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Console commands are codes that can be used while playing a game to alter most aspects of gameplay. BioShock and BioShock 2 do not
have a true in-game console for commands to tweak the environments. However, both games have common Unreal Engine commands on the
PC which can be bound to certain keys and used in game.

How to Bind Commands Edit

In the game files of BioShock and BioShock 2 on the PC there is a file named "User.ini", and for BioShock 2 Multiplayer there is a similar file
named "UserMP.ini". These files contain the key bindings and user interface settings of the game. Most key bindings can be altered simply by
customizing controls in-game, but for more advanced bindings the file itself may be edited using any common text editor.

User.ini and UserMP.ini are located at:

To see these directories, "Show hidden files and folders" must be enabled in Folder Options.
Operating system Location
Windows XP \Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\[Gamename]
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 &
Windows 10

\Users\[Username]\Library\Application Support\Feral Interactive\

Mac OS X

It is important to remember that any changes made to User.ini may be replaced with the default if the game crashes or if the player exits it
abnormally (i.e. shutting it down with task manager.) The default settings are stored in another text file, "DefUser.ini". If the player wishes to
avoid resetting the User.ini multiple times, they can edit DefUser.ini, but this is not recommended because it means permanently losing the
default settings.

These .ini files can be edited with any common text-editor program such as Notepad, but since the list of contexts in the file is extremely long
it is easiest to use a more functional program that shows line numbers and can collapse sections under headings. Either see Wikipedia's list of
text editors for function comparisons or simply download something like Notepad++ or Wordpad.

Aliases Edit

The first section of User.ini is under the heading "[Engine.Input]". This section lists aliases; commands that perform linked actions. For
instance, the "duck" key is listed as "Aliases[29]=(Command="DuckKeyPressed | onRelease DuckKeyReleased",Alias=Duck)" This means
that whenever the user presses the bound key for duck they are actually performing two commands. In this case when the key is pressed the
engine will execute the DuckKeyPressed command, which results in the character crouching. When the key is released, the
DuckKeyReleased command is executed, which leaves the character ducked until the key is pressed again.

Any of the aliases can be changed for various effects. Changing the words inside of Command=" " will change the alias. Linked commands
are separated by a pipe symbol ("|").

Key Bindings Edit

The key bindings section of User.ini is under the heading "[Default]". It lists every key on the keyboard and the command bound to it. Keys
without any bound command are left blank. This section actually has many subsections, each giving the bound keys for a certain context in
the game. For instance, there is a set of key bindings for the context when Jack has been told by Atlas "Would You Kindly lower that
weapon," and it has blank bindings for using the weapon and Plasmid keys specifically so that the player cannot use them during that scripted
event. There are also sets of bindings for contexts of using vending machines, hacking, etc.

Since there are many different contexts in the game, the key bindings list is very long. For most purposes it is enough to edit the first section,
which gives the default status of exploration and combat. To bind any key to a command, find that key in the list and type the command name
after the equals sign ("="). Below is a list of common console commands which can be bound.

Multiplayer Key BindingsEdit

For obvious gameplay reasons, most of the key bindings listed below will not work in multiplayer. This is the result of security measures by
the game developers, and there is no known way to get around it. It is fortunate that this prevents cheating, but it also makes it difficult for
avid players to take quality screenshots etc. As of now, the only keybinding known to work in multiplayer is the "Shot" command.

List of Commands Edit

Player Related Edit

These commands are mostly used for cheating, but some, such as the Fly and Ghost commands, are useful for taking high quality

