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Petroleum Development of Oman LLC

Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes


Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C

Specification for Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

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Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

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Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Reference documents
1.3 Codes and standards applicable to the design of overhead cranes and hoists
1.4 Abbreviations / Definitions
1.5 Documents precedence
1.6 Supplier standards
1.7 Dimensions


2.1 Scope of Supply
2.2 Spare parts
2.3 Exclusions


3.1 General
3.2 Mechanical requirements
3.3 Structural requirements
3.4 Maintenance and access requirements
3.5 Electrical equipment


4.1 Climatic data
4.2 Hazardous area classification
4.3 Human factor engineering (HFE)
4.4 Acoustic requirements
4.5 Safety requirements


5.1 General
5.2 Classification / Certification
5.3 Inspection / shop testing
5.4 Field test
5.5 Material Certification


6.1 Mechanical Guarantees
6.2 Performance Guarantees

7.0 Name plates

8.0 Painting & Surface preparation

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

1.1. Introduction

This specification covers the minimum requirements for the design, documentation,
manufacture, spare parts, inspection and testing of the Overhead Traveling Cranes and Hoists to
be supplied on projects.
This document, in combination with the applicable industry standards, project standards,
technical specifications and specific data-sheets referenced herein and in the Material
Requisition, outlines the requirements for the supply of the Overhead Travelling Cranes and
Where this Specification is applicable to a Sub-Suppliers scope of supply, it shall be in its
entirety; sections of this Specification must not be extracted and used on a stand alone basis.

1.2 Reference documents

Design requirements included in this document (paragraph 1.3) are in addition and prevail to
the relevant paragraphs of the specification.
Other project specifications and DEPs which are not specifically mentioned in this document
but listed in the Material Requisition are also applicable, as well as the Codes and Standards to
which they refer. Especially, with an intention of consistency within Projects overall
engineering development, the Supplier must strictly comply with numbering procedures for
documents, tagging procedures for itemized mechanical and electrical sub-items, instruments
and piping, PFS and PEFS symbols.
Except otherwise noted, the latest edition of Codes and Standards shall be used. Future
Standards and Codes, Rules and Regulations published but not in force on the contract date
shall also be applied, subject to the approval by PDO.

1.3 Codes and standards applicable to the design of Overhead Cranes and Hoists
The following codes and standards, together with any documents referred to therein, shall
BS EN 15011:2011+A1: Cranes - Bridge and gantry cranes
EN 1991-3: Actions on structures
EN 14492-2: Power driven hoists
EN 13001-1: Crane -General design-General principles and requirements
BS EN 1993-1-1-2005 Design of Steel Structures
DD CEN/TS 13001-3-5:2010 Cranes- General design- Limit states and proof of competence of
forged hooks
BS EN 12385-1&4: Steel wire ropes
ISO 16625: Cranes and hoists- Selection of wire ropes, drums and sheaves.
ISO 4301-5 : Cranes - Classification - Part 5: Overhead Travelling and Portal Bridge Cranes
DEP Hosting Facilities and Weather protection for Rotating Equipment
BS PD 5304: Guide line for safe use of machinery
PR-1710 : Lifting Equipment Numbering Procedure
SP- 2114 Maintenance Strategy of Overhead Travelling Cranes and associated equipment

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

CONTRACTOR may consider SUPPLIER alternative Codes, Standards and specifications (for
instance BS-EN), provided that such alternatives are documented with track records of proven
performance in other projects.
However HSSE, Operability, Maintainability & Reliability performances shall not be affected
in the event of implementing such alternatives in the supply.
In the absence of an alternative proposal, it shall be understood that all requirements in this
specification and related documents are fulfilled without any exception.

1.4 Abbreviations / Definitions

Company Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO)
Contractor The party appointed by PDO and who is responsible for the Engineering
and Procurement of material / equipment.
DEP Design and Engineering Practice; standard for subject or item, which is
provided by Company in order to be included in material Requisitions.
HFE Human Factor Engineering
MR Material Requisition
The document in which are listed all the project procedures, specifications,
data-sheets, standards, P&ID and drawings applicable to the Package and
its associated items.
NDE Non-Destructive Examination
Package All the equipment provided by the supplier
SP-Particular Technical Specification
This document aims to define a supply of equipment. SP is attached to the
relevant Material Requisition.
Sub - Supplier The party which carries out all or part of the design, procurement,
installation and testing of the system(s) as specified by the Supplier (or
Prime Supplier).
Supplier The party which is responsible for the process design, detail design,
engineering, procurement, fabrication, testing and preparation for
shipment of the package. Refer also to paragraph 1.5.

