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Brooklyn Independent Democrat

You Pick the Judges Not the Political Bosses

Vote for the Independent Democrat Slate
Who Elects Judges in Brooklyn? Not the Voters
The Independent Democrat
Judicial Slate Will Appear Almost All of the Judges in Brooklyn are Picked by Brooklyns Political Machine Bosses. Since Most
On the Following Official Judge Candidates are Unchallenged, They Dont Even Appear on the Ballot
Ballot Lines in the
Democrat Primary The Reform Independent Democratic Slate
Tuesday, September 12th
Opposing the Brooklyn Political Bosses Brooklyn Judicial Race
Isiris Isela Isaac
Aims to Break Machine
Countywide Judges NY1 - When election season rolls around,
voters do not usually pay much attention to
(Choose 4) judicial races. But a contested primary in
Thomas Kennedy Vote the Patrick Hayes Brooklyn this year is shaking up the system
Independent 1. a system some critics say illustrates political

patronage at its worst.
Slate NYC voters generally have little information
3. Patrick Hayes to go on when it comes to choosing judges,
and often they have no choice at all.
4. That's because candidates are essentially
picked by local Democratic Party leaders like
5. Brooklyn party boss Frank Seddio. The party's
muscle ensures that those without its backing
usually don't bother running at all.

"Most of the people who run for judge in
New York City are not opposed," said a
Sandra Roper Elena Baron 8. Sandra Roper Hayes
Spokesman for Challengers. But this year, a

Isaac Roper
Brooklyn political operative, is trying to buck the
6th District system, putting together a slate of 5 candidates

9. for civil court judge.

10. Isiris Isela Isaac They have gotten the attention of Seddio,

Your Vote Can End the Brooklyn

who recently sent out a plea for support of the
11. Thomas Kennedy party's candidates, writing, "We face a serious
challenge to their election by a group of

Party Bosses Control of the Court

individuals who have no other interest than
their own personal needs."
Court District 6
Judicial Elections "It is Absolutely
Facebook Our Slate and Share With Your Friends You Can Beat the Machines Control of Brooklyn
(Choose 1) Political Horse-Trading" said Susan

Judgeships by Voting for the Reform Slate on

Lerner of Common Cause NY. Good-government
groups, meanwhile, have long sought to

Sept. 12th in the Democrat Primary

Facebook: PatrickHayesforCivilCourt * Website: PatrickHayes2017.NYC reform the process. Common Cause was
2. party to a landmark lawsuit in which Surrogate
Facebook:ThomasKennedyForJudge * Website:ThomaskennedyforJudge.NYC
Court Judge Margarita Lopez Torres challenged
Facebook: IsaacforCivilCourtjudge * Website: Isaacforjudge2017.NYC 3. party control of the nominating process.

4. Elena Baron
Facebook: RoperforJudge2017 * Website: Roperforjudge2017.NYC
Facebook: BaronforJudge * Website: Elenabaron2017.com

Vote for Independent Democrat Judges on Tuesday, September 12th

Permit # 1235
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY 11220 PAID
4615 5th Avenue US Postage
Friends of Patrick Hayes Presort STD
32 Years After A Report Concluded How the citys Slate of Independent Democrats Pushes Back
Democratic Machines control who becomes a Civil Against County Club in Brooklyns Judicial Race
A group of independent Democrats have
Published by Modern Courts, found that Democrats won 83 of 85 created agita in Brooklyns Democratic political Brooklyns Political Bosses
Pick Judicial Candidates . . .
elections for Civil Court judgeships in the city in the last
the NYTimes establishment by announcing they are running
Voter June 9, 1986
five years, and only four elections during that time could
for civil judgeships without the blessing of
be termed serious contests with Republicans. The 108-
A 1986 REPORT by page report, which analyzed the elections borough by the Kings County Democratic Party.
Isiris Isela Isaac, Sandra Roper, Thomas J.
Our Reform Slate Was
the Fund for the borough, called the Democratic primary the ''real contest.''
Modern Courts that The Report found that in only 24 of 85 elections Kennedy and Patrick J. Hayes make up the

Patrick Hayes
Created to Give Brooklyns
issued a report on where Democratic primaries were held, resulting in no slate. Thomas J. Kennedy is an attorney at Glancy
how the citys real choice for voters in more than 70 percent of the elections. Prongay & Murray LLP. Patrick Hayes is founding
Democratic machines member of the Law Office of Patrick Hayes. He Voters a Choice of
New York Bernie Sanders
For Civil Court Judge Independent Democratic
control who gets was formerly an assistant DA in Kings County.
Committee for Change
Thomas Kennedy
elected as CIVIL Isiris Isela Isaac is the principal court attorney for
Judges at the Ballot Box
COURT JUDGES the state Supreme Court in Brooklyn. Sandra
Patrick Hayes is a Criminal Court Lawyer The election process for Civil Court judges in New York Endorses Independent Democrats Roper is senior attorney in her own firm.
who represents clients in Grand Jury trial and City amounts to little more than the appointment of Thomas Kennedy, Sandra Roper,Isiris Isaac, - Brooklyn Daily Eagle For Civil Court Judge
presentations. Hayes also represents clients in judges by powerful county Democratic leaders, Patrick Hayes and Elena Baron all running for
hearings at Family Court, Department of Motor according to a report to be released today by a nonpartisan Civil Court Judge in the September 12th
Vehicle, & Taxi & Limousine Commission.
court-monitoring group. The organization, the Fund for Democratic primary. - Brooklyn Eagle Thomas Kennedy Has 21 Years of Experience As

