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Players What's This Game from their silos and laid on the
The first lime you pl<1Y THE
need to read Is the Player Brief-
ground for satellite inspection. AU
military personnel will report for
FREEDOM, you play an Like hell!
ing below and the character sheet
American who chooses to resist There's been chaos in the
your gamemaster hands you. You
the Communist occupiers. You streets since then. There are, at
can start playing Immediately.
Later on, you'll want to must find the weapons and max, a few thousand Soviet ,~?"''' _~!iii
leadership 10 resist effectively. and plants in the U.S., and '
generate your own character and
The invaders have absolute going to take a while for them to
understand the rules more fully,
nuclear supremacy; regular ferry over any substantial number
When you do. read through the
military resistance Is Impossible. of troops. At the moment. It's
Player Book thai comes with
The only way they can be anarchy in the streets.
the game.
defeated Is to make the occupa- According to the news, patriots
tion of America so costly that are working to dump every dllta
they must withdraw. base they can before the Reds
Gamemasters But remember: no occupied show up. The Department of
To run THE PRICE OF nation has ever liberated itself Motor Vehicles Is burning files by
FREEDOM, you w!ll have to without outside help. the trucklolld. The F.B.I. is shred-
spend some lime leamlng the And we have no one to help ding day and night. There are
basic rules. Follow these steps: u,. more cops at 1 Polkli! Plaza
1. Read the PllIyer Briefing The fate of America Is In your dumping files than on the streets.
and the character sheets, so you hands. Supermllrkets and stores are
know what your players have to
work with.
2. Read the Player Book to
doing a land-office business.
Everyone is trying to stock up on
necess!lili!s. Somli! merchants are
Is T:
learn the basic rules.
3 . Read the firsl adventure,
"The PATH of Freedom ," In the
demanding payment In gold,
though; and everywhere, prices
are rising like a rocket.
Ga me master Book. It describes
the adventure you will run, and
tells you how 10 run il.
4. Then, invite up to six of
The TV is full of Soviet
spokesmen claiming thli!rli!'s no
cause for hysteria. Thli! President
came on to ClIll for calm and
your friends over for ill game. cooperation with the occupying
(Four, five or six players are the au thorltlli!s. "The tree of liberty
preferred numbers.) Have each There's a lot of looting going refreshed from time t
read the Player Briefing (the rest on. There are people fleeing for blood of patriots and
of this 4-page folder). the countrySide. Occasional gun - natural manure."
5. Find the pregenerated shots can be heard.
characters (Free do m File B - You'VIi! brought together your
the second loose 4-page folder closest, toughest friends - men
tha t comes with the game) . Cut Maria Cagliari and women you know you can
the character sheets apart. and trust with your life. You've gol to
hand one to each player. (If you figure OUi what to do next.
prefer, photocopy character
sheets. and cut the copies apart.)
What's the Situation?
Make sure each player reads his Yesterday came the Presldent"s
over. announcement. He said the
6. Tum to the adventu re - obvious: the Russians' "Star
section 2 of the Game master Wars" defenses make them
Boo k. Expect to spend two to impregnable. They can destroy
four hours playing. America whenever they want.
They've demanded total
That's it . As you play the game American disarmament - and
more, you'U want to become the traitor agreed! "As
familiar with the rest of the rules Commander-in-Chief, I hereby
in the Game maste r Bo ok. In order American forces wherever
addition to rules, you'll find lois they may be to lay down their
of advice on effective arms. American military aircraft
gamemastering and loads of will be grounded. The Navy will
adventure Ideas. return 10 port . All nuclear sub-
marines will surface. All land-
based missiles will be removed Moishe Cohen
on your sheet - In this case, begin to talk 10 him.
Player Briefing your skill number will be the Passion: The one thing that's
lowest useful value (which 15 ''1'') . most importanl to your character.
How Do I Play? The game master knows the Interests: Other highly impor-
rules for aU this stuff. If you want tant things to your character.
1. C haracter Sheeg to, you may read the rules and You should keep aD these
look at your character sheet. learn how to modify skill
(If the gamemaster hasn't given
things in mind and try to act and
numbers yourself - but you think like your character would.
you one yet, gel one from him .) don't need to know this to play.
In addition to your name. picture 5. Hero Points
and background Information, it 3. Attributes
You have one "hero point" at
contains Information about your Every character has five the beginning of the game, as the
skills and equipment. attributes. each assigned a section of your sheet labeled
number from 1 to 19. The "Hero Points"' Indicates. You may
attributes are strength. manual gel additional points at the end
dexterity, agility, alertness, and of each adven ture. If you're In a
constitution. tight spot. you can spend a hero
Attributes are used when you point to make sure you make a
try to do something governed by critical skill or attribute roll, or to
the Innate abilities 01 you r body, do something normally impossible
rather than by a learned sklll - (like lifting a truck off your bud-
for example, when you try to lift dy's legs). Be warned, though;
a heavy ob}ect, balance on a hero points are rare and valuable.
beam, or hear something far Spend them with care.
away. When you try to do
something like this, you make an 6. Equipment
attribufe roll. following the same The "Equipment" section of
rules as for skill rolls. your sheet describes what equip-
4, Peraonal Information ment you begin with. You'll
notice Ihat you don't have a lot
At the top 01 your character of firepolAlef. Anding some
sheet, you'll find some other 1m weapons Is a good idea.
Billy Barstow
portant Information. Most Is self-
7 . Ammo Points
explanatory, but some needs
discussion: OccaSionally in your dealings
2. Skills Physical Tag: A brief descrip- with the Occupation your
All the skills your character tion of the most prominent characters may resort to gunplay.
knows are printed on the bock of physical feature of your character If they do then this box can be
his charllcter sheet . Each skill has - the first thing people notice used to help characters keep
a number printed next to II. about him. track of ammo points as they ex-
Basically, skills work like this: pend them .
when you try to use a skill. you 8 . Character Background
roll the 20-sided die that comes This section tells you about
with the game and compare the your character. It describes your
number you roll with your skill past, what you did before the
number. If the roll is Jess them or Occupation, and why you're
equal 10 your skill number. you fighting now. You'll also find
succeed. If It's higher, you fail. your character's passions more
Esample: You are firing a fully explained he re, along with
rifle. The number "12" Is printed his polillc.al and religioUS beliefs.
next to the skill on your sheet. If
you roll a 12 or less, you have 9. Beginning the Game
hit your target. After you've read over your
This Isn't the whole story. The sheet, the game master will tell
gamemaster mlly alter your skill you what situallon your
number before you roll, If you' re characters face. The next move is
trying to do something particular- up to you.
ly easy or difficult. (b.ample: If
you're firing at long range, the Johnson Meriwether
game master might halve your
skill number to 6 - or even Personality Tag: The first thing
quarter It to 3.) Also, you can people notice about your
use a skill even if It Isn't printed character's personality when they
Freedom Fighter's
o gun If you've got any of these, take 'em:
o ammunition Boy Scout's Handbook
o oil, ramrod, etc. Handbook of PhYSics and Chemistry
o knife Anarchist's Cookbook
o good boots Weapons and Tactics of the Sovlet Army
o heavy wool clothing in dark shades Russian-English English-Russian dictionaries or phrasebooks
rain gear Books on gunsmithing, demolitions, wilderness survival
bedroll Copy of West End's Price oj Freedom and miniatures
o pack Astronomical charts
o tent, tube tent, or other protection Binoculars
o canteen Rope or twine
o 'mess kit Small shovel or entrenching tool
o two weeks rations Axe, hatchet or saw
fishline, hooks and sinkers Flashlight
needle and thread Batteries
o aspirin, antibiotics, gauze, surgical tape, etc. Transistor radio
o several changes of socks and underwear
o wire clippers or basic tools
o soap
o razor
matches or flint & steel
o nylons, cigarettes or other trade goods

Useful Russian Phrases

Thank you or please. My name is ...
Pajaloosta. Moyo eemyah ..
You're welcome (literally, "it is nothing'1 My rank is .. .
Neechello. Moyrohng .. .
Haiti My serial number is .. .
Preeval1 Moy leechniy nomehr . . .
Workers of all countries, unite! I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the
Rabocheeyeh vsyekh strohn soyedeenyatyes. Republican Party.
I am sorry, I do not speak Russian. Ya neekogdah ne bil veh Respublekonskoy Parteeee.
Yah eezveenyayoos no ya nee govoryoo po Ruskee. Yes.
No, I have no bibles or other religious icons. Da.
Yah nee eemyeyoo beebleeyoo ee releegeeozn'kh eekon. No.
Where do I go to obtain my ration stamps? Nyet.
Kooda mnyeh noytee dostats produktaveeyeh khartogkee? Comrade.
Here is my internal passport.' Tovar'shch.
Eto moyo udostavyeryeneeyeh .leech nos tee. Goodbye.
How do I enlist my child in the Young Communist League? Do sll,danya.
Kahk mnyeh zapeesaht moyehveh rebyonkah veh
Kommooneesteechyehskooyoo Parteeyoo?
I know nothing of these things.
Ya neechyehvo nee znayoo ob ehtahm.
Design and Development: Greg Costikyan
Research: Leonard Quam
Editing: Eric Goldberg
Graphics: Kevin Wilkins, Stephen Crane
and Diane Malz
Adventure Development: Paul Murphy
Development Assistance: Steve Gilbert,
Daniel Scott Palter and Martin Wixted

~ OF FaEEDOM :sl
Russian: Helena Rubinstein
Liberal Dupe: Carl Skutsch
Playtesting and Acknowledgments:
Glenn Blacow, Peter Corless, William
Morris Fischbach Ill, Craig Foster, Eric
Goldberg, Guy Hall, Ken Rolston, Bill
BOLEPLAYING IN Slavicsek and Sam Weiss
OCCUPIED AMEBICA Cover Illustration: David Henderson

6. Hero Points
4. Attributes and Skills 7. Know Your Enemy
4.1 The Differences 7.1 The Soviet System
CODteDIs 4.2 Using Skills and Attributes 7.2 Three Legs of Terror
1. Introduction 4.3 Gaining Additional Skill Points 7.3 The Military
1.1 Freedom's America 5. Combat 7.4 Traitors
1.2 Some Propaganda 5.1 Combat Components 8. Waging Guerrilla War
2. Basic Game Concepts. 5.2 Combat and Gamemaster Control 8.1 Why Guerrilla War?
2.1 Example of Play 5.3 Combat Sequence 8.2 The Guerrilla's Strategy
2.2 Glossary 5.4 Actions 8.3 Support of the Masses
2.3 A Note 5.5 Panic and Observation 8.4 Why We'll Win
3. Character Creation 5.6 Decisions 8.5 How to Be a Guerrilla
3.1 How to Generate a Character 5.7 Line of Sight Weapons List
3.2 Character Background 5.8 Fire Combat Equipment Chart
3.3 Imagining a Character 5.9 Grenade Combat Map of Occupied America
3.4 Tags 5.10 Melee Combat Bibliography
3.5 Passions and Interests 5.11 Damage A Note to Liberal Readers
3.6 Background Information 5.12 Movement
3.7 Attributes 5.~3 Skill Use
3.8 Skills
3.9 Equipment Copyright 1986 by West End Games,
3.10 Hero Points End's name for its game of resistance to
Soviet occupation; trademark applied for.
This is a work of fiction. All the
characters and events portrayed in this
This game contains: two 11" by 17" full-color game-maps; one sheet of 100 game are fictional. Any resemblance to
V2" game counters; one loose booklet of 16 pages; one 32-page Player Book; real persons or events is purely
one 64-page Gamemaster Book; one 20-sided die; one counter tray with lock- coincidental.
on lid; and game box.
If any components are damaged or missing, write to us and we'll replace ISBN # 0-87431-053-9
If you have any questions about the rules to the game, write to us and we'll
Printed in the United States of America.
answer them. Write "Price of Freedom Game Questions" on your envelope.
Please print or type your questions, and ask them so we can respond "yes," WEST END GAMES, INC.
"no" or with short answers. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for 251 West 30th Street
our reply. New York, NY 10001


Introduction IIIHTpo,IJ;YKU;ID1

Nullus Tiber homo eapiatur, vel imprisonetur, Throughout its existence, America has stood
aut dissaisiatur, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut for liberty and the rights of man. The struggle
aliquo modo destruator, nee super eum ibimus, between America and Russia is not one be-
nee super eum mittemus, nisi per legale tween two superpowers of more or less equal
judicium parium suorum vel per legem terrae. moral weight, but between freedom and slavery;
[No free man shall be taken or imprisoned between light and darkness; yes, between good
or dispossessed, or outlawed or exiled, or in any and evil. There can be no real peace until one
way destroyed, nor will we go upon him, nor triumphs, or the other. The world cannot live
will we send against him except by the lawful half slave and half free.
judgement of his peers or by the law of the A totalitarian state is monomaniacal in the
land.] pursuit of its goals. It builds its military, probes
- Magna Carta The World Cannot Live for weakness, bides its time until it may triumph.
Half Slave and Half Free. Democracies have short memories. The call
to Vigilance is repeated, again and again, to
In the near-future world of THE PRICE OF
decreasing effect; people become inured to the
FREEDOM, the Soviet Union and its client
struggle. Budgets are cut; the military becomes
states have achieved nuclear supremacy and
complacent and incompetent; academics and
use it to 'conquer the world. America is now
That will change. intellectuals belittle the threat. Society becomes
nominally ruled by a qUisling President, but in
As the game progresses, life in America will fat and happy, unmindful or forgetful that its
fact by the Communist occupiers.
become increasingly grim as humorless wealth and liberty is enviously coveted and
As the game begins, Communist troops -
totalitarians seek to remake American society religiously hated by an enemy whose enmity
Soviet, Cuban, Nicaraguan, Vietnamese, East
in their own mold. As the campaign in which never wavers.
German, Czechoslovakian - are landing all
you play continues, its America will diverge America has been betrayed by traitors in its
over the United States and Canada. You have
more and more from ours. Your character will very midst - stabbed in the back by
only hours or days before they take up posi-
adapt to those changes or die. pusillanimous cowards, delivered into the hands
tions in your city.
of its foes.
As the game progresses, life will change as (1.2) Some Propaganda In thiS, its darkest hour, America needs
Soviet control becomes firmer. If you wish to The Soviet Onion is the very embodiment of heroes - men and women who, without
remain alive and free, you must learn how to tyranny. It denies the most fundamentalliber- recompense, motivated only by the noblest of
cope with these changes. ties to its own citizens, treats them as resources emotions, will rise and take up the struggle
to be used, abused and disposed for the benefit against the Soviets.
(1.1) Freedom's America of the state. The corpses of hundreds of Already, their troops are landing. Soon will
The imaginary land in which THE PRICE thousands of Soviet citizens lie under the tun- come the internal passports, summary execu-
OF FREEDOM is set is much like modern-day dra of Siberia, worked and starved to death tions, psychological torture, death camps, mass
America.1 Geographically, it is the same. Your because they thought or spoke unWisely. Dis- starvation, all the humiliation, torture and agony
home town looks like your home town; the sent is classified as neurosis, and treated by the that comes with being the subject nation of
buildings are located in the same places, the most severe of psychiatric methods - including Communists.
streets are the same. electroshock therapy. Only one voice is allowed, Are you ready to pay THE PRICE OF
The same technology is prevalent, the same the voice of the Party, disseminated through its FREEDOM?
computers and weapons exist, the same car organs the press, radio and television. Some
models can be found. At least initially, the claim there is a moral distinction between Com-
culture is the same; FREEDOM's America has munist Russia and Nazi Germany; there is not.
rock stars, fast food, television, cold beer, well- One murdered millions for racial reasons; one
stocked supermarkets, and a passion for fast murdered millions for economic reasons; but
cars. murder is murder.

'Canada is being occupied at Virtually the same time, and Canadian players are free to play characters in their home towns, too.
In the United Kingdom, Militant Tendency has parlayed a majority in Parliament into what is, effectively, a dictatorship. The Resistance is numerically large, is diVided along nationalist
lines Scots, Plaid Cymru, the IRA, Ulster Loyalists, and the Home Counties' Free Albion Brigade (largely led by rock stars) - and doesn't work together well at all. The Soviets
have sent in two Spetsnaz brigades in a ''show of Socialist solidarity with our loyal allies of the Great Patriotic War."
Elsewhere, the Red Army is overrunning continental Europe, the South American, African and Middle Eastern countries are largely pro Soviet, while the two Chinas, Japan, and
the rest of the Pacific Basin have been left alone.
Though PRICE is, by design, a North American game, an imaginative gamemaster can set a campaign Virtually anywhere in the world.


Basic GalDe OcHOBHOU Mrpa
Concepts M,IJ;eH
To attain all this, however, rivers of blood Greg: (Rolls dice.) You get the gunner; he flips it's coming in ... (rolls dice). It hits! The
must yet flow, and years of desolation pass backward with a hole in his forehead. The plastique explodes! A chunk of the underbelly
over: yet the object is worth rivers of blood, and officer drops; you can't tell if you hit him or is ripped open. It's diving. It noses into the
years of desolation. he dove for cover. ground, flips over, there's a tremendous
Thomas Jefferson Ken: Damn it, what are you doing? Gunfire will explosion.
alert ... Holly: Okay. Mission accomplished. I grab
(2.1) Example of Play Holly: You can't launch the RIC with those Ken's right arm; Eric, grab the other.
To give you an idea of what happens during guys out there. . Greg: All hell is breaking loose; in the distance
an adventure, here's what you might hear if you Greg: You hear shouts from the airport. Eric, you can see people running around, engines
were sitting in a room where a PRICE OF there's a plane coming in. starting up ...
FREEDOM game were being played. Erie: Civilian or military? Eric: I don't think we're going to make it. It's
Background: Greg is the gamemaster (GM) Greg: No flank Windows, it's too dark to see a long way to Sheepshead Bay ...
seated at the head of the table. Ken, Eric and markings.' . Ken: You've got to leave me.
Holly are playing Resistance fighters. Eric: That's our baby. HoDy: No, we ...
The Story So Far: The player characters have Ken: Oh, Jesus. I crawl out with the RIC. Ken: There's no other way.
made their way, under cover of darkness, Greg: There are pistol shots from under the Eric: Forget it ...
through the swamps south of Queens to the jeep (rolls dice). They miss. Ken: You can't drag me from here to Brooklyn!
fringe of Jack Reed International airport Ken: I place the model plane on the dirt patch. Give me the SMG, and get out of here.
(formerly JFK). They're lying in mud. The Ignition. Holly: He's right. We give him the SMG and
temperature is about 40 Fahrenheit. Aircraft are Greg: It sputters to life. start running like crazy into the swamp.
landing on the nearest strip at the rate of Eric: Okay, okay, but we've gotta make that guy Greg: There's another jeep coming this way.
approximately one every ten minutes. Guards keep his head down until the RIC is in the air. They've got a searchlight, and are spraying
with dogs patrol the field; searchlights play Ken: I run for cover, and get the remote the ground indiscriminately with machinegun
across it. The characters have a radio-controlled controller. fire.
aircraft model capable of lifting about five Greg: More pistol fire (rolls dice). You're hit in Ken: Okay. I get up and run forward, firing.
pounds. They also have five pounds of the leg and make it to cover. Greg: Well, you hobble forward, firing. Bullets
plastique. Ken: Hell. I get the controller, and set the stitch the side of the jeep, the gunner turns
model plane moving. toward you.
Ken: I get out the gasoline and tank the RIC Ken: Remember the Alamo!
Greg: It jitters across the ground; it's airborne.
model up. Greg: (Chuckles.) Right. You gets the driver
There are more jeeps heading your way. The
Greg: No problem. before the machinegun cuts you down ...
plane is coming in for a landing.
Ken: Next for the plastique and the primer.
Ken: I steer the model for the plane! Are we
Greg: Okay, it fits in the compartment like you
close enough?
planned. (Rolls dice.) The primer is set.
Greg: Looks like it, if you keep it on course.
Ken: And the impact fuze ...
Erie: How bad's the wound?
Greg: (Rolls dice.) You manage not to set it off.
Greg: The wound is clean, but he's not gOing
Looks good. By the way, a jeep's headlamps
to be able to walk.
are coming this way.
Erie: I get out the first aid kit and bandage it.
Holly: Uh oh. Greg: Better work fast, the plane is landing ...
Ken: Any place reasonably flat near here?
Greg: There's a patch of dirt about ten feet off
that looks like it would suffice. The jeep stops
about a hundred feet away. An officer gets
out; there's another manning a machinegun
mounted in the jeep. He cups his hands and
shouts, "Yuri!" You can see his breath in the
glare from a searchlight. Remember the Alamo!
Holly: Perfect profile shot. Using the deer rifle,
I shoot the gunner, then the officer.


(2.2) Glossary (2.3) A Note games are power fantasies. In other roleplay-
ing games, players have the fun of slaughter-
Novices may not be familiar with certain A number of features distinguish THE ing dozens of orcs or aliens, or defeating in-
terms peculiar to roleplaying games. Some of PRICE OF FREEDOM from other roleplay- credibly powerful supervillains. In THE PRICE
these are: ing games. OF FREEDOM, you get to slaughter lots of
Character: A character is an imaginary per- Tone: The predominant tone is one of grim Reds. Think Rambo, Sergeant York, or Red.
son living in the world of the game. patriotism. That's because the world of Dawn. The system is purposefully designed to
Player Character (PC): A player character FREEDOM is a grim one. When playing your make a player character the eqUivalent of
is one whose actions are controlled by a player. character, think of war movies, hardboiled several Soviet soldiers; the typical player
detective stories, film noir, and stories about the character is a supersoldier facing a horde of
Non-Player Character (NPC): A non French Resistance. Surviving in the world of spear carriers.
player character is one whose actions are con- FREEDOM is tough, and you have to be tough
trolled by the game master. These are the an- Setting: The setting, in as much as possible,
to survive. But you hope, at least, to do more is identical to the real world. Visualizing the
tagonists, patrons and innocent bystanders en- than survive; you hope that, through your
countered by the characters dUring the game. world of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM should
efforts and those of others, America may be be easy; physically it is the same as our own.
Gamemaster (GM): The gamemaster freed from its oppressors. Emotionally, it is a far darker and more
develops adventures for his players, takes the Grimness is only one side of the game. The desperate place.
roles of non-player characters, and referees and other side is this: fundamentally, roleplaying
interprets the rules of the game. Opportunities for Mayhem: One of the
most enjoyable aspects of roleplaying is that it
Character sheet: At the beginning of play, lets us release, in a SOcially acceptable way, the
each player is issued a character sheet. On this negative emotions which society forbids us (for
sheet he records the essential information about good reason) to act upon in everyday life.
his character - background, skills, equipment, Basically, this means making things go "boom"
and so on. (See Freedom File C.)
gunfire, explosions, Violent action. THE
Adventure:"An adventure is a sequence of PRICE OF FREEDOM offers unparalleled op-
episodes experienced by the player characters portunities for mayhem. Not only are modem
as they struggle for survival. An adventure may weapons deadly, but there is a dear and morally
be completed in one or several sessions of play. unobjectionable foe - the Communists. Fur-
Until it has been brought to a satisfactory (or thermore, since the world of FREEDOM is so
unfortunate) conclusion, the adventure is not similar to our own, players will have the fun of
over. Better Dead Than Red. blowing up buildings, people and things they
Session: A session is a gathering of game- know personally - without the messy possibili-
master and players for an adventure. The ses- ty of a laWSUit, being arrested, or personal
sion varies in length, depending on the tastes retribution.
of the players, but is usually from one to six Killing your boss is a bad idea - but no one
hours in duration. can object to killing the foul Commie invaders
Campaign: A campaign is a series of related who are systematically destroying the American
adventures in a consistent setting with the same way of life. Blowing up the public library is a
bad idea, too - unless it's the local KGB head-
player characters. Over the course of a cam-
quarters. The opportunity for catharsis is
paign, characters may gain new skills, equip-
ment, and power.


Character Creation POJIb Jluu;o
We must be free or die, who speak the tongue (3.2) Character Background (This is known as "avatar" roleplaying.) You can
That Shakespeare spake; the faith and morals also play another character as if he had your
The most interesting part of character genera- exact personality. That's okay if that's really what
Which Milton held. tion is determining your character's background you want to do, but it's not very interesting.
- Wordsworth and personality. What is he like? What are Ais Much of the fun of roleplaying is trying to
interests? What's most important to him? Where think like someone very different from yourself.
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM comes with did he grow up?
six pregenerated characters (see Freedom File You might have more fun roleplaying an un-
This is interesting for two reasons. First, dur- attractive female alcoholic midget of Albanian
B). We suggest that novice players begin by ing the game you will be imagining yourself in
playing one of these characters. Others may extraction. (Then again, maybe that's carrying
the role of your character. You need to know things too far.)
wish to generate their own characters, as may how he thinks. Second, some things are so im-
novices after they've played once or twice. Let your mind wander. Look at the character
portant to people that they really don't have any sheet, and the kind of information it asks for.
free will when those things are involved. Exactly Would it be fun to play someone from
(3.1) How to Generate a what is so important varies from person to per- Brooklyn? Orange County? The Mississippi
Character son: for some, it's family; for others, ideology; Bayou? How about a Hispanic-American? An
1. Take a pencil and a copy of the character for others, their jobs; and so on. But when you Orthodox Jew? Lace-curtain Irish? Maybe it
sheet. threaten what is most important to someone, would be fun to play an aristocratic Ivy League
2. Look over the "Background Information" he will do whatever he can to protect it, and grad - or a barely-literate dish washer.
section, and decide what you want your nothing will stand in his way. In game terms, When you've gotten an idea for what you
character to be like. that thing is the character's passion. How pas- want to be, write the information you've decided
3. Divide 50 attribute points among your sions work in the game will be explained later. on your sheet. Don't worry about filling it in in
character's attributes any way you like, and note any particular order - fill in the blanks as the
the values you choose on the character sheet (3.3) Imagining a Character answers occur to you.
in the spaces provided. The first thing you should enter on your sheet Keep this in mind: no one is typical. Virtually
4. Choose which skills your character knows. is your own name, under "Player." everyone deviates from the average in some
Divide 150 skill points among the skills you The first space on the character sheet is lab- dramatic way. Think of your friends: they're all
choose. eled "Name;' When you decide on a name for strange in some way or another, right?
5. List what your character is currently car- your character, write it here. But wait; don't jot Everyone is. "Weird characters" are, in real life,
rying in the "Equipment" space. down a name just yet. the rule rather than the exception.
6. Enter weapons information in the "Com- The purpose of the character sheet is to help But when imagining a character, it's usually
bat" section. you visualize your character. It contains spaces a good idea to keep his weird attributes to one
for all sorts of information which will help you or two, and make the others fairly typical. There
imagine the way he looks and the way he is too much of a good thing - and Albanian
thinks. As a trivial example, you'll have to midgets find it hard to fire heavy weapons.
decide what your character's politics are so you
have something to enter in the "politics" space (3.4) Tags
(we list some possiblities below). A tag is "a descriptive word or phrase;' Under
But a character can't be imagined "step by "physical tag;' we want you to write the single
step;' We can't say "first, come up with a name; most striking physical characteristic of your
then a physical tag; then a .. ;' and so on. Im- character - the first thing people notice when
agining a character doesn't work that way. they encounter him, a phrase they might use
What kind of a character would be fun to when describing him. Think about your closest
play? Think about it. friend; if someone asked you to describe him,
Don't Tread On Me. Many players want to play characters just like you'd probably say something like "uh, he's tall,
themselves. Playing yourself as you would be and, uh, he has a big nose ..." That's his
in FREEDOM's world can be a joy, particular- physical tag.
ly if the scenario is set in places you know well. The most common tags deal with hair, body
shape or stance, habitual expression, speech,
facial features, or clothing. For example:


.actions. You must choose one for your
character, and enter your choice in the space
Some typical passions include:
spouse, children, political beliefs, religion,
honor, music, art, money, sex, science, power,
alcohol, gambling, etc.
. Obsessive Interests are similar to passions, ex-
cept that they are not so overwhelmingly im-
portant to the individual. A player must list at
least one and as many as five interests.
Each character has 20 interest points. A
player may divide the points up among his
character's interests any way he likes, as long
as the total points allocated to interests is 20.
Write the number of points allocated to an in-
terest in the space provided.
When a player's interest is threatened or in-
volved in some way, the player must roll the
20-sided die. If the number rolled is less than
or equal to his interest number, the interest
dominates his behavior and he must act accor-
dingly. Otherwise, he is free to do as he wishes.
Interests are considered less compelling than
passions. An obsessive interest cannot make a
character betray his passion.
Example: Joe's KGB interrogator learns.that,
before the Occupation, Joe was an avid stamp
collector. He brings a huge stamp album, in-
cluding an invaluable set of early English
stamps, to Joe's cell, and offers them to him.
Joe has an obsessional interest in stamp col-
lecting - in fact, his interest value is 5. Joe's
player rolls a die; it comes up "4" (bad luck!).
Fascinated with the stamps, Joe lets an impor-
tant piece of information slip before realizing his
Some possible obsessive interests include:
everything listed under paSSion, guns, flashy
After. cars, running, skiing, roleplaying games, reputa-
tion, etc.

(3.6) Background Information

Hair: long, curly, color, dense, bald or Next, choose a personality tag. This is the Race/Nationality
balding, peculiar cut, beard (type) and/or facet of your character's personality which most It's time for a little more detail about the
mustache, etc. impresses someone who talks with him for a character. What's his race or nationality of ex-
Body: slouching, erect, pale, dark, scrawny, short time. ObViously, everyone's personality is traction? Some options are:
beefy, fat, very muscular, burly, tatooed, etc. a good deal more complex than this .;... but a black, Caribbean, Mexican-American, Cuban-
single tag will help you and the other players American, other Hispanic, WASP, Irish, Scotch-
Expression: dour, cheerful, never changes, visualize your character.
sneer, squint, tick, dimples, etc. Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Jewish,
Here are some possible personality tags: Polish, RUSSian, Armenian, German, Italian,
Speech: lisp, deep, shrill, nasal, loud, soft, enthUSiastic, dignified, dapper, subdued, Japanese-American, Chinese-American, Arab-
accented, etc. depressed, intellectual, vigorous, loud, selfish, American, any combination of these, etc.
Facial feature: strong nose, small nose, par- lustful, proud, suspicious, worldly, indulgent, Politics
ticolored eyes, sunken cheeks, big ears, acne- modest, religiOUS, stupid, fanatic. What are his politiCS like? Many people are
scarred, bushy eyebrows, etc. apolitical, and "apolitical" is a perfectly accep-
Clothing: leather jacket, beret, bowler, (3.5) Passions and Interests table entry here. However, many characters'
suspenders, jeans, hiking boots, high heels, Passions resistance is motivated in part or primarily
Nehru jacket,. etc. A character's passion is that which is most im- because of their political convictions. Here are
You can choose some of these features, or portant to him. His passion has a very impor- some possibilities:
try to visualize your character, and decide what tant function in the game; when threatened, he traditional conservative, religiOUS conser-
feature would be most noticeable. It's not must act to protect what he's passionate about. ~ative, free-market conservative, Rooseveltian
necessary to choose one of the characteristics He keeps his paSSion in mind at all times, and liberal, classical (i.e., 19th century) liberal, New
from the list above; the list is intended to spark must always act "In character" with regard to Left, neoliberal, neoconservative, anarcho-
your imagination, not restrict it. it. When we say "must;' we mean the game-
master is empowered to enforce the character's


capitaUst. minimal statist, Objectivist, radical Note whether or not your character's parents
vegetarian, feminist. democratic socialist, are alive. and, If so, his relationship with them.
revolutionary socll!lUst. Utopian socialist, anar- Also note whether he has any siblings, and
chist, anarchosynrlicalist. Wobbly (I.e., Industrial whether he Is particularly close or distant to
Workers of the World) , black power revolu- them. Some possibilities:
tionary, Maoist. Trotskyite, olher Communist Relationship with parents: dose, distant,
splinter faction, fascist. American Nazi hasn't seem lhem In years, hates them, despises
About the only political convlctlons that are them, has been disowned, black sheep of
not possible are Stalinist, mainstream Marxlst- family, etc.
leninist. and Soviet Communist. Members of
these groups will presumably collaborate with Also note the character's marital status and
the authorlties. (Padfislis kind of hard 10 JUStify. number of children, If any. If not currently mar'
as welL) ried, a brief note about other relationships is
appropriate. Some possibilities:
Again, "atheist" or "agnoslic" is a perfectly married, divorced, separated but not di
acceptable answer. Many people are only vorced, married but hates spouse, married but
nominally a member of a religiOUS denomin- not particularly close, Jiving with several
ation, and you may indicate this by saying "bap- members of opposite sex, group marriage,
tized as" or "nominally," However, strong several limes divorced. recovering from a painful
religious convictions will motivate many split, tragic death of lover. engages In brief af-
characters to resist the Soviets, as the Reds will fairs. cynical about sex and love, etc,
seek to Impose their doctrine of atheism on N.B.: [f you, by choice or as an avatar. Hst
society. Some possibilities include: your family as your passion , you will soon face
Catholic, Orthodox (Greek, Russian. etc.), a true roleplaying challenge. Arstly, you must . graduating from high school and later got
Presbylerlan, Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist, at all costs. conceal your identity from the a high school eqUivalency, but never went
lutheran, Christian Scientist, Mormon, Seventh SoViets. When and if you are found out, the to college. He puts down "high school
Day Adventtst. Evangelical, Unitarian, Unlflca KGB and Its minions can force you to betray equivalency, 2 years U.S. Army Europe."
tion Church, Quaker, Satanls!. Neopagan, your fellow freedom fighters. (Can you - or PreOccupation job? Lead guitar In a rock
Scientologlst, Rajneeshee, Hare Krishnas. can anyone - condemn your sister, so full of band - Mike thinks a moment, and deddes
Mainstream Hindu. Islamic, Buddhist, Shintoist, Hfe and promise. to an Arctic death camp off that Doug's band was called the "Roach
Zoroastrian, Sikh. Jewish (Conservallve, Reform. Baffin Bay?) And we cannot be responsible for Motels." Family relationships? Mike figures
Orthodox. or more obscure offshoots). Jews for what the other players do to you when they an active or close relationship would make
Jesus, etc. discover you've sold them down the river. Resistance operations lough, so he decides
Eduation Grew Up In his relatlonship wllh his parents Is distant
Is your character a high school gr3duale? [f In this space. note the town, country or area (they're not thrilled their son has become a
not, when did he leave high school? Did he later where the character spent his formative years. punk), and that Doug broke up with his girl
obtain a high schoo! equivalency diploma? about a year ago and Is st!ll recovering
Did he go to college? What one? Did he com- Where did Doug grow up? Mike spent
plete his degree, and what Is it in? Did he ob- Example: Mike VitelUo decJdes he wants to some summers In Indiana, so he decides on
tain a higher degree, and In what and where? playa punk. Naturally, the punk's distinc- Indianapolis. And what are Doug's personal
Did he enter the military? Where did he tive physical feature Is a Mohawk haircut - heroes? Mike decides on Johnny Rotten.
serve? his head is shaved except for a central spine Kurt Weill and Michael Moorcock.
of black hair which st3nds slraight up. He One might ask, "why Is this guy going to
Pre.Occupation Job join the Resistance?"', but Mike has already
has to think a bit about a personality tag, but
11 your character is interesting in other settles on "cynical." figured that out. The Soviets are not going
respects, you can be dull here - lawyer, ac- to permit decadent music - Doug's passion
Mike decides the punk's passion Is music
countant, sanitation engineer. Keep in mind that That's reason enough - but the Soviets are
- mainly punk, but rhythm & blues, elec-
a char3cter's job may be the reason he's willing
tronic music. and mainstream rock also. His also not going to put up with anarchists
to figh t the Soviets: many occupations wHl be other Interests indude marijuana, German Especially anarchist veterans. Doug's only
liqUidated or in severe danger when the Rus and military affairs (the last two the legacy options are reSistance or death.
sians come. BUSinessmen won't last long, nor
of a tour of duty in West Germany while In
prosperous farmers, mifil3ry men, advertisers, the army). He allocates 7 points each to
journalists who've eYer been critical of the Soviet marijuana and German, and 6 to military
Union, artists who will nol conform to socialist
realism. COntractors, clergymen. drug-dealers, The punk Is beginning to take shape In
Mike's mind, and he feels the need for a
Family Relationships name. He figures this guy has a middle-class
Famlly rel<!ltionships <!ITe often highly impor' white suburban background, and deddes on
tant 10 people; In real life, family Is many Doug lacker - '"Doug the Slug"~ to his
people's "'passion." Having family connections friends.
is a severe drawback for a Resistance fighter; Race? WASP. Politics? Lots of punks are
if your role In the Resistance is learned. the anarchists. ReUglon? Atheist. Education?
authorities can use your family as a lever. We Hmm. That bears some thought. Mike
expect that most Resistance fighters are un"t- decided Doug served In the army, so he
tached: but whll your character Is unattached figures Doug left his parents before Free Minds And
may provide insight into his character.
Fre e Markets.



(3.7) Attributes When you spend sJdll points 00 an automlltlc history skill. you must speCify whllt nallon's or
skill, add the number of points you spend to area's history you know (usullny Americlln) You
Each chMacleT has five (lttrlbules, described
the value printed on the character sheet then clln bUll hIstory skllls for more than one IIrea,
below, lind 50 attribute poInts You may divide
up the points among your attributes lIny wily
cross out the printed number and wrlte In the If you wish
new total When you spend points on a skill you SImilarly, area lore is lISted lIS "._ __
you wh. as long as no 1I1tribuie Is less than 1
don't already po$Se55.just write the number of lore" That mellns you must specify what area
Of greater
than 19 Each attribute's value should
points you spend next to the skin nllme on the is covered (New York CIty. the Grand Tetons.
be entered In the appropriate space on the
chMiKter sheet
sheet l...ovJer SIobbovIa, whatever) , '!bur "area" should
Four rules restrlc1 how many points you can more or less correspond to one pkone company
Strength measures 1I chantcter's raw physical spend on parllcular skills: area code region. (If you live In one of the big-
sirength gesl dtles, you'll be restricted to two or three
Manual Dexterity measures his hand-eye area codn"
No lliklll number can be more thlln 14.
coordination and capacity for fine manipuladon.
AgIII.ty Is 1I measure of whole-body coor- 14 is the largest permitted number for new
cha~ters. Sldlls CAR Increase above 14 liS the
Only IWO spaces are provided for skills of this
sari This does nol mean you're restricted to

dination (Juggling Involves manual dexterity. knowing at J ut two nallons' histories; If you
but walking along II narrow beam Involves game progresses, (ExceptJon: All character.;
want to know llboul more Ihlln two IOplcs.
agllity.) begin with 19 In therr native language,) simply wrlle the additional sklll names on your
Alertne58 measures the keenness of a Onl" two .klll number. can be 13 or 14. character sheet
character's sensory perceptions. (High-alertness AU your other skills have to have numbers of
characters will notlcit sights, sounds, Of smells 12 or less. (3.9) EqUipment
thai other characters may miss.)
Constitution measures stamina, ability 10
One of your two 13 or 14 .klll. mu.t A space IS provided on your character sheet
relate to your )ab. Look al the. W Pre_ fOI equIpment At the back of Ihls book. you
withstand pain. and ability to recQV('r from
occupation jobM sedon of your character sheet. will find II list o f equipment. along with kilogram
then look altne. list of skllls. and see which one weights lind prices In gold (The scrip Issued by
reilltes most closely to your job. Milke sure you the Occupation govemmentls essentially worth-
have a 13 or 141n thaI skUI. (A muslcliln might less; gold Is the currency of choice In the black
Eaamplr. Mike! Vitellio decides to
have a 14 In "Inslrument - Guitar") markel, which Is the only placlO! you can pur-
alloc.aie his 50 points as follo'ollS: Strength -
7, Manual DeX/eriIY - 14. Agility - 10; No mOTe th a n 40 points clln be . pe nt chase most of the goods Iisted_'
AlerlnC!S5 - 12; lind Constitution - 7 on each category. The skill sheet divides skIJIs Ask your gZimemasler how he wllnts 10 deal
Into five categories - combat. crafts. etc Of wilh equIpment If he's beginning as the Occu-
your ISO points. you can't spend more than 40 palion begins. he may let you have virtually
In any single Clltegory - no more than 40 In anythIng you want except for heavy weapons
(3.8) Skill. If he doesn'tlell you different. however, ASSume
combal. 40 In Cfilfts. lII'Id so on
Next. determ Ine your chal'llcter's skills Ihlll you mllY purchase 2 gold ounces worlh of
The avllllable skills lire listed on the chartlder "Specific" Skill.
Iheet. Some skUIs already halli! numbers printed Some skills afe followed or preceded by a
Enler the equIpment you take on your
next to them. These are (lutomoHc sid/is - skills blank. ThaI means that you muSI speclfv ex-
character sheet
which all charadl!n lIutomatlcally possess. For actly what area or loplc the skill governs. For
example, everyone has the 'Writing" sklIIs lit 10, example, the history skill Is listed lIS "._ __
History." ThaI means thai when you choose Ihe
(3.10) Hero Points
Each character hIlS ISO extra skill poInts.
Every character begins with one hero POlRt
which he may spend to buy additional skiDs. or
to Increase automlltlc skill numbers.

Chnr/l.{leT Sheet

(, .. ,tI. ""~

'"'....... .1\'' ' , 2. ,/."

LroI4o'.f"I. t . ... , ...t



Attributes CBOHCTBa
and Skills MYMeHuJI

Freedom Is fhe rlghl /0 live a! we wish Any dleroll of 20 (before modlflclltlon) Is You mlly Immediately spend the points on
- Eplctetus IIlways a failure; any unmodified dle roll of I cny of the skills you already know (wllhln the
is always a success Even If you don't have. a restrlctlOns set by the GM), or to leam new skills
(4.1) The Differe nces skUl, you may still try to use II, you raU unless The points can be divided up among sklll5 any
Whenever a character lakes some action, you roll an automalk success (a 1) way you like (again, wilhln those restrictlonsl _
elloo an allrlbllfe roll or a skill roll Is made to
Note: A skill number of "10" Is considered \-bu may Increase a skin above 14 - even
determine whether or nOllhe action succeeds competence Competence wuh a skill means above 19 Any roll of 20 when usfng a skill Is
The gamema$1"r decides wNu sldB or auri you can use It without problem unlas you're still an automatic failure - but If you're trying
bule goYeI'm the ectlon, and his decWon final under streSS. For eltample, If your Iwlmmlng 10 UH a skID to do something dlfflcuh and the
number Is 10. you do not haw 10 roll 10 deter - gamemasle'/' ~duces your sIodlI number accord
However. lIlIrlbute rolls are made only when
none of the skillJ tn the gllme logically governs mine whether you drown every lime you jump Ingiy, you may find Ihe extTll sIdIl points uwful
lhe lICtlon SkIDs lake prlorlly 0\Ia attributes Inlo the water PoInlJ racelved at the end of a wssk:In must
If your sid! number Is las chan 10, and you're be spenllmmedJaJe!y; you may not SiM! poInlJ
nOl under stress. lhe gamemastft" win ten you from game to game.
Onlp Notf: A toe of thIngs humans do 10 make a skill roll. bUI 10 dout>'e your skiD Attributes may never be increased [W~,
art' not learned over lime (or are learned number before ronlng - 50 If your SWimming hardly eYeI See section 64 In Ihe Game-
early in Infancy) For ecampk. It'Wr)I human skiD Is 8, you're only In trouble \f you roll a 17 m o. tv 8ook )
or higher
can )LImp, Exarpt through 101'19 and tedious
However, If you are under stress - 5Ome-
training. 11'1 a58ndaUy lmpoulble to learn
how to tump hlghel Of 11iTthl;!f 'Ibur Jump- one's shooting at you, you're under tJme
pressure, you don', have tools you need,
Ing range " determined Qll!nellcaUy -
atihough, 10 be ,ure, you elln j ump farther whatever - you roU against your undoubled
If you're In good phVSfcal .hllpe. number.
In practke, most chllrllCters are ~under stre:ss"
In garno Terms, characters etln Increase
Ihelr skJII numb.... and leam new skills as most of Ihe time, since skUI rolls lire usuclly
made In the face of the enemy,
lime goes on Th~ cannOI chenge Innate,
The gamemasler may further modify your
Inborn characterisllc:s That's 1M: reason for
skU! number If you are doing .something Ihal Is
Ihe ddfm!n~ betwten Ikill. and attributQ:
:skUls are learned ablUtln, attrlbucH are In- especially difficult or easy.
nat~ ones.
(4.3) Gaining Additional My Country.
SkUl Points Right or Wrong.
(4.2) Using Skills and AI the end of each game wuton, Ihe game-
Attributes masler may award you additional skill points I!
your character perfonned particularly well
When you \J$e a skiD Of actribute. roIIlhe die.
I( che number rolled Is lass than or ~qual to lhe
Somenmes he will allow you to choose on what
~ID 01' allrlbut~ numbr, you succeed If you
skl1Is 10 spend the points; somel1lT'1eJ he wililell
you that the skiD points mUSI be allcxated 10
roD highet, you filii
specific skills (e.g. "you gain t1NO points, whlc:h
must be spenl on combat skills")



Man was born free, and everywhere he is in

chains. Using Counters
- Rousseau Some of the counters provided with the game represent
A lot of the time in THE PRICE OF characters or vehicles; others represent equipment; still others
FREEDOM you'll be fighting the fanatical are markers, used to indicate a game status.
Commie invaders and their simpering minions
through indirection - by gathering information, COUNTERS
sting operations, and the like. In the final front back

analysis, however, the only way to defeat the
enemy is to kill enough of them that the others
lose heart. Whatever you do, combat will be a
big part of the game.
The Gamemasfer Book contains very ex-
[!J standing


~ ~
tensive rules for the resolution of specific com-
bat problems. The rules below are just an outline horse
for the players. As a player, you aren't required
to know anything more than what's in this
booklet - although, if you like, you can learn

more by reading the Gamemasfer Boak. vehicle
Be warned about one thing, though; we
specifically tell the gamemaster that he shouldn't
let rules details get in the way of the action. If
1-=1 car jeep

@] ~
you read the rules in the Gamemasfer Book,
be aware that the gamemaster may not be using weapon
all of them, and may purposefully ignore cer-
tain rules to keep the game flowing. That's okay; light MG med MG
that's his prerogative, so don't bug him with
questions like "But don't I get a + 1 die-roll MARKERS
modifier because the possum is dead, accord-

1L~l:T 1
ing to rule 7.69.2, part c?"
wound ---
(5.1) Combat Components HEAVY
light heavy
Resolving Combat
Two game-maps and a set of cardboard
counters are provided with the game.
When combat occurs, it can be resolved in
one of two ways. If the tactical situation is
simple, the gamemaster may just describe it to
you and your fellow players. If the tactical situa-


kill E3Out
tion is more complex, you and the gamemaster
may find it helpful to use the counters to show
the relative positions of the player characters
1JAM 1 jam
weapon condition

and their opponents.

~ ~
Using Counters
Some of the counters provided with the game
represent characters or vehicles; others repre- smoke illumination
sent equipment; still others are markers, used

~ ]
to indicate a game status.

mine barbed wire


Each character counter is printed with a Each hex represents a space 6 meters across. No Maps
number or letter to identify It. In combat, you All weapon ranges and movement allowances Maps aren't required. Instead, the GM may
choose one counter, and use it to show tbe are stated in terms of hexes (e.g., a pistol fired .use the tabletop or floor. In this case, the
position of your character relative to the others. ata target within 2 hexes is firing at short range). counters are still used to show the locations of
When your character moves, you move his Each hex contains a color or pattern identi- characters. A ruler is used instead of the hex
counter to show his new position. The front of fying the terrain of the hex. A hex's terrain type grid; one inch is considered the same as a "hex"
the counter is used when your .character is determines how difficult it is to move into and when measuring distances. That is, a target 6
standing; when he is lying down, you use the through the hex. inches away is considered 6 "hexes" away for
back (prone) side. Some hexsides are also printed with terrain range-determination purposes, a character
Vehicle counters are printed with two dif- (e.g., walls). It is more difficult to move across spends 1 movement pOint to move 1 Inch, and
ferent vehicles, one on each side. a hexslde printed with some kind of terrain than so on.
Normally, you keep track of the weapons you across blank hexsides. Terrain features may be indicated by pieces
carryon your character sheet. Sometimes, In order to look more realistic, some walls are of paper, loops of yarn, or other deVices, at the
however, you may want to note the location of drawn through the middle of a hex, instead of gamemasfer's discretion.
a particular heavy weapon by placing a counter along a hexside. When a hex is divided by a Maps are "cleaner" and easier to use; but im-
on the game-map. wall, each "half hex" is treated like a complete provising a combat display from the tabletop is
When a character is wounded or incapa- hex. That is, moving from one half hex to the fast and simple.
citated, an appropriate marker - light wound, other costs as many movement points as enter- Miniatures
heavy wound, or incapacitated - is placed on ing a full hex (plus the terrain cost of the wall Metal figures ("miniatures") are used with
top of his counter. When a character's weapon or aperture hexside); a grenade which lands in roleplaying games to provide fine detail and
jams or runs out of ammo, a jam or ammo one half hex has reduced effects on characters "color." If you are interested in miniatures, we
marker is placed; it is removed when the in the other half hex; and so on. The only time recommend their use in play of THE PRICE
weapon is unjammed or reloaded. Exception: a half hex is not treated like a full hex is when OF FREEDOM, because of the game's em-
The gamemaster may not always place markers counting ranges - if a character fires from one phasis on character identification (and also, of
on NPCs; see 5.2 below. hex across two half hexes into a third hex, his course, for tabletop combat). Unpainted or (par-
Smoke, illumination, mine, and barbed wire target is two hexes away, not three (see illustra- ticularly) painted, miniatures are an attractive
counters are placed on the game-map when the tion below). alternative to counters.
appropriate conditions dictate. We provide a blank hex sheet which GMs can Dark Horse Miniatures is producing the of-
Using Maps use (see the Gamemaster Book), and addi- ficial line of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM
We provide maps for the major combat tional sheets can be purchased from West End. miniatures forrelease in early 1987. These wHi
scenes in the adventure included with the game. GMs can use these to draw their own maps (so include 25mm figures of American (and SOViet!)
Each map is divided into hexes; counters are don't be surprised if your game master springs characters introduced in the game and suc-
placed within hexes on the map. Each character a hand-drawn map on you). ceeding supplements and adventures.
is always located within a hex.

Half-hex A is separated from

half-hex B by a wall with a door
in it. A character in the hex is
either on one side of the door or
the other (position the counter
toward the top or the bottom of
the hex).
Moving across the door would
cost 2 movement points (one for
entering a clear terrain "hex:' 1
for the door).
If a grenade were thrown into
half-hex B, a character in half-
hex A would be considered in an
adjacent "hex;' and Character 1
would be considered 2 hexes
If Character 1 fired on
Character N, the range would be
considered 3 hexes, not 4; for
range counting purposes, half-
hexes are treated as single hexes.


If you wish further information, or if your (5.3) Combat Sequence (5.4) Actions
retailer does not stock miniatures, please send
your name and address to: When combat begins, the first combat round During a combat round, each character may
is started. Combat rounds are repeated until take one action. These are the possible actions:
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM Miniatures combat is over.
Dark Horse Miniatures Use Aimed Fire Once: You may perform
Each combat round is divided into segments: aimed fire against one Red or traitor. This con-
P.O. Box 633
Boise, Idaho 83701 1. Panic Segment: The gamemaster secret- sumes one point of ammunition, and takes the
ly determines which non-player characters full combat round. (Not all weapons can per-
The Charts panic. form aimed fire; see the Small Arms Combat
Freedom File D contains all the important Table in Freedom File ll)
charts and tables used in combat. 2. Observation Segment: The game-
master secretly checks to see whether any of Use Rapid Fire Twice: You may perform
Game Scale the PCs observe people they hadn't seen before. rapid fire twice. This consumes one point of am-
Each hex represents an area 6 meters from If so, counters for the observed NPCs are placed munition each time you fire, and takes the full
side to side; when using "tabletop combat:' one on the map. The gamemaster also checks to combat round. Rapid fire is less accurate than
inch equals one "hex". Each combat round see whether NPCs observe the PCs. . aimed fire. Not all weapons can perform rapid
represents 15 seconds.
3. NPC Decision Segment: The game- fire.
(5.2) Combat and master studies the situation and decides what Use Rapid Fire Once and Move: You may
each of the NPCs will do this combat round. perform rapid fire against one Commie or turn-
Gamemaster Control (During these three segments, the players coat, then move spending 2 or fewer movement
Each player controls one character on the should be studying the situation and talking points.
map. The gamemaster controls and makes deci- among themselves about what to do next.) Use Burst Fire: You may spend the entire
sions for all non-player characters. 4, Player Decision Segment: The game- combat round performing burst fire. This means
In general, the game master tells the players master goes around the table and asks each you may fire up to 5 times. Burst fire costs 2
only what their characters know. For example, player, in turn, what his character will do this ammunition points per fire and takes the full
he does not actually place a counter for an NPC round. Once you've declared what you want combat round. It is quite inaccurate. Again, not
on the map unless the players know where the to do, you may not change your mind later. all weapons can perform burst fire.
NPC is. Similarly, when an NPC's weapon is
jammed or out of ammo, the game master does 5. Combat Resolution Segment: Any Opportunity Fire: You may hold your fire
not place a "Jam" or "Ammo" marker on the combat that results from the NPC and player during Combat ResolUtion, then perform
NPC, unless the player characters somehow decisions is resolved. aimed, rapid or burst fire against targets which
know that his weapon is jammed or out of 6. Movement Segment: The counters are enter your field of vision during movement. The
ammunition. moved on the map. If opportunity fire or normal rules for aimed, rapid or burst fire app-
charge/melee is triggered, it is resolved now. ly, except that opportunity fire is a bit less ac-
curate than normal fire.
Reload: If your weapon is out of ammuni-
tion, you may reload it. This consumes one clip
of ammunition.
Unjam: If your weapon is jammed, you may
attempt to unjam it.
Move: You may move, spending up to 5
movement pOints.
Fire Heavy Weapon: This takes a full com-
bat round. Each heavy weapon has a "rate of
fire;" if you choose this action, you may be able
to fire the weapon more than once per combat
round (or only every other combat round you
fire it), depending on its rate of fire.
Prepare and Throw Grenade: If you are
carrying a grenade or something like one (e.g.,
a molotov cocktail), you may prepare and throw
Prepare or Throw Grenade and Move:
You may prepare a grenade to be thrown, or
throw an already-prepared grenade, and move,
spending 2 or fewer movement points. If you
choose "Throw Grenade and Move:' you may
throw the grenade during the Movement Seg-
ment, instead of Combat Resolution.
Melee: If you are in the same hex as a
Bolshevik or qUisling, you may engage him in
hand-to-hand combat.
Charge/Melee: You may move up to 2
movement points and engage a Soviet or one
of their dupes in melee.