1.5 Document precedence

Project Specification is prepared out of the following references:
a. Statutory Regulations of Sultanate of Oman
b. International Codes and Standards
c. Company DEP and associated agreed COMPANY amendments

When CONTRACTOR has prepared the Project Specification and in case of inconsistencies or
conflicts between the several references, unless otherwise approved with COMPANY, the more
stringent shall apply.
Nevertheless, in case SUPPLIER identifies inconsistencies or conflicts, which are not included
in the present specification, SUPPLIER shall seek clarification and obtain CONTRACTOR
consent and approval before implementation. CONTRACTOR shall thus seek agreement with
COMPANY on any deviations.

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

1.6 Supplier Standards

Subject to CONTRACTOR / COMPANY approval, SUPPLIER standards may be proposed for
the design of items not covered by this specification.

1.7 Dimensions
The dimensions shall be specified in accordance with the list provided in Annexure 1 & 2


2.1 Scope of Supply

The Supplier must inform Contractor about all elements in the scope of supply that might be
inadequately defined or missing.
In addition to the specific requirements of the Material Requisition and Individual Data-Sheets
for girders, traversing trolleys and hoists, the Supplier shall provide for each item the following
(but not limited) accessories, components and piece of equipment;
- Sheet metal or mesh grid metal casing to protect accessible mechanical parts and impact
proof casings for overhanging elements.
- Resilient bumpers and rubber buffer or hydraulic bumpers where necessary
- End stops at crane rail ends and/or at hoist beam ends.
- Name plates, visible and permanent (with maximum load indicated)
- Anti-derailment devices
- Lubricators
- Chain guides and cable guides
- Hook with safety latch
- Rail sweep for permanent hoists and crane (hoists which are stored in ware house when not
used can be supplied without rail sweep)
- Oil and grease for the first filling
- Rails for crane including clamps and bolts
- Maintenance platform (if required in the Data-Sheet)
- Fittings and bolts
- Protective hood against sun for equipment located outdoor
- Special tools if necessary
- Surface finishing and painting
- For cranes including bridge walkways in their scope, handrails and a life line shall be
supplied all along in accordance with European directive 89/686 (Personal Protective
Equipment) and EN 795 Class C, including clamps and anchors.
- Chain baskets for chain hoists

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

When electrically motorized equipment is specified in the data sheet, the following (but not
limited) items shall be provided by the Supplier (see also below);
- Main incomer isolation switch
- Isolator for the control power supply.
- Inhibition of starting in high speed
- Inhibition of braking in reverse at high speed
- Alarms (visual and/or acoustic) as required in the data-sheet
- Motors
- Motors sunshade (when hoisting equipment is not under a shelter)
- Motors earthing
- All necessary cables, conductors, collectors, festoons, tracks, supports, hangers fittings etc.
required to extend over the full length of travel
- Safety chains on festoon
- Disconnecting switch with lock for the main switch box
- All cable glands
- Push button control box with on/off position secured by key.
- Protection relays including thermal, earth faults etc.
- Anti-condensation heater
- Motor starters including reversing, dual speed reversing, etc.
- Control voltage with transformers (control voltage derived from the main power supply)
- Limit switches on all electrical moving parts with protections (one for slow speed and one
for stopping activation)
- Load limit switch with protection (unless otherwise specified in the data-sheets)

Sketch of Hoist monorail

CONTRACTOR; beam with anchors
SUPPLIER; control cable with glands supports, fittings and clamps.
SUPPLIER; end stops with fittings and, if required, limit switches
SUPPLIER; remote control or pendant control, as specified by data-sheet
SUPPLIER; junction box with cable glands, power transformer, control voltage
SUPPLIER; power cable with cable glands supports, fittings, clamps
SUPPLIER; power cable
SUPPLIER; junction switch box with cable glands, main disconnect switch
CONTRACTOR; power cable

2.2 Spare Parts

Supplier shall advise the recommended list of spare parts for erection, pre-commissioning,
commissioning and 2-years operation, including as a minimum;
Gasket + oring+ seal: 1 set per type
Fuse elements: 1 set per type
Relays: 1 set per type
Limit switches: 1 set
Rail clamps and bolts: 2 sets per type

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

Visual alarms (lamp): 1 set per type

Discs for motor brakes: 1 set per type
Festoons trolleys and fittings; 1 set
Contactors: 1 set for each type of electromagnetic switch / starter