ChangeSize [Value] - Increases player collision radius (possible values: 0.0 = normal, 5.0 = large, 10.0 = larger, 15.0 = big, 20.0 =
really big)
Fly - Allows the player to fly around
GEP [Plasmid/Tonic name] - Gives the player a specific Gene Tonic or Plasmid (e.g. GEP ElectricBoltThree) This can be used with
many values in Predefined Plasmids.ini
Ghost - Allows the player to move through solid objects
GiveBioAmmo - Refills the EVE bar
Givehealth - Refills the Health bar
GiveItem [NumberOfItem] [ItemClassName] - Receive a certain number of a class of item
AddWeaponStatUpgrade [Weapon Type] [Upgrade Name] - Receive the Power to the People upgrade of said weapon. See below
for the full list.
TestAddResearchPoints [EnemyType] [Number of Points] - Receive a certain number of research points for specified Enemy. See
below for full list.
God - Invincibility
IGBigbucks - Gives the player $600
PlayersOnly - Unfreezes/freezes everything except the player, including doors, projectiles, and other world objects
ResetEyeHeight - Returns to default eye level
SetEyeHeight [Value] - Changes the eye sight level. (The value is a floating point value, like 25.0 or 75.0)
SetGravity [Value] - Changes the gravity, affecting physics events (0.0 = no gravity, -1400.0 = normal gravity)
SetJumpZ [Value] - Sets the jump height (600.0 = about normal, 1200.0 = highest without taking damage on fall)
Slomo [Value] - Changes the speed of everything (0.0 = slow, 1.0 = normal, 2.0 = fast, 3.0 = faster, 4.0 = really fast)
Suicide - Kills the player character, returning them to a Vita-Chamber or the main menu
Teleport - Jump player to where the cursor is currently pointing
Walk - Disables fly and ghost mode

View Related Edit

Some of these, such as the FreeCamera command, can be used to view the player character. Toggle HUD is commonly used to take quality

FreeCamera [Value] - Enables/disables camera rotation (1 = enable camera to be rotated around player, 0 = returns to normal cam)
Freezeframe - Freezes the game
HideHUD - Disables the on-screen HUD elements
HideWidescreenBars - Turns off the widescreen bars
LockCamera - Prevents/enables the camera moving with the player
ResetFOV - Resets Field of View to default
SetCameraDist [Value] - Use with FreeCamera to change the distance of the camera from the player (0.0 = really close, 10.0 = far,
25.0 = farther)
SetFOV [degrees] - Sets the Field of View to the specified degrees, e.g. SetFOV 90
SetBrightness [Value] - Changes the screen brightness
SetContrast [Value] - Changes the screen contrast
Togglesoundeffects - Turns sound effects (but not music or ambient sounds) On/Off
Shot - Takes a screenshot in BMP format and places it in the same folder as User.ini
ShowHUD - Enables the on-screen HUD elements
ShowWidescreenBars - Turns on the black bars at top and bottom of the screen, like in cutscenes.
ToggleBehindView - Switches between 1st person and 3rd person view.
ToggleHUD - Toggles the on-screen HUD elements On/Off
ViewSelf - Returns the camera to viewing the player after using ViewBot or ViewClass
ViewClass [NameOfClass] - Cycles through views of the given class, including enemies or world objects (possible class names:
Engine, ShockAI, ShockAI.MeleeThug)

Enemy Related Edit

KillAll [NameOfAIClassToKill] - Removes every AI of a certain type

KillViewedActor - An AI selected with ViewBot is removed from game (Using this while viewing the player character will crash the
Killpawns - Kills all enemies on the level
StartSecurityAlarm - Starts the normal 60 second security alarm
StopSecurityAlarm - Stops the security alarm
ToggleshowAIs - Toggles the presence of enemy On/Off (actually just shrinks them to the size of the player's finger)
ViewBot - Cycles through views of all AIs in the level

Miscellaneous Edit
PlayMovie [NameOfMovie] - Plays a selected cutscene
runScript [NameOfScript] - Executes a script
StopMovie [NameOfMovie] - Stops the cutscene

