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Type of Historical Thinking What it means/Definition Questions that ask this type of thinking & examples that show it

Historical Research Who, What, When, Where, Why & How (5Ws & H)
Searching a variety of sources to Sources: internet, people, reference books, historical documents,
answer historical questions artifacts

Historical Comprehension Asking a variety of questions to Who created it? Why was is created? Is it accurate/true?
understand historical events/ *Put aside your own opinion!
text/graphics. Do this by using skills: reading maps, graphs, data, primary source

Historical Analysis and Break down sources & information Questions that ask you to compare/contrast, analyze, cause & effect,
Interpretation into parts so we can fully evaluate, formulate, infer, predict; fact vs. opinion
understand. *Must evaluate different sources to test for the truth when completing
Critical Thinking.

Historical Imagination Put yourself in someone elses What are good/ bad characteristics of events, actions, and outcomes in
situation & evaluate consequences; history?
understand their point of view If I was there, what would it be like? (sights, sounds, smells, etc)*Use
What was normal for that time period? How did this effect people?
Chronological Thinking Identify and illustrate order of In what order did the events take place? What caused the event(s) to
events over time. occur?
How did the causes determine the effects long and short-term?
What changes occurred according to lenses (culture, technology, geog)
What stayed the same and why?