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Serving UNC students and the University community since 1893

Volume 125, Issue 16

Monday, September 4, 2017

Collected responses to
Silent Sam, race and
University culture

from students, alumni,

faculty and community
Your voice, not ours
This edition is dedicated to community voices.
Print space is prized amongst
my staff. Giving up a whole paper
to mostly non-staff-made content
isnt something we would nor-
mally do.
But the start to this school year
has been anything but normal.
Given the past two weeks, we Tyler Fleming
thought it might be time that we
stopped talking and give others a
Senior political science and history EDITORS COLUMN

Write whats right

major from Randleman.
Issues like Silent Sam, the Email: editor@dailytarheel.com
Center for Civil Rights and nation-
al events have been on the mind
of every student, alum and com- on the opinion of the writer. We
munity member. While I hope our
reporting reflects this community,
changed some style rules to fit in
more letters. We didnt include stu- Silent Sam sparked a dialogue, lets keep it going.
ultimately you are the best to rep- dents majors or the departments

resent your own interests. of professors to save space. The
voices and perspectives are what is his Labor Day marks just
This issue features the voices
most important in this edition. the beginning of the third
of our community regardless of
The submissions for print were week of classes at UNC. In
viewpoint. I want you to see this
chosen randomly, and the rest of those three weeks, The Daily Tar
edition as one big sounding board
letter submissions can be found Heel has received over 100 letters
of public opinion.
online. to the editor.
It also highlights that what
And of course, this isnt the For reference, last Labor Day,
is happening in Chapel Hill Emily Yue
end of the issue, please keep writ- when I was starting out as the
isnt isolated to the town or the Opinion Editor
ing us about Silent Sam. We want assistant opinion editor, I strug-
students currently here. Alumni
to hear from you. gled to find enough letters to fill Senior journalism and studio art major
from all over are writing in too.
In conclusion, please read the two columns worth of space from Huntersville.
While this edition is a special
these letters with an open mind on the page. Now, my assistant Email: opinion@dailytarheel.com
moment for our opinion desk, I
and try to see that were all com- Zaynab and I have more than our
think it means much more than
ing to this conversation with dif- hands full of community opin-
that from a journalistic perspec- Board of Trustees approved a
ferent experiences. ions, thoughts and feelings. We
tive. request from the N.C. chapter
This issue is just a snapshot read all of these letters, archive
There is no way we could fit of the United Daughters of the
of what people in August of them, fact-check them and, even-
in this many sources into one Confederacy to erect a Confederate
2017 thought. Lets take these tually, print them.
story which can make it look monument on UNCs campus.
perspectives and keeping work- Almost all of the letters that
like there is a larger consensus on The UDC requested a handsome
ing towards progress. have flooded our inbox con-
what to do than there really is. and suitable monument on the
I hope future Tar Heels look cern the issue of Silent Sam, the
These letters were not solicited grounds of our State University,
back at this moment in history Confederate memorial on our
by a member of my staff. All were in memory of the Chapel Hill
and realize how difficult things campus. When Editor-in-Chief
organically submitted by commu- boys, who left college, 1861-1865
were, but I also hope they see Tyler and I were working out the
nity members. We tried to run as and joined our Southern Army in
how hard people worked to details of an all-letters issue of the
many as we could in this edition, defense of our State.
bring change. DTH, he was worried that the let-
no letter was turned down based On June 2, 1913, the monu-
ters would be repetitive, or monot-
ment was unveiled on commence-
onous. Each letter, however, came
ment day. In his now infamous
independently from a reader who
speech, Confederate veteran and
ARCHIVAL LETTER took time out of their day to share
Trustee of the University Julian
their perspective with us.
Carr praised the armys sav[ing]
Silent Sam should leave Of course, no two perspectives
are the same. I hope you find the
surprises in the bunch, the letters
the very life of the Anglo Saxon
race in the South, and recalled
The first letter to the editor calling for Silent Sams publicly horse-whipp[ing] a
you can relate to and the ones
negro wench for insulting a white
removal was published on March 17, 1965. you instinctively want to reject.
woman on Franklin Street.
Thats okay. In fact, thats great.
Editors, The Tar Heel: and those who have gone to Over 100 years later, Silent
You can write us a response and I
Although it may be argued that Alabama for the general welfare. Sam stands as a fixture of this
promise you that well get to it.
the Conderate statue known gen- In view of this situation which campus. His presence has always
Todays front-page archival
erally as Silent Sam has become so lately prevailed in other areas of been an issue, and the debate
letter Silent Sam should leave
a part of the UNC tradition; it the country, the existence on the over his removal is not new.
from student Al Ribak was first
certainly cannot be argued that UNC campus a monument to men But theres a gravity to todays
printed in March of 1965.
traditions should be maintained who were militant white suprem- discourse following the events
I urge the DTH and the
for traditions sake. ists and extremists of the worst of Charlottesville and Durham.
Carolina student body to take up
We must not forget that Silent kind is no less an affront to the Where theres a conversation,
the cause of removing from the
Sam is a Confederate soldier. The Negro peoples and the intelligen- there are now consequences.
campus that shameful commem-
primary purpose of the memorial tsia than is the gaudy Confederate I am proud to be an opinion
oration of a disgraceful episode,
was to associate a fictitious honor flag flying from the lily-white writer at a paper that allows me
Ribak said.
with the darkest blot on American dome of Alabamas capitol. the freedom to participate in pro-
Nearly 50 years earlier, the
history the fight of southern I urge The Daily Tar Heel and tests that align with my beliefs.
racists to keep the Negro peoples the Carolina student body to take I am proud of our columnists,
in a position of debased subservi- up the cause of removing from the and our editorial board fifteen
ence. For this they were willing to campus that shameful commemo- students with different views who
destroy the Union. ration of a disgraceful episode. come together because they care
We have all been made pain- about this community.
fuully aware of the deprivation Al Ribak This community cares about
of inalienable rights effected by 407-D E. Franklin St. itself, deeply. I can tell from your
Alabamas white bigots on Negroes letters, and I care, too.

