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People and Organisation Management in

the Built Environment

Professor Ming Sun

School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society
Heriot-Watt University
What is the Course About?
This course focuses on people and organisational
It will introduce key concepts of management, including
management theories, nature of organisations,
leadership, motivations, etc.
It will also explore the application of these concepts in
business management, especially in the context of the
construction industry.
Why is the Course Relevant to the
Construction Industry?
The construction industry is characterised by its project-based
practice. Delivery of construction projects often requires the
coordination of a multiplicity of actors, within a largely fragmented,
transient and heterogeneous workforce.
Construction practice is labour intensive. People are key to the
success of construction projects; and they are the main assets of
construction companies. Construction managers need to have
knowledge of people and organisation management in order to get
the best performance out of their employees.
What will the Course Cover?
Introduction to Management
Organisational Strategy
Organisational Structure
Work Groups and Conflict Management
Organisational Culture and Change
Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Personnel Management
Control and Power
Social Responsibility and Ethics
Learning Materials
Course Guide
Lecture slides
Core readings (available as e-book on Vision)
Naoum S. (2011) People and Organizational
Management in Construction (2nd Ed.)
Mullins L. and Christy (2013) Management and
organisational behaviour (10th Ed.)
Journal articles as suggested reading (on

See Learning Materials section on

Learning Methods
12 week teaching block in semester 2
Lectures & Tutorials (on-campus students)
Self-learning (150 effort hours overall)
VISION VLE is central to the course
Lecture Schedule
Week 1 Introduction to Management
Week 2 Organisational Strategy
Week 3 Organisational Structure
Week 4 Work Groups and Conflict Management
Week 5 Organisational Culture and Change
Week 6 Interim review
Week 7 Leadership
Week 8 Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Week 9 Personnel Management
Week 10 Control and Power
Week 11 Social responsibility and Ethics
Week 12 Mock exam
Assessment Method
A 2-hour exam (100%) at the end of the semester.

To test your knowledge about the key concepts

covered by the course and your ability to analyse their
application in practice.
A mock exam will be organised for you to familiarise
with the style of questions.
Past papers can be found in the Assessment folder
on Vision.