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Grade: Subject: Week of: Teacher(s): Non-Academic Team Non-Academic Class

Building Structure Building Structure

7 Science Sept. 19 - 23 Bledsoe, Lefke, C.Boling Team/Table Cheer & Inside-Outside Circles: Who
Handshake are we?

Day: Monday

Standard(s): 7.L.3B.2 Construct explanations for how systems in the human body work Key Vocabulary: cell, tissue, organ, organ
together to support the essential life functions of the body. system, organism

Objective(s): Students will be able to identify the organs and their function within the
digestive system.

Lang. Objective: Students will be able to use science academic vocabulary in sentences and EL Students: Sergio Delacruz, Jennifer
practice previously taught words. Cruz-Morales

Entering Activity: Instructions on board: Take out glue, scissors, & a pencil

Beginning: Teacher will distribute paper then demonstrate how to build foldable that will be used for all body system notes.

During: Students will follow along & write in their foldables as teacher gives notes on the Digestive system.

Teacher-Led N/A Data selected for N/A

Small Group: grouping students?

Collaborative N/A

Individual/Digital N/A

After: Exit Ticket

Notes/Reflection: (For Teacher) If notes finish early, have students begin independent reading SEPUP 15 Digestion: An Absorbing Tale