bhopal was the Chief Guest; Shri Ratnakar
Behra, Sr. VP-BORL and Shri U. C. Upadhyay, Jt Sr.
VP-HR BORL were guests of honor.
Dr M Zakariya Siddique, Renowned Homeopath &
Managing Director, New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd,
Bhopal addressed the gathering and said that patients
should share their disease history with doctor in detail
without hesitation to identify the proper line of Doctors (Dr Nauseen Khan, Dr Gulnaz Khan, Dr
treatment. Asha Kushwaha, Dr Washim, Dr Hanzilla Anwar)
Dr Sangeeta Jain, Visiting Homeopathy Consultant, examined 280 patients of different diseases like skin
VK BORL Hospital, Bina and Dr M Zakariya disease, respiratory tract infection and arthritis along
Siddique, Bhopal and his team of Homeopathy with other acute and chronic diseases.
Patient Statistics:
Sl No. Particulars Male Female Total Total Patients
BORL Other BORL Other BORL Other
1 GeneralAge Group 26 74 20 75 46 149 195
2 Children 9 17 6 12 15 29 44
3 Senior CitizenAbove 60 Yrs 3 16 1 21 4 37 41
Total 38 107 27 108 65 215 280

Bone Mineral Density A free Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Testing camp was organised for the age
group of >40 yrs, in VK BORL Hospital in

(BMD) Testing Camp association with Narmada Trauma Centre,

Bhopal on 29th January 2017.
In this BMD Testing camp 75 persons were
c o n s u l t e d b y D r. R a g h u n a n d a n
(orthopedician) free of cost and Shri Ashish
Soni & Shri Ravi Shakya performed this test
with the help of BMD machine.
Reduction in Bone Mineral Density (BMD)
is common after 40 years of age, which is an
important risk factor to sustain fractures
during fall in bathrooms or household. Its
common form of presentation is long standing
low back pain. The condition can be corrected
to an extent, by early diagnosis, life style
changes & proper treatment. Persons involved
in regular heavy physical activity, usually
retain their BMD till late in their life.

That which is selfish is immoral, and that which is unselfish is moral 15

VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

UUcU U U M f
} U } wv| U

mU vvy U U U U
U , , UQ, , U
U . U
U .
, U SU S
c U U U U . UU
wv| S c ! , ,
vz U U c UU
w} UUU v}{| ,
M U,
U U yz f
U U SU U U, U c ,
, U U, , , UU, f - ,

Republic Day Celebration f S


, - f .
U - ,
S U c NU U,
h M U
R epublic Day was celebrated on 26th January 2017
at 9:00 am Thursday at hospital premises. Dr
Rajkumar Kayal, Medical Superintendent raised the
U U S f
National Flag as the National Anthem was played. Dr.
Subrat Adhikary, Sr Consultant Physician, Dr. H. N. f U, U
Singh, Sr Medical Officer, Shri Krishna Kumar Sahu, M cU
OT Technician, Shri Rahul Udainiya, OS expressed .
their thoughts on this occasion. Dr. S. N. Upadhyay, Sr S U
MO, compered the whole event and presented a U U, -
patriotic poem before the gathering. At the end of the
event Medical Superintendent addressed the gathering

and motivated them to do all the duties honestly and U U ,
competently. Programme was completed at 10:00 amd
and sweets distributed to all the staff & indoor patients.

16 The greatest sin is to think yourself weak.

VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

mU wy wv| E U U U M
, M
, U U,
U . S U C U UU
.. , . UU , , U
. . U.. , . U S
. UU U v
U U U , U U
U # U wwz U
U U U U, U U U U
Q U U U U . U mU
U U wwz U R U U, UU ,
U Q U U . U U, U, UU, U,
U . U U U U # U U

