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Social Studies

The grade two Social Studies
This year, we are using the
Mathmatique Chenelire text and curriculum is geared towards
various resources to diversify helping students develop a sense
concepts and skills taught. of self, the community around
Students will develop math skills by them and how they fit into that
participating in inquiry-based math community as local and global
discussions, explore and problem-
citizens. Students will participate
solve through the use of
in various classroom discussions
manipulatives, learn and practice
new concepts through self- and reflections in group and
discovery and reflect their learning independent projects. They will
in math journals. also share personal family EDUCATIONAL
traditions and celebrations to
Term 1:
understand and appreciate
Patterns and number relationships
o Numbers to 100 can be different cultures.
decomposed into 10s and
o The regular change in Science
increasing patterns FOR GRADE 2
can be identified. Students will use the 5 senses to
Analyzing data through the use of question, observe, explore and
pictorial graphs
interpret information to come to
Term 2:
Fluency in addition and different conclusion about the
subtraction with numbers to 100 world around them. Findings of
o Place value and mental observations will be recorded in
math strategies science journals as they learn
Term 3:
Mme McBride
about materials and forces, water
: [Phone number]
Describe, measure, and compare
and life cycles.
objects and shapes 2017-2018
Religious Knowledge and Spelling:
Language Arts
Spiritual Development:
Weekly dicte based on spelling
By exploring a wide range of
This years theme is Care for patterns or themes will be given on
reading materials, students will
Everyone in Our Common Home. Monday. Students will practice their
learn to connect themselves, their
To strengthen their faith, words during the week and will be
family experiences and their
students will be lead in prayer, quizzed on Fridays.
communities to stories. Through
discussion and reflection to
curiosity, they will learn to respond
show how Christ-like qualities Reading:
to text in a variety of ways, such
and characteristics can be lived
as; interpreting and sharing ideas Students will develop their reading
out in the community.
with others, using proper listening and comprehension skills using a
Students will participate in and speaking skills, as well as, variety of strategies such as; pre-
prayer intentions, in Para- communicating ideas and reading (making predictions using
liturgies and school masses. information through oral and title and pictures), making
They will also put their faith written response. connections during reading, and after
into action in service, giving and reading reflections. Students will
demonstrating responsibility for listen to stories and participate in
Gods creation in preparation to student led discussions regarding
receive the sacrament of Holy Students will be guided through main idea, characters, problem and
Communion. various tools to enhance their story solution.
telling ability, through a creative
Students will work towards reading
process. They will learn to share
grade-appropriate literary texts
and express, ideas, likes and
independently and collectively with
dislikes on a daily basis to help
accuracy, comprehension and
students develop the use of details,
expression. Weekly home reading
sentence fluency, word choice and
bags will be sent in the coming weeks.
logical organization.

Beginning September 16th, students

will be expected to read on a
nightly basis. A plastic bag