It certainly cannot be argued that traditions should be maintained for traditions sake.
2 Monday, September 4, 2017 Letters from Students The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel LETTERS TO

faced with a very specific set of The ancient Romans had TO THE EDITOR: 8/16 speak up. This bill, and the
problems. Leading a commu- a doctrine: salus populi When I opened Chancellor university obliging the law,
THE EDITOR nity is not a position of glory suprema lex esto (roughly, let Folts email, I was expecting asks us to literally stand by in
www.dailytarheel.com Sam in the graveyard
and stature, it is a position of
humility and service.
the safety of the people be the
highest law). Yesterday, UNC
an outpouring of sympathy for
the events that happened in
silence so that the Carolina
community can listen
Established 1893 not a viable solution While UNC might be an declined to remove the racist Charlottesville this weekend. respectfully to opinions that
124 years of editorial freedom enormous bureaucracy with Silent Sam statue, claiming While that did happen, I was do not respect our existence
TO THE EDITOR: 8/30 competing interests from it could not use the logic of also invited to read a nuanced as human beings.
As the Silent Sam Sit-In is stakeholders for Chancellor public safety as an excuse. I legal explanation that explains Unjust laws wont silence
heading into its second week, Folt to balance, she can still cannot imagine a worthier in great detail that hate speech us, because as much as hateful
the administration has failed to speak. And she has repeat- reason. is, in fact, legal. people have the right to their
JESSICA SWANSON address their issues with trans- edly advocated the kind of Chapel Hill could easily be I want to begin with a words, their monuments, and
MANAGING EDITOR parency, and instead continue free speech absolutism which the next Charlottesville. Neo- disclaimer and it is that I their gatherings, so do we.
MANAGING.EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM to trifle with student safety on allows white supremacist vio- Nazis use Confederate monu- believe strongly in the right We will gather to speak out
RACHEL JONES campus. Some solutions have lence to go unchecked. She has ments as rallying points, and to free speech, including hate against hate and injustice.
ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR been offered up in promise to refused to publicly support the we have already seen white speech.
ONLINE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM rectify the wrongs of the statue removal of Silent Sam. supremacists gather in front Now, I want to say how Vivane Mao
and its dedication. This omission is deafening. of Silent Sam. Unfortunately, inappropriate it is to choose Class of 19
The most prominent solu- It tells many of us that we are we know Nazi sympathizers this moment to remind us
tion is moving the statue to the not a valid part of the com- exist on campus. Last year, I of that, days after a white The police only protect
graveyard on South Road. This munity the Chancellor serves, wrote to this paper after seeing supremacist killed Heather
KIANA COLE is a trash solution for a trash
Silent Sam at rally
but white supremacists are. someone use the survey board Heyer. A white supremacist
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND statue. There are approximate- Inaction after Governor in the Undergrad Library to murdered a woman this TO THE EDITOR: 8/23
INVESTIGATIONS ly 475 unmarked graves on Cooper approved the removal advertise a neo-Nazi website. weekend and the universitys I want to make a some-
SPECIAL.PROJECTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM the west side of the graveyard, of Silent Sam to protect The website, which is so abhor- response is to remind us thing absolutely clear; the
LEAH ASMELASH where many of the slaves who public safety signals that she rent that the Daily Tar Heel that his opinions are legal only violent participants in
UNIVERSITY EDITOR built the university are buried. does not believe that violence forbids publication of its name, and protected, and have a Tuesday nights protest were
UNIVERSITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM This site has been disrespected directed at marginalized was one of the main organizers place on this campus if that the police, under orders from
in the past, used as parking for people threatens public safety. behind the Unite the Right becomes the case. While that the state, attempting to fulfill
football games, and has been The myth of white rally in Charlottesville. may be the truth, the remind- their mission to protect and
the location for many par- supremacy is an incitement to My greatest fear is that in er is distasteful, inappropri- serve. Only tonight, they
ties. Housing Silent Sam in a violence against the most vul- being overly cautious about ate, and poorly timed. didnt seem interested in
ANA IRIZARRY graveyard honoring the lives of nerable members of this com- the letter of the law, UNCs Imagine a husband kills protecting and serving the
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR slaves and others dedicated to munity and Silent Sam is the administration will cost his cheating wife, and instead groups most in need of it.
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM this university is an insult. lightning rod for that violence someone their life. Students of reading about the trag- The police were not protect-
Putting Sam in the very on UNCs campus. They will of color who have been edy of her death, you read ing Muslims. This failure, less
graveyard with graves of slaves continue to come. They will speaking out against this about why cheating is wrong. than three years after three
is an affront to their lives and continue to do violence. statue for years are at great- Objectively, yes, cheating is Muslim students were shot and
their service. Sam doesnt rep- It may not all be Folts fault. est risk of violence from white bad but is now really the killed by a home invader over
CHAPEL FOWLER resent them, didnt fight for But fault is not the reason supremacist groups. time to educate us on all the a parking dispute. The police
SPORTS EDITOR them, and its truly a question that people are angry: inac- Please, remove Silent Sam. reasons why? were not protecting black men.
SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM of why Chancellor Folt and the tion is. Given the continued Remove it tonight. Remove The page that Chancellor This, while in an undergradu-
COLE DEL CHARCO University administration are mishandling of this situation, it and bear whatever legal Folt linked us to is titled, ate class of 18,000, fewer than
AUDIO EDITOR so bent on fighting for Sam, the UNC community should consequences may come. The Message About First 700 are African-American
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM and protecting a statue pro- call for the Chancellors resig- cost could not be greater than Amendment Protections, men. A product of educational
moting white supremacy. nation. Then perhaps we can the potential loss of life we Outside Speakers, Confederate and social systems which are
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR find a Chancellor who will face as long as Sam continues Monument. It cites The Free more interested in detain-
Insaaf Mohamed serve this community by put- to cast its shadow over the Speech Act, passed by the ing and imprisoning men of
Class of 18 ting its safety and well-being gateway to our campus. North Carolina Legislature at color than protecting them.
NATHAN KLIMA before PR concerns. Sometimes, doing the the end of June 2017. The police were not protecting