List of Giveitem and GiveWeapon Codes Edit


Misc ItemsEdit

Upgrades (non-weapon)Edit


ShockGame.SpringboardTrap - Cyclone Trap

ShockDesignerClasses.SpringboardTrapTwo - Cyclone Trap 2
ShockGame.ElectricBolt - Electro Bolt (don't add again if you already have it, the game will try to play cinematic but fails)
ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBoltTwo - Electro Bolt 2
ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBoltThree - Electro Bolt 3
ShockGame.BerserkRage - Enrage
ShockGame.SummonProtector - Hypnotize Big Daddy
ShockDesignerClasses.SummonProtectorTwo- Hypnotize Big Daddy 2
ShockGame.Incineration - Incinerate!
ShockDesignerClasses.IncinerationTwo - Incinerate! 2
ShockDesignerClasses.IncinerationThree - Incinerate! 3
ShockGame.InsectSwarmPlasmid - Insect Swarm
ShockDesignerClasses.InsectSwarmPlasmidTwo - Insect Swarm 2
ShockDesignerClasses.InsectSwarmPlasmidThree - Insect Swarm 3
ShockGame.SecurityBeacon - Security Bullseye
ShockGame.Airblast - Sonic Boom
ShockDesignerClasses.AirblastTwo - Sonic Boom 2
ShockGame.DecoyHuman - Target Dummy
ShockGame.Telekinesis - Telekinesis
ShockGame.IcicleAssault - Winter Blast
ShockDesignerClasses.IcicleAssaultTwo - Winter Blast 2
ShockDesignerClasses.IcicleAssaultThree - Winter Blast 3


ShockGame.AlarmExpert - Alarm Expert

ShockDesignerClasses.AlarmExpertTwo - Alarm Expert 2
ShockGame.ArmoredBody - Armored Shell
ShockDesignerClasses.ArmoredBodyTwo - Armored Shell 2
ShockGame.Bloodlust - Bloodlust
ShockGame.BoozeHound - Booze Hound
ShockGame.EfficientCrafter - Clever Inventor
ShockDesignerClasses.EfficientCrafterTwo - Clever Inventor 2
ShockGame.DeepResearcher - Damage Research
ShockDesignerClasses.DeepResearcherTwo - Damage Research 2
ShockGame.ElectricBody - Electric Flesh
ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBodyTwo - Electric Flesh 2
ShockGame.MedHypoOmnisynthesis - EVE Link
ShockDesignerClasses.MedHypoOmnisynthesisTwo - EVE Link 2
ShockGame.BioAmmoEfficiency - EVE Saver
ShockGame.HealthyConsumer - Extra Nutrition
ShockDesignerClasses.HealthyConsumerTwo - Extra Nutrition 2
ShockDesignerClasses.HealthyConsumerThree - Extra Nutrition 3
ShockGame.ElectronicsExpert - Focused Hacker
ShockDesignerClasses.ElectronicsExpertTwo - Focused Hacker 2
ShockGame.FreezingNimbus - Frozen Field
ShockDesignerClasses.FreezingNimbusTwo - Frozen Field 2
ShockGame.GeneticHacker - Hacker's Delight
ShockDesignerClasses.GeneticHackerTwo - Hacker's Delight 2
ShockDesignerClasses.GeneticHackerThree - Hacker's Delight 3
ShockGame.HackingExpert - Hacking Expert
ShockDesignerClasses.HackingExpertTwo - Hacking Expert 2
ShockGame.SuperHeated - Human Inferno
ShockDesignerClasses.SuperHeatedTwo - Human Inferno 2
ShockGame.MachineBully - Machine Buster
ShockDesignerClasses.MachineBullyTwo - Machine Buster 2
ShockGame.MedicineFriendly - Medical Expert
ShockDesignerClasses.MedicineFriendlyTwo - Medical Expert 2
ShockDesignerClasses.MedicineFriendlyThree - Medical Expert 3
ShockGame.OrganicPockets - Organic Pockets
ShockGame.EyeForDetail - Photographer's Eye
ShockDesignerClasses.EyeForDetailTwo - Photographer's Eye 2
ShockGame.ProlificCrafter - Prolific Inventor
ShockGame.StationExpert - Safecracker
ShockDesignerClasses.StationExpertTwo - Safecracker 2
ShockGame.ThoroughScavenger - Scrounger
ShockGame.NearSightedCameras - Security Evasion
ShockDesignerClasses.NearSightedCamerasTwo - Security Evasion 2
ShockGame.SecuritySystemsExpert - Security Expert
ShockDesignerClasses.SecuritySystemsExpertTwo - Security Expert 2
ShockGame.ShorterAlarm - Shorten Alarms
ShockDesignerClasses.ShorterAlarmTwo - Shorten Alarms 2
ShockGame.ExtendedShutdown - Shutdown Expert
ShockDesignerClasses.ExtendedShutdownTwo - Shutdown Expert 2
ShockGame.SlowFlow - Speedy Hacker
ShockDesignerClasses.SlowFlowTwo - Speedy Hacker 2
ShockGame.FastTwitch - Sports Boost
ShockDesignerClasses.FastTwitchTwo - Sports Boost 2
ShockGame.ChargedBursts - Static Discharge
ShockDesignerClasses.ChargedBurstsTwo - Static Discharge 2
ShockGame.VendingExpert - Vending Expert
ShockDesignerClasses.VendingExpertTwo - Vending Expert 2
ShockGame.MeleeMaster - Wrench Jockey
ShockDesignerClasses.MeleeMasterTwo - Wrench Jockey 2
ShockGame.SneakAttack - Wrench Lurker
ShockDesignerClasses.SneakAttackTwo - Wrench Lurker 2

