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Paragraph #1: Introduction

A. Background information (3 sentences; give the reader some context)

B. Thesis Statement (typically 1 sentence; the last sentence of the introduction)
a. Claim: your answer to the prompt
b. Assertions: the reasons why you think what it is you think
c. Claim + Assertions = Thesis

Paragraph #2: Body Paragraph (repeat this step as needed)

A. Assertion: Also known as the topic sentence. The assertion for your first body
paragraph should be the first assertion listed in your thesis statement.
B. Example: This will typically be a quote from the primary or secondary sources. Be sure
to introduce the quote.
C. Explanation: A quote does not explain itself. You need to explain how the quote is
helping you prove your assertion.
D. Significance: Explain why this paragraph is important

Paragraph #3: Conclusion (for now)

A. Restate your thesis
B. Restate your main ideas

Do not write in the first or second person (no I or you)

Do not write I think, just say what you have to say
Spelling and grammar count
Never call someone by their first name; dont call John Smith John, refer to people by
their last names.
There is no apostrophe when writing years, I.E., 1600s