PHOTO EDITOR right thing comes with conse- The Free Speech Act trans students. This, while our
Folt has a voice and is John Martin quences. Do it anyway. requires the University to President insists on institution-
SARAH LUNDGREN, choosing not to use it Graduate Student implement a range of disci- alizing the very hate that con-
Lindsay Ayling plinary actions for students tinues to put their lives at risk.
TO THE EDITOR: 8/29 Graduate student and employees who substan- In fact, rather than protect-
The Chancellor is not a Chapel Hill could tially interfere with another ing these groups, the police
glorified development officer become Charlottesville persons protected free speech detained, harassed, assaulted,
or ceremonial figurehead. Carol Folts letter was rights. This includes protests shoved, and attacked them.
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. She leads a major university TO THE EDITOR: 8/23 written too clinically that limit the ability of others So who were the police
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tyler Fleming, Editor-in-chief, 962-4086 to hear a speaker. protecting? Silent Sam.
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 You cannot ask us not to A statue whose very exis-
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 CORRECTIONS gather. You cannot ask us tence is in explicit memorial to
One copy per person; not to speak up, together the violence that the state has
additional copies may be purchased
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. The Daily Tar Heel reports any inac- on this page. Errors committed because we truly are strongest perpetrated against communi-
Please report suspicious activity at curate information published as on the Opinion Page have cor- Contact Managing Editor Jessica together. Anyone has the ties of color for over a century.
our distribution racks by emailing soon as the error is discovered. rections printed on that page. Swanson at managing.editor@ right to spew hate, but if that
dth@dailytarheel.com person is outnumbered by Andrew Brennan
Corrections also are noted in the dailytarheel.com with issues
2012 DTH Media Corp.
Editorial corrections will be printed online versions of our stories. about this policy. many, we have the right to Class of 19
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The Daily Tar Heel Letters from Alumni Monday, September 4, 2017 3
LETTERS TO Saunders on their lawns, per-
haps in full Klan regalia, for
Balance Sam with a TO THE EDITOR:
I am writing to urge that
8/23 students of Lincoln High
School with whom I sat in.
any way the social and politi-
cal equality of the white and
statue to Black soldiers
THE EDITOR their defense of our institu- Silent Sam remain where it is The Lincoln students were black races, that I am not
tion against Hurston Hall. TO THE EDITOR: 8/19 and as it is. the bravest and most inspir- nor ever have been in favor
Excuses to keep Silent Should they object, they Here is a solution to the I am a proud Carolina ing people I ever met, and of making voters or jurors
Sam do not stack up will simply have to learn to Silent Sam problem: alum, former US Ambassador it was an honor to be in jail of negroes, nor of qualifying
embrace our history, as the Have a statue of one of with 30 years of overseas ser- with them. them to hold office, nor to
TO THE EDITOR: 08/19 emblems cannot be removed. the US Black Troops from vice in 11 countries, including But now I believe both that intermarry with white people;
Silent Sam has been debat- Alternatively, they might sim- North Carolina, holding his Iraq, the Haiti earthquake Sam should be removed in a and I will say in addition
ed in The Daily Tar Heel since ply overturn the ban. rifle, facing south, in front of and, if it makes any difference dignified way to some other to this that there is a physi-
a plurality of voices first arose But why stop there? Our Silent Sam. This way, Silent to prove in no way am I moti- location on campus, and that cal difference between the
in public discourse in the legislators should be reminded Sam would not need to be vated by racism, 10 years liv- the monument to the young white and black races which
south during the Civil Rights of the Lost Cause through removed or even moved. He ing and working on economic civil rights activists should also I believe will forever forbid
movement. UNC adminis- statues in the restrooms at would simply be balanced by development in Africa. be erected. Monuments are not the two races living together
trators should stop hiding the General Assembly. Our a another memorial of histo- It is too easy and facile to merely historical markers but on terms of social and politi-
behind excuses and act. General Assembly has decided ry. Blacks served in the Union equate Confederate monu- also honor our central values, cal equality. And inasmuch
I have heard rationales to make restrooms so safe Army as Colored Troops, as ments per se with racism. I which should include most our as they cannot so live, while
about: through HB 2 that rabble- they were called. know my own North Carolina shared value and dignity as Tar they do remain together
A) history and heritage, rousers would not dare trans- There were even Union familys history with the Civil Heels and as Americans. there must be the position of
but why celebrate a history gress in that safe space. The Colored Troop regiments War. They/we owned no slaves superior and inferior, and I as
mythologized to hide its most statues would be protected form North Carolina. and were certainly not fighting Charles L. Thompson much as any other man am in
egregious aspect: the war was twice over. http://www.ncgenweb.us/ for slavery during that terrible Class of 65 favor of having the superior
fought to justify the enslave- Since our state has already ncusct/usct.htm conflict. They were fighting position assigned to the white
ment of 4 million human seen fit to erect Confederate The above site has a picture mostly because the other side Does the country learns race. That was Abraham
beings because of their color? monuments in places other of Sgt. Frank Roberts of the NC was down here. Lincoln, in an 1858 speech in
B) States rights, but for Colored Volunteers. He could
from its history?
than graves, museums, and When I was a young kid in Illinois.
what? The answer is slav- battlefields, this memorabilia be a model for the statue of the Winston-Salem, I remember TO THE EDITOR: 8/27
ery. Articles of secession has just as much place in the Union soldier.This is appropri- listening to my great grand- Some are railing against the David Robinette
of Mississippi and South NCGAs hallowed halls and ate since the model for Silent father speaking about the cost of guarding Silent Sam Class of 91
Carolina state so quite clearly. stalls as they do in front of Sam was a northerner. terrible hardships of growing on the campus of UNC. Isnt
As a UNC alum and a courthouses or on the UNC up in Reconstruction-period it worth that small amount to Confederate descendant
white guy from the south campus. Lets make sure our Mike Conrad North Carolina. The point is preserve peace and prevent
whose ancestors fought for Class of 74
condemns Silent Sam
history is not erased. that it is too easy and inaccu- possible wanton destruction of
the Confederacy, Id suggest: rate to automatically equate the statue? TO THE EDITOR: 8/24
Take Silent Sam down as a Andy Plante-Kropp Build the future, dont symbols of our history for When many look at the I am related to one of the
disgraceful reminder of when Class of 12 destroy the past better or worse with simply statue they see a symbol of 300+ Confederate Carolina