{k;jksx% foosdkuan dU chvksvkj,y fpfdRlky; esa ebZ 2016 ls MkWV lsaVj cuk;k Fkk] ftldk
eq[; mn~ns; lkekftd xfrfof/k;ksa d varxZr vkus okys 23 xzkeksa d fuokfl;ksa esa {k; jksxh dks DOTS
fpfUgr dj mUgsa ykHk igqapkuk gSA ebZ 2016 ds ipkr~ u dsoy bu xzkeksa d vfirq chuk rglhy d Start Date : MAY
RNTCP vU; xkaoa ls {k;jksxh MkWV lsaVj ls djhc 139 jksxh ykHk ys pqds gSaA RNTCP dk;Zdze ds varxZr
vkids }kjk miyC/k {k;jksxh dh nokbZ fu%kqYd miyC/k djkbZ tkrh gSAdk;Ze d varxZr ohd
2016, Villages
Covered : 32
Programme chvksvkj,y fpfdRlky; esa Mk-W jktdqekj d;ky fpfdRlk v/kh{kd] MkW- lqczr vf/kdkjh Villages, No.
lhfu;j dalYVsaV fQthfk;u d ekxZnkZu esa lkSjHk ejkBs esfMdks lksky odZj] vkuan p<+kj] TB Patients
;ksfxrk iVsy] oanuk rsyksjs] vfHkksd HknkSfj;k ,oa euhk iztkifr dk lg;ksx jgkA Detected: 79.

Treatment of Dengue Motivation

ePNjksa }kjk QSyk;s tkus okyk Msaxw ,d laked jksx gS] ftlds y{k.k cq[kkj] flj
nnZ] mYVh] 'kjhj esa yky&yky nkus vkuk] pDdj] ilhuk] dHkh&dHkh ukd ls ;k
ey esa cq[kkj d lkFk [kwu vkuk gSaA ,sls gh dqN y{k.kksa dks ysdj {ks= ds ejhtksa us
camp for staff
ohd chvksvkj,y fpfdRlky; esa
vkuk 'kq: fd;kA ftudk mipkj
fpfdRlky; dh Vhe us csgrjhu
D hay Marg Abhyas Varg was done on
19th July, 2016 at
conference hall VK
<ax ls fd;kA tqykbZ 2016 ls BORL Hospital, Bina. Shri
uoacj 2016 dh vof/k esa Girish Kumar Pal, HAO
lkekftd mRrjnkf;Ro dk;Zdzeksa conducted this session and
d varxZr xkaoksa o blds vklikl explained the meaning of
ds {ks=ksa ls vk;s O;fDr;ksa esa Msaxw ds Kendra Prarthna to the VK
VsLV 1100 VsLV fd;s x;s] ftuesa BORL Hospital staff.
265 ejhtksa esa Msaxw dh iqf"V gqbZA Session was chaired by Dr
Rajkumar Kayal, Medical
bu jksfx;ksa dks ;FkklaHko fpfdRlky; esa HkrhZ djds rFkk vksihMh vk/kkj ij Hkh
Superintendent, VK BORL Hospital, Bina.
mipkj fd;k x;kA ohd chvksvkj,y fpfdRlky; d fpfdRldksa d funsZku esa bu
40 members were present in this session.
lHkh xaHkhj o lkekU; jksfx;ksa dk lQyrkiwoZd mipkj gqvkA

The history of civilization is the progressive reading of spirit into matter. 17

VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

U UD U .
, U U U ,
m UD U . UU

U {-v-wv|, RU
U p U U
vz - v{
, U U U
UD U . U , C U U
U U UU U U U U U U y S
# U , L U U
, U, U U U .
U U UU U UD U UU U U U U U , .
U U U U, . , . U . , . ,
UU Q U , . , ,. , . , .
U U S U . , . U U y
U U , E , U