Pick Up/Exchange Equipment: If you are (5.8) Fire Combat Each dip consists of somewhere between 5
in the same hex as a piece of equipment or and 50 ammunition points, depending on the
another friendly character, you may pickJhe
General Procedure weapon for which the dip is designed. The
When you fire a weapon, follow this "ammo" column of the Small Arms Combat
equipment up or exchange equipment with
procedure: Table (see Freedom File [) says how many
your mend.
Determine your skill number with the points each weapon's ammo dip contains. (For
Use Skill: You may use any of your skills. weapon. example, a pistol clip contains 6 ammunition
Modify the skill numberfor range and other points, while a light machinegun clip contains
factors such as your wound state, target stance, 50.)
the terrain in the target hex, etc. When you fire a weapon, you consume
Make a skill roll against your modified skill ammo points. One point is consumed when a
number. If the skill roll fails, you missed. If it weapon performs aimed or rapid fire. (If a
succeeds, you hit your target. weapon rapid fires twice in the same combat
If you miss by rolling a 20 (an automatic round, it consumes two points.) Two points are
failure), roll again. Refer to the Small Arms
consumed each time a weapon burst fires.
Combat Table (see Freedom File D) to deter-
(Since a weapon performing burst fire can fire
mine whether your weapon jams. up to five times, up to ten points could be
If you hit, roll again and refer to the Small consumed.)
Arms Combat Table to determine how much
Do Svldanya. damage you do to your target.
If a burst-firing weapon consumes all but one
Tovarishch. of its remaining ammo points, that point is also
The Combat Resolution Segment consumed. (When firing on full automatic,
All fire except (some) opportunity fire is keeping dose track of ammunition is
resolved in the Combat Resolution Segment. impossible.)
All non-opportunity fire is simultaneous; that When newly loaded, a weapon contains as
is, the effect of one person's fire is not applied many ammo points as its clip. (A newly loaded
(5.5) Panic and Observa~ion until everyone else has had a chance to fire. pistol has 6 pOints.) When all its ammo points
Thus, if you shoot a Commie and blow his head have been expended, it is out of ammunition.
The Gamemaster Book contains rules for
off, he still gets a shot at you before dying. (''Ammo'' markers are placed on top of the
panic and observation. You don't have to worry
If you rapid or burst fire, you fire more than counters of characters whose weapons are out
about them, although you can read up on them
once in a Combat Resolution Segment. All fire of ammunition.)
if you like. Since this is a game of heroism, the
is resolved before damage from any of your fires Reloading takes a full combat round. It is
good guys never panic - only the despicable
is applied. quite possible for a weapon to run out of am-
Commie oppressors and their quisling lapdogs
panic. Also, the game master handles all obser- Grenade and melee combat are also resolved munition midway through a combat round. If
vation problems. during Combat Resolution (but see "Throw so, it cannot be reloaded until the following
Grenade;' 5.4). round.
(5.6) Decisions Opportunity Fire Example: Ralph jams another clip into his
automatic rifle (10 ammo points). He rapid fires
During the Player Decision Segment, each If a character who has decided to conduct
once and runs two hexes, then falls prone (1
player must specify what his character is doing opportunity fire is fired upon, he may return fire.
during the current combat round, in detail. For Example: Fred says he will hold for opportun- point spent). Next round, he rapid fires twice
(2 points). On the follOWing round, he wishes
example, you can't just say, "I'll rapid fire and ity fire. Boris fires at Fred. Fred may fire at Boris.
to burst fire. He only has 7 ammo points left,
move;" you must say, "I'll rapid fire at [name Return fire is resolved after regular fire, but
so he can only burst fire 3 times. That would
or 1.0. code of target], and I'll move to [this during the Combat Resolution Segment. (If
normally consume 6 points, leaving him with
hex):' Fred is killed by Boris, Fred may not return fire.)
1, but under the "last point consumed" rule, he
Once a player has declared what his character Opportunity fire can also take place during
is left with no ammo points. His weapon is out
will do, he may not change his mind. the Movement Segment. A charactet holding
of ammunition, and an "Ammo" marker is
After all players have announced what their for opportunity fire may fire any time he sees
placed on his counter.
characters are dOing, the gamemaster tells the a target. Thus, if a target moves into his line
Use the "Ammunition Points" section of the
players what he's decided to have the NPCs do. of sight during Movement, he can fire.
character sheet to record ammo expenditure.
Example: There's a Soviet soldier with a sub- A character holding for opportunity fire is
Make a hash mark each time a point is
machinegun across a field in a trench, who is never required to fire. He can always h'dld, hop-
holding for opportunity fire. Joe says he'll fire ing for a better shot later on. Example: Boris
at the soldier, hoping to stun him. The other moves into a rough terrain hex Fred can see. Jams
PCs say they'll charge across the field, hoping Fred decides to hold his fire, hoping Boris will When a fire is resolved and the die-roll is a
that the Soviet will be stunned and won't able enter a clear hex. Instead, Boris moves back out 20, there is a chance the firing weapon will jam.
to fire at them. of sight. Fred has missed his chance to fire at In this case, roll the die again, and find the
Combat is resolved first; Joe fails to stun the Boris (although he could still fire at Ivan, if Ivan weapon's "Jam" number on the Small Arms
Soviet. The Soviet will be able to fire at the other moves into sight). Combat Table (in Freedom File D). If the sec-
PCs as they charg~ across the field; knowing ond roll is greater than or equal to the number,
this, they'd like to change their minds, but they the weapon is jammed.
Ammunition is carried in clips. Reloading a
are not allowed to do so. Example: When firing a machine pistol: a
weapon that is out of ammunition takes one full
character rolls a 20. He rolls again, and rolls an
combat round and consumes a clip. If you are
(5.7) Line of Sight 18. The jam number for machine pistols is 16;
not carrying any extra clips, you may not reload
so the weapon is jammed.
You can only fire at a target if you can see your weapon.
When a weapon jams, a "Jam" marker is
it. (You can throw a grenade at a target even Keep track of the number of clips of ammuni-
placed on top of the character's counter. He
if you can't see it, as long as you know it's there.) tion you carry in the "EqUipment" section of
cannot fire the weapon again until it is
The Gamemaster Book has more com- your character sheet.
plete rules for determining exactly when you
can see a target and when you can't.


Unjamming a weapon is an action, and takes
a full combat round. Unlike reloading, it is not
(5.9) Grenade Combat
automatic. When a character attempts to un- When Grenades Can Be Thrown
jam a weapon, he must make a skill roll using In the rules, we use the term "grenade" to
his skill with that weapon. If the skill roll suc- mean all grenades, molotov cocktails, sticks of
ceeds, the weapon is unjammed. If not, it re- dynamite and other thrown exploSives. Unless
mains jammed. we distinguish by calling something a "military
grenade:' you may assume that a rule applies
to all types of grenades.
When you fire a weapon, your skill with the
Grenades are normally used in the Combat
weapon is used to determine whether or not
Resolution Segment.
you hit your targef. Just as when you use any
other skill, you roll against your skill number. The Right to Own Guns A character may prepare and throw only one
grenade per combat round, and may not take
But before the die is rolled, the skill.number is the Right to be Free. any other action while doing so. Exception:
is modified for a number of factors. The most
A character throwing a grenade can still make
important of these is range.
his "one free stance change;" see 5.12.
Count the number of hexes between you and
Preparing or throwing a grenade can be com-
your target (counting the target's hex but not
Bows & Thrown Weapons bined with movement. A character may prepare
your own). If you're not using a map, measure
Bows (in game terms) include longbows, a grenade and move, or throw an already-
the distance with a ruler; the "range" in "hexes"
compound bows, crossbows, and slingshots. prepared grenade and move, expending 2
is the number of inches.
Thrown weapons include throwing knives, movement points (but not both).
Use the Fire Table to determine whether
shuriken (Japanese throwing stars), tomahawks, When a moving character throws an already-
you're firing at "short:' "medium" or "long"
and the like. Bows and thrown weapons follow prepared grenade, he may either throw it dur-
the same rules as fire weapons, except that they ing the Combat Resolution Segment (before he
When firing at short range, your skill number
don't use ammunition points. Whenever a bow moves), or in the course of his movement. If
is not modified for range .. At medium range
is used or a weapon thrown, one arrow (or shot) he throws it during his mqvement, he may
your skill number is halved; at long range, it is
or weapon is expended. "Reloadin9" a bow or pause in any hex he moves through, and throw
multiplied by one-fourth. (Round fractions
thrown weapon takes no time. it from that hex; or may throw it from the hex
Bows and thrown weapons may be used in where he ends movement; or he may drop it
Other Modifiers in any hex he moves through.
Other factors can modify your skill number, opportunity fire.
too. For example, it can be modified for the
target's stance, the terrain in the target's hex,
the firer's wound status, etc. The type of fire
(aimed, rapid or burst) also affects your skill
number. All modifiers are listed on the Fire
Modifiers Chart (see Freedom File 0).
Hitting the Target
Once you've modified your skill number, roll
the die. If the number rolled is less than or equal
to the modified skill number, the target has been
i:lit. If it is not, the fire has missed.
If the target is hit, roll again, and refer to the
Small Arms Combat Table to determine what
damage your target receives (as described on
the table).
Rapid & Burst Fire
When performing rapid fire, a character can
fire twice. He can fire at the same target twice,
or once at two different targets. If firing at dif-
ferent targets, both must be in the same or ad-
jacent hexes.
When performing burst fire, a character can
fire up to five times, at the same or up to five
different targets. However, all targets must be
in the same hex, or in two adjacent hexes, or
in three hexes, each of which is adjacent to one
of the others.
When a character performs rapid or burst
opportunity fire, all his fires are resolved at the
instant he declares he is performing opportunity
fire. That is, he may not resolve one fire, wait
to see what other movement occurs, and per-
form other fires later in the Movement Segment.


There is no such thing as "opportunity Scatter: A failed manual dexterity roll means If you fire or throw a grenade at a surprised
grenade use;" a character who is moving and the grenade scatters to an adjacent hex; use the enemy, he may not take any action in the round
throwing a prepared grenade throws it during Grenade Scatter diagram (see Freedom File you attack him.
his own movement, not because he s~es D) to determine which. Anyone in the hex If you surprise someone in melee combat,
another character moving. where a grenade winds up can take damage. you have a far greater chance of killing him
A character throwing a grenade must indicate When you aren't using a map, the immediately. Here's how it works:
what hex he is throwing it at. A character may game master uses the Grenade Scatter Diagram If you're within charge/melee distance of an
throw a grenade at a hex he cannot see. For to determine the general direction in which the enemy who has not observed you, you may at-
example, a character could lob a grenade over grenade scatters. He decides precisely where tempt to bushwhack him. To do this, declare
a ridge to a hex beyond. it scatters. a charge/melee action. During movement,
The one exception to this rule is that if a Holding Grenades move into the target's hex. Then, make a stealth
character is outside a building, .he may only A character who prepares a grenade cannot skill roll.
throw grenades into hexes of the building that take any action requiring the use of his hands If the stealth roll is a failure, the target of the
he can see. The reverse applies also; a grenade (e.g., fire, melee) until he throws or drops that attack is warned in time to defend himself. Use
can only be thrown out of a building into hexes grenade. Dropping a grenade costs no move- the regular rules for melee. The target may not
the thrower can see. ment points, and may be performed at any time make an attack (or take any other action) in the
Procedure during the combat round. A dropped grenade same round, so you still get a "free" attack.
When you throw a grenade, follow this does not scatter, and explodes immediately. If the stealth roll is a success, the melee attack
procedure: A moving character who drops a previously- is resolved in a special way. Before rolling to
Look up your manual dexterity. prepared grenade may finish his movement determine whether you hit your target, double
Modify it for range and other factors like your before the grenade explodes your skill number (after applying any other
wound state, the target hex terrain, etc. If a character holding a prepared grenade is modifiers).
Roll again against your modified manual dex- incapacitated or killed, he drops the grenade. If you hit, find the weapon's bushwhack value
terity. If the foil is higher, the grenade scatters. If such a character suffers a heavy wound, make on the Melee Combat Table. Then, roll the die
Otherwise, it hits the target hex. a manual dexterity roll. If he fails, he drops the again; if you roll less than or equal to the
If you rolled a 20, roll again to determine grenade (and it explodes). However, a PC may bushwhack value, the target is dead. If you roll
whether the grenade was a dud. avoid dropping a grenade if he spends a hero higher, resolve damage for the attack normally
If it scattered, roll the die and refer to the Scat- point (see 6). i.e., roll the die again and refer to the
ter Diagram to determine where it scatters. "damage" section of the Table.
Roll once on the Grenade and Mine Com- (5.10) Melee Combat Before making a bushwhack attack, you may
bat Table for each character within the grenade's announce that you're trying to knock the target
When Melee Occurs unconscious instead of killing him. If the
blast radius. If opposing characters occupy the same hex bushwhack roll succeeds, make a second skill
How Grenades Work (or are within I" of each other) during a Com- .roll against your hand-to-hand or melee
Grenade combat works pretty much the bat Resolution Segment, they may melee. weapons skill (whichever applies). Ignore the
same way as fire combat, except that: Melee may also occur during Movement Melee Modifiers Chart for this roll. If the second
Resolution when one character charge/melees skill roll succeeds, the target is unconscious. If
Duds: Grenades don't jam or run out of and moves into a hex containing an enemy.
ammo. However, when your skill roll is a 20, it fails; the target is dead.
When you make a melee attack, .follow this The only time you can attempt to knock a
you do have to determine whether the grenade sequence:
is a dud (see the table). Whenever a grenade target unconscious is when you surprise him.
Rnd your melee weapons skill number if You have no control over what kind of damage
is used, it is consumed. using a melee weapon, or your hand-to-hand you do during any other attack.
Manual Dexterity: The thrower's manual dex- skill number if you aren't using one.
terity (not a weapon skill) is used to determine Modify the skill number for such factors as Garottes'
whether or not he hits his target hex. Ranges surprise, attacker's wound state, etc. Garottes work a little differently from other
are found on the Grenade and Mine Combat Make a skill roll against your modified skill melee weapons.
Table Oust as they are on the Small Arms Com- number to determine whether you hit your They can only be used when you have sur-
bat Table during fire combat), and the manual target. prise. They do no damage at any other time.
dexterity halved or quartered for range as If you do, refer to the Melee Combat Table You can't use a garotte to knock a target un-
necessary. Other modifiers are listed on the and roll to determine what damage the target conscious - only to kill.
Grenade Modifiers chart (see Freedom suffers.
File DJ. Resolving Melee Attacks
The target is a hex, not a character. If the hex All melee attacks occurring in one segment
is hit, roll, separately for each character in the are resolved before any damage is applied.
hex on the Grenade and Mine Combat Table If an incapacitated character is attacked in
to determine what damage he suffers (just as melee, he is automatically killed.
you would for the target of fire combat on its
table). Surprise
When you aren't using a map, anyone within Surprise occurs when you attack someone
1" of the point where the grenade hits is sub- who is not aware of your presence that is,
ject to a damage roll. (If any part of your counter someone you observe who has not yet ob-
is within 1" of the grenade, you can suffer served you. I'd Rather Die On My Feet
damage.) The gamemaster will tell you when you are Than Live On My Knees.
Characters in surrounding hexes may also be surprised.
affected see the Grenade Tables' discussion You can surprise an enemy character if the
of "blast radii:' gamemaster has placed his counter on the
game-map (you have observed him), but the
enemy is not aware of your presence.


(5.11) Damage "move," but they move at their full movement number of pOints spent depends on the terrain
allowance (of 5), and no roll need be made to along the 1" path; if more than one terrain type
Stun exists along that path, use the movement point
determine whether the incapacitated character
When a character is stunned, he immediately
dies. cost of the most costly terrain type. Crossing a
falls prone. (Flip the character's counter to his
Death piece of "hexside terrain" (e.g., a wall line) costs
prone side to indicate this.)
Killed characters are out of the game. extra, as the. Terrain Effects Chart indicates.
Stunned characters can't do anything for the
rest of the combat round in which they're Note: The game master may decide that a Stance
stunned. A character stunned while moving killed character's counter should remain on the There are two stances: standing and prone
immediately drops to the ground (Le., prone) map (e.g., if his body carries important papers (lying down). When a character is prone, flip
and stops moving. which must be retrieved); if so, place a "Killed" his counter to its reverse (prone) side.
Lightly Wounded marker on top of it. A dead character can be Every character receives one free stance
A lightly wounded character is stunned in the dragged just like an incapacitated one. change per combat round. Once during the
round he is wounded. In addition, place a round, at any time the owning player (or GM)
"Light Wound" marker on the counter. (5.12) Movement wishes, he may change stance at no movement
Whenever a lightly wounded character uses Movement Points point cost, regardless of what action he chose.
a skill (including weapon skills), his skill number A character who chooses the "move" action This free stance change may take place during
is reduced by two before the roll is made (see has a movement allowance of 5; one who the Combat Resolution Segment (for example,
the Skill and Attribute Modifiers Chart in chooses to "rapid fire and move," "prepare or a prone character might want to stand in order
Freedom File D). throw grenade and move;' or "charge/melee" to throw a grenade). If a character changes
When a lightly wounded character moves, his has a movement allowance of 2. (Movement stance during Combat Resolution, he is con-
movement allowance is reduced by 1 (to 4 if allowances can be modified by wound status; sidered standing for the whole segment.
using the "move" action, to 1 if using a differeht see 5.11.) A character may change stance more than
action). A character's movement allowance is the once in a combat round, but each additional
If a lightly wounded character suffers a number of movement points he may spend in stance change costs 1 movement point (and
second wound (light or heavy), he is heavily the current combat round. must take place during the Movement
A character spends movement points by Segment).
moving from one hex to another. A standing Only standing characters may move more
HeavUy Wounded than one hex (or an inch) per combat round.
Heavy wounds are just like light wounds, character may move through any number of
hexes in one round, as long as he does not A prone character may crawl one hex by spend-
except: ing all of his movement points. (A prone
Use a "Heavy Wound" marker instead of a spend more movement points than his
allowance. character could stand, and then perform move-
"Light Wound." ment normally.)
Skills used by heavily wounded characters are The movement pOint cost to enter a hex
depends on the terrain in the hex and the hex- If a character moves and then falls prone, any
halved (after all other modifications), rounding opportunity fire against him is resolved before
fractions down. side crossed. Terrain costs are summarized on
the Terrain Effects Chart (see Freedom File the character becomes prone.
When a heavily wounded character moves,
his movement allowance is halved (to 2 if using D). Example: A character moves across a low
wall hexside (1 movement point) into a brush (5.13) Skill Use
"move;' to 1 if using a different movement
action). hex (2 points) for a total expenditure of 3 move- Characters may use non-combat skills dur-
If a heavily wounded character suffers ment points. He still has 2 movement points to ing combat rounds, if they wish. Using a non-
another wound (light or heavy), he is spend. combat skill is an action, and a character may
incapacitated. If a standing character begins adjacent to a not take any other action (except for his one
hex which it would cost more that 5 movement free stance change) while using it. .
Incapacitation points to enter, he may move into the hex Obviously, "using a skill" covers a multitude
When a player character is incapacitated, he anyway at the cost of all his movement points, of possibilities. Do not expect to use your
must immediately make a constitution attribute if he chooses the "Move" action. "engineering" skill to design and build a speed-
roll (see 4.2). If he fails the roll, he is un- Half hexes are treated like full hexes for boat from scratch in one combat round by mak-
conscious. If he makes the roll, he remains movement purposes; see 5.1. ing a successful skill roll; the game master will
conscious. determine how long using your skill will take,
When you aren't using a map, moving I" in
An unconscious cl)aracter may not move, use and what modifiers apply to your skill number
any direction costs movement points. The
skills, or take any action. when you roll.
A conscious incapacitated character may per-
form one action as if he were heavily wound-
ed. At the conclusion of this action, he falls
NPCs fall unconscious automatically when
An unconscious character may be dragged
by other characters; a character dragging
another may not take any action other than
"move" while dragging, and his movement
allowance is halved. Each round that an in-
capacitated character is dragged, roll the die;
on a roll of "1", he dies. Peace Through
Two or more characters in the same hex may Superior Firepower.
carry an incapacitated character. The only
action they may choose while carrying him is


Bero Points I fepoit O'IKKH
\ Each character begins the game with one Ignore Fatigue or Exhaustion. You may Succeed in a Skill or Attribute Roll: Your
hero point. Additional pOints can be earned (at ignore the effects of fatigue for four hours, or base skill or attribute number is tripled, before
the gamemaster's discretion) at the end of each of exhaustion for one hour. At the end of the any other modification, for one roll. A roll of
adventure. one or four hour period, you revert to being 20 always fails, despite the hero point and
You can spend a hero point any time you fatigued or exhausted, as appropriate, and you whether or not your modified number is greater
choose. Once spent, it's lost, so choose your are not considered to have rested for this one than 20.
times carefully. or four hour period. Take 2 Actions in one Combat Round:
Spending a hero point allows you to do one Make a Heroic Effort: You can use one of Instead of the normal one.
of the following things: your attributes to do something normally im- When you spend a hero point, you become
Dodge a bullet: If you spend a hero point possible. (For example, if a bus is pinning a fatigued (or exhausted if already fatigued) after
before the gamemaster resolves fire against you, buddy, you could make a heroic effort using the hero point has been used or the end of com-
you dive out of the way and are unhurt. your strength to lift the bus off him.) In this case, bat, whichever comes later. However, when you
Ignore a Kill: You can downgrade any you spend a hero point, then roll against your spend a hero pOint to ignore fatigue or exhaus-
damage you suffer by two levels from "kill" attribute (no modifiers apply). If the roll suc- tion, you revert to your prior condition when
to "heavy wound:' for example. ceeds, so does your heroic effort. the hero pOint wears off.


Know Your 3uau Bam
Enemy Bpar
(7.1) The Soviet System lings and petty tyrants. Party membership is In the Soviet Union, state security is called
prized for the privileges and opportunities it the KGB. In other countries, it goes by other
Before discussing the methods the occupiers brings, hence membership is restricted. All names. In America, the Soviets will seek to
will use to remold American society, we must economic activity is controlled by workers' capitalize on the good will theAmerican people
learn their objectives - the form in which they councils, or soviets, whose membership is deter- now accord the instruments of their govern-
wish to mold if. mined by the local party. Hence the Party is the ment. In America, it will be called the FBI.
The Soviet system is the most extreme form distributor of patronage, the carrot to the military
of totalitarianism. In theory, and as much as stick. Most often, Party members will be the
possible in practice, the state is all. The state targets of your operations, and it is the Party's
produces all resources, distributes all goods, influence and its attempt to destroy the normal
controls education and the press, dictates the allegiances of individual Americans which you
movement of populations, determines what its must fight.
people should be told, and compells all citizens But by far your greatest foe is state security.
to adhere to the state religion, Marxism- State security has gone by many names in its
Leninism, while- outlawing all others. history - the Tcheka, NKVD, MGB, and most
Enthusiastic obedience to the dictates of the recently, KGB. The KGB is not, as many
state is mandatory. To ensure such obedience, Westerners believe, an intelligence agency.
a huge army of informers and spies is main- Gathering foreign intelligence is one of its func-
Si Vis Pacem.
tained. Many are not paid; reporting the tions, but its main role is to ensure the absolute Para Bellum.
behavior of others is an easy way to gain power, obedience of the people to the state. It controls "11 you desire peace.
prestige and worldly possessions. More, once a vast network of spies, informants, and prepare lor war."
one falls into the hands of state security, the only stukachi (stool pigeons) throughout society.
way one may escape .alive is to implicate friends, Every military unit, every work team, every
family and casual acquaintances. council, every motor pool, committee and (7.3) The Military
By encouraging betrayal, counter-betrayal, cooperative contains its quota of KGB infor-
and constant watchfulness, the state ensures Five Services
mants. Virtually every citizen is questioned from
that the normal bonds of trust and good will time to time, and urged to report slackness, The Soviet armed forces are divided into five
which bind people together are destroyed, and deviation or anti-Soviet tendencies. The KGB services: navy, air force, national air defense
permanent fear of and obedience to the is the instrument by which the fabric of society force, strategic rocket force, and army.
authorities is maintained. The state becomes the is shredded and rewoven in the form preferred The strategic rocket force controls the Soviet
only moral focus in each individual's life. by the state. Union's strategic nuclear weapons. Few mem-
Information is backed by terror. The KGB bers of this force will be involved in the occupa-
(7.2) Three Legs of Terror murders opponents, ships them to concentra- tion of America, though some may be sent to
tion camps, commits individuals to "psychiatric" oversee the dismantling of America's nuclear
The Soviet system is maintained and en- deterrent.
treatment. Its preferred method of operation is
forced by three organs: the military, the Party, The national air defense force controls the
and the KGB. a single shot, fired without warning, to the base
of the skull. It recognizes no Miranda law, no fighters, ABM installations, and "Star Wars"
The military is the obvious fist of the state. defenses of the Soviet Union. Few, if any, will
rights of the accused, no right other than ab:
It is used to destroy open opposition to state see action in America.
solute obedience.
control. As a Resistance fighter, you will most Although the navy, air force and army are
often be swapping shots with the military - but These are your true enemies, but rarely will
you encounter them openly. They will fight you separate services, the Soviet military does not
they are far from your greatest foe. The Soviet retain the strict operational separation of ser-
not with guns, but by infiltration. The Resis-
military can loot and kill, but it cannot destroy vices prevalent in the American military. Units
tance's greatest danger is not the weapons of
the fabr.ic of American life. of all three arms are organized into fronts; and
its foes - but penetration, deception, and
The Party is the visible face of the state. In each front includes air force, army, and
theory, the Communist Party is the intermediary sometimes navy units (though the deepwater
between people and state, controlling the state navy operates independently). Men from all
in the name of the people. In theory, the Party three services will see action in America, but of
is a mass movement of the ideologically com- the three, the Red Army will contribute the bulk
mitted. In fact, it is a club for collaborators, quis- of the manpower.


The Non-Army Army rarely operate without supporting troops. copters have proven their value in counter-
Though an unsupported company of tanks insurgency operations in Vietnam and
Just as Nazi Germany had SS and Luftwaffe
might be sent to cow rioters or potential rioters, Afghanistan, and Resistance fighters can expect
ground units, so Soviet Russia has KGB and
if there is any danger of combat, tanks will to encounter them.
Internal troops.
operate with supporting infantry and artillery. Every Soviet "front" has a Spetsnaz unit
The KGB's ground troops began as the
Should you ever encounter heavy Soviet commandoes. These are trained for irregular
Kremlin bodyguard. The bodyguard, now a full
artillery, it will be in the form of a rain of shells operations without support deep in the enemy
regiment, is stationed within the Kremlin's walls,
and can move swiftly to suppress unrest from a distance so great that you will care a rear. Their training and ability to handle any
good deal less about the organization of the fir- number of weapons make them ideal for
anywhere within Moscow.
ing unit than about digging the deepest poss- counterinsurgency warfare and they will be
But the greatest potential threat to the Soviet
regime is not unrest, for the Soviet Union's ible hole in the shortest possible time. Most extenSively used against the Resistance.
Soviet artillery is formed into batteries of 6 It should be noted that these descriptions
citizens are too intimidated to pose any real
"tubes." The artillery you are most likely to en- apply to full-strength units with a full comple-
danger. The greatest threat is the Red Army.
counter are mortars, which the Soviets produce ment of men and equipment. In practice, troops
Only the military possesses the organization,
in a wide variety of calibers. They are simply used in America will often use local equipment
resolve and weapons necessary to overthrow
constructed, reliable, and relatively transport- (to save the expense of transporting heavy
the Communist regime.
Hence, an entire division, consisting of the able, hence make good counterinsurgency (and equipment from Europe), and units which have
best, most ideologically-committed, most proinsurgency) weapons. seen combat may often be deficient in man-
highly-trained and best-equipped men, is sta- The Red Army contains substantial numbers power and materie\.
tioned outside Moscow. This division, named of airborne assault troops. Though the Soviets
after Felix Dzherzhinsky (founder of state secur- prefer to use helicopters as support vehicles
ity), is under the direct control of the KGB, and rather than to make opposed landings, heli-
is charged with defending the regime against
any military uprising.
The KGB controls more than a division. In-
side the Soviet Union, it controls nine entire
military districts. The exact size of its military
wing is unknown - but the. whole Red Army
controls only sixteen districts. And the KGB's
primary task, unlike the army's, is the control
of restive populations, the liqUidation of op-
ponents of the state, and border control. KGB
units will be widely used in the fight against the
The Soviet Ministry of the Interior, too, has
its own army. The Interior troops are primarily
used to guard the slave-labor camps in Siberia.
Similar camps will doubtless be established in
Alaska, the southwestern deserts, . and the
Northwest Territories - and who better to staff
these death camps than the men who perform
such work in Russia? They will see that the
liquidation of the American bourgeoisie pro-
ceeds according to plan.
The Red Army
The back-bone of the Red Army is its "motor
rifle" troops, what we would call mechanized
infantry. A typical motor rifle squad consists of
11 men with their supporting BMP or BTR (an
infantry combat vehicle), plus portable anti-tank
and anti-aircraft rockets. Five men carry
automatic rifles (AK-74s); two carry
machineguns; one carries an anti-tank rocket-
launcher (RPG-16); two drive the BMP or BTR;
and one either carries a portable surface-to-air
missle (SA-14) or just a pistol. Infantry combat
vehicles are equipped with main guns of
substantial caliber plus an anti-tank .guided
missile launcher and several machineguns and,
in a World War II-style army, would have been
considered light tanks.
A tank platoon consists of three or four tanks,
but platoons are rarely deployed independent-
ly. If and when you encounter tank units at all,
they will operate as companies, each consisting
of ten to thirteen tanks (three platoons plus one
vehicle for the commander). Tank companies


Allied Forces
The armies of the Soviet Union's eastern
European allies are integrated into the "War-
saw Pact" command framework. Unlike NA1D,
the Pact does not maintain separate national
commands; divisions from different nations are
part of the same front or army. Effectively, the
Soviet Union controls the troops of its German,
Polish, Hungarian, Czechoslovakian, Bulgarian
and Mongolian allies directly. There are few dif-
ferences between these units and those of the
Soviet Union, save for slightly inferior morale.
North Vietnamese, Nicaraguan and Cuban
units are not so directly controlled by the
SOViets, but in the occupation of America, they
will almost certainly be commanded by Soviet
officers. (The sole likely exception is Florida,
which may become an exclUSively Cuban
preserve.) These nations, whose Communist
masters were not imposed by conquest from
without but through indigenous revolution, have
generally higher morale than but inferior equip-
ment and training to the eastern European
allies. The Vietnamese and Nicaraguans, with
their experience of insurgency warfare, will be
particularly useful in the fight against the

Liberty's In Every Blow.

(7.4) Traitors
Because North America is so large and Soviet
troops will be required to maintain control across
the globe, the occupiers will seek, wherever
possible, to exploit indigenous groups to main-
tain control. Several methods will be used. Military Large numbers of American troops may be
Police A new American People's Army will be sent abroad to enforce Soviet rule in other
Any police who put up resistance to the new formed along similar lines. Its units will be direct- countries. The Soviets will calculate, correctly,
regime will be executed or (perhaps worse) sent ly attached to Soviet formations; an indepen- that American troops are more likely to fire on
to the slave labor camps in Canada and Alaska. dent American military poses too great a poten- Brazilian mobs (say) than American ones.
Police who acquiesce in the occupation will be tial danger to Soviet occupation. By spreading Balkanization
retained, at least until a new generation of state- the American People's Army among other War- The Soviets have a'iong history of using
indoctrinated policemen can be trained. The saw Pact units, complete control over its opera- national aspirations to legitimize Soviet rule. The
police will dramatically increase in number; the tions will be maintained. Soviet Union is, in fact, the last of the great
extra personnel will come largely from the The Army will initially consist of whatever multi-national empires; Austria-Hungary was
Criminal classes, whose brutality, contempt for military men are willing to lend their services. divided into its national components at the end
moral norms, and willingness to obey orders, After a period of time, conscription will be intro- of the First World War, and Britain and France
no matter how extreme, in exchange for per- duced, and young Americans inducted at .have long since lost their empires. The Soviet
sonal gain, make them well-suited to serving the whim. Conscripts will undergo the most severe Union is less than 50% Russian; it contains
regime. Uniforms will remain essentially iden- training, in the course of which casualties will within its borders dozens of other nationalities,
tical, to exploit whatever residual respect be high. some of which have independence movements
Americans have for their guardians. stretching back centuries. In order to harness
and disarm national aspirations, the Soviet


Union has divided itself into "republics;' each Stoolies
supposedly with the right to secede. Communism, despite its political appur-
Dividing America into several supposedly- tenances, is a religion. Like all religions, it claims
independent nations is one way to establish to codify morality. Communism presumes to
power groups with a vested interest in the con- dictate what is wrong and what is right. Soviet
tinuation of Soviet rule. In addition, the Soviets Communism is a state religion, enforced by and
will imagine that national aspirations can be enforcing state rule. Heretics are shot.
channelled in ways they find congenial. Since Communism embodies morality and
Thus, North America will find itself the site is a state religion, obedience to state authorities
of several new nations; La Repub/ique Socialiste and adherence to the dictates of Communist
de" Quebec; the Confederate Soviets of society is moral, while any antistate activity is
America; and the Texas Federated Socialist I Only Regret That I wrong. Therefore, acts which unenlightened
Republic. bourgeois might consider immoral are perfect-
Alaska and Hawaii will be annexed outright. Have But One Life to ly moral (in the eyes of the Communist) when
. The Mexican cession and chunks of the Lose for My Country. they promote the interests of the state. Torture,
Southwest will be annexed by a complaisant, murder, and spying are wrong - except when
Soviet-controlled Mexico. used to promote the victory of the proletariat.
The Soviets will seek to exploit Indian Communism thus provides a moral justifica-
grievances. An "Amerindian People's Auton- tion for betrayal.
omous Region" will be established in the During the forcible collectivization of Soviet
southwest. This will serve several functions. will be accused of "anti-state tendencies" and agriculture under Stalin, a boy by the name of
Firstly, to channel Indian nationalism. Secondly, "conspiracy against the people" and liqUidated. Pavel Morozov denounced his parents for
if any reservations contain minerals or land of (These accusations will, of course, be correct, hoarding. They were shot. Pavel was awarded
value, their inhabitants can be forcibly removed at least to the degree that patriotic members of the honor of Hero of the Soviet Union, and
from their land and sent to the Autonomous such parties act to resist the Soviets.) statues were erected to him.
Region under the guise of "reuniting the native There are at present few American Com- State security requires a veritable army of
American peoples:' Lastly, the presence of the munists. However, the party will expand spies and informants to do its job. A veritable
Autonomous Region will provide a .plausible dramatically in size under Soviet rule. Power, army will be employed; and, inducements will
explanation for why travel to the area is wealth and minute control over the lives of be daily offered to private citizens who inform
restricted. The actual reason, of course, will be others will make becoming a Party member on others. Stoolies are materially rewarded.
the extensive death camps throughout the appeal to opportunists and petty tyrants Wherever you go and whatever you do, you
southwestern deserts. everywhere. It is worth noting thatthe Ruman- cannot rely on the good will of others. For
Just as the Slovak and Croatian republics ian Communist Party had fewer than 1000 many, informing is a means of personal survival.
created by the Nazis had their own quisling members (in a nation of 18 million) when Soviet Trust is the most preciOUS commodity.
armies, so shall the .puppet regimes of balka- conquest occurred, and yet was a "mass move-
nized America have theirs. ment" in complete control of the nation within
two years of occupation.
Civilians Al! economic activity will, over a period of
At first, the traitors who delivered America
years, be nationalized. Businessmen, shop-
into the hands of its foes will retain a vestige
keepers and others who resist the seizure of their
of power, so long as they cooperate enthusi-
property will be executed. Party committees will
astically with the Occupation. Soon, American
effectively control all economic activity within
Communists will be brought into "coalition" with
their region. Thus, we can expect America to
the "government:' Eventually, all other parties
become permeated by sycophants and col-
laborators whose power derives from the
Occupation, who live well because of it, and
who will fight to defend it.
Collaborators and quislings are the first sign
of success in remolding society. One of your
main jobs is to discourage them. Gunfire is often
But then, treason is a crime whose penalty
has always been Q,eath.


Guerrilla War

"Guerrilla strategy is the only strategy pos- equipment; and, with luck, it so dispirits him "Orthodox armies may, due to changes in
sible for an oppressed people." that he ceases to resist. The last is the key: if. the situation, temporarily junction as guerrillas.
- Kao Kang, as quoted by Mao Tse Tung an occupied nation believes it can no longer LikeWise, guerrilla units formed !ram the people
in Yu Chi Chan ("Guerrilla War"} resist effectively, or no longer cares to do so, may gradually develop into regular units."
conquering it is enough to defeat it. Germany Mao Tse Tung, Yu Chi Chan
(8.1) Why Guerrilla War? was defeated in 1945 not because Allied armies A guerrilla war is waged when a conventional
occupied its soil but because the German army cannot be fielded. The usual reason for
The way to win a war is to destroy the people were dispirited by their terrible losses in
enemy's will to resist. The strongest nation in this is that the war is a revolutionary one, and
the war against Russia, no longer had any faith the lowest classes do not have the financial or
the world (America, say} can be conquered if in the fascist regime, and knew they had no
it does not have the will to prevent it; the industrial resources to raise an army.
hope of outside help. France was never Sometimes, a different reason applies; in the
smallest, most impoverished nation (Vietnam, defeated, though occupied; so long as the
say} can liberate itself if it has the will to fight French Resistance, no conventional army could
Catholic and Communist Resistance sabotaged be raised because a substantial German occu-
when all seems hopeless. production and killed Germans, so long as De
The conventional way to win a war is to pying force stood ready to destroy any concen-
Gaulle's Free French fought on, France was not tration of men. In THE PRICE OF
defeat the enemy's army and occupy his ter- defeated.
ritory. This deprives the enemy of its most ef- FREEDOM, no army can be raised because
fective weapon (a regular army}; it makes it dif- a concentration of force invites a Soviet nuclear
ficult for the enemy to mobilize troops and attack.


A guerrilla war can become a conventional (8.2) The Guerrilla's Strategy has one advantage, and one advantage only:
one. As time goes on, guerrilla forces gain information.
strength, the enemy becomes increasingly "It is important to emphasize that guerrilla The guerrilla knows where the enemy lies,
isolated, and whole sections of the country are warfare is a war of the masses, a WQr of the and in what force. He knows the psychology
liberated, guerrilla forces may gain sufficient people." of the officers he fights. He knows the enemy's
resources and breathing room to build a con- - Che Guevara, Guerrilla Warfare plans. He knows the land. He knows the
ventional army. Building an army is necessary "The people may be likened to the water and populace. He knows where, when, and how to
if the only way to destroy the enemy's will to the troops to the fish who Inhabit It." attack to do the most damage to the enemy.
resist is by physically ejecting him from territory. Mao Tse Tung, Yu Chi Chan He knows everything - because the people tell
The best example is the Chinese Revolution: him.
The claims of Communists that guerrilla war When enemy troops move through a town,
the Red forces began as guerrillas, built until depends on support from the "masses" is not
they controlled much of the country, then somewhere in the town is a guerrilla sym-
mere rhetoric. The tactics employed in guerrilla pathizer, who spreads the word. When anything
organized conventional forces. The final stage war depend on support from the populace. In
of the Revolution was a conventional war happens in the enemy encampment, someone
the absence of such support, guerrillas are readi- on the clerical or janitorial staff notes it and
against the regular army of the Kuomintang. ly captured and executed.
But it is not necessary to build a conventional reports. Whenever the enemy does anything,
The gUerrilla's weapons, communication and he is observed.
army. If the enemy's will to resist can be transport are all inferior to the enemy's. Guer-
destroyed without it, the war can still be won. The enemy knows nothing. He cannot find
rillas can only concentrate small forces with the guerrillas; he does not know their strength,
Such is the case in America. limited firepower; cannot move rapidly to ex- or what weapons they possess; he does not
ploit opportunities, as armored columns can; know where they may hide, or the peculiarities
cannot depend on sophisticated methods of of local geography they may exploit. He is a
command control, communications and in-
telligence, as modern armies can. The guerrilla

stranger in a foreign land, among people who goal of the American Resistance is to free we are lost; robbing them is the surest way to
cannot speak his tongue and who have no sym- America from its oppressors and, ultimate- lose that sympathy.
pathy for him. The only information he can ob- ly, free the world from tyranny. The justice of "Do not take a needle or a piece of thread
tain is through torture a dangerous and time- the cause is inarguable. from the people."
consuming process notorious for its inaccuracy. Nonetheless, the cause must be argued. - Mao Tse Tung, The Red Book
The guerrilla's strategy is to strike unexpected- Guerrillas must make every effort to disseminate
ly at a point of weakness strike quickly, then propaganda. Inan occupied nation, the natural (8.4) Why We'll Win
withdraw. The success of that strategy depends tendency of the population is to make do -
on the support of the people. to live as best they may, to protect themselves "The guerrillas are to exterminate small forces
and their families as best they can. They must of the enemy; to harass and weaken large
(8.3) Support of the Masses be persuaded that they have a duty to help the forces; to attack enemy lines of communication;
Resistance - ideally by taking up arms or to establish bases capable of supporting in-
"The guerrilla fighter needs full help from the dependent operations in the enemy's rear; to
people . . . This is clearly seen by considering sabotaging production, but at least by proViding
shelter and information to the Resistance. force the enemy to disperse his strength; and
the case of bandit gangs. They have all the to coordinate a/l these activities with those of
characteristics of a guerrilla army: homogenei- The occupiers will not hesitate to indoctrinate.
The newspapers and airwaves will be filled with the regular armies on distant battle fronts."
ty, respect for the leader, valor, knowledge of - Mao Tse Tung, Yu Chi Chan
the ground, and, often, even good understand- their lies and calumnies. Their crimes - mass
executions, torture, brutality - will be hidden. The ultimate goal of the Resistance is to force
ing of the tactics to be employed. The only thing
Citizens will be told: things are not so bad, and Soviet withdrawaL The Soviets will only
missing is support of the people; and, inevitably,
getting better; the occupiers have nothing but withdraw if they are convinced that the cost of
these gangs are captured and exterminated by
sympathy for America, and are doing their best further occupation outweighs the benefits. To
the public force."
to help; resistance is futile. The "Big Lie" tech- a degree, this depends on events elsewhere;
- Che Guevara, Guerrilla Warfare
nique works; unless the people hear otherWise, America won the Revolution not by inflicting
"Without a political goal, guerrilla warfare they will come to believe. unacceptable losses on the British Army, but
must fail, as it must if its political objectives do Since the people's support is so important, because Britain had other commitments. Faced
not coincide with the aspirations of the people the guerrilla's chief goal must be to bring them by uprisings in India, unrest in Ireland, a conti-
and their sympathy, cooperation and assistance the truth. Write, print and distribute newsheets; nuing war with France, and an unstable
cannot be gained." seize radio stations; bombard with leaflets; hold domestic situation, the British decided that the
Mao Tse Tung, Yu Chi Chan underground meetings. Do whatever you can, American colonies were not worth the effort
A guerrilla war can achieve the support of the but get the word out. needed to keep them. Similarly, the Soviets'
people only if it is fought to liberate them, and Do not denigrate a military operation if its overweening global ambitions pit them against
only if they are indoctrinated in the war's purpose seems "merely" to be the propagan- Resistance movements everywhere; the Red
rightness and necessity. (To be precise, the da value it produces; propaganda is the most Army could keep Eastern Europe down easily
ultimate end of the war may in fact be to im- important value. enough, but it will have problems enforcing obe-
pose a totalitarian tyranny, as is the case in From time to time, you may be tempted to dience to Moscow allover the globe. Too, China
Communist revolution; but Communist revolu- injure an innocent, believing that the ends are remains unconquered and hostile, a permanent
tion is always fought under the pretense of more important than the injury caused. They challenge both militarily and ideologically to
liberation, and its rhetoric and ideology is that are n?t! Without the sympathy of the people, Moscow's ambitions.
of liberation.) But much depends on us.
The struggle of the American Resistance is We must sabotage whenever possible. The
a liberation struggle. The injustices, crimes and Soviet Union hopes to exploit America's
brutalities inflicted by the occupation upon a technology and productive capacity to equip
formerly-free people demand defiance. The and maintain its own armies, and provide con-
sumer goods for its own population, convinc-


ing them of the value of conquest. That, along
with the elimination of America as the Soviet
Union's main global antagonist, is what it gains
by occupation. We must strive to limit its gains
to the minimum. Equipment must be sabo-
taged; collaborators must be executed;
resources must be diverted, bureaucratic errors
made, strikes fomented, slowdowns encourag-
ed. Any and all means to delay, destroy or pre-
vent production must be exploited.
We must destroy enemy manpower and
materiel, whenever possible. The Soviet Union
has previously been faced by numerically-
inferior opponents. Historically, Russia has
never stinted on manpower; its strategies have
been based on overwhelming mass, its rulers
have never blinked at destroying millions for
political or military advantage. Those traditions
have served it well in the past - but they can-
not serve it now.
The Soviet Union has a globe to occupy. Its
forces are reinforced by those of Eastern
Europe, Cuba, Vietnam and the like, but they
are still spread dangerously thin. Even in the
Soviet Union itself, substantial forces must be
maintained to crush any sign of dissent; the
whole of Europe, the whole of North America,
and sections of four other continents require oc-
cupation. The populations of the territories the
Soviet Union now occupies outnumber the
population of the Soviet Union itself many times
over. If we trade men, life for life, with the Soviet
Union, it will be bled white long before we are
ready to surrender.
If we bloody the occupiers badly enough,
they will have no alternative but to withdraw.
We will win by destroying the Soviets' will-
ingness to resist. We will do so by bleeding them
white and demoralizing them. We will bleed
them white by killing them wherever and
whenever we can. We will demoralize them by
striking swiftly and unexpectedly.

(8.5) How To Be A Guerrilla

"We consider that the Cuban Revolution
contributed three fundamental lessons to the
conduct of revolutionary movements in
America. They are: 1) that popular forces can
win a war against the army; 2) it is not necessary
to wait until all conditions for making revolu-
tion exist; the insurrection can create them; 3)
in underdeveloped America the countryside is
the basic area for armed fighting."
..:.. Che Guevara, Guerrilla Waifare Organize in small groups at first. Small groups 'Know the terrain in which you operate. Know
"Guerrilla strategy must be based primarily are difficult to locate and can move rapidly. your opponents; seek always to learn about the
on alertness, mobility and attack. It must be ad- Never stay in any location long; the longer you officers who command the forces which oppose
justed to the enemy situation, the terrain, the stay, the more easily the enemy can find you. you. Know the plans of the enemy; build con-
existing lines of communication, the relative Move constantly, making contacts with the local tacts among the local community to warn you
strengths, the weather, and the situation of the people. Recruit and indoctrinate. whenever the enemy moves. Ensure that the
peop/e." Find weapons. Weapons are plentiful in enemy cannot plant his own spies among the
Mao Tse Tung, Yu Chi Chan America, but heavy weapons are not. For the people; execute quislings as examples.
latter, you must depend on the enemy Propagandize. Capture duplicating equip-
themselves. Guerrilla movements since time im- ment, and establish small presses. Distribute
memorial have used the enemy as their quarter- newsheets and pamphlets as you travel. Many
master. Many of your operations should aim to of your operations should be designed to
capture enemy supplies. While you're at it, disseminate news of the Resistance.
destroy what you do not take. You have the American information and
communications network at your disposal. It is
an awesome weapon, incomparably more


powerful than anything other guerrilla Indoctrinate your own men. They will fight Resistance will resume control. Be careful never
movements of the 20th century had available better if they understand why they fight, and to present a large enough target - a major con-
to them. Used properly, the network can ex- how victory can be won. They will more readi- centration of manpower and equipment - to
tend the reach of the Resistance into every cor- ly obey your orders if they understand their justify a nuclear attack. Remain dispersed; con-
ner of North America. And the SovietS won't necessity. centrate only for an assault, and disperse rapidly
destroy the network, except in desperation. Contact other Resistance groups, and share afterwards.
North America is the rich prize it is because of information. Unlike regular military units, it will Do not take fixed positions. Do not worry
its communications infrastructure; the Soviets rarely be feasible for different Resistance groups about liberating cities; liberate the suburbs and
defeat the purpose of their conquest if they, for to coordinate operations, but information is your isolate the city, cutting it off from outside sup-
example, put the telephone system out of most precious commodity. As time goes on, a plies. A city is a tempting target to nuke; in itself,
operation. national rebel command will evolve. Com- it has no value, except as a supply of man-
Establish cadres of resistance. As your own munication with it will be rare, so individual power. Even when the enemy controls the city
group grows, break it up; leave a nucleus of guerrilla bands will always be largely self- directly, urban Resistance groups will harass him
resistance wherever you go. Those groups will directed; but from time to time, the grapevine constantly. Take a city only when the enemy
grow, too; in the absence of enemy response, may bring you urgent requests. You are most abandons it and then, do not occupy it with
the Resistance will grow geometrically. familiar with conditions in your area, so disobe- any substantial force.
Establish supplydumps. Capture enemy sup- dience of these requests will not, as in regular When a Soviet attack threatens to capture a
plies, and cache them in hidden places, so you armies, be sufficient grounds for courtmartial liberated area, let it; concentrating forces for an
can fall back on them when needed. and execution; however, the rebel command attack in one area deprives them of troops
"When guerrillas engage a stronger enemy, will have a better grasp of national and inter- elsewhere. Your misfortune is the opportunity
they withdraw when he advances; harass him national developments, and urgent requests are of another guerrilla group. Do not destroy
when he stops; strike him when he is weary; not made without reason. Comply whenever yourself in futile battle; remember, do not be
pursue him when he Withdraws." feasible. afraid to run away. Break back down into small
- Mao Tse Tung, Yu Chi Chan Do not hesitate to strike the enemy even groups, and disperse.
when he has made it plain that Resistance Never surrender. The enemy has no mercy.
Never be afraid to run away. You cannot win operations will trigger terrible retribution. The Escape if you can; but if you cannot, take a Rus-
a direct confrontation; the enemy outnumbers people will not blame you when hundreds are sian with you when you go. Remember the
you, and is better equipped. Strike when he executed; they will blame the occupiers, and the words of Patrick Henry:
does not expect it; withdraw when he begins Resistance will be stronger for it. Protect the
to respond. We can win if we trade life-for-life people whenever possible, but never accede to
with the SOViets, but in a full-dress battle, you Soviet wishes.
will lose more like ten men to the enemy's As time goes on, your band will grow and
superior firepower to everyone you kill. Far bet- you may even liberate whole sections of the
ter to withdraw, and keep in being a nucleus country. Soviet control will be more and more
of resistance. restricted to the cities and to the daylight hours.
Fight on terrain and at times of your own Soviet patrols will sweep through your area
choosing. Since you know where the enemy periodically - but when they are gone, the
is and what he is dOing, while he operates in
a fog, you may choose the terms on which you
will fight. Never let the enemy dictate the con-
ditions of battle. 'ibur advantages are few; never
throw this one away.
Give Me Liberty or
Give Me Death!


