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Math started way back before modern civilization .Mathematics has been used by early

humans without the idea of purposely using it. So, when early humans used math, they didnt know

they were using it. One famous name, Archimedes, became familiar with Math but no one has

called it a study yet. When evolution came to its peak, they took notice of it all. Hence, the modern

generation became more vigorous and studious in learning math.

Everything that involves numbers involves math. Predynastic Egyptians of the 5th

millennium BC pictorially represented geometric designs. It has been claimed that megalithic

monuments in England and Scotland, dating from the 3rd millennium BC, incorporate geometric

ideas such as circles, ellipses, graphs and quadratic equations. The whole point is math has been

around since day one but we just didnt notice it until we became more knowledgeable of what it

can do and what we can possibly do when we know it.


As a Grade-9 Student, those algebraic ideas have already been discussed to us. Linear

functions, ratios and proportions are some of the topics that we have learned.I have used these

ideas of simple mathematics in my day-to-day living. So to speak, I use Math everyday.

Mathematics has been used by the people around me as well. In my family, Math has been

important since my mother uses it when she buys food,when she calculates our expenses or even

when giving us our daily allowances. In our community, Mathematics is useful also since they use

it when they distribute materials for the whole community or when they budget the money for

different projects. Above all, Mathematics has been too useful for me since I use it everytime I
deal with numbers. Concrete examples are when I pay something ,when I attend the class or when

I pay my fare when I use the jeepney every single day. Hence, Mathematics, base on my

experience, has been useful and has been used by everyone everyday.


Those early algebraic ideas that we have just learned like graphs and equations are

encountered in everyday life, and knowing how to solve their equations is very important. It was

great to know that Mathematics started before civilization.

Before I was even born, Math is already here. It could be the oldest thing thats present in

this world. It was present even before Christ. Mathematics is the root of everything. It is where our

everyday knowledge come from. So it is very important to know its importance and what it can do

to improve our technological era.