lathouh Qsl&2 esa bafM;u esfMdy ,lksfl,ku dh chuk kk[kk o SUPERINTENDENTAT VILLAGE DHANORA
fods chvksvkj,y fpfdRlky; ds la;qDr rRoko/kku esa izkklu ds
lg;ksx ls uxj ds fkkq jksx fokskKksa dh Vhe xfBr dh xbZ ftUgksaus
vaxuckM+h dsUnzksa ij tkdj 78 xkao ds 2]700 cPpksa dk LokLF;
ijh{k.k fd;k A fods chvksvkj,y fpfdRlky; ds fpfdRlk v/kh{kd
o ofjB fkkq ,oa ckyjksx fokskK MkW jktdqekj d;ky us 18 xkao esa
tkdj 630 cPpksa dk LokLF; ijh{k.k fd;k A ftuesa ls 55 cPps
dqiksfkr ,oa 05 cPps vfrdqiksfkr Ikk;s x;s ftUgsa mfpr mipkj ds
fy;s kkldh; fpfdRlky; Hkstk x;k A lathouh Qsl&2 dk;Zdze
esa vkbZ,e, chuk czkap ds v/;{k MkW vtc flag Bkdqj] ofjB fkkq ,oa
ckyjksx fokskK MkW ,elh es?kokuh] MkW ,ds tSu] MkW fgekakq kekZ o
jsYos fpfdRlky; esa inLFk MkW /khjt xks;y vkfn dk Hkh mYys[kuh;
;ksxnku jgkA ogha efgyk ,oa cky fodkl vf/kdkjh Jherh la/;k Dr Rajkumar Kayal, Medical Superintendent visited village
fla/ks] Jherh fukk jrys] Jherh vpZuk furke] Jherh ;ksfxrk Dhanora on 22nd June 2016 and met with the villagers. He
mik/;k;] Jherh fxjtk p<+kj o Jherh vfurk dqtwj] ch,evks Jh examined the children's. Dr Ashish Tiwari, AMO explained
latho vxzoky dh Hkh izeq[k Hkwfedk jghA him about the health and hygene status of villagers.

18 The real evil is idleness, which is the principal cause of our poverty
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Effects of long terms Dental Diagnosis and

use of mobile phone Awareness Camp
on hearing status
M obile phone uses electromagnetic waves to
transmit the signal from mobile phone to
mobile Towers & vice versa. The electromagnetic
waves can affect the human health ranging from
increased blood pressure, cause
memory loss, induce migraines &
hearing impairment (specially High
frequency hearing loss). Ear is
divided into three parts: Outer ear,
middle ear & inner Ear. It is possible
that cell phone usage is linked to A dental Diagnosis and Awareness Camp was held at
Govt. High School, Patkui, Bina on 14th February
2017 between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Dr Prachi Shah
damage in the ear, especially in people
who use their phones sixty minutes or more per day. Jain, Consultant Dentist checked the dental health and
Some people experience pain in the inner ear, or oral hygiene status of children. The camp coordinator
was Shri Saurabh Marathe, MSW.
warmth on the outer ear and because there is no
infection or trauma, they are hard pressed to find a The camp was conducted for the children of class 8th,
cause. Mobile phone users who had symptoms such as 9th & 10th in which 92 children were took part and 18
warm sensation, fullness in the ear or ringing were were detected for further treatment. A diagnostic check-
more likely to have the high frequency hearing loss. up was done, following which the required treatment
module was explained. Awareness of oral health of the
These are warning signs on inner ear affected due to
students was increased by education of brushing
over use of mobile phones. techniques, health hazards due to tobacco use, and
Some tips to minimize cell phone radiation general overall health improvement.
1. Get Wired:-Awired headset will automatically decrease
your radiation because the phone will be away from the
body. Every inch you can get away from the body
career counseling
reduces the amount of radiation you are absorbing.
2. Use the speakerphone:- This function is helpful
Session KV School
because you are keeping the phone away from your
brain, holding out the cell radiation by two inches
A career counseling Session of 11th and 12th
(Commerce) Class student was taken by Shri Rahul
Udainiya, Office Superintendent, VK BORL Hospital at
drops the radiation by a factor of four. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bina on
3. Dont wear Bluetooth all the time:- If you use a 17th October 2016 from 01:00
Bluetooth device, switch it from ear to ear so you PM to 02:00 PM. Forty (40)
dont have to much exposure on one side. students were present in the
4. Avoid radiation hot spots:- A weak signal will cause your class. Shri Rahulji informed
phone to work harder giving off more radiation. So avoid the students about the
using phones in elevators, buildings &rurals areas. importance of Commerce and
5. Read the fine prints:- Most cell phone safety manuals opportunities available in the
tell consumers to not keep the phones next to their market. Boys and girls
head or even in your pocket. Dont keep your mobile listened to the talk keenly. At
next to your body. the end cross questioning was
6. Dont talk, text:- If you dont want to hold the phone done and Shri Rahul Udainiya replied to their queries,
next to your face all the time send text message or use motivated them and tried to clear their vision to achieve
your e-mail or messaging services. This way you the desired goal as a commerce student. After the
avoid putting the phone to your head altogether. counseling session Shri Rahulji met with Smt Sunita
Gupta, Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bina. The
At last the general rule of thumb is that the smarter the Principal appreciated the session and thanked the VK
phone, the more the radiation. BORL Hospital management for permitting Shri Rahul ji
Dr Jaishree Sahu, MS ENT for presentation of this session.