Weapons List IOpY)KHe TaMHu;a
The combat system classifies weapons by their function, treating all they're gun aficionados, because thorough knowledge of their equip-
pistols, for example, as equivalent. (In fact, there are differences, but ment helps them roleplay, and so on. The follOWing is a list of the
on the scale of the game the distinction between a .38 Police Special weapons most commonly in use in THE PRICE OF FREEDOM's
and a 9mm automatic is largely irrelevant - the minor differences in America. Players wishing a wider selection of weapon names can easi-
weaponry are less important than the user's skill and other factors like ly locate several good reference works, which provide exhaustive descrip-
terrain.) tions of these weapons, in their local library or major bookstore. See
Many players will want to know the names of the weapons their the bibliography for suggestions.
'characters use; because they like this sort of background "color:' because

Pistol Auto Carbine
Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special Revolver (USA) Colt CAR-15 (USA)
Makarov 9mm Semi-Automatic (USSR) FNC Carbine (Belgium)
Colt .45 Semi-Automatic (USA) Auto Rifle
Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum Revolver (USA)
Beretta 92 9mm Semi-Automatic (Italy) Kalashnikov AK-74 & AKM (USSR)
Ruger Redhawk Revolver (USA) M-16 (USA)
FN FAL (Belgium)
Rifle Heckler & Koch G-3 (West German)
Steyr-Mannlicher SSG (West Germany) Machine Rifle
Winchester Model 70 (USA)
Parker-Hale 1200 (USA) FN M249 (USA and Belgium)
Remington M700 (USA) Kalashnikov RPD (USSR)'
Carbine SMG
Ruger Mini-14 (USA) Ingram M-lO (USA)
M1 Carbine (USA) Kalashnikov AKR (USSR)'
Colt AR-15A2 (collapsible stock) (USA) + 9mm UZI (Israel)
Mannlicher Carbine (West Germany) Heckler & Koch MP-5 (West Germany)
Semi-Auto Rifle Light Machinegun
Ml Garand (USA) Kalashnikov RPK (USSR)'
Colt AR-15 (USA) + M-60 (USA)
Heckler & Koch 91 and 93 (West Germany) + Rheinmettal MG-3 (West Germany)
IMI "GaUl" (Israel) + Medium Machlnegun
Springfield Armory Ml and MIA (USA) Kalashnikov PK (USSR)'
Shotgun Heavy Machinegun
Remington 870 (USA) Degtyarev DShK (USSR)'
Mossberg M500 (USA) M-2 .50 Caliber (USA)
Winchester MIlOO (USA)
Machine Pistolt
Stechkin 9mm (USSR)

In use by the occupation forces.

+Commonly modified to automatic fire by U.S. citizens.
t In fact, machine pistols are rapid fire (Le., automatic) weapons, but we
list them under non-automatic weapons because the pistol skill, not the
automatic weapons skill, is used to fire them.


Equipment Chart
L I Q H T A R M s
weight price
PISTOLS (In kllognllM) (In gold) caliber

.44 magnum 1.5 1 troy .44 magnum

.45 auto 1.25 15 pw .45 auto ACP

". .357 magnum 2

9 mm auto
12 pw
15 pw
9 mm
.38 revolver2 1 9pw .38
.32 revolver 1 7pw .32


.... I bolt-action rifles 3-4 6-16 pw .22 . .30-30 .30-06.

7mm , .308, etc.

Ml Carbine 3 1.5 troy .30 carbine
p Auger Mini14 2.25 1.5 troy .22315.56mm
Coh ARl5A2 2.25 1.5 troy .2231S.S6mm7

Ml Garand 4.3 1.25 troy .30-06
pli Colt AR15 3.2 1.5 troy .22315.56mm'
Heckler & Koch HK93 4.3 2 troy .22315.56mm '

... ~
Heckler & Koch HK91

2 troy
5 pw.' oz.
.30Bl7.62mm NAlO

12, 20, .410 gauge

MACHINE PISTOLS' 2 1215 pw var.

~ CAR15 2.25 2 troy .2231S.56mml

M16 3.2 21my .22315.56mm'
, Ml6a2 32 2.5 troy "S$109 "8

" AK74

2.5 troy
2 troy

. ,, ~ . M249
5 troy
" $8109' "
Ml0 2 2.5 troy 9mm
~ AKR 2.5 21my 5.45mm
UZI 4 2.5 IfOY 9mm

M60 11 7 troy 7.62mm NAlO
RPK 6 61roy 7.62mmX54
""'I PK 9 7 troy 7.62mmX54


Equipment Chart (con't.,
(coat per clip)

pistol. machine pistol


M-20al bazooka
(. _)
8 troy

rifle, carbine 0.1 lpw shell 1.5 10 pw

shotgun 0.5 3pw M-72 LAW 1 2 troy
semi-auto rifle 0.5 6 pw Dragon AlGM 3 12 troy
automatic rifle, shell 10 2 troy
carbine 0.5 6 pw 509ger ATGM (AT-3) 20 14 troy
submachlnegun 0.5 4pw shell 9 3 troy
machine rifle 4 1 troy Spigot ATGM (AT-4) 13 20 troy
tight machinegun 4 1 troy shell 14 4 troy
GRENADES M-40al Recoilless Rifle 120 24 troy
AND MINES shell 10 1 troy
M-224 Mortar (60mm) 23 10 troy
M-26 fragmentation 0.5 16 grains
HE shell 1.5 4pw
M-8 smoke 0.75 10 grains
smoke shell 1.5 3pw
M-25 gas 0.33 12 grains
M-29 Mortar (Blmm) 50 Btroy
stick of dynamite 0.25 10 grains
HE shell 9 7pw
M-1a claymore mine 1.5 15 pw
smoke shell 9 6 pw
M-16 antipersonnel
mine 4 3 troy gas shell 9 Bpw
M-19 antitank mine 11 6 troy illumination shell 9 7pw
M-30 Mortar (l07mm) 300 12 troy
GRENADE HE shell 15 pw
smoke shell 20 10 pw
M79 " thump gun" 3 1 troy gas shell 20 12 pw
M-203 RGL 1.5 1.5 troy illumination shell 20 12 pw
M-19 AGL 40 10 troy
HE shell 0.25 lpw
HEOP shell 0.25 1.5 pw binoculars 0.25 1 pw-l troy
gas shell 0.25 16 grains compass 0.1 8 grains-
smoke shell 0.25 16 grains 2pw
HVHE shell 0.33 1.5 pw topographic maps neg . 5pw
HVHEDP shell 0.33 2pw road maps
(statewide) neg . S grains
AGS-17 AGL 20 9 troy
full uniform (U.S.) neg . 4pw
shell 0.15 12 grains
full uniform
TRADE GOODS (occupiers) neg. 7pw
cold weather gear 5 10 pw
chocolate bar 0.1 2pw 1 1 pw-
medical kits'
nylons 0.1 2pw 2 troy
condoms 0.1 4pw tent (1 man) 1 lpw
bo"[e of liquor 1 2 pw tent (2 man) 1.5 2pw
drugs 0.1 1 troy tent (4 man) 3 4pw
VCR tape 0.1 10 pw tent (12 men
CD 0.1 10 pw or vehicle) 10 1 troy
military rations (1 day) 0.5 10 grains
KEY food (1 day) 1 5 grains
RGL _ rifle gren!!de launcher; AGL "" automatic knife 0.25 4pw
grenade launcher; HE ., high explosive: HEOP fishing tackle 1 3pw
"" high explosive dual purpose ; HVHE '" high horse - 4 troy
velocity high explosive; HVHEDP '" high velocity "Freedom
Fighter's PaCk"15 20 1
high explosive dual purpose; LAW "" light antitank
weapon; ATGM - antitank guided missile.


Equipment Chart (can't.)

Note: Prices are quoted in "troy" (troy ounces of gold).

"pw" (gold pennyweight) or "grains" (gold grains). 8The M-16a2 and FN M249 use a special SS109 round.
24 grains == 1 pw These weapons can be re-chambered and re-barreled to
20 pw = 1 troy use standard .223 (5.56mm) ammunition at a cost of 5 pw.
12 troy = 1 pound of gold 9The M60 was the most numerous LMG in U.S. service;
For carrying purposes. 25 troy equals 1 kilogram. several Soviet types are also available.
In "real world" 1986, 1 troy ounce roughly equalled $375 loRifles, semi-auto rifles and automatic rifles of the same
American. At the time the occupation begins, 1 troy ounce caliber fire the same ammunition. However, costs and
roughly equals $1000 American. By year 19x2, no quantity weights are slightly different because a "clip" for a non-
of United Soviets paper will buy you gold. automatic rifle is 5 rounds, while a "clip" for an automatic
lThe combat system treats all weapons in a particular rifle is around 30 rounds - because of their differing rates
category - pistols, for example - identically. We provide of fire. Players may freely exchange ammunition among
a list of several different weapon types for the sake of color. weapons of the same caliber, under the following scheme:
However, your game master may be more inclined to have weapon: II of ammo II of rounds II of rounds
someone's brains litter the room if you hit him with a "Dirty pts per clip per ammo pt per clip
Harry" .44 mag than a little .32 caliber revolver. Also note pistol 6 1 6
that we've simplified a lot of factors for the sake of sanity. rifle, carbine 5 1 5
For example, though 6 is the most common number of semi-auto rifle 10 3 30
bullets in a pistol clip, some pistols are designed to hold shotgun 5 1 5
as many as a dozen bullets at once. Similarly, in most machine pistol 10 1 10
states, 3 is the. legal maximum number of shells a pump auto rifle, carbine 10 3 30
or automatic shotgun may hold, and almost all shotguns machine rifle 50 5 250
are plugged to meet this regulation. It is perfectly possible submachinegun 10 3 30
to remove the plug or to mOdify, through extensions, the light, heavy
number of shells the gun can accommodate. This is not machinegun 50 5 250
the case, of course, with double and single barrel medium machinegun 25 5 125
shotguns. llA player should make a weapons skill roll when
2.357 magnum revolvers will chamber and fire .38 special purchasing ammunition for his weapon. Modifiers include:
cartridges; however, .357 ammo will not chamber in a .38 having a specimen of the correct ammo type; dealing with
revolver due to the longer length of the .357 magnum a reputable or disreputable merchant; and time taken to
cartridge. examine the ammo. A successful roll means the player has
3The M1 Carbine was developed for the American military identified the ammo as being of the correct or incorrect
in World War II as a shorter, lightened service rif(e for type (e.g., 9mm Makarov vs. 9mm ParabeJlum), or
paratroops and vehicle crews, and for use in situations determined whether or not the ammunition is in usable
where the greater size and weight of the M1 Garand would condition (not severely corroded or otherwise damaged).
be a liability. The M1 Carbine fires the shorter, straight- A failed roll means that the player has misidentified the
cased .30 carbine cartridge which is not interchangeable ammo. Depending on the gravity of the error (i.e., by how
with the .30-06 cartridge used in the M1 Garand and much the roll exceeds the player's modified skill number),
Springfield 1903 service rifles. The M1 Carbine was made the ammunition could jam the weapon, explode in the
in vast quantities by several manufacturers during World chamber, or simply not function - this is left to the
War II and Korea, and production continued after the war gamemaster's discretion.
with civilian versions being offered by Iver Johnson and If players are gullible enough to buy a crate of 10,000
Universal. The M1 Carbine accepts box magazines com- rounds without examining the ammo first, they deserve
monly found with 15 and 30 cartridge capacities. what they get.
4Severa\ military firearms are currently available in their 12The M-203, M-19, and M-79 are grenade launchers; see
non-automatic versions. Again, these may be modified by 16.1 in the Gamemaster Book. All three weapons use the
a gunsmith to fire full-auto. same ammunition. The M-19 is a crew weapon; the M-203
clips onto an M-16 or AR-15 rifle.
5Some machine pistols may be in the hands of collectors;
their combat value limits their price. 13Heavy weapons will only rarely be available; stealing
them from the occupiers is probably easier than purchas-
6Several models used by the U.S. military are available.
ing them.
These weapons are basically shortened and lightened ver- The M-224 mortar breaks into two pieces for carriage;
sions of the automatic assault rifles, from which they were
the M-29 into three; and the M-30 into four. Disassembl-
developed. ing or assembling takes 2, 3 or 4 combat rounds (respec-
71t is important to note that stocks of .223 ammunition tively); two characters must take no other actions for that
(5.56mm) will begin to run low as U.S. production shifts period to assemble or disassemble the weapon.
to 5.45mm ammunition for the occupiers. This will make 14Wide variety in type"and price; those with antibiotics and
saving brass and reloading ammunition both a necessity antidotes for gas weapons are extremely expensive.
and a profitable business.
15See 10.5 in the Gamemaster Book.




'~,"/'j',,",'0''%-h'''''" "'--\.\~~'~'i!

The redrawing of North America's geographic boun-

daries under Soviet occupation, c/ros 19x1 (see also
section 26.2 In the G.m.mll'.r Book). The north
western boundary Mexico Is In flux, as that country
exercises suzerainty over sections 0' the United
American Soviets which It plans to annex; Mexico also
0' 0'
occupies bits the Texas Federated Socialist Republic.
The Southern half what was Florida Is, 'or allinlenis
and purposes. a Cuban and Nicaraguan fiefdom. The
hlslorlcal slale and province boundaries have been
superimposed to orlenl the reader.
FM 100-2-1: The Soviet Army, Opera-
tions and Tactics. Washington: Department
of the Army, 1984.
Constitution of the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics. Moscow: Progress
Publishers, 1969.
Bloch, Marc. Strange Defeat. New York:
W. W Norton, 1968.
Bonds, Ray, (ed.). Russian Military Power.
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A Nole 10
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Liberal Beaders
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What To Do When the Russians Come.
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Corson, William R. & Crowley, Robert T. The
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1985. Okay, we know that some of you are go- You defend your home, your family and
Donald, Maryann. Contemporary ing to be uncomfortable with the premise your friends from real enemies. You and
Weapons. Detroit, Michigan: Palladium Books, of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM. We yours are not being threatened by aliens
didn't do the game to offend your sen- from Proxima Centauri, or some other
Editions Berlitz. Russian for Travellers.
Lausanne: Editions Berlitz, 1973. sibilities; we did it to give you an enjoyable hypothetical creation from the pages of
Ezell, Edward Clinton. Small Arms of the roleplaying experience. And we see no fiction, but by the armed forces and secret
World. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Stackpole reason why you shouldn't enjoy the game police of America's sworn rival. They'll kick
Books, 1977. without compromising your political your dog, they'll reduce Baskin-Robbins'
Gervasi, Tom. Arsenal of Democracy II. beliefs, whatever they may be. Here's why: 31 flavors to 3, they'll cancel Moon-
New York: Grove Press, 1981. You, personally, don't have to believe lighting . . . and then they'll take away
Grechko, A.A. The Armed Forces of the the average Soviet soldier is a bloodthirsty your basic human rights. But only if you
Soviet Union. Moscow: Progress Publishers, killer, or that the Soviet Union could oc- let them.
1977. cupy the United States in the next five That's saying it flippantly, but forget the
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years. (We don't, either;) THE PRICE OF politics: THE PRICE OF fflEEDOM is
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happen, but whether or not you could en- godless Communists who wish to destroy
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Winslow, Pauline Glenn. (, Martha Adams. reasonably expect to meet on the street. emotions. And as a result, it can be a gas.
London: Arlington Books, 1982. No problem imagining yourself in either of b Blow it up! Blow it up real good! Eat hot
those roles. death, Commie dog!
The setting is modern-day America. That's the ticket!
Again, no imagination problem.


Name: Billy Barstow Background Information
Personal Information RacelNationality: Irish-American
Physical Tag: short and muscular Politics: patriotic but apolitical
Personality Tag: enthusiastic, smiles a lot Religion: don't go to church much
Passion: Rock 'n Roll Education: high school
Interests: guitar (10), women (10) Pre-Occupation Job: singer in a rock 'n roll band
Family Relationships: tallts to parents once a week, brother
Sex: male Age: 29 killed in 'Nam
Hair: dark brown Eyes: dark brown Grew Up In: the Jersey shore
Height: 5' 9" Weight: 150 lb Personal Heroes: BrUce, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan

Attributes Hero Ammo Points Equipment electric guitar

Strength: 13 Points deer rifle amps
Manual Dexterity: 12 rifle shells, 1 box switchblade
Agillty: 8 (2 clips) pick-up truck
Alertn8Sl: 10 jeans, T-shirt camping gear
Constitution: 7 leather jacket $500 cash

Combat Information: Range Damage

Weapon Skill No. Jam Ammo Fire Type Sht Mad Long Stun Lite Heavy Incp Kill
Rifle 12 19 5 A 0-5 6-15 1650 1-6 7-11 1215 16-19 20

Name: Maria Cagliari

Personal Information Background Information
Physical Tag: large, dark eyes Race/Nationality: Italian-American
Personality Tag: tenacious Politics: Trotskyite Marxism
Passion: Trotskyite Marxism Religion: Catholicism
Interests: religion (CatholiCism) (10), Education: B.A., Bamard University, History
history (10) Pre-Occupation Job: Political Activist
Family Relationships: estranged from parents, only child
Sex: female Age: 32 Grew Up In: New York City
Hair: dark brown Eyes: dark brown Personal Heroes: Leon Trotsky, Che Guevara, Eden Pastora
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 130 lb
Attributes Hero Ammo Points Equipment
Strength: 8 Points pistol 3 homemade pipebombs
Manual Dexterity: 12 ammo (2 clips) (treat as Molotov
Agility: 9 fatigues cocktails)
Alertn8Sl: 14 $3000 cash
Constitution: 7 pocket book & cosmetics

Combat Information: Range Damage

Weapon Skill No. Jam Ammo Fire Type Sht Med Long Stun Lite Heavy Incp Kill
Pistol 10 19 6 AIR 0-2 3-5 6-20 1-7 8-14 15-18 19 20

Name: lake Westtree Background Information

Personal Information Race/Nationality: WASP
Physical Th.g: narrow, menacing eyes Politics: Republican
Personality Tag: tough, persistent Religion: nominally Protestant
Passion: justice Education: high school, Police Academy
Interests: guns (8), violence (12) Pre-Occupation Job: Detective, N.Y.P.D.
Family Relationships: Parents dead, unmarried
Sex: male Age: 3B Grew Up In: Queens
Hair: brown Eyes: brown Personal Heroes: J. Edgar Hoover,
Height: 5' 10" Weight: ISO lb G. Gordon Liddy, Bemard Goetz
Attributes Hero Ammo Points Equipment shoulder-holster
Strength: 14 Points 3 pistols locksmith's tools
Manual Dexterity: 6 2 boxes pistol ammo bag with several changes of
Agility: 6 (6 clips) clothes
Alertnesa: 10 switchblade beatup '76 Buick
Constitution: 14 suit $500 cash

Combat Information: Range Damage

Weapon Skill No. Jam Ammo Fire Type Sht Mad Long Stun Lite Heavy Incp Kill
Pistol 14 19 6 A/R. 02 3-5 620 1-7 814 1518 19 20
Skills Character Background: Ever sipce you were a kid, you've wanted to be in
Combat Education a rock 'n roll band. You grew up around the Jersey shore with a bunch of
Hand-to-Hand 12 American History: 10 blue-collar kids, and started playing in seedy bars near the waterfront. Mom's
Melee Weapons: 8 nagging got you through high school, but after that you went to the city to
Pistols: 10 fmd a band. You started playing joints like CBGB's, where you met Maria.
Bifles: 12 You and she had quite a time, but eventually her whacko politics proved too
much. As you like to put it, she left you for Nicaragua. Two-three years ago,
Communication Survival you got a recording contract. Since then you've had a couple of minor hits,
Bargain: 8 Camping: 8 mostly blue-collar ballads like "The Steel All Comes From Yokohama" and
lnstrument Guitar: 14 Drug Lore: 8 '~erican Boy", but you've never hit the big time. Now, you guess, you never
Instrument - Piano: 10 Hunting: 8 will not with the Reds in town. Well, the President may have surrendered,
Language - English: 19 Jersey Shore (Home) but the country sure as hell never will.
Sketching; 4 Lore; 5
Writing: 10 Stealth: 4 Adventure Background: You were wondering what the hell to do when your
Swimming: 10 old friend Moishe Cohen called from downstairs. Moishe claims he's plan-
ning to resist at age 72?! He asked you to call friends who are "tough and
Crafts reliable", and set up a meeting at your place on 30th Street. The only person
Construction Trades: 10 you could think of you'd want at your back was Maria - and you think she'll
Craft - Metalworking: 8 fight.
Driving: 14
Vehicle Repair: 8

Skills Character Background: You became a Marxist-Leninist in college. As a

Combat Education campus radical, a guerrilla fighting with the Sandinistas against American
Automatic Weapons: 14 Marxist History: 10 imperialism, and a political activist, you've struggled to bring about the
Hand-to-hand: 6 Latin Amer. History: 12 world-revolution. .
Melee Weapons: 8 Humanities: 8 The inevitable collapse of capitalism has come, as Marx foretold.
Pistols: 10 Social Sciences: 5 Unfortunately, the Stalinist pigs who betrayed the Russian revolution are the
Rifles: 6 victors. They call their totalitarian dictatorship a worker's state, their fascist
imperialism support for the revolution, their privilege-ridden economy
Communication Survival socialism. The Soviets are far more dangerous than the American state ever
Cryptology: 6 Camping: 6 was; capitalism was doomed to fail, but Soviet Communism promises the eter-
Instrument Guitar: 6 Nicaragua Lore: 6 nal peace of the grave.
Language English: 19 New York City (Home) You'll fight the Soviets with every weapon that comes to hand, with anyone
Language - Spanish: 14 Lore: 5 else who's willing to resist. 1hle Communism can never come while the Soviets
Writing: 10 Stealth: 10 remain.
Crafts Adventnre Background: When you heard about the capitulation, you contacted
Demolition: 12 radical friends to form a resistant group, but they were strangely hesitant.
Driving: 8 Then yOu got a call from your old flame, Billy Barstow. He told you to meet
Electronics: 10 him at his studio on 30th Street ...
Gunsmithing: 9

Skills Character Background: You're sick and tired of the way the system molly-
Combat Education coddles punks. Murderers and rapists roam the streets at will; those arrested
Automatic Weapons: 10 Law: 10 are rarely convicted; and those convicted are paroled in a couple of years.
Hand-to-hand: 10 Misplaced idealism has wreaked havoc with American life. For twenty long
Melee Weapons: 4 years, you've fought crime in the streets of New York, day by bloody day.
Pistols: 14 It isn't enough, but at least it's something.
Rifles: 6 Misplaced idealism has wreaked havoc with American arms, too. The end
has finally come; the miserable wimps in Washington have cravenly surrendered
Communication Survival to the Soviets. You know that the time fur fighting domestic thugs is over;
Bargain: 10 Camping: 3 now it's time to fight those international thugs, the Reds. You'll do so with
lnterrogation: 14 Criminal Operations: 10 the same cold-blooded thirst fur justice you brought to your years on the force.
Language - English: 19 New York City (Home)
Language - Spanish: 12 Lore: 12 Adventure Background: An old chess partner, Moishe Cohen, called and
Writing: 10 Stealth: 10 told you to bring your gun to 30th Street. This is it. You've brought a couple
Tail: 12 of guys you know from the National Guard.
You're a member of the 71st Infantry Regiment, 42nd New York Infantry
Crafts Division, headquartered at the 14th Street Armory. Your superior officer is
Driving: 12 Captain Wysynzowski.
Gunsmithing: 10
Locksmithing: 12
Name: George P. Background Information
RacelNationality: German-American
\\J ordo" Miller Politics: Buckleyite conservatism
Personal Information Religion: Catholicism
Physical Tag: crewcut Education: B.S., Electrical Engineering,
Personality Tag: charming, merciless University of Nebraska
Passion: adventure Pre-Occupation Job: Mercenary
Interests: weapons (6), right-wing Family Relationships: Mother dead, father lives with sister in
politics (14) Nebraska (distant relationship); ex-wife, 2 children in St.
Sex: male Age: 38 Louis
Eyes: bright blue Grew Up In: Nebraska
Hair: blond
Personal Heroes: William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater,
Heig~t: 6' 2" Weight: 200 lb
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Attributes Hero Ammo Points Equipment
Strength: 12 Points Uzi SMG & ammo backpack, canteen Handbook of Physics
Manual Dexterity: 8 (2 clips) sleeping bag, tent and Chemistry
AglUty: 8 hunting knife survival gear Land Rover
Alertness: 12 pistol & ammo fatigues 25 one ounce gold
Constitution: 10 (2 clips) bush hat coins in money belt

Combat Information: Range Damage

Weapon Skill No. Jam Ammo Fire Type Sht Med Long Stun Lite Heavy Incp Kill
Pistol 10 19 6 AIR 0-2 3-S 6-20 1-7 8-14 IS-18 19 20
SMG 14 IS 10 AIRIB 0-3 4-7 8-20 I-S 6-8 9-13 14-18 19-20

Background Information
Name: Johnson Meriwether Race/Nationality: Black
Personal Information Politics: Anarchocapitalist
Physical 'lag: tall, well-groomed Religion: Lapsed Baptist
Personality Tag: businesslike, professional Education: B.S., Economics (City University of New' York)~
Passion: Money M.B.A., New York University
Interests: the market (12), military affairS (8) Pre-Occupation Job: Wall Street Broker
Family Relationships: Parents live modestly in Harlem; visits
Sex: male Age: 37 them frequently. No wife or close relationships.
Hair: black Eyes: dark brown Grew Up In: Harlem
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 210 lb Personal Heroes: Martin Luther King, George Washington

Attributes Hero AmmoPolnts Equipment

Strength: 9 Points nunchaku & 3 shuriken briefcase containing 10 lbs
Manual Dexterity: 14 3-piece suit of gold in coins and bars
Agility: 8 Bugatti
Alertness: 9 suit bag with several
Constitution: 10 changes of clothing

Combat Information: Range Damage

Weapon Skill No. Jam Ammo Fire Type Sht Med Long Stun Lite Heavy Incp Kill
Nunchuck* 8 1-10 11-15 16-18 19 20
Shuriken 14 AIR 0-1 2 3-4 1-10 11-15 16-18 19 20

* treat as medium clubs

Name: Moishe Cohen Background Iniormation

Personal Iniormation Race/Nationality: Jewish
Physical Tag: short, balding, walks with a cane Politics: Demoorat
Personality 'lag: shrewd Religion: Conservative Judaism
Passion: freedom Education: 1 year at University of Warsaw
Interests: religion (Iudaism) (10), Pre-Occupation Job: Jeweller
jewellery (10) Family Relationships: Parents and wife dead; two children, one
in Tel Aviv and the other in Los Angeles. Neither ever calls.
Sex: male Age: 72 Grew Up In: Warsaw
Hair: grey Eyes: brown Personal Heroes: John Sobieski, Moahe Dayan, Lech Walesa
Height: 5' 2" Weight: 130 lb
Attributes Hero Ammo Points Equipment $100,000 in cut gems of
Strength; 5 Points pistol & ammo various sizes
Manual Dexterity: 15 (1 clip)
AgiUty; 7 1 suit
Alertness: 15 yarmulka
Constitution: 8 cane

Combat Information: Range Damage

Weapon Skill No. Jam Ammo Fire Type Sht Med Long Stun Lite Heavy Inop Kill
Pistol 10 19 6 A/R 0-2 3-5 6-20 1-7 8-14 15-18 19 20
Skills Character Background: You never could understand why other men found
Combat Education war so terrible. You feel like you belong to another era. You long to make
Automatic Weapons: 14 Engineering: 12 great discoveries, to test yourself against the wilderness, to fight for God and
Hand-to-hand: a European History: 12 country in foreign lands. Vietnam was a lark, great fun - until the day you
Melee Weapons: a Physics: 10 and your squad were captured by the gooks. The heat, the tiger cages, the
Pistols: 10 degradation - you wish you could forget it all, and forget the long, grueling
Rifles: 4 struggle that brought your men out of the jungle. Since that day, you've sought
adventure where you may, and sought, too, to fight the inhuman bestiality
Communication Survival that is Communism. In Angola, in Nicaragua, in Afghanistan you've fought
Fast Talk: 10 Camping: 10 Communism with every weapon at your disposal. Now, you'll be fighting in
Language - English: 19 Nebraska (Home Area) America, but it is the same fight always.
Language - Vietnamese: 12 Lore: 5
Writing: 10 Stealth: 10 Adventure Background: Jake Westtree, a fellow member of the National
Swimming: 10 Guard, has told you to come to an apartment on West 30th Street and to
bring your weapons.
Crafts You're a member of the 71st Infantry Regiment, 42nd Infantry Division,
Demolition: 14 headquartered at the 14th Street Armory. Your superior officer is Captain
Driving: 12 Wysynzowski.
Vehicle Repair: 10

Skills Character Background: Most people in the ghetto look for hand-outs. Not
Combat Education you. You knew that government does its best to keep people down, not help
Automatic Weapons: a Computer Science: 10 them out. They stuck it to you with welfare and rat-hole state-run schools.
Hand-to-hand: 14 American History: a "The dependency trap," they call it, but it's the old game of the state keeping
Melee Weapons: a Humanities: 10 undesirables down with bread and circuses.
Thrown Weapons: 14 Law: 10 Then the state took you forcibly from your home and plopped you into a
vermin-infested swamp where little guys with Soviet rifles attempted to blow
Communication Survival your head off. You weren't fond of the little guys with rifles, but you knew
Bargain: a Drug Lore: 4 your true enemy: the government.
Buisness Management: 10 New York (Home Area) Back in the States, you worked like hell to get out of the ghetto. You paid
Con: 10 Lore: 10 your way through CUNY, then through NYU business school with the aid
Fast Talk: 12 Stealth: 12 of scholarships. You knew where the money was, and you went for it. But
Language - English: 19 . Swimming: 12 you never forgot the lesson you leaJ;lled on the streets of Harlem and the pad-
Writing: 10 dies of 'Nam: the state is the natural enemy of the penple.
The American government is bad enough; the Soviets are far worse.
Crafts <,
And you - how ironic - you're a class enemy: a capitalist; a dealer in
Driving: 11 stocks and bonds; a Wall Street broker. Doubtless you'll be one of the first
to be liquidated.
If they can find you.

Adventure Background: Jordo Miller, an old Army buddy, has suggested

you meet him at an apartment on West 30th Street.

Skills Character Background: Your mother, father, wife and children all died in
Combat Education the concentration camps. You fought in the Polish underground against the
Hand-to-hand: 10 Torah: 12 Nazis. You were in Warsaw during the uprising" when the Russians halted
Melee Weapon: a European History: 10 their advance scant miles from the gates of Warsaw to let the Nazis smash
Pistols: 12 Jewish History: 9 the Polish freedom fighters - to make Poland easier to dominate once
Rifles: 10 "liberated." You stayed in Poland to fight the new oppressors, but by the end
of '45, it was clear the Western Allies had abandoned Poland to her fate. You
Communication Survival fled to America.
Business Management: 10 New York Here, you've made a comfortable living as ajeweller. You had two children
Language - Yiddish: 19 (Home Area) Lore: 12 by your second wife, one of whom emigrated to Israel, the other to Califor-
Language - English: 10 Stealth: 12 nin. You never hear from either, but you live comfortably alone, doing a little
Language - Polish: 10 business, playing chess and going to temple. Only now, the Communists have
Language Russian: 10 come again, and this time there's nowhere to flee.
Writing: 10
Adventure Background: You've contacted the boy upstairs, what's his name,
Crafts Barstow. He looks like a likely resistance fighter. And Westtree, the cop, your
Craft - Jewellery: 14 chess partner, that guy's a tbugh cookie. You'll put a group together. You'll
Craft - Gem Cutting: 14 probably all be killed by the Reds, but at 72, what has an old man to look
Driving: 8 forward to? Better to be killed by the KGB than wheezing your last in a cancer
Character Sheet
Narne: _______________~---------------
Player: ______________________~------------

Personal Information '

Physical Tag: ___________________________________________________
Personality Tag: _______________________________________
Passion: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Interests: _________________________________________
Sex: M F Age:
Hair: Eyes:
Height: Weight:

Background Information
Race/Nationality: ___________________________________
Politics: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~_________________________
Religion: _____________________________________________________
Education: ___________________________- - - - - - - - - - - -
Pre-Occupation Job: ________________________________
Family Relationships: _______________________________

GrewUpfu: ________________________________ ~ ________

Personal Heroes: ______________________________________

Attributes Hero Points Ammo Points

Strength: 1
Manual Dexterity:

Combat Information
Skill Fire Range Damage
Weapon. No. Jam Ammo Type Short Med Long Stun Lite Hvy fucp Kill

ColDhal Fast Talk-------------------: Forgery --------------------- --: Survival
Automatic Weapons . : Fine Arts-------------------: Gunsmithing ------------._--: Camouflage -----------------:
Bows .......................... : Instrument - : Helicopter -------------------: Camping ----.---- ------------:
Gunnery .................. : Interrogation -----------.----: Locksmithing ---------------: Criminal Operations ____ ow:
HandtoHand . -...... -----: 2 Language - : 19 Navigation ----.. -------------: Disguise ----------------------:
Heavy Weapons ------.- -: Language - : Vehicle Repair--------------: Drug Lore ------------. -----:
Indirect Fire Weapons---: Sketching ------------------.-: BducaUOD Fishing -. ------------------:
Melee Weapons ---.-.------: 2 Writing ---.------------------~: 10 Horse Riding-------------:
Biology --.---.---.-.-----.-- :
Pistols----------------------- : Chemistry-.-----.--.- -.-: Hunting -----------.--.--.---.:
Rifles------------------ : Crafts _____________,(Home
Computer Science--------:
Thrown Weapons----------: Appliance Repair----------: Engineering .- ------.------: Area} Lore-----------: 5
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ History: ________ Lore:
ColDIDlIalcatiOD Construction Trades -------:
Craft- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hi~ory: Mountaineering ----.-------:
Bargain----------------------: Pickpocket -------.--.--------:
Demolition ---.---------------: Humanities ------.... --.. ---:
Bureaucracy -------.-------.: Stealth ----------.--.---------.: 4
Business Management - -: Driving -----------------------: 8 Law------------------------ :
Driving, Heavy Vehicle-ow: Medicine-------------------- : Swimming .. -..... -.--..... -.:
Con -----..... -.--.-.----------: Tail .. --.... --.-.-... -----------:
Cryptology -- -.------------: Electronics ------------------: Physics -----------------------:
Flying -------------------.. ---: Social Sciences --.--.------: Tracking .--------------------:

Character Background
These papers are the property of the Religious Affiliation (check one): Universal Identification Papers
government of the United American o Atheist About three months after the occupation begins,
papers will be issued by the occupying authorities
Soviets. They must be surrendered to o Other (specify): to every citizen of the U.S. Each player should fill
any agent of the federal, state, municipal Sexual Orientation: _______ out a copy of the Papers.
or other local governments, or to the Military Experience: _ _ _ _ __ The information is for the. use of the occupying
authorities, not for game use. You may, if you
agents of duly-authorized allied powers wish, lie when filling it out, but be aware of the
(as defined under Act of Occupation dangers: you are liable to be executed if anything
I am authorized to travel within the you say on the form is proven false.
17Q4a), including Soviet officials, upon A few features deserve further explanation.
demand. You are required to carry these following Area Code regions:
Although "real" ID papers would, of course, in-
papers at all times. Failure to produce clude photos, if you don't have any handy, don't
feel obligated to affix pictures of youliself (though
proper papers upon demand is a felony it's a nice touch if you do). If you have some art-
by Edict of the Provisional Government Known Pre-Liberation Fascist istic ability, you might substitute a sketch for
92.17586. Affiliations: photos. If you are not playing an avatar game, you
could clip photos from a magazine and paste them
Name ____________ in place, if you run across a picture that looks like
you imagine your character looking.
Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Look at the area code map in your local phone
book. The occupation authorities will authorize you
City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ to travel within your home area code only (unless
your place of residence and workplace are in dif-
State Zip _ _ _ __ ferent area codes, in which case you may travel in
both area code regions). Enter your area code on
Phone Number (H): L_~ ___-___ _ "I swear and affirm that all of the above the space indicated. If you are inventing a
information 1s correct, and understand character, figure out what his home area code is,
Phone Number (W): L_~ ___ -___ _ and enter it.
that I may be subject to discipline under "Known Pre-Liberation Fascist Affiliations"
Social Security #: - - --- --- - - - Martial Law Act 42B if any of this in- includes virtually everything - Republican,
Hair Eyes _ _ Race _ __ formation proves to be false." Democratic or other party memberships (only
Communists and Independents are untainted),
Height _ _ __ Weight _ _ __ membership in virtually any political organization,
contributions to PACs. Even apparently-innocuous
Distinguishing Features _ _ _ __ (sign) organizations, like the Boy Scouts, L-5 Society and
Save the Children Foundation are suspect.
Affix front and profile photos here: "I am not now, nor have I ever been, Sign on the two blanks indicated.
a member of the Republican Party or
of any other organization devoted to the
forcible overthrow of the government of
the United American Soviets." COBETCKOMY HAPOAY-nO&EAMTEAIO-CAABA!



-2 character lightly wounded
x'h character heavily wounded
x 112
exhausted ~OF FREEDOM ~
Whenever a character makes any skill or attribute roll
(including a weapons skill roll in combat), the modifiers above
apply. If the character Is lightly wounded or fatigued , his skill
or attribute number is redu ced by 2 (if both , by 4); if he is
heavily wounded or exhausted, his skill or attribute number
Is halved (quartered If both apply). (Halving occurs after all
other modifications to the skill number.) Other modifiers may
be applied at the discretion of the gamemaster. Round
fractions down .


Terrain Type
Fire Movement Point Cost line of
Modifier Legs Wheels 4-wheel Drive Tracked Sight
Clear 0 1 2 1 1 -
Road 0 1 1 1 1 -
-1 2 2
-1 2
Swamp -1 2 4 2 2 -
Rough -2 3 imp. 3 2 -
Woods -2 2 Imp. 3 4 S
Crater -2 3 imp. imp. imp. S
Rubble -2 4 imp. 4 4 -
Forest -4 2 imp. imp. imp. S
Trench -4 2 imp. imp. 4 -
2 -
Low Wall -1 +1 Imp. +3 +1 -
High Wall imp. +4 imp. imp. imp. S
Door2 -2 +1 imp. imp. Imp. -
Window 2 -4 +3 imp. imp. imp. -
SIit2 -6 imp. Imp. Imp. Imp. -
Stairway - 2 Imp. Imp. imp.
Cliff - 5 Imp. imp. imp. -
Tree - 5 imp. imp. imp. -
Procedure: Find the terrain type along the lefthand side. The entry in the "fire modifier" column is the number to be sub-
tracted from a firer's skill number when firing at a target in or Immediately behind the indicated terrain type. The number
under " Legs" is the number of movement points a character spends when entering a hex of the terrain type ; if the number
Is preceded by a plus (" + "), the cost is for crossing a hexslde printed with the terrain type, and is cumulative with the
cost of the hex entered (e.g., crossing a low wall Into a rough terrain hex costs 4 movement points). The numbers printed
under the " Wheels," "4-wheel Drive," and " Tracked " columns are the movement point costs for various type s of vehicles.
If the letter " B" Is printed under the " Line of Sight" column , the terrain blocks lines of sight.
" Imp." means impassable; the terrain may not be entered or crossed.
1 Characters may only enter when swimming - see 7.6; and vehicles may only enter if able to swim Of' prepared for snorkel-
Ing - see 20.6 - both In the Gamemaster Book.
2 Fire modifier is -1 If firer is adjacent to aperture.

,, .. .. ...

" .".",
'1 15-18 19 ~

Semi-aLlklmalic rille

" ,
, "...

,.., .,. ..,.

Target Prooe
Targel Tfmln Type


Broken, Bru$h, Swamp, Low Wall, Stream -\

hIIomatic CIrtline
" " ...... ... .., "..,
,.., .. ,.,. ....." " lS-19
Rough, Crater, Rubble, Woods, RNeI
Trench, Forest, or Dune

-""'-.... ...... ." ,.. " ...,, ,..,."" .

Aperture a!f~nt 10 fir&r -\
AuIoolatic rifle
" ...... .," ,.., 14-19
Ooot' (~herwisa) -2

.... .,
MachIne ritIe
"" " ...... " 717
." ,. ." ,." ,..,
WI_I_I -
MIdkIm rnad'Iinegun ""

."" . ." .


FIf8 !rom moving vehicle or amma!


Target moving -2
"""""" ...
Type 01 Are

Fire II Wtapons Flash
ThrowlIl\I knNa Opportunity F1rt -2
Sh_ Procedure: Modify the firer 's skill number as the
, Ajim I'IdicaIeI 1M! !tit bow!I1ing his t:m:In - fIIlIlCIIMnI rtq .... !!om 120 eombll rCU'II!s def*IdIng on ltIIly?t 01 bcM'. chart Indicates. "J;Y:!" or "xV," means the skill
.. n.. !look number Is halved or quartered, rounding fractions
down. Any halving or quartering occurs after the
Ammo arnrne jIOIf'III in dip. LJghI. ~ 'IItIUIlded. ~. MIIriy 'O'DOIIded. 1ncIp.. 1fIeIpaciIad. skill number is modified for other reasons. Also
A ""'*I. A . ~. B. BInI. see the Skill and Attribute Modifiers Chart.


~pe of Fire : There are three tyPes of fire: aimed (A), rapid is being 'ired at short, medium or long range.
(R), and burst (8). Not aU weapons can use all three types: the Example: A pistol is fired at short range if the target is 0 to
" Type of Fire" column indicates which types each weapon can 2 hexes away; at medium range II 3-5 hexes away: and at long
use. range il 6-20 hexes away.
When a character lires, he must state which of the permitted If the target is at medium range, the fi rer's skill number is
types of fire he uses. Aimed lire is against one target and con halved: il al long range, it is quartered .
sumes one ammo point. When using rapid fire, a character can The firer's skill number Is also modilled tor target stance, the
fi re twice, consuming one ammo point per 'ire. When using burst type of tire, Ihe terrain in the target's hex , etc. - see "Fire
'ire, a character can lire up to five times, consuming two ammo Modifiers Against Personnel."
points per fire. (For more detail, see the "Ammunition" section HIHlng : Roll the dice. I! the number rolled is less than or equal
of ru le 5.8 in the Player Book). to Ihe lirer's modilied skill number, the target Is hit and damage
Ammunition: The "ammo" column indicates how many ammo Is determined. I! not, fire has no effect. II a 20 Is rolled, the weapon
points an ammunition clip for a weapon contains. When a weapon may have Jammed.
consumes as many points as its clip contains, it is out of am- Damage: I! the target is hit, roll the die again. Find the number
munition, and must be reloaded before It can fire again . rolled in the " Damage" section of the table on the firing weapon 's
Players should keep track of ammunition axpenditure by pen- line. The column in which the number Is found determines what
ciling hash mar\(S In the "Ammo Points" section of their character damage the target receives. Example: II a pistol hits and the
sheets. damage roll is 1 through 7, the target Is stunned; on an 8 through
Rang e and Other Modifiers: Determine the fire r's skill with 14, the target is lightly wounded; on a 15 Ihrough 18, heavily
his weapon. His skill number Is modified by a number of factors wounded : on a 19, Incapacitated: and on a 20, killed.
(see the " Fire MocIiIlers Against Personnel" chart). The first suCh Jam: II the "to hit" roll is a 20, the firing weapon may have
lactor Is range. jammed. Each weapon has a "jam number:' printed in the ''Jam''
Count the number 01 hexes between lirer and his target (in- column on the weapon's line of the table. Ron the die again : il
cluding the target hex, but not the firer's). Refer to the line of the the number rolled is equal to or greater than the jam number,
table printed with the weapon's name and lind Ihe distance in Ihe weapon is inoperable: guns are jammed , and bowstrings are
hexes on that line in the " Range" section of the table. The col broken. Thrown weapons cannot Jam.
umn In which the distance lies determines whether the weapon
Modifiers to Manual Dexterity
Range: Medium
Observation: Thrower does not have a line of sight
to Ihe target hex x\f1

., ,. ., " >15
"" .,., ,.
" ., ,..5,

" ., , ,. ."





1 (-3)

2 (- 2)
Target Terrain Type
Wood~ Rlrest -1
An:ijltrsonoeI Mirla " 17 ,. ." 13-16

, .~
1 (-3J

" ., , ,. . ."
Door or Trench not adjacent to thrower -2 Artitank Mine
-, "
"'"""""... ...
Window or Slit not adjacent to thrower 13-11 1&'19 ~ 6 (- 2)1
~ ~ ~
h1jacent to Wall, Crater +1 17 ~ ~ ~

MoIIXov Cockta~ 11.13

"'" 110 14.18 ,. ~

ModlfieB to the Damage Die-roll 1

B1astllodifief -1
, AI . ' .ny IIex wilh," e IIex&s rJ lht tarveI fib: ~ Hlummlled.
Target Area I _lht gas mine 0I11U ~ 1'\j1es (lU lII(! 17.4)

Terrain Type (grenade exploded outside the
+5 '--
_ rules on claymore rrunes (11.3)

charaCler's hex)
Rubble, Woods -1
Crater, Forest -2
Door, Trench, Window, Slit -,
Target Prone -2
Modify thrower 's manual dexterity as
indicated. Also see the Skill and Attribute
Modifiers Chart.
When roil ing lor damage, modify rolls as GRENADE COMBAT AGAINST PERSONNEL
indicated under " Modifiers to the Damage
Die-roll." A " vented " target area is one partial- Procedure :
ly enclosed (open-top vehicle, building larger Modify the thrower's manual dexterity as directed by the Grenade Modifiers
than one halt, elc. ): an " enclosed area" is lully Against Personnel chart. Note that one modifier Is lor range; determine the range
enclosed (tank. small building, pillbo;.r;).
following the procedure described on the Small Arms Combat Table.
Make an attribute roll using the modilied manual dexterity. If the roll succeeds,
GRENADE SCATTER DIAGRAM the grenade lands In the target hex. If not, refer to the Grenade Scatter Diagram
to determine where the grenade scatters. If the roll is a 20 the grenade may be a
dud (see below).
Blast RadII : Each grenade or mine has a biast radius, printed in the " Blast Radius"
column of the table. If a grenade's blast radius is a dash ('!"':'), It does damage only
to characters In the hex where it lands. If its blast radius is a number, It can also
do damage to all characters located within its blast radius (e.g., a grenade with a
blast radius of 2 affects all characters wi thin two hexes).
Damage: Roll once on the damage section of the Grenade and Mine Combat
Table for each character within the blast radius, Modify a character's die-roll as In-
dicated in the "Damage Modifiers" section of the Grenade Modifiers AgaInst Per-
sonnel chart. If the character is not in the grenade's impact hex (or the hex where
the mine Is located), the die-roll is modified by the blast modifier, which Is printed
in paren theses after the blast radius on Ihe table. The blast modifier is multiplied
by the character's distance from the impact hex. A modified dirrroll of less than I
is treated as a roll of 1: a roil greater than 20 Is treated as a 20.
Example: A character is two hexes away from an antipersonnel mine when It ex
plodes. The mine's blast radius Is 3 and its blast modifier is (-2). Therefore the
character must make a damage die-roll. A 20 is rolled which would normally kill the
character, but since he Is two hexes from the mine the dirrroll is reduced by four
* reference hexside (2 hexes x -2 modifier ,. -4). The modified roll Is 16, and the character Is
incapacitated .
Procedure: Duds: If the character rolls a 20 on his manual dexterity roll, the grenade or mine
Trace a line from the thrower or fi rer to the may be a dud. Roll the die a second time. If the number is equal to or greater than
target hex. The hexside across which the line the dud number the grenade/mine fails to explode. Otherwise, it functions ; deter-
passes is called the reference hexslde. Roll mine scatter normally and resolve damage for any characters within the blast radius.
the die; the grenade or shell lands in the hex Mines: All of the above rules apply to mines, except that no manual dexterity roll
indicated relative to the refere nce h exside. Is made and no scatter occurs.
That is, if a 1-4 is rolled, It scatters away from
. M%tov Cocktails and Dynamite: Instead of making a " dud" roll, Ihe person who
the thrower or fi rer; if a 17-20 is rolled it scat- prepared the dynamite or molotov for throwing makes a demolitions skill roll. On
ters towards him : etc ... a 20 it blows up in the thrower's hex. On any other failed roll , it fails to explode.

Target Surprised x2
Attacker Prone -4
Target Prone +4

The attacker's skill number Is modified as indicated;

also see the Skill and Attribute Modifiers Chart.


Bush Damage
Weapon whack
value Stun Light Heavy Incap. Kill
Hand-to-hand 4 1-14 15-17 18 19-20 -
Small knife 14 1-10 11-15 16-18 19 20
Medium knife 16 1-8 9-14 15-17 16-19 20
large knife 10 1-5 6-12 13-16 17-18 19-20
Small club 10 1-12 13-17 18 19 20
Medium club 12 1-10 11-15 16-18 19 20
large club 8 1-8 9-14 15-16 17-18 19-20
Garotte 19 - - - - -
Procedure: Determine the attacker's skill number - use his
hand-to-hand skill if unarmed, his melee weapons skill other-
wise. The skill number Is modified as Indicated by the Melee
Modifiers Chart. A skill roII 1s then made against the modified
skill number.
If the skill roll is a success, the target Is damaged; roll again
and refer to the damage section of the table to determine what
damage he receives (see Small Arms Combat Table lor a
more complete procedure explanation).
The bushwhack value is only used if the attacker has sur-
prise and makes a successful stealth skill roll. If he does, and
his skill roll succeeds, he may kill the target automatically;
roll again. If the number rolled Is less than or equat to the
weapon's bushwhack value, the target is dead. If not,
damaged Is determined normally.


21. Artillery and Mortars

21.1 Firing Artillery and Mortars
15. Melee Weapons 21.2 Resolving Fire
16. Heavy Weapons 21.3 Indirect Fire
THE RULES SECTION 16.1 Bullet-Trap Rifle Grenades 21.4 Spotting Rounds
16.2 Grenade Launchers 21.5 Off-Map Fire
6. Attributes
1. Introduction 16.3 Bazookas 21.6 Disassembling Mortars
6.1 What Attributes Govern
1.1 Welcome to Liberty Hall 16.4 ATGMs (Antitank Guided Missiles) 21.7 Smoke, Gas and Illumination Shells
6.2 Difficulty
1.2 What's In This Book? 16.5 LAWs (Light Antitank Weapons) 22. Recoilless Rifles
6.3 Attribute vs. Attribute
17. Mines 23. Horses
THE ADVENTURE 6.4 Increasing Attributes (Optional)
17.1 Antipersonnel Mines 23.1 Long-Distance Movement
6.5 Interpreting Rolls (Optional)
SECTION 7. Skills 17.2 Antitank Mines 23.2 Loads
2. The PATH of Freedom 17.3 Claymore Mines 23.3 Combat Training and Actions
7.1 Roleplay It Out
2.1 Setting Up for Your First Game 17.4 Gas Mines 23.4 Charges and Melee
7.2 Combat Skills
2.2 How This Adventure Is Organized 17.5 Removing Mines 23.5 Firing At Horses and Riders
7.3 Communication Skills
2.3 What's Going On 18. Barbed Wire 23.6 Horse Damage
7.4 Craft Skills
2.4 Beginning: Billy Barstow's Apartment 7.5 Education Skills 18.1 Straight Wire THE BACKGROUND
2.5. Episode 1: The Roadblock 7.6 Survival Skills 18.2 Razor Wire
2.6 Episode 2: The Armory SECTION
8. Hero Points 18.3 Clipping Wire
2.7 Episode 3: Communipaw Bridge 19. Night Operations 24. Soviet Plans
8.1 More About Hero Points
2.8 Wrapping Up the Adventure 19.1 Weapons Flashes 24.1 Military Plans
8.2 Villain Points
3. Designing and Running 19.2 Lighted Areas . 24.2 Political Plans
9. Movement
Adventures 19.3 White Phosphorus Grenades 25. The American Strategic
9.1 In Combat
3.1 Packaged Adventures 19.4 Flares Direction
9.2 Chases
3.2 Designing Your Own 19.5 Star Shells 25.1 The American Strategic Direction
9.3 Long-Distance Movement
3.3 Getting Ideas 19.6 Lamp Posts 25.2 Front-Level Assets
10. General Survival
3.4 Plotting 19.7 Searchlights 25.3 Soviet/WarSaw Pact Motorized
10.1 Fatigue and Exhaustion
3.5 Characterization 19.8 Vehicle Headlights Rifle Division
10.2 Wounds and Healing
3.6 Atmosphere and Mood Setting 25.4 Motor-Rifle Division Assets
10.3 Food, Water, Air and Exposure Battle Scenario:
3.7 Sadistic Violence The Arsenal In Hudson Mall 25.5 Cuban/Nicaraguan Infantry Division
10.4 Drowning
3.8 Heroic Fiction Vs. Reality 20. Vehicles 25.6 Soviet Airborne Division
10.5 Weight
3.9 Styles of Play 20.1 Movement 25.7 Soviet Equipment
10.6 Currency
3.10 Props 10.7 Falling and Collisions 20.2 As Targets 26. Tlmeline
3.11 Rewards 20.3 Crew and Passengers 26.1 Prelude
4. Setting Up a Campaign THE COMBAT SECTION 20.4 Opening and Buttoning Up 26.2 The First Year
4.1 What is a Campaign? 11. Panic and Preservation 20.5 Vehicle Weapons The Shape of Things to Come
4.2 Avatar Campaigns 11.1 Panic 20.6 Getting Wet Designer's Notes
4.3 Setting 11.2 Leadership 20.7 Miscellaneous Vehicle Rules
4.4 Character Backgrounds 11.3 Preservation
4.5 Recurring NPCs 12. Lines of Sight
4.6 Integrating Packaged Adventures 12.1 Tracing a Line of Sight
4.7 A Timeline 12.2 Blocking Terrain
4.8 Parsimony
5. Adventure Hooks
5.1 Radio Free America
5.2 Jack Reed's Body
5.3 The Last Congressman
12.3 Elevation
12.4 Buildings
12.5 Weather and Lighting
13. Observation and Activation
13.1 Activation
~ fEND
5.4 Agent Provocateur
5.5 The Nuclear Express
5.6 Gulag Archipelago
5.7 "Welcome, Comrade General"
13.2 NPCs and Observation
Battle Scenario:
Assault on Green Mountain
14. More About Grenades
14.1 Fragmentation
14.2 White Phosphorus Copyright 1986 by West End
14.3 Smoke
14.4 Gas
Games, Inc. THE PRICE OF
14.5 Antitank FREEDOM is West End's name
14.6 Satchel Charges for its roleplaying game of
resistance to Soviet occupation;
trademark applied for.