2.3 Exclusions
The following are excluded from Supplier scope:
- Erection at work site
- Connection and wiring of electrical power between site networks and main disconnect
- Connection of the hoist earth circuit to the PDO earth network
- Beams for monorail hoists


3.1 General
The equipment, including auxiliaries, covered by this specification shall be designed and
constructed for a service life of twenty-five (25) years.
The maximum permissible Safe Working Load of the Crane shall be clearly and visibly marked
on the equipment. The markings may be on a separate plate or painted directly onto the crane
structure. The letters and numbers shall be on at least two opposing visible faces of the crane,
and shall be in English.
Hand operated travelling cranes shall be limited to the handling of loads not exceeding 4
tonnes, with moderate lift frequency and when frequent and fast crane operation is not foreseen.

The hoist brake system shall automatically prevent the load from falling in the event of loss of
electrical power and brake shall not overrun or creep. A system for controlled lowering of the
load under the conditions shall be proposed by the Supplier. Brake shall be enclosed disc type
no external brake is allowed.

Hoist slow speed between 0.3 m/min and 0.4m/min with Jog facility
Hoist fast speed between 4.5m/min and 5.5m/min with Jog facility
Cross travel speed between 8m/min and 10m/min with Jog facility
Long travel speed between 15m/min and 18m/min with Jog facility

3.2 Mechanical requirements.

- Energy absorbing end stop brackets and buffers shall be provided by Suppliers at the
limits of long travel and traverse motions. They shall be designed to ensure that a fully
loaded crane travelling at maximum speed into the end stop will not cause any damage
or promote a hazardous situation.
- The supplier shall specify maximum resulting horizontal dynamic forces of the trolley
with maximum vertical load hitting the bumpers. As this could impact building or

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

structure design, this value shall be agreed between Supplier and Contractor prior to any
purchase order.
- Travel wheels shall be manufactured of non-sparking material such as bronze alloy,
brass, cast iron, etc. for hazardous areas.
- The crab of the crane shall be provided with an overload protection device.
- The overload protection device shall be set to operate at 10% above the crane safe
working load.
- The overload device shall be designed to be tamper-proof.
- All rotating parts such as wheels, gears, motor, etc., shall be provided with
mechanism/ball or roller bearings totally isolated from the environment (dust/sand
proof). Bearings shall be in accordance with ISO standards. Bearing service life (L 10H)
shall be 20 000 hour.
- Mechanical moving parts (as travel wheels, gears, reeving) of the crane shall be
guarded. The guards shall be fabricated in non-sparking material when cranes operate in
hazardous areas. Plastic guards are not allowed.
- Unless otherwise specified in the data-sheet, chains are not accepted above 7 tones
capacity or 30 meters length. Steel wire ropes shall be preferred to chains.
- Sheaves shall be designed to prevent the wire rope from slipping off, and to facilitate
- Sheaves shall have amachined rope surface and shall run on fully sealed anti-friction
bearings. The surface shall have hardness qualities compatible with the rope
recommended by the rope manufacturer
- Load hook shall incorporate safety latch and shall be swiveling type.
- The Crane hoisting wire ropes shall be designed to have a safety factor of not less than 5
based on the maximum SWL of the crane.
- Ropes / chain shall be of a length to ensure no less than 5 full wraps on the drum when
the hook is at the lowest available position. Hook lowest available positions shall be
considered as 1 meter below the hook lowest position specified on the data-sheet.
- Capacity of the winding drum shall be sized according to above rope / chain length size
- Winding on drums shall be restricted to a single layer unless specifically approved by
the CONTRACTOR. When approved a maximum of two (2) layers shall be wound on
the drum.

3.3 Structural requirements

- Single girders maximum span shall not be more than 15mtrs and maximum lift of height
- Crane girders shall be designed for a maximum vertical deflection (under test load) of
L/750 of the span between the two rails.
- The fabrication of the crane structure / girder shall be such that no welding shall be
required on the site.
- Bolts used for bridge to end carriage connections should be of a minimum grade 8.8,

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

3.4 Maintenance and access requirements

- The crane shall be designed with facilities for safe and easy access for inspection and
maintenance. These shall include walkways, platforms, lighting and ladders as
- Minimum two lights(EX e /Ex d type) shall be provided.(min. 50 Lux)
- Walkway with handrail shall be provided by Supplier along the entire length of one side
of the bridge girder crane. All clearances of walkway heights shall be as specified by the
- Minimum width of the Platforms shall be 750mm. For single girder cranes 2 platforms
shall be provided at the end of the LT on opposite sides.
- For double girder cranes over the full length of CT, a platform is to be provided.
- Minimum walkways width shall be 750mm.
- The minimum space between the crane maintenance platforms grating and the lowest
obstacle shall be 2m. In case this rule cannot be followed, Supplier shall provide a
protection cage preventing operators to be hurt.
- The minimum clearance between the runway axis and the edge of the wall shall be at
least 0.5m for the operator to be able to access the runway whilst crane is operated.
- Minimum width of ladders shall be 0.3m and pitch shall not exceed 0.3m.
- Where the cranes are installed outdoors, locking devices shall be provided for safe
docking of the crane in any position.