Whatever we shall be in the future will be the result of what we think and do now. 19
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Cervical Cancer
Knowledge and awareness for its prevention
Cervix is the entrance part of uterus. The earlier the diagnosis the more
Cancer is nothing but uncontrolled division of abnormal successful is the treatment. Regular
cells which forms tumor. Cervical screening can save many lives
Pap smear test is recommended for this.
Risk Factors :-
This screening should bestarted attheageof30 &above.
(1) Human Papilloma virus (HPV)- Is sexually
transmitted virus there are different types of HPVs. Pap smear detects the abnormal cells which can
(2) Multiple sexual partners, (3) Smoking. eventually develop into cancer. Lots of other tests can be
done in addition to pap smear like
(4) Weakenedimmunesystem-likethosewithHIV/AIDS.
(1) HPV DNATest, (2) Biopsy, (3) Colposcopy
(5) Long term mental stress.
(4) Cone Biopsy, (5) Pelvic USG, (6) CT Scan (7) MRI
(6) Giving birth at very young age.
Treatment:- This depends on the stage of cancer
(7) Several pregnancies Women who have at least 3
children or more are likely to develop cancer. In early stages:- Cancer is confined to Cervix. Surgery is
(8) Contraceptivepills -Long termuseofpills raises risk. treatment of choice which may be combined with
(9) Other Sexually Transmitted diseases (STD)- Women Advanced stages :- This requires extensive treatment
who are infected with other STDs are at higher risk like radiotherapy &/or chemotherapy or both.
of developing cervical cancer. In Late stages :- Palliative treatment is administered.
(10) Socio Economic status - Low socioeconomic Radiotherapy :- This is radiation therapy where high
group have more risk. energy rays are used to destroy cancer cells.
Symptoms :- Chemotherapy:- Cytotoxic medications are used
In early stages there are no significant symptoms, so it is Prevention of cervical cancer:-
necessary to do regular PAP smear. 1. HPV Vaccination 3 doses of vaccines are given.
Common symptoms are Can be given to teenager.
(1) Intermenstrual bleeding (2) Bleeding after sexual 2. Safe sex Use of condoms will give protection.
contact (3) Post menopausal bleeding (4) Discomfort 3. Regular cervical screening will pick up the early
during sexual intercourse (5) Foul smelling vaginal signs.
discharge (6) Pelvic pain. 4. Avoid multiple sexual partners.
Tests & Diagnosis :- - Dr Manjiri P Joshi, Consultant Gynecologist

Awareness of good posture for Desk Job Professions

I n present time we all are two busy in our life &

unable to concentrate to our self. Due to work these
are so many musculoskeletal demands lead to take
stress. One of the biggest reason behind this is our
posture of daily routine specially to
spend 8-10 hours a day in sitting
position continue sitting in same
posture for so lazy very hander effect of
spine. Due to which adjacent muscles of
postural and pelvic complex goes in Neck and back extension exercise are helpful to
tighten still if individual is persisting with same keep your neck and back healthy.
posture they constant pressure or intervertebral disc
will lead to bulge its original state. Long walk in morning are also helpful.
Further bulging will lead to compressing of nerve Treadmillwalking or jogging can also improveposture.
leads to sciatica or spinal cord compression. So its very Ergonomically designed workstation or also a
important to keep your back and neck straight during contribute forever.
your working hours and finally you should few steps - Dr. Manisha Singh Rajput (B.P.T.)
by leaving your chair in every hours. Consultant Physiotherapist

20 Work as if on each of you depended the whole work

VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

c SS ,

U f
SS U , SS , , h ,
, U U h
U U SS , , f
c U U , S f U c
1. , 2. f, 3. , 4. SS f c