Weapons and AmmoEdit

GiveWeapon ShockGame.Wrench - Wrench

ShockGame.Pistol - Pistol
ShockGame.Pistol_Bullet - Standard Pistol Rounds
ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing - Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds
ShockGame.Pistol_AntiPersonnel - Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun - Shotgun
ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck - 00 Buck
ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck - Electric Buck
ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck - Exploding Buck
GiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun - Machine Gun
Shockgame.MachineGun_Bullet - Standard Auto Rounds
ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet - Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds
ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet - Antipersonnel Auto Rounds
GiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher - Grenade Launcher
ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade - Frag Grenades
ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG - Heat-Seeking RPG's
ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade - Proximity Mines
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Crossbow - Crossbow
ShockGame.Crossbow_Bolt - Steel-Tip Bolts
ShockGame.Crossbow_TrapBolt - Trap Bolts
ShockGame.Crossbow_SuperHeatedBolt - Incendiary Bolts
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower - Chemical Thrower
ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Kerosene - Napalm
ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_LiquidNitrogen - Liquid Nitrogen
ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_IonicGel - Electric Gel
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ResearchCamera - Research Camera

BioShock 2Edit

Misc ItemsEdit

Upgrades (non-weapon)Edit

ShockGame.ActiveGeneticSlotUpgrade - Plasmid Slot

ShockGame.PhysicalGeneticSlotUpgrade - Tonic Slot
ShockGame.BioAmmoUpgrade - EVE bar upgrade
ShockGame.HealthUpgrade - Health bar upgrade


Plasmids.CycloneTrapBasicPlasmid - Cyclone Trap

Plasmids.CycloneTrapAdvancedPlasmid - Cyclone Trap 2
Plasmids.CycloneTrapMasterPlasmid - Cyclone Trap 3
Plasmids.DecoyBasicPlasmid - Decoy
Plasmids.DecoyAdvancedPlasmid - Decoy 2
Plasmids.DecoyMasterPlasmid - Decoy 3
Plasmids.ElectroBoltBasicPlasmid - Electro Bolt
Plasmids.ElectroBoltAdvancedPlasmid - Electro Bolt 2
Plasmids.ElectroBoltMasterPlasmid - Electro Bolt 3
Plasmids.HypnotizeBasicPlasmid - Hypnotize
Plasmids.HypnotizeAdvancedPlasmid - Hypnotize 2
Plasmids.HypnotizeMasterPlasmid - Hypnotize 3
Plasmids.IncinerationBasicPlasmid - Incinerate!
Plasmids.IncinerationAdvancedPlasmid - Incinerate! 2
Plasmids.IncinerationMasterPlasmid - Incinerate! 3
Plasmids.SwarmBasicPlasmid - Insect Swarm
Plasmids.SwarmAdvancedPlasmid - Insect Swarm 2
Plasmids.SwarmMasterPlasmid - Insect Swarm 3
Plasmids.ScoutBasicPlasmid - Scout
Plasmids.ScoutAdvancedPlasmid - Scout 2
Plasmids.SecurityCommandBasicPlasmid - Security Command
Plasmids.SecurityCommandAdvancedPlasmid - Security Command 2
Plasmids.SecurityCommandMasterPlasmid - Security Command 3
Plasmids.TelekinesisBasicPlasmid - Telekinesis
Plasmids.TelekinesisAdvancedPlasmid - Telekinesis 2
Plasmids.TelekinesisMasterPlasmid - Telekinesis 3
Plasmids.WinterBlastBasicPlasmid - Winter Blast
Plasmids.WinterBlastAdvancedPlasmid - Winter Blast 2
Plasmids.WinterBlastMasterPlasmid - Winter Blast 3


