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Course Code: 13CH1134 L T P C

2 0 3 3
Course Educational Objectives:
This course introduces the students the following aspects of unit operations
of chemical process.
Design methods of Tray towers and Packed towers.
Design methods of Distillation column, Extractors.
Design methods and techniques required for Reactors.
Design methods and techniques required for piping and pumps and
Course Outcomes:
After completion of this course the student would be able to
Design and develop the Mass Transfer equipment of chemical
Select and Design of Reaction vessels of a given process.
Select and Design piping and pumps and blowers for the particular
UNIT-I (16 Lectures)
Tray type of absorbers: criteria for selection, types of distributors,
calculation of number of plates, and pressure drop.
Packed bed type of absorbers: Types of packing, Height of transfer unit,
Number of Transfer units, overall column height, Pressure drop calculations.
UNIT-II (14 Lectures)
McCabe-Thiele method, for binary distillation, Fenske-Underwood-
Gilliland method calculation of minimum reflux, minimum plates, Criteria
for selection of distillation column.

G V P College of Engineering (Autonomous) 2013


Determination of distillation column diameter, selection of liquid flow

pattern, total pressure drop in column, Tray efficiency and height equivalent
of theoretical plate, Tray efficiency, calculation of flooding velocity.
UNIT-III (10 Lectures)
Types of extractors (mixer-settler, un-agitated columns, agitated columns,
centrifugal extractor), selection of extractors, selection of solvents, process
design of extractors.
UNIT-IV (10 Lectures)
Types of reactors, process design of batch reactor and continuous flow
reactors, selection of reactor
UNIT-V (10 Lectures)
Process design of piping, process design of pumps blowers and extractors,
flow meters, process design of orifice meters and rotameters.
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Vol. 6, Pergamon Press, 2005.
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2. Couper. J.R., Penney W.R., Fair J.R. and Walas, S.M.
Chemical Process Equipment Selection and Design
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G V P College of Engineering (Autonomous) 2013