U- U
U f , ,
, , M , SS , , SS
, U S
c S M U
S S S U U -
U, , U M ,
U, U c L
U 1. , 2.
m ,
SS M S , ,
- U
, U M
, cU U , U-
, c , ,
U ,
S , S U ,
c -
c g - . .. , U

Whatever you think, that you become. If you have to think, think good thoughts, great thoughts 21
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Vivekananda Kendra NRL Hospital, Numaligarh, Assam

V ivekananda Kendra which is a well known service
Mission is primarily based on the teachings of
Swami Vivekananda who preached man making and
nation building as the basic objectives, Swami
Vivekananda stressed on serving humanity as he could
visualize that There are lots of poor people sunk in
degradation and misery who need to be served with zeal
and enthusiasm and needful action to be taken up to
distribute medicines to those who are sick and also to
nurse them with all care. The concept of Vivekananda
Kendra and Numaligarh Refinery hospital project
stemmed from this particular vision of Swami
Vivekananda as was being conceived by the former After the inauguration of Susruta Wing the
Managing Director of Numaligarh Refinary Ltd. Sri following specialist Medical Services were
Ranjit Kumar Dutta, who had initially given shape to the introduced in 2001 :
idea of involvement of an NGO like that Vivekananda a) Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kendra with its widespread reputation of being a b) General Surgery
dedicated service organization which has contributed c) Pediatrics & Neonatology
very significantly in the sphere of education in the North
d) General Medicine
East under the leadership of its present Vice President
MananiyaA.K. Balakrisnanji
e) Pathology
f) Anesthesiology
It was born in the year 1997, 19th September
We also introduced the services of 5 GDMOs.
through an MOU signed By Mr. R. K. Dutta and Shri.
Over and above we introduced some visiting
specialists for -
A brief introduction and significant e) Radiology
milestones of VKNRL Hospital b) Ophthalmology
c) Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Hospital service in the form of OPD and Dispensary
only was founded in April 1998 at 16th Unit NRL d) Dentistry & Dermatology
Township with one Doctor. Laparoscopic Surgery was introduced in the year
Hospital OPD Block was commissioned on 12th 2002.
May 1999 and doctors were recruited in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was inaugurated in 2002.
following disciplines : Yoga Therapy was introduced in the year 2002.
a) Medicine Blood Bank was started in the year 2003.
b) General Surgery 500 mAX Ray machine was installed in 2003.
c) Obstertrics & Gynaecology Quality Service Scheme (QSS) was implemented in
d) Pediatrics the year 2004.
An accident and Emergency service with Minor OT Hospital Computerization started in 2004.
support was also started during that period. Physiotherapy unit started in 2006.
Two other essential departments were also added,
DMC under RNTCP started in the year 2007.
namely, Pathology and Radiology services
ISO 9001 : 2000 certification Granted on 3rd
In-Patient Services : Was commissioned on 20th
July 2000 with a bed strength of 30. February 2007 by SGS & ISO 9001 : 2008 updated
SUSRUTAWING was inaugurated on 6th July 2001 on 23rd February 2010
comprising of HMIS was introduced from November, 2009 and
a) Labour Room upgraded to web version onApril, 2015.
b) Obstetrics & Gynecology Tele Consultation Centre was Inaugurated on 25th
c) Neonatal Ward January 2011
d) Major OT Endoscopy service started on November, 2015.
e) Central Supply & Sterilization Unit (CSSD) Pediatricward & ICU inaugurated on 20th June2016

22 Multitude counts for nothing. A few hearts-whole, sincere, and energetic

men can do more in a year, than a mob in a century.
VKBORL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2016 - March 2017

