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Bismuth (M R6C15)

Row 6, just to right of Plumbum, Under Column Nit,

and Phos)
Easily confused with Phos
Burning symptoms
Active burning
Can wear out energy very easily

Necessity to be creative and express yourself, but not

in adult way
Hypochondriano tools against dying

Seeking sympathy of people around you

Very intense and quick loss of weight

Consumes a lot of liquids and loose liquids

Specific to Bismuth
The nitric elementis what is confused with phos

Bismuth will choose people to help him to grown

Teachers and friends

Those few relationships I chose, looking for someone strong, trustable, reliable
They are looking for a good rock
Someone good and useful
Emotionally useful
A good mom
Someone that can hold you
Bismuth will find this person
Phos will have a hard time finding a good friend
Bismuth will not

Lots of digestive symptoms

Tonsillitis, lymph system, resp tract upper
Tonsil and pharynx
Mouth ulcerscanker sores
(MMtreated animals dying form these apthous soreswhen Borax and Phyt failed)

Bismuth can also develop serious diseases, where at the beginning seems very