1. Introduction
(1.1) Welcome to Liberty plenty of material for our other games, and we'll The Rules Section contains a more complete
publish more humorous games in the future. explanation of the ideas introduced in the Player
Hall And we suspect THE PRICE OF FREEDOM Book attributes, skills, and hero points. It also
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is a bit of a will attract new players whdll be surprised that a contains rules for "general survival" - movement
departure for West End Games. We are known company known for weirdness can produce a over large distances, encumbrance and weights,
best for our satiric roleplaying games, PARANOIA serious and sophisticated military roleplaying and how to deal with such life-threatening prob-
and GHOSTBUSlERS. Both have simple game. They shouldn't be; West End is, after all, lems as starvation, asphyxiation, drowning,
systems, are designed to be played fast and loose, also a major publisher of military boardgames, and wounds, and the like.
and are humorous in tone and intent. THE the expertise is transferable. The Combat Section supplements the combat
PRICE OF FREEDOM is clearly of a different Whatever your tastes, we hope you'll find much rules in the Player Book with rules for handling
mold; it's fairly complex, designed as much as a to like in THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, and that NPCs, grenades, heavy weapons, night opera-
wargame as for roleplaying, and is, if anything, you'D be impressed enough to investigate our other tions, vehicles, and much more. It also provides
, grim in tone. games. a series of "introductory" combat scenarios which
Yet, in a sense, all three are similar. All set a you and your friends can play to learn the com-
tone; all take pains to get the players into the right bat system in a painless and enjoyable manner.
frame of mind, to suggest ways to help the When you don't have enough people to play an
gamemaster create an appropriate experience for adventure, you may find that playing a combat
his players. Traditional roleplaying games simply scenario is a lot of fun in itself.
provide a rules framework, and leave it to the pur- Finally, the Background Section proVides infor-
chaser to figure out how to use that framework mation about the Soviets' plans for Nmerica, the
to create satisfying adventures - what sort of military organization of the invading forces, and
stories to tell, what sort of characters to play. other useful information.
Games like this miss the whole point. What's In the center of the Gamemaster Book, you'D
unique about roleplaying is not the presence of find the Gamemaster Charts. This four-page
rules, but the ability of players and gamemaster folder contains all the charts and tables you need
to collectively tell a story. What's satisfying is to run the game - except for the basic combat
not using the rules cleverly, but creating a compel- Trust The State. charts (which the players have access to), which
ling tale. The State is Your Friend. are printed in Freedom File D, and a final few
In one way, THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is charts printed on the last two pages of this booklet.
very different from our previous roleplaying games; The four pages surrounding the Gamemaster
its combat system is complex and involves a level Charts are the hand-outs used in "The PATH of
of technical detail lacking in our other games. The Freedom" adventure. To remove them and the
system is complex for several reasons. First, we Gamemaster Charts, lift up the staples (using a
believe that the people whdll be interested in tell- knife or somesuch to avoid injury); pull the cen-
ing the kinds of stories THE PRICE OF And we hope that, in the long, hard days of tral eight pages off the staples, and push them back
FREEDOM can tell will also be interested in struggle against Soviet oppression that lie ahead, down. Once you remove the central eight pages,
military hardware. They'll appreciate the level of whatever the deprivation and hardship your you'll find that the book's centerfold contains a
detail, and will not be satisfied by simple combat characters undergo, you, at least, have a satisfy- blank hex sheet. You may photocopy this (you've
rules. Second, the kinds of stories THE PRICE ing time. g~t our permission) and draw your own maps on
. OF FREEDOM tells often revolve around com- the copies. (If you prefer, we seD blank 22/1 by 34/1
bat - and neat equipment. Rules to cover a wide (1.2) What's In This Book? mapsneets and blank counters by mail; see our
variety of military hardware are necessary. The Gamemaster Book is divided into four catalog. Be sure to order 16mm .hex sheets.
We suspect that many players of PARANOIA sections; Adventure, Rules, Combat and At the back of the book, you'll find the NPC
and GHOSTBUSTERS will be puzzled by THE Background. Roster and the Vehicle Roster. The first is a
PRICE OF FREEDOM, precisely because the The Adventure Section provides a complete blank form you can fill in to keep track of NPCs'
game is so different. To them, we can only say adventure ("The PATH of Freedom"), plus a whole stats while running the game. The other is used
that our ambition is to publish a wide variety of series of "Adventure Hooks" - short adventure to keep track of vehicles in combat. West End
roleplaying games on many subjects something deScriptions you can develop into full-dress adven- hereby grants you permission to photocopy these
for everyone, as it' were. If THE PRICE OF tures for your players. It also tells you how to for.ms for your own use.
FREEDOM is not your cup of tea, no hard feel- design and run your own adventures, how to run
ings - rest assured that we'll continue to pUblish a campaign, and provides suggestions on effec-
tive gamemastering.


= = = = = = = = T B E ADVENTURE SECTION========",

2. The PATH of Freedom

(2.1) Setting Up For Your Then. hand Freedom File A to the players. The final episode 15 "The Bridge," In which Ihe
(If you like, you can photocopy It 50 you have one characters must get to the bridge, dear II of pan-
First Game copy for each player.1 It discusses the gllme's Icked clvUillns. and then destroy It. As the PCs
This Islhe flrsllldventure for THE PRICE OF background lind the basic: rules the players need prepare to blow the bridge. a squlld of Soviet
FREEDOM. If you lire II player. don't read <!I"Y to know. Give them some time to reed over soldiers attllcks. The result Is II Ufeand -dellth
further; the following Is for the gamemllSler's use, Freedom File A end the charecter sheets. struggle with the survivlIl of II regiment at stake.
and reading II will spoil your enjoyment of the The maps used in the edventure are found In Scattered throughout the adventure, you'U find
adventure the center eight pages of this booklet. Remove two types of boKed texl. Some boxes are labeled
The adventure Is designed to be played with the them (see 1.2 for instructlons), and cut them up. "GMlng TIps:" they provide suggestions for how
characters provided In F~~dom File B lind the If you don't want to mutilate your book, feel free to be as good II gamemllSler 115 you can. We sug
rules from the P'a~r Book. Before you Tun the to photocopy them . Give your players " Map A ," gest you read oyer them when you first read the
game you must read the Plover Book (except the Manhattan street map. adventure - and Illter use them a5 reference
for section 3, Characler Generlltlon) You don', On the same sheet, you'D find an "NPC Roster " sources - but ignore them when you run the
have to read lhe whole Gamemos&er Book; Just You use this to keep lTack of the chllracters you adventure. You'D have plenty of other thlng5 to
this lIdvenlure.. The rest of the Gomemo.ster control in combat. It lists their combllt skills, lind worry lIooUt then.
Book 1$ advllnced material you can use later what weapons they carry. It Is also used to record The other boKes provide information lind dalll
Before you Invite your players over, make sure ammunition and grenade expenditure. about the non -player characters you wiU be caDed
you're reasonably familiar with the rule5 you'U use. upon to play during the adventure. Some 01 these
Oon', \IIOI'TY If you don', know them cold; com- (2.2) How This Adventure Is are minor characters the Pes meet: others are their
plete fllmlllarlty will come with use. You should Organized opponents. Each chllracter description gives a
knOlM enough to be able to find II rule when you "The PATH of Freedom"ls the story of a group physiaol description, II personlllity tog for you to
need 10. though of freedom-loving IndivldulIls who choose to resist use when roleplaying the character, a discussion
Reaod through this adventure. Be famlillu with the Soviet occup!ltlon of America. To do so ef- of what the character wants, and a Jist of some
its non -player charaClers and events. It will pro- fectively. they hllve to find wellponS and direction. of his skills.
vide suggestions for staging the adventure. for tak- The story opens In the apertment of one of the FInally, the last section ("Wrapping Up the
Ing the roles of the non-player characters. and for player characters, Billy Barstow. who Uves on West Adventure") tells you whllt rewards the pillyers
dealing with unforeseen problems. 30th Street In Manhattan. (CUriOUsly enough, he receive If they accompUsh their task, end sugges
Before your pillyers lInlve, get out your game lives In the very same building where West End tlons for how to end the game or lead Into the
and look things over one IlIsttime. You mlghtlllso hlIs its offices.) The Pes hlIve glIthered et Barstow's next adventure.
check to mllke sure you have lin lIdequate sup- to decide what to do. Several of the characters are
ply of munchies. (The dllngerous lind hectic: life members of the New York National Guard. and
of the freedom fighter mllkes square meals hard a Guard armory Is :tOf far away. Presumably. they GMlng TIp: The GM'. Job
to find .) deride 10 visit the Armory in search of weapons. Playing a roleplaying geme Is a lot easJer
Cut llpart the chllracter sheel.l from Freedom That's the opening. The rest 01 the adventure than gamemllSlering one. AU a player has to
Ale B Illong the doned lines When your players is divided Into three "episodes," elleh of whlch has do Is get Into the role he p~, he doesn't even
arrive, hand a sheet to each 01 them If you have its own section in the text that follooNs. The first need to have a terribly firm grasp of the rules.
more ~eel.lthan players, lOme of the characters is "Episode 1: The Roadblock." As described In InSlellC!, he can rely on the gamemasrer and
will not be used , but make lure you do use Billy the section of thllt nllme, en IOlIle to the Armory othel- players to point him In the right dire<:
Barstow and Jordo Miller - they're important to the characters encounter a roadblock manned by lion If he does something wrong.
the plot. If you have more players than sheets. the Ioo!ers. They must get through the roadblock one But beIng a gamemaster can be extremely
extra players will have to generate their own way or another. (ThIs may become the players' rewllfdtng. You're the only one who ~al/v
characters (see the Ploye:r Book for rules on now first introduction to the combllt rules.) kn0W5 whet's going on; lind you get to create
to do this). The second episode 15 "The Armory." At the an entire Imaginary universe along with your
Note: If your players InSist upon roiling up their Armory, the players must deal with an obstruc- plllyers.
own characters, It Is Important thllt at least one tionist sergeant. Then, they lellrn of the GUlIrd's This section gives novice gamemllSlers some
chllracter have II decent demolitions skUland be evllCUlI!lon pillns, lind lire cllned upon to playa suggesllons about GMIng.if you're an eKperl-
II member - or, at worst, an exmember - of enced GM. you may want to skip II. On the
vital role. For the evacuation to be successful, a
the New York Natlonlll GUllrd. Other than thllt, bridge In Jersey City must be destroyed - and Ofher hend. maybe you'Q find some 01 our sug-
players lire free to do wNatever they wllnt with their the PCs are the only availablE! personnel with the gestions lnt~ng,
characters, except that they 1111 hllve to be In New necessary skills. BaSically, the gamemasler's job Is divided
York City at the beglnnlng of Ihe OccuplIUon. Into three parts: referUlng, roJeplllying NPCs,
and sustlllning suspension of disbelief


========~ TBE ADVENTURE SECTION= = = = = = = =

Refl"l"eelog can't in the next - unless you have a good (2.3) What's Going On
Many rolplaying go!lmes call the game reason why he cannot In pan, this goes along Aircraft carrying Sovlet troopS are landing at rna
master the "referee;" we prefer the term with being an Impartial referee - bu t con- jor airports all Oller the New York metropolitan
"gamemasler," because refereeing is only part sistency is more than Impartiality. region. Chaos reigns: most people are holed up
of his }ob. As II referee, you lire expected 10 &:! responsive to your players. I! they clear- In their homes. the streets are HUed with looters.
know the rules allellsi as weU as your players. ly wanl more description. teD them more about the President is urging calm. phone and transpor'
and preferably better. You're expected to make what they see. 11 they're bored with your tation services halle broken down. and no one
sure that the players abide by the rules, ,md briUlant exposition and chafe for action, con- knows what wIll happen next. In the midst of this
to Interpret the rules for them. Your word is form to their wishes. Answer all reasonable chaos, the player characters meet at BllIy Barstow's
final In the event 01 any dispute - but you're questions cheerfully (or at least don't throw apartment on West 30th Street.
supposed to be impartial FInally, when the Ihings at people who ask useless ones) There, Ihey look over their equipment and op-
rules do not specific<'ll1y cover 11 si!ulllian, you Don' t Panic! tions. They halle a number of vehicles parked at
liTe expected \0 decide what happens In lin 1m Does that sound like a lotto do? In a way, a parking lot nearby; some are appropriate to guer-
parHal "nd reasonable way_ It Is - but It's not as complicated as It sounds. rllla operations (e.g .. the Land ROller); others are
Playing Non-Player Ch....cte r. The first ~neration of roleplaying games didn't prelly useless (e.g .. .Ihe Bugam) . They have some
The player characters liTe the ~heroes" of the provide any hints or ideas on how to game- light weapons. but nothing Impressille. They
5101)1 you lind tha players create together Bul master, and everyone managed to puzrle 11 out should conclude that the first order of the day Is
there have to be ~vilLalnsn and 11 supportil'lg cast anyway. So don't worry about I!; loosen up. to get munitions.
lIS weD You lake the roles of the characters the Wing it. Rely on common sense a nd imagina- 11 they don't come to this conclusion, telilhem
PCs encounler - their opposition and minor tion. Don't get 100 hung up on making sure thai an urgent call has gone out over CB radio
characters. Just like the pli:lyers, you're ex- everything Is Just as It should be. Remember: for freedom -loving Americans. espedally veterans
pected to gille the characters you playa sense the purpose of the game is to halle fun. If our and membel'5 of the National Gua.rd. to assemble
of personality -10 give them Indillidual qUirks suggestions or too dose adherence 10 the rules at the 14th Street Armory. Point out the location
and beliefs. get In the wt.y - toss 'em out. Having a good of the 14th Streilt Armory on the Manhattan street
T here's sometimes a conflict between play- tIme 15 more Important than picayune atten map (Map A. which you should have given them).
ing NPCs and being a referee. There's an In tlon to the rules. and point out that several of the player characters
stlnctlve desire 10 fallOf the characters you play, are members of the New York Nat!onal Guard.
but as a referee you musl be Impartial. That should mot!lIate them 10 head toward the
Sill Useful Thlnp to Remember About Armory.
Sas hlnlng Suspension of Dis belief
Gamema. tertng
1. You can't learn everything al once.
Is nol the real one. Yet playing the game re
quires you and your players to suspend your 2. Understllnd the rules and talk them oller
disbelief In It. and act as though It we re real. with the players. If they ask you to describe
The ''realer'' the world and characters feel, Ihe something. do. Letlhem worry about whelher
bener the roleplaying experience. or not what you desctibe is Imponan t.
Much of your,lob involves making the world 3. Be faIr. Earn your players' trust. Players
and NPCs feel real to your players. You're the cheerfully Ignore rules mistakes and hesitations
one who tells them what they see and sense; so long as they believe the gamemaSler is be-
you create the selling and tone. Published Ing fair - that he Is not picking on them o r
adven tures, Ilke this one. help you by describ- showing fallorillsm.
ing the things players encounter - but you're 4 . Expect to extend the rules. No set of rules
reqUITed to breathe Ilfe Into those descriptions. can be as Ingenious as players. Use your com-
Be w11110g to Improvise allhe drop 01 a hal. mon sense to handle problems thai arise. and Ride Hard and Die Free.
11 the players enter a store and want to know
keep playing. Don'\ waste too much t!me look-
what they see but the advenlure provIdes no
l ing up minor rules. Reserve the right to change
description, be Inllenlille; tell them aboutlhe
your mind about rules Judgments. ("This Is my
aged shopkeeper. Ihe dusty religious Items, the ruling tonight, but after I've thought about It.
wooden Indian. whalever. A pUblished adven I may want 10 change my mind.")
lure can't provide all the ~nle de tails which
make for be!hlVabl1l1y; you mUSI often invent 5. &:! prepared. At first. use published adven
them yourself tures like this one. S tudy them carefully. Think
Be conscious of all live senses. At least as about how to present the characters and events
often as you lelia player what he sees, tell him they contain, and how to antici pate the reac-
what he hears - sounds of nature as well as tions of your players.
voices - what he smells, tastes. and feels. 6 . Exped to be wrong sometimes. P.dmit it.
Sensory depth promotes beUevabUity. Say "OoPS." do an Instant replay on Ihe ac-
Be consistent. The world Is not arbitrary; if lion If necessary, and get on wllh Ihe game.
there's a wooden IndIan In the corner one (Don't be a pushover, though. Sometimes
moment. it will be lhere the next - or If 111sn'1, somebody has to make an arbitrary judgment,
there will be a good reason. If you rule that and Ihat person is you.)
a player can use one of his skills 10 do
something In one adllenture, don't tell him he



(2.4) Beginning: Billy unimportant, no maner what hllppens In some relatives In upstate New York. She plans to
sit right Ihere unrn the first Soviet 50Idier comes
Barstow's Apartment episode 1, the players still go to episode 2 next,
to !I1Test her: she will shootlhe $Oldler, and then
and so on
Read this 1Iioud to the pklyers: A beneT advenlure is one Ihal's a ~tree struc- herself.
Getting to West 30th Street was he ll. ture.~ like this:
She declrnes any offers 01 help wilh thllnks; she
There are band. o f looter. In the street.: is too old and sick, she says, 10 bve through it all
episode 1 egain. and this way lit least she WIll be able to strike
broken glua I, everywhere. No o ne I, obey-
, Ing stop IIg hu or traffic 1__ . Not many /
episode 211
"-episode 2b one blow for In!edom before she goes 10 )oIn her
husb.llnd. If Ihe characters tell her they are going
people are out, but th Ole who afe look
either scared or determined. Phone service /
episode 3a
"-episode/ 3b episode
"- 3c to fight the Soviets, she will give them a sman pen-
dant from around her neck after removing an old.
haa broken down. According to the last
, radio report. the re wal heavy tnlHle out of
the city. and Soviet transports were landing
faded photograph Irom a hidden compartment.
(Melted down. the pendant Is IWO troy ounces of
at .hports . 11 owef the New Vork area. The gold.) KIssing the photograph, she bids them
airwaves have been I Ue nt for some ho ur Depending on what Ihe players do In farewell With her blessings
however. episode 1. they either go to 2a or 2b, lind 50
One of you ,.I0Il
sq uad of cop . They on
The problem with designing a "tree struc-
weren't bothering with the niceties: looter. GMing Tip: Setting Tone in an
are being ahot. ture" adventure Is that II 101 of it Is wasted. If
But you mallage d to get here. the players go 10 episode 2a, they never get Adventure
" He re" I, Billy Barst ow', apartment o n to experience 2b. So all the lime and ellon THE PRICE OF FREEDOM Is about
Weat 30th Street In Manhattan. All of you spent developing 2b Is useless That's why brave men and women struggling heroically
know at lust one other penon here. one m.!lny published advenlures are "flY IInur against evU, Inhuman oppressors. Unless oc-
pef80n whom you 'd truII with your life: There's no easy way out of this dilemma casionally reminded of the harsh, brulal world
you're going to have to learn 10 trU11 th e There lIle, however, a few things that (.!In under Soviet rule, players (and often you, the
othell, too. Becaule what you're con ameliorate the problem gamemaster) can slip into a Hogan's Heroes
templatl ng wllI.urely be grounds for e.ecu I , Even In a Hnellr adventure, the pillyers mlndset; a bunch 01 iunlovlng, happy-go.lucky
lion by the Soviets, when they arrive. can gain (or fan to gllln) equipment or Infor guys matching wits with those zany Nazis -
What a re you going to do? matlon In one episode which affe(:IS how well or In Ihls case, those zany Soviets
they do In the nellt ChaTl:lclers ~ke Mrs. Cherzinskl Will remind
Suggest thai the players Introduce their char 2. Any adventure Is only a guide for the the players whet they are fighting for, give them
lIc1ers 10 ellch other. Let them argue lIboul what gamemaster Players are often fill more fiend more reason to hate and despise their op-
they should do next. Don't lead t~ diScUSSion 100 Ishly Imagin.!ltlve than we can IIntldpale_ We ponents, and perhaps even set lin uample of
much can't write every possibility Into lin adventure, how 'hey shOllId lief when facing their own
Eventually they should come up with a plan and not only because it would lake 100 much space deaths_
head down to the street. to do so. but abo because we. ClIn't predict what
the players wU! do. Therefore, any adventure
What To Do If th e PlayeTi Don't Coope ra te Getting There
requires a cenaln amount of inventiveness on
There lire degrees 01 noncoopel'lllion If Ihey There lire thtee ways to get to the 14th Street
the pan of the gamemasteT. As you become
don't wanlto resist the Occupation, they aren't Armory; by walking. sutMray, Ol car II the players
mOle experienced, be mote Wilhng to diverge
playing the right gllme, Mllybe you should play try the sutMrllY, they'D find the token booth unlll-
from the adventure and head off Into un-
PARANOIA instead tended. the platform unlit, and no lraln coming
charted waters. By doing so. you let player
Jlthey want to gel out of the crty without going That leaves walking and ClIr
choice affect the game even In a hnear
for wellpons, refer to Episode 2 (the section tilled The characters have, among them. 1000r vehicles
'"11 the Players Refuse to Cooperate") , 3. You can try to support the illUSion of !Tee - a beat-up Buick. a land Rover, a pick-up truck,
If they want to get weapons some other way and an hallan sports car (Meriwether's Bugattl)
choice even when It Is lacking. Don'tloree your
- by looking up a gun store In the Yellow Pages, Let them decide which vehicles 10 take: If they
players to go from Point A to PoInt B; Inslead.
for example - you have two options. One Is to have any sense, they'll abandon Ihe Buick, which
give them enough Information to let them
wing it - improvise $Omelhlng, using Episodes is on Its Inst legs. lind the Bugam, which WiU aI -
flQure outlhat going 10 Point Bis a good Idell
1 and 2 liS the baSis, but with the modifications tract more anention then It's worth Both the Land
Nudge, don't force. If you do this weD, your
you need . The other Is to hllve their choice fall Rover and the pick-up are potentially useful in
playelS will never know lhal going 10 Point B
For example, they could get 10 the gun store and Resistllnce operations. assuming anyone ClIn get
wasn't their own Idea all along
find it IllTeady looted, or already guarded by SovIet any gasoline once the Occupallon begins. In any
troops. That way, you ClIn guide them in the direc- event. hllve them choose the vehicles Ihey want
tion you want without forelng them. What're We Fighting ror? to take, assign occupanlS 10 each, and Indicate
Read this aloud: which vehicles go first.
As you leave the apartment. you can hear Let them examine Mllp A and choose II route
GMing Tip: to the Armory. rThls Is an example of "Illusion of
o ld Mrs. Cherzlnakl crying nexl door. A
choice:" whichever fOute they choose, they'U en-
The Illusion of Choice widow and Invalid. Mrs, Chenlnskl fled her
homeland after her activist husband w .. counteT II roadblock, but lit leaSI they'U think their
Whenever you develop an adventure for choice made a difference.)
killed in the Pollih Ililbor upri lings of the
your pillyers (or whenever we write one for
your use). you run Into II problem. The easiest
'80s. She won't lut too long once the (2.5) Episode 1:
Soviets find Ollt who I he II.
lIdventure 10 develop Is II linear one - one The Roadblock
In which the players go through episode 1. then If the charllClers knock on heT door, she asks
who they are lind Inviles them In. Upon entering, The player characters encounter II band of
episode 2, etc_ this Is easy because only one looters, who've wt up a roadblock. They reahe
story line needs development they find her sitting alone in her living room fllC-
Ing the door. an andent German Mauser clasped Ihat the normal rules of civlllxed behavior have
The dnlwback !slhat ~near advenlUfti don't gone by the wayside. There really" chaos In the
give players much freedom. Players like to fq,el In heT hllnds.
Mrs. Cheninskl, confined to a wheelchair by Ill- streets
that Whlll their charllCtlH$ do makes II dlf Once Ihe chllracters have left the apartment
ference - Ihat deciding to negotiate Instead thritis, Is fully aware of her fate under Soviet rule
bUilding and headed towllrds Ihe Armory, read:
of opening fire has an Impact on the outcome, Upon hearing 01 the Un!ted Stlltes' surrendeT, she
for example.. A linear adventure makes choices sent her niece, Margaret. who I!ves with her. to



Down the avenue. about a block away. Is wellpon, the Skulls open fire. The PCs have to Bribery
ft roadbloc k . Burned'Q ut cars, ollerturned convince the Skulls they're IIrmed without mak- The PCs could try to negotlate a bribe Instelld.
trash barrels and garbage completely block Ing any hasty moves. The chllrllder who does the negotiating must
the street. In fro nt of the roadbl oc;:k lIu II If the players want to try this, ask them whllt mllke a bargllin skill roU. Again, modify his skill
body in a pool of blood. A ba.t tered Cadillac they're saying to the Skulls. You'll take the role number If his spiel Is espedaUy good or bo'Id. If the
drives out of a slde.treet behind you, and of Deadhead, Ihe Skull leader, roll Is successful, Deadhead Jels them through for
halts. A rlne protrudes from Its windo w. $200 bucks cash or an ounce 01 gold. [f the roll
Behind the barricade three or four young falls, Deadhead tries to get one PC to apprOllCh
men dressed In bizarre punk outfits are
brutally beating a 12 or 13vearold boy.
Skull Leader
Ihe roadblock with the money. If the PCs fall for
this, Deadhead plans 10 shoot the money-bellter

Seeing you, they kic k the boy away and Physical Tag: Gaunt, lIene-scarred and open fire on the others. [f the players don't
crouch behind th e roadb loc k . Personalily Tag: SlIrcastic, speaks with a fall for this and announce thllt they're opening ftre
Off In the dlslance, an alarm bell rings on
and on.
Brooklyn accent.
Mot/llallon. Greed, Innllte viciousness.
Immediately, they get 1I round of surprise.
Rock ' n' Roll Is Here to Stay

The avenue Is a typiclIl Manhattan street, Applicable Skflls: Billy Barstow has had a couple of hit records.
flanked on either side by a solid wall of 12-ormore HlInd- \o-hand: 10 As do almost all Americlln kids, the SavlIge Skulls
story buildings. A number of plaleglass shop win- Melee Weapon (knife): 12 hold rock 'n' roll artists in an awe thlll sometimes
dows are at street level; parked airs (one stripped) Rifle; 10 approaches outright worship. If Barstow Is doing
and parking meters line the sidewalks. There's no Pistol: 10 the talking, there is II 50% chance thllt the gang
wily to get out of the street - ilInd the Codillac Delldhead has liVi!d on the streets sInce his will recognize him (or he could simply Introduce
blocks th e woy back. If the PCs lire In vehicles, mother threw him out of Ihe house at age 15 himself) _ If $0, double his sklll numbers when in-
they have two choices: divert down a sidestreet She feared for her I!!e; Deadhead (properly teracting with the Skulls.
immedlote/y, or hesitate and continue on toword Martin Ferguson) boasted of his robberies and If you are worried about the possible problems
the roodblock. If they're wolking, they hove no beatings. He's the virtual king of an Impover- of running a rock superstar In your campaign, don't
optio n, Ished Mell of Brooklyn, where he lind his thugs be: Barstow wasn't that big outside of the New
Yo u also might rule that Westtree's passion. prey on poor people and the few shopkeepers York area and, busy learning how to survive under
justice. forces him to intervene who live there. He's treating the Invasion the Soviet rule, most people will qUickly forget all
If they dive rt down a slde street: same way he trellted the Il15t blackout; as an about him. Such is fame .
The Cadillac lollows them. It contains two guys opportunity 10 rape, pUlage and bum to his Flreflght
- o ne wIth a rifle and a driver (who has a pistol, heart's con te nt Although the PCs are al a tllCllclI1 disadvantage
but won't use It while drlvingL The guy with the Generic Skull (they're surrounded and the Skulls behind the
rifle starts firing at the PCs. He's !!lIming at the rear PhYSical Tag: Tough-looking, varIety of racial roadblock hllve a terrain benefit) , the Skulls are
vehicle; choose a passenger at random , Resolve types. only In It for the money, and will flee If bloodied.
the fire as If It were at 5 hex r<'lnge. Personality Tag: Sadistic, inarticulate, and (See below.) As a result, the PCs should come
If the PCs shoot back, the Cadillac wUl fall foul-mouthed . through with , at worst. a few wounds. In the pro-
behind, then helld olf down II sldestreet (The Motluallon: Enjoy causing paln_ cess, you'll Introduce them to the basics of the
thugs inside the car aren't Interested in fighting Applicable Skills: combllt system.
anyone with teeth.) [f the PCs pursue, the car Ha nd-to-Hand: 8 Use "Map B" from the adventure maps to fight
heads bo'Ick to the roadblock: if the PCs keep on Melee Weapon (knife). 8 the bIIttle. Take a car counter lind place It In the
follow ing, they'll get In a lirelight with the Skulls Rifle: 6 hex labeled "B" to represent the Cadlllllc; take lour
(see below) , If they don't pursue, they can keep Pistol: 8 thug counters (provided for this very purpose) and
on heading for the Armory, place them In hexes ''1'' through "4".
Jf the PCsdon't shoot b3ck, the Cadlll!!lc keeps Have Ihe speaker make II fasllalk skill roll. in- If the PCs are wlllk!ng, tllke their counters and
on shooting at 5 hex range until the PCs do crease his skill number by 7 or so If what he says place them IInywhere within two hexes of hex ~A",
something about il or get within a block of the Ar- to the Skulls sounds convincing lind sufficiently If they're driving, take counlers for the vehicles (use
mory, FIgure the PCs move one block per com- intimidating. (Even If he doesn't have the fasl talk a jeep counter for the Land Rover, a pick-up truck
bat round on Map A_ skill, if his spiel Is good, let him make a roU.) If counter for the pick-up, and car counters for Ihe
When they get with in a block 01 the Armory, what he says sounds lame, reduce his fast talk skiU others) and place the lead vehide in hex "A."
the guys in Ihe Cadillac see the barricades there, by half {round down} . For eXllmple: Follow!ng vehicles are placed, one per hex, In Ihe
screech to a hlllt, and speed aW3y. hexes below ~A",
Deadhead: Do what we tell ya, and nobody gets
Otherwise: In this combat, we'll use a simplified version of
holl! Ihe vehicle rules. In one combo'lt round , any ve -
Someone from the roadblock yells, in a Cohen: Now, now, young man. My friends and
Brooklyn accent, MOO "",hat we tell ya, and hicle with a driver can move 5 hexes. A driver can'
I, ve are hellvily armed. Ve'U shoot If ve have
nobody geta holt,n not tllke any other <'Iclion in a combo'lt round If he
to. Nobody wants that, nu? drives. [f a driver tries something tricky, hllve him
There are four guys behind the roadblock with Are you going to believe II lillIe 72year-old make a driving skill roll; If II succeeds, 50 does he,
pistols, plus the two In the Cadillac. They're all Jewish guy If you're a sadistic thug from Brooklyn? Getting in or out of 1I stlltlonary veh!de costs 1
members of the Savage Skulls (a street gang - Co hen's fast talk won't help him much here. movement point (and no one can enler or exit on
see the box below) and wear leather jackets with a round in which Ihe vehicle moves) .
the appropriate emblems. They've set up the Deadhead: Do what we tell ya, and nobody gels
hoit! The roadblock is !rellted as rough terrain, ex-
roadblock as a trap to rob people. They'll kill If cept that II does block lines of sight,
resisted, but will be hllPPY to let the player Wl!1Ittree: Listen, punk, and lislen good. fn my
leftslde shoulder-holster. I have 1I SIG-Sauer The S!reelisllned with a solid wall of bUildings.
charaders Ihrough if the PCs surrender 1111 their All doors are locked. Doorways are recessed; II
P220 ,45 lIu tomatlc wllh custom stock_ Every
possessions. Sure. they will. character who gets 10 II doorway cannot enter the
There are three ways 10 get through the one of us Is Similarly armed. So you got ex-
actly one choice, punk; get out of my way, or building, but receives the terrain benefit for being
roadblock: intlmidllte the Skulls, bribe them, or kill behind a doorway (see the Fire Modifiers Against
get a large, ragged hole In your head.
them, Personnel chart ). However, no more than two
Gulp_ Yessir, Mr. Wesllree, sir, That's whal /'d
Intimidatio n people can squeeze into 1I doorway.
The Skulls prefer to prey on the helpless. 1 the SIIY, This man gets his skill modifier,
Some bUildings have plale glass windows, which
PCs make It dear they're IIfmed and wl11ing to If the skl11 roll succeeds, the Skulls agree to
the PCs Clln smash or dri",e through. If a vehicle
fight, the Skulls wI!! let them through. The prob- retrellt down a sldeSlreet and lei the PCs through.
drlves through a window, roll the die; on 11 roll of
lem Is this: if anyone makes a hasty move for II Otherwise, they open lire.


19 or 20, the windshield bre~ks, and every (2.6) Episode 2: The Armory
character in Ihe vehicle must roll liS If hlt by /I lhey want 10 do. and use your own knowledge
Molotov cocktail (for darn!lglll from broken glass) of the rules 10 determine whether whllt they In this episode, the Pes get 10 Ihe Armory. They
Any vehicle lother Ih!1n the Land Roverl which want is possible must flrst delll wllh an obstructionist sergeanl -
drives through II window cannOI get ~ck lnl0 Ihe Don't let ilddly calculations get In tne way without opening lire. (Not .!III problems can be
street until the flghll$ over - getting II back OUI of action. II things are bogging down, ron tne solved 50 simply.) Then, they learn Ihat the 7Ist
Is a mojo!' effon which wiD take subs"'ntlaJ Urne
die. announce results, and keep things moving_ Regiment Is evacuating the city through the sub-
Characters inside /I $lore front oare effectively Don'l wony lIboul making posirive thai the way .!Ind PATH tunnels. To CO\Ii!T the evllCUllllon,
behind II ~d()()!'lllily~. and receive the terrain benefu
for such,
gun Is frred at medium range Inslead 01 short;
don't wony about ensuring that all flre
Ihe 71st Is blowing the main bridges connecting
Newark Airport (where Ihe Sovlels are 11Indlng)
The Skulls will nol pursue Inlo Il building. The modifiers are applied. Ru n combat rough and and Jersey Clty (where the PATH tunnels ("xll) _
shops /lTe locked: Ihere's no way In or 01,11 of them dirty; modify the hit chance a.s you think lIP- Unfortunately, the 71sl's demolitions expert hlls
$live through the locked doors (or smashed plate
glass windows) If IInyone get5lnto a building. feel
proprillte. Use Ihe Fire Modifiers Chart as a
9u1de, not a bible Don't spend 1I 101 of time
been killed - lind the only one around who clIn
finish the job Is Jordo Miller (or the player
free 10 improvise II detaipllon 10 provide color looking things up on charts; roillhe die and characters' demolitions expert. If the players
(e.g, "the Bukk 15 resung on top of Il pile of keep things mOYIng gen("rated their own char!lC1ers)
smashed plants, POlS lind ellrlh. Againsl one wall Some players may complain; theyl say "but The PCs gtlt to the vicinity 01 the Armory
Is /I refrigerator filled w\th cut nowers"). If the I'm behind a door, so his hit probability Is withoul further event, though you should
players come up wllh an lmllginllUve way 10 use reduced by 2, lind you lorgot to apply tnat embel\lsh the trip with descriptions of the chllos
the contents of Il store. that's great. Player crearivlty modifler!" If that's the wlly all your players feel. in the streets. Running battles belween police and
should IIlways be encounlged, don, run combat liS lIctlon; run II a.s strategy thugs, store. looted or boarded-up, wounded
Some of the buildings hllve fire escapes If a (see below). But if most of your players like fllSt citiunry huddled in dooTWlIYS, occasional gun-
player thinks of II, he can run to a fife escape and action, here's what you do: shots in the dlslllnce. lhe sharp, tangy smeO of bur-
climb. CUmbing takes one combat round Tell your players, "If you feel that you should ning gasoline. the wail 01 civil defense sIrens -
At the beginning of each combat round, roll the recelue a defen5fve modifier, or lOme other these will bring home 10 the characters in graphic
die for each Skull stili alive, On a roll of 1 through bonus in combat because of something you've delall the collapse of the city of New York - and
5, that Skull p<lInlcs and does nothing for the cur- done o r wheTe you are. teU me abou l it If you of life as they know it.
rent combat round teU me about It, I'll give you the bonus, assum- When Ihey lurn up 14th or 1511'1 Street, read
If three or more Skulls are hit and $lJffer damage Ing I think It's reasonllble, If you don', lell me this:
(thlll Is, any result other than II "Stun") , they all about it, l'Udo whal I think mllkes sense Don't Uh. oh , Anolher roa dbl ock . Police bar-
flee The ones in the car careen off down a slde complain ofterwords - if you wan t an advan ricad es and a t wo-ton uu c k with ca rn Oll-
street The ones behind the roadblock run away tage, point It out In lIdvance," nage markings block th e s treel , O ne guy In
The roadblock 15 blocking terTaln, but PCs who Then, don', worry about following the ruin o ll"e drab fati g u es I hlnd s ln fro nt o f It wt th
mOlli! Into roadblock hexes ca n get one shot off strlC1ly, The most Importanl rule Is: everyone an a uto m a tic rme. There a re gu Y" with guns
down the street at Ihe fleeing Skulls belore they should have fun. Any other rule can be sacrt- o n Ih e t o ps o f ne a.-by buildings, Th e guy in
dlSl'lppear ficed to thllt one fatigu es m oUo nl you 10 I l o p.
If Ihey search the area directly behind the Nexi Mo"e, Generlll? Barreling on past him Is a bad Idea; among other
roadblock (or IIny Skull bodies), Ihe characters will On the other hand, many people enjoy com- things , Ihe guys on the roofs have light anti-lank
find $75 In cash (massive paniC:.lnflallon makes bat It's no coincidence lhat some of the most wellpons Opening lire Is likewise a bad Idell. If
thls worth about S10; In a week It will be popular roleplllying ~mes have sophlsticaled they insist, run 1I brief firefIQht - use Map B again
worthless) combat systems MlIny players enjoy the Improvise weapons and skills for Ihe opposition,
strategic options a sophisticated game can pro. they're National Guardsmen, lind are as heavily
vide. That's 1M IMCinatlon of wargamlng; but i!lrmed liS they need to be to kill the Pes This Is
GMlng Tip: Action or It's also 1I part of many roleplaying games. a dull wily to end th(" story, but excessive stupidi -
Combat [5 a big Pllrt of THE PRICE OF ty 15 lIS own reward
Strategy? FREEDOM, lind we've tried to proVide a
There are two ways 10 run combat In THE system whlch _rds good str.negy lind makes Aher yo u ItO P. yo u n o Oce t he g uy Is wear-
PRICE OF FREEDOM, We dOl'l't care which fighting enjoyable Ing lergea nt'a stripes. Inse t eyelsq u lnt a t
you use. 'mu may even want 10 switch to suit If your players enjoy combal-as-wargammg you co nle mptu o usly fro m a plgllke face: you
your players - If they ("njoy figurtng the odds, choosing co uld swear thl l g uy II e njoying himself.
their strategies and fighting things oul - "Stal e your bU l lnesl,R h e laY".
U g h" 1 Ca m eral Actl onl
Th. combat syslem lor THE PRICE OF modify your GMlng style lIccordlngly, Adhere The soldier Is Sergeant Morllles, A Company,
FREEDOM Is nOI as simple liS for our olher cardully to the rules; don't be cavalier In your 7lst fnlllniry Regiment He doesn't recognize any
games. There aTe IWO reillOns for this. One, modlflCatlons_ Let th(" players think over their of the PCs_ He's been tQld to let no one through
comballs a big part 01 the Qllme, lind we wanl options. Again, the I!rst rule Is Ihat everyone who Isn'l military, lind the Pes sure aren't In
IQ give players real options and something to should have fun; II 11'115 Is your players'ld("a of uniform
do while f1ghllng. Two., many people enjoy a lun, thllt's grelll
combllt system thllt has some depth. Ihe Be senslUw to your players II they enjoy
stmplJclty 01 GHOSTB USTERS is nOl lor "wargamlng," lhey may take. '"fast lind furious SuB'lant Morales. A Company, 7lst
""'YO"' combat" as an unflllr disregard IOJ Ihe rules Infantry Regiment
Merely because Ihe combat system Is more This is not wrong; It's just a different style of Physlcol Tog: Short, evil-lookIng brute
CQmplex than In our other games Is no reason play, and one just as valid as a thlISt lor &etlon PeT$ona/Jty Tog.' Obstructionist, suspIcious
to let It get In the way of the story. The world We like both slyies of play, and have tried Molillalfon Just following orders
of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is a world of to make THE PRICE OF FREEDOM Applicable Skllls-
pulp action and adventure In the struggle for adaptable Automatic Weapon IS
liberty, Heroic combat Is fast and lurlous Morales has a chip on his shoulder He
Many players chafe when combat takes too doesn't par1JC:ul.!lrly like Angk:J6 and he definite-
long They don1 en)oy calculating hll pt'~. ly doesn't ~ke superior offlem He enjoys
bllilles lind cllrefully planning moves. If your bloody-minded obfuscation lor its own Sl'lke.
players begin 10 get restless, Uven things up. and will keep the run-around going as long as
Don't make your pillyers learn the combat ,he thinks he can gel away WIth It
system if they don't WlInt to' Just ask Ihem what


Typical Dialog we can spare, bUI we've gol to get this equip-
Applicoble Affribllfef ment off the Island before the Reds show up.
Jordo : Howdy. I'm Lieutenant George Miller,
Alertnes.s: 12 Are you game?
I71st Infantry, 42nd Division We're here to Manual Dexlenty: 10
~. - Applicable Skdla: After II few moments of conveBlltion, read:
Moralu : Oh, yeah? And I'm the Queen 01 All you are talking, a 1I0idier runl up to
Automatic: Weapons: 12
Sheba Pistol: 14 Echmenedy. "SIr! The Skyway'. blown - but
Jordo : LIsten, Sergeant, I'm not In the mood - Hand-te-Hand: IO Flnkelateln and Murphy didn't gel off," The
MoraIn : I got my orders No one whoaln't 7ls1
Infantry gets past here, and you don't look like
Mountaineering 8 aoldler swaUoWl, "They're dead, IIr,"
Swimming; 8 "Old they gel aU of the brldgea?"
you is. EqllipmenJ; AUIOmll1lC rlfle, two ammo dips, Echmenedll demand .
Jordo : Reds are crawHng all OYer the country, and pistol, one pistol relolld, two grenades. "N, n ,no air, they got Route I , the railroad
you're standing here squalling? You miserable
pinhead, let me through or ['II break your
walkie-talkie, uniform bridge. and the Pulaski Skyway, The Com-
munlpaw bridge III s tili up. si r," The .oldler

kneecaps. look. aa If he I. going to cry_
Morale. : 01'1 yeah? You and what IIrmy? Colonel Echmenedy is trying to organize the Echmenedll doaea his eyea:and stands ab-
Jordo : Get me ClIptaln WysynzOINSkL evacuatlon of The Armory. Aboul 50% of the regI. .olutely 1It111 for a moment. Then he opena
Morale.: I wouldn't waste his time. ment's members have shown up over the last dllY; them once again, c1a.PII the soldier on the
Continue this until It gets boring or the PCs open he sent most home with M-I6s (llutomlltic rifles) , shoulder, and "\18, "Good work, Smitty. Go
fire, If they make con, fast lIIlk or burellucracy rolls, ammunition, light antiTank weapons. lind anything and help Reelle with the ca""pleaae." The
sublrad 5 from Ihe skill number lor Morales's else Ihey could carry. His orders from Washington .oldler run. off.
bloody-mlndedness Once Morales gets tired of aTe to stand by and tum everything over 10 Soviel Echmenedy lookt: lit you. M Any of you men
playing, he eSCOrl5 them to the Colonel. or, If Ihe inspection teams. He has no Intention of obeying know anything about demolltlonll?"
discussion becomes too hellled, a Caplain his orders,
The character with the demolitions skill (Jordo
wanders by who'll chew OUI Morales and take Ihe Echmenedy has dedded that. under the dr-
MUler, If using the pregenerated characters) will
PCs In. cumstances, fighting a convenllonal war Is wlelde
probably speak up. Echmenedy asks him and the
He knows that aircrah are disgorging SovIet troopS
The Armory TeSt of the PCs 10 lI(oompany the Iroop$ untillhey
all over the metropolitan area - lit Newark,
The 14th Street Armory take. up mo.t of have cleared Manhattan "We're evacuating
laGuardia and JFK airports, at Floyd Bennett
th e block; U'. a big, co"ugated concrete through the PATH tunnels. If everything goes right,
Reid and Brookhaven. even II few lit Telerboro
building that loo k. like a fortre .. - whic h we should get out thirty 10 sixty minutes before
- any place Ihere's a strip long enough to land
It I,. Ita few wlndoWl are na"ow; ita few en- a transport, Sovlel troopS will soon arrive In the
the Reds can stop us - civilian traffic will slow
traneft: are heavily ba"ed. 'em down some, too. But I really need a demoli-
city; and when they do, the only options will be
A soldier leada you In through a big deel tions expert in case of trouble. Will you help?"
death or surrender.
door, large enough to admit vehicle., He If Ihe PCs lI11! at all reasonable, Echmenedy wiD
He figures the order of the day Is to get his men
tells you to park your car. and follow h im. delail Ueulenant Jorgesen to brief them lind out-
and their equipment out of the dty and Into the
Inillde, doze n. of men In fatigue. are fllthem. He then excuses himself he's got lots to
(:ountryside, where they can saotter and set up
loading vehlclu with weapon. and s upplln_ do and no lime to do it in
guerrilla operations. But Soviet SpelSnal' troops
RoWl of plckup$. C U I and }eep., some atlll are already guarding Ihe bridges and tunnels If the Playera Refuse to Cooperate
painted with military camounage, othera If they don't want to help the 7lst and make
leading out of Manhllttan
ha atlly repainted to reaemble civilian IIny reasonable argumenllO Echmenedy. he gives
Ex(:epl - the 14th Street Armory Is located
vehldet:, are being jammed with aU of the them M-16s, ammo, and grenades However, he
directly above the L subway ~ne (see Map C) - The
equipment they cll n hold, A aoldler la work Insists on commandeering the Land Rover and
L train lunnel comes within ten feet of the PATH
Ing fevertshly to replace the National Guard pickup, If present.
tunnel.' The PATH tunnel goes down lown 10
IIcenae platn with normal New York platell This of (:ourse invalidates the rest of the IIdven-
ChriStopher Street, then under the Hudson River
- you wonder Idly wh e re he got them from , lure; you'll have to Wing It from here. We see three
to Jersey City (see Map D). None of the subways
At the other end of the Armory ,. a huge. possibilities; here are some quick suggestions for
are ru nning. If the troops can get across Ihe river
ragged hole In the noor; bulldozera lire what to do.
Into Jersey City before the Soviets seal up this one
laboring around U. If the PCs want to stay In the dty, they musl
last exil from Manhattan, Ihey should have a
You're marched up to the Colonel. find II place to stash their equipment - It's precise-
couple of hours to get out of Ihe heavily-developed
urban strip running from New York through New ly the kind of thing the occupying troops are g0-
Jersey and Into the woodlands of Pennsylvania Ing to look for. If they ambush a Soviet convoy
Colo.... EchmdeCly and western New York, or something, you can have a nice big f!reflght,
Commanding Officer, 7lstlnfantry Regiment Captain F'mkelsteln, the 7lst's demolitions ex, which wUI almost certainly result In the Pes' deaths
PhysIcal Tag Darkskinned (lranUln descent), pert, has blwm a hole from Ihe Armory Into the (the SovIets radio for reinfOT!mentsl . If they stash
sllJeats profusely. L-traln tunnel and IInother connecting Ihe L-traln their equipment someplace, they have to worry
Personality Tag Brlsk, no nonsense and PATH tunnels. Bulldozers are moving the aboul stool pigeons revealing the site to the
MOl;uation: Get a1llhls equipment OUI of the rubble into a (;rude ramp. which the 71sl's lighter Soviets, If they just take It home, the Soviets
Armory and Into the hands of people who'D vehicles can navigate, The large trucks won'l be oonduct house-to-house searches soon aher the
U~ H Oa:upation begins.
able to make It, though; 100 heavy and not enough
Echmenedy Is worried and hot Second clearanc:e_ If they wanl 10 get out of the dty, they must
generation Amerlclln of Iranian eXTraction. he figure out how Map 0 shows the bridges and tun-
is fiercely patrlOlic: and determined to salvage Typical Dllilog nels off Manhattlln; all routes 10 New Jersey and
what he can from Ihe sunender He Is com- Echmenedy; Who lire these feUows? the BronK li re guarded by SpelSna.t troops; the
petent, intelligent, lind a little frightened Captain: They claim they're from Wysynzoo,o,rskl's ones to Brooklyn and Queens are not.
Ueut _ _ t .IorgeMft company. They tried to get through the 15th The Spetsmll' troopS let traffic: flow, bUI stop and
Physical Tag Blond but balding Street roadblock. search every car. Anyone with firearms Is shot.
Personal/tv Tag. EnthusIastic. and excitable Echmenedy; Oka.y. (To pes.) We're evacuating Maybe the PCs can hoodwink Ihe Soviets; mllybe:
r'Gosh, guys; let's klll them Commlesl") Do you want to help out? there is a fiTeflght. If so, you must Improvise a map
Motiuatlon : Thinks the Wilt will be exciting. Cohen: Actually, we wanl weapons ...
Echmenedy: I'll give you all the damn weapons


