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Important topics to be

covered for GATE &

ESE 2018

Akhil Prabhu Soni
GATE 2017 AIR 8
Major & Minor Subjects
Major Minor
Strength of materials Steel Structures
Structural Analysis CPM & PERT
Reinforced Concrete Building Materials
Soil Mechanics Surveying
Fluid Mechanics Hydrology & Irrigation
Environmental Engg. Railway Engg.
Highway Engg. Airport, Dock, Harbor, Tunnel
Engg. Mathematics
Aptitude and English
Strength of materials
(Ramamrutham & Timoshenko)

Major Minor
Properties of materials Pressure vessels**
Stress & strain Shear Centre
Shear Force & Bending Moment Columns
Principal stress & strain Springs**
Bending & Shear stress Theory of failures
Deflection of beams
Structural Analysis

Major Minor
Determinacy & Indeterminacy Arches
Influence Line Diagram Matrix
Methods of structural Analysis
Reinforced Cement Concrete
(A.K.Jain & Pillai-Menon)

Major Minor
Basics of WSM & LSM Torsion Design
Flexure design Footing design
Shear Design
Bond Design
Column Design
Pre-stressed Concrete
Soil Mechanics
(S.K.Garg & Gopal-ranjan)

Major Minor
Soil Properties Compaction of soil
Classification of soil Stress distribution
Effective Stress & Permeability Soil stabilization
Consolidation of soil Soil exploration
Seepage analysis
Shear Strength of soil
Retaining walls
Stability of slopes
Shallow and deep foundation
Fluid Mechanics
(Modi-seth & A.k.jain)

Major Minor
Fluid Properties Buoyancy & Floatation
Fluid statics Fluid machines
Fluid Kinematics Turbulent flow
Fluid dynamics Boundary layers
Pipe flow
Laminar Flow
Dimensional Analysis
Impact of jets
Open Channel Flow
Environmental Engg.
(S.k.garg & K.R.Arora)

Major Minor
Quality control of water Water demand
Water Treatment Sewer Design
Well Hydraulics Sewage disposal
Sewage properties
Treatment of sewage
Air & sound pollution
Highway Engg.

Major Minor
Geometric Design Highway Maintenance
Traffic Engineering
Pavement Design
Highway Material
Engg. Mathematics
(Notes, Coaching Books)

Major Minor
Matrices Laplace transform
Calculus Fourier Series
Numerical methods
Aptitude & English

Aptitude English
Coaching books Coaching books
R. S. Agrawal Harimohan Prasad
Steel Structures
(S. K. Duggal)

Major Minor
Connections Beams
Tension Members Plate girders
Compression members Industrial Buildings
Plastic Analysis
(U. K. Shrivastava)

Major Minor
CPM & PERT Networks Updating
Engineering Equipments
Building Materials
(Rangwala & Duggal)

Major Minor
Cement Mortar
Concrete Lime
Timber Brick
(Punmia & Duggal)

Major Minor
Chain Survey Plane table
Compass Survey Remote Sensing
Traverse Survey Field Astronomy (X)
Leveling Area Volume (X)
Tachometry Theory of errors
Hydrology & Irrigation

Major Minor
Precipitation Evaporation
Infiltration, Runoff, Hydrograph Flood
Water Crop Relationship Canal Design
Dams Seepage Theories
Other Subjects
Railways Airport etc.
Geometric Design Runway design
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