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Augu IS, LUlU

Sin and Holiness

Study Text I u L l l L I l L 3 UI
Romans 5: 1 through 6:22

FOCUS n 1 ~ 7 n f - n n
To consider the benefits of sal-
vation and rejoice in Christ's
C,- . ,,
, -
, --


Blessings of Justification
A. Peace with God
B. Access to Grace
from Sin
C. Hope of God's Glory Central Truth
D. Suffering Produces Good in
Us 1 The redemptive work of Christ saves from sin and provides
E. Love Poured in Our Hearts benefits.
F. Saved from God's Wrath
G. Reconciled to GO^ Key Verse: Romans 6:22
Life through Christ But now being made free from sin, and become servants to
A. Sin and Death God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlast-
B. Righteousness and Life ing life (KJV).
" Freedom from Sin
But now that you have been set free from sin and have
A. Dead to Sin
become slaves to God. the benefit you reap leads to holiness,
B. Alive to Righteousness
and the result is eternal life (NII').
Preparing to Teach
Select questions, learning activi-
Introducing the Study
ties, and items from the Adult 3 n e of a job applicant's considerations, along with the job,
Resource Packet (pages 47-51 1 has to do with the benefits the company will be providing
that will help you fulfill your should the person get the job. Health and life insurance, vaca-
lesson objectives. tion days, sick days, personal days, and the retirement plan all
Fill out the Planning the Session affect the value of the job for the applicant.
sheet (Adult Resource Packet, When a person becomes a Christian, many benefits come with
page 5). the life change. Christians receive benefits in this life and in
Prepare the transparencies retirement from earth-eternal life.
"Blessings of Justification,"
"Reasons for Rejoicing," "Adam Learning Objectives
and Christ," and "Alive in
Christ" (Adult Resource Packet, In this study, we will explore the benefits of salvation. At the
pages 47-50). end of the study, students will be able to:
Copy the work sheet "For 1. Identify the benefits that salvation brings to their lives.
Further Study 11" (Adult 2. Express gratitude for the life they receive through faith in
Resource Packet, page 51 Christ.
3. Choose to live righteously for God.
New International Vclrion I
Romans 5:l. Therefm being justified by Romans 5: 1. Therefore, since we have been
faith, we have peace with God through our justified through faith, we have peace with Qd
Lord Jmus Christ. through our Lord Jcdus Christ,
6,For when we were yet without strength, 6. You see, at just the right time, when
in due time Chriat died for the ungdly. we were still powerless, Christ died for the
8. But God cammendeth his love toward 8. But God demonstrates his own love for
uq,in that, while we were yet ~innerrc,Christ us in this; While we were still sinners, Christ
died fof us. d i d for us.
9. Much more then, being now justified 9. Since we have now been justified by his
by his blood, we shall be saved from wrnth blood, how much more shall we be w e d from
through him. a d ' s wrath through him!
10. Far if, when we wcre enemies, we were 10. For if,when we wete God's enemies, we
recoaciled to God by the death of his Son, were raconciled to him through the death of his
much m m , being recodclled, we sbnll be Son, how much more, having been mconciled,
saved by his life. shall we be saved through his ER!
11, And not only so, but we also joy in God 1 I . Not only is this so, but we also fejoice
through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom w t In God through our Lord Jesus Christ, thruugh
have now r~ceivtdthe atonement, whom we have now received reconcilia~on
17. (For if by one man's offence death 17. For if, by the trespass of the one man,
r e i g n d by one; much more they which receive death nigdad throuah that one man, how much
abundance of grace and of the gift of righteous- more will rhost who receive God's abundant
ness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.) pmvision of p c e and of the gift of rightwus-
dess reign in life through tbe one man, J c q . 4 ~ ~
18. Therefore as by the offefice of one judg- 18. Canstquently, just as the result of one
ment came upon all men to candcmnarion; trcspass was condemnation for all men, YO also
even so by the righteousness of one rhe free the result of o#6 act of righteousness was jwti-
gift came upon all men unto jmtifcation of life, Rcatian t b ~ brings
t life for all men.
1 9. For as by one man's disobtdicnce many 19. Fat just as through the disobedience of
were m d t sinners, so by the okdience of one the one man the many were made sinners, so
shall many be made righteous, also though the obedlsnse of the one man the
many will be mude righteaus.
21. Thu as sin hath reigned unto death, even 2 1. so that, just as sin rei3ne.d In death, so
so might grace reign through righteousness dlso grace might reign through righteousness
%to eternal life by Jesus Chllst our Lord. to bring cternd life through Jesuil Chrisl our
Romans 6:6, Knowing this, that our old Romans ti:6. For we know that ow old self
man is cmcifiad with him, that the body of sin was crucified with him so that the body of sin
might be destrtjycd, that henceforth we should might be done away with, t h we ~ should no
not serve sin. longer be slaves to sin.
I I. Likewise reckon ye also yourselves m I 1. In the same way, count yourselves dead
be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God to sin but alive to Oad in Cbrist J t s u ~
through Jesus Chriat our Lord.
12. Let not sin therefore reign id your 12. Therefore do not let sin reign in your
mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts m a d body so hat you olxy its evjl deai~s.
13, Neither yield ye your members a$ 13. Do not oBer the pms of your body to
instruments of unrighteausnm.ra unto sin: but sin, as insrmments of wickedness, but rather
yield yournelves unto God. as thwt that are offer yourselves to God, as those who have
alive from h e dead, and your mmbtrs as been brought from death to life; and offer the
Instruments of righkusness unto God. parts of your body to him as insmrmeilts of