========""TBE ADVENTURE SECTION========

and s tillS for tke Spelsnol troops Agure no more the electrldty, and the air II becoming thick with a tow-chain and wlnch for sllUlItions just like
thilln 8 of them; the PCs have /I fighting chiloce with es.hO!luIL Vou lit there. And si t . Final this) or a hole can be blou.m in Ihe fence In
Unless all the Soviets lire kIlled fast. though , they Iy, the word comes back: there'l been an ac moments, the PCs are up over the hills lind Into
radio for help. and the Pes find IlJl !lmbush waiting ddent up ahead; the convoy will have to halt the Jersey City streets, heading down Kennedy
for them at the other end of the bridge or tunnel until the wrecked vehlcl. . are moved out of BouIevlIrd for Communlpaw Avenue (see Map E) .
If the PCs heild for Brooklyn lind Queens, they the way, RUlh Hour
fmd that all routes off Long Island are guarded, Nothing happens for a long time. except for the Traffic is extremely heavy as panicked cltizens
100. They must also keep their weapons OUI of sounds of men cursing and an occasional screech )am Ihe streets. eitheT attempting to rellch their
sight because. PVen though there lIren', lIny 5oYie1 of metal from up the line. Then. II vehicle can be homes or attempting to le<lYe the area altogether
roadblocks yel, buses of Soviet troops lire begin heard In the distance. speeding down the tunnel While there is less outright chaos than there was
nlog 10 mOYe out of the airporu. Essentially. they're toward the convoy. There's a tense moment when In MlInhattan. as they travel Ihe charllcters will
, trapped on the Island
One possibility 15 tO.set up guerrilla operations
everyone picks up a weapon - then a hoarse,
~At ease; hom Echmenedy. and everyone reLaKe5.
witness scattered Incidents of fighting lind looting
Once again, traffic laws are being Ignored; colll
on LDng Island. Another Idea we like Is to have Nothing happens for a few min utes. Let your slons dog Intersections and Cllr horns blare In
II Montlluk fisherman smuggle them off Long players wonder what's going on. and probably cessantly as frightened drivers vent their frustra -
Island during II fog, while Soviet patrol CI"lIft prowl begin to get nervous as their ex tremely precarious tion lind helpless terror.
the Sound. tactical position sinks In. Then. Echmenedy comes The characters driving should ellch mllke un
Or I:\nyone for guerril1l1 operations In the ma rching down the tunnel to the PCs, flanked by modi fIed driving skill rolls; the rolls represent the
HlImplons, New York's chic island getaway? (Sub aides. He stops. diffjcult task of moving Ihelr vehicles ove r
machlneguns lind canapes? Spetsnoz In Sidewalks, through fronl lawns and down con-
"weve Got a Job fur Vou, Miller"
Sagaponack?) gested side streets as they move towards the
Read Ihis aloud: .
A Trip In Darkneill bridge, You may want to caU for a fllSt talk roll or
Echmenedy layl, "'Looks like It'l time to two (double the charllcters' skills) to convince
If the PCs agree to help, Jorgesen takes them
earn your pay, Miller. I have a job for you. angry homeowners lind drivers to let the Pes pass.
to a storeroom If they walked, they're a5Signed
a }eep with a traile r and II pick-up truck (army- "Has Jorgesen briefed you? Good. As you When this begins 10 get boring, take out the fuU-
Issue, hllstlly covered wlth II COllt of blue paInt) , know, thll tunnel endl In Jersey City, JUl t color game-map which depicts a bridge (Mllp 1)
short of Journal Squ.,e. Intelligence In The flnlll climactk battle of the adventure will be
Either way, they Ire Issued IImmunltlon, lIutomlltlc
dlcatet: Soviet trOOPI have mused at fought using II
rifles 1I11eround, sewrlll grenades IIp1ece, lind two
Newark airport. and are begInning to move
walkletalkles. They're assigned severlll <:niles of What Dou the Map Show?
ammunition and told to begin loadIng their ouLIt11 c.ke us 20 mlnut.. to clear the sod
The color of each hex indicates the terraIn that
damned acddenl abead: we're afraid the
vehlclet occupies II, as follows:
Reds wtll get to Jelley City before we do.
Jorgesen briefs tkem il5 they work and responds hex tenaln type
They have 10 be delayed." He producel a ho. tenaln type
10 questions He teUs them that the Soviets lire
map. (Pull out Mlip E and show It to the players.) 1001 bro,h 2606 more road
Landing at metropobtan area aIrportS, that the pur-
"Captain Finkelstein blew up the Roule 2324 wood, 1004 broken
pose of thiS IIcllvhy is to gel the men lind equip
I bridge here lpolnt lit the lIpproprillte bridge). 2119 road 1015 river
ment of the reglmen t out InlO the countryside
the ranroad bridge here. and the Pulaski 17 10 stanchion (impassable)
where they can lICI il5 guerrillas, that lheyll be go.
Skyway here. But. as you heard, he died In addition. buildings are conSidered clear ter'
ing out through the PATH tubes, etc, Show the
before he could destroy the Communi paw rllin on theIr roofs and InSide
players Maps C and D, C shows them how the
bridge - here. I thought we lUll had enough Some symbols lire dTllwn along hexsides.
tunnels Interconnect. and 0 show5 the m thllt
time to beat the Sovleu to Jersey City, but They are:
routes off Manhlll1l1n are limIted, how the PATH
the accident II gonna make It too clOIe. black Ime wall
tunnel runs. lind where the 1I1rports the Soviets
are using are located. Ahe r you've told the pes "MUler. the Communlpaw bridge mUlt be open square wlndows
destroyed. If It II, the Sovleu will be closed square doors
whIt's goi ng on and they've had a chll nce 10 ask
a few questIons, they get the order 10 move out. delayed. and we'll be able to complete our The re are two types of "waUs" shown on the
evacuO!ltion. If It Iln'l, we may be ambulhed mllp. The walls around the buIldings I re 1m
Read thIs aloud:
In Jersey CIty. Vou're our only hope." passable; they may only be enlered through the
Vehicle. rev up and Itart moving In order- doors and wind()U,l5. All other wells ere "low walls.~
ly line. toward the hole In the noor. They One problem: there are only two vehicles on
the far side of the accldent - a }eep and II pick For the effects of differen t terrain type . see Ihe
joltle down the crude ramp the bulldozers
up. No others can get pllstthe blockage unlillt's Terrain Effects C hllrl (In Freedom Ale D )
built, and Into a tunnel beyond. Jorsesen
motlonl you to join 'the parade. deared . The two vehicles. between them, clln Lines of Sight
carry maybe eight people, uncomforlilbly The Ught bnes are elevation con tour lines;
The PCs continue down the UTIIln tunneL Ihen Echmenedy wil! send Jorgesen wlth them, but Ihey're explelned in rule section 12 of this booklet.
take a sharp righ t through a ragged. dynamited otherwise. the Pes are going to be alone. (If you'Tli! HoweveT. for Ihe sake of simplicity. use only the
hole Into the PATH tube plllying with fewe r than six player charllClers, fill following ~ne of sight rules in this adven ture:
Depending on the mood of your players, you the party oul with NPC Guardsmen) A low wall only blocks a line of sight between
can skip over the trip. or describe II In subslllnllal two chllrllClers if one of them is prone lind Is im
det.ail. Salient features life dIrk lunnels (the PATH
(2.7) Episode 3: mediately behind the waU, and the other is at the
electric system Is definitely down); dark, $Ilent sta- same or /ower elevation. low walls neveT block
tions (at 9th Strut lind Christopher in New York. Communipaw Bridge lines of sigh t to sUlnding characters,
and Pavor.la, Exchange Place, lind Grove Street Chllracters mlly walk under the brid~. Dotted
The available vehicles are loaded up wIth C4
In Jersey CIty), narrow lunnels barely big enough
explosive (plastique). blasting caps and wire. Once lInes across the bridge show where the coastline ex
10 encompass Ihe plckup trucks; loud reverbera-
the PCs are briefed, they speed down the tunnel tends under the bridge. AD hexes under a bridge ere
tions hom the closeln Willis of the tunnel; he avy clell r (or river) hexes. No charadeT under a bridge
After several kilometers. the tunnel exits Into
exha ust fumes; lind tight, drllmlltlc turns. Then: mlly observe a target on the bridge, or vice versa
daylight. The tracks continue up a narrow ravine,
Suddenly, ther. II a tremendou. crashing flanked on both sides by cliffs, to the Journal
noise from up ahud. Everyone brakes wild Square station. 1be station Is a Large, modem con-
ly. Vour vehicle camel to rest with iu crete building which sits directly II10p the trIcks. Note: As a result of a printing enor, the legend
bumper )lilt touching the one In front of you. The ravine opens ou t Into low hllls on either sIde. around hex 1218 ls reversed . The side of Ihe river
Vou un't lee whafl going on. An order C haIn-lin k fences wllh blIrbed Wire top the hJlls wIth Ihe clothing warehouse Is Kearny, New
comet: down the line : doule your englnell. to keep out trespassers. The characters can easIly Jersey; the side wllh Lincoln Park Is Jersey CIty,
The tunnel'l ventilation Iy.tem II off with rip out a section of fence (Ihe truck Is equipped


========~ TBE ADVENTURE SECTIONI = = = = = = = =

A character allAe edge of a bridge may cftmb Gridlock Read the boxed section below, '"Ct.ever PIayers,~
over the lip and OntO the superstructure Read: for suggestions on how to deal wllh thew or Olher
underneath it Each tum he continues \0 hang unexpected ploys.
The Cemmunlpaw bridge I. jammed with
onto the underside of Ihe bridge, he may, If he
c ar . Sinc e the other bridges have bee n Time Press ure
chooses any oction allowing movement, move to
b lewn, it Is the only c ennectien &-em Jeney Here's lhe problem: 10 blow lhe bridge, the Pes
one &d;acenl bridge hex, remaining Of! the under
C ity to' the mai n New J ersey hlgbw.~. Both mUSI plllntlln explosive ~k at each of the IWO
Side of the bridge. He may move two hexes, bUI
s ides of the bridge a re pac ke d with cars. hexes marked wllh lin "X". on the underalde of
\0 do 50 he must make a mountaineering skiD roJ!;
If he ftllis, he fans off
trucks, and bus ses trying to re a c h th e Turn. Ihe bridge. They must Ihen run II wire from both
Characters h"nglng onlO the underside of ill
pike a c roll th e rive r. pllcks to II hex off the bridge, lIttllch the wires 10
bridge may not observe characters on the bridge, Unless they wish to kill hundreds of Americans a battery plICk. and close a conlact. EIectrictty wlU
or vice versa. when they blow the bridge, the PCs must clear run up the wires lind set off Ihe explosives (Any
II firsl . character with II demolillons skill of 10 or better
As II generlll rule, II characler hllnglng onto II
bridge rnlly only use one hand (the other Is busy The slmplesl ..... ay to clear the traffic 15 10 blow will know Ihls: also, they will know thall! only one
keeping him from falling) , Any character under ill Ihe !ires OUI on a suffldenl number of cars to block chllrge is placed, there Is II pretty smllil chllnce of
bridge who engages another character or Is en the bridge completely. While this will InfUriate the the bridge flllllng .1
gaged In melee combat must make iI mountain - drive~. nOl mllny wm be foolish enough 10 attack Lay oUllhe map, lind telllh!! to your plllyerS
eering skill roU to avoid hilling oH the bridge. a hlllfdolen men anned with automalic rifles Then, lake counters for their jeep and pickup. lind
Any character hllnglng to the underside of the Or. the PCs can appeal to the drivers' potrlotlsm. plllCe one in hex 2126 Bnd one In 2226. Tell them
bridge who Is stunned or lightly wounded must halting the ca~ at gunpoint If necessary lind then Ihlll Newllrk Airport is down 195. Ask Ihem whllt
Immed~tely make lin agility lIttribute roll. If he explaining the situation. While some of the drivers Ihey're doing next.
laib, he falls off the bridge. Any charadeT who is will curse lIllhem and try 10 get by, many willlIgroe They're now operllling In combal rounds. A
IncapllCitllted Of heavily wounded while hanging to help Move lIc1ion gives 5 movement points; vehicles
onto the bridge Immedilltely falls off We5ttFee (Through bullhorn): USlen to mel The can move 5 road hexes per tum
When II chM!K:Ier flills Into the wllter, he Is Commies are landing In Newark Airport. We're As described lIhove. moving II10ng the under
stunned, lind mlly drown If he cannot swim (see wllh the Nlitlonitl Guard - we've got orders side of Ihe bridge tllke!i one round per hex
below) When one flills off onlo IlInd, refer to the 10 blow this bridge. You'U have to find lOme The Guardsmen hllve already assembled the
FaII!ng and CollIsIons TlIbie (see the Gomemaster OIher way out. Please eviIClUlle the bridge now! neceSSllry explosive packs. All Ihllt needs 10 be
Cherts) to see how much damage he suffe~. D river: Screw you, buddyl There lIln'l no more done Is 10 plant them. Each pack 15 lIbout 50
Trellt him liS flliling 4 meters. National Guard. Din't you hear President Mur- pounds In weight. Mllnhandllng II pack under Ihe
A chllracler hllnging onto the underside of II phy? We've surrendered. The ballgllme', over bridge lind securing It requires at !ellSt two people
bridge in II hex lIlong Ihe edge of the bridge mlly - linito, bpul - so cUllhe crap and get oulta Securing a charge In position. setting the delo.
climb back onlo it lIllhe cost of iln hiS movement the way. I gollll get home 10 my wife lind kids! Mlor. lind anachtng wire takes!lbout half II mlnule
points. He ends his move either prone or stand We sttree: Usten. you melllymOUlhed piece of (2 combal rounds) once the pack Is in the right
lng, his choice. hex.
dirt. There lire some of us who hllven't sur
The River rendered ......... ho1I never surrender! Now I've Running wire tllkes no Ilme; II charllcter with
a spool of wire can lay il OUI behind him liS he
Any chitr~er in II hex lId)ltcenl to the river (In golla job to do . . and I haven'l gotllny time
runs. (Though If wire Is run lIlong Ihe surface 01
cludlng the edges of lhe bridge) Of hitnglng onlo to Siand around arguing wllh a lousy quisling
[he bridge. an enemy could concelvilbly cui [I.) A
Ihe underside of the bridge mlly dive Inlo the river. scumbucket. Now do you wanna move your
car. or do I fire II couple of bursts Into II - and charllcter can Illy wire behind him liS he moves
DoIng 10 Is the character's IOle lICIion for the com
under the bridge as weI!
bat round you? You got five seconds.
Truc k Drtver. Hey! You guys really gannll flghl No te: The explosive packs contllin C4 lind
A charader who dives (or flills) Inlo the water
the Rem? connor be used a5 !..!Ilchel chllrges.
must mllke II swimming skin roll. If he fails, he
begins to drown. If he falls three skill rolls In a row, WesttFee: Yup. lei Ihe players teU you what they're doing _
he does In fllcl drown (unless another cha racter Truc k Driver. Fanfreaklng.la$lic! How do I gel setlmg up defensive works. running llround plllnt
gets 10 him and swims him 10 shore whhln lInotner In on il? Ing packs. whlltever. Remind Ihem thllt Jorgesen
three combat rounds). Westtree: First. gel lIli of these goddllmned Is wllh Ihem; he'lI do whal the pIlIyers wllnt him
If he succeeds In any of his rolls, he does nOI dvilillns off of this bridge. Then. get your rig 10 do. After 10 combat rounds. place a eM counler
~nk, and mlly swim. Only one success Is neces over to Joumlll Square and report to Colonel !n hex 1110 and a bus In 1011 .
!..!Iry; therellfter. the chllrllcter need not make Echmenedy - he'U lell you whitl to do. By our reckoning. If the PCs lIct In II complele
lInolher swim ron, 1m/ell lIunned or wounded. Truck Drive r. Echmenedy. huh? How'U I recog Iy optimum fitshlon, Ihey ClIn ready lind louch off
If he 15 stunned or wounded, he must make nlze him? the explosives In 17 rounds. If they're being Inef
lInother roll, II fllllure means he begins to drown, Wes ttree (smiles): He'D be the guy lellding II US ficlenl IlOOUI It, give them II few more rounds
etc. Anny convoy oul of the PATH lunnels. You before the Soviets arrive. In tInY event, Ihey'U only
An Incapacltllted chllrader automatically begins can'l miss him. Now get moving. soldier! be partly through wllh Ihe job, lind will hllve to
to drown. lind will die lifter th ree combllt rounds Truck DrIver (!..!Ilulesj: You got It, chiel- I mean, flghl off the Reds until they Clln complete U.
unless rescued. yes. sir! God bless America!
Swimming ch&-.Kters mlly choose only two ac Experienced (or jusl plain sneitky) players may
Ilons: HmOVe." lind "rapid fire lind move." Moving lIlIemPI 10 use cooperallve dvil!ans And their Lt. VuIIy Kre.plo
sw!mme~ clln move two hexes In lIny dlreclion vehicles to block Ihe ot her end of Ihe bridge. as 71h G ullrds Airborne Divlslon
(Including Into land hexes) . Rapid Itrers cannot lookouts or. Indeed, liS cannonfodder in Ihe up Phl/skel Tag; Unshaven, extremely tired
1'TlOIIe, bUI mlly make one !'lipid fire (while treading coming light. That 15 good. While it mlly show Personalltll Tag~ Depressed
water). Grenades lind heavy weapons mlly no! be regrellable lack of regard for human Hfe. to sur M otlIJQtJon: A professonal attachmenl 10 his
used by swimming chatacters. vlve, freedom IIghlers win have to learn to exploit """"-
Any Itre lit II chllracter In the water 15 subject My posslble 1001 at hand to Its fullest potentia!. Appropriate AttrlbuU!S;
to a -2 fire modifier, Any fire from II chllracter and the dvtllans who YOlunteer hllve just as much Alenness: 10
In the wllter Is subject to II -4 modlfier. right 10 die for their counlry as do the PCs. .ManulIl Dexlerity: 11
If il9J'lnade affects II chmK:ter In lhe WlIter, treat lOal doesn't make it any easier for you to figure Approprlcte Ski'lt
him liS In II "closed" lIreli. (Wliter transmits shock OUI how 10 delll with twenty Of Ihlrty ilngry A utomatic: Weapons: 10
very effedtvely.) Americans driving lICTOSS the bridge IIll1 bu$load Hllndlo Hand: 15
of very surprised RU$slans. Short movie. huh? Langu!lge - English: 10
Plslol: 13


Swimming. 15
If the Soviets can see lInythlng unusual, mllke Playing th e Sovie ts
Mounlillineerlng 10
lin alertness anrlbute roll for Krempko; if he suc- As gamemllSter, you have to decide what ac
ceeds, the SovIets Me alerted They're also alerted tlons the SovIets take during combllt. Essentially.
EqUipmeru. Uniform. pistol, two ammo dips,
If anyone shoots, a grenade eKplodes, the bridge each seeks first to preserve his own lile (by get-
Is blown. efC. Once 1Ilerted. they break off their tmg O\lt of the bus and finding some cover); then,
Pcm/c uue/. 5
leadershIp: 5 routine and do whatever seems IIppropriate. to fulfill hi5 mission. Krempko's priorities are a IInle
They obJective Is to seize lind hold the bridge. different: he's likely to risk his own life to SIIve his
Cpr!. Egon Straun [f they find the eKplosive packs or wires, they'll commllnd (e.g., get his men out of the bus and
Drt"~ try to dismantle them. J{ the PCs stllrt shooting, Inlo cOlIer)
Physicol Tog. HII, unshaven. the Soviets will fire back. Exactly what the SovIet5 try to do at any given
Persona/I'll Tog. Cowardly. While the Soviets Me In their vehicles, the PCs poInl depends on what they know At tim, aU they
Approprio.e Allrlbulu. may freely lire Into and out of the vehicles They know Is that some crazy Americans are trying TO
Ml\nU1I1 Dexterity: 8 may not fire III the vehicles themselves. Initially, stop them from occupying the bridge: consequent-
Approprlllle Skills aU windows are up end unbroken, so no grenlldes ly. they'll try 10 kill the Pes. They won't know about
Drive. 15 mlly be tossed Into either vehicle; after any fire the eKpioslves. unt~ they 5po( a wire. realize there
Hand'o-Hand. 6 tllkeS pJa.ce from or into a vehicle, its windows lire are people under the bridge, or some such
Pisrol. 8 shattered, and pose no obstructiOn to grenades When you mllke decisions for the Soviets, keep
Equipment Uniform, pistol If II grenade lands In a vehicle, treat It as "vented" In mind what each of lhem can see. Use common
Panic Level,' 15 sen5e to determine at what poln, they reallu that
I ....n After they're alerted (but noT before), you must the bridge Is mined. Unlll they make that rellll~lI
Soldier (one of fifteen) roll each combllt round to determine which Soviets lion, they will not be trying to locate and remOlle
Phvstco/ TII9,' Young, underfed. panko Each has a pank level (see boK llbove): if any explosives. After they do, a reaUy wild fight
PrrsonolilJl Tog. Confused the number you roB for a Soviel is less than or may develop. with people hanglng on to the
Appropriate Attribute.: e quilito his panic level, he panics A panicked bridge's underside and shooting at each other
Manual Dexterity: 10 cheracter does nothing on the combat round he S urre nde r and Dis inte gra tion
Approprlare Skill&.: panics (eKcept that he may. at your option, fall The SovIets are reasonllbly !<>yalto their regime,
Automatk W'.!Ipons: 12 prone). but they are nOI supermen. If lin American and
Handla-Hand 12 If LI. Krempko Is in a vehicle, the panic level a Soviet occupy the same helC , lind the Soviet
PIstole 8 of any o lher chllracters In the 5IIme vehicle Is panics, he surrenders. A surrendered soldier may
Swimming 10 reduced by 5. II Krempko is outside the vehicle, be stripped of his weapons (via the Exchange
MountaIn Climbing 5 the panic level of any other characters within 2 Wellpon actiOn), and may mOl/e as long as a cap
EqUipment: Uniform, pack, automatlc rt!1e, 4 heKeS and within line of sight of Krempko 15 tor stays with him. If II surrendered soldier ever
ammo clips, knife, 3 grenades, canteen, likewise reduced by 5. {Krempko Is on effective fInds himself In a hex without a captor. he'lJ run
mess kit leader.} for the mllp-edge.
Panic Leue/. 10 If Krempko and i!lt least eight of the other
810wlng th e Bridge
The PCs must finiSh pladng the charges and Soviets are dead or Incapac;1tllted, the Soviets
laying the wire, then blow the bridge. Remember diSlnlegTllte. That means that any Soviet who can
The Soviet. ArTlYe do so without endangering himself too greatly will
The Soviets are giving top priority to the move- that placing a charge once it rellches Its heK takes
2 combat rounds run lor the nearest map-edge.
menl of troops and light arms. Uft capacity Is
devoted primarily to mllnpower, the arriving oc- Wire clln be run eIther underneath o r on top
cupiers life eKpected to use Ioealtumsport. Mov- of The bridge. The problem with running It
ing II hundred men by i!lir is cheaper than mOVing underneath Is that it will take a long lime. The GMlng TIp: Clever Players
one tank; heavy materiel will notappeM until later problem with running it 1I10ng the bridge Is that We've said II beforee no lIdventure can ever
In the Occup!lllon. Thllt's why the Soviets are uSing any Soviet who gets to a hex through which wire hope ,0 cover all possible player actions. Quite
lin Avis car lind II Port Authority IIlrpori shuttle runs can cut It. simply, players always do the unexpected
bus, Tiliher thlln , SIIY, lin APC. If the chllrge5 lite placed and wires run to the That's one of the great charms of GMlng -
A Soviet officer lind driver lire In the Cllr (II battery pack (w hk h is in the pick-up, unless the seeing whot your pLoyers come up with
BuiCk). Pdteen Soviet soldiers are In the bus. Don't players have said otherwise), closing the circuit this Is a real problem In THE PRICE OF
lICtullDy plil<:e counters for the Soviets; only place takes 1 combat round. When the drcult is closed, FREEDOM. At first. lInyway, chari\CIers have
a counter for II chll rllcter when I.e eKlts II vehicle roll agllinst the demolitions skill of the chaTllCler more-or-less free access to Almost anything in
Only PCs within five heKes of II vehicle wllJ be who placed the chllrges: If the roll succeeds, the loday's United S tilles, For Instance:
IIble to determine that its occup!ln ts lire Soviets bridge is blown. If it laOs. the charges are Improper Any construction going on In the Mea? ut's
The SovIets' orol!T5aTe to secure this bridge lind ly placed o r the wires ere loose; someone must hot-wire a bulldozer When the blade 1$ up. it's
hold it unlil relief arrives. They lire IIwllre thllt the go back out to the explosive charge to 11K the almost Impervious to weapons fire. M.oIkes e
Pula5ki Skyway hilS been destroyed. lind thlltthe problem pretty good TlIm.
Communlpaw Bridge Is now the mOSt direct con- If II character Is on the bridge between heK Why no! steal a coople of IS-wheeled trucks
nection between the IIJrporl and New York City. row :ull and the lower edge of the map when from one o f the local Illctorles, zoom down to
The Soviets lire nOi inltllllly aWllre thaT IInything the bridge 15 blown. roll for the c haracter on Ihe the other end of the bridge. }IIckknlfe 'em, and
unusuill Is going on Here's whllt they'll do If "SIIlchel chllrge" l!ne of the Grenade end Mine set 'em on fire? God knO\W If 1\ doesn't keep
nobody opens fire and they don't notice IInythlng Combat Tllble to determine if he suffers any Ihe Commies OUI ahogether, It'll sure a5 hell
unusual: damage from the ex.pIo$ion. Then. roll on the faD- iIow 'em down .
Round 1: The vehicles move to hexes 1608 lind Ing and Collisions Table (for a fall of 4 meters) ; Come to think of II, why nOI walt for them
1508. he lands (prone) In the heK below the bridge. to show up before blowing up the trucks
Round 2: Krempko gets out of his cllr. II only one chllrge Is placed, It can be blown leI's commandeer every one of the caTS,
Round 3: Krempko yeUs lind the IVllns sum bIIll- prematurely. (The players mlly figure thllt blow- trucks, lind busses In the area, pu t 'em IIU on
Ing out of their bus. lour per round. They move Ing II will help kin the SovlelS, and that II new the bridge, and setlhem on fire. Even If they
up the ramp to 1810. charge can be pillced after the Soviets are dealt don't UIke the bridge down, I'D bet the RussianJ
Round 7; AD the Soviets lite out of the bla lind
on the TlImp. Krempko yells some more. lind they
sprelld OUtllct'05S the bridge lind move caullous
Iy up II lowllrd the bottom 01 the mllp (2 hexes
wl1h.) In this case, roll for elleh charitCler within
4 hexes of the chMge on lhe 1>uUet-trap grenade~
line of the Grenade and Mine Combllt Tilble. 1hen
make one roll for the bridge: on a roll of 3 or less,
~ ...
won', get 'em cleared before the 71st

Say, d ld n', we pass a loaded garbage scow

upriver somewhere? I bel II would do some
per tum) . the bridge COUlipsel.


= = = = = = = = " ,TBE ADVENTURE SECTION= = = = = = = =

(2.8) Wrapping Up the Fililure

damage If It slammed Into Ihe bridge support
If the bridge is captured int"et and unblocked
at full speed Adventure by the Soviets. Krempko's detachment stays to
And so on
guard It. A few scant minutes lllter. dOlens 01
Well, don't panic. Remember, jlOu !lIe just
If the PCs succeed and Jorgesen is stl11 ahve.
Soviet vehicles stilln 10 pour across It. If your
ImaginatIVe as the p!lIyen; you clin he t" kes them back to the Journal Square station.
loS players haven't made a getaway by this time.
where Echmenedy is supervising operations.
manipulate the environment 10 II greater they're in bad shape.
Echmenedy is pleosed, ilInd gives the PCs just
degree Ihan they can; and you clln be jU5\lIS Journal Square comes under attack while
"bout "ny equipment he has available. The 715t
sneaky as they are - iusl make sure you are Echmenedy's ev"cuallon is in progress The bulk
being sn4!lIky to make the game Interesling, not h"s no he"vy vehicles or weapons. but can pro-
of the 71st Regiment is destroyed by enemy ac-
simply to kill charllclers. vide a wide variety of Infantry arms.
tion . Captured Guardsmen are execuled as ex-
If Ihe players find /I really neal shortcut, go Here's what they can have: amples of what happens to those who defy the
with II. If they seem satisfied to succeed In the any (reasonable) number of M-16s and ammo, new regime, In general. the PCs' names ore mud.
adYeT\\1Jre wlloou\ firing a shot - good; they're: gren"des of v"rtous sons You can play this one of two ways. The PCs
learning how to be gueoillas. However, If II one LAW or light machinegun or rine grenade might be captured by the Soviets. If so, they're
looks ,n If they have been maybe more sue- launcher (with some ammo) , or severilll t",ken to the 7th Guards Airborne DIvision's tem
cessfulthan they really wanted and would be cI"ymore mines porary headquarters lit the People Express ter-
happier If a few of the Commies did gel plenty of uniforms, food. helmets. web gellr. etc. minal at Newark Airport for InterrogaUon. They
through \0 give them i!I light. do U. one plckup or jeep might be able to Improvise a spectacular escllpe
The least elegant lind most frustrating wily additional C4 explosive by, for example. stealing a corporate jet. Or they
to handle player cleverness Is to make 11 fall. might be made the subjects of " televised show-
If the PCs bring 1I Soviet prisoner home.
~Uh, none of the drivers wI!! let you take Ihelr trial, and rescued by fellow freedom fighters at the
Echmenedy Is espedally hllPPY. The prisoner can
cars They say they'll die before surrendertng l;:r.st moment ... wh"teuer. In any event, this can be
provide Invaluillble information about Soviet plans
their Hondas." "Nope. There Is no construc- saved for the next session of piIlY. Taking this tack
and dispositions.
tion going on In the area." "All of the trucks will me",n a lot of improvisation on your part.
Echmenedy Is spllttlng his command up into six-
have nllt tires:' This kind of manipulation Is ex- Or you can simply have the PCs flee, escaping
toten man teams, equipping each heavily. and
tremely onnoying to your players. If you must just as the SovIets start Ihe investment of Jersey
sending them off in all directions. with orders to
1Iiter reali ty to make the adven ture work, do City, as the Journal Square Transportation Center
establish themselves in widely separate areas and
it out of their sight comes under heavy artU!ery fire and Ihe mass ex-
prepare to carryon a guerrilla war.
Maybe the Soviets lire coming In two waves ecution of National Guardsmen begins. You can
a couple of minutes OPllrt; the second wave, Succes s h"'ve them sneak from house to house while
too late to Intervene, shows up soon after- If the PCs succeeded :n blowing or hopelessly Soviet soldiers march past, eventually escaping
wards. witnesses Krempko's fale, and is hop blocking the bridge, they each receive 4 skill points. into the Hackensack-Meadowlands sWllmps and
ping milld and spoiling lor a fight. Or maybe If they returned" live captive to Echmenedy. glve toward BiUy Barstow's Jersey Shore stomping
the Soviets have grabbed a couple of civilian each of them I additional skill point. You may grounds.
helicopters and use the m to ferry a squad to award additional points and 1 hero point for Either way, they blew It; the most they should
the tOP of the building on the players' side of notable achievements, excellence in playing a role, get ou t of the deal Is '" couple of skU! points e",ch
the river - too l"te to save the brtdge, but In or for amusing the gamema5ler, at your discretion. (and 1 per might be more like II) .
time to exact 0 deadly TeVi!nge on the PCs . . Wh",t Ne xt?
But remember, neuer punish the players for
Now your players have to decide what they
being cleverer th"n you expected. Don't throw wllnt to do next. Do they want to continue play-
gobs of Soviets at them just because they killed ing the pregener"ted characters or do they want
the first group easily - throw in the Soviets
to roll up new o nes? Where do they want to set
If the pla~ lire unsatisfied and w"nt to kill up openllions? Do they want to set up II com
some more . munlcallons network with Echmenedy's command
Jt's okay to punish players for being stupid:
or do they want to be lone wolves?
that's how they learn. But they should ,,!ways It is worth your lime to sit down with the players
be rewarded for cleverness. Thai rewllrd elln for an evening and discuss options: then you'l1
be In the form of skill points. hero points,
have some Idea of wh",t they want to do before
equipmen t. ()I'" simply an eosy win
you set up the nex' adventure.
And then mllke the nex t encounter that
much tougher!
E Pluribus Unum.
Out 01 Many, One.


3. DesigDiDg aDd
BUDDiDg AdveDlures
"The mountains look on Marathon- break the plot into a sequence of episodes, each 2. Survivalist Stories. Though no nuclear war
And Marathon looks on the sea; involving a minor problem that has to be solved, has occurred, life in America is going to get pretty
And musing there an hour alone, one after the other, leading to the climax of the rough under the Occupation. By and large, the
I dream'd that Greece might still be free." adventure - the main problem. occupiers will control the major cities pretty
- Lord Byron translate the problems into game terms, so you thoroughly - but much of the countryside will be
(3.1) Packaged Adventures know how to resolve them as they occur in play. controlled by no one, except when a Soviet patrol
or band of guerrillas sweep through. Opportunists,
There are two sorts of adventures: "packaged" many doubtless claiming to be freedom fighters,
ones published by West End or another company, will loot where they will. As the Soviets strip
and ones entirely invented by the gamemaster. We America of heavy industry, commandeer vehicles,
admit a prejudice for the latter, actually. We en- and destroy channels of transportation and
joy spending time and effort creating entertain- distribution (distributors "exploit" the labor of
ment for our friends. We think you'll have the others), food supplies will become scarce. In many
same kind of fun designing your own adventures. areas, the result will be a return to the land and
However, not everyone has copious free time a breakdown of the norms of civilized behavior.
to spend on their hobbies, and we flatter ol,lrselves The breakdown of civilization will not be as ex
in thinking we design pretty good adventures. treme as it would after a nuclear war, but still, the
We've included one with the game to start you off, attitudes of survivalism are appropriate. Suggested
along with a whole slew of short adventure ideas Reading: Lucifer's Hammer, Larry Niven &
(see section 5). We'll publish more as time goes
Freedom's Just Another
Jerry Pournelle.
on. So buy our adventures, or you'll never learn Word for Nothing 3. Stories of the Resistance. The closest
what more the Soviets have in store for our great Left to Lose. historical analog to the American Underground is
land. The fate of America is in your handsl
the World War II resistance to Nazi occupation.
Seriously, we find packaged adventures A number of books on the Resistance have been
useful for four reasons: written by participants; the situations and problems
1. When gamemastering your first few games (3.3) Getting Ideas they encountered will find parallels in America
of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, running a Since the players and gamemaster create a story under Soviet occupation. Their stories may spark
packaged adventure will help you get a better grip when they playa roleplaying game, it's useful to ideas. Suggested Reading: Strange De/eat,
on how to run the game. think about adventures in terms of the kinds of Marcel Bloch.
2. A packaged adventure gives you a good stories they tell. 4. Stories of Soviet Occupation. A number
model for organizing and preparing the materials Any roleplaying game is well suited to some of novels about Soviet occupation have been
necessary for an adventure. kinds of stories, and not well suited to others. For published over the years. ObViously, this genre has
3. Sometimes you may not have enough time example, mE PRICE OF FREEDOM is not wen direct. applicability to the game. Suggested
to prepare your own adventure in advance; when suited to Shakespearean tragedy. It is well suited Reading: Not This August, C.L Kornbluth; and
this happens, it's nice to be able to pull a pack- to stories of bravery under fire.
aged adventure out on short notice.
I, Martha Adams, Pauline Glenn Win~low. Also,
Good places to get ideas for THE PRICE OF What To Do When the Russians Come,
4. Even if you don't use a packaged adventure FREEDOM are: Robert Conquest & Jon Manchip White, a non-
in toto, you may find it contains interesting ideas
1. Thrillers. Many spy stories or other thrillers fiction work of great interest.
or plot devices you can incorporate in your own
adventures. are adaptable to the game. Gathering information 5. Nonfiction About the Soviet Union.
about the occupiers is often extremely important Nonfiction works about the Soviet Union will give
(3.2) Designing Your Own to the Resistance. Moreoever, the most effective you an idea what life under Communism is like.
Designing adventures takes a little imagination way to strike out at the Soviets is unexpectedly; Suggested Reading: Gulag Archipelago,
and time, but it's not very difficult. Basically, you: planting bombs in the right places, infiltrating Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and The "Liberators'~
come up with a story idea, an interesting prob- Soviet installations, etc., might be very useful. Sug Viktor Suvorov.
lem for the freedom fighters to solve, an interesting gested Reading: The Day of the Jackal,
6. Soviet Propaganda. The Soviet version of
combat situation, or the like. Frederick Forsyth; The Fifth Horseman, Larry
American history makes fascinating reading, and
develop a plot around the story idea. Collins & Dominic LaPierre; and Where Eagles
indicates what the Soviets would do if they oc-
Dare, Alistair Maclean. .



cupied America. (For an example, see 5.2.) Sug- mindset of a character different from oneself is the about his personality and physical tags. If the
gested Reading: The Great Soviet most interesting facet of roleplaying. As players interact with the character only briefly,
Encylopedia. gamemaster, you will be called upon to take on those are the only things they'll notice about him
the roles of many characters. However, your goal knowing the character's tags will guide you in
(3.4) Plotting is different from the players'; the characters you playing his role. Giving a character one simple
Any good adventure needs a plot. Plotting is play must advance the plot and contribute to the physical feature and one personality element may
simple, once you have a good idea for a story. All game's atmosphere. not sound like much - but even that will go a
you have to do is remember a few simple rules. A cardinal rule of mystery writing is, "If you long way to making your characters feel different
A prototypical, tried-and-true, stereotyped plot mention a candlestick in chapter one, by chapter to your players.
is this: seven it must play some important role in the plot:'
1. Hero finds a goal. Characters are not to be introduced haphazardly. (3.6) Atmosphere and Mood
2. On his way to the goal, hero encounters a Spear-carriers are one thing; you can have dozens Setting
series of problems and, with effort, deals with of Soviet soldiers who do nothing but fire
As game master, you must maintain an at-
them. Maybe he deals with them one by one; weapons, grunt unintelligibly, and die. But when
mosphere - a tone. Each game has its own tone;
maybe he handles several at a time. you introduce a living, breathing character, who
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM's is that of a grim
3. Finally, hero encounters a major obstacle. talks with the player characters and develops a per-
world populated by despicable villains and
4. After a lot of time and effort, hero finally over- sonality of his own, he must make a contribution
desperate heroes.
comes the major obstacle. This is called the climax. to the story. That contribution might just be com-
ic relief; or he might provide information, or act Jingoism. In the world of THE PRICE OF
5. Hero achieves his goal. Or, he learns why
as an obstacle, a motivator or as a mood-setting FREEDOM, patriotism is not a fair-weather sport.
he doesn't really want to. Or he fails to achieve
device. Here are some examples: When, in our world, someone says something like,
his goal (this is called a tragedy).
"The struggle between Soviet Communism and
And in the process, hero learns and grows. Motivator: His face was expressionless; his
American liberty is a struggle between freedom
Roleplaying games are "multiherd' stories, in eyes glinted dangerously behind dark glasses.
and slavery," there is a temptation to smile. Even
which the player characters cooperate in pursuit "That's correct, gentlemen:' he said. "I'm prepared
if true, it seems overstated. The New Hampshire
of their goal. To this degree, adventures differ from to provide you with 3,000 Yugoslavian AK-47s
license plate says, "Live free or die;" in our world,
short stories. The basic outline doesn't change, and several dozen crates of ammunition if you will
the choice is not so stark. In the world of THE
though. All you need is: do this little job for me:'
PRICE OF FREEDOM, it is. The characters of
Information Source: The shopkeeper refused
1. A definite goal, even if it's kept secret from that world take these things very seriously; you'll
to meet our eyes. He fingered the tattooed
the players at the beginning of the adventure. help your players get in the right mood if you talk
numbers on his upper arm, and said softly, "I do
2. A reason for the characters to pursue the goal about events and characters in the right way. Look
not believe the Colonel will be at his headquarters
(a request passed down through the Resistance over the eagles and quotes throughout the game;
tonight, as he bought a box of contraceptives from
grapevine will always do in a pinch). they should give you an idea of the note we want
me this afternoon:'
3. Some obstacles for them to overcome along to strike.
Obstacle: ''I'm sorry, comrade;' said the
the way, and some ideas for how they might be bureaucrat. "Your ration coupons are past due:' Grimness. The world of THE PRICE OF
overcome. Comic Relief: You crouch behind the trash FREEDOM is a bleak one, enlightened by
4. And a major obstacle for the grand finale. can. You check to make sure your gun is limber desperate heroism. When describing things, use
In THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, a typical and loaded. The column of Soviet jeeps streams adjectives like run-down, grimy, shop-worn, hag-
adventure's goal is to obtain a piece of informa- past the alleyway opening. A small, grimy urchin gard, dull-eyed. The world is grey; whatever col-
tion or a document, to blow something up, to girl comes up to you and stands in full view of the or it contains is in the posters, uniforms and flags
thwart Soviet operations against an area, etc. passing Reds. "Gosh!" she stage-whispers. "Are of the occupiers. Think of the players as shiver-
Character motivation is often proVided by the you a real, live freedom fighter? Can I touch your ing, ill-clad men and women standing outside the
characters' background their passions or in- gun? Can I, can I?" door of a house where gaiety and celebration
terests, or a desire to protect their home town, Mood-Setting Device: The line at the general reign; the Communists party while America sinks
country, or relatives. store stretches around the corner. As you pass it, into decay.
Obstacles are more tricky. Many can be over- you overhear one of its members whispering, "I Heroism. What brightness there is shines from
come with withering firepower. Since the Soviets, hear they have shoes today:' the light of liberty, burning fiercely in the breasts
by and large, are better armed and equipped than Motivator, information source, obstacle, etc., is of a few, scattered men and women. Use words
freedom fighters, this is not always a good idea. the role the character plays in the story; but when like courage, determination, and heroism when
You don't want the players to succeed all the time you talk as the character to your players, when describing that.
just by shooting. If that were the cure-all solution you take onthe character's role, you must lend Bleak; desperate; courageous; opposed by in-
to every problem, the game would get pretty dull. the character a touch of personality. Your numerable foes; that's the world in which the
To make an adventure satisfying, the players characters should not all talk alike; each should player characters live. You'll have to work to make
must use their wits, intelligence and skill to over- use a different vocabulary, a different style of it real to your players.
come obstacles. This calls for puzzle-solving. A speech, even a different accent or tone of voice.
puzzle is an obstacle which can be overcome with Props and actions can help you establish a
a little thought. (That is, you might be able to solve character, too. If you pick up a red pen and stab (3.7) Sadistic Violence
it by going in with guns blazing, but thinking things the air with it every time you speak as John Banks Characters have to have a reason to pursue a
through will show you an easier and less costly of the Revolutionary Reflex Radicals, your players goal. To make your plot work, you must give the
way.) will associate the. pen and gesture with him. players an incentive to pursue its objective.
To construct a puzzle, think of a problem to be Perhaps the character paces when he thinks, THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is a game with
solved. Think of ways the problem could be gesticulates wildly, speaks with his hands held villains who are trying to destroy the American way
solved, and give the player characters the infor- perfectly motionless at his sides. Any little trick can of life. It's a game of violent struggle against those
mation and equipment to implement at least one add depth to the characterization. villains_ You want your playet'J> to try to defeat the
solution. Then, let them work at it. Ithey're smart, Non-player characters are mostly cardboard villains, to want badly to do so.
they'll figure out how to solve it. If they're creative, ones. You needn't spend a great deal of time
they'll solve it in a way you hadn't anticipated. If . agonizing over a character's motivation; unless the
they're not so smart, you may have to give them players are going to encounter the same NPC over
a few hints. And if they're really not so smart at and over, all the character needs is a little per-
all, they'll charge in, guns blazing. So be it. sonality. That's what the "tags" are supposed to
(3.5) Characterization provide.
When you design an NPC, it's worth thinking
As we said in the Player Book, taking on the


Simply telling your players about the situation The big challenge you face is to make the story The Power-Tripper: The power-tripper likes
- Reds occupying America is a start. But you satisfying, while also satisfying the needs of your blowing things up. He likes to wield powerful
want to make it personal. players to make real decisions. Making real deci- weapons, shoot down dozens of foes with a single
Here's a failsafe: at the beginning of each adven- sions is necessary, for unless a character agonizes burst of bullets, and stride like an invincible co-
ture, have the villains do something completely over his decisions, he is merely swept along by the lossus into a rain of fire. He likes being bigger and
despicable, evil and wrong. The player characters currents of the story. The decisions the players better than anyone else. The role he wants to play
should either be watching and unable to intervene, make must matter. (See "GMing Tip: The Illusion is Rambo.
or be told of this horrible act from a sympathetic of Choice" in section 2.4 of "The PATH of There's a little of the power-tripper in every
NPC (e.g., a little girl they've adopted as their Freedom:') gamer. The point of roleplaying is to take on the
mascot). That should outrage them and the But a story is only satisfying if its denouement personality of someone different from yourself -
emotions engendered will carry them through the is satisfying and its characters grow and learn. To and, from time to time, we'd all like to be a little
adventure. make a story work, you must sometimes fudge stronger, a little tougher, and a little smarter.
. For example: the Soviets rip a family asunder. things. If your players get the most fun out of blowing
As the PCs watch helplessly, a heavily-armed When the valiant freedom fighters, who things up, make your adventures heavy on ex-
squad of Soviet soldiers tear the weeping children struggled across the Continental Divide in the plosives and things to explode and play down
from the bosom of their mother and pistol-whip depth of winter, who cut the wire surrounding the the finer nuances of story dramatics and
their father when he tries to intervene. The parents concentration camp and who stole their way to characterization. The rule is always: do what your
are loaded onto a pickup truck, and driven away the door of the Commandant's bed chamber enter players enjoy.
to "reeducation" camps in Alaska, while the and take him prisoner, they are not going to slip The Wargamer: The wargamer likes to plan
mother holds her arms out pitifully to her children. on the door sill, fall, and 'alert the guards. They his strategies carefully, study his moves in com-
Or: the Soviets have orders to confiscate every have not come this far to fail for so petty a reason. bat, and take advantage of every rule. He likes the
cow in the county "for emergency food sup- If the stealth skill roll is unfavorable ignore it. thrill of outwitting his opponents; winning is im-
plies to halt the famine in Arkansas:' A farmer tries But don't let your players in on the deal. A satis- portant to him. Winning is important to the power-
to prevent them, and is shot dead. Because he fying story means maintaining dramatic tension. tripper, too; but the power-tripper's idea of a good
tried t~ stop them, they burn his house and farm- The players must know they are in dreadful danger win is one which involves blowing things up with
stead down - leaving his wife and children stand- every step of the way; the stealth roll is a moment a satisfying bang. The warga mer's idea of a good
ing silently in the rain. for indrawn breaths. win is one achieved with economy of resources
Or: the Soviets decide to rechisel Washington's If you decide you cannot ignore the stealth roll - the smaller the bang, the better.
face on Mount Rushmore into Lenin's. - then what you do must still produce a good Again, there's a little wargamer in everyone. We
Or: one night, a squad of drunken Soviet story. Perhaps the noise alerts only the Comman- wouldn't be interested in games if we weren't in-
soldiers break into the local Catholic church, dant's personal guard, who comes to investigate terested in game systems; learning how to max-
remove anything made of gold (monstrance. himself. The PCs can take him out - but the body imize our odds and do the best we can is a part
candlesticks, etc.), and savagely beat the priest might be discovered, so they'll be under greater of every game. If this is what your players like, con-
when he tries to intervene. time pressure. (There you've turned the disaster centrate on opportunities for combat, and spend
Anything that affects individuals personally has into something which strengthens the story - in- time setting up interesting battle situations. Note
emotional impact; so does the desecration of a na- creasing dramatic tension by applying time that "combat" can still involve a lot of puzzle-
tional symbol; so does a particularly brutal killing. pressure.) solving; frontal assault is rarely a good strategy.
Any use of violence against the innocent or We don't mean to say that the players should
helpless will suffice. always win. If they don't act heroically, they should The Story-Teller: The story-teller likes a com-
If you're running a campaign (see section 4). not be treated as heroes. Too, some stories are plex plot, story development, and a satisfying
using a character's background is an especially ef- tragedies; a heroic death is a fitting climax to a climax. He gets his enjoyment not from firepower
fective device. Seeing an elderly couple turned out story of heroism. But random, senseless death or careful play, but from participating in the crea-
of their home into the bitter December night to makes for random, senseless stories. Always give tion of an epic. He'll often sacrifice his character
make room for a Soviet colonel's headquarters is the players the chance to act heroically. Always or something he finds important to ensure that the
bad enough; when the elderly couple are your give them a chance to recover from mischance. story is well-told and satisfying.
parents, it's something conSiderably worse. The ef- You'll notice that the combat tables are heavily To a degree, telling stories jointly is what
fect is particularly strong if the player characters weighted in favor of wounds and incapacitation; roleplaying is all about; but some players prefer
have met the parents and talked with them several "kill" results are difficult to achieve. That's pur- more of an emphasis on story, and less on the
times over the course of previous adventures poseful; if characters are to continue from one other aspects of roleplaying. A hardcore story-teller
if they know the characters. adventure to the next, they cannot die too fre- would be bored with the kind of drawn-out com-
quently. Feel free, whenever the story demands, bat which fascinates a wargamer. More, story-
(3.8) Heroic Fiction to convert a "kiU" to an incapacitation or to tellers and wargamers want very different things.
Vs. Reality award hero points, so the character can use them If you roll the dice and they come up "kill," a
to save himself. warga mer will want you to apply the result impar-
Fiction is differentfrom reality. When a normal tially. A story-teller will hate you if it means an im-
person is taken into a torture chamber, the chances (3.9) Styles of Play portant character - a major villain or a hero
are he'll never come out. When a hero is taken is killed before his time. Major villains and heroes
into a torture chamber, it's a very different matter. (Apologies to Glenn Blacow)
are only supposed to die at the story's climax.
While playing the game, you and your players When running any roleplaying game, you Again, your job is to match your style to your
create a story. Stories sometimes demand a little should always be sensitive to your players' styles players'. If they're chafing as you develop a careful-
alteration of reality. of play. ly worked-out plot, maybe it's time to send an ac-
For one thing, in the chaos of everday life, our We find it useful to think in terms of four dif- tion scene or a fight their way. If they're bored with
experiences often have no connection to each ferent styles. Obviously, everyone's style of play combat, maybe you should be developing your
other. In a story, every event contributes to the encompasses parts of all four; and any stories more thoughtfully.
plot, by advancing the story, setting the scene, or gamemaster switches from one to the other at
presaging future events. What happens in Scene need but some players tend to concentrate on The Roleplayer: The roleplayer gets the greatest
1 has something to do with what happens in one style or another. kick from imagining himself as his character. He
. Scene 2. All styles are ualid. If you are having fun, you invests great emotional energy in developing the
are playing the game the right way, whatever way character's personality; when his character dies,
that may be. However, if you aren't having fun, he is likely to be greatly affected. He has a clear
maybe it's because your players would feel more idea what his character is like, how the character
comfortable with another style of play. will react to events in his world; he assumes the
Here are the four we use: patterns of speech and the modes of thought of
his character when playing.


Playing a role is what roleplaying is all about; (3.11) Rewards Equipment as Magic Items
even the most combat-oriented game contains an There are two ways for a character to become
At the completion of each adventure, you
~Iem~.nt ~f ro~eplaying. Some find the unique m?re powerful: by obtaining new abilities through
should award skill and hero points to the player
ldentificatlon wIth a character more important than skIll and hero points; and by obtaining powerful
characters. They give the players a sense of ac-
others. equipment.
complishment and personal growth.
Guerrillas find equipment hard to come by. That
(3.10) Props How points are spent is discussed in the Player
may not be strictly true in the beginning days of
It's often helpful to prepare hand-outs for your the Occupation, when all of America's resources
When you design your adventure, you should
~layers. "The PATH of Freedom" is an example; can still be drawn upon; but even then, anything
decide, in advance, how many skill and hero points
It uses a whole series of maps as hand-outs. more than small arms will be tough to find. As time
a player should receive for successful conclusion
Prepared maps save time; you don't have to goes on, even rifle ammunition will be increasingly
of the adventure. The longer and more difficult
describe the situation, and the players can study scarce.
the adventure, the more points which should be
a map while planning their next move. Consequently, nifty equipment will always be
allotted. If the players botch it, they should receive
Props don't end with maps. They can include a great prize for the player characters. Obtaining
lists equipment; letters, telegrams, newspaper
headlmes or other messages; pictures or
fewer points; if they do particularly well you
should give them more. '
a heavy weapon could easily be the object of a
whole adventure. You should consider giving the
\bu should think about what parts of the adven-
photographs; and so on. players a few goodies at the end of any adven-
ture are difficult, and assign point awards for per-
Props serve several purposes. First, they con- ture when they've done a good job.
forming specific tasks within the adventure. For ex-
tribute to the game's atmosphere. Second, since On the other hand, be parsimonious. If you
ample, in "The PATH of Freedom;' the players get
t~ey can be examined and handled, they con- hand out too much equipment too fast, you'll have
extra skill pOints if they not only blow up the bridge
tribute to a sense of reality. Third, they may con- two problems. For one, the PCs will have so much
but take a prisoner as well. '
tain clues which the players can uncover through stuff they'll get blase about getting more
In general, we suggest assigning 2 to 6 skill
close examination and analysis. defeating the purpose of giving them equipment
points to each character at the successful conclu-
When you design your own adventures you in the first place. For another, they'll get too
sion of an adventure. If the players fail to achieve
should give some thought to props. If the pes are powerful.
the objective, you should assign 1 to 3 skill pOints
to assault. a museum now used as a fortress by Look, we include rules in this game for some
to each character at the end of play. A player
the occupIers, perhaps they will stumble on an old pretty awesome weapons. You can give your
should only get the high end of either range (i.e.,
touri~t:~ map of the museum (which you can get playe~ a 120mm mortar
by vlsltmg the place). If the PCs find a hastily-
3 ~r points) if he did particularly well, came up
but you're nuts if you
do. With something like that they can sit seven
With mterestmg ideas, or amused you.
scrawled and partially-illegible note, perhaps you kilomete~ away and blow up a SOViet encamp-
Characters should receive hero points for ac-
should scribble a note, instead of just telling them ment at their leisure. THE PRICE OF
tin~ herOically. Cowardice or weaseling earns no
what they read. FREEDOM isn't designed as a simulation of a
pomts. If the players really botch their mission
This ~rings up a point; when you tell the players
don't give them any hero points (at all). For th~
high-intensity modern battlefield, but as a simula-
somethmg, they often have the feeling they can tion of guerrilla warfare.
typical successful mission (say, blowing up the
learn more by wheedling. If you say, "and then, If you've played fantasy games, think of
Communipaw Bridge in "The PATH of Freedom")
the note becomes illegible:' they'll say something weapons as magic items. You wouldn't give a first-
you should give out no more than one hero point
like, "Well, I study it harder:' or "I make a skill roll level character a Lordly Wand of Infinite City
per player. If the characters succeed and strike a
to try to read it:' If you hand them an iUegible note Destruction, would you? No more should you give
it will be easier for them to accept that it truly i~
significant blow for the Resistance, you might
your players a fully-eqUipped and loaded tank.
award as many as three hero points for every two
players. Two hero points per player should be (al
an exceedingly rare occurrence; and (b) the result
of a spectacular advance for the Resistance's cause.

Live Free or Die.