Lost Cause myths coincided nefarious and negative values. the Confederacy that enslaved alumni in whose honor Silent
with the rise of Jim Crow laws, Removing Silent Sam TO THE EDITOR: 8/23 I think Silent Sam should black people for generations. Sam was supposedly erected,
the KKK and lynchings; or When I was a student at be seen as representative of I do not see a general with as well as members of the
contextualize him with the
maintains UNCs legacy
UNC, in the early 70s, the the many UNC students of epaulettes riding a beautiful Daughters of the Confederacy,
real history of our communi- TO THE EDITOR: 8/23 only concern we had about the day who fought and died horse; rather I see an ordi- the same group that funded
ties in a monument overshad- The very purpose of the Silent Sam was whether or according to the values and nary soldier with an empty its installation in 1913.
owing him with the horrors Confederacy was to preserve not his gun would go off. belief that they saw no ammunition pouch. He may Silent Sam must go.
of slavery, racism and white the institution of slavery. And The story was that if a virgin matter how we judge them be thinking of returning to My family has a long
terrorism built on a process the purpose of Confederate walked by, his gun would today as right, fitting and an impoverished family and history at UNC and North
of inclusive dialogue by the remembrance is to embrace go off. But then we had even noble. country and of his fellow sol- Carolina and a deep affec-
UNC community. those principles of white dealt with desegregation in Please consider taking the diers who died in the war. tion for both. It frustrates me
In my professional life, I supremacy. Silent Sam and our schools, Vietnam, and long and reflective view and Silent Sam makes one when people with no real con-
have worked with people put in other statues were erected whether or not we would be not act in a spasm of short- think of the stupidity of war nection to Carolina insist that
concentration camps, women in attempt to revise history. bombed by Russia. sighted emotion. and that nobody comes out of a a monument that has upset so
raped and young men recruit- Keeping them up does not help I am sorry that todays stu- war without injuries to the soul many people for so long must
ed into fighting for the wrong us remember our past, but dents do not respect the past Lewis Lucke or of the devastation wrought. remain in place in the name
ideas for the same principles instead creates false memory in and learn from it more. The Class of 73 He reminds me that we of my ancestors. Every living
of racial or ethnic superiority which racism didnt exist. Civil War in our country was as a nation never learn from descendant I know (most are
that underlie this monument. This fake history prevents devastating to both sides. Sam should be history but keep repeating it also UNC alumni) agrees that
Take Silent Sam down now, or us from being able to under- It left families torn apart, over and over. they do not want this monu-
build a monument around him
removed, now
stand our present, in which people without homes, land, ment to remain in its current
which tells the whole story. racism is clearly alive and well. work or even food. TO THE EDITOR: 8/22 Eunice Brock location if it causes any mem-
Putting the statues up was an To tear down statutes, I am a veteran of the sit-ins Class of 67 bers of our community to feel
Milburn Line effort to erase history. Taking change the names of build- for civil rights here in Chapel hurt or disrespected.
Class of 86 them down moves us one step ings or take chapters out of Hill during the 1963-64 aca- If we remove Silent I cant understand how
closer to better understanding history books, you are say- demic year. I was arrested anyone can say that their
Sam, what is next?
Build racist monuments our past and hopefully making ing that none of that mat- on six counts of trespass- tepid nostalgic affection for a
on Pat McCrorys lawn a better future. tered. But it did. We should ing and resisting arrest and TO THE EDITOR: 8/25 monument to strangers who
I would like to remind be learning from it not spent almost a month in the It seems protesters call- died over 150 years ago is
TO THE EDITOR: 8/17 Chancellor Folt that UNC destroying it. The things Chapel Hill jail at the corner ing for the removal of Silent more important than the fact
The General Assembly and students have been on the students do today will be the of Columbia and Rosemary Sam and other Confederate that this monument causes
Governor Pat McCrory prohib- vanguard of social changes for history of tomorrow. How do Streets. memorials have ignited a genuine pain to any of our fel-
ited the removal of Confederate many decades, and our state you want to be remembered? I am also a native North movement to remove memo- low living humans today.
monuments by law in 2015. is the better for it. Even stu- How would you feel if your Carolinian and thus, a rials to anyone who has done Keeping this monument in
In light of recent events, and dents that never picked up a grandchildren want to tear native Southerner. As or said something offensive. its current location of high-
to ensure that those who favor sign or chanted a slogan ben- down and change what you Southerners, my wife and I For example, a candidate for est honor on campus sends
Confederate monuments can efitted from experiencing this are trying to build? once walked the heartbreak- mayor of New York City has the message that the dead
keep seeing them, I have a place of learning and possibil- To destroy the remnants ing path of Picketts Charge called for closure of Ulysses are more important than the
modest proposal. ity. The entire state benefits of our history, to tear down at Gettysburg, right up to S. Grants tomb because she living and that pride is more
I propose installing a from the optimism, creativity, the reminders of what people the split rail fence where so said he was anti-Semitic. By important than kindness.
replica of the fallen Durham and change that emanates (good or bad) fought for, is many young men from North logical extension, if racist The future of this state
courthouse statue on from UNC year after year. like killing those people all Carolina died about a hun- statements made by someone and our nation will be in the
McCrorys lawn, or the near- This legacy of activism over again and repeating dred years before our sit-ins. at the dedication of a memo- hands of the UNC students
est public sidewalk. As a pro- and social change is part of their mistakes. Leave the past The combination of these rial to students of UNC who who set foot on this campus
tector of these monuments, what makes UNC and North where it is and work to build two identities makes the issue died in battle as Confederate every fall. How can we ask
I am sure he will not mind. Carolina great. Taking Silent the future, not tear it down. of Silent Sam an excruciating soldiers justifies its removal, them to love Carolina when
If he declines, Im sure the Sam down will be another one for me. surely the following state- this statue sends the message
NC legislators who voted for step in forging our better Teresa McLemore For some time, my prefer- ment made by this famous that Carolina doesnt love
the bill will accept their own future together. Class of 76 ence would have been to leave public figure justifies removal them?
copies. the statue in place but to pair of monuments to him: I am
UNCs trustees may also Ruby Sinreich Not all Confederates it with an equally large and not, nor have ever been in Rachell Underhill
wish to have William L. Class of 93 impressive monument to the favor of bringing about in Class of 01
fought for slavery

