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Jeff Ford
191 Pannis Rd, Delanson, NY 12053 • 518.301.0045 • pastorjeff@nycap.rr.com

I am 35 years old and have been married and in full-time ministry for 12 years. My wife’s name is Jessica
and I have a 6-year-old son (Jayden), and a 2-year-old son (Westley). My personal overarching goal is to
be an imitator of Christ, and to help others do the same. I try to lead with servitude and humility.
Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO -- 1997
Graduate of Theology and
Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries

Liberty University Online

Continuing education toward a
Master of Arts in Religion: Pastoral Counseling
Interpersonal and teamwork
• Interacted with a wide variety of personalities on staffs of large and medium-sized churches, including
during transitional periods. Also worked through several transitional ministries, building them for
success after my personal involvement.
• God has used me to take many declining ministries and move them to growth both spiritually and
numerically. These included children, youth, and adult ministries.
• Built a team of volunteers for a brand new recovery ministry. Helped identify and implement
volunteers for leading other existing ministries.
• Often able to diffuse destructive situations and people by listening, empathizing, and working toward
Christian reconciliation. Able to deal with interpersonal problems in the church in a Christ-honoring and
loving manner.
• Recruited, trained, and have overseen groups of volunteers ranging from 1 to 50.

Pastoral/ Shepherding
• Counseled and worked with youth and adults with personal problems including abuse, drug abuse,
immorality, suicide, grief, rebellion, and other physical and/or psychological problems. Able to
integrate psychotherapy and biblical counseling under the authority of Scripture.
• Helped to reconcile marriages, parent-child relationships, and brothers and sisters in Christ.
• Served in all aspects of pastoral care when filling in for lead pastor at Sonrise.
• Currently serve as counseling pastor.
• Started, implemented, and currently lead 12-Step Christian recovery program.

• Formulate annual budgets for all ministries overseen.
• Constantly entrusted with large sums of money.
• Able to implement budgets in new and existing ministries.
• Consistently able to remain within budgets.

• Formulated and implemented a policy handbook for all volunteers addressing expectations,
requirements, sexual-misconduct policy, background checks, etc.
• Able to do cost-analysis on outsourced work.
• Examined and oversaw changes to more efficient products such as church insurance and

• Proficient in programs such as Word, Access, PowerPoint, MediaShout, Premiere, Photoshop, Cool Edit
Pro, and membership programs. Additionally, use Microsoft Publisher, Excel, FrontPage, Illustrator, and
After Effects.
• Create and distribute reports using Excel, Word, and membership programs.
• Able to form basic html websites.
• Operated and maintained approximately 20 computers at a time.
• Able to edit digital video and audio and incorporate multimedia into services.
• I have overseen all aspects of and installed sound, video, and lighting in both new and existing
Work Experience
• From April of 1998 until July of 2005, I served on staff at Southwest Baptist Church of Amarillo as
the Middle School Pastor. I was also the multimedia director and station manager of the church’s radio
Rev. Jeff Ford
191 Pannis Rd, Delanson, NY 12053 • 518.301.0045 • pastorjeff@nycap.rr.com

station, KAVW, a satellite station of the American Family Association. These duties included
maintaining the studio and tower sites, editing messages, loading local weekly broadcasts, and
overseeing live service broadcasts.
• Since July of 2005, I have served as the Assistant Pastor at Sonrise Bible Church in Rotterdam, NY. My
duties have included interim youth pastor and then children’s director, IT and multimedia director, and
currently counseling pastor and Celebrate Recovery director.
• I have been involved in multiple building programs.

