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Serhan Gngr


Born in Ankara in 1969, Serhan studied English at TED Ankara College, a private
school, and received his B.Sc. in Political Science and Public Administration from
the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, in 1992. He pursued graduate
work in Ottoman Social History at Istanbul'sBogazici University and earned
his Masters degree in Geography from Istanbul University with his thesis on the
historical battlefields of Turkey.
During his years of military service, Serhan served not only as a Marine Lieutenant
commanding troops in the operations of Turkish Navy, but also as a part-time
protocol officer. In this capacity he organized tours and guided high-ranking NATO
officials during visits to Turkey. Post-military, a corporate stint led Serhan to work in
16 countries as a factory inspector for Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
After graduating from a rigorous, one-year training program, Serhan was certified as
an official tour guide by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism in 1997. During the past
decade, Serhans freelance activities have led him from one fascinating experience to
the next from working as a show translator and guide for David Copperfields Magic
Show in Istanbul to hosting official guests of the Turkish government like foreign
ministers, military commanders and corporate leaders. In late 2008, as part of an
official Ministery of Culture and Tourism program, Serhan gave a series of training
seminars on the subject of historical battlefields of Turkey to all of the professional
tour guides in Istanbul. Serhan also served as a member of the board of directors
of Istanbul Tourist Guides Guild (IRO), the oldest and largest professional tourist
guides organization in Turkey with 4,500 members.
The scope of Serhans guiding is broad. He has led large cultural groups as well as
special-interest private tours. Serhan regularly guides groups of docents from the
Boston Museum of Fine Arts on three-week study tours of his countrys history, as
revealed through its fine art and architecture. Serhan thrives on introducing guests to
Turkey and enjoys the wide variety of people he meets from teachers, historians,
journalists and beach lovers to corporate CEOs. Furthermore, he has accompanied
Turkish travelers to more than 30 countries. His areas of expertise include cultural
history, art, architecture, archaeology, military history, culinary arts and photography.
Serhan guides tours all over Turkey, but his hometown Istanbul has a special place in
his career. He loves this magnificient city with all of its diversity representing its long
imperial past and modern cosmopolitan life. In addition to introducing his guests to
world famous historical sites of Istanbul as a lecturer guide, he does special walking
tours and hop-on hop-off urban discoveries where he takes his guests to undiscovered
neighborhoods, historical areas, streets, restaurants and brings them along on a
treasure hunt of art and music in Istanbul.
Serhans personal interests congregate around communication. An avid reader (social,
political and economic history, as well as archaeology and art history) and follower of
international politics, he is more than likely to engage you in a well-informed and
lively conversation about the current state of the world. He is a lover of jazz and
classical music and frequently attends music festivals. Having acted throughout his
university years, Serhan has produced and presented radio
programs, Seyahatname (Travelogue), for Istanbul stations, Yapi Radio and Acik

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