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The Elephant

The elephants are herbivores and eat all types of vegetation such as grasses, leaves, and fruits. They
have almost hairless skin, four legs, and a distinctive long, flexible, prehensile trunk. The elephants
which is also known as the largest of all land mammals usually live in groups consisting of adult
female elephant as the leader of the group, their children and their relative female elephants.
The elephants also have very sharp auditory because they have big and wide ears. By these ears,
they can hear sounds from a distance about tens kilometer. At the back of the ears, they have one of
the softest parts of their body which is called the knuckle. In a zoo, Mahouts (elephant trainers) use
their feet to steer or give commands to the animal via tha knuckle. Now, they are a kind of protected
animals because their population remains little in their habitat. Their population began to decline year
by year.
My Comels Rabbits
Rabbits are cute animals and have many different hair colors such as white, black, brown, gray, and
others. I believe rabbit is one of the cutest animals. Then, my father bought 2 cute animals at pet
shop. Now, I have two rabbits, those are white and brown. I call the white rabbit as Comel and the
brown as Kelvin. Their age is at least five months. Kelvin is kind of Australian rabbits which have red
eyes, big body and thick hair, while Comel is smaller than Kelvin, has yellow eyes, white fur, and long
ears. Kelvin, has big body and he is three times bigger than Comel which is Indonesian rabbit. When
I see Kelvin standing, it is so amazing. Both of them love eating cabbages, carrot, and some other
vegetables. They also really love to drink fresh milk. Kelvin is more active that Comel, he usually
plays in the backyard alone. I spend a lot of time to play with them. They also teach me about how to
take care of something/someone. They have become my best friend. I really love my comels so
Rabbits are cute animals and have a thick hair. They have two eyes, four legs, two ears, and a
tail. Their hair has become the main attraction so many people buy rabbits because of their hair
color which is really fascinating. You can see a rabbit with a variety of different hair colors such
as white, black, brown, gray, and others. One of the most preferred color is white, because of
white, rabbit symbolized as a clean animal and absolutely adorable. Rabbit eye is very funny and
most of them are back. Some types even have a red color of eye. One of the types of rabbits that
have red eyes are Australian rabbits.
They have two long ears and even theirs can grow up to 10 cm. With their long ears, they could
hear better and know the voices of their predators when approaching. Rabbit ears look so funny
and sometimes moving up. Four feet they have are very strong, especially the hind feet because
those are used as a point for jump. Front feet have 5 fingers while the hind feet have 4 fingers.
Using four legs, they can run very fast and it makes them easier to run away from chasing
They have an enough long body. They can grow between 20 to 50 cm with a weight between 0.4
kg to 2 kg. They has a short tail. Their tails looks like a cotton ball because it is so short. A
female rabbit is pregnant for 30 days. Every birth, rabbits can deliver between 4 to 12 babies.
This is why the rabbit population continues to grow rapidly and they do not become an
endangered species. Females can mate since the age of 6 months, while the males when they
reach the age of 7 months. After mating, the females will then make their nests in the ground to
deliver the babies.
Rabbit population continues to grow to this day due to the reproduction done consistently.
Rabbits even become an important element in the livestock business. Currently, they become pet
and food which are bought and sold continuously throughout the world.

My Cat
I have a cat. It is a female cat. She has a long tail. She like to lick her tail.
My cats fur is white and brown. So, I call her si belang because she has two collor.
Belang like to eat fish. But sometime I also fed her tempe. She also like tempe.
At the afternoon, when the sunset, she like to play outside the house. She will be running, rolling, and
then climbing the tree. She is so funny.
Kucing Ku
Aku punya kucing . Dia adalah kucing betina . Dia memiliki ekor panjang . Dia suka menjilat ekornya .
Bulu kucingku putih dan coklat . Jadi, saya memanggilnya si belang karena dia memiliki dua warna
Belang suka makan ikan. Tapi kadang-kadang saya juga makan tempe nya. Dia juga suka tempe .
Pada sore hari, saat matahari terbenam, dia suka bermain di luar rumah. Dia akan berlari ,berguling ,
dan kemudian memanjat pohon. Dia begitu lucu.
Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan Kelinci
My Rabbit
I have a rabbit, a cute rabbit. The fur is white and soft. I like to touch it.
He has two long ears. I like to play with them. He also has two beautiful eyes.
My rabit like to eat carrot. He also like to eat other vegetables.
My rabbit cage was broken last nigt. So, today I will make a now cage for him.
Kelinci Ku
Aku punya kelinci, kelinci yang lucu. Bulunya berwarna putih dan lembut. Saya suka menyentuhnya .
Dia memiliki dua telinga yang panjang. Saya suka bermain dengan mereka. Dia juga memiliki dua
mata yang indah .
Kelinciku suka makan wortel. Dia juga suka makan sayuran lainnya.
kandang kelinciku rusak tadi malam. Jadi, hari ini saya akan membuat sekarang kandang baginya.
Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan Panda

