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How to make the trial gears.

0.25 mm-thick A-4 size (210 x 297) paper.
(With the gear in the photo on the guidance,
we have applied Kent (with 0.25mm-thick) paper. )

Instruments needed:

Cutter. Hexagon wrench, which
Ruler. has the sufficient size.
Metallic pencil (or eyeleteer).
Wood glue(Fast drying) :The ingredient is Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesives.
Hexagon wrench I am using an eyeleteer
instead of metallic pencil.

Now we shall start.

To print out the paper pattern
of a gear.

Please print out with the actual size.

Completion photograph
Please attach traces to all bending
Please cut all parts. Please bend all parts.
lines with your metallic pencil.

Please do with great sensitivities With long straight lines, please Please make the mountain folds and the
because it will have impacts on apply a ruler, and cut straight. valley folds, which look like mountains
the completion. It is faster to cut by hands for and valleys, respectively, on all parts.
Please try with unneeded papers. shorter lines.

We will start the adhesion from the following page. Please refer to it. A quick advice
How to paint of the glue

Please use tweezers to suppress

the areas where it is hard to
suppress well.
Please take small volume of glue out onto Paint with a toothpick, something
the paper, which does not require glue. like putting butter on your bread. You can wipe out with a clean and
The adhesion will be worsen when the glue The thinner, the better it is adhered. wet dish towel when glue sticks out.
get dried. Please take the ones newly frequently. But please be careful with the printed
parts, as it may become blurred. 1
Apply glue to the backside of it.

Paste the margin of the part Paste the margin As one another. Please be careful with the position.
written as Pi-1.

Apply glue to the backside of it. The area with

on the backside.

Paste the margin written as Pi-2. Paste the margin s one another. Please be careful with the position.
Please note that this is a valley fold.


Then, apply the glue to all parts Fix with the side 1 precisely, and
First of all, paste the margin S.
of the margin with marks, then, fix with the side 2.
and paste.

2 1

Then, apply the glue to all areas After that, apply the glue to all areas First, paste the margin with 1.
of the margin with ", and paste. of the margin with , and paste. And apply the bind to the rest
of margins.

Now you will go reverse.

Please suppress the items you Please adhere for all parts.
Paste cogs one by one. have completed from the inside
using something looking like
L character, such as a
hexagon wrench.
Please apply the glue to the Please suppress the position of
same position on the back side. the pillar with your middle finger.

Please suppress the angles

of the hole with your thumb.
Paste the glue with the mark Fit, with making the marks matched. For the backside, please suppress
precisely on each of 4 areas. Please insert straight. the position of the pillar.
Please be careful not to smash
them, and make sure to
insert to the depths.

Please apply the glue per each cog, If any, please cut with a scissor,
Please make sure to find if
by rolling it up. like the photo.
no paper sticks out with
The glue on the margin is your fingers, like the photo.
sufficient if you apply the
volume as shown in the drawing. Were you able to do it well? 3