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9/7/2017 Indonesia already extends aid to Myanmar - ANTARA News


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About Us Thursday, 7th September 2017


Rp 131.000 Rp 116.000 Rp 79.000 Rp 1.789.000 Rp 136.000 Rp 34.900 Rp 94.000

Indonesia already extends aid to Myanmar

4th September 2017 | 1.221 Views

Rp 100.000

Rp 136.000 Rp 3.200.000

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Humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees, Dermaga III Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok Jakarta, Thuesday Construction of Indonesian hospital
(29/12/2016). (ANTARA/Widodo S. Jusuf) continues amid conflict in Myanmar 7
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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia has already extended a number of aids to Indonesia steps up cooperation with
reduce the burden of the people in Myanmar especially in Rakhine state, Japan to develop outlying islands 7 hours
President Joko Widodo said here on Sunday. ago

Indonesian, Bangladeshi foreign ministers

"To deal with humanitarian problems caused by conict the government sent discuss humanitarian aid for refugees 19
ten containers of food and medical supplies in January and February," he said at hours ago
Merdeka State Palace.
President criticizes IPB for failing to
produce farmers 19 hours ago
He made the statement in the company of coordinating minister for political,
security and legal aairs Wiranto, minister/ state secretary Pratikno and deputy World parliaments discuss role in
foreign minister AM Fachir. sustainable development agenda 2030 20
hours ago

"Indonesia has also built schools in Rakhine and soon in October a hospital," he

The two schools dedicated in January this year are located in La Ma village and
Thet Kay Pyia Ywar Ma village. They were built from donations collected from
the people under the coordination of Pos Keadilan Peduli Ummah (PKPU) which
is one of the members of the Alliance of Indonesian Humanitarian Institutes
Rp 94.000
(ALKI) that has been actively providing humanitarian aid to Myanmar.

"Indonesia has also received refugees and given them the best assistance. Again
the violence, humanitarian crisis must immediately be stopped," he said.
Rp 3.200.000 Rp 1.789.000
President Joko Widodo said he had also assigned foreign minister Retno Marsudi
http://www.antaranews.com/en/news/112490/indonesia-already-extends-aid-to-myanmar 1/3
9/7/2017 Indonesia already extends aid to Myanmar - ANTARA News

President Joko Widodo said he had also assigned foreign minister Retno Marsudi
to go to Bangladesh that borders Myanmar.

"I have assigned the foteign minister to go to Dhaka in Bangladesh in the

framework of preparing humanitarian aids needed by refugees in Bangladesh.
We hope we will again send food and medical supplies this week," he said.

On Friday (Aug 28) a group of Rohingya guerilla group wielding with knives and
bombs, according to the local government, have attacked more than 30 police
stations in North Rakhine leaving 12 ocers and tens of militants dead in the

Thousands of civilians ed due to the incident and some of them had died.

The Human Rights Watch saud based on satellite data res had been recorded
in at least 10 areas.

The local government said that militants had burned the villages of the minority
while the guerillas linked it to government security forces and Buddhists.

The number of Rohingya people eeing to Bangladesh continued to increase.

According to the International Organization of Migration until August 30 around
18,500 Rohingya people mostky women and children have ed to Bangladesh
but it was reported that Bangladeshi forces have barred them from entering
that country.

The violent incident on ethnic Rohingya rst ared up in 2012. The Myanmar
government then which was controlled by military junta conducted a census
starting on March 30, 2014 lasting for 12 days but it was found they did not
register ethnic Muslim Rohingya. In the census they gave code numbers for
ethnic groups recognized by the government excluding Rohingya.

The census showed 2.3 percent of total population of Myanmar were Muslims
spreading across states but they did not belong to the Rohingya as the
government of Myanmar did not recognize the Muslim Rohingya ethnic group.

The Myanmar government has always said that Rohingya people are illegal
migrants from Bangladesh and denied their citizenship despite statements from
many Rohingya people that they have stayed in Myanmar for generations. They
have so far lived in the poorest region in Myanmar while their movement and
access have been limited.

Reported by Desca Lidya Natalia


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http://www.antaranews.com/en/news/112490/indonesia-already-extends-aid-to-myanmar 2/3
9/7/2017 Indonesia already extends aid to Myanmar - ANTARA News

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