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Dear team in the US! Were very excited to share with you that summer of 2017 is
here! And we wait in the Lord that this summer is going to be AMAZING.
Its been a year which weve seen great things happening in the ministry, and in this
letter we want to explain everything that the Lord has made and is still doing.

1. Family
2. 2nd Phase
3. Lives and testimonies
4. Summer of 2017
5. Last and next month.
6. Thanksgiving and prayer request
7. We need your help!

1. Family
Eva and Manolo.
More and more we see that the Lord has been letting us get closer, giving us so many
chances to show them the love of Jesus and serve them. Manolo is still very closed to
the things of the Lord, but we have an excellent relationship with him. Brian our
grandson celebrated his birthday in L'Arcada and brought friends from school, another
opportunity that the Lord gave us not only with our family, but with Brians friends as
Monica is pregnant!!!! Its been 4 months already, and she and the baby are doing fine.
Well post pictures in the web.
Pau graduated!! And he also finished his 1st level of Chinese.
Sara is going to start to study Higher Level Education of Performing Audiovisual
Projects and Shows. She is still looking for a job, and now she is trying to move out to
Girona, to be closer to the school.
Sami is going to finish 12th grade while working. He also wants to go live in Girona so
hes closer to school. If everything goes as expected, next year he will study a Higher
Education Cycle of 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments.

2. 2nd Phase
We already started the 2nd and the 3rd bungalows, we need to finish them and start the
Weve had so much help from Spain and the US, and we thank God and we give him
glory for the work that has been done. Thanks to this, the ministry will grow a lot.

3. Lives and Testimonies

Jordi is a boy that has come to camp since hes a kid. He is not a Christian, but hes
been interested and open on hearing the Gospel. Last year was his last year at camp,
because he was already 18, so when Jordi got home from it, his father sent us an
email, and we decided to share it with you:
Hello my name is Jaume Aran, father of Jordi Aran who has participated in six or seven
editions of the camps of LArcada and before him, his brother Alex.

As a child I participated in a much simpler style of camps, but full of human values as well. In
this case with my children, I have to thank enormously that we find you years ago and have
been able to enjoy you, your values, teachings, responsibilities and especially the excellent
organization of the camps, besides how well you spend it Campers in various activities, etc...
And of course joy, optimism, has been very gratifying.

This may be common in people like you, but in my case is something rarer, I am not a believer,
but I believe in people like you, I declare myself as a universal but for a long time I did not
believe in anything that is not scientific, now, perhaps over the years I have a different vision
and although I still do not believe, I see it necessary that there are many more people like you in
the world.

Everyone on the team is great. Thank you

Although I had in mind to do a writing like this years ago, I appreciate the talk with Michael
Harris this August 16 at the end of the camps.

With love
Jaume Aran
It is amazing to see how God is working through us, and through the kids that come at
camp to reach the families.
Keep praying for the campers, so they can receive the Gospel and through that be light
everywhere they go.

4. Summer of 2017
In addition to the camps weve been offering since now, this year we started with volleyball
and American football camp.

5. Last and next month

July and August
Many of our camps focus on these dates, highlighting: We have had 576 campers, of
whom 13 have taken a step of faith (missing the last 2 camps)

1st - 3rd 20+, a youth Retreat for youth over 20 years organized by L'Arcada
8th - 10th Wheat seed. It is a friend ministry that makes its retirement in our facilities
18th - 22nd Evaluation Week

22nd - 24th CANFEV retreat of teenagers who program L'Arcada

25th - 29th Week of planning
30th LArcadas volunteer event

7th Evangelical Olympics. Concentration of many churches in the area to
compete in sporting events
9th - 14th Moody Institute. Pere is going to the Missionary Conference as a Guest.
6. Thanksgiving and prayer request

Special thanks for family and health.

Thank for the good start of the 2nd phase.
Thank God for the Full-time Staff and their commitment to the ministry.
Thank for the new believers.

Prayer petitions

Pray so we can keep sharing the Gospel to Eva and her husband.
Sami and Sara and the next school year, and for finances for them.
Ask for wisdom to help the ministry go forward.
Pau, for his future after graduating.
Pray for encouragement for the summer staff
Ask for encouragement for the Full-Time Staff

7. We need your help!

We are very thankful and happy that you support us through prayer, but we also need
help economically.

Your prayers are very important, but at the same time we need economic help to be
able to live. God has called us to serve, and we can keep doing His mission thanks
to people like you that want to give to the mission field. If you think that the Lord is
calling you to help us with financial support, theres two different ways to do it:

Through internet:

Through check:
1.- Make a check payable to: GREATER EUROPE MISSION
2. write # 58755 on the memo line.


18950 Base Camp Road

Monument, CO 80132
We greatly appreciate your involvement with us in the ministry.

Thank you very much for your commitment with the Lord and us. God Bless You.

Pere & Celia Gonzlez.