Scripture Setting August 15, 2010

In the ~rstthree chapters of
(Romans 5: 1,2). We live in God's
grace by faith. It is not based on
the Book of Romans, the apostle our woath; we could never cam
Paul made the case that all people God's grace. It is based on the
have sinned, The only remedy for work of Christ on our behalf.
sin is to put one's faith in Jesus
Christ and His &mptive work.
Such Gth results in justiiication
or being d t c W by God to be in
right standing with Him (3%). The peace we have with God
In chapter 5, Paul wrote h u t is cause to rejoice "in hope of the
some of the benefits that come as glory of God "(Romans32,m).
a result of kmgjusrified by faith. As Christians, we have the assur-
auce ihat we will share God's
glory with Christ when He comes.
the rranspar%acy ' ' B l d U g S
of JustZMtian.'' Use ic so

Another benefit of salvation is

that our suBerings work for us, not
The first of these e l i t s is against us (Romans 5:3,4). One
peace with God (Romans 5:l). of life's greatest tests is to try to
Peace with G a l means we are make sense of our sufferings. As
no longer alienated or sepmted believers, we know our sufferings
from Him b u s e of our sin- are never without purpost, During
&&: '%w catl lmowIng we W n g q we are watched over cat-
pace with Gal help us fully by our Heavenly Father. We
dalWhf&lh@dgulltand are not on our own to do the best
mdemnadon?"When such feel- we an. The press- of our test-
hgs come, we can stand on the i n g ~produce mature godly charac-
tmh that Cfod has declared us right ter in us. Just as diamonds come
itl Hls sight, And we illsa how from coal that has ken u a k heat
that although God will convict us and p s u r e for a long Mod of
if we sin, He d o d t condemn us. t h e , we too need "heat, presswe,
As we respond to the convicting and time" to make us more like
work of the Spirit and confess our Christ, Our sufferings afe never
sins, we know the Lord is faithful useless because of God's grace on
to forgive us and cleanse us, to our behalf,
=store us to right relationship with
Him (see 1 John 1:9).

Knowing God is at work in

Paul pointed out that peace our hearts h s the hope we
with God is a result of the grace have in Him. This hope is fur-
made available through Christ ther made real to us because of

78 Adult Teucher Gujde Commentary 8 Application

the love of Cfod we experience
as part of the h i t of the Spirit
who dwells within us (Romans
5:45). Life can get very fottess-
ful at times, so ternembering the
Father's low for u;9 can give us
L 4Teaching Tip 2: Dis
the transparency "Re
for Rejoicing." y3

