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Code: R5100305 R05

B.Tech I Year (R05) Supplementary Examinations January/February 2014

(Mechanical Engineering)
(For 2006 Regular admitted students only)
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks
1 (a) Reduce the following set of forces to a single resistant force acting at the origin of the
coordinate axes and a couple:
E =140 N acting from A(3, 7, -1) forwards B(5, 1, 2)
P = 260 N acting from C(-6, 4, 1) towards D(6, 7, 5)
T = 270 N acting from E(-2, 4, 1) towards G(4, -2, 4).
(b) Determine the forces P, F and T required to keep the triangular frame ABC shown in
figure below in equilibrium.
1 P
B 3


12 m C

3600 N 1200 N

2 What force P must be applied to the weightless wedges shown in figure start them under
the 100 N block? The angle of friction for all contact surfaces is 100

150 150 P

3 Two parallel shafts, connected by a crossed belt, are provided with pulleys 480 mm and
640 mm in diameters. The distance between the centre lines of the shaft in 3 m. Find by
how much the length of the belt should be changed if it is desired to alter the direction of
rotation of the driven shaft.
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Code: R5100305 R05
4 Determine the centroid or the quadrant of an ellipse as shown in figure below. The
equation of the ellipse is

0 a

5 Derive the expression for the moment of inertia of a homogenous right circular cone of
mass m, base radius and altitude h, with respect to its geometric axis of rotation.

6 (a) A stone is dropped down a well and 5 seconds later the sound of the splash is heard. If
the velocity of sound is 242 m/s, what is the depth of the well?
(b) A particle has an initial velocity of 30 m/s up to the right at 300 with horizontal. The
components of acceleration are constant at and .
Compute the horizontal distance covered until the particle reaches a point 18 m below its
original elevation.

7 Suspended from a horizontal axis at A as shown in figure given below is a 2 m rod

weighing 90 N which is welded a 0.6 m diameter cylinder weighing 140 N. A horizontal
force P = 180 N is applied to the assembly at a distance d from A. Find the horizontal
component Ah of the bearing reaction at A when d = 0.6 m.


P=180 N

8 An elastic string of length 2L tightly stretched between two rigid supports, as shown in
figure given below, carries a small ball of weight w at its mid point. Show that for small
displacements, the ball will have a single harmonic motion: Compute the period.

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