3.5 Electrical equipment

The below paragraphs apply to electrical motorized cranes and hoists.

3.5.1 General
- Cranes shall have electric drives for hoisting, long and cross travel motions. Unless
otherwise stated in the Crane Data Sheets, the Crane Control and associated switchgear
for an Electric Overhead Travelling Crane shall be capable of performing any two (2)
of three (3) crane motions operating simultaneously.
- Electrical installation and components (including motors) shall be designed as per IEC
standard and suitable for a design ambient temperature of 50 C minimum.
- Electrical equipment design shall conform to the Electrical Specification SP1103 / IEC
- Main power supply only is supplied by Contractor. Any other voltages and earthing
(auxiliary power supply) shall be derived by Supplier within its scope of supply from
the incoming main power supply.
Power supply: 415 5% V AC, 50 2% Hz (3 Ph / 3W)
Auxiliary supplies (derived from main power supply):
Contactor coil: 230 V AC (1 Ph + N)
Circuit breaker low voltage coil: 110V DC
Auxiliary relays: 110V DC
- All motors shall be controlled, protected and isolated within the package.
- All electrical equipment shall be designed for an intermittent duty of up to 150
operations per hour.

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

3.5.2 Electric motors.

- Electric motors shall confirm to specification SP1119 and DEP
- The maximum power requirement of the driven equipment shall be determined at de
driver coupling and shall include all transmission losses.
- Maximum number of starts in one hour for the main motor (hoist) shall be specified by
the Supplier.
- Dual speed motors for Hoist and single speed motors CT and LT shall be used.

3.5.3 Junction boxes and main disconnect switch box.

- A main disconnect switch box shall be provided by the Supplier, to be located at grade
level. The operating handle of this switch shall have provisions for being padlocked in
the open and closed positions.
- The degree of protection of junction boxes, main disconnect switch boxes, and any
electrical enclosure shall be at least:
.IP22 Indoor air-conditioned area
.IP44 Indoor non air-conditioned area
.IP56 Outdoor open area
- Supplier shall supply all double lock type cable glands on junction boxes, main
disconnect switch boxes and any enclosures.

3.5.4 Cables
- Cables design and minimum cross sections shall be specified according to cables
Specification BS EN 50288-7:2005 and IEC 60502 pt 1 & 2
- For steady state conditions voltage variation shall not exceed +/- 5% of rated value
under normal operating conditions (according to FEM par. For transient
conditions (motor start-up), voltage drop shall not exceed +10%/-20%.
- No bare conductors are allowed. Enclosed conductors, cable drums, energy chains or
festoons shall be used.
- Safety chains shall be provided by Supplier on all festoon cables to prevent mechanical

3.5.5. Control
- Radio remote control with pendant control as a backup shall be provided.
- Push button control box shall allow low and high speed of motors and shall be designed
so that when pressure is released from the button, the machinery motion will stop.
- Push button control box type (pendant, fixed, independent from trolley motion) is
indicated on data-sheet.
- Pendant shall be non-breakable (high impact plastic) antistatic plastic with galvanized
wire rope suspension.
- An emergency stop pushbutton cutting off control supply for all motions shall be
provided on the control pendant.
- Control box shall be IP56
- Control signals shall be 24V DC.
- When radio control system is specified, Supplier compliance with IEC 61000-2-2 is

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

- Two sets of limit switches shall be provided by Supplier. First one is to reduce speed
(pass to slow speed) for bridge travelling, trolley traverse and hook lifting/lowering
mechanisms. The second one is to stop crane motions.

4. Environment and Safety.

4.1 Climatic data

Environmental conditions are detailed in SP 2200.