4. SelliDg Up a CampaigD
"The only purpose for which power can be their actual physical abilities. Players should talk may also find Geological Survey maps invaluable;
rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized this over with each other and the gamemaster; a they provide great detail on elevation and terrain
community, against his will, is to prevent harm cooperative assessment of each player's abilities all over the U.S. To get information on Geological
to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is less likely to be biased. (Since everyone has 50 Survey maps, write:
is not a sufficient warrant." attribute points, this is not a matter of saying (East of the Mississippi:) (West of the Mississippi:)
- John Stuart Mill "You're puny, you miserable weakling, your
character only has a strength of 7," but of saying U.S. Geological Survey U.S"Geological Survey
Each of the adventures published for THE Eastern Distribution We~tern Distribution
PRICE OF FREEDOM is a stand-alone adven- "you're quite agile but not particularly strong, so
why don't you knock a few points off strength and Branch Branch
ture; that is, it comes with its own setting and its 1200 South Eads Street Box 25286, Federal
own set of pre-generated characters. You can play add a couple to agility.")
2. Each player should allocate 100 of his 150 Arlington, VA 22202 Center, Bldg. 41
the game this way - with each adventure entire- Denver, CO 80225
ly separate from all others - as long as you like. "free" skill points to skills he actually does possess.
Remember, though, that one of the most en- The other 50 points may be allocated to skills he One of the big advantages guerrillas have over
joyable aspects of roleplaying is coming to under- does not actually have. The rationale is that "John regular armies is superior knowledge of terrain.
stand a character by playing him; players will Doe in the world of THE PRICE OF "The PATH of Freedom" contains a trivial ex-
become attached to their characters, and will want FREEDOM" has, over several years, seen that ample; the National Guard was able to escape
to continue playing the same one. Soviet occupation is a real possibility, and has Manhattan even though the bridges and tunnels
That's when it's time to set up your own prepared accordingly. The last 50 points will were guarded because the invaders hadn't realized
campaign. presumably be used to provide the combat skills the existence of the PATH tunnels. You and your
that might otherwise be lacking. players, with detailed knowledge of your home
(4.1) What is a Campaign? area, will be at a similar advantage. Indeed, while
A campaign is a series of connected adventures. "researching" adventures for your campaign, you
Each player plays the same character from adven- may learn some interesting things about your area
ture to adventure, creating a new character only - about old rail tunnels, abandoned mines, water-
when his old one dies (or decides to retire from sheds and aquifers, Indian mounds, etc. Any of
the war for some reason). Generally, it is set in these could be the basis of an interesting
a particular geographic area, though the characters adventure.
may stray far from their homes. Often, it involves You can use sites and characters from your area
a cast of non-player characters whom the PCs en- to enliven your campaign. When your PCs blow
counter repeatedly over a series of adventures. up the local McDonald's (because a Soviet Col-
onel is using it as his staff headquarters, say) it will
(4.2) Avatar Campaigns mean a lot more to your players precisely because
An avatar campaign is one in which your players you know where it is and what it looks like. You
can use people from your area as NPCs, too; if
play themselves - that is, John Doe's character Death Before Dishonor. you all dislike your high school principal, for ex-
is John Doe, as he would be if he lived in the world
of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM. ample, he'll obViously collaborate with the Com-
You might begin by gathering your players mies and join the Party. Imagining what people
together, and telling them America has been con- you know will do and how they'll react to the
quered and the Russians are landing, and asking changed circumstances of the world of THE
them: "What do you do?" Not "your character," PRICE OF FREEDOM can be a lot of fun.
but you. Personalizing the problem this way makes (4.3) Setting If you choose an area other than your own as
it immediate and powerful. Regardless of whether or not you run an avatar the site for your campaign, you'll find it useful to
There is a problem with an avatar campaign; campaign, your home town or area makes a good do a little research. USGS maps may again prove
I, for one, am not in the best of physical shape, setting for your campaign - a good "home base" helpful; gUidebooks, road maps, and the local
and my experience of modem weapons ends with for the player characters. It's a good setting because chamber of commerce may be useful, too.
the time I shot a .22 at camp. I wouldn't last long it's familiar to you; when you tell your players A third alternative is to build an imaginary town
in the world of THE PRICE OF FREEDOM - "some Soviets have dug in around the First Na- somewhere in the U.S. Choose a plausible loca-
neither, I suspect, would many players. I suggest tional Bank on Route 46," they'll know exactly tion for it, and draw up maps and other informa-
you tell your players to generate characters under what you mean. tion as needed. This gives you complete control
the following guidelines: If you use your home town, you'll also be able over the campaign, but lacks the immediacy that
1. Since each player's character is himself, to get props easily. You can probably buy a street a real location brings.
players should allocate attribute points to reflect map of your area at a local stationery store. You


(4.4) Character Backgrounds But Captain Gomez's jeep has not returned. Recurring characters can also come from en-
Toolerville is still a site of strategic importance - counters. If the players respond in an interesting
One of the advantages of an ongoing campaign both to Jorgesen's Green Mountain Boys and to way to an NPC you had planned to use for just
is that you can knit the characters in.to the world the Reds in Washoe City. You can expect another one adventure, you may want to find a rationale
in which they live. A character's family and pas- occupation force in a matter of days - hours, for bringing him back.
sion become more than mere motivation; they maybe, if General Gilinsky learns of the destruc- Lastly, recurring characters may be an integral
become an important part of the world. If John tion and thinks it important enough to dispatch part of your plot. An opponent may be recurring
Doe's brother-in-law is Martin Dee, Mayor of airborne troops. because you need to develop his evil plans over
Toolerville, how Martin reacts to Soviet occupa- And what of Lily Topkiss's vital message for the time, having the players respond as those plans
tion (collaboration? resistance? flight?) will affect Rebel Command? Half the town has flooded become increasingly clear. One adventure may be
John Doe very strongly. basements and water damage - how wi11 they about thwarting the opponent's current operation;
If you're playing an avatar campaign, your react when they learn what you've done? Will the whole campaign may be about defeating him
characters are already well integrated into their Daddy Capshaw finger you for stealing his over the long term.
society because you already know who your dynamite? Will Jimmy Bliffen forgive you for kill
players' relatives are and what they're like. In ing his dad? (4.6) Integrating Packaged
another kind of campaign, we suggest you work As you clean your AK47, you wonder what
with your players as they develop their characters. the future holds.
Tell them a little about the area where the cam- One drawback to running a campaign is that it
paign takes place; and suggest possible relatives, makes using published adventures more difficult.
roles in the town's society, politics and culture, etc. Most published adventures are set in a particular
(Maybe Mary Dee runs}he annual Volunteer area and make assumptions about Soviet objec-
Firemen's Spaghetti Dinner.) Figure out reasons tives which may not jibe with conditions in your
the PCs would know one another (shared campaign.
relatives? work? membership in the Volunteer This is not an insoluble problem. All adventures
Firemen?). for THE PRICE OF FREEDOM contain sugges-
Then, use those relationships in your campaign. tions for how to use them with your own PCs. In
What happens when the Soviets seize a character's many cases, with a little bit of alteration you'll be
business? What happens if they threaten the able to adapt the adventure to your own area. If
relatives of one of the PCs? When John Doe visits worst comes to worst, you can have the PCs
the house of Martin Dee and discovers that it's
Magna Veritas shanghaied across the country on a mission of vital
been burned to the ground - and is then picked e,t Praevalet. importance, which, according to orders received
up by State Security agents who want to know Great is the 7l-uth from the shadowy command of the rebellion, only
why he's poking through the rubble you've got they can perform. In many cases, though, you'll
the beginning of an adventure. and It Prevails. have to treat packaged adventures as sources for
A campaign's main advantage over uncon- ideas.
nected adventures is character continuity - as the
game goes on, player characters' personalities (4.7) A Timeline
(4.5) Recurring NPCs
become clearer, more fully fleshed. Character In order to tie events in your local area to larger-
backgrounds become an important part of the Another way to IEmd continuity is to have the scale, worldwide events, you should develop a
players' thinking. PCs encounter the same non-player characters timeline. A timeline for the first year of the Oc-
The difference between DC and Marvel com- over a series of adventures. They'll come to know cupation is provided in the Background Section
ics is illustrative. In a typical DC comic - Batman, and understand the NPCs, and to look forward of this booklet; our adventures and newsletter will
for example each stOry begins and is completed to encountering them. extend it. You can use our timeline to integrate
in a single issue of the comic. The same characters Recurring NPCs can play all the roles described your campaign with ours - or develop your own.
carry over from one issue to the next, but the in 3.5 opponent, informant, and so on. A recur- A timeline is essentially a list of events, in
background is unchanging, and characters rarely ring opponent - perhaps the commander of the chronological order and with dates attached. As
grow. In a typical Marvel comic Spiderman, for occupation forces in the players' area is a you run your campaign, you must keep track of
instance a story begins and is carried on over natural. Remember that one goal of the guerrilla the passage of "game time" - if your PCs take
a series of issues. The character interacts with his is always to know his opponents and the cir- two "game weeks" to bring off an operation, that's
background more - e.g., Spiderman finds and cumstances under which they operate; getting to two weeks for the rest of the game world, too.
loses a girlfriend while defeating a new plot by the know their adversary and his methods should be As the campaign goes on, the events you've
nefarious Doc Oc - so the result is something one of the players' main goals. planned for the rest of the world occur on
more like an ongoing soap opera than a series of You must spend more time imagining the per- schedule. These events must be ones over which
discrete short stories! sonality and attitudes of recurring characters than the PCs have no or little control. For example, the
Ideally, a campaign should be the same way. of ones you use once. A "cardboard character" Stavka (Soviet High Command) might decide to
The character's background should change as he with no more personality than his tag soon ship two diviSions from the pacification program
does; there should be a dynamic sense of involve- becomes dull; if the players are to interact with a in Mexico for rest and recreation in the U.S. The
ment with the world of the game. "Adventures" character over time, he must have interesting PCs might learn of this from Radio Free America,
should rarely begin, continue for a while, then end. features. Think in terms of passions, interests, or when two new divisions show up in their home
Ideally, the end of one adventure should lead emotions to which the character is prone, his goals area.
logically and inevitably into the next one - and in life and styles of speech. Timeline events are a way of throwing your
there should always be loose ends for the playe~ Recurring characters often are born of the players a curve-ball. Something unexpected hap-
to explore. background for your campaign. If two PCs share pens, and they are forced to react. A good time
a relative, that relative may very well become a t6 spring such a surprise on them is when they've
The rushing waters have subsided. As you recurring character. If the PCs use a farmer's barn
planned, the flood waters from the dam you blew just completed one adventure - setting the scene
as a safehouse, the farmer becomes important. It for the next one.
up washed away the Nicaraguan encampment. is important to know who in town is with the
There's nary a Communist soldier to be found for Planned timeline events can also include things
ReSistance, who is in the pay of State Security, Over which the PCs do have some control. For ex-
miles around. The flood left an APC resting gently who becomes the new mayor under Soviet con-
on its side against ToolervilIe's town hall. ample, your recurring villain may have planned
trol, who provides information to the PCs. three operations, each of which depends on the

