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Product Data Sheet

Version 18/02/2009

Sika UW Mortar
Fast Setting Underwater Repair Mortar

Description Sika UW Mortar is a one component, thixotropic, high build, polymer

modified, cementitious mortar containing Silica Fume. Sika UW Mortar
cures to produce a waterproof light weight mortar able to be applied under
water in thick layer to vertical or overhead surface.

Uses - Repair of immersed or partly immersed concrete structures.

- Fast repairs to overhead, horizontal or vertical concrete or mortar
- Filling/repair mortar for voids, honeycombed areas, etc.

Advantages - Fast and easy to apply sound concrete substrate in layers up to 60

mm.thick, (overhead surface) and 70 mm. thick (vertical application).
- One component system requiring only the addition of clean water.
- Compatible with the thermal expansion properties of concrete.
- Chloride free.
- Non-corrosive to reinforcing steel.
- Non-toxic.
- Fibre to prevent micro cracking.

- Thanks to its fast setting, Sika -UW Mortar is not washed out by the

Important Notes - Store Sika UW Mortar in a dry area.
- Mix to a uniform consistency (no lumps)
- A small reduction in the water gives a stiffer mix and a quicker setting.

- Repairs with Sika UW Mortar cannot bridge live cracks or joints, etc.
- Repairs in excess of 70 mm. must be layered in several coats.

Sika UW Mortar 1/3

Technical Data Application Once the product is properly mechanical mixed, wait few minutes (4-5 min
Colour Concrete Grey utes) before to put the mortar under water.
When the mortar start to set, apply promptly the product to the concrete
Density Dry - 1.43 kg/litre (bulk density of powder) surface to be repaired.
Mixer - 1.71 kg/litre (density of fresh mortar) In case of overhead application, hold the material in place for few minutes
after application
Mixing Ratio 0.80 - 0.85 litres of clean water per 5 kg bag to suit desired consistency

Water : Powder = 1 : 5.9 to 6.2 parts by weight Curing (Premature drying - Sika UW Mortar cures with low shrinkage. To prevent out of the mortar,
Water : Powder = 1 : 4.1 to 4.3 parts by volume when used above water level) keep it moist if exposed tostrong sunshine as wind.
- Standard curing methods are recommended.
Pot Life (30OC) approx. 5-8 minutes
Consumption Guide For 1 ltr. of fresh mortar approx. 1.45 kg. of powder are required.
Application Thickness Minimum 5 mm

Maximum 60 mm (overhead application) Cleaning Remove non hardened Sika UW Mortar products from tools and equip-
Maximum 70 mm (vertical application) ment with water. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

Application Temperatures Optimal range : between 5OC and 35OC

Safety Instructions
Mechanical Strengths 3 days 7 days
Safety precautions Sika UW Mortar is caustic (cement). Use rubber gloves and protect
(25 C) Measured on cubes
Compressive: 10 MPa 15 MPa skin and eyes from contact with mortar. Wear protective clothing and
casted under water goggles while working with the product.Should the material enter the eyes,
rinse immediatel with clean water and seek medical attention.
Bond Strength >1 N/mm2 (with substrate preparation)
Toxicity Non-toxic
Shelf Life 6 months when unopened
Transport Non-hazardous.
Storage Condition Store in a dry cool place

Packaging 5 kg bags

Instruction For Use High quality, long term repairs can only be achieved if they are carried out
conscientiously by experienced applicators giving adequate attention to
details relating to surface preparation, mixing of repair mortars, application
and curing.

Substrate Preparation Substrate must be sound, free of loose or weak particles, and dirt.
Oil and wax containing layers, as well as laitance must be completely

Mixing Sika UW Mortar must be mechanically mixed with a low speed drill and a

Taking into account the very fast setting of Sika UW Mortar, it is advis
able to mix it only in small quantities at a times.
Always respect the water : powder ratio (1 part of water for 5.9-6.2 parts of
powder by weight)

Sika UW Mortar 3/3

Sika UW Mortar 2/3