InRomans5:l-11 P a u l ~ e d
CMstlans to rejoice. They can
the spirinmal we need. rejoice in the hope they have
of shMng W s glory. They
can alw rcjoirc in their wfFcr-
hga, far even in their -hips
and trials they can s6e OoB at
work in their lives. Ultimately,
Paul wanted believers to be ~ s l c thew reasons for rejoicing are
tain W dvation was the work made possible only because Osd
of God, Pcoplc are powerlm to has made reconciliation avail-
save thsmlm,but in God's per- able through the work of Christ,
fect~gCmtwfOT~ M y we never take h e paes we
(Romans 56). G d ' s love was have with fSsd for granted, but
dearly demonsr#ed in W t 4 s may we rtjoice daily that Christ
dying for sinners (verses 7,8). has made it possible for us to be
Christ's death made it possible friends with God,
for people to be at peach with
God. Tbis means that those who
are justified by faith in Christ'a
Ask: "How can knowl
about the blemings t3d
ub etllengthtn us h our daiIy
atoning mx&e are also saved walk with the Lord?" Knowing
from God's wrath (versa 9,101. of these ben&ts can make our
faith in God smnger, inhast
out hope, and renew our love for
the Savior. Knowing how much
Gdhaa doheforus, howcanwe
Incdbly, Christ died for us give Him less than our dl?
while we were His enemim. If we
were mmdkd to God by His
death, how much more can we
cxp6ct H h to btrng to complt-
don the wmk of salvation in our
livcs s h He f alive? The wrlter Beginning in Romans 512,
to the kbmvs stated that Christ Pad M t with the issue of how
'"is able h o to save them to the sin and death came into the world.
u m o s t that come wto God by Sin enheted thG wid through
him,&g he wet livetb to makc Adam (vwse 12). Adam's sin
inkmssim fm thorn" (Hebrews lwuldng in death.meantt h ~ thet
7:25, ruv), Christ gives us every- sins of 0th people would brhg
thing we ncod to live as p p l e death, for all peoplt dn,
who h v e been reconciledbo Uod, Some p p l e ask if this moaus
Ask: "How am C h h W to they W t e d Adam's sin, and
I pond ta the recondllftion
~d has provided for thm
if this inherited sin dwms them
The question mism tbe p i n t
thmugh Christ?" af these verses h. All died

Commentary U Application August 15,2010 79

because dl have s h a d . Each one Christ, death no longer reigns in
dies because of his or her own believers; life does.
sins, not because of Adam's, Yet Another contrast is between
Adam's sin instituted a reign of sin and righteousness (verse
death that meant no one could 19). From Adam we receive a
sin md escape tbe penalty (vtrsw sinful nature. When we accept
13,14). Christ, we are declared righteous
because of His righteousness and
are no longer considered sinners.
We live righteously by obeying
God's Word through the power
Adam serves as a figure or of the Holy Spirit.
type af Christ (Romans 514). A final contrast is between sin
A type in the Bible involves a and grace ( v k s 20,21). The
comparison between people or Law makes people more aware
events by which the type in some of their sins by defining what dis-
rtspea poin~sto the people or obedience to God is. But thanks
events that were to come. be to God, His grace is greater
than our sin. Grace mahes righ-
teous living possible. Those who
arc made righteous by faith in
Christ receive eternal life.

We see a series of contrasts

in verses 15-21. First, Adam's
Ask: '?hh what ways d
daily Ilfe?" God's grace is not
u 9 sgrace d e c t you In yo , ,
sin that afTwtad all people is merely a one-time experience
conmtad to the gift of' God's of divine favor. We continually
grace through Jesus Christ (verse need His mercy and forgiveness.
15). A11 who sin will die unless God's grace exceeds our sin and
they accept through God's grace failure, and by it, He will present
the gift of life 0ffefe.d to all us faultless before His throne, It
thruugh Christ. All h v c sinned, is only because of God's grace
but God's grace though Jesus that we can have the assurance of
coven our many sins. eternal salvation.
The next contrast is betwen
condemnation (sentend to die) dam fmn Sin
and justification (given the right
to receive life). Conkmation is Romam B:1-14
the oppsite of justification (vetses
16,18), Unsaved people live in We move now from the justi-
a continual state d condemna- ficatioa of believers--our place
tion (see John 3:18), but when in Christ-to the sanctification
we choose ta &ve justification of the believer-ur growth in
through Christ, there is no moE Christ. In chapter 5, Paul ended a
condemnation (see Romans 8:1,2). discussion of God's g m e by not-
Death and life are a l ~ ocon- ing that where sin abounds, grace
trasted (verse 17). The inevitable much more abounds. Paul went
result of sin is death. Through on to deflect the argument that if
righteousness by W s gift of this is true, shouldn't people sin

