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Talent Acquisition

Class Assignment 08-08-2017(Session 16)

Video Review on Talent Acquisition Best Practices
Submitted to Prof. Praveen Kamath
Submitted by Priyanka Kanojia 16020841209

The key best practices in TA are recruiting strategy plan, recruiting pipeline, sourcing
recruiter, Recruitment and selection strategies, Hiring process checklist.
The key problems facing by clients are
1. Cant find good hires
2. Cant pay top of market prices or offer lavish benefits
3. Need to hire good people fast
4. Need specialized skill sets
5. How will growth keep up with demand?
So we need to hire quality people fast in which we dont want to waste money on
recruiters because traditional recruiters take wrong approach.
So mainly focused on Transformative Talent Process to provide maximum value for
employment brand. In which four phases are required:

Phase -1 Phase-2 Phase-3 Phase-4

Make urgent hires Build talent pipeline Engage leaders at Develop strategic
Evaluate Develop hiring every level hiring plan
employment brand resources Build trust and Implement best
alignment practices

Avoid huge ads budgets, Mercenaries, recruiting commissions.

Recruiters says that market has changed from employer driven to candidates driven.
Time estimates are considering to be the best practices in TA because results depending
greatly on employers current brand, reputation, open positions, advertising budget, and
many local market factors.
Below is the structure of levels of priority of talent hiring required in any organization

Strategic focus
Growth vision
Strategic Focus
Managers(VP direct
reports to CEO)

Leadership Manager of Manager

Managerial skill set 1st level manager

Volume hiring 0-5 years