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4 Monday, September 4, 2017 Letters from Faculty and Staff The Daily Tar Heel

LETTERS TO understand the daily trauma

that students, staff, and faculty TO THE EDITOR: 8/23
tration is engaged in a petty
squabble with the Campus Y
moral and economic bank-
ruptcy of the Soviet Union
have the upmost respect for
the American Presidency.
THE EDITOR experience by having to live, Whats Going On? over the posting of political that led to its collapse in 1989- I can well understand why
learn, and work at a campus The University was handed banners. The Chancellors ini- 91 and to the ending of com- his first months as President
Silent Sam isnt alone in that continues to uphold, a get out of jail free card by tial communique in response munist dictatorships in East have been frustrating and
supporting racism maintain, and even protect, Governor Roy Cooperand to events in Charlottesville Germany, Poland and other challenging after his finan-
statues, as well as building and declined to use it. WTF? included an appended state- eastern European countries. cially successful leadership for
TO THE EDITOR: 8/28 street names that immortal- Even more baffling is the ment that declared an abso- Our two older brothers several decades of a business
Its no coincidence that ize slaveholders and white fact that we requested the lute right to free speech on served in combat in World enterprise with apparently no
Silent Sam remains on cam- supremacists. All the while, card. Spurred by a letter this campus. Yet now her War II in the 1940s in the independent board of directors
pus while the UNC Board of UNC proclaims itself to be from Chapel Hill mayor Pam administration is relying on fight against Nazi oppres- and no shareholders other than
Governors is likely to silence the University of the People. Hemminger, someone (I invoking bureaucratic minutia sion and genocide. One was immediate family members.
the work of the Center for Which people? I ask. assume it was our Chancellor, to take down the Ys signs. a B24 navigator who flew On January 20, 2017, however,
Civil Rights at its board meet- Carol Folt, but do not know Finally, as one last dem- many perilous bombing mis- he became President of the
ing on Sept. 8th. Professor Kia Caldwell what transpired behind the onstration of a determina- sions over German from a nation with the largest econo-
Silent Sam teaches us that scenes) managed a feat of tion to act in mysterious and base in England and one my in the world, and became
white supremacy is alive and There is a real lack of unalloyed diplomatic bril- secretive ways, we get the was wounded by German 88 Commander in Chief of the
well and that people of color, liance: a letter to the gover- announcement of a new pro- shrapnel as an infantryman worlds most powerful and
especially African Americans,
diversity on campus
nor co-signed by Margaret vost. The move took every- in France after D-Day. Our sophisticated military force.
dont count. Telling the TO THE EDITOR: 8/27 Spellings, president of the one on campus by surprise. father and two of his brothers Our nation also has a free
Centers lawyers to end litiga- Silent Sam/Jim Crow/New UNC system, Carol Folt, Lou Whats worse: we get a new served in combat in France and independent press that for
tion sends the same message Jim Crow, Bissette, chair of the systems provost with a complete abro- in the final US and allied better or worse since George
that the University shouldnt While many have correctly Board of Governors, and gation of any procedure for offensive against the Germans Washingtons time has moni-
provide legal services to low- pointed to the shameful con- Haywood Cochrane, chair of his appointment. No naming that ended World War I on tored, reported and editorial-
wealth communities of color. nection between the erection the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of an interim, no formation of November 11, 1918. ized on the function of the indi-
Its time to take an unequivo- of Silent Sam and the Jim of Trustees. That letter, citing a search committee, no public I am daily reminded of viduals who have been elected
cal stand against white suprem- Crow regime of racial segrega- safety concerns, asked for a meetings with finalists for the what the defeat of Hitlers to govern this exceptional and
acy and the symbols that tion, we need to remember ruling about excepting Silent position, no consultation with Nazis in 1945 meant to the still evolving American experi-
uphold it. Lets demand that Michelle Alexanders chal- Sam from the 2015 law forbid- anyone on campus. world and the US by the pres- ment in democracy.
the UNC Board of Governors lenge to uncover continuities ding the removal of historical The Chancellor is acting ence of a vibrant 93-year-old The Presidents tweets have
preserve the CCR and that between the Jim Crow era and monuments on public land. like a tinpot autocrat. On the neighbor, most of whose undoubtedly been enjoyed and
University leaders help us to our own, which she calls the The Governor responded one hand, afraid of her own Jewish family in Poland were cheered by many, but tweets of
finally put Silent Sam to rest. New Jim Crow. But wait. Isnt swiftly and unambigu- shadow, she cant act decisive- killed by the Nazis. She sur- 140 characters each can only
Chapel Hill a bastion of lib- ously, authorizing Silent Sams ly when she is handed a green vived by hiding in a Catholic spread resentments and dis-
Prof. Sherryl Kleinman eral diversity and inclusion, as removal. I fully expected to light by the Governor. On the familys farmhouse attic for 22 cord when used for diplomatic
Prof. Maria DeGuzman Chancellor Folt claims ad nau- arrive on campus Tuesday other hand, she has isolated months. After the war, she and negotiations or policy making.
seum? From the grin on Silent morning and find that UNC, in herself from the university her husband became immi- The wider consequences of
Folt and Trustees Sams face you might suspect a move echoing recent actions community, interacting with grants to the US and then US his tweeting, his spontaneous
should take action its not. With Chapel Hill as its at the University of Texas, had us through statements that it citizens, while raising a family pronouncements and many
center, 13 percent of Orange removed the statue during the takes a Talmudic scholar or a who has contributed signifi- of his policy changes have
TO THE EDITOR: 8/28 County is African-American night. Instead, the statue was Kremlinologist to decipher, cantly to this nation. distanced him from many in
I am writing to urge while Orange Countys prison surrounded by a double row of and embracing non-trans- During the 20th century the US government he needs
Chancellor Folt and the UNC- population (in country, state fences and a sign was posted parency. Whats going on? tens of millions of young men, to carry out his policies. They
Chapel Hill Board of Trustees and federal jails) is between stipulating proper behavior Damned if I know. like the seven brothers in have also alienated many of
to take immediate action to 65-75 percent Black accord- in its presence. And then the Heres my message to Carol two generations of my family, the USs allies around the
remove the Silent Sam statue ing to local public defenders. University, later in the day, Folt. We the faculty, students served in the military of the world and have emboldened
and reconsider the mora- And UNC? The incoming turned its back on the ruling it and staff of this university US and its allies. The ulti- our international adversaries.
torium on the renaming of frosh classes have been 8-9 requested, and stated it didnt are your partners in the edu- mate sacrifices of millions of To paraphrase John Jays 1787
campus buildings. We are at percent Black, about one agree with the Governors cational mission of this great them are affirmed by the mili- words, what a poor, pitiful
a critical moment in the his- third of the African-American interpretation of the law, even university. We are not danger- tary cemeteries such as those figure America has become in
tory of our campus; visionary population of North Carolina. while agreeing that campus ous, unruly and unpredictable across Europe, at Arlington the eyes of other nations and
and courageous leadership is The New York Times of 8/25 would be safer without the subjects who need to be man- and at Pearl Harbor. how liable have we become to
needed now more than ever. (Affirmative Action Yields Confederate memorial. aged. Stop being afraid of us The fragile and interrelated their contempt and outrage.
As someone who has been Little Progress on Campus for The mind reels. The chief and start working with us. nature of our nations domestic Many hoped that the frus-
on the UNC faculty for over Blacks and Hispanics) claims Executive officer of the state and international affairs were trations of the President in his
twelve years, I am dismayed the percentage of Blacks and tells you that a certain action Prof. John McGowan deliberated by John Jay, one of first months would be used as
by the drastic change in the Latinx at UNC-CH has been is legitimate and lawful. Americas visionary Founding lessons about the changes that
campus climate related to shrinking since 1980Tar But you decide he might be Veteran professors sees Fathers and the first Chief were needed to unite and gov-
issues of diversity and social Heels are paler now than they wrong. What could motivate Justice of the US Supreme ern this American democracy
past in the present
justice in recent years. When I were in the 1970s. This whiten- such a decision? Clearly, if Court, in a Federalist essay in that has been envied around
first arrived on campus, there ing has occurred while North the governor gives you the go TO THE EDITOR: 8/24 1787. He argued convincingly the world for well over two
were intense discussions of Carolina itself is growing more ahead, you are not going to My younger brother and I against a proposal for several centuries. In spite of recent
the newly-installed Unsung diverse. We should see the self- be prosecuted by his branchs each served in the US Army nations of adjacent states on the changes in his advisors he has
Founders Memorial and the congratulatory messaging of attorney general if you pro- in Germany in the 1950s-60s American continent and for a daily demonstrated his inabil-
George Moses Horton dormi- UNC diversity (and Chapel Hill ceed. The legislature will, during the Cold War when single United States of America, ity or unwillingness to help
tory, which was renamed for inclusivity) from senior admin- doubtless, be unhappy, but tensions were very high which was established by the achieve our Founding Fathers
an enslaved African-American istrators as actually a teargas they have no prosecutorial between Soviet Russia and 1789 US Constitution that has dream of a free and united
poet who sold his writings to smokescreen for a new insidi- powers. True, the University the US and its allies. I arrived served as a guiding light for our people and an efficient and
UNC students. Fast forward ous form of white supremacy; could, I guess, be sued over in 1961 at my post at the US nation ever since. If one substi- well administrated United
twelve years and we are now a Tar Heel New Jim Crow. the matter, and could suffer at Army Hospital in Landstuhl, tutes todays China and Russia States government. I thus
embroiled in avoidable, albeit Slamming Sams face to the the hands of a vindictive leg- West Germany, which was for Britain, France and Spain, respectfully urge the President
painful discussions and pro- ground is just the beginning of islature somewhere down the only some 400 miles west of the world powers of 1787, then to consider resignation as the
tests about a statue that has a long struggle for justice. line. But should such possible the newly erected Berlin Wall Jays advice about our inter- most responsible and honor-
been the source of controversy ill effects over-rule immediate that separated the enslaved national relationships applies able course of action to save the
for generations of UNC stu- Prof. Mark Driscoll safety concerns, not to men- peoples of the Soviet east equally well today. Presidency, our democracy and
dents and faculty. As a faculty tion the poisonous message from the free world to the When Mr. Trump was our world from catastrophe.
member of color, it is dis- Professor examines Folt the statue sends every day? I west. The Wall, and the free inaugurated I wished him
heartening to have University dont think so. worlds unfaltering response success since we have only William W. McLendon
leaders who do not seem to
and Cooper interaction Meanwhile, the adminis- one President at a time and I Professor emeritus
to it, were the beginning of the