1998-2005 Southwest Baptist Church (806)353-3761

Pastor J. Alan Ford 8201 Canyon Drive Amarillo, TX 79110
Current pastor is Pastor Brad Speer (who was a co-minister of mine for over 7 years)

2005-Present Sonrise Bible Church (518)356-0963

Pastor Bob Hart 1082 Dunnsville Rd Rotterdam, NY 12306
• Qualified for ministry by qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
• Call to ministry confirmed by life, vision, and ministry.
• Devoted follower of Christ and servant leader.
• Strong call and desire to minister to the New England area.
• Deep passion for and desire to reach the lost.
• Love for the things and people of God.
• Quality teacher and communicator.
• Authentic care for peoples’ needs. Able to easily empathize with them and share God’s love and
message of hope for their lives.
• Ability to maintain confidence in sensitive matters.
• Proven record of integrity with adults and children.
Pastor Scott Jordan The Bridge Church Bismarck, ND 701-426-6500
Ian Bonthron Church member Rotterdam, NY 518-542-1129
Ray Crawford Previous Volunteer Amarillo, TX 806-683-6726

Additional References available upon request.

Vision and Philosophy of Ministry

I have recently developed a deep desire to see discipleship in the body of Christ balanced with the
wonderful grace of our savior. I believe that we are all under grace, and that the church is to be a place of
healing, not condemnation. I believe we are not to care how people look, dress, or how much money they
make. We are to reach out to all people equally. I also believe that the lack of spiritual discipline in the
mainline Christian church has led to a great deal of “Atheistic-Christians.” The vast majority of Christians
are so called because they claim to be Christian, but they live their lives as if there is no God. God’s
church has started to lean toward easy-believism and the body is suffering for it. The church has become
so consumed with asking what Jesus would do, that we have failed to do what He did. I have come to
realize that without adherence to spiritual discipline in the life of the believer, there will be no maturity.
Christ called us to a difficult life of servitude and sacrifice, yet we have become obsessed with happiness
and materialism.
Rev. Jeff Ford
191 Pannis Rd, Delanson, NY 12053 • 518.301.0045 • pastorjeff@nycap.rr.com

I was raised a pastor’s child in Amarillo, Texas. My father took the church 1 year after it was founded.
I grew up knowing both the highs and lows of ministry. I spent summers travelling the country going to
conferences, and I spent summers cleaning restrooms at local fast food restaurants to make ends meet for
our family during financial down times at the church. I accepted Christ as my Lord at age 6, and was
baptized at age 7. I spent much of my teenage years serving in the bus ministry, knocking doors, and
occasionally teaching. I felt God calling me to full-time service when I was 14, and dedicated the rest of
my life to Him then.
I attended Bible college immediately after high school to train for the ministry. I chose a school that
was strong in doctrine and theology over ones that were more liberal arts type schools. I had no doubts of
the calling of God on my life. I underwent some major physical problems during my time at school, and
was forced to withdrawal for a semester. During that time, I questioned God as to why He was allowing
me to face such trials. I underwent 10 surgeries over the course of 5 years. I am happy to say He healed
me physically, but more importantly spiritually. I gained a new understanding of who He is and what His
love does. I graduated from school, married my wife, and jumped into ministry.
I first served in Amarillo, Texas as the Middle School director. The church ran around 1500 and the
middle school program ran around 30. God blessed and the group grew to an average attendance around
80. I enjoyed what God was doing, but sensed a deep desire to minister elsewhere, specifically the
Northeast. I had never even visited, but knew that God wanted me there. The church underwent internal
struggles, and I was unable to leave due to my dedication to stay through the storms. When the church
had recovered, I began to search for a way to get to the Northeast. My family and I were ready to pack
up and move hoping to find jobs so that we could be where we felt God wanted us.
I was introduced to Pastor Hart by e-mail when he was searching for an interim youth pastor/assistant
pastor. Less than a month after initially contacting each other, we were loading a truck and heading for
New York. The pastor was looking for an interim person, and we were happy to have someone willing to
pay us to move to the area. After the interim, we mutually decided to stay on. My family was content and
comfortable, and we love the people. I have personally grown as a minister, an individual, and a Christ
follower during my time at Sonrise. It has been a time of great growth for the church and for my family. I
developed an even deeper passion for sharing the love of Christ with hurting people.