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Malaivalam (Girivalam)

A monthly ritual, a token of devotion working a stage in spiritual developments. The illumination of the entire disc of
moon, is a monthly feature devotees drawn from different parts of the land visit the temple and phallic symbol
placed in the sanctum sanctorum, and the mother Goddess 'UMA' and dextrally move in a circle in large numbers
keeping the hill as the centre covering in a complete round a distance of nearly fifteen kilometers.

Viewing the vicissitudes of the vesture by which the nature covers the vertical monument.

Observing on all sides from the ground floor to the heavenly peak the changing moods of the hill.

Worshipping all along the way the hundred and odd lingams the masculine means of majesty, the phallic symbols
used extensively in the cult of worship of 'Siva' and erected at regular intervals the procreative force (lingam).

Having a sense of detachment

Felling their oneness with the nature as they are

On joyous journey as

Go round the world, the universe, the constellations, all of which are his myth and manifestations.

Seeking spiritual union with the savior of all and for sometime the aspirants of higher aims are away from the
harassing material world.

Devotees Glow in Health and return home refreshed

This monthly malaivalam, circuiting the sublime hill gives

devotees spiritual power and relief from tension allays their
suffering and alleviate their pain, calms their agitations and
composes their feelings comforts them to a state to rest and joy
offers an additional brightness of cheerfulness. This
circumbulation issues a vital glow to the devotees who gain
marvelous strength. All these one has to personally acquire and
enjoy. The devotees return home refreshed and rejuvenated and
refined regaining their lost hope and vigor with their
psychic energy of primitive impulses converted into socially
acceptable channels of endeavor.
One who thinks Arunachalam and desire to go around by water
covering 15km the Arunachala hill and forwarding one foot will get equal benefit of Yagam and for second foot he
will achieve the benefit of Raja suya Yagam and with clear mind of third foot will achieve Aswameda Yagam and
who continues further will get beneficial of all Yagams.

Siddhas and devotees from various part of the World walk around on all days. In the full moon day of every month,
lakhs of devotees go around the hill regularly.

Every angular sight of this holy hill - also known as Annamalai in the divine parameters of the upper worlds-offers
various types of Godly visions of the mountain on your every footsteps and each such angular vision carries behind
it thousand fold munificence and divine beneficence of the almighty all the 72000 cores of human physiology - are
divinely activated and blissfully stream lined when you perform Girivalam here. the spiritual splendor of this holy
mountain is enjoyed by physical circumambulation, under the divine guidelines of Sathguru who reveals its divine
splendor .
The Siddhas tell going around the hill once destroys the karma of ten million births. That means nothing is as
effective as MALAI VALAM. And siddhas like Sathguru Maharishi Venkatramana preaches devotees to walk around
hill at least once in their life.

How to Make MalaiValam

Everyone should walk around the hill barefoot.

Mutter the name "Om Arunachala".

view the peak of the Arunachala hill during the circumambulation.

It should be undertaken during night.

There are 8 lingams, 360 holy tanks, mandapas and ashrams. There are eight lingams around the Arunachala hill
one in each dir ection.

Indra Lingam:(East)
This is the first lingam while the hill circumambulation, worshipping this lingam
yields healthy and wealthy life.

Agni Lingam:(South East)

This is the second lingam, It placed near The Lotus tank, This is the only
lingam placed on right side of the circumambulation path, all
other lingams are placed on left side, It occupies the South East
direction, worshipping here retrieves us from all diseases and to face
challenges of life.

Yema Lingam : (South)

This is the third lingam, and next to Agni lingam and 3 kilometer away from the
Rajagopuram, and it occupies the South direction, it also has a holy tank
called "Simma Theertha", it is believed that, worship of this solves economical
Niruthi Lingam : (South West)
This is the fourth lingam, while we see the peak of the holy hill Arunachala, it
views accompanying of two parts of mountain and shows 'Sivan'
and 'Sakthi' together. It placed in south west of Arunachala. It also has a holy
tank nearby, called "Sani Theertha", worshipping here relieves us from our

Varuna Lingam : (West)

This temple placed West of the hill Arunachala, this is the fifth lingam. It is 8
kilometers away from the Rajagopuram. One of the holy tank called "Varuna
theertha" is here. Workship of this temple retrieves from crucial diseases and
promotes ones social status.

Vayu Lingam : (North West)

The whole world is made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. no living creature
can survive without Air. While reaching this temple we feel the pleasantness of
spring and get peace of mind. it is placed in Northwest direction. Worshipping
here is of confers boon on ladies and children.

Kubera Lingam : (North)

This is the seventh lingam. Almost all of the devotees , who comes for
circumambulation, worship here by soaring coins and currencies on this
lingam. Worship of this lingam grants economical growth, and promotes peace
of mind. It is placed in North direction.

Esanya Lingam : (North East)

This is the eighth and last lingam. Here gets peace of mind ability to concentrate
mind on God works out his way to heaven.

The Glory of Arunachala

Sri Arunachala Mahatmya

Nandi said:

1. Arunachala is the place (that which deserves to be called the holy place)! Of all places it is
the greatest! Know that it is the heart (centre) of the earth. It is Shiva Himself. It is a secret place
representing the Heart. Lord Shiva always abides there as a glorious hill called Arunachala!
2. Know that the day on which (Shiva); assumed for the first time the form of a great and
wonderful linga under the name of Arunachala is athirai in the (Tamil month of) margazhi. And
the day on which the Devas (celestial beings) led by Vishnu praised and worshipped Shiva, who
appeared in the midst of that splendour (or appeared as that splendour) is Shivaratri (the night
dedicated to Shiva) in the month of masi.

Shiva said:

3. Though in fact fiery, my lack-lustre appearance as a hill on this spot is an act of grace for the
maintenance of the world. I also abide here as the Siddha. Within me there are many glorious
caves filled with all kinds of enjoyments. Know this.

4. Action naturally binds the entire world. Ones refuge (from such bondage) is this glorious
Arunachala by seeing which one becomes itself.

5. What cannot be acquired without great pains - the true import of Vedanta (viz. Self-
realization) - can be attained by anyone who looks at (this hill) from where it is visible or even
mentally thinks of it from afar.

6. I, the Lord, ordain that those who reside within a radius of three yojanas* of this place
(Arunachala) shall attain union (with the Supreme) which removes bondage even in the absence
of initiation, etc.

Devi said:

7. This is always the abode of pious devotees. Those who do evil to others here will, after
suffering ills, be destroyed. Wicked persons will be completely bereft of their powers to do evil
here in the twinkling of an eye. Do not fall into the burning fire of the anger of Lord Arunachala
who has assumed the form of a hill of fire.


It is said that 'Only those whom Siva calls can come here'.

The greatness of Arunachala cannot be exaggerated. As soon as you approach, Its presence can
be felt; outside worldly interest becomes dimmed and those things that were worrying you before
seem to lose their power to concern you.

As you leave there is a distinct change of thought process in the opposite direction, but somehow
the power of the world to overwhelm is reduced.

This is the magic of Arunachala, it captures those who are called and never leaves them.

To walk slowly around the mountain with mind fixed on it in an attitude of surrender, is said to
be the most beneficial of all things to do. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi confirmed that!