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The Daily Tar Heel Letters from the Community Monday, September 4, 2017 5
LETTERS TO to many people; displaying it
on public lands sort of adds
actually understand why they
are smearing an entire profes-
wounds but from disease, with
dysentery being the number
What were the people who
established the monument
symbol of justice is found,
we suggest a life-sized
THE EDITOR insult to injury. On the other sion? I doubt it. one killer during the Civil War. trying to accomplish? Why monument in the form of a
hand, the statue is a symbol No person should be hon- in 2017 does it still exist? question mark serve as the
Dont enlist of historical fact, and when Janie Wagstaff ored or glorified for killing What do the caretakers of replacement. As the univer-
Confederates today we as a society go down the Durham another person. If someone the monument believe to be sal symbol of the Socratic
road of trying to erase facts we takes another persons life, the constructive result of the method, the question mark
TO THE EDITOR: 8/16 simply dont like is certainly then they should do it only to monument in regards to the ties in directly with the mis-
In 2015 after a white
Rejection of liberalism
dangerous and fascist in its defend themselves. But even quality of relationships of sion of the University of
supremacist massacred nine own right; having it on public is a good thing in self-defense, there should be people to each other? North Carolina, that is, to
people at a black church in land has allowed me to see it TO THE EDITOR: 8/28 no memorial statues, no special Compensatory law requires improve the quality of life
South Carolina the General as an educational artifact very Its rather humorous that recognitions, no celebrations, that when any monument is for people in this society and
Assembly passed a law block- conducive to further thought UNC-CH students are only no parades, no awards and no removed, something (even if solve the biggest problems on
ing local governments from and learning. Whatever comes now demonstrating for the medals for killing someone. its just air) must replace it. the planet.
removing them without the of Sam, I hope any decisions removal of Silent Sam. Why? Because we should value In a world full of death, According to logic, all
states permission. There are are not based on raw emotion Where were they during all life and longevity. destruction, disease, and problems are solved through
about a hundred monuments but are carefully reasoned, Obamas presidency? It only As problems solvers we non-justice, UNC Walk for the process of questions and
to the Confederacy in North considerate, and arising from shows you politics and liberal must ask many direct ques- Health recommends that answers.
Carolina. They werent erected diverse viewpoints. political bias are the motiva- tions concerning any histori- when Silent Sam is removed
immediately after the war tions. cal monument. What is the it be replaced with a sym- William Thorpe
to honor the fallen; rather, Rob Daleiden Trump handily beat Clinton purpose for the monument? bol of justice. Until a better UNC Walk for Health
most were built decades later Chapel Hill in part because a lot of decent
to send a message to African moral people are getting really
Americans about who was
Police are unfairly dis- fed up with liberal judgmental-

really in charge. Silent Sam ism, liberal self-righteousness
is a memorial to the 321 UNC respected by students

to feel
and liberal name-calling .
alumni who died during the TO THE EDITOR: 8/29 Left-wing hypocrites will

Civil War. During its dedica-

I watched in amazement whine about, for examples,
tion, former Confederate sol- the video from the Silent bullying and name-calling,

dier and industrialist Julian Sam protests on campus. The then they will engage in bul-
Carr recalled that just one group was chanting the same lying and name-calling. They
hundred yards away, he had line as the communist group, like to whine about censor-
horse-whipped a Negro Workers World Party, who was ship, then try to engage in
wench, until her skirt hung responsible for taking down censorship. They are so
in shreds, because upon the the Confederate statue at the blinded by hate they cant see
streets of this quiet village old Durham County court- how ridiculous they look.
she had publicly insulted and house. Cops and the Klan go Some liberal bigots are so