'''PATH'' stand. for "Port Authority Trans-Hudson Rail Tran.it System." The PATH Is a subway system Ihal runs from New 'lUrk 10 New Jersey. but which is not connected to the regular New York City subway system,
and which is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, The Port Aulhority Is a huge agency joinlly created by the states of New York and New Jersey, which administers the Port of New York
and New York-are. airports, among other things. It also buill and owns the World Trade Center,


~~~~~~~~TBE ADVENTURE SECTION~~~~~~~~~

success of the previous one. If the PCs don't stop

him, the three will happen according to schedule.
But if they foil the first operation, the other events
are aborted.
One good hook for a campaign is to plan a long-
term and major piece of nastiness (say, the Soviets
are planning on shipping everyone in the entire
state to the Yukon), and gradually allow the players
to discover the magnitude of the problem over a
series of adventures. Then, they must adventure

5 Ad venlure B 00k S
in search of a way to solve it. The result can be
11 sort of grand quest, climaxing in an epic struggle.
In any event, a timeline helps create the feel-
ing that there's a whole world going on around
the PCs, and that the actions they take, while im-
portant, are only a miniscule portion of the global
struggle. That very fact - and the fact that the
outside world can intervene in unexpected ways
- creates dramatic tension.

(4.8) Parsimony
Suppose you're told "clear the Town Hall of
"When the People contend for their Liberty, them respond only to coded commands - in
people:' If your only equipment is a pistol with two
they seldom get anything by their Victory but new other words, put them at the disposal of the
rounds of ammunition, you're going to have to
masters." Rebellion. The code can be changed periodically
- George Savile to keep the Soviets from regaining control. The
walk into the Town Hall and persuade the folks
satellites would give the Rebellion instantaneous
there to leave. If you've got an automatic grenade (5.1) Radio Free America and easy communication across the country -
launcher and a 50-shell clip of gas grenades, all
'~ .. dit dit dit dah ... dit dit dit dah ... Radio a huge benefit. The only thing the Soviets could
you have to do is set it up and squeeze the trigger.
Free America is on the air." do would be to destroy the satellites with ASAT
Which is the more interesting roleplaying
To millions of Americans, hunched over short- weapons. Even if they did so, use of the satellites
wave radios with the volume turned down low would at least be denied the Soviets.
Any problem can be easily solved with sufficient
those words are the last beacon of hope in a world Kurasawa has constructed a device to transmit
resources. Easy problems don't make for in-
gone mad. Radio Free America, the Voice of the software to the satellite net. He has it and the
teresting adventures. You want tough problems -
Resistance, is for most Americans the only source necessary software with him. The Soviets know
ones that will challenge your players.
of information not controlled by the Communists. this. They have some idea where he is located.
That's why you've got to be parsimonious:
Radio Free America is the brainstorm of short- Small bodies 01 Soviet troops are combing the area
What we mean by that is: don't give out a lot
wave ham Tony Kurasawa. Before the war, he looking for him.
of equipment. We've said that before, but it takes
built, using commonly-available parts, what was Before the PCs link up with Kurasawa, they
on a little different meaning in the context of a
for its weight the most powerful shortwave should stumble across two or three small groups
campaign. Keep equipment scarce. Your players
transmitter in the world. of Soviets. They find out the Soviets are looking
shouldn't have a lot of equipment - neither
Shortly after the Occupation, he took to Califor- for Kurasawa - but not why - from prisoners.
should anyone else, except for the Reds, of course.
nia's Coastal Range with a mule, his transmitter, Eventually, they find Kurasawa at a prearranged
Trying to solve a problem with inadequate
and several cans of gasoline to fuel a generator. rendezvous point. He demands they take him to
resources - with very few tools - is a real
Since then, he's travelled cross-country, gathering a Geological Survey benchmark. (Benchmarks are
challenge. So keep everything scarce - ammuni-
news and transmitting it. He's built several addi- small plaques scattered across the country as fix-
tion, fuel, weapons, even food 'and shelter.
tional sets along the way; the plans are widely ed locations from which surveyors may measure
Parsimony does more than make problems
distributed in samizdat form. Twelve transmitters distances. They can be located on USGS maps.)
more of a challenge. It can also be used as motiva-
now roam the mountains of America, blanketing The benchmark will give Kurasawa the fixed loca-
tion; as long as the PCs have inadequate
the nation. tion he needs to narrow-beam the software ac-
resources, you can always hold out the hope of
Shortwave radio bounces repeatedly off the curately up to the satellites.
food, ammunition or materiel as the objective of
ionosphere; Kurasawa's transmitters transmit Unfortunately, the Soviets have concluded
an operation.
straight up. Triangulation is virtually impossible; Kurasawa might use a benchmark. A bug has been
If the PCs truly want heavy weapons, there's
though they try hard, the Soviets can rarely pin- planted at everyone in the PCs' area.
a place to get them - from the enemy. Of course,
point the location of any transmitter. Since the The PCs get Kurasawa to a benchmark around
the enemy will be pointing those weapons at the
transmitters are mobile and the operators of Radio nightfall - time for his daily news broadcast. Once
PCs, but surely they can figure out how to prevail
Free America are in constant communication with the broadcast is over, he explains what the other
over such minor inconveniences. After all, guer-
the Resistance, even if the Soviets do get a good transmitter is for as he begihs to set it up ...
rillas always face superior forces; they have to be
fix, by the time they arrive the transmitter is long Then, the roar of aircraft is heard overhead.
smarter than their opponents. That's what the
gone. Parachutes bloom; a whole company of Spetsnaz
game is all about.
Kurasawa is now in the PCs' area of operations. is dropping to stop Kurasawa ...
Through the grapevine, they receive orders from
Rebel Command: escort him through your area (5.2) Jack Reed's Body
and protect him as necessary. Provide him with Reed, John. Born Oct. 22, 1887 in Portland,
whatever information he asks, and let him gather Ore.; died Oct. 17, 1920 in Moscow. American
news as he may. labor leader, writer and publicist . .. Reed came
The task sounds like a simple one. It is not. to Russia as a war correspondent in 1917, sided
What the PCs don't know is that America's com- with the Bolsheviks, and enthusiastically wel-
munication satellites are still in orbit, now in the comed the October Revolution . .. In August and
service of the Communists. The satellites' pro- September 1919, Reed helped found the Com-
gramming is intact. A group of programmers in munist Labor Party of America . .. Reed's book
contact with the Resistance has developed a piece Ten Days That Shook the World was a truly in-
of software which, if transmitted to the satellites, novative work about the October Revolution . ..
will take them out of the Soviet circuit and make The book won international renown and was


praised by v.I. Lenin, who wrote an introduction Periodically, the Soviets learn his location, and (5.4) Agent Provocateur
to it . .. He died of typhus and was buried in Red start searching for him. At that point, it's time for
Square . .. his current captors. . . uh, sorry, honor guard ... A couple of townsfolk were killed in the night.
from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, to pass him along to another Resistance group. Not unusual, these days, but these were not KGB
N.v. Mostovets This time, he gets dumped on the PCs. killings; the victims didn't simply disappear. In-
Presage Merken's arrival by mentioning him stead, the bodies had obviously been tortured, and
Jack Reed, genuine American Communist.
several times during the course of other adven- a note was found with each. The note read, "So
Jack Reed, figure of the October Revolution. Jack
tures. Maybe let the PCs hear one of Merken's die all enemies of America," and was signed with
Reed, Father of the United American Soviets ...
speeches on Radio Free America: a rattlesnake - . one of the symbols of the
The United American Soviets, like every other
"My friends ... fellow Americans. Two centuries Rebellion.
Communist nation, has its great heroes. Some are
ago, our forefathers lit a lamp that has never State radio and television has reported the
familiar to those who remember the days before
dimmed: the torch of liberty. Here, in the dark atrocity in considerable detail, identifying freedom
the Occupation, like Sam Adams and Patrick
forests and the vast expanse of a virgin continent, fighters as "terrorists" and calling upon the people
Henry, genuine revolutionists, whose vision of a
a few brave men fought an enemy from a foreign to resist the blandishments of "counterrevolu-
classless America [sic] was betrayed by reac-
shore to preserve the fundamental freedoms which tionary wreckers:'
tionaries [sic] like Washington and Hamilton.
are the birthright of all men, wherever they may The odd thing is. . . neither of the people killed
Some are more obscure, like Jack Reed, the
be. Tonight, let us remember the example of those were collaborators. One, in fact, was an occasional
greatest figure in the new pantheon of heroes.
who shed their blood to make man free. I ask you, informant for the Resistance.
The Communists hope to build a cult of per-
join with me, join with me in prayer that all who The whole thing is a KGB plot. The killings were
sonality around the figure of Jack Reed. They plan
still value their lives, their loves, their children, their performed by an agent provocateur, sent to per-
to fly Reed's body, long preserved in the Kremlin
hope for future happiness, will, as did the Sons form atrocities and make them look like the acts
against this very day, to America. The Jefferson
of Liberty so long ago, rise against a foreign op- of the Rebellion. His whole purpose is to discredit
Memorial will become the Reed Memorial; Jeffer-
pressor! Let the cities, towns and farmlands of the PCs in their home territory.
son's head will be removed and replaced with a
America .. :' He's set up a hideout somewhere in the territory,
bust of Jack Reed, and quotes from Reed's work
But you get the idea. By the time Merken ar- from which he makes his nightly forays. The PCs
carved on the walls of the Memorial. Reed's
rives, they should be completely familiar with his can find him in one of three ways: by correctly
preserved body will be displayed to visitors, as
legend. Embellish that legend a little: birth in a deducing the location of his hideout (if they're
Lenin's is in Red Square.
humble log cabin in the back woods of New familiar with the area, they may be able to nar-
The Rebel Command hears of this plan. It
Hampshire, stalwart support for rearmament in the' row it down to a few possible locations); by guess-
decides to strike a blow for truth and liberty. Jack
days before the Occupation, narrow escapes from ing where he will strike and catching him in the
Reed's body must be destroyed. The propagan-
Soviet patrols. By building up Merken's reputation act; or by keeping an eye on the local Red com-
da value would be priceless.
in the minds of the players, you're preparing for mander. The agent visits the commander every
The players' mission: intercept the body as it is
The Big Day when The Great Man arrives. two or three days to get new information and
carried by armored car from Dulles Airport to the
At a prearranged rendezvous, a group of orders; usually they meet at a prearranged rendez-
Memorial. Destroy it there, or hijack the armored
Resistance fighters delivers Merken to the PCs. vous, but occaSionally the agent will actually go
car and destroy it later. Since the proceedings will
Merken seems calm and a little depressed his to the commander's house.
be televised, get whatever propaganda value can
current guardians have taken his liquor away and Until they catch him, the agent gradually scales
be gotten from disrupting the convoy - if pos-
won't let him play. up his operations. At first, he just commits a few
sible, seize the camera and televise an impromp-
The leader of the Resistance group says, "Here murders. Later, he plants a bomb in a busy place
tu call for revolution before being cut off.
he is, and God help you." He won't talk about in town (bus station? town hall?) which explodes,
Merken's peccadilloes. Let the PCs find out for killing and injuring scores - then phones local
(5.3) The Last Congressman themselves. radio to take responsibility in the name of the
Merken does his best to wheedle the PCs into Rebellion. He r.cruits a couple of local dimwits
The Honorable John Q. Merken, R-New Hamp- procuring liquor for him. At first, he plays the role (who think he actually is with the Resistance) and,
shire, is the last free Congressman. All others have of Sober Representative of Your Government, but with their help, holds up and kills travellers.
been shot or coopted into the Soviet puppet as soon as he gets a bottle, he's sozzled. Ideally, all this should be happening while you
regime. He is the last extant representative of the He'll do his best to escape the PCs and get to run a normal series of adventures for the players
legitimate Federal government. the nearest town to find women and booze. If they - just tell them about a news story every so often.
Per rebel propaganda, Merken has bravely put have any residual respect for him, he'll be awfully Let them conclude that an agent provocateur is
himself at the disposal of the Revolutionary forces. hard to stop. Imagine the PCs trotting down a road in their area on their own.
Sought wherever he goes by the Soviets, he has after Merken, moaning, "But, Congressman ... As time goes on and the atrocities escalate, the
courageously crossed the country, rallying But, Congressman ..." while Merken swills Jack PCs find their normal channels of information dry-
Americans behind him as he travels. His speeches Daniels and sings "My Sweet, Sweet Rose:' (He ing up. People were at first sure that the reports
are periodically broadcast on Radio Free America. has a nice tenor.) on State Radio were fabricated - but by now
American spirits everywhere are lifted by the Keeping Merken sober and out of trouble should they've seen the bodies and heard the explosions.
knowledge that, somewhere, somehow, a be more of a problem than dealing with a Guards They aren't so sure any more. They're not positive
representative of their legal government remains Tank Division. they want to help the PCs.
at large. You can string things out for as many episodes As Mao said, a guerrilla survives among the
Per rebel propaganda, Merken is a combination as you want: saving Merken from a shotgun- people as a fish does in the sea. Only, now the
of Thomas Jefferson, Davy Crockett, and Charles wielding farmer irate at finding Merken and his PCs are losing the sympathy of the sea. If they
DeGaulle. daughter in a hayrick; locating him once he's don't do something quick - they may be
Actually, he's a loud-mouthed, drunken bigot escaped to town and rescuing him, drunk, from betrayed to the local garrison commander.
who spent most of his pre-Occupation days swill- under the nose of the local Reds; figuring out how The final act in the drama is supposed tobe the
ing beer and chasing skirts. His only redeeming to provide him with an infinite supply of powerful destruction of the town. Perhaps the PCs learn this
quality is that he does give a pretty good speech. bourbon; etc., etc. by bugging the commander's house; perhaps they
If he had a choice, Merken would still be swill- Eventually -but not before the Soviets have have an informant in the occupying forces;
ing beer and chasing girls; but, to his loud pro- figured out Merken is in the neighborhood, and perhaps they capture someone on patrol and he
testations, the Rebel Command insists on drag- are scuttling about like a hive of disturbed ants - reveals the information. If you can't think of any
ging him around the country as a symbol of Free the PCs get orders to pass him on to a group in other method, one of the cleaning ladies who
America. the next county. works in the Soviet barracks stumbles across an
Getting him there past Soviet patrols may be incriminating note and passes it on to the PCs.
an adventure in itself.


The plot is this: the occupiers will move out of will be less likely to nuke an American city if they tractors, Mind-numbing cold, an inadequate diet,
town and link up with the agent provocateur. know the Resistance has a nuke. brutality on the part of both guards and fellow
They'll take off their uniforms and SWitch into What they ought to do is turn it over to the Rebel prisoners - it's pretty tough.
"civilian" garb - then come roaring back and kill Command and let them worry about what to do. There's one way to survive and get out. That's
everyone in the town. They'll doctor the evidence to keep together, punishing anyone who injures
- and State TV will have graphic footage of rebel (5.6) Gulag Archipelago a member of the group;, to indoctrinate fellow
atrocities on a grand sea [e. prisoners politically and organize them; to kill
The PCs can stop the attack in one of several The PCs are captured. They're questioned, tor-
anyone who looks like he might inform, Finally,
ways. They can publish their evidence; if it's solid tured, and forced to sign a confeSSion to "counter- once the majority of the prisoners are organized,
~nough, the local commander calls off the opera-
revolutionary activities;' Then they're shipped to
to revolt - fall on the guards, grab their weapons,
tion. Or they can attack while the Soviets prepare Keewatin, Northwest Territories. and take over the camp. Dozens, maybe hundreds,
- when they're changing clothes, say. Or they can One of the most notorious of North America's will die in the process.
secretly arm the townfolk in preparation for the new death camps. Once victorious, the 'revolters can loot the
attack, and lead a defense in true Seven Samurai To run this well, you'll have to read up on the
camp's supplies. They find adequate warm clothing
style. Soviet Union's slave labor camps. As a brief in- and food for alL The smart thing to do is equip
troduction to life in the camps, we recommend everyone with supplies and scatter across the
(5.5) The Nuclear Express Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan
Northwest, heading generally south, If the PCs
A number of personnel in unfamiliar uniforms
Denisovitch. Those who can stand unrelieved stick around too long, a regiment of Interior troops
grimness can try Gulag Archipelago. For
have been seen in and around the Red encamp- will show up to restore order.
something a little more cheerful, see Suvorov's
ment. They seem to outrank most of the garrison.
The PCs' informants in town don't know who they
description of his time in the "glass house" in The (5.7) "Welcome, Comrade
"Liberators." General"
are, and the Reds are being careful with the infor-
The PCs are stripped of all their possessions and
mation. The PCs' first step is to learn who the The local garrison is in an uproar; General-
loaded into an unheated, ill-constructed cattle car.
strange Soviets are. They can get the information Polkovneek Gilinsky is coming for an inspection.
The trip by rail to Keewatin takes more than a
in a number of ways: kidnapping one of them ob- The local commander is determined to put on a
week. The prisoners are not proVided with
taining a book of Soviet military uniforms, 'etc. good show to prove that his (normally sloven-
The Russians are members of the Strategic ly and only marginally competent) unit is a vir-
A number of other prisoners are on the same
Rocket Forces - the Soviet force specifically tual paragon of military efficiency. Every Soviet
train. Some may try to beat up the PCs and take
charged with the maintenance of nuclear in the county has been called in to whitewash
whatever possessions they still have. If the PCs
weapons. buildings, improve the garrison's defenses, wash
stick together, they should be able to survive.
~heY're spending a lot of time performing and polish vehicles, and in general provide a patina
However, they will be cold; several may be sick
mamtenance on a local rail line. They're doing of spit-and-polish,
by the time the journey ends; and all will be
more than that; they're clearing a path a dozen Naturally, all counterinsurgency operations have
hungry, for the rations are meager.
meters across on either side of the line, and string- come to a complete halt. The local commander
The train is staffed by more than a dozen well-
ing it with razor wire. is well aware that impressing General-Polkovneek
armed guards (wearing another uniform which
A dozen Minuteman missiles are being railed Gilinsky is much more likely to advance his career
may be new to the PCs that of the troops of
from their silos in North Dakota to the coast for prospects than racking up a good body count.
the Ministry of the Interior). They treat the slightest
shipment back to the USSR. The most convenient Nonetheless, killing guerrillas is the ostensible
insolence as an excuse for' a sound beating.
path lies directly through the PCs' territory. Most rationale for his command, so impressing Gilin-
Anyone interfering in a beating is shot.
of the rest of the route is through territory closely sky with the unit's counterinsurgency expertise is
.Escape is Virtually impossible. Not only are the
held by the SOViets; the PCs' region has been iden- important, as welL They'll put on a mock battle
pnsoners guarded night and day, but for the lat-
tified as one of high risk. Consequently, Strategic to show Gilinsky how efficiently they work. They
ter half of the trip the train traverses unrelieved
Rocket Force soldiers have been sent to ensure set up a "rebel camp" on nearby Green Moun-
security. expanses of apparently unpopulated wasteland
dense forests, vast plains and finally, tundra. You tain, and one platoon is detailed to play the role
The first part of the adventure is detective work of the guerrillas. A combined helicopter and ar-
the last part is a straight-forward firefight. Th~
might, if you wish, permit the PCs to escape at
this point but if so, their chances of survival are mored attack will descend "unexpectedly" on the
players' options are limited; they can choose where "rebel camp," routing the "guerrillas" with elan and
slim. They'll be hundreds of miles from civilization
along the track to attack, but the whole line in this dispatch,
with nary so much as a pocket knife. If you take
area has been fortified, and the train will be welJ The PCs get wind of all this fuss when all Soviet
this route, read up on wilderness survival; an
guarded. Unless they make some pretty clever patrols stop and they have virtual free run of the
adventure devoted to learning how to survive with
plans, their attack will be repulsed, If they're in- county. Naturally, they'll want to prepare their own
none of the accoutrements of civilized life could
telligent guerrilJas, they'll then choose the better welcome for that most valiant of Soviet soldiers,
be quite interesting.
part of valor; if not, it's time to roll up new the renowned Comrade GeneraL
When the prisoners arrive at the camp, they are
characters. Perhaps they'll stick with pranks and nuisance-
tattooed, beaten on general principles, and
Suppose the PCs succeed. The missiles are too value attacks - sabotaging the copters on the eve
escorted, to their barracks. The barracks are
large and bulky to transport, and can't be launched of the big attack, shelling the garrison with rockets
unheated; the beds consist of bare, unfinished
from the rail cars. Stealing the train is an invita- as Gilinsky arrives, Perhaps they'D have the temeri-
wooden boards. Rations are 2000 calories of slop.
tion to a devastating air strike. The PCs can ty to ambush Gilinsky's armored car as he drives
The prisoners are fed at haphazard times. The PCs
remove a nuclear warhead or two and take them up, But we think the best plan is to attack the
may not, at first, be able to believe they are ex-
wrecking the electronics on the rest of the missiles: "guerrillas" on Green Mountain, and take their
In this case, the Reds go crazy. The better part pected to eat what they are fed: watery, foul-tasting
gruel, maggoty meat, lumps of animal fat. The place - setting up SAMs and antitank weapons
of a division shows up and starts combing the area. in advance to destroy the unwary "attackers," [1'1
The PCs are harassed night and day until they get caloric value of each meal is small; the PCs must
learn to eat this garbage or die. the resulting confUSion, they should be able to
out of the region or are captured. In any event, destroy much of the garrison's strength before the
what are they going to do with a nuke? They'll 2000 calories is barely enough for a' grown man
to live on. It isn't enough if you're performing hard Soviets realize what's up, and get away before a
be hard put to find a place where they can set it coordinated response can be mounted,
physical labor during the day - which the
off on American soil and do more damage to the
prisoners are. They're building a pipeline across
occupiers than to Americans. As long as they can
the Northwest Territories - without bulldozers or
keep it, it does have a deterrent effect; the Soviets


6. Attributes
"All government is evil, and parent to evil . .. Go Without food, water or rest for an extended Alertness: Noticing someone standing sti1I across
The best government is that which governs least." period of time. a field.
John L. O'Sullivan Avoid getting drunk when drinking heavily. Constitution: Voluntarily going without food for
The five attributes are strength, manual dexteri- Recover from a disease. several days while a ready supply is available.
ty, agility, alertness, and constitution. Etc. Difficult Tasks: Reduce the character's attribute
When a character tries to do something go- The above are gUidelines, not absolute rules. number by 3 to 7 before rolling.
verned by his innate bodily abilities, rather than In borderline cases, you must decide which at- Strength: Picking up and carrying someone who
by learned knowledge or skills, an attribute roll is tribute is used. Your decision is final. doesn't want to be picked up and carried.
made to determine whether he succeeds. Manual Dexterity: Setting a bone under com-
(6.2) Difficulty bat conditions.
(6.1) What Attributes Govern Agility: Running along a sloped roof.
The Player Book says that a character's at-
Make a strength roll when a character tries to: tribute or skill number is doubled before any roll Alertness: Noticing someone hiding behind a
Lift something heavier than himself. is made if he is not "under stress" when perform- tree across a field.
Carry something heavier than himself for more ing a task. You must determine when a character Constitution: Staying on a hunger strike for a
than a few meters. is "under stress" and when he is not. In general, week while a ready supply of food is available.
Break or bend an object which is difficult to break whenever there are enemies in the vicinity, the PCs Very Difficult Tasks: Halve the character's at-
or bend (e.g., a large stick, an iron bar, etc.). are trying to do something surreptitiously, they lack tribute number before rolling.
Haul someone over a cliff. tools or time, etc., they are "under pressure;' Strength: Climbing a mountain wearing a 50
Etc. In addition, attribute numbers are modified if kg pack.
Make a manual dexterity roll when a the task a character is trying to perform is especially Manual Dexterity: Throwing a grenade while
character tries to: difficult or easy. Again, you are the final arbiter. heavily wounded.
Here are some gUidelines: Agility: Running along a sloped roof while under
Do several things at once with his hands. fire.
Perform a delicate operation (e.g., solder wires Trivial Tasks: The character succeeds
automatically. No roll is made. Examples: Alertness: Noticing someone in camouflage
to an electronics board) if he has no particular hiding behind a tree across a field in the rain.
training in the relevant skills. Strength: Lifting a 5 kg weight.
Manual Dexterity: Using chopsticks. Constitution: Fasting for 40 days and 40 nights.
Throw a grenade (or other object).
Juggle several objects. Agility: Balancing on a ladder. Impossible Tasks: An attribute roll is only per-
Alertness: Noticing someone standing im- mitted if a hero point is spent (see section 8).
mediately in front of you. Strength: Picking up a bus.
Make an agility roll when a character tries to: Constitution: Going without food for several Manual Dexterity: Skipping a rock 50 meters
Run qUickly for short distances. hours. across a river to hit someone on the other side.
Balance on a precarious perch. Easy Tasks: Increase the character's attribute by Agility: Running along a wet, sloped roof while
Jump a substantial distance. 5 before rolling. under fire, leaping off the edge, grabbing a lamp
Perform any kind of "swashbuckling" maneuver Strength: Lifting and carrying 30 kg for several post on the other side of the street, swinging
such as leaping from one moving car to another, meters. around it, and landing lightly on your feet.
swinging on a chandelier, etc. Manual Dexterity: Throwing a grenade if given Alertness: Noticing someone in camouflage
Etc. time to study the target. behind a tree across a field in a blinding
Make an alertness roll when a character tries Agility: Crawling along a sloped roof. snowstorm.
to: Alertness: Noticing someone who has just turned Constitution: Surviving nerve gas.
Hear a quiet noise (e.g., the sound of someone a corner in front of you before walking into him. Again, you decide exactly what modifier to ap-
cocking a gun). Constitution: Voluntarily going without food for ply to a character's attribute. You are not limited
Notice a camouflaged object. several days. to halVing or adding or subtracting 5; you may ap-
Notice something at a great distance. Average Tasks: Do not modify the character's at- ply whatever modifier you feel appropriate. The
Notice an unusual scent or taste. tribute score. rules above are intended as a gUideline, but you
Etc. Strength: Picking up or carrying something as are the final arbiter.
heavy as the character for several meters. Some modifiers which apply to all attribute (and
Make a constitution roll when a character
Manual Dexterity: Throwing a grenade under skill) rolls are listed in the Skill and Attribute
tries to:
combat conditions. Modifier Tables (see Freedom File DJ.
Avoid passing out when incapacitated.
Agility: Walking along a sloped roof.
Run over a long period of time or over great


(6.3) Attribute Vs. Attribute
Often, a character uses one of his attribu,tes in
a contest with another character, instead of using
it to affect an inanimate object. For example, in
an arm-wrestling match, characters use their
strength to try to overcome each other. This is
called an attribute vs. attribute contest.
Roll a die for each character. Add each
character's attribute to his die-roll. The higher
modified roll wins.
Example: Joe and Bob arm wrestle. Joe's
strength is 6; he rolls a 13, for a total score of 19.
Bob's strength is 12; he rolls a 9 for a score of 21.
Bob wins.
As gamemaster, you may modify one or both
attributes to reflect an advantage or disadvantage.
7. Skills
(For example, if Bob were weak with hunger, you
might reduce his strength by 3 before rolling.)
Important Note: Remember that low rolls are
normally good, but in a contest between two
characters, high rolls are good. "If men are to wait for liberty till they become. character uses a weapon, he hits his target on a
'wise and good in slavery, they may indeed wait successful skill roll. See the combat tables in
forever." Freedom File D for more information.
(6.4) Increasing Attributes Lord Macaulay Automatic Weapons: The ability to use rapid-
(Optional) Most character actions are governed by skills fire automatic weapons, including automatic car-
As a general rule, attributes cannot be increased. rather than attributes. When a character tries to bines, automatic rifles, machineguns and
They represent a character's innate, inborn physical use a skill, a skill roll is made. The procedure for submachineguns.
abilities, unlike skills, which represent learned resolVing skill rolls is essentially identical to that Bows: The ability to use cross~, sport and hunt-
abilities. A character can learn to use a learned for attribute rolls; the number rolled on a die is ing bows and slingshots. I
ability better; but his innate abilities are set by compared to the skill number, etc. Remember that
heredity. a skill of 10 is considered to be "competence;' and Gunnery: The ability to use a heavy direct-fire
In reality, it is true that someone can increase thus any character with a skill of 10 or more need gun such as a tank gun or artillery employed in
strength, agility, etc., through intensive training not make a skill roll for tasks of average difficulty a direct-fire role.
over a period of months. If you like, you may per- when not under stress. Hand-to-Hand: The ability to melee barefisted,
mit a player to increase one of his attributes by Rule 6.2 (modifying attribute numbers for dif- including mastery of hand-to-hand combat tech-
one or two points, if he follows these strictures: ficult or easy circumstances) also applies to skill niques such as boxing, savate, karate, etc.
Training takes a period of at least 4 rolls. So do rules 6.3 (resolving attribute contests Heavy Weapons: Familiarity and experience with
game-months. between two players) and 6.5 (interpreting rolls). grenade and rocket launchers, light antitank
Every session of play for the period of training, Note that both "skill-vs.-skill contests" and "skill- weapons, etc.
the player must make a point of mentioning his vs.-attribute" contests are possible. For example,
if one character uses his camouflage skill to hide Indirect Fire Weapons: Familiarity and ex-
training. Any failure to mention training is suffi- perience with indirect-fire weapons such as ar-
cient reason for not awarding the points. an object, another might use his alertness to at-
tempt to detect it. tillery, mortars, howitzers and naval guns.
At the end of the period, the character must
Melee Weapons: Familiarity and experience with
spend 1 hero point per point of increase (see 8). (7.1) Roleplay It Out the techniques used when employing melee
In many cases, a skill can be used to resolve weapons, such as saps, knives, swords, bayonets,
(6.5) Interpreting Rolls a situation which really ought to be roleplayed. For nunchuku, etc.
(Optional) example, if one character is attempting to purchase Pistols: Familiarity and experience with handguns
a gun from a blackmarket dealer, you may want (including revolvers, automatics, and machine
Sometimes you, as gamemaster, will want to to take the role of the black marketeer and haggle
know how well a player did something - whether pistols).
with the player. Don't let the player get away with
he succeeded particularly well, or failed particularly saying, "Well, I, uh, use my bargain skill:' Tell him Rifles: Familiarity and experience with light arms
badly. We find it useful to use the number rolled he's got to bargain. such as rifles and shotguns.
as an indication of performance. We don't want Make the bargain rolls yourself, surreptitiously, Thrown Weapons: Experience with hand-thrown
to get too bogged down in detail, here; suffice it and let the numbers you roll affect the outcome weapons such as throwing knives and shuriken.
to say that a roll which is much lower than the at- of the contest. However, also take into account
tribute is a spectacular success, and a roll which how well the player haggles; if he does a particular-
is much higher is a spectacular failure. (The reverse ly good or bad job, modify his bargain roll
is true when two characters are using their at- accordingly. (7.3) Communication Skills
tributes against one another.) In general, roleplaying situations is more satis- Bargain: Bargain is used when a character wishes
Example: A mugger is approaching Tom fying - and interesting - than simply making skill to purchase an item from another character at a
Wysynski from behind in a dark alleyway. Tom has rolls. In some circumstances, you won't have a lower-than-quoted price, or wishes to gain some
an alertness of 12, and the gamemaster rules he choice, however; sometimes a player's character additional benefit from the bargain. Bargaining is
must make an alertness roll to detect the mugger is much better at something than the player resolved as a "skill-versus-skill" contest. In general:
before the mugger is upon him. Tom's player rolls himself. (Joe might be a terrible bargainer, but his If the modified rolls are close to one another,
and rolls a 1. The GM rules that Tom is so spec- character have a high bargain skill). In this case, the agreed upon price (or other exchange) is equal
tacularly alert that he not only turns to face the let the skill rolls mean more and the roleplaying to an intermediate value which the gamemaster
mugger before the mugger attacks, but may even mean less. sets. (Normally, you should split the difference;
draw his revolver and get off a shot.
(7.2) Combat Skills but don't let a player choose a "target price" of
zero in the knowledge that you'll split the difference
Each combat skill gives a character the ability and he'll get the lowest price that way. Choose a
to use a class of weapons. In general, when a price you feel is reasonable.)


If one character's roll is very much larger than Instrument: Ability to play a particular instru- (7.4) Craft Skills
the other, the final price is close to that character's ment. A successful skill roll means the piece is
target. played well; a failed roll means timing is off, notes A number of craft skills can be used to repair
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If one party are missed, etc. objects. When a character with such a skill is
dislikes the other, is desperate to buy or sell, is presented with a broken object, he makes a skill
Interrogation: Use of this skill involves a skill- roll; if it succeeds, the object can be repaired (in
threatened, a kickback is involved, etc. vs.-attribute contest against the victim's constitu- a couple of minutes - 1 to 10 combat rounds,
Bureaucracy: Bureaucracy skill is experience with tion. If the modified interrogation roll is higher, the at the gamemaster's discretion) with available tools
and an understanding of the procedures of victim talks freely, providing whatever information and parts. If the roll fails, additional tools and parts
bureaucracies. It is used to obtain information, he thinks his interrogators want. (He will lie if that must be obtained; once they are obtained, another
documents, forms, etc. from a bureaucracy. Essen- is what it takes to get them to stop.) If the con- skill roll may be attempted. A second failure means
tially, if a skill roll succeeds, the character has gone stitution roll is higher, the victim holds out. Note: even better tools and parts are required. A third
to the right place and found the right person to A notably low constitution roll also causes the vic- failure means that the item is unrepairable as far
get what he needs. If it fails, he must go elsewhere, tim to suffer a wound, unconsciousness, or even as the character is concerned. The availability of
wait, and try again - losing at least two hours in death. tools and parts depends on the game situation;
the process. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Victim has no in our world, you can drive down to the garage
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If the player strong reason to resist; victim is strongly or auto parts store, but that isn't generally an op-
is trying to obtain something restricted or illegal, ideologically committed; victim has good reason tion open to guerrillas.
if character's record is tainted (e.g., trying to deal to hope for rescue, or good reason to abandon Always feel free to modify skill numbers if the
with Soviet bureaucrats with "counterrevolutionary hope; etc. damage is particularly severe, or if a wide variety
tendencies" stamped in your internal passport), of tools and supplies is available.
Appliance Repair: Ability to repair common
Business Management: Experience with the electrical appliances - refrigerators, lamps, stoves,
procedures and methods of businesses. A high blenders, televisions, etc.
business management skill will enable a character Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of
to operate a business efficiently and at a profit. tools, degree of damage, difficulty of repair.
Skill rolls may be made to ferret an important piece
of information out of a financial statement, detect Construction Trades: Knowledge of construc-
embezzlement while examining a set of books, etc. tion skills, e.g., bricklaying, tiling, electrical wiring,
plumbing, plastering, etc. A successful skill roll pro-
Con: A.character uses his con skill to attempt to vides information about a building's construction,
persuade an NPC to perform an act that is not or repairs a problem.
in the NPC's best interests. Unlike the fast talk skill,
con involves reasoned argument, and relies on
Extremism in the Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Inability to
study problem at close hand, lack of tools, etc.
false logic or information and the target's trust in Defense of Liberty
Craft: Knowledge of one craft (of player's choice).
the character for its success. If truly successful, the is No Vice ... Possible crafts include pottery, blacksmithing,
victim may never know that he has been duped.
Generally, any con attempt should be broken goldsmithing, gemcutting, jewelling, fur-making,
down into a series of steps, and a separate roll sewing, glass-blowing, sword making, basket-
made for each. For example, if a character tries weaving, boat-building, instrument construction,
Language: The ability to speak a particular metal-working, welding, etc. A sud:essful skill roll
to get an NPC to a) put down his weapon, b) language (specified on the character sheet). In
cooperate with the PCs, and c) provide them with provides useful information about an object or in-
theory, a successful skill roll is necessary to under- dicates successful completion of a task.
information, three rolls would be made. stand something said by another character.
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If the target Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Lack of tools,
Remember that a skill of 10 is competence; in lack of time, inability to study problem closely, etc.
has good reason to trust or distrust the conman. practice, players will rarely make skill rolls for
Cryptology: The ability to code and decode language, except in unusual circumstances - Demolition: Knowledge of and experience with
messages and break codes used by others. Coding when trying to understand someone who is speak- explosives. Successful demolition rolls are required
a message or decoding something when the code ing in technical jargon, for example. to make explosives, use home-made explosives
is known is easy (double skill number before roll- in combat, etc. Demolitions skill may also be used
Sketching: The ability to sketch a recognizable to synthesize explosives (but a skill roll failure can
ing). Breaking a code is time consuming and dif- representation of something. A successful skill roll
ficult - how difficult depends on the complexity be dangerous).
means someone examining the sketch can ac- Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Improper
and sophistication of the code. curately identify the object sketched and salient
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Sophistica- materials, etc.
features the sketcher wished to impart.
tion of the code used. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: The sketcher Driving: Ability to maneuver a powered vehicle.
Fast Talk: A character uses fast talk to make an took particular care; poor-quality materials were A successful skill roll is required when perform-
NPC hesitate while the character performs some available (a burnt stick on birchbark); etc. ing a difficult or dangerous maneuver (cornering
action. Typically, it might be used to get past a at high speed, etc.).
Writing: The ability to communicate cogently and Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Difficulty of
guard, rip out a phone line, etc. The target intelligibly in written form. A skill roll is made when
hesistates out of uncertainty and indecision in the task, road conditions, etc.
a reader attempts to understand what was writ-
face of a high-pressure verbal assault. One who ten. A failed roll means he misunderstands at least Driving, Heavy Vehicles: Ability to maneuver
has been fast talked quickly overcomes his indeci- one important facet of the information contained. large and awkward vehicles, including tractor-
sion and resents being manipulated. Remember again that a skill of 10 is competence; trailers, tanks, APCs, and the like.
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If the target if neither writer nor reader are under pressure, a Electronics: Ability to repair electronic devices
has particular reason to trust or distrust the fast character with a writing skill of 10 or more will and design new ones using off-the-shelf com-
talker; if the target has orders not to permit the always succeed in imparting information. Note: ponents (e.g., radios, bugs, electronic duck calls).
action the fast talker wishes to take; if the target When writing in a language other than the writer's Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of
has been fast talked by the same character before. native tongue, two skill rolls must be made - once supplies, etc.
Fine Arts: Knowledge of painting, sculpture, for the writer's language skill, once for his writing Flying: Ability to maneuver fixed-wing aircraft (in-
music, etc. Skill rolls might be made to: skill. cluding gliders, light aircraft, jets, ultralights, etc.).
Identify a particular work. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Increase it A skill roll is required when performing a difficult
Compose a piece of music, paint a painting, etc. very substantially for simple messages, decrease or dangerous maneuver (landing under poor
A "successful" roll means a work of merit. it for very complex or technical ones. weather conditions, performing an Immelman,


Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Weather con- Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Secureness (7.6) Survival Skills
ditions, condition of craft, etc. of network; sophistication of technology; difficul-
ty of task. Camouflage: Ability to disguise or conceal ob-
Forgery: Ability to forge documents and papers. jects to look like their surroundings. When some-
When forged papers are passed, make a forgery Engineering: Knowledge of civil and military one attempts to observe a camouflaged object,
skill-versus-alertness attribute test to determine engineering. Ability to design and direct the con- make a camouflage skill-versus-alertness-attribute
whether the forgery is detected. struction of buildings, bridges, fortifications, dams, roll.
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If the forger etc. Involves a knowledge of the characteristics of Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If the
does not have an example of the item to be forg- materials (wood, metals, plastics) and the ability character has plenty of time to spend concealing
ed at hand; if proper tools and materials are not to predict the strains they can withstand, etc. Skill the object; if appropriate supplies (e.g., paint, net-
available; if under time pressure; etc. rolls are needed to determine whether the objects ting) are available; if observers have detection
Gunsmithing: Ability to repair guns and build constructed stand up to repeated use. eqUipment, etc.
them out of improvised materials. When an im- Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of
materials and tools, difficulty of task. Camping: Ability to: start a fire without matches,
provised gun is first fired, a skill roll against the site a camp (avoiding dangers such as placing it
builder's gunsmithing skill is needed to determine History: Knowledge of the history of a particular in a stream's floodplain), find water in the
whether or not it explodes. culture, nation, or civilization (specified by player). wilderness, determine location using maps and
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of Can be used to identify a reference used by some- compass; etc.
tools and materials. one else, or a parallel in the history of the culture Reasons to Modify Skill Number: It has rained
Helicopter: Ability to maneuver a rotary-wing air- in question. recently; very dense woods; difficult terrain, etc.
craft. As with other craft, a skill roll is required Humanities: Knowledge of literature, philosophy, Criminal Operations: Knowledge of procedures
when performing difficult maneuvers. poetry, theology, etc. Can be used to identify a used in theft, burglary, etc. Can be used to iden-
Locksmithing: Ability to pick locks, open safes, quote or reference. tify easy ways to enter buildings, to disarm alarm
etc. With proper tools, plenty of time, and no Law: Knowledge of legal systems and court pro- systems, appraise items of value, etc. May also be
worry about making too much noise, any lock can cedure. Theoretically, a successful skill roll would used to establish contacts in an area's criminal
be opened. A skill roll is necessary when any of have an effect on a trial except that the Com- underclass.
the three elements is lacking, and failure means munists are unlikely to pay much attention to the Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Stringent
the element is inadequate (lock cannot be open- legal niceties when they want someone found guil- precautions, sophisticated alarm systems, etc.
ed with available tools, cannot be opened in ty. Conceivably the skill could be used in the Disguise: Ability to disguise people to prevent
available time, or listeners are alerted). resolution of disputes among members of the others from recognizing them. When someone
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: If more than Resistance. looking for a disguised person sees him, make a
one of the three necessary elements is lacking; or Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Patent guilt disguise skill roll to determine whether the disguise
for particularly primitive tools or particularly or innocence of the party in question. is effective. If not, make an alertness roll for the
sophisticated locks. Medicine: Knowledge of diagnosis, treatment, observer to determine whether he sees through
Navigation: Ability to chart a course when ob- and surgery. Can be used to sterilize wounds, ease the disguise.
vious signposts (or continuous roads) are lacking. pain, prevent incapacitated characters from dying, Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Intensity of
Location-finding principles usually depend on ex- etc. scrutiny; availability of tools (make-up, etc.); time
amining the heavens, but the skill also includes When a chru:acter is wounded, the Healing Table pressures; etc.
ability to use equipment which interfaces location- (see the last pages of this booklet) is used to deter- Drug Lore: Ability to identify drugs, predict ef-
finding satellites, dead-reckoning instruments, etc. mine whether he dies of his wounds or is healed. fects of dosages, synthesize drugs from raw
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Lack of or Generally, a character will die after a period of time materials, establish contacts with users and sup-
primitive instruments, cloudy skies, etc. unless a successful medical skill roll is made to treat pliers, appraise the value of quantities of drugs,
Vehicle Repair: Ability to repair motorized him. If a successful medical skill roll is made, his etc. N.B.: Guerrilla movements often use black
vehicles, including cars, trucks, tanks, APCs, light condition is stabilized; after a peri ~ time (in- markets, including the drug trade, as sources of
aircraft, etc. dicated on the table), a constituti0n roll is made cash.
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Conditions for the character. If the roll is a success, the Reasons to Modify Skill Number: How common
under which repair is attempted, availability of character's condition improves. or unusual the drug in question is; availability of
tools, etc. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: When treating tools and equipment; intensity of local enforce-
incapacitated characters: x 1/2. When treating ment; etc.
(7.5) Education Skills light wounds: x 2. Also modify skill number for
availability of supplies (antibiotics, sterile bandages, Fishing: Ability to obtain useful food from a body
Biology: Knowledge of plant and animal biology. of water. A skill roll may be made once per hour
A successful skill roll will identify a species, and surgical equipment) and conditions (hospital, filthy
prison camp, etc.). spent fishing. A successful roll means a quantity
may also identify soil chemistry problems, diseases, of fish is obtained. When fishing with hook and
etc. May identify hazards not otherwise apparent Physics: Knowledge of classical mechanics, fluid line in a small stream or pond, assume enough
(e.g., spoor outside cave indicates it's inhabited by dynamicS, subatomic particles, nuclear phYSiCS, food for 1 person for one day js obtained. Multi-
bears, etc.). etc. A character with physics and one with gun- ply the quantity caught as follows:
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of nery could, in a pinch, use indirect fire weapons x 2 jf fishing in a river, lake or bay, or from an
testing equipment, reference works, etc. (make rolls for both characters to see if fire is on ocean shoreline
Chemistry: May be used to synthesize explosives, target). (A successful engineering roll, and possibly x 2 if fishing with nets
gas, smokeless powder and primer for ammuni- crafts rolls as well, would still be needed to build x 4 if fishing in the ocean from a boat
tion reloads, guncotton for cannon shells, etc. A them.) x 1/2 in the winter
skill roll failure can be unfortunate. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of x 2 if fishing during a fish run (e.g., on a stream
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Availability of reference works, calculators, computers, etc. in the Northwest during salmon season)
safety equipment, reference works, chemically Social Sciences: Knowledge of sociology, an- Reasons to Modify Skill Number: For good or
pure materials, etc. thropology, economics, psychology, etc. Totally inadequate equipment; for area lore.
Computer Science: Ability to find data in, useless. Horse-Riding: The ability to train and ride horses
manipulate, and crash computer systems. Useful (as well as mules, donkeys, etc.). As with vehicles,
for gathering information, planting information, a skill roll must be made when attempting a dif-
destroying information, and disrupting enemy ficult or dangerous maneuver while riding -
operations. failure means the character has fallen off (and must
roll for damage from the fall see Falling and


Collisions Table in the Gamemaster Charts). cessful alertness roll. See aiso the bushwhacking
Also, at the end of an extended ride, make a skill rules (5.10 in the Player Book).
roll to avoid saddle sores. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Difficult sur-
Reasons to Modify Skill Numbers: Surface con- face (e.g., creaking floorboards), darkness, en-
ditions, horse's condition, factors which might cumbering objects (hobnailed boots on a hard sur-
"spook" the horse, etc. face, clanging mess kit, etc.).
Hunting: The ability to obtain useable food in a Swimming: A competent swimmer (skill of 10
rural area by killing animals. A successful roll or more) need not make a skill roll when he enters
means a quantity of food is obtained. In grasslands the water, unless it is swiftly flowing, turbulent, or
during the summer, enough food for one person he's being shot at. Under normal circumstances,
for one day is obtained. Modify the amount ob- characters with skills of less than 10 do have to
tained as follows: .. . Moderation in the make skill rolls, but their skill number is doubled.
x Ij2 during winter Defense of Freedom Under stressful conditions, all characters must
x 2 during fall make rolls.
x 10 in a farming area (but watch out for angry
is No Virtue. If swimming over a prolonged time, repeat a roll
farmers - you've just killed Daisy) every fifteen minutes - more frequently if the
x 2 in a wooded area water is particularly cold. Failure means the
x Ij2 in dry grasslands character sinks and begins to drown. While drown-
x Ij4 in desert The gamemaster may require several skill rolls for ing, he must make another skill roll every combat
x 1/4 if firearms are not used (x 1/2 if bows are arduous climbs. The skill may be used to help round. Any successful roll means he is no longer
used) others climb; a separate roll is made against the drowning. For the effects of drowning, see section
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Lack of am- helper's mountaineering skill for each climber. 10.4 in this book.
munition, area lore, etc. Reasons to Modify Skill Number: For especial- In combat conditions, a swimming character
Lore: "Lore" involves knowledge of the terrain, ly steep slopes, for especially smooth surfaces, if may tread water and make one rapid fire, or move
people, and other attributes of a particular region. mountaineering equipment (ropes and pitons, etc.) three hexes. If hit in combat (stun or worse), he
For the sake of simplicity, we use area-code regions are available, etc. must immediately make a skill roll; failure means
for most purposes. Pickpocket: The ability to take something from he sinks and begins to drown.
When in an area of which he has Lore another's person without notice, and to perform Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Swiftly-
knowledge, a character may use his Lore skill to sleights of hand in general. A failed skill roll means flowing or turbulent water, if character's arms or
find shelter, locate people who can help him, ob- the person whose pocket is being picked notices legs are tied, if character is being shot at or struggl-
tain information which might be of use, etc. In the theft (or identifies the sleight of hand). ed with, etc.
general, the gamemaster makes a die-roll if the Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Presence of Tail: The ability to follow a character in an urban
character might know a fact of importance; if the a crowd, target distracted, character restrained, etc. environment. Rolls must be made periodically (at
roll is successful, he tells the player the fact in ques- gamemaster's discretion) to determine whether the
tion. (Example: There's an old, unused mineshaft Stealth: The ability to sneak up on someone
without being noticed. A failed roll means follower makes a "slip" that might reveal him to
under the building. If the character has Lore his prey. Even if he makes a slip, the target will
knowledge of the area, the gamemaster would something revealing has occurred - a noise, a
motion, which might be observed. The target is not notice the follower unless a successful alert-
make a skill roll to determine whether the character ness roll is made.
already knows about the mineshaft.) not necessarily alerted unless he makes a suc-
Attempts to lose a tailer are resolved as a "taU
In a rural area, Lore skill can also be used to vs. tail" skill contest.
increase the chance of success when Fishing or Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Lack of cover,
Hunting. A successful Lore roll increases the presence of crowds, if follower is familiar to target,
Fishing or Hunting skill number by 5 (subject to etc.
gamemaster modification).
Tracking: The ability to follow a character in a
Note that all characters begin with Lore
rural environment. Unlike a tailer, a tracker does
knowledge of their area of birth. Lore of other
not follow the target closely, but follows by notic-
areas can be learned.
ing changes made by the target's passage - foot-
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: Other interests
prints, broken branches, etc. Rolls must be made
(e.g., a mining engineer would be more likely to
periodically or the path is lost.
know about a mineshaft); obscurity or common-
Reasons to Modify Skill Number: For easy
ness of knowledge; etc.
(snow) or difficult (hard rock) surfaces; if target is
Mountaineering: Used to scale steep surfaces taking precautions; for lighting conditions;
such as cliffs, mountain slopes, and buildings. A presence or absence of vegetation; etc.
successful skill roll means the task is performed
without mishap. Failure may mean sliding some
distance along the slope, or may mean falling off.


..............................=-.....,......= TBE RULES SECTION ................................................=

8. Bero Points
(8.1) More about Hero Points the PC oway IInylWllY After all, thl5 Is heroic to award hero points to "cowardly" PCs, lind
fiction, lind not the thoroughly implaUsible we advise you to give the caullous PC li"le joy
Player characters lire beneT than others This 15 world of Saturday morning cartoons (cf. Wile In his use of the lew hero potnts he may recem
because they lire heroes The protagonists of E, Coyote and sticks of dynamIte) In the course of a campalgn. HOWt!V(!f, this be
heroic fiction are better Ihan other chalClClers~ aher However, lithe players will cooperale with Ing a world with modem wellpons. we 8llped
all. if they weren't. they wouldn', be heroes. you to teU a satisfying and plausible story, you tOe players to hoard their first few hero points
The PCs are oot. however. some form of homo shouldn't have to be bloody minded and the to protect against In}ury. Some may caD this
superior They liTe people from 011 walks of life hero point rules should be bent (but not cowardice. We call this lin eminently sensible
whose COUToge lind abilities mark them as broken) in their fa\lOr The spending of a hero response to II d,:lTlgerous environment
eKtremely capable freedom fighters, They put on polnt represents a drllmatlc moment In play, A PC should be judged undeserving, of hero
their pants one leg al II. rime, lind they obey the lind the player who spends a point should per points If he Is consistently Jess brll\le ond Jess
normal Tules of the game - eKcept In moments form occordlngly If the PC proposes that the clever than his fellow PCs. Cleverness Is ohen
of great dl!lnger or stress. when they show why main gun shell penelnltes deep Into the soU more usefulthlln bra\IeTY In guerrillll actions;
they lire the stuff of heroes. In g3me terms, we before explodJng, and his character Is hurled If the PCS succe{'d with proper gueTTlIIII tac-
represent reaching b;-Jck for 50mething II!xtra or forward by II wall of dirt from the force of the tics ("never be afraid to run IIWIlY~ lind the rest
making your own luck with hero points explosion, you could reasonably rule his player of section 8 of the PI~ Book), they should
Each PC begins with one hero point. At the end does not ha\le to roll for damage on the Vehi- receive M many hero points as they would II
01 an adventure, they may obIaln additional points. cle Weapons and Anillery Combat Table. (Cau they hlld solved the problem 0 /(I Rambo. This
0Ne srrongly recommend you follow the gukleHnes the PC stunned from the explosion. and hllw will confuse those players who think WIth their
In ~Rewards.~ section 3, 11. for now many 10Ia1 hero him spend 0 couple 01 rounds digging out from mocho and not with thetT brains but. In time.
points per adventure oughlto be given to the PCs.1 under the wllll 01 din.) they'D come to undemand thlll the best
Each hero point Is precious. Hero points should RolepLayIng gamft, like other fiction, require response to ()\/erwheimlngly su~r force Is
be aworded Infrequently, ond spending one should the willfulsuspenskln 01 disbelief [nddents like not to present yourself to be stomped by It
have a notlceoble Impact. The gamemaster hos the main gun ellllmple do happen In rell[ life E\len though you, a5 gllmemll5ter. tlln
the flnolsoy as to whether spending a hero point Our production manllger, who was II sergeant change or modify the rules to suit your (and
will hove the effect a player desires - but In in Vietnam, tells of II buddy who stepped on presumably the players') fllncy. lind the hero
general, a player should be given the benefit of lin extremely poIWI"fu[ anlltank mine. The men point rules are Intended to be especla.lly field-
the doubt within ten yards were Instantly killed, lind ble, you shouldn't ever IIIIow "succeed In a skill
A PC moy not normaUy spend more than one sewrlll others to fifty yards out were Injured or ollribute roD" lind ~mllke II heroic effort" to
hero point In a combat round or at the same tlme. His buddy was lifted straight upwards by the be. uwd In the same combat round Or on your
However. a PC may spend a hero point to Mig_ blast and, as antitllnk mines shoot out shrapnel head be It
nore a kiD" or HIgnore fatigue or exhoustion:' ond at ground level, he was unscratched by the ell-
then spend 0 sec::ond hero pointln the some com
ne_d HIb"oet: _nd DiUlgerou. Acu
plosion. (HCIWeIIeT, hts back was broken wOen The ralion of hero points lor successfully
bot round he landed on a paddy dike.) This Is plllusible.
Section 6 In the Player Book I15t5 woys In completing lin IId\lenture should dl/"ectJy cor-
Stlf\/Iving In dlreCl Une-of-ftre of shrapnel to ~, relate to the number of PCs presentet /I play
which hero points con be spent At the gllme "it's only II flesh wound" Is not.. It's aU In how
master's discretion. they can be spent In other Wily! session (per "Rewards." 3.11). When IIlWlIrdlng
you tell a story. hero points et the end 01 the dey, please keep
os well
How Heroic a Point? In mind Ihat PCS who have died will merit
[n ~nera[, if II player's actions ore sufficiently some of these hero points. Unless these Pes
heroic. or enhance the story, or entertain you, died through their own stupidIty, their dying
GMing Tips you should make his use of a hero point that actlons were almost certllinly heroic end wor-
Urin. In the Re.l Wodd much more effective. [f. at Ihe penultlmllte thy of points
Let's assume that, through foo{hardlness or stage of lin elaborate and Ingenious plan to Where do dead heroes' hero points go?
sheer bad luck, II PC 15 standing lit the point blow up the communlcatlons headquarters for These can ellher' \/IInlsh into a blade hole. TlI?YeI"
of Impac1 lor a shell from the milin gun of a the PacIfIc: Occupation Front, the only PC with to be seen agllin or. If you prefer. you cen
Soviet T-80 lonk. By the letter 01 the rules. the Ihe necessary demolitions skill Is hit by strllY award en extre hero POint to the player's next
player can elect to "dodge II bullet," thereby gunfire resu[lIng in a kill, you might allow him chaTllCler
"dl\llng out of the wily unhurt;" ond by the to reduce the result to light (Instead of heavy) A PC should aJIWlIYS be IIble to earn e hero
application of common sense and II rigorous wound by spending a hero point. Or you might point II (a) he has no hero points; end (b) he
Interpretation of the main gun combat rules, allow him to spend two hero points In a round dellberately (likes a considerable risk 01 In-
you can place his charocter one hex Into the (Just thl5 once, of course), and suffer no Injury. cllpacltlltlon or death. (If you're fu:ay on the
blast Rldlus of Ihe iheIIand wry probably blow We've advised you earlier In these rules not word "considerable". we recommend II
(continued on pege 38)
= = = = = = = = = TBE BULES SECTION = = = = == = = =
minimum 20% chance.) The PC should developing an Interesting character And Ihere hiS right -h~nd men should begin receiving IIIllaln
receive INIIhero point allhe end of the adven goes your wllole plot line. points, too.
ture, assumIng the law of averages did nol Just <ls a truly heroic hero Isn't going to die leu Or feel free to lIS5ign IIIl1aln points to
C!llch up with him than heroically, so II truly villainous villain cant dramatlcaUy important NPCs. 000'1 give them 100
DlYIded We Stand. United We Take be done In casually. Villains have 1IIJ1I1!n points - many. or the players IIoIOn',lllllo'e a chance - but
Back New .Iei'M}! which behave just like hero points, only villains give them to <lnyone who must handle a couple
A PC with 10 or .so hero points Is have them of heroes <ll a lime
superhuman A group of pc, with to hero A villain who is centr~lto a plot line which you Villain points. as a practical millHer, <lre a func-
points each 15 a frightening concept We think expect to run through severa l adventures should lion of the players' on-h<lnd hero points and how
the existence of either or both of these hero begin wuh two or three villain points He ihould Import~nt you expect a Illllaln to be. If you eTT by
POint banks Is II warning sign that your cam gain additional villain points as he advances the IIsslgning a VIllain too many 1II1lain points, have
palgn may be going out of control cause of the State. lIS his maskirollko (lit., disguise, higher headquaners IIS5lgn him elsewhere - on
Consider assume each PC sets aside two colloquially, a KGB ploy) foils or fools the players ... ery shon notice. He'll always be a ... atlillble for a
hero poln!.s to guord against sll'lllY bullets, ran- or. In genenll. his plans advance at the expense reappearance whene\ler the PCS are an equal
dom explosions, natural disasters, and 1M like of the pl~yers or the Americans on whom they match for him. (And they'll remember him 01'1
This leoves a pany of she PCs with 48 hero depend If a 1II11~ln accumulales five IIIl1aln points. ...es, they'll remember him.)
points to deal wUh (more like demolish)
enythlng that gets In their way. Such a group
con ellt a ftilly-equlpped Soviet motor rifle dM
5ion for breakfast If you wanllhls 1011 of poowoer
In thll I-umds of your players. you are playing
a much different gllme than THE PRICE OF
FREEDOM design envisions.
Which Is not to lay that there should never
be II PC With 10 hero points However,
I'Chievement of this status should requIre top-
notch pkly, good lock. a sixth seme for danger,
and qulle /I few playlng sasions, (The historical
example who comes Immediately to mind is
Ho Chi Minh.)
Heroe. of the a..wtance
A Hero of the Resistance Is someone who
routinely runs through SllIggeTing numbers of
9. Movement
hero points. However, Itb hero point status Is
fat leu important than his notOrIety. He Is, If
not of the George Washington or ThomllS Jef-
fmor'! cahr, atlea$ a modem-day equivalent "10m free as nature first mode man, A QUIc:.k end Dirty Ru le: One movement
of John Hancock If he escapes from the 5cMet Ere the base lows oj uTlIl/ude beg<ln, point roughly equ<lls a movement r<lte of Ilh
manhunt, Tony KUraslllwa (see Radio Free When wild in woods the noble so ...oge ron ." kilometers per hour, or about I mile per hour
AmaicII, 5.1) wIlIalmOSl cert/llnIy become one
of the first Heroes of the Resistance
- John Dryden (9.2) Chases
\bur PCs, we expect, will become small ~h" There are two times when it 1$ useful to know Combat rales for whole clilI5seS of ... ehlcles lire
heroes of the Resistance by garnering a few
how!1ISt chMllClers can m()l,l(': during combat, and identlc<ll - for example, cars. }leps, motorcycles,
when they are inllOl ... ed In along-dlstllnce purney. APCs lind t<lnks all ha ...e mo ... ement rates of 20.
hero points each In their first couple of adven-
The Travel Chlln (In the lills! few pages of this Sometimes, howe ... er, your pl~yers will get In II
tures. A capital "H" Hero of the Resistance Is
much more than tha i He hIlS spectacular ex- booklet) pro ... ides Ihls Information. chaw. If mo ... ement rales were In fact perfectly
ploits to hIs credit. He Is f<lmous. Freedom- (9.1) In Combat Identical, no one would ever get cillught or gel
loving parents across the country teU th(lIT aWilly. Here's how to handle things:
In combelt, ch<lracters move by choosing one
children bedtime slorielaboul him If he', not 11 one vehicle Is clearly fasler than the other, It
of the movement lICIIons (move, rapid fire and
<l leader of the Rebel Command, he's a free outdlstllnces Its competition. (The T-72 Is a Illst
move, ch<lrge/melee, etc.) . The "combat rate"
agent with strong ties to the Command The tank, but Ifs not 115 fasl as an Italian sponscar.'
colum n of the Travel Chan Indicales the number
SovIets have a high price on his head, even [f the vehicles are of roughly the same speeds
If they only know him by his nom de guene.
01 movement points <l char<lcter choosing the
"move" action receives; a ch<ll"llCler choosing (or bad roads or dlfflcult leTT~in TTllIke drivers wary
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM lakes place. of using their top speeds), the chase is resolved
"rapid fire and move~ or one of the other move-
in the year after the American surrender to the lIS a serles of drilling-llersusdrilling skill contests
ment actions receives one-haH th<lt number
SovIets, before the men and women destined As gamemaSler, you must break Ihe chase Into
(rounding down).
to be Heroes 01 the ResIstance have achieved a sequence of key moments. Describe to the
Exa mpl e A wlilking chillracter who chooses
their rightful place. In Ihe annals 01 American players what happens. until they get 10 a key
~move~ has 5 movement points; one who chooses
hlstory_ When and If the SovIets are In retreat. moment. Then. make driving skill rolls for <lll
"charge/melee" h<ls 2. A charllCler riding a horse
It may be appropriate to Issue a supplement drivers
has 20 movement points, 10 If he chooses "rapid
chronicling these men ond women of v<llor Remember thaI, when performing II skill
fire and mo ... e."
Walking charllClers and ones riding horses (or conteS!. you add <l character's roll to his skill
olher similar animals) may choose number. Well, when resolving II chase, first check
(8.2) Villain Points "charge/melee;" characters riding vehicles may to see whether a charllCler's roll succeeds -
Imagine thls~ you've spent weeks seiling up not. whether or not his roll Is less than or equlIl 10 his
General G1I!nsky os a ... ilJaln of awesome pro- For combat purposes. vehicles mav accelerate skill number. Any character who falls Is 01.11 of the
portions. The players are only QJadually beginning to the top rate listed in one combat round, and race - he's CTlIshed, or sidetracked down Ihe
to discover the scope of his dlaboliall plans. Then, decelerate to 0 the next. The movement rates for wrong street, or whatnot. If both succeed, the race
one PC gelS a clear Hne of sight to GUinsky, spends vehicles presume fairly slow, cautiOUS mo ... ement continues - bUI the character with the higher
a hero point, lind shoots him dud. There goes - as is likely in combat conditions. You mllY, If combined skUl-number-plus-roli widens the lelld
II sense of accomplishment. There goes weeks of you like. allow f<lster movement, but must then (If he's being chased) or closes it (If he's the chaser).
lake Inlo account IIcceleratlon lind deceleration


Example: Fred has a driving skill of 17; Ivan
has a skill of 12. They come to a sharp curve, and
both roll; Fred rolls a 2 and [van rolls a 10. They
both succeed, so the race continues. However,
Fred's combined skill and die-roll is 19 and Ivan's
is 22, so Ivan closes the gap. They come to
another sharp curve, and roll again; Fred gets a
12 and Ivan rolls a 15. Ivan's roll is a failure, so
his vehicle skids off the road and into a ditch. Fred
gets away.

(9.3) Long Distance

The "long distance rate" of the Travel Chart lists
~he number of kilometers characters and vehicles
10. GeDeral
can travel per hour. The Chart assumes: maximum
safe speeds (characters can travel faster at an
increased risk of fatigue or accident); good
weather; and good roads.
ObviOusly, characters will not always be traveling
along good roads during good weather. To find "It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose
the rate of travel in other circumstances, refer to (10.3) Food, Water, Air and
the "Terrain Modifiers" section of the chart. Follow - Francis Bacon Exposure
the chart instructions to yield the actual movement A human being needs apprOximately 1 kilogram
rate. (10.1) Fatigue and of food per day, 2 liters of water per day, a
Example A character is traveling by bicycle Exhaustion considerable supply of oxygen, and shelter or
across fields in the rain (a rather strenuous under- warm clothing to survive. Depriving a character
taking). The long-distance rate for bicycle is 15; A character always has one of three fatigue
statuses: rested, fatigued, and exhausted. of any of these may result in his death.
and its vehicle class is "wheels;' The "wheels" Refer to the Food, Water and Shelter Chart (in
divisor for fields is 5, and for rain, 2. 15 divided A fatigued character must subtract 2 from his
attribute or skill number before making any the back of this booklet). If a character is deprived
by 5 is 3; divided again by 2 is 11/2. Hence, the of any of his necessities, after a time he becomes
character may travel I1f2 kilometers per hour. attribute or skill roll; an exhausted character's
attribute or skill number is halved (see the Skill fatigued - the precise interval is determined by
(He'd be better off walking, which he'll probably the chart. Fatigue caused by deprivation is
figure out.) and Attribute Modifiers Chart in Freedom File
DJ, cumulative with other forms of fatigue (i.e., a
One factor not taken into account by the Travel character fatigued through starvation who does not
Chart is the size of the moving party. A group of A character becomes fatigued if:
get enough sleep is exhausted), but can only be
more than six or so characters or vehicles moves He does not receive at least 4 hours sleep per cured by providing the needed thing (food, water,
more slowly than a smaller group, because co- 24 hours. air, etc.), not by sleep or rest alone.
ordinating travel plans and keeping everyone He travels more than 8 hours per day. A character fatigued by the lack of a necessity
moving becomes difficult. You should figure that He takes part in a combat which lasts at least becomes exhausted after another interval - again
any sizeable groul? travels at half the speeds in- six combat rounds. listed on the chart. If the necessity is still not
dicated by the Chart, unless they have urgent He spends a hero point (see 8). supplied, after a third interval he dies - as the
orders to move quickly, have good officers, and He goes without food for 24 hours (see 10.3). chart indicates.
are well trained. Other circumstances at the gamemaster's The "exposure" section of the chart is used if
This means that a party of PCs will almost discretion. a character is essentially naked in cold weather.
always be able to outdistance its pursuit. This is A character becomes exhausted if he is already The preCise temperature determines the line of the
not only intentional, it is realistic; pursuing and fatigued and performs an action which would chart to be used. If the character has light but
locating guerrillas with a regular military force is fatigue a rested character. inadequate clothing, shift up one line (if already
Virtually impossible, especially when they're Fatigue or exhaustion takes effect at the end of on the "4C" row, the character suffers no ill effect);
operating on their home territory. combat, and at a reasonable (i.e., at your dis- if the character is wet, shift down one line.
cretion) interval after the criterion for fatigue or Fatigue caused by the lack of a necessity is cured
exhaustion is met. For example, you might not if the needed item is supplied in adequate quan-
consider a character fatigued after 8 hours and 1 tities for 1 day, and the character receives 8 hours
minute of travel if he's travelling for 9 or 10 hours, sleep. (Example: The character is starving, and
but you might consider the same character gets 1 kilogram of food and 8 hours sleep; or, is
fatigued if he is involved in combat 71f2 hours into dying of exposure, and gets warm Clothes or
his journey. shelter for 24 hours and 8 hours of sleep, etc.)
Exhaustion caused by the lack of a necessity is
A fatigued character becomes rested, or an
reduced to fatigue after 2 days of adequate
exhausted character fatigued, if:
supplies and 8 hours sleep per night, and
He sleeps for 8 hours. completely cured after 1 additional day.
He rests for 1 day.
America - Love It Other circumstances at gamemaster's discretion. (10.4) Drowning
or Leave It. (10.2) Wounds and Healing If a character enters the water and fails his swim-
ming skill roll (see 7.6), he begins to drown. A
When a character is wounded, refer to the
drowning character must make another skill roll
Healing Table (in the last pages of this booklet).
every combat round, but his skill number is halved.
Follow the procedure outlined on the table to
Any successful roll means he is no longer
determine whether the character dies or is healed,
drowning, and may swim normally, without the
and how long this takes.
need for another skill roll. If he fails twice, he is
A character "received medical attention" if
fatigued; if he fails 6 times in a row (90 seconds),
another character makes a successful medical skill
he is exhausted and unconscious. If, once
roll to treat the wounded character (see 7.5).


unconscious, he remains in the water for an (10.6) Currency Security is tough. Any attempt to purchase
additional 10 combat rounds (2lj2 minutes), he weapons may develop into an adventure. Other
is dead. (During this time, he could still be At the beginning of the game, before the Oc- black-market items are more readily available.
rescued.) See the Food, Water and Shelter Chart cupation is fully under way, American currency Barter is also common. Use the Equipment
(in the back of this book) which summarizes these may still have some value. As time goes on, its Chart as a guide to approximate gold values for
rules. value will decline precipitously. As the new govern- items of barter (e.g., when trading nylons for
ment nationalizes all business and as the Soviets pistols, approximately equal gold values of each
(10.5) Weight loot America to enrich themselves, goods will will be traded).
For the sake of Simplicity, all characters are become scarcer and scarcer. Most goods will be The gamemaster must assign values to other
assumed to be able to carry 50 kilograms in a pack. distributed according to privilege, not cash; Party items when the players ask.
The Load Chart (see Gamemaster Charts) lists members will be able to shop at special stores Prices on the Equipment Chart are quoted in
the weights that various animals and vehicles can where high-quality goods are widely 'available at terms of troy ounces, pennyweights, or grains of
carry. low prices, while no quantity of Federal scrip will gold (the traditional measures for monetary gold).
The Equipment Chart (also in the Player allow a normal citizen to get what he wants. There are 24 grains to a pennyweight, 20 penny-
Book) lists weights for various items of equipment. However, Virtually anything will be available on weights to a troy ounce, and 12 troy ounces to
For the sake of simplicity, the game master may the black market. Gold will be the most common a pound.
assume that every character carries a "freedom medium of exchange. The only paper money of
fighter's pack:' which weighs 20 kilograms, and any value will be Italian lira and Japanese yen,
includes everything listed on the Freedom Fighter's and both will be hard to come by.
Checklist (see Freedom File A), The Equipment Chart (in the Player Book) lists
black market gold prices for a wide variety of
weapons and other forms of equipment. The
prices quoted are suggested gUidelines; prices vary
from area to area and from time to time. Feel free
to inflate or decrease prices as you wish. Be aware,
also, that Joe Freedom Fighter cannot just walk
down to the comer gun shop and pick up a 81mm
mortar; making contact with the black market and
making a deal without being turned in to State
Liberte, Egalite,
In Deo Speramus.
In God We Hope.
(10.7) Falling and Collisions
When a character falls a distance greater than
Discourage your characters from calculating the 3 meters (1 elevation level), or collides with an ob-
weights they carry down to the last decimal place ject while moving at more than 5 kilometers/hour,
and carrying every iota of equipment they can, a roll must be made on the Falling and Collisions
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is a game of heroic Table (see Gamemaster Charts). Follow the pro-
conflict, not bookkeeping. Use the 50 kg limit as cedure indicated on the table; the result indicates
a way to prevent characters from overdOing the whether the character suffers no iU effect, or is
equipment bit, not as a strict limit which all players stunned, lightly or heavily wounded, incapacitated
must keep in mind at all times. or killed.


The Combat Section
The combat rules in the Player Book (section
5) provide only the most succinct overview of the
Example: There are 14 Soviet soldiers in a bus;
their panic level is 8. On average, 40% will panic; 12. LINES OF SIGHT
combat system. Their purpose is to tell the players 40% of 14 is 5.6 so 5 panic; roll normally for one "Yet, Freedom! yet thy banner, torn but /lying,
enough so they can act intelligently in a combat character; and 8 can act normally. (You will have Streams like the thunder-storm against the
situation. As gamemaster, however, you'll need to choose which characters panic, and for which wind."
access to a more complete and precise body of character you roll for panic. Discretionary authority Byron
rules. That's what the following provides. is a wonderful thing.)
The combat system of THE PRICE OF The Player Book says that a character can only
FREEDOM is more complex than most; that's (11.2) Leadership fire at a target if he can see it. That's fine, except
why, twice in the rules that follow, we interrupt Some NPCs are leaders; all leaders have a that it doesn't say how to determine whether a
the rules with a battle scenario. A battle scenario leadership value between 1 and 19. target can be seen or not. In most cases, common
is a set-piece combat situation, designed to be A leader reduces the panic level of all NPCs sense will be sufficient guide; but in some cases,
played by two people. Its purpose is to let you learn within two hexes. Subtract the leadership value more detailed rules are needed.
the combat rules by dOing, rather than by reading. from .the panic levels of the NPCs before rolling Please note that line of sight rules are
O.ur hope is that by playing out a battle scenario for panic. notoriously difficult to codify. These rules do not
or two with a friend, you will become comfortable A leader's value does not affect his own panic provide a 100% completely accurate simulation
with the combat system and be able to run it level. of real sighting problems - they're simply good
smoothly when you GM. If a leader panics, his value does not reduce the general gUidelines. Your judgment should take
Feel free to toss a battle scenario into one of panic levels of other characters. precedence if you think the sighting rules fail in
your adventures as the climactic battle of the A leader may benefit any number of NPCs a particular circumstance.
adventure. You may even find the battle scenarios within two hexes; however, If there are two or (12.1) Tracing a Line of Sight
Interesting enough in their own right to want to more leaders in play, each NPC can only be
play THE PRICE OF FREEDOM as a wargame benefited by one of them on a particular combat To determine whether a character can see a
when you don't have enough players to run a real round. target, lay a straight edge (such as a ruler or piece
adventure. of paper) across the map from the center of the
Example: Lieutenant Fomevoski has a panic hex he occupies to the center of the hex containing
level of 3 and a leadership value of 2; he com-
11. PANIC AND mands 6 soldiers, each of whom has a panic value
the target. If the line passes through a hex which
can block the line of sight, the character cannot
of 7. If fumevoski does not panic, any soldier
PRESERVATION within 2 hexes of him has an effective panic value
see the target. If the line passes along a hexside,
the line is blocked only if both hexes adjacent to
of 5 (7-2=5).
(11.1) Panic that hexside contain blocking terrain.
The players' opponents .are often assigned a (11.3) Preservation When you aren't using a map, lay a straight edge
from the center of one character's counter to the
panic level by an adventure. When you design If the PCs are likely to engage a group ot NPCs center of the other's. If it passes through an area
your own adventures, you may assign paniC levels in combat, the NPCs are usually .assigned a preser- of blocking terrain, the line of sight is blocked.