Weapons and AmmoEdit

GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerDrill - Drill

GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerMachineGun - Machine Gun
ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet - .50 Caliber Round
ShockGame.MachineGun_AntiPersonnelBullet - Anti-Personnel Rounds
ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet - Armor-Piercing Rounds
GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerShotgun - Shotgun
ShockGame.Shotgun_00buck - 00 Buck
ShockGame.Shotgun_SolidSlug - Solid Slug
ShockGame.Shotgun_PhosphorusBuck - Phosphorus Buck
GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerSpeargun - Spear Gun
ShockGame.Speargun_Spear - Standard Spears
ShockGame.Speargun_TrapSpearAmmo - Trap Spears
ShockGame.Speargun_RocketSpearAmmo - Rocket Spears
GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerRivet - Rivet Gun
ShockGame.Rivet_Ammo - Rivets
ShockGame.Rivet_MagnumAmmo - Heavy Rivets
ShockGame.Rivet_TrapAmmo - Trap Rivets
GiveWeapon Weapons.Player.GrenadeLauncher - Launcher
ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade - Frag Grenades
ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade - Proximity Mines
ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG - Heat-Seeking RPG's
GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerDistanceHackingTool - Hack Tool
GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerResearchVideoCamera - Research Camera
(Minerva's Den DLC Only) GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerLaserGun - Ion Laser

Pistol MagazineSize - Clip size upgrade
Pistol Damage - Damage upgrade
Shotgun Damage - Damage upgrade
Shotgun RateOfFire - Rate of fire upgrade
Machine Gun
MachineGun Damage - Damage upgrade
MachineGun Kickback - Kickback reduction
Grenade Launcher
GrenadeLauncher Immunity - Splash damage immunity upgrade
GrenadeLauncher Damage - Damage upgrade
Crossbow Damage - Damage upgrade
Crossbow BreakageChance - Bolt breakage chance decrease
Chemical Thrower
ChemicalThrower Range - Range upgrade
ChemicalThrower ConsumptionRate - Consumption rate upgrade.

BioShock 2Edit
Drill Damage - Damage upgrade
Drill MagazineSize - Reduced fuel consumption
Drill Length - Reflector plate
Rivet Gun
RivetGun Damage - Damage upgrade
RivetGun IgnitionDamage - Heated Rivets
RivetGun MagazineSize - Increased clip size
Machine Gun
MachineGun Damage - Damage upgrade
MachineGun Kickback - Recoil reduction
MachineGun Ricochet - Bullet ricochet upgrade
Shotgun Damage - Damage upgrade
Shotgun MagazineSize - Increased clip size
Shotgun Tesla - Electrified Shells
Spear Gun
SpearGun FireRate - Increased Spear velocity and reload time
SpearGun Damage - Damage upgrade
SpearGun Zoom - Zoom increase upgrade
GrenadeLauncher MagazineSize - Increased Grenade carry capacity
GrenadeLauncher Immunity - Splash damage immunity
GrenadeLauncher Cluster - Cluster bomb upgrade

(Minerva's Den DLC Only)

Research Bonuses (TestAddResearchPoints values and their maxes)Edit


BioShock 2Edit

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