4.2 Hazardous area classification

Hazardous area classification is provided in the individual Data-Sheets.
When situated in an explosive atmosphere, Supplier shall ensure that no spark (no contact of
steel on steel allowed) can occur during normal use of the equipment.
Rods of limit switches installed in hazardous areas shall be of non sparking material. Photocell
or proximity detectors may also be utilized.
Protection methods for electrical items shall be carried out in accordance with the content of;
- SP-1107 and shall fulfill the requirements of the relevant part of IEC-60079.

Protection methods for non-electrical items shall be implemented as per the requirements of
Marking must be carried out in accordance with ATEX 94/9/CE.
It shall not be assumed that the packaging of individually certified components makes a
certified unit. A third party certification must be provided. The third party shall be chosen
among the Company approved Certifying Agencies.

4.3 Human Factor Engineering (HFE)

HFE requirements are provided in specification; DEP & 20

4.4 Acoustic requirements

Each item shall comply with requirements of specification EN ISO 3744:2010
When the crane (composed of all noisy components of the scope of supply) is in normal
operation and at full load, the maximum sound pressure level at one meter (SPL(1m)) from the
package shall not exceed a value of 75 dB(A).

4.5 Safety Requirements

Safety rules shall conform to BS EN 15011 for overhead crane and for hoists EN 14492-2

5 Inspection and Testing

5.1 General
Inspection and testing shall be in accordance with local safety regulations and the BS7121-2-7

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

5.2 Classification / Certification

Overhead cranes and hoists are subject to Certification by a Third Party.

5.3 Factory Acceptance Testing(FAT)

Inspection and test at workshop shall be in accordance with the requirements of applicable
Codes or Standards and shall include as a minimum:
- Checking of dimensions in accordance with general arrangement drawings.
- Test of limit switches
- Weld inspection for crane girders
- Static test (125% of safe working load)(*).
- Deflection test under safe working load (limited to travelling cranes) with maximum
deflection as specified in paragraph 3.3
- Dynamic test (110% of safe working load) (*) of hoists and/or cranes crab system. During
dynamic test, load lifting along the full lifting height is not mandatory.
- Speed test
- Routine test of motors

(*) figures given for test load represent minimum requirements. Where national legislation or
local rules call for higher values, Supplier shall comply with the most stringent values.

5.4 Site Acceptance Tests(SAT)

Before SAT the equipment must be registered in SAP as per PR 1710 and SP2114 for
maintence to be followed.
Field test after erection shall be performed in accordance with requirements of applicable codes
and standards and shall include as a minimum;
- Weld inspection for LT rails
- Full functional test
- Speed tests
- Checking of controls and safety devices
- Insulation and continuity tests
- Voltage drop to be verified at SWL
- Overload lift tests
- Drop test to verify brake performance
- Static load test (125% of safe working load)
- Dynamic load test (110% of safe working load)
- Control and final test with relevant authorities
- Ex verification

5.5 Material Certification

The following material certificates as defined in EN 10204 shall be provided;
EN 10204 material certificates types;
Steel structure / girder 2.2
Wheel pins 3.1
Hook 3.1

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

Rope 3.1
Gears 3.1
6. Guarantees and warranty

6.1 Mechanical guarantees

According to the General Conditions of Purchase and Special Terms of Purchase, the Supplier
shall guarantee that all materials are new and free from defects.

6.2 Performance guarantee

A +5% tolerance on speeds is permissible (travelling, traversing and hoisting), in loaded

7. Name plates
7.1 Nameplates of stainless steel shall be securely attached by stainless steel fasteners to all major
components of the crane. The Nameplates shall be located in a position such that they are easily
7.2 All nameplates shall contain the following information which shall be engraved on to the
- Manufacturers name, equipment type and serial number
- Safe working load (SWL)
- Design code/class
- Structural steel grade
- Design temperature
- Serial number
- Year of manufacture of equipment

7.3 The maximum permissible Safe Working Load of the Crane shall be clearly and visibly marked
on the equipment. The markings may be on a separate plate or painted directly onto the crane
structure. The letters and numbers shall be on at least two opposing visible faces of the crane,
and it shall be in both English and Arabic languages.
Letters shall be black and preferably on a white background and be 75 mm high.
The hook assembly shall also be marked on both sides with the Safe Working Load of the crane.

8.0 Painting & Surface preparation

Surface preparation and painting of EOT crane shall be in compliance with SP1246 part 1 to 5.
If this is not possible, vendor may offer their standard painting system for approval by the
purchaser, but this shall be at least equivalent to the paint system to SP1246.

Annexure1 Annexure 2

Petroleum Development of Oman LLC
Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

Mechanical Datasheet
for EOT Crane.pdf