But when
maligned a Southern lady. hand in hand. What would extreme they actually believe
Confederate monuments have inspire the young students it is okay to discriminate
always been symbols of white to use the same meme as the against and legally persecute

you dont,
supremacy. The heyday of WWP - unless the protest was decent moral businesspeople
monument building, between instigated by the WWP? who merely dont want to
1890 and 1920, was also a time Durham is the same major- cater to heterophobic homo-
of extreme racial violence, as
Southern whites pushed back
against what little progress
ity minority city as Houston.
In Durham, police officers
sexuals! Truly bizarre.
More and more people were here
for you.
protect more black people are seeing what liberals really
had been made by African- every single day than any are and are soundly rejecting
Americans. Take it down. other group. I know, my 24 yr. them. Thats a good thing.
Let the dead lie still in old son is one of them. Would
their graves. They already these students, with little or no Wayne Lela
fought in one war. Dont real world experience, explain
enlist them for the one youre to me how their chant helps
fighting today. UNC Walk for Health
anyone? Does their collectivist
chant mimicking that of com- questions Silent Sam
Gloria Faley munists who are responsible
Chapel Hill TO THE EDITOR: 8/28
for the deaths of millions For many UNC students,
across the world save any alumni, faculty and employ-
Resident hopes for lives? How about in Houston? ees, the Confederate Soldiers
logic Was the police officer who Monument (Silent Sam) prom-
died today leaving his home to
TO THE EDITOR: 8/21 help with rescues basing his
inently displayed upon the
hallowed grounds of the main Fast in and out with online check-in
Im torn and Ive got a feel- decisions on whom to rescue northern entrance of campus is
ing Im not alone. Given all based on race? Absolutely not. a symbol of slavery, segregation Were locally owned and managed.
of the recent protesting of Would the black citizens and racism/white supremacy.
Confederate statues, I keep of Houston prefer that the For others, it represents sedi- Offering fast and caring treatment for wounds,
asking myself whether the police department didnt
Silent Sam Statue should help during an epic flood?
tion, secession and treason. burns, sickness, injuries, accidents and more.
More than 620,000 sol-
stay or go? Why it should go Do the young women of UNC diers died during the Civil
1840 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. M-Th: 8 am - 7 pm
is because it is a symbol of prefer that there is no police War including at least 287
past slavery, oppression, and Chapel Hill F: 8 am - 4 pm
department to call if they are UNC students. Most of these
persecution, and is offensive attacked? Do any students deaths were not from gunshot 919-510-6679 www.medaccess-uc.com S-Su: 9 am - 3 pm

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6 Monday, September 4, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Labor Day edition

Controversial contraceptives under fire
Trumps run their business the way they see
In North Carolina, 1.6 million

health care women have preventative services

with zero-cost sharing, according to

plan reduces
the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services.
Alison Kiser, senior direc-

birth control tor of external affairs at Planned

Parenthood South Atlantic,
said the ACA mandates ban on
coverage co-pays, deductibles and other
expenses allowed some of Planned
Parenthoods patients to access
By Danielle Chemtob affordable birth control for the first
Staff Writer time.
Prior to this requirement,
Fifty-five million women nation- women might have to pay up to $60
wide could lose access to free con- per month just to get their monthly
traceptives through employer health birth control, which, for women on
coverage if a Trump administration a tight budget, low income women,
plan to alter an Affordable Care Act students, really put this basic health
mandate is finalized. care service out of reach, she said.
The changes proposed by the Tara Romano, executive direc-
Trump administration would allow tor of NARAL Pro-Choice NC, said
any employer to apply for an exemp- while some women only pay $5 to
tion to covering contraceptive care $15 per month for birth control pills,
based on religious beliefs or moral the cost can add up.
convictions. Its a long term, as opposed to
The draft revision, leaked in other prescriptions that you might
May, has been praised by religious
freedom advocates, who have been
get once like antibiotics for
some illness youre dealing with, she
the cost barrier for long-acting con-
traceptives such as the IUD and the
Its no business of the government to mandate that any-
engaged in years of legal battles with said. implant, which can cost hundreds of one has to cover contraceptives in their health care plan.
the federal government over the Since the contraceptive coverage dollars up front without insurance.
Birth control is not one-size fits
Tami Fitzgerald
mandate. mandate was enacted, the number of
all, she said. And its really unfortu- executive director of N.C. Values Coalition
Tami Fitzgerald, executive direc- privately insured women who paid
tor of N.C. Values Coalition, said nothing out-of-pocket for birth con- nate that a woman might not be able
opposition to the mandate is about trol has skyrocketed. According to to choose the best method for her revision to the mandate is gender own health plans, she said.
more than religious or moral objec- data from reproductive rights research due to financial constraints. discrimination and that it violates the Fitzgerald said women can
tions. group the Guttmacher Institute, Now as religious freedom advo- separation of church and state. already access birth control at coun-
Its no business of the govern- before the guarantee, just 15 percent cates praise the governments Fitzgerald dismissed the argument. ty health departments, hospitals and
ment to mandate that anyone has to of women had no out-of-pocket fees proposed changes, reproductive Its an outlandish claim to say that clinics like Planned Parenthood.
cover contraceptives in their health for the birth control pill after the rights organizations are threatening its discrimination against women What were talking about here is
care plan, she said. These are pri- guarantee, over two-thirds of women their own litigation. The National for the government to give business who pays for it, she said.
vate businesses were talking about. paid nothing out of pocket. Womens Law Center has argued that owners the freedom to cover what @daniellechemtob
They should have the freedom to Kiser said the mandate eliminated by addressing just birth control, the they feel necessary to cover in their state@dailytarheel.com