Commentary & Application

even more so God's grace is even resist obeying sinful impulses and
more evident (6: 1). desires, accepting the help of the
Paul explained why that idea Spirit to make godly choices. Our
was wrong. We died to sin, so thinking is to be shaped by the
we are not to live in it any lon- spiritual realities of Scriptures, not
ger (verse 2). When we were by changeable human standards.
baptized into Christ by immer- We must not let sin control our
sion in water, we were baptized mortal bodies any longer (verse
into His death. That outward act 12). We decide whether or not we
symboIizes the inward reality. will let sin iule us again. Through
Going down into the baptismal the Holy Spirit's power in us, we
water stands for death to sin and can choose not to let sin rule us,
burial with Christ. At that point, We are to stop offering the
we have died to sin's power to parts of our body as tools of
contl.01 us (verse 3). Coming up unrighteousness to sin (verse 13).
out of the water symbolizes our To allow our bodies to be used as
resurrection with Christ (verse tools of sin is to flirt with spiritual
4). From then orl we should walk loss,
in our new life in Christ. We are When God commands us to
united with Christ in His death, stop one thing, He gives us ssme-
burial, and resurrection so we thing far better in its place. We
can live in obedience to Him, are to give ourselves to God and
Our old man-fallen sinfuI our bodies as tools of rigkteous-
nature-was crucified with Christ ness (verse 13). The way we live
and our sin was forgiven when we is to reflect the spiritual reality of
received Him (verses 5-71, We are what God has done for us,
no longer slaves to sin, because
anyone who has died with Christ
has been freed from sin.
Through His death on the
cross, Jtsuh defeated sin. In His Paul continued on to explain
resurrection, He defeated death that all people are slaves either
(verses 8- 10). Through Christ's to sin and death or to righteous-
death, sin's power over the lives ness and God (Romans6: 15-22).
of His followers has also been He anticipated that some might
broken (verse 14). claim that moving people from
Ask: "What are some prac- under the Law's control would
tical ways Christians can live result in unholy living, Such
out the truth that they are dead thinking reveals a lack of under-
to sin but alive in Christ?" sranding of God's grace. Orace is
not a license to sin. God's grace
Teaching - Tip - Q: Display empowers people not to sin,
the transparency
,, ;,.:7;<--fi " ~ l i v ; in
'. >: p J
In New Testament times, a
Christ. $3y*;$;<;:p?2;:
,,. ..?,>%:%:.
,> .: ..
<%<-, :. :.
man sometimes offered to become
someme's slave to secure a living
As Christians, we must reckon far himself. Ths may be what
ourselves to be dead to sin but Paul had in mind when he cau-
alive to Cfdd in Christ Jesus . tioned Christians nor to give them-
(verse 11). Daily we need to selves over to sin (verse 16). The

Commentary 8.Application August: 15, 2010

Christian life is to ke one of obedi- Ask: 'Why is the decision
ence to the L Q ~ . to live for God lfterally a 'We
Before we were saved, we or death' choice?" A sinful life
were slaves of sin. When we style produces the fruit of death
baame Chris&$, we died to (verse 21). Nothhg comes
sin's power over us and became from emlavement to sin,The good
slaves to God. Now we are free comes when we become slaves to
to glvc ourselves to righteous- God, for we reap the h i t of holi-
ness as we had given ourselves ness, and, in the end, everlasting
to sin (verses 17-20). life ( w e 22).

e are truly blessed tbr~ughour Lord Jesus Christ and the many btneflt~, .
s c k g Him, What should our response to this be? Undying gratitude should
at the top of the list. Give thanks every day to the Lord fur all He did to provide
these blessings far us.
We are also to give ourselves wholehwtdy to the Savior as His servants. We
need to allow tbc Holy Spirit to produce in us the life that Crod intends for us. V we
do these things, we will not sin carelessly d we wilI not cheapen God's grace. We
will give ourselves to God every day as holy instrumefi# for Him to use, A line from
Isaac Watt's hymn "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" sums it up well, " h v e so
amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my fife, my all."

- - -
T he blessings of life In Christ manifefired in Chtistimns attract sinners ro Hitll.
Repare yourself to respond to others who m y ask you what it means to live as
a Christian and what makes living as a Christiatl so different, "Be ready always to
give an answer to wry man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with
meekntss and fm"(1 Peter 3:15, XJV).

Monday Forgiveness, Q For Teaching Tip 6 in next wee&.

Psalm 32: 1- 11
study, see if your church has a hymnal
Tuesday Regencratlon, that contains the old hymn ' W e Time
John 3:1-8
to Be Holy," Borrow enough hymnals
Wednesday Rightcousntss, for each person in your class to have a
Romans 14:s-17
copy, L a d or ask someone to lead the
Thursday Adoption, class in singing the hymn.
EphesIanr 1:2-12
Friday Reconcllidtlbn.
Colossians 1 :12-23
Saturday San&catibn.
Hebrews 9:8-14

Commentary & Application