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Read the text carefully then do the activities.

Dream is the story that a person "watches" or appears to take part during sleep.
Dream events are imaginary, but they are related to real experiences in the
dreamer's life. They seem real to the dreamer while they are taking place. There
are many types of dreams. Some are pleasant, others are annoying, and still
others are frightening.
Everyone dreams, but some people never recall dreaming. Others remember
only a little about a dream they had just before awakening and nothing about
earlier dreams. No one recalls every dream and, in general, dreams are very
easily forgotten.
Many experts who study dreams also feel that they are related to deep whishes
and fears of the dreamer, and several theories explaining the meaning of dreams
have been developed. Freud suggested that dreams are fulfillments of wishes,
usually in disguised form. Some scientists have suggested that biological
discoveries about dreams have made psychological theories of dreaming, such as
feud's, unnecessary or false. These scientists argue that a dream is a meaningless
response of the cerebral cortex to random stimulation from the brain stem.
The biology involved does not make dreams meaningless any more than it
makes waking thought meaningless. Most psychologists and psychiatrist still
consider dreams psychologically meaningful.
World book 2004

1 Choose the most suitable title to the text (01pt)

a types of dreams b dream events c meaning of dreams

2 - Say whether the following statements are true or false according to the text.
a dream events are real experiences in life.
b None can recall dreams
c Many dreams are frightening.
d Experts do not agree on the explanation of dreams.
3 - Answer the following questions according to the text. (2pts)
a- how does the author define a dream?
b- Do scientists agree with feud's suggestion about dreams?
4 Vocabulary: (01pt)
a Find in the text words closest in meaning to:
bothersome ( 1) regard ( 4)
b Find in the text opposites to:
real ( 1) useful ( 3)

c Find in the text words whose definitions are: (0.5pt

-a person with special knowledge or skill. ( 3)
-sets of reasoned ideas intended to explain facts or events. ( 3)
5 What do the underlined words refer to in the text. (01.5pts)
That ( 5)---------------
Others ( 5)------------
They ( 5)-------------
6-How many theories explaining dreams are mentioned in the text? (0.5pt

7- Complete the following conditional sentences (02pts)

a you would have succeeded
b the teacher may punish you if
- Complete the table below with the missing word category (1.5pt8
adjective noun verb
................... Dream

9- Reorder the words below to get a meaningful sentence(1pt

-One word is irrelevant.
Are - thoughts- dreams - images- or - during - a -scientists - sleep - in - persons -

10- Underline the stressed syllables in the following words. (0.75pt)

necessary - stimulation - psychology
11 - Classify these words according to the pronunciation of their final "ed".

suggested - passed - wished - involved

d// d// t//


Part two: Writing (06pts)

Choose one of the following topics:

Topic one:
Dreams do indeed offer opportunities for fun, adventure, wish fulfillment,
creativity, deep personal insight and healing, and dreams offer all this at no cost
and with no line-ups!
-write a short composition talking about the importance of dreama in peoples
daily lives.

Topic two:

Imagine that your friend finds himself/herself in a dilemma. suggest to him/her a

solution to get out of it.
- write the dialogue