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Year 10 Scheme of Learning and Teaching

Leisure and Tourism

L Lesson Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Resources Assessment

Key Opportunities/
questions Marking
for learning
Lesson one To understand that To be able to describe and Tourism statistics Ability of pupils to make
tourism has increased in explain the growth of leisure connections between
recent years facilities and tourism in most tourist numbers
relation to the main and most tourist
attractions of the physical receipts
and human landscape
Lesson Two To understand how the To be able to explain the The impacts of tourism in Majorca video Ability of pupils to link
case study of Majorca fits impacts of tourism on (You Tube) the Majorca case study
into Butlers life cycle Majorca and to relate these to Butlers model
tourism model to Butlers life cycle model Butlers life cycle model

Sort cards
Lesson To understand that To be able to draw a conflict You Tube video: Nature's Beauty: Englands Ability of pupils to
Three careful management of map explaining problems that Lake District National Park explain how conflicts
tourist destinations is could arise between different can occur between
needed if problems are to groups of people Case Study 9: The Lake District in The New different groups of
be avoided Wider World (p. 160-163). people in tourist

Lesson Four To understand that To be able to explain the Newspaper articles Ability of pupils to
tourism has advantages advantages and disadvantages answer questions about
and disadvantages in of tourism in an MEDC and Machu Picchu and a ski
countries of varying LEDC tourist resort resort in the Alps
economic development

Lesson Five To understand how to To be able to answer Past paper IGCSE mark scheme
answer questions about questions about leisure and
leisure and tourism on a tourism on a past paper
past paper