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Isabel Alejandra Rodrguez Velzquez 5AB

Similitudes and differences between China and Africa in terms of Western


First at all, we need to know why did western civilization were trying to dominate all the
world, they have a need to enforce their culture and systems upon weaker nations.
Specifically, China and Africa were severely impacted by it.

In both places, violence and the lack of respect occurred, however the approach to each
one was different, for example, British argued that they were trading with China, in the
other hand, Missionaries were trying to break the slave trade, the missionaries explored
the inner Africa so the Americans and British were interested in these lands.

Chinese rebels began their secret groups antigovernment, The Taipings, led by Hung
Hsiuchuan, they proposed divide the land equally among all the peasants and equal
rights for women, even though they lost the battle, in my opinion, the union was
notorious, rather than the African tribes, the Boers defeat the Zulus and they took the

Other great difference between China and Africa was the type of imperialism, China was
a sphere of influence, many countries were attacking China and trying to make China
weaker. China was losing battles and had to sign many treaties that were giving nations
more and more control over China's economy. Many different countries were gaining lots
of control over China's economy, creating a Sphere of Influence. Countries could control
China's trade and investment. This Sphere of Influence left a huge impact on China and it
took China many years to recover and become a strong nation again.

In comparison to Africa, there was no treats with the natives, it was just a settled in South
Africa to take advantage of the lands for farming and cattle herding. According to African
tradition, land was owned by community, and individuals had only the right to use it.
Boers were claiming the lands even if they were not using it for farming. In other words, it
was a colonization
In conclusion, there are more differences than similarities between Africa and China.

The result after imperialism in Africa was a mess of ethnic tensions, class struggles, and
all-out genocide in some cases.

But in China, after the economic struggles, they modernize themselves and, in my
opinion, some of China's successes today can be linked to imperialism. The opening of
many trade ports, this has increase the Chinas economy, the industrialization, they
began to manufacture their own goods as well as advance. This can be seen today as
many of the things used in daily life have "Made in China" on them.