I love pandas, theyre so lovely. Thyre black and white, and they love bamb (99% os their diet is
constitueted by bamb). They eat 40 kg of bamb in only one day. Theyre about 70-125 kg (adult)
and 90-130 grs. (baby). Theyre originally from Asia, exactly from china. I like them because theyre
very cute!
Saya suka panda , mereka begitu indah . Mereka berwarn hitam dan putih , dan mereka menyukai
Bambu ( 99 % makanan mereka adalah Bamb ) . Mereka makan 40 kg Bambu hanya dalam satu
hari . Berat mereka sekitar 70-125 kg ( dewasa ) dan 90-130 grs ( bayi ) . Mereka berasal dari Asia ,
tepatnya dari china . Saya suka mereka karena mereka sangat lucu!
Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan Koala
Koala is my favorite animal.It has two short legs and two short arms with three fingers, his ears are
short and hairy, his eyes are small, round and brown, his nose is long, round and black, his body is
small, but very soft.
And what I like about him is the fur and the cute face.
Koala adalah hewan favorit saya.Dia memiliki dua kaki yang pendek dan dua lengan pendek dengan
tiga jari , telinganya pendek dan berbulu, matanya kecil, bulat dan berwarna coklat, hidungnya
panjang, bulat dan hitam , tubuhnya kecil, tapi sangat lembut.
Dan apa yang saya suka tentang dia adalah bulu dan wajah lucu.
Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan Anjing
My favorit animal is a dog. This animal is best firiend of the human.
In my house I have a dog, it is called bambi and shes 8 months old. His race is Chiguagua and its
very small. Its black, brown and white color. It is very good, affectionate and noble.
I play with her everiday. We like to walk to the park.
Hewan favorit saya adalah anjing . Hewan ini adalah sahabat terbaik manusia .
Di rumah saya, saya memelihara anjing, namanya bambi dan dia berusia 8 bulan. Rasnya adalah
Chiguagua dan ukurannya sangat kecil. Dia berwarna hitam, coklat dan putih. Dia anjing sangat baik
dan penyayang.
Saya bermain dengannya setiap hari. Kami suka berjalan ke taman.
Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan Pinguin

My favorite animal is the penguin, because when penguin walk is very funny and cute and seems to
have tuxedos. Theyve got yellow and black peak, their bodies are black, white and in the neck of the
penguin there are yellow.
They havent got ears. They are birds but they can not fly but can swim very well. Theyve got very
black small tail.

Penguin is an aquatic animal species of birds that can not fly and can survive in cold place,
such as Antartica. A few species live around Australia and South Africa. Penguins are different with
the other birds. Although penguin has wings but it cannot fly like the other birds. Penguins use their
wings like flippers through the water.
Penguin has thick feathers to keep their body still warm. It has fat short body. Penguin can
eat much of fish every day. But it can also survive for 60 days without eating. They cand drink salt
water because their gland filters excess salt from the bloodstream.
Penguins have black feather on their head, wings and back body. Penguins neck is yellow
and the few part of their body is white. They have small short black feet.
Penguin is kind of ovivar which produce egg. Most penguins lay two eggs in a clutch,
although the two largest species. When mothers lose a chick, they sometimes attempt to steal
another mothers chick. It is because penguins have special characteristics which can make them
famous and like by many people in the world. There isnt any bird which can live in Antartica except

Binatang favorit saya adalah penguin, karena ketika penguin berjalan sangat lucu dan imut dan
seolah tuksedo. Mereka punya bagian kepala kuning dan hitam, tubuh mereka berwarna hitam, putih
dan di leher penguin ada warna kuning.
Mereka tidak punya telinga. Mereka adalah burung tetapi mereka tidak bisa terbang tapi bisa
berenang dengan sangat baik. Mereka punya ekor kecil yang sangat hitam.