Insurgents Campaigns Aim to Shake Up

Some of his cases have gained notoriety through A Lawyer. Which Includes Representing Senior
Citizens who Suffered Life-Threatening Side

Community Activist Tony Herbert Says Dont Let

media reporting & public interest. Patrick Hayes

Brooklyn Judicial Races

serves as Vice Chairperson & Counsel to the Effects of Medications which were Not Listed

the Political Bosses Control Who Gets Elected to

Bronx Community Prison Re-Entry Center. on the Warning Label; Victims of Stock Fraud by
Corporations; Victims of Consumer Fraud;

Bklyn Judgeship . . . Vote the Independent Slate

Patrick is a product of NYCs melting pot. Hayes
Mother, came from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Despite their outsize importance in the lives of party machines throughout the city is trying to and Victims of Antitrust Violations by Monopolies.
during her late teen years and his fathers family
anyone who comes into contact with our sprawling change that. Angry that the Brooklyn Democratic Kennedy passed the CPA Exam which helps in
and Orwellian criminal justice system, elections for Partys handpicked candidates for civil court
was of Irish decent. Education: New York Law understanding complex financial litigation
judges in New York City are sleepy affairs. Incumbent judge appeared to be coasting to victory without any
School, College of Staten Island, Sheepshead Bay judges seeking re-election rarely face primaries. challenges at all, gathered together a slate of five judicial involving corporate fraud. Education: St.
Candidates backed by the local Democratic Party candidates who will face down the partys chosen Johns School of Law, Miami University
are almost always assured victory. One veteran contenders in a Democratic primary this September.
Democratic operative and gadfly long opposed to - Village Voice

Developers Invited to
Illegal Machine Bklyn
Judicial Fund Raiser
Recently a prominent NYC medium exposed
Hayes Kennedy
the fact that the head of the Democrats in

Isaac Roper
Brooklyn (Frank Seddio) is looking to hold
an illegal fundraiser for the judicial team the

Sandra Roper Baron

countys political bosses support. This is against
the rules surrounding judicial candidacies and

Isiris Isela Isaac

their financing; but it has happened so many
For Civil Court Judge times before that it is now commonplace and

Elena Baron
openly done. What is striking about the

The Brooklyn Civil Court Candidate With the

judicial invitation list for that event, were the For Civil Court Judge
names of the various prominent lawyers and
Velvet Gloves and Steel Balls Sandra Roper
For Civil Court Judge real estate developers, being solicited. Invitees

Borough Dems Chief Involved in 'Illegal'

is the first person of color to run for Brooklyn were being asked to pay thousands of dollars Isiris Isela Isaac has dedicated her legal career
District Attorney. DA Hynes in retaliation tried (6th District) to support judicial candidates. Do you really to public service. Isaac is a Principal Court
Fund-Raiser for His Judicial Candidates
to disbar her, brought her up on phoney charges think they make these contributions without
Attorney to a Supreme Court Justice presiding
and tried to send her to Rikers Island. Roper Elena Baron spent close to a decade assisting some kind of future expectation in mind? over felony cases. Ms. Isaac worked as a
never backed down, charges were dismissed and sitting Judges in Civil and Supreme Courts Facebook: Rockroomeight Staff Attorney for District Council 37, representing
she is now the Comeback Judge Candidate of with cases involving residential and commercial low-wage union members and retirees on the

Vote on Tuesday, Sept. 12th for

2017. As a Civil Rights Lawyer for 30 years, she foreclosures, landlord-tenant matters, credit card debt, A rep for five of the 11 candidates vying for six said Seddios fund-raising efforts violate the
Bklyn civil court judgeships, sent a letter Monday Rules Governing Judicial Conduct and are unethical brink of eviction. Ms. Isaac has been an advocate
fought Discrimination, Predatory Lending, guardianship matters, small claims and personal for New Yorkers in need. She is a legal authority
to the state and NYCcity elections boards, as well on seven points, including not disclosing who the
Seniors Social Security Bank Account injury cases among others. Elena is a volunteer as to the Judicial Campaign Ethics Center with the event benefits, inviting sitting judges to contribute and, on affordable housing, public benefits and worked
Freezes and for affordable housing in her Bed- Mediator and Arbitrator in the Small Claims All 5 Independent Democrats Office of Court Administration, saying borough since the beneficiaries aren't named, having judicial on immigration cases on behalf of people living with
Stuy office; and an 1199 Pharmacist for 37 Court in Brooklyn for over 8 years. Education: Running Against the Political Dems chief Frank Seddio is hosting an illegal candidates raising money with potential nonjudicial HIV/AIDS. Education: Rutgers Law School,
years. Education: LIU, Brooklyn Law and Brooklyn Law School, New York University Brooklyn Political Bosses fund-raiser on Aug. 23 at a law office in Downtown candidates. Columbia University, Clara Barton H.S.
NYU Law Brooklyn. A three-page letter to the committees - Daily News