Indian Oil Vivekananada Kendra Hospital

Paradeep, Odisha
P aradip Refinery Project is situated at Paradip, the
coastal town of Jagatsinghpur district of the State of
Odisha. It has many industries like the Paradip Port Trust,
IFFCO, PPL, ESSAR etc. The nearest major towns are
Cuttack at 90 kms. and Bhubaneswar at a distance of 120
kms. Connectivity of Paradip by road is good with the
National Highway-5A and the recently rebuilt State
Hightway. Paradip Refinery Project, the largest
Greenfield project of IndianOil, envisaged large
placements of officers, contractors, consultants and
workers at site for a long duration. The MOU with VK
was signed by PDRP in Dec2011. IndianOil-VK
Hospital came into being and started operations at PDRP principle- Serve Santu Niramaya.
township hospital from 1st april 2012. IOCL-VK
Hospital handled 16,1947 OPD patients in 2012-13. Dr. A. P. Patnaik, Medical Superintendent, IOCL-VK
Specialist services like Pediatricians attended to 4,061 Hospital has very high hopes for further improving services
patients in 2013-14, Obstetrics and Gynecologist and says, IOCL-VK Hospital is a small step taken by
attended to 2,940 patients in 2013-14. Gradually other PDRP management in achieving a bigger goal. The
specialties were added to hospital services by end of increase in foot fall of patients both in OPD and Indoor
2012. ENT specialists attended to 1,976 patients in 2013- indicate the confidence generated by the hospital in its
14. Medicine specialists handled 1,571 patients in 2013- clients. In the coming days, our hospital can be upgraded to
14. Dentistry services were started from 2013-14 and a well equipped and self reliant health care centre
1,309 cases were handled. Cardiology services providing the full array of health related services.
Staff nurses play a very important role in our
attended to 225 cases in 2013-14. Regular Medical health care system. They say, We joined IOCL-
Physiotherapy services were a long standing
demand and these were established by end of
Care with VK Hospital since 2012. We have gained vital
2012. They attended to 3,459 cases in 2013-14. a Healing setup. Our professional skills havehealth
experience in the field of industrial care
Indoor patients number was 218 in 2012- Touch and we are better equipped to handle trauma
13. Similarly, Pathology test increased many cases and emergency medical cases as well.
times over the period of 3 years. It was 1,076 in 2012-
13. IOCL-VK has been providing prompt ancillary and Mr. Arun Kumar, JEA-IV(PN) says, IOCL-VK
support services like X-Ray & Basic and Advanced Life Hospital service is pretty good. I am personally satisfied
Saving ambulances. The ambulances have been used 27 by the services provided by IOCL-VK Hospital through
times in 2012-13. their available staff and equipments. Mr. Avijit Maiti,
JEA-V (P&U) adds, Over-all cleanliness in our
The first Baby was delivered in the newly established township hospital is good and response is also good.
Maternity Ward of IOCL-VK Hospital on 19.02.2014. Doctors should be given scope to attend medical
Mrs. Tulika Kirti & Mr. Arvind Kumar, SPJE (CL) are the conferences at other places for updating their skills and
proud parents of the bundle of joy, the baby girl. The First knowledge. We hope that specialist doctors like pediatric,
Aid Centre at Paradip Refinery site has been taken over dental, MD, Ortho should be on IOCL-VK rolls soon.
by IOCL-VK hospital in 2014 and by Oct2014 they IndianOil-VK Hospital also conducts periodic medical
attended to 3,647 OPD cases, 365 minor dressing cases tests of employees, pre-medical test for new recruits and
and 312 general patients. strengthened PDRPs CSR program with more than 200
Mr. S. N. Panda, Associate Secretary, IOCL-VK health camps till date under its outreach program. IOCL-
hospital has been associated with the institution from its VK Hospital health camps in 2012-13 for 9,013 patients,
inception days. He shares that, The journey of IOCL- in 2013-14, 100 camps were conducted for 16,259
VK Hospital from its opening on 2nd april2012 is just patients. Till Oct14, 54 camps have been organized and
like unfolding of petals of a flower. The committed staff 7,297 patients attended these camps. IOCL-VK Hospital
of the hospital are trying their best to serve above self and also conducts regular classes on holistic health on Yoga &
live upto the dream of Swami Vivekanandas guiding Meditation.

They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive 23
A hundred thousand men and
women, fired with the zeal of
holiness, fortfied eternal faith in the
Lord and nerved to lions courage by
their sympathy for the poor and the
fallen and the downtrodden, will go
over the length and breadth of the
land, preaching the gospel of
salvation, the gospel of help, the
gospel of social raising-up, the gospel
of equality.
Are you among those who Swamiji
had in mind for awakening our
people to the mission of our

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