as you wish. vation level.
A panic level is a number from 1 to 19. At the If the total number of "active" men in the group (12.2) Blocking Terrain
beginning of each combat round, roll the die for is ever reduced to or below the preservation level, The terrain on the map is drawn to look realistic.
each character with a panic level. If the number the group becomes demoralized. Any fur game purposes, however, the terrain in each
rolled is less than or equal to his panic level, the unwounded, stunned, lightly or heaVily wounded hex completely fills the hex. If more than one
character paniCS for that combat round. character is active; Incapacitated and dead men terrain type appears in a hex, the type which fills
A character who panics may not take any action are not. the majority of the hex is, for game purposes, the
except falling prone or running away. Example: A group of fifteen people has a only terrO!1in in the hex.
Player characters never have panic levels; only preservation level of 9. If six of the group are Some: terrain types are blocking. The Terrain
NPCs may panic. incapacitated or dead, the group is demoralized. Effects Chart indicates which (see Freedom File
In generaJ, non-player character freedom When a group Is demoralized, its members D). If a line of sight passes through any part of
fighters do not have panic levels, although some attempt to flee, hide, or surrender. You may a hex containing blocking terrain, the line of sight
may, at your discretion. Other NPCs normally choose which option each individual chooses, but may be blocked.
should. in general, the group ce.ases to operate effectively
Keep things moving: If a number of characters and engages In combat only If absolutely (12.3) Elevation
with the same panic level are in a small area, you necessary. Contour Lines
may wish to figure how many will panic, on Player characters never become demoralized. Elevation is indicated on the maps by contour
average. lines. Contour lines parallel hexsides; each is in-


terrupted at regular Intervals by a number. The ing terrain hexes, they are lower than both 2213 the observation range Is halved (round down). This
number Indicates what elevation level the contour and 1317. has no effect on a clear day (half of infinity Is still
line represents. The line of sight between 1117 (level 4) and Infinity), but does at other times. Example: The
In some cases, contour lines stretch across a 1615 (level 0) is blocked. Hex 1515 (level 1) is normal sighting range at dusk during a light rain
map. Hexes on one side of the contour line (the intermediate in level between the two, and is is 20; a prone character farther than 10 hexes away
higher side) are at the elevation level printed on closer to the lower hex (1 hex from 1615) than could not be seen.
the line; hexes on the other side are at the next to the higher (4 from 1117).
lower level. You can tell which side is the "lower"
and which the "higher" by looking to see whether
The line of sight between 1218 and 1620 is
blocked; 1419 is intermediate in level, and is
the next contour line is printed with a higher or
lower number.
equally distant from 1218 and 1620. AND ACTIVATION
In many cases, contour lines surround a group (12.4) Buildings (13.1) Activation
of hexes. Those hexes are at the elevation level Buildings and Elevations Most of the time, the PCs' opponents begin
printed on the contour line itself, or at the next A building's roof is always considered 1 eleva- combat inactive. That means they do nothing, or
lowest level. They're at the level of the line If the tion level higher than the building itself (unless follow a routine described in the adventure, until
line Indicates a hill, and at the next lower elevation otherwise speCified). activated. Inactive NPCs are activated when:
if it represents a depression. In buildings with more than one floor, each floor
Each elevation level represents a height dif- is 1 elevation level higher than the next, and the Someone fires a weapon (or blows up a
roof is 1 level higher than the highest floor. grenade, or does something else that makes a
ference of 3 meters.
lot of noise).
Examples: Refer to map 2. Hex 1920 is be- Apertures
tween two "0" elevation lines, hence is at eleva- A PC passes through or occupies a hex to which
All buildings have apertures. There are three one of the inactive NPCs can trace a line of sight,
tion -1. Hexes 2711 and 2919 are in an area sur- types of apertures; doors, windows and slits. and the NPC makes a successful alertness roll.
rounded by a "2" elevation line, and are eleva- An aperture has a field of vision (see Arc of Fire
tion 2. Hex 1620 is between a "1" line and a "0" Diagram in the back of thiS booklet). A character When a weapon is fired, all NPCs are alerted.
line, so is at elevation O. inside a building may trace a line of sight through As described in the Player Book (see 5.10), the
PCs have one round of surprise before the NPCs
When Characters are at the Same Elevation an aperture to any hex in the aperture's field of
vision, but not to a hex outside the field. Likewise, may react.
If a character and his target are at the same
elevation, the line of sight is blocked only if there's a character outside a bUilding can only trace a line Make an alertness roll for an NPC if:
a hex between them which contains blocking ter- of sight through an aperture into the building if a PC moves into a hex to which the NPC can
rain, or if there's a hex between them that's at a the character is located in the aperture's field of trace a line of sight. (Make the roll the Instant
higher elevation than either character. vision. the PC moves Into the hex.)
Note: Don't worry about the terrain In either A line of sight can never be traced into or out a PC occupies a hex which an NPC can see,
character's hex. You can fire out of a blocking ter- of a building across a non-aperture hexside. but does not move. (Make the roll at the end
rain hex and into a blocking terrain hex, as long If a character is not adjacent to an aperture hex- of the combat round.)
as nothing in between is blocking. . side, he may only see other characters immediately If a PC moves into or occupies a hex which
When Characters are at Different adjacent to the aperture hexside, or one hex away. more than one NPC can see, roll for each NPC.
Elevations A character two or more hexes behind the aper- Each NPC may make one and only one alert-
If a character and his target are at different eleva- ture cannot be seen. ness roll per combat round per PC he could
tions, the situation is a little more complex. In Apertures and Stance observe. H movement would trigger a second roll,
general, these rules apply: A prone character can never see or be seen ignore it.
If there's a hex between them that's higher than across a Window or slit hexslde. If an NPC makes a successful alertness roll, he
both characters, the line of sight is blocked. A standing character can see and be seen is alert. For the rest of the combat round, he may
If there's a hex between them that's at the same through all aperture hexsides. do nothing; but starting with the follOWing com-
elevation as the higher character, the line is Any character can see and be seen through a bat round, he can act freely.
blocked. door hexslde. If one NPC is alert, he can alert any other NPCs
If there's a hex. between them that's higher than Buildings and Movement by firing, or Silently. A character may silently alert
one of the characters but lower than the other, Some buildings contain stairs. Climbing or others who are within six hexes and have lines of
the line of sight is blocked if the hex is closer descending stairs costs 2 movement points; when sight to him by spending a full combat round at-
to the lower character than to the higher. It is a character climbs or descends stairs, his location tracting their attention.
also blocked if the hex is equally distant from does not change, but his elevation increases or
both characters. decreases by one.
(13.2) NPCs and Observation
If the hex immediately adjacent to either one A character may attempt to scale a building wall When combat begins, you know the location
of the characters is a blocking terrain hex at the by making an agility attribute roll and spending of all NPCs, but the player characters may not.
same elevation as that character, the line of sight 5 movement pOints. A successful roll means his Don't put counters for NPCs on the map until
is blocked. If the blocking terrain hex is lower elevation has increased by 1 level and he has not they're seen.
than the character, it does not block. fallen off. A failed roll means he has fallen; a roll If a player character can trace a line of sight to
should be made on the Falling and Collisions Table an NPC's hex, the NPC's counter is automatical"
Example: Refer to Map 2 again.
(see Gamemaster Charts) to determine whether Iy placed. Player characters do not have to make
The line of sight between hex 2111 and 2312
he suffers damage from his fall. alertness rolls to observe NPCs.
is blocked, because 2212 is higher than both
hexes. Characters may enter and exit buildings through
The line of sight between 1623 and 1625 is doors and windows, but not through slits (see the
blocked, because 1624 is a blocking terrain hex Terrain Effects Chart in Freedom File D).
at the same elevation as both. (12.5) Weather and Lighting
The line of sight between 1615 and 1620 is not
blocked, because nothing in between is block- The maximum distance at which a target can
ing terrain. be seen depends on weather and lighting condi-
The line of sight between 1312 and 1414 is not tions. On a clear day, you can see forever (no kid-
blocked; it runs along the hexsides between ding); at dawn, dusk or night, or during inclement
1313 and 1413, but even though 1313 is block- weather, consult the Sighting Range Table (see
ing terrain, 1413 is not. Gamemaster Charts) to determine how far
The line of sight between 2213 and 1317 is not away objects can be seen.
blocked. Even though 2113 and 2014 are block- When attempting to observe a prone character,


Bailie SceDario:
Assaull OD GreeD MouDlaiD
Introduction The player with the initiative may move one of his The terrain types represented on the map are:
characters. Only characters which did not engage forest 1001
Assault on Green Mountain is a straightforward in combat, or which rapid fired once, may move.
infantry assault scenario. Its primary purpose is to woods 1007
Characters holding for opportunity fire may not. brush 1010
introduce you to the line-of-sight rules. Opportunity fire may occur as a result of the
We recommend you play the Soviet side stream 1012
character's movement. swamp 1011
(against one of your players), as this is the perspec- Once a character has moved (or the player with
tive from which you will conduct combat in an broken 1116
the initiative passes), the other player may move road 1901
adventure. one character. clear 2304
Set-Up Players alternate moving characters one at a
time, until: Using the Character Roster
Use Map 2. One player has moved all his eligible characters.
The American player has six characters; use A Character Roster is printed below. Before
In this case, the other player may move all his re- playing, copy it '(by hand or machine). Give the
counters "I" through "6". Stats are provided on maining characters.
the Character Roster below. section printed with the American characters to
Both players have moved all their eligible the American player, and the Soviets to the Soviet
The American characters begin anywhere on characters, or both players pass one after the other.
the game-map the American player wishes. player.
In this case, the Movement Segment is over. Each character's counter code, manual dexterity,
However, he does not actually place counters; he
should note, on the Character Roster, where each After the Movement Segment, all non'combat weapon skills and weapons are listed. Soviet
character is located. All Americans begin standing. and non-movement actions (such as unjamming, characters also have panic levels, leadership values
The Soviet player controls twelve characters - reloading, etc.) are resolved. Once they are com- and alertnesses. Americans have a space for their
one leader (use counter ''1'(') and eleven others plete, the combat round is over and the next one player to enter the hexes in which they begin.
(use counters D through N). On the first game- begins. Under each weapon's name you'll find one or
turn, the Soviet characters enter along the right- several boxes. Each box represents one clip of am-
Observation munition; as a character expends ammo clips to
hand edge of the game-map anywhere from hex
2910 to 2925, inclusive. They are placed on the All characters begin inactive. reload his weapon, mark the boxes off. At the end
game-map. They may be standing or prone, as An American character is automatically alerted of each character's row, you'll find a space labelled
the Soviet player wishes. the instant he can trace a line of sight to a Soviet "Ammo Point Expenditure;" enter hash marks in
character. (No alertness roll is required.) No pencil here to record a character's ammo point ex-
Sequencing American character may take any action until penditure, and erase them when he reloads.
When using THE PRICE OF FREEDOM's alerted. Under '~Grenades" (for the Soviets) or
combat system in an adventure, all characters per- Soviet characters are alerted normally (by the "Molotovs" (for the Americans), you'll find boxes.
form actions more or less Simultaneously, with the rules of 13.1). The American player must tell the Each time a character throws a grenade or Molotov
gamemaster ruling when this creates a problem. Soviet player when an alertness roll is required. cocktail, mark off a box; when all boxes are
In a game played competitively between two (Note: This requires a certain amount of hones- marked off, a character may not throw any fur-
players, stricter rules are needed. ty on the American player's part.) ther grenades or Molotovs.
During the Combat Resolution Segment, both Soviet characters may move but may not fire,
throw grenades or engage in melee until alerted. Preservation
players must declare which of their characters are
firing or throwing grenades. If any of a player's Neither player has a preservation level (see
Map 11.3). However, the victory conditions (see below)
characters are holding for opportunity fire, he must
announce this at this time. All fire is then resolved; The square in hex 1117 is a watchtower. The are designed in such a way that, when a player
all non-opportunity fire is considered simultaneous hex itself is at elevation 3, but the watchtower is decides he will be defeated, he can save victory
(as usual) and no combat results are applied until at elevation 4. There are stairs in the watchtower points by having his remaining characters exit the
fire is resolved. Then, any return fire from (see 12.4). game-map.
opportunity-firing characters occurs. A character up the watchtower is treated as
Then, the players each roll the die. The higher behind a window when receiving fire.
roller has the initiative. (Reroll if the rolls are tied.) Characters may leave the game-map by mov-
ing to a map-edge hex and spending one move-
ment point.


Victory Conditions There are five types of grenades. AU are thrown (14.2) White Phosphorus
the same way, but each has different effects.
The game ends when only one player has any Any time a grenade is mentioned in an adven- White phosphorus grenades spray their surroun-
non-incapacitated, living characters on the game- ture, we mean a fragmentation grenade, unless dings with burning fragments. Each fragment bums
map. At that point, the players determine how specified otherwise. Any time we mention a and continues to burn for some time. White
many victory points each receives, according to grenade in the rules, we mean all grenades unless phosphorus contains its own oxidizing agent, so
this schedule: otherwise stated. it will continue to burn even after penetrating flesh
Americans Soviets - not very pleasant stuff.
1 2 for each enemy character (14.1) Fragmentation White phosphorus grenades are treated in the
killed or incapacitated same fashion as fragmentation grenades, except
1 for each friendly character Fragmentation grenades do damage as the that:
who exits the game-map Grenade and Mine Combat Table indicates (see All characters in the grenade's hex and all
Freedom File D). characters within two hexes are affected by the
for being the only player All characters in a grenade's target hex and grenade.
19 19
adjacent hexes may suffer damage from the Damage is not increased if the target area is
with active characters on
grenade. Characters in hexes adjacent to the target vented or enclosed. (White phosphorus grenades
the game-map
are less likely to suffer severe damage; see the do not do damage from fragmentation and con-
'Only the player who does not have any active
Grenade and Mine Combat Table for the cussion, but from the burning fragments they pro-
characters left on the game-map scores points for
procedure. duce.) Terrain still affects damage.
exiting characters.
For grenade damage purposes, half-hexes are If a character is wounded (not incapacitated) by
Subtract the smaller total from the larger, and treated like full hexes. A grenade which lands in a white phosphorus grenade, on the next round,
refer to this schedule to determine the level of one half-hex treats the adjoining half-hex as "an roll the die again. On a roll of 1 through 5, the
victory:. adjacent hex" for damage. The full hex beyond burning white phosphorus inflicts more severe
o 6 draw the adjoining half-hex is not "adjacent" for damage damage; his wound class increases by one level
7 10 marginal victory purposes. of severity (from light to heavy, from heavy to
11 - 20 substantial victory Characters in adjacent hexes may receive incapacitated) .
21 + decisive victory reduced damage because of the terrain they oc- White phosphorus grenades may also start fires
cupy or because they are separated from the in nearby vegetation, etc.
grenade's hex by an aperture (see Grenade White phosphorus grenades provide illum-
14. 1I08E ABOUT Modifiers Against Personnel in Freedom File D).
Damage to characters in the grenade's hex itself
ination at night; see 19.3., Night Operations.

GBENADES is not modified by terrain. Damage is increased (14.3) Smoke

for all characters if the target area is vented (par- Smoke grenades are thrown in the same way
"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of tially enclosed) or enclosed (like a tank or pillbox). as others, but do not do damage. Instead, they
the Lord: produce smoke.
He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes A grenade produces a straight line of smoke 3
of wrath are stored." hexes long. After determining the hex in which
Battle Hymn of the Republic the grenade lands, roll the die again and refer to
the Grenade Scatter Diagram (see Freedom File
(I) (I)
~ Q.
~ Skills ,9- . ,9-
Character ... x :c gj Q
0 C (3 C (3 ~
.! ~ CD
ta .,o 0 0 '1:1
Q. C (I) o o as
Roster C
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.,o,Q. CD '0 '1:1'1:1
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() <C
SOVIETS A 5 3 12 15 12 12 12 10 MP 0 pistol 0 DOD
0 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 LMG DOD pistol 0 DOD
E 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
F 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
G 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
H 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
I 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
J 7 10 12 12 12 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
K 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
L 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
M 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD
N 7 10 12 12 10 12 10 AR DOD pistol 0 DOD

FREEDOM 1 14 15 15 15 15 AR 0 pistol 0 Molotov 0

FIGHTERS 2 14 15 15 15 15 AR 0 pistol 0
3 14 15 15 15 15 AR 0 pistol 0
Molotov 0

6 14 15 15 15 15 rifle 0 pistol 0

MP = machine pistol
AR = automatic rifle
LMG = light machinegun


D). This determines the direction in which the line the sake of simplicity, however, we claSSify all Scatter
of smoke stretches. weapons as "knives" if they are primarily intended When a shell from a heavy weapon scatters, it
Several smoke markers are provided. Place one to cut or penetrate, and "clubs" if they are primarily may scatter more than one hex. When a character
in the hex where the grenade landed, and 0I1e in intended to bash. misses, subtract his modified heavy weapons skill
each hex through which the line of smoke passes. When a character uses a melee weapon, you from the actual die-roll. If the result is 5 or less,
A line of smoke will not pass through walls. If must determine whether his weapon is a knife or refer to the the Grenade Scatter Diagram to deter-
it would normally do so, a smoke marker is placed club, and whether it is small, medium or large. mine where the shell scatters; if the result is 6 or
in the last hex before the wall, but not in ones Then, you use the appropriate line of the table. more, use the Artillery Scatter Diagram (see
beyond it. Here are some gUidelines: Gamemaster Charts).
A line of smoke will pass through an aperture, Small Knives: Switchblade, broken bottle, razor, Example: After all modifications, a character's
but stops one hex beyond it. kitchen knife, hunting knife, ice pick. heavy weapons skill number is 12. If he rolls a 1
A hex containing a smoke marker is treated as Medium Knives: Combat knife, machete, hand through 12, he hits his target. If he rolls a 13
a blocking terrain hex for line-of-sight purposes. ax, short sword, butcher's knife, bayonet. through 17, use the Grenade Scatter Diagram to
Under normal circumstances, smoke lasts for 10 Large Knives: Sword, wood ax, chainsaw. determine where the shell scatters (17 -12 = 5).
combat rounds, after which it dissipates. In an Small Club: Sap, sock full of quarters, umbrella, If he rolls an 18 or more, use the Artillery Scatter
enclosed space (e.g., a building) it will last small stick, 6 inches of steel pipe, pistol, SMG with Diagram.
indefinitely (relative to the timespan of a combat).
In high winds, smoke will dissipate more rapidly.
folding stock. (16.1) Bullet-Trap Rifle
Medium Club: Police truncheon, kitchen chair,
cane, 12 inches of steel pipe, rifle, shotgun, Grenades
(14.4) Gas
automatic rifle. A bullet-trap rifle grenade is a grenade designed
A gas grenade produces a line of gas, in the Large Club: Fighting stick, walking stick with to be attached to the end of a rifle barrel. When
same fashion as a smoke grenade. brass knob, heavy chair, 2 by 4, crowbar, light the rifle is fired, the bullet hits the back of the rifle
Gas does obscure vision, but not as well as machinegun. grenade, shooting it in the direction aimed.
smoke. If a line of sight is traced through gas, Preparing a bullet-trap rifle grenade is an action,
targets in the gas hex and the first three hexes
beyond it may be observed; targets farther away 16. HEAVY and takes a complete combat round. Firing it is
another action, taking a second combat round.
may not.
Characters in gas masks are not affected by gas.
WEAPONS Only military rifles (not sport weapons), carbines
and semiautomatic rifles may be used to fire bullet-
A character in a gas hex without a mask must "This country, with its institutions, belongs to trap grenades. If a bullet-trap grenade has been
make a constitution attribute roll every combat the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall prepared, the weapon in question cannot be fired
round. If he fails a roll, he is overcome by gas; the grow weary of the existing government, they can normally until the grenade is fired or removed.
only actions he may take are to crawl out of the exercise their constitutional right of amending it, (Removing it takes 1 combat round.)
gas cloud, fall prone, and spend ten minutes (40 or their revolutionary right to dismember or over- Note: It is quite possible to improvise a rifle
combat rounds or so) coughing and choking. throw it." grenade out of a Molotov cocktaiL If a character
A character in a gas hex who panics is also over- - Abraham Lincoln does so, use the "bullet trap rifle grenades" line
come by gas. of the Heavy Weapons Combat Table to determine
A number of weapons are fired using the Heavy
Gas dissipates in the same fashion as smoke range; and use the "Molotov cocktail" line of the
Weapons skill. These are rifle grenades, automatic
(see above). Grenade and Mine Combat Table to determine
grenade launchers, bazookas, "suitcase" antitank
(14.5) Antitank gUided missiles (ATGMs) , and light antitank duds and damage.
weapons. All are fired using the Heavy Weapons
Antitank grenades work in the same fashion as
Combat Table (see the Gamemaster Charts).
(16.2) Grenade Launchers
fragmentation grenades, except that they use a
There is no distinction between aimed, rapid There are three types of grenade launchers:
different line of the Grenade Table (see Freedom
and burst fire for heavy weapons. Firing a heavy thump guns like the M-79, which are stand-alone
File D) and are more effective against vehicles weapons; rifle grenade launchers like the M-203,
(see Gamemaster Charts). weapon takes a full combat round, and the
modifiers for type of fire do not apply. which clip on to automatic rifles or other firearms;
(14.6) Satchel Charges Rifle grenades and grenade launchers can be and automatic grenade launchers like the Mark 19,
fired at targets the firer cannot see; other heavy which are stand-alone weapons and can fire
A satchel charge is a bag of explosives. Satchel
weapons can only be fired at observed targets. several shells per combat round.
charges follow the same rules as grenades.
Heavy weapons follow the same dud rules as All three types use the same ammunition. The
Satchel charges have fuzes, which the user can
grenades. Soviet AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher uses
set to make the charge explode in 1 to 4 combat
a different caliber ammunition, and cannot swap
rounds from the time he throws or drops it. If he Rates of Fire
ammo with the other grenade launchers.
sets it at 1 turn, it explodes in the turn thrown, All heavy weapons have a rate of fire, printed
just as a grenade does. If set at 2 turns, it explodes on the Heavy Weapons Combat Table. A weapon Ammunition Types
during the following combat round's Combat with a rate of fire greater than 1 can be fired as There are several different types of ammo -
Resolution Segment, and so on. many times per combat round as its rate. Each fire HE, HEDP, white phosphorus, and gas. The type
Satchel charges can be improvised out of is resolved separately; different fires can be at the of ammo used affects, the damage done by the
explosives by characters with the demolitions skill. same or different targets. If fire takes place against shell; HE (high explosive), HEDP (high ex-
When such charges are used, use the same pro- more than one target, each target must be in the plosive/dual purpose), and white phosphorus
cedure as for Molotov cocktails to determine same hex as the target of the previous fire, or an ammo have their own damage lines on the Heavy
whether the charge is a dud or explodes in the adjacent hex. (For example, a Mark 19 automatic Weapons Combat Table; gas shells act just like gas
user's hex. grenade launcher has a rate of fire of 10; it could grenades (see 14.4). White phosphorus shells also
be fired against ten different targets, each in a dif- provide illumination, just like white phosphorus
15. MELEE ferent hex, as long as each target was adjacent to
the previous target.)
grenades (see 19.3).
Thump Guns and Rifle-Grenade Launchers
WEAPONS Some heavy weapons have rates of fire of 1/2, The only distinction between a thump gun and
1/3 or 1/4. Such a weapon can only be fired if a a rifle-grenade launcher is that a thump gun is a
There are three weapons listed on the Melee character spends 2, 3 or 4 combat rounds (respec- dedicated weapon. That is, a thump gun can only
Combat Table (see Freedom File D): knife, club, tively) to prepare and fire the weapon. During fire grenade-launcher shells. Rifle-grenade
and garotte, Knives and clubs come in three sizes these rounds, the character can take no other launchers attach underneath a rifle. They are used
- small, medium and large. action. in the same way, butthe rifle to which they are
Naturally, a character will not always be using
exactly one of these weapons - they may choose
to use nunchucks, epees, or what have you. For


attached can still be used as a regular firearm. ly wounded. A problem arises when a LAW is not detonator may "opportunity detonate;' i.e., stay
Any rifle (regular, semi-automatic, automatic or fired directly down a hex row; in this case, the in the hex and wait to trigger it when he observes
machine) may fire rifle-grenade launcher shells if gamemaster determines which hex is affected. someone entering the claymore's blast area.
mounted with a rifle-grenade launcher. If a tripwire is used, one hex within 3 hexes of
Thump guns and rifle-grenade launchers have
rates of fire of 2. That is. a character with a thump
17. MINES the claymore is chosen as the anchor !lex. The
tripwire runs in a straight line from the anchor to
gun or launcher may fire it twice per combat There are four types of mines: antipersonnel, the claymore. If any character crosses the line,
round, consuming two shells (ignore the regular antitank, gas and claymore. make an alertness roll for the character; if he fails,
ammunition rules). Reloading occurs automatically If mines exist in a combat area, the gamemaster the claymore is detonated.
while he fires, and does not take a complete ac- will note in which hexes they are located before When a claymore is detonated, any character
tion in itself. combat begins. in the hex to which it faces, or the three hexes in
Automatic Grenade Launchers If the PCs have mines, any character with a , a line beyond it, may be injured. Only characters
An automatic grenade launcher can be fired demolitions skill can plant them. Planting a mine in those four hexes may be affected; characters
either hand-fed or using a clip. When it is hand- is an easy task; any character with a skill of 10 in the mine's hex itself are not.
fed, its rate of fire is 2, and it follows the same am- or more can plant one without making a skill roll, Roll on the Grenade and Mine Damage Table
munition rules as thump guns and rifle-grenade and other characters double skill numbers when for each character in the claymore's blast pattern.
launchers. When fired using a clip, its rate of fire planting a mine. (A failed skill roll means the mine Make a separate roll for each such character.
is 6 or 10 (see Heavy Weapons Combat Table), blows up in the planter's hex.)
and each time it fires it consumes one point of Improvising an antipersonnel mine from a (17.4) Gas Mines
ammunition (shell) from its clip. Reloading with grenade is a normal-difficulty task, requiring an Gas mines are triggered in the same fashion as
a new clip does take a full combat round. unmodified skill roll. antipersonnel mines. Their "blast radius" is 3
A mine can only be triggered once; once trig- hexes; that means they spread gas into all hexes
Mark 19
gered, it ceases to exist. within three of the hex where they're triggered. '
The Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher gains
Essentially, mines act just like grenades, except Gas from gas mines works in the same way as from
the benefit of its long range only when firing
that they are not thrown and do not scatter. gas grenades (see 14.4).
HVHE (high velocity high explosive) and
Instead, a mine is triggered when someone enters
HVHEDP (high velOcity high explosive dual pur-
its hex. (17.5) Removing Mines
pose - don't you love military jargon?) shells.
A character who is prone in a hex adjacent to
When it does so, use the Mark 19's section of the (17.1) Antipersonnel Mines a mine hex may attempt to remove the mines.
Heavy Weapons Combat Table to determine range
When a character enters a hex containing an He must have a knife, screwdriver or similar
and damage.
antipersonnel mine, make an alertness roll. If he object to do so.
When itfires HE, HEDP, white phosphorus or
fails, he triggers the mine. If he succeeds, he does Attempting to remove a mine is an action, and
gas rounds, however, use the "rifle grenade
not, and may stay in the hex. takes one complete combat round.
launcher" section of the table to determine both
If a character enters a mined hex, fails to trigger When a character attempts to remove a mine,
range and damage. These shells can still be fired
the mine, leaves the hex and later reenters it, he make a demolitions skill roll; if it fails, the mine
in clips of 50 and at the Mark 19's rate of fire.
must still make another alertness roll. explodes and the character suffers damage as if
(16.3) Bazookas If two or more characters enter a mined hex, he had triggered it normally. If the roll is a success,
Bazookas are crew weapons. That means that each must make a separate alertness roll. the mine is removed.
firing a bazooka takes two people, both of whom If a hex contains more than one mine, an If there is more than one mine in a hex, only
must spend two full combat rounds working entering character must make a separate alertness one may be removed each combat round.
roll for each. Each failed roll triggers one mine. Claymores can be disarmed more easily. If a
together to fire the bazooka. One person acting
If a vehicle or horse enters a hex containing anti- character knows where a wire to a detonator is
alone can still fire a bazooka by himself, but doing
personnel mines, they are automatically triggered. located, he may cut it (assuming he has a knife,
so takes twice as long - four full combat rounds.
A character riding a horse is immune from the wireclippers, or some such) with no need for a skill
Bazookas ignore the ammo point rules, as do
rifle grenade launchers (see above). effects of antipersonnel mines. Alas, his horse is roll. If he knows where a trip wire is located, he
not. may remove it; doing so does require a demo-
(16.4) ATGMs (Antitank (17.2) Antitank Mines litions skill roll, but the character's skill number is
Guided Missiles) Antitank mines cannot be triggered by
doubled before the roll is made. A failure means
the mine has beer triggered (remember that a roll
There are two types of ATGMs: first generation characters, horses, cars, or jeeps - aU are too light. of 20 is an automatic failure!).
and second generation. Only tanks, APCs, trucks and similar vehicles will
The main difference between them is that first
generation ATGMs can only be fired at targets 30
trigger them.
When a tank or APC enters a hex containing
or more hexes away. Thus, they will rarely be used an antitank mine, it explodes. There are two kinds of barbed wire: straight wire
in the game. (The firer gUides an ATGM to its target and razor wire.
using a joystick. At close range, he does not have (17.3) Claymore Mines
enough time to guide the ATGM effectively. The A claymore mine sprays shrapnel in a cone. It (18.1) Straight Wire
problem is severe with older ATGMs, less so with can be triggered by tripwire or a mechanical Straight wire consists of long, continuous strands
more modern .ones.) detonator. of barbed wire - the kind of stuff used on farms.
Portable ATGMs come with 2 shells; once fired When a claymore is placed, the gamemaster (or Straight wire is run along hexsides, not through
twice, they may not 00 fired again (unless a supply placing player) should indicate which bexside of hexes.
of shells is found). the hex it occupies it faces. (If you aren't using a ,
Crossing Wire
(16.5) LAWs (Light Antitank map, just indicate a cardinal direction.) The placer
Straight wire is normally impassable. However,
must also specify whether a tripwire or detonator
Weapons) if one character falls prone on top of the wire, other
is used.
characters may use him as a bridge to cross the
LAWs are single-shot anti-vehicle weapons. If a detonator is used, it must be located within
wire. Crossing wire in this fashion costs 1 move-
After being fired once, they are of no further use. 150 meters (25 hexes) of the claymore. A single
ment point in addition to normal movement point
If a LAW scatters, it has no effect. detonator may be used to trigger any number of
costs. After the last person has crossed, the prone
When a LAW is fired, it produces a backblast. claymores simultaneously. Any character in the
character must remain prone on the wire for two
Any character in the hex immediately away from same hex as the detonator may trigger it,
complete combat rounds (he is disentangling
the direction in which the LAW is fired is lightly exploding the mines; doing so is an action, and
himself from the wire). If he stands up before then,
wounded. Example: The LAW is fired due north; takes a full combat round. A character at a
he suffers a light wound. At the end of that period,
anyone in the hex to the south of the firer is Iight- he may stand up - on either side of the wire.


Vehicles (19.1) Weapons Flashes rounds follow the same rules for fire and scatter
Tracked vehicles may cross straight wire with as other artillery fire (see 21).
impunity. Wheeled vehicles may cross wire ~t a When a character fires any weapon, he pro- Like flares, star shells are equipped with
cost of 2 movement points; however, they rtsk get- duces a flash. Any character within line of sight parachutes and may drift with the wind.
ting a flat tire. When a wheeled vehicle crosses (even if out of sighting range) who is holding for The area a star shell illuminates depends on the
straight wire, make a driving skill roll for the driver. opportunity fire may fire at the flash. Opportunity caliber of the firing artillery or mortar. Refer to the
If the roll fails, the vehicle has suffered a flat. fire can trigger further opportunity fire. etc. Vehicle Weapons and Artillery Combat Table (see
A weapons flash illuminates only the firer, and Gamemaster Charts); the illumination radius of
Horses only for the briefest moment. Anyone who fires
Horses may jump over wire. When a horse does a star shell from a particular type of artillery or
in response to a weapons flash suffers a negative mortar is found on its line of the table under the
so, make a horseriding skill roll for the rider. If it skill modifier (see the Fire Modifiers chart in
fails, the horse has balked and refuses to jump. "blast radius" column.
Freedom File D). After opportunity fire is Star shells provide illumination for 5 complete
The rider may try to get the horse to jump on a resolved, the firer is no longer illuminated.
subsequent combat round, but may not move any combat rounds.
farther in the current one. When a horse balks, (19.2) Lighted Areas (19.6) Lamp Posts
the rider must make a second skill roll; if this one Illumination grenades and shells, lamps and
fails, he's been thrown into the wire, suffering a A lamp post is a light one elevation level higher
searchlights all illuminate an area. than the hex it occupies (a lamp in a level 2 hex
light wound. Any character within a lighted area can be
If a rider does not know of the presence of wire is at level 3). It illuminates everything within 3
observed as if it were day - in clear weather, he hexes to which the lamp can trace a line of sight
and attempts to ride across it, make an alertness can be seen by all characters who can trace a line
check. If he fails, he does not see the wire in time, (so it can be blocked by terrain and elevation).
of sight. Lamp posts are permanent features, and pro-
and rides into it. Both rider and horse fall: the rider When a character inside a lighted area attempts
suffers a light wound, and the horse a heavy one. vide illumination indefinitely - until the power is
to observe someone outside it, the normal night- cut or the lamp is shot out.
The horse stands up in the follOWing combat time observation range is halved.
round; it will run away unless someone grabs the Any character who can trace a line of sight to
Example: Characters A and B are inside a a lamp (regardless of range - the light can be seen
reins. The rider must spend 2 rounds disentangling lighted area; characters C and D outside it. The
himself from the wire (unless he wants to suffer at an unlimited distance) may attempt to shoot it
weather is clear. A and B can be seen at unlimited out. Hitting it with any fire weapon destroys the
another light wound). range by any character (C, D and each other). C
If the alertness check succeeds, the character lamp.
and D can only see each other if within 12 hexes
may attempt to jump the wire, following the rules (the nighttime observation range in clear weather) . (19.7) Searchlights
above. A and B can only see CorD if within 6 hexes Searchlights are stationary - their location may
(18.2) Razor Wire (half of the night-time range). not be changed. However, each searchlight has
Razor wire consists of long coils of razor-sharp (19.3) White Phosphorus a facing it mustface toward one ofthe six hex-
.wire. Its use is banned by the Geneva Convention, sides of the hex it occupies .
Grenades A character in the same hex as a searchlight may
although it is commonly used in cities to deter
theft; it's also unlikely the Soviets will pay much White phosphorus grenades (whether thrown operate it. Operating a searchlight takes a complete
attention to the Geneva Convention when they or fired by rifles, thump guns or automatic grenade combat round; the operator may take no other
own Geneva. Regardless. slightly less vicious forms launchers) illuminate all hexes within 6 of the hex action. The operator may change a searchlight's
of wire (e.g., concertina wire - coiled straight wire) where the grenade lands. Exception: A grenade facing by one hexside each combat round. If a
have similar effects. only lights up a hex if a line of sight can be traced searchlight has no operator, its facing may not be
Razor wire is impassable to characters. The only from the grenade to the hex. That is, since the changed.
way to get through it is to clip it (see below). grenade is lying on the ground, its light can be Facing changes occur at the end of the combat
It is also quite visible. Riders need not make blocked by blocking terrain or elevation. round, after all movement and combat.
alertness checks. Illumination grenades provide illumination for The area illuminated by a searchlight depends
If the coils of wire are relatively small, it is pos- two combat rounds the round on which they're on its current facing - see the Searchlight/Arc of
sible for horses to jump it; the gamemaster must thrown, and the follOWing one. Fire Diagram (at the back of this booklet).
determine how large the coils are if it's important. A searchlight does not illuminate its own hex
(19.4) Flares or the three hexes immediately in front of it. It
Anyone thrown into razor wire suffers 'a heavy
wound; horses are incapacitated. Characters are sometimes equipped with hand- illuminates all other hexes in the cone determined
Tracked vehicles may cross razor wire with fired flares. by the searchlight diagram, out to a distance of
impunity; wheeled vehicles automatically suffer When a character fires a flare, he should specify 15 hexes.
flats. but may do so also. a destination hex for the flare. Using his Pistol skill, Searchlight illumination is blocked by blocking
determine whether the hex is "hie' If not, deter- terrain and elevation changes.
(18.3) Clipping Wire mine where the flare scatters using the same rules Characters in a searchlight's area of illumination,
A prone man with wire clippers may clear as for heavy weapons (see 16). and ones within the searchlight's cone but farther
barbed wire in adjacent hexsides. He must be Unlike white phosphorus grenades, flares are than 15 hexes away, may attempt to shoot out the
prone to do so. Clearing one hexside of straight equipped with parachutes. They ignite, then slowly searchlight. (Other characters may not.) Any
wire takes one complete combat round; clearing drift toward the ground. Consequently, light from successful fire destroys the light.
one hexside of razor wire takes two rounds. (It may a flare is not blocked by blocking terrain or eleva-
tion (but can be blocked by a roof). (19.8) Vehicle Headlights
take longer if the character's equipment is not the
best, e.g., he's improvised a clipper out of a A flare lights up all hexes within six of the target All powered vehicles (i.e., everything but
sharpened pair of garden shears.) hex. bicycles, horse-drawn carts, etc.) have headlights.
Once a hexside has been cleared, characters In a moderate wind, a flare drifts 1 hex down- They may be driven with the headlights on or off;
may cross it without difficulty. wind per combat round; in a strong wind, it may if driven with them off, the driver must make a
drift as much as 5 hexes. (If the wind is too strong, driving skill roll every combat round unless the
the parachute may not open properly.) vehicle spends no more than 5 movement points.
19. NIGBT A flare provides illul'(lination for two combat If he fails his roll, the vehicle has had an accident.
OPERATIONS rounds. If a vehicle's headlights are on, the three hexes
immediately in front of the vehicle are illuminated.
(19.5) Star Shells In addition, the vehicle Can be seen at day-time
The main problem when fighting at night is
observation; observation ranges are severely Artillery and mortars may fire illumination observation ranges.
restricted (see the Sighting Range Table in the rounds (or "star shells"). Artillery illumination
Gamemaster Charts).


Bailie SceDario:
The ArseDal iD BudsoD Mall
Introduction All Soviets are alerted if a mine is set off. Blowing Up the Warehouse
Soviets are also alerted per the rules of 13.1.
The Soviets are using a warehouse in Jersey All other Soviet characters may not take any If the Americans get the satchel charge into the
City as an ammo dump. Your mission: blow it up. actions until alerted. The characters inside the warehouse and set it off, everyone in the building
This scenario is intended as an introduction to warehouse are sleeping, and only make alertness at that time is killed and the warehouse is
the heavy weapons and night operations rules. rolls when someone enters the building itself, not destroyed.
If it is placed or thrown into the building fuzed
Set-Up because they can see someone through a door or
to blow up on a later combat round, any Soviet
Use Map 1. character who begins in the same hex as the
It is night; it's raining heavily. charge may attempt to remove the fuze. On a suc-
There is a searchlight on the roof of the cessful demolitions skill roll, he does so. If the
warehouse at hex 1523. It begins facing toward Americans later recapture the satchel charge, they
the top of the map, and turns one hexside could try to set it off again.
clockwise every combat round until the Soviets are
alerted (at which point the operator may point it Soviet Medium Machinegun
where he wishes). A medium machinegun is located in hex 1523,
The American player controls six characters; see on the building roof. It is fixed, and cannot be
the Character Roster below. On the first combat moved from that location.
round, they may enter in any hexes between 1001
and 1014. They are alert and can act freely from Victory Conditions
the start of the adventure. The game is over when there are no longer any
The Soviet player controls ten characters (see To the Polls. active (living and not incapacitated) American
the Character Roster). He must place them in the characters left on the game-map. At that time, the
hexes indicated on the Character Roster. All begin
Ye Sons of Freedom. players earn victory points as indicated by this
standing. chart:
The Soviet player has three antipersonnel Americans Soviets
mines. Before the game begins, he must decide
where they are placed, by noting a hex number 1 3 for each enemy character
for each on scrap paper. Sequencing and Character killed or incapacitated
1 for each enemy character
Roster wounded
Alerting the Soviets Use the same sequencing rules as for the 15 for blowing up the
No Soviets can panic before alerted. Assault on Green Mountain scenario. How the warehouse
One character (D) in hex 1523 is operating the Character Roster is used is also described in that 1 for each friendly character
searchlight. scenario. who exits the game-map
The character who begins in hex 1825 moves, alive
at two hexes per combat round, directly toward Map 1 for each active .character
the top of the game-map, until he reaches hex The map terrain is described in "The PATH of left on the game-map -at
1815. Then, he turns around and walks back down Freedom," section 2.7. the end of the game
the bridge until he reaches hex 1825. He continues A character may exit the map by moving to a Subtract the smaller score from the larger, and
this patrol until alerted. map-edge hex and spending one movement refer to this chart to determine the level of victory:
If the character patrolling the bridge is wounded, point. Exited characters may not reenter.
killed, or alerted, and his hex (or the hex where There is a stairway to the roof in hex 1125. o 4 draw
he would be located if he had not been killed) is, Characters in that hex may move from or to the 5 9 marginal victory
at any later time, illuminated by the searchlight, roof by spending 2 movement points. A character 10 15 substantial victory
the searchlight operator is alerted. on the roof at the edge of the building can also 16 + decisive victory
If the searchlight operator is killed or leap to the ground; if one does so, roll for him on
incapacitated, all other Soviet characters are the left-most column of the Falling and Collisions
immediately alerted unless one of the American Table (see the Gamemaster Charts).
characters continues to operate the searchlight,
follOWing the same pattern as previously.


Character l1 0.
.9- I!!
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SOVIETS A 1124 3 3 10 12 12 10 12 10 4 pistol 0 FG 0

D 1523' 5 8 12 10 8 12 8 AR DOD pistol 0 Frag DO; WP 0; BT 0
E 1523' 7 8 12 15 8 12 8 MMG DOD pistol 0 Frag DO; WP 0; FG 0
F 1825 5 8 12 12 8 12 8 AR DOD pistol 0 Frag DO; WP 0; FG 0
G 2423 10 8 12 12 8 12 8 2 AR DOD pistol 0 Frag DO; WP 0; FG 0
H 1125' 10 8 12 12 8 12 8 AR DOD pistol 0 Frag DO; WP 0; BT 0
I 1123 10 8 12 12 8 12 8 2 AR DOD pistol 0 Frag DO
J 1524 10 8 12 12 8 12 8 2 AR DOD pistol 0 Frag DO
K 1525 10 8 12 12 8 12 8 2 SMG DOD pistol 0 Frag DO
L 1325 10 8 12 12 8 12 8 4 SMG DOD pistol 0 Frag DO

FREEDOM 1 15 14 19 12 10 12 2 8 AR DOD pistol 0

FIGHTERS 2 15 14 15 12 18 3 2 4 TG DOD MP DO
3 15 14 15 13 8 3 2 15 AR DOD pistol 0 SK Dyn DOD; SC 0
4 15 14 15 18 10 18 10 12 AC DOD pistol 0 garotte Dyn DOD
5 15 14 15 16 15 10 15 8 AR DOD pistol 0 SK

6 15 14 15 12 10 3 2 4 AR DOD pistol 0 FG 0
= on the roof MMG = medium machinegun WP = white phosphorus grenade Frag = fragmentation grenade
AR = automatic rifle SK =small knife BT = bullettrap grenade FG = Flare Gun
AC = automatic carbine SMG =submachinegun SC = satchel charge
MP = machine pistol TG =thump gun Dyn = stick of dynamite.

One section of the chart is labelled "Armor points, whichever is less. Example: Burst-firing
20. VEHICLES Ratings:' It lists three armor ratings.or each vehicle a weapon containing 5 ammo points consumes
(20.1) Movement - a front rating, a flank rating, and a rear rating. all 5 points (the weapon is out of ammunition);
When a vehicle is fired upon, or a grenade or firing a weapon containing 50 ammo points
A vehicle may only move if driven. On a turn mine explodes in its hex, one of its armor ratings consumes 10.
in which a vehicle moves, the driver may take no is used to determine whether it is damaged. If it
other action. Resolving Combat
is fired upon or a grenade thrown at it from the The procedures used to resolve combat against
Vehicles' movement allowances in combat are front, the front rating is used; if from the back, the
determined by the Travel Chart (see the last pages vehicles are described on the appropriate tables.
back rating is used; and if from either side, the top,
of this booklet). Movement point costs for vehicles or the bottom, the flank armor rating is used. (Note Vehicle and Obstacle Damage Table
are determined by the Terrain Effects Chart (see that the flank armor will always be used when a When a vehicle is damaged, refer to the Vehicle
Freedom File D). mine goes off in the vehicle's hex.) and Obstacle Damage Table. It is used to
Terrain costs depend on the type of drive a There are four possible armor ratings: no armor, determine the extent of the damage, and whether
vehicle possesses - rear-wheel, 4-wheel, or light, medium, and heavy. or not the vehicle's occupants are injured.
tracked. The Vehicle Chart (see Gamemaster Obstacles
Charts) lists each vehicle's drive type. Vs. Vehicle Tables
The Gamemaster Charts contain a Small Obstacles such as walls, bunkers, overturned
A vehicle must face toward one hexside at all cars, etc., can be treated as having armor ratings.
times. If it enters one of its three rear hexes, it is Arms Vs. Vehicles Table and a Grenades and
Mines Vs. Vehicles Table. In addition, the Heavy The Obstacle Chart provides some gUidelines (see
backing up; a vehicle which backs up in a combat Gamemaster Charts), but the game master is the
round may only spend 5 movement points that Weapons and Vehicle Weapons and Artillery
Combat Tables contain sections for resolving fire final arbiter. When a weapon is fired at an obstacle,
round. (N.B.: Motorcycles need not worry about determine its armor rating. Resolve fire as you
facing.) against vehicles.
When small arms are used against a vehicle, the would against a vehicle with that armor rating.
When a vehicle moves forward, it may move
into the hex it is facing, or into either flanking hex. firer must indicate whether he's using aimed, rapid Throwing Grenades Into Vehicles
or burst fire. Regardless of the type of fire, only When a character attempts to throw a grenade
If a vehicle moves into a flanking hex, its facing
is changed so that it now faces away from the hex one die-roll is made to determine whether the into a vehicle, he uses the Grenade and Mine
it just left. vehicle is hit; depending on the type of fire, the Combat Table, not the Grenade and Mine Vs.
Tracked vehicles (but not other ones) can die-roll may be increased or decreased (see "Fire Vehicles Table. If he is throwing a fragmentation
Modifiers Against Vehicles" on the Small Arms Vs. or high explosive grenade (or Molotov cocktail,
change facing while staying in a hex. Changing
Vehicles Table). dynamite or satchel charge), and he succeeds in
facing by one hexside costs one movement point.
Since only one fire die-roll occurs, the ammo throwing the grenade into the vehicle, the
(20.2) As Targets consumption rules differ slightly. Using aimed fire occupants of the vehicle suffer damage as the
Armor Ratings costs 1 ammo point; using rapid fire consumes 2 Grenade and Mine Combat Table indicates. The
Refer to the Vehicle Chart (one of the points. A character may only perform burst fire vehicle itself is inoperable thereafter.
Gamemaster Charts). It provides data on a wide against a vehicle if his weapon contains at least The Vehicle Chart classifies vehicles as open-
range of vehicles, from passenger cars to Soviet 4 remaining ammo points; and performing burst topped, glassed, or enclosed.
tanks. fire consumes all remaining ammo points, or 10


Grenades can always be thrown into open- Self.Propelled Artillery Machineguns
topped vehicles. The SAU-122 has 4 crewmen, and acts like a Many vehicles mount medium or heavy
Grenades cannot be thrown into glassed 4-crew Soviet tank. The SAU-152 has 5 crewmen; machineguns. Mounted machineguns are either
vehicles until their windows are broken (or if the the fifth crewman is also a loader. If either loader coaxial or pin-mounted. A pin-mounted
windows are down). If any fire takes place out of is missing, the vehicle fires at half its normal rate. machinegun can fire in any direction, but can only
a glassed vehicle, its windows are assumed to be If both are missing, its rate of fire is quartered. be fired when the vehicle is open. A coaxial
broken. They are also considered broken if any machinegun can only fire in the vehicle's arc of
damage is done to the vehicle. (20.4) Opening and fire, but can be fired whether the vehicle is open
Throwing a grenade into a glassed vehicle Buttoning Up or buttoned-up.
means throwing it through a window; the APCs and tanks can operate either open or Characters use the automatic weapons skill to
"window" die-roll modifier applies. fire vehicle-mounted machineguns.
buttoned up.
Enclosed vehicles can operate in one of two Exception: Open-topped and glassed APCs Most pin-mounted machineguns can be dis-
modes: open, or buttoned up. The rules of 20.4 can never button up. mounted - that is, detached from their vehicle
below describe how enclosed vehicles can change When an APC or tank is open, grenades can and carried elsewhere.
modes. be thrown into and out of it, all passengers may Main Guns
When an enclosed vehicle is open, grenades fire their weapons normally, and the vehicle can Some vehicles have small main guns; some
can be thrown into it. However, the "slit" die-roll move at full speed. have large ones.
modifier is used. When a vehicle is buttoned-up, its maximum A vehicle equipped with a main gun may not
Grenades cannot be thrown into buttoned-up speed is halved. Passengers in APCs can fire out fire it at anyone within four hexes of the vehicle.
enclosed vehicles. of the vehicle, but their skill numbers are halved (The gun barrel cannot depress far enough to sight
Open and glassed vehicles are "vented" for (after all other modifications) because firing from on closer targets on the ground - vehicles or large
damage purposes; enclosed ones are enclosed. APCs' tiny firing slits is difficult. Grenades cannot objects within four hexes can still Qe fired on.)
(20.3) Crew and Passengers be thrown into or out of buttoned-up vehicles. A character firing a main gun uses his gunnery
Crew members and passengers in buttoned-up skilL Refer to the Vehicle Weapons and Artillery
The Vehicle Chart lists the number of crew and
vehicles are immune to the effects of gas. Combat Table (see Gamemaster Charts) to
passengers each vehicle can carry. In some cases,
Switching from open to buttoned-up mode determine range.
the number of passengers is expressed as a range
takes one full combat round, during which time [f the main gun fails to hit its target, use the same
(e.g., a medium truck can carry between 21 and
neither crew nor passengers may take any other rules as for heavy weapons to determine scatter
30 passengers, depending on the exact size ofthe
action (except that the driver may continue to (see 16).
drive). Main guns can fire two different types of
Unarmed vehicles have 1 crewman. That's the
Tanks and APCs may only be entered and ammunition; penetrator rounds and HE (high
driver; if the driver is incapacitated or dead, the
exited while open. Entering or exiting costs 2 explosive) rounds. The two have different damage
vehicle cannot be operated unless someone takes
movement points; a vehicle may not move on a sections on the Vehicle Weapons and Artillery
the driver's place.
combat round in which characters enter or exit. Combat Table.
APCs (armored personnel carriers) have 2 or
All tanks and APCs (except BTRs, MT-LBs and The Vehicle Chart indicates the number of shel1s
more crewmen. One acts as gunner and the other
MU3s) have turrets. A vehicle's turret has a fac- of each type a vehicle carries for its main gun, not
as driver. When the gunner is dead, the vehicle's
ing independent of the vehicle itself - that is, it the number of clips. Main gun ammunition does
weapons may not be fired until the gunner is
can face any direction while the vehicle faces in not come in "clips;" as long as the loader (or
any other direction. The gunner or commander automatic loader) is operating, the weapon is
Some APCs have three crewmen. The third may turn the turret - doing so is an action, and
crewman is a loader. If he Is dead, the vehicle's reloaded as soon as fired and can be fired every
takes a full combat round. [n open mode, the tur- combat round.
heavy weapons (main guns and ATGMs, but not ret's facing can be changed by any amount in a
machineguns or autocannon) can only be fired at Recoilless Rifles
single round; in buttoned-up mode, by no more For all game purposes, recoilless rifles are treated
one-half their normal rate of fire. than two hexsides in a single round. like small main guns.
Tank Crews A turret's facing is always relative to the vehicle
Tanks are a little more complex. Tanks can have itself, not to the hex grid. Thus, if a vehicle itself Autocannons
three or four crewmen. Here's how they work: turns two hexsides, the turret also turns two hex- Autocannons have a rate of fire of 5; like heavy
Soviet 4-crew tanks: One crewman is driver, sides, so that it faces in the same direction relative weapons, they can be fired at up to 5 targets. Like
one is gunner, one is loader, and one is com- to the vehicle. Turning a vehicle this way costs the main guns, they can fire penetrator or HE rounds.
mander. When the vehicle is buttoned up, the gunner no actions, though it does cost the driver The Vehicle Chart indicates the number of
commander can fire the coaxial machinegull in an action (he must spend the round driving the points of each type of ammunition a vehicle can
the same combat round that the gunner fires the vehicle). See below for the effects of a turret's contain. For game purposes, the ammunition is
main gun. When the vehicle is open, the com- facing. in a single "clip", so the autocannon never runs
mander can fire the pin-mounted machinegun. out of ammunition until all the autocannon ammo
When the vehicle is open, it moves at half nor- (20.5) Vehicle Weapons in the vehicle is consumed.
mal speed if there is no commander. As the Vehicle Chart indicates, vehicles mount Autocannons are fired using the gunnery skill.
Soviet 3-crew tanks: These tanks are equipped a wide variety of weapons. Some vehicles mount ATGMs
with an automatic loader, eliminating the need for several different weapons. Generally, only one Vehicle-mounted ATGMs are used in the same
a fourth crewman. N.B.: According to reports, the weapon can be fired by a vehicle in any given way as regular ATGMs (see 16.4). The main
loading machines have a tendency to break down, combat round. The exceptions are indicated in difference is that vehicles are equipped with a
so your players could easily run across a T-72 "Tank Crews" above. larger number of shells ~ typically 5 to 8. An
which could only sustain half the normal rate of The Vehicle Chart lists the weapons each vehicle ATGM can be fired once if the vehicle that carries
fire because its gun needed to be reloaded carries. [n parentheses after the name of each it is buttoned-up, but cannot be fired again until
manually. weapon is printed the number of ammo clips (not it opens up. (Reloading the launcher requires the
American 4-crew tanks: These essentially just points) the vehicle carries for that weapon. vehicle to be open.) Exception: A buttoned-up
operate like Soviet 3-crew tanks; the fourth APCs and tanks have a~s of fire. Most APCs' M-2 can fire ATGMs twice.
crewman performs maintenance, can replace any and tanks' weapons may only be fired at targets I\TGMs are fired using the heavy weapons skill.
of the other crewmembers when needed, and can within the arc of fire. A vehicle's arc of fire is Automatic Grenade Launchers
fire the coaxial machinegun when the tank is either determined by the hexside to which its turret faces. Some vehicles mount Mark 19 or AGS-17
open or buttoned-up. Note: The M-1 has two pin- Refer to the Searchlight/Arc of Fire Diagram at automatic grenade launchers. They are treated like
mounted machineguns. Both could be fired (by the back of this book. normal such launchers. Indeed, like pin-mounted
the commander and fourth crewman) along with machineguns, they can be dismounted.
a coaxial weapon.


Grenade launchers are fired using the heavy If the skill roll succeeds, but is within within 2
weapons skill. 21. ARTILLERY AND points of the modified skill number, the shell
Self-propelled artillery vehicles carry artillery
MORTARS scatters, using the Artillery Scatter Diagram. Only
if the roll is 3 or more less than the modified skill
pieces. These are treated just like other artillery For game purposes, all artillery and mortars are .number is the target actually hit. Example: The
(see 21). divided into three categories: those whose caliber modified skill number is 11. On a roll of 1 through
is less than lOOmm; those of 100mm to 149mm 8, the target is hit. On a roll of 9, 10 or 11, the
(20.6) Getting Wet and those of 150mm or greater. target is missed and the Artillery Scatter Diagram
Most land vehicles sink if they drive into the is used. On a roll of 12 or more, the shell lands
water. Modem tanks and APCs are, however,
(21.1) Firing Artillery harmlessly off the map.
equipped to cross water barriers. and Mortars If a spotting round does not hit its target, the
next round the mortar or artillery gun fires will also
APCs Artillery and mortars are crew weapons, and be a spotting round. It continues to fire spotting
APCs can "swim:' This means that, when but- require two men to fire. rounds until it hits its target. All rounds fired
toned up, they can drive into water, run their Artillery and mortars can be fired at all targets thereafter are fired fOT effect that is, the normal
wheels or tracks to provide some forward propul- within range, regardless of whether or not the firer scatter rules apply.
sion, and move slowly across the water. They can't can observe the target.
deal with any substantial surf, and will drift fairly When an artillery gun (only) is fired at a target (21.5) Off-Map Fire
quickly with currents in water. to which it can trace a line of sight, the firer's A glance at the table indicates that the max-
Any buttoned-up APC may move across a gunnery skill is used to determine whether the imum range of the largest artillery is 3000 hexes.
stream, river, or lake at the rate of 2 hexes per target is hit. You'd have to string a lot of maps the size of the
combat round. Whenever a mortar is fired, and whenever ones proVided with this game together to get 3000
Tanks artillery is fired at a target to which the firer cannot hexes. When artillery is used, it will normally be
Virtually all modem tanks are equipped to trace a line of sight, the firer's indirect fire weapons fired from far off map.
"snorkel." Too heavy to "swim:' they can trundle skill is used. When artillery is not represented by a counter
along the bottom of a river or lake, taking in air (21.2) Resolving Fire on the map, the game master must decide whether
through a snorkel. They cannot cross deep it is at short, medium or long range, and the
obstacles or deal with surf, as the snorkel would When a mortar or artillery piece fires, refer to indirect fire skill of the firer. For game purposes,
be swamped. the Vehicle Weapons and Artillery Combat Table the "range" does not change throughout the
Preparing a tank for snorkeling takes between' (see Gamemaster Charts). Follow its procedure combat; wherever the artillery fires on the game-
15 minutes and 8 hours. (The smaller figure ap- to determine whether the target is hit. map, Its range is considered to be the same.
plies to the most modem American tanks, and the If it is not, follow the same procedure as for
largest figure applies to somewhat antiquated heavy weapons to determine where the shell (21.6) Disassembling Mortars
Soviet ones.) Consequently, it's not something that scatters. (That is, if the failed roll is within 5 of the Many mortars are designed to be broken down
can easily be done while you're being shot at. modified skill number, the Grenade Scatter into two to four pieces for ease in carrying. Two
A tank prepared for snorkeling cannot fire its Diagram is used; if not, the Artillery Scatter people who take no other action may, working
weapons. Diagram is used. See 16, under "scatter.") together, break a mortar down in 4 combat
A tank can move across a river or lake bed at Then, refer to the damage section of the table rounds, or put one together in that amount of time.
the rate of 1 hex per combat round. to determine the damage done; the procedure is Weights, and the number of pieces, are speCified
N.B.: M-60s are capable of deepwading, but the same as for tank and APC main guns. for some mortars in the Equipment Chart (see the
cannot snorkel. (21.3) Indirect Fire Player Book).
Volkswagens When a mortar or artillery gun fires at a target (21.7) Smoke, Gas and
Yeah, yeah, okay, if you've got an old VW bug, the firer cannot see, it is performing indirect fire.
it can swim, too, as long as it hasn't rusted out too Indirect fire can either be "caDed" or "pre-planned:'
Illumination Rounds
badly. Fire is called when a friendly character can Artillery and mortars can fire several different
observe the target and is in communication sorts of shells. Two types are designed to do
(20.7) Miscellaneous (usually by radio) with the artillery or mortar. He explosive damage - HE (high explosive) and ICM
Vehicle Rules may request fire, naming any hex to which he may (improved conventional munitions). Only guns of
Motorcycles may not back up, but can change trace a line of sight as its target. Requesting fire 101mm or greater can fire ICM shells. Different
facing at any time at no cost in movement points. is an action, and takes a full combat round. The damage lines are proVided on the Vehicle
Motorcycle sidecars can accommodate 1 to 2 artillery or mortar's fire is resolved 1 to 10 combat Weapons and Artillery Combat Table for the
passengers; also, one character may ride behind rounds later. (The gamemaster may choose the different shell types.
the driver. time delay, or roll a die and halve the number In addition, artiUery and mortars can fire smoke,
rolled to determine it. Player characters are gas and illumination rounds. A "blast radius" is
Tractor-trailer trucks may only operate on roads, listed for each on the Vehicle Weapons and
assumed to be more efficient than others, and
take up two hexes, and are treated as two separate Artillery Combat Table.
should generally have fairly brief delays.)
vehicles for hit purposes a cab and a trailer. If
"Pre-planned" fire means that, before the Smoke
the trailer is destroyed, it can be disconnected from
combat begins, the gamemaster (or players, if . Artillery smoke is treated like smoke from
the cab.
they've somehow managed to get their hands on" grenades, except that:
Buses may only operate on roads. this much firepower) speCifies target hexes and Smoke'covers the hex where the shell lands, and
Characters may ride on a tank. Six characters time when fire takes place. (E.g., "combat round all surrounding hexes as far out as the shetl's blast
may do so; tanks cannot fire their main guns while one: target is 1321; combat round two: target is radius (see Vehicle Weapons and Artillery Combat
carrying riders. Tank riders cannot be affected by 1325," etc.). Fire is then resolved when specified. Table) .
mines which the tank triggers (except for gas Artillery smoke is denser and more pervasive
(21.4) Spotting Rounds than grenade smoke; it does 'not dissipate in 4
The first time a mortar or artillery gun fires rounds, but after 20 rounds (less in high winds,
indirectly, it fires a spotting round. Spotting round more in motionless air).
fire is resolved normally,!cexcept that the scatter
rules are revised slightly.:,}f the skill roll fails, do
not determine scatter for the shell; the fire is so
inaccurate that the shell has landed well off. the

Illumination okay - indeed, preferable); and cannot travel in Any time a gun is fired or any loud explosion
Illumination rounds are treated in section 19.5. groups of more than 20. Moreover, all riders must occurs near a horse, make a combat training skill
A shell's "blast radius" is the radius of its illuminated have a riding skill of 11 or more. roll for the horse. If it fails the roll, it will run off
area (Le., a shell with a blast radius of 30 This faster speed might be helpful for messages in a random direction at maximum speed, unless
illuminates all hexes within 30 of the hex it and get-aways. its reins are tied. It will continue to panic until its
occupies). Donkeys and mules have the same movement rider makes a successful riding skill roll. He may
Gas rate as horses, but cannot use the faster speed. take no other action until such a roll is made.
There are, in fact, two kinds of artillery-delivered Mounting or dismounting a horse is an action
gas shells; regular gas and nerve gas. taking a full combat round. Tying a horse's reins
A gas shell covers its impact hex with gas, as also takes a round.
well as all hexes within its "blast radius:' The only actions a mounted man may take are:
Regular gas has the same effect on people as Dismount.
gas from gas grenades (see 14.4). Move. He moves at the horse's movement
Nerve gas kills everyone in the area. The only allowance of 20.
exceptions are people in pressurized vehicles (like Move and Rapid Fire. He suffers a fire modifier
APCs) or chemical warfare protective gear, and for firing from a moving horse. The horse still
people who have a chemical antidote. receives 20 movement points.
Death occurs within 4 to 12 combat rounds, Aimed Fire or Two Rapid Fires or Burst Fire:
depending on denseness of clothing, whether or The horse must remain stationary.
not a gas mask is used, ambient temperature, etc. We Owe Allegiance Move and Prepare Grenade. The horse receives
20 movement points; the man may prepare, but
22. BECOILLESS to No Crown. not throw, a grenade.
Move and Throw 'or Drop Grenade. The
BIFLES grenade can be thrown, or the rider may drop it
in any hex he moves through. The horse receives
A recoilless rifle is a sort of portable small main 10 movement points.
gun. Like mortars, it can be broken into four pieces (23~2) Loads Charge/Melee. The horse may move up to 10
for carriage (see EqUipment Chart). It is a crew movement points, then melee any character or
weapon and requires two to operate at its full rate Horses are not the only load-bearing animals
available. Donkeys, mules, oxen and goats have another horse in the hex where the horse ends up.
of fire. Recoilless rifles are sometimes mounted on Melee. If already in a hex containing another
jeeps or other vehicles, or fired from a tripod. all been used as pack or draft animals, with some
success. Oxen make better draft than pack character or horse, the horse and character may
Characters fire recoilless rifles using their melee.
gunnery skill. animals; their sharp spines make loading them
Recoilless rifles can only be fired at targets to with goods difficult, while their strong shoulders In addition, the rider can take any other action
which the firer can trace a line of sight. make pulling loads easy. (Indeed, the ox was the while the horse moves. If he does so, however,
The "small main gun" line of the Vehicle draft animal of choice in the ancient world; the he must make a riding skill roll. If the roll succeeds,
Weapons and Artillery Combat Table is used when lack of an adequate horSe collar meant that a horse the action also succeeds. If the roll fails, so does
a recoilless rifle fires to determine range and used as a draft animal was always on the verge the action. If the riding roll is a "20;' he falls off
damage. of strangulation.) his horse.
Goats are too small to carry any substantial load, Example: The rider's weapon is jammed. His
23. BOBSES but are at ease in rocky and mountainous terrain
(do not reduce long distance rate in hills or
riding skill number is 14, and his weapon skill is
16. He makes a roll; it's a 12, which is less than
Guerrillas may have a hard time finding both mountains). Characters operating in such terrain or equal to his riding number, so he manages to
vehicles and fuel. Too, even the hardiest of 4-wheel may find them useful. It should be noted that attempt to unjam his weapon while riding. He
vehicles may have trouble traveling the trackless Yugoslavia has maintained a unit of goat-drawn makes a second roll; it's a 19, so the weapon is
wildernesses and mountain ranges where guerrillas artillery since the Second World War. still jammed.
operate. Horses, donkeys and mules can carry The Load Table (see the back of this book) lists
substantial supplies, and live largely off locally- the number of kilograms each animal can carry (23.4) Charges and Melee
available fodder. Horses, when properly trained, as a pack animal, and typical weights than can be When a character on a horse melees, both he
can be ridden into combat. Though horses are pulled by each as draft animals. and his horse may make a melee attack each
vulnerable to modern weapons, most guerrilla Incidently, if you want to get really exotic, the combat round. The horse may not attack someone
combat is fought at close range - when the shock Forestry Service has experimented with.the use on a horse - only a character on the ground or
of a cavalry charge may still be telling. of llamas, which can carry heavier loads than another horse. If the rider is bare-handed, he may
goats, are more docile, and are equally at home only attack another rider; if he has a weapon, he
(23.1) Long-Distance in mountains. (They do smell, though.) Also, the can attack another rider, a character on the
Movement U.S. Cavalry used camels in the American ground, or a horse.
Southwest during the late 19th Century ... When a horse attacks in melee, roll against its
When out of combat, horses can be used as combat training skill to determine whether it hits.
riding and pack animals. Refer to the Travel Chart (23.3) Combat Training The Horse Combat Table (see the Gamemaster
(see the back of this book). As it indicates, a horse's and Actions Charts) is used to determine damage.
long-distance rate is 5 km/hour, the same as a
human's. Over long distances, a human can, in Horses have one skill: combat training. All (23.5) Firing At Horses
fact, outrun a horse '(as horses have inferior horses begin with a skill level of 1; it can be
stamina). increased by training, at the rate of 1 point per and Riders
Horses moving at the indicated rate fatigue at week spent training the horse. There is a chance that fire at a rider may hit his
the same rate as humans. Mules, donkeys, oxen and goats cannot receive horse, and vice versa. If one is missed, roll the die
However, specially trained horses can, with light combat training - if in a combat situation, they again; on a roll of 1, the other is hit.
loads, travel much faster - up to 20 km/hour. automatically panic and run off.
Such horses will be fatigued after 1 hour and
(23.6) Horse Damage
exhausted after 2 - and dead after 4 hours of Horses are damaged in the same way as
continuous riding. Horses travelling at this rate can humans - that is, they can be stunned, lightly
carry no more than 1 person plus 30 kg; must wounded, etc.
travel over clear terrain or roads (dirt roads are


24. Soviet Plans
Section 24 discusses the Soviets' plans for the first As standard practice, the American Strategic U.S. military equipment is important, too. Anything
year of Occupation. The following section provides Direction is composed of Fronts and Fleets. Nor- which cannot be carried should be destroyed -
data which may be of interest - the organization mal organization dictates the presence of one Fleet including armored vehicles, aircraft, helicopters,
of the occupying forces. in each Strategic Direction; the American Strategic artillery, and electronic gear (radars, communica-
Military plans for the first year of occupation are Direction contains three because of the large tions equipment, etc.). The Soviets will use any
thorough and complete; operations thereafter will coastline to be patrolled. The Atlantic Fleet is com- equipment, civilian and military, to equip their
depend on local conditions and the scale of posed of ships from the Black Sea and North (Red troops upon arrival. If large quantities of American
resistance. Political plans are longer-term and more Banner) Fleets, and operates from the Arctic ice equipment are captured the ships which would be
far-reaching. pack to Florida. The Pacific Fleet draws ships from laden with tanks and guns will be able to transport
the Pacific Fleet and Indian Ocean Squadron, and troops instead, substantially increasing the speed
patrols from the Bering Straits to Baja California. of occupation.
(24.1) Military Plans The final fleet, the Caribbean, is composed of ships The next phase of operations includes pacifica-
Organization of Forces from the Baltic Sea Fleet and the Cuban Navy, tion of any military units operating within the U.S.
Months before the United States submitted to and patrols the Gulf Coast. This is to be accomplished primarily by conven-
nuclear blackmail, the General Staff of the Ministry Six months from occupation, all three fleets will tional means, though tactical nuclear weapons and
of Defense of the Soviet Union had organized the still consist largely of Soviet and Cuban vessels. chemical agents will be used if necessary.
forces to occupy America. They were known, Many American ships were patriotically scuttled (However, a division commander cannot use these
according to Soviet parlance, as the American or went down fighting after the President's an- weapons on his own initiative. Release of chemical
Strategic Direction. The most elite units of the nouncement; virtually the whole submarine fleet weapons is decided at Front level; release of tac-
Soviet ground, sea, and air forces would be used defected to the Sino-Japanese. Soviet and allied tical nuclear weapons at Direction level.) All U.S.
in the initial occupation. sailors will be trained in the use of American vessels personnel overseas will be quickly pacified, as they
According to Soviet theorists, the first six months and equipment, but will not have yet obtained suf- lack support or supply. Survivors will be
after American surrender would be critical. During ficent expertise for American ships to be used in repatriated, executed, or committed to mental in-
this period, Soviet forces would be thinly spread any major way. stitutions. U.S. naval units at sea will soon run low
and unable to exercise complete control. This had Three Fronts were created: the Canadian Oc- on fuel and either surrender or be destroyed. The
two consequences. cupation Front, Atlantic Occupation Front, and sole exception is the submarine fleet, which will
First, during this period, it would be of the Pacific Occupation Front. Fronts normally control continue to operate and interdict shipping until
utmost importance to maintain a semblance of 4 armies each, but the initial Occupation Fronts Soviet air and sea supremacy makes attacks im-
normality, to lull as many Americans as possible are composed of 2 Soviet motor-rifle divisions, 1 possible. The nuclear aircraft carriers may also hold
into believing their lives would be essentially Soviet airborne division, and 3 infantry divisions out, at least until their supply of jet-fuel is ex-
unchanged. Uprisings during this period stood a drawn from the forces of Cuba and Nicaragua. hausted. Therefore, the individual guerrilla will
good chance of at least local and temporary suc- (Presumably if resistance warrants the infusion of soon be America's first line of resistance.
cess; thus, politically, everything feasible should more forces, each of the fronts will be brought to The Soviets are fully aware of the problems
be done to minimize the chance of such uprisings. full establishment.) Each Front is also assigned an America faced in Vietnam, and their own hard-
Second, it would be important to use the best Air Army of some 700 aircraft. won struggle in Afghanistan. They know how high
and most highly-motivated Soviet troops for the Sequence of Events the gun-to-citizen ratio in the United States is.
Occupation, to permit rapid and effective response The initial landings are made by airborne divi- Police records, if not destroyed, will be used to con-
to any resistance. sions and Spetsnaz (special forces) brigades. Their fiscate guns. Gunshops will be closed and house-
Section 25 discusses the organization of the objects are to gain control of key military and to-house searches will be conducted to clear the
American Strategic Direction as it will be con- government installations. Of prime importance is country of small arms. Former military personnel
stituted six months after American surrender. Rein- the seizure of merchant ships, transport aircraft, and reservists will be primary targets during this
forcements will follow, and units may be rotated port facilities (both air and sea), and military equip- campaign. Anyone who does not turn over his
out to other regions of the globe. As time goes ment and bases. The Soviets will only be able to guns will face imprisonment (execution). Most
on, the Soviets will seek to replace their elite forces deploy forces to the U.S. as rapidly as planned if citizens will obey - some will not.
with less effective garrison forces, largely drawn these facilities are seized qUickly. If seized rapidly This begins the third stage, in which the Soviets
from the armies of the Soviet empire. Conscripts enough, the Soviets may even advance the attempt to pacify and re-educate the populace of
into the "American Peoples' Army" will be used timetable. the United States. For this purpose, large numbers
to garrison the territories of other Soviet client During this period, the Resistance should seek of KGB and CPSU (Communist. Party of the
states, especially in Latin America (where to interdict Soviet transport. This means sabotag- Soviet Union) personnel will be brought in. Insur-
American troops will be most hated, hence most ing aircraft and ships, destroying port facilities, and rection will be dealt with both by overwhelming
loyal). preparing armed resistance at points of entry to firepower and by imprisonment. Large areas will
slow the delivery of troops. Destroying (or hiding) be set aside for re-education camps. These will be


sited far from major residential areas, to mask their The only likely opposition of any importance ing unemployment to be "hooliganism;' and send-
true purpose. (No one comes home from the will come from the Supreme Court, which can- ing hooligans to the slave labor camps for
camps.) This will be the critical and pivotal period not easily be replaced. Some justices will resign "reeducation;'
of occupation as the large land mass of the u.s. ("For personal reasons;' as the press releases say); Private education will be abolished, and man-
hinders the Soviet ability to wrest control of all others will die in mysterious circumstances. If the datory public education will become truly man-
areas of the country Simultaneously. problem remains severe, Congress will simply pass datory and public. The quality of education may
a law stripping the Court of its powers to review even improve, as children Jearn that failing to do
(24.2) Political Plans legislation (which, it must be remembered, is homework, attend school, and pay attention are
Initially, the Soviets seek to work with "respon- nowhere enshrined in the Constitution). followed by real and severe punishment.
sible" members of the American government to Once the CPUSA is in firm control of the organs Needless to say, all forms of public entertain-
establish a qUisling regime. Until the press is under of government, it will announce a "reorganization" ment (including teleVision, Videos, movies, books,
firm control, politicians are not be shot or executed. of American territory "at popular demand;' The magazines, radiO, records, games, etc., etc.) will
In extreme conditions, they may be removed from states will be abolished. Alaska will be ceded to come under stringent censorship. Popular culture
their seats by vote of Congress. the Soviet Union. An "independent" Confederate (genre fiction, rock, comic books, roleplaying, etc.)
A "new, unified" CPUSA (Communist Party, Soviets of America will be established, as will a will be abolished as "decadent" and "bourgeois:'
United States of America) is established from Texas Federated Soviet Republic. The remining 35 Goods will Virtually evaporate from the few re-
among American Communist splinter groups, left- states will be organized into the United American maining state-run stores. Shopkeepers, now
wing groups such as the New Alliance and Socialist Soviets (with several member-republics); sections bureaucrats who depend on faceless bureaucracies
Labor Parties, and anyone else willing to par- of the southwest will be returned to our revolu- and not customers for their income, will have no
ticipate. It rapidly expands in size as careerists and tionary brethren in Soviet Mexico, from whom they incentive to treat customers courteously or to pro-
opportunists join to take advantage of the were stolen by the American fascists. An "Amer- vide them with goods they desire. Currency will
privileges they obtain. indian Peoples' Autonomous Region" will be become increasingly irrelevant; no quantity of
After a year or so of "interim" government, new established, partly as an attempt to enlist support dollars will get you quality goods. Only hard cur-
elections will be held in which Communist Party from Native Americans, partly as a convenient rency (gold) and connections can do that. The new
members are elected by wide margins. No coer- dumping ground for Indian groups the new elite - Party members, bureaucrats, collaborators