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Questions from Lecture-2 (7/10)

1. Define transport in brief.

2. What are the basic elements of estimating travel demand?
3. What are the transport policy objectives from Bangladesh perspective?
4. Discuss the mobility of the urban poor.
5. Discuss the Avoid-Shift-Improve approach in brief.
6. What are the policy requirements for transport proposals?
7. What do you mean by PHOG approach?
8. What are the effects of urbanization?
9. What are the solutions to the problems due to urbanization?
10.What are the growing issues in urban transportation?

Questions from Lecture-3 (6/6)

1. What are the problems associated with urban transport?

2. What are the factors contributing to transport problem?
3. Classify congestion.
4. What are the sources of costs resulting from traffic congestion?
5. What are the elements of Mobility/Congestion reduction program?
6. What are the key strategies of an integrated urban land transportation policy?

Questions from Lecture-4 (3/3)

1. State some strategic approaches to tackle congestion.

2. What are the key issues in tackling traffic congestion?
3. How the capacity of urban road system can be increased by five times?

Questions from Lecture-8 (8/8)

1. What are the traffic control devices?

2. Briefly describe the purposes of traffic control devices.
3. What are the requirements of traffic control devices?
4. How the failure of traffic control devices occur?
5. Describe the types of uniformity of traffic control devices.
6. What are the types of pavement markings?
7. What are the types of traffic signals?
8. What are the functions of traffic signals?

Questions from Lecture-9 (7/7)

1. What are the most common accident types?

2. For providing road safety, what kind of improvements are needed to make in
the relevant sectors?
3. What factors contribute to accidents?
4. What is a countermeasure matrix or Haddon matrix?
5. What are the principles of a safe road environment?
6. What are the urgent actions of road-safety engineering in Bangladesh?
7. What are some safety measures for accident black spot treatments?
Questions from Lecture-10 (8/7)

1. What are the components of a road traffic system?

2. Define intersection and link.
3. Classify accidents.
4. What do you mean by Casualty Class and Severity Level?
5. What are the common core items of an accident recording system?
6. What are the sources of accident data?
7. What are the minimum data necessary to examine accidents?

Questions from Lecture-11 (5/5)

1. What are the generalized road safety strategies?

2. What are the opportunities for road safety engineering?
3. What are the objectives at Hazardous Road Location Program (HRL)?
4. Briefly describe the investigatory techniques of HRL program.
5. What are the design principles for road safety countermeasures at mid-block

Questions from Lecture-12 (3/3)

1. When should a road safety audit be conducted?

2. What are the steps in developing a project?
3. What are the steps taken by the designer or client in a road safety audit?
Questions from Engineering Road Safety Measures

1. What are the basic principles in accident prevention?

2. What are the basic principles in accident reduction?
3. What are the roadway related countermeasures for controlling speed?
4. What are the treatments to slow down vehicles by combinations of roadway
5. What are the treatments to ensure appropriate speeds by combinations of
geometric elements and physical treatments?

Questions from Interchange (5/5)

1. What are the drawbacks of an intersection?

2. What are the functions of an interchange?
3. Type of interchange suitable for a location depends on what factors?
4. Where direct or semi-direct connections are used?
5. Where the following interchanges are warranted?
i. Spring Interchange
ii. Single Point Interchange
iii. Diamond Interchange
iv. Cloverleaf Interchange

Questions from Traffic Intersections (3/3)

1. Type of intersection control to be adopted depends on what factors?
2. What are the different levels of intersection control?
3. Define overpass and underpass.

Questions from Accident Prevention, Investigation &

Reduction (0/2)

1. What is a traffic accident?

2. What are the major planning steps involved in accident investigation?