Labor Day alleviates city parking pressure

Franklin Street teed free parking spaces in
Turtle Lot on North Columbia
parking charges mean they
have to pay to get to work.
have their own lots or spaces
nearby, providing employees
employees need to Street, but space is scarce. Banks said this concern will who drive to work a place to
For other employees, likely be alleviated as many park for free.
pay to park at work. theres a pay lot for $1.50 an students who use free parking Lindas Bar and Grill owner
hour and two lots for $1.00 decks around Franklin Street Chris Carini said his employees
By Doug Dubrowski an hour, Vengoechea said. go home for Labor Day week- have access to parking in an
Staff Writer On days where parking end, opening up lots of free alleyway behind his restaurant.
spots are more in demand, spaces for commuting employ- We never really have a
As Labor Day weekend such as when home foot- ees of local businesses. problem, Carini said. We
approaches, many University ball games are scheduled, Although he expects can fit maybe ten cars back
students can look forward Vengoechea said parking an influx of fans for this here.
to spending time idling in costs jump much higher. Saturdays football game, Benny Cappellas gen-
Chapel Hill traffic on their On game days when Im Banks said the large number eral manager Chase Sessoms
way home to visit family. not managing, I pay $20 to of students leaving town for said that employees of the
For employees of Franklin get in the lot, so you have to the weekend should mean Franklin Street pizza place
Street businesses who often pay to work, she said. Ive parking will remain available usually dont have trouble DTH/TYLER FLEMING
pay for parking, the holiday gotten to work early and sat and affordable for local finding parking either. Cars parked in the Wallace Parking Deck on E. Rosemary St.
weekend means free spots in Starbucks for an hour just employees. My employees can park Friday afternoon.
that are usually occupied by so I dont have to pay the fee. Even with the football in the lot behind here, which
students become much more Scott Banks, Parking game that were having on they finally finished, he said. Chapel Hill parking is church parking or religious
available. Services supervisor for Chapel Saturday, I would assume that Banks said employees who always free on Sundays, a parking of some sort in the
Clara Vengoechea, bar- Hill, said parking is free all on Monday there would be work late can also access free tradition Banks said helps morning time, Banks said.
tender and floor manager at day Sunday and on Labor plenty of parking throughout spots by waiting until Chapel attract tourism to the town. I think the downtown busi-
Spankys Restaurant and Bar, Day, but hes heard com- the town, he said. Hill Parking Services closes so On Sundays, we used to nesses kind of were pushing
said that managers, head chefs plaints from many Chapel Several shops and restau- they can park without paying open up at 2 oclock, so basi- to just make it free all day.
and sous-chefs have guaran- Hill workers that the regular rants around Chapel Hill a fee. cally the town was free for city@dailytarheel.com

Fantastic feasts and Students stand up across North Carolina

where to find them Campus protests break
out across the state as
in regards to speech and what
it said, the organization itself is
still a threat to student safety,
specifically those that identify
ence sort of figuring out what
you believe, what you want to
believe, what you did believe and
now might not, she said. I think
Local business owners Id recommend the peach salad, which tensions rise. with marginalized identities on thats what the space has become,
I really love, she said. We only have it our campus, Clayton said. is for college to be a place for
recommend Labor Day eats. here during the summer, but people miss By CJ Farris Clayton said students were
afraid, and many were angry at
learning and of challenges and
challenging your own beliefs.
it all year round. Staff Writer
By Adam Phan Meanwhile, Greg Overbeck, a co-own- the lack of strong response from Bowman is also chair of Salem
Assistant Arts Editor er of Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, said In the wake of protests over administration and Appalachian Colleges History Society and said
he thinks the brown sugar baby back ribs Confederate monuments in States Chancellor Sheri Everts. the administration responded
For students, Labor Day means no at Spankys Restaurant and Bar is a great Chapel Hill and Durham, stu- Appalachian States Student to protests by creating a history
class, and no class means a golden oppor- Labor Day dish. dents at Appalachian State Government Association plans committee to modify the schools
tunity to venture out into Chapel Hill and Its extremely popular and fits in with University and Salem College are to host an event focusing on hate traditions and make them more
eat good food. the holiday feel, he said. First, we dry taking a stand against controver- crimes on college campuses and inclusive and truthful.
Trey Cleveland, the head executive chef rub them with brown sugar, broil them sial acts on their campuses. encouraging students to support Carter said those who would
at Top of the Hill, said he thinks a good and serve them with barbecue sauce, Last week at Appalachian each other. rather see a regression of cultur-
Labor Day meal depends on where youre which makes it scrumptious. State, members of Identity Students at Salem College al progress have been embold-
located. Although Labor Day is an opportunity Evropa, a white supremacist have also been working to ened by the political landscape.
If Im at the coast, Im hopefully eat- to chow down, its also a chance to spend group, hung a banner on the uni- ensure marginalized voices are He said opponents of universi-
ing fresh cod fish and oysters, he said. If time with family and friends as summer versitys campus before the first protected at their school. ties remaining bastions of liberal
Im at home, Im smoking pork shoulders. fades into fall and the school year starts day of class in an effort to recruit Jessi Bowman, a senior at free thought and national politi-
And if Im out and about say here in up again. or intimidate students. Salem College, said in April cal rhetoric has created the illu-
Chapel Hill Im probably going to do My daughter has a soccer tournament According to their Twitter students organized a sit-in to sion of a license to hate.
Als Burger Shack, Buns, Trolly Stop Hot in Greenville, South Carolina, over the account, Identity Evropa has protest a variety of topics such So the rats can come out of
Dogs or Sup Dogs. weekend, but Ill be back on Monday, been active at other colleges as a lack of support from their the sewer, Carter said. And
If you stop by Top of the Hill, Overbeck said. Ill work a little bit and such as the University of Texas counseling center, racism in everyone feels like theyre
Cleveland said that their locally grown then spend time with my wife and kids at at Austin and Long Beach City classrooms and school traditions allowed to use hate speech
beef burgers are the way to go. home. College in California. stemming from Salem Colleges because the president does.
Ruby Brinkerhoff, the manager of However, Brinkerhoff said that Labor Anderson Clayton, student slave-owning founder. Clayton also said politics
Mediterranean Deli, said she doesnt Day marks the start of a renewed energy body president at Appalachian Bowman said there have not have made it seem like hateful
think Labor Day really has a food theme, in Chapel Hill since students are back on State, said the banner on cam- been any formal protests this acts are acceptable, but college
but that its important to eat summer campus. Suddenly, Franklin Street has pus was up for about 20 minutes fall, which partially stems from campuses standing at the center
foods while you still can. more feet pounding its pavement and the before the Carolina Mountain the administrations sudden of cultural protests is not a new
Id definitely get fresh salads that tables at local restaurants start filling up Redneck Revolt, a group not and comprehensive protest development.
involve vegetables that are only grown again. associated with the university, policy issued last April requiring I think this has been going
here during the summer, she said. Its When all the students come back, life removed the banner and posted students to get pre-approval in on for years, she said. And the
when everything is growing, everything is kind of revives itself around here, she a message on Facebook assert- order to protest. media has just decided now it is
in bloom and coming out of the ground. said. Its so cool to have all these people ively telling Identity Evropa such I think its really important important to recognize students
Its really a wonderful time. here. Theres so many things going on and acts are not tolerated. that students arent being sup- of color and people with margin-
Med Deli specializes in many salads, people to see. Even though the banner pressed in what theyre told to alized identities are being targeted
but not everything is available year- @adamphan_ was a recruitment method and believe, I think thats an impor- on college campuses.
round. arts@dailytarheel.com not necessarily a direct threat tant part of the college experi- state@dailytarheel.com