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This chapter presents the project schedule of the proposed plant. The plant
will start its operation in the year 2022.


The first phase is the conceptualization and identification regulated by the

sales department. Depending on the demand of customers or meeting the
competing product, the project may vary in the level of detail. A preliminary
research is then initiated if the analysis of the idea is feasible and profitable into a
project. The stage also includes conceptualizing the operational benefits, getting
approval from authorities and resources and giving sufficient definition to the
proposal so that a reliable budget estimate can be made. This will be from January
to February 2017.


This establishes the limitation of the project, the detailed definition and the
operating parameters. This phase consists of processing and constructing project
schedule, materials of construction, safety considerations, properties of products,
situation of the patent and legal restrictions, and initial economic evaluation of the
proposed project.

Planning foresees the time investment, costs, and specific resources

required in the project. To maximize the timetable, different activities will be
scheduled on its optimum condition which is done to avoid any delay in the
construction. It also includes planning of execution strategy, the location of the
plant and finding the best technical and economic flow scheme. The material
balances and energy balances are also established in this stage. The preliminary
list of equipment and equipment load sheet and materials of construction
requirements for different process stages are also involved so that estimation of
additional cost can be achieved. In addition, the process hazards are also
considered by providing analysis report. This phase will be from July 2017 to May


This phase comprises the plant location, plant size or capacity, product
design, product specification, process equipment and selection, market design,
plant layout, piping and instrumentation design and utilities and services.

This phase emphases all aspects of engineering. The primary layouts and
blue prints are prepared which guides the construction phase and ensure the
minimization of costs. Detailed drawings of the fabrication of special equipment
and its specifications needed in the operation are also considered. The company
will be accountable for choosing competent machineries and equipment to be
used. The specified equipment will be purchased on time and detailed to define
the additional costs of the plant. This will be accomplished from June to December


Specially engineered plant equipment will be installed while the materials to

be used for the construction will be ordered. Both equipment and construction
materials will be provided by the company which will win from the bidding of
contractors. The primary factors to be considered here are the availability, quality,
quantity and cost of the materials. The equipment to be installed will be done when
the plant is fully constructed. The project team will test if each equipment works at
its optimum condition and will also check every part of the units to ensure that there
will be no malfunctioning when full operation starts. This phase will be from
January to October 2019.


Construction phase of the plant will follow a certain decision to proceed with
the installation. Timing and correct design sequence must be taken into account in
order to avoid construction delays. Installation of equipment will be done once the
plant has been constructed. It will be done from November 2019 to December 2021
and will be verified based from the actual plant design.


This presents the development of the project from the end of construction
up to the commercial operation. This involves the initial and primary dynamic tests,
including the guarantee of performance tests. Each materials and equipment will
then be tested for operation to ensure that it will be at its optimum condition during
the operation. This phase will be from January to October 2022.

Personnel Hiring and Training

Several requirements will be the basis for personnel to be hired based on

the position they will be applying for. The first phase will include screening,
undergoing examinations and series of interviews such as technical and panel
interviews. Those who will pass the first phase will undergo trainings before
handling and operating any equipment or unit as well as other related trainings
such as safety trainings and drills.
Pilot Plan

The design team formulates the pre-commissioning plan which includes the
testing of instrumentation, flushing of line work, electrical, fire/life safety, interior
systems, utility plants, lighting, wastewater, controls and building security to verify
that it will achieve the owners project requirements. A pilot plant is considered a
small-scale simulation of the future industrial operations. The plant goes through
a series of tests and checks before the plant is started up. This also allows
essential changes and modifications about the product quality or the processes
involve to attain desired operation and to avoid unnecessary damages.


After the conceptualization, planning, compliance to all the government,

environmental and company requirements and specifications, ensuring the safety,
availabilities of funds for expenses, optimum operation and quality of the product,
the plant will start its normal operation from November 2022 to December 2047.