I like Elephants
I like elephants. Elephants are the biggest land animals in the world. The African elephant is found on
the continent of Africa and the Indian elephant is found in Asia. Elephants are mammals as well as
herbivores, meaning they only eat plants rather than meat.
I know that there are two main types of elephants; the African elephant and the Indian elephant. The
African elephant is bigger than the Indian elephant. It has larger ears too. Both the males and females
have tusks. The African elephant has wrinkly gray skin, a swayed back, and two tips at the end of its
trunk that it can use like fingers to pick stuff up. The tusk make elephant look really cool.
The Indian, or Asian, elephant is smaller than the African elephant and has smaller ears. They have
more of a humped back and only one fingerlike tip at the end of their trunk. Also, their skin tends to be
less wrinkly than the African elephant. Next time go to the zoo. I want to ride an elephant.
Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Jerapah

The Giraffes
Giraffes are truly giant animals. They amaze me. I like giraffes because their long neck. They can
grow up to 17 feet tall and weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. The male giraffes, called bulls, are
typically larger than the females, called cows. The babies arent exactly small either. A baby giraffe,
called a calf, is 6 feet tall at birth! Giraffes also have large hearts. Their hearts can be up to 2 feet long
and weigh over 20 pounds. They need these large hearts to pump blood all the way up their long
It is always fun to watch giraffes eat from the tree. Their favorite types of leaves are from the acacia
tree. Giraffes are herbivores, meaning they eat plants rather than meat. They use their long necks
and tongues (which they can stick out up to a foot and a half!) to get to leaves on trees. A typical full-
grown adult giraffe will eat over 70 pounds of leaves, twigs, and fruit each day. Giraffes dont need to
drink water very often because there is so much water in the leaves they eat. However, when they do
drink water, they can drink several gallons at a time. I think this is not good because a giraffe has to
bend down and get into a vulnerable position when drinking. Not a good idea when there are lions
sneaking around!
Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Kangguru

I like Kangaroos
Kangaroos is my favourite animal. The Red Kangaroo is the largest of all the Kangaroos. They live
throughout much of the country of Australia and are the largest mammal that lives in Australia. Its
scientific name is Macropus rufus. Kangaroos are herbivores. They get their name from the color of
the males fur which is a reddish brown.They mostly graze on grasses.
A male Red Kangaroo can jump up to 30 feet in one jump! They can also use their jumping ability to
travel quickly at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Somedoy I want to go to Australia to meet a
Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Lumba-Lumba

I really interested in the dolphins. They are one of the most playful and intelligent animals on our
planet. Even though dolphins spend their lives in the water, they are not fish, but are mammals.
Dolphins cant breathe water like fish, but need to come to the surface to breath air.
Dolphins eat other smaller fish, but they eat squid, too, and some dolphins, like Killer Whales, will
often eat small sea mammals like seals and penguins. Dolphins often hunt together, herding fish into
packed groups or into inlets where they can be easily caught. Some dolphins will share their food with
the young or let the young catch injured prey as practice. They dont chew their food, they swallow it
whole. Dolphins get the water they need from the animals they eat, rather than drinking ocean water.
Dolphins have excellent eyesight and hearing. Underwater they use echolocation. Echolocation is
kind of like sonar where dolphins make a sound and then listen to the echo. Dolphin is also tame
animal that people can play with.
Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Unta

The camel is the weirdest camel I ever see. it most famous for the large humps on its back. They live
in the deserts.
Camels can eat most any type of vegetation including dry, thorny, or bitter plants that other animals
may not want to eat. Their digestive system is tough and they have been known to eat dead
carcasses, clothing, and even shoes when extremely hungry.
Camels store fat in their humps. This fat can be converted to water and energy when they havent had
food or water to drink for some time. Once they have used up all the fat in their humps, the humps
become thin and floppy.
However what I like most about camels is their face. it looks so funny.